Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 14, 1867 Page 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. VQU UK It.—aVMBCR 19.; THB BKXOCB4TIC ADVOCATE. Jet. M. Pmc, Editor and Dmprklor, No. 9 Cannm.i. Hai.u The Autocar* U pabluhcd every THURSDAY MOWN ISO. and fnrni.hcd t Sebacriber* at H.N per ißun. In Advance. pfiot paid in adranre Two Dollar* will be charged. No paper will be itincanUnued until •I arrearage* are paid, except at our own apUoD. RATES OP ADVERTISING. I aqnarr. 3 iniertiou*. it; eueb Bubc.,ncnt iaMrtion 25 rent*; 1 .quart- three month* Si.HO, six month* SO. llusinea* Card, of lea h*ea, or lea*. |mr aiiniim. s*. Mer I rbtaU And othyr buamoe* men, inoludinp lb* PSPC) One-fourth of a column, per rear, 515.n0 Half a column, *■ 2-..18- One HAND BILLS. A sixth of a Sheet, for 25,, (or 100 *2.00. Quarter Sheet, for 25, $2.25. for 100, *2.75 Half Sheet. “ 3.50. “ 5.00 Valuable Farm at Private Sale. rpHB iAofibtr, finding U inconvinlptit I to manage his two fhnn*. offers at Pri vte S] hie FARM, odloining the one on which be resides, to Tnneytown Dbtvifll, jMToUcooiity, Md., about A miles H. W. of 1 sncytnwn oo the rood leading from eaid Town to Frederick by Double Pipe Creek, ontaining about 190 ACRES OF LAND* This land is of good quality, and produces M mgwl to any in the neighborhood— nd bns been well limed over, most of it wica within a few years* There are about n acuks op Woodland, of good S ririog timber, mostly Oak and Walnut.— ifso a sufficient quantity of Meadow. The Improvements consist of a good sub stantia) Stoxr Dvki.uxo . HOUSE,!® 2by 11 (colb with large fine rooms, and two txcclleut Collars; a good BANK BARS P by 41 feci ; Smoke House, Stone Dairy per a never falling Spring of good water ; [ferriage House ; Wagon Shod ; Coru ("rib; ran cry Ac. This farm is under good fco ■g; has a good bearing rehartl of Hip Finest Fruit; n the advantage of water in every field : ' id Finer (’reek Hows through the place. It is situated in a good neighborhood, if to Mill*, .Schools and Churches? and ''rtii MHeS from tle line of the Western ar vland I!nil road os proposed to ho ox -id.< T#rrfmlibci*?il, am! made to suit punka 1 Address the subscriber, at Tarn-) tow* I*. Carroll comity Md. •pfetf WILLIAM SHAW PRIVATE SALK I OFFER *1 prirate ule. a FARM of IIS ACRES OF LAND ro nr leas, situated iu Carroll county, ad ding J. W. Lucabough's Mill projK-rty l the lands of Jacob Hankerd and Andrew ese. and within half a mile of Cranberry , tion. Western Md. Railroad. A large oortioa of It is first rale TIMBKR N I), and is woll watered and under food ring. It 4s improved with . * large I*oo Wfllsr Haase Back Building, Stabling Ac It will L- I in parrels to suit (Mirckascrs, if desired; pereel incladiug the buildings to have 60 I acres. r BuTernis modern!*. RICHARD MANNING, W'BI-tf Westminster Md. SH. BLIND. BOOR ANOi Furniture Factory. DORR, LUSTER * BHAEFKER, | AIN Street, West ofthe Railroad, have I cm hand and Manufacture (o order P'tIXS, I BUNDS, Dooms, croryarUcle necraaary to a Uuibfwg. A 1.5(1, HH WB.SSI'fIHE, in rary style and rariaty. win* had gnat experience in our baai fu Bwl Mti-fied iu Keying can aril xsali (o a greater advantage then urn id claowhore. COivo iu a call, ir SU,~I/. HNWRTANtJO >IL BURNERS I IE aabecriber haring parehaaed the ex 'erifhtto make aad aallia Wauada httnet, Carroll want, Hi., >sWk Pstent lofiloi NNwaiog Fluid, *T reform. thapahlic that ha it prepared *t hit residence ia Pleasant Valley. .Htatoa’. Stora, any quantity of taid g Field, at 60 cent* par gallon, and Ruwrm, on reasonable farm., to non in mid District to make and aa* “M. by which meant they can ha tup •bn cheaper with thi* be*t and cheap. •II Light*. A. J. KOONTZ. 'U-2b u tinua. a. n. icHunxn. ISHER ISCHAEFFER, 1-tT-l.tW. K<po ßit OU4I Jioitl, irednuaaOr, kvi\r> formed a gupartncr-diip In tho FrjdSioe of Law, we will promptly M® B bwdnea* enltoted to onr care, John L. Beitaldar’i. ~4*C wifcTllt Macrtaeat for Men. Wow,, aad -.