Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 21, 1867 Page 1
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TOE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, lotrni; iv.-!(i'NRRR is. Tißtdbsdfc ip *M'i ditete-üßfaJVta (UNWICIATIUIIVOCtTIi. Je*. Jl. Pxsxa, Editor an I PripriHor, No. S Catania. lUij. The Anvooxtit it piijliAwi men THURSDAY MORNING. ami fuiWinl.eA le Subscribers at *I.M par Annum. In tdiancr praol paid is advance Two Hollar* will in charged. X*) paper will be discontinue! until at arrearage* an paid, except at our own •fMh KATBS OF ADVERTISING. 1 sqsare, I inaerUont, $1; eerb subsequent iaeertien it- cents; 1 t(|uaru three month* $4.0, six months t'l. Duiinot* Canle of tea lines, or less, per annual, M. Mrr ehents and other buonn** men,’ tVchidmg the paper; Ontfoorth of a column, per rear, $t A .00 Half a column, *•" O' O' Ons column, “ 10.00 HriND im.t.O, A sixth of a Sheet, fur 2S, SI. uO, fur 100 { 1100. Quarter Sheet, for Jd, ,8115. iur 100, $2. 7 , Half Sheet. “ 3. 00. - .'■ Ilf. Valuable Farm at Private Sale. THRreHWihcr, fiittlini* it inconvenient 1 to nmnajhk two farm*. oflWf ot Pri rat*>iale lim FAUM, ttlipiniot the one on which ho rotidcu, ia Tancjrtoun pi.*s • CairoTl county. Ha., about uulumß. \r. of 1 an |L<* fund Iqnliat from *uui Tow* lo Fwlwck fcjr Double ripe Creek. oorUininf about (90 ACRES OF LAND- U.4 of ao" 1 qiiUity, ami mujurcs , w.*U—naf p tbf I aod W* utfcn well linul over, mimt of it twie# ■ a fovr yfifirv TWc are fttaitt t 40 Amm Of tYOODLANh. of good thriving timber. frtOßtlr OaV ami Walnut.*— , AUo a sufficient quantity of Meadow. The Inp ro vnmen's <<*mii<t of a foml nub* atanUal .Stunk Dmiso . j HOUSE, igggfi r,i hr so fen. ith largofine rnnm*. and 1.. excellent Cellar*; a g...l BANK BARN OS bp SI font: Smoke iionStone Hair. j < ourr a never tailinu Sprit.* of good water . 1 *■ l louae •, Wacnn Shed : Core Crib: | (inawy Ac. Thia farm is under good fvn einjr; has a good bearin ' Orchard of the Pines! Fruit; ka* the advantage of water In every field ; and finer Circle flow.* tin en*h the plaee. It I* si mated in a good ne^hborhnos]. e*r to Mill*. School* an>l Cbnrchaa; and about 3 miles from tho line of the Western Maryland Hail road as proposed to he x tended. Tornu liberal, and made to suit pnreha er*. Addre** the siiKm-rilkcr. at Taney town I*. O. Carroll oouttly JJid, •epfl-f WILLIAM SHAW I SASH, BLIND, DOOR AND Furniture Factory. shorb, leister a suaeffeb, ]1 ra 1N Street, Went of the Railroad. hare t 1?J. on hnnd and lo order , S A SUES, HUM'S, noons, j nd ewssy article neceeeary to n Building. ALSO, I-*•.! n hvsiti ur. in every stale and variety. j Uaring had great experience in onr bum* I nes*, we feel satisfied in saying wo ran sell \ '*ur goods to a greater adxantago then can he had elsewhere. i •UfOive ■ a call. Nor. ao,—tf. UK A Mil ,Jh.ND HTHENOTH TO TIIK SHK. Cmttmw/fmt *r#n he cured.* • 1 leas* top Cion’ SWAYME’S 4 ca be cured.* toasumpiiau’ ‘can be cured.' gwWHHjo*; COMPOUND *mn be cured/ I. STRUT 01* 'ciU be rmJd.' ('oa*Qmption’ ‘can be cured.’ Ooasawptloa’ Wibu Csr*r ‘cun be cored.’ HMMepliou’ ‘mn be cured.' IlftlA l lS THE ‘can he cured. *c* be cured.' VflMWfuptioa' BKMKDY. ‘can bo cured.’ experience, and the great * ■aMwladiaoßr frooi all part* of the world tflMHHalt a atandard and reliable remedy to-mflk Asthma, Bronchitis. .Nervous h.