Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 7, 1867 Page 3
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' Cououui pllun tillable by Dr • (Kkrnrk’l MCillfUM. ToVtStK C(IWWPTIOI, A. mast bt prepared so Ibat the lungs will b#al. To aeeamplhdi this. the liver and st.’tnacb mn .aefeEmre made; thus building up Uio constitution.-*) fiOMMCl'vil INMAfIB PILLS dcaimiltw Stomach ofiiiuiiop. ••'V b j w4ng • Ht-a Wei-d Tonic In eonnoclioa, the appetite ia restored. inn. and good, w hnlesonie tdomi made, which itt repel all If patient* will lake fh M- mrdii t* directions, Can ftmmtHon very franamtlv in It* In* stage yield* • reksWe t • tb*4r MMb. Take the pMIs frequent |r. to cleanse the liter and itomaeh. It does ■•it foU*w that bcesnse the bow •)• are not co <ils they tfc not required, lor sometimes in diarrhowa they are necessary. Tl.- stomach rbe kept healthy, and an appetite created to allow the Pulmonic Syrup to act on tb. rea • piratnrr orgntu prouerjv and allay ant intla tioa. • Ten all that It r. (prind to perform a . p-rmam-ut cure ia, to pretent taking cold, about the room* a* much ■ po*alb|, cal the richv.t foml- fat meat. gn<*. and, in fan a*v thing the appetite crataa. but be pardkulas' and inasticak well. ( 2nd v . C a. mo. 1 yr I Crt swavnk s DOWEL f’OiIDIAL, A for Asiatic Cholera Cholera Morbus Ilya. ertcry, |)iai rbrea. Cholera Infantum, or Summer Com plaint pain in the Stomach and IftHrefe Kick Ktomarh, Vomiting, and all S2prlaae4 conditions of the How.da Let 7. n fa natty be without lbt uieil- Tflne, it will gire lui ,■ Mediate i vtlef. V foW by WM. RKKSK. ' utrtlM/ Westminster Ttch! Itch!! Soraltih ! Scratch ! •‘*Wa V> K 8 OINTMENT fore. Itch in fro.. II la U bantu, .ntcir M ointmtHt, tkttkk ♦ITCH’ i>.. A'wjih'. •TBlTlkli* •mm* TKTThi:’ HTCII* TETTKii’ rWr XKfttß Kirmw •tkttkk’ •ITCH* ‘TKTTKK* MW TO I AII, TKTTKK’ MIW TKTTKK’ MTCir IN CURING TRW ‘TKTTKK’ MTCir -TKTTKU’ MICH’ TORMENTING TETTER’ ‘ITCH* •TKTTKU* , MTCir COMPLAINT. TKTTKir Cares lUhing Pika. Salt Rk. nm. Scald M ad. Ka*h, all Skiu Disease.. Prepared oulr hr frit. SWAYNEA SON' Philadelphia, ttoid by WM. RKKSK. I •etll-ly Westminster. HEALTH AND STRENGTH Til Till: SICK Tonnnptioi)' Via be cured * . M'onMMptloa* 8W VYNK’S Van be cured .’ Toarnmniion' Van be cured.’ . 'Consumption' COMPOUND van he cured.’ M'ouewuipliww' *ean be cured. ’ ’Consumption' BYUUI* (Ip Van be cored.’ ‘limiuasption’ ’can be cured.’ .‘Consumption’ W its Canter ‘can In* cured.’ 'Consumption' Van be cured.’ ‘Cunumptiob* IS TilK Van be cured ’ ‘f'oaenmptlpu* ’can he eared.’ ‘Cowsumptidn’ REMEDY. Van I* cured.’ Thirty, years’ eaperiene-. and the great s mount f testimony from all part* of the world has proveii it a standard and reliable rentedr for C-dda, Asthma, Jl.oneh.u., Nerrnu* Debil l|y. iUond*Spitting. Uver Complaint, Palna in fheSliiennd Breast all di*raies of the Air Pan sage. and tang.. Prepared only hi Hit. SWA YAK A Sou., jut) North Sink Street. Philadelphia. •Why WM. KKKSK. ..ftMTy We.tml.dter. demon r.rmt. j. t. oiinpoki k. Prodhcp Depot. vr mi' it tit, itoti). ~ \r qs\ st k i:, mi>. U AVIVn ln.l lh l„rp- .1 mw . dM, U ar. lmtiM-. irunnrrh iwT'ir.:. .| I'. .1. J', 11,'ii'l.krff. . w-’ iin* iinw I-J nuffh.,., >7.0/7.’, H/Vff.l T. j: ) /:. o.i r.s-, I’Off.v, .•<# Cuurnohrry. of ■ Aln (■> rwive nj S.rwar.l Produce and Croods nil kinda. They also kvp ( ttlolunlU full *f CROC ERIE S , Wimurjut axd Rtrr.m., Wour. Rueon. Feed, drain, Salt. r lß h. Kr . t'Mfulher with Spn<Ww, Shovels. Hoea, Hakoa, und banners' tntl fianienera' liuoluiiK'iita genently. ANo ttl T ANO AND FKUTIMZEKS * t*lall tii-tu ripunas; nnd in Cart all mtick's in t*or linn. With long rxprriiHicc. nod In etrirl nttrui-, wc hope to receive a lilieral hure of the pulsin' pntrnnare. JKXTON GKIIIJ, J. T. ORNDORFF. jw lMy KAKWERS PRKPARK FOltfOi: K SPRING TRADE. rllhr Htfry.tertbwr off\T4 thr tbßovtuc ap • trow'd FnriiUemi. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate I i tijjjWy popijnr anil dey.ud.Mc tYrtutr r ofwrelv. .eat. unn.lin- and of whirl. s*ton., mi'; AMMV,.IA7 roWPER OR HOSE! luurMtnori fmo from ndnUoration and hl;itnf r,4 per c-nt. f IWpluiis nf # l.tqie nnd over 3| per cunt of, AiD'inomauniformlv mndn, and, . fuse enough to drill! ait orx/J y*Z.i stbr • i ysry gutienur article, manufactured nt Ued lleaeh Milks. xo. i pjsstri’jAx guaxo, )f difeH imjKirlnticn, trhkrb I deliver from HiwomtliOnt s Aunt’s Warohuuao, artirUi u}Ul I*, furuuhnl at V... lowr*t ratr*. Sll*l!At nmcfll’NT TO DCAI.KItS. fur a Oircukir. Odew*K*rcpi't* , U>y J. 11. ILvac&, and by k’Ur f A- OrndorlT, *nl UVtiuinsler, Md. rv. 4: OEOttOB DUOPAI.K, j ;i i 5 Ml * *tnd 100 Smith > Wharf, jjMiglUlio Ilnltimorc, Md. ‘ ,r A'O. 012 EijCITV. lo the Uinuil (hurt for Currutt Co. . a " Um I >kw, 1 /~VRDF.ItKI) tliu I.UndT.ihcr, kc., |V/ 2*U day o( u ft- y.Unitary 1807,* thut bMliinl J, loop j (he tale uulo tuvl WMI othone. j rep or ted in tho n by Cun*. T. Ileifsnidr, Trustee the (teal Estate decreed to be JW. ba ratified and confirmed, unless cause 9 the cotmvy be shown 011 or heftire the Jb day of February 1807: Proridod vJSim • order he innortad in some n#*ws printed m Carroll countv, once a week ww * - i° l,l f r . WM. A. MeKELLIC, Ok. , \ *no copy,—Teat j jk3l't Wm. A. MrKrj.up, Clh. i WOODLOTSAT : Public Sale. 1 & ' '•|Rs a ? J < I f Sutwcriber, u A frill and Attorney - J .Sf* Tieoifui 8. trill Nil at i PiilillnMiw. tmflw prwuwe. on F < fMljp, th* 21 Xnf r*brmiry, 1H67, 10 Wood Lots. N 1 contains 10 Acres L2O Fcrrhcs. J.ot No U contain* 10> Acres. J I J*'t N" H contains ;*) Attw. 1 >'n 1J vonfaittH u A., BH. 80 P. ( Lot No I.