-haotaylre. MW-^r. WESTMINSTER MI). THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14 18(17. PRIVATE SALE I A Bargain Offered. * HOUSE AND I,OT, fronting on Mnin r\ Street, and Union Street, at the West End of Wm*mtn*r. Thi most eligible situation for a Blacksmith Shop in the coun ty. A good Two Story LOO BUILDING fSjJji opon Uie-pfembes, with a back building at- Uehed, a first-rate Well of water and a new Pump in said Well at a cost of $6. lernis will be made n> suit the purchaser, as the money is not desired. ALSO A HOUSE und One AC H R f Lund lying upon the 4*oruch I Com I, 1 mile from Westminster, suitable for two tenants--one ut this time renting lr the other for s3f per nniimn . I Terms to null t!ic purrlunicr. JOSHUA SMITH. decfl*tf I’cetb Extracted Without Tain. * DV THE USB OF TUB MTUOIS OVUM; las, rn | lr. 1114111. ES BILI.INUBI.KA, I) FNTJ s r, A T HIS 0P F I nK, Adjoining his Father's Residence, | WeaUaluetar. JTd. j ItniMiE ho nmv I>e found .t ell times! . V „ . ” "” l prufessionslly engaged el the following points: tlnkm Hrvfgf. —l*t Wednesday of every month.—remaining until Saturday. • 'rr Monitor. —iind XVeflnesdny of every month,-remaining until Saturday. r MiVm/mrn,—3rd \\ ednesday every month, remaining until Friday evening. rnry#nra- fid Friday every month, —re- maining until the Wednesday following. dec7-ly. epl J b fg NOTICE. Witches, flurks, wCJM JEWELY, SILVER PLATED WARE. SI'KOTACr-RS, 81L.VEU, 001.1), IM.ATEDJt STEEL WATCH CHAINS. ■ AT MOORE’S Jewelry Store, New U,.ii ICoud, Westminster, i ■F4u.Welches, Ctaeln, and Jewelry, rare j fully Repaired and warranted; 1 WILLIAM MOOICE. June 11. Owners of Water Power Should Me the celebrated LKFFEL TIJRBINt WATER WHEEL, Manufactured by POOLE A HUNT. Baltimore, Mtl. S nd for a circular, dscfi-lim. tga> A. M. HUBER Sj (SoevHHeor to Ml-MR mr\ No- $ UarroU Hall. Westminster, DKUJER IK DRV ns, ( IIE MIC A LS. I’A TEST MEDII'IEKS. eascy articles, PICK PI ME If r, ,(v. I rUVbICIANS* piuSciUraONd neatly j und accurately compounded. nrjmt for the manufacture of HEN!EC'S Compound Sj/rvp of Block brny Root. . BOOTS & SHOES JUST received-and jfar sole a frank und large lot of Phiiaduiplua m beat Cuutoiu Mode F| boots and HIIOIX consisting In part of LadW reduced prices, .* *“ 5 „ X. S. ECKKIIT. I Ue'uewWr the phiot, two duora West of Mrs. Slimier'. Millei-.ery Siurv, Westmia ter, MJ. .1008, SIOO SIOO ' 0100 Stll.DlKtts EX'i'll A UOI'XTIKS (euntu BT A, D, BCBABPPER, WooMsiMior, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO head quautkeTVor hardware. ■QUILDERSeud Cubtnxtt Tools. Cornea - I) tere .ml foopets Tools, Nalls, Craw Cut and Mill Saws, Forks. Skorals, Traces. Halter. Caw and Dow Chains. ]■ foot are nrthing kept in ini regulated llur(twrc Store. Mjr long adv.a tMM in tLu Hue, JOHN L. EEIFSNTDCa dec!3 Weal Eud, uour the Forks* Carpet* ! Carpets !! m Cloth*! on Cloth* t! TMyttßPr Flvr Jr Bil Ofotti*. 4r£ 5-4. H i Bulr tyl noth*, tor mlp at Baltimore uric* *. S.V j*a-3. JRidij. nfflfialder. Mont Cullers, Staffers, Ac. The untilojlcd double cylinder Culler aad Bologna Staffer, for sale bv nor. *. * JT. AT. V*rna,t r sra.vni BUG AH!! lot of Brown ami WhiteSngurw# Just received at jflly® A M. Warner a. in PrnmlK Our I'nlon, I.fl Ci be Careful 1® Preserve aim Our Civil Llbrrlln. FOR THE rXFORTUNATR. BELL'S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted In all caaee, for the Speedy and Hermann)! Care of nil dineoecu arising from ■eiual eiMMKi r YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION, Heiuinal Isom, Nightly Emission*, and Hcn*nai ilreatna j Oe.iltnL Physical and Nervosa De lllty. Impotence, Gleet, Set uni Dimici, Ac. AfoCiinngfol DIH In NfreiMry. They can ho ated without detection, and never fntl to effeet a cure, If need according to In ■traciiooa. Bell’s Specific ’Pills, Price One Dollar per Bn* ; nr Sl* Bote* for Five MolUrx. also Boies, containing . iu-ur Snmll, Price Three Dullnrs. From rour l) (i* boxi!* are generally renulr ' d tn core ordinary earn* of Seminal Weakness and Kmiwioi’. though benefit g derived from using a singi>‘ bo*. I In Chrome eases, and part(< nlarlr wh>n Tm j pntonor or Oeniial IMrilitv with Nervous I’rus- ‘ trilion has all-■<led the system, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended a.