Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, February 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated February 28, 1867 Page 4
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Peter B. likesrll. VMtM.SALI k ftCTSTL DfiAUltt IN * BOOTS, HATS, CAPS, Groceries. Liquor* ami Leather- TT AVlXOjnat roterned from the Citie* ! XX o* Philadelphia and Baltimore, with | tbaiaivv'it and hint quality of artiriot in his i line ever before iilßwrt for Pale in Carroll County, inapmAilly informs hid frknd* ami ' the dtWi* of the Connty generally, that h* 1 i* rtill at'the old aland, a few doors above , the KaJlrcmu. and will W ennalantlv on liaai at Wholesale and rfetaii, a well hs | sorted stock of Mena', Bos/ and Children'* i loots axd 'shoes. Men's, Boys and Chidren'a Hats and Cap*. • of all luxes and niutif tea ; also a select vorielv ofl.adirr ami Mis so/ Boots and Shoes, all j >i'wluvhaill bt sold at the lo eat rash pric**. GUOC HR I BS. A large SfocV alwev.-. kept on hand, such as ' Rirj and Java Coffees, Extract of Coffee. Teas of all kind*, Ouahedand Brown Snsnrs. Svnina and Sugar House, Bakine do.. Raking Seda. Sal Soda. Kiee. Pepper. ( Allspice,Cinnamon,Cloves,Mustard, Ginger, ; Mace, Indigo, Starch. Madder. Alum, Soap, Cream of Tart or. FUh, Bacon, lard. 0. A. 1 Salt, FW Sail, by the Bushel or Sack. Coal OB and LamjM,Dried Fruit ,Tol>aeeo, Segar*. FOREIGN'AND DOMESTIC LIQTORS, ConsistingnfPortaud Malaga Wine*. French Brandies, Holland and Country Gin, N. K. Rum. Old Rye, MonoagnliaU and good Cop nor distilled Rectified Whiskeys, Ginger Brandy, Ac.; also a large lot of Bottled luq norvouakfitt of Brandy. Bottled ( Ivlffll Ginger Brandy, BUclrfterry, Wiki Oberr y and Kaapbcnw Hrandie*, Port Wl**, \ Pvwtcl intended Ibr Medical bOTpoflM. LEATHER, SHOE FISDIXOS, JbC. A.large slock at Leather always kept on hand, embracing Sola and Upper Leather. Calf Skina, Tampico and Madras, Grained j Morocco. Istdiea’ French Finest Morocco. Piak Linings, Binding*. Ac.: also a well se- ! failed Block of Shoe Findings, viz: all the differ numbers of Shoe Peg*, Shoe Thrcud. j String*, Shoe Knives, Rasps. Patent Paging AwU, Sewing Awls. Patent Peg- ’ ciug Awl Handle*, lasting, I/ocks. Kails. I IWietlea, Send Paper, OtliM, Lasts, Hook*, Hammers. Pinchers. Knirper,- , Peg Cotters, ; Knhbcm, Tyrfets, Ac. CEDAR WARE, OWi-ting of Bus kefs, Tuba* Broom*, Shoe Blocking and Brushes. Wash Boards, A<\ MTN. iL—AU Goods to be Wholesaled or retried tomiii nucchaipca. MBrlte returns his thank* fhr the" liberal patronage extended - to him, aud will do j evervlhing in his power to merit its rondo nance. PETER B. MI KESRI,L. I dec7-ly. Attention i and most complete F IRA IT IG i: in Wertmiaster, i* now being offered to the public, hr IRA E. CROUSE, at his MOW • AND COMMODIOUS IF ARE ROOMS. located almut one hundred yard* East <>f the Kail mud Depot, and ncu.'fj’ opposite Uic Catholic Church. - hased in Philn •lelpkia for Uic and iwwMti of the Uu**i and most Improved *tvles. via? PAiiLUH SUITS, 1 Yolv-a-ietrs, Sofas. Marble top Cluster and Keantmei Tables, Spring-sent Chair*: also, i I ’hamner Sniu. consisting of splendidly 1 fVMhmLßn|nd UqnM IMtVwds.Rarblt BJSL 11 ™ j CHAIRS, Hia selection of (’ant* and Wood sent Chairs is lamp! god of the moat uUt* ntittl make. constantly on hand a large nivd vary superior Stock of Furniture of his ; own manufacture. COFFIXS. lieiua in •oatwasion of a new and verr cle taut HEARAH. he is prepared to fhmisb ; COFFINS and attend Funeral* at the short est notice, at prices- that will always give waliafcetktp. Ifw Iromk also a large and well selected 'Jrrbv e, j&k wliirh he own meommend to lw 'd’Bwjx tliw latest and most improved pat teraa, consisting of Cooking. Purler aud Office Stoves. He invites all to examine his Slock before ‘ purchasing alaewhere. By a strict ami faithful attention to bust- . nesa. he hopes to receive a share of public ■ painNttgc, j t !'• IRA V. CRDUSK. X, R- -OUdjtun.ilurr and Chairs, repair d and poß|tl>mi reoaoiioUe terms. Save Your Honey, 1V GETTING yUR GOODS AT ! % M. WARNER’S NEW STORE, WEST END, WESTMINSTER, Who boa always on band a fine selection of % *"■ FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Bfcf GOODS, Xotmu, (Snxcrut, <tr. (WTkiuikful for Ik* inerMunng patron i, and hopeful 10 merit * continuance of iko mm. ■.