* contains 4f Acres. Lot No I t contains 41 Acres. I ) Lut >o 11 contains 2] Acre*. • • Lot No !• contain* Ul Acres. * Lot .Vo |l contains )2| Acres, j Lot No 17 contains T1 Acre-. These LnUnre murdw*r<l in ret or choc to I a roc eat Survey on WUmoU’s Manor Reear l : veyed. , • Ybrv arc situate in Carroll County, on . land adjacent fo tho Deer Park Rond, 1..- . i tween tvo ami three miles from Wcstinin ’ j rtcr. j Sonic of ikem contain more or loss old . | Heidi, w’hiDt- Others of Uiem are covered entirely with timber, j ihe tnnlier is principally ('beatnut which is now very valuable nnd in great demand ‘fop rails, posts, shingles, joists, studding, i Railroad tics. Ac. Thu Sale will J* |)nitie*. 1),.. Lola will ahn)ntelv he so hi to tb** highest bidder. 1 TERMS.—Ouc third cash, and the hal- i i anre in two equal payments, at six and ■ twelve months, veeured by notes with i i proved security, bearing interest from the day of Sale. •MuThe Sale will commence at 10 o’clock A. M., Tulkhoat, Fkhk'ary 21st, 1M37, • hen due attention will he riven by WM N. HAYDEN. Attorney for Thoa. S. Jacobs. J. iir.NUY Horn:, Auctioneer. i jftllll ts miLIC SALE. r PHR and* nrigue 1. appointed Trustee and I Conttfiitihe for JVahfHft fl.-nver, by decree of the Oircujt Court for Carroll conn* tv. sitting a- a Court of Equity. will offer at PuUiit'Hnle, :i tin* premises, 21 or Taneytow'u, Carroll county. Md. on the (ictlysburg Road, near l*iney Creek Church, 0 i Frulay thr of February ISC7, < nl one o'clock P. M. nil the following rea) i estate of the said Isalxiila (J. Rearer. which ; she now ha- in her possession. being a Farm. CONTAINING 70 Acres of Land, more or less, adjoining lands of Abraham N. He*.*, John Shriucr and other?. The i land is hi tolerable condition, a portion oY 1 it having Oven rec ently limed, and has a due I ; proportion of Moadow and Woodland. The j Improvements are— _ j n piod Log Darn, with Sheds all round. ' "agon Shed. Com Crib and rood Smoke House. There is a good ORCHARD, 01 i-U.Mii.’ Irtiit, and a never failing Spring of L'n'i'l an’.T near the dnnr. TEKMS.—(In. third nf (he pirn-ha.#; tnnnoy tn In* paid in hand, and the li.duluv in tan eipial payment, at one ami ten vetir'e eith yilf'i -t trout -ale, tithe reeured hy the - Je hi!! of the pnr- nwor with sufficient 1 .'■euril appr..vciTl.v IheTru-lee SiKfllE.N SMITH. Tru.tfc .(>•■# ft ItciONlkiN, Solgil.'te. Inn ;l I. 1.1/./ A /. /. i: yA R .1 1 FOR SALE. Inr jh-.Tiber. ha\ins full authority ves ted In her bv the Will of h*r deceased hus<l, t|„. lot*. William I’. Shriner, will di-po.r of 01 Private Sale. U-fon- the Mth . "f n him vai next, and if not sold before that lime, will offer at Public Sale, on SATCIIDA V, the Mill oi FEBRUARY, I 1 H,, 7. at 1 o'clock. P. M. f on the premises, I situated in Pleasant Valley, Carroll county, . on the road leading from the Stone Hoad to FrizelUburg. and about Haifa mile from • Devilbi**'.> Mill, A FARM containing 127 3-4 ACRES OF UNO.; more or less, being the same rwn!lv soldi by Jacob Kauffman to the -aid William K. Sktiuer. hfcn ihc uodei ?ipidd. tbCreow erccted Story Brick l>wel?ing House, a large Bank Barn, together with I nil necessary out l.uiblmys in complete order. I here an ex.M.llent A]ple Orchard with til kindft ol I'luit, and a never failing. Spring of water near tpe Ilonse. About Jo Acres of the land U cAv. red with the best of all kinds fd lliriiing FIN! HKH; the bainm •• being ! cleared land of good ipialitv, and divided into convenient fieldi, in a high stale of cahLatum, Well liraod, and under good | fencing. Pocsoox wjdiingJo view il*e pixmiUca will call on Mr. Jacob Kauffman, residing them j on; a?id for other information please call on | Mr. b. Kvans, or on the undersigned, re.ii : I ditig in West minster. j Irrmn of Nole.—One-third cash and the balance m two equal payments, in one and two years from day of sale, with interest and approved security. KLIZADfiTQ J. SIIIUNER, jaa3l-3t A RARE CHANCE. I‘-1 /- VA HI. K REA L ES TA TE At Private Sale. [ r pJIIi of the public is directed to I that piece uf property now of fered at private Sain, aad now the residence of Mrx. I/.oiisa R. Horn. It u situated at tho N cut Knff of Weslmytstcr, anti about WO yards to the tVfsl of (he Town. The Irnprovcnionts consist rf a HWunlinl mid well built. 