Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 7, 1867 Page 2
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1867. BalUune (barter Election. The election of Mayor and City Coun ctla of Baltimore, which u to hare Vooßa off yeaterday, the 6th hut., has - been diapenied with, at leaat for the , preaent, by the repeal of the law paaaad this aeaaion for the purpose It u said that the lav waa gotten up rery hastily, and that it vaa found, since ita passage, to be so defective that it could hardly stand the judicial test to which it was ! Rifely to be subjected. It is bum'dia- . *ting ; but it is a thousand times better to acknowledge error at once than to ! plunge further into it. We confess that we had our misgiv ings from the first, iu regard to the propriety of this measure; but, not pro fessing to know ns much abont ita ne cessity as the people of Baltimore, and the State legislature, we held our pence. Now, since we hare got back again to the Statu quo, we must say that wo wowld prefer to see no renewal of the attempt. It is very true that our | opponents, under similar circumstances would not leave our friends in office fire minutes where the legal pretext wee not half so good; bat we mast recollect that the two parties occupy very differ ent positions. The apparent majority in every Northern State, and nearly all of au unscrupulous Congress, are in | their favor; whilst our party in the , Union is just emerging from the con-, dhion of a hopeless minority. They hare still the prestige of suppled toy-1 operate in their favor on the . public mind ; whilst our party is still j regarded with aospicion by many honest but unreflecting persons. It is ncccs-: sary for ns to wait patiently until our ! good character is firmly established In the public mind; and till the same pub , lie have discovered that the Radicals ( have all along been trading on fictitious i capital. They must decrease whilst we j j jhis copies by slow pro- \ cess out of our prudence and their im prudence We should not be presump tuous. That is characteristic of our opponents; and it has helped us greatly Wt know that it is hard to endure the wrongs and outrages to which our peopje have been subjected for years; bat, at the same time, we should not I forget that these things hare grown out °f * terrible civil war which unsettled everything, and that time has not yet been allowed for all our people to return to their right minds. This State of* things has been quietly endured for i years for the sake of the public good; { and now, whilst we have been gaiuiog 1 ground, and everything is working out a owe in due process of time, we should not endanger sucoess by appearing to be 100 eager, and thus alarming the public mind. Rather than drive off the timid : 0 Conservatives, who may begin to think cur party, when in power, full as revo lutionary as the Radicals, it may be hrttjr to allow Mayor Chapman and the I Councils to enjoy their ill-gotten offices i for the short term of their election. We have no doubt that our party iu , Maryland has the strength to carry out the project; and, if none others than ourselves were concerned, it would bo well enough. The whole couutry is watching our course; and if, by passing laws to legislate even warpers out of office, wc give them a chance to resist, and embroil our land in civil war by in. vokiog Congressional interference, wc maybe deservedly censured. Tbc State j of Mary lan^ip^rlnch has been so far re- 1 deemed, has iu part to play in the gr*nd drama. President Johnson is now the main hope of the country; yet he is compelled to act chiefly on the defensive. Iu that is bis strength; and so with the State of Maryland. It ahowkl not show the slightest opening to tho adversary, who is anxious to use any advantage. Time and patience may pttt our country right again. Let us not deprive our people of the chance by too great precipitation. * ifUMir'i Home Magazine. Tho February number of thissterliog Monthly has been received, “The Snow Storm," is an excellent Copper plate Engraving. Tho “Fashions” by Mad amu Demurest, and other engravingH arc superior. The reading matter al ways good. T 8. Arthur A Co. 811 Chestnut St Philadelphia. 