Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 21, 1867 Page 3
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§r MmmU’i Mitinke Pint. A ItMltule for Cftltntl. Hmm fOU nro mmpnnA of various roota, fencing the powor to relax tha secretions of the Ivor m promptly tad effectually u blue pill or motto ry, tad without producing any of those disagreeable or dnngorons effects which often follow the m oflbe Uttar. In all billions disorders these Pill* may be nssd with ooaidenre, as they promote the die charge of vitiated bile, and remora thoae ob atructioaa from the User and biliary ducts, which are the canto of bilious affection* in gen • aL Hcaaxoa's M*soa*xs care Sick Head ache, and all diaordor* of the Liver, indicated by tallow akin, coat. d tongue, coatireaeta. droerefneea, and a general feeling of wearlaeaa aad laaaltode, ahowiag that the liter la ia a tor pid or abstracted oondiUon. la abort, thaae PUla nay be used with sdran tafe la all ease* when a purgative or alterative nrdieine ia required. fleaec aak for "Dr. Rcbenck's Mandrake Pitta," aad obaerre (hat the two likenetaea of the Doctor are on the Government stamp—one when ia the last stage of Consumption, and the other ia his present health. £old by all Druggists and dealer*, Print 26 cats per box. Principal 01b re, No. IS North Cth Biro*. Philadoluhla, fa. General Wholesale Agoata: Dmaas Harnc* 4 Cc., II Pnrh How. New York ; 8. S. Hence. Baltimore Sc, Baltimore, Md. ; Julia D. Parke, N. E. eor. of Fourth aud Walnut Sc. Cincinnati, Ohio; Walker A Taylor, 1.16 A Uti Wabash Arenac, Chicago, 111. t (VlUna Broth ora. tenth weat corner of Second and Vine Su., St. Louis, Mo. doc. 27,tb I A alb d. 1 yr. Know Tby Destiny. Mabaus K. F. Tbobuto:*, the great English XalrelogUl, Clairvovanl and Psycbomctrician, wHo baa astonished tb scientific classes of the Old World, has now located horswlf at Hudson, M, T. Midi me Thornton possesses such won dtrfel powers of second sight, as to enable h r in importknowledga of the greatest importance to the single or married of cither sex. White la a Mata of trance, she delineates the very fea tares of the person yon nra C marry, and by UsaMefna instrument of intense power, known ia tha Psrebomotropc, guarantees to produce * I life-like picture of the future husband or wife I of tha applicant, together with date of mar. riagfe position in life, leading traits of cbnrae- | ter, Is. This Is no humbug, a thousands of I fstimeniab can assert. She will send when desired a certified certificate, or written * ur nates, that the picture b what it onrporta to be. I Hr enclosing a small lock <i( hair, and staling pface of birth, age. dlswosiUon and completion, 1 and enclosing fifty cents and stamped envelope addressed to yourself, you will receive tha pic ture aad desired information by return mail.— Ail eommanicationa sacredly confidential. Ad dremin OouAdeace, Mantua K. F. Tmormton, i P. 0. But MS, Hudson, X. V. febMy , |W* A Young Lady returning to her country borne, after a sojourn of a few months ia the City, was hardly recognised by her friends. In (dace of a coni so, rustic, flush ed fuse, she had a soft ruby comph-xiua of si raot marble smoothness. and Instead of twenty khrae she real!v .tppesred hut eighteen. I’pon ' jQ'inlrv as |m the cause of so grout a change, ■ ih -plainly t.dd them that she iu< d the , ►tea Bmlm, and considered it an invaluable ac quisition to any Ludy’s toilet. Hr it* use any ! Lady or Gentleman can iuipiovr th.-ir personal kppearance an hundr . fold. It is simple in ta eombiaation, as F *turc herself is siinide, yet ■uiurpaned In Its cjlcaev in drawing imparl irsfrom. alto h'. ing, cleansing and beautify ■g the skin an ; vtunplcxion. By its direct a’c iou on the cu .de it draws from it all its inipn- ! ities, kindly healing the same, and leaving Ihr urface as Nature intended it should lx, rkar. * mooth aad beautiful. Pi ice |l, sent by Mail r Kxprrm, on receipt of an oi dec by W. 1,. (T.AKK A CO., titemists, | No. 3 West Fayette Si., Bvracnse, X. Y. i The only American Agents for the sale of the i imo. fcbT-ly • kf ONKY, FKKF. AH WATER. 10.000 Imrx ftfl. L**CAfc and Travelling Agents, Male nr ■emale, of all ages, are wanted to solicit trade ft every City, Town, Village* Uaml**t. Work ftop aad Factory, throughout the entire world, ftr the most saleable novelties ever known.— fto Pan t’nnr. Paonr and ready talc wherever Bferedll Smart men and women ran make Bom $6 In S6O per day, and no risk of loas I A Halt capital required of from S2O to f 100 -the ftnrcmqnry Invested the greeter die profit.— B BrM)| SOfO Utd U Adrasec— tt fir s* send Hi OMm Ond rcccisc fA ;*wy mfUt ttiird* ! If Hu Mtnally w ish to make money rapidly and Hally, writa fer full particular# and address H MII.NOH k 00., (From Paris.) B sls Broadway, Now York ( ity. I Free to Ev< rybody. Hk lam 6 pp* Circular, giving informa* Hn of the greatest importance* to the young ■t teacheo how fcli(> homely mny boemne jlcyouog lady or gentleman should fail Bm4 their Address, and receive a copy Htpaid, by return mail. B Address I*, i). Drawer, 21. B?bll flm Troy. X. Y. { afflicted I ” BBuffer No More I ■ben by the use of DU. JOINVILLE’S ■OB yon can be eared pormnooaUy, and at sneccM which has attended Hhmhable medicine for Physical and Ncr Hwiibwa, General Debility and Prosit a ■ |ees of Mare alar Energy,' Impotence, or ■Hfl OOnesquencv of youthful indiecre ■ r*Wi*rc it tha most valuable prupat alion BritttWion all nerrous affection.