Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 7, 1867 Page 1
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THE DEMOCRAT!*! ADVOCATE. rotruß il.—Nt Miir.ii 15. 'HE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. Ib.i, M. Parse, Editor and Proprirtor, No. 3 Caaam.i. HaU- Th* AlvoCiTi h published every IMURSDAY MORNING, and furnished Subscribers at 190 per Annum, In Advance. fool paid in advance Two Dollar* will bo arged. No paper will be discontinued until arrearage* are paid, except at our own Pen. BATES OF ADVERTISING. igaare, I insertion a, $1; o:uh subsequent ertioß 2i cents; 1 square three months .60, all months SO. Business Car l.; of i lines, or less, par annum, SS. Mcr- ; tats and other business men, including • ipoper: >ae fourth of a column. per vea|, $15.00 lalf s column, •** lfi.oo )m column, 11 40.00 HAND BILLS, ixth of a Sheet, for 2-5, $1.30, fur UK) \ 1100. alter Sheet, for 25, $2.25, for 100, $2.7 5 | If Sheet. ** 3.50. “ fl.oo | ASTROLOGY. The World Astonished AT THE WORDKRrri. RKVCI \novs ADE BY THE ORRAT ABTROI.OOIST. | Ida me if. A. PCUUIbo. ha reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. ] i restores to happiness those who, from ffil events, catastrophe.", crosses in love, , i of relations and friend*, loss (if I , have become despondent. Bhe brinj ether those long separated, gives iafor lion concerning absent friend* or lovers. ' tores lost or stolen property, lolls yon business you ore best qualified to por' io lia what you will be most nutcuMilul, ■ ip&ffy (Damage* and tells yon the { f dav you will marry, fives vou the ; if. Itkones" audebaracterintir of the per- ' She reads your very thought*, aud by j almost *o per natural powers unveils th t and hidden mysien.-. of the future,— j a the aiare see see in firmament —the *ic stafi that OTdhmine nr predominate le configuration—from (h aspects and lion* of the planet.* mid the fixinl star.* : e heavens at th lime of birth, *.he de- ! s the future destiny of man. Fail nut iojuli the greatest Antrolofisl on earth u you hut a trifle, and you may never I i have so favorable an opportunity saltation fae, with likeness and nil de information, sl. Parties living nl n occ can consult the Madame by mail equal safety and satufaclion to thm *. as if in person. A full aud explicit . written out, with all inquiries an ad and tikrnoas enclosed, acnl by mail wipt of price above mentioned. Tie will lie maintained, ond all epondenre returned or doolruyel.— rraoe* of thu highest order furnished 1 desiring them. Write plainly the dav , i month ami year in which vuu acre enclosing a small lock of hair. Address, madamr h. a. PKrmico, P. O. Drawer 2W, BufTalo, Y. Y. H, BLIND, DOOR AND 'urniture Factory. 0118, LKISTKn k SHAEFPER, UN Hlrvct, Went of the Hailcon*. hnvv ' on hand an* Manofactnre to urdi r fE.% BUtrps, IWOBS, tr 7 article nececeory to a Buildtnc. A I, S O. mHM hbwitini:, in every alyle an* variety. ! my ha* great experience in our Ini.i ■ ,p feel antiitivd in we enn mill wia to a greater aduintngo then van elaewbete. Give a a call. ru and strength to the sick. 'ejnV . ‘can be cored’ iJUm; SWAYNE'S 'can be cured' 2*2, can ba cured.' CvMPOOND 'ran bo cured.' i TyfcS&JLL. ■ _ Ku be cured.’ j OF ‘can be cured.' i ‘can be cured.' 1 I JJJJ|.Wua Oaaaav ‘can be cured.’ I *caa be cured.' ! TjRjF IS THE ‘can be cured.’ I W <o ° he cured.’ i r*w REMEDY. *oao be cared.’ 1 'TSani experience, and the groat a- ! I taaUmoor from all parts of (be world ' Mi a standard and reliable remedy ! ■t Eraaoßliie, Nervous Debll 15Ph, Coaplalct. Pain* , 0 aatf Brsset SB Cbeasu of the Afr Pas 1 WealxrinaUr. mtokll Scratch Scratch !! ICieroiWT nn tick I* from til,- r , n ■ | NiTSR OIOWR ■‘llttlr’ TO FAIL ■^TEK; IN CUWNe THIS '‘TETTER' •TETTER* TOREKNTIMI ‘TETTER* TKTTEK* COMPLAINT. TETTER‘ blag Pile., Salt Hhetim, Scald Head, Kadi, all Skin DlMura ad onU by DR. SWAYRE* SON, kia. Mihgr Wlf. REESE, i W1 tumrter j IWaTNE’B bowei^qjuiial, ' s !f ' mi-. ■■ jr K -/. NEW COAL AND lumii i: ii ran i) Cl UK UN STIIKKT, AT THE UK POT WESTMINSTER, Ml). 