Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 14, 1867 Page 4
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PHer B. flikcscll. WHWiMHiI Jt UrPAll, IW*U IX BOOTS, SHOES, HATS. CAPS. Groceries, Lyp**rs and Leather. TT AVING just returned from the Cities I 1 M Philadelphia and Baltimore, with thetargest and best quality of article* in his line ever before offered for mile in Carroll County, respectfully informs his friends and the citizen* ofthe County generally'. that he U still at the old stand, a few door* above the Railroad, and will keep constantly on band, at Wholesale and Retail, a well as sorted stock of Mens'. Boys' and Children's I HOOTS AM) SHOES, | Men’s. Hon and Children's Hats and Caps, J nfaU siaes and dualities : also a select variety of Ladies’ and’ Boots and Shoe*. all 1 of which ill be low at the lowest cash price?. IIHOCEKIES. A large Block always kepi on hand, such as Rio and Java Coffees. Extract of Coffee. Tea* of all kinds. Crashed and Brown Sugars, Byrapa and Sugar House Molasses, Baking do., miring Sods, Sal Soda. Rice, Pepper. AiUpice, Cinnamon,Cloves, Mustard, Ginger, Mace, Indigo, Stn*rh. Madder, Alum, Soap, Cream ofTnrter. Fish, Bacon, laird. G. A. Salt, Fine Salt, by the Bushel ivr Sack. Coal Oil and I .ami*, Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Segar*.. FOREIGN AN .*; DOMESTIC LIQUORS, Cwn.>ajiliugofPortand Malaga Wines, French Brandies. Holland and Country Gin. N. F. £. Obi Rye, Motiongaheln and good Cop lifttilled Rectified Whiskeys, Ginger idy, 4c.; also t large lot of Bottled Uq uor. of French Brandy, Bottled 1 I Sol, Ginger Brandy, Blackberry, WHd Cwjprry and lUspberrr Brandies, Port Wine, ; Pm: k, intended for Medical purposes. LEATHH*, BJSOX TIXDIXCS, AC, A. largo stock of Leather always kept on Hard, embracing Sole anil (Tpnrr Leather, t'alf Skins, Tampico and Madras, Grained Morocco, ladies’ French Finest Morocco. Ptnk Linings, Bindings. Ac.; also a well ge- ; Uctad.'tjlock of Shot* Finding*., viz : all the differ n umbers of Shoo Pegs. Shoe Thread, ."♦hoe Strings, Shoe Knives, Hasps. Paten? lagging Awls. Sewing Awls, Patent Peg ging Awl Handles, lasting. Ixick.s. Nails, f Bristles, Sand Pajer. Gums, Lists, Hook. Hammers. Pinchers. Knipper*, Peg Cuttcrr Rubbers, Tyelets, 4c. C E DAK WARE, Consisting of Boskets, Tula*. Brooms. Shoo Blacking and Brushes, Wash Boards. 4r. AjrX. B.—All Good* to be Wholwrcdcd or retailed to suit purchaser*. •*sff“He returns his thanks for the liheral patronage extended to him, and will du everything in his power to merit its contin uance. PETER B. MIKESKLL. decT-ly. “ ATTENTION I Largest and most complete select ion of V VRNITIRE ip Westminster, is now being offered to the lMio. hr IRA K. (’ROUSE, at hi, NEW AND COMMODIOUS wake kooms located alioat one hundred yards East of the Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the i Catholic Church. His Stock has been prmhased in Phils \ delpbia for the cash. and consuls of the | lilb&it oid most improved styles, viz; PARLOR SUITS, Tato a-totes. Sofas. Marble top Cluster and Keau'i pet Tables, Spring-scat Chairs : also, chambel* Baits, consisting of splendidly j finished Round Cornered Bedsteads. Marbb t..ppressing l)uroau.H, Marble top Enclosed ! CBA IR S. His .selection of Cane and Wood sent Chair- ' is large and of the most rabstnntial make. He will keep constantly on hand a large ' and very superior Stock of Furniture of hi* J owu manufacture. COFFINS . Bmmk in pouweaion of a now and very ole- , pwsk tIBAESfc.' he i* prepared to famish I COFFINS and attend Funeral* at the short- 1 eat notice, at prices that will a)war* give 1 satisfaction. Ha keeps also a Urge and well selected lot of mm STOVES, jpk which he can recommend to l>e the latest aad most improved pat- Imom, consisting of Cooking, Parlor Mid Office Stoves. He feritos all to examine his Stock before purchasing elsewhere. By a stnet and faithful attention to bust he hoiies to receive a share of public * IIU E. CROUSE. K. B.—-Old Furniture aH Chairs, repair ed and pain feed on reasonable terms. decTly. Save Your Bonn, B'i * ; BV GETTING VOI'IS 1! onous AT | A. M. WARNER’S •:nv .-Tore T* kN*n. 