Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 7, 1867 Page 4
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iiui rears *° pro Av aailVrimr ■* j|MWl< kuuiu family W*S then Compelled to fcgggjbff tk tick oad dying, and observed the iactli'ion m Ui*:a in u.-e. Tbu ■ifrii.vcnt; and after Or* h* jtrtaetitcd to fcl Ziagari Bitter*. in in *• prevention ■uttrcllott* and * flattering mark- of upoa him who di*- ntneed noon the Shc-'pfux. tKo Public Au luia by ka Tice epidemicLof ckolara. buUi a provHMlve and curative tsAMMUfc, and with *ucb great wrcea that it WawNft Introduced iutu Marly all lbs general hcJltUl! of the old world. The obrt owning that an ounce of dkeveotiou fa warm a potnd car**. apjdtea with warvtl- Km* ft.ffe jot Urn cholera (tuMB Ruaea ikart*MH U::--nrfr the blood, aad that wie cffiffiunalio* jriuch acts on tke etereterr and keeps tbew in working order, muU pj *v cat a sufficient aeemnul.m 01 of the poleonto (*rrrt Ita wrtfMV cQVcu on the organism. This t* true notonlj of cholera, but of Mfcrii* at? MherSßaMdlp-. especially the dif- Tkl TljMlnWlli ia I* ju<t each remedy as theater* tmANioMi require. It acts on the oriffitßKliMMNl and aaorctlon, keeping up II dvc.n. This JUucrr 14 cuntpo#cd entirety of roou and herbs, to nicely that evtu 7 orgaa is acted upon am* pallft iMfth. 91* tori* ia pleasant and its cllvrts prompt aasldaktind, \u 11 wows mt-* of the following diseases kam keapr ckrwd by R; Cholera. l>farrKa>a. Typhoid and Tupkaa kVwr, Fever, Ague, Ncr- *•* It regularities, street Wharf, ■ ftohiV’rnru ggli s. IToU|-keeper A Oroevrs. For Sale In Westuiinslcr Via. by Rowsus A Out. Grocers, and A. H. Hi bk,‘ Druggist. p. bahVer, Jz sjyt' - - a-Ji'-'TCriL FALL AND WINTER OK lUS MU MGr K. K. (.ERRAND, WESTMINSTER. MD.. TTTTLT. It ways Ims found a largo mud care > V fait} seVcU-d stock of FOREIGN AM) DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Notions, ( CabinefWd Handing Hardware, Quecns%arc, Groceries. BOOTS. SHOES, HATS, &e„ | Floor and Table OU Cloths, Drugs, Otasa, . > • ; 3 Pauit*. l £ if Oil* lc.. Ac.. Ic. Tke larorft -orrei\t of LAMPS. Slades, j Ac., In taa Co*iay. The above at oca has been carefully selec ted and is replete, in Domestic Goods es- j pecially, with alt the standard makes of the Country, and will he sold at u*> low rates as can Nf pirrehured fbr in the City. •W Call and cjutroino before purchasing. ' E. K. GERNAND. ; 091 18 come* aud Court street*. Dr. % 11. Witmor. Has keen in nnaesafal practice for a nnmber f years, with the*etpreisorc of the different hospital* in Burupe. al*i a member of the An- . alytical Medical Luiitute of New York, contin- : uca Uj attend to all prefnwioiul caea at hi* of- 1 flee No. W* Filbert Sticvt Philadelphia. No patent Medicine* are used or recom inended ; tk remedies admfniricred are Uinne which will not break down the con-titutinn but renovate the Motein from all injarie* it has n taiwed/rMU > kwuw* and i a the herfltfff tßd perfectly cured con dition. uvararsii that distressing disease and fll deetrayor of health and b.ippinew. und> rmiu ing the constitution aud yearly rarryin** thou- ! saada to antiudy graves, can* moat emphatical ly be cared. Melancholy, Abkorratic.n that ikta of Aliena tion and weakness of the mind which renders person* jncapable u/ enjoying the pleaaurua or perfumntg <k" dhH-v of life, shickatuu, in any form or condition, ebron nie or acute warranted curable. ■rtLarsT, or falling aickneas, all chronic or stubborn case* of • FF.MAI.R DTHBASBS, radically removed ? Salt Rheum and every description of ulcerakoaa; Pllea and aorofulou'p di*em*e which have baffled all previous medical skill, can he cured by mr treatment; and I do 'sru r l proiecotrk e IrfdgS against all changes of weather kiall alitaatm. Having investigate <\ for years the cause and character **f intcrmittenin (fever aM Ague) iu all uarta of the Colttd Statea will core pettnanenlljr all eronic or arab cases of brae A oerrdu# disease s In a few dars. Auidml aCi a iTf3(k fie ktt i/e or lfrntn*<> fffmf 1 linn - ♦ Tape tkirt dread to the Hum na Pamilr fur ypjffik • 'k.