1 HAVING pprfoulcd arrangements for . cnrrj iq# on the Lumber and Con I Bunlncvs, I *> Orwu street, nt the Depot, Westminster, Md ~ the undersigned lakes this method of soliciting tho polroiiaga **f the public. He will havoou hand, mid he prepared to ndl at all Ilmen at the lowest cash priroa, a lull • apply of scacoiio l -1-4, fl-l, and b-4 Boards and Plank, Flooring, Weatherboard! ng. Siding and •Scantling, Shiuglw, Lotiu and I'icketr, and all other material kept in a Lumber Y^rd. He will also keep for sale Broken. Egp. Nut find Pen COAL, from the well known Shamokin Mines, at tlm lowest Market Hates. • By prompt attention to Imuinosa, furnish j mg the best article- in the Market, and doing all in lua power to aceominodnte customer?, he hopes to com man cl a share of public | patronage*. KDWAUD LYNCH, fob My LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! j ®N KW FUL\I)UY *' M Vmln'l!' Slloix near the It. U. Station, in W, slminalcr. ould respcetfolly inform tin public that tlicy sro ; now prepared to furnldi, Stoves, Blacksmith ' Tne Iron*. Tire Benden. Hollow Anvil*. Ac., Bakooveu Joorasnd Hearth Plater, Cellar Win ( dow Urates, Porch Port Irons, and ('suing in general. Corn and Cob Cru-lon. Corn Shelter*, ! Circle Maw* with be lie bus complete for rawinir I (ire wood, Ac. Hoi nr Potffrs and Tliicsliliik HlarlilnrM f j Cutting Doses and Ploughs of different kind?; i but would call particular attention to Ibelr 1 . Jeally cvlehralml Three Hume Plough common j i called the “Price Plough.” AUo their well | known and unturpa*Md CR AI \ It ILL fir towing all manner of drain, including Oat-. y-W* Repair* of all kind* attended to piompt- ' (▼ and at libornl rale*. Haring fir-r class Mcchanick* employ*-.!, will 1 guarantee satisfaction. w WAGONER A MATTHEWS. feci It Extracted Without Pain, BY THE USE OF THE M i icot s ovum: gam. nv Or. C ll LULLS HILLIMiSLi: L, D K N T I 8 T, A T HIS OFF I CP:, Adjoining hut Father’s Residence, j Westminster, Md. | \V 7 lILHM be may be found at nil time* j | ft when not professionally engaged at i j the following point* ; | I ntOH lln i'je. — Ist Wednesday of even | month.--mumming until Saturday. * j j A etc* H intfsor. —-iid of every ! r month, remaining until Saturday, i I niontown. —tied Wednesday every month, * I remaining until Friday evening. I . Taney town —fld Friday ex cry month,—re- I maintng until the n ednesday following. 1 dscTjj SQ NOTICE. jewely,: SILVER PLATED WARE, SPECTACLES, I SILVER, GOLD, PLATEH& STEEL WATCH CHAINS, AT MOORE’S Jewelry Store, Near Rail Hoad, Westminster. j Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, care- ; J fully Repaired and warranted. WILLIAM MOORE. I I Juno 11. Ko. 2 Carroll Hall, * DfALIIK IS DItUOS, CHEMICALS. j PATENT MEDICINES, FANCY ARTICLES, PERFUMERY, Ac. PHYSICIAN'S’ PRESCRIPTIONS neatly I | and accurately compounded. I Depot for the manufacture of | i UERXN& S Compound Syrup of Black- i btrry Root. nctO-tf i BOOTS & SHOES | TDST rooeired and for aalo a freah and |t* *arga lot of Philadelphia an ( beet Cuatom Made Fj BOOTS AND SHOES, **'|(^ P" 1 of Radios' polish Kin. Morocco, Luting. Oil Ooat, j, 4c , all of which will be told at (realty reduced prices, hy * 1 „ ... T - S. ECKERT. Rwcmberihe place, two doom Wet of Mrs. bfannrr a Hillcncry Store, Wcstmin <*f. d. dec 20 SIOO SIOO $100“ SOLDIERS EXTRA BOUNTIES ooi.LKCTtO ny A V. SCHAEFFER, Writmintlcr, Md SIOO SIOO SIOO II KA I) QUA BT Bft s*" I? 0 R HARDWARE. ThDILDKRSand Cabmen Toole. Carpen O tore and Coopers Tol, Nailr. Crott Cntapd Mill Saws, Forks, Shovel,. Tracon, Halter. Cow and Doe Chains. In tact eve ything kept in a weß regulated Hardware Store Mv Icog eaperiones|ivMmadvan tapes In this line. JOHN L. REIFSNIDER , decl.t l"ut Tci, rat. lh fS%s. • In rrmri'iluit Out liuluit. !.•( I * lif ( nroftil to Prcitnr nlo Our I Itll Llkrrdo XI MINSTER MI), THURSDAY MARCH 7 JS(i7. ) ' LATEST FASHIONS DEMAND •I W. BRADLEY’S CELEBRATED PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OB DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRT. TUB Wonderful Flexibility tnd great row r | I paiticulariv In ill crowded as-s •n.blii?*. opc ! r t ,, . c * r {' i f # *i railroad car*, church pews, arm chair*, for promenade and house dress, as the Skirt can be folded when in use tn occupy a I . ixmall place a* easily and conveniently as a silk r f, r uu*llnl drew, an invaluable quality in erlno j [ Hue, not found in any Single Spring'Skirt, j , A ludr Laving the pleasure. t om- I, * f.r. re< cuovcniencs* of wearing the Du I*l' * bliptlc Steel spiiug Skirt for aahigle dav, jxvil never aJerxvarL willingly dispense with 1 * Loir u*e. lor Children,* .Misse* and Young . | Udie* thvv are superior u. all .ither*. ‘ They will not bend or break like the Single > I * s l-r*OK. but will preserve (heir perfect ami 1 |>‘cefttl *hap when three or bur o. dinar j • Skirt* will har been thrown n*ido a* uaej **. S 7he Hoop* are covered with double and twisted thread, ami the bottom rod* are not only double 1 but twice (or doable) covered:preven i i *!