Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 31, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 31, 1867 Page 2
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. THURSDAY' 1867. , | Wlectetfleitcd flies Senear for Slaty- * * Wilt. The Governor always succeeds ' "UtlSHPtor he attempts anything. Many ■ > AhnMto trera m the war of his success.' < particularly the Kuturn Shore law , but, I ■o determined were his superiors to ‘ show their gratitude to the Governor I lor lua .1 services iu redeeming the j I Stale fton "Radical misrule, and to die- 1 appoint the malignant hopes of his op- t foments, that nothing could withstand * them. We do uot luow that the Gut- 1 crime was origiually anxious fur the < station; bat. whether ha iuoi uot, 11 the envy and jealousy of his enemies 1 contributed to his election. \Vebc|ieve 1 was charged upon him by them, I when he was in fall standing with the < Republican party, that he was aspiring | ■ fur the Senator-hip. If he did, it it 1 proof of the honesty of his purpose in | f opposing the manures of the parly by i t whom he must have expected to be i . elected. Alter the Radicals had re- I jeeted his Counsels and compelled him 1 I ’ tS6 rely do hi former political opponents j < for support, they began accusing him of ! desiring ta attain the office as a reward 11 •' ftr the deaertioD ofhitold parly friends. ' BoSr, this was simply ridiculous, when | 1 we consider that they actually expelled j 1 him and his Conservative friends from I their rook# while he was trying his host 1 to induce that parly to adept a course ! < which might eventually put them on a ' firm foundation and contribute ta the ■ | salvation of the country. When the Governor afterwards stood his ground ; < so mini fully on the platform of I’rcsi- I dent Johnson, and contributed so essen- : t tiolly to Uio anfranehisemeut of the I I oppressed oilmens of this State, it was ' t no wonder that the entire Conservative I party took the hint thrown out by the i Radicals, and did. nut stop until they < had soMuamuted it Tl is not the first I tints that those who had no Ovcrwccn ing'dcalre to prevent the accomplish- 1 meat of an event they most dreaded ' contributed to produce it. I ( The (UmUallen tor llaior. J The Conservative City Convention. ' at its meeting on gatarday. succeeded , in affecting a nomination for the ma- : i ■yotafty, choosing Robert T. Ranks. 1 their candidate by a vote of 51 1 a majority of the whole number cast on tha Sent ballot. The contest for nonii- i notion lay chiefly between the friends I of Mr.. Banks and Mr. John T. Ford, i the Utjer gantbiftnu receiving 38 votes. ; Eleven Other votes were oust. 0 for Dr 1 . Sehwarta and j for Col. J. M. An. 1 derson The Domination of Mr. Banks \ wts afterwards generally endorsed by I tho convention. With regard to Mr. Banka bait understood to have been a ' judicious and temperate man in alt tha | pas I, never haring taken any active ' part in politieal movements, though I haring had firm and consistent convto tsew oh the groat issues pressed upon the attention of men. Be is a eitixeu , of known probity, and baa bon the j i architect uftiis arm fortunes. In early j 1 life ha waofttr a considerable period a! eUrk in the Baltimore postofiiee, and gate Sgtislaatioa hy bis industry and faithfulness, huviag commenced under ' i Mav Skinner and continued with severs! 1 administrations np to the time Mr | ‘ Muddier yga postmaster, whan ‘•ri: signed ftnd engaged in mercantile btisi- 1 nest tw hansel f und Has for a number | of years past been successful as an tm ( prrtor anj china a*J earthen - ■ , wage,. sHfi-nup be presumed, in view 1 of hia cornermen with the mercantile J ] uflhws'of the efty. to hare an intelligent j j appreciation of ita internets, end likely ■ | to Ac July spnearnod for ita ifuturo wol-1 | fare, growth aid honor.—Ball ,SW ~ c—if—oWOiO" ■" I The Old (Hurd. The February number oi the Old : 1 Guard npawp with an able and exhan - ' < tiru article ft*® 1 jts editor, entitled ‘'Congress, hot a Congress,” which eve ry Democrat and Republican in the I * I*o*l weH lp read- W. Gilmers Simms' ( ] stogy of V Josoclya-" grows in interest. ' nod promises tu be Intensely interesting ! 