1 double, |crd colored imiCKI!SMP* D\V I/LLINH with two HtorvßjJgWlsMfe Brick Rack Uaihluqf—Gothic Koob It contain* Ten ?tuona. Pantry, and Closets i n each Chamber, wide Hall, tine Porch or \ erandah encircling the house, and three excellent ( ellur*. A large nnd beautiful t I *J'S 1 “1°S wi,h Fruit ’ Ornamental and and Shade Trees. The out buildings con rint of Stable and Carriage House combined. • Chicken House, Smoke House, £ c . There are between 0 nnd C Acres of ground well y cultivated. The location is high nnd healthy, comman ding a fine view of the Town and surrounding country. This property m worthy the at tention of those wishing a desirable rcsi -x dunce, us an opportunity of Hus kind is randy offered. For further information apply on the premises to the undersigned, is PHILIP C. HORN. f jnngi-tls u —f ** ■* —* *•*-■• * *”* " A Farm Hand Wanted. who understands farming, and can come wall recommended, will hear of a Permanent situation, with liberal wages, near Westminster, by inquiring at this office. * A married man with a siuall family would be T preterml, as there is a very comfortable • House, and other nceeHgary buildings, on Ie the premises intomied for this purpose. Janßl-8t * Jvbn L. Usifsfider'*, |7. MIQSPKim 181)7. rT* 1 . Tho attention of the public is iuvitod to |‘tkc claims o t THEWORLD as one of the lending public journals nf the country. It is the chief organ of the Demo cratic party of the United States, and the foremost advocate of the immediate restora tion of the Union Its hlghwii ncr'it con- I sista In iti chafnrtcr as 4n Knlfrprhr and Truihvor- I tti.T The next year bid* fair to he a morecriii- i t?*l one in the history of our free institutions ! than even any of the eventful one? that have preceded_ H. The first requisite for an in | ti-lligent judgment of public affairs is a full and an then! if account of facts a* they trans Pj re - These Tub World always aims to give with cmisclcnUm* accuracy, and with ! equal fulness mid fidelity whether they make for or against its own views of public policy. Prompt activity in spreading lie fore Its reii dors every kind of new* in which any part of the uunlfe takes an interel, i? the tirst dnly of a newspaper j and the facilities of liIB Would for Ilischarging this obligation arc uu?urpm?Hl hy Llioe of any journal in the United States. Whatever else it raav tail in, it certainly will not fail to furnish j the news, nor to supply it with such promp -1 litude. spirit, frnsbucss. abundance, va u ty, accuracy, and candor, that no class of rea i dera cun miss nny anything of interest which ! tlmy wish to find Tile VfORI.D will publish ( documents and arguments prepared by poll I ti cal fociJust as freely a- those prepared by J political tiiends; making iu own comments on them, of course, hot never suppressing or gariding them because they are calculated to damage it* own party. Adverse argu ments which it cannot refute, it is content to leave to make llmfr full impression. Tilt World adopts this rule because W believe* no other is honest • because it conceives ! that its first duty to it* reader* is u keep | them thoroughly informed on every parsing ) subject of importance. In politics. The i Wohi.m will continue to he the bold advo cate of A Liberal. Progressive Democracy. The unflinching champion of Freedom, Jus lice, Order, and Constitutional Rights.— The inspiration of its polities is Freedom restrained bv Ju-tice : or. to tpeak more strictly, Freedom pure and simple, in the i largest collective measure ; the office of jus tice being merely to protect freedom from encroach meats ; Freedom of the individual citizen in bis right* of thought, speech, reli- | prion, and locomotion : in his Right to choose hi* own food and drink, in spite of meddle j ome temperance laws; in his Right to make any money bargain* lie thinks proper. { in spite of foolish usury laws; in hi* Right to bay and sell in all markets, domestic and foreign, in pito of unjust protective tariff'. ; J , iu hl ’ ILffhf Ycprtientirion In ihu U-gIJ iA - ( I live bodies which tax him in spile of uncoifc • >titutional exclusions ; Freedom of collec | I tivc citizens to assemble fur discussion of; ties to manime their local affairs without central interference; Freedom in every sec | ! Hon of the conntrv from the arrogant and unconstitutional domination of other sec- , tioin ; tiii* large and comprehensive idea of Krerdroo sttnis up th** politics of The j | " omiji. which will never be found wanting | j to this capital interest of the country and of i the human rave. In it-< Accurate rommercia) Intelligence 1 Ami '-rueful, reliable market reports, The " oni.n will coutinue In nininiain tU jin-sout j reputation. A paper published i . the • nnu-rciul mclroprilui is naturally looked ! I to lor auilivuUc intormation ruiatingto trade, ! j commerce and finance; and this being a feature in which Tut* Wont i* pride- itself it ' boldly challenges comparison with every journui in the nietropoiu. KDITIONS. The Wceklv World, a large qi ario sheet. *-umr size as I>uily, is now nrinUd through •uf in lory* lyjtr. ami has the largest circu ' lation of any weekly journal