Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 17, 1867 Page 3
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A Lecture To Young .Urn. /art PMi.hU, in a ,W U K.M.p., PWcW MX MNI. 4 LUC'fCRf on the Nature, Treatment, tad Radical Care of Spermaiorrb.ra, or Hem* (iJftTWoakneM, Involuntary Ktnbiiun*. Sexual liability, and lUp*di<n*-nta to Marriage gener ally. Ner riMWiH <’on*Mßjlion. Kimepar, and Fit ; M'-ntal lid l*hy|lHtl Incapacity. 7* •altinr from (MMbuae, A-.--Hr RRBKKT J. CULVKttfW-, M D., Author'of Ac “Green I enow nad author, la tbi adoUra tally proves from bh owm expo* : lo awful consequences of Self- 1 o cfif.-ctually removed withoal without daugeroua surgical ope- { M, lßtraiu> ata, Hog*, or cordial-, mode of cure at once certain and which every auflVror no matter I Hon may bn mar cure himself td, and radically. THIS LKC PHOVR v ItOD.V TO THUI’B - Sent under seal, fw an> addroa*. In a |dain leaM envelope, on the receipt of six rents, or two pontage dawiw. Also Dr. Culverwell's “Marriage Guide," price *iS cent*. Address the publishers, CIIAfi J. C. KI.INK ft CML, 1*27 Bowerr, New York, Janl7 Dost Office Mux IMA. rou ukxt, Rockdale Woolen FACTORY. f|Tll IV undersigned will Kent, nr | the whore Factory from the first of April next, situated in Curt'>ll enmity, on : the Patapseo fulla, a never tailing at ream, 21 miles Soulli of nod I mile N. \\. of Houck's Store. This Factory has been thoroughly rejmired and the Machinery ii new- nml ir now in at good condition as any other Fariory in thu County. Alao, 60 Acres of Land attached to Die niiiic in a good *i„i,. of cut* * titration, to he rented therewith. Any person wishing in rout the wiil please apply to cither of the unlofidgned or | aJdrost, ll neks, ill •, M I. 1. W. HOI CK. J*. B. HOFFMAN, JanlTlf Owner- j EBTRAY HOC. State of Mm ylnnd. CtrmJl rvunty, To kU ! I HEREBY certify tlmt Joseph Cushing, of t'urroll county, came Iteforo mu tho ' riliterihT Oil.* if the Jiltiees uf tin IVnc • ! i aolrfor die sod county, this Seventh day of Jan iary in fh-j ye r of otir Imrd .m jhbsMi ha i'if.j l i l sixty ao/tfn. represent! i > ns a stray, trespassing upon ins enclu surcji. a large Wfll I K SOW would 1 w-igl, over urn I Ir- J pounds HOES# Ll, mid #UJlll>M‘.l to lie about three Vflira oil. with a slit in f.Hc* right car. Civet under i„v ha id. GEL EIMV’D. WAMPLER, J. P. The owner of tin* above described Sow i r..ii*lr.l l prurn |>r u| .-rlv. juiy clmr;jo, anti lake tar uwny. Joseph rrsnixa, One mile south of Wtrf:, ! ! janl**3l® Hjrscs to Hire. fpilK wtlJctfigncl keep nil hum! I lit tho Slabms of Mr. Shee.- lower end of U imtminstcr, Md.. Horses and Vehicles, up hi eh they will 1 hire out (•• |Mirlio4 naiag them properly on j reasonable terms. W M. Si ANSIirUV. JUS. STAN SHF 111. I jnnir 4t OH S, Pnihhi, Fat. I rv it. Putty, Glua*. i Ac., ns five I mid for rule ut Baltimore 1 pmes. by Stonff'er Jb JUtf* <K. jaa!7 Sjictlal polices. nr. Stliruck'i i'aluiuia Ic Syrup. This g.-}M HsJlcloe cured Dr. J. ll.Schenck, j Ike l*^]o'iviur, uf J'almonary ('ousuniptioa, 1 whi-irithad avnimed Its Most formidable as* , |HCt, and wlo-a rp.nsly death appeared lo be , iat-viublc. His pliywkiMui pronounced his case in eatable, when lie commenced the use of this J •ipP- but poa erful remedy. Ills health was restored in a rury short lime, uim! mo return of i ike disease has been apprehended, f*r all the I '.'tuptoms quickly disappeared, and lib present [ •right Is more than two bund ted pounds. cv his recorny, be has devoted his alien- j ika cacliuJrely to ilia euro of Conanmptiun. > nnd the Asnuc* njiub are usually complicated f with it, and the cures elTocJesl by bis medicines i bare been very numerous and truly womb rful. j Dr. Rch'OKk makes pyofcsiional visit* to acre- I ral of the Urge, glftcs w.-ckly, w here be has a 1 Urge cuik oni'se of j>atb nU, and ills truly as-J tuniAilhf to see poor consumptives that hare to , W liftcsl uu| of (heir carriages, and iu a few ' Mftdia healthy, robust Da, Hcnasca’a j Dcluoxic Hrurr, Hktwaxu Toxic, aud Mts •■•■b Data arogenerally all required in cur ing ronsampUou, Full directions accompany so that any awe can lake them without •eciwf Dr. Edftndk, bin when It Is convenient it U best In see hint. ll* give* tdviea frcc.bni f*r a thorough examinatiou with bis Rcaplroiu ctcr his fee Is three dollats. Hioase oWrre, when purchasing, that the tolik<q£*MS'fth Doctor—owe u in the Urt *Mgof t-nnsumption, and the other as he nowiMw pcrfw t health-are on the Oorera taent atanip. Hold by all Drugglol* and Dealers. Price 1.60 V<r b,ita,, or 3.M the h.lf dmrn. for Urn. Ulould .U.T. bo dlrootod lo Or. Xfho.ok*, I'llnciji.l Odicr, .Vo. li North Clb Xtroot, miMrl|*, I'.. tlo.orrf M>oli.,ulo A]*oots: O.oiu Homo. * tVi., V. Y.; ft. ft. Ham,, Ualtiuoro, Mil.; Job. I>. PuJt, t'Wtuu, Ohio . Wal>.r A T.jrlor, Chicago, 111., Cullia, Uroa, Si. Loot., *• drcK-H w ly Woa’pJittFUJi BUT TBUE! MADAMF_ UKMlVor().