-* the most Efficacious, Ke- JuvinatiDg and Invigorating Ut-invdy m the world. • A Package, I’rice Five Dollars, will lost a j month, and is generally sufficient. I In extreme rosea of Debility and Impotence I BF.U/a BXTKRNAL REMEDY, Trice Two Dollars, sufficient for a month, can he used t>. god advantage. It gives Strength to (be Organs, and, with j the rills, will restore them to their normal condition. A Tamphlrt of ION pages, on the ERRORS OF YOU ill, designed as a lecture and Caution i to Tonng Men, aent free. Ten Cvnta required to . pay postage. CAUTION! The abort Remedies have sow been before I the Public many year I, and their great aaro-sa | in Hie alleviation of human miaery. has excited , the cupidity of several parties, who use the name "Speriflr Hills/ copy my labels, Hreu- • lara aad advertiiw meats, sometimes word for j word, and pat up worthless compounds that disappoint the Just expt-i-Uliona of the purchaser If you cannot purchase Rxr.t/s Sraririr Rau- \ rntxs nfyonr Druggivt, lake n<> other, but send , the monr-v direct to Da. JAMES BRYAN, I Consulting Hhvsician, Klf> Broadway. New York, I i and you will receive them by reiarn of mail, 1 . post paid, and free from observation. ■dßßha More Valimlffc than tiold! Bryan’s Life Pills I’i Hirr nn: FLOOD, ! Remove Uuadaobe, Dlsslm<aa. Oiddiuom, Drew- j | I sit). -S I.’upli Asant Dreams, Dimness of , I Fight. Indigestion. Cl ause the Biota- ' aeh and Bowels. | I Insuit- NEW UKi; in th- 1 billuled, and 1 H -ton tk. Sick to I'er/trt I’urtTy Vegetable, Try them I tl. y only cost 2i cenU. and if you ! cannot gel them of vour Druggist, send tbe I money to D. J V MRS lilt VAN, ( Cunsuiting Hhvsician, Hi!) Broadway, New York. And they will be sent by return mail,postpaid. I TO LADIES. If you require • reliable remedy to realore you, * and remove Irregularities or Obstructions, j WHY NOT USE THE BEST ? Every Lady knows the slightest irregularitv 1 of nature Is liable to bt ing on Headache, (Jia- 1 dines*. Low Hplrlts, Fainting, Hysterica, Ac. ; | thW the bloom of health fades.* the appetite fails, aad other srraptivmt more distress ng com- I ' tneaee. os--U esknues, Spinal Complaint, the J Whites, Prolapsus, Ac. Ac. A NEVER FAILING REMEDY will be found In ■ Dr. JJ'iruy't F' tnnle Pill*. The experience of thirty year? has proved they 1 liave no equal for Removing Obstructions and 1 Irregularities, no mailer ft-on what cause they < arise. They are Safe and Sure in every case. , Upward* of 50.000 Hox.-a are auld annualh, and no cuutplaini of tin it efficacy is ever heutd. for they aecomplUh ivhat they arc represented i u. do. . Sold in Roves, rnnf>ii,ti*n Sirfy CilU. Price j One Dollar. Dr. Ilarnjt Golden Pill* Is a nuaudy fosr cl greca stronger than the , above, and iutuidud tor special eases of long , 1 standing. Price Five Dollars per Bo*. A PRIVATE CIRCULAR to Ladies, with flue Anatomical Engravings, sent fl ee ..n receipt of directed envelope and -lamp. I Send for DR. HARVJ.VS PRIVATE UEDI - CAL ADVISER, addressed to F-msliw til , pages -givingfull iustruotions and iu formation. If) cetit* required for postage. 1 If you cannot purehosu Ike Pills of yoar Druggist, tLey will be seat by mail, pot pnid, secure from observation, on receipt of tbe money, hy Da. JAMES HKYAV, Consulting I hrsieUa, July IHj, il* Broadway, Yew York. Dr.Bryan’aMedicines T Hgtre on hand for sale the following *wL I able Moilicinev which are described in Ur. J. Bryan's advertisement in the “Dem, AdT D?lwi'. SmoSc PBI, Dr, liarrey'a Female Pills. Ur. Bryan’s Ufa Pills, Dp, B’s. other medicines can also be pro cured through the undersigned when requir ed. A. U. HUBEIL o, Md. GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES I J A DIES call and examine my stock of DRESS GOODS, much lower than a few weeks ago, from 3 to Iff cents a yard less, MtinesA English iml Frgncb Merino**?, Pophns Ac. Call and gel some of the great Imrguius at JOHN L. HKIKSNIDKU’S. doc 13 A LA TICK Stock of fa.