Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 28, 1867 Page 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVMATfI. DOLING 2i.-si qini n 11. THR DRVWIUnC IIIVOCITE. )i, P.WKBf • Klilor nni Vropritlor, ‘)t Nq. :l C vr.noij, Hal u Tkf AjlTOCvri !l |>uU'ull<-I cvrrj ruimsn.vY morning. ...a foi,iii to SuhMriben l II.M prr lanuiu.ln Advance. P' lin advance Two Dollars will be charged. No paper #Ulbe discontinued unlit afl *iye*r\za |re paid, except at our own • RVTfU OF ADYKRTIHIN‘O. I square, 8 Insertion", $1; Pi suWqnent insertion 25 rents; 1 square thro* montbn HI. AO. six months s*. IWinoAi Cards of tqa libca, per annum, V*. Me r tWnMlff ffmhr basißws including Oaeronnh of a column, per year, $1 von Haifa nilnmn, 25.00 One column, ** 40.0(1 HAND BILL*. A sixth of a Sheet, fur 15, $1.50, fur 100 $2.00. QaarVr Sheet, fur 25, $2.25, for 100, $2.75 lUll'Lheet. “ 5.50. “ Aim Valuable Farm at Wrate Sale. THE subscriber, finding it inconvenient to manage his two farms, nfs*r* at Pri vat# Hale Ms r A KM. adjoinin': the one on which hi' re*id*<. in Trnioytown Distrtef. ('arroll county, Md., about :t miles S. W. of Tsneylnwn on the road leading from said Town to Frederick by Double Pipe Creek, ionttuning about 190 ACRES OF LAND -1 Kis land is of good quality, and produce." Widl—equal to nor in itie noii(hlHir|o<vl and has been well limed over, most of it twice within a few vrnrs- There are about 4 achk* ok frooni.ANU. ~r k .k.i| thriving limber, nfosllv Oak and Walnut.—* A loom sufHeiwnt quantity of Meadow. The Improvements eotudftt of a good sub , stantiid Stom: Dwxi.i.ixu . _ HOUSE, 62ljr 33 feet, with large fine rooms, nnd two exrellen* Ollnrs: a good HANK BARN’ iIR by 41 feet: Smoke House. Stone Dairy over a never failing Spring of good water ; • '"triage House ; Wagon Shed ; Com Crib; Otfnery Ac. This farm is under good foil* ring ; has a good bearing Orchard of the Finest Fruit; has the advantage of water in everv field ; and Pinrv Creek flows through theiilnee. It ia aU'mfxJ in w good neichnorhood. near to Hills. Krkools and Ghmvhea : und •bant 5 miles from the fuse of the Western Maryland Railroad as proponed to be ex tended. , Terras liberal, and mad*', to suit purt-ha- Address the subscrilHT, at Taueytowu I*. O. Carroll county Md. •epG-tf WILLIAM RHAW SASH, BUND, DOOR AND Furniture Factory. snonn, leister a khaekwiu, TV/T AIN Street, West oftuc Railroad, have ifJL on band and Aianutuelure to order affijtW, BIJXDS, noo/ifi, | and every article noce.vary to a Building. A i. S O , WHWWf iTuwmiti in every style and variety. ♦ Haring hud great experience in our bn si- I nest, we feel satisfied in saying wc ran sell <*ur goods to a greater advantage, then enu b. K.,1 .lM.wk.n-, I •rflh. n > Mil. Not. 30,—1f. tRKALTH AND STRENGTH Til TIIK KICK. 1 plmm cu h. nimi. 1 . TMi.wpliiM.- BWAYNE'S be ..r.H,' •< opSa.' c.n b. curcl.' , CMn.plian' COMPOUND T.o k. currA.' j igSE • vmpop Si SsS : Vai Cuiusy ‘can be cared.’ i ‘DftiVUftyMioa* ‘ran heeured.’ , sags wimm ss 'Owmftem' REMEDY. ‘esn be cured/ . Thirty year*’ experience, and the great a- ' •••at m VestiiMuy from all putts of the world ! hasKovwu U a standard and reliable retard r fir %- Adkai, Bronchitis. Nervons Debit* Uy, Bleed Spitting, Liver (’omolaint. 4'aina la ' Breen all diaeeaca of the Air Pa Trtparrdinly by DR. RWAYXE A Son., | m*tih Sixth Street, Philadelphia. HiUby WM. RP.ESK, Mtll-ly Wf-rtmln.lrr. ttcli ilo ll!! ScraMh! Brlcli !I nwATIVIrR OINTMENT cate. Itck in fiom II to 14 hoar,. •ITCH’ r. Snp.'.OiV.ol, -TETTKI: ‘HW -TKTTEIf fm* 'TETTEIC I ITCH' KMOWN TKTTKK ;IKS: __ _ . -TETTEIf VJttjl TO FAIL 'TETTEIf •ITCB’ IN CUBING THIS *TETTEH' ‘ITCM* 'TETTFK* 'ITCT' TORMENTING 'TETTEK' ITCH' 'TETTER' ‘ITCH' COMPLAINT. ‘TETTER* ( .... Itchinc Hl. Salt Rheum, 5c.1.l Huh, all Skin IHara..., Pcmwwl ml. b. OR. SWAVNE A RON, I kMelphla. Mby WM. REESE, ■ Whltlt Weatmin-lrr, . BOWEL CORDIAL, A sure remedy . for Ailafie Cholera n mm. jflMßHpHßni Dy*- eatery, DUrrbcca. Cholera or Com w *■ the Stomach sod B.W.L, Wot Slomck, VomHlnp, and all mediate relief. ■ JfiLP i j iiaiiii' Weatmlaater. • • vi W BA. *. P. fWHArrrKn. FISHER 4 SCHAEFFER, *T:faittel B. AT.LAW. opmwMfucu t nM. Waitnifer. IjAWfO formed a copartnership in the practice of Law, we will promptly a)) bnsiuw.v entrusted to our euro. l^‘e Gcrrann language. \V IvSTMINSTEI! MI). THURSDAY FEBB'IIARY 28 1-siiT. NEW COAL AND LVMRBn rann nRKKX STWKKT. AT THE DEVOt )• HTNr.m>Tff, ,V/>. ,1 _ NAVI Nr, pgrraeted arrnngomcnta for carrying on f,Ui* * fail tuber and Coal niivlncd, on Green street, at the Depot, Westminster, Md., the under uned tidies tins method of II soliciting the pufronage of the public. Ho will have on hand, nju! be pri-parud to roll ul ull times at the lowest caali price*, a full •upplyoi sOuaoncd 4*l. i-4, and B*4 i Roanis and Flank, H j Flooring. MVotborlioflr'ling. Siding nml f| .Scanning. Shin-.