Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 7, 1867 Page 2
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THE HMCEAbC ABTMATL 'fSSSaDAY, MARCUT, 1867?' THE CBRTENTIOM BIEL. We hare felt ell eloog, without kwow ing exactly why, that the project of holding* Cowtitutioaal Cooreotion this j *r, Wa of doubtftil policy. In the light of changing events we begin to sec clearly that it may be advisable to defer it for the present. The Radicals at their Into Hute Convention have at; last clearly indicated their line of policy. They intend to insist, when the ques tion is referred to the people, that their colored allien shall vote—claiming that it lets in every body because it ia a more outside of the regular authority of the Constitution , asd that should the votes ol their silica not be allowed, they will a ipoal to Congroas to interfere, under that clause of the IT.l T . S. Constitution which authorises Congress to guaranlsc to each Stale a KepMican Cwmsi ml. -Wo know well, from the recent course of that body, that they do not consider j any State Government Republican which does not allow the right of suffrage to wen of all colon, pirffoblarly black,— They have determined to apply that role to alt the so called Rebel States under the pretence of power acquired by the war ; and we have bad strong indications that they would bo glnd to have aay pretext to treat in the same way tbo State of Maryland, which they regard, since it passed into Conservative hands, as a scwl rebol State, if not really worse than any of the original Rebel States. We know that it may be considered cowardly to defer State action in this matter because of any danger to be ap prehended from outaido Radical intcr fcrcooa; but it ia not on that ground alone we base oar argument for delay. We believe that the Radicals ardently desire that we shoold take this step, in this the boar of their boasted power, in order that they may embrace the only opportunity that may ever be given them to apply external force to intro, dvee negro suffrage into Maryland.— This chance it may be our trnc interest not to give them. The present Consti tution of Maryland, which was forced on ns by the Uadieale of the State, be fore they had frojrtual far enough to desire Wegvo suffrage, confines the right of suffrage to White men, and if wo choose to remain satisfied with it they have on right to complain on that ac count? We are not the only parties interact ed in tho matter. This question of Negro Suffrage aed geniality ia the great question qfthaia*-*Wfch Acer nMes all .'tli or m- ffpprotbiug eertain Sa tatc, and like Negro Slavery most be met and decided. Its advo cates control the party in power in the only Congress we have, and they are bent on taking advantage of the circum stance! of the hour to force it on the whole country, as they did emancipa tion daring the war. Every State is interested, and at this moment they are forcing it on til the Seceded States.— They will find it a very different ques tion to deal with from that of emanci pation, being one in which the natural prejudices of white men arc against them. Emancipation could not have been so thoroughly attained cither, had not the patriotic feelings off the people been roused ia defence of the Union, and had not the South hopelessly pro tracted the war to the hitler end. What we want ia that the people should have a chance to decide this question in peace at the halloa box. We have every con fidence that such decision will be right. The only danger is, that by precipitate action civil war may again ensue before the people have time to see clearly whose fault it ia, aud military necessity be once more urged; this time ia favor of (he political equality of their negro alliee. We assume that this move in Mary land is likely to Iced In civil war, be cause we are satisfied that Congress is only waiting for a chance to reduce this State to Radical role once more, for which there is no earthly hope short of the negro vote; and became we believe that the people of tkia State will raaiat ' any sack usm patina on the port of Con gress. If thu, there is danger of such dreadful eoeseqnenees it becomes os to consider how our action may affect our friends elsewhere. There ia no doubt a grand army haa bam recently organ id io the North to stand by Congress in any emergency, whilst our friends there are only prepared-to meet the po litical issue at -the ballot tot, and may come too slotftyM the rescue. Os their