Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 21, 1867 Page 4
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Carroll Nirswy. lf£AR WESTWXSrER. MP. JOSEPH STOUT PROPRIETOR. ' i 1 1 about 40,000 Apple Trees Of the mo.-t approved" varieties >u Sum i for next Spring planting. AtJOy A Urge supply of Dwarf and Slumlord PEARS. A fow PEACH TREES. PLUM and APRICOT. A supply of CHERRY and QUINCE TREES. 2 A LARGE SUPPLY OF GRA Pln VINE S of all the leading varieties. CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, LAWTON BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, . RASPBERRIES, E V EHOREENS, of large size; A 1.50, A large lot of DECIDUOUS TREES. Those who desire TREES we think would do well to examine my stock before pur chasing elsewhere, as my stock are all from tested varieties, JOSEPH STOUT. dcc7-tf REAL ESTATE and relieeting Agency. JBVI EVAXH, b'wnuww, Mo., Ojfice at MikestlCs tore, from B A, M to 3P. M., ” TTAVTNO mode arrangement* for tin* XJL prosecution of the bimioe.v* of buying anaaelling Real Estate, offer* his services to the citizens of Carroll county who may wish any business transected in his line.— A large amount of Real Estate always on hand. Person* having proicrly to d)t)ose •f will find him the boat medium for it. sale. Also, all collections promptly attended to. dcc7-tf. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. k'. T. CIO*,. CUAC. T. MWtmil. CiOlT & BEWSMDER, Arromers-ATia it- ASP sou CTTOKS rx CUASrltiy. tf F-STMINSTtU, Ml.. \WT E ham formal a r*o[iertneraliip in the ” praHice of law in the Courts of Carroll end Howard Counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to oar car*. Particular attention paid to Co! • kjcjjMte •mi procuring Decrees for the sale Also, Applications filed for Bank Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldier*. ** OWlee adjohring the residence of Cm vs. T IvKiruiPjCß. noSO-tf ALEXANDER FRAZER, dork and Watch Maker. LfSKSPBCm. T LI~ in- IV forms the PuVdic that U has opened a Shop fori • he tranaactionof business at Mr. Trumho’s, lower end of Westminster, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Bering as an office. Being an old experienced Clock and Watch •Maker, not a repairer merely, he Hatters himself that be can give every satisfaction to his employers. Clocks. Watches. Jewelry, Ac., repaired at short notice, in the Wst manner, and on moat accommodating terms. _ .i l I BAUMGARTNER, Attorney at Law and Solicitor /* la Chancery. TATILL practice law in the Courts in Car < joU county, will aid and counsel S.*** titling estates in the Or- IphMrf'Gpur’. and draft V.v; |i ..! Jaw W-bx teen at the Union National Bank from 0 o'clock A, M., un ■j®'4 o’clock P. M. and in the evenings at his residence opposite the Farmer* A Me chanics’ National Bank of Westminster. mays4-Ty. * JOS. M. PARKE, Attorney at Law and Solicitor In Chancery. HAVING some spire lime, notpeeupinu by his Editorial duties, will wrote the ■M to the Practice of Law in the various Courts of Carrol! county. Will nptißsel and assiat auch as have huaiuess before the Or wm, to ** tnfMta rasfvf tbfl Ktririm Print ing Office. marß 5 a. kavniss. FfHZELL I MANNING, BROKERS, WU4 bay and sell United States' aad other Ribw Securideat also band Warrant*. Will bur Negotiable Paper, Bonds and JuJg- OteMk. and advance mosey on Collection*. Wmjr three per cent, for to be n tßoa*i, awl redeeauibi. wSSLSf ‘ifr naf:i “' i ‘ "' - j! 1 "’' ; Batty Passenger and MAIL LINE, Prom Omysb.r, ssi Liulcitown. Con .ith tWCvt ftt - JOttK it. SPAUHNO. A :'j"- * ■ ■ V W. VKBITKI, ATTORN apr-ATLAW, AXD SOLICITOR IN CHAXCKSi) Gftee over Privet! k Manning's Broker.