Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 21, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 21, 1867 Page 2
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THHRtjfio| FEBRUARY 21,Mfi7. ■* els** 4aw. 111 FWAtiaaira it to be udentood that imappeaiag colored suffrage we do it is du unfriendly spirit toward* the people of eoler. We thiol their claim to po litical and social equality with tho white loundera of this government is against the order of nature, and fraught with untold evils to both races ; and that, if the Alunghlly had designed them to mix on a perfect level in the same conn lay. He would nut huso created them so .liffcrawt in color old in many other characteristics. or implanted in the su perior rate such a jealous regard for its -Wo believe with the Declare tiou of Independence that all men are created equal”—that la, that all arc eqaally man and at inch entitled to equal rights in their proper sphere. — We bold that the Black, Bed or Yellow race! an entitled to all the rights of tho white race, and to equal consideration ut the eyes of their Creator; hot to cu ll) thoao rights perfectly they must not transcend the order of nature, and de mand to mix promiscuously with na tions sad races of entirely different col or, habits and instincts. We hold that the C roe tor designed these various ra- OM to occupy dijjbreut portions of this earth, and to Ibrm different nations; and that when, from any cause, this or der has boon perverted, the laws of na tun will cutely correct the evil. We would rejoice to see the Black race of this country restored to a land of their own where they could enjoy undisturbed tho highest human rights. In oppo sing the attempt to confer it on them hero w are not aware of contradicting in the least the Declaration of Indepen dauee, or the tenets of Christianity. If any woo can show wherein wo err in thig latter assertion wo desire to know it, a* the truth is what wc wish to main tai, rOXURCNN. The newspaper correspondents nt Washington have been giving currency to rumors about a supposed effort at compromise made between the President and certain conservative members of the Republican party, on terms which it m hoped would bo agreed to by'the South. It is certain that some dßthcm did approach the President; but it is 'not likely that he agreed to any thing iatppasiatcDt with his former position.— | Mr. -Stevens' new military rcooustruc- 1 Hew hill arts attempted to be pushed | Through the Senate on Friday, but it j ■met with great resistance—tho Dcmc -etutoo and Conservative members do •Doauaiog it la speeches of great ability. ; The Senate remained in session till hall', part three the next morning without affect. On Saturday, near midnight, i Mr. Sherman offered a bill somewhat different as a substitute. Instead of requiring Geu Grant to sppoint the five military Satraps it makes it obliga- > tory On the President to do it It must be butler somehow ae the Stevens lull Was too strong for the Radicals of the Senate. About two o'clock on Sunday morning it was dually adopted by a vote of 29 to 10—13 abuent. On Monday, In the House, Mr. Ste vens and others opposed the Senate sub ntstme, and proposed a Conference (JousstftM of the two Houses. It may defotrtTbe Military bill this session The strange events now occurring at Washington indicate that we are in the lest Arc ef our Republic, nr that tho Radical* are in the lest threw nf their pestles! existence. We sincerely trust H may bo the latter; bat when we etc whhwe tbs leader*, and what the obar eeter of their measures, wo are led to | tremble for the success of our polities] ' institutions. Radical state Cssvnllss. On the 271 h 'mat. a State Convention •f the Radical party of Maryland is to ha held nt Bakiaaora. Seam very at paunt business, wa presume, is to be 'transacted, lodging from the earnestness of the caff It is to be expected that the pasty will tohe high ground st ouw it favor Of impartial (Nepw) suffrage rtfcfft|^il r ‘ fcegio now to take open groundm force af it, sad pet to hint at it obscarrij M heretefbre; sod the GrandUonnoiMtr the Union League, and their Grand Commander Stock bridge, have called on all the aubordi ' pita Lasgwto to go at saw fox “Mn •LbdSrfrtgw " That wtll he the ques , *tq|| to ha decided here. Tha Southern )vt>|is es net to-be admit led into the VKteR wending to the Kadieal pro- the rotes of tho Bleeka are G> hqlp *0 OvOrMlance the MMtUdIR Rebels p sad tail the • 111 HlliMi U -tot iplnlthcir f-'m ilhnMtryhrod is in like acre with it Uat year, from y bushels of seed, valuable for feeding sleek. • TIB JWTICI Our Senator, Dr. Billiagaka, ww very emphatic in bis remonstrance against the phasing of a a taint or mon ument of the latu Chief Justice Tsaay about the State Boom at Annapolis, for fear it might hare a dangerous influ ence on the minds ol the rising genera