-, dopres- HfhlttneK, incapacity U> study or busi HMI ol.mmaory, contusion, thoughts of fear.' of insanity, Ac. It will ■HBIFFMIIe, renew the health of those U by sensual excess or evil Mon, be humbugged no more by and ignorant practitioner*, Withont delay ftw the Elixir, and he at BrMoruA ln health and bappinese. A Per M Owaranlaed In cyery instance. - Hit. nrfenrboMleeto one address, $3. MBftUftalssnScicnt to effect a cure in ail HPKC!FI <7 P! LIS, B8SB!1P F ®* UP * ** <ivnor ■as 1 stSS HHjNr,..n prepared frem vegetable cx- Rarmlt-ac on tho syctmn, and nev- (Be stomach or impregnate the Ht ebnngc of diet is n.-ecssary uhile nnr docs their action ia any manner wMh business pursuits. Price, $1 per Ha of the above'nlcnttoned articles will be Bn; address, closely sealed, and post ■ mallow express, oa receipt of price.— HbSh. BHITTTB A CO., (Tbamista. Mu. m River Si., Troy, N. V. glad tidings of Joy to all, old, to mat and to small; which once was so precious and rare, IBNr eU. Md all way bo fair. W^iniAß'S BMD Liquid jiiambl, m Ikla white and cfear a, alahaster. - ■jwaoi bo hatoote.l br tho eloaaal aorall WiMaw a nMaMa praparaUoa I, par. B*!T“f- A *a arty wUdo at tho miVAafnaih, art h ooaaMarod bj WOn H la a porfost (allot. W-* at 30.00 boutw w.t. Kid darha, the mt a Waleal iumilm at lu j . Cj "*“• ******* P®Mm,RBUTIb A ID., Chomiate, ■<•* J Hir.r Bt., Tr.,, N. V. A VALOABU FAIM AT Tmtee’a Sale. FIIHE Subscriber, m Trustee and Com ■ mi Wee of the Person end Estate of Sr atm L. Gist, sod by virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Cook for CarroU county, as a Coon of Equity, poised by Abner Neal. Special |ludgo in cause No. 846, in laid Court, will after at Public Auction, on the premises, on Saturday, thr 2 nd day of March, 1867, at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following Real Fa ■late, vis ; A FARM, containing 183 Acres of Land, more or leaa, situated iu Carroll county, about 4 mile* South Past of Freedom, and within half n mile of thu Liberty Hoad, and about two miles from the Liberty Turnpike, adjoining binds of Alien Bennett, Sannnd nennett, Edward Ireland and others. About 100 Acrw of ibis Farm is clMml land, laid oil'into Helds, well fenced, in a good NUMc nt cultivation, and m well watered The improvements consist of a bir-re TWO STORY FRAMIS HOUSE, good Bank Burn, Corn House X Hojj Ilou<k<’, Dairy, Ac , there La rye Orchard of' Ajiple J Vert, and also other Fruit Trees, such os Ponr Peach* Ac. Person* xvivMng to view the premises previous to the day of foie, will In- *lio*r> the same by William Benin, maiding thereon. I’kWMH —One-third pari of Uio purchase money shall be paid by the pureliasor or purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sab*, or upon the ratification thereof b% the said Court, and the residue shall be paid In two equal payments, the one to be paid in one year, and the other in two years from the •lay of sale, and to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, with securi ty to be approved of by the Trustee, bearing interest from the day of sale. Joseph m. gist. febl! 3t Committee nnd Trustee- ! GROCERY AND r Provision Store. CYRUS 0. STONESIFER, RESPECT FULLY informs bis patron** and friends that be Ims commenced receiving Fresh Fish of all kinds, and will continue through the season. Also Fresh Meats of all kinds always on hand. Com IV*ef and smoked Buf. smoked and fresh Sausage, newly cured Hams, Shoulders and Sides. Potatoes, Corn and Buckwheat Meal, Turnips. Beets. BAus, Hominv. Pickle*. Cider Vinegar. Sweet Cider nnd Apples, Dried Fruits, Ac., Crocrrlci and Provision* of nil kind*. Tobacco and t'ijrars. Canned I Fruiu and Vegotablct of the purest and freshest the market* can afford. Oysters, cither by large or small quantity, Families inpplied and delivered at the door at the shortest notice. Come and see for ' yourselves. I will sell the above goods ut ■ the lowest and most accommodating term* • Onposite Peter lingenfelter's Hotel, . form erly Cross’s,) Westminster, Md s CYRUS I). STONESIFER. \t AN TED. $27.00 pur diiy. A OR.NTS wanted, ladies and gcnUunu-a. in every fountr in the Cnlted States, lo Sell Ink I owders if the American Ink f'umpanv. The pnwd-r sella for forty cent* per package. an<i will make Ink enough to fill fifty bottle- of the aim uiQHlh retailed at ten crate per bottle. A -man agent can aell a groaa of ft a day. and clear $17.40, Thr iuk can he madr from the* powder in three minutes in common boiling wstcr. It la a perfect black ink. the beet in* the world. |t flow- caaily, doca not corrode . the uen a particle never g UU i. np. U no t Injured ! hr frcesing and \u color will |**t forever.