\, tho world re uswaed At- oiogist aud Komnaiubulistir Clair •oyant, while hi a clairvovaot stale, d.-Henatcs tks vary feature. „f the person yoa are to m*r- Ty. and by the aid of an instrument of iutrose pvwec, kaowa as the I’sychomotropc, guaran to produce a perfect and life-like picture of Sr.if B fisf h V Uod or wil * of U '" •PPhcm.t, with data of marriaga, occupation, loading traita of eharaeter, Ac. This is no imposition, • without nniubrr can assert.— *7 Uttog place of birth. age.dlsposlUon. color •f and hair, and enclosing fifty coats, and • ddl T** rd ** yourself, you ftouive Ihe pictura by retuni mail, togeth * Sf d * drd Information. Address in confidence. Maiumu Qurknn Vest Troy, !f. V. I Ilssh ! Itch! 1 Scratch ! Scratch !! RWAY.VrS OINTMENT cures Itch Iw from •• to 24 hours. 22E (fc 2 r< V" #, . # ‘TETTER’ lhr ' *'''"• • OxMmnl, •TETTKft- JCH ■TKTTKIf iTcir ‘TMtek’ ■ITCH’ NEVEB KMOW.V ‘TKTTKU TCg, TKTTtU' ITCH 1 TO FAIL TKTTKft' TOB' TKTTKK’ TCJI' I.V CUUINO Til lb TETTER' ITCH- ‘TETTER’ TCH' TORMENTING TETTER' TCH' 'TETTER' i OTCH' COMPLAINT. ' 'TETTER' C.r H Ifcbl.g I'll™. Scold lio.d, _ Hash, all Bkln Disease*. Pftfdred only bv DR. WWAYNP.A RON, ™#Wlt Bold by WM. HKKSK, ••Rl-ljr Westminster. FCH CAPS, For Men, cheap at Jobi' •. Ueitsnider’f. ) HWAYNE’S BOWEL COHDIAL, •wre remedy for Asiatic Cholera Cholera Morbus Dv* entery, Diarrbms. Cholera Inraotuin, or Hummor Com* plaint, unia la the Stomach and Bowels, Slrk Stomach, Vomiting, and all relaxed conditions of the bowels. Let no family be without this med icine, It will give Im mediate relief, Sohl by WM. RKKRH, Dctll-ly Westminster. ItBAtfTU AXD BTUE.VUTH TO TIIK HICK. Tonsumptiou’ ‘Can be cured.* ‘Consumption* HWAVNE’S >Caa bo cured.' 'Consumption' ‘Can ba cured.’ I 'Consumption* COMPOUND ‘Can he cured.' j ‘Consumption* ‘Can be cured.' ‘Consumption’ SYRUP OK ‘Can be cured.* ‘Consumption* ‘Can be cured.' ‘Consumption* Wilu Cumav ‘Can he cured.' ‘Consumption' ‘Can be cared.’ ‘Consumption' 18 THE ‘Can bo cured.* ‘Consumption’ ’Can be cured.’ •Consumption’ REMEDY. ‘Can be cured.’ Thirty years’ experience, and the great a Mount of testimony from ail parts of the world has proven it a rtandard and reliable remedy for Cold*. Asthma, bronchitis, Nervous Deblf itv. blood Spitting. Liver Complaint. I'ains in the Side and breast all diseases of tho Air Pas sages aud Lungs. Prepared only by DR. BWAYNE k Son., 3(10 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia. Hold by WM. RERBR. j “‘‘•ll Westminster. Winter Employment. | 200 prr Nlonfli nml Kxivoiimhs paid Male or Female Agents, to iiilro'iucc a \nr *i fid I’/tr/ul lun nlioH , of uhsoliitn utility in I every household: Agent preferring to work on Ouminpiftfnri can earn from s2(l to SSO per thiv. For full |mrliculars, cnrluot ttiimp, and address W. 0. WILSON A CO.. nor H, —"in Cleveland Ohio. ITIII.K SAI,K. snh ciil.. r, intending lo return to I his native country, will oifcr at Pnhlic I •''nl‘\ outlie promi-es, situated in Weatuun i hter. Car mil county, Maryland, on j Vaulin/ thr ‘JSfA thtjf uf January 18C7 j nt *J o’clock I*. M.. that valuable and conru I niiMityllouutiand Lot of ground, now oecn j |ied hv liiiiiself. loented on Main Street in ! the rent nil p.wt of the town, with nn alley iKrtweeii i' n.i l the Metli. ICpiseopul Church. THE HOUSE 1 1* large and roomy, having Iwm lately well and coinmieiiily fitted up. it iof two *to ■ idea, htiilt part y ofhriek, which i new, and port L' ami Wi athei bonrdetl. In fact; there ore two Hou>cm coiincetei. and may Le used separntuly. Tli*‘i is on this lot also , a good Well and I'ump of excellent water, a good Spiinx Uonuo through which the wa- ( ler now* from th pmnj. an excellent lee iloti.u’, ninl a new Maldo, with three alalls ; and Carriage House. Fleno* cab ami examine, as I am eonfi- ' dent tJii/4 property will eotnmond itaelf to Teres made known on the dnv of *!•. ALFHKI) IL iILASSF. 