tion. particularly tho youths at the Na val Academy, in keeping alive the memory of the author of tho “Drcd Scott” decision, and helping to recurrent the Democratic party. W were not aware before that Judge Taney was considered the “embodiment of Democracy.” He wan. doubtless, revered fur tho wisdom of his decisions, for bis great eminence and ability as a Jurist, and for the purity of his char acter. by the entire Democratic patty. It was for these considerations, and thee great honor bo bad conferred upon Itm native State, not for tho purpose of re surrecting tho Democratic party, that this honor was proposed to be conferred upon his memory. m If this memento of ooc of the best and purest of the great men of tho past caonot be set up at our Stale House without danger of corrupting the sen timents of young America, it may be equally necessary to remove or des troy the statues of most of the patriots of a paat age who agreed with him in sentiment. Tho framers of the Consti tution recognised only the Whits race as the governing element in this coun try; and that idea was maintained by the moet illustrious of our former States men and Judges. Tho Drcd Seolt de cision, to tho effect that the Black man was not a citizen iu the sense that gave him an equal right and voice in the conduct of tha government, bat sn alien in a strange land, and but a sojourner here, wai in strict accordance with the Constitution, and the constant decision of the Courts. It was not until the in flux of new idoas, tho intro action of a higher law than tho Constitution, and the advent of the present Radical parly, that the doctrines of Judge Tauey, and the venerable Fathers of the past, began to be considered heretical. On this snbjoet wo quote tho follow ing from the Frederick Cnion ; The private sentiments of U. 11. Ta ney, as an individual, waa adverse to the institution of slavery. He was no advocate of African slavery, hut on the contrary, bis convictions as a man, were openly expressed many years since in I the Court House of this county against {the institution of Afriesu servitude,sod ; be was anxious to sec some plan adopted : by which it might be removed both iu I the State of Maryland and the United ! Stales. In tho case to which wc reler, that of tha State of Msrylaud sgainst Jacob Gruber, s Methodist preacher : from I’enoeylvania, iudictcd by the 1 Grand J ury of Washington county, for 4 preaching a sermon at a Camp Meeting i near Hagerstown from the Text '-Righteousness exaltelh a Nation, hut | sin is a reproach to any people,” iu i which he was very severe upon Mary land slaveholders la particular, and tho j institution of slavery generally. I'ublio feeling in Washington county was deep ly aroused aud embittered against the Reverend Minister, so much so, indeed, 1 that Mr. Gruber did not deem it safe or prudent to have his trial tike place l in that county. Believing that he could uot get justice dune him by the verdict I of s jury of our sister couuly, the cause wts removed to Frederick county. The trial excited deep interest at the time, sad the ieeliugs of lbs community were enlisted as to its termination. Ihe late James Dixon, well known for his legal research iu criminal law was the prosecu ting attorney on tbu occasion. Messrs. B. B. Tansy and B. S. I’igman, two eminent members of the Frederick Bar, appeared for the defence. The record of this trial, sad the speeches delivered for and against the accused was pub lished by the Kev. George Kolb, for j marly Mayor of Frederick, and copies of it arc doubtless still in existence.— | Iu his remarks before the Court sod Jury, Mr. Tauey expressed bis real sen timent* on the subject of slavery It was owing perhaps to bis knowledge of law, the confidence reposed in bis judg ment, nod to the able manner in which he srgwsd the cause of bis client, that the Usv Mr. Gruber was acquitted of the charges preferred against him Then is a wide difference, however, be tween K. B. Taney as a private individ ual nod counsellor si law sad the same gatolMMir presiding in as official capa city *s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Hatted States. Whan translated from tha Bar to the Bench, Judge Taney like Chief Justice Mar Shalt aad tha athar Chief Justicca and seesriats judges before him, inoluding Joy and Kllcworth, aud the long lists of eminent men wheaa legal knowledge and auUursd deoisioos have shed lustre upon the Supreme Court, the author of the Prod Scott derision felt himself bound to interpret (he Constitution and htws of ih<r United Stotts a* they wsre, nod uot as he would wish theta to be. Ixwkiag then to the CeesUtation of the , United Stales as ordained sad establish ed hy the wisdom sad virtu* of Wtth -1 iifgtoo and Franklin, Madieoa and ! Htwlifltnn- swj their illustrious com i f Ssßtomt CstowMf tha Hiao Md the dcfffetims nf s aaswito—l Boaah of tha Supreme