Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 28, 1867 Page 2
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TIB DiSWCIATIt ADVOCATE. fSSOABY , 1867. MEonttinicTim. Tbs hag agouj of the Radical Con-* grass of ihs North oror tha subject of Reconatruetioo haa tcrzsinsted in firri sng a plan for a Military Gorernmont in the Sooth, which is to soparaede the Slate Governments there and compel (he people finally t j come into iha mess area of the Kadreala bofore their Slate* cmu be readmitted into the Union. Tire essential points of thorn Measures arc, the oiler dee traction of Slate Rights, . the disfranchisement of tho leading men Ilf the South, and the eofranchiaemeut I of tho negroes. The law whioh they have paaaed for tha purpose c publish in another col umn Wo have little doubt it haa been vetoed by tho President by thia time; and have leas doubt that it will be im mediately paaaed over tho Veto by the nceeaaary majority. It ia an intolerable outrage; yet we hope that it will le endured, aa many othtra have been, ia hopes that the peo ple of the North may soon be awakened to a just sense of what ia their duty, and amiat in hurling from power a party which ace ms leal to alt manly, generous feeling, and who have shown an utter disregard of all constitutional require ments, and of the first principles of the Republican Government founded here with so much pride and hope by our forefathers. We cannot believe that the people of tho North will endorse at the ballot bol the extent to which Con greaa ia goiag Last year, whilst the bitter feelings of the war were still strong, they succeeded in carrying the Northern States, some of them with j small majorities, by concealing the true | issues. Nov they openly proclaim in 1 favor of Negro Suffrage, and hesitate not to strike down the right of self government in the Southern States, and net up there a military despotism. It ia due to our plan of government to wait patiently for the verdict of the people in all coses; for it is based on the idea that our people are capable of self government, and of course of compre hending and deciding >ll public ques tions. If, after due deliberation, they shall endorse these Rs iical usurpations, wc may well despair of the success of free government here. We know that the late rebellion on the part of the South ia held to justify this arbitrary course; but that excuse will not bear close examination. It is true enough that the South acted very indiscreetly in resorting to rebellion, without wailing long enough to see Whether the North really designed to take exclusive charge of the govern, ment. and deny all rights peculiar to the South; yet we ought never to lose tight of the fact that these very Radi cals were guilty of the first political assault on the people of the South; and that, had it not been for their selfish attempts to seixe and carry on the gov-1 eminent in the interest of tho North 1 the people of the Sooth would not have been driven to the desperate length of organizing a party in self defence, and ! afterwards of forming a separata nation : to be* governed by their own will. We iuaiat that these considerations should : he enough to close the mouth of any I Radical who is disposed to deny to the 1 Southern people their old rights in this t'nion. It ought to require a front full ! as brazen as that of Thaddeus Stevens. I or Gao. Butler, for men who had so much to do in provoking the original I quarrel with tho South, now to stand i up and brand the Southern people ns infamous traitors, for attempting to set up a government for themselves instead of the rule these Northern Radicals* clearly designed to pnt over them. The gnilt of the Southern people must be greatly leaseued, when we con sidar, also, that it was tho general belief among them that under our system of I government, the right of peaceable se- 1 ceasion was reserved to any State. In deed it ia now manifest Jhat tha fonn-! data of our government, knowing that | the system was pnraly voluntary, that it, founded on the consent of the gov erned, neglected to provide for coercion of refractory States; or, moat probably, thought it inconsistent, in a plan of pure voluntary salf-gorernmeat, to impoea restriction! which would In k like doubting tha success of their own sys tem. Had they believed that in process of time the North, having grown the stronger, would endeavor to pervert the I Ballot Box into au engine of oppression, and thus impose Iktir will on tha peo ple of the Sonth—in fact making ns (wo distinct peoples—they would hero car-' taioly ordered it otherwise. In fact, it '■ cannot he doubted that, bed the South ern people anticipated any each result, this Union never would have bofcn formed. Besides all this, whan we re member how docile these Radicals ware | in the doubtful criaes of tha war, thus ' inducing a union of nil Iho Northern 1 elements, end