>•• from wearing out when dragging I I down stoop*, atain, Ac. 1 Th„ IJople* FJJipUe l a great favorite with " ladle* and is universally recommended by, Uc Fashion .Magazine a* (he Standard Skirt Jf • r , the Foshi'tnitbU W *n vd. T enjoy the follow ing incriiroablr advantages ! in Crinoline, viz.: superior quality, perfect manufacture, atylisb shape and tlnish, flexibili ty, durability, comfort and economy, enquire 1 mr J. \V. Hi. aolft’s ItU' i rt Ki.tmc.or Double ' Spung Skill, and be *ut you gel the genuine article. fAUTJO.V,—To guanl against Imposition be particular to notice that skirls offered a* "Du rLtx” have the redink alamo, viz.. “J. W, Hrattler's Duplex Elliptic Steel Spring*/' upon thf x\ sinthaiiif—none ..them are genuine. Also .Notice that every Hoop will admit a pin being passed through the centre, thus revealing the ! two ( or double ( springs braided together there in. which I* the secret of their flexibility and I strength, and a combination not to be found In any oilier Skirt. FOU SALK In all Store where first cl w . ■ akirt* arc 01l throughout the United State* and ! elsewhere. Manufactured by the Hole Owner- of (lie j ’ WESTS. BRADLEY A CARY. f7 Chambers A *1 Ucade St*., N. V. j jai3l 3ui AFFLICTED ! Suffer No More I j When by the me nf DR. JOUfVILLE’S ! j ELIXIR jou can ho cured permanently, and at I a trifling co-t. Thy astonishing sueeeaa which ha* attended ' I this Invaluable medicine for Fbyaical and Xcr von* JV eakncM. Oenerai Debility and I'rostra- , lioa. Loa of Muscular Energy,' Impotency, or I any uf the con sen nance* of youthful iodiscrc i tion, reader* it the moat valuable preparation 1 ; ever diirovored. | It will remove ail oervoun affection*, depre*- 1 , ion, excitement, incapacity to study or U i ! •?• loM of memory, confurion. thoughU of .elf destruction, n-ar* of insauitv. Ac. It will t restore the appetite, renew the health of (hone | ho h ive destroyed it by sensual excess or evil 1 Young Jfen, be hnmbugged no more by j “Quack Doctor*” and Ignorant practitioner*, 1 but send uithout delay fer the Elixir, and be at i once restored to health nod happiness. A Per ! feet Cure i* (liarauteed lu every Initance.— i Price, sl, am- four bottle* to one addrew, $3. ; On.* bottle I- *ttAclflt to effect a euro in all A l-HU; DII.'j OINVILLF/P SPEt’l FI C PILLS, ; for the speedy ani perniun>-nt cure of Honor , rhea. Gleet, Urethral Di<. harge*. Gravel. Stricture, am! all affection* of iho Kidneys and Dladder. farts ■•fleeted in from one to five I day*. They are prepared from vegetable ex : tracts that are harmless on the ayntin, and nev er nauseate the stomach or impregnate the hreath. \o change of diet is necessary while using them, m.rdvs their action in any manner interfere with business pursuit*. Price, $1 per box. Either of the above mentioned article* will be . sent to any add reus, closely scaled, and po*F I paid, by mail or express, on receipt of price.— i Address all orders to IIEHGKB. SHU"ITS A CO., Chemist*, fubli-ly No. 2b& River Sl, Troy, N, V. Separator Oapllli. Throw away your false fruzer, your switches, vour wig— Dc BiU etive of eomfort, aud not worth a fig ; j Come aged, come youthful, coma ugly and fair And rejoice in your own luxuriant hair. UKPAUATOB CAPILLI. Fur restoring upon bald h *'.<!■ (from! c.u., it m.y hare Wlrooul) .nA fore- i mg a growth ofhilr noon the face, it ha* no j equal. It will force to** heard to prow upon i the smoothest face in from five to eight weeks, or hair upon bald head* in from two to three j i month*. A few ignorant praetitioners have ‘ i *ertcd that there is nothiag that will force or ! 1 hasten the growth of the hair or beard. Their | ; assertions are false, a* thousand* of living xvlw j ncsac* (from their own experience) can bear | 1 witness. But many will ray, how ara we to j ■ distinguish the genuine from the spurious ? It certainly it difficult, as nine-tenths of the dif- | j fereot Preparationa advertised for the hair and i beard are entirely worthless, and you may Kara 1 already thrown away large amount* in their purcha*.. To such wo would aay, try the Re- i parator CappUll; it will coat you nothing uo- ! lesa It fully comet up to our representations.