Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 24, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 24, 1867 Page 3
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Ikp*. A Lecture to Vo Mm. i , 11 .£. I Tim M 111",tnui"i.l. ami Ucal Cure.fSiwi-maUmfcu-* or Haaa- Im.laatarjr ttaluiww, Sunal ••a Tmj. .linfcitiTTUi *MrW P'Wf- Ftfraatn*** WnnamiifbiV^|>U'>P'T. I anil iMiv.iml flu afpi itv. re ■nut Self-Akin*, rfe.-Jr lilnUllT •. tWKI.L, M. U. .VaihnrV ib ’"tli-aru trld-reninvliud author, in till* admit-*- 1 ire, clearly pruvas IVom Ml awp *xi>< i •t Ike aital coimnittcore* id Hell- I sy J* &*''"? , and Srlltloul cUagerOa* mcgieal op#* ; otglcs. Inulrunivnu, cordial*, | Mu 4 mode <f cure alnAvr >rUin ami I -wflVr-* UO MAll. T ; roadltioii way be fn'ky cure hiun.df ! amaMy. and rsdUally. Tl/lS I.KCK r lf,l. I‘HOVK \ UOUX TO T9uu XII TimPBAMIS. id'-r H'.i, W any adiim*. .11 a plain on ftip receipt *f sit rent*, itr ifo xtampr. Al-o Or. Odrerwell'* ■© OaWe,” price *25 cent*. Addrrsam* *’ CM Art J. r. KU.W4 (% 121 llowerr, X tJt V.*t. T.wrt f)U KKXf, klle Wooihii ACTORY. inHewlgtwd will JN*W T.i .v-.-. nl*m FartAfv fVm the flr-t of it, fikfla(i<:{ in'Carrol! county, uu *co falls. n never fniui& strenm, *.nUh yf liampstuad. and I mile X ouch's SlAfe. Thu* Knctnrv h;m 1 WMliriMl Ailll the Machinery j idwH’uw in M uod condition an ; t Factory In the County. Also. i Acres of Land to the same in Aijfu.d state of cul to bo rented Uii'iuwitii. ’rsnrt *UMng t> rent I Vo •uni- *li| ply to either of iljc utidaMkaffu i. or ioudu illu. M.l, T 1 D. w. iior< k. • STRAY HOC. I VargimuJ, Cun 01l ruimtjf, TV i rit: I KHV certify that |.!i Cushing rroll county, came lf..n me the j r die *.,il nuHiiy, tli • eleventh <tyy j irgn \Y 11 IT*)' SC) W. would ,-v^ •r two hundred jhmi.ul ; • slit in the right rur. • J. P. r joskpii rrsmxn. •rvl,y wnrnci! to t vfiU.’il tlu* , i|auill i*: r T m. r<m>l>, 0/ J/fri :rt l iir j, ,rZZ7dir ; tVmU o.nnfr, IfMrr of AO'iiMtni tlie Ktatc of .VficVacl 1 la wf t-arruil coantr. ,\l! •viiijf Ml*l H-laie.ttJV %ru*<| to esliiUt tlu* hAtue wiiliiu bs from l!iU datx-. uilicrwue tlu r I'Vcluili' 1 froiu ail liiMialit of said iiuk-Ued ;fu jt*pi t*U to isdVaU' j.HX'numt. • J joiix Nyj-^r. t AdjulftwtnUyr. '■ #/’ I 1. "■ f\ Ifh i- lunl-y yiviMi t’u,? the MiUn-rri •r W* wMuiiuml from tke Orphnna* ■M'amxWcwuon .'*• t* r- I fumeiUiuy IVusnjd of .1 >II.V '(’•troll C\Hofy, d.\. alii <*lmills MiiU K tutc I ■•w wanted to ex hi U t the saum with- 1 'l'lMth* Iroin thi- lni oth**"v. i*<* tlu*v r\rlu|i‘d from ull I'eiiefit of ►nkl I ho.-e tod'hted a.-,. Ui fniudiatu iaviiu*ul. ‘ K/IIA IJTTUS. h* Kx>ecwtA>r ) y.\ r vii.\sc::/'., .\ai:\rs: . AI*J XOWATFaRt? XOSLOniI i Lv.s OL.VaSd rj.fciA.NlNW J’OLI.SIL Patented Oct. 10, IBOV Waning and pali ihin# windows, niir l‘l. silver, jdated ware. 1/raic, copper, I A m w invention of the giv-iletl ' 1 sorth, convenience, nod ccnjnomy I kW(B to # nil liouwki cjiera. hotel stOirkceiwrs, &r. AdJfv.H (’. M. No. 74 Hi'-e-ker, Ncvr York, j uw-ount to the Unde. Price 00 rl>. , tinier Employment. L* ,< * r i* l *l l> 1 ;: 1 \ ; paid p simile A cent!*, to introduce a .Wir Ml inrtntion , of absolute utility in 'tseholJ. Agtnt preferring to work i-*sioii can earn from to |*o< *or full particulars, en‘lo*r tUimp, Ml w. a. wiLsox * co., Clevelaud Ohio. lorses to Hire. u lersirned keep on band He Slid Met of Mr. Sheets, IY’TSiV. d of Westminster, Md., a>d Vehicles, which they will J) partios using them properly on le terras. WM. STANSm iJV, . Jos. STANSUriIV. It CUIKAT HXKUMNSi Us. .SUUINKII'S, who U M-lling ter fin# stock of goods, at greatly *tice§ to close slock. ne, come all, and you will he sore ** doelS Itli.--’ (iooilra. •. Marx, Alpacas, Poplios, Pc ‘•.fur sale low, et A'. JT, Curnnnrf I. i*Ht. Pryer, Puttx-, (Hass, toecived and fur sale at iJaltiinore Mottjftr A Huffh>an* foeirod a 1 article of Kerosene RMr.) Xiimfffr <C* Hoffman. New Windsor. Ma. Ml' lot (.C 1 I- , ; i.ike Buck v *< for sale hy MvHfftrj- Hoffman* Mon. cheap at ® Join* L Keifxuidcr’s. , i Uranil Pmrnlallao IV.llvnl AT tII E MARYLAND INSTITUTE, run THE bknkfit ok tiii; i-oou ok UiUTtMOUR. $2*1,000 IK rKESI'VTK TO BE il-TKK AW.T, OX t'KUaOMtr 231), 1847, Will b givvn a MUSICAL AND PRESENTATION ' FESTIVAL, At which limp th jjun. John JUyor of Hailiioure) i Mon. Jon. 11. Aii'loun, Chief Justice Uiphai** ( JJn. Fra. HI gel. ““d.’