Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 7, 1867 Page 1
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fHE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. THWk 11. siasw u. tßahsiiarr 1 i J . i :UL. .A . - Til DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, fH. If. Hifffor nnd Proprietor, v Nu. 9 Caiuuujl llu l. T%* rm'RSI'AY MOUN-IXn, m.J fimu^eS ♦Mnlxicrili'T* .1 M.OO prt Innnm. In idvancr. If aulpul in Two IMlnri will l' fcargad. No paper will W li*ffti4iiued until J nr* paid, at our own !>*•. IMS* 9F AUVBiiTISINH. I njirart. 1 insertions, ouch MiUioqucut ••ariiun <£, cruUi 1 4uaTo t!in* months 14.40, MiMuth' *C. IKisineaa (Ml of m hnm, r per annum, s*. Mer katU an t yfW iniMucs* men, including ka paper; One fourth of a column. par a tar. slVOft Half a column, '* *2 f >.oo Oaa column, t “ 40.00 HAND HILL*. L %$L" f :l f,r ■’*' ?1 f,,r 1 "" f>r ai. forvNi, $2.76 ' If MliaM. “ .l. A.OO Valuable Farm at Private Sale. ■nab suWrlUr. finding it inconvenient ■l 4o mwiiftwht* Mo form*. otfiws at l*ri- 1 CUHaI (im KAHM. adjoining the one an Ml*d* he in Tnnertora Wat Hgt, ' ItrrvUcount)-, Nfd., aMui i mflunS. W. of i HtalATUiwn fin fliy road kudour from &aid < \v*M l V Vroiarkk h> ri|M Crack. ‘ TS ACRES OF LAND hTISa mpd Is umdlwj and produces > —Hp*<\lSrvl lo uhv l !KI mnghWhoml— I wrJl tpnui over, inoftlof it < rum wiliiiu u fow >*ufe TWe arc about | JkOiUiS iiW- WOODI.ANO. ♦ good ateing timber. wiuly iuh n<l Wnlinit.-- In* a Mificiant rfunntkr of M#nlow. , The tmpmnr, •it lim|hf of u good fult : house, mwk by .1:1 feet, with large lino room*, and two | dMtttuKUNaaiK. rr a failing Spring nf gnp.l wal. r ; , wnaje Bonn’; Wajrnn Shivl; rufn I rib; Ttllafltfin i> uuder guml f*n |>S 1 lu* Un. iu * rchawl 9f Ik* f bmt Fruit; the a*lviU 'of wa f u* in •vary licit!; 1 id PinK ( reek fin* • ilirmi.-li tin* nlure. .Hi* .ai'juU-1 iu, a |Uhul wwabWiiood. r ta Alula. Sch'*4 find Cburcbce j ami HM|t nitla* fr>m thaiinr tt th UViorn Aryfcaa'l Uaii nal as pro-pa*<fd t, lrx , |M: THmfTlVral. and utada to aull yurcka > 1 itl'lrwi A tkf Mi’i*cr‘lK-r, at Tarutytwwa V. Carri*iiuamv -\W. iep*i if WILLIAM SHAW. PRIWTFi SALK. MsttRES OF UNIT I Ihr UmU Jar.rh lUukerd and Amlrfv aaa, ami within halt a milw ( 11 ran I tern < Hoa. Wivfr*m Md Itntlroad. \ l:;rv- HfW t *T It In (H-pjLrntß TtHyßll Afti.nnJls troll waten-t! mu! uaUi-vfuutl U in improved wkii . i u A InVft 1.04 i lacUtuK Douse syHggt I Wlfifkii. ' .U jiun-Wn il'lUmirmli fiWi-nl MrmJuig Uw buililmn U bnv i U butt.. . . . n.'l'MtirmShm*. * •" RlWI.Uin I.HMM. I DOOR ftNO Factory. r,v ataiasi nffTio'llnilroiMi, bail* Unulavlwi 'A:' * .- .i rmmtH, aMWf M o Baibßti;, tptnmum in Mr !..• a any li if w e ana unli tha tf Jcftn's Patent Amei lean koontzT nSHFR I SCHiEFFFR - ' MM^^|n... immlmt .mii i.i W*. Wdr rf WESTMINSTER Ml). THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7 M7. PROSPECTUS OF THE Weekly Vallonnl Intelligencer OF WAfIHINOtON, D. 4J. Tn compliance with numerous solioilations. The Weekly National intiilligenei'r bnsl>uen resumed It will be ftmuh enlarged. and will le. in tout. ono of thr largest Weekly Newspapers published in thin country, ft will Imb printed with new aiui clear tyfKi. on •strong fine, wlute paper, and will contain more reading matter than auv weekly pub lished south of New York, Its columns will he devoted to News. Litcrntore, Comroejrc, Agriculture, the Industrial Arts, the Inter- CM* of Religion, and Political Affairs. It will contain regular Reports of Con fressionnl BrerucdmM and Depart inpufal ,Vws. ;ud tlifialoai Forafin and Domesti. Alark'-ts. In each of It* departments special often tion will )* "ir< ■v*? il>|li aid inmerous corps of adkofSi and nptfr&Ht b provide the Litrit, interest big. and reliable imtrlli nr nr*, and to mnVc the Weekly National Intelligencer in every respect <i JirH clua Shtioftal Vet rtpttprr. Maintaining tin* just constitutional powers of the General Government ..n the one hand and tho reserved rig his of the Statue <>n thr other, confident that in? Unioai onu l>* pre ■"jrted only w hile the rights of wh Miall !