-'h'onaldo Bonnets on hTi<] of every description, and more arclteing caastantlv mutmnti.'dured, which must and will be sold at verrredared prices. dw!3 Sirs. K. J. Bhnncr. Till] OlxO DANK OF ('IICRN. “A mate I a male I" a maiden cried, One pleasant lumaer'i day, When, with her lover by her aide, They joined ia rival play— In rival play, in glorious chess, The noblest of all games, Whose ivory images possess Such very royal names. **A mate I a mater* she wildly said, As, with impetuous haste, Her Queen across the board she sped, .And by his monarch placed. So confident she seemed to be, Such boldness in her mien* She did not for a moment see HU King could take her Queen. “A mate! a mmet" at last she cried, “Yes. ti* s mate I see, But onl- mch, my darling pride, As I would have from thee I" He said, and round her lovely form Ilia nmnly arm he pressed, Till she unto his passion warm An answering love confessed. “A male ! a mate 1" young Cupid sang, As through the room he Hew ; “This may le chess, but yet, I guess, 'Tit nothing very new ! The olden game, whate'er its name, Is still the same, I see— When woman sweet, and man compete, There’s sure a mate to be." €’arln Phlim llorlea. There is a well-known Greek story of a penniless man, going out with a rope to hang himself, found a purse of mon ey, which induced him to throw the rope away, whereaa the owner of the purse, coming: hack to look after his property. an<l finding only the rope in stead. straightway hanged himself. A still more curious talc of a similar kind ia told by the China papers In the native city of s hanghi, the parents of a yottng lady lately married, having fallen into distressed circumstances, applied her for assistance, and her husband al lowed her to them a coat for the purpose of being pawned. The daugh ter, however, being anxious to render • further aid without her husband’s know lodge, secreted fIH in the pocket of the coni The old man did not discover this and look it to the pawn broker. ' who, noticing the money in unfolding 1 garment, kept his counsel, and <{iiietly \ advanced S‘d. Soon after, the husband j discovered that the wife had given the • SIB to her father, and made so much • noise about it that the young lady dis , p<>- dof herself by hanging. In this | way the news of the r*bb ry committed by the pawnbroker became known U) the parents, and the old mother took j the matter so much to heart that she poisoned herself with opium. Lastly, j the pawnbroker, getting alarmed on hearing that his dishonesty had already caused two deaths, drowned himself in a well. This story is very characteris tic of the Chinese feeling in regard to life, and similar incidents not uufre qnently occur. Some years ago, for instance, an ac complishcd young lady at Canton, who had been unfortunately married to a coarse and stupid husband, was bewail ing her fate to a party of sisters and female cousins, and declared her inten

tion of committing suicide. On this the other youug ladies declared that, since such was married life, they would die too; and so the whole bcvy4)f them joined hands together, sod walking into a fish pond deliberately drowned them selves. Again, three men imprisoned in Hong Kong gaol, on a charge of pi my determined to make away with themselves rather than have the bother of a trial. At some height in the cell where they were imprisoned, was asuiuli j window, guarded by two iron bars, and the. problem which these worthies had to solve was. how the three of them were to be hanged upon the two bars. From the position in which they were found in the morning, it would seem that the | third man hud assisted the two others in hanging themselves from the bars by their tails; that then he had cut down one of them by gnawing through the tail with his teeth; and using bis dead body us a stool, tl) be afterwards kicked over, he had contrived to suspend him self. All ibis, 100. was done so quietly as not to attract the notice of a sentry who was pacing outside beneath the winder, qnarrellaf. If anything in the world will make a mao feel badly, eioept pinching his fingers in the crack of a door, it is un questionably a quarrel. No man ever