— If your Druggist dees not keep it, send us one dollar and wa will forward it, postpaid, togeth ar with a receipt for the money, which wfll be returned you on application, providing entire satisfaction is not given. Addreaa. 1 v. , * h CLARK A 00., Obemlstr. No. 3 West Fayette Street, .Syracuse, N. Y. I fcb-Tly COMA. Oh ! Oi. w.a buvUXul .ml Wr, With ,ym, Md r.di.ut, I Whoae cm-liug ludrll, .oft, .stvinid, the .uy hurt tad a.lad. CRlsriiß COMA, For Curlier lh. of either B*. lets end Glow, Kierlete or fleavr MueinCirb. By tbit Article Udiw ud Geetlineu cue beautify tbeuiKlraa . tbouund foW. Il it ihe only .Hide in the world that will carl fir eight hair, aud at the taaie lima gla It a btauuful.glotty ippcarance. ThaCrUimr Coma aot oolv terlt the hair, but beautt tmjni el Matte it, I, highly „d dellgbtfullT trtieie it Ihe kind ever offered la tha America nebHa. The Grupar Coma will bo sent to any addreaa, scaled and post paid for sl. Addreaa all orders to v a ur W .' w* CLA S* 4 CO , Chaouts, Weal Payette Street, Syracuse, N. Y. febT-ly Great Inducements OFFERED BY STOUFFER I HOFFMAN, New Windsor. 1 ?2? DS *“>t, u- I J (be’. MUaea and ChiWcn.’ Sod. at oaupne*. XVa hhea thia day commancad closing out our large stock of Leditt* DRESS GOODS at Coil. Call andgatgnnie bargain* STOUFFER 4 HOFFJCLS- Sa- Windaor, JanlO-lj* Bills of eH kinds paictsd at this | w “* Ct ’ i CLAD NEWS FOB THE LTPOKTIXATE. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted In ill caaof, for tbc Speedy and | Pcrmauruk Cure of all disease* arising from ' sexual vxccaees nr YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION, . Seminal Los*, Nightly Emissions, and Sensual | Dieams ; Gejital, Physical and Nervous l>e-j bility. Impotence, Gleet, Sexual Disea*<-t, Ar. \<> <’lninse of Diet in Neccvtary. | They can Ik* used without dt leotiun, and never ! fail tn effect a cure, if used according to in- j * traction*. Bell’s Specific Fills, Price One Hollar per ios; or Bix Boxes for ! Five DolUr kiao Larg> D >xes. contflining Four Hmnit l*i icwTbrro Dollar*. From four to six bore* ar* gcnurallv roquir- I cd to cure ordinary ea*# of Seminal Wrokoovs | end F.tuifjions. though benefit ii derived from ' using a singlu box. ; I" Chronic ai d particularly when Im | | pot*sc* or Genital Debility with Nervous Pros- I tratioa has affected the system, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended a* the most Efficacious, He- l Juvinating and Invigorating itemedy in the I | world. A Package, Price Five Dollar*, will last u month, and is generally sufficient. In extreme rases of Debility and Impotence | BELI/S EXTERNAL HEMEDY. , Price Two Dollars, ruflicietit 4>r a month, can be used to good advantage. Il ttivea Strength to (ho Organ*, and, with the Pill*, will restore them to their normal j condition. A Pamphlet of 100 pages, on the EUHORS i OF YOUTH, design da* i Lecture and Caution i to Young Men, sent free, Ten Coni* required to ' pay postage. CAUTION! The above Remcdb** have dow bron before | the Public many years, and tlielr groat success in lh*- alleviation of human misery, ha* excited I the cupidity <>f several parlies, "who use the ' name “Hpetdlie Pills/ copy mv labels, urcu- , ■ lar* ami ndvertbo-tnenui. sometime word (or | word, and put up worthless compound* thnt ' disappoint tb< jut expectations of the purchaser I if you cannot pur. have Dill's SrrnncUrx- * j idixs of your Druggiit, take no other, but scud , * I the boost direct To D*. JAKES BRYAN. Consulting Physician. 819 Broadwa r. New York, | i and you will receive them by return of mail, , post paid, and free from observation. • More Valuable than bold ! H Bryan’s Life Pills PURIFY THE BLOOD, (-■ Remove Headache, Dixxtore*. UlAdinet* Drow siness, Unplvaxaut Dreams, DiraauM of Sight, Indigestion, Cleanse the Stem- j ach aud Bowels, Insure NEW LIFE In the debilitated, and j (