*• respected by both and not transcended by cither, the Weakly National lnWiligenoi r will advocate Uie. reslumiiou of the Southern Stutes to tlieir place in the Cniou, on Uie basis ofajust and equal rear* ton totion in the Notional Lrgudaturo ana the electoral ami will urge social ai.d aodiooal pacification and reconciliation as the mean* of restoring harmony and pnnqierity to all pMrU of the country, fend Uie proper devil opment of its vast agricultural, mineral and industrial resource*. In addition to its value as a miscelUuicous nuw|iap-r, the Weekly National luteliigeneor will in every respect supply the place of a XtUionni Union ot'Mtiyujn itHprr. It will he only tceeJdjf pub Udufan of this churw lcr published tU thr feat of fJorernmeni. ft rest* with (befriend* of the L’nioii and tho Constitution to secure to this paper a Circulation that shall enable il to sprcad the truth and to arouse the (m --triotic impulse* of tin* people in every State, county, hamlet, and HrCsblc where truth and palrioUitm an; appreciated. Tsaas, lavaai*aa.v is Asrasrat One copy, one year $3 Oo Three copies, one tear. to one post effiee 7 50 Fi*e copies, one year ... 1? Oo fen copies. 01m year 2> Do For the Ilailv lutellWncer 10 0“ For thu Tri wewkty fnu lligen* er 0 0 Sulwerihem should forward with their , name* the Post Office. County, and .State I*, which the paper is to lie ■••nt. Whenever convenient I’oilll Money Or dura will Ih- the safest mode of tfausmltthig money. All eommnniention? should he add reused U > < SNOW. CO VLB A CO., j Publishers National Intelligencer, I Washington, D. C. I go NOTICE. Clocks, JEWELY, SILVER PLATED WARE. BFKUTAOI-KS, SIhVKU, OUU). IXATEDA STEEL WATCH CHAINS, \ AT MOORE'S Jewelry Store, Near Kail Rood, Westminster. •3L W nidus*, Clocks, and .Jewelry, care fully Repaired and warranted. WILLIAMMOORE. June 14. && A. H. HUBER W ff*"' ' t.. Hi UtM \ U..VK1.,) No. *4 Carroll Had, \\ estminsU-r, lU'AUSU IK VUCdS, UIXMJC.ILS. vatt:S T mvviast:*. user .utru i.t:*. I'RKrUMEIiI , Jx. pnvsiriAN'S’ ruiisciarrioNS mmi, and accurately compounded. llepol for the mnmiiaclurc of // KHiSii'ti yrnp of fUacl. hrt ry Hooi. ouauq BOOTS & SHOES. JITKT received ntjd for nde a fresh and lorje ht of Philadelphia heat Tnktom Made ROOTS ANTI StIOF.S, iiayt of Ladles’ Polish Kid. M •roceo. I .listing. Oil Goat, Af., Ac., aH of which w!lf be sold at greatly n dneed prices, hv T. fl. BCKKRT. Rwnsnder the pine*, two donre West of Mw. WMrteer'i SfiHettcry Store, Wentmin tw, Md. dec‘ill SIOO SIOO SIOO SOLIMKRN KXTRA BOUNTIKS < >IUL>CI(I> BT At. 'BCHAEFFEJ|. Wcstniiustar, Md. SIOO ioo SIOO HEAD QItAWTEttS FOE HARDWARE. - ¥r rhnrtj TwM..S\rpeo f> tam tuid Ciwprt* %*!• N.iK rtn| (St wid Mill *••*. For*., ffttn>l!, TWw. HsKot, Cow .milVw CMKIA, In flu* ere rything kept in * well Wtgtflltf<fl Haeflwwr* Store. Mr long expemmewglvcMne adyw- UgalnlhUlino. "*■ rnmrsfSMmmv-> , (VpMg} OMetr'T 0 ” :Z^V I Z - bit CWi: ..6il CloihnJl i VCWWBMMi-IMg Kur fkrpeb., floor . r Oil Cloths. 4-4, 6-4, S-4 OU CIMW.. (or ml. m B.ltiuiore price,, by * * A.A I 4tfts> I* Reifsnider. a aImB GaMpKlf bluffers, Ac , ii SLEKIII BKLLS—Strapped and Look, for “I** • /oka L. Relfsaldwha. la PraKorvlng Our Inion, l,rt Ih be Carcmi l Prntrrr nlu Our Civil IJbrrtira. FOU THE UWFOnTONATE. BELL'S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warruntnd in all ea*cc. ftr the Speedy and Porinaacnt (’me of all 4lu(.a*u* arising from TrflVrriFlT. 1V DISCRETION*, Seminal Loca, Mjrhllr Rmtsidon*. and St-ncual I>ream; Oojiuh I'brtleal and Nervon* |)e>- hility. linpotvaca, (duet, Sexual DUea*es, Ac. Vo i liaiiftt ol DiH in kccesMitry. Th**y can I" 1 u*d without detection, and nevsr fail n> t a care, if uml according l in •trueilonc. Bell's Specific Pills, I'rinu One Dollar per Hot • or Six Boxes for Five Dollars: also barge llox-fl. rentalfling Four Sinai!. I'rUt- Tl.ree Dollars. Frum four (•• six hoxva an* generally requir ed t< core ordinary case* of .demlaal Wenkncs* and Haiisiltirt*^ though benudt ia derived from In Chronic rac*. and pnrHciilnrly when Tin poll uci- or (b'liiial Debflliy with Nervous Pros