Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 7, 1867 Page 3
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flpeclnMJfttlces. Sekfßck’s Scswcnl Tonic. This medicine. In Wiled *>JT Dr. J. H.Soueaoa, •f Philadelphia, la intended to dissolve the food and make It into chyme, tho first process ol digestion, By cleinalng, tho slomueli with Bchsaek'c Mandrake PlUa, tho Toole toon rot tores the appetite, and food that could not be ealea before using it will be easily digested. Consumption cannot be cured by Srhenck’i Pulmonic Syrup onloss the stomach *n-l Mrer is made healthy and the appetite restored, hence the Tonic and Pills are required In near ly every case of consumption. A half doaen bottles of the 3£A WEED TOXIC and three or fear boarsnf tho MANDRAKE PILLS will cure any ordlaarr caae of dyspepsia. Ur.flchonck visits In New York, Boston, and at hie principal Office in Philadelphia every Week. See daily papers of each place, or Ids pamphlet on consumption for his days fo visitation. Pleaae observe, when purchasing, that the twa likeaeasea of tho Doctor, one a hen iu tho last stage of Consumption, and the other aa he now la, In perfect health, are on the Ourera laent stamp. Sold by all Dregglets and Dealers, price $1.&0 per bottle, ar |7.W the half doxrn. All letters for advice should be addressed to Dr. Scnaxca'a I’rlacipsi Office, No. IS North Oth Street, Phil adelphia, Pa. General Wholesale Agents: Oemas Barnet A Co., N. T.J 8. 8. Dance, Baltimore. Md.j John D. Parke, Ciaeionati. Ohio; Walker A Taylor, Chicago, 111.; Colliaa Bros., St. Louis, Me. ___ *V. 9, 1| r. Know Thy Destiny. Marihr E. f. Tiiaaxro** the great Englith Astrolojgist, Clairvoyant and Feyeliometi Man. who has astonished the scientific classes nf th Old WdrW. has now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame Thornton possesses such won- Irrfui powers of second sight, as to enable her n inpart knowledge of tho greatest Importance o tha single or married of either sex While, n a slate of trance, she delineates the very fea nret of the person you are fit marry, aiid by heaidof an instrumcntof intense potter. known • the Psycho mot rope, guarantees to produce a fvllke picture of the future husband or wife f (he applicant, together with date of mar j iagn. petition In life, leading traits of char Sr ■ ir, Ac. Thle la no humbug, as thousand' of . ■stinoniale can assert. She will send when wired a certified certificate, or written guar nre, that thoplctart is what it purpoits to b*. f eadoal*| a small lock of hair, and stating see ef birth, age, disposition and complexion, id enclosing filly cents and sUinped envelope Idressed to yourself, you will receive the pie rs snd desired information by return mail.— I communications saerediy confidential. Ad rss in confidence. Map*** R V. Tmorstov, 0. Bo* !, lludsuo, X. Y. feb7-|y W* A YoUNCI LaDT returning to r country home, after a sojourn nf a few ths U the City, was hardly recognised bv [ fneuda, In place of a roars*. rustic, flush face, aka had a soft rubv completion of *1 it marble •mouthness, and instead uftweniv <*e she real! r appeared but eighteen. Upon ; airy a to the cause of so great a change, plainly told them that she used the Cin„ , x Rtlm, and considered it an Invaluable tc •itiou to any Lady’s toilet. By if* use onv ly or Uentieman can improve lh*fr personal carancs an hundred fold. If la simple in Is herself is simple, vet. r la drawing Imputi causing and beautifr ion. B v its direct li es from "It all its iiapu- , •am.-, a ltd leaving the hJ it should be, clear, rice 81. sent by Mail I an order by A CO., a semlata, | lb, Syracuse, X. Y. entafor the sate of the j fATKU. luTooo Xcmi ! ling Agents. Male nr i ranted to solicit trade I lags Hamlet, Work , bout the entire I ready sale Wherever ml women can make : nd no ri*k of lose ! A from s.’o to sloo—tho | > greater tho profit.— HirwKf—n jir*t >ii j pruf n/lertrur l'l if ;u money rapidly and icularaand address )., (From Paris.) ay, New York Cliy. I iryfody. i ftr, giving in forma- ; ortanro to the young j I ' -I omely mar become I 1 reaportleJ, and the i ptleman should fall in 4 receive n copy ib 0. Drawer, 21. Troy. N. V. BUT TRUK J * ~ hBMr the world re- Memuambnlistie Clalr nyant stale, delienates tenon yew are to ntar lustruiaeal f inteuae rchametmne, gnaran an<l life-Hko picture of wife of the applicant, , occupation, leading This is no imposition, awmber can assert. - , age, dtspoMtlou, color dosing flftv cents, and (used to vourself, vou y return mall, togvih fen. I. XuM. O.Mf.PO* 97, Wl Troy, N. V. H/CXogyrs.’ reuu NO SLOT 111 LEANING POLISH. :t 10, 1805. lUhinj wiafawi, iair incite**, am] economy r SbMl. Jfror York. . trade. Priio 30 cU. ■ jn 17-3 m XO. 911 EQUITY. jirroit Court for Cnmill County, iui|m . Coart oF Equity, u Rudiwt /'VUDKKED, this otkar% t / Hlh. ilay of • robruary in iKe yrr IMM und ISO", tI.J, tho oakl i UudiM-l. mode ml rO|io. il ■cto>£ loann men rated, unlaw to tboaru. on haoxt*. Pro- o. nt of atlas to .00. , " M. A. MoKELUP, olutk :'opY.