. Urn nr A Hunt, Hon. John 1.. Thorn*-., Co|. F. if. Bovd, 1 Hun. Aaron MofTman, Samuel 11. Evans, fcfb.i ' J. J. lUnkard, K,., Cul. K. F. M. Fanhtti I < o|. .Sol. l mi- Aiar.h. Mctiarrbrl,-, Km.. I John IlavU, K*n. Jnme* Hnaderson, ta., | U ill ■l'l’oint u fVmmltU-r f unard - pre.-.-iiu, Jn him h a lawful iuaium-i u uh] Coni- - miUtn- miv <l*trrmbif. Fo*-tho Festirnl there will he IssUim! 3(\000 rjckela and So.two Hr.*, ,u, (being one for each I t(r kult) ralu.-d at fM.OOO --Vono or oujrri tube H..V.1 io ll„. h.nd. Ilf J Kss K u UNt, Kdn,l wMlif Ai.oHlli.ll for Hie li„|.imoim-iill.f tin --d-.lJlioii al tlic Pour Ihrmrti Ike .11. Hi. mmrd Kritiomeu. I.iar or Frksuuts to aa AwASflnt j (4rn*d Fiano, (Knnbe A Co.) SI,.V* ■ “ , “ “ Mini I .-iiaan* “ <• J G*M Watch, double lime, Ind’l •. fond. 3l)0 I I j “ AIL-rlcan, v. rr livarv, 2.Y® I [ " - P. K. Barilot, 150 | ■ " " '•, 200 i i *■ " Pal. iHL. nr. 150 ' * , H F*U-nl Levers, each 100 * I Hold Walt he. American, 175 1 j " “ ** net with dhiuiouda 200 “ " •uaii.vlwl, 105 { *’ “ “ enameled, Uo j I J “ “ eery heart, ?oo I 1 •• a. 8. ’ ~j 0 * c-ch 210 , 1 ** “ U 0 4 Aoi-rlci, HiUrr W(rh, carl, Ji 1 -i I'.uuting Silver “ -• 30 ! “ ■“ " :: s 4 lui.llra- Lam .1.1,1 ami Pina, rarl. 1.0 I : " ■; “ '• •• 45 : * ‘ 41 “ •* 40 2 “ i'hatnlaln •• •* 311 2 Gold Chain#, rcry henry •• 75 I I •* - ;; j'ji n •• u n j Diamond Ring, 1(01 * AinOll#r>t rtnit UliMorid lung, ci> i f 'V.v . HingH. each 25 II fl tty S It! en h 20 [ ■**’ Gold Kiiiva. fnuu $0 to 20 100 Aumh'Uml Gobi Ming.-. fruin fa to lH ' 04 La.lien Fine Ciold Sets, from sl2 to |H ! ** “ Fin.-, fioni $5 to 2 ; • I Set* LadltV Fine (ioM Slcerr Uul'a. f* \c 22 ! I ■' <; 'ld lt.ncrl. li, from $9 in 40 2 Handkerchief Kin.'*, euch I', 20 Opera Cila**,from 57 lu 35 1 French (Hit Clunk, no ti Itronac (T..clw, from flu to 40 2 Fatter Clock-, each 20 2 Tun f>. in. eaeh 7 ft 1 '* •* p,, 1 Urge Urn, 2 lea Fitch r*, ca< h 15 •-*1 i>inn*r (’t-t.-r*, from 7 In jn , 11 Hr. akfa| Canter*. (S|<l t’ako Itapkci*. from lo u> is I t Hatter Dialtca, from f to 12 1 Win.- Stand. jo 2 Fickl;- Stand*, t-m-li j-j 1 Fair .Salt- Minl S,-nli.l ,il,. 30 He-Cream •• - 2 s 3 Fair Hnth 1 Knlve#. *• “r.nh 20 1 2 Fair Napkin King*. •• <• •• 3 S I-for Ch.ldreu, " •• W I T.dmeen Uea, • • •* 0 J r, M '• 20 I, 5, I Vatmnaiir Picture and Mu.ic Ihn, let I Safe. Mißi-r.. patent. | 5 Th. balance u. .-.iMlrl uf Toll it Article*. Per rmn -i y Cu,.,.. tJuhl -i, Hlallonery. Wrlliug Dc-* , \\ .11 k-hoxee. Ac., inrtkinv, iuth.-ajrn cat.-, SO.OKO FrcA-nM, x.lncd at f2..OQf. The hv -list inrludca th.- of I>. W. ( lark'* J.-.veliy, Silverware and Fancy tiro li. >K'| . 151 Itnltininre ilroet, llallimoir, Md. h i a toda rdd at tM-tui e after till* date._ 1 h- *•<>' 1 n 111 he open for (hepublic lo naininr ' th • gW-. and for the #aie of Ticket* from U un til * o r clork. We %vi-h to call the attention of the jiuhlir. ! - '• l. int iU- ohj.-rt ~f this Whival ; ’ "•'*. I ‘Jc UMj.rce. dcni-d nntnb.-r of ralua l-l il, ; third, to |h* fact that in the dbtribn tioiyit fhote gilta iu favoritism, no partiality ( The awarding to lake 1 lore in the prcM-eee of the audience, and the millionaire mil hate uu advantage over the hnmh|.-*t ciliien. ■*%v to Obtain Tlrkefn. Order# may be wnl direct to u. enclo-inf - the mouer. from 51 lo 525, in a registere.l let- j 1 r at uur ii.-k, with oUaip for return 1 Larger anioitiit should be enl in drafts bv K- , pro.r. ot th* following club rates ; Suiglu Ticket, J; ] qo 6 lii-k i* la one addnwa. 1 50 * n 00 : ;• ■* .“ •’ 17 1,0 i . 9 - •• -2, J 5 1 e- “ ■■ u 00 1 “ - “ 43 50 | lull HJ 00 Add,.... al) order, and r.,ri,.iuiiilra4iu„. to , . I). W. (T.ABK, Mame. r. t'O I ~.,5a1.l at Mua Lrrro.s‘a. West* .riiwl.iv Ji017.l [TUUSTHi’SSALKj of Rpal Eslatr. virtue cf a decree ot Clio Circuit Court for (*aT()U coniity-j aitting a* a Court of 1 w .unity, The Sal<jcriber. as Truiftoe, will lull ul I übuc Sole, on the premitu-A, <n Saturday, F'hntory 9 tk x 18G7, | at 1 o’clock. I*. M.. the following dcKoflbcJ ! Real Ivstatc, to wit; 2 Acres, 1 Rood and 3!) Perches j OF tAKD, more or Una, upon which i* i erected .Nimfortabh; und conveniently or ranged DWIiU.I.XtJ lIOUSK JjtmlL with Store loum uUac!u.hl, * • j*a Smoke liotifie. Ice lloukc, fin i • ||K Hank Hnrn, nnd other ucces- SSpiffvK&n N\ry out buildings, all in good repair. There if ttlsHkun the premUe* nn excellent OR CHARD ofehoied Fruit*, convenient to the Dwelling Tlouw*. Hurt), Ac. f Thl.