*bd fdtmdttiaf. layer Complaint, Patna in HHBMM ireaatall disemos of the Air l'a Twpareddnly by DU. BWAYNE A Ron., HWwb Sikth Street, Pbiladelpbla. JMWby WM. IIKBBK. , At Weataioater. EoU I JtcVtT Soratuli! Scratch 11 cure. Itch in from JaHbuuf. Wg; nbvkr kmown '.TBTrili d|t ii TO FAIL •TSTTER’ Ect; IX CUR!SO TIIIS 'rllflß- Toj* TOBMESTISO TETTKR' TKTTMf ml COMPLAINT. TETTER’ Ceres Itehtex Pile.. Kelt .Sold iluxl, lUeh, all bkm Dieeaae.. Prepared call br DH. SWAVNE k SON, Philadelphia. Bold by WM. REESE, mdlLfy Weitmln.ter. jQ*. hwaymps ~ JOWEI, £ORDIAI., * ter. reedy ife^^tewr. **fc a- nwnw. 5.... xcBACT?**. ****. XjUjyrjfq formed a oopnrtnerahip In tho terijs,3tsa nalQ j'~" nllul>o<l in ,h * Hmguagr. WESTMINSTER Mi). THURSDAY FEBRUARY 21 J( 57. POUTZ'B mnitm Horse aMGaI Mors. a HiU preparation, tang and hronM; knows, wIU Umst oughljr rein ylf .rate L ukn down aod low eptriUdwiiw, (tomMh^aadlaiMr Uooe. yentifo of'aTl dl •am. I arid oat to :V£K. U LAND KM. V K 1, I.IMV WA TKR. HEAVED, rouoHi pis t&a^Kk TRMPKR. VK V ERrf, FOl S'DKH Lose afpc “.irssr fT^Www • k “ , vtoe Into a floe booking and iphllod Yekoeper* of Cawa thi* preparation la Invaluable. R leerteaaa tho euaatby and Imprwrea tbe aaeUay h V oi (ho milk. It baa ; broa proves by ee WlfbiP r~r ■ i lii is lun ’ vperhuont to < iitcreaM tho quan rultV? °and i •wort In fattoiiln* B I? cattle. It aivoo thorn JL * n '‘pprut*. loooru. tuakeo them thrive i woeh *Mtor. - la ail dtspar of Swlno, luoh m Cough#, Cloon la th Longa, Liver, r;, 1 u'a-'j ,r. - eradicated or raiiroljr preroted. If gives to time, a oortals I provonlivo and cere for the (log Cholera Prioe 34 CeuU per Paper, or 4 Paper! tar tt. nutmis bt 8. A. FOLTZ At BRO., at tint WMUBUI* DRrO INK Mlßimt BSW, Xo. 118 Franklin Bt, Baltimore, Mi, , For Sale hy DrngglaU sad Slorrkoopera through- I I out the Called flute*. * 1 , tletld lj j 4 r*H‘th Evlracled Without Pain, . BY THE USK OF THE j 1 Mr KOI H OXIDE CAS, BV | P. II IBLEI BILr.INtiML.SA, I , /> k .v t i s r, 11 AT HIS) OFFICE, ! Adjoining his Fi.ttmr'ii nodiJciicc, | | W*itininitcr Xld \V r,If,,HR ,1, ‘ tinv Ti> fnnnd at nil lime* \ \ .• h r ! > iml. prwlusohinallp oiijragwi all * th* ftrlfoxnitg points : I uii'ii Hriiijf,. Ist Wctlneti.liy of oTtry 1 month.—remaining until SniurJay. " j Vfir hinder ‘Jnd Werliicstiay nf cyery I moufi , i.>iuiiini,ig juniij Salurtluy. ’! i ( nion(‘/*t>n.-~ ;:al Wednerdav gxcnr mouth, n.mainitid until Frimty evening T(iiiryloirH —;id I"rii)iy every month,—re ' ma'niing until lle\\ iilnewlay fulluvigg. I aocT ly. upU) co NOTICE. J Wiilplim, Clocks, JEwely, SILVER PLATED WARE, i SI , KCTAOI.ES. HiI.VKK, OOI.D, PLATED a | I STEEL WATCH CHAINS,! AT , MOORE’S Jewelry Store, ! Near Hail Hoad, Wootminster. i > MowWatchaUf Clock*,atnd Jewolry, care* J folly Kupuired and warranter!. WII.UAM MOOUE. June Id. A. H. HUBER | | KL# (SuccoMor t* Hiiiih A Koxkii,) 1 S® Carroll Hall, Weatmineter, i /'.(AVI’ ARTICLES, PL'III'V.VEIt 1’ Ac. MYStCIAVs' riIEBORIPTIOKS newlp ■ and accurately compounded. 1 Depot for the manufacture of raßl#o's Compound Syrup of Rlack■ * berry Root. * noW-tf ( *^SP#SH%iL' fj large lot of Philadelphia M 1 best Custom' Made Wl 1 BOOTS AJSR SHOES, ' conaieting ia part of Ladies' PoUhK Kid. Morocco, Casting, Oil Ooat, Ac. Ac., all at which will be sold at greatly ! reduced prices, by w T. R. ECKERT. Kcmember the olacc, two doors Weai of Mr*. Bhriner’s MiUenenr Store, Weatmin ler, Md. dec 20 SIOO SIOO SIOO SOLDIERS EXTRA BOUNTIES COLLBOTKI) BY ’ A. t>. SOHABFFER, Weetnionter, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO HEAD QUARTERS FOR HARDWARE. I)CILIIEILSimd OahinoU Tool*. Cajpeo- i X> tors an(#too|ier Tool*. Noils. CV* Cut and Mill Saw!, Fork*. Rbovela. Xraoea, UalUr. Cow and Don Chain*. In Tact ee- Wbiag kept in a well n-K'Jkled Hardware SL'ra, Mx lona eKiwricncegireemnadvaa lagea in thii line. T JOHN L. UEIFBNIDER. oclB Went End, mar the Fork*. SUGAR! SlTOAIl:: A FINE lot of Brown and WhiloSura-x. Just K’ceivcd at julyft 1 A. M. Warner's. In Prrmln| Our Ifnlitii. i.