I'wart uffsantylvania, dsliv Chief JnMto flwaaw, the peo ple of our sister Bute ef Been**lraqi* almost untrainMuriy oowsurting therein, 1 thtrfjs* no alternative for Chief Jas tiCO Taney and his associate Justices , having s dam vegsrd for their oath of i 1 office, gxaapt to sender a derision in ae i cordsoec with (he feed. This was done r iarahs find Beau esse, sad w venture t tosdy a* (ha Mrs it waa delivered mine . tenths of tha peaptaaf Masylaad, mid f ‘ W tmtoaaac majority of tha .isirtmes of . As Halted States mmmapod la that ; opinion Many of the aged members of the ta ■paatoUa societies or bodies of Chris tians known as Methodists, Friends and Tankers residing in Carroll (then Fred erick) county, ware present at the trial to which we have referred. They then bore testimony to th* worth of Mr. Tansy as a lawyer and a mao. It is not probable their judgment will be wsrpad now that Mr. Billiugslca sees fit to in dulge a sneer at the anther of the Dred .Scott decision We are not afraid to leave the decision of this matter to the people of Carroll county. They will not say as has been said by others, that the Constitution of the United States was or is * “Covenant with Death or a League with Hell.” TUG LEfiKLtTIiRII. On the 14th inst. Mr. Wampler pro muted the petition of 151 ciltseus of Carroll county against any relaxation of provisions of the Sunday law. Petitions on both sides of that (juration are bc- Jttg presented. Tlrite fire also petitions for and against the running of the street cars in Baltimore on Snndny. On the 15th Sir. Benton presented tho petition of tho New Windsor Libra ry Company fur an amendment of their Charter. Th; Allegany contested election ease was decided In the House on Friday, by the adoption of the majority report, by yeas 41, nays 18. This admits Win, Dcvcomon and Win. A. Bryden Con servatives, iu place of 0. Gilpin and S. M. Haller, Radicals, and leaves two Radicals elected in Allegany. On Thursday evening last tho House listened to lengthy arguments for and against the proposed change of the Charter of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad. Mr. Garrett, President of the Balto. A O. Railroad Co., speaking in favor of tho change, and Kx-Qovenor Pratt, as Counsel for the Baltimore A Potomac Road, against it. Mr. Garrett opposes the allowing of the hitler road to make a branch road into Washington, thus making a second road front Balti more to Washington, to compete with tho Washington Branch road, on which the Stale realises a Urge sum from the capitation tax of one fifth of the fare on all passengers. In tha,Senate, on Saturday, the ma jority of the committee on judicial pro- [ ccediugs reported unfavorably on the J House bill to provide for taking the I sense of the people of the State upon the propriety of calling a convention to form a new constitution A minority report iu favor of the bill was also made. Tho reports were made the order of the diy for the 28th instant. The House was uot in Session on Saturday. The Conveullon Bill. The bill which passed the House of Delegates, some time since, tb call a i Constitutional Convention iu Maryland, was reported on unfavorably by the ma jority of tha Committee on the Judieiu- I ry in the Senate to which it had been ; referred. The majority were Messrs. Maddox, of St. Mary's, Stirling of Balt. (Conservatives) and Trail of Frederick and lloltonof Howard, (Radicals). Hol ton was absent. Sir. Vickers, of Kent, j Chairman of the committee, submitted a minority report in favor of tho bill,' which wc suppose will be adopted—but whether by s two-thirds vote or not we cannot tell. What is the matter iu the ; Judiciary committee wo have uot yet learned. We do not think it argues 1 any thing against the Convention pro ject, but only sgainst some feature of' the bill. The Collection of Toll* being i to r Returning from Fun- 1 era Is. Th* following bill in reference to the collection of toils upon any carriages or other vehicles or horses going to or re- 1 turning from any funeral, which posted i both branches of the Legislature of Ma ryland, on the Stb instant, and is there- , fore now a law, will no doubt bo read with interest by our readers ; S tenon 1. Be it enacted by tho General i Assembly of Maryland, That two sections j be added to the 80th article of tho Code of Public General Laws, relating to crimes ami punishments, as follows t Bsctiov 800, No turnpike, bridge or for- | ry company, and no proprietors of any turn ; pike or outer rood, bridge or ferry, shall hereafter collect any tolls upon say carriage or other vehicles or horses going to or re taming from any funeral. Kbotiov XU7. Every toll gatherer who I shall knowingly collect any toils contrary to i th* provisions of the preceding section, or shall knowingly refuse to allow say horse or vchieto gouig to or returning from a fu nl to pass without payment of toll, shall forfeit and nag for every such offense a sum of not less than fifty dollars aud not more than one hundred dollars, one half to the in former aud th* other half to the State ; and the company Sr other parties owning such road, bridge or ferry shall be respousilile for j the same. The act lakes effect front the dale of its r , T :iz UftSfS.