< property i* located in Wakefield • Valley, on the road loading from Uich ardson Station to the 11 rick Meeting House, about one* fourth of a mile Irma Utchardaoii’s Station 00 the Western Maryland Railroad, is convenient to School Houses, Ulackstnith .Shop Churches. &c., nnd adioins the land of David Sicodemus A John and now occupied by Theodore bam*. • I riots op Ssi.k.—One third cash on the day of axle, or on the ratification thereof, one-third in twelve months, and the other one-third id two years from the day of sale, the credit payments to bo secured by the notes of the piirehtafir or purchasers with approved security, hearing interest from the day of sale. HASHABIAH HAINES. Trustee. Cnoix & ItupsKinfcß, Solicitors, junlT-tt , FARMER, GARDNER AAR DAIRYMAID. IXTANTED, an experienced MAN to WT cultivate n small Farm, a (lAHDK NKR to work VegctoUcs and Frniis, and a !>AIIIVMAID to nmke Huttcr nnd attend to the Poultry. Address, with recommen dation, o.’ T W., Postofiice, Kcisterstown. jn!7-Bt* P A. OOBSVOB, MCEXSED AKTIOSEUI, OFFERS his services to the public in the above rapacity, and will at tend prompt ly and efficiently in nil rases. Address, Bird Hill P. 0. Finksburg IMstriet, Carroll lounly MundanA. >ml7-ff Trustees Sale. Sk Y virtue of a doerno of the Circuit Court 1 f for Carroll cmnly, silling as a Court Kquiiy, the Subscriber os Truatee. will sell at Public Sato, on the premise*, on i SATURDAY, JANUARY 2tth, ISO7, I at 1 o'clock, P. M., A HOUSE & LOT, I situated on the Manrhc*ter Hoad, about one j [ fourth of a mile from Westminster, and is I Ihe name uf which Ann K. Hrnce, died j -ei/.cd and processi-d. The l.ot consists of • quart<ir of nn \tr*o( latnd more or less, | tiptin which is nreoiod a coin iiwKM.ixli l i'i( T )L*sK," g!Sßr*ii 'Vitli h|(k b-iildinC- _ i' j iiienlly arrnngod and in good repair. I This property is eonvimlontly located, and Io resell 14 a good opportunity for a pro timid# j investment. Twniij or Stti,—Ono-third rush on th* dv of sale, or the mtllicaiidn thereof, one; third in nine in.mlhs, nnd the other one 1 third in cightoon month* from the day of sale, th# purchaser or purchasers giving Im or their notes with approved •eeuntv, bt-ur tug interest from the uav of sale. (.MIAS. T. kKIFSNIDNR, ; TnHtce. ! Cunt r A Ukip*>ii>kii, Solicitors. rUBtIC_SALIi sub*criher, inicnding to fc*hht lo , I | his native country, will ollbr at Public , Sato, on the premises, altualad in iter, Carroll county, Maryland, oil i Monday the 28.'?# day nf January j SG7. at 2 o’(dock P. M., that vnluahlo and diinte 1 I njenl House nnd l,ot of ground, now Oc'dn- ' I pied hr himself, lociilcl on Main Street in 1 , (he central part ofhn town, with an alley 1 j between it and the.Mcth. Episcopal Church. THE HOUSE I in large and roomy, having been lately well 1 and conveniently filled up. It ix of two Sto- I ru-s, Imilt jMtrtlv of brick, which i nfw, and part iaog nnd Wcatherboarded. In fact : I hen-are two Houh>* conticctel. and may •be asod sepnrnlclr. There i* on this lot also ( * a good Well and Pump of excellent water, I 8 n good Spring Hou*c through which tin- n- i I UT Dows fron the p .n.p. c. -m .-ISchi Ice 1 : Hoiihm, siid a new Stable, with three stalls | and f'oHbtg* House. I 1 call and examine, as I am confi- j j J dent this property will commend ilscll to I | purcha*cri. | j Tdnrti name known on the day of sale. ALFRED R. RLASSE. i J. 11 i:\ttV Horn;, Auctioneer, I jaalM-ts IIOIISK STOLIiN. i VM AN. ralliu-. hlmn-tf Hill Willuima, I 1 nUmi 24 veili'. -il-l. -r iitctliiini ize, , j n-tln-r stout, wnning (irm'ii (?) Cm*. Pant* ' and Vest, ittnek C.mtund RbmkHim,Hi Hat, t ‘ nnd j*. - of<vi*iiig to be working nt the llHdgc 1 { at >lonococv Junction, pretended to hire i from the Sak*eritier on the ‘th of Docomher ! last, n small dark roan Horse. It years old. in tuir condition, n murk under the collar mi left side and under (In* maun, a little -tuved, Whit a single rein fair leather Bridle, j UU'I an old U. S. e\ crel Saddle. I suppose he hn- *l-p4#4e<l of the horse i. C-.rndl or! T- I. ri.