- Kvery family in America will bnv It. as a park ! age will laat a family for years, sad ink can br ‘ made iu small quai.thir- aa wanted. With eacli groaa wo send a thousand circulars, w ith le-ti mouiala from clergymen, lawers, tcacheia, merebanu, commercial colleges, editors, A,- and the agent’s name on the hill*. Only one 1 person will be made agent for a county. The i first one sending Thirty Dollars for a gnu*, will receive it by retnrn express, together with one thousand circnlars and the right to sell xa the county he or the designates. If others good for the tame county, thr money wifi be return sd to them free of expense. To make *re, one had better designate several counties, either of which he or the will take. Mend for trade /ii and circular* If you daro run the risk of wait- Ing or tend the money for a gro*t. letters addresard lo the Mayor. Postmaster, rashier of t nkj ’ , r ,h ” agents of this city. wPI show- that the business is honorably and •qutruly condneted. An Ink Powder will be sA-nt by mail to any address, free of charge, on receipt of forty rents. ...11 us’jsthr” co,n,y AMKkICAN INK COMPANY, _ Mauchcsler, N. 11. THOMAS W. LANK, rrhU i/ 6 ' ** *" Spt.+al Ayrmt. WHISKERS &JUSTACHES! 1 FORCED u> grow upon the smoothest 1 {f,S?•V'.tTS? 1 lo ** v ® weika bv using I Ur*. f¥yi2 N P ** tA j I liiIiAIICL. the most wonderful discovery • in modwn ocleno*, acting upon lliv Bnaril ’ niul Hair ... an ulmoat miraculous manner. It baa been uJ by the elite of Paris and London with the moat flaltcrin R ancceaa Names of all puri-haaers will bo registered, nna if entire aatisfactioa is not given in i every instance, the money will b cheerfully refunded. Price by mail, sealed and poet paid, sl. Descriptive circulars and testi monials mailed free. Address BERGER, BHUTTB k CO., Chemists, No. 286 Hiver Street, Troy, N. Y., Solo agents for the United States. % febU ly "BEAUTY I Auburn, Gtldea, I'lnun and Silken Curia, UROUIjCED by the tuc of Prof. DE Jr BKKUX' FRISK R LE CBBVEuI. t>n. application warranted lo eurl the moat •trwtghland .labbontbairof utber tox iota , W * T 7 , or heavy niosaive curio. Has nonii hm by the laobionablea of Paria and Ixmdan, with tha moat gratifying- roaulia. ™*o lJry to tbohair. Price by mail, aca'od and poatpaid, sl. Dawtioiiv. Cir ¥*"* I'KBOEK, SHUTTS A CO., Chemists, No. 286 River V.. Sole Agent, for the Unite’* fe-bU ly NO. 926 EQUITY. U Uu Cirmit Court /or Cat roll County in County. Faaaciay Tran, J 867. Peter Buie and 1 T>Y virtue of an order larncl Nome, I JO of the Court the . . I Ciwditore of Joeiah Gri Jonah Geiger. Jjwr, lata of Carroll County, who wen writ on tha lh day of March, . A ?” notified nnd warned h nSfcSsk properly aulhaolioarod, with tha GMt of the Circnit Court far Car no.,.. A. D. SCHAEFFER, fel,U<t Auditor. A GOOD FARM for rrnt, Mrlxinira at thia Office. fuWdt Billt f all kiadi printed at thie i DUVTOIf OKBR. /. T. OBNDOHFK Prodoee iepot. AT THE It All, HOAD, WESTMINSTER, MD. TTAVINU leased the large end comma* FI diou tVarehouac. (formerly occupied by J. T. Oeudorff.) ire are now prepared to purchase FI.OLII, HUE A T, It YE, OA TS, COHN, nifl Country PRODUCE of all description*. Alan to receive and forward Produce and Goods of all kind*. They also keep constantly on hand a largo and full stock of GROCERIES, Wool.r*ae xxn Retail, Flour. Bacon, Feed, drain. Suit Fish, Ac., together with SjMidos. Shovel*, I f oes, flukes, ami Farmer*’ and Gardener*' Implement* generally. Also Or ANO AND FERTILIZE 118 of all description*; and in fuel all Articles iu our line. With long experience, and by strict alien ion to buriiiKM*. we hop.* to receive u liberal share of the public patronage. DENTON OEHR. J. T. OKNDOiIFF. FARMERS PKKPAKE FOR VOl It SPRING CROPS. IE Subscriber offers the follov.-ing ap- J proved Fertilizer*. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate! A highly popular and dependable Fertilizer of twelve years utanding and of whi-h many thousand ton* are annually •old 'MA It YL -1 XI) I*o WOK It OF DONE! Guaranteed free from adulteration ami analyzing 64 per cent, of Phosphate of Lime and over 8} per cent, of Amimonin uniformly made, and, fine enough to drill! art or xi) plaster: A very superior article, manufactured at Red Beach Mill*. XO. 1 FF/trilAX OVA NO, Of direct importation, which I deliver from ■ Government's Agent’s Warehouse. AH there articles in’ll hr. furnished at : lateral rates. LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. B*~Send for a Circular. Oder* received by J. 11. Bowers, and bv Uehr 1 Orndofff. at We*tmin*ter, Md. GEORGE DUODAI.E, No*. Ur and 106 Smith’s Wharf, jan-H-'Wii Baltimore. Md. Brick lliiiisc & Lot FOR SALE. Tmk subscriber, as Executor of Catharine Vingling, deceased, by virtue of on order of the Orphan*' Court, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Friday, thr day of Mar h , 1807, at 1 o'clock, P. M., a two story lii'itk Dwelling House, Fifty feet front, with Brick Kitchen in the rear, on Main Street, Westminster. Sid., adjoining Wm. Reese’* Store. There is also a useful Log Building near the Dwell ing. The lot contain* a quarter of an aero of ground, fitiely cultivated: and a Well of very good water near the front door, now covered over but could be easily opened for use. Said lot is nnbjcet to a ground rent of *I.OO per year. IE RMS. One-third of the money in hand, and the balance in two equal payment* of one and two year* on note and security, bearing interest from Sale. BMUThere *‘ll also be sold at same time ajut oi Articles of Household and Kitchen Furniture, such as Bureaus, Stoves, Bed*. Ac., Ac. WILLIAM TINGLING, feb-U Executor. CRISPER COMA. Ob! sh<- was beautiful And fair. With starry eyes, ami ladiaot hair, Whose curling tendrils soft, entwined, Enchained the very heart and mind. C HI JiPLft COM 4, Fur Curling (he Bair of either So* into Wavy and (iloAsy Kinglets or Heavy Muffiive Curls. Uv Using this article Ladies and Gentlemen can beautify Iv.