82 59 per year, three for $5.00. Death of a Legislator. Henry S. Magraw, Esq., a member of the House of Delegates from Cecil County, "died ia Washington City on the lot init.. from an apoplectic attack. He wot buried at West Nottioghui#. Cecil County, on Tuesday. His dt ••ease was noticed appropriately in the Legislature on Friday ’ Hagerstown Mai/, which wa* completely destroyed by the disastrous fire of the 27th. ult., continues to be regularly issued by the aid of iu cour teous cotnmporsries; and will soon be completely refitted—one of the ooierp ri- j eipg proprietors having gone to i hila dclphia and New York to pur chafe* Presses, Type 4c. Tho Mail was in. j sured to tho amouet of 12500. MJTh* ifo*.VTn.V. HattHUoe, ha; been elected President of the Hagers- j f*rwu Bank in place of Mr. Roman dc * ceased. * } THE LEQIiLiTIRE* Go Friday last the Senate repealed the law providing for an election in Baltimore City on the 6th Inst., by a vote of 19 to 1. Mr. Tome Cecil only in the negative. It wan sent to' the House immediately but tho minority there proved fractious, and a three fourths vote could not be obtained to adspend the rules to consider it. Con sequently it had to lay over till Monday. The miuority were very unreasonable, professing that tho law whs an outrage j yet they would not allow it to be re- ] | pealed ; and finally wanted to bargain ■ ! their votes for the measure, if the new | 1 Jury law for Carroll. Frederick and j Washington counties waa abandoned.— | On Monday their aid would not bo re ! quired The Jury Law above mentioned wc have not yet seen ; but think that it requires the selection of about 300 tax able citisens of each county by the Judge of the Circuit Court, from which list tho Grand and Petit Jurors are to be drawn. It is opposed bitterly by tho Frederick county Delegates, who would | rather let the Sheriff name tho jurors | Mr. Carmichael gave notice that the ! Judiciary Committee had a general bill { of the kind for the whole State. This ‘ wc would prefer, if a well considered j bill, as we dislike anything looking j like partial or more partisan legislation. | | Though the present bill cannot be so I j termed in regard to Carroll the Judge ’ j and Sheriff being of the sumo political | party. ! The House on Mon Jay, by a vote 63 j J yeas, nays none, passed the bill from the j | Senate repealing the act to elect a ma- i yor and city council of Baltimore ou the sixth of February. Therefore no cloo • tion will be hold at that lime. The Senate bill to prevent the sale of color cd convicts was also passed, and is-be- j . come a law. Among other bills passed • 1 was to authorise tho commissioners ! jof Dorchester county to * u bßCribo to j ; the stock ot the Drchestef find Dola- 1 ware Railroad Company, and another In : relation to the drawing of juries in * Frederick, Washington and Carroll ■ | counties. The resolutions complimen tary to the Hon. Reverdy Johnson,} i United States Senator from Maryland, j were adopted. Tho committee on elec-1 i tiona reported iu the Allegany county ! election cases in favor of admitting Mcs- \ srs. Devccmon and Brydco, two of the 1 contestants, in place of Messrs. Gilpin and Haller, twu of the sitting members, i Iu the Senate, on Mihday, Dr. Bil-| I lingslea moved to suspend the rales and 1 take up the bill to incorporate the West-1 i minster Gas Light Company—Carried i The bill was then read a third time and passed. Veas 16, nays 0. The special order, the bill making an appropriation for a monument to tho ! late Chief Justice Taney was taken up It was opposed by Dr. Billingtlea, of i Carroll, in some emphatic remarks.— | Mr. Davis moved to strike out the name ! I f Mr. Taney and insert that of Mr. 1 . Chase; and Mr. Billingslea moved to I insert the name of Henry Winter Davis I —both of which amendments were lost I of course. A motion to give the bill ! a third reading was lost—yeas 14 nays 5. j A Pair of Fetoe*. Last week the President returned to 1 Congress with his objections the Bills I to admit the Territories of Colorado and I Nebraska as States. This is the second j attempt to admit these States, the first | having been frustrated by executive j action last session. The object appears * to be to admit tho four Radical Senators now waiting at \\ ushington to represent , these new States, still further to assure | the success of Radical schemes. It ■ would place these new Slate} on an ■ equality ia the Senate with States hav-1 ing mill ons of inhabitants, whilst Col. | orado has less than 28,000 inhabitants, i Nebraska about 50,000. The ratio for j a single Representative in tho lower I Homro is now 127,000. In both those Territories the people ! have persistently opposed the ollowaucc of Negro suffrage, yet the Radicals in Congress have determined to admit them aa States with a proviso to allow such suffrage, thus overruling the will of their people. Besides this, the House of Representatives of Colorado bns pro tested against their admission as a Btate. on the ground of tho inability of the people to support the expense of u State Government. In Nebraska there wh ■ but 100 majority, out of a veto of 7,770. ' i for admission as a Stale, rendering it '< doubtful whether they now desire ud- j mission. The Prcsidciit has done his duty, and . wc hope Cftngrc-stj may again be foiled in this unscrupulous scheme to gain i hi ill grtufvr power to carry through ! tlioir me.isoros. 