Heslurc (A Su:k to Ptrfut ileitllk. Purely Vegetable, ! ( Try them ! they only cot J 5 cents, aud it you J , vaituol gd them of jour DruggUt, sand the muuc, to De. JAMF.S mIVA*. Consulting Physician, 819 Broadway, New York, And they will be sent bv return mail, post paid. 1 TO LADIES. If you require a reliable remedy to restore you, 1 and remove Irregularities or Obstructions, \VUY NOT USE THE BEST? Every Lady knows the slightest irregularity i of nature U liable to bring on Headache, (lid- 1 dines*. Low Spirits, Fainting, Hysterica, Ac.; t then the bloom of health fade*, the appetite tails, and other symptom* more distressing com i ineiico, as— Wcakno*. Spinal Cir plaint, the Whites, Prolapsus, Ac. Ac. | A X EVER- FA I UNO REM ED V will be found in Dr. /fancy's FnnaU Pills. ' j The experience of thirty year* has proved thev have no equal for Removing Obstruction? and , ' Irregularities, no matter from w hat cause they arise. Thev arc Safe and Sure in everr caw*, i { Upwards of 50,000 Boxes arc sold annually, and j no complaint of their efficacy is avar hoard, i for they accomplish what they are represented ; to do. I Sold in Boxes, containing Sixty Pill *. Price 1 One DolUr. Dr. Harvey's Golden Pills I la a remedy four degrees stronger than the above, and Intended (or special cases of long standing. Price Five Dollars per Box. A PBIVATE CIRCULAR to Udlea, with Ho. Anatomical Engraving*, sent free on receipt of directed envelope andstiunp. Bund for DR. HARVEY'S PRIVATE XIEDI ! CAL ADVISER, addressed to Females—64 I pages—giving full instructions and Information, 10 onnta required for poatngc. If you cannot purchase the Pills of your Druggist, they will be sent by wail, poa oaij, secure from observation, on receipt of the money, by Da. JAMES BRYAN, Consulting Pbvsician. July 12-ly. 81) Broadway, New York. Br. Bryan’s Medicines JHave on band for ante the following val. qhle Medicines which are described in ■. J. Hrtxk’s Advertisement in the ,4 Dm. Advocstie," Dr. Bwll’a Specific Pills, Dr. Harvey’s Female PilU, Dr. Bryan’s Life PilU. Dr. B’a. other medicines can also be pro cured through the undersigned when roquir *l. A H HUBER. Druggist, Westminster, Md. nov 29, tf. GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES! "J ADIBS call and elamina my stock of j DRESS GOODS, muck lower than a law araakl ago, from S to 15 cents a yard le. Dalaioaa, EngUakand Fraocb Mannoa:, Poplin! Ac. “ d u deelk Doaealio Goods. HOME. The fu*rct spot of all the earth Ii home ; j The one of oil to which we turn, XVhcre'cr v roam ; j A plew*ant home, a happy home, There is no piece no fair, I If those wo love who smile for us, But huvuthc'r dwclfing there, i The dourest word f over learned Is home i j The sweetest song 1 over heard Is “Home, swuot Home." j There may we turn when cares are o'er, When day draws to n close, [ .. ud find among the loved ones there A scoKon of ropoac. *' IIP IN THE CLOUDS. ) A TILE Or Alf kill VO VACS if. j A number of years ago, when the sei : cnee of nerMtatiog was confined to the j comparatively four. I received tho fol lowing note from Prof. Colchester : ! “Mf Dear Fairchild: ifoum h;u ; diaappuiutod me—he will not go up to | day. There are only four besides my j -elf—two ladies and two gentlemen I Will you go in IF* place ? I*ct me ; toow jKisiUvcly by .**> o’clock, for auoth ; er gyutlomau has applied for :t passage, md my answer to him will depend on 1 ! yours to me. We are advertised for 4 ' and shall certainly cut loose by 3. I i gne you the preforenew over all others, but decide ns soon as possible.— . I cannot lore*ec the result, of court* . but the day promises to be fine, aud I j bink the trip will be an sgroeable one ! t- all parlies.” ! 1 his note was signed and dated from ' a well-known garden in the suburbs of j London, and, us has probably been con j jeetured, was a special invitation to ■ make alt ascent iu a balloon, then a much rarer venture than new It had I long beu a wi.-h of mine to see terra Jirmu from the clouds, and now 1 could ; have my desire gratified. The prufcb | or had alrondy made three ascensions with passengers, and as this was an • oounccd as hU list for the serwon, I lost , no time in agreeing to become one of [ tho privileged few for au aerir.l flight. The day promised to be all that could Ite desired. It was e'enr without being | hot, and there whs a little or no breeze Between 3 and 4 o’clock I was at the | garden, and saw the balloon' in the act iof being inflated As a man surveys a ship iu which he is about to embark I lor au uuccrtaiu perilous vuyag*, so did I examine my aerial vessel. As far aa I could judge, everything was right.