-k CmiiKit *, ild. Any infill .momu in r.ta.ud l* the Horae, or illiuf, will In-i (hankfully received, and liberally re, I , by addressing , JOHN H. SPA EDI NO (Agent.) i .illbjstowm, PO, Admin ctmnlr, Pa. ! i janlO 4s real SaidiKMMiKMits OFFKUKD BY | STOUFFER & HOFFMAN, I ITcw Windsor. [JIUIIkS KIIESH DOOM al tj>- 1 Mil.-- and' 11-w-l. ul , half price. Wo Itavo this lny ct,inpi-nccd : closing out our large ntock (dMonlic)' j DU ESS GOODS I, nt Oovt. Cull nnd -nit wane !>iir**nini. j, STOrKKKH * HOFFMAN’. ) Now M’ind.ur, .iuiiliHy 1 j , | i’AV I oil si-AVl.* ; * j; PAY FOU SLAVES: I 11 FAY FOU SLAVE?;!! 1 I ... . I] OW NEKS of Enlisted or Drafted Slaves, ( can now make Claim for Compctimi- i t 1 lion from the Uuitcd Stale*. Als* lor • | j State Bounty. i I have all llc necessary Form*, and will j faithfully attend lo the prosecution of such J Claim*. WM. R. HILL. ; ArroKNXY at Law. 70 IP h’nyrtle Street. | JanS-lt Huflimore, ML (iEORGE M 7 / SCIiUVAY, j Consialtcl, General Collector, ■ and City Bailiff, VfriLfc attend promptly to all his olficial ! f f dutiv* a Coostable cuyd Bailin', and ; to the Collection of nil claims placed iu hi* . hand*. lie may lie found at all time®, except when j absent *i bnninn***, t Oynk'i Ntbmd Ho- i tel. at the Railroad, Wcstbiinutcr Md. j dec27-(fm v* I Kd \d i Ffiß TBARI W nat w I agent* even'where to sell j our iMotoren S2O Sewing Vtachine*. Three I . new kinds. Under nnd upper feed. War- j routed five year*. Above snlan- nr lurre * commiMMions paid. TMH only machine* sold j i in United State* for las# lliOn S4O, Which arc i , fukljf ticensed by Jloter, H'keeUr j: Wilton, j - Grocer *C* Baker, Xiuytr C#,, and Bork • j ; ehltr. All other cheap machine* are in fringementn and the teller or ustr are liable j to arre*f,Jint, and imprisonment. Circulars , fret. Adflraw, or call upon SHAW k CLARK, ttiddeford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. I Jan II Mr Domestio Goods. WTK bhke reduced our price* of Un* If bleached and Bleached Muslins. Ticking, Gingham* and Calicos. Call and examine before purchasing. JanlO St on Her & Huffman. BASKETS—for sale by janlO KUmffbr & Huffman. ROBES and Horse Blankets, for sale at Baltimore price* by janlO Stuufier & Ilolfman. JUST received, another lot of those rhenp Dalmoyals, Stuuflbr A Hoffman. Merchant T-illoring. Good*, Sty le sad KU, call on (JaoS) duhaL, Beifcnider. Meat Cuttcf*, Htuffere. Aro. The unrivalled double eydtador CVittcr sad Rotugn* Staffer, for sale hr nor. 29. * F.. K. Otenoud SLEIGH llEhlB--4Hrspprd *ud I<oom, for sale at John L. Rrifmidor's. O LEIGH BLAXKEtS -for role st O decW John L. Uif#nidr’a. 1 BtLLS printed at the short#*! fr notice at (hiaOfflcu- * TRUSTEE’S SALE OF VAU'AC I. K REAL ESTATE. , HY virtue of a Decree of th? Circuit Court! ! I) for Carroll county. the Subscriber, tin Trustee thereby ni|>oliited. will offer at Publit Sofo. on Abe tm-mincs. in Taney- i town. Cm* >ll M<L.m | THURSDAY. ILVNGj&V 31*t, HW7, thefollowiiig properly, to wit: J , Tliak Lot of Ground con'uuing about u ! lUunrler ofiiu Acre. *ii(untud in nMfyldwn. j Md.. whereof the Tutri Nuncy HikUml died i rtoi/.ud. whereon are erected m good sixe f Two-Story Brick Dwelling j House, with brick Kitchen j I and Smoke House attached.M ! I ; h Stable. Corn Crib, 1 log Pen and Jffnaon Shed. ] Alrfo lhut Horn* and Lot of ground, con mining about Half an Acre of Land, situated •a Taut flown, M l . wbereof the late V> i! I !i<ini lludi-el died scir.nd, known tlie 1 ■•Shank Property.” I’hc 'improvements I consist of u large I wo-story ÜBcUinn HOulic* i enred with brick, with a frame Shop attach [ed, suitable lorn Mechanic: an Ice House, [Stable, Cistern, mid a Well of never failing tfatcr in the yard, Ac. ALSO, 'ftiat valuable parcel of ground situated in or near said l aucyiown Md., containing 10 ACIU’-S OF LAND, umroor Us*. bound i oi ih* Knst by nn Alley and err lain T> *ri 1, -u owned by the Roman Guile olic C.m. ' . ration and other-,. .Vnd on the North and West by an Alh'r. being the same properly of which the said William Rudir-el died seised, and which win convey ed to hiui hy Andrew G. Kgc. Said parcel of land is under good fencing ami in a high state of cultivation. All the above pared* will bd sold subject to titty ground reuU which may become law full, due thereon. ALSO. ; At the winlo time will 1* ofli riil all that very desirable WOOD LOT, containing 11 Acref. .1 Roods and 25 Perches of Land, more or ion, *“ situated in Gurndl county, abbiiUhtoc-fotirlh- J of a mile North ofTanevlown, whereof said William 1 Indio 1 died sel/.ed. This, as well ;