1 J. llkxry llor •:. ~mer. jat lOts UOI!SKST()|,i;.N. i MAN', i illii.ji him i-lr Mill Willium., I mi yeant old, of ininUuin idae, j 'et her /.tout, wearing (ireeu (?) Cos. Faiita ' uml Vest. Hlnrk and lllm-k Slouch Hat, j j and professing to he working ut the Bridge 1 j nl Mohoeocv Jnmlion. prutendnl lo hire | from the Hubarriiier on the >ih of December i , In.’ L a amull dark roam Horse, II yeafa old. . in |uir condition, a mark under Ihe collar | mi Jen side and under the mauc, a little | staved, with n -i#glc rein fair leather Bridle, : and an old I'. S. covered Satidlr. I anpomu’ j 1h Ww* disposed of the horse in CurroM or !• icdufick Conntio, Md. Any inforumtion j in rcg.ud lo the horse, or thief, will be jhjirdciiilly i m l vinl, and liberally rewarded. I ■ U 'jOiTn H. SPALDING (Agent. \ f Jlllcstown, P 0, Adatm county, Pa. Jauß) (treat liuliieenients UFFKUKD BY STOUFFER & HOFFMAN, Mew Windsor. 1 I ADTKS nUKSR GOODS nt Coat. U- I \j dies’, Mihscm - and Children*’ Hoods at j lialfprice. Wa have this ilay commenced closing out onr large stock of Ijidiea* I DItKSS G()ODS rr.-satareißiUHi. | Sen Wind Mir. Janlo I Pit 10K SLAVKS! ' I*AY KOK SLAVICS !1 . PAY FOB SLAVES!!! OWXEHS of Knlistinlor Drafted Slaves, can now mnko Claim for (\mi|n*na- Don fnm the United Stales. Alao for State Bounty. I have all the necessary Forms, and will ! faithfully attend to ihe prosecution of such Claims. WM. B. HILL. Attohxet at Law, 70 W FtiyrUf Street. jaiid- It Hnllitniwe, Md. (iEOUKE W. SUM.IVAL Coiisltibt’l, General Collertur, and City Bailin'. ATT I LL attend promptly to all his official f y duties as (on s tat hie and Builiff. and to the Collection of all claims placed in hi* hands. He mav he found at all times, except when absent on business, at Cook’s National Ho tel. at the Railroad, West in in sic r Md. dcc27 8m vjl* I ?vAA PER YE4R! We want I #*/*” f agents everywhere lo sell our iMPßoyatt S2O Sewing4tachines. Three new kinds. Under and upper feed. War ranteftl five years. Above salary or large cotta mission* paid. The oLT machines sold in United States for less than S4O, which are fnlltf licensed by Hotee, H r heeler it Wilson, (iroeer Je Itaker , Singer <k Co ., and Mark et tier. All other cheap machines are m fringeinenl* and the seller or user are liable tn arrest , .fine, and imprisonment. Circulars fret. Address, or call upon SI!AW k CLARK, Biddeford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. Domestic Good*. ITTK have reduced our prices of Un yV bleached and Blenched Muslins. Ticking, Ginghams aid Calico*. o*ll ana examine before purchasing. jonlO Rtouffer A Hoffman. J SLRIGH BARK KTB-for sale by Jan 10 Stoufler A Hoffman. BDl* FALO ROBES and Horae Blanket*, for sale at Baltimore prices by J*olO HtounerA Hoffman. JUST received, another lot of those cheap Balmorals. Stouflfor A Hoffman. Mcrchiint Tailoring, i T? od Style and Fit, call on ( V (>•>) John L. ReMhakNr. TRUSTEE’S SALE op valuable . REAL ESTATE. | T}V virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court If for Carroll county, the Subscriber, as Trustee thereby appointed, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, m Taney towo, Carroll county, Md., on THURSDAY, JANUARY lsl. DW7. ' the following property, to wit; That Ixit of Ground containing about a , Suarter of an Acre, situated in Tnnertown. d., whereof the late Nancy Rudisel di“i seized, whereon are eicted a good sixu j Two-Story Brick Dwelling House, with brick Kitchen and Smoko House attached. a Stable, Corn Crib, Hog VeuWLi-f+FCit. and Wagon Shed. ADo Unit House and f.ot of ground, con taining about Half an Aero of Land, situated in Taaeytowo, Md., whereof the Into Wil liam Kudiiol died, known a a the “Shuuk Property.” Tho improvement* consist of it large two story ilwvilliiK House, cased with brick, with a frame Shop attach ed, suitable fur a Mechanic; an Ice House, ' Stable, Cistern, and a Well of nevor failing water in the yard, Ac. ALSO, That valuable parcel of ground nil listed in or near said Tancytown. Md., containing i 10 ACRES OF LAND, more or loan, ( hounded on the Enst by an Alley and cor tain Town Lots owned by tho Roman Cath olic ('onyreimllon and others, and on the North and West by an Alley, bring the same property of which the said William Hmiisol died seized, and which was conveyed to him by Andrew (1. Ego. Said parcel of land is under good fencing and in a high stale of cultivation. All the iilkivp parcels will be sold