'WktmisSti:*, as * v oho haa always on hand A fine seKjeUonol i FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ! ||d|poDs,; dPWOidSW flv# trier-aMit- patron - ' Ml?h|ic?ul tu merit a oonUnnanco f ! THZ OI.D MOTTO, ! ©ht u 4 Short Profit*. A, M. VARNER : M.JI. Dell Ar. ruling country, to formli Diem at our j LUfliJßfitf ©fall kinds, including White Pise. ||AHe|M|r * UIHMMIh, BtdWiflg timber, Mrtnsfes. laths, • ’ Pickets Sc. &c., All oalaeted by an experienced Lumberman, 1 which we am pnpnml to sell very low for Blacksmith** Coni • : by Vbe ton, and hiaalwmtf’t Coal by the car. FA.Call ana examine for voqj*)ves. ■ |t H- W. Dtu., i GO. "T3T JE r GOODS. New Coods!! MASSIE Sl CO., FOHKIGN AND DOMESTIC fwooris I AV I! ate Huw rev ivlng >'r Urge ntul i v-iri.-'i ..f AND WINTER GOODS! Aso auk Soi.u.nii Tiim CHEAP. Bni“ ove ua call defore purcliaaing elsewhere, as wo feel confident it will be to jour iuterest. HVsOmW r, Orf. 11, T 9 U. a (.RAMMER. J. W. PERKINS. | GRAMMER 4 PERKINS, | I’HOTOG IIA I* US, AMBKOTYTES. MKRAIXOTYPEB, PICTURES IS INDIA IXK, nvatkk colors, axi> OIL COLORS, 4c. SB. GRAMMER, Inning associated with him in his business Mr. J. W. i n.fviKS, late of Baltimore, iiho ban had some eighteen years experience in I’holo graphy. snd having removed to his NEW ROOMS, nearly opposite Odd Fellows’ Hall, which have been fitted up at consider able expense expressly fiir the business, • would respectfully announce t* his friends j of Westminster, an<l of Carroll County gen j crally, that they now have the facilities for I taking ns good pictures, (in every style of 1 the art,) as cun be procured elsewhere. | June 21-tf 3S&m wTabvift" o 3^355 RAILROAD. Change of Time. SUMMER ARRANGEENT3. I On and after MON'OAV, Mar lllst, i I the TrauM will nm as follows: .’ /-\m/ipo;W,—■-Leave Union Bridge at 4.1. i A. M.. v* A. M and 2.101*. M Lwr* Westmlnstor at MO A. M. and 0.45 A. M .nn l- TP. M. J B- L-—Leave Baltimore ia U. 10 A. i M.. u. ;, |. M , P. M. ( Ar. v. at WWm nster .it 11.43 A. M.J I 6.00 I*. M. and S..m p. >|. j Arrive at Union Brid-o at 12.27 P. M.. M. tnd 8.42 I* M. 1 UW„.Freight Trains daily each way, (cx- , 1 Express Freight Car leaves Cal i vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and I Sundays, iat 3.30 P. M*-hut all goods for. that ear most he delivered before 3,00 P. M. . For any information in rugnnl to Freights or Cars, apply to the undersigned at W est minster. r. ii. mwiv, m i \ 2 Itf IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Important to B? trfctmitU, MachhuHs Furmcn, Shoemaker*, Saih/hr* onrl Comntmrrs of Iron and Leather. rpHi: Subsenhors inform the citizen* of* I Carroll and adjoining Counties, that I | they have just opined at (hair now Ware- ( ! liouiu!, near the Depot* at Westminster. Md., 1 J a full and complete stock of J Iron, Said, Leatbur, Hubs, SfxAiss.. | KctAvto, find cvpsj'*hlng belong! 1 to the Carrinjrc Bustocs^s, , And all kinds of Blacksmith’s Tools t 1 an 1 biSAvy Hardware generally; aUo a com- [ i p!fl stock of HUOE I'llkniVCN, jdl of which are offered at fair prices. ' Tlie attention of eotmuimerf and dealers * :' r *-‘ iiwiie*! to cull and examine our Stock, j j ia quality and mum, RKii'SNIDEU A CO. I sept 13, I*Bo—tf SHOESANDHATS Cheaper than Ever, At John H. Hrsnv’a, | Opposite new Catholic Chirch. j \|T HEBE you will find the hugest and j I If best assortment of the very latest ' ?tyle 1-ndiea and .Vissf-a Bhoes and Hoots 1 ever offered for sal* in mis Afarket. Also I .Feus Hoots.and Shoes of every dbtription i Huu I Ifat* /1 Haft!!! Hat*! !! ! I of the very latest style always on hand. I All goods sold at the very lowest prices. 1 oct 2~> I wsi. r. MArLMr. cmas. . rorkrts. MAULSBY I ROBERTS, ! A TTOE XK YS-A TLA IT AXD SOLIC ITOUS IX CHANCER V. J Having iwotocigted themselves in the prac tice of Ijiw In Carroll county, they will at tend promptly and carefully to all buainesc entrusted to their charge. Mr. Maulshy will vihit W cstminstor whonCN'er business require* it. Office dirtily opposite Court Items'. janl-ly Ludlfs’ Fany (jowls, AT MU. sn RISER’S I Bonnet and Fancy Store, j CLriTLS, JJ kinU, Veils, of every de*cri)>- j (!*■ , Collars and On A, Übt ctyles, Randker- 1 fki.