*Laths and Hckets. sod all other material kept in n 'Lumber Yard. aj Ho will keep for rale Broken. Keg, , { Nut mid Pea COAL, frmn the well known i Slumokiu Mines, at tim lowest Market 1 | Kates. j By prompt ottontion to business, furnish- I tnEUiebest artirles in the Market, nnd doing 1 i sll in his power to aocomaiodnle customers, , i ho hope* to command a share of public • patronage. ’ EDWARD LYNCH. • febl-ly LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! ITI HE underMtgncd. listing ro mu let am I their A NEW roi'NUKV \ M AriffXK SHOPS, i near the |(. |{. Station, in WratmlnMir. would ' , . rcopAivtlall a i alarm ill public that I her re I murf prepared to ferni-h. stover. niiirVtmilh Tac Inin*, Tiie It '•U>tv. liidbm Anvil*. Ar., : Ulkeovun dooi ail a.Hem ih l'laU>*. Ct-Jlsi Will ‘ dew tlrsle-. P..rrb lst Ir.ina, and Catting in general, (’urn and fob C’i uabera, Corn Shelter*. Circle Saw* with bviivhcs ruuiplrlc for sawino lire wood, Ac. | llorif PoMcrs si 11 <1 Tlircslilnr Nmclilocn, rutting lloxen jiu] plough* of differenl kiml; : hut wnuld rail parlirular .H'-ntimi to their | Jnstlw r.l hrated ‘Thr ee lfor*e IMoiigh common- I ,ly railed the ••Price IMeugb.” Alto thcli well knouii and un-iirpa*ed U It AM DR I I, I. fur toning all manner of drain, Including O.n*. : -i* (*' U>'pairs of uli kind* attended topioti.i t- I v and at Mum id rale*. Having Hi-t rla* Mrufianuk* employed, will guaranli e safifactinn. WAGONRR * MATTHEWS. ■m . 25,-r.u. I'i-ctli Kvtractnl W iihmit Fain, BY THE USB OK THE xiratiui oxiui: <;&<*. m nr. c 11 ft 11.1.1 \t^ 1 /> 1: x t / s r, A T H I S O K ¥ I (’ K. 1 Adjoining bis F.itbcr’n Residence, WcstmiuMor. Md. | J VJtTHKKE he mav fm found at nil times *▼ when ul j.rof -itmully engaged nl j the following points : j f ’nion Wcdue.d.iv of every j month.—remaining until Snttinlav. j AC U'imUor.— 2nd Wednesday of every month, - remaining until Saturday. I niimtoirn.' —Bnl WeJueaday every month. remaining until Friday evening. I Tnnfjftuirn—:i d Friday every mouth,-re- ; maming until the Wednesday following. < drcT ly. nj.l’J SO NOTICE. Wnlctii's, Clocks, i Jewely, SILVER PUTED WARE. ! PCKCTACMOS. SU.VKB, GOLD, PLATED ,t 3TElil, WATCH CHAINS, AT MOORE’S Jewelry Store, Near Kail Koad, Westminster, j ClmdaS, nnd Jewelry, care- j 1 fully Repaired an<i wnrmntod. WILLIAM MOORE. I .Inn.- 14. f4TA. H. .HUBER BR.J [ouercssor to Hrutin k Koyku.) No. *Z Carroll Hall, Westminster, ULAI.KK IX ; nnucs, rn km rrns. r.A rt:\ r mruh ixes, EA\ry Airnrf.vs. PERFUMER K, Ac. I’HYSICfANS' PRESCRIPTION}* neatly and occnrotoly compounded. Depot for the mnnufarturo of | 1 HERIKijTS Unmponuit St/mp nf Black berry Root. • j noso-tf BOOTS & SHOES rl ST received an 4 for sale a fresh anil Krgw lot of Philndelphtu |n • boat Custom Mnd© ¥*J ; hoots and slices, I obsh Kid. Morocco. Listing. Oil Goat, , he., Ac., all nf which will bo .old at grnntl. reduced pncca, by „ , '/ , T. S. KCKBBT. Remcmlicr the place, two door. West „f Mrs. Slinnor’s Millenery Store, West min ! ''■ Md. d SIOO SIOO - SIOO 'soldiers extra bounties robt.RCTEO nr A. D. SCHAEFFER, AVcatminsfcr, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO . ITE A D QITAR T E n S F 0 K HARDWARE. ILDKUSand ('obinett Tools. Cun>en , 1 $ nd Coopers Tools. Nails. Cross Cut and Mill Saws, Forks, Shovels. Traces. Uniter, Cow and Dog Chains. In fart ere -0 J7h>ng kept in well regulated Hardware f Store. My long experience giveamo advan • toges in this line. JOHN L. RKIFSNIDER. dcr!3 Wait Knd, near the Forks. * In Proamliu Our t nlon, I> In lie f nrrfu: to I’rrtrnt nlsu Our Civil l,ilirlla. i Roparator Capilli. Throw awav your false frizze*, your switcho*, Dcftruniv* of comfort, nnd not worth a fi? ; , Lome "god, com* youthful, come ugly and lair And rejoice in your own luxuriant hair. RKPARATOR CAPILLI. Fr restoring hair Upon bald head* (fiom r whatever raase it mar have fallen out i and forc ing s growth of hatr uuon the tore, it bn* no cqoal. ft will force the heard to grow upon the *mooihe*t f/y j n from five to eight weeks, or lisir upon bald heads in from two to thro* . iiionlhs. A few Ignorant practitioner* Imre I stsorU'd that there i* nothiug Uial will force nr v hasten the growth of the f.air or beard. Their | assertion* re fsle. as llton*ands of living wit j neM tfrom their unn experience) can bar' witness. Hut many will ear, how arc we Ini diiiiigni.