*<* yr J'.-’. - THE OLD MOTTO, Quick gale and Short Profits. A. M. WARNER. V LUMBER dt COAL* H. W. Hell k To. Wwtokrt.r, Md. WBwnoW infimn the ekiten, of West Timber. Shingles, Laths, Pickets Ne, Ac., Jin selected hj an experienced LnmUrman. khe aM prepared to sell rerjr low for *h. Also Store and Blacksmith'e CM h, the to*, and limeborner'a Cool hr the ear. tofu and exomin* for rounrim. H. W. DEli, ft 00. fohlS-tf ■ . t • 1 ■ * WM W GOODS. I New Coods!! MASSIE ic co., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC /irj/ Goodn WE are now receiving a varied aMorinient of # FALL AND WINTER GOODS! Ato anr Stt.u.\,i Tll*M CHEAP. j mrOiTB us a cull deforc purchasing j elaua bere. as mtc feel con tide be to your interest. Oct. 11, '69 H. B, RR4HMBR. i. W. PERKINS GRAMMER & PERKINS. PHftTfKiRAI’HS, AMBROTVPES, M El, A IN'OTY P Ef?, PICTURES IN INDIA INK. WATER COLORS. AXD OIL COLORS, AC. HB. GUAMMEK, having assoriatml with him in his husinesa Mr. ,T. W. I j I’KKKiva. late of Baltimore. wht> has had ' some rigt-.Uiru year* exponent r in rh*4o gvaphT.nnd binng romovcil t Ids NEW BOOMS, nearly opposite Odd Fellow*' J Rati, which have been fitlod up at ct.n.sulcr | able expense expressly for the business. would rasped fully announce to his friends j of Westnnnater, and of Carroll County gen I orally, that they now have the facilities fir j taking as good pielnre*, (in every style of ! ■ the art,) as ran he procured elsewhere, i Juuc 21-tf _ Msmtv !N4R¥L\KI RAILROAD, j Change of Time. [' RUMMER ARRANUiKENTS. On ami after MONDAY. Mny 21„t. lS,h',. , | UieTrains will mn a* follows; Knuttenrd. —l/eavo Union Hri*lge at 4.4*i J A. M.. 9 A. M and 2.101 V M Uw NVcstminstcr at 6; 10 A. M. and ; ! *.45 A. M., and 2..17 P. M. : Wfirttcard. — Baltimore at 0.1-1 A. i , M., J1.30P. M-. and 1.30 P. M. ,i Arrive at Westminster .it 11.43 A. M.. i 0.06 P. M. and H,OO P. M. Arrive at Union Bridge at 12.27 P. M.. 6..16 P. M. and 8.42 P. M. , SSUFcieighi Trains daily eaeli way, (ex- 1 ccptSumlnv.) ffttTAa >: xpress Freight Car leave* Cal , vert Station daily, (cxccrit Sahmlays and j Stmdnya,) at 3.30 P. M—imt all goods for that car must be delivered before 3.00 P. M. i For any information in regard to Freight* J or Cars, apply to the undersigned at West- 1 minster. P. 11. IRWIN. 1 may 24-tf Sup t. IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store! Important to B' trlenniila, Marhinitt* j Farmers , Shocmaktr*, Satlfih rs and Consumers of Iron mid leather. XHK Sulacrilrr* inform the citizens „f Carroll and adjoiniug Counties, that | _ have just nnened at their new* Ware j, near the Depot, aLWcMtminater. Md., • j a full and complete stock of Iron, Steel, Leather, Hubs. Spokes. ; Fellow*, and everything belonging (0 the Carriage Busincaa*, j and all kinds of Blackt-raitli'* Tools I and heavy Hardware generally; also acorn ! plcte stock of NIIOE FIIVDIffER, all of which are offered at fair price*. I The attention of comsuroers and dealers ; are invited to call and examine our slock, in qoaiity and price*. REIFSXIDER A CO. I j sept 13, 18C6—tf J SHOESANDHATS I | Cheaper than Ever, At John E. Bcsby’s, i Opposite new Catholic Chnrch. WHERE you will find the largest and best assortment of the ren latest style Toadies and JTimkc* .Shoes and Boot* ever offered for *le in this .Market. Also -Veus Boots and Shoes of every distriptiun Hats ! Hat* ! I Hats !! I Hats! !! ! of the very latest style always on hand. All goods sold at the very lowest price*. * wa. p. WAruonr. chah. n. Kuparrs. MAULSBY 4 ROBERTS, A TTOPyFVS-AT LA fT A Y I) SOIJC irons isCHAXcEiir. Having awmewtod themselves in the nrac tioe of Low in Carroll connty, they will at tend promptly and carefully to ail busincs* . entrust™! to their charge. Mr. Manisby I will visit Westminster whenever business j require* it. Office directly opposite Court ! House. jtmMy j Dr. F. Butler and L Evans, OFFER to (heir friends and the public in general, one of the best Liniments that ha* Intel? been presented for the cure of HmsuorrhoMS or File*. We offer this feme dy with the hope that those persons who are afflicted with thid disease may give it a trial, and feel satisfied they will receive full rctnu nt.ration for their money expended* Fr Sale by A. H. Huber. No. 2, Carroll Hall. Weatminster. and at the Subscribers He-i-leoee, at the We*t End. <!b 18,-tf Meat Cuttere, Staffeva, Ac The oorirslled doobie cylinder' (’utter and Bologna goffer, for sole by t %or. 19. ' K. I T. Gsrnand F O 0 T *’• Bora illilonors. ps*psnti— ln* au.