- ryumred with two or thrat- S3S and German banguare, of charge. Will make visa* apy dMKgeo If rfe-ured. Mav hr ■d lreaokSkeJctler ftwfldertiaHr) aud ftedl cioo aosg wkta pmpdr vßiVKtiun. to any part of UMTED STATES fikaol Fen Works, Factory, CAHHEX. X. J. E| KBTEHBROOK ft CO. Btpel pen l 9 Mtnnlactnrerir, Wurel nnne, 40S Arch ut., PhUiMlelphin. 43 John Street, Xew York. Thene CeTolratei Pens are of fl'flnuine Araerfekn Manufuclkre. and comprise every b’iuljog style in the Market, and are eqanl in tinisn, WWleity andkneness of point to tbe Ixwt imported.* They atje, therefore, sure to gain tbp confidence of tbfl Ainuricaa jniMic. prirrs on Bapmmtm. L Ulkain Orfc*f; rf r pmtm or a-Fo Sio Mann ' tVtursr’,- Koniwu*, w abew..; an.t at retail Ssuuojt., B<x*aiar! Had New. In (Id lloital Siaica. •j, It KSTETtIiKOOK A CO, j '■ Sktlw to Soldiers. Jam hW#||ai (RBAidc* fltuf and collect timUuuty foaßal4ira, under late deeiitow of tbk NVir r l)epartinont, and the Act rfCqn S reafprwrerf Jut, 2Slh 100 b. So pay, or charge made, until I ; •olWet tke money fronf (be and pay Haver to the SoWier. I have re ceived a Humber of blank fWrma fsom tho War Department, and am d## readr to nuke oat the dutnw and eoltgMi the money. mcharo massing, Office bViaeft ft VfpMiag’; ' Westminster, Md. Carroll Aiirs^rv. .WEAK WEST.VTTfSTER, MD. ; JOSEPH STOUT I‘HOPKIKTOK. . A IDE SU BSC R I BBH ban for Sale ft about 10.000 Apple Titos Ofthk moat varieties on haul for 1 next Spring planting. * at ho, A large supplv of Dwarf and Stnuo.ini • PEAKS. ; A few PEACH TREES, PLfM and APRICOT. 1 A supply of C HER lO' and QUINCE TREES. a io.h<:k ?rm.r or OH APE VIK I: S of all thu lending varieties. 1 CURRANTS, 1 GOOSEBERRIES, , LAWTON BLACK BE UR V, STILL WHERRIES. RASPBERRIES, E V E U G REE N S, uf large sixe; .0 an, A large lot of DECIDUOUS TREKS. Those who desire TREES we think would do well to examine my ut(*ek lx>fore jmr chasing elsewhere, as my stock are all from tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT. dccT if REAL ESTATE ami (ollertiiiK Agency. LEVI EV.VR, M’BancivsTKK, Mu.. OJit* at fu/r, /rum 0 A. M. to 3 1\ M., HAVING made fur Ibe prosecution of the business df buj'ing nnd selling Beal Estate, offers hid services to the of Carroll county who may { wiidi any business transartod in bis line. i I’ A Urge amount of Real Kaialc ulwhts on hand. Person* having properly to disnitse of will find him the hewt medinni for its sale. Also, all collections promptly attended to. . ______ | LAW COPARTNERSHIP. j L. r. CROCT. CM AS. T. H KtF.’ ( ROIT & KKIFSMDER, ; ATTdffyKVS-A TLA W AXD SOLI CITOUS J X CHAX( KUV, Vvwrrjiui.fllß, Min , \X/ have formed a **)partnership in the J T f practice of loiw iu the Courts of i Carroil and Howard Conn tie-, and will prum|>Uy attend to all busiue.-is entrusted to onr care. Particular attention paid to Ctd -1 lections and procuring Decrees fur the srtlo of Real Estate. Also, Applications f!?ed fur Bock Pay and Bounty due laiirs of deevaecd soldiers, i Office adjoining tho residence of Chas. T. ; RKirsMDKR. no’io-tf ALEXANDER FRAZER, Clock and Match Maker. T> ESPtCTFULLY - in : ftV forms the Public that y ' ST tbe transaction of bus iu css at Mr. Tritmbu , 9, ‘ lower end of Westminster. In tbe room fur morly occupied by Dr. Hi ring as an oltiee. Heine an old experienced Clock nnd W atch Maker. not a repairer merely, he (Utter* himself that he can give every satbfactkni to bis employers. Clocks, Watches. Jewelry, ftr., rr]mired nt short notice, in the best mnuner, and i>n most accommodating terms. ! June 14-tf J. J BAUMGARTNER, Attorfioy sit U>v and Sollrlfftr ill CKiaprery. , \jmth practice la w lit flic fdbrtir in Cor- I I! roll county, wifi aid nnd i-ounsel , Uiose who are settling estates in the Or- I phann' Court, and dreft Wills, Deeds ftfc. i Can ho seen at the Union Katlonnl Bank ; of W estminster, u. o’clock A. M.. un -1 li ! o’clock P. M.,nd in tho evenings at I his residence opposite the Parmera ,V Me . chanifa 1 Natiomu Bunk of Westnunbtcr. nmy2l-ly. JOS. M. PARKE, ; lllornt) at Un aud Noll.