Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 7, 1867 Page 4
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Peter S. likosflL Tholeji.u.k A Retail Deals* ix DyOtS. SHOES, HATS, CAPH,| f 7 tv&riii, Istqnqrs t*mi Leather. *| J A V INGju.-.l returnel from the oH*s | I I ;*l HuliulcLphift and lUllitwoi-e, with ; thtriir|Mt ojtd W*. qnulity of articles in hi> 1 Has ever before <HTe.I fi>r slc in Carrol* I bounty, informs his frn*mH j lariliitonu ul the 'vm,tv that he j I* si .11 t the old 'tand, n deers S>vo ! Mm* Rid! mod. and will lu*ep coa.-taotlv on ‘ Hind. al Wtodnuito u.d Retail. a *ell as {edftotA of Metu*. l>-'\undChihlrtn't ‘ a a or* am) js Tlursaml Children'* Hals and Cain*. | *T ,i*{ lise uml •itmHUu* ; also a Mitt variety j • ••'Ladies’ Wid Misses’ Boot* and Shoe*, all iu a hicli will be *yl4 at the towed cash prices. I o tt.o c'K i; 1 1. s. A lairfc aLvars ktjjrt on hand, such • i. ■> Aiid Jam COMM, Extract of Coff* j 1 t-aaofaU kinds. (.'nteHednud Brown Sugars. ■ •'/•'tins and Sugar lioim Mo biases Bakin.' *v, Baking Soda, Sal Soda. Rice. IVpper, •'* Us^kOfClnnmoa,(j|ove t Mnsturd. Ginger, ! Mace. Indigo. Starch. Madder, Alum, Soap, j ‘ 'mam of latter, kwh, Bacon. I.ard. 0. A. j Sail, Fine Salt, hr tin* Bushel nr Suck. Coal [ Odand Lamjw,Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Begai>. i FOHEIGX AND DOMESTIC UQUOUS, j f ’oa.nstingofPortund Malaga Wines. French j Brandies, Holland and Country Gin, N. E. i iium. Old Bye. Monougnbelaan'i good Cop r*er-dlttin4 wluakog*, Ginger T, indy, Ac t also a large lot of Bottled I dq* a-.-', consisting of French Brandy, Bottled 1 Sol, Girm.-g Brandv. Blackberry, Wild •'■Larry and Hasj'herry RnmUie*--. Curt Wit*. f’vWuintended for Medical purpoar*. ■ fcm/wi, suae jvxoiyvs, *c. A i.trM slock oiwmya kept on , hand. dmhnmnfrSoVe and umer T.- nOier. a:f Skins, Tamp vro and Madras, Grained j Marocoo, ladies' French Fluent Morocco, j Fink Linings, Bindings, A<*.: also a well *<*- 1* ed stock of Shoo rinding*, via: ull the :iio r numbers of Shoe Pegs. Shoo Thread. j Shoe Kuma, Rapps, Patent | Awls, Seeing Awls, Patent Peg- j Awl Handles, Lasting, Ixock*. Nails. ' ’• *!es. SumVPaper, Gums, La-i*. Hook*. ' k v ner?. Pinchers, Kuipper*. Peg Cutters, 1 .. i' 'cr4, Tydeui, Ac, CE DAK WAR K . <- slingofßkakots, Tuba. Brooms, Shoe’ t *!b- .log and Brush e*. Wash Boards, Ac. | wrk. B.—All Good* to le Wholesaled i oiled to suit pnrehasers. % J*lle returns his thanks for the liberal ; ati -nnge extended to him, and will do ! ' :hiag in his power to merit its rontin ■*n-e. PbiKR B. MIKHSEI.L. I ,!wa4 *r* :*.• i ATTENTION ! ,' ~*pTHE Ijirj.-S*. and moat complete % *ter, select ion of rnniinii k •v 1 minster, ts now being offered to the by ERA &• CHOUSE, at his NEW OMMODIC’CS IF A R r K OOM S, nbont one hundred yonls East of the d Depot, and nearly opporito the ‘ • Ic Church. ■took has Wn purchased ia Phila ! t for the cash, and consists of the * uni most improved atyle*, viz; PARLOR stirs, •ex. Sofas. Marble top Cluster and j I* Sables, Spring-scat Chairs ; also, j *r Suit*, consisting of splendidly i 1 Round Cornered Mdeadu, Marhh ■ in* Bcrea ts, Marble lop Eneloaed i v a--’ .rands. rHA ins. '■ tin* of Cane and Wood scat CUaii > i.u-p and of the most substantial make. K- wiH keep eouataotly oa hand a largo nd v.'\ superiur gtuek of fmtiftirre of his I (.•I f and attend Fan era’..