-s a thousand (old. It is the only ai tide iu the world (hat will curl straight hair, and at the same time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance. The Crisper Coma not only cut I* ilie hair, but invigoi ales, beauti fies and cleanses it; is highly and delightfully perfumed, and is the moat complete article of thy kind ever offered to the American public. The Crisper Coma will be sent to any address, sealed and post paid for sl. Address all orders to M . L. CI.AUK it CO., Chemists, No. 3 Weal Fayette Street, Syracuse. N. Y. febT-ly PUBLIC SALE. THE *ub*criber living on the Plank Hoad two mile* above Frixellalnirg, Carroll coun ty, will oft r at Public Sale, on THURSDAY Urn 2bth of FEBRUARY IM7, at bif reai deoou, the following PoraOQal Proirerty to wit: FOUR GOOD WORK HORSES, I Colt, 4 Milch Cows, 8 Hoilcrs, 1 young Bull, 5 fthoep. ft Slioatn, I brood Sow. 1 four-horse llroodtread Wagon, 1 Narrow tread do., Threshing Machine A Horse Pow er, Ploughs, Harrow*. Horae Gears, and Farming Utensil* generally, besides many valuable articles not mentioned; for which see Handbills —Sale to commence at 9 o’clock. Taaiu—A credit of nine months on all sums above $6.0(1, ou note and approved ennty with interest from sale, tinder $6.00 “•X JK3SE UNGER. febT-U NO. 893. In Ihc Circuit Cnurt for Carroll county at a Court of Equity. Novum Tun, 1806. J. Hrjr Hoppo, /~VHPEKFD thia M. M tth dor of Hum T. Clemaon, Fahnuir,, A. D., Admminrator of ’ IM7i that tha tal. C. Nalaon, made aad reported n^ <,^ B L h te T T^ 0. Nriroa. firmed, unm** cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the IDthday of March next: Provided a Copy of this order be in serted in aome newspaper printed- at West minster, onoo in caeh of throe successive week* before the lit dav of March next. WM. A. XIcKELIeIF, Clk. True copy,—Teat: leh7-8t W A. McKklup, Clk. A PRIME lot of Frederick make Back Glove*, for sale by jan7 Stouffrr A Harman - iVOOD LOTS AT Public Sale. Subscriber, as Agent and Attorney 1. for Thomas 8. Javom, will sell at Public Sale, on the premia**, on . Thursday, the 21 t of February, 1567. 10 Wood Lots. Lot No 4 contain* 10 Acres A 2u Pitches. Lot No Ft contain* 101 Acres. Iki No 8 contains 9$ Acres. Lot No 11 contains •> A., 3 U. 30 P. 1 Lot No 12 contains 4) Acres. Lot No 13 contains 41 Acres. I*jt No 14 contains 2| Acres. Ixit No 15 contains IR| Acre*. Lot No 10 contains 121 Acres. Lot No 17 contains 13 Acre*. These Lot* arc numbered in reference to n recent Survey on Wilruott's Manor Itesur fhev are situate in Carroll Countv, on hid! adjacent to the Deer Park iksM, be tween two and three mile* from Westmin ster. Some of them contain more or less old field*, whilst others of them are covered entirely with timlwr. The timber is principally Chestnut which is now very valuable and in great demand for rails, posts, shingles, joists, Hludding, Hail road tics, Ac. The Sal- will Ik- positive. The Lot* will absolutely be sold to the high<-*t bidder. TEH MS. -One third cash, and the bal um .n |wo equal payments, at six and l-.v'- v* months, secured by notes with ap proved security, bearing interest from the day of Sale. W-Ths Sale will commence at 10 o'clock A. M., T must, Frurimrt 21at, 1837, when due attention will Ik- given bv WM, N. HAYDEN, Attorney for Tho*. S. Jacobs. J. lllnuy Ilon-E, Auctioneer. janfll ts PIBLK SALK. fJMIE undersigned, appointed Trustee and ! 1. Committee for Dnbclla C. Heaver, by . decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll oouu- j tv. sitting a* a Court of Equity, will offer at ; Public Sale, on the premises, 2} miles North j nf Taney town, Carroll county, M<l on the ' Gettysburg Hoad, near Pincy Crock Church, , on Friday the 'llnd of February 1567. i at one o’clock I*. M. all the following retd ! estate of ike said Isabella C. Heaver, which she now has in her possession, living a Farm. CONTAINING 70 Acres of Land. more or less, adjoining lands of Abraham N. Ho**. John Shriner nnd others. 'l‘he land is in tolerable condition, n portion of it having been recently limed, and has a due nro|>ortion of Meadow and Woodland. The , Improvements met — a two-slorv Log Dwelling A/SIL-I II () U S E.ilfe .good Log llarn, with Rlio,! all round. Wagon .Shod, Coni Crib und good Srooi.o Housu. I’lii;re i, a good ORCHARD, of choice fruit, nnd a never failing Spring of ( good water near the door. TERMS.—One third of the purchase money to be paid in hand, and the balance I ip two equal payment* at one and two year's with interest from sale, to !*• secured bv the single bills of the purchaser with sufficient | security approved bv the Trustee. STEPHEN SMITH, Trustee. 1 Caon A Ilfciraxiviß, Solicitors. | janfil-ts ASTROLOGY. I The World Astonished AT THE WONOKttKCI. gETELATIOXA ; MADE BY THE CHEAT A ETHOLOGIST, Madame 11. A. PEKRIGU. She reveals accrete no mortal ever knew. | She restores to happiness those who, from i doleful events, catastrophes, crosses in love, 1 I loss of relations and friends, loss of money, I Ac., have become despondent. She brings I together those long separated, give* infor mation concerning absent friends or lovers, i I restores lost or stolen properly, tells yon the business you arc best qualified to pursue