pnbUshed, save oi.e. It* exlraordinysuccfutssince it? union with the New York Argus has justified the iuo**t liberal expenditures, which will make it unrivaled in inlm-sl and value to farmers. Published Wednesday. I. It* Market Report* embrace the New Wrk, AlUinv, Brighton, and Cambridge l-* v< * Market* : the New Y ork Country Produce mid (Jeneral i’roduce Markets: special and valuable Hop Intelligence; a de i partment of Agricultural Heading; all togeth ( er composing an unrivalled hand book of I current information for th*- Farmer. Live I Mtnek- or Droduce Dealer, the Country .Mer j ■ chant, le. 2. A Jgige or more will bo reserved for j Lntcrtaining Fireside Pending for the Fam ily Lucie, embracing the freshest and best 1 Stories. Poetry. Religious Reading, etc . and a page for the Discusaion of all Prorui- j , nent Topic- of general interest, political, l agrioiUural, financial, lilerarr. etc. 1 J. Ns Dig*?l of the Now* in not, like most city weeklies, a mere waste basket of the Daily t only mutter of intcre.-l nnd impor taocc are chosen from the Daily, while the mass of its contents ore prepared especially for the Weekly. in every post-office district there should l>e found some active, public spirited Demo crat. who will confer a benefit upon us, hi? neighbors, and the cause, by counseling with i his Dcmocrotio friends and making a deter mined effort to form as large a club os possi ble for the W Em.y World. 1 he Semi AN epki.y World is a large quar to sheet, same size a Daily, which, hy omit treat mwBR ofcky adVortiscmcats from the Daily, eontains aff its news, correspon dence. editorials, commercial and market news, cattle market and provision reports, and a fresh and enlcrtaituug miscellany of literature. Published Tuesday and Friday. Iho Daily Womld affords a complete compendium of, and commentary upon, the news of every duy.~For Terms 'of all edi lions vec below. T K RMS. Wkcsly Would, One copy, one year $2.00 Four copies one year 7.00 Ten copies, one year DVOO Ti*-nty copies, to oae address 28.00 Fifty copies. “ “ 60.00 Semi AVcwly World, One copy, one year ~...54.00 Four copies, one year 10.00 Ten copies, one year - 20.00 Daily World. One copy, one year SIO.OO Cum Tbixes. For clubs of 10, One Weekly, one year. V Wi One Semi-\Veoklv, one year “ “ 100, One Daily, one year. Additions to clubs may be made any lime in the year at the above club rates. Change* in Club Lists made only on re quest of person receiving clnl> packages, slating edition, post oflSceand Stale to which it he* previously been sent, and enclosing , twenty-five cents to nay fur trouble of the change to separate address. Term*, cash in advance. Send, if possi , Wo- Dost-office Money Order or Bank Draft. Bills sent by mail will beat the risk of sen j der. NN e have no travelling agents. Address all orders and Idler* lo , M THE WORLD, I A /?H2* DW?*GOODS FOR SALS AT if * i r ,oU, i Sfcwh, Llnsry*, Mtol BoniL Capes, Be, 4c. Great induce otrnU offered at • i*“- •> J. L. (Ulfnidtr i. * Rsisios, Currant*, Spices, all kinds, at POV - yX *• Oirummd’,. " , , LIN H NS r ‘Y**. of ioporlor Linen Unckf, Drub, ht., for sale at -'• '• K. K. anufi. ir AIX Viikl. of Joli Work neatly fxec-Jted 1 t ll<# “DcMoen/TTC AtirociTK-OffiM. I I'EMALK OMJJtWATK WALK ACADEMIC I\TITITC. Tje A CNERR. LITERARY DEPARTMENT. j Rev. Jomv A.-Mu*nor. A. M. Mies M. 1/mj Furlong, M. K. L. Min Mury V. Manning. Muw> Ada Billing? len. | J fUJUGAL DEPARTMENT. ; Mm. Fannie H. Munror. rriHD* ivsnnnoN win commence i I thn 2nd SESSION of an gIXTH ! acnolastic vnr on MONDAY. FEB* 1 1 KUAHY 4th, 1867. Pupil* will be re 1 [ oetved at any time, and charged from lime of entrance. | AS A BOARDING SCHOOL | Its number of Boarding Pupil* during the | pail year waa iM females, and 16 male*.— i Hie Principal receives only tie tainabs into bin family : a number of others may : board with nuj/rir'ei families in Lite town. i Those wishing to occupy lliu vacancies , not yet filled, wul make early ttppli ration. * ' The accommodations for Hoarder* are beo separate buildings, built of brick. That for the Male Department is th'- residence of the Rev. Jonathan Mi xkoe (Father of the Principal), whose patent*! rare will Ik over his lnwrders: that for the Female Depart ment is occupied by the Principal. There will not be any communication lietween these departments. Each will be considered as a /am iTg, afford ingu home to its hoarders. AS A DAY SCHOOL. Number of Day Pupils, during the past ydar. ftfi, making a total of I(J7 PupiU. Accommod.'aon* are five cummcKiioul rooms, tiz. The young men'* study room— the boys studv room—toe young ladies’ study room- -the Primary room, and the Lecture room. ! departments. —Primary, Preparatory and Collegiate: three grades of elaasc* in each Department —Jn Music, superior advan tages. Latin dtaght gratuitously. Especial attention riven to nil' elementary principles; also to Penmanship (plain and fanny); to Book-keeping: to Spelling, Bead ing and Elocution. Six grades of Tuition, from $1 up to I sl2 per quarter. | For