*h th" genuine from the >nuriou* ? It ei tsialr i* diriicult. a* nin.tenth" of the dif ferenl Preparation* adrrrtisod for the hair nnd , heard are entirely worthier, and you mat have already thrown swav large smcuni* iti th. ir . purchase. To *urh we would *nv, trv the He ! }’Sator Cappilli; it will cost you koH.lyg un leu it fully comoa up to our representation*.— 1 If tour Draggirt doc* not keep 11, *erd u* one dollar and w e will forward it, postpaid, togetb n with a receipt for the money, wliich will h returned you ou ap|ilication. providing entire ■aii*faution {• nof given. Address, W. L <II,A KK k CO., f'bomist*. No. !l West Fayette Street. Syracuse, N. V. feh 4 71 y ASTROLOGY. The World Astonished AT Tint MONDRim t, llt;vr.l.ATlO\.S j .*UIT: liV THK GREAT ASTIHHdJOIST. Hadauic 11. %. FBHIIILO. ! . she reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. | ) She rest).res to happiness tho-e who, from I i dnleful events, catastrophe*, crosses in love. ; loss ol relations and friends, loss of money, j .Ve . have become despondent. She brings | together those long Repurnterl. gives infer i j umti.m concerning nltsuut frientu or lovers, j 1 restore, lost stolen pnqierty. MU yon ! ! lb© business you nrc lei qtlhlilien to pursue j . mul in what yon will be mA-T ner ‘*j'ul, I causes speedy marringus and tells you the i ' 1-1 V you will marry, ritos you tlir ' name, likeneHS nnfl chnnietcnsticsof the per son. She rends your vny thought*, ana bv } hernlrnoYt •e.pemntnml pawers unveils the ! i 'lurk nnd hidden mysteries of the future. j ! hruin the s ari we ace in tire Hrmonirnl— the ■’ in the configurali flom ami 1 ! Positions of the planet* ami the fixed stars i in the hemrens nl the tim<’ of birth, she do I •1 HUB lh future d< tin> of man. FaR not to ron r, ilt the grealeot on earth, j j U cost# you but a trillo. and you may ne er 1 ; ! *Jjnn have hi. favorable an opporle.nilv. — Consultation fee. with likencs* and uh de- , <ire.| information. >I. Parlies living at a* die tuner can e .nsult the Muds me by , •vnh eqnel snfot> and sat ie fact ion to them W-, a. if in person. A full ami exp icit ‘ hart, written out. with ull inquirtea tm j •wered and llkeiu'N* eaeh-M d, Real by until ! on receipt nf price above mentioned. The j strictest seerexy will be nmiintiiincil, and all 1 , uorrcMpomienee returned or UwHmvl.— I Keierence* of the highest orddr rurnished j j *bose desiring them. Write niainly the day ■ JofthemiMtth ami year in which von were f ! bom* enclosing a email lock of hair. I Address, Mauamk H. A. PKRUIGf), I P. 0. Diuwkb VM, Rultaiu, V. V. | fi-b'ly CRISPER COMA. j Oh I she was beautiful and fsir. With "tarry eve*. H ml radiant hair, Wl curlii.Klrn.biU roll. I nurineJ, 1 Knchained the very heart hod mind. . ntisn tt com a* i F*r Curling the Hair nf either Sex into Warv 1 nml Gloaar Ringlet* nr Ib-aw * | Masaivu Cm 1.-, by using HosaitvcU Lvli- and Gentletncn 1 ran h. autiTv ihtiweelvua a fd.l. It i* i ; the only niticle in the woild that will mil | straight hair, and at the kame time give it at beautiful, glo*Bv appearance. 11m Crisper tJoem not onlv carl, the hair. I„;t invlg...nt. s, beauli- I He* and clcanne* it; i* highly and delightfully , perfumed, and i* th- ninat complete article <>f I th • kind ever oAVred to the American public. I ; The Clipper Cnma will I. • -eiil to any addre.-*. ! atalod and post paid for sl. Addrea* all order* In W. 1.. CLARK A CO., Cle mieU. No. 8 Wert Fayette Street. Svrauu-e. N. V. I febT-ljr AFFLICTED I Suffer No More I Whe„ hr the use of DR. JOTNVILLE’S KLIXIK von can be cared pcrmancnllr, and at a trifling' cost. The al>nidiiiig mer,-.* wliicb has attended . thi* invaluable medicine for rhysiral ami Nor- , r o us Woakne**, General liability and Frostra -1 lion. Los* of Muscular Lnergy,’ Impotence, or any of the connuttfuro" nf youthful uidfscrc- I lion, render* it tfie mo*t valuable prepaintion ' ever di.eoverel. It will remove all nervous aflVetinn*. uonrrs- Ron, excitement, iocapacitr to study or bm i- I aene. In** nf memory, mnfnsion. thought* of *clt-drHrarlon. fears of insanilr, Ac. It will restore the appetite, renew the health of those who have destroved it by sensual excess or evil ! practice*. 1 ong Men. l.c humbugged no mare by ‘‘Quack Doctors” and Ignorant practitioner.*, i i hut send wilJmnt delay for the Elixir, and be at 1 | tam rnatorcil to health snd happiness. A Per- j I fret Cure la Guarant'cd in every instance.— : Price. sl. or four bottles to one aildrcs.