n spirit of irresolution in , tha South ; and then again bow auda eiout thny would become in their de mands, when success appeared likely to 'town the cause, wa cannot repress the : strong feeling of indignation their con duet iuapirov It U amusing to tee the I'.eprnHMativce of the North, forgetting all tha past, and spurning the honest overtures of a repentant South, so auda ciously attempt fit strangle (ha liberties of the Southern people and impose on them n military despotism Their schemes stoat be defeated by the pco pie; but it wiH requite the moat thor ough and unselfish union of •)) the Con servatives of the land to effect it. H(MIi Rf rertf j Jobneon. Then is much •peculation in regard to the vole of Senator .Johnson iu favor of tho Military RuuuosUuction Bill of j the Radicals. Il ie true that he cx | plains his vote bv stating that, whilut he | was opposed to every particular iu it, he | ia convinced that it is the best terms i the South can hope for from the Radi cals, end he thinks tho best interest of the South demands a settlement of the controversy, and that thus only can it be restored to u favorable standing in the Union. Senator Johnson has shown himself a good friend of Hie South, anf his counsel has been heretofore of the wisest and best kind. In this case, however, we must believe that he has made a mistake in lending it the iuflu cnce of his name. The hope of the country depends on the change of pub lic sentiment in the North against the Radical party, and its mcasuVes ; but wc f"sr that his support of this bill will induce the people of the North to be lieve that the Radical demands on the South arc not so unconstitutional or objectionable as generally believed, and consequently continue their support oi that party. The Inevitable Issue. The military occupation bill of the Radical Congress is clearly designed to ; force upon the South the political equal- I ity of the White and Black races ; or ! perhaps we should say the political su periority of the black race; for whilst it confers the right of suffrage on all tho colored men. it denies to multitudes of the whites t)ic right to vote or to hold office. So monstrous is the pro position that wc cannot doubt the whole i South will refuse it with disdain, and rather submit to military despotism than consent to that which they instinctively | abhor. If Congress pass this measure ‘ over the Executive veto it must bring things to a speedy crisis. Then, if the . North relent so far as to condemn the i plan of the Radicals, our country may ; soon get back to its old position of a 1 friendly self governing people. Other wise, the North will continue to lord it over the South, to the infinite dixguat of the Northern minority and the friends of free government throughout the world. How long such a state of affairs | can last in peace among the proud j and spirited descendants of the whits j patriots of 76 we leave every one to fig-! urc out for himself. Presentation Festival. The Grand Presentation Festival, | under the management of D W. Clark, j j Baltimore, for the benefit of the Poor j advertised to take place Feb. 22nd. inst has been postponed to Monday, 4th of 1 March, by request of the Committee appointed to distribute tho presents, ' I who wished more time to make the necessary arrangements Mayor Chap I i man and others who are on the Com imitlcc promise to have every thing done in the fairest & most satisfactory man , nor. From the number of tickets j sold in Carroll County, we should j think some of our Citizens must secure j valuable prizes, if not the 81500 Piano Mr. Clark says, no tickets will be issued above the number first announced (30.- 1 ‘ 000), of which a few remain unsold. Parties living at a distance may order any time, before or on the 2nd day of March, and if there are no tickets, their ; money will be returned. It is not nec essary for ticket holders to be present | at the Festival, as tho proceedings will i be published iu the daily papers, and •I- articles sent by express to any ad j diess. or delivered from the store any I | time during the following two weeks, i Appointments. The appointments of Justices of the Pcsee and other officers for Baltimore city, and the difierent Counties of the State were sent to the Senstc by Gov. Swann, fer confirmotion, early last week. The following is tho list for Carroll Comity, aa wo find it published in the 1 Baltimore papers ; Justice* of the Fitter. First District—John M. Jones, Hen ry Galt, Ww. Fisher. Second District - | Hanson T. hebb, Joshua Cain. Devi j Fleaglc. Third District—John Mans. , Levi Tingling. Fourth District—Ns j than Gwrsweh, Stockadale. Azaruh Our. sler. Fifth District—Eli Hewitt, Jr, I Cornelius Jenkins, J. Oliver Wsdlow. I Sixth Disfciioi—Henry Matter. Francis Warner David 11. Hotfacker. Seventh District —Wui. J. Mitten, John Henry Hoppe, Abner Neal, John B. Summers. Eightii