Circulars address KKV. JOHN A. MUJjROK, JatajSM Principal. latest pash ions ikm ax'd , J w BRADLEY’S CELEBRATED I ! PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC i (OR DOUBLK SPUING) SKIRT. THE Wonderful Flexibility and great corn- 1 I f‘rt md plt-aaure to anv lady wearing Uie HU* j I PLLX ELLIPTIC SKIRT arid oo expcricncca i | paiticalarlv in all crowded asMcnibliea, opc- 1 ; I aa. carriages, railroad car*, church pews, arm chairs, for promenade and houir dress, as the : Skirl cau be folded when in use to occupy a , small place as easily and conveniently as a silk ( or musiin dress, an invaluable quality in crlno- : line, not found in any Single Spring Skirt. I A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, com- . fort, and great convenience of wearing the Du j plea Kliptic Steel Spring Skirt for a single day, i will ne*r afterwards willingly dispense with , their use. For children. Misses and Young j Ladies thov are superior to all other*.

They will not bend or break like the HingD 1 1 Spring, but will preserve their perfect and I graeeful shape whew three or four ordinary , >kirts will have been thrown aside as useless. I | The lloopa are covered with double and twisted j thread, and the bottom rod* are not only double , . springs, but twice (or double) covered; preven ting them from wearing out when d, ageing down tonps. stairs, Ac. The Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with all ladies and is universally recommended by the Fashion Magazine as tin- Standard Skirt of the Kashionabis World. To enjoy the following inestimable advantages , in Crinoline, vlx. : superior quality, perfect i manufacture, stylish shape and flnih'. fl.-xtbili • tv. durability, vomfbrt and economy, enquire lord. W. lItADLRT'a Dirtcx Eurnri or Double Spring Skirt, and be sure you gel the genuine j article. CAUTION,—To guard against Imposition he particular to notice that skirts offered a* ••Df -1 rta*" have the red ink stamp, rii., “J. W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon the waistband—none others are genuine. Also i Notice that every Hoop will admit a pin being i | passed through the centre, thus revealing the tw o (or double) springs braided together there in, which is the secret of their flexibility ami j strength, and a combination not to be found in : any other Skirt, FOR SALK in all Stores where first class | i nkirts are sold throughout the United States and I elsewhere. Manufactured by tho Solo Owners of the . WESTS, DRADLKV A CARY, 97 Chambers A 81 Keade Sts., N. Y. jau3l-3m Great Inducements OFFERED BV STOUFFER & HOFFMAN, New Windsor. I A DIES ORESB GOODS lCm.i. La I i dies', Misses' and Childrens' Hoods nt j halt price. We have this day commenced closing out our large stock of Ladies' DRESS GOODS I at Cost. Call and get some bargains STOUFFER & HOFFMAN. New Windsor. JanltMy* 1400 Rails for Sale. j npHE Subscriber, living one mile East J from Carrollton, has on hand for sale, a lot of first quality Baits, all of second growth Timber, which he sell on the ground, or delivered on the Railroad at Shamsber ger'fi, or on the Bike at Carrollton. AMOS EVANS. jon24-4t* Winter Employment. WOO per Honll. and Expenses paid Male or Female Agent*, to introduce a Few and Useful Invention, of absolute utility in every household. Agent preferring to work oo Commission cau eurn from S2O to S6O per day For full particulars, enclose stamp, I and address W. G. WILROK & CO., nor 8, —Cm Cleveland Ohio. DIVIDEND. Farmer* A Merit's. National Baxk, > Westminster, Jun. *2B. 1867. f THIS Hank baa declared n dividend of FITK PER C ENfT. for tho last half year, payable on or oAer the oth of February next. JACOB REESE, * , jonSl-St Cashier. I” ADIES FURS. j CHILD BENS FURS, Muffs, Capes, and Rolls, direct from the manufacturer. Great in* doceinent* in stock and prioes. at dec 13 John L. BcifsnidtrV 1 Attention Butch rs and Farmers ! HIGHEST cash price paid for Hides, by Kcifsuider A Ca, sept 18 . near Depot - /“\ILS, Paints, Pat. Dryer, Petty, Glass. , V_r Ac., received and for sale at Baltimore prices, by Stonjfcr Jb livjfman. jan 17 __ Domestic Good!. TTVBLEACRRP and Bleached Muslin, Red U Ticking, Ginghams, Calico**, Omtou H*n r els, Table tWera, Blue Checks, Ac.. Ac., for ■ale low at John L. Relfanidor'*. BU FFaYo ROBES for sale at Baltimore prices by >• janlO Stouffer A Hoffman. A Lecture T® Tounf Men. Just Puhtukrd. is rn Staled Envelope. Pries tit nml>. 1 LKHTRE oo the Nature, Treatment, and * V Radical Cure of Sprrmalnrrhtra. or iWm j u ,| d Wcokness, Involuntary Emlwdotts, Sexual ItgldUty. aad Impedimenta to Man-lag-' irensr lj_ N'ervowaaaaa, Coucumpuou, t pile pay. I and Fit*; Mental ad Physical Incapacity, re ' suiting from Hell* Abuse, dc.