* Officer, 3 doors below Barthofo-w’s Hotel* Westminster, Md. dr-c"-ly. tgsabssruts ■ Shmjfcr A Rvffmtni. Morchmut Tailoring. UNION WORKS, Weslailusler Md. V M. 11. It A K SI A Si CO. ('IONTINUE th manufacture of IRON j OEARED Til H ESHKKS with Felton’s | luiprovod HORUE HOWKRS, PLOUGHS, I with H roughl a:wi Cast Iron Shares and Points, Spnng-Tcmth HOKSK RAKES, for liar and Grain, CORN SMELLERS, FEED j CUTTERS, and j A'jricvltuml Mat h in rr// tjntrstally. I Also CASTINGS ©fall kinds dona to order. All klmls of REPAIRING done with propterse and on wcKlerateti-rma. That are also nolo A pouts for the ‘•nlo of M COR MICK'S Improved Self-linking romlunod RKAPER \\l) MOM EK, hr f'arroll coulltj. and in that part of Fred click county North of Frederick City, and also in that part of Baltimore county North of Texas. With this Machine the Parmer saves money, time unJ labor, and in, without controversy, superior- to any other row iiH 1 the market, and fully warranted to reap and rako heavy. Ikhl, tabled or 'odatd Ordhtt where hand ralccs or dropptrs w;ll foil. \W offer it on trial with any other, the punhaner i to keep mid pay tor the one prtlofid, Also I are Ageata for (JcUer's Patent Self-Remulating Grata Separator, Cfeanar ami Bo rjer. At a time like the present, when labor is very source, it i# important that Fanners, who ore interested, should giro attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain in th* common way. This is now considered ihe best Separator before the public. It is particularly adapted to Former- for their own use, and wifi apply to Lever or Railway power, and will Throb and Clean from 100 to laO Bushels per day, using four to nix horses and as manv hands. Also, for talc MofMoxnty l a “Dovatc-BcsscxiED Rocka* way Wheat Fax.” dcc7-Iy. LADIES’ NEW suoi: scouk JUST orXN'KD 1 Westminster, Between the Railroad and Reifsnidcr’s Store, two doom west of Mrs. Shrincr’b Millinery Store. f IE undersigned has just relumed from I th* city of I'hiladelphiH with the largest and host selected stock of Izuliee' Misses' Children's aud Geutlemon's Boots k Shoes ! over brought to this ma kcU My stock con- i lists in part of Ladies’ mid Misses j Custom made Glove Kid Bnlmnruls, #Bl , , lasting Gaitciv, Morocco Balmorals, vhL ; Polish Boots, Oil Goat Balmorals, mid Chil- | dren’s Shoes; als Gentleiutfii'a Boots and Shoe*, ftich a* Men’s Calf Curtoin inade , Boots. Congress Onitcra, Lace Bouts, Bro- * gans, Kip aud course Boots A Shoe* of all I kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer * | mwelf, I have hud all the above slock made | to wlcr, and for the express purpose to •oil this market by n celebrated and well i j known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of i Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura- I , bility, comfort and elasticity to the feet, arc J superior to all others aud are the best fitting patterns can be found. 1 have taken creal cure in the getting up j J of my slock, and cno warrant everr article I j to be what it is represented or the loss will 1 ihe upon me. 1 therefore invite the wpeclal attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of j j Westminster and Carroll county to niyalock of Good* which will be sold at much lower j j tipire* than the same goods enn be bad j j elsewhere. I Come one. come all, and examine for ! : yourselves. No charges made for showing \ j Goods. j oct 4,—if T. S. ECKERT. | DENTAL IMPROVEMENTSTj on. nka N* h luipriitcd Mlrou, Oxide Apparatus. Dr. GEO $. FOIKE, Dentist, Having famished hi* office, in \kestmins(er. j Md., with one off)r. Beau's Palcur Improved , ' A jnartiM for ihomaiiufMclure of perfectly pure , ! SITUOUa OXIDE OA S, j i would announce that ho will will be at all time* : prepared to administer this popular Aowsthclic j j Extraction of Ttclh cithuut Pain. | j Dr. FOUKE would invite the aUentiun of the . public to his lately Improved Araospiusir ' Presscrb Purrs ron Artificial Tsiru. By means of an improved Air-Chamber, the pres sure of the atmosphere for bolding teeth firmly j and securely in the month, is more certainly and effectually attained than by anv style or form plate kkherto used by the pro five ion. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial Teeth arc much enhanced by this new and truly philosophical arrangement.' Dr. F. continues the Practice of Dentistry in aU its Branches, and being a Piottotr Worker im limrd R*bb*r for Dental purposes, he is tho- I roughly experienced in the manufacture of teeth uuon the V*lfu*tu Base, and is prepared to supply this style of work at very moderate r*le*. June 7,—tf. NEW STORE AXO NEW STOCK. | our attention it politely and rasnectfuUy ; 1 solicited to mv new stock Of wall selected GPQIJSnow opening, j Immedlatdjf oppottU CAKROLL I!ALL I E-nbmcing a groat variety of GOODS, Kuch ax Cloths, (assluiers, lassiuelts, TWEEDS, Pluin anil Fancy MOUSIJMES, CpBOL-RftS. 7 ALPACAS. FI-AXNEI-S. GINOHAUS, CALICOES, CAMBRICS, DKILI-S. Bleacnnd and Brown UOOSUXEB, Boolk. Shorn. Hat. and Cap*, ; CLOVES, BOSH, Wool anACotlnn, Willi a general and well adeetwl STOCK of tdUNMIRS and HARDM ARE. Aud oUn r nrtirle. ruioally kept, width are offered at a -mail advance above JOSEPH WELLER. iwttMf NEW BOOK AND ST ATIO.YEIY STORE. FTtHF. nndcnljned having jnn opened .1, Udw nlcaauro in calliug tho aWnlidn aftjie PnWie W their well hr | Books, Stationery, j Cards, Alo., , wlieit llesy Jailer thcmaelve- cun he told , u ee fair terms u can ho obtained clse- I W °S a *nA r B°oka, Muaic, *., We are also Agenu ftir the -ale of the “IJfc of Stonewall iaclraon,” wad "Hcadly*, History of the Rehallion." H. b. Crammer, WESLEY C. BANNER. Mf 9, It Peter B. Mikescll, Wmoi A Rctail Dvucß i BOOTS," SUOKa, UdVTS, CAPS, Grvcerien, Liquors and Leather. TT AVTNO jiwt retaraed from the (Jitit** PL Baltimore, with thVTtu gpst and boat quality of articles in his Hue ever before offered for sale in Carroll County, respectfully laforml hi* friend* and the cilixoas of the County generally, that ho is still at tho old stand, a tow door* shore the Rhilroad, and will keep conitantW ou hand, at VV'holcsals and Retail, a wefl as sorted stuck of Mens', Boys' and Children'. hoot* axo shoes Men**. But* nnd Chiklreu’s Hate and Cap*, of all ti/e* and qualities: also a select variety of Ladira and Mioses' Boot* nnd Shoe.*, all uf w hieh will b sold at tho lowest cash priced. G U O C K R J K 8 . A large Stuck alwnyn kept on hnnd. such ns Rio ami Java Coffees, Extract of Coflee. Tea* of all Wind*. Crushed and Brown Sugars. Hvrup* and Sugar House Mulaues, HMmc do., Buking Soda. Sal Soda. Mtire. Pepper. A Cinnamon, t Ginger. Macff Indigo, Slnrvh.rtfWflar. Alum, Soap, uf Tarter. Fish. Bacon. Lard. G. A Salt. Fine Salt, by the Bu*hel or Sack, Coal Oil and Lmp*,Dmd Fmit.Tobacoo, Segara. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS. CouMMtingofrortaiid Malaga Wiucs, FrancL Hraudie*. Ilolluud and Country Gin, N. E. Rum. Old Rye, Monongaludannd good f'op per-dialilled Itcctified Whiskey*, Ginger Brandy, Aon also a large lot of Bottled Laq uor*. cW*niating of French Brandy. Bottled in 18dl, 01 neer Brandy, Blackberry, Wild Cherry and Ha>pbwnr llmmlies. Port Wine, Fnar. intended for Medical purpose*. LEATHER, SHOE FINDINGS, AC. X largo stocky of Leather always kept on hand, embracing Sole and Upper leather. Calf Skins, Tampico nnd Madras, Grained Morocco,' Toadies' French FincAt Morocco, Piuk Lining*, Binding*, Ac.; also a well se lected stock of Shoe Finding*, viz: all the differ number* of Shoe Peg*. Shoo Thread. Shoe String*, Shoe Knives, Rasps, Patent Pegging Awl*. Sewing Awls, Patent Peg ging Awl Handles, Ivasting. Lock*. Nails, Bristles, Sand Paper, Gams, Lasts, Hooka, Hammers, Pinchcr*. KnippCra, Peg Cutler*. I Rubbers, Tyelets, Ac. C E D A R W ARE, Consisting of Baskets, Tub*. Broom*. Shoo \ Blacking and Bruahe*. Wash Board*, Ac. j ftaTN*. B. —All Goods to be Wholesaled 1 or rotailod to suit purchaser*. KaT He return* his thanks for the liberal patromure extended to him. nnd will do everything in K* power to merit its contin nance. IT'TRR B. ifIKESELL. ! dec7-l/. ATTENTION! £Sa>THE Largest and most complete uSKtselection of n n minr in Westminster, is now being offered to the ‘ public, by IRA E. CROUSE, at his NEW I AND COMMODIOUS IP ARE ROOMS, located shout one hundred yards East of the ; Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the j Catholic Church. His Stock has been purchased in Pliila I delphia for the oa*h, aud consists of the 1 latest snd moMl improved styles, via: I parlor srprs, Tete-a fetes, Sofa*. Marble top Cluster and , Brokhuet 'lnhies, Spring *eat Chair*: also. ChaiatHT Suite, consisting of splendidly finished Round Cornered 8.