fails to think lees of * himself after it titan before, U degrades him in tbe ejfM of others, tod, what is worse, blunts his seoaibiitooi on th# one hand, sod increases the power of passionate irrita bility on tbe other. The truth is, the more peaceably and quietly we get on, the bettor for our neighbors. In nine cases out of ten the better course is, if a man cheats you, cease to deal with him; ifhe is abusive, quit his com pany ; and if he slaudcrs you, tokc cans to live so that nobody will believe him. No matter who be is, or bow ho misuses you, the wisest way ia to let him alone, for there is nothing better than this cool, calm andquict way of dealing with the wrongs we meet with. A Good Description. A pious divine of tho old school says: “A drunkard is the annoyance of mod esty, the trouble of civility, the cater pillar of industry, the tunnel of wealth, the uk* house benefactor, the beggar's ( companion, the constable's trouble, the woe of his wife, the scoff of his neigh bor, his own shame, the picture of n beast, and the monfcter of a maa.” The I'tttul Kcven. The Toledo Blade and the Pittsburgh Commercial, notice# the curious fact that every decade in our history, eudinu with the figure seven, has marked the beginning of a financial crisis or depres sion in the money market. ‘‘Thus,” continue thej, “with 1797 came the crash that wined out the continental currency.” ana we fear, with 1867 will come a crash that will wipe out the greenback currency. In 1807 out trou bles with France, and expected war with England confused the business of the country. In 1817 a tremendous financial convulsion occurred, the lega cy of the war of 1812-14. In 1827 the infliction was less severe, but ten years later, in 1837, the whole banking system, the business of the country went down, to bo prostrated to a grea ter or less extent for the ensuing five vears. In 1847 there were no particu larly hard times on this side of the At lantic, hut on the other side, (ho Eng lish railroad speculations produced , great evils, and gaunt famine stalked 1 over Ireland and other portions of Eur ope. In 1857 inflation and over tra ding, with us ended in serious commer cial losses. Shull the singular continui ty remain unbroken in 1867 ? We fear, though we hope not. that the coun try is on the verge of a fearful financial , crash. The ruinous legislation of Con gress. in keeping ten Sovereign States unrepresented in the National Congress, thus paralysing the industry and com- 1 merce of millions of people, who would • otherwise bo adding to the national wealth and prosperity, stagnates the 1 whole commercial center. Until Congress shall legislate for the 1 good of the whole country, and not of a 1 section, there is not a particle of hope ’ that the stringency of the money mar ket will become easier. The Radical ! Congress, unless it changes front, will have an awful account to render to ! their constituents. “Mae Strife up Here.” 1 It is related that an old Scotch elder * had once a serious dispute with his 1 minister at an elders’ meeting He said some hard ihings, and almost broke the 1 : minister’s hesjrt Afterward ho went 1 1 home, and the minister vfeut homo too. 1 i The next morning the elder came down. 1 i and his wife said to him.—“Ye look 1 very sad. Jan; what is the matter with 1 iy®U* “Ah,” ho replied, “you would 1 | look sad too if you had such a dream | ; l as I have. I dreamed 1 had been ut ’ I the elders’ meeting, and had Raid some 1 } i hard thing" and grieved the minister; I i and when he went home 1 thought be ! 1 | died and went to heaven. And I thought : ’ afierwnrd that I died too. ami went to i heaven; and when I got to the gates of ! 1 heaven out came the minister, and put | j i out his hands to take me, saying, ‘Pome i along, Jan, there’s nae strife up here— ■ : J am happy to sec ye.’ ° [ 1 The elder went to his minister direct- • ' ly to beg his pardon, and found he was 1 dead. The elder was so stricken by the ! ’ blow, that two weeks after he also do- ' parted. “And 1 should not wonder,” ! said ho who related the incident, “if he 1 did meet the minister at heaven’s gale. 1 and hear him say Tome along, Jan, | ! there’s nac strife up here.’ ” j 1 Ah, no, they never quarrel io heaven; 11 and when we let our feelings get on fire 1 * here, and use harsh words, and bitter- | uess and malice cling to our hearts, we | I have not got the Gospel Spirit. The ! 1 spirit that should belong to the Church I 1 on earth is the same spirit of lovo that 1 i rules in heaven.— Prctbt/Ur. ’ I A Charge to A Jury.—An Indi-I i ana justice recently summoned up a j case in a naval and sprightly style. | which astonished his entire auditory.— i j lie said : “Gentlemen of the jury, in ! i i I his ca o the counsel on both sides arc j j unintelligible, the witnesses on both \ | | sides are incredibb, and the plaintiff I j i and defendant are both such hard char- I i I alters. that to me it is indifferent which 1 j I way you give y-ur verdict.” A Western fanner, being obliged to | ’ sell :t yoke of oxen to pay his hired man j told him he could uot keep him any I , longer. “Why,” said the man. “I’ll stay and take some of your cows io place of mon cy.” “But what shall I do,” said the far mer, “wbeo my cows and oxen are ail gone V* “Why. you can work for me and get them back.” Weak doses of washboard are now recommended to ladies who complain of dyspepsia. Young men troubled in the same way may bo cured by s strong pre paration of wood-saw. A Yankee girl, who wished to hire herself out, was asked if she had any followers or sweethearts. After a little hesitation, she replied: “Well, now, can’t exactly say. Ibe a sorter cour ted, and a sorter not. Reckon more a sorter yes than a sorter no.” I An old ladpr, remarkable for her con fused idea of* the moaning of words, described a clear summer evening thus: “It was a beautiful bright night— tha moon made everything as light as a cork !’* A Russian miser is noticed am having learned to bark, in order to save the ex pense of keeping a watch dog. How to prevent ITos from getting at , your bncou in summer—eat it in the spring. Why should the birds foci depressed early in a summer morning ? Because their bills arc all over dew ! LIFE. [The Cincinnati fJotctU print* the follow ing poem, composed hy John 11. Surratt, while a student at St Charles College, How ard county, Maryland, January 8, My youthful tears hare all been shed— Those April drop* which flow Like ajnugVs from the mountain’s bead, And in the ssuidune glow. The tears of youth have ceased to gush Like nectar from mine eyes, And bitter ones instead f brush Away with some surprise. The currents of my life grow deep, As down the stream I float, And all its torrent* wildly sweep Around my fragile boat. , Like some fair bird which wings its flight Far up the azure sky, My spirits soar, with fond delight, More glowing height* to try. Then round my *nul are quickly thrown Cloud* black with sorrow’s gloom, And sullenly the winds do moan i Aronnd some lured one‘s tomb. i My heart is draped in darkest night, My little bark U losaedj ’Till in my faithlessness and fright, I cry. "I sink I I'm lout!” Hilled hi an i;ir|>liunt. Mr. Alfred Moffatt. of Kquentraiu no- i toricty in England who for the past five ; year* ha been performing Richard i Hell’* two elephant/*, wn killed at Mo- i rat, iSwitserlund, on the 28th of June | lost, while performing with Hell 4 Mey- , gr’s circus. The eicphunt’had some < trouble with hi* groom a short limepre- | vious. Mr. MofTatt tried to nubdoe the i beast by laying a out him with hi* spear and tomahawk, ond compelled , him to kneel down to him to fasten the chain around his neck. Mr. Moffatt kept the spear in the animal's ear while { he was doing this, hut had to turn his back to the brute while he took a chain , from off hi* leg. Just at this moment 1 tho elephant rose to his feet and Mr. i M‘'fiatl, who had hold of the handle of the spear, which was still fastened to i the animal's ear. was lifted from the - ground The eleph ant the s commenced , turning his head hack waul and foiward | until he got Mr. Moffatt in front of him, j then seised him with his trunk, and j ihi'-w him about twenty feet in