District—John Lamotte. Jesse Brow.. Ninth District—Henry Bus . sard, U’pbcnson Gorsuch, Joshua Sell man Tenth District—David Otlo, John I Dcla plane. Eleventh District—John \ W. McAllister, W. T. Smith. Edwin F. Reese; at New Windsor, Ksrs S. Stouffer. i Coroner* —Otho Shipley and George W. Shmer. U— Mr. Bright, in one of his Isle spet dies, ssid that ono-half of Scotland is I owned by twelve persons, and ons-hslf j Eng’tnd by one hundred and fifty. The Bill to establish Military Governments Iu (he South ern Stales. Ths following is a correct copy of 1 this kill, ns passed by both llcuuoi of Congress: Whereat, No legal State governments or adequate protection for life or prop erty now exist iu (he Rebel Slate* of Virginia, North Carolina, .°onth Caro lina, Georgia. Mississippi. Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Arkau MS Awl \yJur u<, It is necewary that peace and g*od order should be enfor ced in said States sod loyal and repub lican State governments be legally os* ÜbiHhed; therefore. Be it enacted by the Senate awl llm* - of representative* of the United State* of America in Co uyfru attembUd, That •aid Rebel Slates shall bo divided into military districts, and made subject to the military authority of the United States, aa hereinafter prescribed; and for that purpose Virginia shall consti tute the first District* North Carolina South CamlinU fne ftocond District : Georgia, Alabama and Florida tho Third District; Mississippi and Arkansas the Fourth District, and Louisiana and Texas the Fifth District. Section 2. Anti be it further enacted , That it shall bo the duty of the Presi dent to assign to the command of each of said districts an officer of the army uot below the rank of brigadier general and to detail a sufficient military force to enable such officer to perforin his du ties and enforce his authority within the district to which lie is assigned. Section 3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of each officer assigned as aforesaid to protect ail per sons in their rights of person and prop erty, to suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish or cause to be punished all disturbers of the public peace and criminals; and to this end lie may allow local civil tribunals to take jurisdiction of and to try offenders; or when, in his judgement, it may be ne cessary for the trial of offenders, ho sball have power to organize military commissions or tribunals for that pur pose. and all interference, under color of fiitate authority, with the exercise of military authority under this act shall be null and void. Section 4. And he it further enacted, That all persons put under military ar rest by virtue of this act shall be tried without unnecessary delay, and no cruel , or unusual punishment slull bo infl.cted; and no sentence of sny military cimi : mission or tribunal hereby authorized, j affecting the life or liberty of any per son. shall be executed until it is appro ved by the officer in command of the district; and the laws and regulations 1 j for the government of the army shall I not be affected by this net, except in so i far as they conflict with its provisions; 1 provided, that no sentence of death un- 1 der the provisions of this act shall bej carried into effect without the approval j of the President of the United States. Section 5. Be it further enacted. That j when the people of any one of said Rcb- : cl States shall have formed a constitu tional government, in conformity with j | tho Constitution of the United States, | in all respects. framed by a convention i j of delegates elected by the male citizens ! of said State, twenty one years old and 1 upwards, ?f whatever race, color, or j previous condition, who have been resi dents in said State for one year previ ous to the day of such election, except ■ such us may be disfranchised for parti- 1 cipation in rebellion or for felony at j common law, and when such Uunstitu- I tion shall provide that the clec'ivo fran- 1 1 chisc shall bv enjoyed by all such per | son - as have the qualifications herein I j quoted for election of delegates, and when such Constitution shall be adop ted by s majority of the persons voting lon the finest ion of ratification who are | qualified as electors for delegates, and when such Constitution shall have been submitted to Congress for examination ' and approval, and Congress shall have I approved the same, and when said State , by s vote of its Legislature, elected un- I der said Constitution, shall have adop- | ted tho amendment to the Constitution of the United States proposed by the Thirty-ninth Congress, and known us | article 14; and when said article shall 1 have become a port of the Constitution of the United States, said Slate shall be declared entitled to representation in Congress, and Senators and Representa tives shall be admitted therefrom on their taking the oath