subject to any ground runts which may become law fully duu thereon. ALSO, At tho same time will be offered all that i very desirable WOOD LOT. containing 11 Acre*. B Hood* and l!. r > Porches of ( Land, more or less. *itnatcdin Carroll county, about throe-fourths of a ipilc North of Tunevtown, whereof said William Rudis-l died seized. This, a* well ns all the above described property, is worthy tho attention of such as desire to make a good investment in Real Estate. Persons desiring to m o sai l property will please call and examine for themselves. rr j cull on the Subscriber who will lake pleasure j in showing the same. fesr-Sale to commence at M o’chn-k AM. . The Terms of Sale, as prescribed by the , J decree, are —that one-third of the ptm ha-e j J money h to ho paid on the dav of Sale, or 11 f on the ratification thereof by the Court, and ' the residue to be paid in two equal payments, j of one nml two years from the day of Sale. [ with ililen'st from tiiodny of Sale, nml to he j secured by the note- of the purchaser or piirclinaers with good socurity to be approved i by the Trustee. THOMAS RUDISEL, j janlO-la Trustee. 1 PUBLIC SALE OK A VAIA'AUU! ! Tft f\ ws | ‘ AW< IL., Kfcft 1 S’ I CARROLL COIVTY, MD. I TF not sooner di/<posml of at Private Sale, I X , i ,e undersignel, n* Attorney* for the j Owner, will offer at Public Sale, upon the premises, on SATURDAY, JANUARY Snth. |Bi,7. at 12 o’clock. Noon, all that . valuable A highly improved FARM, owned i j by 11. W. Ib-inl, amt now occupied by F. j I’.urg.Hm, situated in Carroll county, five ; J miles north of Wostmiuiter. Mary laid, and half a mile from the Gettysburg Turnpike! ut Huff’s Hotel, containing 100 Acres of Land more or less. The improvements consist ofn large Frame MASSIOH HOUSE, two Stories and an Attic high, carefully built and splendidly finished in tho ln*t four years, with large porches and every convenience, and surrounded with fine largo shade treys Abo a large Burn, Carriage House, Smoke House. Stone Dairy with a never failing Spring of good water near the Dwelling, and all other necessary outbuild big*—lha whole being now and in complete order. The land Is naturally of good quality, has been well limed, and is in n high state or onltivation nt the present time. It is hiid off into convenient fields, under excellent fencing. There is a due proportion ofgood WOODLAND, and the farm is well watered. Bear Branch running through it. There igjihmit Ignores lof natural meadow. There is a fine Apple OiCdard of the best fruit, and an abundance of other fori* trees, such as Peaches, Pears. Cherries, Apr* t ‘°b‘ c - 11 carefully selected and in bearing condition. ’l’b*i attention of purchaser* • specially directed to this property as i* si’hlom that any so splendidly improved, ai.d in . ooh gcMd condition is offered. Those wishing to view the farm will plea. ® o*ll on the tenant Mr. Burgoon. BNk-Gffers will 1> received at Private Sale, but, if not sooner disposed of, will be sold on the day above mentioned. For Terms and other particulars apply to T. KDW’D. HAMBLETON, Jr. ft CO. Attorneys of 11, W. Iltauii. jonlO-ts A O. 88 1 K()riTY, In lh Circuit Court for Carroll County. Jacob Alhangb ft others, ) /“Vuiißiirn this. ri, > V-* 4th day of Diana Tipton ft other*, j January. UM7, that the sale made and reported in the above cause, bv Char T. Jldfsnider, TripM for the sale of the Ileal Estate decreed to be sold, be finally ratified and oonfirpied, niilesa cause to the contrary be shown on or before the IHb day of February, 18(17 : IVoridtd a copy of this order lie inserted in some news pajier printed in Carroll county, once a week for throe successive weeks previous to the 81st day of January iusl. The Report states the amount of sales to he SB,3TH 2*2. WM. A. M. KELLIP, Clk. Trne copy,—Test; janlO-St Wm. A. McUu.ip, Clk. Westminster Cemetery NOTICE. THE Stockholders and lot owners in the Weatminster Cemetery Company are hereby notified that an election for Presi dent and Board of Managers for the ensuing year, will be held at Carroll Hall, on Fill • DAY EVENING the Nth inst. at7 o clock. Person* that have purchased Lots at Cem etery shlim, that have not boon settled for, and who ore not Stockholders, cannot vote, unless the Name is settled for on or le -forc tho 2’th inst. By order of the Board, K. K. GKRNAND, jan 10-3 t Secretary. County Com mlii>lou<tx* Notice. FpHK County Commissioners for Carroll I County will meet at their Office, in WeatmiaHtcr, on the Fihst Mokiuy or Fmhitaky, 1860, for the transaction of business. By order, LEVI VALENTINE, Clerk. THE RURAL GENTLEMAN, ; A MONTin.Y JOURNAL, I PUBLTHnF.iI BY i. 11. ItOIIINNOIV ti 4 0. off ten, y. a n. r.vrx w srur.r.T, II.U.TIHOHK. Mil. eirorl. to II OKTIC fX- X U.ft B. In Uit. 11.