ns all the nUtve dcscrilmil property, is worthy j the attention of such a; desire to make a good investment in Heal K-riate. Persons desiring to iu*c said property will please call and examine for themselves, or ! call on the Subscriber who will take pleasure ; iu showing tin* same. I - *“Slo to commence at 10 o'clock A M. The Terms of Sale, a, prescribed by the j decree, are —that one third of the purchase ! money is to ho paid on the dav of Sale, or j on the ratification thereof by tnc Court, add 1 the residue to lie paid in two equal payments, I of one ami tw o years from the day of Sale, j with infen t from the day id Sale, and to he secured by th * notes fd‘ tin* purchaser or . purchase! s with good security lb be approved I v the Tfiidcc. *• ‘ i THOMAS uitksel, jatUO-t* TrusMjd. | PUBLIC SALE OF A \ Vl.l-.MH.I-: I* £k R CARROLL form, Hi). 1 I not sooner disposed of at Private Sale. . JL tuft undersigned, ns Attorney* for the Owner, w ill oiler at Public Sale, upon the premises, r.„ SATURDAY. JANGARY 2t*th. Ji7. at 12 o'.-lof k. Noon, nil that i valuable A imiAßv-d FARM. owned j by U. W. lloinl. nod now occupied by F. 1 Burgoou, situated in Carroll conntv, five j miles north of Westminster, Maryland, iui,< | halfu mile from the Gettysburg Turnpike! at Hull’s Hotel, containing 100 Acres of Lnml more or less. The iinprovement* Consist of a brg Frame I MAASKIY HOUSE, m. t< .*<* two Stories and an Attic high, Lil&nL * carefully built and splendidly finished in the i last four years. with largo porches and every j convenience, and surrounded wHh fine largo shade tree. Alsou large Rffrn; Gnrrioge I House. Smoke House. Stone Dairy with a | never tailing Spring of gf?od water uenr Uifl j Dwelling, and all other necessary on tbit ml injru—ibe whole lining new and in complete order. The land is naturally of good quality, hits been well limed. and ii in a high state oi ( cultivation at the present time. It is laid J off into convenient Holds, under excellent I fencing. There 5* a due proportion ofgctod ! WOODLAND, and the farm is well watered. Brar Branch running through U. There is about 15 acre* of natural meadow. There is a fine Apple Orchard of the host fruit, and an abundance of other fruit trees. Mich jut Peaches, Pcnf*. Cherries, Apricots Ac. —all carefully selected and in bearing condition. The at teat ion of purchaser* ia specially directed to this* property as it in seldom that any so splendidly unproved, and iu such 1 good condition U offered. Those wishing to view the farm will plrasa i C*II on tie* tenant Mr. Burgoon. B&sOficrx will be received at Private Sale. but. if not sooner disposed of, w ill be sold on the day above mentioned, For Term* and other particular* npplv to T. BDW’D- tIAMBLEXQN, Jr. A CO. Attorney* of if. W. Hurd. ) junlO-t* * j XO 882 i: (2 CITY. /t th< Circuit C<mrf. fur (tuTi-cU Ci‘nntt/ .Jacob Albnngh A ofhera, 1 /"VnnKncn this tw, > -2 th day of Diana Tipton A others.) January, lbC7, j that the sale mad*' and reported in the above 1 cause, bv flune T- Kcufiinider, IViislco for ! the ku!c of the Real Estate decreed to Hmj I sold, lie finally ratified and continued, unless cause to the contrary lc shown on or before j the luh day of February, IS<7: IVovulc/l a copy of this order be inserted in some news paper printed in Carroll county, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 81st day of Jmm ary insl. The Report states the amount of sales to be $#,378 22. WM. A. Mi KttLLjP, Clk. True copy,—Test • janKbSt ’ Wm. A. Mckklup, Clk WMlmiiistrr Cemetery NOTICE. frm Stockholders and 10l owners la the ft. WeSliniaater Cc me lory Gum pan v are hereby notified that an election for Droai dent and Hoard of Managers for the ensuing your, will he held at Carroll Hall, on FRI DAY EVENING the 25th iiurt. at7 o’clock. Persons that Imvc purchased i.ois at. Ce metery sale*, that have nrft been settled for. and who arc not Stockholders, cannot vote, unless the same is settled for on or be fore the 25th inst. Bv order of the Board, E. K. GEIINAND, janlO-Cl Secretary. CountyCoimtslftMloneri’ Notice. rpHK County Comraissimiefs for Carroll | County will meet at