— II was a monster in site, made of the j beat lutestring silk, and required 4'),- I 000 cubiu feet of gas to bil it. This | silk was well covered with an clastic coating of oil and india rubber, rind fur i ibcr protected by a cluau net work of Italiuii hemp; but still, as i looked up at it, swaying and rolling from side to side, swelling out with gas and tugging to get loose from its fastenings, I thou't how comparatively frail a thing it was to carry humanity above the clouds aud through the mid-heavens, and 1 shud dered at the thought of what would be come of us should any portion of it give any iu tho thousand different strains it would be put to in the ever-varying Mrata of air. Attached to tho balloon, by eight strong ropes, waa a car of wick er-work, capable of containing twelve persons—though, compared to the bal loon in sue, it was a pea suspended be low the point of a large humming-top. At 5 o’clock the professor announced everything was ready for a start, aud wo the passengers, immediately took leave of our irieuds aud entered the car. There were some laughing, some crying, according to the different views of tho various parties. In one ease a husband and father was leaving hia wife and children, who clung to him with such loudness, aud so piteously begged him uot to do so, that hsd I been iu his place 1 certainly should have re mained with them. Ho, however, con tinued firm to his purpose, and made ho light of their fears, that at length they begun to smile—though 1 shall never forget the sgonitod expression of bis wife’s face, u& I caught a glimpse of it ut the moment when we were bounding into the world of uir. .“Give my love to the man in the moou !” cried a merry voice. “Just put a hextlnguishcr hover oue of tho stars ! M exclaimed a true-blooded cockney. ‘ Bring us hack a chuuk of vhaiu lightuiug I*’ laughed a third. “Don’t come down fast enough to butt a hole through the earth I” shout ed u fourth. At exactly 5;20 the signal waa given, the rope waa severed, and away we flew, amid the shouU and plaudits of the as i sembled crowd, and usxt of hslf Lon don, who were in the street! looking at us. It did not seem to os as if we moved, but as if we were remaining *u tiouary and the earth waa receding frtnw us. I experienced a sensation of giddi ness and nausea, which at flnt destroyed all my pleasure; aud both of the ladies, almost tainting, threw themselves down in the bottom of the oar, and clung spasmodically to whatever they could get hold of. Fortunately these disa greeable sensations did not last long, and in a few minutes we were all on our feet, delighted with the mAgalfleent panorama speed out before us Loodoo had become a dense cluster of little toy house*; the Thames wan a mere silver ribbon; the bridge* over it looked like twig*, the shippiof on it were only noUhnlln cut U> half: St . Psui'ft Cathedral resembled a taufthox with fuQoy carving, and miles of coon try appeared to he but a variegated acre of scenery. As for the people, I could not dift them at all with the na ked eye, and through the glass they seemed rather like the amalieai kind oi ant*. than human being* puffed up by worldly vanity info ml up goda per forming a mighty part la the economy ul creation. Ip f up—still higher—f ill London it- I aclf could scarcely tc ditiogui*lß-d hy the naked cyo. The air iiad uow bo eomo :.o cold that we were glad to cnvel > op ourselves in our cloaks and overcoat*, and so rariiied that we ou!d only breathe it with great difficulty; and there was a pain about the temples, pressure in the eyes*, and a kind of roar ing. cracking sound in the ears. The g, 100, was lushing out of the bottom of the balloon with great force, pouring • right down upon and half strangling us. Looking directly up at it, I was sUr th*d. and foi a moment thought our bal loon was oti tire—lor the gas, which 1 . bad observed in the garden below us presenting a color of beautiful pinkish red. now had the appearance of a dense, black smoke. The professor noticed , y cipreasion of alarm, and made a sign that ail was right. He now pulled open the valve mado for the escape of the gas . at the top, and our aerial vessel soon e descended to an altitude vliettu we could breatlie easily an 1 hoar each other BpC3.k. , Wo Dow struck a strong current of sir, nud began to pass rapidly to the f westward. In % few minutes I observed a cloud that looked like a huge lodge of P*ay rocks, coming towards u w ill* ijpb vcloeify. that, till we entered it. I could I j not li.''pos>*css myself of the fear thet Wc | should be flashed to pieces. Whoa wo did enter it, we found ourselves in a , cold fog. so dense that wc could not see I half a dozen feet in any direction.