-pitrliii.nt we fire n prietit'.) t-rp - riewne. FUlUin i.TI HH. Wr give CKiiccial attention to (in* branch of Kuml lifu. FRUIT GROWING. Upon tliit Tthj , ct *c *ll give von (lie hem flt nr the prat iic*! eiporience of tilt b*i fruit growers. STOCK RAISING. Tills Department will have able article* from writers of uiparlvue*. AGRICULTURE. W devote much nwins t# (five thought* that will lid (he voting and uM. iiouskk kept no. The good housewife will Had munv valuable receipt*.

TKHMS: Olio ropy nr yonr, in advance $1.0(1 Si* copies one year, in advance h.ijo Twelve copies one /ear, in advance Spccitrcn numbers sent prstl*. Advertisements inserted at liberal .tales. Energetic Canvn*9tr* Wanted Everywhere To whom a very liberal c <mui<iiu will Wo allowed. For further infoi (nation, address as above, enclosing stamp. j*u;i-3t Trustee s Sale. virtue of decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll count v, aitlincr an a Court of Equity, the Subscriber its rrustet*. will sell at Public Sale, on the* prera*m. on SATURDAY, JANUARY 2Clli, 1807, at 1 o’clock, I*. M., A HOUSE & LOT, ■ situated on the Maocbc'dvw Rond. al*out one i | fourth of n mile from Westminster, and is the same of which Ann K. Rruce, died foist'd and pro';ns*cd. Tlie Let cornual* of I ■ one quarter of an Aero of Land moroorteas, , upon which is erected a coin ' fort at do Two-Story Frame ! dwelling house, with bafcfc building. e<>tfv(‘■fly : niently lUTiiMpyd und in gjKwl repair, i This property is conveniently located, and present* a good opportunity for a profitable I nvestment. Ten ms op S.u r.—Qae-third cash on th* I <!:iy of sale, or tle ratification thereof, on* third in nine months, nod th>* other one I third in eighteen months from the dny of ! sale. the purchaser or purchasers giving his t or their notes with approv'd •ecurity, l>eni*- ing interest from the day of snlo. (HAS. t. REiFSNIDER, Trustee. , ronr A R!:r*vtn.:n, Solicitors. LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! ITI nr. and *r ittUt-d. haring com 1. t-d th Ir ! * NKW KOUSDKV * M.VCIIiXK SHOPS. Mar the 11. It. Station, in W.- tmin.ler, would raspectfully inform th • public that th v arc • now prep*r. d to furnish. Stoves, ilhcluauih Tuc Ivins, Tiro Ben tiers, Hollow Anvil*, Ac., l!akco* en I.oi-.* and Hearth Hates, Cellar Win dow first*-*, Porch l*o*( Irons, and Cnxiing in general. Corn and Cob Crushers, Corn Sh.-llrrs, Circle Haws w itls benches complete for *uwing IKoi-nc I'unm anti ’i'ii resiling MartiinCN, Cutting Boxes and Plonghs of different kinds; , but w..nld csll particular attention to th ir j iu-tlv eel. I), rrt.-d Hors.. Plough common ly called the ••Price Plough.” Also their well known and unsurpassed Ci R A I \ I) RIL I* f.r sowing all manner of Grain, ineluding Oats. /SC'Krpiln of all kinds alien,l d to prompt ly and at liberal rat •*. j Having llrst day* Morbanlcks employed, will guarantee satisfaction. wagon ku a Matthews. nov. 29.—dm. i PRIVATE SALE! A RargainOfferod. ,4 HOC.SK AND LOT. fronting on Main ! l\ Street, and Union St root, at the Went KinT nt \\ ea’ininrer. The most eligible, situation for a Hluck.smith .Shop in the conn- ! ty. A good Two Story n i LOG BUILDING | Mil- prentlitoa, with n hock Witling nt-1 fnched, a fir *t-rate Well of water and a new ! I‘nmp in said Wall at a coal of SRO. Icroi* will be made to anil the purchase!*,' aa the money is not desired. ALSO A IIOCSB an.l (W ACRI' if T,nnd lying ni'on tin- Oonuch P.tmd. 1 mile from U retmin.ter. tmitoliie for ,wo iniitiU —onp l this time renting for *2.‘>, the other for $3") per annum. Terms to suit the pun'linaer. JOSHUA SMITH. d(*cGlf Superior llominyT who want good Hominy, made of the be-t Corn, and in the moat improved way, idtuuid call onfhc subscriber ut the Union Works, near the Couit Westminster Md., where he Ima always on hand any quantity for sale cheap. Persons fnrniihing the Corn can have Hominy made on short notice and n a-omihh' terms. Call and von will be pleased. Also OFFALS for sale, and GOO bushel* of prime CO UN wanted, for which thu highest cash price will be given, delivered at the Union Works. SIMON A. LELSTEIL janß-2ma Dividend Notice. KiaST National Baxk. \ Wft.tminflter, Dec. 2uth, IWW. ( rpHK Pretddeot and Director* have this J[_ day deohwod a Dividend of FIVE FEE VKKT. for the lieu dv months, payable to Stock holders of Uti* date, on and after January 10th 1807. W. A. CUNNINGHAM, jan3-4t * Cashier. r aDiKa* DMmooosi9fc salb at I j COST.