-Bv BOBtiMT J. CfJLvKRWBLL, M. D., Author of <ha "Green Byok." Ac. Tb worM-irnowuod author, in thU admirs , We Lecture, cluarly prove* from bis own expe i lieecoihst lbs awful consequences of Half ; Abnsv may be rffcnqsllr removed without medicine, and withoui daogcrou* suigical opo ration*. bougies, inetrumeuts. ring*, or cordials, pointing oat a mode of cure a* once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer no matter , nb*l his condition mav be may care himself : cheaply prlvatelv, and railicallr. THIS LF.C tuke Will prove a bouN to thouh- ANDB AND THOUBANUB. 8t Tit under •cat, to anv addrc, in a plain | sealed envelope, on the receipt of all cents, oi I , two postag n damps. Also Dr. Calrerwell’s ! “Mai i iage Guide," price 2i cents. Addicts Ui I publish*.*; s. CI!AS .L C. KLINE A CO.. 127 Bowery, New York, J*nl7 p 0 *t Office Box SB. FOR RENT, Kockdalo Uooilen FAC TO R Y. f pIIK un(lerl R n,d will Rent, or l.csr, 1 lire .bore I''wonr from the first of April next, situated in Carroll county, on the ratapseo fulla, a never failing .xlrearn, 2J mile; South of Hampktead, and 1 mile N. W. of Hoark’g Store. This Farforv has lxen thoroughly njuiirel ami the Machinery in new and in now in m good condition a any other Factory in tho County. Also, 50 Acres of Land attached to the same in n good *late of cul tivation. to be rented therewith. Any person wishing to rent the same will j i please aptily to either of the undersigned, or ! : address. Houcksville, Md. n. w. HOUCK. I*. B. HOFFMAN, I ! janlT-tf Owners 1 hstate of Jcsac I*. Todd, deccasrd. ; NOTICE is hereby riven that the Hub- ! acrllicr has obtained from the ()r --j plums conrt of carroll county letters of Ad | mimsimtion on the Ponunal Estate of .*cmc I*. Todd, late of carroll county dec’d. All persons having claims against said Es ! tale are hereby warned to rxliibit the same i within six months from this date, otherwise j i hey may be exelmM from all benefit of , said L'tate. I hose indebted art* requcstoil I to make iraim-di^ c narmoi.t. HARRIET M. TODD, jnnl7*4t A'lrainistrairiv. j Estate of Michael H test, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scriber has obtained from the Orphans' ■ t ourt of Carroll county, letters of Admistru* ! tion on the Personal Estate of Michael W test, late of Carroll county, dccraised. All 1 perrons having claims against said Estate, are ] nereby warned to exhibit the same within s.x months from thi.i date, otherwise they ; may be excluded from all herudit of ,<ud j Estate. | hose indebted arc requuhted to make immeiiiate payment. J . JOHN WEIBT. jan 17-41 Administrator. hstate of ,/nhn Little, deceased. "VTOriCK is hereby given that thesnbscri L N ber has 'd.iained from the Orphans' I ( ourl of Carroll county letters Testamentary on the Personal E-oute of Jonx Ltm .r.. I late of Carrtdl County, deevpsed. All persoos having claims against vuid Estate are hereby warned to exhibit the same with* m six ni mtlis trum tins date, oiherwi.-** thev may Ik excluded from all benefit of said | Estate. Those indebteil are roijuestctl to | make imnietliute payment. EZBA LITTLE. ■ ■ if ’ Acting I ! 1 C.IIEA T CUASCEfor AGEXTHI I WSOA V ! NO WATER I! NO SLOP l! S , BUOW.VS GLASS CLEANING POLISH. Patented Oct. 10, IW6. I For cleaning and polishing window*, mir- gold, silver, pluietl ware, brass, copper, Ac. A new invention of the greatest ( practical worth, convenience, and ecocomy j IndUpensnblo to ail housekeepers, hotel : keeperSfcSiorekit'per*. Ac. Address C. M ; Brown. No. 74 Bleeckcr Street. New York. : Liberal discount to tho trade. Price 80 cts. • Ur. I Butler and L. Evans, OFFER to their friends and the public in general, one of the best Liniment? i *hal has lately been presented for the cure of l Hcemorrhoids or Piles. We offer this remo I dy with the hope that those persons who arc j ntHictod wiih tins disease may give it a trial, ' and feel satisfied they will receive full remu -1 iteration for their money expended. ! For Sale by A. 11. Huber, No. 2, Carroll | Hall. Westminster, and at the Subscribers Residence, at the West End. j dec 13, if Horses to Hire. r pHE undersigned keep on hand I at the Stables of Mr. Sheets. | lower end of Westminster, Md , good Horse* and Vehicles, which they will hire out to parlies using them properly on reasonable terms. WM. STANSBURY, JOS STANSBURY. janl7-4t Domestic Goods \\TE have reduced our price* of Un \ f bleached and Bleacued Muslins, Ticking, Ginghams and Calicos. CiH and examine before purchasing. janlO Stouffer k Hoffman. r A DIES cal! at MRS SH HI NEB'S, for j Ribbons, Flowers. Feathers. Silks and Satins. Crapes and laces, Bucbes, Ornaments Ac.. Silk and Crape Bonnets on hand. dcc27 ALBUMS MBS. SHBINER I? now selling off her Urge stock of Albums at very reduced prices. Call and examine her stock before purchasing elsewhere. dcclS GREAT BARGAINS. A T MRS. SHRINER’S, who is selling I\ off her fine *U>ck of goods, at grcnllv reduced price* to close stock. Come one, come all, and you will lc sure to got suited. docM WE have qvlte a Urge stock of little NOTIONS, very suitable for Christ truw prencau, which wo would invite you to call and see. We will sell them off tow.