— Fleru there wns no breeze whatever and , our balloon soon brovync stationary, or , >t least, moving only with the (doud | : Wh it h;*d bocuiue ol (ho wind, which , had carried us to it with such velocity, [ I could not imagine; but the professor . explained it by saying vre had got out , | of the current , i ‘'Within half a mile of u*,’’ he pur ■ ■•tied, ‘ there arc probably at this mo • ment two st~oog currents of sir ruzhiog ■ in exactly opposite directions; while, a* [ 1 you perceive; here everything is still.— . ! It is thought by some that when these things come to bo better understood— ' when we shall have got them reduced to e science, in fact—vre shall then be ! able to navigate the air as well as the I water Well, ladios, whJ|o,tou say ; | —wbaM ww yo above this Cffi\iJ,ror be I [ low ?” . j “We should like t j seo it from above,” i i whs the answer. ‘ But, professor, how , ! win you tell which way wo are going i i now r ■Thin,” lie answered, taking a picee ■ of paper making a ball about the site 'of a pea, and dropping it uvoi ibe aide i of the car, where it slowly disappeared , below u. "You ace," he continued, •wo arc descending, but nut so fast as , the paper ball. If we were either sta tionary or ascending, it would leave us I much faster; and if wo were rapidly descending it would remain alongside of IIS.” He than lightened the oar a few pounds by emptying a hag of sand, and we aoon shot up above the cloud, and beheld the snn shining on it. The ef , feet was very beautiful—the clond ap , pesrtog from the upper view like an itn ' inetise roll of snow-white ootton. We . now. in accordance with the professor's remarks struck another current ot air, which swiftly bore ns away in a direc tion opposite to tho one by which wy had entered the cloud, and which, so great was our velocity was soon soon afar in the distance I was much interested in seeing from I | this upper region the sun set upon the i ; world below. While it was shining j bright upon us we could sec shade after 1 ; shade creeping over the face of live i earth, which grew dimmer and dimmer, till at last all form and shape disappear ed, and the eye rested only npou a black i dismal gulf, ns it might be the begin ' ning of the Bottomless I’it. An hour after this, it become t|uilo > dark where we were, and tho rapid i gathering of a thunder storm, toward r which wo wore drifting, began to wake the most of us quite uneasy, i -Had we not Wter descend at one*-, before the tempest breaks upon the i earth 7" wat the anxious question now I pot to tho professor. I ‘lfit is the general desire,“ was the -1 obliging answgr. i It waa the geneml desire ; and he ' ; immediately look bold of the cord eon . ’ noted with the valve at tba top of the . balloon, to (at off the gat From some . I cause he could not move it. 1 did aot , ■ notice this at first J *nt teeing him . ! steadily jerking for coma minutes and . ; apparently becoming nervous and tax t ious, I .tked him it there was aoy t thing wrong - “I fear there is ?’ he replied, in a a tone that betrayed m pood deal of anx • ieay, not to aey‘nlarm; ‘ the vslvo will 1 not open." ‘Oh, my God V onid one of the la i diet; “what will become of na ?” 5 “Do not be frightened aaid the i profeaeor ncrvontlv; “I shall bring it all right praeentiy " > But be did wot In apite of all he r could do, tha valve remained otsaad, t and wa could not descend In faet, i ar tooa disec vend that we had began r to aeoead Moteover, wo war* JWtfdly' J approaching the bUek roUieg storm r aloud, tad thn lightning was ploying 1 vividly, sad thunder roartng heavily. la toother minute—Sve iV—w of t the moat intense anxiety fast doming ■ into terror*—during which the profee > ear tagged at the .valve cord, with great >, beadt of perspiration standing >!1 ores i TERMS !.} K IDU!M E ‘ his face—in another five minutes, I sit, we entered the black cloud, wiiichclosed I arouad us like a pall, shutting out evory ray of light, so that we could Lot see each Other nor even our hands before i our ryes. We now lilt our situation lo be appalling, and all had become breathlessly mill. Sudden'y we ware r lighted up with a Crinkling fire, that seemed lo play all round and through us, and which was followed by a crash of , thunder that shook us from our feet. : The ladies screamed, and I believe every I man of us, not even excepting the pro , lessor, uttered exclamations of surprise aud terror. We hud a large, fire pronged grapnel aboard, for catching into trees, I bushel, fences mid hedges, when near - the earth, ami we wore afraid the light ning Would be attracted by this. It was terrible to think of the consequen