-Kor ; In Chancery. HAVING some snare time, not occupied Jfl his Editorial duties, will devote tbe w*u*e to tbe Practice of laiw in the. Various Courts of Cfttroll comity. Will counsel and assiot such ns have business before the Or phans’ C-eurt, and attend to tlie nrepara tion LWL fte. Uffici? iu tho roar of the Aunocath Print ing Office. mark MM ICUKLL. a. MASXUe. FRIZELL & MANNING, brokers, WILI, bay aad soil United Htat*’ rf<| ether pablie *; also Jouml Warrants. 1 Will bay NegoiiaUc Paper, Konisua<l Judg meata. and advance wum-y on Collect nut*. Will nay firs* per cent, for DapootU*, to be aecnredT by Governiaeot Unudi, and rodoeiuablc on detnaml. Office three do..e below D arr tho low’s Hotel. WditaiinKor, Md. niarli-U. Daily Passenger and LINE, From C*ftyd.urg and Littlcstowa. Con :ioU with tke Cara at WeaUumater. ; ? wo vi C. W. WEBSTER,'t illotU], ATTOUNBY-Ar-LAW, amd ,sy tirnros is ciuscf.ry. Offici- ov.r Krii.ll A Mitnnnijr'. BrokrKa QKixr, J da.>ra beluw Barlliuloa'a Uu<4, " I'.tmmitar. Mdf. White Gooilh. A new and varied a**ortraenl of best imparted n ’at; . twilled laffia bmg (Bath, plain. Matil soil checked Nainsooks, Fremh Swiss, plain and dulled, aod an vndlcjp variety of Cambric Bril -1 ItauU and dlmltf. We hav* tm hcailancv la saying we have thebuat liu. of white goods now kept Id town. Call aad sea for yourselves. ■y2l MABBIH A CO. im\ MOKkS, MesUuinster Md. WM. H. 11 AUM AS* CO. CONTINLTK the manuf.icturc of IKON GEARED rUUESIIKRS with Pfllon’s Improved IIOILSE POWKUS, PLOUGHS, with Wrought and Cant Item Shares and Pniota. Sprinjf'Trtuth HORSE RAKES, for Hay and Gram. CORN SHRI.LERS, FEED i CUTTERS. JBd 1 aI<7TH.M//Mrfi/ MctrAinerj/ QfncraUy. I Alao CASTINGS of all kiutk done to order All kinds of REPAIRING done with prop!neoa and on modontte teriu-< ' Thee ure also stda Agent* lor the side of i Mot'oßMK-K’S Improved Srdf- Raking ! cximWn.-J ISKVPER ASH MOWER, • for Uantd) oonnty, and in that part of Fred •rick <*uintr North f Frederick Uity, and aDo in that part of Baltimore eattuty North ofTtixa*. With this Maeliinc the Farmer saves money, time nnd U, without oootruveray, NMrior to any olluw now in the market, nml reap nnd M -rwkM Uenvy, light, tangled or ’o'lgi‘d drain, "whur hand raises or droppi m will fail. We oiler it on trial wsth any other, tho |urdlflM r 1 to keep and pay for the am* preft 1 r.ri. A Iso are Agents for (iriscf** fVf-n/ Crain Separator, Cfrmmr and Jla^cr. ; At at mo like the present, when iahir is j very scdree. jt is imporUml that Farmers, who are iutre-fted, should give attention to this iuiprovameut, whieh will considerably reduce the ejipen.-e of Thruahing Gruifl in tho common way. This i.s now t;.nisuir d the best Sejmrator before the public. It is particularly adapted to Farmers for their own use. apdwill apply to Lover or Railway power, and will 'i hre-fb aud Clean from UK to I'jO Bushels per day, using tour to six j horses nnd os many bauds, Alao, for Mile MoXTUOMKKY’s * * Dot ItLK-ScUhK.N KI) UoOKA *ay Wheat Fax.” decT-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORK JTiJT OPEN Sit IN Westminster, Between the Railroad nnd Ucitkiiidur's Store, two doors west of Mrs. Shriucr’a Milliucry Store. ) f IE under sign-. -d has jnst returned from | _ft the city of J Philadelphia w ith the largest j and best MelcCled ftock of Liidies* Misses' 1 Children's nml (■entlemcu’a Boots ft Shoe* , j ever brought to this raa ket. My stock con* i.-l* iu purl of laudie-' and . j Custom maJcGlovo Kid Balmorals, fll • Lasting Gaiters. M.troueo Balmoral*. * l\L j Polish Boot*, Oil Goal Balmorals, ami 4'lni 1- , dreu’i Shoes-; also Geullemeu’s Boots hud | 1 Shoe*, such as Men’s Calf Ciuilom-iaadc j Boots, Congress Gaiters, Laeo Boots. Bro -1 cans. Kip and coarse Boots ft Shoes of alt I kinds. Being a., experienced Manufacturer j myself, I hate bud all tho above stock made to onler. ami for the express purpu.