-t’i. all kinds, Hosiery, all kln.ln. I'arusola j ißrt j ud Sliad**, Corsets and Hoop Skirl*. La-j dkwf Satchels and Traveling Parfi, Sewing at d Kancv Baskets, Porlmonle'a atd rocket Hoidta, } (bur and Tooth Hrnshes, (Jomhf, ail kinds, t ; l*bllw nd Doll Heads, Gam Diapoie. Fancy i | So.,w( Slid Pul fuiaary, Albums, Childrens C*r- 1 !' * •’ dan diidfess vxirsty nf goods Jfcr La-. I iflk-s -nd Children at the ' * f j KADIES’ STORE. I j A PlvlMElnt at Frederick make Buck I i Gloves, fi>r sale by i jaul7 FiaHjfte A Hoffman. I THOLERA PREVIATIVB! i x. I*. 1.. TUB CBBAT ZIXUAMI HJTTSKB. Tms VOUmriL KI’.UKUV ... dUco,- errd and iwtroduoed 4>ut twenty rears •iro by Dr. 8. Cheopaaa, an sniaeat Egyptian povsctan. rsße had long acn and fait the want of acme medy which would strike at (he root of dis ease, and so prevent much of the suffering which the human family was then compelled to endure. The great question was pn sen ted to his nsind every Jay in vivid color* h • moved among the sick and dying, aud t'U'riel the meflictra ey of neaih alt the romtities then In use. This he was lead to think amf experiment; and after ten rears of study and labor, tie presented to bis fellow man the wonderful /.iagari Bittsra. The effect of this preparation in ibe preveatioa and cure of discs<•. a*s so roarv.-IlnsMi and as tonishing, that the moat iUttorlnf marks of royal favor w ere bextowed upon him who dis covered it. ilis name was plaoed upon the Koll of Nobles, and a gold medal with the fol lowing incrlptiim—Dr. S. Cksn*—a thsPsUls Benefactor—was presented to him by the Ties* The preparation baa bee* need fo —veeal epidemics of ebriirs, both as * preventive and curative measure, and with such great sqecsaa that it has buen introduced into aearly all the (tnersLhospitab of the old world. The old saving thai an min of prevention is worth a pound of cure, applies with marvel lous force to therefore any remedy -Hhat wii! protect as agaiusl ibis terrible disease should freelv aud poraistcatlv wed. All pathologists now agree that the cholera poison sots on the system through the blood, and that any combination which seta en the excretory organs, and keims them in working order, most prevent a sufficient accumulation of the poison to exert its terrible effect# on the organism. This is true not only of cholera, but j of nearly all other maladies, especially the dlf \ ferent forms of fevers. The Zingari Hitters ia just such a remedy as the above conditions require. It acts on the 1 organs of excretion and secretion; keeping up a perfect balance between them. This Hitfors is comprised entirely of root* and herbs, so nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put in tone. Its taste is pb-asant and its effects prompt and lasting. Numerous cases of the following diseases have been cured by it: Cholera. Diarrlura, Typhoid snd Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague. Ner i tuus Debilitv. Anaemia. Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia. Flatulency, Colic. Scrofula, Ac. ! Price, one dollar per quart bottle, i Principal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, Harrisburg, Pa. . Bdd by Druggists, Hotel-keeper* A Grocers. For Sale In Westminster Md. hv Uowaas A tl sub, Grocers, and A. 11. Ilfar*. Druggist. F. BARTER, JuneW,—lyr. Sole Proprietor. FALL AND WINTER OF 1S *\D IHT. E. K GER\AYB, WESTMINSTER, MD.. ATJ ILL always l>e found a large and rsuw- W folly select** I stock of FOREKjA AMI CORESTIC DRY GOODS. Notions, Cabinet and Building Hardware, Qaeensware, Grocerie*. BiMITS, SHOES, H ATS, Ac., Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Drugs. Clay*, Points, OiU, 4c., 4c.. 4c. • The Inrgu.-t rlmcnt of LAMPS, Shade*, ■ 4 c., in the County. .j The above stoclt hua been carefully aulcc- ! j tad and is replete, in DomeAie Gooda e pccfislly, with all the standard make* of the ' Unnntry, and will lc sold at as low rates ns con he purchased for in the City. tdT Call and examine before nnrehasing. E- K. GERNANI). \ oct 18 corner Main and Court stnnstc. Dr. W. 11. Wltmor, Has been in succc<irul practice for a number I of years, with the experience of the different hospitals in Europe, also a member of the An alytical Medical Institute of N*w York, contin nei U> attend to all profrß*inoal cases at bl* of fice No. 92.