<( In Ie Careful ( I’rrtme also Our Util Liberties. > FOR THE UNFORTUNATE. BELL'S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted la all caee>. for tbe Rpeedv nod i Fcrmaoent Cure of all dUeteva arising 'from sexual excewfs or YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION, Seminal Low, Nigbtlr Rmisalon*. and Sensnal Dreams; Fhyaleal and Nervous De- ! bility. Impotence, (ileet, Sexual DUcaaev, Ac. No Change of DIM In Nefmtiary. They can be oard without detection, and never fall to effort it cure, If used according to in ■truotioos. Bell’s Specific IPills, Trice One Dollar per Box ; or Sl Bote* for ' Fife Dollar*; also Ltrgc Botes, containing I Four Small. Trice three Dollar*. j Flow fear lo aix kogaa ar generally requir- ' ed lo care ordinary case* ofScjmnal Weakness and Kmissinn*. though benefit I* derived from using a single box. In f'hfonle ease*, and particularly when Im potence or Oenital Dvbilllr with Norvous Pros tration bai effected lh# vyitem, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended a* (be moit Tdlicacious. Re I juvinaling and Imigorating Retuedr in tbe world. A Package, Price Five Dollar*, will last & renutlt, aad is generally sufficieut. In extreme cue* of Debility and Impotence j BELL’S EXTERNAL REMEDY, ! Price Two Dollars, sufficient for a month, can i bs used to good advantage. It gives Hlrcngth to the Organs, and, with : the PHI*, will restore them to tbelr norms! j condition. A Pamphlet of 100 pa*cs, on the ERRORS OF YOL'TII, design* d a* a I.ectureand Caution | to Young Men, sent Dec, Ten Cents required u> , pay postage. CAXJTIONI The shore Kcmedie* have now been Ik for ■ the Public many rear*, and their great sucivx i In the allerlation'of human misery, hss exrftrd the cupidity of several parlies, who • the name ■•Specific TUl*.' copy my labels, circs lar* and advertisements, sometime* word for ' word, and put up worthies* compounds that disappoint the just expectation* of the purchaser If mu cannot purchte Brut’s Srictrir Urn. hubs of your Orugght, take no other, but send 1 th money duvet to dp. James rtiyav. 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A. on kaad'af awry dtaomition. aad more are iirina consUatlt miuiaAoterad, which moot aad will b* raid at wteredaoed prieeo. dcc!B Mtali, J. Sbrtocr. , j The fallowing poem, which we find in the Cincinnati Enquirer, epitomize, the prerenl ! political position : xniSTIDES. i A lurhulcut mob rule* Atheu*. Through the itrecU II And temple corridors and round the seat* Of (he great Aruboni, urged the intemperate crowd. I Led by vindictive demagogues. Aloud : Roar like a tempest on ibo lonian *eas j Start led the air—’’Down tvitii AaiertPEa I Impeach the Tyrant!” Near the Theban gate , Where Pailns’ temple renred its mnrhle state; I A slranper pnu*ed; and ger-in- with cairn eye* 1 Upon a bawling citizen, whote cries i Were loudc t asked him, ‘ Prithee, friend, j (excuse t I come from Sparta end know not the now!.) I Teil me what injuries upon the State Ariotidee has wrought, IPs cull him groat; In council wise, in victory moderate. Bold to duibnd tho weak, to assert the right; )H. when repentant error yields with might Magnanimous, and mercy, wields the luu, I N* lets revenge thesword ofJusticc draw, j What ate his crimes 7" The howler mode reply, I While scowling malice glowered in his eye, i Holding aloft the ostracising shell, j “Crimes? none; not treasons, that we know full