-o to suit this market by a celebrated aud well known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of I Philadelphia, which I t style, finish, dura -1 bility, comfort aud elasticity to the feet, are sujicrior to all others and are the best tilling I patterns that can he found. , 1 I have taken great care in the getting tip I of my stock, ano can warrant every article j ; to bo what it is represented or the loss will 1 \ be upon me. 1 therefore invite theespbeial 1 ! attention of the Ladies nr.d Gentlemen of 1 I Westminster and Carroll ecu yty to xuy slock ' j of Goods whieh will he sold ut much lower ' figure* than the tome goods can bo had , 1 elsewhere. 1 Come one. corn.- nil, am! examine for | 1 ; yonrHelv. No charges made for showing ! Good*. • L-tf TaSaBCKERT. DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS. DR. UI.AS' ’ N ImiM'vteil nitrous Ovldi: Appiirntua. Dr. GEO S. ibl KE, Dentist, Having iuno!>hr<t his nffice. in Wcpfniint"te Lid., with one ol Ur. Ilena's fiti-at Improved App*raiu luv the uianui'octarv of pi-rlcelly pore NITIIOUS OXIDE GAS, would announce Uiut he w ill w ill be st all tinws I j>rvpnroU u> aduiiiuster lln* popular AamUiotic 1 Extraction •>/ Tctlh without Pain. D. POCKK would invite the Alto 11 lion of the fublic to lib Uuil.v Improved ArMoaruvni' aoMcas I'uas nm Aanviuui. Yasru. Uy oieaiu of an ioipi ovcd Air-ChambL-i, Uuj pres • sure of Un* atiuoapberc fur bolding teeth firmly , and *emrt It In the mouth, is mulct ceruiuly and effevtadlly attained than by any style or form of plate hitherto used by the profrvslnn. The value auti excelh-nee of a set f Arfilirial | Teeth are lauch eniiawvcd ly ibis new and truly philusmdiicid ai iangon< nt. Dr. r. continues ihe Pi aclicu of Dentistry In all Its Branches, and being a Piunier Worker : in Uurtt RnU*r for Dental purposes, lu- u tho roughly experienced in the manufacture of t teeth upon the i'ldcasit* Base, and is aretiared t supply this *iylef >ark at Try aioiK-tau* rnU-rf. June?,—lf, NEW STORE NEW STOCK. A r ur attention is politely and respect fully 1 mUuiicd to my new mock ' Of well aeleeted GOODS now opening, - Immediately opposite CAIttWLL JjTIL j Embracing* a great variety of GOODS, such UM t’lolhs, Cassimm, lassinetts, TWEEDS, . Plitib aud Fanrv MOVSLINES. WBOGHOS. ALPAi'AR, KLASNEI.S, GIKOHAMR, CALICOES, CAUIIUICB. DHII.LB, lllelielii.l anti Ilron-n MOLSU.VES, Booti, MIIOM, lint, and Cap*. CLOVES. HOSK, Wool and Culton, With a a- n-ral and Wf-ll aalcclad STOCK of GROCERIES and HARDWARE. And other article* usually kept, which are ofl'ered at u humill above r Utf. JOSEPH WELLEIL no.lo-tf NEW BOOK AND STATIOAERY STORE. THE undersigned hiiving jtifll opened burin err, take plenrure in calling the attention of the Public to their well elcc‘ ted alock of Books, Stationery, Cards, &c., which they flatter Uiamactroa <an ho sold on a fair levin* as can lie obtained elec where. All order* for Books, Mnsic, Ac., promptly Blind. Wo are also Afentx for the aale of the ‘‘Life of Btonea)> Jackson/* and ‘ lleudly’ifl History of the Rebellion.” H. B GHAMMEK. WESLEY C. DANNER. aug 9, tf Peter B. Mtkesell, W oi<rut 4 Kiara n i*lU* iff BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Orbc&M. %ii/H'yrs and Leather. 1 TT -VVING jnst from thfl Cilice ri Cit PbiUd, Iphia nnd Baltimore. with the Urgent and bent of articles in hii line ever before dfered frr nab* m Carron 1 County, rappee! til lir inform# his friends and the citizens of the County generally, that he 1 i* Klill at the old hinii'l. n few doom al>oYh the Railroad. and will keep constantly on burn!. al Wholesale and notail, a well as sorted slock c*f Mona', Boyw and Children * LOOTS A XI) MftOES, Men**, notHHMd Childrcn’ii IluUund Capa, ot nil size-* and iiuuliliva: u!m> a *WI variety f of l.adies’ and Mines' Boois'mm Shoes, all of w huh u ill b<> riold at the ioweat cash prices, OK () 0 B 111 KS . A lnr;yp Stork wlwttV* kept on hand, such os liio nnd davn Coffees, Extract of Coffee. Teas of all kinds. Crushed and Brown Sngnr*. [ Synins and Sngnr House Molluscs, Baking i do.. Makintr So<la, Sal