9&r Hurt'. Philip Johnson, Democrat j ic member of Congress, from North arop- I to* county P.. 11th. Congressional District, died si Washington City, on j Thursday lost, pf conge ition of the liver, ■•god 49 years. Documents. I Gar Representatives, Dr. J. L. Bil-1 j lingrloa, Senator, and Wm. A. Wamp- j ; lr. Esq., of tho House of Delegates j 1 will accept car thanks for Documents j l*ent. Death onion. E. I*. C hamberi Notwithstanding the feeble health of Jodge Chambers for tho past few Months, the announcement of his death on Wednesday lost, about two o'clock, startled oar community. On Sunday hut he attended Church, and on Monday was is z more cheerful mood than for some days; Wednesday morning he was attacked with violent pain in the stom ach, of which ho was finally relieved, and laid down to sleep ; in a short time it waa discovered that he struggled slightly, and almost in a moment ex pired. The immediate cause of hi* death was, doubtless, disease of the heart. Thu* has passed from our midst. ' one of Maryland’s most gifted sous ' | Physically, ho was weak during hi* ' whole life, but the indomitable vigor of j his mind, which he preserved to tho ’ last moment*, carried him through a life oflnbor and many accidents, such a* few men wou’d have so long survived Hid he lived till the 28th of February he would have been seventy-nine years of ago. Of his public career we have no need to speuk ; ho was known in every hamlet of the *A a pri vataVßitrn he was hospitable, generous, social and the centre of a large circle of frieuds. Devotedly attached to his Church, (Episcopal) he was a soalou* Christian. Ho generously gave a large of hia time to Washington Col , of which institution he was Presi -1 dent. Born, reared and educated in j our county, and identified with all it* | local interests for more than half a con \ tury, the vacuum created by his death | will not soon be filled, or tho memory *of hi* many virtues easily fade.— Chert. i Kent Co. M(f. } Transcript. The Latent fashions. j Since tho invention and successful | introduction of tho Celebrated Duplex I Elliptic [or double] Spring Hoop Skirt j by Mr, J. W. Bradley, of New York, the ladies throughout the country have | given up the idea of discarding the fashion of wearing hoop skirt* on account of the peculiar and graceful manner in which the Duplex Skirt* adapt them-, selves to every exigency aud emergency. , So generally acceptable have these j Skirts become that tho ladies regard {them as a special favorite, in view of i tho superior Flexibility, Lightness and ; j Durability Combined iu their Mannfac-. I taro. They also consider thorn a far 1 more Economical and Comfortable Hoop ; j Skiru !!'* a ever has or can be made for 1 ’ Assembles, for the Prom enade or House Press. Any ) -, L after | • wearing one of these Sknw never j afterwards willingly dispense with u.vL r 1 use. Long experience in the mauufac- 1 ture of Hoop Skirts, has proven to the proprietors of this invention, that Sin-1 I gle-springs Will always retain that still. ; unyielding and bungling stylo which ; , has ever characterised them, whereas ; the Double Spring Hoop or the Duplex i Elliptic, will be found Free from these objection*. Notwithstanding the abili ty of the manufacturers, Messrs. West*. Bradley aud Cary, to turn out over six ; thousand Skirts per day from their ; Large Manufactories iu New York, they i feci obliged to request all merchants j ordering the Duplex Elliptic Skirt*, to • send their orders a few days before they are wanted, if possible,as they arc most constantly oversold sonic days ahead. DldflarKlcy blinder Tin* { Sewey Family f About thirty-six years ago a fatuity j by the name of Nowcy, consisting of ( seven persons aud residing iu the ex-1 trome north-western section of F red or i ick County, were murdered and their j bouse* burned to the ground. Bu*pi- ; | clous were directed toward* n man by ! tho name of Marklcy, a relative of the 1 murdered family, who had previously 1 been heard to indulge in horrible threat* j and he was arrested aud committed to ' Jail for trial. During the progress of j the trial such a mass of circumstantial j evidence was elicited aa loft no doubt j upon the minds of the Jury of his guilt ! and he was accordingly convicted of ! murder in the first degree, and hung ; ; protesting his innocence on the ga lows I with his last breath. I The Cincinnati ( Ohio ) Commercial ■ of January 17th 1867, contains a long statement in reference to this awful : tragedy, from a Physician who says he ‘ was recently called to the bedside of a i man who confessed to him that ho had murdered the Nowcy family and that ! Markly was innocent of the crime and ! unjustly hung. In our next issue tfo j j will publish the Doctor’s statement aud j the confession of tho man who declared | | himself the murderer of the Newcy faru- ; j ily only a few hours bcfqii hia death. — I Pro! I'livn. W j MrTke Beautiful Princess of Dcn ! mark and tho Young Carcwlteh of i Russia; Eminent American Divine*. ■in clod iig the Reverend Doctor* Ste vens, TKomaon, Durbin, McCHutock, i Morris, Janes, Simpson, Wbcdou, ; Ames, Natt, Elliott, and Haven ; also, j Hon. J. M. Howard, Capt. E. B. Ward. | and Kcri-Keri, an Australian Cannibal; I “Your Likeness,” by Rev. Dr. Weston, ! Self-Government; Pope's Essay on Man, cle., in February number Pheno log real Journal. Only 20 cents, or 82 a year- Address Fowler mid Wells. 