the air, and as ho was coming down cwOght him with his tusks and gored him to the } ground. Mr. MofTatt still had presence of mind to call the animal by name, and , while on the ground said. “Go back, Rain.' but at that moment the infuria ted animal put lit* foot on Mr. Moffatt'a breast, and killed him almost instantly. Ih" female elephant, feeing her keeper , and trainer being mangled, run at the male elephant and gored him ; and then ( with the assistance of the members of < the equestrian company. Mr. Moffatt ( was got away from his enemy, but life had fled. The female went back to the , stables, and see mod to try to get the male to the same, but in spite of all, he ( would ut go in ; he appeared quite ill, and commenced u* through revenge) to j tear Mr. Moffat's coat, which lay on the ground, pulling it into pieces and then . eating it. Tho company tried for about three I hours U> get him into the stables, but • they could not do it, either hy force or j kindness. At last the female came to • tho dour and commenced crying, which 1 drew him to her. She then closed the ] door after him. and seeming quite sen sible of what had happened, stood n- j , gainst the door, so that ho could uut | get out again. During this time Mes- j s:. Roll k Meyers had scut fur a can- ; non R shoot the Monster. For eight leug hours the female ele phant stood sentry at the stable door, j guarding it with her owu body, at the | command of tKb groom, who always fed j and cleaned thiumimuU, and drove them ! on the road from town to town, cud j whose lift had been saved ouco or twice 1 by Mr. Moffatt. At 'ast tho cannon arrived, and was , at once placed in position near the sta ' ble door. The groom then called the female elephant away from the door, and the male came out and the word fire” being given, a six pound bail from the cannon made a hole right through his body, and ho fell dead on the very spot where he hud killed his master. From Kansas it is reported, on the authority bf a man who came into Junc tion City from Saliua, that a trightfkl massacre had been perpetrated hy the Indians on the plains. A train with sixty men, encamped at Smoky Hill River, is said to hsve been surronadod by a band of Cheyennes, two hnndrnd in number, who attacked and killed all but four men belonging to the train. A Cohtly Oahu—At a Catholic fair iu Memphis, Toon., a cane was of lered for the most popular county offi cial. It was voted to Sheriff Winters. The votes cost one dollar each, and 40,- votes were cast. The cano origi nally cost f 5. louring cold water on the face snd head destroys tho effect of narcotic poi sons. A girl poisoned with laudanum in England was saved in this way, after all other remedies hud failed. On a wager of one hundred dollars, a man at Pittsburg stood on a pedestal twenty-four hours without rest. Why is a lady of fashion like a suc eeasful sportsman f Because she bags (lie MfS' TERNB-lI.M IR AD?AKC Fwdlnf Mark lm Winter. A correspondent of the American Firmer, writing from Clifton. Fairfax county, Vn., says:—ln yonr last nun. ber I notice Major George Taylor’s mo<V of feeding bullocks Tears ego I kept a large dairy, of 120 eovn. My stables were arranged in such away as In allow the manure to remain in them for three day*. Twice a week the manure was hauled away by teams from the stable to the field, and spread behind the wag on. During the cleaning of the stable*, ten eows at a time were let out to the water, remaining oat doors about twen ty minutes. The other days the eows were watered in the stables, by letting water run io their troughs. On doss ing days 1 always bad considerably leas enilk ; this showed roe that cows lose milk by being exposed to a colder tem perature than that of the stable It is an absolute requirement for cows, and also other cattle, to be kept in a uniform temperature, us any sudden change af fects them. (Cows will even give more milk if they get lukewarm water to‘ drink, as they thereby are induced to drink more, and the more a cow drinks tho more milk she will give ) Jhe proof of this I had by altering my meth od and cleaning