account it may jj£ good policy to wait. Again, the people of Ota Sooth, whoso sympathies w*would undoubtedly hare, are at present broken down and dispir ited in every way, and it would be very inopportune to them. President John son would doubtless be disposed to stand by and protect®, hut he is surrounded by complicates ,nd diifienltiaa at the present moment, and no doubt would feel embarrassed by our too hnety mere Gen. Grant, ah tbs bead Iff the artty cannot be IliUMf tw>&bd by na unless the attack on tthffenisrely an provoked. We beliefs hffi Jpmt'andy advising submission to dpf|i(tkry demands of Congress, not Oat be fitliWr the® right, but in until our national difficulties may be amicably adjusted. He, and moet* of the military commanders, can only be relied on in the last emergency. We would not venture to say one word, in this behalf, did we not believe that the Legislature possesses the pow er, and will restore our disfranchised white citisens to the right of suffrage, and other precious rights; and .that tht* ! control of the £ttc government will bo j kept in Conservative bands beyond per adventure. If there should be still same feature in the Registry Law. or anything else, which requires n imme diate change of the Constitution, that can be done at slight cost by submitting it to a vote of the people nt the next election, in the manner prescribed by the Constitution. If all substantial rights c: bo thus secured wc cannot sec any uccUMity to stir up the troubled political waters this Spring, by underta king to change our Constitution tfy dmms of a Convention. The desire, if • such there be. to get rid ol some public * officers of the Radical stripe is no suffi cient excuse; neither would it be worth the coat. Wo throw out the Above suggestions for public consideration, and for the public good only ; and will conclude with this further suggestion (bat, in oar own State, as well as in the North, forbearance to assert our rights in an extreme jnanoer has been gaining us friends from the opposite side ; and will continue to do so, we bopc, till the next Congressional aud Presidential elections settle Radicalism at once and fotever. Gov. Svvnnn and the Senator abtp. His Excellency, Thomas Swann, did a wise thing the other day when he con cluded to retain tho office of Governor, and renounce that of U. S. Senator.— We felt heartily glad when we learned that he had so determined. He had so effectually aided in relieving this State from the rule of an unfeeling tyrannical minority, and was so well fitted by abuse and persecution of himself as to ensure a continuance in the same course, that it was with painful apprehensions we regarded his design to resign the Gub ernatoriai Chair in favor of one who was to na entirely unknown and untried.— We hoped that all was right and under stood at Annapolis, and therefore fa vored the plan of conferring the honor of the Senatorship upon him, if he con sidered it an honor, though we think it a mistaken idea to rank tho position of IJ. 8. Senator at thin time over that of Governor of a State whose course is now regarded with peculiar interest by the whole couitfrvffi ■ ~ir aim ■empt-ta* senato wa fully made up itxXuiud to reject him, as they regard with peculiar hatred any man who stands between them and their darling schemes. No valid accusation could against him, but enough false charges would bo madu. The lead ing Radicals were at work, with a pecu liar relish for the job, and would take no denial from the Senate. It is even said that evidence was taken in Carroll coonty in regard to tampering with those immaculate Radical Registers who had imposed themselves on the Gover nor. A witness was summoned from Richmond to prove that he bad taken an oath to the Southern Confederacy to draw tho interest on his Virginia Hoods ; but it turned vut that he hid drawn no interest since 1800, and the law of Virginia which required such oath particularly excepted citixeus of Maryland and Kentucky. At all events svery thing was ready for the sacrifice bnt the victim. Wo can imagine the delightful feelings of the executioners when they found that tho victim bad escaped, and still occupied a peat to make himself felt and feared. The fact that he was not to bo confirmed is a sufficient reason for his declension.