prescribed by law; • and thereafter the preceding sections of j this act shall be in operation in a-il 1 State; Provided, That no person cxclu- j 1 ded from the privilege of holding office by the said proposed amendment to the , | Constitution of the United States shall j ' be eligible to election as a member of a ! | convention to frame a constitution for! , | any said Rebel States, nor shall any * such person vote for a member of said 1 ' convention. Section 6. And be it further enacted , ; i That until the people of said Rebel | States shall be by law admitted to rep i resentation in the Congress of the Uni-1 ted States, any civil government which I may exist therein shall bo deemed pro 1 1 l visional only and in all respects subject ! ' to the paramount authority of the Uni ' led Ststrs at any time to abolish, modi- ! 1 fy, control, or supersede the same, and j , iu all elections to any office under such 1 provisional government all persons shall 1 be entitled to vote, and none other, who 1 art entitled to vote under the provisions of the fifth section of this act, and no person shall be eligible to any office un der tuck provisional government who ' would bo disqualified from holding of fice under the provisions of the thud 1 article of said constitutional amend moot. The Legislature. The Legislature, adjourned over last week from Thursday to Monday. Wc have not observed much of interest in the proceedings to record; but as the session is drawing rapidly to its close vre presume much that is important will I occur. We have nothing further from them on the Convention question. A \ committee of six hundred from Balti- 1 more visited Annapolis on Tuesday to j urge attention to tho Convention and I B dtimore City reconstruction Bills. The ManlhllM. Godcy'a Lady'a Hook, for March, ia on our üblo. It contains a bcautilul •tool-plate—“ Watching the Baby,” Faali ion plates, and other cmbolliahiDSota; and it* full complement of pages of ▼tried, entertaining nod instructive reading matter. Terms, single copy per year, $3. Beck numbers can be furnished Address—L A. Oodcy, ff Ft corner Sixth & Che>trmls streets, Philadelphia. ThkOi.d Gcahd.—The number for March already received ia a good one, fully up to the standard. Those who read any of the numbers will hardly do without it. Address Van Erric Mor ton & Co., IG2 Nassau St. New York. Price 13 00 per year. Arthur’s Home Magazine.—The March number of this favorite Monthly is all that could be demanded. The engravings very good, and the Fashions in an improved form—the reading mat ter always excellent. Address T S. Arthur A Co., 811 Chestnut St. Phila delphia. Price $ -.50 per year. Members or Congress —lions. B. P. Wade, John B. Alley, B. F. Boyer. .1. W. Patterson, J. H. Fnrquliar, ll I B. Hayes, U. P. Bucklund, Win. Law rence, Martin Welker, S. E. Ancona, Also. Mr. Thonna C. Durant, N. P- Willis, with Portraits, Biographies, and Characters. Indian Legends; Mental Telegraph ; Woman's Bights and Wo man’s Wrong* ; Plain Words to Big j Boys; The Teacher; Hints to Travel ers; Visiting the Sick ; Health at Home ; A Trip to Oniahn ; Flogging ; ! Parental Influence ; Going to Paris :! Pope’s Essay on Man. etc., in March ' number Phrenological Journal. Only | 20 cents, or f? a year Address Fow- 1 ler k Wells, 38G Broadway. New York. I Congress. It is thought that the exorbitant! Tariff bill will fail for want 0 f t j n , o to get it through before the 4th of March, | j the end of the present Congress. A j motion to refer it to a committee of; ! Conference of both Houses, was lost in [ the House on Mond.n* by a vote of 84 I lo 86. I The revenue tux bill wan taken up in | the lower House of Congress on Thurs- ' | >I“V, but it will require hard work to j pet it through before ibo adjournment j There is a general disposition to exempt , ; incomes to the amount of 51,000, in* stead of S6OO, pa now. Ciperttcfosvn Election. The first election under the nc; ro suffrage law of Congress took place on Monday last in Georgetown, DC. It j resulted in the election ofC. IV Welsh, j the Radical and Negro candidate, by ! 96 majority over 11. Addison, the pres ! eot Mayor and Conservative candidate The majority of Couneilmcn on the Ad i (limn ticket were elected. The election j passed off quietly though there was much excitement—a large police force being on the ground. Haf.luhn H Surratt was taken into' j the Criminal Court at Washington on ' ; Saturday, and arraigned ou the charge lof murder. He plead not guilty. His ounscl wore Messrs. Merrick and Brad j ley. No Jay has yet been named for the trial. He had put off the Papal j i Zouave anifojm. and appeared in a suit jof black. He looked thin, and conduct* I jed himself with firmness. His sister. | who has been living near SurratUvillc j of lato. had an affecting interv.ew with '■ j him lately. (>ov, Swann. It had been announced that Gov. Swann would resign his office on Tnes- 1 day last, when Lieut. Gov. Cox would \ he Inaugurated as Governor. We learn i I that he has notified the latter that he 1 I docs not feel at liberty to take this step 1 without further time for deliberation; j i and will communicate with the General Assembly on the subject at as early a ! day as possible. ttf At the special election in Cecil j County, Mr. Golibcrt the Conservative candidate for the House of Delegates,