I und in what you will be most successful. | cause* speedy marriages and tells you the very day you will marry, give* vou the j name, likeness and characteristics of the per | son. She reads your very thoughts, and bv her almost supernatural powers unveils the [ dark and hidden mysteries of the future.— From the mars wo see in the firmament -the mairtic stars that overcome or predominate in the configuration —from the aspects and positions of tho planet* and the fixed stars in the heaven* at the time of birth, she de duces the future destiny of man. Fail not to consult the greatest Astrologiit on earth. It cost* you but a triHe. and you may never again have so favorable un opportunity.— Consultation fee. with likeness and all de sired information, sl. Parties living at a distance can consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and SatHfaetion to them solve*, as if in person. A full and explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries an swerod uud likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of price above mentioned. The strictest Bccresy will l>e maintained, and all correspondence returned or destroyed.— References of the highest order furnish.*! those- desiring them. Write plainly the day of the month and year in which you were born, enclosing a small lock of hair. Address, Madam* IT. A. PEHUIGO, P. O. Uiuwn 293, Buffalo, Y. Y. feb7- ly Rcparator Oapilli. Throw away your false friue*, year switches, your wig— Destructlvoof comfort, snd not worth a fir ; Come aged, come youthful, come ugly snd fair And rejoice in yoar own luxuriant hair. BBPABATOB CAPILLI. For restoring hair apon bald heads (from whatever cause it may have fallen out) and forc ing s growth of hair upon tho face, it hoc no equal. It will force the beard to grow upon toe ainoolhcat face in from five to eight wceka, or hair upon bald heada in from two to three months. A tew ignorant practitioners have asserted that there is nothing that will force nr hasten the growth of the hair or beard. Their assertions arc fake, as thousands ofUving wit nesses (from their own experience) eon bear witness. But many will say, bow are we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious ? It certainly is difficult, as nine-tenths of the dif ferent Preparations advertised for the hair and beard are entirely worthies*, and you may bava already thrown away large amounts in their purchiee. To such we would aay, try the Ro parator Cappilii; it will ooat you nothing un lets It fully comes up to our representations. If your Druggist done not keep it, send ns one dollar and we will forward It, postpaid, togeth er with a receipt for tee money, whirh will be returned yen on application, providing entire ButUtectton it not given. Address, w , • W. L CLARE A 00.. <?hemleta, Ne. 8 West Fayctts Street, Syracuse, 5. T. fb*7ly Bfiite of CeUharvne Tingling, dec’d. E'TIFE I* bertfhy given that the Sub •cribcr ho* obtained from the Or- Court of Carroll county Utter* Testamentary on the Poruonal Ketateof Cath aiikc Yixaune, late of Carroll county deed. All person* having datum against said Ee tale are hereby warned to exhibit the tame iwithin six soothe from Urn date, otherwise they may be excluded from ali benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. WILLIAM YINGUNQ, leM 4t Executor. VVMkIE COLUfiIATE AMD MALE ACADEMIC! ITITCTK TEACHERS. LITERAR T DEPARTMENT. Rev. John A. M"*rok. A, M. Mis* M. Lou Far long, M. E. L. , Mi** Mary V. Manning. Mi--* Ada Billingslea. MVBICA I. P ERA R TMES T. , Mrs. Fannie H. Munruc. ; rpHIS INSTITUTION 1 I the Zorf SK4BION of iu SIXTH , ichnlostic year on MONDAY. FKB- , lU'AKY 4Ui, IW7.* will be re ceived at any time , and charged from time i of entrance. 1 AS A BOARDING SCHOOL. \ Its niimlier of Boarding Pupil* daring the ' past wfie 26 fcmnsle*, and 15 males.— 2 The Principal receive* only six females into his family ; a number of others may board with opprtwwi liauiiiies in the town. i Those wishing to occupy the vacancies i not yet filled, will please make early appli ra/fVi. The accommodations for Bonnier* arc two separate, buildings, built of brick. That for the Male Department ;* the residence of the Rev. Jonathan Mirror (Kathc-r of the Principal), whose paler mil care will be over hi* boarders; that for the Female Depart merit is occupied by the Principal. There will not be any communication between these departments. Each will be considered os a family, affording a homo to it* boarders. AS A DA Y SCHOOL. | Number of Day Pupil*, during the past year, fin, making a total of 107 Pupils. Accommodations are five commodious