— There wss, however, independently of that, strong public reasons why be should remain Governor. It must be gratifying to him that his course meets the general approbation of the Conser vative party. Ctnireii. The 39th. Congress name to a close at noon on the 4lh. of March, having been engaged in buainanaa considerable part of Sunday. Tho aenion should properly end si midnight of Ihs third of Match, bnt by a legal fiction they pro tract it till mam the next day. The meat important bill* were til passed. The Bankrupt Bill, the Tariff Mia, kt. ’ < V As soon as tba 39th. Congress ad journed, thu msmbesa off the 40th. Con gress were ready to take their seals.— At noon on the 4th. of March it was railed to order and organised in tho Senate by the election of Mr. Wade, of Ohio, as Vice President Pro Ten., and in the House by the redaction uC Mr. Colfax, of Indians, as Speaker. This inn new feature in Congress.— ' The next Congress need In wait till oa eciuler before meeting.; but hereafter •f* ""••.export Om important body to mi h ; t ' ' ': aJdVa^tadixkT, , “if the Rebels ar* going to be allowed ' n&aad'nfetta**** ** t,lo(Kl ot *h< „ -IV , . '/ dVVTr Owl t lout. After much hoaltaitiou tho Uadieale of Maryland have last concluded to Uke into their embrace* their colored 1 brethren of Maryland, and generously offer to slur* with them the burden* i and cares of government, in hope* I that with thuir aid they may recover their lout power in tho State. At (heir Convention in Baltimore. last week, which whs numcromdy attended from i the upper counties, this course was sub 1 euinly resolved upon ; nod wc have uo doubt will be pushed at all hazards : whenever a chance offers. They put , themselves under the protecting wing i of Congress; and with their motto, 1 “None but the loyal shall rule,” they reverse the order of things, black ap pears white, aud nothing is wrong that contributes to their purpose. We a>k attention tu'tbe resolutions : adopted which t *lW*; * Whereas tl6 present state of nation al affairs and the action of thu coalition | which, by the treachery of Governor j Swann, now usurps the power of the j State, have caused this assembling ofl the unconditional Colon men of Mary- j laud, and render proper a clear utter ance on nil the issue* o£- the limit : : there fore. }{‘Soivr( hy the [hi on • Party of Jlutyfitnd, in Stutr (Vm vn- j tiuu That wo cordially ap- | prove the reconstruction bill which has ■ LcCu passed by Congress, and that we | declare the principles of impartial man- 1 hood suffrage contained therein to bo tho only secure basis of reconstrnction, I and that the time has cuuic when its | adoption by every Slate is demanded by ; every consideration of right and inter est. Rewived, That wo hail the result of' the iate election in Georgetown as a 1 practical proof of (bo wisdom of Con grsas, and as the .omen of loyal control over all the South. Resolved, That the convention bill j now before the Legislature is in conflict ‘ with the existing constitution, and can ‘ be made valid only by the assent of the nle of the Stale and the government j e United States; and that no change of the existing constitution can or shall I be made, or ought to bo recognized by I Congress, which is not made by impar- • tial manhood suffrage, without respect to color. Rewived, That wo request the repub-1 lican members of the State Senate to prepare an amendment to said bill bn 1 sing represenUtiqg upon population, and submitting tho questions of a con- ! veutiou to all the mule citizens of tho I State, and providing for a new State | government on the basis of impartial : manhood suffrage; and that we shall in- ; sist that any change in the constitution shall b made upon this . asis, and that no State government now erected with out impartial manhood suffrage ought to be considered republican; and that, in the event of the passage of tho oppres sive and antl-republionu bill now before the Legislature, we will appeal to Con- j to provide &C JthtLAMfiflxbliugmf a ! convention in this Stale on thu basis of; the reconstruction bill, aud to organize a loyal Stale government with impartial i suffrage. Rcwh-d. That further to carry out • tho object of the foregoing resolutions, I tiiis cun vent ion, when it adjourns, stands adjourned to meet at the call of its pres ident, on such early day after thu ad journment of tho Legislature as the president may by public notice direct; and in the event of the president being prevented by any cause from acting, the chairman of tho State central commit tee be empowered to make such call. The reading of tho resolutions called I forth considerable applause. Tho pro- j vious question