well: , For that we hale him I drag him in the dust, j And banish him because he w the Ju*t!” j llosv to bring up i lilltlrun. I There are two things parents should | I dll for their children—give them pool j instructions and set (hem u pood exam \ pie. It seems that there is a tendency j to get the children religion* earlier than I | they should he. Oh. my child 1 Why j | children are in n little paradise now. mid \ when n child becomes accustomed to I j talk honestly o( being so sinful mid so wicked, we may he sure that child won't i j live long. Lot the eliildren hata their i j story hooka, their l.iiry.books : don't j I continually cram I hem with "good books.' i | There is n Baptist magazine scut to me 1 for my reading and for my children, and j if the editor of that magazine has been its editor long. I wonder he is not an j imbecile. Keep ivhat you call “good ' J books" away from tho children—and 1 j mean such books ns this missionary i | mrgaxino. Let them alone to their j merriment 'i he Bible sav* something ! shout the merriment of a child being hotter than medicine. And/ach in mv i church—you noedu't be alarmed, hreth i ro.ti; it was a church out AVpst—told I me that whon ho was a-ftny )n< Was kept so strictly on Sundayrior from Saturday night to sundown on Sunday; that he used to stand and wAch the sun go I I down on Sunday nigAr with the oren test pleasure I hesrtj, too, of aw. nmn ; 1 who was so very good aim used to tic ; I her boy up lo n bed post on Sunday { ; while she went to ehqfeh. and made him , ioarn the hymn hegiiftung—

! "Thine enrthiy Sahhatk, herd, we love." Really, my friends, wo need nit down st j the feet ol little children and learn of | , them faith, contentment, frankness, and ; j truthfulness —Urv Val/nhrr. •lo" i'lslno It<• poll* nitty Ori ginate. A curious illustration of this is found j in an anecdote told "in the lecture of I Mr. Spurgeon A minister lived oppo site one ot the descent of his church.— A report got abroad that the minister ■ had been seen to boar his wife, and tho matter was brought before a deacons' meeting. There the minister said he had traced the spreading of the report to tho deacon’s daughter. The good ra ta, the deacon, sa d he would not have spoken, but hie daughter's name having been mentioned, he must then state that when ho was going to bed on a certain night, he did kee (through the window blind ol tho Mghtcd room) the minister beating his wife, und heard her scream. The minister was nonplussed; but he requested that his wife might be | sent for and questioned. When she ar rived she explained the whole matter. She said ; “Don’t you recollect there ! was a rat in the room that night, that \ it got up on my dress, that you got freighlcncd ana look up the poker; that I could not stand still, and rau around the room, you running after me with the |iokcr. This is the explana tion of the whole affair.” "Well, then, tho lecturer would remark uf his hear ers, the next time they heard a story against a good man, let them say at once ‘■There is a rat at tho bottom of it, 1 kuow," and that some simple explana tion may account for tho whole thing, l&.Thc patience cf thia great, free people is sublime. They will hear much abuse of power, much neglect of duty, especially when committed in tho name of liberty. But they will not submit to a military deapotismT though intended for “rebela." They will not permit the great safeguards of tho Constitution to be stricken down in the midst of peace, and when the last armed foe has for two years grounded his musket. And they will not much longer permit the enmi ties of self ieeking politicians to keep separate two great seotioua of our com mon country. The fraternal feeling of thia now speeioualy divided nation must he apeedily restored, either by tho ac tion of Congreaa or in apite of it— Hat. /ntetttyeaeer. A Radical exchange aaya “there will he stirring in Congress when General Butler gels there.” No doubt of it— he has the spoons to do it. “It’s a bad rule that don't work hath ways," as the boy said whan he threw hack the rule which bis teacher Bung at him “Tho nrutssl 4rmy of (bn Hr public.'’ - The Radical- have inaugurated a se cret military, political association under thia imposing title. None are eligible ti membership hut those who served in the late war, and can bring testimonials as tu their 1 soundness" on the polities) issues of the day—opposition to the President, and hostility lo the Union of j the States under tho Constitution Each Htnte constitutes a department, with its commanders, grand cummsu dent, and other officers, and from these the power diseends to ihc’difleient chap tera nod lodges of the order. The or d’-r or ussocistion trsftsacts its business with the utmost secrecy, und tho men. hers ure known to each other by grips signs, pass words, and other cootrivau cos The duly of tho members is to obey, withonl questioning the mdeftiof their superiors; to pursue diligently the work of proselyting among the sob diets, und to be active, zealuu-, und use ful during local, State, and UHtiumd elections They ore also to collect in formation from all sources and report the same to thou# in authority iu the sev- r.d orders, chapters or lodges, und. shove ail, to muintuiu intact their mili tary organization, and to be ready load at u moment's notice, and in whatever manner is pointed out by tho grand commander. The State Convention of the “Grand i Army of the Republic" for Ohio met at | l.ulumbus on the zfTlit ult- About one hundred and fifty delegates were pres -1 cut. The outsid’e attendance was large; including many of the leading Radical i politicians of that Commonwealth. This ; e.-lahlish s the connection between the "Grand Army of the Republic"—a se eret military, (sditiool association—and . the mischievous imu whence ruling the | Radical party iu the country. The ru j mor in Ohio is that the mem era of litis j secret order are to be supplied with I arms from the arsenal of the State, sod thu- put iu a condition fur immediate i j service, should a crisis arise, in the i | opinion of such men us Butler, and Stu- j ven*. and Sunnier, and the other rcro - I ntinnists in Congress, when supreme power is to be held by tho bayonet.— 1 During the I -I-1 session ul Congress, it { will be remembered, General I r atnu read [ in place a bill authorizing the Governors I jof all the "loyal - ’ (Mates tu organize.] I arm. and equip the militia of their Mates, i hut was a movement under which the "Grand Army ot the Ropuh lie" was to b covered and made useful in the political field, nod also prepared I MX. actum ol a different character at the proper moment. Since that time events hate traveled with amazing rapidity.