—From our country ex change* • learn that the winter haa , been an exceedingly favorable one for , forming interests. There has been Itok enough to protect the wheat, and there is every prospect of abundant crops. Buck news is always ebeeriuu l at t hit Staton of the year, sod those , who are prone to indulge iu gloomy , forebodings may find comfort in turning . their attention to our agricultural regions . from whence come the great necessaries ; of iifo- There it an unquestionable , antagonism between good crops and . hard limes, aud while w* have hopes l of the os* we need not fear the other. An editor tha* iodulga* hisdalioqnent > subscribers: “Wa dost want money 3 desperately had; hut our creditors do, - MM (bay no doubt ow* you. If yoa I pay at, w*TI pay (ham, aud that'll pay f Tha formers ia the vieiuity of Nor - folk bar* commenced plowing. foreign fw. The Atlantic telegraph supplies but brief particulars of the Fenian uprising iu Ireland. Judging from tho meagre accounts permitted to be made public by the Government it is not serious and will soon be suppressed. Tho rising is said not to be general throughout Ire land, but contiued to Kerry and Cork Counties. The telegraph wires sre, however, admitted to have been cut iu all directions. There appears to bo two bodies of insurgents. One of thorn is said to be about eight hundred strong, and to have marched toward Killarney unopposed by the British forces. The other body pursued by a command un der Colonel Wo rs ford had taken refuge in a woods. Tho pursuing lore© was too smalt to follow them, but waited for reinforcements, with the design of sur rounding the woods and capturing the insurgents. It was announced iu Par liament that tho authorities in Ireland had assured the Government that the rising was totally stopped, and the hi- | test despatches say that the insurgents had dispersed, and the outbreak was ended. The Emperor Napoleon, iu his speech at (he opening of the French Legislative Chamber delivered some oracular sentences ou the condition of affairs in almost all quarters of the world In the events that have trans pired in Europe during the year he sees ‘‘almost the fulfilling of the great Na poleonic idea to unite alt the great horn nations heretofore separated ” Events in Germany and Italy have paved tho way to it, but do not disturb France. The great work undertaken in Mexico, “to raiac an ancient Empire, tailed through an “inauspicious concur rence of circumstances.” With regard to tho Eastern question, tho Kmpcror i proposes that the great Powers act in j concert to satisfy the Christians, pro tect the rights of the Porte, and pro | vent com plications. The settlement of tho Homan question has placed the I Pope “in a uew phase,” iu which he is ! to be sustained by his own strength and | the veneration of the great Powers, who j will “sustain his temporal power against [ demagogues." Finally, the Kmpcror I is assured (hat the peace of the world j is not to be disturbed. *nd ‘is sure of I the present and confident oflhc future.” j — Amrrunn. j Tub> lion. —The following j story, published iu the Haiti more Sun. , j of last year, if true, goes fur to tsUb | lish the sagacity oflhc Ground Hog in I matters pertaining to the weather:— j -DuHig last Summer, Mr. Peter Wremi [ at the ihdion Saloon, kept a pet Ground j Hog at his establishment, which became i quite a favorite with the visitors. The ; ! animal made a burrow in an uulloored ' room used as a lumber-room, and hav ing previously supplied hi* nest with paper, rags and other articles necessary lor his com foil, he retired to it for his winter’s sleep oo the 10th day of Octo ber. lie was seen no more for nearly five months, and many believed (hat he was dead or h|d burrowed his way out sad j escaped. Hut punctually on the soc j oiid day of February ho esoic forth from his burrow, to the delight of bis , owner who would have regretted the ; loss of Ins pot. The day was clear, and alter wandering a short time about his I Hummer haunts, as if wishing to sec I that all was right about the familiar ; ; premises, he retired to bis nest ami it I ih supposed curled hirnfelf up for anolh- : er nap. At tho end of six weeks hu made his appeareoee the second time and has since come out every day When he that camo out. in February i lie refused to cat, but ho is now rccrui 1 ting his loan sides with a relish which I is probably all the keener for his lung abstinence. He does not seem to have suffer. d_ in any way except that he has : lost about half hu* weight, and that he is in a fairway to recover, j Nor has lie forgotten his previous I familiarity with man, but is docile and fearless ua before, feeding from the hand and suffering himself to bo caressed by j all who chouse to pet him, and even I remembers the name -Hob,” by which jhe was called last .Summer. The hy -1 bernation of the Ground Hog wus well j known, but wo believe that “Hob" is , the first to have settled iu duration, the • exact date of its close, and the truth of ! the additional six weeks’ sleep. Tho | weather prognostications based upon