- at the short r->>. notice, at price* that will always give ! ® keep* also a large Und weM selected \ lot of Jh STOVES, iijfik ’’•tin h he can ro*.nmend to Im* V latest and most improved rn*. consisting of Cooking. Parlor and Office Storm t He nvite* all to examine his Stock before 1 -r.*ing eWwhere. By a strict and faithful attention to. Lusi- j nrs*, he hopes to receive a share of public patronage. IBA B. CROUSE. ( N. D.~old Furniture and Chairs, repair i cd and painted on reasonable terms. j decT-ly. Save Ywir Boner, V.Y GETTING TOUR j 1 GOOD? AT j A. M. WARNER’S NF\V ,-TOaK, WEST EVn, WESTMINSTER, " ' n li - aUj, on ttt.nd a fine .election ot , FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, ■ \ r ot ions. 6 rocet\€Jf } die* 86£f" i ankful fbr the increasing patron age, ami to merit a contionauce of th* i|DC 1 THE OLD MOTTO, Q lick Sale and Short Profits. A. M. Vt ABNER. * ps ■ . ... ■ - j. LUMBER 9l COAL. 11. W. Bell k Co. ; Wentminater, Md. \V* F ■■ oulfi o.form t!,. nljtwi of Wee,- I, f, minstnr nnd rarravadiag oonntr-, i .hat •o are to furnish them at our ♦ srd?a this phkife and Union Bridge, with i ■A nBKII ufallkinds, including , White Hoe, n Building Timber, 1, shingles, Ulbs, ’<, ■ &n n-leoioa .JV ao Mtperleaned LotirTrrr \ ■Mch we are pajWrt to Brrjr lew f.-, j j A leo Hfoee aoi-’t**-' •' ib cmisk'i Coal J, jB I f '© C 5 © 3D S. New Coods!! WSASSIE & CO., I I'UKIGN ‘.vi, ikmITSTW 12.$*!$ i | N\ E arc now oar nud j ! varied asatinment of FALL AND WINTRP G O 0D.~; I Ami ark i'ii.umj Thkm CHEAP. t'tTriivc un u call defuro purchasing j elucwhcrt. we ibd conddcutit trill b j *o your intercut. j 0,.t. 11, ’O9 IH. a ORAMHKR. J. W. I‘EKKISS, GRJMMER & PERKINS, | riioTOdiupiis, AMBROTYI’ES, MELATSOTVPBS, PICTURES IN INDIA INK. j WATER COLORS, and OIL COLORS, AC. I : T| B. GUAMMEH, having associated I I '■ ith him in bis business Mr. J. W. j j I’BtikixH, late of Baltimore, who has had ! ; some eighteen years experience in Photo- I urnphy, and having removed to his NEW 1 ROOMS, nearly opposite Odd PeHotrs' Uiill, which have been fitted up at consider able expense expressly for the business, would respect fully announce to his friends : of Wtitu.mMcr, and of Carroll County gen orally, that they now have the facilities for ! taking as good picture*, (in oven* stylo of ; the art,) as can be procured elsewhere. June 21-tf wcsteh\ ’ "ZZ .Z i •wv-5!aP m*bvi*\d ' R A I IRQ A 0. Change of Time. ' SUMMER AREAXGEENTS. j | On anil after MONDAY, May 2M 1 ; the Trains will run na follow?: AT'MVfu l—Leave Union Bridge at 1,40 A. M., uA. M. and 2.10 P. M Leave Wsslmi-iFt r nt 6:40 A. M. and ! 9.45 A. M.. and 2.67 P. M. j Westward. —Lcnve Baltimore at 0.15 • j M-. 3.50 P. M . and 6.H0 P. M. ' Arrive t Wtwins''-r it 11.43 A. M-. j n.m V. M. vA V*\ ¥: if. ’ -Freight Train-; daily each wav, (ex cept Snndav.i *a % An Express Freight Cur leaves Cai , rert Station dailv. (except Saturday* and i Sundays,) at 3.H0 P. M—hut all for j that car must be delivered before 8.00 P. M. Fur any information in regard to Freights 1 or Cars, apply to the undersigned ut West i j minster. P. IT. IK WIN, i tnuy 24-tt Sap’l. IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I \ Important to B'irk.niilht, .Vachiniits | Farmert, Shoemakers, SaJ<tiers and Comsnmers of Iron anil LeulJtcr. | fll*HE Subscribers inform the citizens of | I Carroll and adjoininc Counties, that 1 Jy have just opened at their new Ware- I hoase. near the Depot, at Weetmiuster, Md.. ; a full and complete stock of j Iron. Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spokes, i Fellows, and everything belonging j to the Carriage Businessa, and all kinds of Blackami-A’s Tools > and heavy Hardware generally: also a com plete stock of SHOE FINDINGS, all of which are offered at fair prices. : The attention of comaumera and dealers are invited to call and examine our stock. I in quality and prices. REIFSNWER d: CO. sept 13, 18CC—tf SHOESAND HATS Cheaper than Ever, At John R. Bcbby’*, Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE you will find the end b Assortment of the very leteel •tyle ladies end -Viwee Shoe, and Boot* ever offered for mle in thU Jfarket. Alao Mena Bool* and Shoe* of eery dUtriplion Holt: Halt ! ; Jlata !! ! J/nu ;! ’ / of Ihe very tales! style always on hand. All enoda sold at the very loweat prices, net 25 wn. r. srnsiv ou.<, . aoiißiT MAULSBY ROBERTS, iTTonyrrs ATLArr amd solic nnrs IN CHANCER J-. Ba\w SC." ratedthemssl.** ,n Oie prac tice of I..i'.v ~t Farroli coonty, the, wm at tend prompt V ead carsMly (o all' busincM on trust: 1 i >heir charge. Mr. Maulsbv will vi--,; \ 'citmin,ter whenever bnsintaa reipti. utliec iireethi npprmtr Conn jaat-ly I Dr. i Butler and L. Evans,! d"'|l. GR to thsir frienda nad pubHc i S .n general, one of ihe best Liniment, I ft-. at-lotah been presented for the cert of i *’ --niorrlioiat cr Piifi W, offer this rente ~‘™ the hope that those peaaor.a who ere evicted -n4i hits dteeaee nay girt It a trial, ■ WOtM they wilt receive fell man la vuon foe theta money evnided. tT r ..-‘ : J? lb r A - H Hnber, No 2. Certcll Tie .1. Weetmtnfter, end at the Sutserihen 1- -.deoee, at the Wett End dee 13.-tf Meat Cutters, Staffere, 4c I .^SSSS 1 “* 1 nor, s. r. r. ■•’amevt f purl’d Horn ail "ii Poite rm •iMuch aadtalw > ht .Dime', rufh M LVNC FEVER, ULANDUS, YELLOW Wz i TER, B K A V k, roUGHS, m*. TEMPER FK j \ F.R.S.FOINDER i wind, incrtatAs M 9 W* thr acpt'iilo- gITM (ft M a n am ooth ud 4dL A.n-aud n>icrblo late a VplkiUi . hm*. -- _ To kfwpcrf of Cov* this prepanUoa it lßv*laMa. It lacrcaam the quanUly aud Unprovr* tkr qaahly V A of th. mUk It hoi httn provea by m r Mu'icam th* qa.n tiiy m Mitt M (t r* li*? s ■" cattle. It girMtbrai etc optailu. luooea* title .nd aMkr * lhe *> thrive much ftuter . Ia all dlaeMet ef Sviec, such as Coughi, Ulcere ie th* Luuf#, Lfrer, \ k ! :iprr tn a liari. l “f **w ,:1 (lw J->'Hi.r.,.t Ull*ePredicated ' or rnUselr prevenud. IT time, e certain prvraoUre and car. for the Hog Cholera. Price 35 Cents per Paper, or 6 Pepert for $L PREPAKSB BT H. A. FOIJTZ A 880., AT TIBI WHOLES HE DftE AND MEDICINE DEPOT. Ho. 110 Franklin St, Baltimore, Kd. | For Sal. by Pnißtina end Otovtkwpera threogb out the lulled Slates. dccll-ly vebZtore ! JOHN R. BUSBY Respectfully inform# the public that he bajnt opened a NEW STORK, in West • minster, Md., mat the Railroad, and opposite tiic Catholic Church, where he has on band, a Urge and splendid assortment of New Goods, Consisting of in part as follows ; Ladies' Shoos, of every description, Polish and Balmoral Boots, of the verv latest Wife I style, Mens’ Boots and Shoes of all kinds, rm. V . Alao a full assortment of Childrens’ 1 Shooa. HATS and CAPS of the latest fashion. Also a luge assortment of TRUNKS. All of which he ia selling at wonderfully reduced j prices. WALL PAPR. A splendid assortment of Stamped. Gold, i Bromed. Qlasod and Unglazcd Wall Paper, i Oak and Walnut Paundiug for Halls and Din- Ling Rooms. Also Fire-Board Prints, GTU and ! Ltotn Window Shades, all of which are of the 1 latest style#, at the lowest cit prices, i Paper Hanging done by WILLIAM COON, | who baa had aixtecn years experience in the • business, in Baltimore and other cities. Work dona in any part of the country, all guaranteed or no pay. marl .