| UNor*bl> known, will tbor fßmmr ~ TTfl narri r “u > I Tentire of all ■*" ' ewe* iMldeal to thl* so Inst, etieh u LCSC FEVER. oTaNDUU, YELLOW WA. TER. HEAVES. COUGHS, PIS SB TEMPER. FR. VERM. POUNDER A|Bl LOSS or APPK Tin: AND VITAL it. IbA, tncr*Mc M M ” sleety .kln-aml , ,-df ftgf- UMifinu the mleerstle akeleton iaU a fine lookias sad eplrltefi Ear**- | To kceiwn of Cow* tide |>u piuHion ig Inreluahie. (I tncroaee* Md ih* quftMVy ' * 4 bees prortnbj sc Incrrsor the quan rn.-am Iwrnty p. r S I ceiil and nu.kf tli butter firm and aveci In fattening aojappttiiu. looeetia much fluter. la sll disc*tea of Swine, such M Ccoghi, ITkctl In Ibe Lung*. Liver, ta a • barrel of will iha a)>o-c dt<- n. c l - , * will bt eradicated c^PIBPHPPPNR>i n ’‘ i or rnUrrtf pr-rented Tf glwn In time, a certain prereoUrt and care for the Hog Cholera. Prie, 89 Cant, per Paper, or 1 Paper, for SI. PXXTABXD BT S. A. FOI TZ A 880., AT THBTR WHOLESALE DRlti AND MEDIUM. DEPOT. { Ho. 116 Franklin St, Baltimore, Md. For Halo by DroggMs and Stocekeepm through out the United States. £decl4-Iy m:h stobk: JOHN R. BUSBY Rnntem'M.Y Ino.rm.llir public Ibal be hs.jnrt opened a NKW STOHK. iu \Ve.l minatiT. MH.. near the Uailroatl. ami nppnxiU; the Catholic Church, whore he |. aa on hand, s large anil splendid assortment of New Goods, Consisting of in part as follow s : Ladies' s*di"e. of every description, [’■■lish j and Balmoral Boots, nf the v.r.-r lal-pt rt jr 1 ) style. Mens' Uoutsand alt kinds, wSi i Also a full saeortuivnt uf CliUdrrns’ v Sho-H-. HATS ana CAf’S oflhclaL t fa-Jiion. ; | Also a Urge assortment of THUNKS. All of I which lie is selling at wonderfully reduced | W ALL P A PEE 1 A splendid assortment of Stamped. (iiiiJ, 1 I Brorxi-d. (lltlsd and Ungiaied Wall Paper. I Oak and Walnut Panmding for Malls and Pin ing Dooms. Alsu Fire-Board Prints, (lilt and 1 Linen Window .Shades, all of which are of the 1 at**st style*, at the lowest cilr niiccs. Hanging dnncDT Wll.M A M COON, who has had -irteen years experience in the burin ess. in Baltimore and oilier cities. Work done In any part of the country, all | guaranteed or tr.fl yrrr. mai Is-tf PATENT ffliCA ROORNG. ; i THE Ve.v York M.- Ronrir, Cn,MW. iE- ' |ubli*hed lH.’d, i arc manufacturing under )#(■ tors Patent (be best article of < ompKiiiin roof- ! ing ever offered to the public. It is adapted J to every style of Roof, steep or liat, and can be readily applied by any one. The U. S. Government, after a thorough teat 1 1 of Its utility, have adapted it* use iu the Nary ■ A ards, and upon Public Buildings. Tin* Hoofing is put up in rolls, and lias only i to be nailed to the Hoof to make a Durable f FIHE AM) WATER-PROOF COVERING. We particularly recommend its use upon I Buildings, Stores, f'hureb-*. Pactorie*, Sfa j ciiiutvSbopa. Steamboat Dorks, Ac. MIC A ROOIIVG IMIAT. 1 For coating Tin. Iron, or Shingle Roof*. It : forms a body equal tu tiikee coat* oy on Paint. No Roof can nut under it, and Old Leaky Roof* I may be made pernmuentlv watei-proof and du- ; | rablo bv it* use. The Paint requires no mixing, but is ready to jbe applied w ith the ordinary paint brn-li.— • Price, SI.OO per gallon, which will cover two hundred square feet, j Also manufacturers nf mark I.ualrr VarnUli. , TARKED FELT AXD KOOKIXU I-ITCII. J Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price 1 1 List furnished. Bights for (Bounties told at law i rates. Address TFT: one A ROOFING CO., j 15)4 Broadway. N. V. •* 1 Fmnk Humphrer*, f!l Royal SL. N. O. Sco , held. William* A (J**., Augusta. Ga. Baldwin If. j Wood*. Montgomery. Ala.. Timmo.