' his movements may be incorrect, but , tho facts given can be vouched for by many who arc personally cognisant of I them. “Bob’s” reputation as a uatura | list is made. A Snake in a .Stove. . Wc learn that a gentleman residing j in our town some few weeks ago pur • chased slot of old condemned sleepers 1 from the Railroad Company, for the | purpose of using them us lire-wood.— I They were accordingly conveyed to bis | residence and sawed in suitable lengths i for the stove and were used as fuel, and us such gave groat satisfaction, until one II evening the good wile placed one of the pieces in the stove, when s very strange and remarkable occurrence happened. \ Shortly after placing the wood in the . stove her attention wss attracted by s I singular noise in the room, not unlike > the crying of a child or tho moaning of r a person in distress, and upon searching , for the cause of it ascertained (hut the noise proceeded from the stove, and becoming somewhat alarmed called iu . her husband and acquainted him of the i matter. The gentleman at ouce advau r ced to the stove and upon opening the i door s strange and fearful sight met [ his astonished gssc—right in the very t midst of the biasing flames was a large I black snake writhing in agony, and m -3 taring tho pitoous noise which had at j traded the attention of the lady. The ' snake slowly crawled out of the stove t and dropped on the floor, a veritable i -fiery serpent,” and in a Jew seconds b expired. The sosko had doubtless eo i lered a hollow cavity in the sleeper in i the Fall, and relapsing into s torpid state, was only aroused when encom passed by the flame*. —Uunoctr Sptc . taior. 1 ; * , : &,. P A mao in Cievelnod, Ohio, recently > made bis own coffin, dressed him*cllfor “ tk* &***> sad the* com minted suicide 1 by taking prussic acid. *jffiTho OnskssTswoUra Im arrived - at ashisgton City with Jehu 11 Sur ratt on beard. Lsesl Intelligence. Rally, Johnson Men, Rally!— There will boa me ting of the Johnson Club of the 4th Election District, the last Saturday night of this mouth. All persons in favor of tho eoostituiiou ss it is and opposed to reducing tho old commonwealth of Maryland to a terri tory. thereby giving to ibo negro the right to vote side by side with the gal lant sons of your native State, aro ur gently requested to attend. Gome one, come all, to the rescue, and lift your voices and set your faces against so dia bolical a scheme. Let there be on out pouring of tho conservative party on that evening. Hy order of (ho Krea't. Febfl J. BUSH, Sec y. Death or an Old Peik.m'kr - Mr. John Holleobaugh, Jr., one of tho old defenders in the war of 1812-14, died on the morning of the Iftlh iosl. at the residence of his son-in law, Mr. John j KUcroad, in the Fourth Election dis Irict iu this county, aged 90 years.— Mr. Hoilenbnugb, was an unassuming mao, ofauiot integrity and honesty; he leave* a large circle of friends wßb will sincerely regret his death. 1) W. II The Faih opened with a crowded house on Tuesday. The snow of Tues day night we hope will not effect it in juriously. It will be opes every evening this week, sli day on Friday 22nd. aud ou Saturday afternoon. Grand Diouor and Supper on the 22ud , and great at traction all the time. Revolting scene at uu Execu tion. The St. Vincent Wiintts reports the recent execution of s woman named Mary James, for murder. When the chaplain who attended the wretched . woman to the scaffold had bidden her farewell he drew back. She also quick ly drew back, but tho movement could scarcely have been perceived, for tho order was given, the drop fell and tho culprit was seen stnuding unharmed on the platform. Her eyes, from tho be ginning, were very imperfectly ban . Jaged. down she drew back further from th trap, and her arms bo , iug free, she removed the piece of mus lin with which - her eyes were covered. From this time she appeared to dread , the trap, having *ccu the danger, and she could not b s induced to go forward Tho provost m.iifclul then <• nutmouc<l the turnkeys, who, with the hangman, wore constrained to use force to gel her ou the trap door. The instinct of self preservation seemed to nerve her with strength, and u scuffle ensued on the platform of thc'g.dlows fur ten minutes, when she was itltinmteiy tripped up and fell heavily on one of the largo Loams of the gallow>, aud rolled on the scaffold, whore she by motionless. She wss then pushed over on tho trap door, which was pulled and she fell through head foremost. Bho never tundo a struggle or movement after she was 1 thrown down, and many person* sup posed that life was extinct before she fell through tho trap. A Minnesota paper says that furs have never been .