1 John Batch Uooko’s second article on , j The>tfj<| : ofPattßepaWic,' is Morn i tlxMi the Ural *• o *asA ? * tW ’•AltfcHy’* It well doeft ‘ Tlie “fJapljbil of 'fi£Jt>h R. Thompson, e formerly Editor of the Southern Liirrn- ( m dpscriptiou | of ‘Ant, ‘true- y tnrm r Tr>T £ Ajmer (ptioo#f the, 'AI- , hsmbra” is almost oqesi bn Ir*mg's - | The Poettrrartlra trMßhßr Is good, ea- j i, ‘■Chw^Wßook T* 1 1 bln and the Editor’s Table will attract i c ■Utentjoo. TMrllfaJitthbjh famished i ‘ at '■s*(* Wfeff C origin >l, and frou the beet ijlwcrAvrs B Wrt w- i i oop>* (rdibcemmiutAwcoty mate, aad j wa advise all our readers to send for one I * Co., jfa.;h6B' Rsmai Rtenat, Row ? Turk. - - Jj The Story iand Legislature. On Thursday last, tho bill to post pope the right of thp KasUjpi Bhore to ' the (. B,||cnttf*r, vtoput lit vote, after an igtercaiikg dphaM iu tbd Sen- , ate. sod was pstjed by d'hote of 13 ta , 10. it sr*s oplpned K(fifes of I Cc#, W&f ofj| Worcester and Waters of Somerset.— ; Mr. Fraiicr, Senator from Dorchester 1 j was expected to opjiose the measure < but Mustaiucd it, thus passing it by a , J constitutional majority. Ills expUn;: .* tiun was that flnv. SwanuWrairpoirti tul be elected i>CMi(or the next day whether 1 ] (bo law was resiled, or not. on the ! ' ground that flu? law nld not be n*gir- | | 4*l by Iho S. Senate nof any valid- , tly, and he profunod to have no doubt j; on the oecasiou. juMiuularly as the Kis j 4 teru Shore law wmh to be 1 J retired ; and otherwise it might bo dU* , regarded for all time. Ills motives | have been impugned; but hUcourac was < exactly right, and he hvs besides done * more to preserve the advantage of the | Eastern Shore than any uf the opposing , Senators. On Friday, in joint Co .vcu- j l tiou of both House*. Gov. Swaun wa* ' elected I'nited State* Senator, in the j' place of Mr. CrcsweW, from the 4th of j j March next. Ninety eight vote* were i cast, of which Gov. Swann rudeiwed GO. j 1 Mr. Creswell 24. Mr. Evans 6, Mr. j 1 Vickers land Mr Crredcld I. The Convention bill was passed in the j < House, on Friday, yeas 53. nays 17. | I The smcodnicDt of Mr. Knott, giving | ‘ the twelve smaller counties an addition j al delegate each, was adopted. A re- j, consideration was moved by Ex-Gov, j Thomas for the purpose of having it | 1 passed by a two thirds vote. 1 • A Bill was passed in the Senate for . correcting the list of qualified voters, by j ( the llegistera of Baltimore City, provi- < our to tho election there on the Utli of February. Tho Registers are to sit on 1 the 31t of January and Ist -;f Fcbrua- , ry, and are to add the name* of those • who have been restored by the enfran chisement bill just passed by the liCgis- 1 Order*. —On motion of Mr. A ickers, j ( it was ordered that the Oovurnur be re quested to furnish the Senate tho names of such persons as wore appointed by |, Governor A. IV. Bradford to the office of justice of the peace in the several counties and city fIP Baltimore, and whose appointment* were vacated by a decision of tho Cuirt of Appeals, Jesig nating the counties or city fur which said persom* were appointed. On the same day, iu tha House, Mr Buhrman, of Fredcii ik county, intro duced tho following order, which was. intended for political capital, but did ! not result so agreeably as he expected. , Ordered that thU Uout-e rocogniac* j the constitution of IHO4 as the supreme law of the State, and that it deprecates* and will oppose the passage of any law, resolution, or order conflicting with the I letter or spirit of said constitution. Mr. Phelps moved to lay the order on tho table, which was lost, yens 25. , nays 45’ Mr. Kinjr moved to add nt the end of the resolution the wards. ‘ jet believe it to have been adopted by fraud, intimidation and violence." Mr. Burch moved to strike out all af ter the word “Stole" in the resolution. Mr. Hammond said the rcfolotion was objectionable, because it conveyed ! an intimation that this llooso contain- j fluted a disregard of tho constitution t wa* a great discourtesy to offer it. 1 Mr. Hammond offered the following : u* o substitute fur tho whole : Ordered, That this House reoognircs the present conatitntion of the State us i binding upon it, subject only to the eon* stitutiou of th Tnited Staten, and tint any intimation to the contrary is slao- 1 dorou* and laiae ; which was adopted. A petition wu* presented in the House I from cit foe as of C’aJToll count;; praying for additional Hay Scales in Haiti move j city. I The bill which paused the Ilouit* of 1 Delegates of Maryland on Friday even ing last to call a State Convention to j form a new constitution, was amende] iu ene important particular. It exclude* f all ministers of tho Gospel or preach-1 ers of nay denomination and State’s attorney* from being member* of said i couvontioo s*t4 u- Gcu Bradley T. Johnson, form- J erly of Frederick, late Brig. Gen in the Rebel Army and now a resident,of Richmond, Vn., wa* on Friday week admitted to tho Bar *>f the U. 8. Bu pruwe court at Washington, tto much for thtf recent decision of the court de- : clairing unconstitutional the tost oath. Death #f N. P. milts. Nut. F. Willi*, (ho poet ami eaatyist, died on Sunday Inut. his sixtieth day. at Idlcwild, his rostdcmjc. on the Hudson rtvipPi whore ho has for some year* livml in rctiremout, the victim of consumption, arhieh was the wttsc of hi* death : . T df the!' II of- IMcgntcs frcm Bald more coudlv; VljH accept our thanks a , copy of fi*: last Auflual Report uf the In Comptroller of the Treasury of Murylatid. i -v?i ' ’ Another Veto, .... iji Tho President, on Monday hat, sent into the Beoate, to message veiling the ' Bill to adfplt Colorado a* a State. ’ Advices fronr Vm Crux of the IftUi inst. state that the French trails- , ports had strived and expected to do- , putt iu a few day* with the French tttops. The Egyptian* left oa the I French mail steamer some time ago. Tho Previous (Ideation. The previous question is a parliamen- ! tarv dovmp to prevent a doHbeiativc ■ body from !•■■wig at the nwrl of Dose ■ who sookAc waste time by ndle*^mi*- 1 i-uftsion, | Ih it* place it is an M adjunct to legislation, a* it enublai a pi to close debate. The ordillfery H form oftakinjjjit i* *o familiar the* we | need *n6t dwell upon it. Like ull other 1 powers of a majority, this i# capable of 4 Srus* abuse, and when used to choke off ,t obate and prevent tho minority ironi 1 being heard, it ia perverted from it* i true purpose, and become* (he vehicle of tyranny and gro* injustice, ( tin various occasion* the dominant I party in the House has abused Ms pow or. and put mean area through without I uii >||xn unity f discussion. ind in i such away a* to itenure the nghta of a I minority. A notable instance occurred I yentorday. Mr. liontwcll. rtf Mussa- ( chu'dl*, reported a bill liulu the JuJi i clary Lotiimiuce, the effect of v which to prevent lawyers from praetfeiiig in < tho vourtp the L'liitcdVbvlAtcs who guilty of robbeiy, arson, tuur- i dcr. dr aiding rebellion. The former 1 crimes are need simply as a cover to reach those concerned in the late re hellion. The MassuchdSftts gentleman undertook to put this right through, al though all the knowledge which mem- 1 bers had of it was that got by amply I hearing it read. In renWOnse to fK*quent i appeals from the other side, lie only I ( permitted three apeeehes, two of fl\c ( minute* and one of eight, to be made < upon it. and then shut down by do in an- < ding the previous question. He wa-* ' HM*incd by bin party friends, and nothing was loft to the minority hilt to ■ * co use nt to the passage of a bill of which 1 they had just hoard for the first time. ( 4 or to resort to dilatory motions. It was ' their duty to vindicate the right ofdk 1 cussioo, and, if debarred from debate, i 1 to prevent tho House from taking the , : vole by what i* popularly called “fili ; 1 blistering"—rcsortftig to motions to ad journ, lo post{>one, and the like, and 1 demanding the yea* and nays on them 1 Of the merits of the bill it is simply j 1 enough to say. that it undertakes to 1 4 accomplish by IcgUdntion what the 9a- ! preme Court hare decided to be uncon stitutional. We have elsewhere spuken I of the conduct of its author, not as the inevitable effect i f all such Icghda- j 1 i tiou a* this is to ptueipitatc the reaction which i* sooner or later sure to cortic against all simply proseviptivo enact moots, we feel le* like denouncing it than inviting thk dominant party to go j i ahead. If they think their paiJy as- ' cendency is so secure as to fortify them 1 in all their proscriptive. VetoliitKiiiary , schemes, lot them nuka the att -inpt.—• , A ’at. iHidlhjrur r. (•ropliecj bring ruilHlnl. A Bill has been introduced into Con gress to **t at naiijftt tho late decision* of the Supreme Court, declaring Aliiiu ry Cummiseiona unconstitutional; bad also a bill, declaring that thft court c.\h- | i not declare an act of Congress uncon stitutional mile** such decision be unanimous. This is a direct mid bold attack by one Department of the IJoV- ; eminent on the functions of another 1 Department. T.ct those who have any j doubt* as to tbc intention of CoogveM ; j to usurp tha Govcrnniunt, read the f<rt ' lowing warning from Dsniel Webster : j j *• F#efc these infernal {’unities got po*- j session of the Government, and they! will treat the decision of the Supremo Court with vontempt; they will make laws to suit themselves, they will lay violent hands on all who disagree with them; thoy-rWili bankrupt the whole country, und finally deluge it iu blood- * And read Mr. Clay * prophecy : “With them the right* of property j I arc nothing; the deficiency of tho pow ers of tho General Government in noth ing; the acknowledged and incontcstible ; powers of the States ore nothing; tivil | war, or di**olutioii of (he Union, and ; tlic overthrow of a Government in which 1 ro concentrated (he fondest hopca of | tiia civilised worlds are nothing. A I j single idea has taken poMeaMon of their minds, and onward (hey pursue it, over- I leaping ail b rriorn, Seek less and re- , ' girdiofc*of m!1 - • /! | [ Judge TllIM)', nomiDK-ut. 1 | XliP movement initiated by .ludgo' I M.u>lull and Hugh McAleor. Kmj . i I of tliia elty, wilK a view tu the ereclinu i I ofa suitable monument over the remains of Clii-f Justice Roger I!,,Xauej, wlitcli) I repose by tie aide pf bin mother in the ; | Old Calhplie ceaietary of thia city, will,. j it ie hoped, meet with that encourage* ! i meut it ao ciuiuuutly deserves. Sub-! i aeription lists have been Hint by those j i trenilemcu to tucotbers of the bar in nil j J tho ruunty towns iu tho Buto. and the j j oity of Baltimore, with lliu view of git- ( ing every section of tbc Stats an oppor- j trinity uf joining in the good work— | and it is hoped a firely interest will be | taken in all tho comities towards (ha | completion of the loon vine nt in a man- | nor worthy tho eminent Chief Justice.) i (whose high judicial integrity end vir | lues shed a I astro on his derated pmd-j lion,) and serve as a beacon light In his , successors for agn, and cent reflect i honor on his native Slate uf Maryland —Frotltrirk CrUss,,. ; j Fir* in llagrritown'.. j HAnEScrptex. MJ., January 28 —[ largo fire occurred here last night, Jjarn-' ina the Eagle Hotel, kept by Mr Ba#v ' ncl Hhaw, who loses nearly ail his fnrni-, tare, and is not hisOrcd. The'Following i oildfthmal places were destroyed; flrr i gorstuwfe >|nil effiec. with entire stunk- 1 ; and press; frilly iasurtd : clollh'ng'stoi s of J. D. iSwitrtr. and Fell, Hermer A i Bfo'.; goods Uparly all saved; and thf id mg store of J. 11. Suively (i (>.. whose IKsidit were partly saveil TKe storks df i all wore insure.!. Thlc leaser hdildirr'-' will hill on Messrs. William Hersnr and George Fccbtig, both of whom,' )mwev- ' or, are insured. The totnl damage will, , aggregate lint leas than iL'dllOO. I'ratal ilnlra—a -r- Mn.xTClOMJlfer, dsn. iti.—Ea-Gover nor Parsons, hy reqaesl, addressed the legislature in convention to-day in em phatic opposition to the Aniendraent. The Blvihliik of “Freedom.'* ! A friend* (and a decided UcpuhlmßU. U_ jAliofVlui A H’yifg u plajHtinn **dßn in j ®ixk?.” Jkplain* o\fm\\ ‘ of proenmi£ labor” Jhat ho hudMucuT seven Uißcut he took the# Hantatiohj and coJjnut ihdutepifty of | tie in to iMDin loop?. thntiho Net ones l he agreed to pay in fjytii V wccV as tong as they would remain— which \nia exactly ofcc Af* and the last ho saw of them, they were march ing (Indian file) down the road, singing, ■WVM li*g.Ulf IlifS iifi a souiap|- ru<t"ii tho. full lujojiteiii ii*' tile, jfe'jxflpti.ihvUUKiUtifc'-nl' hp|>i -■’' Wo i unglue Inu feeling*, m uur RepiJbr, lifhflf MoirofaJl he leaned over the poll logs, and saw hi* ruble friumh*. "on their winding.way,’’ to have hoeu akin to those of i’lurauh, whau the children of Israel ‘‘took to the water,” —and w don't recollect, at this moment, any ua whose faith in “negro equality” descry. 1 ed a more convincing shock than hit.- ! lie is now looking for u white laborers, satisfied that “the freed mm' ( will not he ready to go to work during ; the present century —Acir tinveu anK t •/“Tho in ter Coroi tec of General * Grilfin, tuinmaiiding in T*xa, in rcla { lion to the funeral ob.-wquio* of Gene ral Albeit Sydney Johnson, has created.P a great deal of excitement. General Griffin seems finally to have agreed to) allow the body to bo taken to the Epi.v , copal Church and tho funeral uui vices 1 read, on a pledge being given that there ! should he no music; that the boll* [ should not be rung or tolled, and that I there should be no public or private demons*rations by organized associations ■ in ihu procession to the church, or . from thence to tho point of departure ! fur tho place of interment. The citi zone refused to accept the terms, ini the hotly remained in the open air. where it was visited by crowds of per son*. All the store* in Galveston were closed and draped in mourning, and all | business suspended, in honor of the ! I dead soldier. Another Tinnkl—Tlo Chicago! I Tribune is pleased to see that tho fun- t ous •lake tunnel” of that city has kin- 1 died the emulation of Detroit. It U now proposed to boro a tunnel under the Detroit river, three fourths of u mile wide, through which the trains of j tho Michigan Central and Great Wes- 1 ‘ tern Hail roads arc to pass, thus obvia ‘ ting the tedious nceessily of ferrying,] and giving a through passage between ] the United .States mid Canada. The | preliminary borings have been made. 1 | and the material is found to be a uni-! form elny. nearly equal for tunneling purposes to tho eUy of the Chicago I tunnel. Tho tunnel will admit one j ! pair °f rails, which will be laid nt a ' depth of sixty loot beneath the surface ;of the water. Judgment Reversed. I On Saturday, in the Court of Common IMoas, in the ease of Waterwonh v*. Urisvoc, an app al from Forrester the jury rendered a verdict for defendant. : below, thus reversing the judgment of the magistrate. This cose, it will be remembered, prose from the refusal of ! the judges of tho IDth ward to receive ' j the ballot of A. M. Hriacoe. a voter, at* the November election. The latter entered suit against each of the j three judges fur 81 DU dsmagus. before i Justice Forrester, who gpsp judgment for the plaintiff. An appeal was taken. I and on a trial before a jury the result j was us above stated.— Halt Sun. i A* L’.NkUUTL.NATE Voi Ml LaHT

| Miss Jarrctt. of New Jersey, has imd ft persevering run of ill luek. la W>d3 I she dislocated her kuee; io a care- I less man punched out her right eye with an umbrella; in December. 188.5. j fbe wa run over by, a sleigh and badly 1 injured. A fortnight ago her pocket was picked of 8150 ou a Jliooklyu _ lor* rybonf. Going back to hunt the ipoo* ; ey. i crowd of skylarking boys accident tal y knoefced her down, dislocating her [ hip nnd breaking a rib, I Tu* Fakscn i)v:n r Napob on ; I since his accession to the French thrbnc, iJaiwancnw: i the total debt of the United v>talqf.^— j Nfipiil rtn’ wars have cost ]\;m about i I 'STOO.OOO.fKK), and since 1801 the an nual deficit rtf the French revenue* lin* j urCragod ?50.tK)O ; O0U. I CuMMURVIiAWK* IXTilaSi;iMuyjr. j ('miltr—This morning John )lj.l.ngs-, ton, ■ colored (nan, of Oborttfl ol Representative Onrfinfd, wa* admitted t(> practice at the fear of* the! 8 a pronto Court ofrhtr I'liKcd Stales. V I This I- tlte* insKjni'o of this Uni. ; * wtored man having boon admitted to practice iu flint court about twdyears A Jlxawiti; or flar err. —Kffort* ard in progress 10 indace the hresebt sowioo of tho -No* Jersey 'BftrftftJttrJ to .pas* a law requiring the fcßeing in of att wheel., Utn, belling hod other dangwroswiimekincry in manulSiClurihg i-Mabiithmonta and Ohtbnhmr.'by which lif* and Imo dr*'so much joop.irdjxcd. Two fblkiwa hatVbccn held in' ttStih in I'ork for cm illy **4’HdgP-u l Tlttp- mil armed the poor adhttnl with' 1 I rpiriUotf turpctilioo, not tint fluid an 1 I lire, uud turned Unu into the MrCct>t -A torn- ruwtiaa about id pt.-at i fortwiuo uiinuten, the dog IM iltrtrn atid ! died, .pi a- in . .pH’.tti.* '. Ail - Mas*., obb day. iact accl, a tunaiaJ party act * dmipoHod b> abuudua tho aurpaa ta aooar Murm. am| it rcmaiood liaMavotal liuura iu n " A tchflviuaa jjiHi^>Mntfa l icPw ilaa. fto mjh that “(bijipi urn Buatljr * had *brr,M iu tha - ■.niv Thcrt'ale j, jp. Conorcsß, .da Wljpt uJ Sttcuu piora ul uianUuihc, . " H ■, -4- The anow drift* on the Alleghany mountains are thirty feet high'. Gaon—tb* Sleighing. Local Intelllgicucr, I \ / v4™i i I}lm I.*ndpAN (hit nt* H'he great Pair to opc* hi WAtuiimtnd, Hhld KelloW Hill, on Oie 10|I| of Tcb* J-fuiiry, lint* pram nt indication- wjfl be * decided;'succass. It is with great plciiurß-that we direct the attention of the public to this butt. Tlw people of this town and county have always hear tily attpported ruch objects as tho above itauted, uud we have no fears for the present one. Tho etitorpri-a. for the 'benefit nf-wldeb this Is 14 be held, -eaunbrlhif to rccoiumeiid itself to every lotot t good, trad eonsei|iiently claims the paunnupe of ike public. Wo guar- Vlileu* ureiit variety id tlw very best aplj must substantia a ftp-lew atm- hatobeen mu lie fiirtlti* luaiuto- Dauoe of (mod order, and every thinjj oouiieetcd with lire tttit will bo eou duitttsl in lb* vfry best ofatyie. Cheat. iug intelligence is resetting us from I every ijaarter; and with the extensive arrangement* utado. and trying to please ( all, we throw ourselves upon the public for the most liberal support. All arti cle* intended for the Fancy, Calc and ! I launch tables, should immediately be j sent to Mrs Kmily J. Uineharl, of Westminster. If you want to sec the largest and i oust beautiful fullue**ii of all kinds of j Tlney bud tbbohl articles jolt ever saty, eome tu thn tmr. I If you want to make groat bargain*, I , os la /Ac fair. If you want to be better pleased titan I ’ you have ever been, came lathe Fair. litou't turgsl tl>- time, the Jttrt. </| February, to o about ten days. | On .Suiur* 4L (> 2hJ % yf Fxbruafy, i •Insre wffl bon* ,dr im lMur io Carroll j to make all final arraugumcoU for ] thU eutorprisc. Como otic, conio all. | Tlir. W EST MI .\ 6T KU CEMETERY.— On Frhiay night an election was * held, it Carroll Hal’, for President .mid j Managers of the Westminster Cemetery ! j Company for the cu*uiug year, which | resulted in the choice of George E. j ampler Ksq., ns J M muUut. and Mes srs. Kmanucl Genmid, IC. Durbin, 1 J- K. J. H. Hoppe, J, M. ; J Farkc, and M. llaughmaii, us Mutmtjer*. i Mr. ||. |j. Norris was re-appointed by the Hoard as Trtuuurcr, Mr. K. K , GcrnuiuJ, AVrc/firy. The election was participated ia by the lot holders, ns j enough shares *of stock had been cun | celled to reduce it bedow two hundtid i i shares. ' A leport was read by tho Secretary. I accepted by tho nieoting, showing . •l ,Mt very satisfactory progress had boon made. Number of 1 jots said 1224 for j the gross sum of $18*24 05. Number of! shares of'itock bearing interest 110, the interest oti which can bo paid by tho , rent of loused ground not enclosed in ' j tho Cemetery proper, loss about 818 Oti i peryeaf. ilßridragc* lots 1 were paid the balance hi furor oi ll; • on hand would lio 8320.5 S * i is land purchased Ins b j.mi pai-l I-; . Tlie grouucli have boon bountifully laid off. and tho nfomlns gra ded Ac. About 30rt trees of a superior . kind, evtrgreen and d*idur)u*. have been set out ou the ground thus far. Nkw Psoiuce Depot—On refer cnoo to the advertisement of Messrs lien too Golir Si J. T. Oradortf it will be seen that they have re-opened the extensive Warehiiusc, formorly u.-*d by Mr. Orudorff, on the Railroad. Wcst’- ininster, Md.. where they purchase and forward all kinds of Country Produce, and keep on hand a hirge assortment of Grocerus, Farming Implements, Forts- : lizers, Ac. They uro well known as and ladies of the 1 *aWomge Aid | Sewing Hoeiety. havo engaged to fiirnish the “Encampment” of the Order yf QJd ! Fellows, with a Supper, on Friday cfjn- I ittg next, February lot At th same ! time thy will offer tho public geuomlly ; an opportunity to enjoy again the rich | feast it bos been accustomed to find nt tlwir Tables, in Mr. School 1 rooms. f ' : ' # fcy“Xhc philusophur atnV poet slates- ! , m n, Addison, in his SjHu tatur, tbefim ; and moat, am using of periodicals, in hi popaiw on Country and City Life, affords the njot genial rccoipuuiodatiuns to preserve the health and purity of (lie 1 body; his just and benevolent teachings H-with respect u> health may be iuiught | nnd read with the best effect, by ]Wraotia ’ of all habits ami *g,' ; .the genersl 'gooil j effect of gentle medieUiea, urtisticuUy j compounded, Addison'* experience end I intelligcnee avouches the necessity for. 1 J He lived to a grtod old age, and were he i liyi*g, would no do*l<t, mod to llrviin's 1 1 die Fill*, a truly life giving uud l*eoo fio**l. remedy Cor purifying the blood (S* advertisement.) jau. i Xo reader of a newspaper is fully poatod in regard to the news of tho day until be has read the advertisements The idea that the advertising column* afa paper *ro devoid of interval to all ssrc'buyers and tellers, is a grossly France la not inerensiog in popult-j tian. ThU i* attributed tu a decrease ip marriage*. Statistic* show, “they | marry less and l* in Fnincc. M Vlie , young men ahrfnlt ftom hiarHago, it j cotta So nmsh. | Advice* from the I’laiu* state that I >be Indi ia* are moving* soaibward iu Urge numbers. Old Indian lighter* say that thi* me ins war, and that tho sol diers will ho evaded by; the redskins, who nrd Well posted on their morv . piculs. Mrs. Jane M Sweet, of 'Kenn bunk ! Jlaiuc, bn* been jMictcd for the mnr- I ,|ur of bar hasbaad: Or. Nathaniel j Sweet, kst faU. hy him with , strychnine, Sin: say, that she only jdt it in hit whiskey to tiuia his love ■ |H r IbfMOfi ad that alto aeeidoutfy gwve, him an over-doac. Tlic t roaby^Lottery. Cuicaoo, Jan. U. Crosby yesterday bought the Open House of A. H. lo,the lucky tiekel holder in the law lottery, for f 200,000, Tribute or Roped to |hc Plnißrj oftbii. I, llrvni, f The OnjfiniinJKourt |bf Carroll count* m neinUi-d KtbeKiiurlXonm at the ('mil Houfe, d’l’r'.miocr. <■ Monday .laininryt ! i wfhtroafDn >i|ivly Esq., Hcjlftly t Register, arose ami made known to tin? Court, ilnxiMrth of’ hvovtir . n*rtWv R*q. ! 