was eloctcd by a considerable majority over Dr. Tuft, the Radical candidate, j to fill the place of H. 8. Magraw dec’d ! A Mistake.—'The New York Times ! says: We think the Senate will in course of time find out that it is now doing a very foolish thing in rejecting so many of the appointments by the President to civil office of men who have rendered gallant service to their country in the late war, merely because they arc supposed to bo friendly* to the President’s policy of reconstruction.— The rejection of General Swift for the Boston naval office, the rejection of Ocn. Couch for collccto.* of the port of Boston, the rejectiflh of Generals Egan, and Curtis, and many other soldiers whom (he President had appointed to positions in public service, looks as if the Senate’s confirmation wax entirely dependent on the fuel of the appointee being an opponent of the administration and an adherent of Thud. Stevens. The subscription to the fund for the relief of the South in New York city has reached the sum of thirty-one thou sand dollars. The present population of Texas is j estimated at 1,200,000. It was under i 700,000 si the beginning of the rebel- I* tiOl). Who was Jonah's tutor? The whale who bronchi him op. Local Intelligence. Important—We invite ot tention to the tdvertincwenu of nope rior I’craonal Property to be Bold next week, Be follows : Hon. John E. Smith, will .sell on Tueaday next, March Ath, all bis valua ble Slock and Farming Utensile, on his Farm adjoining Westminster, and this side the Alms House farm The Administratrix of John 8 Horn, dec'd.- will aleo sell in Wakefield Valley, on Wednesday, March 6 ih all the Stock, Farming implements and House hold Furniture of the deceased—a val uable and extensive assortment. FIRK —A small frame barn of Mr, Peter Forsythe. 2 miles North of Tan eylown, Carroll county, Md , was burnt between 7 and 8 o'clock on Sunday cveuing with all its contents, including one horse, two cows, hay, straw, wagon and farming implements The hs lo him is very severe It is supposed to have been set on tiro. BHh- IUK Fair which commenced on Tuesday week is still progressing at the time wo write, probably lo close on Wednesday. It has been highly auc coasful —having boon constantly crowd ed ; and bad it not been for the snow 1 and desperate condition of the roads very many more would have been pres. ) ent. Save Yotit Coal Oil—Put the wick into the lamp’and fill the latter about half full with coarse salt, and then put in about one inch of oil, and it will he found that a groat saving will be the result The salt wastes gradually oway during the burning, and must, j therefore, be renewed from lime to lime, j The light is purer and more brilliant j than without the salt, and the wick re quires no snuffing. j The Approach or Lent —The sea I son of l-cnt, which it strictly held ns a , time of fasting in the Catholic and IVo j testant Episcopal Churches, will begin j next Wednesday, the 6th of March, and I continue for six weeks, ending on Mas j ter Sunday, the 21st of April. I • sA.Cbangcdl Why not:' true, you j thought I Was about to make mv exit , to that "bourne from whence no travel ler returns,” hut yon See 1 have thought better of it; or rather 1 stumbled u j most previous piece of good luek. 1 was recommended to get a box of |!rv 1 au's Life Pills, for nature's ills, and here | 1 am again robust and hearty, without | a symptom of dyspepsia, headache, ner vousness or jaundice ; truly, I have a ! lew* of my life (See advertise- j moot.) f e b 7 j KrllrlTur tin- Nontlimi I’rupto. j The New \ork Tribune announces that a government vessel will, under a j late joint resolution of Congress. loan 1 j that port in a fow days to carry free j whatever may meantime bo contributed i j by the citizens to feed the famishing I j poor at the South. Tho Tribune, after j staling that the vessel should be freight J 1 <o her utmost capacity with corn and i meat, adds : I We arc amazed at the apathy with | which the appeals hitherto made for our siarvingcauulrymen have been met. As yet, apart from what om noble wo ■ men have raise-1, only $85,000 hive i been contributed. Ton years ago a like . appeal would have been responded to at the rate of hundreds of thousands per Jay. Are those people less near to us because of their need ? Let us re,. Ive j 'bet at least *IOO,OOO shall bo contribu- i j led this week by our city. Lot us not ! b shamed by St. Louis, which has giv-1 ; on 