tration haa aQVi Uid the ayatm, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended a* the molt Efficacious, lie juvinating and Invigilating Uciacdy in the A Package, Price Five Dollar*, will last a month, and is generally aufficivni. In extreme eases of Drtiility and Impotence UKU/S EXTKKNAL KKMKDV, Price Two Dollars. •nlßcirnt for a month, can he list'd to good advantage. It give* Strength to the Organs, and, with the Fill*, will restore them to their normal A Pamphlet of lUO page*, on the KRKOKH OF YOn tf. d. -ign <1 a. a hectare and Caution to Young Men. soul free, Ten Cents required to pay postage. CAUTION! TIIO above Itwiiedie* hsve now been before the Public m*n v years, and their great success in llo* alli'vlstl' ii i.f human misery, has excited Ihg cupidity of sei ral parties, who us** the name “Specific PilU/ copy in v label*, circu lars and advertis. rocnla, someiime. word f..r word, ami put up worthies* compounds that disappoint tbejast purchaser If ynu cannot purchase lleu/s SfM inc Rtn nmM of your Druggist, take no other, hut send (hr towiev direct to Dh. JAMKB HRV AN, Cniisulting Physician, **l!l HroadwMV, New York, and you will receive them by return of mail, I ;mii paid, and free from obsenation. More Valuable Ilian t.old! Bryan's Life Pills Vi i:n r run m.oon, Uerunvo Ih-adache, Dixxiness, CJiiMim -s, Drow siness. \ npteasant Dreams, Dlnneaa of I Might, Indigestion. Clean,, the Sl*.m aeh and Dowel*, i Insure NEW MKK in the debilitated, and ( jfe./or* fA* Sick lo Pcr/tct Health. Purely Vegetable, ; Try them hthcjr wUs cost cent*, and if you eanrtot get sbrin nr vour Diuggisl. send the money to Da. JAM KM Hit VAX, Cunaulting Physician, Hlu 111 ottdw a\. New York. And (hey will be sent by return mail, post paid. t/V/XXNJ TO LADIES. If you require a reliable remedy to restore you, and remove Irregularities or Obstructious, j WIIV NOT FRK TIIK liffsT ? j Evorv Lady knows the slightest irregularity j uf nature * liable to bring 4.0 !!• atlaebe, (tld dlncas. Low Spirit*. Fainting. Hysterica, Ac.; | then tin* bloom of health (tub s. th appetiu* fail*, and other ay tuptuiii* more dUti vaaiag cow menee, a- W. axieSpinal Complaint, the White*. Prolapsus. Ac. Ac. A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY will be found in 7>r. Uartry t /Vi aUt PilU. Th" rTpurlcnrc of thirty veafs ha* proved they have fl" < 4|na| for Kemnvin** Üb*tructions and Iricgulaiiiiva, no matter from w hateausc they sriM'. Tb. v are Safe and Sure in every case. Upwards of:, 0,000 Boxes arc sold annually, and no complaint of their efficacy i* , ver heard, for they accomplish what they are represented to do. Sold in Hoxcs, containing Si*/* PHU. Price Uao Dollar. Dr. Fr„rr>y* Gohhn Pith 11-a remedy four degrees stronger than tho above, and intended foi* special cases of lung *(an ding. I*tice Five Dollars per Uox. A PRIVATE CIROULAK to Udiea. with fine AhaluinTVal Engravings, si'nt free ><n receipt uf direte4i envelop.' sndstamp. Buud for DR. LIAHVKV S PRIVATE MEDI CAL ADVISER, addressed to Feiaales-84 Mgcs—giving full instructions and information, lO ceuU required for postage. If you cannot purchase the pill* of your f Druggist, they will bo sent by mail, ;o*t paid, •genre from ‘observation, on receipt of the money, by !)s. JAMES DRY AN, Consulting Physician, July 12-ly. 81!) Urpadway, New York. ]>r.Bryan’s Medicines 1' Have on hand for sale the following rat able Medicines which are described in r. J. BktajUs advertisement in the “Dem. AdvortOo.’' i>r. Rell’h Snccific Pills, J u X)*:. Ilarvoy’a Female Pills. Dr. Bryaa’a Life Pills. 1 Pr. B’s. medicines can also be pro cured through the undersigned when rcqulr* od. A. H. HUHEK, Druggist, Westminster, Md. . nov 20, tf. - i VIIY G O PPM VKY GOODSn t Cloths, Caslmsrci. WMiaata, > Joans, Ac., Ao. A Urge .-upply and very- low in prior. Call before you purchase, at I J tor. *9. E, K. CIKKNAND’S. I fiuwaii SUGAR IJ A KINK lothf Brown and V'hito Rirgare, Just received at julyA as A. M. Warner's. — A LA!t<;F Stock of fivsh'onahle Bonnets 011 baud of oven- deacruitiun, and more arehfing i-onstantlv manufactured, which •r must ana will be sold hi very reduced prices. I dcclS Mrs. K. J. Shnacr. 