-dstoads. Marble i lop Dressing Bureaus, Marble top Enclostnl! \\ u-b Stands. rii 1 1 it $. His selection of and Wood seal Chairs j is large and of the most substantial mnkf. He will keep constantly <m hand a large and very superior Slock of Furniture of hi* ow n manufacture. corF/ .V 5 . Being in possession of a new and verj- efo- . cant HEARSE, Lei* prepared to furnish COFFI NS and attend Funerals at the short* i est notice, at price* that will always give I salifactioii. Hi keeps also a hirge and well selected , lot of >* STOVES, i&'.k which he can n'omnmend to be ofKtiiSJ the latent and most improved pat- rtf * ; terns, consisting of Cooking, i*arlr and I Cffliee Stoves. Ho invites all to examine his Stock before l purchasing elsewhere. By a strict and faithful attention to busi ness. ho hojHJS to receive a share of public patronage. IRA E. CROUSE. N. B.—Old Furniture and Chair*, repair I ed nnd pointed on reasonable terms. deo7*ly. m Save Your Boner, BV GETTING YOUR GOODS AT j A. M. WARNER’S NEW STORE, WEST END. WESTMINSTER, Who has always on Land a Hue selection oi FOREIGN AJCD DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Notion*, Groceries, dr. g®*Thankful for the iucreaaing patron age, and hopeful to merit a continuance of THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Sale and Short Profits. f- f A. M. WARNER. LUMBER & COAL. If. W. Deli k (0. Westminster, Md. WB would inform the citizens of West minster and sarrounding country, that we to furnish them at our yard* at nnd Union Bridge, with TijMKkEfTofal! kinds, including White Pino, Hcnrioek, Building Timber, Shingles, Laths, Pickets &c. &e., All selected by an experienced Lumberman, which we are prepared to sell very low for cask. Also, j y Stove and' Blacksmith’s Coal by the ton, snd Limeburner’s Cool for Ike ear. fiOteCalt and sxamine for yourselves. 11. W. DELL, A CO. feblotf ,*r k h* GOODS. New (.nods!! MASSIE & CO., FOUEKJN AND DOMKSTIO **•?/ WE aro now receiving onr Iwvgfl rtn<l varied assortincut of FALL AM) WtNTKK GOODS! Ani> auis Ski.mko Them CHEAP. -o ivc us a call tic fore purchasing elsewhere, ns we feel confident it will be ro your interest. Wethnuiitrr, Oct. 11, ’69 11 B. 0 UMMLB. J. W. PKUKINS GRAMMER & PERKINS, PHOTOGRAPHS, AMBROTYPES,. MKL.UNOTVI'KS, PICTURES IN INDIA INK. 1 WATER CO!.OKS, AND j OIL COLORS, AC. HB. CKAMMErT having assoeiat.-! ! with him in his business Mr. J, W. I Frnxrv*. Int; of Baltimore, who b had some eigi tot ii year* experience in Flmi.i- | graphv,.aud having removed to his SEW BOOMS, nearly opposite Odd Fellows* j Hall, w hich have been fitted up at consider- j able expense expressly for the business, i would respectfully announce to his friends of Westminster, and of Carroll County gen : crally, that they now have the facilities for taking aa good pictures, in every style ot J the ait.) a? can he procured elsewhere. June 21 If nmMHD BBB3E RAILR 0 A 0. Change of Time. SrMMKP. .AIiKAXGEEXTS. On and after MONDAY, May 21 *l, IgfiC. i the Trains will run sn> follows: A M.. 0 A. M. and 2.10 P. M 1-eovc Westminster at 5:40 A. M. and V).)' A. M., and 2.57 P. M. IT rtfaporri. —Leave Baltimore at !hll A. 1 M. ( H.. 10 P. M-. fttd.m> p. M. Arrive at Westminster At 11.13 A. M . . 6.06 P. M. and 8.00 P. M. Arrive at Union Bridge at 12.27 P. M..