having been moved and 1 sustained on their adoption, all debate was of coarse cut off, although there ! appeared to be several delegates desir ous of discussing their merits. The vote on their adoption w.ts ta ken ieviatim , by counties, and the only votes against any of them were the fol lowing: Somerset county voted against the first resolution, and the delegation from Caroline was divided. On the second resolution being voted on, there was one vote in opposition to it. Caro line and Somerset counties voted in the negative on the fourt.h resolution. To the fifth and sixth resolutions and the preamble there was no opposition. The whole were then adopted. Tetoea by (be Pmldent. On Saturday afternoon last, about half past three o'clock, tho President •cot io his Veto of the outrageous Mil itary Government Bill lately passed by Congress for the Seceded States. It is a calm, statesmanlike and able docu ment, laying bare the object of Congress in passing it. We shall endeavor to give it to our readers in full next week. It was immediately passed over the Veto by a vote of 135 to 48 in the House, and 38 to 10 in the Henate. Wo regret that our Senator, Hon. Rev. Johnson, again voted with the Radicals on this question, making an hour’s speech in vindication of bia course. At the Mine time, the President sent io hia veto of the tenure of office bU, which was passed over the Veto by 36 to Bio the Senate 131 to 37 iu the House. The object of this law is to deprive the President of the power to remove his own appointees, even his Cabinet officers, without tbc consent of the Senate. It will not be long until they attempt to strip him of his Consti tutions! right to appoint to office, and to eemsftaud the army Congrosa is in : creasing itaelf at the expense of the ■ Executive wherever opportunity offers. tfeA our ions law suit is shout to be brought against the gen company of • Pnrii. It Inid down pas pipes in front { tailor's slfopao negligent iy t hat the i tailor aud hit servant were suffocated 1 during the night, find bin wile, long an i invalid, went orasy oexe day. The tai >r> family sue for dawagse Governor Swann.—The Speaker presented the following communication from the Executive: St ATI or Maetlamd. Exotatiw Aonnpolie, March 1,1867. To the Senate and House of Delegatee. Gentlemen: I have the honor to ac knowledge the receipt ofao official com munication from-thu {’resident of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Delegates, in:ortuing me that the Gen eral Assembly of Maryland had elected me n Senator of the United States fur the term of nix years from the -lIK March, 1867. This honor has been conferred upon me, an is well kiioivAtu the members of the legislature and my IVietids through out the State, without any agency or solicitation on my pait. It had been my purpose, in response to the notion of your honorable body and what was then the wish of the peo ple of the State, to have accopted this high trust; nod I had so expressed my self on various occasions, and, more re cently, iu an interview with the Lieu tenant Governor. Within a short time past, however, and up to the date of my communica tion to that officer, on the 261 h ultimo, when my resignation was expected to bo officially announced to the l-cgislnture. 1 have been visited by such appeals I from tho men of tb State, urgM-vwt-bwiua, earnestness and unanimity which cootil hardly bo mis taken, asking my continuance in the gubernatorial chsir. that I did not feel at liberty to Consult any individual pro foreoces of my own in making up a fi nal judgment upon this subject. 1 have no right, from any motive of per sonal ambition iu connection with the 1 senatorial office, if such could bo sup i ; posed for a moment to influence my nc | tieo, to disregard my paramount obliga- | i tien to tho people -f my Stale. It was | I sufficient for them to indicate whether, i | in their judgement, 1 could best servo I j them in tho councils ot tho nation or . i tho gubernatorial office, to which they had assigned me. at a period of so much ] interest iu our public affairs, both Slate I | and national. I With this brief explanation, 1 doom | i it proper to avail myself of the earliest i opportunity compatible with tho public interest, and in deference to what 1 be-! lieve to he my duty to tho people of the State of Maryland, to decline the ap j pointment ef Senator of tho United States for six years from the 4th of j March, 1867, and to return to the gene- ' I ral Assembly of Maryland my grateful , I appreciation of the distinguished honor ; I they have conferred upon mo. I have tho honor to he, with great | ‘ respect, your obedient servant. Thomas, Swann. 