8126,00(1. Till- I.itli- lonian Eflleinriil in l-nglunsl. The Lon lon papers to the l.'ith inst , j ebow by official parliamentary state incuts and police and military reports i ibal the Ino Fenian movement sg.inst | Chester Castle, England, was a very ( alarming affair, undertaken after due deliberation, and carried almost to the j j verge of completion with rapidity nod i skill. An Iriah-Ainerican officer ser \ i 'tug in the Fenian ranks, it is alleged, etrayed the secret to the authorities, and Saved, in nil probability, great trim | bio lo England. The chief of p-iliec in '• j Chester states that a Fenian military ! directory, consisting of fifty men. main j |y from New York, held regular sittings I in the chief towns of the (.'ailed King - dam. Two Barnl ms in the Field.—The 1 democrats of the fourth congressional i district of Connecticut have nominated Wm 11. Rariium, of Salisbury, as their i candidate for Congr-sa So there arc | now two Barmima in the field—Barium |of Salisbury, and llarnum. of Bridge i pert; Banmm, the iron man and Bar num the showman. The democratic llarnum is a man of large wealth and solid reputation, identified with the bus- I imm interests of the district and pos- I -essing the respect and confidence of | the community It is said that he is . very desirous of defeating his namesake and will prosecute the caarass with Vie. or.—A r . K ll,raid. Maine has a legislator who stands 6 feet 7 inches in his stockings. MARRIED- On the evening of the 21 t instant, at iho residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. Edwin Amos, N*rnas Bar to MAScaKiw Emii.t. daughter of Daniel Bush, Esq., all of this Counts. At the H---liken House, Fort Wayne, In diana, on the 1 1th Feb, IBD7, by the Rev. N. 11. Phillips, W. N. Forsyth r, of Dayton Ohio, (formerly of Westminster, Md.,t to Id.vh A. Kixooox, of \\ Kiu*ly Co.* Indiana, j In Baltimore, on the 14th inal., by Kev. ‘ l;'ht Wilson, Hr. John B. V.isbbuumit to os us Auan Ksioht, both of Westmin ster, Md. BALTIMORE MAKKI.IN Tommy, February ie7, FLOUR.—W# quote, via; Howard Strut Super and Cut Extra 10. I6sXll.Oe, do. Extra ■hipping 13. do, high grades UxXltl ; Oily Mills Sauer Hl.neoXl LoO por bbl. Hye Flour—uew 160X7 3i per bbl. Corn Htsl-I luX4 76 per bbl. j Ossie,—He sales o( Wheat reported. Cora was ia large supply. Included in the sales were 3(1,m0 ba.hels white at 5a7 els ; 43,600 busbs. Sellow at 9SsM Cts Osts steady at 6X els. - re—A sale of 300 boshs. st XI lu per bushel. PsoTisrnai.—Bscen continues in active de mand. We quote Shoulders si lOMstl eta. rib Sides st 13a1314 els; clour rib do, st tl>* ets : Hams lOal, ets. for sugar cured. lard la Arm at I?'.: el-, per lb. Ont* of the Inrncat real estate owners in Mobile has .Inducted eon-third of the amount doe from his tenants on his notes given last year, and receipted them in full. PERSONAL PROPERTY AT PUBLIC. SALE. THR sub*crilcr baring told bit Farm, will offer his Parson si Projwlr at Public Sale, at hi* maiden re in Pleasant Valloy, near Davilbisv'a Mill, or Htoaon's Store, 2) miles from Fri/ollshurg on the road leading to Silver Run, on Friday the 15/A day of March, 18G7, consisting in part a- follows to wit: TIIfIEBttOOD WORKING MAKES, (out with fool) I yearling Coll, ft good 2TT> Milch Cows, - fresh with calves. 1 Heifer, one young Devon Bull 3 prime full bred SHEEP. 1 Chester SowJ with Pigs. ft Shouts, 1 good or 4 home Wagon, nearly 1 one or two horse do.. Slone Bod with side hoards, Hay Carriage. Threshing Machine and Horse Power, 1 Winnowing Mill (Man chester make) 1 Roller, Ploughs. Harrows, Rolling .Screen. Single and unable .Shovel Ploughs. Double and Single Trees, Jack Screw, drain Rake, Mattocks, cfowber, Rakes, Shovels, Axes. l,ogchains, 2 pair Hind dears, 2 pair Front do., lot of Hous ings, Bridles, Halters, Butt chains. Grind- ! stone. Sett of Carpenter Tools, Meal Hogs- ' head, Wheelbarrow, Grain cradle, Scythe. 1 Forks, Ac. Also 1 good Rorkuway and Harness, lot Timothy Si j Clover Hay, lot of Corn and Oats, I Wagon Saddle, 1 Side do., Spinning I Wheels. Also & Kite li en Furniture consisting of Beds and; Bedding, Dresser, Wall at Buiosa, Walnut Dining and Kitchen Tables, 1 Tin Safe, half! dozen new Split-bottom Chairs, I good Win, . Fein Cooking Stove, 1 ten-plate Stove. I ; Mantle Clock, 1 largo Iron Kettle ami many : other articles 100 numerous to mention. Sale to commence at I* o'clock A. M. FEkmm.—A credit often months will le ' i given on all sums above so.oo, on note and i | approved security, bearing interest from the I I sale. All auras of |ft.oo and under cash . i JACOB RAH MAN William Brown Auctioneer. fob 2# ts Personal Property at PUBLIC SALE. j FIIHE snbscrilicr in(*n ling to quit farming I I and housekeeping, mil! offer st Public Sale, at his residence on the county rood 1 between Westminster and OrendorfTs Mill, , ■ about a mile from Westminster, on l Thurtday the 2Lf of Afnrrh, 1807, the fallowing property, viz : I THREE GOOD DRAFT X* horses, rew Six head ol Mil' ll t ow s. i <3 fresh) 1 Brood Sow, 7 Shonts, I Brand I tread Wagon with boms and cover. 