-. s.l. Ou® bottle I* tatliuimt to effect a cure in all 1 ordtuarv cases. ALHO.DR. JOIN VILLF/P SPECIFIC PILLS, for the speedy and perrasuent cure of Honor- i rhea. Gleet. L’rclhrul Disehargc*. Gravel, j Stricture, and all affection* of the Kidneys and j Bladder. Curca effected in from ope to live i days. They arc prepared from vcgctabl * ox tracts that arc harmless dn the system, und nev er nauseate the stomach or impregnate the , breath. No change of diet is necessary w hile i using them, nor doe* their aelion in any mapper BMkre with business pursuits. Price, $T pur box. Either of the above mentioned article, will bo sent to any address, closely sealed, and post paid, hy mail or express, on receipt of price.— Address all order® to ÜBRGKR, BHUTTO A (X)., Chemists. fehH-ly No. 285 River St,. Troy, N. V. ndr A Y ot’NG Lady raturning to i her country home, after a -ojonrn of a few months in the CRy, was hardly recognised hr her friends. In place of a coarse, rustic, flush - ed fare, she had a soft ruby complexion of al most marble smoothnesa. and instead of twenty three she really appeared hut eighteen. I’non inquiry a* to the cause of so great a change, she plainly told them that she used tb fin**- * w V't{l a/,n ' “ nd considered it an invaluahlo ac ouMHon to thy Lady's tqjlct. By Ha u* any Laly ®r Gcntlemun en improve their personal appearance an hundred fold. It i* simple in it* oomt|piation, aa Nature hot self is dmi.le, ret l in iu cfllcacy hi drawing nnpuri j tic*from, also healing. clcrnbig and heautifv i ’VP ,h ‘‘ ‘. k,n fl, ‘d corai'bxion, tlr it* direct ac tlon on the cuticle it draw* from It all Its impu rlHr*. kmdlv healing the same, and leaving the ; surface a* Nature Intended it sho|<l be, Clear. , smooth and beautiful. Price fl, sent hv Mail lor receipt of an order hv ' M . 1,. n.ATUC A (*O,, Chemists, No. 3 West Fayette St, Btrausc. S. T. The only American Agenia tor the alc iff the. j M,no - ■ ftbr iy I SLEIGH BELLS-HUappcd and for I _ .*®l® at John L. Reirsnidcri*. j FOR THE UNFORTUNATE. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted in all m*ar. for the flpeedy and I’eruiaticnt Coro of all dis"rev arising from sexual cveoa*** <*r YOUTHFUL INDIBCHIiTION. S.-minal L*s, Nightly Bmlssiop*. and Sensual Dreams* ue.ittsl. niyahtl and Nervous De bility. Impotence. Gloet, bexnal Ditoasts, Ac, !lio lirangr of 11 h .VefciMiry. | Ther can bo uad witliout detection, and never j f.ill to effect a core, if used according to in- M muttons. Bell’s Specific Pills, Pricepne f.ollarner Bwqt or Sit Dove* for Fiv# Dollars: also Large Dove*.containing I - ur Small. PrieatThree Dollars. 1 iih four to six boxes nr* generallv requir ed I • ni i ordinary esse* of Semins! Weakaei* and. KtoMsion*. though bpafU is derived from using n single box. In Chronic m*cs. sad warticnUlrlv when Im potence or Genital P-kllilv v. ith Nervous prut tration ha* affected the Bell’s Tonic Pills Aro rceommonde*! a* the moat Kffoncion®, Re. jovtnatlng and Invigorating Remedy In the world. A Padkae*. Price Fir* Dollar*, will last a raontli, ami i genm ally aatficlcut. In extreme ease* of Deldlity and Impotence i i ItKI-L S .EXTERNAL TtEMEDV. ! Price Two Dollars, ■nfflclrnl for a month, esn 1 b- used to good advantage. It girt*" Strength to the Orgatui. and. with 1 I the Pill*, will restore them to their normal 1 1 condition. A Pamphlet of 100 pates, on the ERROR# jOK YOUTH;d. Mi.rn. daiTa Lcctur. and Caution I to Young Men. sent fr®®. Tun Cunts required to ’ ■ I’.T |io.tK I '. CAUTION! The Remedies huge now bem before I •he Public many year*, and their great success . -o th* all*vhilinn of hnman misery, ha* excited the cupidity of several parties, who n*e tbo name *• •Specific j’Hls,* copy mv l.U*l*. cirru- i j Ini* and advertisement*, sometime* word for word, and put ut> worthless componuds that I disappoint the jn*t expectations *f the purchaser j ( If ymt cannot pnruhas" nri.t,*s Rrreinr Rkm- | rnfr *f ronr Drurgi®!, lake no other. i*ut send ! ‘ the moiu-v direct to Dr. .lAXfF.S RATA V. Consulting i’hv-iciar, '-ir Rroadwny, New York, • .md you nil! receive, them by return of nmil, post paid, nnd free from observation. More V.iluubic limn tiolti! Bryan’s Life Pills , j Remove 11. adaolio. DhHncr*. Glddlnc*i, Drowi ’ t aine** fnpl ‘a*nnt Hr. am*. limi.u-< of j