1 Mr. Junes offered tbe following rcso- j lutions : Unsolved by the General Assembly ■ul Maryland. That the commuuicatiou received from his Excellency Thomas Swann, announcing his declination of | tho office of United States Senator, to . which he had becu chosen by the pres, ant Legislature with great unanimity. ; lias, under tho peculiar circumstances which surround it, impressed the Leg | islnlure with profound sensibility; snd llioioM view of the Uftaasteiw inSasMle involved, and the cause of constitution al government in all the States, we re cognize in thu determination of tho Governor to remain firmly at his post in the executive chair, at this juncture j in the affairs of the State, an evidence of the same devotion to its welfare which has, iu the past, earned for him its high eat honors, and will, in the future, more strongly commend him to tho confidence of the people. Resolved, That the General Assem bly are fully impressed with the coin ion that Gov. Swann has but complied with the genera! wish of the people of j Maryland in deciding to remain iu the | gubernatorial office, and that he will in j the future, as in the past, discharge the | duties of his high ofllco with firmuess and fidelity. Resolved, That a committee of three. I two ou the part of tho House of Dele- j gates and one of the Situate, bo appuiu-1 ted to present to the Governor a copy 1

of the foregoing resolutions. The resolutions were adopted-yeas 511, nays 14, being a party vote. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Jones and Hammond the committee ou the part of tho House. Wk-Tho Government agent, it is sta ted, has discovered that a defalcation has been going on iu tho Mechanics National Hunk of Raltimore during the last 27 years, unknown to the chief of ficers, amounting it is supposed to $300,- 000. Samuel 11. V-tints, tho general book-keeper has been committed to jail to await tin action of the Grand Jury. John H. Rogers, paying Toller Was re leased ou SIO,OOO bail Mr. Wcntx wns connected with the Hank for over 35 years. Tho officer* of tbe lisek, re port the institution able to continue business, and the other Hanks hove re solved to sustain it. The Impeachment. The Judiciary Committee of the House, which has been for two months cugsged in taking testimony to impeaoh the President, hss reported thst thetub jct wss too vast for them to get through with it in time to report, so they desire tho investigation to be continued by the next Congress Mr. Rogers hss made a minority report, in which he says he has examined all the evidence, and that there is not one particle of proof to sue. tain the charge. Frederick lUeetloa. At the election in Fredurick city on Monday the 2fith salt, for 000 member of tbe City Council for each of the Seven words, the Conservatives earned four wards by clever majorities the Radicals three, by a majority of I) in the Ist, 3 in the 3d, end 8 in the sth The conservative majority in the total vote of 1067 wot 121. With a ijttlo mere exertion they coW hare earned every ward. v ' Local Intelligence. Lutheran Church Fair.—The ( Fair closed on Thursday last, having ( been continued for more than a week There has boon no chance as yet to make a precise calculation; but wo arc 1 assured that tho followin'; statement | will bo found correct within a few dol lars. Gross Recdpta $2407.00 Expenses . r SG 12 Not Balance $1851.24 This exceeds all expectations, uml without doubt, had the weather proved more favorable, at leant S2OOO Would have been realised. 1 fcafTo bo very serioii* or verv sad is inconsistent with good bodily health —tiie natural state of good health is a | cheerful one. Sadocm or low spirits, and melancholy of ail kinds arc evideo- i ccs of the loas of rigor in the life of i glory within us—and tho deadening causes of the gloom we experience roust bo driven out of the system, or iho life within is overwhelmed with gloom and horrors. By all means then, preserve a cheerful tone of mind, and lit© long in good health and spirits by the use of Bryan's Life Pills, fer there i> no purer tier more pscful Medicine, and none which, for good health, can he taken with hotter effect. advertise ment.) Surgical Opkhation.