* Filbert Street Philadelphia. No patent Medicine* are used or r*eom> mended; the remedies administered are thoee which will not break down lb* coaetitutfoa bwi renovate (he ayatetn from all injuria* It ba* m*- talned from mineral medicine* and leave tb* •• <tenj ia a healthy aud perfectly eared COB ail ion. unrmtt that distceadaf di*ca*e and fell destroyer of health and hapidom*. undermin ing the constitution and yearly carrying thou sand* to untimely grave*, eon moat taapbaifoal ly br cared. Melancholy. Ahbcrration that sUt* ofllicaa l lion and wenknnes of the mind which reader* persons incapable of enjoying the pleasure* or performing the duties* of life. XHxDxATisn. in any form or roadltlou, ebroo- I nic or acute warranted curable. ! emu ear, or falling aickncaa, all ebroulc or ■ stubborn caeca of FEMALE DISEASES, , radical! v remored; Salt It beam and every , description of ulcerations : Piles and scrofulous disciuie* which have balHed all previooa medical ■ rkill, can be cored by my treatment; and I d* say alldifcMCß, (vea Covsi umoa) can be cured : by wearing my M'-di**aicd Jacket, which is a , protection to the against all chang.-a of j wei her in all climates. Having Inrcatigated for I years the cause and character of interioitient* ! I rfever ami ague) in all parts of the United I States will cure permanently all eronic or acute case* of ague A nervous diseases in a few da vs. i'amrtr (/are / vitAowt the kni/t *r Drnwxmy I Ulnod. | Tape Worm that dread to the Hama* Family for years, can be r'-mored with two or three dosea of my newly discovered remedy. warran | ted in all caacs. Consultation ia the English snd German Language* free of charge, will make visit* any distance if dMired. May b* j addressed by Utter (confidentially) and Medi cine sent with proper directions to any pan Of > the country. OFFICE—No, 928 Filbert St. fblla. June T,—ly. UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAVDEI, R. J. REBTEUBHOOK A CO. Steel Per • Manufacturer*, Warehouse, 403 Arch Street., Philadelphia, 42 John Street, New York. These <’olebraled Pi ere of Genuine American Manufacture, and comprise every lauding style in the Market, aud are equal in finish, elasticity and finenoM of point to the lcat imported. They are, therefore, sure to g*tn the confidence of the Anricao public. Sample* and price* on Application. Lot* Made in Order, of any pattern or stamp required. •FQuFor Rale to the Trade at the Mann faciuriTM Warehouse, as above: and at retail by all Ruaumers, Booksellers and Mow* Dealers Su tin. efujictl States. It. EBf*tBUOOK * CO. i mylO-ly \otice to Soldiers. i TT am now prepared to make out the pa(>era, | I aud collect tii*l*ounty for Soldier*, under I the lain HccMfeOb of th Wir Department, and the Aot of Oongre> approved July 28th 18<kl. Ko pey. pr charge made, until I i collect the money from the Government, and pay it oVer to the Soldier. | have re | reived a number of blank forms from the ( War Department, and aia now ready to ! make out the claims and collect the money. ; RICHARD MANNING, Office Frizell k Manning, tirukera, WeataMMter, Md, I <M(ll,tf “I y.i m<ibliihi io M, Y. Cty 1 ’ ••(July infallible remedies Kuuwn. 1 “FW from Pomona,” “Not dangerous to the Human Famlh.” "HaU come out of their hole* to die." wCosUrV’ Hat, Roach, Ac., Kxtcrm'f* Is a paste —used for Halt, Miee % /io*'Ar. BUu k ami Red AnU, Ac., Ac. “JoeUrV* Ibnl-Bug Kxterminator la a liquid or wash—used to destroy, and also as a preventive for BedHug* , Ac. “OorUtV’ Klectno Powder for I needy le for Moths, Mosquitoes, /fear, Bed Bugs. Insects on lHanU, Fbu-it, Animals , At. MM L> 1I! Bkw ark 111 of all worthless imitations. ML. See that “CohtxrV name is on each Boa, Bottle, and Flask, before you bay. M. Address HENRY R. COTTAR, 4b4 Broadway, N. Y. KiT Sold in WKMrMiNHTKii, Mu., Mr By A. H. UL BEU. And ull Druggist and Betailcrs eve ry where. “COSTAR’S” CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Bums, Bmtnes, Wounds, Boils, Cancers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Bleeding, Blind and Painful Piles ; Scrofu lous, Putrid and 111-conditioned Sores; Ul cers, Glandular Swellings, Knud ions, Cuta neous Affections. Ringworm, Itch. Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, Ac. ; Chapped Hands, laps, Ac.; Rites of Spiders, Insects, Ani mala, Ac., Ac. RR. Boses, 26 eta., 60 cts.,aad|l sises. Sold by alt Druggists everywhere. K*. And by HKNRY R. COSTAR, Dw pot 4*4 Broadway, New York. war And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Bid. r;: v . *• ; “COSTAR’S” UNIVERSAL Corn Solvent, For Corns, Bunions, Warts. Ac. WiT Boxes, 26 els.. 50 cts., and $1 sizes. Wejr Sold by all Druggists everywhere. War And bv HENRY R. COSTAB, De pot IH4 Broadway, New York.