t-'kuht, Indigestion. Cieaiiat- the Sion* J I ach and Rowel*. , Insure NFAV LIKE in tli.- d. hilitatud, nnd 11-tmr* a* Sid- In I'cw/kJL UouUk. | PurD Vegetable, Try (hem ! they onlv cost 25 rent*, and if you ; ; cannot get them of vour Druggist, send the j mom ) t*. Do. J AMES BUY AN, Corr ulting I’hvsician. I 819 Headway. New Voik. j i And they will be sent by return mail, post paid. ( t/v/x/'N® TO LADIES. | If you rv<|iiiro a reliable remedy to restore you, ! and remove Irregularities or Obstructions, j ; IVIIV NOT USE THE BEST? | ; Every Lady know* the slightest irrcgulaiilv I 1 of nature is liable to bring on Headache, (lid- i dine**. Low Spirits, Fainting, Hysteric*. Ac. ; J th<*n tin* bloom of health fade*.’ the appetite I I fails, and other srmpitjm* di#tr , s*if.g com utence, a* Weaknc**, Urinal Complaint, Uie , | While*. Prolap.Ac. Ac. A XEVER.FAIM.VO REMEDY will h- r„nml in | Dr. Tlan ry'i F, , na lr I\IU. The experience of thirty years ha* proved they have no eqntl for Removing Obstruction* and Irregularities, no mailer from what cause they arise. They arc Safe and Mure in everv cose. I |1 wards of 50.00# H*xe" n: •• sold nrmnall v. and no complaint of their ctliracy is ever heard. Ibr they accomplish what they arc represented I to do. ’ ! Sold in Ho xos, mMainUg Si tty nil s. Price ) One Dollar. Dr. l/.;rv,y t Co/,!,,, I’,ll, I* a remedy four degrees stronger than the above, and intended fur special coses oLluug • standing. Price Five Dollars per liox. A PRIVATE CIRCULAR to Ladies, with fin® j Anatomical Engravings, sent free .n receipt of directed envelope anil stamp. 1 f.<r Dll. IIAIIVET'S PRIVATE MEDI j CAL aDVIHKH. ad(]re**vd to Femabw— 04 1 I'Sge.*—giving full instruction* and information, 1 10 ccnU required for postage. If yon cannot the Pill* of ronr I Hrugiriat. Uuy wUI bo seat by maii. pm ftfwuf, I secure from observation, on receipt of (ho money, by Ha. .AMES UKYAN. Con* nl ling Physician. I July 12-lr. Rl9 Uioadway, Now York. l , z. 1 Dr. Bryan’s Medicines T Have ©n hfltnd for sole thu following vai j I able MtMliclnes which nro devrnhed In ■ Dp. J. Rkyan's advertiiement in the ‘Detn. 1 AUvocatn,” Df. Rcil‘* Sncn ilu' FilU, Dr. llarvoy’n I’cmnle Pills. Dr. Hnnn's Life Pillt. | Dr. B’s. other mediemaa con also he pro- ; cured through the nnderwigned whoa reqnir <l.. A. H. UUBER, j \\ catmiuslev, Md. nov 20,-tf. lißEftl CHANGE IN PRICES! | ADIRB call and examine my stock of DRESS GOODS, much lower than a few weeks ago, from 3 1 to 15 cy*ntsa v.-mUle^, Delaine*,' English and hVcnch Merinoo?, Poplins At. Call ami gel some of th* 1 great bargains at JOHN L. RKft'SXIDER’S, j doelsj I>oti)OKtic‘(fOod<r. ] f XMll.KACllKDandttracbea Mwlin, Red i V,. Ticking, fiingh.nmv, (Ailieot's.''antou Flan* ) oh*. Tuble (hvem. Obeyk, Ac., Ac., for J wl* low at J )b L. R itVnidrr’f. I ! C<hl’* fount or Men. u , IM ho ahull judge a man from maft&crM • ! Who shall know him hj his dress ? • Paupers may ho lit fur princes, • j Princes fit for sotoMhing less. 1 I Crumpled shirt and dirty jacket | < May clothe the golden ore Of the deepest thMfhl and frellnjr— Kalin vests eotild do Ho more. Tiierc arc springs of gulden nectar j Etw welling out of atone; There arc purple buds, and golden* Hidden, crushed* and overgrown : Ood, who counts by souls, not dr is os loves and prospers roa and mo. While ho values thrones, the highest, r ) I hit as pebbles in the sea. | Man. upraised above his fellows, j Oft forgets his follows then : i j Masters, rulers, lord*, remember 1 | That your meanest hinds ore men ; Men by bilmr, men by feeling, I Men by thought, and men by fame, | Claiming equal rights to sunshine } in a man's ennobling name. Tliore are foam embroidered oceans \ There are little weed-clad rills ; , j There are feeble, inch-high saplings ; There arc cedars on the lulls, j Cod, who counts by souls, not stations, Loves and prospers you and me ; , For to Him all vuiu distinctions Are as pebbles in the hqi. Tolling hands alone atv tuilJc'ta Of a nation’s wealth or fame j Titled laziness Is pensioned, Fed and fattened on the same; T?\ Ihe went of other’s foreheads, Living only to rejoice ; While the poor man’s outraged freedom Vainly lifteth up its voice. Truth ami justice are eternal, • Horn with loveliness and light, - I Secret wrong* shall never prosper While there is annnv right,; i Cod. whose world-beard voice i tinging Boundless love lo you end me, fVoik 1 " oppression, with Its tilles, | As the pebbles in the sea. I The Story of the .Noses. | 1 At DeviU. in the Qeighhorhovd( of! I li. City of Prague. there oAcc lived & rich and wbun.