-tf PATENT MICA ROOFING. TITE New York Mica Roofixg Company, (Es tablished 1854,) are nmnufactnring under Let- I hit* Patent the best article of composition roof ing ever offered to the public. It is adapted i FMl* t*V#riflhe~tft a Her'a thorough teat oflt* utllltf, ill UM Id the fftw i ards, and upon Public Buildings. * , The Roofing is put up i n rolls, and has only \ to be nailed to the Roof to make a Durable | FIRE AND WATER-PROOF COVERING, j „ V'®. P r, lcnl*rly recommend its use upon I KDilainvf. Store, Churvhv., Facto; ic, y .l ' climc-Sboj'i, Steamboat Deck., Ac, MICA ROOFI.Vft PAIVT, For coalinp Tio. Iror, or Sbinvlc Roof.. It form, a body oqnal to TflKaa coats or OKsisASr Paint. •So Roof can rosi ooiier It, and Old Lraky Rmifa mar be made pcrmaocntly water-proof and da table by Ha use. ■ v f’tibt ren*res DO mixing, but is ready to be applied with the ordinary paint brush Price, |I,OO per gallon, nbkh wUI corcr two hundred sqnare feet. Also leunuftchircr* ef Black Laalre Varnleh. TARRED FELT AND ROOFING PITCH. Dijcnont tc> the Trade. Circulars uod Piles List furuisbed. Rights for counties sold si lew rales. Address THE MICA ROOFING CO,. ~ 1 Broadway, N. Y. - fl’li Humphreys, 01 Royal BL, S'. 0. Sco field. Williams A tV, Augusta. Ga. Baldwin H. Moods, Moulcomerr, Ala., Thnmus S. t utu's. Raleigh. N. tt, F. X. Tucker. Illrbmood. Vu. 1 Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va., Agent- Aienti Wantcst. UOT-Iy REMINGTON’S JrlJ Fire Arms. Jk b} G uu Dealers And the Trade Generally. Vest Pocket Piatol, No. 22 Cartridge. Repeating Piatol. t Elliot pL) No. 22 Cartridge. Repeating Piatol, (Elliolpt) No. J 2 Cartridge, Pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking,) New Pocket Ecrolver, (with Loading Lever,) Police Revolver, Nary Site Calibre, Belt Revolver, Navy Siae Calibre, Beit Revolver, (Self Cocking.) Navy Calibre, Navy Revolver, 3*-100 in. Calibre, Army Revolver, 44-100 in. Calibre, Gan Cone, ueiog No. 92 Cartridge, Revolving Rifte, SO k 44-100 in. Calibre, Bracoh Loading Rite, No. 92 Cartridge. Breech Loading Carbine, No. 40 Cartridge, U. 8. Blfie, (Steel Barrel.) with Sabre Bayonet, U. 8. Rifled Hoaket. Springfield Pattern, Single Barrel Shot on, E. REMINGTON k SONS, luox, New York. AGENTS. • Moore k Nichole. New Tork. Palmere k Boston, John P. Lovell, ** Joe. C. Grubb k Co., PbiUdelphia. Poultney k Trimble, Baltimore. Henry reborn A Co., N. Orleans Memphis. Maynard Bro*.. Chicago. L. M, Ramsey k Co , 8t Louis. Albert E. Crane, San Francisco. tnyl7-ly,-jy It AEOReE w. muvAt (unstabcl, General Collector, and City Bailiff, i \*ndprt>mptly to all hit official j IT duties ! ContteMe end Bailiff, and I to the Collection of all chums placed in bin ! Hands, H* macy be found it all tint**, except when absent oa humane, at Cook’e National Ho- Rxilroed- Westminatar hid. SUGAR! 3CO ARM A. ju£ii£^r ,s *"* wi ** 9b * r ’ , i jalyfi A. M. Iftrear a m "'Sarchotit Tailoring. F <Oa*, Style ta Via, tall oa ■;w> ;s*u Tr Ci'julle: CHOLERA PREVENTIVE! . i X. IMt. L. TUB GREAT ZISOARI HITTERS. