Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, 31 Ocak 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated 31 Ocak 1867 Page 4
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*3, . r - , ■ IMB* .7 "!. i a nu GRKAT ZISGARI BITTKRS. THU WONDBHfUL HKMKDT n dlscos and Md tuttodacei akau ltl j jtm ag, by Dr, H, dumpas, oa wdMM kgyptloa rft had ion* mm nd fbh th* vut of n m*4j which would strike at the root of 4b * CjhSff Uj*t£ il/C* Tb fTMt question *u presented to hU wind •HTT ur la vivid colon u ho moved mom Dm sick Md dying, ud ebusrved the inetticbo , qy Of BHrlr oil the rented!** then in use. Thus fas wo too* to think and experiment: Md after lee ream of study and labor, bo presented to hi* fallow man the wonderful Zingeri HiUen. the effect of this preparatUa in tb* |>rvouti..n and core of disease, was so msrreihms and as tonishing, that the meet flattering marks of rural favor wotre bestowed apon him who db ceVorad It. Hi- name was planed apon the HoU f N’oblw. and a gold inadal with Iho fnl towisg incriptiun—Ur. 8. Cbenemm. th- I’aHltc Henefactot —* as predated to huu by lbs Vice ar. The preparation has Won used in nereral eftdemka of cholera, both as a prrn ntivu and ewratsew mreanrs. and with sock great somtm that it baa been iltroduod into nearly all the general tomsitab of tba old world. r Gjsafcr, scr 9&.urs& shoaid be frv. lr and prrsietentlr used, AH p*tbidouiM now agraa that the tholera poison acts uu the system through tba blood, and that any eumhanation ahJrh acta oa the excretory organs, and keeps then in working order, most prevent a sumcivnt •(•cumulation to exert its terrible effects on lbs This is true not only of cholera, hot -SiteS M ~|h#r •••lodtos, the dif- Bitters is jast snch a rewedr as Ifae ibwtv oowditioas require. It acts oa the organr of excretion and secret I on, keeping up a perfset balance between them. This Hitters is composed entirely of roots and ksrbs, so nicety concocted that srery organ is acted apon and pat la tone. Its taste is plaasMi Md its effects prompt sad Ins tine. NaimwooH oases of the foUowlag dUeasss bare been cored hr It: Cholera, Disrrbcpu, nd Typbnit Fever. Ferer. Agee, Ner roas UvbiUty. \narmia. Female IrregwtoHtio, Dyspepsia* Flatah-ucy, Colic. Scrofula, Ac. rMce, one dollar per quart bottle. Principal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, Harrisburg, Pa. Wd% iiruih. Hotel-keepers A Grocers. For Sale In Westminster lid. by Bower* A Oau, Grocers, and A. 11. llruns. Druggist June A, ■■iyfr. 3 H fllr^^lbr. or IW IID tsst. R. K (iERMMI. WKST.MtNSTEB. MD., FOKH6T AID DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Notion!*. ijpbffiflt fed Budding Hardware, , , IJuccasware, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ar.. Flm mml TnUe Oil Gufchs, Drop, < .ulirt ?iwife,( to ' '* <' *l ,v> 1 IKlh,’faff.r fac., Ac. HH of I.AMIM. Rhodes, Tbcabm.v* stock haw W carefully selec ted and is replete. in Domestic Goods es pecially, with ail the standard makes of ih Country, awd trill he sold at as low rates as canim-fwmdiased for in the City, faff* Call aud examine before purchasing. K. K. GERNAND. oct 18 corner Main and Court street§. >. W. li. Wltmr, lias town in sweccmfnl practice fur namber ff years, with lbs experience wf the different hospitals In Kurojis, also a member ef the An alytical Medical Instfanto of New York, eoatlo dN to attend to stl arofuasiooal casus at his of fice No. fjfl PHbert Straot Philadelphia. No pa toot Medicines are ased or rccom ■gteadad : tba remedies administered are those which will not break down the oanetltation bat renovate the system from all iajaries it bas sms aas z&s&mz oTsramt that distreseing disease and fell •lestmjrcr health and hapfdnose. undermio- Ing the constitution nnd yearly carrying thou sands to untimely graves, can'wo#t emphatical ly be cared. Melancholy, Abharrntlon that stole of Aliena tion and weakness of the mind which renders pww y : " g pleasures or iuiKOM&TMX, iu any form or condition, chron aic or acute warranted arable. KPiMrsr. or falliog nekaru, all chronic or stubborn cases of .T/ IT. if AI, K DIWEASEB, radMffly 'fumulsd; Sait Skein aud every description of ulceratsowa j PMes and sma^lton's diseases which hare baffled all prevtouc aasdical skill, can be cored by my treatment; and 1 do my all dim Mss, (yea Oouscumo*) can be cured wntlicrTnUldi.alM. H*tuiam(l.dnlfor Jfn th.'a.Ail ml rhar.., of tntermitu.oU * ftrrr n<l in dl pw. of Ibr loitod WMj* .Dj cm .if—., B ofario or Hw M•* * oorrow dhoM l h. dr. Afkmrlbnd rMotl *o ktift tr Ur ora. rr* w to An Hn. trmUj <Hl koMdM.od wlrti two or Aro, doowof Bay oowl, dfcooioHd rwordr, arunn *• !■•! Odd. Cadwlnnt ■ dan EarlM ond Demon Uo.ooaa.hw of riaw.a. VS g&SWTdH , “rWC'-ft.“ men at. PhUa. - -Odi irlqit i UNITED STATES 'fWm World, x M. J. A !■ sain tiae confidence ..f A* Aaaoneao pnblic. nay pattern or UU-for SaMotlwTndk at ft* llut tSZbZ&CL Mfatlce t#_SfaUlerff. ae n,v ■ >of ** Tt-&< Peter E llkesell, WpouMaUi k Urrait Diulkk m BOOTS, BHOKS, HATS, CAPS, Choekrkiy tiqmrt ond Lmdher. ff A VINO jnat returned from the GUee Xl vd Pbilatielphia aud Baltimore, with the Urgent and beat quality of arttclea in his line aver before offered for sale in Carroll County, respectfully informs his friemla and Ute citizens of the County generally, that he U alUl at the old stand, a few doors above the Railroad, and will keep constantly on hand, at Wholesale and Retail, a well as sorted stock of Mens', Bovs’ and Children's BOOTS AXD SB OB Sr Men s. Boys and Children's Hats and Caps, of ll sites aud nnalitics ; also a select variety of Indies'anti MisruV Hoots nnd Shoes, all of which will he mU at Uic hiwosi cash prices. aROvK R I K S . A large Stock on baud, such an Hlo and .lava Coffees, Extract of Coffee, T(<aofall kinds. Crushed and Brown Sugars, Scraps and Sugar House Mulassos, Baking I do,, Baking Soda. Sal Soda. Kico, Pappc-t, AI tspice, Cin iiam on, (lovee, M usUitfrNiiger. Mace, Indigo, Stureh. Madden, Vlum, Soap, I Cream ofiarter, Full, Bacon, lard. G. A. Salt, Fine *Salt, hy the Bushel or .Sskcli. Coal , Gil and fainpn, Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Sugars. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, 1 Consisting of Port and Malaga Winee. French \ Brandies- Uollund and fkmntry Gin, N. R. Bum. Old Bye, Monongalieia and good Cop* 1 ner distilled Kedified Whiskeys, Ginger - Brandy, fat.; also a large lot of Bottled Uq -1 uora, consisting of French Brandt, Bottleil in IBAI, Ginger Brandv. Blackberry, Wild , Cherry and lUspltcm Brandies, Port Wine, , ITM, intended for Medical purposes. ► LEATHER. SHOE KfNDIXCS, kC. [ A large stock of leather always kept on t hand. rmbramng Sole and UpjxT leather, [ i Skins, I’ampico ami Miufnui. (irataco Morocco, 1 liee' French Finest Morocco, i Fink Lining,. Binding,, Jtc.; aI,o a well am * lerted rtock of Shoe Finding,, rut: all th, differ nnmhcr, of Shoe Fog,. Shoe Thread, ' Shoe String,. Shoe Halve, Ka,|, Fateat Fagging A-is. Sawing AwU, Patent Feg- Sng Awl Haadlaa. Ijutiug, lak*,. \ail, rutlaa, Sand Fagicr, (Jura,, l.etv Hooka, Hammers, Finchers, Knippers, Peg Cutters, 1 Rubbers, Tielets, 4e. CEDAB TVABE, Consisttwg of Baal eta, Tuba, Brooms, Shea Blacking and Bruahaa. Waak Boards, he. BoflcN. B.—All CJomJa to ba M'linhuetlcd or retailed to anil purchasers, MT-Hc returns hia thanka for the liberal patronage extended to him, and will do everything in hia potvar to merit iu contin uance. FETKB B. lIJKESKU,. dacil,. ATTENTION !“ ■ Lsrgcst oud most complete Sfiifc selection of FVRIVITPRE in Westminster, is now being offered to the public, by IHA K. CKOCSK, at his NEW ANT) COMMODIOUS WAHK ROOM Sr located about one hundred yards East of the Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the Catholia£hassh>|a • <**\ Hi* heeh ptm.-hajtod in I*hla del|diia for the atah) and consists of.the Mnaunwet Tallies, Spring-scat Choir*; also, ChomVf Suits, consisting of aplemlidlv Roiahed Uouihl Corntwf HUfaOOdfe. Mir I. If Mop Bn clou id rirjifN. Mis sel*ction of Cane tuff WoodSeoi Chairs 4 it Urg! and of the must *utißiunlml make. , Be wiH keep constantly oh hand a large and very superior Stock of Furniture of his OWn manufacture. iornxs. Being in possession of n neflr and very ele gant 11KAKSE, he is nre|mred to famish CUlWiri and attend Funeral*at (hoshort • PriCC * lhltl WiH * ,WR?< ** ve J J keeps nLo a large and well selected i eon to bs °fj^m^ th‘4 latest and most In'pmved pet-aySS^ - tems. consisting of Cooking, Parlor anti ; .Mc’Bov.*. 5 ia.|ge in viiw all to examine hi* Sloek Indore * purchasing elsew here. nuTtaor.,' • l.’jC (?£, H repair ■ - ; **■' } GOODS AT I A. M. WARNER’S ; vifrritißß, i ; r WF>T END. WIWTMrNSTFR, "Tin lias always on hand a fine selection of ratines AND DOMESTIC ; dry goods, Xuliont, Ororeriet, Ate. Mr-Thankful for the iaeraaaing patron age, and hopeful to merit • eowtimi.nee pf tha lamp. , THE OU> JIOTTO, , , ( Quick Sale and Short Profits. t A. M. WAItXEU. 1 w* ; ' LUMBER it COAL. I. W. if U * Co. ; Westminater, Md. r . TITE wobW infers tfw ai-nka of Waat- TT minster and surrounding eowntry, 1 kinds, iuelt.ding WMU‘ Pine, Hrmtoek, Build iatt Timber, SMsrtrs, Lbllm, All nhrtd irf —n axparienead l.tttulKtnusr., which w, are prepared to sad vary low foe cash. AIM Wow and t Blacksmith's Cual by the ton, and 'TSS. C ~‘ :: mas works," Westminster Nd. wm. h. harman * co. thi muafcrtiiN of IRON L GEARED THRESHERS with PeHon’ Improved HOUSE POWERS, PLOUGHS, with Wrought and Cant Iron Shim* and Points, Spring-Tooth HORSK KAKKS, for Hav and Grain, CORN 3HKLLHH&TBED CUTTERS, and Agricultural Machinery generally. Ah CASTINGS of all kinds done to order. AU kind* of REPAIRING dona with nroptm*** and on moderate term*. They are also sole Agent* for the aide of McCORMICK’S Improved SrlMtoking combined RK.tPKR AM) MOWER, for Carroll county, and m that part of Fred erick county, ypgUh of Frederick City, and alao in that part of Baltimore county North of Texas. With this Machine the tfarmer oaves money, time and Inlmr, and is, without controversy, mperrior to any other now in the market, ana fully warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, tangled or 'oLzed Grain, where hand rakes or drop)* r will fail. We offer it on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep and pay tor die owe preferred. Also arc AgeuU for (letter 9 Patcht Self-Remulating Grain Separator , Cleaner and Bagger. At a time like the present, when lal>or is very scarce, it is important that Farmers, who are interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain ia lh- common way. Ill's is now considered the best Separator before the public. It is particularly adapted to Farmers for their own use, and will apply to Lover or Railway power, and will Thresh and Clean from |OO , to 160 Bushels per day, using four to six horses and as many hands. Also, for sale Movtcomkuv’s “Dot bi.k-Scrkknrd Uocka way Wheat Fax.” decT-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORE ' JUST ol’gxgll IN i Westminster. I Between the Railroad and Bcifsiiider's Store, two doors west of Mr*. Shrioer'a Millinery Store. fTMIE undersigned has just returned from ,1. the city of Philadclidiia with the largest and beet selected slock of (indies' Misses’ Children's and Gentlemen's Boots & Shoe* f ever brought to this ma ket. My *tick con sist* in part of indies' nnd Custom made Glove Kid Balmoral*, Fffl lasting Gaiters. Morocco Balmorals. ( Polish Boots, Oil Goal Balmorals, and Chil dren's Shoes ; also Gentlemen's Bouts nnd Shoes, such as Men’s Calf Custom-made Bools. Congress Gaiters. l,acc Boots, Bro ‘ gnus, Kip and coarse Boot* A Shoes of all kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer mysolf, I have had all die almve stock made to order, and for the express purpose to • suit this market by a celebrated and well known Boot nnd Shoe Manufacturer of Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura 1 bilily, comfort and fWi-ity fo the feet, are superior to all others and arc the best filling pat tern* that can be found. I have taken great care in the getting up I of my stock, and can warrant every article to be wbal it is represented or tly; loss will be upon mo. I therefore invite the especial at tention of the Ladies and Gentlemen at Westminster and Carroll county to my stock • of Goods which will lie sold at much lower • figures Uiuu the same goods can be had elsewhere. Come one, come nil, and examine for rourselves. No charges made for allowing i Goods. oct 4,—tf T. 8. ECKERT. ' DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS DR. Bctes Improved Mima. oxide Apparalm. ' Dr. GEOS. FOIKB, Dentist, Having furnished his office, in Wt*tmin*t>r, Md.. with one of Dr. Keen'* Patent Improved Apparatus for the manufacture of perfectly pure NITROUS OXIDE GAS, would announce that he will wilt be at all lines prepared to administer this popular Aunsthetic Extraction a/ Teeth without Pain. Di FOCXE would Invite the attention of the nubile to his lately Improved ATMoaeiuair ) Pbkmcri Plates roa Amtipicial Teeiii. By means of an improved Air-Chamber, the pres sure Of the at mouthers for holding Moth (rial v and sOcqrely in the mouth, k> more eeriaialy and effectually attained than by any style or form of plate hitherto usad by the prokmfcm. . The ralae and excel I, nee of a set of Artificial Teeth are much enhanced by this new and truly pbilosopbical arrangement. Df. F. continues the Practice of Dentistry In i all its Branches, and being a /'tower H'arfor • Ward lfUr lor Dental purpoees, he is tho roughly experienced in the manufacture of teeth upon (he Vrlmnitt Base, and is prepared to supply this style of work at vary moderate rales. Jane 7,—tf. . NEW STORE - ; Ju; ASM NEW STOCK. our attention is politely and respoctfully 1 solicited to my new stock Ofwc# selected OOOIm now opening, Immediaidy oppoeUt (JAR ROLL IIA him Embracing a great variety of GOODS, such aa Cloths, Cassbners, Casslnetts, . TiVEF.DS, I’lain and Faner MOUBUNKS, COBOUKGft, ALPACAS. FLANNELS, GINGHAMS, CALICOES, CAMBRICS, i HUIU.S, ■l l Blanked and Brown MOCBLINKB, Hotti, 11mm, llnt aad <np, OIjOVES, HOSE, Wool and Cotton, With > general and well .elected STOCK of GROCEIIEH and HARDWARE. And othee fcßbdea u.ually kept, which are ofiferad a a email advance above CotL JUBEFH WELLER. - ■ noHO-tf NEW BOOK AND WAHWttY BTOU. rp iE nadenUoad having juat o,>ened led stock of Books, Stationery, Cards, Ac., which they llatb-r Ikemaelvea can he >ol4 aspaasuvsyraijc and “Headljr s History of tha Rebellion.” H. B. 4T HAMMER. WHBLKV C. PAN NEIL aug 9,-tf i I “18 years established in N. Y. Cftp" “Only infallible rtroadka known.'’ “Fra© from Poioodi. 1 * “Not dangerous U* tha Human Family. 1 ’ “Rais coma oat of their hole* to die. ' “CufflarV’ Rat, Roach, A*., KxtenuV I* a paste—used for Rah, Mice, Roach re, Blark and Red Anh, ft., dr, *• outarV’ Bod Hug Exterminator Is a liquid or wash used to destroy, and also a* a preventive for Hal-Buy*, lx. “UoaUtV' Electric Powder for Insect* Is fur Motluy MotqmU**, Alcoa Bod Hoy*. /usatfo uh Plants. AWfo, Antoni*, Ac. Mu !! t Bkwahk 111 of all worthies* imitation*. Mu .See that “Coaraa'a” name ia on each Box, Bottle, and Flask, before you buy. lOu Address UKVRf R. COSTAR, 484 Broadway. S. Y. Sir Sold in Wnnuxxm, Mo., BeJ-By A. H, HUBER, And all Druggist and Retailers every wkera. “COSTAR’S” Celebrated Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Burns, Bruise*. Wound*. Boil*. Cancer*, Broken Breast*. Sh Nipple*. Bleeding. Blind nnd Painful Pile* ; Scrofu lous, Putrid and 111-conditioned Soreas Ul cers, Glandular Swelling*. Eruptions. Cuta neous Affection*, Hingworm, Itch, Cams, Bunion*, Chilblain*, Ac.; Chapped Hand*, Lip*. Ac.; Bite* of Spiders, Insect*, Ani

mals, Ac., Ac. BfQu Boxes, cts., 50 cts., and $1 sixes. Sold by all Dmggists everywhere iPk. And by HKNHY K. COSTAK, De poi 4H4 Broadway, New York. &iT And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Mi “CO STAR’S” UNIVERSAL Oorn Solvent, For Corns, Bunions, Wails, Ac. J&gr Boxes, 25 cts.. 50 cts.. and $1 size*. IffT Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And by HENRY K. COSTAR, De pot 4t<4 Broadway, New York. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. ' :“C OSTAR’S” preparation 0. 7 Bitter-Sweet and Orange Bottom* roa MuirnrriNe ms complbiiox. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles, Pimples. Eruption*, Ac. Indies are now using it in preference to all others. WMT Bottles, sl. BL% Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And by HENRY 11. COSTAR, Do pot 484 Broadway, Now York. And by A. H. HU HER, Westmin ster, Md. “COSTAR’S” PECTORAL CO P({U RB MX BY, For Concha, Colda, Hoaraenew. Sore Throat, Croup. Whooping Cough, Inliueiiza. Aath ma, Conauwptiun, Bronchial Alfeelinna. ami all Diaeoaa. of ike Throat ami Lunga. ter Botiloa, eta., 50 eta., an ill I aizea. ter Sold by all Dnaggiata everywhere. M- And Iw HENRY K. COSTAR, Do, pot 484 Broadway, New York. M- And by A. IL HUBER, Weatmin ater, Md. “CO STAR' S" caijnXATni l BISHOP PILLS, 1 rXIVCKBAL niNVCR TILL. For Nervous and Sick Headache. Costive* ness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation, Diarrhea, Colics, (Skills. Fo ▼era, And general derangement t>f the i>igw tivo Organs. w. Boxes. 25 cts., 60 eta., and $1 sixes. Sold ky nil Druggist* everywhere. i And by A. H. HUBER, Wostmioatev, JM. , dee fo-ffni Uarroll \nrstrv. ‘jrk.Kii vresrmxsruß, md. | JOSEPiTsTOUT PROPRIETOR. '■•HE SUMS C 818 ER hat for Sab. K about 49,000 Apple Trees Oflhe moat approved (farletina in haul for next Spring planting, aiao, A largo anpply of Dwarf and Sunnanl PEARS. A few PEACH TREES, PLUM and APRICOT, A anpply of CHERRY and QUINCE TREKS. a uaox arm.y or OR APE VINES of all the leading varictiea. CURRANTS, OOOSEIIF.HUIES, LAWTON BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, K \ EHORB KN 8, of large aize;, A large lot of DECIDUOUS TUBES. Thoae who drain, TREHH wr think would do well to examine my xtock Iwfore pur charing elaewhen*, aa my atock are nil from teated varictiea. . JUS El'il BTOIT. dr7 tf REAL ESTATE and Colleclinx A*oiicj; I.EVI EVANS, Wunixaraa, Mo., Office at Miktaeir* tore, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M., TTAVING made armngfmmtM for the XI prooocilUon of the buxine** of buying nnl Helling Real Kstale, ofh-m his wrvirea to the citizens of Carroll county who may wish any businex* transacted in his line.— A large amount of Heal Katatenlwsv* on hand. 1 Virens having property to diNposo of will find him the best meaiuin for its sale. Also, all collection* promptlv attended to. jjdccT-tf. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. x. r. caotr. ciua. t. aciraxuna. CROIT &I{KiFtS\IBER, ATTORNEYS-AT LAW AM) SOLI CITORS IS CHASCEHV, Wknt)(ix.steh. 51 n. WE bttx* funned a copartaendiip in the practice of Law in the Courts of Carrol) and Hnwari Counties, and will promptly attend to ail busine** entn*(ed to our can*. Particular attention paid to Col- j lections and procuring Decree* for the sale of Heal KnUlc. Abo, Applications fled fcr IbckPuy and Bounty due heirs ofdereuHed sidtlier*. OOice ac|joiuing the residence of Chan. T. Hr.irKXincß. nodiMf ALEXANDER FRAZER, I'lwh nnd Watch Maker. RESPECTFULLY in- ~ forms the Public that ns opened a Shop for the transaction of liusincss at Mr. Trunibo*#, lower end of Westminster, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Hering as an office. Being an old experienced Clock and Watch Maker, not a repairer merely, he flatters himself that he con give every satisfaction to hi* employers. Clocks, watched, Jewelry, Ac., repaired at short notice, in the best manner, and on most accommodating terms. June 14-tf J. J. BAUMGARTNER. AUoney ml Lmvr ad Nallcilar l Chffffcrry. WILL practice law in the Courts in Car roll county, will aid and counsel those who are settling estates in the Or phans’ Court, and draft Wills, Deeds Ac. Can be seen at the Union National Bank of Westminster, from o'clock A. M., un til 4 o’clock P. M.,aod in the eveninga at hi* residenee opposite the Fanners A Me chanics' National Bank of Westminster. nmy24-ly. JOS. M. PARKE, Attorney at Law and Solicitor In Chancery. HAVING some Spare time, not occniuoa by his Editorial duties, will devote the same to the Courts of Carroll coi*aty. Will counsel and assist such as have business before the Or phans' Court, and attend to the prepara tion of Deeds, Wills Ac. Office In the rear of the Advocate Print ing Office. mnrß JOHN C, raiSBLL. *. MANNISH. FRIZELL t MANNING. BROKERS, WILL bay aad sell United Staten* sad other public Svcarittw; also Land Wxrrstu. -eg! Srab Will i>ay Jkrtt per ccut. for DcposiU-a, |o hr •reared by Government Bonds, and redeemable on demand. Office three doom below Barlkolnw'a Hotel, Wcxtm mater, Md. wsrU-tf. Daily Passenger and MAIL LHHE, From (Jettyubnrg Will Ultlcaloau. Con ncx-ta with tha Can at Vealminali-r. JOHN H. SPALDING, 4<ol4tf O. W.iWKBSTER, State’s Atlorncjr, ATIORNKY-AT LAW, AND SOLICITOR IP CHASTER V. Otficn over Friieß A Manning's Broker’a Officer, 8 door, below Ilartholow’l Hot 1. Wuaumnaler. Md. daof-ly. White tioodx. A saw and r.rted tiMortiarnt of bt Imported white twilled India long Cloth, pah, pliMaad rheclnrd Baln,dk, Flentil A,ri.,, pluia add dotted, and an yedlm variety uf Cainbrie Bril liant* and dtmiiy. We bare an hedtanoy in aa) lug we hare the beat line of white good# bow Ae,,t in town. Call and tee for yewi wl.wi. f mavjd , MARTS A CO. ■ jr je n* GOODS. New deeds!! MASSIE 4 00., rOHKfON ASO OOMRtfrfc , /irjf Good* WK mb now receiving onr largo nud j Tricd aneortmeot nf ■ FALL and winter GOODS! And auk Sbllino Tub* CHEAP. Uj'-flivc n I call dcibre purchasing elsewhere, ao we feel ecu*Jent it will be lo your iuierent- Wrtlmiimlrr, Orl. 11, 'lift B. B. 0 RAMMER. I. W. PK It KINS. GRAMMER & PERKINS, PHOTOGRAPHS, AMRKOTVPKB, NEI.AINOTVPES, PICTURESIM INDIA INK, WATER eObOM, AND m Olio COLORS, AC. Mil. ORA MM Kit, having associated with him in his husioesa Mr. J. W. ixa, late of Haltiitiore, who has had *Hiie eigtHeen yearn experience in Photo* gruphy. and having removed to his NEW ROOMS, nearly opposite Odd Kollovi' Hail, which have been fitfo*| up n t consider aide expense expressly for the Iwainess, would reaped folly annonnee lj his friends of Westniinsfi*r, and of Carroll County gen ♦•rally. that they now have the facilities for taking a* good pictures, (in every style of the art,j as ran be procured elsewhere. June *Jl*tf wtßtVmi RA I LJR 0A D. Change of Time. SUMMKII A Hit AX (! BENTS. On and after MONDAY, May 21*1, IMA, the Trains will run aa follows: Union Bridge at 4.46 A. M., 9A. M. and 1. 10 P. M leave Westminster at 0:10 A. M. and 9.40 A. M., u.i 2.AT P. M. irrhr//r/. lueave Haiti more nt 9.16 A. M.. H.BO P. M , and A.SO P. M. I Arrive at Weslminater at 11.4*1 A. M., tkOflP. M. an<i H.t* J*. M. Arrive at Union Bridge at 12.27 P. M., , P. M. and H.4* V. M. i Freight Trains daily eu4t way, (ex* t oept Sunday. I I tezCAn Express Freight Car lenres Cal | vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and Sunday*, Int IV.SO P. M—but all good* for that tar must be delivered Mm* A.On p. M. For any information in regard to Kreignta or Cars, apply to the undersigned at Weal minster. M P. U. IRWIN, I may i 2A*if Sup’t IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I fmpvtUml to JU u ktmUka, Maria *UI t'armrn, AA/sutalw*. Stuhftm ami Comtumert /* Jrou ami leather. Rubacriher* inform the citixent of I Cnmdt and adjoining Counties, that they have just opened at their new Ware house, near the Depot, at Westminster, Md., a full and complete stock of Iron, Steel, I/eutlier, Hubs. Spoken, Follows, nod everything belonging to (ho Carriage Baninomn, and all kinds of Blnckswith** Tool* und heavy Hardware generally; also n com plete stock of IHOB FINDINGS, n!l of which are offered at fair prices. The attention of com*timer* and dealers are in riled to call and examine our stock, in Quality and prices. UEIFONIOBU A CO, sept IR, |M6 —tf SHOES AND HATS Cheaper than Ever, At John 11. Uubiiy’h, Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE you will find the largest and best assortment of the very latest style I*ulie and ifieaaa Shoes and Boots ever offered for sale in thia Market AUo -Veiis Boot* and Shoes of every diatription JIaU I IJUm I / Hat* // / //*(/ // / of the very latest style always on hand. All jptods sold at the very lowest prices. WM. P. MAI'IJSST, I IM*. n. HUMftTa. MAULSBY 4 ROBERTS, A rrOKKKrS-AT-LA W AND SOLIC ITOUS IN CHANCEHK During aaaoeiatdi ibemeelve. m the prae ticn of Law in CapfoU rawitr, they will at tml promptly Mid cemfully to all haainaaa ontni.ted to their olmrga. Ur. MaaWqr will rigit Waatminder whoaernr haaiima requira* U. OUicc dirttilg uppmUt Otwt Uoum. jud-l; LadlW Fray deeds, AT MRS. BUKINER S Bonnet Md Fane; Store. GLOVES, aU,. Talk, dm, dmcrip- Uob, Collar. ..! Caff*. Itlnl Mvlm. Hdadhrr chlrtk, ,11 kind,, llorlrry, all kind,. Panaala aad Son Hharfiw, Cntwt, aad Hoop Sklru, W iw Batrhel, Ud Tratrllag 8.g., rfowiag aad k.ocy Ua.kcU, I’ortwOnit)'. and Pocket Beoke, Hair and Tooth Bthabra, Comb., ail kind., Doll, and Doll Head,, Onm Diapan, Faaer Bnapa and Porfaiawy, Alban., * litldrcac C.r- Haar. aad aa rndku .arlat, of good, for ka di'-. and Cbiktrm at tba •pt‘ LAD I KM' STORK. J.IXEVS.—A larg. anortoioal of .apertar Lima Dark., DiiU., dr., R.ruln at ftv E. K- Ornnad'a / JOHN R. BUSI R.ri large add .pt.ndM aaaorlawal of ( , ™ Ifew Goods, Caaaiatlaa of la part foUawd t Ladtr. 1 Hbo.,, of im, d.lirtf MM, - and Balmoral B)0.. of lb. ,arr lafoat ■trio, Hon.’ HooU and Shoe.uf all kioda. Aho t fnlt iaMblaw*! of tpifirw, 1 Sho.n. II ATS aad CAI'B of Ihr latr.l ft Al a largo aworlmaal of TttVRKS. wblob br i. filing at aoad.rfoQjr , prlcra, vau rim. A splcadkl WiWtMut of NuttH, Itrniiaed. Ola ted *ud Bsglsiwd Wall j Oak and Walnut I'ssasllof for Noll* am lag Room*. Also Pirv-lfctsrd Prints, U| Liuva Vludow ffksdss, Uof ekkll or* Uiest styles, st tk* lowest sity prices. dooshy WILLIAM C who has had sitteea years sa*H*ass I basiaeaa, la lialUamto and nthor Htf**, Work doas in any part of A etmult gasraateed sr au pay. Marl PATENT MICA ROOfIRI TIIF. Ifew Turk Hie* Rooms Ooufsrt taMtsksd IM|,) srv wsaafartoriag ad*f ter. Patent .hr host artlrls i # ma| liaffS fag ever #ercd to the public. Ills ag to slT? Gasp sr at** readtlv applied by any oar. Tho ll . aorornwrat, ofkw • Iborong Tbo Roog u pnl no I* m*U. ood hu to b.' anllrd to lb. Roof la nob, * Dunk TIRE AMD WATBR-PROnV COVKBI W. p.rtic.UrU riwnnd hwe chin, sn*i’i^l*suTiw.*Dlrt, MICA RMrTra WAIST, for cooling Tin, Iron, of sbiog l . Rond forms a body equal to ruau coar* us nsmtir Paist. No Roof can rust under H. und Old Leaky mar be made periaaaratly water proof in rsblc kv iU use. The Haiut require* aa mlilwf. but i* rei be apple d with Ike ordinary paint brf Price, ft.nn per gallon, which will sere hundred square feel. Also manufacturers of Black Laifra YanUG TAUKKU FKLT AXD ROOK]NO f| IMscouut In the Trade. drralaH odj List furnished. Rights for countiessGtj rale*. Address 1 THE MICA ROOriVOkl IM Broadway,Ll Frank llnmpkrers, •! Koval Kt. ixl Meld. William. * t'o., Augusta, Oa. B*l Woods, Montgomerv, Ala.. Thoesas ftil Uslcigb, N. (T. F. A. Tucker, RlebmtdJ Henry Wilson. Petersburg. Va., Aguqll Agrnl* WantedL REMINQTOM Art MdbtSuuM And Ibe Trade ficacn Vest Pr>ekct Pistol, Ko. H Cartridge, Repealing Pistol, (Elliot pU) No. ft n Repealing Pistol, (HIM pi. j Mo. HCI Pdrket Revolver, ( Keif (,'nekwg.) ] New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading] Police Revolver, Mavy Stis Calibre, - Bell Revolver, Navy Hit* Calfbre, I Belt Revolver, (Kvlf Oodrlng.) Ruvy f ; Raw Revolver, SS-1W ia. Calibre, Arrnv Revolver, 44-ISM la. Calibre, (ion Pane, using Mo. SI Cartridge, Revolving Hide, M A 44-100 in. Calibre; Breech Loading K*fle, No. tt CarlrMgO Rroucb leading Carbine, No. 4d Cartel r. S. Rifle, t Btrel Barrel, > with Babe* I IT. B Rifled Musket, Springfield Palter? Single Barrel Hbot Unn. K. BKMINUTOM k ROMS, Imou, Musi AGENT*. Moore k Nichols, Mew Turk. Palnbera A Uacheldurs, linvias, John P. loorell. M &C. Cirubb k Co., Philadelphia. Itner k Trimble, Ualtlaaore. Henry Folsom k Co., M. OrWoos Me Mavaard Bros., (bltsg*. L. M. Rumser k Co., *Ht. L*ie. Albert K. Crane, Hun Frunclrco. yIT-ly,-Jyl7. NEW COAL Al LINKER YARD GREKN^rIS^A^SK WESTMINSTER, I HWTSn pwftctm) MTangowienl mrrj-ingon tbo Ub MS (Ml *,■!■ on Onwn Amt, at Ike Depot, Veetmi Hd., the Hiidenigtied tohae thia iweib eoUeititig the feli—g, wf tfce nuldic. will have on hand, and be prepared li at all limes at tba loweat eneh prions I aappljr of taaaonad fod, Ad, M Flooring, WandweVaerdlm, Sidiu Hmntling. Utha and B mid all other Material kept in a > Lumbar TdF.j He will also keep fer aala Beahen, Nut and Hen COAL, from the wR I Sknmokin Mil,, ~ at Ute luwaal I Bates. It; prompt atlenliow In bwaiagga, fa mi the heel aitirlee in the Marital, and, all in hie power to anenmmodata mate he hopes I* command a rbara ef | patronage. EDWARD f.TW frbl Ijr ’ r~" r~z Ha. STamuxD’Jl D am romc. and oLiSS > n tighten the atomaeh sad nerwena tf It ia-h osrtaia reined; fee Dnpepeis < digrriioa, Nervonaaene, UnTaTlm Aridity of the Hlemadi, Wwmlenn; ndl hilitr. It i, not ntroholie, tberefetn, ulartr auiled foe Weak, Karroo. mV peptic penona. For tale by all Dn> ermywbada at SI per bottle. Jaal! Lgi Hi** la wart sated to be the awl; atapai it news ttreare oonsumptioo, brrmrbitla,aw* eeonp. J prepend bom honey tMtafejll tmilarly miitahle Ibr STISSSIjI "♦JN*#. I-So oh; ;r tuj the wont camt of Mind aad MaaSdg Itgire Immediate relief, aalaihaWb nent cure. Try it dfoaetly. It la wal llonaa Kaaptag Ailiafea,