> plentiful in that 1 State aud ou its northern frontier os tho | present year. N ill it i r. i. On tho *27lb of .January, hy the Rev. Hash Linn, Mr. IlcrBKN It. Hunks:, to Mips Ma ; ii vA. Hi sv. both of this county. On the 7th of February hv the snmo. Mr. Ja* N. Fhakiii. to Mi** .Mart A. Bani an, l, both of thin county. 1 On the name evening, by the same. Mr. Failin'.anii \\ our, of Manchester, to Him Cci.l iron, of Bahiiuer** county. On tho 11 th taut by Rev. NV. S. Kdwanlft, ’ | John and Manuu Ass Snout. On iio 14th hint, in the Lutheran Furson ae, hy the Uev. 11. C. Holloway, Mr. Jas. j E- Dcm.Rowood MU* Sarah, both _ of this county. IIA ETUI OK E .11 4H HE I'M. 1 Tuesday, February 10, 1867. Howard Street Super and Cut Extra 10 , 76 a sll *26, do. Extra shipping II 60 a i sl2 60. do. high grade* l<ia£T4 67. do. 1 : Family 14a$ 16; Ohio taper and Cut Extra • j 10 76551 l 26, do. Extra shipping noun, do. I retailing none, do. Family 14 60*$ 15 60; , [ Northwestern Super 9 76*$ 10 60. Rye , | Flour—-new 6 76a57 26. Corn Meal—city . j Mills 4 G2as4 76 per bid. j Grain.—Wheat was in very meagre re ! oeipl to day; we notice tales of 21) bushels i | prime Maryland white at $3 20; 160 buahs I I common red at $2 96, and 600 bush* prime [at $3 10. Corn—9ooo bushels good to ~ prime white 01>3a96 eta ; 9000 bush* yellow 1 ,at 98a96 cis, bulk at94a9. r > cts. Oata—66o - , bush* sold at 67 ci*; but the market closed | dull st 55a r )7 cts. I Provisions.—Shoulders II cts ; rib Sides 12 fa 124 cts : clear rib do. 18 cts; Huui at r 12i cts ; 00 trea Western Lar<l at 22| cts. Held*.—We quote prime Clover at s 9. Timothy is steady at 6 76a*4. Flax is stea * dy at $2 76 per bushel. iHouse keeping ‘ AUTIOLES. J ——. S LEACHED and Unblcoohed Muslin. Bleached andUnbleachedSheeting, 4-4, 9-4, JO-4 and 11-4. Bed Ticking and Bed Check, Table Diaper : and all kiuu.i Towleing, 1 SILVER PLATED WARE , \ Carpeting aud Straw Malting. 1 Floor and Table Oil Cloths, ? Knives and Forks, Spoons, i Candle Sticks, Kettles, Brushes, 1 A Large Stock of ; QUEENSWARE, Looking Glasses, with a fall Stock of all other articles in this line. For solo at Baltimore prices. 1 JOUM U HEIFSMDEB. i frbai-u !l yo. an B%viwr. In the Circuit Court for Cnrrolt County. B Bitting u Court of Egtity. u Thomas Ruditel I /"VRDKREO, thu • * liar, E. Rudiul and I IW, tW Um aalw - Tubiaa J jada and roportwl g by Thomaa Uudia-I, Trnataa asDowiied h i iocnt of the amid Chart o aoUTboßaal Xa tato in tit. proceeding in aaid cauaa men tioned, be ratified and ounfinnad, unleaa canto to the contrary thereof be ahown, on or before the Hat. da, of March ntat i Pro vided a copy of thia order be inserted ia y ooio nowtnaper printed at Waatauurier, r onee in each of three aueoaaai-e neekt be a feratholMAdayofMam* aaatt uSSiff——- - WU. A. MoKELUP, M True copy,—Teat: . W. A., clerk. febll-St NO. 928 EQUITY U the Circuit Court for Carroll oomlj, Billing ns & Court of Equity Fcmuurt Twix, 1867. George Becker, Txs object of this Ephraim Becker, suit ia to procure a and others, decree for a sale of M. the real estate whereof John Becker. J a certain Mioh a e I Becker, late of Carrol) courtly, Maryland, died seized, for the purpose of distributing thu proceeds of sale among the heirs at law of said deceased. The Dill states, ht mbtUincc, that, on or abm* the bill day of. September iu the year 1860, the sold Michael Becker depart*! this life, seised in fee simple of certain real es tate (about seventy four ants of land,) situ* atCil in Carton county alorcsi.nh which is particularly described in the bill and fee nc coiu)iaayiii£ exhibits'; and Idoving, surviving him, his widow, named Elisabeth Becker, and the following named children, to whom the said real estate has descended, as bis heirs at law, to wit i George Becker, of Petty county, Pennsylvania, Ephraim Back er, Catharine Brilbart, wife of Isaac Bril hart, Abdol Decker. Jeremiah Becker. Emtline Kncller, wife of David Knellcr, and Eduiudd Becker, alt of whom arc com plain ants, and oil reside (except said Geoftgo) m I'umd! County, Maryland, and the said Johp Becker, the dalr.ndant, who resides out of the State of .NAryland. Thu Bill further state-* that the said land is not siisccptiku of division among the parties ciititU-| thereto without loss or injury to them; and that it would 1* to the advan tage of ill interested that the same should be sold; and prays for such sole euder a dc creo of said Court, aud for an order of jmb licatiott against said