— 1 The Radicals have developed a policy which is revolutionary in all its aspects and bearings. The I'reaident is threat ened with impeachment and deposition. The Supreme Court is attacked and its I decisions and power ignored by Con i gross, and ten of the .States menaced with annihilation. This is the proposed campaign of the Radicals, and just at j this turn of the contest, the "Grand \ Army of the Republic" comes promi- \ ! ncnlly into view, Banked by the politt j eiaus who have labored to produce this 1 revolutionary condition of affairs iu Use I country, and are determined to hold ; power by the sword, if the people will j | not submit quietly to their assaults and i 1 usurpation. i This organization, which exists in all i j the Northern States, is treasonable, and j ; dangerous in whatever light it may be I viewed. Armed or unarmed, its mem bers are to be used as agents to corrupt public sentiment and keep alive those ■ feelings of hostility which rehder a true and thorough union between the North | and Houlh impossible. There is to bo I no oblivion of the past. I'roiu father to j son n Worse than Corsican vendetta is to he transmitted, and all means used to w iden the breach which war, bloodshed and carnage have made in tho social, {political and business circles of the dif -1 fcrcut sections of the Union. Further , than this, the “Grand Army of the lie- I public" is the power relied upon by i such men as those leading the impeach -1 ment column to enforce their orders, no milter what they may he. This milita ry organization is to prevent the people from exorcising their constitutional rights, to install a President chosen by twentysix Stales of the Union, an 1 to place the majority at the merry and un der the heel of the minority. For such purposes is tho “Grand Army of the Republic" organized The armed e)ul of Franee, daring the deyaef the Rev olmion in that nation, subverted the laws, guarded the guillotine, and tram pled under foot ail law aud order, sod the "Grand Army of the Republic" may act Ihetaiue part ia tha history of litis country, if the people ere not pre pared to defend their liberty.— .{gt. The other night wHen"the-thermo meter Hood at xcro a prominent citiaeo was aroused by a violent knock st the door of hie domicil Supposing that something extraordinary had happened, he jumped out ef bed and opened the door, when he lunnd a boy trhft quea tiooed him as fbllowa: “Do yon live here ? Are you goiog to live here nett summer f Do you own this hount Upon receiving tffirmative answer* the boy further interrogated: “Well Mr. plowed next spring, because if you do, 1 want the job." Tho “prominent citixeo" slammed the door tad want back to bad with anythiog but a religions turn of mind. An irishman who had just loaded ia Pennsylvania said tha *rat Wt of meat I *er nta wtsa a rotated petal*, hailed yesteedsy, end If you do net bet lev* ih, 1 can ahow it to you, for I hare -4t my pocket now. * *, la Bpaivv. *iui: -umWl udt i b'j-‘-2fkese< && ' THE REPROOF. Wbiipcr it softly, When nobody' i ; Let not those secants I’all knnh ou the ear. She is a blossom Too tender end frail For the keen blast - The pitiless f'sle Whisper it gently, ‘Twill cost thee no pnin ; Gentle words rarely Are spoken in rain ; Threats and reproaches The stublxnm may move— Noble the conquest Aided by love. Whisper it kindly, ‘Twill pay thee to know Penitent tear drops Down her cheeks flow. Has she from rirtne Wandered astray ? Guide her feet gently, Hough is the wsy. She has no permit, None of her kin ; Deed her from error. Keep her from eia. Does she lean on thee ? Cherish the trust; Cod to the merciful Ever is just. Tit* (vcbootnutater Its Hint Bed. The tallowing is uuo of the many in cidents that befall a ‘'boarding-round school master : I had been teaching in Dearie county, in this State, and this term was boar ding round Ouo evening altar school, one of my scholars stepped up to me, and said: ■‘Mr. Jones, father said you would come home with me." “Very well,” 1 replied, and forth with set out for my patrou's house, J which was distant some two miles.