1 Plan- ■ ration Wagon, 1 Hubbard Mower. I Grain ! Drill, Horse Hake, 8 Furrow Ploughs. Shov 'd Ploughs, Corn. Fork, and Cultivators, 2 Harrows, single and double Trees. Wheat ' j Fan, (Pott's make) Wheel Barrow. Ho pm? Gears, forks, Rakes, Shovels and Farming Utensils generally. Also, lieds BetKirads and Ra iding. li | roan, fables. Chairs, looking-Olas-es. Ten j late Stove. Parlor Stove. Cook Stove, Pols, 1 Copi'er Kettle, large Iron Kettle. Tab*. Buckets, Ouccn mare. Crock or v Ware. Tits ■ Woro, cud other HousehoM and Kid-hen Furniture. Also a Sett of BLACKSMITH S TOOLS. and a number of \Vagn-n.keni Tools, 3D barrels of Corn. DO bushels OwU I.*> bushels Rye. about 20 bushels Potatoes, almui UKN) , pound* Baron, lanl, different kinds of Lum ber, nn-d many articles 100 tedious to nu n tion. Hale to co nmence at o’clook A. 'I Terms of Sole.— All xnins under So.OO | cash, overthat amount a credit of six months will be given on note and good .tecurily ln-ur- | ing interest from dnv of sale. SOIAMON mverlv. fcb2Bte J. llenrv Hoppe, Aud'r. PI BLir_ SALE. virtu* **f u Decree of the Hon. John j E Smith Judge of the Circuit Court* f..r Carroll county, silting ns a Court *:' , Bouily. (lie undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at Public Sale, on the premises, on , Friday . (hr 2 Jr/ day of March. IMR 7. t I o'clock) P. M .fhe following described Ronl Estate, being the same of which Tho j mas B. Murray and Catharine A. Murray his wife, died seized and possessed, viz : ' I i iracl of l.aiid ConlniiiinK l i A CRUS or I, A so. more or le A s, which will Iwc dividetl ns |bl lows: Lot No. I contains about 40 Acres. ' more or less, and is improved with M | nrKt . ( s W ITZ KII n A KN . the balance laid off into 3 tracts, containing ' about Id) Acres each, this laud is in a very good stale of culti- . vat ion, n nart of which hat loea recently ; | limed, and is watered by Sams' croak. I his 1 property is situated on Santa' croft, on the Liborty Road, and adjoins Xsilt's Mill , property, Peter Engel and others. Also, at the same time will I** sole TWO FISK WOOD LOTS, ‘ containing 11) Acres each, more or less, situated about two and a half miles South of the above Fsrtfi. and immediately on the • Old Franklin Road, adjoining lands of ■ Washington Nail and others. Persons w ishing to view the Property will j call on Hon. David W , Naiil, residing ucur : by. who will give all information. ‘ Possession given immediately on the rati- 1 1 Rent ion of tho sale. 1 tans.—One-third of the purchase money I shall be paid by tho purchaser or purchase! s I to the Fruktoe on the day of oale, or on the ruitication thereof, and tho residue m Im> jiaid in two equal payment*, the one la be paid in twelve months, and the other iu two years from the day of sale, with iutc st from , : the day of sale, and to be oveurnd by the 1 purchaser or purchasers note* with security j to be approved of hv the Trustee. CHARLES 1 MURRAY, M fcbM-te Tru.tic. i i'tlolt nf Benjamin Tod./, dtrottud j i 'V’OTICE {, hrr. h T riven that I bare oh- 1 A.V Uioed letter# of AdmiiiUtratlon on Ibe i ! F.non.l h-.t.U' of Benjamin Todd, 1.,. ofC.r- 1 rol county drW. All por.on, having ! r :. 101 ,ld dec.awd, art warned hi on. , lobit the same, in the subscriber, on or before •he first day of Bep(cwber next, they msv, otherwise, be excluded from nil benefit of said . All WW knowing ihesnselvrs to be indebted in Mid di ccssed by note, mortgage or otherwise, are notified that their liabilities are held as part of said deceased's estate, notwith standing any pretended gift nr pusaeasinn of I other parlies. RUTH TODD. hblbU Adm'x. Etlatr of ElizahrJk Getlar, N OTICE U hereby given that the Sub scriber haaobtained from the Orphans' Court ofCarroll county, letters ofAdmmiitre Uon on the Personal Estate of Elisabeth Gelticr, lair of Carroll county, dec d. All norsone having claims against said ostate are hereby warned to exhibit the same* within six months from this date, otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit oi raid eatnto. Those indebtod ore requested to make immediate p\ meat JOHN EL OETTIER, | f-b2£ U „ AdmiiiiMtulor. PUBLIC SAIiT Of Household Furniture and Effects of the UfilTEO STATES MOTEL, NEW WINDSOR, Carroll count; Mi XEK undersigned, hnviqg perehuswl n, S*sn Tnvom. corner of Frnnhlin ud w Streets, Bsltimore. together with the good will end fixtures of same, end haviv no further ute for hi, Fnrniterr, will ulf , st Public Sale, on Wednesday, llu 271 h nf Hank 18C7, the mtire stock of Household, B Roos, and Kitchen Furnitara of the prembes at present oocnpied by him, vi* : Parlor Furniture, One Walnut Trtc-s Tete, best hsir cloili latest stele, 4 Spring Seat Chairs, do. a Isr,. Arm Chairs. I fine Marble Top Table, i Walnnl Centre Table. I auperiorUilt Free, h date Mirror, 4 feet bjr 2) feet, ona Rosewood Case I’iuiio, Music Stand and Stool, da yards new English Bnis-rl, Carpeting. S new Venilian Bunds. SITTING ROOM, 1 excellent Hair Cloth Spring Sofa, J Mar ble Slab Table. I Plain Mirror. 