4 SLEIGH RIDE. To the tune of * The Wake of Teddy thr TiUr. ’ .So thick the sleighs thro’ Main street flew, That 1 at lasi went after Bue> To see if she'd go sleighing too, Since all the folks were sleighing ! And Sue she answered up right guy, That if I'd hire a horse and sleigh, She warn’t the gal to say me nay, When she could g a sleighing 1 I straightway got of IT ilia A Young Tin* guinea! nag they ever strung To any cutter, box, or pung. Resolved to try the sleighing. It cost me all that 1 could earn In two (Uya'work—but then—gol dura! I reckon it was my concern, Since 1 must sue lo laying! Our toes are cold and noses blue, And I must cuddle up dose lo Sue, For she enjoys a snuggle too, When w go out a sleighing. Moon a hliiniug bright a* day, lielL a jingling all the way. No tinaH'ur more than two in a sleigh, When we go off a sleighing! The slurs they sparkle frosty bright, But Sue's eyes shine with a silverlier light. And we are in for a jolly old night When we go out a sleighing ! I say, old feller in that sleigh, You think to pass us in that way 7 This gurney nag hu answers neitjh! This ain’t thu spot wo stay in! Says I to Sue, “This cutting breeze II blows so sharp I know you’ll freeze*'- And so I give her an extra squeeze, When we go out a sleighing. Moon a shining bright as day, Hells make music all the way. And we tucked under the buffalo /retyA / As off we go a sleighing! At Shipman's there was such good flip, That Sue and 1 we took a nip,— And I inclined to staying! Hut Sue said Twas getting late- The flip wax getting in my pate, Twas lime for us to mizzle—straight And head for home, a sleighing. I gave that auiniilu the ruins— It was a caution lo “owl trains”! That hone cun “go in” when it rains, ( And when he goes a sleighing ! Muon ami star* get out o' the wuy ! | CVokr the track, you one-bo*a allay, Ur else there'll he the dickens to pay— 1 For Sue and 1 are sleighing! We’ll show you how to cut a dash !” I And thou there comes a thundering cro. li 1 The pung ha* gone to total suiosh, As we are out a sleighing ! j Hells a ringing all the way— Sue and moonlight—ain't it gay ! Hut O the hill for a broken sleigh la added to the sleiglung! A Thrilling Adventure. It was about the year 1805 that 1 settled in Virginia, near the falls of the Kanawha The country, at that time, was an unbrok’en wilderness But few settlements had been made by the whiles and they were so far apart as to render vain nil hopes of assistance in case of attack from hostile Indians, uum j hers of whom still infested the neigh borhood. I lived there alone with my I wife for several months unmolested,and ! by dint of perseverance, then young and hardy, had succeeded in making quite a clearing in the forest, which I planted with corn, and which promised an abun dant yield. One morning, after we had dispatched our humble meal, and just prepared to venture forth upon my accustomed rou lino of labor, my attention was arret ted by the tinkling of a cowbell iu the corn field. “There," said my wife, ‘ the cow is iu the cornfield." Hut the car of the backwoodsman be come by education very acute, especially

so. from the fact that his safely often depends upon the nice cultivation of (hat sense. I was not so easily deceived. I listened. The sound wa repealed “That," said 1, in reply to my wife’s remark, * was not the tinkle uf a bull upon the neck uf u cow, but a decoy from some Indian, who wishes to draw me into an ambush." Relieving this to be the case, I took down my old musket, and seeing that it was properly loaded, 1 stole cautious ly around the field toward the spot from which the sound seined to proceed. As 1 suspected, there iu a clump of bushes crouched uu Indian, wnitiug for me to appear in answer to his decoy bell, that he might send a fatal bullet to my heart. 