fi.W P. M. and 8.42 P M. Freight Trains daily each war, (ex cept Sunday.) laTAn ‘Express Freight Car leaves Cal- | vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and) Sundays,) at 6.80 P. M—hut nil goods for, that car must he delivered before 3.00 p. M. For any information in regard to Freights | or Curs, apply to the undersigned at Weal , minster. P. H. IB WIN, | may 24-tf Sup’t. | IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Irnporla nt to Bh* k*mith s, Much i a itt* I Farmers, Shoemaker*, Saddler* I am/ Coinsumert of Iron and j Leather. fJMI E Subscribers inform the citizens of ft Carroll and adjoining Counties, that ! they have just opened at tnoir new Ware j house, near the Depot, at Westminster. Md.. a full and complete stock of _ Iron, Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spoke*. Fellows, and everything belonging to the Carriage Huslucssr, and nil kinds of Blmksmilh's Tools nnd heavy Hardware generally; also a com plole stock of 0 SHOE r Ilk DINGS, all of which arc offered r.t fair prices. The attention of comaumers .and dealers arc incited to call and examine our stock, in quality and prices. KEIFSSIDER A CO. sept IS, 1866—1 f SHOESANDHATS Cheaper than Ever, At John 11. Bushy**, Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE yoa will find the largest and best assortment of the very latest style Ladies and Jfisses Shoes and Boots ever offered for sale in this ifarket. Also Hens Boots and Shoes of every distription Hah! Betel! Hah!!! Hah!!!! of the very latest stylo always on hand. All goods sold at the very lowest prices. WM. r. MAUI.BBT. CMAS. b. Roberts. MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTOJISKVS-AT-LA TT ASD SOLIC ITOUS Hi CHANCER V. Having associated thorn selves in the prac tice of Jaw in Carroll county, they will at tend promptly and carefully to all basincsi entrusted to their charge. Mr. Mauhsby will visit Westminster whenever bo*lne*H requires it. Office directly opposite Court House. jen4 ly Ladies’ Fany Goods, AT MRS. sniUNRH’S B..onct anj Fancy Store GLOVES, all kiedo, Veils, of every descrip tion, Collars and Caffs, latest styles, Handker chiefs, all kinds, Hoeu-ry, all kinds. Parasols and San Rbades, Corsets nnd Hoop Skirts, La dles' Hatchets end Traveling Bag*, Hewing and Fancy Baskets, Portmonir’s and Pocket Books. Bair and Tooth Brashes. Combs, ail kind*, Dolls and Doll Heads, Gum Diapers, Fancy Soaps and Perfumery, Albums, Childrens Car riages and r. endless variety of goods for4.a dios and Children at the •pw i. a diem* Store. A PRIME lot of Frederick make Buck O levee, for sals by janl? Stonffer A Hoff man. 1 \KW STOBK! JOHN R. BUSBY RESPECTFULLY Informs the public that bs has just opened NEW STORK, in West mint-tor, Md., near the Kailrosd, and opposite lixi Catholic Church, where ho has on hand, a large and splendid assortment of New Goods, Consisting of in part as follows : Ladies’ Shoes, of every description, Polish and Balmoral Hoots, of the verr latent style. i: ---u-ami Shoes of all kinds, gll Also a full abutment of (’hlldrens’ , K. Shoos. HATH ami CAPS of the latest fashion. Also a laig" SKMiitm.-ot of TUUNKn. All of which he is selling at wonderfully reduced WALL PAPER. K splendid assortment of Stamped, Gold, Bioused. Glased and Unglsufl Wall Paper. Oak and Walnut Panm-bug for Mails and Din ing Rooms. Also Kin-Board Prints, Gilt and Linog Window Shades, all of which are of the Ut stall leu, at the lowest cilv prices. u Pnj ei Hanging done by WILLIAM COON, ho has had sixteen years experience in the business, in Baltimore and other cities. Work done in any part of the country, all guaranteed or no pay. marlVtf PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New York Mica Ronnxo (Es tablished ISM, > are manufacturing under Lnt < l’dt-nt 111.- •! .i in ! ..I mlio.i roof ing ever offered to tho public. It Is adapted to every style of Hoof, steep or flat, and can be readily applied by any one. The U. S. Government, aIW a thorough test of its utility, have adapted it* iuo in the Navv Ya; d*. and upon Public Buildings.* Ih.- Hoofing it put up in rolls, and has only to hr uaih-d to the Hoof to make a Durable FIRE AND WATER-PROOF COVERING. We particularly recommend its use upon Buildings, Bt.>rra, Churches, Factories, Ms •■Uine-Fhop*. Steamboat Decks. Ac. MICA BOOI'I\G PAINT, F<t coating Tin, Iron, or Shingle Hoofs. It forms a body equal to ■rusts coats or naoiiAav Paikv. ■ No Roof ran rust under It, and Old Leaky Roofs may be made permanently water-proof and du rable by its use. P The Paint requires no mixing, but is ready to bo applied with the ordinary paint brush.