Soda. Rice, Pepper, Allspice,Cintiamoii.Cloves,Mustard, Ginger. Mice. Tndljro, Starch, Madder, Alum. Soup, i Cronin of!arter. Kish. Baron. Lord. 0. A. i Salt. Fine Salt, by the Bushel or Such, Coal Oil and I .amp*, Dried Proit,Tobacco, Segar*. FOB EKIN’ AND DOMESTIC UQIOJLS. CoiisUtiiigofPortand Mulng* Wines, French Brandies. Holland and (Country (Jin. N. K. Unin. Old Up*. Monongshelaaiid good Cop ier- distilled Keel i lied Whisker*. (tinker Brandy. altki a large lot of Bottled iiiio, consisting of French Brandy, Bottled in IHoI, Ginger Kmndv. Blackberry, .Wild ( Cherry and iLupbenr Brandioa, Port Wine, l’ ar. intended for Medical purposes. Lk'ATffl'li, SHOE FIWIXGX, JeC.

A large stock of lather a]way* on hand, embracing Sole and Upper Leather. Calf Skins, Tampico and Madras, Grained Morocco, Ijttdic-s’ French Finest Morocco. Pink Linings. Binding)*. Ac.; also a well se lected stock of Shoe flndiaga, viz: all the differ numbers of Shoe Pegu, Shoe Thread. Shoe Strings, Shoe Knives. KtmpM, Patent Pegging Awls, Sewing Awls, Potent Peg P’ n it Awl Handles, Lasting, Locks. Nail*. Brittle*. Snl Paper, (turns, Last#*, Hooks, Hammers. Pinchers. Knippcrs, Peg Cutter*. Rubbers, Tyeleta, Ac. f E D A R W ARE, Consisting of Basket*, Tubs, Brooms, Shoe Blacking and Bruahfa, Wash Board'-. Ac. N. 11.—All Goods to bo Wholesaled or retail'si to suit purchasers. SW lie returns his thanks for the liberal patronage extended to him, and will do everything in his imwer to merit its contin uance. PETER B. MJKESEI.L. decT-ly. ATTENTION T yTHE largest and most complete solution of i hii t r r r. in Westminster, is now bring offered lo the public, by IK A K. CROCSE, at his NEW I AND COM MOD IOCS B’ Ali K LOOMS, located about one hundred yard* East of (he | Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the Catholic Church. His Slock has Wn purchased in Philu j dclpLiu for the cu.vh, and consists of the latest and moat improved styles, vis: i PA BLOK SL ITS. Tete-a-tctos. Sofas. Marble top Cluster and Heanmiet Tables, Spring-seat Chairs; n!o. j (’hamber Suits, consisting of splendidly ! finished Round Cornered Bedsteads. Marble top Drev'iug Bureaus, Marble top Enclorcd , [ V ash Stands. o n a i it s. His selection of Cane and Wood scat Chair* | I is large and of the most substantial make. He will keep cpuMnntly on liuad a large i and very superior Stock of Furniture of his i own manufacture. VOFF / X S . Being in P'i>sei<sioii tf a new and Terr ele , ?unt HEARSE. he i prepared to furnish COFFINS and attend runeruLtal ths* short est notice, at prices tliat will always give jalif faction. Hu keeps also a large and well selected lot of 8 TOTES, gjv | Inch he can recommend to lie 1 terns, consisting of Cooking, *Prlof and Ofliee Stoves. He inyites all to examine his Stock before ■ purchasing elsewhere. By a strict nnd faithful attention to bust ties*, he lioihm to roeeive a share of public |atronage. IRA K. GROUSE. N. Furniture and ('hair*, repair cd mul paint* J on reasonable terms. dec7-ly. Save Yonr Money. ■ i * j UV GETTING YOUR. GOODS AT A. M. WARNER’S 1 NEW STORK, \vix end.' ivEtrjUKSTta, W ho Ims always on hand a fine selection t FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, XoltuM, Ciiu(rrica } d' c. *arThunkful for the increasing patroti age, and hopeful to merit a continuance of the same. THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Sole and Short Profits. A. M. WARNER. aps LUMBER & COAL. 11. W. Bell Ik €o. Westminster, Md. TETE would inform the citizens of West t f minster and Mirrou tiding conn try. that we ore prepared to furnish them at our yards at this place utid Union Bridge, with U .HUCK of all kiuda, including White Mae, Hemlock, Building: Timber, Shimtles, Laths, Pickets &c. &c., All scloctes! by on exjirrieneed Lumberman, which we are prepared to sell very low for cosh. Also Stove and Blacksmith's Cool by the ton, and - limeburncr’s Coal by the car. and examine for yourselvea. H. W. A CO. Mile H - NEW JOHN R. BUSBY ■dimUT, Md. osar (ha KailruaJ. s*d ovaositt the Catbulic Church, wbar# b