their Office, in Westminster, on the Firkt Aloxdat or FcoarjtßT, 186 ft, for the tmnsactioo of b'.olm-kH. By order, LEVI VALENTINE. jnnlCMt Clerk. falnable Town Property ast | PRIVATE kali:. I TIIK aadersigned will soil st Private ttslc. j th property ud which be bow irsidas, situsud j on Main street, about 100 vsrds West ol the- I ! Ilailroad Depot, fronting tg) f-, i on Msiu street and ranning back IM fa-( U> an alley, impiuveil 1 with w larito and run yen (eat giaWA DWELLING AND SToitK ROOM. I Store room U about 1 1 feel wide ami jjJB I S’i feet deep, sud \* ouedf iha flacal 2£Slml (etere rnonu Iu Westudnt-r. Tlie owemiig | part cuntsini H looms. U*vunnt sad C%ilar. i UiMemcHl'floured and pla Uvi ) •!. large HTABLB j end Caridage Ifoose. Il .g II •*, Cldckra , lion* *. Make Oven, s Well ■ f excellent soft ! water In the yrd The bulbb'igs are all new, I baring all hcVn built wlthlu h. T*.*l four years. ' ! Tlie Mrdcn Ctimot hr *u.-piusod. Fi ait tree# of ! j nearly |] kinds, Apples. Ptidlia, Pears, Gbnr rles, Plurnbs, Uiig**-* iliid \liapes, with nice I grape Arbor*. | The Store room Is wet) known ns Mrs. ?bri ner’.i Fancy Stun . and the STOCK of GOO DM is also offered at Private Sab*. Terwa eair—call on W. R. Situ TVER, norW-tf on tile premises.' GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES!; y A DIES call and examine my Stdck of i DRESS GOODS, imicli lower than n few weeks ngo, from 3 to l' cwujt* n Vtird Ics.*, Delsindft, Mnplish mid French Mcrinoca, j . Pupil, I* Ac. f nil urttl gd *omc of flic great bargain* at JOHN L. UKIFSNIDERS, tied# HEAD QUARTERS FOR HARDWARE. I) I’II.DKUSand Cabnictt Toubuddfbdii- | JL# ter* and Coopers Tool-, Xdils. ( ruas j Cut and Mill Saws. Forks, .Shovel*, 'rnut**, j Halter, Cow and Dog Chain*. Ip fact eve s l rvtbing kept in a well regulated Hrftdwdre j Store. My long cxjicricncc gives mo sulvnn* i tajes in this lino. | JOHN L. REIFSNIDF.IL dec LI West End, Hir the Fork*, j hr. F. Duller nod L. Evans, | OFFER to their friend* mid the public in gcneial, one of Ute best Liniment* ilmf hn* lately been presented /or the cure of . Ha*morrhoid* or Pile*. W'e >fTer this re me- I dy with (hn hope that thoae persons who are nr., tcd with tiiU disease may give it a trial, and feel they will receive full renin- ■ noration for their money expended. Fur Sale by A. H. Huber, No. 2, Carroll ' Hall. Westminster, ami t Uio Subscriber* 4 llci'leiics, nt (lie West End. dec 18,-If BOOTS & SHOES, I I ST received and for Mild a frfh and ! af large lot of Philudclplra j best Curtain Made • V] HOOTS AMi SIIOKS, I enniiisting Iu inirt of lonlien | Polifh Kid. Morocco, Ustiag, Oil Goat, Ac., Ac., all of which will be sold at greatly ' i reduen.f prices. l*y T. *. ECKERT. 1 I IlCdTcnibt'r the place, two Joofi*- Wet of Mrs. Sim tier's Millrnerv Sturej Wdtmin dr( 'JO SIOO SIOO SIOO jSOUMKUS KXTH.V lIOUOTIKS j BY A. I). SCIUKFFtn, | Vi'e-sfmiiddt, Md ! j SIOO SIOO SIOO WESTIiIVSTER HOTEL, PKTBU H. BEN BY, IT.OPKIETOB. IS now open f.r the accommodation of U a travelling Public, and everv possible at ! leiilion given to the comfort of guest, nov B.—ftm ; URY GOOph ) " DU V GOODS!! ; Cloths, Casitoero, <Vs? net*. I.inn-v.. " JrM, Ac.. Ac. A urge supply and very low in price. Call before v purclum>, at j nor. 39. P.. K. OEKXAXD’S. 1 AIMES mil nt Mils. SUIUSBU'S, (br j Rihbon*. Flowed, Feathers. Silks and Satins, Crapes and Locc*. ♦irmmtbnts Ac , Silk and Grape Ihmrrc!* fin Hand. | dedt? Meat CntteiJ anti Sfufl’erH. BALE'S patent Meat Ciitlcf fnd Fffler, best In n*f. For salt low, at bov 15 John 1.. VUlhsUrr’i.' I* A DIES FITKS, j CHILDRENS FURS, | _ Muffs, Capes, and Rolls, dtrfecT from the nutnulncturer. Great m* I duccments m slock and price*. *t • dec Id JdfM h. Heifsnitkr’s. A LAR<iE Stock ftf fashionobfe Bonnets /V. V" of ‘‘wry dcschuiion, and more Arebchkx jranydanily mamfocturod, which must and w ill be sold at very reduced price*. I dec Id Mrs. K. J. Sbrfucr. UU(IA AII D\r II I-AG ENTS n-nnu^l YjPt,*" f for six rniirrJy uew ni Nrlr*. jn*t not. Address 0. T. GAREY. Ciiv Buildmg. j Biodcfor4 Maine. hinlDly j Carpels 1 Csrpsls I! Oil Oiatht! Oil. Cloth :![ StriiwHiaaU lUg Lhrpet*, Floor' r Oil (loth*, 41, M, H-4 Huir (Ml Clothe, for Bile at Datbuiurc prices, br Jsu. 3. John L. Rclfraidtr. IbmiOKtic Good*. TTXBLEACTIKD soil Bleached Muslin, Bed \J