fay And by A. H. HUbV;K, W cstmin ster, Md. !“C O 8 TA R * 8” PREPARATION OP Bitter-Street ami Orotuje Blossoms roa SBAvrirviNa tub court* xio*. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckle*. Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. ladies are now using it in preference to all others. WOT Bottles, sl. Mi, Sold by all Druggists everywhere. IM- And by HENRY H. COSTAR, De : |K)I 4*4 Broadway, New York. BM- And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster. Md. 1 “COSTAR’S” EKOXURAL COUGH REMEDY, For Coughs. Cold., HnwMßtu, Here Throat, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influent., Aith inn, CoDWßption, Bronchial Affection., nod nil Di.miw of lh Throat and Laaga. SSF* Bottle., ‘ib cu., 60 ett., andst mao. WC Bold bp all Druggist, arerjwhera. m- Aad b HENRY K. COSTAB, Da pot Md Broadway, New York. ■ft. Aad bp A. U. HUBER, Waatmia star, Md. "CO S T A R ' S'" C CLFBRATKD BISHOP PILLS, X UNITEIUUf UtNSgH PILL, ~ For Nervous and Ridt Headache.' dbstire no**, Indigestion. Dylplbaia, Biliousness Constipation, Diarrhea, Colic*, Chills, Fe vers, and general derangement of the Diges tive Organs. Boxes, V> cte., 50 fits., and $1 se. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And by HEN MY H. COST AH, Depot 4*4 Broadway, New York. And by A. U. HUBER, Westminster, M 4. dec 4,-3m farroll Nursery. xittß wEsr.mysrrit. Md. JOS EP H SIO U I PROPRIETOR. >|'lM • i ‘KI S about 40,000 Apple Trees Of the molt approved varietiea on Wi i fur next Spring planting. Alan, A large mppty of Dwarf and Standard PEARS. A few PEACH TREES, PLUM and APRICOT. A supply of CHERRY and QUINCE TREES. a (.Alton srm.r or 0 R A PE VINES of alt the leading varieties.* CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, LAWTON BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, E V K U 0 I; K K NS, of large sire; Also, A large lot of DECIDUOUS TREES. Those who desire TREKS we think would Ho well to examine my stock before pur chasing elsewhere, as tny stock are all from tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT. dec7-tf REAL ESTATE anil tolled! n* Agency. LEVI EVANS, W XHTU IX MTtR, Mu., Ofire at MJcrs'lT* tore t from 0 .1. M to 3 1\ if., S* A VINO made arrangement* for the . prosecution of the business of buying selling Real Kstau*. offer* hi* wrwwM to th* citizen* of Cnrmdl county who may wish any businen transacted in hia Knf.~ A large amount of Kcal F.slnte nlwars on hand. Person* having property to dispose • of will find bint lhebe.-f miMiium for it* sain. Also. all collection* promptly attended to. *t..; ; r. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. x. r. CRorr. cius. t. BKimxiDßit. j CROIT & REIFSMDER, .I TTOUSKIS AT-LA IF A \J> SOU j CTTOItS /V (HIASrKRV, W BSTM UtSTER, Ml*. \\ r E have formed a copartnership in the M practi- ••• of law in the Court* of | Carroll and Howard Counties, and will i promptly attend to all busim-a* entrust. 1 to j our ran;. Particular attention paid (o Col ha t ions and procuring Decn rs fur the sale 1 of Beal Kstau*. A!o, Application* !lle*Yfor Back Pay and Bounty due heir* of de n-.*d soldiers.* Office adjoining the residence of Cut*. T. i Kiuyasuixiu noSO-if ; ALEXANDER FRAZER, lioek uuil Watcli Maker. form- the Public that he ha* o|>ened a Shop for ' the I upon W)m\ of bufines* at Ur. Trntabo**, j lower end of Westminster, in the room for- I merly occupied by Dr. Horiug ns an office, j Being an old experienced Clock and Wotch ! Maker, not a repaired merely, he flatter* * himself that he can give every satisfaction | to hi* employer*. Clock*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac., repaired • at *hort notice, in the best manner, and on J most accommodating term*. June 11-tf J. J. BAUMGARTNER, ittorncy al Lttw and Bollrltor In I'liancrry. ; YY7ILL practice law in the Court* in Cur j i If roll county, will aid aiul rounrel 1 those who nre settling ertat.