-Mt-rinwa, Plain and Figured Pop lins, r'libcrgs, badica Clotii, Shawl*. Linsera, Wool Boodai, Capoa* 4c.. Ac. Uteat induve menU offcn.l at Jan. 3, , J. L- Rellhaid. r’g. \TTKhave finite a large stock of |iui V V NOTIONS, very suitable for Chrivi maa present-., which we would invite you to call and see. will cell them oiTlow.— They an- too numerous to mention ; but all must be sold without regard to coat, to clone ,fc4K *h. Mrs. E. J. Snriner. dec 13 Attention Hutch rs atui Furwcnt / HIGHEST cash price paid for Hides, hy Ucilimider k Ctv. W near Depot AUiUMS. MRS. BHRIKRH i.* now iellie.g off her large stock of Alim ms at very reduced prices. Call and examine hsr stock Indore purchasing daewhere, dec 18 LI \KXB.—A large awortaieat of •aneriuc Llnvn Duck*, Drlll.^"r Zlt i ****** Jen# 7. B. K. Uersaad , . TuluaWe Town I'ropertjr at I’SIV ATK MLR. j Tffß underaignod will ndl t Prlrato Sail'. I the properly n u which h uow roaiika, rituated on Mala rtifjvt, abmu ion yard* West f the Kailrusd Depot, frnailot 90 fvt on Main Mrwt and running bark las f.ji to an o)Dy f im|iruvo< ! with a l vrg>* and rouvcnit nt j,-*u DWKLLIKO AND STORE DOOM. ***& Store i vuui t* about lit feet wide and Ti'i fe.'t deep, and I* nn of the flft •tor*- rooms in Wtiaius(vr. Tlu* dwelling Brt contain* 8 room*, Hufi' int and f"llar. Mcnutat floored and ptsstgred. largeSTaßLK and f’lirrlage ll* >u*-. If*g iioivx*, fthickoti Honso, link** Oven. Wcfi of t-wrllent aof| water in fli?* yard. IT*** building.* are all hew, f loiving all imeii built within tin-la*t foor yea* a. The gardi-n cannot b>- mri.n ■ •*?•!. Frail U**• of , m arh all kinds. Appl-*. Peach;'*, iVan, 6‘krr- | rii-s, JMitiub*. Gag* * and G. apes, a lib nice , grape Arbor*. • The Store room b w. ll known a* Mr*. HbH I nor'* Fancy Shir**, and the STOCK of GOODS i* also offered at Private Sab*. Term* easy—call on W. B. KJIiiiXEK, novJe-lf on the preud*v. GREAT CHANGE 1H PRICES! J* A DIBS dill andj*xaminp my stock of DRESS GOODS, milch lower than a few weeks aijo, from 8 to 13 orufs a yurd leas, DvlsinOs. KugTtah nud French Mori nor*, l*opUiis Vr. Call mi*l "et of the gtont Intrgjiln't at JOHN L. KKiF.SXIDKU’S. dec 13 ii i: a d Qua axK R$ ro ft HARDWARE. C)ril,nKß<?i.n<l C.l.molt To..U Ca, I g ter m>4 Coopers Tools* NuiU, Cjkms Cut and Mill Saw.-*. Forks, Shovels. Tract**, Halter. Cow and Dog Chains. In fuel jvc rytiling kept in a well regulated Hardware j .Store. My long experience gives me silvan- I tnges in this line. JOHN L. IIKIFSNIDKIL I dec 13 West End, near the Forks. Dr. F. Duller and I. Evans, OFFEa to ilieir friemls and the public in flcuwul, one of the bent Liniments (hat hoKlatuhr heen presented for the curs of Hacmorrlioida nr Files. We offer this rente dy with the hope that those pnrmi who are afflicted with this dtsesqe may give it u trial, xind feel tatiaficd they will receive full reiuu- Deration for their money expended. For Sale by A. H. Huber, No. 2, CWil Hall, \\eutmmster. and nt the Subeerihent llesidtnoe. at the West End. dec I:J,-tf j I.'st ifr 4/f (Jathurin§ Stnnrei frr. V/u -/. i Vj’OTICK i.- hereby given that the Sub -1 X.l “crflier has obtained from the Orphans* j Courtol’Cnrroll county, letters ofAdimuiatro* i lion on the Personal Estate of Cathariiie Stouesifer. late of Carroll county, docM. All j nerauns hitting claims t said estate nrc hereby warned to exhibit the same within ( six months from this dale, otherwise they i tony by law bo excluded from all lienefli oi 'aid estate. Those indebted are requeued J OSII ITIv J> BTON BSIFK K, nov27-lt AduuniKtmtor. BOOTS & SHOES. F f ST received and ibr side u fresh and a I bit of Fhiiudelpltia b-t Custom Made rl- HOOTS AM) SIIOKS, eon--isting in rnrt of laidics* Polinh Kill. Morocfo, Lasting, Oil Goal. Ac., At . all of which will be .“old nt greatly rlu..a P ric.-,1,v - • T. S. GGKEUT. Ucucraber the place, two .’oorn West of Mrs. Sbriuer's Milienery Sf nrf, \V’eatmin ter, Md. dec ”0 SIOO SIOO SIOO SOIiIMKWi KXTUA lIOUMIKS COLLtfiCTED BY A. 1). F-CUAKFFJUI, V. cstmlnntor. Mil. SIOO SIOO SIOO — NOTICE. F*it M EH.