* S. Coates. ! Udleigb. N. C., F. A. Tucker. Rirlirunnd, Vn.. Henry Wilson, Pctersbqpg, Va,, Agents. %g<>nlN Buiitnl. nor29-ly REMINGTON'S gjfKj Fire Arms. Sold by Hun Uenlers i, And liar Trade Grnrrallj. | Vest Pocket Pistol. No. 22 Cartridge. : Repenting Pistol. ( Elliot pU ) No. 22 Cartridge, i Rej>eating Pislnl. ( Elliot pt.) No. 32 Cartridge, i j Pocket itevotver, (Self Cocking.) New Pooket Herolver, {with Loading Lever,) Police Kevolvor. Karr Kite Calibre, | Bell Revolver, Navy Size Calibre, Belt Revolver, (Keif Cocking, 1 Navy Calibre, Nary Revolver, 30-100 in. Calibre, Army Kavolver. 44-100 in. Calibre, Gun Caoe, wting No. 32 Cartridge. Revolving Rifle, 3<J A 14-100 in. Calibre, Breech leading Rifle, No. 32 Cartridge. Breech 1/Omling Carbine, No. 46 Cartridge. U. 8. Rifle, l Steel Afar n.d, > with Sabre Bayonet, • H. 8. Rifled Musket. Spriugfluld Pattern, j Single Barrel Shot Gun, E. REMINGTON k SONS. Kiev, New To V. ! j AGENTS, i Moore A Nichole, New York. Palmer* k Bacbeldera, Boston, John P. Lovell. '* Jos. C. Orsha k Co., Philadelphia. 1 | PooUnrr k Trimble, Baltimore. Henry Folsom k Co., N. Orleans Memphis, i Maynard Bros.. Chicago. L. M. Bumvey it Co., Ixmis. Albert K. Crane. San Praocuco. nyU-ly.-iy ll GEORGE W. SBLUVAN, [, (oustahel. General Collector, and City RaililT, i TT'CJLL attendlpromptlvU>all his official j , T? rlnfiuv ns Constable uud'lhiiliff. and I to the CoUection of all claim* placed in his . hand*. He may ho found at nH limes, except when absent on business, ot Cook’s National Ho tel. at the Kail mad, Westminster Md. j dac27-3cn /SUGAR! BUG ABM ( A FINE lot of Brown and White Sugars. 1 Just received at ' jolyfl A. M. Warner’*. | BOOTS. SHOES. IIATM, AC. A Urge anortment for Men, Women and Children, of Uteststyies Cali before you pur chase, at E. K. Gernxnd*. CHOLEBA PREVENTIVE! inch. I. • rug cm:at ztyaAMi bitters. THIS WONDEUrUI REMF.nT <r diiMT •rwi *nd introduced about twenty years br Dr. rt. Chcopsns, so eminent KgTj.uan pbyaciao. ru hsd long so on and frit the want of some medv which would •trike at the root of dis ease. and so prevent much of the suffering which the human family was then compelled to endure The greet question w presented to his mind erarr day In vivid colon 4* ho moved among the sick and dviuf. and observed the ineffiriea ey of nearly all the remedies then in u**. Thu* he wai lead to think and experiment j and after ten rear* <M atmiy ami labor, lie presented to MSteffow man the WohdWfhf Ziugari Hitter*. The effect of this preparation in the prevention and cure of disease. am so marvellous and as tonishing. that the most latte ring mark' of royal favor were bestowed npon him who dis coVeicd it. Hi* name wu* placed npon the Roll of Noble*, ud a gold medal with the fol lowing iucriplion—Dr. S. Cheopsu*. the Public ( Benefactor—ova* pre—ntedto him by the Vler rov. The preparation h-\* hern naed in several epidemic* of cholera, both a* a preventive and curative measure, and with *ach great *ucre** that it lias been lalrodaeed into nearly all lh<' general hospital* of tha old world. j The old saying that an ounce of prevention i* worth a pound of cure, applies w ith marvel lous force to cholera, and therefore anr remedy * that will protect u* against this terrible disease •hould ami persist* utiv used. All pathologist* now agree that the cholera poi<in act* on. the avsteui thmngh the blood, and that any combination whirn acts on the excretory organ*, and keep* them In working order, tc'u*tprevent a sufficient accumulation of the polo>n U* exert it* fcNTihle rff-rts on the organism. Thia I* true not only of cholera, hut of nearly all other maladies, especially the dif ferent form* offerer*. Tin- Zingari Hitter* i* Jn<t wch a remedy a* the a Imre condition* require. It act* on’ the organ* of exerettoa and secretion, keeping np ■ perfect balance hater era them. This Hitters i c.imposed entirely of roots and herbs, so nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put in tone. It* taste is pleasant and it* effect* prompt and lusting. Numerous cs*e* of the following dbra*** have be-n cured hv it: Cholera, Diarrbtea. ] Typhoid and Typhus Paver, Fever, Ague. Ner vous Debilitr. Anaemia, Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia. Flatulency, Colic. Scrofula. Ac. ! ‘Pi ice, one dollar per quart bottle. Principal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, Harrisburg. Pa. Sold hr Druggist*. Hotel-keeper* & Grocer*. For Sale in Westminster Mil. by Uowr.ta A j Gcua. Grocer*, and A. ii. Hearn. Druggist. F. KAHTBH.