-s In the Of- f phana’ Court, und dmi't Witl*. Di ed* Ac. 1 Can be seen at the Union National Bunk of Westminster, from U o’clock A. M., un- ; til 4 o'clock I’. M.,iind io Uie evening* at! his residence opnosite the Farmers A Me chanic*' NaUui.ul Bunk of Wosiminstcr. j may24-ly. JOS. M. PARKE, ' iltornr) al Law and .Solicitor In C hancery. | I T AVIXO some *pmr#time. not oeea)dea ' IT by hi* Editorial duties, will devote the same to the Practice of law in the various Court* of Carroll county. Will counsel and Mudst snch a* hate business before the Or phans' Court, and attend to the prepara lion of Deed*, Will* Ac. Office in the rear of the Advocate Print ing Office. marH jomm c. raiSKLL. a. maskixo. FRIZELL & MANNING. BROKERS, WILL boy and sell (Jailed State*' and other public Securities; also Land Warrants. Will bur Negotiable Paper, Honda and Judg ment*. and advance money on Collection*. Will pay Ibree per cent, for liepoeitea, to be ••cured by Government Honda, and rodetiuiablu am demand. Office three doors below Bartbolow’s Hotel, Westminster, Wd. marls-tf. Daily Passenger and MAIL LINE, From Owtty.burg and Littlwtown. Cou aecLv with the Car. at Westminidor. JOHN H. SPALDING. daoU T C. W. VIBITRI , Slutp'a Attorney, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, \ ASH SOhh IToH IS CUAMOBRY, | oSee oxer Frieell k Manning'. Brnkvr’. | Offircr, A door* below Barthulow'* Hot *l, Wtskwttiflor. Md. dcc7-!y. Üblle Good*. A anur aad varied wasertment of best Imported white twilled India long Cloth, plain, plaid and ehecknd KVeneb Bwiss, plain aad dottodL and an endless variety of Cambric Bril liants and dimity. We have no hesitancy in saying we have theWst line of white gooff, now kept In town. Call and sec for Yourselves.’U MArf?<lE*Co. ownroras, Westminster MU. WM. n. n ABM A N & CO. CiOVFIHiIH the menufiaetnre nf IHO V /GRADED THK KSH KUS with Fahe*'* Improved HORSE POWERS, PLOUGHS, with Wrought and Cut Imn Sknrex and I'niutA, Spring-Tnmh HOUHfcj HAKHS. ftw Hav urn I Groin, CORN SHKLLKRS, FEED CtfTTKICT, and Ayrit lilt lira I Machinery tjnirnrf/i/. AlftO CASTINGS of all kinds dyne to order. All kuidauf RKPAIHINO done with DrupUu’Mftnd on nuKlemle term*. Thoy art? also solo AgiMiU for tho aula of MiCOKMICKS Improved Self Unking ouiuhinml REAPER AAD MOW KB, for Carroll county, and in that part of Fred •rick cotiaty N"rth of Frederick City, and aUo io that part of Baltiniero o*uuty North of Texan. With thin Mac hine the Farmer saves money, time and labor, and is, without controversy, superior to any other now ia the market, and ftilly warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, landed or ’edged Grain. hen* hand roke* or orofm* r will fail. We offer it on trial with any other, the purchaser to keop and pay for the one preferred. Also are Agents for * Gnner'g l*utcnt Seff-Ifeyu/atinij Grain Sejninihtr, Gfranrr ant/ Btnjyrr. At a time like the present, when labor in very scarce, it is important tluit Farmers, who are interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce tlic expense of T!ir , >biug Crain in tb > cuimnon way. This U now uunsidered tlii'hast Sepurator'before the public. It U particularly talaiited to l unoeni for their own use. and will apply to I.ever or Hailwuy power, and will Thresh and Cb an from UK> to |oo Bushel* per dny, using four to six horses and a many bends. Also, for sale I MoSTOOMKKY'm “l>ol Ul.t SfKKIC.\KI Hot’tU wat Whilst Fan.” ietf-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STOHE JUdT OPENED 1 Westminster, Hetweeo tho Hailruad sod Keiftaider's Store, (wo doors west of Mrs. Shriuer's Millinery Store fPHE has just returned from 1 the city of Philadelphia with the largest and lx*! aeUoled slock of lAsdios' Mimps' Children’s and Gentlemen's Hoots ft Shoes ever brought to this ma- keL ,My stock con lists in part of I Aches' and Misses Custom made Glove Kid Hal morals, Pel l.a>iiug Ouilers, Morocco JUlniorals,* Ha Polish Hoot*, Oil Goal Hal morals, aul Chil dren's Shoos; also Gentlemen's Hoots ami Shoes, such us Men's Calf Custom-made Hoots. Congress Gaiters, lacm Hoots, Bro gans, Kii* and Coarse Boots ft Shoes of jail kinds. Being tin experienced Manufacturer • myself. 