Ticking, Ginghams, Calicoes, Otuton Whh cb, Table Cover*, Blue Checks, he.. At., for b*D low at John L. Reifaoidsr’a. Hou*o Keeping Articles, IN great rsricty, st John L. Rciftnidcr’®. Ini brine, CurraßU, Hplcea. all kludeTet ” BO*- 79. i'. A*, (itr Baud'o. ALL kinds of Job Work neatly exeowtod at the “Drvnnunc Arvot *tr”GS(* A J2JS DRESS GOODS FOR SALRAT J ond Figured Pwp- B, pn bergs, Ladies Cloth. Shawls, Liaeere. Wool Rood*. Capes, Ac., Ac. Orest iudaoc mcot* oftlrod st _ jau. 3. J. L. Rcifenlder’e. WL have quite a large stock of little MOnOSS, very suitable for Cltiiot mo* presents, which we would invite you to cull and see. Wf will sell them ofiflow.— They are too numerous to mention : but all mind be sold without rraard to com, to close Bt °ck. airs. E. J. Shriiier. doclft Attention Iln4rh?rs and Karvxttt ! * HIGHEST cash price pftkl for Hides, by Rcifonider A Ce** ? near Depot. r ALBUMS. MIIS. SHRINEH is now selling off her large stock of Albums oi very reduced priew. Call and examine bar stock bdbre pnrehßaing Hscwhero. decM r c' i *TtSwrMMll{i 1 I** 1 1 ( “Ifi jcmi cMIaWUhuJ in N. T. Ckv,’’ I “Only infallible remedies known? 1 ’( "Free from Poiaon-".** f “Not dancoroMH tn the Human Family." r I “lUU come out of tlamr holes to div.*' “Cottar V Hat, Roach, Ac., Kxtanu’* In a - used for Ruts, Mire, Rvache*, JUack amt Rid Anti, i kci , dr. *• ’onUrV' Hd-Bttg Exterminator Th a liquid or wiutl—u*h! to destroy, mid alflu its a preventive for Mri Mttyu, if*-, ! j “CtutUrV* Kluctrk* Powder for lusecta ' jln for .I tfHk*, jteti&ihM, MrdJ, Med HVy*, i 'j Insult oii JHuhls, khtrii. Animals, d\. j 1 t!! ntWAfcl! 11 Uf dlt rofthiw£S j imitations. B&*.Bee that “ComkV* name In on, choli Uux, liotile, and ITawk, before you buy; j I>su Address IICIKI K.fOSTtR, I 4H4 Broadway, K. V: I Ir*?" Sold in Wiw.-uishtmii, Ml., j By a. H. HUBEII. I Aud all Druggist uud Retailer* ortry whan*. | { r * ■ “OOSTAR’S" CRLBBBATED Buckthorn Salve, , For Cuts, Burns. Bruises. Wound*, Boils, I | CauccSßf Broken Ur*u<Ts, Sore Nipples, j i niifaHsti Blind jn| Painful Hies ; Scrofu- I j lou*. But rid and IB*nii4itJtidi| Sores; Ul- I : com. (ilunduliir Swelling*. nittiVlion*, Cuta- j neuu* Affection". Ringwofut, iffH, Corn*, i Bunion*, Uhilhlaiu*. 4c. : -Chapel Hand", i \ Uj*, Ac,; Hites rtf Spielerta, Aui ; Boxes, 24 eta.. fiO da., and SI *ire*. j liy all Dnifowts evtifvliere. P*tv. And hr HENRY 11. COSTAB, Do* j . |Kt i 4 Broadway. New York. ' mt And i,y a. it. rirnmi, Wc*timn-! : Md. ~ ■ i I- " ■ -■* *■' %i 1 j j r, o . , 4 - : • 1' £a y ] “COTTAR’S” Corn Solvent, • I r'rtr Corn*. Bunion", Warts, Ac. j gSaT* Bores, 2" M*., 40 ct*., and Si slaca. 1 tear Sold by ill Hfngab-f* r-very where. wer And Iw HKNUV 11. UOSTAU, Uo 10l 4HI Bromlwuy, Vork. kr£T Arid by A. lI._ITCBKU, West min- > tier, Md. j ’ I “CO STAB’S" ( PUEPARATIO.V OF | ffitbr- Street ami Orange Dtt**>ms j rua asACTirnsa ns tdrf\.rnos. ( Used to Soften and Bcuntity the Skin, 1 remove Freckle*. Pimple*, Eruption*, 4c. 1 j Ladies arc now using it in preference to all other*. SoT Bottß*, $?. 50u Srtld by all* everywhere. . And bv 9 BN BY R. COStAR, Re pot 4W BftuW#hy,-NiP# ToA. V*. A<f hr AJfL /fflfen. We*tinin- ! t *?er, Md. j ■ ■ifiS j." . * , I “COStAR’S’ 4 ■. , I’KCTOUAL COVGII RkMEDt, F Ooß,*i. Col<l. Ilttthwncu, Sow Tkiuat, Croup, Whooping Cough, luhuenXJ., Ajlh ma, Con.ufUptinn. Bronchial Afcrlioiu, aai) all DUmwu of lh Throin and Loup. W Bmilm, cU.. 60 oWu, and*! anca. wr Sold by all IHh**!■< everywhere, an. And In UL.NIIV It CORTAR, De pot Broadwtv. New York. an- And by A. 11. UIIIKK, W ratio in liter. Md.. t . . “VbstA ir Sr cciXßßArrn BISHOP PILLS, A cxtenuAL DIOIM nix. For Kcrroaa and Sick Ueadacho, Caative "*•"> Indigeation, Dyapqada, Btlioonaw, Cooatipatidh, Diarrhea, oß<*, Chilla, Ko vatu, and general derangement of the Dine tire Organa. Borer, • eta.. 80 eta., tod |] elaaa. Sold hy all Druggwla araaywW*. - tAs!sfke mk '- - hy A. M nrCER, DESJMIIU: it CfTE L Pit OP RUT t AT VniVATi: SALK. TliKsuWa-lber off r.d n< TrivtiU: -nlo fJmt desirable property in Mhldbrtowr. Frederick j eonuiy, Aid . iiirohib!/ known to the tins ( eHng public- as the “CITY HOTEL,” ut present in the occupancy of Mr. Andrew PoflbdfOiTrer. 'J’bc House* is 1.. . /' slnry. bchideh Bosomcnt. and l.ux u large Brick Buck buildiug, al; laid off into large uu.l eom-metu rooms. - There is on thi- pmpe.