-nod old l.uumr who had t beautiful daughter. The students ol i Prague, of whom there were at the time twenty five thousand, often walked in Iho direct ton of Pewit*, and more than one of them offered to follow the ' plough in of Jb. c j law of the larinor. The first condition | that P e cunning peasant sal ou each j new servant was this; ‘T engage you/’ ho wou'd say, -for a year, that i?, till the cuekoo sings the return of spring; but ift from now till then, you say once that you arc not sat- ■ is fled. I will cut off the end of your nose 1 give you the same right over i me.” he added, laughing. And he did as he said. Prague was full of students with the cud of their! noses glued on, which did not prevent • in ugly scar, and, still le.'S, bad jokes. ! To return from the farm disflgutud and t ridiculed was well calculated to cool the j I warmest passion. A young man by the name of C**ran 1 | da. somewhat ungainly in manner, but : cool, adroit and cunning, which arc not 1 ' bad aids in making one's fortune, look , !it into bis head to try the adventure.— | The firmer received him with his ! | usual good nature, and the bargain 1 made, sent him to the Cold to work.— j At breakfast time the other servants j ' were called, but good care was taken to i forgot formula. At dinner it was the | same. Coraitda gave himself no Iron ( blc about it. He went to the house, i : and while the farmer's wife was feeding I j the chicken*, unhooked nn enormous ' bam fioui the kitchen ratters, took a j Hugo loaf from the cupboard, and went j back to the field to dina and take a * | n -P ...... I j ‘‘Arc you satisfied ?" cried the farmer j I when lie returned at night. | “Perfectly satisfied,” said Corundu. j“I have dined belter than you have.” I At that instant the farmer's wife came ru.-hing in, crying that her ham was gone. For and a laughed while the ’ farmer turned pale, j “Arc you Dot satisfied?” asked Ce -1 rada. ! “A ham is only a ham," answered the master. “Such a trifle docs not trouble ' mo." ■ Hut after that time he look good care i not to leave the student fasting, i Sunday came. The farmer sud hi* wife seated themselves iu the wagon lo go to church, saying lo Curuudu ; “It is your business to cook the din , uer. Cut up the piece of meat you sec yonder, with onions, carrots, leeks ami parsley, aipl boil them all together in ! the great pot over the kitchen fire*" j | ' Very well," answered Coraud*. j i There was a little pet dog at the farm i hou**e by the name or Parsley. (Vanda ; : killed him, skinned him, cm him up j with the meat and vegetables, and put , , H e whole to boil over the kitchen fire, j • When the farmer a wife returned, she 1 railed her favorite ; biU ah*al *lic saw j nothing bill a bloody skin hanging by. the window. “What have you done?” said she to . Formula. “What you ordered me, miatresx. I have boiled the moat, onions, carrots, | leeks, and parsley in the bargain.” ! • Winked wretch!” cried the fanner, “hud you iho Heart to kill the iiveoccn; [ creature tint was the joy of th# hoim?’ “Arc you not ■atiuhed ?” said Corau- , da, taking bis knife from hi* pocket. 1 I did hot say that," .said the fur-< mcr ; “a defed dog is nothing but a dead ; dog.” lint he, sighed. . P j I A few days after, the farmer and hut 1 ! wife frwftt to warkot. Kearioir their t j terrible Mrvaipt, they ***<l to Uini: i ‘-.Stuv at home aud do exactly what | j you nee others do.” 1 “Very well.*’ aaid < VrratnL). I There wtis an old ahed in the yjrd I t ho roof of whu-h was falling to pit-cci. j , Thu carpcntri-s came to repair it* aud j ; uepan, a* uisual, hy tearing down the j ' roof. Coranda took a raflder. and j 1 mnmitrd tlie roof of the house, which ' I w quite now. Xhinjrles. laths, calif* i i and uhs—he took off everythin;:, and ; ( scatlorcd them all to the winds. When J thp farmer returned the house was open I to the sky I “Villiau I” said ho. ‘ what new trick j I have, yon played on ic ?’* j I have obeyed you, maatcr,” answer j cd Coramja. "V*iu ftoM roe to do exae 1 j tfy what 1 *atr others dn. Arc yoff not * l natufted T And he took otil hit* 1 I kuifo. I “Sutiafied 1” returned the farmer; j “why should 2 not be satisfied T A few ' j shinpTfll more of lcs will not ruin me.” ' But he siphed. I Xiufit rime. The farmer and hia f wile said, to eth other thut it was high ) tinie to "Ct rid of this inearuate demon. ; As 1.-* always ths r Cijßc with sensible poo j pie. they Uffiir did au\lhinp r without j Icon suiting their daughter, it being the I custom in Bohemia to think that chU- i dren ft*ay* bnd more wit than tln-ir j parents. “Father.” said Helen. ‘ I will hide In : the threat pear tree early lo the morning. ( and call like the Ottekou Vim can tell Coranda that tlie year is up. since the ( cnekoo is singing, pny him. and send , him away.” Karijr in the morning the plain live or of the cqckoo was heard thro* the ( fields. The farmer seemed surprised. Well, rov boy. spring has come/’ j s-iid he. “l)o you hear the cuckoo sing . ing yonder ? I will pay you. and we I will part uood friend.'