1 late Associate Judge of the Orphans Court I for Carroll county. On motion tins Judges of lb* Court, Register of Wills and bin l>ep ulietj organised a meeting by npi>ointing | John Thmneon Esq., President uml 11. H. ) Hcrbaiigb Esq.. Register of Wills, Secreta ry. The President appointed Jacob Myoijy Esq., Jowph Shaeffer Esq. anlTajil. E. 1 F. llyers, a committee to present suitable I > resolutions in respect id the memory iff the : deceased. Hie folfdwing preamble mid res- I elutions were nd am) adojited. NVukmimm, Wo have heard and vilneMed, * with unaffected ktrnn* and deep regret, tin* deuth and burial of nur highly Hfi-nml and mo. I worthy friend. Thomas S. Itrnwn. an • Associate Judge of thin Court, and wo aro j dedroiiNuf manifesting the rcry high res 1-oct which, in common with the entire com- j ! miniity, we cherish for Me memory. ,J, l AVWrsR, Hurt by this adhering dispen*n- . j tion of an AiLwiaa Providence. the county ‘ I haslost an olHeor whom* conduct. an an As- I ! social# Judge of tins ihairt, for upwards uf | i . ven year*, lm liecn <bsliupiished by hon esty and fidelity to duly, impartiulhy mid courtesy. | Thai we deeply <,yn*}ralhizo with | I his bereaved widow, family.* relatives mid j friends, ilk the sudden removal of ft valued ; nnd kind huslwnd, lather and most worthy 1 , mid patriotic ciliacn from our midst; which in the more keenly felt on account of the rad | ■ 1 event iwenltiag from an accident which no- I currcd whil t from home, j A’wdrfd, That these proceedings he 'taih- j . lished in the j wipers of the rininty, ami cn- I lered among the minutes and proeinlings nf , thu Court: that a copy thereof la* rent to j the family of snid deceased; and that this j < ourl do now adjourn to Tuesday, .Inmiary 24th. RW7. JOHN THOMSON, President. 1 i Hr. 11. HcHUaniii, S*cretiny. DEITIIR. , At Cook'd Hotel, Westminster, Mi. on Friday the 2ib iusL, from the ctfect of an accident on the Railroad. Tho Mas H. Hnowx j Esq., Associate Judge of the Orphan-’ Court for Carroll county, aged '£ years, 4 months j uni ti days. He was lan d on Sunday hist, at the family lot in the Westminster , j Cemetery, Ida remains living attended to lit# , grave by many sorrowing friends nnd a rost i I eoMoourae of citumi*. The Odd Fellow’s, ] ! ol whose erder he lisd long been a member, : turned out strong on the uvea* tun. and per | I formed the usual rite* ni the grave. Pre , vions to the interment, mi exirolh-nl funeral j sermon was pr*ruekod by IliW. ,1. Edwin : Amos, at the Odd Fellows' Hall' Wesltnin- i ! sler. Hon. J. Dixon Roman. President of, 1 the Hagerstown Hank, died on tbc 10th i j inst. at Hagerstown Md. aged u7 yearn. II iI.TI dlOIlt: MIRKIST*. , Tt tHOAV, 5*., i.sdTi ! Ftot a.—Howard Street Super and Cut i Extra lla.sll ftO, do Exit a shipping 12 AOa I $|H HO, do high grades 12 M 4 0. do. Earn- j . ily It Ohio Su|M*r arvl Cut Extra | to Tonsil •J.'i, Family M nflajHu OU; City j Mills Super 10 *oaf 12 00. Rye Flour—new | 'f no. Corn Meal—City Mills 4 7*'*ai j 'per bbl. i (Jralv.—Wboal--200,biisba ril. nly lot* ofTtuo*!, soblat M2O. Corn—good luprime white laflOH; Hotw bitsSu yellow Jd cents. , * Oafs -market dull, wiihamull sales at o a7‘ f cents jer bushel. TAtFAnhh FA RSt FOR SALE. Tli sl.cri|ior. i fall mdliorW> ves ted in iierhy the will <•! her dm-en-iri line* • •■md, iim lair Uiiiiam K. Shriner. will dispowof si Prtvaletjnlo, Imfore the )Hh 1 m PuMt tRT next, mil if not sold before that time, will offer it I I'uOiirt Ha!n, mi ; SATPRHAV.rtir Mtb oV FRIIJTPXUV, 18T.7, at I o'clock, P. M„ on the prrul’Mrs. I situated in riensant Valley, Carroll siiMiity, ! on the road leading from tin* Stone Road to Frixrllsbiirg, and about half a miln from : IterllbiiM’s Mill, A FAIISI containing 127 3-4 ACRES OF LAND. { more Itrinjf fle same rt*r<*ft*lv sold I by ,luvob KautUnsm ui the Aid UiUlam li, , Sirrlv*f, j*f/| by bill, drusrff t<f ftl* v lihdvr | signed. '1 bu improvement* thereon erected j Story Brick iHrHlihg F{)m.*e. a j large Hank Ham. together with "ISS. ull.Srt*>iy mnlmUiMrt,.in|iU-li unli r. Tbom i. an cxcclliml Ap|.b< Onlmr.l with. ll k.iyil. of Fruil, an'Uucs it Ikillii-Hniun; of I tno Isna urovum) With thf best nf nil kind lof (iirtving 11MHER: tin*. Imlamy bdpg | cleared laud of good quality, and olthb-d j into convenient lields in a high state of j cultivation, well limed, mid xiiiib t' gooil ■ fencing, . . ! INiraOi* wiahiag to vie .r the preniiscit will I call on Mr. Jacob Kauffman, residingthef?- on; and C>r other ioforikatiou plm^ [‘all ht Mr. E. Evans, or on the i-1 ding in Westminster. 7V/m* One-third mah. knd the luhnicv in two equal pa>iuont. in otoe and ' two years from day of mUo, with interest and approved security. . KI.UAIIETH J. SIIIIIXKII. 