June 2R,—lyr. Role Proprietor. j FALL AND WINTER OF IMSU AX! 1*67. E. K. (ER\A\D. WESTMINSTER. MD.. \ T 711-T• always bo found a large and caro , \ \ f ully lelectod stock of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, I Notion*. (’alditol and Building Hardware, Qaeensware. Groceries. 1 BOOTS, SHOES, H ATS, Ac.. I Fluor and Table Oil Clulh*, Drag*, Gloss, Point*. Oiiu, Ac., Ac.. Ac. i The largest aasorinicnt of LAMPS, Shade*- I At-., in the Couutv. J The alxivc stock htu Wen carefully .•■elec- j led and ia replete, in Domestic Good* cu- j ( pccialW. with ulf the standard mokes of the 1 , UMitry, -i w ill 1.0 sold at Mlopr ratr* n 1 can I.e pun bound for in the City. and examine hefon* pnrvhuing. & K. < i Eit \ \NI >. i ocllS comer Main ond Court streets. . Hr. % 11. Witinor. Has Imcn In successful practice fur a number of years, w iih the experience of the different hospital* in Europe, also a member of the An , al> lical Medical Institute of New York, coiitin -1 net to attend to all professions! rase# at his of fice No. 9‘iU Filbert Street Philadelphia. ! No patent Medicines an- used or recnm- I mended ; the remedies administered are those , w hich will not break down the constitution but I renovate the system from all Injuries it has sus . tained from mineral medicines and leave the • *v*tem in a healthy and perfectly cured con DTirsnu that di.-tres*ing disease and fell destroyer of health and happiness, nndertnin- Bltilillw oodjrcavty carrying ihon , sand* to untimely graves, can moil einjlialical • 1 y he cured. M.-Jaurhol y. Abberration that state of Aliena tion and weakness of the mind which renders i persons incapable of enjoying the )>Laorea or performing the duties of life. anttniAmif, in any form or condition, chroa nic or acute wr-ranted curable. rni.r.rar, or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn cases of FEMALE DISEASES, radically removed; .Salt Uhoum ami every description of ulcerations ; Pile# and scrofulous 1 diseases w hich have baffled all previous medical skill, can be cured by my treatment; and 1 do say ail diseases, (rca'CoxawrriON) can be cured | by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which is a , protection to ihe lungs against all change* of j j weather in all climate*. Having investigated for : ' years the cause aud character of intermittent# I tfever and ague) in all part* of the United ' j Slates will cure permanently all Tronic or acute . cases of ague A nervous disease* in a few dava. ' Cancer Cured without the kui/e or Drawing j i Flood. j 1 Tape Worm that dread to the Hoidln Family j | for years, can be removed w ith two or thrue j doses of niy newly discovered remedv, warran- j ted in all <m*e*. 'Consultation in the English ; and German Language* free of charge. Will make visits any distance if desired. Mwr ho addressed bv letter (cotfßdcntially) and Medi cine sent wi'th proper directions to any part of the counter. OFFICE—No, 928 Filbert St. Phil*. June 7,—ly. UNITED STATES Steel Fen Works, Factory, CAMDEN, N. J. RESTKRBBOOK i CO. Slocl Pen •• Mnnnfartnrer*, Warehouse. 4011 Arch Street., Philadelphia, 43 John Street, New | York. j These Celebrated Pens nro of Genuine American Manufactory and comprise every | lending style in the Market, and are equal in I finish, elasticity and fineness of point to the ■ beat imported- They arc, therefore, sure to gain the confidence of the American public. Sample* and price* on Application. Lot* Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp reouired. For Sale to the Trade at the Mnnu- I factor or'a Warehouse, a# above; and nt j retail by all Stationers. Bookaollers and Nawa Dealers in the United States, R, BBTBKBUOOK. k CO. mylO ly _ Notice to Soldiers. I T am now prept red to make out the papers. | 1 and collect the bounty for Soldier*, under I tne latc> decision of lle War Department, 1 and the Act of Congress approved July 20lh | 1 80 G. No pay, or clturge made, until 1 collect the money from the Government, and pay it over to the Soldier. I have re ceived a number of blank forms from the War Department, and am now ready to make jout the claims and collect the money. RICHARD MANNING, Office PHtell A Manning, Hrokers, Westminster, MJ. oet 11, tf “18 years established in N. T. Uilv.’’ “Only infallible remedies known.“ “Free from Poisons." “Not dangerous to the Human Familv." “Hals come out of their holes to die." “ColterV* Hat. Roach. Ac., RxtonuV I* a paste—need for If at", Vice, AW Am, lilwk and h‘ed A nil , dr., dr. “ osuir’a" Hod-Hug Exterminator Is a liquid or wash —used to destroy, and also h> a prev.Mitive for lledrbvff, dv. “Coatar n” Kloctric Powder fur Insect.- It for Voth* Afo*<iuitoes. t*rn. Rod Huy*. Imtcl* on J lanU, J-'owU, Animals, dr. Vsu!!l BfcWAueM! of ail wortlika* § imitations. See that “Costar’k’* name is on each Hox. Hottle, and Flask, before you buy. 1 IfJk, Address lli:\td It. C O.HT4R, 4H4 Brand way, N. V. l*yr Sold in WKunaixsTeu, Mn., XT By A. 11. HUDKR. And all Druggist and Retailers every where. ! . [ I “COSTAR’S" CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, } For Cuts, Burns. Hruiues, Wounds, Boils. | Cancers, Broken Hreust*. Sore Nipples, : illee<ling, Blind and Painful Piles; Scrofu j j loos. Putrid and 111 conditioned Sores; IT j | cers, Glandular Swellings, Krontions, Cuta- j neons Ringworm, Itch. Corns. * Bunions. Chilblain*. e.: Cnoppwl Hands, j I Lips. kc. : Biles of Spiders, Insects, Ani I nmls. kc., kc. Boxes, 2"i ets., AO et*.. and $1 si/.es. | MuSold by all Druggists everywhere. ( C<V And by HENRY K. COSTA 11, ]> e - 1 pot 484 Broadway. New York. And by A. H. HFBEH, Weslinin star. Md. “CO STAR’S" r.MVKRSAI, Corn Solvent, For Corns, Bunion*. Wart*, Ac. I I®*“ Boxes. 25et*., 50 ets., and $1 . Sold by all Druggists everywhere. W And by HENRY H. COSTAIi, De pot 454 Broadway, New York. USTAnd by A. 1!. HUBER, Westmin-' ■ter, Md. I | :“C O STAR’ S" PEKPARATION OF liittrr- Sirrct and Ormujc Jilnumm* row *KACTIMI*O TUI COMn.LSIOX. Uimhl to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles. Pimples. Eruptions, Ac. Ladies are wow using it in preference to all others. Bottles, sl. ■®u Sold by nil Druggists everywhere. V*.. And by HENRY U. COSTAR, De i pot 484 Broadway. New York, i And by A. 11. HUBER, Wcslmin j *ler, Md. * I “COSTAR’S” PECTORAL CO rail REMEDY , For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, iSore Throat, Croup. Whooping Cough, Influenza. Ath ina, Consumption, Bronchial Aflr'tions, and all Disease' of the Throat and Lungs. Bottles, 25 ets., 50 eta., and SI size*. Btdjr Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And hv HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, Now York. II. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. "COST A R' S' CELLBK.VTLD BISHOP PILLS, a mrxtiAL aixx kr pill. For Ncrrons and Sick Headache, Coative ness, Indigestion, Dyspepia, Biliousness, Constipation, Diarrhen, Colics, Chills. Fe vers, and general derangement of the Diges tive Organs. Boxes, 25 ets., GO ct*., and $1 sizes. Sold Isy all Druggists everywhere. And by HENRY H. COSTAR, Depot 484 Broadway, New York. And by A. H. HUBER, Westminster, - | Md. dee ,-; | Carroll Nursery. -V EAR WMSTHIXSTER, HI). JOSEPH STOUT proprietor. about • ■IO,OOO Apple Trees Of the most approved varielie. vn 1 j u] for next Spring planting., A large .apply of Dvaif and Sinnojrd PEARS. A few PEACH TREES, Pi.l'M and APRICOT. A .apply of CHERRY and QUINCE TREES. GIIA P E VINES of all tiro lending varietie.. CURRANTS. COOSEUERRIES. I.AWTON BRACK DERRY, STRAWBERRIES. RASPREIIRtES, E V E H (1 It K E X S, „f large sire; A largc.lolof DECIDUOUS TREES. Tho.v a ho desire TREES we think would do well to examine toy .lock before par -1 ehaeiog cl.owherc, a. aty .took arc all from j tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT | dec"-if REAL ESTATE mul Collecting Agency. j 1.811 KT.IW, Wt .Twiv.Tirn, Mo.. j OjK'rat Mi'MTt tm-r. n .1. .v. to :i />. .1/.. HAVING mode nmuigciticnls for the’ ptosycutinn of the famine** of buying j J nnd selling Itonl Estate. offers Iris. service* ( to jin* rilixoiM of I‘urroll county who nmy ; wish nnv burine** transacted In hi* line*. I A large amount of Itonl Estate nlwnv.s on i linnd. IVrNon*; having propertv to dtsorwo of w ill find him (he bet medium for it- sal.