rooms, vi/.; The young men s study mom— ; the boys study room—the young ladies' study room—the Primary room, nnd the I*cdtire room. Deportment*. —Primary, Preparatory and Collegiate: three grade* of classes in each Department—ln Music, superior advan tage*. Latin taught gratuitously. Kspecial attention given to all elementary principle*, also to Penmanship I plain and fancy); to Book keeping; to Spelling, Head mg and Elocution. Six grades of Tuition, from $4 up to sl2 per quarter. For Circulars address HEV. JOHN A. MONROE, jan24 Principal. LATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J- W. BRADLEY’S CELEBRATED PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OH DOUBLE SPUING) SKIRT. THE Wonderful Flexibility and great com fun and pleasure to any Lady wearing the DU PLEX elliptic skirt *ii Ik expcrieacid particularly in all crowded as<-niblies, ope- i • a*, carriages, railroad car*, church pew*, arm ; ! chairs, for promenade and house dress, as the ! J fckirt can be folded when in u*o In occupy a I i email place u easily and conveniently a a silk ; or rousiin drew, an invaluable quality in oriao- I ( line, not found in any Single Spring Skirt. A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, com bo t. and groat convenience of wearing the Du- i plea El ip iit Steel Spring Skirt for a single day, ‘ * ill never afterwards willingly dispense with [ their use. For Children, Mimes and Young Ladi-a they are superior to ail other*. I They will not bend or break like the Single Spring, but wilt preserve their perfect and graceful shape when three or four ordinary Skirts will hare been thrown aside oa use- The lloopa are covered with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods are not only double springs, but twice (or double) covered: preven- ( ting them from wearing out when dragging down stoops, stairs, Ac. Tho Duplex Elliptic Is a great favorite with j all ladies and is universally recommended bv j the Fashion Magazine ns the Standard Skirt of the Fashion able World. I To enjoy the following inestimable advantages in Crinoline, vl*. : superior quality, perfect ; manufacture, stylish shape and finish, fleiiblli l;, durability, comfort and economy, enquire I fur J. W. Hu a utcr'a I)(.n.KX Eli me, or Double j Spring Skirt, and be sure you get the genuine article. CAUTION.—To guard against Imposition be , particular to notice that akirta offered as “Dv- I rtax" have the red ink stamp, via., "J. W. ; Bradlev'a Duplex Elliptic Htccl Spiinye," upon ' ' the waistband—none others are genuine. Also ! I Notice that every Hoop will admit a pin being : | passi-d through the centre, thus revealing the J j two (or double/springs braided together there- ‘ iu. which is the secret of their II xUtility and 1 strength, and a combination not to be found in ! any other Skirt | FUR SALK in all Stores where first class 1 skirl* are sold throughout the United States and elsewhere. J Manufactured by the Sole Owners of tb ' Patent, WESTS, BRADLEY A CARY, 97 Chambers A 81 Rcadc St*., N. T. jsnffl-Xm A RARE CHANCE. VAI.I Anl. K REA I: ES TA TE \ At Private Sale. r pili: attention of (he public is directed to i that vulunMo piece of property bow of fered at Private Sale, and now the residence of Mrs. Louisa K. Horn. It is situated at the West End of Westminster, and about 300 yards to the West of the Town. The Improvements consist of a substantial and well built. double, lead colored BRICK DWELLING with two Story Brick Buck Building—Gothic Root. It | contains Ten Rooms. Pantry, and Closet* • in each Chamber, wide Hall, fine Porch or \ crandnh encircling the house, and three excellent Cellar*. A large and Iwantiful loiwn set out‘with Fruit, Ornamentul und und Shade Trees. The out buildings eon sist of Stable and Carriage House combined, Chicken House, Smoke House, Jte. There are between 5 and 6 Acre* of ground well cultivated. The location 1* high and healthy, comman ding a fine view of llte Town and surrounding country. This property is worthy the at tention* of those wishing a dusinflkle resi- I denco, as an opportunity of (his kind is rarely offered. For further information apply on the premise* to the undersigned. PHILIP C. HORN. I jandl-tf (■real Inducements OFFKRKD BY STOUFFER 4 HOFFMAN, New Windsor. T APIES DRESS GOODS t Cort, U -1J Mimm’ ud Childmu’ Boodb w price. W, h.r thi, dn connwoowl olouHg out our Urge Hook ofUd’ DRESS GOODS . at Coat. Call and get gome bargains. BTOUFFER k HOPFMAK. New Windsor, Janltelj 4 * Owners of WsAr Power Should ac th celebrated LEFFELTURBINE WATER WHEEL, MsnufacturcJ by POOLE 4 HUNT, Baltimore, MS. Send for oircuUr. ducC 6m. ghUOU BOM-S^jTk iagfe A Lecture To Voting Men. J** Khlieked, in m Stated Fnvelope. Price u eente. 4 tWTCW on the Nature, Treatment, and /\ Radical Cure of HpermaturrhoM, or Sam aal Wmnkuem, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual lability, and Impedimenta to Marriage gener (Hr. Matvooineu, Consumption, KiiUepsy, tad FiU ■, Mental and Physical Incapacity, re •uiuog from Bclf-Abuse, dc.-By HO lit'Hl J L’ULvKBWKLL, M. D., Anthvr of die “Green Book," Ac. The woild-renowacd author, ia thin adwira hie Lecture, clearly prutea from hia own *sp- \ rlence that the awful cuMoqtvnen f Self- ; Abus.