-ty bug.- Brick Sia ble. with sufficient Khtsbling,' Ire House, ami fine waU-r near r.lie dour, ■NkJl’liis is the only Hotel In die place, and U situated in the centre of the town. fVraona ihln io vl, the proiiertv will pwaae call upon the rut-rriher, ip Middle- I town, who will lake pleut.irf in .! t owiaz th j Mint*.. TEllilSof payimut i r.-.,-,:,able, JUIIK HPIIUINi.I, of C; PRIVATE SALE! A Bargain Offered. j * HOVSK ANDI.UT. r,..nUi W wiJ(ai allf Street. mill Union Sin .’, mUw W-t Bad I.f Wo*it:lii* rr. The i,j ellgiUu I' Hiiualioa fur a Ulaakaiailk Shop in,hr r.iun '!■ A jdgd Tuu ttolf i.ixi nni.m.No I upon lha prem.act, willi n hrefc boiMfne nl- I tadwd. a lir.t-ialr Well of water nmj a new I Pnuipiu mid Wall at a cqs! ' - ■ ITornu wdi hr made to mi; ilu .. . . t ;,.v-r, na the mi>.ic_\ i, not desired. A I. S 0 j A IIOCiJE and Uu ACHE ;T Land , Ivldk d|K)i, the fJorskth Hoad, 1 mile from ( \N extoiinster, itukabiefor tv.o tenant a min |ut this time renting fur i*o, the other fur 1 S;U |k.t annum. | Terms to ui; the pure'iiiser. j deoO-tf ;USm A S>! ™- LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! TnKnntWjuiiuv'l. Ivavbi* flGni*iei<d Unir NKtl-rofl'JuitT.t M U lll.M: SHOPS I near the U. H. MUtimi. ti Weirttirio-UT. w ouM j rdwpectfnlly inipna !•<■ paMir that Uc.r are now prepared to fumUl, Jiure* f Btircki-intth . ! Tb> Iroß, Tire B*nderf, Hallow Anrll*. Ac | hakeuTt i. drtrtr-and Hear lb Mates, ( VlUr Win dow Urtw, Parch p.njt Iron*, and In j guntrifl. Corn *nd (!oH Ousher*. C’orn j Circle Haw* with eomrUrte for a irJ arc wood, 4r. Home I’ont i-s and ThreNhln? MardlncM, j ratting Boxes *nl Ploughs of different k.nd,; I hat would call particular Mtiruiion to ibtir 1 lately celebrated JLreo MortgU eommlr.. }y called the “Priee Phiogli/' Abo Ui ir well I known and uuiuir|irtMt d Cl R AV If BRILL | for sowing *ll manner of drain, i.icindtog Oat*. Iteoairt of all kinds mn-atlal to pt uuiH* i ly and at liberal rate*. lUriug ftit Hass Meehnnlekr emehived. will guaranteeMti /action, WAOONIia 4 KATTIIEWH. hofi !?,—Cm. fw-tli Extracted \Vitt Ple^ BY TRK Vent cr TITK I RtTuors o\usi; CAS, nv I Or. CUABLUB BILI.I YCSLKI, I) K X T 1 a f, AT 11 I K OF F 1 (’ 1!, I Adyeimng bis Father'* neatdaaee, Weatminaler, Md. WHKIIE TtemayhehiMnd at nil biu.s alien nut jiroftwamaiiy mjnfeil at i the to!lowmv point* j I Vnfo* JlriJijc. ■ Ist Woflnd*lay of evarr ) uiouLh.—ronmiiMUj.' i ntil Kn:unlay, i Arte II iuJtvr. —ibnl \\ toinnsday at r \‘ary t mrtnfa. —remaini. o until Saturunv. ! UniotUwtn.— rd Wcunieidav every nVmftj, l remnininff until FrfUay evtuinsj. T(in*pl<nrH~~Zil Friday. ®vc*it month, —iw maining. until th fuUowitig. d^'J Owners of Water Power £botflU !*e the wVltrufctl I LEFFEL lUTUUXj.; WATCH WHEEL) Manufacture! by root® aV 111 NT, Ibtkiuiarc. Mil. Sond for cireulttr. dccG 15 m. AM. ARTISTS' UNION. AOEX?fS VAX TED'. Reliable d pir.on. . m*)d .it k-male, Cry aimU'il (*i wiTleit aide : -eriptiuns for onr Etij-mvinipt, uud to such a* <>•<* rqr literal nuh indereuiMti.: sUu immidiun to sALacrßiia. Circu lars .uiuljc in be med in <nvua.-hw, to. eoilrer with 11 aeou.svy pii-.-.., will l, fufnnhed on applindioß. Addrv... wilh relen-nce, AMERICAN A 111'I.STS FNiON, di.-ti-L'm Si Pino Kin el. New York. Dr. Bryan’s Medicines iHavc on able Medicine* which we doacvilked i , J. Bryan's udroriUcuout in the "Item, Advocate,’* Dr. Bell’s Wf.. Pills, Dr. Harvey's Female Pilla. _ Dr, Bryan's Life PHlt. Ur. B s. other mcdiciue* con alto Iw pro cured through the undenuoneti when rnquit *• „ aTII IHIJEK, . „ Pruggi.v-v W tstminider, Md. ifrtv 20,-tf. Dividend Notice. Plant NATtnt.ii Sot, i Woultsm-ter, Dec. 211th, nwfl. i fTUIE President and Directors hate ti.ia A dny detiaredo Divitiorid of FIVE FEE CEXr £•>>• b " "i monthe, paial-lr to Stock *'* on s ““ iv^ci dauonry W. A. CrVNINLHAM, JunSlt CspliKT. Niperlor lloiiiiny. FpilOEE who want fowl tlumlny, .J. made of lie beet Corn, undiii thejnust improved way, ehnuld call on the ndiaoriber at the Lnioii Works, aear the Court Hony, w cel minster Md-, whoM he has always n hand my for them.. furniihm* the Coni can ban- tZominy tr.adn and vou’ inf|T !^r r 7 Ol '- la ° Call AUo OFFALS for mJo. and 600 bushels of tinmo COHN wanu-d, dir which (he *' i "' KU ’ ,l, ‘ li ’ r ' wl to’ 2m . '' SIMOX A -