1 jnnCl-St . . jp r yrjf,r A BARE OHANOE., VA'I'iMU.K estate 1 At Private Sale. THE attention pf the public- is directed to that valuable *)!ece of property nou <if. ! fered at PrivuU; Sale, and now the residence of Mrs. Lon nut R. Horn. It U situated si the Wavt End nf WestnUnater, and slmur I •lUO yards to the West of the Town. The . Improvement* consist of n . I1(M K1.1.1N1, with tw*> StnrvßfjjujiCo Brick I lurk O/litain, Ten l(*onuk on,l Clomta in erli I'liamber, wide llntl, fine I‘orrlt or I Vcrandall trtrirdiu* the linn-c, n nd (hreu nxcciUnit Cellar.. A large and lieauliful Lawn net mrt with Khiit, Ornamenial and tiaatedMskSMai Chicken lima*. Smokp lima., 4- Thara.l are between 5 andtl Acres of ground wen • ding a fine vicarq/Uhj Tnwn aml winoNindina I countiy. This property in irortfiv the uf I Icntioa uf (Immc wiiliiug a doairalda res* f niieir W in j F* fivrikiT infnrmutinii ajudr un tin; I ; prenrtM* t rte undendglM. j:i,ill-,f : ' DIVIDEND. j Filj A SiriiiXvi. n.,k- ) i d*h.(Sir.]'; i THIW llnek ha. declared a Jlviili utf of no; i-lu V, kl J f I Jiau-i poyahle tin or after ihe SHli of Fehruuf i hurt- JACOB UHKSE, . t*"* l t Caefaiec. j Itumeiitic (Jooila. { 7 nal Wlcxhed Mu.lio, Hurt v 'ncatDa.CliaahiMafc Calii iie,, CViatnn Flan- : el-,Table f.Vieee., )||.|. Cheek., ic., *e„ for iftla law a, Juba L. Keir.iii4ar'>. lUj.'cru.vjuuik.— ~k| ttWDORrr PsM^eliplt. 4T TH^JI \ ILBOAD, A Vlfw lemfff tli cinnmo* XJL Uttftmrte occupied oy .1. 1. DWMDrV, Twe aro ttrtw pre|mred tu 1 H i m: ~wT 117/AM T, K YE, oa rs, i ( a*Fn MW.r and nirwanl Produce and Quods of all kinds. They also Ifrep eunstanlly * bund a large wnd fttll stock uf CROCERII 8 , IViiniJuu* tnu Kx-ran. • I hnir, tkw*iuifaad| dMain, rtlr. KMf, 4c, i tngellier aiih fipoiln,. ShnveU, Hake., 1 nnd Kartm-yw* and flardi'iienT fmi.lvDieut, generally. Aim. ~ UPASO AND rKRTH.IZ^tIS of all dt-scripfions; and in fuel all articles is our Hue. With long experience, and by slru-t alien ihiu to bUsinesM, we bo|i in midve a llWn l share oil he public jaUronsge. ; [ juntll-ly FARMERS PREPARE FUEYIiI SPRING TRADE. SulMoribcr offers the follovring ap .l proved I t-riilouTs. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate 1 A bigbly (Htpulnr nnd dependable FcrtHixrt of twelve years slninllug and idl mnnh imrey boufn.l todißtW 4lmsll>*.dd i iai at/..i nr HOSE! <*uarnnteed fm; from adnltrmrimf I ami analysing -VI per cent, of PhfWphaltdof IJiat- and over W\ |er rent, nf Aniimonia uniformly tna<l, and, tine enough to drill I ; nuursit rhAHTURt A very superior article, manufactured at Red Hunch Mills. XO. 1 FKRVYhiX GVAXCK , Of direct imjKirtution, which I deliver (W< i (itivemmenl's Agent's Wsrehonae. .1// /Arse Hfiirtrs trill he fmrmithrtt uf A nrret rutra. ' i lidkral discofnt to dealers. f.r a t'ipruhir. Oder* reeeiied 1y’.131. by (lehr A W?st.W.MtVr. >ffT (iKUICtiK HI ti HALE. No.*. *J7 and HO Smi h s Wharf, ( janill-Biu Haltimove, Md. \V<K)I)I/)TS AT Public Slale. I spin-; iTnmhe-, a. .Vgijnl atnj SHnwn I fi'r Tinian S. JiiAna, will .idl at I -while Side, nn ihe jm ml| i. ~|| r/inrw/./y, //,- <1 IJ* E'-fn-uary, lSt',7, 10 Wood Lota. ' laOl No 4 it>ntains Jo Acres A B iNtrliH. I.of Vo *• eotilains lu| Acres. L..t No coaFiiiiis t*J Acres. * \o II rontnius •' ,V.. -*l R. IH P, Lot \m 12 1-. minin< (j Acres, laot Xt bleoHluins 41 Acres. L'*t #n*l I' eomniiH fj' A *e.. f i 2 Cm * loot No In eonlailiH Acres, lad No 17 contain* 14 Acrps. Yber arc flinato In Carrll I'nwntv, in atwl adjacent l the |h r r I’urk Hxu(, la tween two and fhrt.*e mile* frum WetiuU* ster. -Some uf them contain more or Urns <44 ] whilst other* of (hup) sru. txwrei ; HitlndrwHlf flmUr. - 4 The tuning i* prineipiny rin tfnul wh!.-h •> IK'W Vcijf \nbmble nndfn grrar demaiid fof reHs.. Sit*, qiwH i Irb H imH ' RaHrrmd TV< wIH hf positive. TV will .ibsoiutels Ik- moM In the highest Mdder. i HUMS. —One thiril cash, and the tail imce in twoetpial payments, ut sag tint twelve month*, m.eured Inr note* with i> provoa security, Iwariwg Interest from the day. of Sale. ‘ Altnrnry fiir flma. S. Jaenlia. J. Hvxn Harm. .VavtUnc. ■ liia; rTßiir sals j f fHW tmdcndffiicd, appoint ni Truster and J C>MmnHtee for Isalwlls C. Reaver. M I’nhWc Kale, mi tin- premises, 2j miles North . of Tnticvtown, fan-oil county, um tee I trettyrfmrg Hoad, near Crock Chunk. on Frufoy fin Tl.,,lEiLmurff 1807, 1 at HIM) o'cliM'k I*. M. all the fidlowln* real estate of the said Isabella I,', ftaaver, whit'll ■" — TtsawsSsres-* 4 ”- ;70^lRMOWqUM, ' mureoeloM, ailWatug land. oT AJmlmmu I ■ <<*• Jill™ WirtniT and ralien. The land is in tolerable condition, a portion of 'rsxmmj&vM & II Shod, all raaad. n I KU.MS.— eta, ilunl of tka aatrhar- I jnf'iMM l • H“*J hand, and SlWal * pi* \ v ;> n -i'i-[ im} menu aw and taro raar’i * :;i;to '^ u W>*lir u riW. tbnlTHaMoH OTT * ... S.EBUSM SSJgB, 4," Cwvf A SrtM—p>, I 1 jakiU** . i :<• -jOnwn A. f. h farm HmM WimteM ' 1 *3l , a |,i\rnuunwit aUaahi.a, -hti BbiV.l naja, : WealinaiatOr, It, at Ikty oOtt. I A married rami will, n anioll ikmlty would ha I anT.rmd, a, thwn U 4 r ay norafortaUa. | llinua, and othor neirOar, hwtWtna., an lira |irniro, inlondad fur Ihl* wti-i*s: ’ • [ junlll-lU 1