— I Now, tie it known, James McHenry— ; lot such was his name—had Iwodtugh- i ; ters. the pride and envy of the whole I I community I had heard to much a- i | bout them that 1 was anxious to see 1 , them. It seemed, however, I was to he i disappointed. When we arrived I learned the girls hail gone to a party the other side of the ereek; so i went to bed execrating the luck which deprivcd*me of seeing ! l >en that night. The night had well I advanced w hen I heard one of the girls , come home, and passing into an ad joining room, she warmed herself before some coals which wero alive on the lu-mth. It seems the old gentleman and lady slept in the same room, Which 1 was mat aware of then Hating 1 warned herself, she turned to leave the room, when the old man rpoke: “Girl, ' said he, “the schoolmaster \ in your bed." “Very well," said Sarah, and passed | through the room I slept in, and went up stairs About an hour had elapsed when I 1 heard Judy, the other one. come. Bhc Stood St the door a long lime, talking with her sweetheart, then entered soft !J --, Disrobing her feet, she entered the room where I lay, in her slocking feet, ! carefully undressed herself, and coming to the side of the bed prepared to get in! I Now, it happened I lay in the middle, j and turning baek the clothes, she gsso 1 me a shake, and said in a suppressed j whisper: i "Day over, Barah." 1 I rolled over and whipped the earner of tbs pillow is my mouth to keep from laughing. In she bounced, hat the bed would squeak. The old msa beard it ' and called out: I “Jody!” I ‘-Sir 1” waa responded in a faint tone from the bed beside me. “The schoolmaster is in that bad 1” With one loud yell, and “oh, bearaol" she landed no the flour, and fled with the rapidity of a deer up stairs. She never heard the laat of that, 1 can tell you. A traveller stopped at a public hoose in Vermont for the purpose of geltwg dinner, knocked, bat received no ans wer. Going i* be found a little white heeded man in (ha embrace of kit wife, who had bis head wad* her aim, while with the other she was giving W little lord S pounding. Wishing to pat an end to the fight, our traveller knocked on the table, and cried eat in a loud voice, “Halloo, beta I who keeps this house r The husband, though much out of breath, answered : “Stranger, that's what wa an trying to decide. A Poor woman cod bar little child lately nettled ia a western oily sad wan greatly reduced and ia Mad of &od.— The child aeaiag a chicken ia the back yard, wasted to kill it ui have a pot pta. “Ho, a*.’’ said the mother, “that would be wteksd, aad God would aaraly pnwiah you.” “then,” laid the young ater, locking up, “fet'a move back to Bo*ton, there ain’t any God than.” IpHt Orodfts the poor their scanty dole; Sevan hia soul I ? ‘ • —We-s—w- Psris ha* two hundred maa wbopseh *MW eada, and task, one huwdred aud twanty ddUra a day . Thai*- *l4, ■mNitta m set admitted to *a Hdtol- Ida* lavaMtoi. Wat' -dtien t - if'svut;*-, I‘l yi . r “ ‘ Tf.sns vi.fik im sovasf c ftaalrj Coartlmg. Get out, you nasty puppy—lot me aloaa, or I'll toll my mar* erida flu I Smith to her lover. Jafca Jonas, Whaaat about tan feet from her, pullfeg dirt from the chimoey bun. 1 ain’t touchin' on yog, flal,” res ponded Jskq. “Well, parhapt yew don't Beat to, ru! her—do yaaf" “No, I don't " “Cause you are too Israel aoary, tod long legged, lautora jawed, slab aided, liigcon toed. ganglo-lnoed, owl, Vest hain t got a turnal bit of soaaa; gat a loog home with you.” "Now Sal. I lore too, aad yM eaa’t help it, aad ef you don’t let dm ttapakd court you. my daddyTl aaa yoara far that cow be sold him t'other daw. •> jingo, he said he’d