—- I hey are too numerous to mention ; but all mns be sold withoui regard to cost, to close "lock. Mrs, E. J. bbriuer. , , dec 1 3 Ladies’ Dies* Goods. Merino’s, Unbargs, Alpaca?. P*>plin?, De- Laim s, Ac., for sal* low, at OV. ?V. £, A'. Oernmndft, \ T UST received a No. 1 article of Kerooene r fl Oil. (pure.) Stonftr A J/of man, jan 17 New Windsor, Md. A PRIME lot of Frederick make Back Glove*, for sale by i jonli St<mfTer ,t-HofPman. Urumi Prraiiiiation I'allval Al tm MARYLAND institute, rod THE ItI’.XEFTT OJt THE POOB OF BALTIMORE, iv rentiers to be oitev *t. <!X i'EUUVARr XID, IW7, M'iJJ it (ireti : OIUND MUSICAL AND miSENT VnON r ssti v xl. At which time the | Job* Lea t'bapmu, Kator of Baltimore, Hon. Jos. 11. Aadouo, Chief Jasttw Orilisn. Court, I WfT I>r, Henry ft. Hunt, 1 Hon. John 1,. Thomne, Col. K. H. Bird, i “"■ Aaron Hoffman, Samvel M. Brava. Lao . J. J. Bankard Km,.. Col. K. V. M. farlm. Col. Salome Mmah. John MrOarrinle, Kao., I John Dari., Baa. Jarnee llcodeiToo. has., y> iil appoint a (Jomoiiiipe to award s2s.iK>n I p<‘< a *eoU. in such a lawful taanuri <u said t’om ; laittt* nia> determine. Poi Ihf Festival tbrrrwill b.* issued 30,000 | Jifk- U and So,e<iU Prwnu, bs-ing one for each ! lickei, i valued at SLi.tNNK- 5,000 or wiora. lobe I lurid in tin- bands ot JKSSEULNT, l*rs.i<lnt "I rbi* Association for tji iioprnruinent f the condition of tb IVor Uuough tbe above uumed RfMllentß. Lisr or Paasrxra to e Vwsanan. I Grand Piano, ( Knabe A Co.) HJMS I 44 “ •• MMi | h ‘i” r 44 “ MHi 1 Cold \\ aUh, double tine, lad’t aecoad. 3(K) * " “ American. verv heavy, 260 1 “ " 44 H. 8/ HarUot, IMi J “ “ “ Howard, 200 I 44 “ Patent Lever. ISO £,**. “ Patent Levers, each 100 *i Ladies’ Aiuerican, 176 j ** " *• set with diamonds 200 j ‘ “ 44 enameled, 1(6 J * * ** " enameled. 140 j “ “ eery heavy, 200 1 •* .i 120 4 •* •• •< eah 210 *•“ , 44 44 SO 4 American Silver Watches, cat It 35 6 Hunting Silver *• •* 30 5 •• •• •• •• 26 0 M • i* ii IQ 4 L.iiliea* Gold (lliiat and Pin#, each HO ! * ;; ;; ;; ;; •• ** ; i * .. 40 | - “ Chatalain 4 * •• 30 2 G mil. men’s Gold Chaina, verv beaw “ 76 ! 3 :: :: ' - ! • " . 41 “30 . Diamond Bing, 100 1 •* 44 76 I I Amethyst and Diamond King, 00 * Heavy Stone Kings, each 25 11 Heavy Heal King*, each 20 20 Plain Gold King*, from $C in 20 100 A asm ted Gold Kings, from $ 6 in 1H 6.1 Ladies’ Fine Gold Seta, from sl2 In 100 IM> *• i. i. p| Wt fr(|(ri to ~H 74 Set* Ladle*' Flue Gold Sleeve But’*. $C to 22 0 Gold Bracelets, from $2 to 40 2 Handkerchief Kings, each jf, 2U Opera Glasses, from $7 to 36 1 Ft each Gilt Clock, . 00 Bronte Clocks, from! 10 U, 40 2 Fancy Clock*, eat b 20 2 Tea deu. each 76 5 ** M ** 60 1 Large Cm, 2? 2 Ice Pilchers, each 16 24 Dinner Casters, from 7 to ]H II Breakfast Caster*, fVom oto 12 * Cake Baskets, from 10 to 1( 13 Mutter Dishes, from 7 to ]2 1 Wine .Stand. 40 2 Pickle Stand*, each 12 ! 1 Pair Salts and .Spoons. solid silver, 30 1 Ice-Cream •• •* j* j 2 Pair Hotter Knives, '* •• each 20 1 2 Pair Napkin Kings, ‘J “ •• 18 ‘ Set* for Children. .0 i 5 Tobacco Boxes, 70 j 2 Cup*. 20 ' I Regulator, 60 j 1 Automatic Picture and kin sic Boa, 60 I 1 Safe, Miller** paint. 145 ' The balance to r'v*m of Toilet Article*. Per- j funaery, Caps, Goblet*, Smlnncrv, Writing Decks. Work-boxtM, Ac., making, in the aggre gate, 30, OtHi Prevents, valued at $26,000. The, above Hat includes the entire stock of D. W. Clark’s Jew?lrr, Silverware and Fancy (tooda. Store. 164 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md, No good* Mold at this store after Ibis date.— I The store will he open for the public to examine ( tbe gift*, and lor the sale of Tickets from 0 an ti I 4 o’clock. We wish to call the attention of the public, til st, to the char ilabiu object of this Festival; second, to the unprecedented number of valua ble gilts ; third, to the fact that in the distribu tion ol these gifu no favoritism, no partiaJilt '<sa be shown. The awarding to Lake place in the rre*e©ccof the audience, and tbe millionaire will have no advantage over the hnmblost citizen. Mow Co Olstuin iftrkflN. Orders mnv be sent direct to ns. enclosing ihc money, (roni SI to s2', in a registered let ter at our risk, with stamp for rctnrn postage, l-argci amount* should he sent in drafts by Ex press, at the following club rates ; Single Ticket, $ 1 Ofl 6 Tickets In one address, 4 M> 1 9 00 | 20 44 “ •• 17 jo 30 44 44 " 16 i 40 •• “ “ 36 00 ; M 44 * 4 44 43 60 DH> 44 86 00 ■ Address all order* and communications to U. W. CLARK. Manager, I 164 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Md. 1 for aale at Mu. Lcrroa’a, West ; minster. janlT-Ot | TRUSTEE SSALK of Heal Estate. 