1 hum had all the above stock made to order, and for the express purpose to j Hilt tbi. market by n ctdeimilM and well (known Hon* and Shoe Manufacturer ofi j Philadelphia, which fur style, tiuisb, dura bility. comfort and elnsiictly to the feel, are 1 Hii|M*rior to ail others and are the bcutl tilting | patterns (hat cun he found. • I have token great care in the getting up of my *uck, and can wurnmt every article to Ire what it U rwprroenlad or the loss will he upon me. 1 therefore invite tlreesjnreml attention of the l adies and Geuilciueu C U O.stminaicr mid Carroll county to my slock j of Good* which will he sold at much lower I figures than the mi me goods can he hod j ebe where. Come one. come all, and examine for youxvoWcs. No charges made for showing | Hoc Is. | oet 4, —if T. S. KCKEHT. I DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS. n it. it >. a \ - s Improved ,Nitron* Oxide Appuraliae. | Dr. tiro 8. FOl kE. Dentist, I Having furnished hb office, in Westminster, ' MJ., vita one of Or. Henn’a Patent Improved I Apparatus for the luauafactore perfectly parr j NITROUS OXIDE 0A 8, | would announce that be will will be at all times prepared to administer this popular Auwathrtic j tor thw Kxtrncihm of Tenth without / Wa. | I)n. FOLKK would invite the attentionuf the i nubile to his lately linpruved Araiwruseic ' Wessour Plates run AsrincuL Tran. By means uf an improved Air-Chamber, the pres sure of the atmosphere fur holding teeth firmly I and securely in the mouth. Is more certain I r and effectually attained than by any style or ' form of plate Tiilherto used by the profession, j The value and oxctdlroc*- of a set of > Teeth are much enhanced by this new and truly j philosophical arrangement.' | Hr. r. eon tin mi the Practice of Dentistry In | all its Branches, and bring a /'looser Worker 1 in Hatd Ituhbgr for Denial purposes, he i* thi>- roughly fiperitmccd in the manufacture of I J troth upon the fsttssitt Base, and is prepared { to supply tills style of work at very moderate irate*. June 7,—lf. NEW STORE ASD NEW STOCK. "VT our attention is politely end rospectlully X aollciud u> my new ntoek Of well selected GOODS now opening, ojtjpooite CARROLL /IALL F-uhraeiuf e greet veriuly of OOODH, such as Cloths, Casslmen, Cassinctts. TWBKDB, IMnin and Fancy MOUBLINKS, COBOL - aoa, ALPACAS, FLANNELS, GINGHAMS, CALICOES, CAMBRICS, DRILLS, Bleached and Brown MOUSLINKB, lloola, Shore, Hat* and Capa, GLOV ES. BOSK. Wool and Cotton, With o general and well (elected STOCK of GROCERIES and HARDWARE. And other articles usually kept, which ere offered at u small advance above Cost. JOSEPH WELLER. noßo-tf NEW BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE. - fIXHK undersigned having just opened 1 1 Dean, take ulcaaur# in celling the : attention of the Public to their well ealeo i tod Ntock of | Books, Stationery, Cards, &c., which they flutter theuuelvee cun hs Mold on a* fair terms ns can b obtained eTae where. All orders for Books, Music, fto. r promptly filled. Wa are also Agents fo{ the muu of the “Life nf Stonewall Jackson,"' and “Heedi/’s History of the Uebelliott.” H. H. ORAMMEH. WESVsEY C. DANKBR. ang 0,-tf XKW STtNUir JOHN R, BUMV RtSTHCTFI IXY informs thepnbtta that h has just opened a FKW HtOKK, laWrii minster. (Id., near the Hallmad, aadoppo*it the Catholic Church, where ho has oaX&L| Urge and splendid assortment of Mew Oosft, Consisting of fat part ea fcilowii Iwodies’ Hhoee, of every decrl|>Uoa, fukith and Balmoral Boots, of the very latest '•trio. Mens* Hoots and Shoes of afl kinds. Also a full assortment of CliildrM’ V Shorn. H ATS and CAPS of Ike latmt tUhkm Abo a large assortment of ‘nUJFKB. ft|| of which he Is selling at wouder&lv roSuwd price*. WALL PAPII. aLsi"airsfTisJWi o.k ud WJni Pu ouSghT Übdt Z. ing Hooma. AJ~ nrwHMrd Frtora, Mt ul Unco IA indow Shades, all mi whkft |i#f the Ulest sty lee. at the lowest dty priroa. kuiMM. I> Uwltlßor. ud <4kwr afiak kAa la aa, part f Ik. —ana a* IMnaUal or aa —iTOrif pateMt niMnmm tors Patent the beal article of eommultk* roof, ing ever oil,-red to the public, llt adopted in every style of Roof, steep or let, aad eta be i cedily epplied by aay one. The IT.l T . S. Govrrnaicnt, after a thorough (set •>f it* utility, have adapted its ms la the Mav? V ards, end upon Public Buildlnge. 