1 approached without discoveiing myself to him until within shooting distance, then raised my piece and fired. The bullet sped true to its murk and the Indian fell dead. Not knowing but that he was accom * panied by others. I returned with all speed to the cabin and having firmly barricaded tho door, 1 watched all day for tho companions of tho Indian 1 hud killed. To add to the danger and seem ing hopelessness of my situatiou, I dis covered that I had but one shot left, and if attacked by numbers, 1 should be entirely in theiV power. Determined to do the best with the powder, I put it into the musket and then waited for tho approach of uight, feeliug sure of uu ulkick. Night came at last. A beautiful moonlight it was too, and favored me , greatly, us I would thereby be able to observe the inoveinenie of the enemy as they approached tho cabiu. It was some two hours after nightfall ■ and yet I had neither heard nor seen a J t ‘ sign of the Indians, when suddenly 1 was startled by the baying of-my dog at the stable. The stable stood a little to the west of the cabin, and between the two was a •••ifeh of clear ground on which the light of the moon fell uuob strutted. Judging from the noise at the stable that they would advance from that direction. I posted myself at the port hole uu that side of the eshiu. I had previously placed my wife on the cross pole iu the chimney, ao that in case our enemies effected an entrance into our cabin, she might climb out through tha lower chimney aud effect her escape. For myself I entertained no hope ; but determined to sell my life dearly. With breathless anxiety 1 waited at the port hole. At length I saw them emerge from the shadow of the stable, and advance across the open ground to ward my cabin. Oue—two—throe— gre it heaven! six stalwart Indians, armed to the teeth, and urged on by the hope of revenge, and I alone to opposc thciu with one charge of powder. My case was desperate, indeed. With quick and stealthy steps, iu close, single file, they approached, and were already within a few yards of the house when a slight change in the movement of the forward Indian changed the position uf the six, so that a portion uf the side of each was uncovered. They were in range and oue aim would cover all. Quick as thought I aimed and fired. As the smoke cleared away I could hardly credit what my senses showed me as the result of my shot.— The fifteen slugs with which I had loaded the musket had done their work well ; five of the six Indians lay dead upon the ground, and the sixth had dis appeared. Although no enemies were now in sight. 1 did not venture forth until morning. There lay the bodies uf the five Indians undisturbed, together with ! the rifle of the other. Securing the arms and ammunition of the fallen In j dians. I followed up the trail of the I missing one until I reached the river, beyond which point I could discover no trice whatever. From tho amount of 1 blood which marked his frail, together I with an unmistakable evidence that he ' had picked his way with difficulty. 1 ! was led to believe that he was mortally wounded, and in order to prevent his j body fulling into the hands of the white j foe. he had groped his way to the river and thrown himself iu the current which had borne it away. The Indians had killed my cow. and j that you may be assured, was no trifling , loss, yet iu my gratitude for my escape 1 ; from the merciless savages, I would ; have made greater sacrifices. I was well provided by means of arms and rnnniu- I ill it ion taken from the six Indians, in I 1 case of a second attack, but this fortu ; nately proved to be my lat Adventure with the savages. Not one of the band I had escaped to tell the tale and incite | , his brethren to revenge the death of his comrades. “Ah I" exclaimed the old mao, while tho tears gushed from his eyes at the memory of that eventful night, “that was a glorious shot—the best I ever made!” An Ingenious Robbery. Many years ago, a young man, who was as some people say, “very green," went into London, lie had a guinea, of which ho was very proud. Some of his friends told him that the j pickpockets of London would rob him ol Ills Money. They were very export in robbing people of llicir purses and watches This young man conclude! he would not carry his guinea iu his pocket or his