—Week before last Prof. N. R, Smith of Baltimore performed a highly successful operation in cutting from the breast of a lady of this place a Cancer which hod grown to a largo site. It is said to have been ; completely removed. Tin* lifglNlaturc. j On the SStli'of February, Mr. Ham ; round, from a Special Committee in tho I (louse, reported bills which wore passed, I under a suspension of tho rales, for new II y scales* in Baltimore between the j Frederick Turnpike and Pratt Street, i and East of Mount St. and the junction j of tho Franklin and Frederick Turn- I pikes ; and for the removal of the Wcs i torn H.iyscalcs to a lot of land more convenient for Lay wagons entering i from the Liberty and Keistoraloiru Hoads. S. 11. Gore of Carroll, H. S. I Lankford of Baltimore city, and S T. Shipley of Baltimore comity, are named 1 s Coro mission era to effect the latter purpose. J Ou the same day Mr. Hammond, of fered n joint Resolution which was ad.ptcd by the House, that the Attor ney General enquire into whether the ! York and lleisterstown Turnpike com j panics were charging more toll than allowed by their > Charters, and to pub lish 1 1 is opinion. * & Jor Rent.-— Tho following bill has passed the House of Delegates; Hec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That section 17 ol article 53 of the code of public gene ral laws, entitled landlord snd tenant, be, sod the ifclrtic Is hereby*, repealed ! uud re enacted to read us follows: Boc. 17. The following property shall he exempt from distress lor rent to wit: i Every piano, oulodoon or organ, every | spinning wheel, every loom for weaving j every stove and every sea lug machine where the same shall have been loaned or rented to the tenant, and every horse carriage and harness, whip and robe in any livery stable, which may bo at liv ory or stored with any keeper of any livery stable, or in any other place, out house or barn of the tenant, uud all property of any boarder or sojourner at any hotel, public -or private boarding house, or any vehicle in any shop tor repairs, and all property not hona fid? belonging to the tenant. Seo. 2. And bo it enacted, That this not shall take effect from the day of its ; pas&ago- I Tr**p(ut on Lamh. —This bill provi j dea that any one who shall, on the God j of any person or body corporate or pol ilic, willully or maliciously injure or destroy any house, take and carry away any growing tree, vino, plant, shrubbery, roof, vegetable, fruit or grain, or any fencing, hoop poles or ‘cord wood, shall, on conviction in any court, or before any justice of the peace, be guilty of a misdemeanor, uud fined not iesa than $.5 nor more than SIOO, and be imprisoned not less than one nor more thau six months. This law applies to the coun ties of Allegany, Aunti Arundel, Fred erlek, Prince George's, Harford, \f ash ington, Baltimore, Talbot, Caroline, Ce cil, Somerset, Carroll and Worcester. Tribute of Respect. First Natioxal Baxk or Wkstxixhtkr, \ March -Jud, 1867. , At a regular meeting of the Board of Di rectors heldthisday, Mr. Ohmvilleß. Haines being in the Chair, the folluwiug Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously adopted: Wbkbbas, It hath pleased AlmightyXiod, ° Hearenly Father, to remove from oor midst Mr. Ai-raxo Tro&cl, our late Prcsi dent, and WiiKKtAS, It is eminently right and prop- w * Rod justly due to his memory, to put on record some testimonial of our appreciation ! of i?* •'! service—Therefore, Jtttqlml, That in the death ot Mr, Alfred attained a low which u keejOy fell, and deeply deplored by every meidler of thie board and officer of the Bank. Jtauhtd, That In him we reeognieed ell thoee sterling .|ualitu-n of mind and heart,— the correct judgment, the kindly sentiment, the unswerving integrity, which challenged , the admiration, and commanded the respoet of all good men. Ha'ftai, That a-c will not noon forget his , careful deration to the interest. of the Bank, even when greatly enfeebled liy the fatal die ease which termtiiited his life ; knit that wo will over cherish his memory, and look back upon bis many virtues, and endeavour to emulate his faithful discharge of duly. /rewired, That we hereby tender to his afflicted family the avaucance ofoar profound sympathy and regard in this sad hour of bereavetoent, in which our highest consola tion is that “our loss is hiauternal gain.” HttoUtd, That I hone resolutions be enter ed upon the regular minutes of the Bunk and published *n the County papers, and tluu a c*py of them bo ten: to thu raniily. Test: W. A. Crimson**, Cathler. The Frederick papers says eeve tl perrons nc tv Brneevll 0 In Carroll boEtity, were bitten by a mad dog, last week. Tho American Aokicuiturist, for March, is replete with interesting mat- 1 tar for cultivators of the soil, as wall as ! others—enough for one mouth's stud}. It abounds also with sacelleot, iuterest iug and useful eograriilgs. Price 1160 per year. Single numbers IS cents— ' Address Orange Judd A Co. 41 Park I How New York. f The Rural OeNti.xmax, an inter- ! eating Journal devoted to Horticulture, Agriculture, and Korol Economy, sud well worthy of patronage, is published ' by J. b. Robinson, A Co. No. 2. N. Eu [ taw St. lialiiurorc. Price 81.00 per- 1 yonr. March number received. A land speculator in describing ■ I lake on uu Vs tola in Putnam county, I Now Yo-k, says it is so clear and deep 1 that by looking into it you can tee them | making tea in China. ■ ' i.JSS.-WJi ILI JJ.. 1...HH..1i..iaiU1.1J. I Trustee’s Sale of ; REAL _ESTATE.; nV virfuff of a decree of tin* Circuit Court 1 for Carroll count}', silting tut a court of j rsquilr. lh *nboi4W, os Trus(ec, will sell i at Public Sala, ok l*w premises, cm I Saturday the h /toy of Mon k. 1807. 1 •( 1 o'clock, I*. M.. *J'.c fbttoWng (Inscribed ' Heal Estals, muh TsaSpp!itanung 50 Acres i w ' OF LAND, morn or lea*. The improve- 1 mcnU lit.'.eon consMling of a com fo Fluids Dwelling - V ’\ H OUSE.IIi STABLE, anl other necessary building*.—• There is water con veniuutlo the House. AI so, on the premises, a valuable Youxo Or chard. A fair proportion of the Kami is heavily covered w ith TUI BEU. The Sec ond Tract contains 20 Acres of Lain!, more or less ; a comfortable DWELLING HOUSE. Stable, and other out'-buildings ; a good Orchard, S ring near the House, ana a portion of the Land is covered with Good Timber. Tho above property is situated on the road leading from the Washington Hoad to Hloom r Mill, about three-fourths of a mile from Bloom's Mill, and is now in the occu panejr of Rolwrt S. llama*. I bis property will be sold in one parcel, or sold as above to suit purchaser*. Person* wishing to view the premises will call upon Robert S. Damns residing (kcreon. Terms of. Sale ns prescribed by the court arc-Ono half cash on tho dsr of sale, or on the ratification thereof, and tbs other one half in twelve months from the day of Sale, the^ purchaser or purchasers giving hi* or their notes with approved security, bearing interest from the day of bale. JOHN W. f’OCHKAN, Trustee. (’rout St Keifjtnidur, Sol in fur*. nurcti LIST <>r i.rrn Remaining in the p. occ At Wratminaler, oa the Ist of March. Brisco, Sarah lUiflirh. Mol Ha K Benjamin, Michael Hann, Franci* .S Bickifar, Frederick Hughes, Lydia Burwicur, Frederick Jones, Moris Bnrtholow. S 0 la*nl, Davy Baker, Snville Lough'. Mr* Sally Bla/itr, Stephen MauUct. Elizabeth flHfstt 'Darnel Mantlet. T G ■ Crons , Martha I. Mitten. Mr Coonan. Dr Daniel Nash, Miss Susan Davis, Michael Parker, Kicfaoli* Etlcr, Mr* Parker, l.otfie (’2) Evans, Jano Stanton, Lewis Fonuen, Dr K K Snyder. James Frobuah, Philip Scully. Michael Framer, Manuel Smith. Miss Clara Grimes, .1 A Stone, William Gruber, Isaac IVotta, Anna Lixa | Grayson, Fannie A Wallace, Margroi i Harltuk, Kauko \\ or ins ley, George j Persons calling for any of the named let I lew please say they were advertised. N. I. GOUSUCII, P. M. march 7-2 t FRIZELL & MANNING, n’SiSTM/XSsn-H. M/>. I STUCK A\D KILL BROKERS. i WILL buy end sell on Cnmwiissioti, all. issues of U. H. .Securities, Gold, Sil- j ver. Bonds, Ac. Bank Stock bought and 1 sold on Commisidon. Collections made with prompt returns. I .and Warrants Wanted- Will pay Three f>er cent. (8) for Deposiuu, to be drawn out on demand, march 7-if I**fate of John (j rimer, thcrarrJ. VTDTICE ia hereby given that tho Sub* 1 v briber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters of Admislra tioti on the Personal Estate of John Grimm, late of Carroll county, dec’d. AH pernorm having claims against said Estate, arc hereby warned u> exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may bo excluded from all benefit of said Estate. ihosc indebted are requested to make immediate payment. ‘HENRY POOLE, nmrchT-dt Administrator. Oil Cloth, Matting Sic., J oat received and for gale by 8 ouffer A Hoffman. IIUKUIKII. On the ‘J4th insL, in the Lutheran Par sonage, Westminster, by Rev. H. C. Hoi iowmr, Mr. Issac Haivmt and JTlss JfAar K. i eagle, both of this County. DEATH*. At his residence in Westminster, on Ihure-U, l ebruHf, 