*.” ‘ A cuekno I" said Corpora. "that Is o ! bird which I have always wanted to j see.” i 110 fan 1 1 the Ire nnd *h*ok it with | all his mLht) when hch id ! a young 1 ' girl fell from the tree, ibnun itely more 1 f fgTaV ned tl an hu t “Vllfofh r Cried the fntroer. ! ‘Are you not ‘•a'isfied V* triod Coran- | da, opening hi* koile. , ‘ Wretch I you kill my daughter, and } you il.iiik T ought to be satinfied- I am IttrioW. Begone, if you would not | ( die by my hand I” I will go when 1 have Cut off your , j arose." and Coranda. *1 have kepi My j word—do jo\i keep yolirs.” ‘ Stop I” cried the farmer, putting his j j hand before his fn*c; “you will surely ] ! let mo redeem niy nose i “Ii depends on what you offer,” said Coranda i "Will you lake ten sheep for it?” | j ! "Ten cows V* I ‘-So; I \fould rather cut off the I nose ” And he sharpened his knife on * i the doomtep. i Father, ‘ srij Helen, "the fault was mine. It belongs to Die to repair it ( Corand i. will you take my hand instead 1 of my father's nose ?” j “Yes,” replied Coranda. I “I make (We cunditioa,” said the , young giil. "Wo will wake the same j bargain : The first of us that is not Hat- , isfied after marring*, shall hive lilh hohc ' : eutolfby the other.” ! "ko©d.” rupiicd (’omnda- “I would , rather it wo the tongue; but that will I I come next.” XVver was there a finer welding seen t nt I‘raguo, and never was there a hajv 1 pier household Coranda and the beau* lil'nl Helen were n model pair. The • husband and wile were never heard to I complain of each other. They loved , 1 with drawn swords, and—thanks to . their iaueninn. bargain—they kept fur long years but Ii their Love and TiiEtn”! , Notes. I Bruiser or n Fast Horse. Thp Ifunrl |V, re I’ stares the ; fallowing case, to enforce some sensible : • advice to farmers, • availed, wc pro- I ' suure, by the ‘'display of horses,” which is fast beeotiiingtne rnnef rtf ive fca* ' turc of mir ngrieotfimt’sh'iws : A well mdo farmer nf odr acquaint j ani'o liasl tire misfortuneln rear a really I line, fast Kora'. The sea urn of the sni- ; trial gave him (treat dellabt, sod nothing ' would do but an exhibition of him among the professionals He put up ) his money sod won. This gave a high- I r (light to his ambition, sirtl induced a j i bolder oper-t-ioo, Sueaass again re- j warded his venture, lie neglected his | litrni. imperceptibly acquired habits to: | which ho hail before neon a stranger, \ • and spurred on hy past sneoca and the I machinations of the entity, whom aim j ! it is to fleeeo the green 'and unwary, i i placed hht fsrot in jeopardy for the pur-1 i poso of raising money to stake on the ; - result of a race on which his pel horse was to contend for the prise und the I marten The professionals had trow : I got tho over eunlldotil farmer In the precise position desired, snd the result I was wbst they intended it shonhl be, ; ! tdie defeat of the I .inner’s hone and the | rain of his owner. The snimsl changed , bunds aodso did (he farm. It was all • down bill with tho farmer after thh.— Hi* lam’tly was broke* npaid dispersed,! while he, Mottlow snd maddened by disappuistntent and romone, *dnud' a | premature grate. —i—■ ■Fit. A follow coming out of a tavern , one fndty morning rather top hoary, fell on the door trying to reg*iu j his looting be wmsnrlteil; ! ”11 it be tmo that the wicked st-.nd i mi aitppery ground; I mast belong to a different elusa, fir it's moro than I can i I" ” TUBMS -W..MJ W ADVANCE ills-la’a Comet. 1 On the 27th of February. 2826. Prt- I lessor Bids,an Austrian axtrunomer if j dn-ephstadt, discororcd a small comet. When its motions were carefully studied, it was found by M. Olnuacn, another of those iudofattighUo fiermao eomputists. 