purse, but—where do you ' think? Why, in his mouth! lie ’ walked along the street, looking at the wonderful things that were to be seen 1 in the show windows. He kept his 1 eyes wide open, aud his mouth, too. — ■ lie could have seen without opening 1 j his mouth ; but some people do now, us be did thru, keep both mouth and eyes ’ opeu. As he stalked ulo:ig, a little ooy rushed up against him and let a number 1 of pennies dr on on the (lavement. Tm -1 mediately sow* kind hearted Demons began to pick up the peunics and hand them to him ; but he cried out, louder ’ than ever. “1 don’t cure about the ‘ pennies; where is my guinea?" A man, looking very much like a gentleman, said : “What ar*. you crying shout, my little man V* “Oh," said he, “I’ve lost my guinea.” 1 “Why,” said the man, • there it is in that booby's mouth 1" 1 “You rascal,” exclaimed the bystand ers, “give the boy bis guinea." 1 In vain did he declare it was his own. r The people standing around made him ' deliver tho guinea over to the boy.— L The man hud seen the guinea in the 1 mouth of the country youth, and hired 1 the boy to play this trick. I suppose 2 tho man got tho greater part of the 1 money. Indian Mu pe rat I lion. 1 A peculiar superstition exist* among ' all the Indians of the Pacific coast, and )’ is adhered to with such tenacity os to i be a groat obstacle lo their civilisation. - AVhenever a death occurs in one of their houses they leave it and burn the buil -< ding No efforts of tho agents have T been able to eradicate this foolish cub -3 tom. 80 long as this superstition exists t among them it will be difficult to im r ' prove their condition by inducing them 1 to reside in permsnent homes, and (boa adopting the first step necessary to their I civilisation. Occasionally a family evade c what they consider the fatal consouuen -0 ces of a death by removing the sufferer s before he expiree to some outside tern . porary hut erected for the purpoee II Thus, by adopting an expedient which a tho agents have taught them, they 1 sometimes save their residences at the g cost’ of the less expensive building, c which if always destroyed by firo. A tihoat Story. That sparititions do not always wan der without sufficient esuse, is proved by the well atteste i fact which we give below : Last Tuesday fortnight, as Mrs. a lady of rather literary taste and stu dious habit, sat reading in the drawing room, the clock on the mantle piece struck ttcrUr ; us the lost stroke rever berated through the aparimeuta the door was flung wide open ! In the act of raising her head to repel tho intru sion (unrung for) of her servant, her • yes rested on the form of her lute hus band ! Sbt screamed and fell senseless on the carpet I This brought up such members of the family as had not retir ed to rest; restoratives were administer ed. and when Mrs had regained her suspended faculties, and being a woman of strong mind and highly cul tivated intellect, she felt disposed to consider the whole distress she bad undergone as the result of certaiu as sociations between the melancholy tale she hud been perusing aud her late loss operating on a partially deranged ner vous system She. however, consider ed it advisable that her maid servant should repose iu her chamber, lest any return of what she considered u nervous affection should distress herself and a larm the family. Lust Tuesday night, feeling stronger and in bettor spirits than she has been for several months past, Mrs. dispensed with the pre sence of hor attendant, retired alone to Ler chamber, went to bed a little be fore ten o’clock Exactly as the clock struck hrrhr she was awakened from sleep, and distinctly beheld tho apa ra tion site had before seen, advancing from the table, on which stood her night lamp, till it stood opposite to and ; drew aside the curtains uf her bed i She describes her very blood retreating with icy cbillness to hor heart from ’ every vein. The countenance of her j beloved in life wore* not its benevolent I aspect ; the eyes once beaming with | affection, were uow filled with stern re- I gaid on tho trembling, huif dissolved 1 being, who, with tho courage of desper ation, thus adjured him, “Charles I dear Charles I why arc you come again V* “Jessie/’ slowly aud solemnly anpira : ted the shadowy form, Waving iu his hand a small roll of writing paper, \ “Jeuir, pay my nnrKixtprr accounts ami 1 | let me rest in peace I" i New away of licit lug a Drink. i A good joke is told on one uf our 1 clever saloon keepers, which ia too full | of genuine humor, -under pressing cir- I cuinsuneca/’ to be lust ; A short time ago a representative of j j the Greeu Isle stepped into the saloon j of the person above alluded to, and with I u countenance full uf inquiry, said : “An have you got any good rye whis key “Vos, very good ; the best iu town," said the saloon man. “An have you got any half-pint bot tles, my good man “Yes." was the reply. “Ah' will you please to fill one with your beat rye whiskey for me V “Of course," aid the obliging dealer; and after reaching for the required flask and spending a full ha f hour iu cleaning it. repaired lo the cellar, drew half'u piut of his Bourbon, and presen ted it to the gentleman in waiting. “Fat" look the buttle, raised it to his lips, swallowed about half of its con tents, and then, after making the ap propriate face over it, said in a very confidential tone : “Will you phase sit this to one side i till I call for it ?" The saloon keeper, “smelting a large sited rat trap full of small mice," care fully stowed away tho saief half-filled bottle. The follow never called for it, but took this novel way of obtaining u drink. taftukey, so Called. If the temperance societies would publish the revelations recently made us to the way in which whiskey is man ufactured in New York, it would have more effect ou the cause than volumes of didactic reasoning, is is conclusive ly shown that men whose digestive or gans arc nut iron clad cannot drink the liquor of ni(dern times with impunity. The manufacturer is not content with making a harmless imitation, but is led by avarice to reduce the strength of the alchohol one half by adding water, put ting in fiery substances that the decep tion way not be discovered. Thu* the liquid burns the throat of the drinker, who is thereby led to believe that it is strong. The receipt generally used is as follows: To 40 gallons common whiskey add 30 gallons water, 0 gallons tincture of Guinea pepper, 1 quart tincture of kcllitory, 2 ounces acetic ether, li gallons strong tea. To improve the flavor of this whiskey add three ounces pulverised charcoul, > and four ounces ground rice to a gallon of spirits, letting it stsud for s week, and stirring it every day. That was u smart youngster who, hearing his mother remark that she was , food of music, exclaimed, Thso why don’t you buy me a drum ?' Au Irishman, on hearing of a friend ' having a stone coffin made for himself, exclaimed : ‘By my sowl and that’s a 1 good idee. Hurt and a stone coffin 'ud ' last a man a life time/ What is tho difference between s bel le snd a burglar? One wears false 1 locks, and the other false keys. t What is the difference between a t battered dime and a new penny? Nine cents. TERMS-*1.30 IX IDTIRCI Advice lo Marriageable Girls. If a man wipes bis feet on the door mat before coming into the room, you may be eure he will make a good do meetic husband. If a man, in snaffling the candies, snuffs them oat, yon may be sure he will make a stupid husband. If a man pats bis handkerchief on bis knees while taking his tea, you may bo sure bo will make a prudent husband. In the same way, always mistrust the man who will not take the last piece of toast, or Sally Lunu, but prefers wait ing fofthe next warm batch. It is not unlikely he will make a greedy, selfish husband, with whom you will 'eojoy no ■ brows” at diaper, no eruat at lea, no peace whatever at home. The man, my dears, who wears goloshes, and is care ful about wrapping himself up well be fore venturing into the night sir, not unfrequcutly makes a good invalid’hus baud, that mostly steps at home, and ia easily comforted with slops. The man who watches the kettle, and prevent! it from boiling