-. ; Also, nil eulh*cti>m* promptly attended to. i de,-: HV LAW COPARTNERSHIP. : F. I'BOl'T. C IUH. T. KRII'MMDL'R. ! CROI'T & KEIFB\II)ER, ! trroi.xns ir/,.nr ayi) sou emu:* ix nuxi Ki/r, WPMTMINSTKU, M|. 11’ K have formed a < opartnerr-hip in tin* ▼ ▼ practice of law in the Court* of ! Carroll and Howard Counties, and will promptly atiu.*d to all bu*inews entrusted to | our care. Particular lUctition paid to Col* 1 leetion* and procuring Dccrvfti lor the silo i ' of Heal Estate. .ANo. Application* filed for Thick Pv ami 1 i Homily duo heir- of dacea-d soldiers. . Office adjoining tin- residence of Cham. T. | f Hkif*viik. noUt-tf j j ALEXANDER FRAZER. (lock and Watch Maker. ! i the transaction of himitiCes nt Mr. Tmmho's, j lower cud of Westminster. in tin* room for i j mcrly occupied by Dr. Hcring as an office. , Doing an old experienced Chick and Watch Maker, not n repairer merely, he ll at tern j himself that he can give every satisfaction I to hi* employer*. ( flock*, Wntthes, Jewelry, At., repaired I ! at phort notice, in tho heat manner, and on I rao*t accommodating terms. Jund 11-if J. J. BAUMGARTNER, Attorney at lain ami Solicitor In Clianccry* 1T711.1, pmoUwlow in the Courts in fur T f roil county, will aid and counsel | ; thorn who arc scaling estates in the Or* phan*' T'ourt, and draft Wills, Deed* Ac. j Can ho aeon at the T’nfon National Hank ! of Westminster, from U o'clock A. M.. tin* ' til 4 o’clock P. M.,nnd iu the evening* at 1 ! his residence opposite tin* Farmers A Mo- i ! clmnica’ Notional Hunk of Westminster. I moylH 1,. jos. m. Parke, tlloniev ul Law unci Millc-Mor In Chancery* HAVING sonic Spare time, not occupies • hy hi* Editorial duties, will devote the iine to the Practice of Law in the various j Court* of Carroll county. Will counsel and , assist such a* have binmse-s before the Or phans' Court, and attend to the preporn- , lion of Deeds. Wills Ac. Office in the rear of the Aptocati: Print ing Office. marH "fRIZEU 4 MANNING, BROKERS, ! WILL buy sad sell United States* and other ; public Securities; also hand Wart anti. I Will bur Negotiable Paper. Hombnmi Judg- : merits. and advance money on Collections, j Will pay tkr*t jK-r cent.* fur Drposltes, to ho I secured by (iovernuieut Bunds. nod redeemable I on demand. I Office three dm*r below Dartholovv's lintel, ; Westminster, Md, mar lie if. Dally Passenger and MAIL LINE, I’roui (iMly.hurg and l.ittlmdown. Con- [ nectx with the Cur. Rt Weatminster. JOHN 11. 81’Al.DINO. I clcell-lf C. W. W E II ST B H . Sl(e' Attorney, ATTORNEV-AT LAW, AXI> XOl.iriTOH IX CHA M.’Elti', OJBflt over fri/.ell A Manning'. Broker'. Officer, il doors below Ihirlhohiw'. Hotel, IVe.tnnti.ter. Md. doo".|j. OII.S, I'nruU, I’M. Dryer. Putt,. (Ihuw, 4e., received end for ulc t lielllimire prices, hy StoHjfcr Jlnfi'muH. ' Js>n Merchant Tailoring. 170 K Cped,, Style and Fit. r.ll ..n 7 ''j***!} John L NeifniSdcr. ( UNION WORKS, Meslminster Id. IV M. 11. IT ARM A N* i CO. iSfe 1 . Improvwd HORSE TOWKIU. PLOUGHS, wiUl Wronghl and Coat Iron Shore* and PoinU, Hpnng IWK HOILSK liAKKS, hw I lav and Grain, COHN SIIEIaLEUB.FF.KD (-CTTEBS, and AijiicuUnrul Machinery Also CASTINGS of oil kinds done to order All kinds of REPAIRING •lone with nrnptneoa and on moderate terms, I hey ore also sole Agents for lh sole n j IcOOUHICK'B Improved SelMlnkm. •omhined , ; . ’ KKAPKK AV MOWER, ftr farroll county, and in thol part of Fred crick county North pf Frederick City, bin also in (hal part of Hnhimore countji Noitl of Texas. With this Machine (he Farm* savea money. Ume and labor, and Is, withoJ controversy, superior to any other now ii the market, nna fully warranted to roan aw rake heavy, light, lam;led or 'odged Groin where hand rakes or aroppeis wiM foil. \V< offer it on trial with any other, the purchase to keep