has oa bsad, a large and splendid sssortmeat of New Goods, Consisting vf in part as (allows t Ladies’ .Shorn, of every description, Polish aftd Vntiuoral Boots, of (ha vssv latvstdSl r-l vle, Mims' Roils and Shoes of all kind*. FBI Also a full a*orintent of ChiMr>n* v Shu.e. UATB and OAFS nf ihe latest fashion. AU a large aaaurtairat of TRUNKS. All of which ho u selling at wonderfnilr reduced prices. WALL PAPER. A splendid assortment of Stamped, (iold, Bronsvd, Glared uitd Pnglarcd Wall Paper. Oak and Walnut Paninding for Halls and IHn leg Also Kire-lloard Print*. Gilt and Linen Window Shade*, all of wbk-h are f the latest style*, si (he lowest citr price*. Hanging done by WILLIAM COON, nho has had siit-en year* experience ia the businean, in Baltimore and other cllira. Work done In any part of the country, all guaranteed OT no pay. marlVif PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New York Mice Kooynva Toucant, (Ks lablUbed HS4. i ore manufacturing under Let ters I’atunt the tK-st article ot eonpoaithai roof ing ever offered (o the public. It is adapted to every style of Hoof, itttp or flat, and can be readily applied by any one. The l r . S. Government, after a thorough teal ofit utility, hare adapted Its use in the Kasy Yards, aud upon Public Knildings. The booting is put up in rolls, and has only to bit nailed to 11.0 Uuuf U make a Durable FIUK AND WATEK-I’KOOF COVKUINO. We oartieularlv r#onimend ifa nse upon Stores, Churches, Factories. Ma hinv-Suops, bt< aiubo*t Decks. Ac. MIC 4 UOOri\G PiIXT, Fur coating Tin. Iron, or Shingle Hoofs. It forms a body equal to ruaxs coats or osoixabt I’aikt. No Roof can i u-i under it, and Old Leaky Roof* mny he made permanently water-proof and du rable bv its use. The Faint requires no mixing, but is ready to he applied with the ordinary paint biush. - Price, SI,OO per gallon, which will cover two hundred squaru feet. Also manufacturers of ■Hack I.UNfre f’arulab, TARRED FELT AND ROOFING PITCH. Discoaut to Die Trade. Circulars and Price List fur lushed. Rights for counties sold at low rates. Address THE MICA ROOFING CO., 1W Broadway. N. Y. Frank Humphrey*, RI Royal St., N. 0. Sen- Hold. Williams A (V, Augusta, Ga. Baldw in H. Wood*. Montgomery, Ala.. Thomas 8. Coates, Raleigh, N. 0., F. A. Tucker. Ukhmond, Va., Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va., Agent*. ittt'lllN Biutlcd. 1 DovULly REMINGTON’S Five Arms. Sold by Utin healers 4ia<l Ihr Tratlc Ltnmillj. , Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 12 Cartridge. j lUiprating Pistol, i Elliot pi. \ No. 11 Cartridge, Ilep’-ating Pistol, (Elliot pt. 1 ) No. 32 Cartridge, Pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking,) New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading Lever,) Police Revolver. Nary Size Calibre, Belt Revolver, Navy Calibre. Belt Revolver, (S*-lf Cooking, Navy Calibre, J Navy Hctolver, 30-I<W iu. Calibre, Arm? Revolver, 44-100 in. Calibre, i Gun Cane, uriog No. .1? C. rfridge. I Revolving Rifle. 30 k 11 100 In. Calihre. 1 Ilr. cch Loading Rifle. No. St Cat (ridge, Brett h Loading Carbine. No. 40 Cartridge, , U. H. Rifle. {Steel Barrel, i with Sabre Bayonet. C. S. Rifled Musket, Spring held Pattern, 1 Single Darrel Shut Gun. K. REMINGTON A HONS, Iliox, New York. AGENTS. Moore k Nichols, New York. Palmer* A Hachelders, Boston, John P. Lovell. Jos. C. Giubb A Co., Philadelphia. Pooltocy A Trimble, Baltimore. Hi ui l FoUotn A Co., X. Orleans MeunbU. ] Mavnaid Bros., Chicago, jL, M. Kntnsey A Co., St. Louis. ; Albert K. Crane, San Francisco, mrl'-ly.-jy 11. NEW COAL AND l vmis /; /.’ v.lit v. r.REKX STREET. AT THE DEPOT II L'srMIL'STKL, MU. nAVING j>orfHMwl nrrniigriurnts for carrying on the •* Lumber and Coal UunlnraM, on (ironn tlwrt, nl the Dej*t. \V(>Mtmintrr. Md., ihe undHrsignod takes (hit m.