do K.” “Wall, look hero, Jake, if yon want to court me yon had bettor do it aa a white man does that thing— not aet off there at though I was plxen ” “How on atrth ia that, flat T' * Why, aide right op here aod h% and bias ma, aa if you really had some of the bone and (inner ef a man about you.. Do you s’poto a woman'* only made to look at. you stupid fool yon V “Well," as id Jake, drawing u lav breath, “if I must, I mnat, fur I love you, Sul;” and so Jake euauueaoed •idling up to her like a maple poker go ing lo battle Daring his arm gently upon Bal's shoulder, we heard flufeat.' “That's the way to do it, old ktoa;— that ia acting like a while maa octet.” “0. Jerusalem and pancakes!” eX cLiimcd Jake, “if this ain’t bettor that) any apple saaa inarm ever made, aduro ed sight. Crsek-e-e I buckwheat aakee sod 'lasses ain't no where 'long aad* of you, Sal 10, how I lava you!” Hero their lips came together, and the rcpoH which followed was like pulling a borne's hoof* out of the mire, aad on tho foD lowing Sunday they Were married. A imTerttoeT j The Chicago fronts dtserihae a aim i gulsr appearance in the heareta aat j test during the preralenca of a turn fire recently. For nearly au hoar the I sidewalks on Clark, Dearborn aad ad t joining street. we- 11 IIS tod with * mnltflmde of tbooamd* iUlaMiy gMBB in the direction of the ana.” The uight waa dark, bat to tbt treat the fire lit up the bnrison for esaatdarahia space. Tbit Iras nothing awro Bfiu usual, and would hart attracted ably a passing gin no- But abort ihtottoM refiectiou there shot upward a “pilfer ef fire,” such as in shape, site sad aafer was never seen before. It waa a light to fill the breast with awe aad Ml the mind to wonder. Ila altitude waa a* lean than atvanly degress, with a breadth nearly that of lire rainbow, even up to the highestpifinscle. Fort hale Wee the dart red reflection, proper, *f tho Are; then oommeweed the pufer, of a Dale' yellowish hue; half way Up It tarued to a light red aad the whole was surmounted by a clewing dark rad erowa. Thus it would sometime* draw down within itself, as it wan, aad Bw* suddenly shoot up into tho shy, lb* a momeat giving a brilliant hue to the entire heavens The indirect eaaM hr this strange phenomenon wa mb* tionably the Ire, hut the im*B*Ma cause which prod seed this Til eat If* I formation is a puxalo which soaaa who snw it were enable to solta. It raaaaa hlcd no descript ion ever given ia hath*. It waa simply a* ergo ailed eohau*. with well defined out Haas, hat Tayiig in hue from baaa to sap. It waa act unlike a magic, many-colored feoaUin, aa It rose and fell, but a thousand times more grand sod imposing. It waa one nf nature's eforta, beyond lautotiowaad beyond deacriptioa. MTMilitary Power is (tie tact null of a decayed sad dyi*g Republic; Bald Mr. Raymond The words amda a strong impress wo aet eniy on Mr. Oar field, who so eaaily recalled theaa. bfit on every thoughtful man Ifi that Hobm. Martial law and rcpublicaa inatitaliaaa arc as incompatible aa light aad kak neas, as Ire and water; aad ha It a true friend of hia Country who. whoa a* invasion threatens our border, wham ao rebellion eownilses o territory, would hand the nation or any part of fe guar to the nnlimitad discretion at avaa a Ciocinnstus or u Waahfeftoh.—JVhd Am 2f£r2SSSr sWJEb-,s. • aStfeJESm.** 1 " dor'CsMt uu chtoMdMd, AbP* writes a son of tho XmmaM kfe. lefeh frtood t.l-fead to gat a living in. ABva has* to £ ia to m* a thraa a*t*m*d haw M< ■ SgSESgaw “**- JJ ■" fit Bh* toad afewsoafeßM* h* r.;rr— ■* •aehtty*dwelt* WhM Bctdat^toww I *Swu daa’t pmkmfmtm, mm- I dmaaddtotha had