ces which Would follow a little damage to our frail vessel. Thousands of feet i below us, our breathless, mangled bodies , would be found by strangers. Agaiu , that awful lightning crinkled over us, I lingering srouod, sod seeming to sot ua H <m tiro, and again that crashing peal ■ succeeding. In the comparative silence that followed we could hear the wild roaring of the wind below ua ; but with i. ns all was still Fire times mors did ! that crinkling tire and almost deafening I roar make us think our last moment was at hsod, aud then w suddenly : emerged into a lighter region, and saw i the stars above and the clouds below ua. Alas ! we had only escaped one dan ger for another. We were ascending, , and the valve was fast I We had no means by which to force ourselves down! 1 Already the gas was pouring out below, i and we soon began to feel the unploaa- I ant sensations in out heads. We wore going up, up, sud would soon be at a [ I point where the balloon would burst 1 It hat was to be doue ? Something quickly or our voyage would eud in , eternity. The professor himaelfbacaine alarmed. He pulled and tugged at the cord till he felt it was hopeless, sad thea stood for a lew minutes with bis bauds pressed against his temples. There was no crying or complaining. We all . know our danger, and In silence, except, ; perhaps, an occeeional moan, were pre paring ourselves, by repentance and . prayers, for oar last (treat change * Suddenly the professor started sad threw off his outer garments with greet rapidity, aed then drew off hie boots.— The next moment, without a word to : . us, and before wc ft re aware ol hie purpose, be had anpug himself clean- of the car, end was boldly climbing up the i rapes, to ike netting shove, with nothing lo keep him from the eternal fall but the frail hold of bis hands. We com prehended his designs; and ah ! how prayerfully we watched him, in the dim light, till no had gone beyond out sight! and then bow wc (.leaped each other's , hands, with tromuluua expectation, and silently slaved in each other’i wonder - 1 itig facet, end fervently prayed for hie success. Five minutes, that seemed like an eternity then, and we beard the joecu t liar sound of the escaping gas Noble j man ! God blues him !be bad saved !us ! Another minute, and, in the dim i light we saw hia form descending, and j we prayed for him still for wo could , ( not aid him. Down, down—slowly, eau : tiously—till at last hie feet reeled on' I tho car: aud then, with a wild about, we : caught him in our arms, and mingled our tears of gratitude with bis. Wo sow struck a current of air that' carried ua away Iron the storm, and' then wc descended to the earth as gen i tly as a bird on the wing, and found , ourselves within two miles of a railway station and a hundred from London. Tho next morning we were within the limits ■* mighty city, releting <mr adventures m our anxious wondering friend*. IncldeM ml is Masked Ball. Tho Vicuna journals mists a drama 1 tic incident at a reoeat masked bell in that city. A young couple, finding their atepa constantly dogged by a fe male figure in a black domino, were about to leave the theatre in order to escape from the espionage when the' stranger placed honsetf before them and dashed a vial of vitriol in the face of | the gentleman. The domino on being arrested and unmasked proved to be a j beloogiug to the aristocracy, and toe wife ©f the joung man wbosi tkt had thus disfigured; (he bad also juat obtained a judicial separation from him. 1 The face and neck of the husband were horribly burut, aud one eye vsa com pletely destroyed The domino had al so spilled so much of the liquid on her ’ own arm sad band that amputation be ; came necessary. ; A Cement n>r"cai|*r IT>—. 1 A correspondent of the America* sterner writes Out persona witty*; to - line their cellars, tad wba dp pat wiak to te the expense of baying earnest, i can take coal tehee and mis with water ; to the thickness of mortar This cap 1 be pat oo about four inches thick, after which let it lay twenty-lbur hours, than tump it with a heavy block a t wood three, or fcur times a day, until it* CM ! feotiy hard. It is better (baa eemeat, 1 Si it will not cimfe or scale off, and tho Ipnps or (undoes wotaiaod ip tbs tabs# i do no barm .-..r U . , . , Si, *r* (tantieme from fsalaod, op I: jmtuttg a London UTecn. saw semqp over hit pictVadoe la tbs oaikraWß ‘he satvandtlkelvo had. and kvtiy tea i i is tho room knows it.”