389 Broadway, New York. Wc will furnish the “Phrenological | Journal,” and the “Dkmoouhc Ad- I vocatr” for one year on the receipt of i three dollar*. j Tun Cuoi.ECA IN Nn-.VUACI A.—Up j ■ to the 16th January 40 death* from I cholera were reported as having occurred j among the passenger* and UoitedSutcx I troops detained on the transit iu Nica-. ragut. The agent of tho steamer. Captain Merry, was mobbed by the pa ; hungers for allowing the Moses Ta>lor to sail for Sau Francisco without them, aud very narrowly escaped being killed. * ■ W“A telegram from Wheeling re- ! ports tho breaking up of the ice gorge in tho Ohio River at that point on Sat urday last. Several tUanm* broke looao from their moorings and were car- 1 I r *d ewij by tho current. Conaidorublc ! | damage ia also said to have been done. | At Ticksburp, Miss., last Saturday, a negro threw an old bombshell into i j tho fire to see if the powder was good. ' 1 [ The experiment oost him an arm and . 1 one side of bis face Bberlduu' Order. The Now York Nun speaking* of (lineral Sheridans order says, omoral .Sheridan has added nothing to his rep utation by refusing to allow the cilices* of Galveston to give a “civil escort, from the steamer to the can, to the remains of General Johnston. 4 ' It is true that Ocn. Johnston was a Rebel, and that he died in the cause of tfco Confederacy ; but the rebellion has pas* sod away, and we can sec no impropriety in allowing the people of the South to honor whom they please in a civil capa city. If the ’proposal had been to give miUVuj honors to the remains of Hen. Jtfhnston, the case would be different. | ! If the Confederate uniforms, flags, or any other appurtenances of the rebel- ■ lion were to nave been displayed on the occasion, then the action of (Jen. Sheri- I dau might be justified Hut ho far as j nppeani from the correspondence, there t wan to be nothing more than a civil cs- ( core a short distance through the city, j Docs General Sheridan or anybody else j propose to take from tho Southern peo ple the affection which they feel for fought and died by their side during the late war ? If the South had conquered the North, would not wo cherish the memory of oar heroes quite >•8 much as we now do ? Ocn. Sheridan's course is not calculated to hasten the era of fraternity and concord between . the North and South, and we fail to see i how it cau receive the endorsement of 1 sober, thoughtful and considerate | men. Tam ÜBiLMaif Ew rm by a , Don.—During the great storm last i week throe little children of Mr. Timo-1 thy Way, of Uiverdale, Gloucester, i Mast., while returning from school, be- j came bewildered and exhausted, and j were buried in the snow drifts, l orlu- | nalely. Mr. James Jeffs, accompanied I by his dog, was wending his way to the ; ! school-house to sec his children safely home, when the dog stopped at a drill and set up a loud barking, at the same ! lime scratching away the snow Mr. j | Jeffs suspected something was wrong, j - and commenced to dig away the drift,* i when he soon found the children, who j were nearly frozen to death. They were i , taken home, and by prompt care and at* 1 I tetition, resuscitated. Their cscspi from death was providential. Mad Cattle and Mad lloqb.—Wo j I stated some weeks ago that a dog belong- I ing to a Mr. Beall, then residing in , Clarksburg, in this county, had gone 1 I mad, and bad bitten Mr. Beall and a 1 boy riding w ith him. and n largo mini * of cattle, hogs *ad dogs. iu ti c ! neighborhood— B * nc ® which lime we J > learn the following pe-ous have had their stock attacked with hydx.l’hob;~ ; . T. Heall, one heifer; Drael Warfield. | ' two cows and a steer; John Par y cow ! and calf; Somerset Jones, nine hogs, , and Hr. W. Warfield, one steer. We have not heard that Mr. Heall or the boy suffered any inconvenience Ixum | the bite, both of whom having mediately to Pennsylvania and procured | medicine wlii' h is said to he an anti* | dote. —RnckvxiU MJ , Sentinel. .4rrrsl ( Princess Anne. On Wednesday evening, upon the arrival of the mail train ut Princess Anno, Md., Robert Lucas, alias Ous. ' * Dulany, (one of the four who are charg |cd with the murder of Mr. J. K Ro | berts, of Contrevillo, Queon Anne’s ' county, Md., and who broke jail about j a week ago,) was arrested at the instance j iof the conductor, and committed to, , Princess Anno jail, after being fully ; , identified by two gentlemen who have | known him for several years, lie dc uied his name, and gu c- tho above as being his proper n one. (Uus. Dulany.) | Upon being searched, a letter was dis- | covered which showed that his cones- • pondout (a female) was instructed to address him as Dulany. Tho letter, although torn considerably by him in the effort to destroy it altogether, is in the hands of the officer who made the arrest. BQuThcro remain for tho present session of Congress only twenty-six working days, and the Chairman of tho House Committee on Appropriations having failed in his pet political schemes and been deposed from his absolute i sway, appears to have boon suddenly