-,' k JfßniijJicV Nat. ) 1 \ l .Vtrainlor, Dweinl>cr 17, IsfA , VN 1..r eight Director, will be held .MM. Dunl,, od SATUItDA-Y, I the Irnh JAN'IUBY next, between the bnure often uni three o'clncb. on said dnv. JAC’OJJ UKKSE, ticca'-Ic Cashier. our aoobsT DRY e CODS It Cloth-. C**lmerc*. Ouinots, Lic*ry, Tweed*, Jean*. 4c.. 4c. A huge supply and rCry 1..n lu pi ice. CN*II before you purchase, at I K. Cir.UNASD’S I ADI ES rail nt MRS. SHRINKR’S, for J Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers. Silks and Satins. Crape*and 1-aces, Uuchca, Ornaments Ac., Sifl, and Crape Runnels on hand dcc27 Meat Cutfcrfl and Htuflfera. HALL’S Patent Meat Cutler and Filler, b?ft in o*e. For Ml* low, si nor 15 John L fUifKnidar’i. MENS WAKE, ut prices before the war. Cloths, Casaimerts, Caaaiitetls, Lin soys and Jrant. Now is the Umo to buy of decl.l JOHN L REIVSNJDIiIt J AD IKS FfriS. jr-- j OHII.DKK.VB FCRB, Muff". Capet, tnti Unilt, diret-1 from tie- mwuiKtmr. Oreat in ducementa in stock and pricee. at John L. Rcifsnider's. A LARGE Stock pf fiudronaLW Ro..nut* Xjl hand of every description,and more arolMMiig constantly manufactured, whiefe , must nud will be sold ai very reduced prices. < I° C UI ilru. J. Shrmor. A MO.\TIIDAGENTS 'mrntod Tt/V‘ ftr tuc entirely new artule }n*t uor. Address O. T. GA HEY. City Hnikßng. Hindoford, Maine. ianll-fy Carpets I Carpels 11 Oil Cloths’ Oil Clotha:: 8t, *P dl “ | d Hag Cerpot*. Floor r >H .ClMh*, 4 4. 54, tL4 Stair Oil C|s*S lur *le si Baltuuoro price*, bv i* u - John' L. Raifscidor. Uomestle Goods. TTMiLKAHIKD tad Blcttbel Mwlln, Red ’ *r T lS ki ?f r ’ oin Kl fklleors, OMloa 11#®- ei*. Table fsvera7B|aotkchS. Ac., Ac., far “ * 'Z** Jt>bß House Keeping Aitioles, T X great variety, at 1 (jaa3) John!.. Riflidat’*. iUMm. Oorroais. kinds, at ; A A'. AtnuuMTa. ALL kimla of Job Work noally exited at the “DxMoeaATir Advo< ate Office ‘*lß yearn N. Y. Cltjr. M “Only infallible Ttmddfo* known. f u Vr*e from Poinoiw. “Nut dangerous to tho Human Fmilr," “Rat* conie out of their hulux to die.” “PuadhV XUt. Roach, Ac., Kxterm'i I If* a tiMftd far Hat*, Mice, Roach**, lUork amt Hcd Aid*, sfr., <fr. *• 'onturV Bud-Hug Kxterminator In a liquid or wash—lined to dcitroy, and also ax u preventive for licit-Htftp*, ‘ ('ostarV Electric Powder for Anxcets !a tor Moth*. Mo*iuik**, him*. Bad Hug*. I Insert* on i’lault. Jouit, Antnuil*, dx. !!! BkwarkMl of all worthku imitation*. BM,u See that “CorranV’ name I* on oudi Box, Bottle, nnd Flank, before you buy. Address lli:\itr n. comn, 4H4 Broaiiway, N. V. IHT Sold in Wkki'uixmtku, Mu., j*#~Hy A. H. HUUKIi. ; And all Druggist and Retailor* every wberu. “COSTAR’S” CELEBRATED Buckthorn Solve, For Cuts, Burns, limbos, Woanda. Boils, t/onocm, Broken Breuata. Sore Nipple*, Bleeding, Blind and Painful Pile*; Scrofu louti,’Putrid an 1 1U conditioned Sores ; Ul* ccrt OUminiar Swelling*, Kruptums, Cuta neous Attention*. Ringworm. iu-b. Corn*, Bunion*, Chilblains. JLt. ; Cbapptsl I lambs Lips. le.; Bitot of Spiders, Insects, Ani mals. dr., Ac. BPJu Boxes, 2-> eta.. 60 cU., and $1 sixes. tOu J'k'ld by nil Druggists tvary where. by URN uY 11. COSTA It, De pot 4#4 Broad toy, New York, f '■&' And by A. 11. Ht'BliU, Wwtaln “CO STAR’S” UNIVERSAL Corn So 1 v ent, For Corns, Bunions. WirU, Ac. tW Boxes, 26 cts., fiO cts., and $1 sixes. U’iT Sold by all Dni£gu4B everywhere, ftaT And try HENRY 1L COSTAIt, De )K<t 4r 1 Broadway, New York. tfriVAß HUBER, Wcstailn “CO STAR’S” PREPARATION OF Hi Hr- Stent fiiut Orange lifoasom* rot sxstmrriNa tk court, mow. I’scd to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. ladies are now using it In preference to all others, fttf- Bottles, sl. BQU Sold by nil Druggists everywhere. Bsu And by HENRY It COSTAR, De pot itM Broadway. New York. *&. And by A. H. IIITIKR, Westmin ster, Md. “COSTAR’S” PECTORAL co can or, Fiw ConAi, Cold*, 111 varsencss, Sore Throat, Croup. Whooping Cough, JnHuensa, Asth ma- Consumption. Bronchi* I Affection*, and nit I >i.ense* of Ihr Throat and Longa. W Hot tie*, 2 eta., 80 cU., andsl sites, WT Sold hr all Drnggists everywhere. *PV And hr HEN RY R. COSTAR, De pot 4t*l Broadway, New York. V%-jAwl>pA. H. HUBKB, Weatmm l . o rnixi “c o s r.ut' s” AfMmt 1 BISHOP PILLS, * eeWwat kinnrta eta. For Nervous snd Sick Headache. Costive ness, Indigestion, Djupepela, Biliousness, Constipation, Disrrhcn, CoK, Chill*. Fe vers, snd general derangement of the Digna tive Organs. doxes. 