- may >* effectually removed without medicine, and without dangerous aurgiral ope rallaoa, bougie*, inairumenla, riaga,or cordial*. I pointing oat a mode of cure atuocc certain DM •fferiual. by which every sufferer uu matter what hi* condition may be mat curt himself cheaply, private!v, and radtrally. THIS LEC fUMM WILL PKOVE A BOGS TO THOUS ANDS AND THOUSANDS. Scot under seal, to any in a plain walfd envelope, on the receipt of six cents. or two portage dismiss. Al*o Dr. Culverwril'* "Mai- ring* Guide," price 25 cents. Address the publishers, CRAB. J. r. KLIN TACO.. IH Bowerv, New York. janlT Boat 'Office Box 45C. For rent, Rockdale* Woollen FACTORY. rpHE uiidCTTigned will Rent, or Laaae, J| the above Factory from the first of April next, situated in Carroll county, on the PutApaco falls, s neve* foiling at roam. 24 miles South of Hampstead, ami 1 mile N. W. of Houck’s Store. This Factory ho<> been thoroughly repaired and the Machinery ia new and is now in ns good condition a any other Factory in the County. Also, 60 Acrea of Land attached to the name in a good stale of cul tivation, U> 1*- rented therewith. Any person wishing to rent the same wiil please apply to eithffi- of the undersigned, or address, floucksville, Md. 1). W. HOUCK, P. Ij. HUFFMAN', juulTtf Owners Superior Ho mint. THOSE Who want good Hominy , made of the best Corn, and in the most improved way. should trail on the subscriber at the Union Works, near the Court House. Westminster Md., where he lias always on hand any quantity for sale cheap. Persons furnishing the Corn can have Hominy made on short notice and reasonable terms. Call and you will lx* pleased. Also OFFALS for sale, and fiOO bushels of prime COHN wanted, for which the highest cash price will be given, delivered at the Union Works. SIMON A. LEISTER. jnn."-3tns WONDERFUL BUT TRUE I MADAME UEMIXGTtVv, the world re nowned Astndogiat and Somnambulistic Dair voyant, while in a clairvoyant Mat.-. dfttMMftS the very fuataras of the person you are to mar ry, and by the aid of an instrument of intense power, known aa the Haycboinotropc, guaran tee* to produce a perfect and life-like picture of the future lin-band or wife of the applicant, with dat~ of marriage, occupation, trading traita of character. Ac. This ia no imposition, a< rentimoniala without numb -r i*an aaaert.— Bv slating place of birth, age. disposition, color of eyes and hair, and enclosing lifty cents, and stamped envelope addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture by return mail, togeth er with desired information. Address in confidence, Madam Gaararaa Kauivuro*. P. O, Boa 29T, West Troy, N. T. •opt. IS,- dm. A GREAT CUANCE/or AGENTS! NO SOAP! NO WATER I! NO SLOP 111 BROWN'S GLASS CLEANING POLISH. Patented Oct 10, 18Co. For cleaning and polishing windows, mir rors, gold, silver, plated-ware, Imtss. copper, tin. Ac. A new invention of the greatest practical worth, convenience, and economy lndi|M*n.nblc to all housekeeper*, hotel keepers, storekeepers. Ac. Address C. M. Brown, No. 74 Bleccker Street, New York. Literal discount to the trude. Price HO eta. pfrbo*. yanlT*3iu Dr. lb Butler and L Evans, OFFER to their friends and the public in general, one of the beat Liniments that has lately Wa presented for the cure of Hanaorrhoids or l*ilcs. W e offer this rente dr with the hope that those persona who are alliicted with inis disease may give it a trial, and feel satisfied they will receive full remu neration for their money expended. For Sale bv A. H. Huber. No. 2, Carroll Hall, Westminster, and at the .Subscribers Residence, at the West End. dec la, -if P. A. OORSUOH, licensed aictio\ei:r, OFFERS his services to the public in the above capacity, and will attend prompt ly and efficiently in all rases. Address, Bird Hill P. O. Finksburg District, Carroll county Maryland. jaulT-lf Domestic Goods. WE liave reduced our prices of Un bleached and Bleached Mnalins, Ticking, Ginghams and Calicos. Call and examine before purchasing. janlO Simmer Hoffman. Ladies furs. childrens furs, Muffs, Canes, and Rolls, direct from the manufacturer. Great in dncemwnla in stock and prices, at dec IS John L ReU'atrdtr’s. CnrpoU I Carpets 11 Oil Cloths ! Oil Cloths!! JTMOL'RKD, Striped sod Rag ' arpeta. Floor • OH Cloths* 4-L W. 8-4 Stair Oil Cloths, r aale at Baltimore prices, by j*. 4 John L. Kcifanidcr. Meat Cutters, Btuffer, kc The unrivalled doable cylinder Cutter sod Bologna Suffer, for sale by BOV. . _ _ j:. k-.j]er*nnd Keeping A Hides, TN great Variety, at 1 (JUS) John L. KetfeaiderV MOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AC. A large assortment for Mas. Woman aad Children, of latest style*. Call before you par■ cheae, at E. It- Oeruaud'a. Ladies' Dress Goods. Merino'*, Coburga, Alpacas, Poplins, De- Lsiacu, Ac., for sale low, at . g. JT, ffartouffa. 1 •Hid* of Keroveoc “sswasra Domclic Good*. T T i*!-? 