2.‘ vardi of 3 ply Wofen Carpet, 1 Air Tight Coal St or. nud Fixtures. 4 large split bottom R>ckin k (.'hairs. 1 dozen cane bottom Choirs. I Ru* ; and Oil Cloth. DINING ROOM, | 4 large Dining Tables and oil Coven. 1 fin# j cherry Sideboard. 2 dozen and a half nf I Windsor Chairs, 1 Tun -plate Rtove with pipe. I latest pwttoru. 40 yards of Hag Carpeting, < complete setts of Dinner Services, GUm | Ware, Ac. HALL FUIIXITUHE, Table and Chair. 20 yards Oil Cloth, btt - t-Hrtwting, Oil cloth and Rods, 1 Brack* Hail Isomp. ! CHAMBER FURNITUIUC. Room No. I. n splendid WalnutFrenrit I Wateod aud;Bcd clothes together with M tre*• Feather Beds, Sbe*-l*. Spread* aiH Blankets all cmnpletc, I Fbie rhem- Dm . rting Bureau, 1 .Marble Top Wasa btasul ; Wa*h Bowl ami Richer, 1 Large Mrror, "JO yards of new Strew Malting. Kooin No. 2,1 wo Cottage Bedstead complete, same as above. Room No .T, Two Full gotta of Cot tage Furniture. Room No. 4, one sett of do. complete. Room No. h, one sett “ -• •• Room No. ft, one artt 41 " Room No. 7. cue nett 44 44 Boom No* H. 4 large Itedstends, one (are chest, 1 Wash Stand. Glass. Bow I atid I'it-I er. I large Wardn>l*r. No. two Full Setts of Cottage Kami lure, 1 Bureau, 1 WnrkMaml, f U'M stands, ft chairs, 2ft yards of Carpeting. Room No. |O, I Hedntead and Ueddinf. Kitchen Furniture ami Utensil*. I \ol>lr Cook K4orp. m with nil tin- fixture* to same. 1 cor n-r Cuplfocrd. 1 Dresner, I Safe, 1 lotus Tables, new Dough Tray. Washing Tubs, 1 large Meat Hogshead,! new Krout Tub, 1 largo Meat Bench, 1 chan, and Stand. I Doty’s clothes Washing chine, I cellar C’uoboard. I.ardcans, n lot of Bncon ai d Lard, |N Liters by the bushel. The n-scnber will also offer for sale.* fust GREY M IKE M years a , old. ONE COW that will be tI2-Sr I rush by day of sale, three fine , cheats, 1 Sleigh •hod runner i and string of Bell*. I g.M.d mb single Harm >s. Bridb-s, Saddles and H* ter*. I Digging Iron, 1 Miatoek, 6 corii Hickory Wood, 1 Hive of Bees. Sale to commence at l•'dock A. M, jo ‘-indy, ever) thing offere*! will U* really s**M as the subacriher must taka {fossesaion of ku new Hotel on tin* I*l of April next. Te.m* of Hale —A credit of 3 month will b*- given on all *uiim of $lO dollars su 1 ) upwsud*. the purchaser giving In* npfa approved security, bearing interest trwui fas day of sale. WILLIAM DELIMIT, Proprietor. Thomas Cabm, Auctioneer. fcb2*ls tuUSTKE’^ALK OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. HV lrtr of s decree of Die Circuit (N*:- for Carroll coaoty slums a* a court o( f iiuilr. passed in reuse No. 971 EqultV. wberfu Joshua Brown sni others are oomplalwaats, w Belinda Brow n am' other* are ok*lrD<laal. d* I rubeertber ms Trailer, will sell at Pablic hd •>n the premisri. on Sahntloji the 23 f. <ty of Mart'i, IStiT, .1 ;o uVtoa. A. M. .11 Ih, Real bule * ivhieb Thomas ft. Drown, die4l *f|r<-d and px reared, etwebtiag of two VALUARI.K FARMS, •Dusted on tho Turnpike Road loading fra* Westminster to Baltimore, -odfes firwoitw Stklions on tho Western Maryland Railrmi the Turnpike running within a qaartsr af mile of <h>4? of id stations (KtMMMbIMi twenty three feileafroin tbs city of Muawr | First, tho HOME FARM coolnlniau 200 Acres of LaiJ mnr, orlcK. Tb, iiapimanu cooiUt#' '-'-nforubjr .ad Urge T.n. Star/ Iriw Dvplild, I#M7^ ! HOUSE, Hit U,w|) built RANK BARN. UhWaahbH> ..d Or. Crib. rurcM, .Spia ilauw, bmobc Uouk >.d albcr watwarr M> rnp. There U . large quantity of Mcrllrr TTVBBK on the Taro.7 there la alto a#a xv blub <.n Jcr.ti.nt nf it.* proximitv loSB market, rendei sit vtry valuable'. Wfw The Turpplko Road dividr* th r arm equally. Second. A FARM adjoining the above consisting of Slj|)-Sl\ Acres of Land raortorU.l. The impr.Tunau *w I Housi, mil HAKN, and other necoHor, outb.lWlng, a I earellenl Orubu# oa th. preamo. Vtr to both proportion. The .hove propertr arill ha wM entire lit .Irrd, nr > portion uf Ihu 4f.l ainred UI b.t t.. hed t„ the teeoaJ, If pnfenoti. A pUt • .lie primt-.e, will he Cxhlbilcd oo the oar 4 •ale. A uu the same day and place A WOOD LOT, 1 ahPul 000 and a half aula* fro* tbefarwi r oflln'S I* iSlilf’ * " Oo4 * Ud deiiring to view tin pec.“ Terna 0 1 Sale—One third qaah oa the 4rr - •>*, or on lb. ratiftcation tbereoTnae third t> twelve orontbaaßd UteoUnr nw titled la year, from the da; ofaal*: ifiTWSwhaaer < pirrchaaon giving hi. or their ante, with *r proved (.lopjnfroai nle, , ’JwkcA atiiVrCTSkt fnbiau Caotrt KaipsMnaa, MWW‘ Painta, Pol. Dnrwr, Pull;. Oil#' V " *<•■. irwived artfi fv.r able at &)<•■• pneet. b; Stouftr i ftoftta*.