— Prie.*, SI,OO per gallon, which will cover two hundred square feet. Also manufacturers of lllark I.Ufttro Tani Uh. TARUKI) FELT AND HOOFING PITCH. Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List furnished. Bights for couuiics sold at low rate?. Address TUB MICA HOOFING CO., IH Broad wav. N. V. Frank liumpbreys, Cl Royal St., S'. O. Sco field. Williams A Co., AuguMa, Ga. Baldwin 11. Woods. Montgomery, Ala.. Thomas S. Coatos. Raleigh, N. C,. F. A. Tucker. Richmond, Va., Henry Wilson, Petersburg, V., Agcut*. igrnfs Mauled. novJO-ly REMINGTON’S Tire Arms. Sold by Gun Dealers 4iad Ihr Trade Generally. Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 22 Cartridge, - < Ml tl Idge, Repeating Pistol, i Elliot pi.) No. 32 Cartridge, Pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking.) New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading Lrvtr,) Police Revolver. Navv Slie Calibre, II It Revolver, Navy feizc Calibre, H'-lt Revolver, (Self Corking, ) Ksvv Calibre, Navy Revolver, 36-100 in. CaMbrc, Army Revolver, 44-100 in. Calibre, Gun Cane, using No. 32 Cartridge, Revolving Rifle, 36 A 44-100 in. Calibre, Breveb Loading Rifle. No. 32 Cartridge, Breech Loading Caibine, No. 46 Cartridge, IT.l T . S. Rifle, (.Steel Barrel.) with Sabre Bayonet, F. S. Rifled Mu-ket, Springfield Pattern,' Single Barrel Shot Gun, K. REMINGTON A SONS, luoa, New York. AGENTS. Moore A Niobols, New York. Palmers A Bach ciders, Boston, John P. Lovell. ** Jos. ('. Grubb A Co., Pbilsdelphis. Poultm-v A Trimbln, Baltimore. Jleury Fol*om A Co., N. Orleans Memphis. Mavnard Bros., Chicago. Lu M. Rumscy A Co., St. l^ouis. Albert K. Crane, San Francisco. mylMy.-jy 12. NEW COAL AND LVMII E H YAK D. (j KEEN STRKKT, AT TUB DEPOT U'ESniIXSTEIt, MD. nAVIKO perf*?cled arrangementj for carrying on tho l.umber mid C’oal BimlnrNß. on Green Btrect, at (he Depot, Westminster, M<l., the undersigned takes this method of soliciting the patronage of the public. He w ill hayoon hand, and be prepared to noli ut ail limes at the lowest cash prici's, a full •apply of seasoned 4*4,6-4, and B*4 Hoards and Plnnk, Hooting, Wcuthcrbonrding, Siding and Scantling, Shingles, Laths and Pickets, and all other material kept in a Lumber Yard. lie will also keen for sale Broken. Egg, Nut and Pea COAIj, from tho well known Sbamokiu Mines, at the lowest Market Bates. By prompt Attention to business, furnish ing the best articles in the Market, and doing all in bis power to accommodate customers, he hopes to command a share of public patronage. EDWARD LYNCH. fobl-ly LOOK HERE! LOOK HEREII THE undersigned, having completed their NEW FOUNDRY A MACHINE SHOPS, near the R. H. Station, in Westminster, would respectfully inform the public that they are now prepared to furnish, Stores, Blacksmith Tue Irons, Tire Benders, Hollow Anrile, Ac., Bakcown door* and Hearth Plates, Cellar Win dow Grates, Porch Post Irons, and Casting in general, Corn and Cob Crashers, Corn Shelters, (*li do Saws with benches complete for sawiag lire wood, Ac. * Home rowers nnd Tlirealkliiff Nlucliluon, Cutting Bozos and Ploughs of different kinds; but would call particular attention to their Justly celebrated Three Horse Plough common ly called the “Price Plough." Also their well kuown and unsurpassed CBAlff DRILL for sowing nil manner of Grain, including Oats. ISO-Repairs of all kinds attended to prompt ly and at liberal rates. Having first (lat Mcnbanirks employed, will guarantee satisfaction. WiAGONRR A MATTHEWS, oov. 2*,—Cm. fiSOROE W. SIILUVAST Constabel, General Collector, and City Bailiff, VETeLLL attend promptly to all his official ?T duties as Cqpslablo and Bailiff, and to the Collection of all claims placed in his hands. He may be foundatall times, except when absent on business, at Cook’s National Ho tel. at the Railroad, Westminster Md. dec27-8m IJUITCAPS, For Men, cheap at . dcelU John ‘•. Beifanlder's. TrrnM^iUllf “18 year* established in N. T. City/' “Only infallible remedies known. “Free from Poisons." “Nut dangerous to the Homan Family." “Rats oame