1 * £ 5 Kn •** mjuohmi *•. bj k&**SisssF Ali hindsof Job Work neatly executed i ih* “Dcweroe AMBtin'uat*. Grand PrMiUiUra FeSlial M til MARYLAND INSTITUTE, ro* tßr BENEFIT OF THE POOR OT BALTIMORE. sM,.xju ik ntAi m n re cite* ith. OS FEBRUARY tiD, 1W.7, Will be glvtm a GRAND MUSICAL AND PRESENTATION festival, At which Gam the Hun. Juba Ime Chapman. Mayor of Baltimore. Hon. Joe. H. Audouu, Child’ Justice Orpheus Court, Gen. Fra. Hlgel Dr. HrK Hunt, Hon. John L. Thomas, Col. F. If. Buvd, Hod. Aaron Hoffman, Samuel M. Kvaus, Em., J. J. Uaukard, Eaq. f Col. KF. M. ¥nnhtx7 Col. Aalome Marsh, Jobn McGarriglc, Km.. John Davis. F>q. Jaaiaa Henderaon, Eaa., WUI appoint a C'omuiiUae to award s2h,tto la proacnln, in such a lawful moaner a* seM Com u*mcc mar determine. _ For the’ Festival there will he man *4 *,OOO Tickets and *,OOO Hreaeata. ( being <mm forte. t> Ticket,' valued at W6,*o- i.Utoor more, to be placed In the hand* of JKBBC HUNT, frmid.-nt uf the Association for Uw- improTeinent ef the condition of lliu Poor through the above named gcntlauua. Liar or Fatseurs to sc Awasnca. j Grand Fiano, (Knabc A Co.) $1,600 1 Square “ “ ggg 1 Gold Watch, double time, ind’t accoud, SOO I " “ American, verv heavy, 2* } ** “ " P. Martlet, lbo J ‘ " Howard, 200 1 “ Patent Lever, 1* j . i Patent Levers, each 1M 2 Ladies’ Gold Watches, American, I7i J ** ** ** ad with diamonds 200 1 ‘ " enameled, ]g “ enameled, } “ M “ ry f ’ “ “ each aio 1 , “ DO 4 American Silver Watches, each St f ranting Stiver " “ jg w :: ;; 44 *> r> “ *1 gg 4 Ladle*’ Leo. Gold Chains and Pina, each * ? Z 'L 11 “ ** 1 M ** ** •* 40 3 " Cbatalain ** ** so 2 Gentlemen'* Gold ('haina, wry beaw “ 75 * “ ' “ “ '. thorn oud Ring, 100 1 Amethyst and Diamond Ling, o 8 Heavy Stone Kings, each 26 11 Heavy Seal Kings, each ju , 2° Plain Gold King*, from ff, w j© 100 Assorted Gold Ring*, from $5 to IB , 03 Ladies’ Fine Gold Seta, from §l2 to ItU ** ** Plaa, from §6 to * Mcto ladin* Fine Gold Sleeve But*a. $6 to 32 V Gold Bracelets, from §9 to 40 2 Handkerchief Kings, each lb 20 Opera Glasses, from $7 to * 1 French Gilt Clock. to ti Bronte flocks, from HO to 40 2 Fancy Docks, ( . at: h 70 2 Tea I4e|*. each fg ?“ f 0 1 Large Urn, *.g 3 Ice Pitchers, each )t 24 Dinner Casters, from 7 to II Breakfast Caaters, from ©to 12 M Cake Boskets, from I<J to }g 13 Butter Diabca, from 7 tv 1 Wine Stand, 4© 2 Pickle Stands, each 1 Pair Salts and Spoour, solid silver, * 1 Ice-Cream Spoon, ** “ )a 2 Pair Baiter Knives, “ “ each 2 2 Pair Napk).i Kings. “ ** )u 5 Sets for Children, •• •• */© 3 Tobacco Boxes, J c.p., 30 1 Regulator, bo k Automatic IVtare and Music Mox, 60 1 Safe. Miller's patent. 146 The bslaocc to consist of Toilet A rtides, P*r fumery, Cup*. G.,bl-u. Stationery, Writing Desks. Work-boapg, Ac., making, in the Mere gale. 80.000 PnsenU. valued at §26,000 The above lUt include the entire atock of D. W. Claik’a Jewelry, HUwrware and Fancy Goods. Store, 164 Baltimore street, Baltimore. Md. No good* sold at (his store after this date.— The store u ill be open for the public to ÜBaHluu the gifts, and for (he sale of Tickets from • ua ! til 4 o’clock. j We wish to call the attention of the public, first, to the charitable object of this Foativaf: j second. In the unprecedented nnasber of valua ble gift* : third, to the fact that la the distrtbu- • gift* no favoriUsaa, no partiality . h tohe place in the pruaeam of the audience, and the millionaire will have ms advantage over the humblest cidzan. Ho* to Obtain Tickets. Order* may be sent direct to to, enclosing the money, from §1 to §26, lu u ruftot—ad to£ ter at our risk, with stomp for return postage, imrger amounts should U? sent in draft* by lx ; press, at the following club rates : , Single Ticket, § 1 * 6 Tickets to one addreua, 4 * 10 .... .. tw 2 “ “ wv 1 MU 4U .... M 00 I SO “ U M Ilu “ .... SS M 1 Address all orders and communications |a D. W. CLARK, Mtotogar. L'G w . Street, Baltimore, lid. | for sale at Mxa, Lvrrox’a, Weat mfostcr. j Janl7-t PRIVATE BAUI A Bargain Offered. 4 HOCSE AND LOT. froaUn* on Wn. 1\ Street, nd Union Streot, at the West Kud of Wes*.ramrer. The moat eligible situation for a Blacksmith .Shop in the coun ty- A good Two Story LOG BUILDING upon the premises, with n back baiUlingnt tacked, a first rtto Weil of water aad amw Pump in said Wellm a oust uTS(M. Terroit will lie mnjr to (nit the paidmer, w the money u not ilcued. ALSO A HOUSE ami One ACRE of Und Wing upon the Oorsneh Red. 1 mile from Wertmmrter, aiul>le for two lenanti—oec t thia time renting for $25, the other hr sls per annum Toms to unit the pntehuK-. JOSHT ' A a * TO nn tTE SALK i on er .. p-M Iw, ■ rmu a IIS ACRES OF LABS mora or law. at uiatad ia CarpaliffOonty, ad joining J. W. Lwcsabaugh’* Mill property and the lend, of Jeool, Banker.) ud Andrew ReM. mid within half a mile of CMberry Station, Western Md. Hcilrnwd. A Wee airlion of it n first-reto TIMBER D, and is well watered aod Hud* good ig. It is improved with . Dwelling House fifej| and Bock Building, Stahlum 4e. It will be sold in pMfets In saitpurehesem, Sdd*nd: the perael Ineluding the bnildmg, <0 here 90 or 50 acres. M-Tcima moderate. „ BICHAIU) maksikg. declS tf Westminster Md. visTiuna utm, PETER a. HIN KVj IS now open (or the aoetmißOdstion of the travelling Dublin, and every passihle at' toouoo given lathe vumlurt of guest. nor B.—lim — AtuaOtm Batrk ns mml t'armml spt user Depot. SAIX BILL* mtatmTsT the shtted uattec at thm Mice. 1