over, will notfail, my dear*, in bis married state, in exercising the same care in always keeping the pot boiling. The man who doesn’t take lea. ill-treats the cat, takes snuff, and stands with his back to the fire, is a brute whom I would notadviaa yon, my dears, to marry upon any consid eration, cither for love or money, hut most decidedly not for love. Bat the man who, when the tea is over, is dis covered to have had none, is sure to make the best husband, i alienee like ilia deserves being rewarded with the best of wives and the best of mothers in-law My dears, when you meet with such a man, do your utmost to marry him. iu the severest winter he wonld not mind going to bed first. "1 Don't Relieve That Engine Mill Squeak Again.” A physician says that be was going down the Mississippi, some monlbs since, on a steamer whose engine was upon the deck, and lie sauntered in that vicinity to see the working of the ma chinery. Near by stood a man appa j really bent on the same object. In a lew moments a squeaking noistr was neard on t he opposite side of the en gine. Seising the oil can, a gigantic j one by the way, the engineer sought j out the dry spot, and to prevent further noise oi the kind, liberally applied the | contents ol b;s can to every joint. AH j went on well for n while, when the squeaking was heard in another direc lion. The oiling process was repeated, I and quiet restored j but us the engineer i was coming quietly - around towards the spot occupied by * the doctor and the stranger, he heard another squeak i his time he detected the true cause of ! the difficulty. The stranger was a ven j triloquiet. Walking directly up behind him. he seized the astonished joker by the back of tho nock and emptied the * contents of the can down hit spine. ‘ There 1" said he, ”1 don't believe that engine wiU squeak again.” I’roteet (be Tree*. The orchard demands but little care at this season of the year, yet there is one point that owners of young orchards should not overlook, and that ia the in jury which mice or rabbits may effect. A hint in season may he worth *a great deal to some. There are several meth ods of protection, gas tar may be ap plied. Some think it injurious to yowng trees, hut it is not, unless used in 100 Urge quantities. Smearing the trees with blood or fresh liver is another method; a shield may he format! by cutting cornstalks into pieces a foot or two iu length and tying them around the base of the trunk witn twine.— Many ways of protection will be sug gested lo the watchful owner. Go out and examine your young orchard, tram ple down the snow dose to tho trees, and destroy the harboring places and roads of thevermin. —Rural W Yorker. Ft* Hinting in Minnesota.— Says a recent Isaac of the Minneapolis (Minn) Ckrtmmil: Mr. By fin id, a merchant of this city, has returned from an extended trip on tho frontier, where he has purchased several thousand duilurs worth of fur. We learn from hits, that sineethu metn ory of man, far has nerer ben so plenty as this year. The absence of , the Indians has made the hunting fields of Minnesota bloom with animals whose pelts are gold mines for tho trapper*. Mr. Byfield say* double the quantity of fur is taken, up to this time, over 1 any previous year in the State.” “Is it possible, Misa, that yon don't know the names of some of your beat friends f" inquired a gentleman of a la dy. “Certainly,” she replied, "I don't know what my own may boa year hence." , “Why did Joseph's brethern east him into the pit asked a Sabbath [ sWlool teacher of hia class. “Because,” replied a precocious young Udy, “they ’ thought it a good opening for the young man. , A malicious poetaster rhyme* thw t r “How brave e soldier Butler was, let this one fact reveal, that even silver spoons and forks, were worthy of hi* I steal.” i Gold and silver fish are now the faeh | ionuble pels in Parisian bouses, and 80, 000 francs’ worth wore purchased last ?• , Lebanon, Ohio, has nine churches to 3,500 inhaditanta, and Marietta, Ohio, 17 churches to 7,000 people. i —, - t What is handsomer and higher when the head it off? A pillow.