2felk alt,, Mr. A i rein Tkosvi., agJ 62 >irs. Ho to President of the First National Hank of WrelmioMdr member of the M. E. Church of this place, •nd a highly reopened eitiarn. On Friday the Ist dsj of Msreh inrt., at hurraldoneem Westminster, Mr. Samoi, Waam.aa. i„ the Wlh yenr of his age, Be ceoseil had for many rears devoted peculiar attention to the burial of the dead | and the entire community felt a mournful interest following his remains, on Sunday last, to their linnl roiling place in the Westminster Cemetery among the tombs which he had watched aud guarded so long with unceasing ■i II.TIIH OH i; n ARKETN. ’ Tckidit, March 6, 1867. r tear—new 75*7 15 per bbl. Corn Menk-S MsM 71 par bbl. ' Lorn Jienl-4 (lsis,--}(osnlm of Wheal reported. Gore !"*• supply, iooioded In Ik. ..Ire w.l. 80,560 bushel, untie at Wa97 cU: 43,100b0ba yellow at •! cts, Oats .teady st M els.— Br.-A sale of 204 h,l„. .1*1,5 per bosbol. P'.u'.eioss.-Baoee continues In m-tlro de- SV"’- . Bholder. M IMisll eU. rib h l *”.Ve l . i ! UV -e' , * i do. st tIU ets j Ssajwi sugar cored. Lard S Ana *t WA cts. per |b. ofkinds printed mi this vfnee- a'o. tea squirrMT^ In tho Circuit Court for Carroll null Maryland, sitting u n Court of Rijuity’ rrerHS: M. ) decree for the tele at Susanna Rinehart the Beal Estate whereof and others. I a certain Joseph Rise, hart, late of Can oil eoustr, In the State of Maryland, deceased, died seised, for the pnrpoee of distributing the proceeds of side among the heirs at law of said deceased. Tho Bill states, in substance, that on or about the tih day of October in the rear Ithiii, the said Joseph Rinehart died, ashed in fee simple of elrout one hundred sad Alar acres of land, situated in Carroll county aforesaid, particularly described in tba Bill and accompanying Exhibits, and leaHna a widow named Cn'harlne Binehart, of Car roll comity, surviving hint, end the Mow ing children mid grand children es Ids only heire si law to nil: his children. Mary Rine hart, Elisabeth Buck wife of Solomon Hack, William 11. Rinehart, lamina House fcl wife of Andrew llouselet, (isolfe Hino bsrt, (Jathiuins Miller wife afUeaws< u Sr, who sro all complainants in the Bill, *od his children Sosnnun Rinehart, KU Hiaeheart, and Amelia Rinchsrt. and two grand chil dren, named George Rnolfand Jacob Kaodf, the only children o( Mary KnolT, t daughter of said Joseph Rinehart deceased, who woe the wife Ufa cer.ain Jacob Uuoff, and d • I’srtcd this life lud/irc the death of hoe said father; which said Susanna Rinehart, Kli Rinehart. Amelia Rinehart, George Ruotf .-mil Jacob Uuoff Jr., are the defendao's in the Bill, are all minors, undnr Use age of twenty one years, and reside in tarroll coiinlv sloresuid, except the said George Knoll and Jacob Uuoff Jr., who ibshte out of the Sinto cf witWn PbHa delpliM* in Ik .Sol -U ,-suisyivnnia ibo Bill twrtlMr ihlc tlmi tba nid Imi4 raunot bo divide i\avMg thwimrlio* entitled thereto without Iwr.ur k woM Ihj to the luWiiutiigc of all interested Ual the same should I>e sold and Ui*> pro cecii* divided among them accordiftgto irir rospraivo iuteresU iherain ; and prays (or such sale under a decree of said Court, and lor tho writ of subpoena sgaiost said resident Defendants, and lor an order of publication again st nuid abhoul DulentUnU. it is thereupon adjudged aud ordered that the Complainants, by cauniftf a copy of this order to be inserted in some newtpapor pub lished in Carroll county, once in eacn of four successive weeks, before the 4th day of April 1807, give notice to the mid slurrr Dc’loiiiiftnt*, of the object and substance of this Bill, and warn them to appear in this Court, in person or by Solicitor, on or be fore the Bth day of July next, to answer the preimst-s, and show cause, if any they have, why a decree ought uot to pass as prayed* WM. A. McKELUr, el k. True copy—Teali m *r7 4t NVm. A. McKRLur, eTk* E. WHITMAN & SONS, ~ Aon. 22 anti 21 8. (alterl M„ liullluiore. Mil., M SNUfACtI UgHt or Agricultural Implements *NO MkCIIIWERT. Wholeralv and Retail Dealers in SEEDS, FBRTIUZKRS AND AO RIOUIjTURAL lI.VROVVAEK. SOI’TJtSB.y JO A'ATS SOU • Ihiclmyh-’ Mow ! u and Reaping Maehiuns. nngoncr's Culcbreleil Grain and Onaao Drills. ••Auorirau’ Sugar Mills nnl Evaporatona Ihe *‘Swo^*|^s.Ubkcli ,, 'HircaUer* and Cleaners. Grant’s Grain Crsdloa. I’ba t rdeWated ’Mar}land' Wheel Uorao Hakes. Muntgcmcry-a llo.kawnr Wheat Fans. I hr “Keystone” Hder Mills. 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