filled with extraordinary industry and anxiety to push through tho necessary j appropriation bills. The consideration ' i of those bill", except internal revenue, will bo concluded iu tho House this ■ week, but nearly all of them have yet ; ! mistake their course in tho Senate i j There will not be much timo loft for j ! either House, even with tho aid of night! 1 sessions, to linker upon political ones- I lions, whether in regard to recount rue ! tion, impeachment, tenure of office, or the suppression of the independence of i the Supreme Court.— Xat- Jntel. i 1 | Tue Destitution ix Alabama j In answer to a telegram asking for cx | plicit information from Alabama, the | Governor of that Slate telegraphs from Montgomery. January 30,1867 : “No Htkrnt Relief CommutioH: Desti tution in Alabama is very great. Help us to feed tho hungry all you canj— State Treasury very depleted. If can't get transportation frois of charge, 1 must try to pay freight. Commission ers for destitute will write you fully by I mail. “R. M Pattox, Governor of AJu bama." House of Delegates of tho | Legislature of Kentucky has referred ; to the Committee on Federal Relations * a resolution asking the President to is- Isue u riroclanmtioD of general amnesty, or if Inst measure is not considered cx . pedient by him. that he will grant a pardon to John C. Breckinridge and I permit him to return toil is home. the municipal election held I in Wheeding, West Virginia, on Jana* I ary 28, tho Democratic candidate for Mayor, together with tho rest of the Democratic ticket were elected. , A Brooklyn minister has been pre | seated with a baked potato which cou j taiottd a 1500 greenback. j At Franklin, Pa., a burning well j shouts up flunks one hundred fret high, i It is burning well. Local Intelligence. Lutheran Church Fair.-MVc in i>lMcd to Icurn that the pros (tact, of • brilliant succaat fur tha Fair which it { to eomnirnea on the lath in,t., it Odd! Fellows' Hall, Westminster, brighten os the time approaches. The hearts of many, both far and near, have beau opened, and generous contribution" have poured in on the Managers. Wo can hardly doubt that this interest will con tinue, and that the splendid assortment of valuable articles will find ready pur chasers Judging from appearance* this i Fair will equal, if not surpass, any thing , uf the kind gver seen in. Westminster j The following list has been handed to us to show the value and kind of art ides to be disposed of, which, how ever, gives no idea of their great qaan- I tU f* 1 Magnificent Silver Tea Sett, 1 French China Tea Sett. ) 1 G-~vcr and Baker Sewing Machine, i 1 First quality new style Side Bo; rJ. with MaVbfc Slab. 1 Fine Reception Chair. 1 Pair Fancy Ottoman* A number of beautiful M mature Bed. I toads. A large number of Silk, Fancy and Worsted Quilts. A largo number of fine Frame Pic ; tures, Ac., Ac. ItirWe had the pleasure of witness ing tho working of Win S. Judd’s I Double-action Submerge Force Pump. now on exhibition at Mr. P. 11. Henry a j Hotel. Tho pump is in a box which answers to tho Well or Cintern, thus showing the operation of the pump which is simple and substantial. Mr. Aylsworth is offering County ! Rights for sale. W o think if some stirrinp person i would lake hold in right good earnest he would make a profitable thing of it lor himself, and benefit the purchasing i community. I S. A. Four* A Bro.—We invite j ihe attention of the public to the ad vcrtiscment by the above Firm in our j columns, of their celebrated Horae A j Cattle Powders. From their extensive | advertising, in all parts ol tho Union, I we judge that everybody is beginning to discover the great merit of their pre parations. As the proprietors started from our County it is with pleasure that wc witness such signs of ueserved suc cess. Office at their Drug Store, 110 Franklin Bt. Baltimore. .hanged I Why uotT true, you ( thought I w,is about fo make my exit) j to that • bourne from whence no travel , cr returns," but you sec 1 have thought I , belter of it; or rather I stumbled on a ; j mot precious piece of good luck I was recommended to get a box of Bry an’s Life Pills, for nature a ills, and here j 1 am again robust and hearty, without • aymptom of dyspepsia, headache, ucr yousnena or jaundice ; truly, 1 have a fresh lease of my life. (Sou advertise meat.) fob 7 Bask Hall.—There will be a mect -1 ing of the members of the Pataptcu H. H. Club, held on Friday the Bth int., over the .Store of Mr John Matthews, for ihe purpose of electing two Dele gates to the Maryland .Stale Convention, to bo held in Baltimore City, February ' 20th. iost. All members are requested to bo in attendance. By order of the feb7 PRESIDENT, j Read tub Advertisements —The man who docs not read the advertise- , incuts in his home paper, can never be • | said to bu well posted. The advertise ments indicate not only the business | enterprise of the place in which they are j ; published, but the enterprise of (he ad- I ; vert bier. When you see a man who advertises liberally, you may be certain of finding a good stock of goods in his .*lorc, that he keeps up with the mar ket, and sells cheaper than those who do not advertise. If you want good bargains always patronise those who avail themselves of the advantages af forded through the advertising columns of their homo paper. The Weather—On Saturday even ing lust we had considerable lightning and thunder, and some rain. Since then the snow has been rapidly disap pearing. A “thaw" has set in, and sleighing is ‘ donefor." “Anything lor a change, says an old adage, but we are not sure that the present “slush" is much of an • improvement. Revere Thunder Slormn. 1 On Saturday night a violent thunder ■ storm passed over this eity and vicinity, accompanied by vivid flashes of light ning and a heavy full of rain. A simi lar storm prevailed in New York and other Hoctioos of tho country. A cor respondent of the Richmond Examiner writes from Accomao county, Va., on the 25th ult., as follows :—Bull Sun. I have seen no where an nc.ount of a phenomenon which appeared in tbit county on Ibe 17th in.nt., and which 1 believe to bo without precedent Ou that day, while the ground was thickly covered with snow, and a fierce fall uf j hail in progress, the whole Eastern Shore was visited bv one of the severest thun der storms that has ever been seen in ibis county. The lightning struck in various quarters, and so great was the consternation of the people at the spec tacle that many thought that tho cod of the world was approaching. fifcjrMr. Stevens mastered but a small party in the House yesterday in support of his spiteful proposition to prevent I tho F.xccutive from appointing any one to office, for a year, whom the Senate j has once rejected. Such a provision : would be a temptation to malice, on (he i part of the Senate, which few adverse majorities would fail to indulge. The acknowledgment of Mr. Stevens, that it was designed to punish the supporters of the Executive, as well as to put one aide the incompetent, was a sufficient reason for its rejection. A Congress of this great nation should scorn to indulge in any mere partisan legislation—in any legislation which is not likely to stand the approval of impnrtial history.— Sat. . Infrffigtnrvr. • Prreone, when bow can ripcofc (boot thirty-aim |mre of life If thejr live on* year their chnaa ere good for 45; at 5 for 67; it 10 for .69; at 20 for (1; at 30 for 64; at 40 far 07; at 50 for It; at SO for 74; at 70 far 80; at 80 for J; at 90 for 93; at 100 for 102; for 103 m can promise not quite one year more of Ufa. We Ret tbw Croat an aM life insurance table of London. Women average longer life than men, and mar ried people live longer than the aingle oner. OALTINOIItI MtRKm Temur, February 6, 1867. PLot'si—Howard Street Sorer ind cot Extra 10 76*111 60, do. Kxtra shipping IS M>asl3 80, do. high grades 13a514 50, do. Famllv 14 00a •II i Übki Super tad cut fcjrtra lOlfefll 35. do. family 14 oOefls 60 | C\tf AlilU Sopor 10 60*512 00, do. etaadard Kxtra II 60*17 75 Kye Floor — 40a7 00. Coro Meal-City Mill. 4 7Sas6 prr bbl. Oaai*.—We notice sales of 200 hush*. prime •Chiu? al 3 20 5 360 bush.. do. red at 3 IBas9 30, quote iVuuarlvania red at 3 7&as3 60. Corn - w* quote sales of good to prim* whit* at 1 04a $1 05 do. yellow >8 cents. Oats—ssa66 cenU per bushel. So sales of Hr* reported. Hoos—Dreesed are steady at 8 50a ; supply and demand fair. PaoTMioaa.—lies* Pork 13a573 50: bulk Sbuuldera B\a3 eta. .Sides lOHall eta, new Hares 16a17 eta. Lard HHaIS eta. Haans.—We quote Clover at 9as9 13W,Tao thy 3 75af4, Flaxseed $2 70 per bushel Brick House k Lot FOK SALE. Tnk subscriber, aa Executor of Catharine YingUng. deceased, by rirtue of an ordur of the Orphans' Court, will offer at Public Hale, on the premises, on Friday, the Ist day of March , 1867, . at 1 o'clock, P. M . a two story Brick Dwelling House, Fifty feet front, with Brick Kitchen in the ' rear, on Main Street, Westminster, Md., I adjoining W. Reese’s Btore. There is also a useful Ix>g Building near the Dwell- i ing. The lot contains a qnarter of an acre' of ground, finely cultivated: and a Well of' very good water near the front door, now ; covered over but could be easily opened for nae. Said lot is subject to a ground rent of! SI.OO per year. TERMS.