7 The IbMtdng is put up In rolls, and has osh to )h- nailed to the Hoof to makr a DaraMe FIKK AND WATbK-PKOOF COVKKINO. UV pertfrularly neorumend its nee upon Bnilding*, Stores, rharchee, Feclurlen, Me* rhiue-Shofts, Stramhoet Decks, ftc. int i ItOOFI.I'G PftlWTs For coating Tin. from or Sbingle Roofs, h forint a body equal V ■ m t . ttieae mar* or oenroanv Penrr. - No Roof can red under It, ned UM l.raky Ra 4 mav be mnde f. -rnanrntly wnier-piWned dn ralU- by its use. Tho Paint i ■ -quires no mixing, but Is ready is bo applied with the ordinarv paint brnek.-~ Price. SI,OO per gallon, which will rovar two hundred square reel. Also manufacturers of Black I.autre Taraiafc tarkkd fklt and roonive wm Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Prh| furnished. Rights for mettUiaM at lav rates. Address THE MICA ROOniVk OjL. Frank Humphreys, 1 BoyaMko! Ra*** BeW, Williams ft Co., AuguU. Oa. Woods, Montgomery, Ala., Thomas 8. Coals*. Raleigh N V. A. lacker, fT, Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va., A gen la Ageala Wualtd. novEt-ly REMINCTOI|*II~ Arms. Hold by Gun Dealers Aad the Trade Geaerally. Vest Pocket Pistol, No. Yl Cartridge, ; Repeating Pistol, (FlHotpt) No. fl Certrldgs, ; We|>> sting Plsud, I Kllinl pt. I No. SS Cartridge, i Pocket Revolver. ( Self Cocking,) New Pocket Revolver, (with LuuUaf Lever,) Police Revolver. New Sie Calibre, Revolver, Nevy Sire Calibre, Belt Revolver, (Beif Cocking,) Nave Calibre, New Revolver, VMOO in. Calibre, Arm’v Revolver, 44 100 In. Calibre, Gun r U ne. using No. Si Cartridge, Revolving Riilr, 30 4 44-100 in. Calibre, ’ Brccch Loading Ride, No. 3‘i Cartridge. Breech trading Carbine, No. 4 Cartridge, I*. S. Rifle. Steel Barrel, wilb Sabre Bayonet, I . S. Rifled Musket. Springfield Pattern, Single Barrel Shot Gun, K. REMIN#frON ft SONS, luoe, New Tort AQKXTf. I Moore A Nichole, New Vnrk. 1 Palmers k Berbelders, Boston, 1 John P. hot ell, ♦* i J-u. C. Giubb ft Co., Philadelphia, i Pouhner ft TrimMe, Baltimore. Henry Folsum ft Co.. N. Orleaas Haophk Marnsrd Bros., Chicago, jI. M Rumsev ft Go., Hi. temU. Albert K. Crone, Mm “ r~~T. ■yn ly.-JyM. NEW COAL ABO /. I M BEK YA mO. -' CJREKX STKKKT*At TU?WO wrsTMirsfm, an. Having perfected iw t .n in s* cwrrrin, on the Lenber wa Cm! BhSmOi un Green Mnet, *t the Depot, VeetaSeeMt Md., the undersigned tehee thu Method el ■uliritintf the petroMe of tho pahtie. HV will hero on Vend, ud he prepared to trt hi ell titm-e at the lowest onth pdece, a foil •upplj of xeuoned 4-4, S-4, and M Boards and Hank, Flooring, Wt-ntherlioarding, Siding and ; Scantling, Shingle#, Lath* and PlckaU, | und all other material ktf>t in a Lumber YnrL He will aim keep for aele Brahea, Bo> Nut and Pea CO Ale from the well Imeee Sliantukin Minca, at the loveet Marks Kate., Uy prompt altuntion to Iwainaea, (iniS mg tb Iteat ertiulaa in Ike Marital, e< dries nil in hia power to ueaiaaesSeaSHM he bopee to ooraetud a 400* sTfSH patronage. EDWARD LTHOt. fthlly LOOK HERE! LOOK NMMII THE .aderatgaed, fcartag eaflala St> NEW fudSuky A nCMimaiora, near tli■ R. R. Ruiloa, la WaatriwlriTaeaM reatactfally iuforai the pehUa that they na eow prepend to furatak. Sleraa, BhdlMa Tee fro.., Tire Bender., Hollow Andht Sa> Bakeo.ea door, aad Hearth Pletoe, (Vtito Vh dnw Orate., Porch Peat Iroea, aad OtolM R general, Cora and Cofc Cre.kee,. (Vi SSilfcrt, tlraia Saw. with Veaahai aaapieto for Make In wood, he. Hors* Pawer* *a| TfonSSM SSacblMa, known and ttnaarpnaaid ssiii Dtm. fot lowing all tnsaner of Oraln, MnOnsSafo AW-Kepali. of all kladi toynef* ly ud at liberal ratee. Baring flr.t clan, KachulOe naihaed. wfi '“‘‘•"H&fcm* nS5* nor. 2s,—-#m. GEORGE W. BELUYA9, foustubel, General feUwiai and City BaIUC ’ to the Ceßeotion of all nleiato pCedto W 11, may be found Mall Unas, ucopt aSW nletent on l.uMneM.M Cook’d Metieaal ** to), at the Kail road, Wntnineter U deciTSm Iy HR CAPS, For Mu.nheama* * JetU Johi'nSwdef'i.