and pay for the one preferred. Al nrc Agent* for Gcivr'* Patent Selfßrjulafiuj fUntii S yam for. Cleaner and Uayrjtt. Ain time like the present, when labor 1 very scarce, it i important Unit Fnrm n who are iaArnutod, BHnuldgive nllentUm % (lit* improvement, which will ronsidemhl reduce the expense of Threshing Grain i th > common way. This is now ronatdrri! theliesi Scjaimlor Imibro the public. It j port ten lat4y ndanted to Farmer* for thri own nse, and will apply to licver or fUtlwi power, and will Thrush and Cleon from IQ to U*iO HuslicU per day. nsing four to i horses and a* many hands. Also, for u| MovrnonKnv’fl “liorni.K-Scai'KMrn Rm'u way WiuUt Fair.'* dce7*ly. LADIES' NEW SHOE STORK JVHT OPr.?XFI> 1 Westminster, Hctwoen the Railroad and Rcifsntdor) Sion*, two dars west of j Mts. Shrincr'a Millinery Store. fpilF nudcrsignrd las just ruin rued fro( I the city of Philadelphia with the largo and lavt. selected stork of ldica' Mi*im Children's and Gentlemen's Hoot* * , b H over brought to this mn ket. Mv stock QOl •i*ts in part of Ijhllcs' and *’n-i>in made Glove Kid Italmorwls.Rßl luting Gnitcrs. Morocci Hnlnwrslv H Polish Hoots, Oil Goat lUlmonds. and (kj 'lren’s Shoes; also Grntlemeu's Hoof* uJ Shoe*, such a* Men’* Calf Custom-mal I loot* Congress Gaiters, Uct Birots, sirni*. Kin and coarse o<ntH A .dimes id* J kinds. Hcingan exicri*uciHl Mnnufartuil | myself, 1 have hud all the nliovu stock otafl to order, and for Urn express tmrposel -suit thix market hy a n-hdinileq and m known Hoot end Shoe Munufiicturer ■ Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dwl 1 Wliy. comfort and elasticity to the fet t/9 superior to nil other* and arc the best fillfl i patterns thut can lc found. I 1 have token great care in the gettingß | of my stock, and ran warrant every attfl ■ In Ik* wlmt il i* represented or the logs fl . hr- Open me- I therefore invite llieespeH nltcotion of the 1 aulie.s and GcnllenepH Wc.tnilnsier and Carrul I county to my itfl 1 of Good* which will Ik* sold ul inucM ' lignres limn the same good* con heH | elsewhere. I j Come one. come all. and exumftMrfl , yourselves. No charges made for shd|fl ! Good*. ■ : vet 4,- if T. S. RCKEtt™ DENTAL IMPROVEMENT! ■> k SR’S I Improved Miron. Oxldtl Apparntu*. I in*, (.to S. FOlkt, Reulkl lUiing lin ni-lird hi* oilier, in Vislulsfl Md.. with of Hr. Beau's I’slewl ImmrM Ai'|>artu for the innnTif'ni turn nffiaifwlgf x1 tK (U 8 OXIIIK oAI would anaonner that hr w ill wBl be )-i '•pared t Atlminidtcr thie popular AmoH ! for (hr ■ j Extraction of !'• hr it hunt /ciofl Mr. KMI'KK would InGlotkeutlsatfMal public (<> Ms lately Improved I’ll FVSUSS PI.ATKS ros AutiiiClAl. mis "f sa improved A ir-Chsssbor, # ■ ran- of the a tutor where for holding teeth iH and securely in (he numlfe (s wars MW and "ftrclusllr attained limn by form of piste hitherto used by The value and eseellenew .*f a set of Teeth are much ealiancrd by ihisnev philosophical arrangement. Mr. F ronliaues the all H- Hi ditcher, mid twing m fitttiwr QH ... //rtr.f ttuUe: fur Mental uargMMß tonuhlv experienced in the !• • lit upon (he I s Ummile |la-r. to oipply this ttrfe of work at very rates. . NEW STORK AM* * : NEW STOCK \ ’ "111 ai lent ion I* (Hditaiy and I X solicited to my new Of well selected GOODS now n/anmile ( Alt/tOLL^M H Ivnhnu ing n great variety of such as Cloths, (isssi tilers, Cssxiafl TIVEEDB, ■ I'hiin nml Fmicr COIK'URftS. AI.r.VOAR. ■ KI.ANNEIA 1 aiNtiiiAiM CAf.IUOKS, !@r- CA.MBRirs. Hi UtlblS, Bleurhotl ami liman H MOL'.SU iH icowln, Shoe*, until nna J (H.OVKS. HOSE, Wool and CtHtofl " i'll a genoral and U1 alidad ■ STOCK of ■ (iRtK'EHIER Slid Hinnrifl Ami ndi.r arli.'lu usually kapt, whirkH ollhml ai u .nm!l advonca alana fW. M JOSEPH WKI.LF.fI j noSO-tf NEW BOOK ANI STATIONERY IML i riVHK moleraigaed havia, jwdjsfl 1 ImsioMu. toka nlwan in mmffß oiiumiiia o' ih. I‘uhUc to their mil iM tedalock of Books, Stathaun Oorda, bo., I which they IhOtor themoel.ea, am b fl on as fair lentil m mn Ik obtained where. All order, for Booka, liac.B promptly filled. We are also AaonlwH j the .ole of th • ‘ Ufc of Su.aawall JaeltsM I ami | ’ ’ ’ ‘rwPftY 0, DAWStB i aoj P,lf