-Tanti ” *• A. UcKciur, clerk. IUTSIiLK. laraiyne! o%at Pritat* Solo. th. Jlew Buck Souse, raSSfetstr tntr particulnrt enquire or U CURISTUS AW ALT. •* ."- ■*■.Si." 'LI PERSONAL PROPERTY AT PUBLIC SALE. j THE euhecritar having told hi* Farm, will offer his Personal Property at Public jf Sale, at hi* residence in Pleasant Valiev, h near Mill, w Reason’* Store, 2} h nulea IroinjHttaliabura on the road leading * to Silver Run. On Friday (hr, 15//i day uj March , 1907. ’• conei*lig in part a* follows to wit: ( r THREE good working mares (one with foal) 1 yearling Colt, 6 good Milch Cows, r ifjtrl fresh with calves, 1 Heifer, one “ young Devon Dull, 8 prime full- , bred SHBRP. 1 chewier Sow Hr * with Piga. fl Shoals. 1 good 8 j-CjLv D of 4 horse Wagon, nearly now, ■'<i ' ,f I one or two horse do.. Stone Med with side f boards, Hay Carriage. Threshing Machine and Horne Power, 1 Winnowing Mill (Man cheater make) I Holler, Ploughs. Harrows. c Rolling Screen, .Single and Doable Shovel •> Ploughs, Double and Single Trees, Jack * Screw. Drain flake, Mattofela, crowbar, i- liukes. Shovels, Axes, I.ogchain*. 2 pair Hind Gears, 2 pair Front do., jot of Hous 9 ings. Bridles. Halters, Bull chains. Grind g alone. Sett of Carpenter Tools, Mont Hogs head, Wheelbnrrow, Grain cradle. ScvMiu, K l urks, Ac. Also 1 good flock away and II mice*. Jot Timothy A , Clover Hay. lot of Corn arid Oita, j ; 1 Wagnrt Saddle. 1 Side do., Spinning i Wheels, Also Household A. fiMcli , **n Furnlfvirt*. consisting of Beds and I Redding, Dre; r, Walnut Bureau, Walnut Dining and Kitchen Tables, 1 l in Safe, hull dozen now Split bottom Chafn, fgood Win. Penn Cooking Stove, I ten plate Stove, i Mantle Clock, 1 large Iron Keltic and many other articles 100 numeral* to mention. , Sale to commence at'.r o'clock A. M T|tfM*.— A credit often months will he givciHSn nil sums above $6.00, on notennd approved security, bearing interest from the i sale. All sums of f.n) and under cash . JACOB KAFF.MAN. William Brown Auctioneer. febiflla 4 Personal Property at PUBLIC SALE. FIIHK subscriber intending to quit farming I and housekeeping, will offer at Public ( Sale, at his residence on the county rood between Went minster and 0 render IT* Mill, ‘ about a mile from WestniiiiMicr, on Thurnday thr 21 tt of Matchy 1867, I * the following property, viz : t THREW GOOD Dll VIT /ty ! houses, uw Six head ofrailrli t ons. i (3 froeh) 1 Brood Sow, 7 Shoal*. 1 Broad* j , trend Wagon with bow- mid cover, I PUn- ‘ | ration Wagon. 1 Hubbard Mower. 1 Gmin 1 1 j Drill, Horse Hake, Furrow Ploughs. Bhov* t ■ el Ploughs, Corn Fork, and Cultivator*. 2 * j Harrow*, single #id double free . Wheal I * j FVtti ( Pott * make) Wheel Burrow. Honu* ' j Gear*. Fork*. Bakes, Shovels and Farming ! j Utensils generally. j A Ho. Bede Bedsteads and Bedding. Bn j root), Tablv*. I’hiwr*. lmokirg-GlMes, IVii- i v , idol* Steve, Parlor Stove. Cook Stove. p„ w , . , f Copper Kettle, larg.* Iron Kettle, Tnh-. I Buckets, Otievnywnrc. Crm-kcrv Warn, lin I \ I \lare. and o|ber HOuscluld and Kitchen r . f urmiur*. Also a Sett of |„ BLACKSMITH S tools, I and a nnmber of Wngnn-nmkers Tools, 8 i barrels of Corn. 60 bmihals Oats 15 bushels | f I Hye, about 20 bushels Potatoes, about loot) pounds Bacon, Lm<l. different kinds of 1 Aim ’ her, and many articles too tedious to men- , ; tion. ' Side to commence at 8 a’.siuHk A* Mr " 1 cti'h, over that amount a credit of six months i j will he given on note and good security hear 1 ing interest from dnv of sale. SOLOMON MYEHLV. I Ihiii-siH J. Henry 1! •; j.Ju f . f pibCßTsale. —* i * HY virtue ul'a Decree „f the If.m. John 1 , K. Smith Judge of Iho Circuit Court! j for Carroll comity, sitting as a Oonrt of J | Rrtnftr, the undersigned, as Trustee, will j *all at Public Sale, on the premises, on j Friday, the 2t**l day of March . 18(57, | ' I at 1 o’clock, P. M , the following described I i Ileal Estate, being t!*** same of which Tbo- ( J ma# B. Murray nod Catharine A. Murray I I hU wife, died seised and possessed, viz ; .4 Trucl of Laud 4outlining I oil aches or more or lc**. which will he divide 1 as fu!- I lows: Lot No. 1 contain* about 40 Acre.*, i more or Ism. and it Improved with a large • \ S W 1T V, i : U DARN, h the HuJane.' Uid off into £ tracts, containing about Acres each. Tfus Isand is in a very good state of culti- j j ration, a oart of which has boon recently | ‘ limed, and n watered'fjy Sao’ crock. This 1 , properly is situated on Fains' creek, on the Lilverty Hoad, and adjoins Nadi's Mill property, Peter Engel and others. Also, id the .same time will b sole TWO FISK WOOD LOTS , 1 containing 11} Acres each, more or Icm, ; •tttui'.ed about two ood a halfgiilea South of thanbovo Far Li. and iuiiuc<Uately uu the Old Franklin Hoad, adjoining lands of Washingtun Nail and others, Perseus w ifhiag to view the Property will caff oa Ilos. David W. N’aill, reswiing near by. who will give all informatmu. Possession givvu luiuiediaioly on the rati fication of tbo sale. ■ Ttrthtt.—Ono-lhinl of the purchase money shall ba paid by the putvkaKcr or purchasers to the Trustee on ike day of sale, or on the raubcu -ou th-iivof, and llu> ziiduc la >• patautiwoequiiipaymenfs. gPby paid In twelve months, sod the other Hi two i years from the day of sa|c| with interest from the day of nnle. aud to lie secured by the purchaser or purchasers notes with security . to be approved of bv the Trustee. CHAIiT.ES m. mhruay, i fobae-u Tfuafec. CROCERYAND • Provision Store. • CYRUS D. STONESIFER, ? WMETrettV inform* his patron* , XV Hn< * friends that he has commenced . raarivilig Fresh Fish of nil kad, and prilt contiuuo through the season. AUo Fresh Meats of all kinds alwayt on hand. Corn Beef aad smoked Beef, smoked and fresh ’ Sausage, newly cored Hams, Shoulders and n Side*. PolaiH *, Corn and Buckwheat Meal, ’ Turnips.. Beets, Beans, Hominy, Pickles. * Cider Vinegar, Sweet Cider and Apples, Dried Fruits, Ac., Ciroccrirs and Provisions of all kinds, Tobucco ami Cigar*. Caufied FruiU ond Vegetables of ilia parent and Uu* umrkets can afford, ~ aysters, sithor by larg, or Hull qinntllj-, F*miUs, fcupjilifd afid delivered l tt tbc sboru-it notice. Come end see for ie Jour,*Wee, I wiß mil Ow-ebote goods nt ike Inweet end raoet eceomnodeiinf terms. oMpo,St Pcfcr Lingcufellcr'e Hotel, (form •t erfy Green',) V. cqtaninutw, Md. ", t'YSUS 1). STONBBIFKII. 11, febUSm OAI.K BILLS printed nt the abnrtcst C 5 notice it tbi. Uilicc. PUBLIC SALE Of Household Furniture and Effects of the ; UNITED STATES HOTEL, • NKU WINDSOR. Carroll oonniy Md | FIIHK undersigned, having parchasMl the ■ Sw u Tavern, corner of Franklin uml j i'.ntnw HticeU. liultimorc, together with tli; j K°(d will nnd fixtures ut same, ami having no further use for his Furniture, will offer at Public Sale, on j Wrdnrudny, (hr 2ftfit of March 18(57. | the entire stock of Household. Bar-Room and Kitchen Furniture of iho premise* ul present oocnpied by him. viz : Parlor Furniture, One Walnut Tctr a Teto, beat hair cloth, InteNt style, I Spring Son! (’hairs, do. 8 largo Arm Chair*. 1 Fin.; Marble Top Table, 1 ** almit (,Vlitre Table. 1 superior Gilt French f “tie Mirror, 4 feel by 2} feet, one Rosewood Case Piano, Music Stand ami Stool, fi;} yards new English Jh u.s.*els Carpeting, 8 new Venitian Blinds. SITTING ROOM, I excellent Hair (’loth Spring Softw 1 Mar j Me Slab Table, 1 Plain Mirror, of ; ply Woolen Carpet, 1 Air Tight Coal Stove . ;nd fixture*. 4 large split-bottom Booking 1 Chiiim. I du vu cane bottom ('hail*, 1 Bug i nnd OU Cloth. DINIH& ROOM, 4 large Dining Table* nnd nil Cover*. 1 fine •‘berry Sideboard. 2 dozen and a half of Windsor Chain. 1 Ten-plate Stove with pipe, latest pattern, M yards of ling Carpeting, • i complete Betts of Dinner Services, (Buns Um-c, A*. | II I LI, kuukiture, Table and Chair, -.1 yard. Oil Clh. Stair' curjii-ilng, Ibl cluth nnd Rod., 1 Itrockei 111 A MRER I rUN’ITI'UK, Il..nni Ko J u "(dunJlti WaluutKreuoh n*-d.-tca 1 nnd Il,:il clothea, with Mat- 1 troAM?*, Feather Be<U, Sheet*. .Spreads and I Blanket! all complete. I Kino cherry Dre* • smg Bureau. 1 M:trb!u lop Wash Stand, I Waah Dowl'Uml Pitcher. 1 Large Mirror, : yard* of new Straw .Matting. Room No. U. Two Cottage Bed*tends ! complete, same u. above. ilooiu No o, Two Full HCtIH of Cot Inge Furniture. Room No. 4, one ncft of do. complete, I Room No. •'. one sett " “ Kooru No. 0, . nt; sett “ “ Iloum No. 7, one sett •• R*om No- 8. 4 large Bedatend*. one large 1 chest. I Wash Stand. (Ba**. Howland Pilch i er. 1 largo Wardrobe. No. two Full Sett* of Cottage Fund- I lure, I Bureau, I Work stand, 2 Wash- i hLind*. (1 elmir*, 2- yard* of Carpeting. Room No. 10, 1 Bedstead and Bedding. | Kitchen Furniture and Utensil*. I t ook Hlovo, r Ww'hioiriiii i' ll- Milli 'll’,?■'-!,r,iu;'i j new Krout J ob. I large Meat B< neb, I churn and Stand. I Doty’* clothe* Washing Mu- ' bine, 1 Cellar Cupboard, lamlfuns, n lot of'! Ik'U'U and lard, Potaiorsly the hn*tul. j Hie Mibserilmr w ill ai m oUhp for sale, a fustf-KCV Ml IRK H years ' ohU ON?j C(>\V that will bonrjgj£jT* ; Shoal*. I llanket Sleigh tc I[ ahtel suuuer* itnd i-Viiug.of Ikaß.*. t •.m *- lets. I Trigging Iron, 1 Valtock, ti cords Hickory Wood. 1 Hiv of (Wes. ' Sab* to commence at l* o’clock A. M. pre ri.wly, everything offered will be really sold ! an the nhucrilwr must take possession of hi* | nt v Hotel on the l*t of April next. Terms of Sul • —A credit of 8 month* will be given on all sum* of 410 dollar* ami | upward , the purchaser giving hi* note with approved security, bearing interest from the ; dliv of “Sk*. WILLIAM DF.LPIIV, Proprietor, i Thom Carb, Auctioneer. fohW-ts TRUSTEE’SSALE OF V AU7ABLK HEAL ESTATE. UY virtue of a decree of thci Cireuit Conrt for Csrrull county aiuinK a* court of K tioitv, parsed in No. V2i Kquitv, wherein Joshua Iti own aielother* are eornplainaiit*, and Uelinda Brown *ud other* at< detendanta. the sitbteflbsr a Trn(oe, win avllat I’ublic Sale, Saturday the 2B / day of March. 1867, at 10 o’clock, A. M. Ml lb# Heal Viitste of which Thomas S. Brown, died ••■lied and poe* ae*ed, conaiatiog of two V ALU ABI.E FARMS, ailuated on the Turnpike Road loading Lorn ; Westminster te Ualtiraore, miles from two Stations oa the Western Maryland Kailroad, the Turnpike running w ithin a quarter of a mils of one of *aid utatioua i. F’inkaburg,) and tweuty three miles from iho city of Baltimore. Firtt, th* HOME FARM containing 200 Acres of Land more or Is*.*. Ths ijpproTesoent* coaalalof • comforUhle and l.irgo Twn- Story FisobS Dwelling HOUSE, ’newly bo lit HANK BARN, witfe W4ganShedj* Oraaarie* eld Corn Crib* att.icbodf Sfllog Boose, Smoke House sad other ueteaasry build ings. There la a brge quantity of exccllsot TIMII Kit on lh * Farm, there I* also *AQa * large OUCH AUD on the premDea. w 1)1 ch on account of iu proximity to alxfaSw mat get, rendera it very valuable. The Turnpiks Kosd dir idea the wala FVm equally. Second, A FARM adjoining the above consisting of >Sht}-Si\ Acres of bind move or lea*. Tho improrrtnent* consist of a conveniently arranged, and well iteana built Two-Sterv Dwelling HOUSE, Hif BARN, and other accessary outbuildings, an oxdaßcnt Orchard on tho premia**#. Water oonvement to both propertlea. The above property will be sold entire if de sired, or a portion of tho first named will ba at tacked to tae second, If preferred. A plat of (be promises will be exhibited on the day of salt-. ALSO, on tho same day and place, A WOOD LOT, about one and a half miles from thof*: ms, oon afctiug of 30 ACKgpfw Roxh andl3 Perches of land mors or lews. JP?Y wt e e d l‘lng to tho premUes wall malllonMr*. Brown, residing tberaon, or I Joshua Smith at W Mbnlaster Md. Tarma of Bale—One-third ca*h on the day of rale, or on the ratification thereof, one thiM in r twelve moutbt and tho other one third la two year* fi'om the day of sal#: tbo purubaaer or , purchaaera giving hi. or thefr auk. with ap -1 proved security, bearing interest from aale. BKUNDA BROWN. Trustea. ■JUrtIHJA SMlVft, Ajr.nt. ftbSSl* Csotr? k KriMNiusa, Seucllors. / \IUB, PaitiU, Put. Dryer, Putty, Glasr, \ / do., received and for sale el Baltimore it price*, hy Stauffer A Hoffman. Jan 17 1 1 —i mrm —i H NO. 928 EQUITY. In v<io Circuit Court for Carroll countv, I titling at a Court of Equity. February T*a*, 167. Becker, ] Tn olifect of this Ephraim Becker, I mil it to procure u anti others, j- decree for a sale of **• I the real estate whereof Join) Decker. J a ceriain Michael Becker, late of Carroll county, Maryland, j died seized. for the purpose of distributing tho proceed* of aule among the hotrs at law of nmcl deceased. ' Ihe Dili states, in substance, that, on or 1 about the Cth duy of September in the year 180 ft, the said Michael Docker departed this life, seized in fee simple of certain real ev , tatn fabout eighty four acres of land,) sitn t atedin Carroll county aforesaid, which i* particularly described in the bill and the ac companying exhibits; and leaving, surviving him. his widow, named Elizabeth Becker, f ud the following named children, to whom the said real estate has descended, ns hie heirs ut law, to wit: (Jeorpe Decker, <f ) Pernrcouniy, Pennsylvania, Ephraim Deck- I or, Catharine Drilhart, wife of Dril 1 Rrt * Abdol Docker. Jeremiah Decker. Emelinc Kn.llcr, wife of David Kneller, and Edmund Decker, all of whom arc com plainants. and ail reside \ except said George) 1 in Carroll countv, Maryland, and the said John Decker, the defendant, who resides out of th" State of Maryland. The Dill further states thai the said land is not susceptible of division among the • | partly* entitled thereto without loss or hynry 1 to tl • n; sod that it would le to the ndvan ! tag* f all Interested that the same should bo sold; and prays for such sale under ado creo of said Court, and fur un order of pub* licalion agaiatU said absent defendant. It is adjudged and the complainants, b> camiug rt copy of this . order to be inserted in some newenfiper published in Carroll pcmwfy, once in each of four successive weeks, before Urn day of 'lurch lft7, give notice to the said absent i defendant of the object and substance of I this Bill; ami warn him to appear in this Court, in person, or hr Solicitor, on or be j fore the 27th day of Juno next, to answer i the premises, and show* cause, if any he has, why a decree ought not to pass as praved. WM. A. McKELLIP, Clk. True copy,—Test; feb2l It W*. A. McKwi, Clk. I Pr.KSo.VAI, PHOPRUTV AT PUBLIC SALE. I f’IMIE undersigned will sell at Public Sale .1 OI the premises, in Daciimnn's Valley, on the road leading from Bachman's Mill to th,- Hanover I urnpfke. about a quarter of 1 a mile from the former place, on j Wednesday, the 18th day of March, 18t>7 f t the following valuable Personal Property, ' I vi/. : I elegant WO DR HORSES, /jiti! i ?"• lwo yar old Colt, 5 head offfiffiV-. Cows. 8 Heifers, I large Dull, 2 Drood Sows, yt Shoaft, 2 Planta j torn Wagons, 1 Threshing Machine find I Horse Power, (Manchester make,) 1 Wind- 1 mill. I Corn Shelter, 1 McCormick Reaper,

1 I Hubbard Mower,‘idrain Cradles, 1 Spring i s,et? i drain Baku, I drain Drill, 2 Hay Car ' j nages, 1 large Wagon Bed, 1 Stone Bed. J I* arrow andl Shovel I'loughs, Corn Forks, 2 ■ ! Harrows, bifth Chain, Stretchers and Don- I ; lie Trees, Halters and Cow Chains, 2 setts i .ml dear . I setts Front dears. Collan, | j Housings, Bridies, lurk*, Hakes, Ac. Also, j j Household and Kitchen Furniture, j j I Cooking Stove, 1 Ten-plate Stove, Tables, ' D“d< and Bedstead*. 1 Sink, Tubs ami Bar j ! rels, and n great nmnrartictes too numerous • j t* mention. Bale to commence at 10 o’clock, A. M., I on said day. lerms, as usual, am! made known on the I [ day of sale. | JOHN WKAYEP, j TRUSTEE’S SALE. RY virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, as a Court of Kqui- j j tv. for the ante of the rgnl estate of Presley ' /.epp, late of said county, deceased, the tub -1 son her, as Trustee will offer for sale at pub- I lie auction, ou the premises, on j Saturday the l(ph day rf March, 1867. at I o’clock, P. M. a Farm, containing 70 Acres of Land, 1 more or less. This property is situate-on Parra Fulls, on the Baltimore A Ohio Ruil -1 rood, one mile West of Woodbine, and lies 1 partly in Carroll and partly in Howard conn j lies. It is Improved with TWO ' tear Dwelling Houses, riiit i Stable, Dairy, Ac. It la w.dljttlfll watered, about 20 Acres arc in TIMBER, a due proportion is natural Meadow, and the whole in in a good state of cultivation. The Terms as prescribed by the decree arc—One-third of the purchase money to be paid on the .lay of sale or on the ratifies torn thereof by the said court, ami the bal ance in two equal payments, at six had twelve months fep the day of tale, with interest, and to lie secured by the notes of the purchaser with security to be approved by tiro Trustee. WM. N. lUVDtft, feb2l-u Truatoo. WAMEkT rt76o pcr da> AGENTS wasted, Udios and gentbiajou, in every County In the United Buus, to sell Ink Powders of the Ainerb-aa Ink Company. The powder aells for forty rents per package, and will make ink enough to till (if>v bottles of the size usually retailed at tea rente per bottle. A •mart agent ran tod I * grow of ft a dsr. and clear $27.60. The ink can be made from the powder in three minutes In common bMling 1 water. It is a perfect black ink, the best io die world. It Hows easily, decs not corrode the pen a particle, never gums up, U not injured by freezing, and its color will last forever.— Every family in America Mil bov it, as a pack - *K will Uet a family f..r years, be p made In small quantitieswanted. With each gross we send a demand circular*. *lth teeti ssoaiaU from clergymen, loiters, teachers, merchant*, eeamerebd colleges, editor*. Ac.. and the agent's name on the bill*. Only one oerson will bo made for a ceantv. The Irsi oae tending Thirty Dollars for a grew, wiU receive it by return express, together with one thousand circulars and the right to sell io the couniy he or she designates, if others send for the tamo county, the money wWbe re to ru ed to them free of expense. To make sere, ono had better designate B>.vvraf counties, either of which he or she nUI take. Send for trade flat and circulars If you dose run die risk of wait ing. or send the money for a from. Letters • addressed to the Mayor, i’oateoaster, cashier of the banka, or the express agents of this city, wW show that the Liutneas la honorob/v and square/y conducted. An Ink Powder wiU bo i sent by mail to any address, fore of charge, on i receipt of forty cento. r Address, writing your name, town, county and State distfooJV, AMERICAN IMX COMPACT. f THOMAS W.'lXhbJ**'’ *' U f f Ocr*/~ a. Common, and Sflfiai Estate of E/isabalh Grltier, UecHuetl. VTOTICE i. i.reby given that th. Sub ; 11 wHbr hnobtainwi from the Orphan. Court ofCarroll rouatr, loiters of Adimuiatm , lion oa th Parson*! Batata of Eliub:li r OHtler, Into of Carroll e\tnty, deo'd. All -Bohon, having claims againsl said io;a • OMebjr witTioJ to exhibit lie aam. within rix Tttotuha from lata, thtt) ° mav bv la* bo excluded (Vom all WoSt 01 H Mid artat*. Tbost IndeJitod at* sd to tuake immudiatu jiy nwutj fabiS-R Atlutiuirtr.lor. ' sugar: ' sugar !i ■a 4 FIN K lot of Brown and Whita Sttga-a XX. J®** recaivad at ialyS A. M. Warnrr’a BEWON OKCR. J. I. ORNDORPP, r Produce Depot. 4T THE KAIL RO ID, ’’ W E *Tlt! SN Tt It, KIK >f *• T T AVLNC fcaiHjd the large and com mo * El <liita Warehou.*u, (formally occupied I ht J, T. Oendorll.j no are now prepared tu R I p'AAChb *' * ] ridOCit, j r, h ri\ i* . OATS, COEN, a*>l Cunkry PRODUCE *I of all descripibma. Abo to receive and forward Produce and Goods a I of til kinds. Tbf-v also keep constantly on if baud a large and lull slock of CROCER I E S , Wiret.KSir axo Rittaii^ Floor. Baron, Fed, Grain. Halt. Fish, kr., i together with Rpad- d. .Shovela, Hori, Kak*.s, 1 | and Farmers' ami Gardctirra’ linplonumta s generally. Also ~ GDANO AND FKRTILIZKILS •' of all descriptions; and in fact all articles in r our lino. . Wit Ij long experience, nnd by strict alten -1 ' ion to bnsincss. wo hope tn receive a liberal ; share of the public patronage. DENTON flEn*. J. T. ORNDOKFF. j.vufMy • i f fVukbs prepare for took * SPRING CROPS. B 1 fpHK aSnbsoribcr offers the following op * i I proved Fertilixm. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate I 1 A highly popular and dependable Fertiliser I of twelve years standing and of which I many thousand tons arc annually sold. MARYLAND POWDER OF DONE! - (iuahrnteod free from adulteration and analysing 54 per rent, of Phosphate of > Lime and over ftj per cent, of I Annmonia uniformly made, and, fine enough to drill! ; GROUND PLASTER! I A very anperlor article, manufactured at Bed Deadi Mills. , | NO. 1 PERUVIAN GUANO, | Of direct Importation, which I deliver from Government's Agent’s Warehouse. ' 1 All these artu les trill be famished ut burnt rate*. \ i LI DEDAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. 1 BQL.Send for a Circular . O.leri recelvctl by J. 11. Bowers, and by i I Gehr & OrndnrfT, at Westminster. Md. GEORGE DUO DALE, j Noa. 07 and IWS .Smith s Wharf, I janSl-Hm Ibdlimore, Md. WHISKERS & MUSTACHES! FORCED to ,m n-nn the .moolh,:si fa.v in fmm liirf. to Rvr wenka bv usiti. ■ !.'r, KKST ACHATKL'K CA j J LLAUIK. the most woonerful discovery i" W Cy Un"?linrnt iW.nd f with the most Haltering success.— Names of all purchasers will be registered, and jf entire satisfaction is not given in every Instance, tho money will be cheerfully i refunded. Price hr mail, scaled and post paid, sl. Descriptive circulars and toii monish mailed free. Address BERGER, SHT’TTS & (JO.,, No. 2b6 Hirer Street, Troy, N. Y., Sole agents for the United States. febll ly BEAUTY! Auburn, Gulden, Flaxen ami Silken Curia, J'kHODUrED hv the use of Prof. I>E DitßUr FftISER LE CHBVEFX. nc implication warranted to curl the most straight and stubborn hair of cither vex into wavy ringlets, or heavy massive curia. Has been used by thy fashionable* of Paris and London, with the most gratifying results. Doe* no injury to the hair. Price by mail, i sealed and rKistpaih st. Descriptive Cir • color* mailed free. Address BEHOKH, BHGTTSA CO., Chemists, No. 285 River • Street. Troy, N. Y., Bole Agcrtts for lit* : States. fcb!4-ly NO H 25 EQUITY ; | lu the Circuit Court /or C<tiroll County f it County. I Fubhusry Tnnv. 1867. Peter Bnlle and ) fJT HrtnC of an order Israel Norris, (_ Ij of tho Court tho ?#. ) Creditors of Josmh Got- Jusiah Geiger. I ger, late ofCarroll Conntr, who were snch on the 6th day of March, A. D.. 1860, are hereby notiltod tad warned ? to file their claims, properly authenticated, , with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Car ) rell county, on or before the 16th day of April next { otherwise they may be debarred i of tho benefits of the trust fond. A. D. SCHAEFFER. J fobl4-4t Auditor. j REMEMBER. ’ ‘’Toll me, yfr winged winds. • That round my path way roar, M li Is there a place on earth '* That bents Uie New Shoe Store? , Toll me, ye ladies fair, ® Who so bonignly smile, Do you wish goods cheap and rare, [j Of very attractive style t m There are Boots, both coarse and fine, And Shoes of the latest style ; * lionet reni purchase “on that Hue.’’ g- You’ll deal there all the white. £ Now, Busby is a truthfkl man, , He sella no flimsy tresh; , r He’ll please you well, I know he can; r His plan of selling is cash. * JOHN H. BUSBY, Opposite New Catholic Church, feb'il dt Main Street Westminster. ’ Coour Notice. TITHK Comity Commiuuon.ri for Coitall I County will moot t ihoir it Westminster, on the Fuwr Mo.xuav oi M x ca,JB66, for tho transaction ol basin ess. *• % order, 5 LEVI VALENTINE, ’ fi*WU Clerk. h A PHI ME lot of Frederick make Buck II Gloves, for sale by re jel7 Slottfer $ Jktfman. i id pznlT New M itnlsor. Md. T UST received, aaether h*of those choai tl Balmoral*. Stoulfor t Hoffman **■— r~rrv?' * SLRTGU BASKETS- for sale by _ jan Ift Stouffer It Hutfinan. e, ALT. kinds of Job Work neatly erec-te< at the “D*ociutk ADvocxT”U3ce FEMALE COLLEGIATE ▲MO MAM; ACADEMIt MITITITr/ te aciicrs. LITER AH r ItEPAHTNEXT. Rev. John a. Mcxßor. A. M. >• Mlm M Lon Forlfmg, MR. L. d Mias Mary V. Manning. 0 MU* Ada Ihlliugrlcu. MnRWA L PEP A n TMRXT Mm. Fannie K. Munroc. rpHIH INSTITUTION will cnmmnu*. ? I the 2nd KKSSION of it* SIXTH icholMtic rear on MONDAY. FKB BIT ARY mi. Pupil* nil! I* re reived at any time, and i barged from lime of entrance. Afl A HOARDING SCHOOL. Its number of Hoarding Pupil* during the juul yonr wo* 2 ft-malc*. and l' mule*. — “ The Principal receives only tir female* Into his family ; a number of others may board with appro**! families in the town, y Those wishing to occupy the vacancies not yet filled, will ylease make early appU ration. • The accommodations for Boarders an '* Ito separate building**. built of brk'k. That I e fur (he Mule Department is the reaideuco of th* Rev. Jonathan Mixrok (Father of the Principal), whose paternal care will lie over his boarders; that for the Female Depart n meal is occupied by the Principal, lliere will not be any communication between thbse deportment*. Each will beconsidcred 1 as o Jnettily. affording a home to its boarders. AS A DAY SCHOOL. Muralsar of Day Pupils, during the past year, 6% making a total of 107 Pupil*. - Arcondfoodataoha are five commodious (rooms, vix: The young men’s study room— the hoys study room—they mug ladies’ study room—the Primary room, and the Lecture room. heparin^ndt. —Primary, Preparatory and Collegiate: three grades of classes in each Department—ln Music, superior advan tages. iauin taught gratuitously. Esjtfcial attention given to all elementary principles; also to Peuiuanhliip (plain anil faneyt: to Book-keeping; to Spelling, Head r mg and Elocution. nix grades of Tuition, from $4 up to sl2 per quarter. For Circulars address REV. JOHN A. MUNROK, jnu24 Principal. 1 TAVERN STAND mu SALE. THE subscriber desirous to retire from public business, will offer at Private Sale, a large and commodious TAVERN STAND, situated in the Town of Manchester. Carroll county. Md,, on the Baltimore and Hanover Turnpike. There is also attached to the property n TENANT HOUSE, Ice House, now filled with Ice ; also a large Harden, ami two Ix>ta of ground, containing 1 nearly ‘2 ACRES OK LAND, upow which is ! erected a large STABLE suited for a Livery. ' There is a mail running daily Jkom Munches- ! by the Baltimore Turnpike to Glen I Moms Station, to intersect the Western Md. I Hailr..d. The Stand is the same winch was former), kept by Wm. Cruuirine, Keq. Manchester is handsomely located, and lias some fine improvements, and is generally i very healthy, fmving four or five (Tiurches j ol the different denominations, a College and Academy. Iho property will bo sold on reasonable Terms, and if not sold ln*forc the 9th day of AgtlflßUl irtaSwCw# of May \W7. For information inquire of BENNET GREEN, febills Manchester, Md. EXCELSIOR! EXCELSIOR;! CHASTELLAR’S Hair Exterminator 11 FOR REMO VJSO SUPERFLUOUS HAIR . To thff ladies especially, this invalnfiWe depilatory recommends itself as being au almost fodispewslldamrUcta to (emalo beauty, is easily applied, does not bum or injure the •kin, hut acts directly o the foot*. It is warranted to remove superfluous hair from ; low foreheads, or from any part of the body, > completely, totally and radically extirpating i the same leaving the skin soft, smooth and I natural. This is the only article used by the French, and is the only real effretnal depila tory in existence. Price 7fi cents per pack ■ age, sent postpaid, to any address, on receipt , o? an order, by BERGER* &HUTTS4C&, Chemists, fchU-ly 2& r ) River St., Troy, N. Y. Housekeeping: ARTICLES. BLEACHED and Unhlrnched Muslin. Bleached and Unbleached Sheeting, 4-4, " 6-4. -4. 10-4 and 11-4, Bed Ticking and Bed Check, Tabic Diaper and all kind* Towicing, i SILVER PLATED WARE. Carpeting and Straw Matting, Moor and Table Oil Cloths, Knivea and Forks, Spoons, I Candle Sticks. Kettles, Brushes, A I-arge Stock of QUEENSWARE, Looking Glasses, with a full Stock of nil other articles in this Hill. For anle at Balliroooe prices. JOHN I. RKIFSNIDER. Owners of Water Power Should me the celebrated LKFFKL TURBINE WATER WHEEL, Manufactured by POOLE ft RUNT Baltimore, Md. Send for e circular, dacti Cm. Lames runs. CHILDRENS FUBS. in Mulih, Capet, and Holla, )F direct from the manufacturer. Great in* of documents in stock and price*, at dec 13 John ]* Reiftaider’*. Car petal Carpets 11 Oil Cloths! Oil Cloths 1! ~k TNIOL'RSI). Striped and Raw Chrpetu, floor ron Cloth., trl, i-x, Stair Hi Cloth*. M •Hf- H ram '*■* Domestic Goods. Viru hove reduced oof prices of t}A ip W and WsaefcM Ifotfe*. * Tlelring, Oinghmns and Catvoos. CMR and j** * OXawdnS bc&ro purchiuilig. JrHMF Wffflfcr h Huffman. BOOTS. SHOES. HATS, AC. , X Urge MsnrtiuoQt far Mon, Wotaea and ** HiMdiwn. of la loot Mf W. Gall before job ar e cksse, at K. K. OvmanVv. A Lectaer uAyh) irt T *v® unß Jun Publitkid, in n !Mi* Emlof*- Pric* tU cnnU. -* ■ ; ALKCTCRF. on (be Nature, Treatment, end Radical Cure of BpPmalorrlva, or Sem • tnHi Weaknees. luvniunUry EmUsious, Sexual Debility, and Impedioioßts to Marriage goaer sfty. N’wvouttuM, ronsuaiulioo. P.pilupey, •nil Fit* ; W-i.lal and Physical Incapacity, re. xwluiig frm Solf-Abuse, dm. —By ROBKHT J. CULT Kit WELL, M D., Author of the “ Green Book,” kc. Tin- n orld-rcnov;ied In thb sdmira ble Lccturi!, dearly proves from bis own expe rience that the ewful cooecqaeases of Self- Abu*e mar he effectually removed without lurdidue, and wilbout surgical opt - raliuns, bougira, iueli um< ute. i ings, or cordisb, j I'inling out :i in ml- of cure stance certain and effectual, by w hich every •ufforor no matter w hat Kb condition mav be may cure bimeelf cheaply, nrlveleD, anff radieallv. THIS LEC • TURK XVII.L PROVE A BOOK TO THOW ' A N 1)8 AND Til UPS AS D. Rent under seal, to any addresi, la a plaiu sealed cnnlupe, on tlte rcaelpt of lix cents, nr ; two postage rtamp*. Also Dr. CulverweU’* triiagf Guide, price 2& coats. Addi va tliu l-i.J i. here, CBAB. J. C. KLINE A CO.. 127 Bowerv, New York, f JH I’oet Office Box iM6. There someth glad tidings of joy to all, • To young and to old, to great end to small; The beauty w bich once was *•> precious and rare, # . t free fur all, and all may be fair. By the list; ol’ C II A S T K U.\B'B White Liquid ENAMEL, FOl Improving and Beaut*r> ing the complexion■ Ti c most valuable and perfect preparation m •se. for giving the skin a beaatlfnl pearNlV tint, (hat is only found in youth. It quick I* L'T.". !*", FreekJn, f'impin, kloicti... , Mfl *h Patch.., Hallriwnr... Piuittiena, audi'i mpurlliw of th. .ki*. klndlr h/alina tha asa< leaving the akin white and clear as alabaster Its use caanot be detected by the closest sen.. ny .and being a vegetable preparation is pr fectly harmlrsN. Uis the only article ef |b f V" . u . • lb *‘ French, and is considered b the I at islan as indispensable to a perfect mil i Upwards ol 30,000 boftfes were sold daring tl past year, a sufficient guarantee of its ethcai • i rice only 7j cents, hrnt by aimil, post-paid, on receipt of an order, by BKKGKR, SHUTTS A CO., Chemlst ftbU-ly 284 Hirer Bt. Troy, K. Tj PRIVATE SALS I A Bargain Offered. A SK AND LOT, fronting on Muit* /jL Strnrt. and Union Street, at the W c*: Lu-i of Wcs‘mins er. The most eligible situation for a Blacksmith Shop iu the ooui: ty. A good Two Stffry LOG m u.DING ujion the premia.!*, with * l*ek bnihlin* at fuelled, a first-rate V ell of water and a new Pu mp m said Well at a cost of SOO. Terms will be tmwie to suit tli purchaser tw the money is not desired. ALSO j A IIOL’SK and Oo ACRE of Larul 1 'X'"* l, r> on ‘be GoramJi Road, J mil* ftoi„ : W efcimtnrter, suitaUe for two nt this time renting for S2O, the other for s3.* per annum. Term* to milt the pnrchnacr. JGriHUA SMITfI. decC-tf PRIVATE Stlß 1 'Wrti r pJeli.v VI ’ if more or loss, situated In Cnn-01l county, tJI joining J. \V. LuowbsnrVs Mil? property anl the lands of Jacob Bankcrd and Andrew Reese, ainl within half a mile of UraDbCity Station. Western Md. Railroad. A large proportion of it is first rato TIMBER LAND, and is well watered and under good fencing. It ift improved with a large LOO mSSU^ Dwelling Mouse and Back Building, Stabling 4c. It will be •old in parrel* to sort porch*serf, tf dmdred: the pared! including the to hare W or 60 acres. Mi-Terms moderate. RICHARD MANNING, dec 13-if Westminster Md. FOR BLENT, Rockdale Woollei FACTORY. THE undersigned will Rent, or Lease* the a!iov Factory from the first of April next, situated in Carroll county, on the Patapsoo lolls, a nover failing ttream, 2i miles South of Hampstead, anti 1 mile N. W. of Houck’s Store. This Factory been thoroughly repaired and the Macbtnety is new and is now m as good condition a* •ny other Factory in the County. Also, 60 Acres of Land attached to the mb in a good state of Cul tivation, to bo rented therewith. Any person wishing to rent the came wiil please apply to cither of the umlerbtgned, or address. Houcksville, Md. D. W. HOUCK, p. a Hoffman, janK-tf Owners , Superior Hominy* ■'iWfoSJC who Wni rood Ifomin, I mail* of th* k-M Corn. *J h> ifot aa*t improvta) *.. ihonld call on the rabaoflnr l th* onion Work*, near th* Coot, Homo, Wwtminirtor Md., wher* he hat *l—*!t on hand an, quantity for tale cheap, fowl futnUbing the Com can h*ve Hotniay made on ehort notice and remannabie terms. Call and yon will be pleased. AUo OFFALS for ealc, and dOOfemhab of prims CORN wanted, for wtugK' jjh, highest cash price will be ip*n, delieerudat the Union Works. SIMON A. LEISTER. janS'Zm* WESTMIVSTLB HOTEL, PEXEU H. HKNRYi rROPMETSR. IS now open for the accommodation ef the t’.nrelUng Fnblie, and nm pouibla It - umtion gieon to the comfort of gnest. dot H. —€m wn, a. niar.n. . a. n. senaarrm. FISHER 4 SCHAEFFER, - ATTOKihCI fi-IT-LIV. OJtM, oppotite City Hold, WutminMtr. HAVING formed a wpttrtwmMp W At practice o( Law, wo sail prompt), q ataend to all bni*CM ontruitod to oar car*. Can he eooauUcd in the German language. .aaoßß Iy Uonec Keeping AitUlci, r . t., i... r ; pajjfar.^ajjjj^