-tluul 0 I soliciting the |mtrunagc of the public. He will hnve on hand, nnd ho prepared to noil at all times at the lowest cnsli prices, a full ■apply of Housoned 4-4,6-4, and R-| Boards anil Plank, Flooring, Siding and Scantling, Shingles, Utha and Picket*, unci all uthur material kept in a Lumber Yard. He will also keen for safe Broken. Egg. Nat and Pen COAL, from the well known Shauiokin Minos, at the lowest Market Rates. By prompt attention to business, furnish- Miff the best articles in the Market, and doing all in his power to accommodate customers, he hopes to cuniiubitd a share of public patronage. EDWARD LYNCH. ft-bl-ly LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!I ffl HE undersigned, having completed thrir * NEW FOUNDRY A MACHINE HUOPH, near Ihe H. U. Station, in Westminster, would respectfully inform the public that they are now iTi-parcd to furnish, Hlovea, IHaeltHmitb Toe Irons, Tire Umdor*. HolAiw Anvils, Ac., Bakcoven dfMrs and Hearth Plates, Cellar Win dow Grate*, Porch Post Irons, and Casting In general. Corn nnd Cub Crushers, CWnHbelfers, Circle Haws with benches complete for sawiag fire wood, Ac. Horae Powers and Threatilng Hlarhlnea, Cutting Boxes and Ploughs of different kind#: bnt would call particular attention to tkyir juatly celclrratcd Three Horse Plough common ly coliod the “Price Plough.” Also their well known ami unsurpassed 44 RAIN DRILL for aowing all manner of Grain, including O*U. pir Repairs of *ll kinds attended lopruinnt ly and at liberal rate*. Haring lirat class Mecbooloks employed, will guarantee ssiisfi' tiuo. WAGONER A MATTHEWS, nor. 10,—Cm. GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES! A DIES call and examine my stock <(f DRESS GOODS, much lower than a few weeks ago, from 8 U 16 rwnU a yard less, D claim*. Knplisli and Merinoos. Poplins Ac. Call and get some of the great bargains at JOHN U UKIFSNIDEK‘B. dcclJ “18 years established in N. Y. City. 11 “Only infallible remedies known.’' “Free from Poisons." “Not dangerous to the Human Family." “Hats coma out of their holes to die. 1 ' I “CoatarV 1 Hat. Roach. Ac., KxtcmTi Is a paste— used lor Halt, Mict , Kuachet, Block and Bed Ants, ire., Jtc. ‘•JoetarV’ Hod*Hag Kxturmiuutor Is a liquid or wash—used to destroy, and j also as a preventive for Brd liugt, it. • “CwtUrV Electric Powder for loaucta Is for Moths. Mosquitoes, ileus. Bed Hwjt. Insects oh Wonts, Foods, Animals, Ac. !f! BrwißlM! of all worthless imitations. Ds*V_ See that “Costa* V* name is on each Box, Bottle, and Flask, before you buy. *s*, Address HEVRf R. (4MT4R, 4*4 Broadway, N. Y. tadr Sold in WrsnsiitsTKK, Mu., R*~By A. H. HUBER. And all Druggist and Retailers every where. '‘COSTAR’S” CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For CuU, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils, Cancers, Broken Breasts. Sore Nipples, Bleeding, Blind and Painful Fites j Seroftr ' lous, Putrid and 111-conditioned Sores ; Ul cers. Ulandulnr Swellings, Krunti *ns, Cuta neous Affections, Ringworm, Itch. Corns. Bunions, Chilblains, Ac. : Vhap|H*d Hands, Dips, Ac. f Bite* of Spiders, Insects, Awi mall Ac., Ac. Boxes, 2 > eta., oO eta., and $1 sixes. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. IQu And by HENRY B. COSTAU, De pot 484 Broadway. New York. MT And by A. H. HUBER, Weeimin ■ter, Md. j “CO STAR’S” UNIVERSAL Corn Solvent, For Corns, Bunions. Warts, Ac. I taT* Boxes, 2’icU.. bO eta. and $1 sizes, j Sold by all Urugggm every* lure. I fim T And by TTKNIIV If. Do I pul 481 Broodway, New York. teff' And by A. li. HCBER, West min | Her. Md. , . ' ;“C O S TA R ’ 8” PHKPARATION OF Hit/rr-Socct mul Untny Ji/ossouis voa asAcnrvise rue courtixiox. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, j remove Freckles. Pimples. Eruptions, Ac. Indies arc now using it in preference to . i all others. , AhT Bottles, SI. g®.. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. Rftu And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, New York. \ W- And by A. 11. lICHEB, West mi u ■ter, Md. I ! “QO STAR’S” PECTORAL co ran remedy, ForConehs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Croup. Whooping Cough, Inflnonxu, Aslh ma, Consumption. Bronchial Affections, [ and all Disease* or the Throat and Lnngs. Bottles, 2' cts., 50 eta., and $1 sixes. all Druggists everywhere. m_ And by HENRY K. COSTAH, Dcr 1 pot 484 Broadway, New York. And by A. H. HCBER, Westmin ster, Md. lI C OST AR ' AT* cruaMUTCD BISHOP PILLS, . iwMtnwii hoei mi. Kor N'itvuu. and Sick Hndochn, Co*iri- Constipation, PUrrl'™ cSSf cfc" w, iid general derangement of the Dire,- lire Organ.. * Boxw, M cU., SO eta., and $1 rac.. Sold by nil Drnmiiu avarywkrre. HENRY R. COSTAH, Depot 18 Broadway, New York. And liy A. U. HUBER, Wmtaiaaier, ”'*• In , a WjE'W GOODS. New floods!! MABSIE 4 CO., FOREIGN AND UOMKHTR' />*•/ floods \VK aro now rucuiving otir large rnriod BkacrtiMent of FALL AND WINTER GOODS! Axn ahe Ski.umu Them CHEAP. MrOiv# a. a cmII dcforc piirchatiiug I elsewhere, as wc feci coufideut it wig U lo your intercut. IIV#//#• i#t Orf. 1! ( *69 U. B. LKAMMEiI. J. W.PKHKIN\ GRAMMER * PERKINS. protoukaprb. MKUI.NOTVHaj, PUTTUKH nr INDIA lift. WATER COLOUR, am oil COLOUR, A< 811. (lUA.MMKU, hating Msoriald with him In hi* business Mt. J. W kixm, Ut of Baltimore, aho )u%* h*( some eighteen years experience iu Phu gruphy, iuul having removed in hi* SKV ROOMS, nearly opjKisite odd Krth.w. Hall, which have hern fitted up at mmtider able expense expre.-idy f yr thr tasinvK would respectfully announce to hi* friend of Westminster, and of Carroll Connly gea emlly, that they now have the facilities far taking as good pictures, (in every style d the nrl-) Oh Ml lx* procured elnewhvr*. June 21 -if iurvuVd RAILROAD. Change of Time. snnren aruaxceexts. , On mill ufi. r MONUAV, Muj ijt, |s I the Train* will run an 6 ilk>ws; L-nre I'nioii Bridge at I A. Mm t A. >l. raid 2.101*. M lahvc WwUiuiiultT at 0;IO A. M. nw I A. M., and 2.*7 I*. M. fl nlimnl. I .cave Baltimore at !l. 1’ .i M.. 2. in P. M , uihU.IM I*. M. Arrive at W4v.tiiii.wler at II. U A. H. fI.UU I’. M. and S.U) P. M. Arrive at IVum Bridge nl 12.17 I*. V P. M. and M. 42 P. M. DO -Freight Trains daily each way, (i j cej*t Sunday.) fri?-An V.xpres* Freight Par leaves Cd | rert Station daily, (except Saturday* Suiklhvhj ni 2, id p. M—mil all gtH*!* f. • that ear must l*e iMivMM before ton p. X ( Fur any in format ion iu regard t# Freight j or Car-*, apply to thu undersigned at \\ ci j minster. i\ n. mwi* | may 24-lf Sp*t. IRON, STEEL ANI Leather Store I % ; !, f m nktmUh* y M.u hltut Down, SUttrmnkt r*. StnhfLrt amf VobinmUeno/ hon and I • Levfher. 1 I fpHK SnlM(tTttM<rf inform tlio eitisens , 1 Purroll and mljoining Counties. fl they Imre just at their new W hom*e. n.-ur the 1 at W. stmhihter, Mi j a full and complete stock of 1 Iron, Stcd, Leather, Hubs, Spoki j Fellows, and everything Ik-longing | to the Busings**, 1 nnd nfptkfnds of - 1 and heavy Hardware genicndly, aW* tm I plain stuck of Knot: rmuinfi r all of which arc offered al fiiir prices.' of <nHuaiwc and d*k are Hriti’n to rail nnd examine our *•! acpl H, jwwi—tf SHOES AN D HATI Cheaper than Ever, At Joiiß H. Bum's, Opposite new Catholic ('hirfck. WHKRK you will find the largest beat naan Ament of the very hi style I Julies and .Visaes Shew** and Ik* ever offered for wile in this .Varkfu Al Jfcna Boot* and Shoes of every ditri|-iw Hah! Ihtt*!! //at*!!! Hut*!! of the very ltet htyld always on hand. All goods fold at the very lowest prices. oct 2.7 r . wm. p, VMAH. a. auaLßi MAULSBY j TTw\r:rs-.i rla ir a\’i> sou irons is cuaxcsuk Haring A**octatodthuu)*elveß in the nr| Ucc of I.HW hr f'iirmll omtiUr, th7 will f tend promptly And careAtlly to all bvrioi entrusted to their charge. Mr. MaaU will viaH WiMrtmlnatcr whenever bustiM requires it. Office dirtrlly vpjiotitc C& /,n *"!: W Ladies’ Puny Goods, MHS SHRJKBB’B Uaunut nnd Fancy Store, oi oves, .11 klmb, V.iu, ttmrr to lion. 0.1 Ura mil (Mh, l.tnt M.lm. Sudk .ud Sim SliaJra, Cr and Hor Sliirta, I (tin. Sau-h. Uaudfr.vtli.i2 itina, Ht.lM waftsSpMaSfi .nd Ih-ll I!('ad., linn. Otapara. Fil and l'erfun,w*v. Album., CMldruU C ri. and .. nth. of food, tori dim mid Childrcu .1 the LADIES’ STORE OUFFAIX) ROBES .d<J Horec Blank. i) fnraulo at Bullimnnpriea. hr • jnnlO , Stoulfrrt Hcffuftn