26 cts., 60 cU*, and $1 .vices. I Sold by ail Drngpwu everywhere. •■ssssr* ■*- And by A. H. HUBER, WeatauttMr, **• dee v>m Valuable Farm at Private Sale. HE Huhs'M-iber, finding it inconvenient to mmiHßMhtn two frnips, offer* ut Pri vate Half* hi* FARtM. ml joining tb *ne on whir.’ii he rrxidi*. in 'I nucytown DU trick Carroll county, |!iL, nlio il 4 mileoJL'W. rf Tanr-ytown o*r Bur ttmd leiaWirlnwli *sM Tow* ho Frederick by Double Pipe Oe#b, coMamig oftemi -190 ACRES OF UNO -1 hie land is of good quality, and producA well—-equal to any u the neighborhood— and has i>een weft timed over, most of ii twice within a few mini* 'fbere are about 10 ACRES OF WOODLAND, of good thriving timber, luootly Oak and Walnut.— Alan a KiitHciiaU q imuity of Meiuiow . Tba Iniprovemanta consist of a geod sob* sUtntiul Stunk Dweluxu HOUSE, 62by M feel, with lorgofinr, and two exceUout Cellars; u gnu| BjtNK BARN •*H by 41 fift; Sml:n Honn* . Sk-uo Dalrf vera never fui ling Spring of good water; Carriage Home ; Wagon Sbwl; Corn Crib; (inuiery Ac. Thin farm U under good fen cing ; bos a good bearing Orchard cf the Final Fruit; luw the ®drantecfp of water In every field; nnd Pincy Cm-k flows through that.lace. it is situated in a good neighlmrhood, near l*i Mills, and I .'linn.-lies ; and oLottt 8 wiles from the lino of the Western Maryland Railroad i s profiosed to bo ex tended. Terras liberal, and nude to suit purcbe* sera. Address the sub *rliter, at TauexUm F. 0. Carroll county MJ, ' ' M rUAW- W> E ft t R A B Ia E HOTEL PROP CRT V AT PiUVATiC SAL ft. The subscriber oSets at Private Sole that dnmbic property in iUddieV'wn, Frederick onunly. Md , 4wroßblv kauirn U> the tmt eling public as the , a “CITY HOTEL,” at present in the occnpsncy of Mr. I’ofliniejrgcr. The Itisc.l' ).8 j w storj, brsulos Bnsmn nl, slid has s large Brick Hack building, all !<kßi laid off into huge and aoaronnM nuns.— Ihcrc is on tin. projien, a large Brick St- Uc. with sulhcient Si„.JJi„g, \ tM nulu and fine water near U.e door. WL. niisi.tlic . niv Hotel in the plmav and is situated in the centre 'ifVhe town. Persons wishing to virw the i.rni.ertr win nle*e roll anna ilic >nKtihr, |„ Viddle tJSwii, who will take ph asttro in -hewing tb,* same. TKUMHof pnvment very n n'a. Jims HElil’.TNfl, ufC. uct 2U-2m feeth Extracted Without Pals, BY THE I’.kt: OF THE SITROIS OMUh tty. IST Dr, llitlil.K i KIU4II4WUA, I) EX T 1 S T, AT KIS OFFTCK, Adjoining hi* r .after a Xiswldsnoo, Wgstainrtflr, Md, WHEIIK he may ht fuasd at all tunas when not pn f ,: ..;aIU engaged at me following points: Onto* Pridjt.— let Wcdpcailgy of every month.—remainii - until ,-a’iurdaa. Acic 117/i.Ysor.—2nd Wedno. lay of every month, rcuwlahig until Satunhiy, PmUrntmen. -nl Wi-.lne.daj i„-.v mouth, remaining until i'lidaf CTcniog. Tanrf/lum— id Friday every nu.sth,—n maining nnlil lb. WedaCFilai : Ilowinai dec7-ly. up in PBIVViE Stl.K. I OFFEII at ),rivals ada, a of 115 AGUES Of LMD more or loss, situated i l; CgrfuU rounty, ad* joining J, W. LufabuaiiU .- Mill property mid the loads of deetjb Boakcusl and Andrew Rw-m. and within half a mil* of CnmlterTT Station. WiMern Md. Riwlrnr 1. A iKrfp i.nmurti.m of it n J LViBER LAN D, and ih wall watrt-u d uw<ifn good fencing, it is improved with birgr? LOO A Dwelling House ■ -yaajiU and Buct Building. St, ; : J'ngig. Tt wiU he sold in panels to jumper. b.r,, if daianali the tiercel including thu huiloiug. lu Imre iH> • • or tk) Belt*. Bov.Tenna Mothrah*, , Richard manninh, declß-tf Wcoin;luster Md. Owners sf Water Power Should u*o I tie celeb; aii , LKI- j Kia ’ wat:;;; v. i:iji;l, >|jnurnciuctl By fOOLK k fir XT. Dabiiuw:<i, *dZ* Send for a circular. derO-llui. AW. ARTISTS’ UNIOK~ -i OExrs rrdXTEa §1 ELIABLE raid racrrt'.lc persons, mate J or female, arc n t,Uid to solicit M |, pttons for oar Engravings, and to such we offer term liberal cash inducement* ; nl.n tpltudu! premiums to suiverihers, (,'ircn lar* tnitaiile to be n-ed in cmivo,ing. lo gclher wilh nil neccaamy p] era, will be furnished on application, if Address, a illi n ter ace. AMEHU' AV A lIT 1 ATS’T NTU N, decd Xn 2‘i i’iov Street, New York. ®r. Bryan’sMgdlcine* tHavo on hand for aaW tiu following ml. able Modnws whwh are -1.-rnMd in .J. Bans a advertuo taoiit ia the "Dem. Advwratc^'^ Dr. B s. other cured tliroagh the nDdcivipuni when i|iur tiUKA T BAKUAINS, " A T ÜBS. h. n „ riiderv fiALE BILLS uriatad TC5Sii •3 no*w* at thia