out of their holes to die/’ CostarV’ Hat, Roach, Ac., Exterm’s Is a paste—toed for Bats, Mir*, Poaches, I tin Ac and Bed Ault, dx., dr,. “ ostar’s” Hcd-Uug Exterminator Is a liquid or wash—used to destroy, and also as a preventive for litdliugt, dx. “CoetarV Electric Powder for insect* Is for Moths. Mosquitoes , /Trot, Bed Bugs, Inserts on Plants, Fosels, Animals, dx. Mu U I Bkware!!! of eh worthless imitations. Mu See that “Costar's" name is on each Box, Bottle, and Flask, before you buy. Mi*. Address UEKRI R. COSTAR, • 184 Broadway, N. Y. 9MT Sold in Witsruik stem, Mu., MT By A. H. HUBER. And all Druggist and Retailers every wheie. / , “COSTAR’S" CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils, Cancers, Broken Breast*. Sore Nipples. Bleeding, Blind and Painful Piles ; Scrofu lous, Putrid and 111 conditioned Sores; Ul cers, Glandular Swellings, Emotions, Cuta neous Affections, Ringworm, Itch, Corns. Bunions, Chilblains, Ac. , Cliappcd Hands, Lips. Ac. ; Bites of Spiders, Insects, Ani main, Ac., Ac. •PL. Boxes, 2 j cts., 60 cts., and $1 sizes. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. M-And by HENRY H. COSTAR. De pot 484 Broadway-, New York. And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “CO STAR’S" UNIVERSAL Corn Solvent, Fur Corns, Bunions, Warts, Ac. ! I nT Boxes, 26cU., 60 cts., and $1 sizes, j MT Sold by all Druggists everywhere. IttT And by HENRY IL COSTA K, De | pot 484 Broadway, New York. l&rAndbyA. H. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. " :“C O S TA R ’ 8" PREPARATION OF | Street and Orange Blossoms roa memmo ras cosru.xm*. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. ladies are now using it in preference to all others. MT Buttles, sl. M- Sold by all Druggists everywhere. Mu And by HENRY K. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, New York. Mu And by A. H. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “COSTAR’S” PECTORAL CO VGU REMEDY, For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throet, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenu. Atth a Consumption, Bronchial Affection., all Diseassi or the Throat and Longs. Bottles, 25 cts,, 60 cts., sndtl sixes. IW Sold bj all Druggists everywhere. m. And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 4*4 Broadway, New York. ■s-And by A. H. HUBER, Wcetroin iter, Md. “GO 8 TAR’ V ' ' •wii'sk BISHOP PILLS, A UNIVERSAL DIKBEH PILL. For Nervous and Sick Headache, Costive ness. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation, !)iairhi% Colics, Chill., Ke vers, and general derangeneat of the Diges tive Organs. TP 7 'T Boxes, 35 eta., <0 eta., aad |1 mass. Bold by all Draggista everywhere. And by HBNRY H. CO6TAR, Depot 4*l Broadway, New York. And by - A. H. HUBER, Westminster, “d. dec ffp-Sm ( IIOLEBA PKEmm?! X. |MB, |* * raj? G.KA\ir ZISGAIU BtTTMHS. This woNDERFiEfcEMEDT *i& dtom T . •rHI tad introduced ah.*t twenty t fln r ‘ ’ S ‘ t kPOp * ,W ' “ ***—** f£• bad* long aeon and felt the want of some medy which would strike at the root of dy. ease, ud *o prevent much of tit tohlfu which the human family waa then compelled to •■dare. The greKt question wai preented toil* aiad every da? in vivid rotor* n bo moved waa ihe sick and tiring, and observed tie IwCfiM. cy of nearly all the remedies thea (a aw. Hu be was lead ui think and ex|>erlmcn( | and aflef ten rears of atudr and labor, be tfWbd to bit fellow man (he woaderfel Zingart Hitters, The eflecl of tbia preparation in (be prevention and care of disease, waa ao marrelloas and as tonlahing. that the most faltering marks af royal feror ware br stowed upon bias trio die eorered it. His name was placed apoa tbr Roll of Nobles, and a gold media! with the fol lowing IncripUon—Dr. 8. Cheopsni. the Habile Benefactor—was presented lo him by the Vice the preparation baa been used la aereral epidemics of cholera, both aa a preventive and curative measure, and with eaeb great rima that it has been introduced into nearly all (be general hospitals of the old world. The old saying that an ounce of preveatfcm