the cow-stable every morning, without letting the eows out. Since then 1 keep my cows in the stable from the day they are put np until the day I let them out on grasa. A oow stable can hardly be kept too warm, provided there is a proper ventilation above. The same is the case with fat tening hogs, whereas the horse stabls has to be kept at a much lower temper ature, sav 55 degrees. The oow stable will not be too warm at 75 degrees. To give cattle dry meal I also cannot sp- Ke. It certainly is an established by the experience made in differ ent countries, that meal mixed with eat hay, straw, or chaff, scalded with hot water, hss a far greater fattening and milk giving property than raw meal ; besides, it induces the cattle to eat hay, straw, or chaff, in larger proportions than if each is fed by itself Even if the straw of other inferior feed docs not increase fat or milk, it is necessary Ur fill the stomach. 1 acknowledge, that feeding as above, gives more trouble and requires more attention from the farmer himself, but he is amply paid for it by the better thriving of hie stock and the less quantity of food he uses. Keep yonr cattle through the winter in an even and warm temperature, well ventilated ; keep them clean, give them nothing hut chopped food, well scalded, (except Kt night a little hay or straw) and 1 will guarantee jour success in fattening and milk production. Factn la Farming. There are some things in farming that arc established, namely : That manure most be applied, mt only to get up land, but to keep it np. That wet soil most be drained, either bv ditching or otherwiae. That sub soil ing ia good That grain should her sown earner than it generally is; Ihtt it should be harvested earlier than U ia done ; that grass should be ent when ia blossom, and never when ripe, unless for seed. That our soil is not snficient 1t works *, especially in hoed crops; that stirring the soil and keeping it well j pulverised, is a partial guard sgatnai drouth That the most advantageous grain for horses is the oat; that it im proves fodder to cook or steam it. That warm shelter in winter saves fodder, | and benefits stock. That the best blood iis the most profitable. That there is much nd-’antage in selecting the best seed,* the earliest matured add the plumpest. That in-and-in breeding is i not good in close and consecutive rela tionship, but roust be carried on by for | cign infusion of the same blood. Thst warm quarters and good treatment are necessary in winter to produce eggs from most hens. That top dressing j grass lands should be done with fine, well-rotted manure, applied close to the u-rnnod. That it b, ia general, tie*( tar i .ell produce as eooa u read; for mar | kct. That blackberries require rich I soil ; strawberries and raspberries Tag. fl.ible would—each as rotten bares, chip manure, be. That Mr* lima should he used That aalt, ia souse aw sea, ia good for laud — alag plaster, the phosphates, guano, he. That HI) ploughing ie Use hot hr cb bade ; that laud should not ha ploughed *et. That young orchards should be oCHlts ted. That wpset buna aft t good iaatitatba. That stay and IhM, M- U id bung Mi pen an aa adnwtogi ta the dh mm • That a oulti rated and is reiittbite to high faming, aud that a good inputs tion exerts a good ini asset aa the p- Ite j uud the aTMHtrr la terete winter wauther Ac farmer's poultry often snffitrt; fouls are seden tary in their habits and food aud water must ha liberally aud oonveaiaotly sup plied to ensure profit aad thrift The cheapest way to feed b to giro then all they will est, ia aueh manner that they eon help themselves aa their appetite prompts. Thus with a small atoek, warm aad clean quartan, aad a Ttriery of food, there ia a profit made area ia winter. Many people ia cities aad Til lages excel favmcre in keeping poultry, "imply because they take bettor ear* of their stock. The poultry house should hare plenty of glass windows to admit the sunshine. , “Isn’t there an awfully strong awe)) of pigs In the air ? asked Smith of Jones. “Tat/’ replied Jtmee, “that’s became the wiad is frota Ac tow-west.”