—One*third of the purchase , money in hand, and the balance in two I •qua) payments of one and two years on ' note and security, bearing interest from Sale. I •QuTHere will also be void at same time a lot of Articles of Household and Kitchen ' Furniture, such aa Bureaus, Stoves, Beds. Ac , Ac. WILLIAM YINGLIKO. { febfi-ts Executor. LIST OF LETTERS 1 Remaining in the post office at West- 1 minster. February 1, IH<57. Alicon, Miss Emma Myers, Nelson I j Bosley. Joshua Myles, Uwia O. ' ! Bonsack .D. P. Orcbe. Beloe j Burkov, CJeo. P. Powel, Jacob II ; Beard, Charles Pclton, Miss Kity J Bener, Miss Sarah L. Parks, Mias Marllia ! ' Grafton. Miss MargrctHice, Grain T. I Duhn, Mary Ann Hawser, John Kbaugh, Mary Howe. NicholU Gator, Mrs. Stunsburp, Nelson II Hull, Wm. Smith, Leonard Kuna, Johann Terry, Charles (2> Lewell, Miss Lizzie Towscnd, David Lewis, George Wank. Samuel Lytle, Stephen Willums, Mrs Sarah l/cvi. Noun Zimmerman. A. 11. Mirah, Mm. L. Persons calling for such letters, plcaj-e say they are advertised. N. I. OORBUCU. P M. feb7*2t A TO, MB. /a the Circn't OMlk/vr ' i Carroll county at a Court of Equity NotiantTus. ]9M. • J- Henry Hoppe, ] /'’hHDKRED this > r#. \ J 4lh Uf of Hanson T. Clemson. j February, A. I)., • j Administrator of f 1847, that the sale ; Thomas (!. Nelson. , made and reported dcc’d., and other., j by Hanson T. Clem 1 j sou. Trustee (at the Baal EaUtsof Thomas I C. Nelson, deceased, be ratified and con j ; firmed, unless cause In the contrary thereof j I be shown on or Wfore the loth Jay of March ( next: Provided a coj.v of this order br in serted in tome newspaper printed at Wtt minster, once in each of three eurreasite weeks before the Ist day of March next. WM. A. McKKM.IP, Clk. True copy,—Teat; fel7-8t Wm. A. McKiiup, Clk. N'O m EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County, ( hitting as a Court of Equity. Francis Cooksou, eL ala., I AKDKRBI) ( _ . **• }\ f this Itb I Joseph Cooksou, et. ale. ) day of Februa 1 rv, A. I). 1867, that the Audit filed in the I above cause be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary le shown on or ! lieforc the Mid dar of February next: Pro i vided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed in Carroll Co., fbr two successive weeks previous to the lasi named day. WM. A. McKELLIP, Clk. , True copy.—Teat: feb7 2t Wm. A. McKellit, Clk. ! PUBLIC SALE. THF. subscriber living on Ua Plonk Rood two mile, above Frixellsburg, Onrroll conn tv, will offer at Public Sale, on THURSDAY the JBtb of FEBRUARY 1667, at hia row ■lance, Ac following Pereonsl Property in wit: KOrU GOOD WORK HORSES, I Colt, 4 Milch Cowa, ] Ueiltn, I young Bull, 6 Sheep, 5 Hhoata, 1 brood bow, 1 fonr-boree Broadivead Wagon, I Narrow tread do. , Threshing Machine t Horse Pow er, Plough., Harrow., Hone Gear*, and Farming Ulemile generally, beanies many valuable articlei nut mentioned ; for which see Handbills -Sale U> oomaiuac at 9 o clock. Tsana—A credit of nine mnnthi vs all enrai above $6.00, on note and approved if enrily with interest from sale. Under JVOO cmb. JESSE UNGER. , feb7-t EiUUt of Catharine Yinijlimj l dec'll. VTOTICE is hereby given that the Snh i> eetibar hen obtained from the Or- Mtam' Court ot Onrroll county letters I Teeiamcnlaryon the Personal Estate of flint -ll* Ytcuuto, late of OerroH coutydev'd. r All persons hevmg olaimt agatnel laid Es tate are hereby warned to exhibit the name wilhie six months from this dale. oSbsrwlek they .may bn welodnd from nil beartt of snid Estate. Tboee indebted nre reqneetad to make immediate payment. WILUAM YIKOUKO, (eb6-4t Execntor. C ounty Conunfomtamern’ teuce. i r rHE County Commissionera tor Carroll I County win meet at their Ofiee, in Wertmliutev, on the Fixer Morns r or Uaa ou, I*oß, for the tiaaaaeifoa of hosiams. By oHw, i LEVI VALENTINE, ; *6-4t Oerk. A GOOD FARM i FOR RENT, BW*lnquiro at this Office. r, f. b 6 44 She* tfcrtU BO morUl ever knew. kc . hove become despondent She bn.,, together those long separated, gires infur motion concerning absent friends or hirer., restores loot or stolen property, tells you tin business you are best qualified to porsua and m what eea wiU be -Md aeeeesrelu! name, likeness and rkeraet eristics of Ike per son. She reads your very thoughts, gad 17 her almost supernatural snsm an veils Iks dork ansi bidden mysteries f Ike fislnra From Ike s ora nasae in the firmament— Ike malefic aura that overcome at praMfnlmae in tfcc configuration—from ike aspens and positions of the planets and Ika fiatd stars in Ike heavens at the time of birth, she 0, done the future deatiny of awn. Fail am to consult the greatest A.trulugut oa sank It costs yon bat a trtfie. and yon may ■gain have ao favorable an opponents..— (.