1 that it rerolrod in an elliptic orbit in a | period of six years nud eight months , Qn Inching hack into the list of comets. | it proves to bo identical with cornetti ; that had been observed in 1772, 18W, and perhaps Ur 1818. Its return was accordingly predicted, and the prediction verified with the i most striking exactness. And this went on regularly till its appearance ( (also predicted tin 18-10. In that year | it was observed as usual, and all scented j to ho going on quietly and comfortably, j when, behold ! suddenly on the 13th if .1 nonary H split into two distinct com • "is. each with a head and coins and a , little nncluos of it* own. There ie dome | little eootradicticn about the exact dale. j Lieut. Maury, of the Cnilcd States (HiserVatory or Washington, reported j officially, on the 13th. haring soon it t doable on the isth. hut Profeeeor Wich- I matin, who Haw it double on the Ifith, avers that he hod a good view of it on the 11th. and remarked nothing partie nlar in its appearance." He that m it I may. the conet from a aingle became a I double one. What domestic troubles I caused the secession it is impossible to j conjecture, but the two receded farther and farther fWihi each other, np to a 1 certain moderate distance, with some degree of mutual communication and a i very odd interchange oflight—one day nae head being brighter, and another j the other—till they accm to haveagreed 1 finally to part company. The oddest part of the story, howev er, is yet to ( time. The year 18ftJ j brought round tho time for their reap . pear tttee. and behold I they both were, 'at about the same distance from each ' other, nnd both risibla in one telescope The orbit of this comet very nearly tn- I Icrsect* that t f the earth on the 30th lof Norember. If the earth is to be swallowed np by a comet, or to swallow 1 up nne. It will be on or about that day of the year I In the year 1832 wo missgd ii hy a , month. Tire Ituad of the comet envcl , oped that point of oup orbit, but this i happened on the 2!)th of October, so ! that We escaped that lime. Had a meeting taken place, from What Wc j know of comets. U is meal probable that ( no K.trur would have happened, ami | that nob dy would have known anything ’ ..’bout it. it would appear that wc am ■ happily relieved from the dread ofauth ■ a coli l -ton It la now (February, 1866. j ; overdue 1 It* orbit has been ro-cotupu . ted and an ephetneris calculated. Asthmomers hare been esjcrly lo< k ' 'tig out for Its re tippcararsce Sir the las’ two month-, when, aeenrdtrsg W all for liter experience, it ought to hate been I conspicuously visibh , but without sue , ecus, giving rise to the strangest then • ries. At all events, it seems (o havt i fairly disappeared, and that without any such excuse as in tire ease of laxcli I the preponderant attraction of somt great pluucl- Can it have come into contact or exceedingly close approach : to some asteroid ns yet undiscovered; or, pi fadrertiure plunged into and got ht : wildered among the ring of motewol: i tes, which astronomers more thou tta p"Vt?—S'r ./o/in Ifen:kil tuo Mays of BJlng u Thing. In the train Irom Harrisburg was r geptlcman Jack Tar, in ago ashore out ■ hf jelly, genteel snd happy, with ade jetdrdly pretty speeinten of eighteen ; year-old erinolimi, to whom ho had bcn , spliced, and was conveying i’bilade! phia ward. Oppuaite Jack and his wi! were a couple that any one could-t --were on a honeymoon cruise, the brief nil blushes, bounty and bashfulness. an . -j the gallant bridegroom H duvotion a, endearment. At one of the wsy-.-f tinna the cars stopped, and the Careful 1 bridegroom thus addressed his timid bride : { "My love. lam about to step out tr . a few miuutes lor refrasbmeuut. Jjn tint be shirmcd during my absence.” flentleniau Jack took the eric *, ana J putting his wife on the shoulder, nttri • ont as though he wers hauling themotu , lop gallant yuVd in a g;nle of wind : | ”* "itjf wifey, I’m going ashore to WV’- my whistle; don’t tumble overboard : while I'm gone.” i A tout! of UeutKl, „ A letter from Tenet, in Algeria, (myt• “liras walking with a friend ia tin lowCt part of the town, when, at about • two in the itftemo n, wc perceived what appeared to be a thick mist coming rap , idly upon u, which wc took for a fioei juf birds of passage. Hut hardly fiv minmcs had elapsed when we foutt I ! onrtelves enveloped in (be clonff. J*. might btfve been abont one kilomett | (five-eighths of t mile) in width by six jin length, and was from forty-sax to i seventy-live feet in thickest*. U wan Ibrraed not by bird* but by locusts of j paassgs, of the color of wine leea and of ■ *'• They ccntiooed their eoar- 1 j Irom the west to the east, cataiag in hind Cape lorgz, ftutn which point ; they tamed towards the north, drc oy, i dotibtPess by the south wind, which hati I for uteri -*l "day* past been bhiwing vfin iotrtlyi.’ mi, wi Artists hare adopted differ.-el em blems of charity. Wr wonder none of them ever thought ofapioee ofledia rubber, which gives more than any oth er, OS~] ’rentico hit VS “ Mnsssch o**t H has more dead lions and moro Hve joeka c.- than any ’tidier member of tho tin '., and every one of the latter is flinging his heels at some one of the former.