absent defendant. It ia thereupon adjudged and ordered that the complainants, by causing a copy of this order to bo inserte*! in some newspaper Ehod in Carroll county, once in each of icoessive weeks, before the 21st day of 1807, give notice to the said absent defendant of thr object and substance of thin BUI; and warn him to appear in this Court, in person, or by Solicitor, on or be ! fore the z7th day of June next, to answer | the premises, and show cause, if any he has, . why a decree ought not to pass as pray*l. WM. A. MoSkIXIV, i Ik. Truo copy,—Test: fehftftdt Wm. A. MeKki.up, Clk. 1 PERSONAL PROPERTY AT PUBL.IC_SALE. 1 r pHE undersigned will sell nt Public Sale A on the premises, in Bachman's Volley, on the road leading from Bachman’s Mill to the Hanover Turnpike, about a quarter of . a mile from the former place, on j Wednesday, the 13th dny of March, IMJT, the following valuable Personal Property ! | viz.; 4 elegant WORK HOUSES. 1 one two yeur old Colt, 6 head I Mikh Cows. H Heifers, I largo Ball. 2 Brood Sows. 12 Shoals. 2 rbmta I tiwi Wagons, 1 Threshing Machine nn.l , [ Horse Power. * Muricbostm make.,) I Wind . j mill, I Corn Sheller. 1 McCormick Reaper, '• . 1 Hubbard Mower, 2 Grain Cradles. 1 Spring ‘ j Steel Crain lUkr. I Crain Drill, 2 lU\ Car 1 ringes, 1 Urge Wagon Bed, I Stone Red. * l Furrow uml Shovel Ploughs, Corn Forks, 2 , I Harrows, Fifth Chain, Stretchers and Don- | [ ' ble Trees. Halters and Cow Chains, 2 setts 1 , Hind 'Clear*. 4 setts Front Hears. Collars, Housings, Bridles, Forks, Uakcs, Ac. Also, , • 11-nnicli dd and Kitchen Furniture, • I I Cooking Stove, 1 Ten plate Stove, Tables, Beds and Bedsteads, I Sink, Tub* and Bar -1 reU, and a great many Articles too numeruas • to mention. i Sale to commence at ID o dock, A. M., | on said day. , j Terms, as usual, and made known on lliu , day of sale. JOHN WEAVER. s | feH2l-ts J. llknut Home, Auc’t. TRUSTEE’S SALE. virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court I for C-amdl ronirly, ns n Court of Kqui !* ’ ** or * L•* sale of the real (•state of Pre.d.-y j oepp, late <<f vid county, dccenaed. the sub • tcri'KT, as Trustee wjU offer fug sale at pub j lie auction, on the premises, on ; *S '•ituf faj/ the day nj March, ISG7, j at I o clock, P. M. u F'arm, containing 70 Acres of Land. j more or less. This property is situate on . Pair a Falls, on the Baltimore A Ohio Rail * ; rood, one mile W est of Woodbine, and lien • I partly in Carroll and eaiily in Howard conu t tiei. It is improved with TWO . Log; levelling Houses, I Stable, Dairy, Ac. It is well JMImK ) watered, about *2U Acres are in TIMHF'R, a ) j due oroportion is natural Meadow, and the n , whola is in a good idato of cultivation. . j The Terms a* prescribed by the decree i or#—One third of the purchase money to be | paid on the day of sale or on the ralifica . tion thereof hr tHh said eonrt, and the bnl c wiro to two equal payments, at six and jr twelve months from the dav of sale, with interest, and to lie secured by the notes of h the towdhwier with security to be approved A by iWfttt.steo. . WM. X. HAVDKX, i fobCl-ta Trustee i Public Sale or • | Personal Property. “ ! TUE undersigned having rented his Farm, • will fall on the promises, near Westminster, and adjoining tht Alms House Farm, on f 7W fajf the s th <lo) of March , 18C7. r at 10 o'clock. A. M., the followingdesartbed ) Stock and Farming Implements, via; S BROOD MARES, on# with Foal, 1 Work Horse, 1 Mule, 1 • lilackhawk Mare, 1 young Morgan Mara, 6 Milch Oows IV.VT) r all fresh ; 2 Heifers, 2 Bulls ; Sheep, 6 Isimba ; 1 Sow and tt Pigs, 1 Sow and ■* fthoata, 1 broad-tread WAGON, with Bed. Bows and cover. 1 broad-tread Planta tion Wagon, 1 Cart, liny Carriages, Stono Beds, 1 Mower, and 1 Reaper. 1 Threshing Machine, I *pring.tooth Hone Hake, hi-fil Fan. ~ Straw cutter, 1 Sled, C two horse Plough;*. I 11 three-homo Plough. 8 Harrow., 2 double Shovel Plough., i tingl. do., corn t'overer, 2 Cultivator*, treble, double and single Traua, 8 Log, Chains, 2 Setts Hreachhanda, with side RUa|w, 2 settu Hip Straps and - Tracer, 8 Housings, i Collar*, t Bridles, t liapers, U cow chains, I Grindstone, I Wheelbarrow, a Ut of Corn, Oats and Hyu, 8000 heads of Qtbhage, and many other ar tides unaeceasary to name. .. Terms of Sala.