is worth a pound of care. applies w 101 marvel lone force to cholera, and therefore any remedy that will protect as agalnai this terrible disease should be freelv and pcrsistentlv need. All pathologists now agree that the cholera poison acts on the system through the blood, •ad that any combination which acta an the •teretory organa, and keeps them ta nor king order, must prevent a sufficient arcaaankatioa of the poison to exert Us terrible effects an the organism. This Is tree noleniy af shthia, hut of nearly all other maladies, especially the dif ferent form* of fever*. The Ziogai 1 Hitters i* just such a remedy a* the above condition* require. It ftp an the organs of excretion and accretion, heaping ap a perfect balance between them. This Ritters Is composed entirely of tools and baehe, so nicely concocted that every organ la anted upon and put in lone. Its taste is pleamaft and Its effects prompt and lasting. Numerous rases of the following disc as as have been cured by it; Cholera, Mwvrbma, Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague, Ner vous liability. Anaemia, Female li manias Rise, Dyspepsia. Flatulency, Col la, BerwfeU, Ac. Price, one dollar per quart bottle. Principal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, Harrisburg, Pa. Hold hr Druggists. Dotrl-keewera A Oracwrs. For Sale in Westminster Md. by Bwats A Gnaa, Grocers, and A. H. Hreaa. Druggist. Jane W,—lyr. B<4e fVtpHrtsr. i FILL AND WINTER OF ISMS *\f IMT. E. K. EEKV4ND. WESTMINSTER, MD., WILD always bo found a large and care fully selected stock of FOREIGN AMD lIOHKSTIf DRY GOODS, 1 Notion*, Cabined and Building Hardware, ! Qucenauare, Groceries, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, tf., | Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Drug*, I Glass, Paint., Oils, 4c., 4c.. 4c. ; The lurprst assortment of LAMPS, Shades, ' Ac., in theGotudv. The above slock has been ninAWywto I ted and is replete. in Domestic Oohdfl p Evially, with all the standard makes af th nun try. and will bo sold at as low mitt w 1 can be purchased for in the City, Raff" Call and examine before parchasioi K. K. OKftNAKD. net 18 comer Main and Court atecets. I Dr. V. 11. WIUMr Has been in vwersmfel practice flag aumbe? ! of years, with the expertoiaM af the differ m hospitals io Europe, also a member ef the A* alytical Medical Institute of New York, reads I urs to attend to all professions! eneeW bis of Oce No. m Filbert Street Phil.dctefefe, j No pstcak Medicines are used wr rwm mended; the remedies administers*art th* I which will aot break down the wtHatloe tel ! renovate the system from ad interia* U has em tsinrd from mineral mrdicinee and leave At jrstejn in a healthy and perfectly epred tot nvtrcffi& that distressing dtseaca and M r ileeteoyer of health and happinnte, *w4eris Ing the constitution and vearlv carrying Am I sands to untimely grave*, em maM ly he cured. Melaaeboly, Abberralion that state of Alien* lion and weakness of the mlad wbtob readei shkouatism, la any former eogdMkm, chrss aie or acate u- arra.iled curable. " > triursT, or falling atekaem, aft ohwaaic r ■tabbora case* of FEMALE DISEASES, radically restored; Ball BAawm ffißffi. aw* . description of nleeratioa* i Film and ffinkto disease* which bare baffled ar l TflßtSlH •kill, eaa be eared by aty UmLmSjjSl* eey nil dtocMes, nrCows*ur TiO*)jte|j^ruH 3mof ague A aervoas diseases tan'jw daf Cured without ike kttf/m er Pro** tor ymrTS oine soak the counter. * , y7picE-s., aw raw* a rw> June T,—ly, UNITED MT*t6 , Steel Pen Works, Factery, CAIBBS, A T> KBTEBBROOK * 00. Stool r XV,, Mam.fiwtarer,, W*nkMM,H A' StntL, I’biladel|>hia, i 2 Job. ftr***, N • York. TW Celebrated Peei era at Oata America Manufacture, and court** a* I rading etyle bi Ike Merim, wOSwri dni.h, Sneeeu of J3SV beat imported. They ere, tk*HW,Si geiu the conbdeuce of tke Amenemi pe* Sampln and priced on JffUtmUm Lot. Made to Order, of eny peMsa •.(wgAMeiid facts rar'g Warehouse, aa •lA#| • retail by all Stationer., * Newa WHy iaTKRBOOJ(!^ J ii I WJ oat 11, if Br * ,,<,w >