1 > Y virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sitting u* a Court of Kquity. the HuWriber, aa Trustee, will sell at Public Sale, on the premiacti, on Suturtlay, Fthruary Of A, 1807, al 1 o’clock, P. If., tho following described { Ileal Estate, to wit; 2 Acres, l Hood and HO Perches OF LAND, tnoro or lea*, upon which L ! erected a comfortable and conveniently ar- , ranged DWELLING HOUSE JfcrfL with Store Room attached, £ad f Smoke Houae, Ice House, 3|||i|K Rank Barn, and other ncces aary out buildings, all in good repair. There ! is also on the premises an excellent ORCHARD of choice Fruit*, water convenient to the Dwelling House, Darn. Ac This property i* located In Wakefirdd Valley, on the rood leading from Rich ardson Station to the Brick Meeting House, alfont one-fourth of a mile from Richardson’* Station on the Weatem Man-land TUtllroad, is convenient to School House*. RtackHmitb -'hop Churches. Ac., and ruUoin* the land of David Nicodemo* i John Englar. deed, and now occupied by ITieodore Lantz. Tea* or Sauc.—One third cash *n the day of sale, or ou tho ratification thereof, one-third in twelve month*, and the other one-third in two years from the day of rale, tho credit payment* to le secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers with approved security, bearing interest from tbe day of sale. HASHADI AH HAINES. Trustee. . Cnorr k EKirniont, Solicitors, jnnl7 k ts p. aT oorsuoh, I.ICCNBED ACCTIOXEKR, OFFERS his service* to the public in Uu above oaparity, and will attend prompt Iv and efficiently in nil case*. Address, wril Hill P. 0. nnksburg District, Carroll county Maryhuid. janlT-if JUST received, another lot of those cheap Balmoral*. StonObr A Hoffman. Merchant Tailoring. Fit Goods. Style and Fit, call on (jaot) John L. lUifraidar. I SLEIGH BLAKEKTS—for sale at O LEIGH BASK ETS-for rale hy >5 janlO .Stouffer A Hoffman. r ourx-ff Hunt oi Calm FtTto Niffiff k. &SSSTK kill SOM PM *mMrrn t ll ate this Misssl, an oh as LCNO iSTML YELLOW WA ?sif T a 4^ TiJfrgr. rt- VEM, FOCNDfH LOSS or Am it. liicrMses M m th appMlte firm | W - a smooth u.r..fv.r ma t h • MK <*ouo lam a To keeetrs of Cows this nnniHlso U U lommm. the ,oo.Uty S7Z 1 UbM JMH nans povta by or f** 1 aerwlmsut to tamm. tu qBU rnl!k st. 4 Castor lm ( ud •••t laSMtsmnc - 2 " ? ’^mmkn teem* much thotor ~ ~ In all diocose, M Bo tee, onsh io Coughs, Fkari m th* Lungs, Livor, s in O SS^.’K.T. wsas We U Cut, per SL S. A. FOtJTZ Q MO., wmvniLi m inMm sm * o. US Fnmkliß St, laMtem, Md. For B*l • by DrsMisto and Btoroksopers throoxh out tee United mites ( decUly PBIVATE SALE I A Bargain Offere d. 4 HOUSE AND LOT. fronting on Main ii f l tr V^> t ’ >trm, at the Went hnd of We*vninNter. The moat eligible situation fi.r a Blacksmith Shop inUieoouu ty. A good Two .Story LOO BUILDING upon the promises, with a Imck bailding at tached, a li rat-rate Well of water and a new Pump io said Well at a coat of SBO. 1 erm* will made to suit the purchaser, u Wo money u> not desired. A L6O | A HOUSE aud One ACRE of Land | bring ujion the Oorsucb Road. 1 mile f rom : Westminster, suitable for two tenant* - non I at this time renting for $26, thu other for i $35 per annum . ( Terms to suit the purcliaaer. Jtmav.t smith. j deco It fcclh Extracted Withoni Pain, BY THE CSE OF 188 KITaOH OXIDE Ktl, BT Or. CUARI.EB BILLIXCILBI, /> Ky T 1 ST , AT MtH OFFICK, Adjoining liis Fxtnir's ReaiUffn?.*, XX'wtm!n>tr, MC TTTIIKRE h. may b,fonr.'J i J1 Vtm,- V f when not proiouioanUy enjagM at tho following points: It tin n —1 *t Wednesday of evrr month.—remaining ■■Gi Saiurdav. A etc Hindaor.—2nd Wednesday of aten , month, —vwmtMnmg until Saturday bninnUntn.— Srd Wednesday ererr ihontt, remaining until Friday eveninr Tanrytoym —Ad Friday every mouth,—to maimng until the WedncMuay fullouing dec7 Iy.ap!9 Ooihts of Mater Power S boa It] a.*-? tbe rclebroteJ I IjKFI'KL TCKBIXIi WATKK WHEEL. Manu/ijctared by POOTiE A HUNT. IluUuAorc. M<iw Scud for a circular dcc6-0o). AM. ARTISTS’ UNlOfl. ” AG2XTX WANTED Si ELIABLE and energetic persona j or female, are wanted io solicit nuh puons for our F.ngranfjg*, ami In each I we offer trrg liberal cash inducemaata ; also splendid prtoitxmu to a&faacrihsv*. Oimj. # ! lars suitable to be oaed in cavmader to ! jntber with all necMrf naptm, wUI be ■ furnished on application, I Address, with reference. AMERICAN ARTISTS’ UNION, j dec6 2m 86 Pme Street, New Tork Superior Hoainy. ’ I THOSE who mt good HMDImt, I ** of Uw bwt Con. nad in tin n n,i imprnvM m atumld nil on di i iKrt ;b r: at the Union Work*, naar tic ConrtHonw, Md„ wham 1m ha- alwsy. on hand any quantity fer aalc cheap. Pr,m. tunneling the Com caa have Hrwniirr naan on short notice and raaaouaUe Wrma'. Cfi tmd von will be pleeaed. Al*o OFFALS for aalc, and JOO hoake!# of prime CORN wanted, for which the highpnt cash price will be ciren, dolimred at the Union Worlcu. SIMON A. LEISTER iaa3-tnu CEOKK \L si LIiVAA. Coastakel, fieaeral CeUector, and City BallUT, MI ILL attend promptly to all hit official duties as Conatable and Bailiff, and I to the Collection of all claims placed in bis j hands. He may be Ibandmt all times, except when absent on bntincs*. at Cook’s Nathaul Ho , teljSMie Railroad, WestmmsSar lid. i WESTMI\STER H9TEI , ~ PETER H. IIE.VHV, PSOFRICTOB. JS now open for the accommodation of the travelling Public, and arerv poewiole at tention given to the comfort of fueot. nor A 4m BALE8 ALE BILLS oinlel it the sbortuet nodee at thk Oftee I?TR CAPS, tor Men. diespat deelb Jobi- 1 hfiftni-Jer'p.