—A credit of Six months '5 will be gin* oa all atm. above Five Dollars, ,r parchasefajgietng their note* with approved "J aeoarily, bearine iaWrest from the lay of “ ale; all wma of $8 and uuder, cash. JOHN E. SMITH. *■ fcbll-U \ niVATE SALE. r, THE undersigned offers at Private Sale, the v Sew Biick Heme, in which he now resides, situate at the Wool Bad of Town, adjoining Francis Bbrfver's, with the Lot fronting 52 feel on Main street, and running 144 feet bock to an AB7* For further particulars enquire <sf feWltal CHHISTIAN A WALT. Court, the Kulwcrihur, u AdSELIn j of John 8. Horn, I*, of CarrXmmTy deceased will offer at Public Sals, at the late reaidenw of mid Hecmued, in WokedsM ' allev, adjoining Jticbardaon'a Station, on the \\ .'stern Mo! Railroad, on Wednetday S 6<A day of March, 1867, commencing at 0 o'clock A. M. All the personal property of eaid deceased, eomiit mg of Five Head of •one unsurpassed fer draught or jßoalu ■ingle karneaa and aome (or the aaddle, aad three of them Marea mitablefor breadina hd MILCH COWS (VfteSft Hojhh and 11 Shoals, 4B| 1 Plantation Wagon, 2 other Wag9BBB on, f Bugfey ana Hnrnpfti, I Jersey Krapar. new end venr go<tf. I Hubberd Mower, Pal’ enl liny and drain Hake, together with Ploughs, Harrows, Horae (Kura, and every rarirtr of Fanning Implements necessary tw a well storked form. Also a Sleigh and 2 Straps of Belle, large lot of Corn hr the barrel, about 90 bushels Wheat, lot of lira, Po tatoes, Timothy Seed ir, ' About 19 Acres of Wheat and 2 do of Rve growing; Also ti splendid assortment of HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE, consisting in part of 1 Centre Table, 1 Spring seat .Sofa, Spring sent Hocking ami other Chairs, large lot of Curpctting. some of it rarr superior, Straw Matting, Mirrors large I and small Stair Hods, Bureau, Wardrobe. I Side board. IksisUmds and .Bedding, Parlor | and other Stores, Cane seat Chairs, aaj I many other articles too tedious to mention. I The attention of the public is incited w| the aliove sale, as it is believed so Urge aadl desirable variety of articles is seldom offerdi in the country st public auction. I If not all told on the above day it 91 I*l continued the day. Terms. All mini under *s.Of), nh-| Above that • credit of six month, on tug ■nil approved wurilj, hearing interest froj ■ale. MARY HORN, Adm'x. 1 fcb2l-u Aims. Sw, Agent. I TAVERN STANoI FOU SALE. I THE subscriber dc-inms to retire fowl public businau, will offer at Private Sal?7J large and commodious | TAVERN STAND,I I si tooted in the Town of Manchester, Carnfl j county. Md., on the Haiti more aad llanuvfl I Turnpike. There is also attached to tB j TENANT HOUSE, I‘*o HAuse, BOW fHled with fee ; also a urß ! Csnlmi. ami two lsoL< of ground, comainifl nearly 2 ACHES OF LAND, ujvoit whickfl eroftwl n Urge STABLE suited for a | There is n nail) running daily from Manehfl 1 ter by the Baltimore Turnpike to | Norris Station, to intersect the Western iH I Railroad. The Stand ii the same whkh I formerly kept by Wm. ('nnerinr, 1 Man chunter is handsomely located, and tfl | some fine improvements, and is genml calthy, having four or Are I j of the different denominations, a College(B > 'The property will be <uM on reasousH Terms, and if not sold Indore the fills dsjH J April ut at Private Sale, it will l>c ofeß j oo said <Uv at public Hale. * f Pj , ™t * ill lx! given on the 10th B j For information inquire of Z BENNKT (HIKES', ■ fckilU .Mam h< u r. M jM REMEMBER. I i 4 *Tcll me, ye winged winds, 9 That round my pathway roar," H j Is jhere u place on rth B That boots the New Shoe Store? B I Tell me. ye ladies Isir, j Mho mi benignly smile, I Do you wish good* cheap and rare, B Of r try lUtractin tiyie t There an* Roots, both course and fintß I And Shoes of the latest style ; B Ifoiifv you purchase “on that line." B You II deal there all Ike tekiit. B Now, Bu.tby is a trulkful man, Wg | He sells no flimsy trash; B He'll plc.wto you well, / knnw kt cmß I His plan of selling is cash. 9 JOHN It. BUHBvB I Opposite New Catholic ChoiS feb2l-3t Multi Street Weitmnfl To Lei or Lease. I THB subacriher will rent or lens* infl licncc, situated in Carrel) connly Xdg county mad leading from Wratiainuß WarKcld.buig .lout t mile from Wefl .ter, an<l near the Western Md. nfl coaauting of a large and coaitseto. .W bIeDWKLI.INU, with a large Par jM lor, large Kitchen, Dining Roam CB| and Bed Roam on the Hrst floor, .Lx rooms oo the second Boar, wilhß dairy and a faunlaiu of ran nine vatasH 1 Kitchan door.ohd oneolwlodw Ronfl a Urge Bank llarn and otlwr baiUMm ■ new, a gotui large Cnrdn. >edgroeiWH ' truck patch. J ACOB KYKUim febzlll* i ~KX( T ELirOKT EXCEU^B ca utiiEuxx I I Hair BxtermlaatJ fob BKMoriM ivntpivovam (To the Indian especially, this Iml depilatory roconaniond. iurlf os btfl alninat iudisrn-nsible article to femnlagl , is easily applied, does not burn or injgl , akin, but acta directly on the rnttllg warranted to remove ■uperflumi. Katfl , low fbrebeadi, or fromaay part of tktH conipletelr, totally and ndicnlly exdH the Mine leaving the akin soft, smoofl natural. I bia Si the only urtietnwaaH French, and is tin only ml eflevtuofl ■ tory in axistenoe. Price 7# cents pg| I age, tent postpaid, to any addrets, oH ' of an order, by K BBROKiI, SHLTTB* Co., OkMfl > febU ly U River St, Troy^ i “ NOTICE, I 1 lima or tun kltrcsL Vim Intß | Cuarsat t Bstirnm Co.. Fab. BN f M., at the SwNeorM ffIAHK County CowMoim S® ; m*wm fri rf ,* Utvl VALE!rt B