■ nsnltation fee, with hkenras and slide 1 sired information, SI. Parlies K.iag at a distance can eonsalt the Madame be nutl with equal safety and satisfaction to’ them 1 scltes, aa if in person. A fall and replied ; chnrt, written out, with all inquiries an swered and likeness enclosed, sem by mail on receipt of price abort mentioned. Tbs rlrietetl seernsy will be wiuiwteinrrl, and all correspondence returned nr tlestruymL— Ilcierences of tke highest order fuiniabrl those desiring tkeni. Write plainly tin day of the month and year ia which raa were bora, me hieing n small lock of heir. Address, * Madsmc 11. A. PBKRIUU, P. O. Das tree gva, iluflslo, Y. Y. feblly Reparator Oapilli. | Throw sway year false>. year ewUekes year trig— , llr.tractive of comfort, aad aol werlk adr ; cm, aged, cease yaeskfal, rime uglr end l.„, Aed rejoice ia year sri laiarissl hair. UEl’Alt ATOU CAPOU. I For restoring hair opea held heeds (free i ebsterer cease It may heee fsllre eat) sag fee, I leg a growth of ksir apoa Ike feet, M keg a. I sqosl. It will farce the heard Is grew Iks smooth eel face ia from fiat le eight week er heir opoa held heeds la from Ism to Ikes, moolha. A few Ignorant prsrtiliewrr. ban ssrerteti that there Is nothing that will forest ! ksstre the growth of Ike ksir or beard. Tbetr astrlimu ore false, as Ikoosoods oflirlag wk semes (from their owa a eel eaa hew , witness. Hal maay win say, how m res ilistmgoisk the geo aloe from tko .partea. f It , crrlsitdr is dlßgeit, as alno maths of ika gk ferrnl Preparation. edrerlbrd for tke ksir sal beard ere entirely worthless, sad yoe mas ban 1 already throw o away large asm sou la thek ' parekate. To sorb wo westd Mr, trr the fr. Color Cappilll ; it will root yea aoikiog m U rally comer op so owe rsprtstelellwet.- . If roar Druggist does not keep It, Bead as am d-tllet sod we will forward it, postpaid, er with e receipt fee Ike mosey, which will k. returned you ou tppllesllou, providing rutin .alisfuelion is uot, Address, W. K cUkK 4 .'brnrigM , So. 1 Writ Fayette Street, (t.rsresr, p. T. ; _ CRISPEROOMA. Ok I m hvaatifj ud fair. With ittrrr rrr, n 4 ridtut Ur. WKo#r UMirib xrfi, Kxuhainrd the very heart CRMPBR CMA,. fgr Cvrlteg the Hair af rHhcr ia(o Wii aad (Rikar or Bracr MaaaW* i’crla. • Hy tflnc litliirtifh Ladln Ml flea than ran be-auttfv thtirvrUc* a thAu.aad M 4. It ■ throaty artirl* ia ih arM that will ra •iraighi hair, and at ika MWf U fffcvc ft i , Keaatifal, flour app araarr. IV Cri*)*r ( m , not oulr tail* the hair, hat iarifMivi, hcw dot aad rlraaara It; b highly aad <kli*htuih prlmol, and ia h<* aioat complete irlid* * thr kind over < flVrrd to the Aaarrirao pahii' Th* fi i/prr t'fima will hr aval la aav addna "■•led and pool paid for sl. , Addrra# all nrdrra to ) febMr ~ Spwlia Know Thy Dfstlay. Miptaa K. f. TaatkOkii, thr grral EagM AfitrolfigiFt, (’Uirrwyaoi and t* rc hot< t mu who haa ai>uihrd Ui ariralikc rlMwt of d( Old World, haaaon lo rated Kcrwlf at lUha .V Y. Hfidaar Thoramw goanraava tarh ta derfal power* of arroad right, aa ta raahlr h< to impai l hnowlrdgr of thr grratrat import*** in Ihr ate fie ftr aiarrird of rithrr acs. Wte m ft a late of trftarr, far doliaratr* thy vrt itf* 'vrra of ihr poron von arr to Marry, aad V thr aid of aa m*it utacatof intrwr power, karv aa thr p.*rr hoaantropr, gwaraalcc* to arooac* | IlfMikr picture of the fatwre hath aad ar wl I of thr applicant, toffrtkrr with data af m* riagr, poiitioa la life, leading trait* of chat* | trr. Ac. Thta Uao haaihag, a* tkoaaapd* UPtinaoaiala raa aaorvl. Mm will trad h , <ie*irrd a certified certificate, or writ Ira pw antro, that tb pictorr ia what It parporla to v s I sod enclosing fifty ceuu sod Humped eseth i . All commssiesdows sacredly rqugdesllsl. 1 l drum ia roufigeaee. Nsasat * F. fawaflt IF. a Bos in, Hudtaa, V. V. Mljt Mr A Vocno Law* retaraiag ! bar eoualry borne, after a sojeera of e I rnostki la Ike CHy, was hardly rrrsguU.l her friemds. Ia plooe a I a marts rustic, la td fare, she had a soft ruby eemrlesiea af meal marble smoothers!, sad lustead Of Iwa xrrJ .he pOkaly Md them IfeM she eked Ike < rfes Brnbrn, mat eiidfr,,! Maa laestaabh ouuiliaa lo ooy body's toilet. By hs oar i body or Ooallomoa cos loann Ibrlr pares , appear ence am keadred toil. It is iu rombtustion, so Kotafo herself I. simple,! Utuurpoased ia Us efibrngr In drew lag imp* tits from, ebo keeling, efsaoetag sag he so. log the tkla aad gamy Writ iy km dlrrrv tioe be eeUcle it tow* fcamk its rn ; * ' 1 Wo. s H eat fiyrtl* it., l/rftftft W. Y The oaly Aaniroa Afwata fcr (Ar rale td Ki uf si) see., srr wam-d tn is every CHy, Tears. TQefre VMM. *■ for tke most .slrsbb ooreMn ease knew. a Fee On r. Psonr mihsk fk shot red 11 Smart meg and maw ana ■ ■■ora jaoacy ftneoterd AtltviW (ft Wo JffMMji rraofrrd im adaaaw wAft * t*' artiHma Oad rmift ah* pag qjtrmmdi t dbr Bhrkf . ry, sod By tke add eg g klin fill eg Set BSprfSSFig rtU rmUr.Ompljum.kymm.’arSf •off. 11,-Ib.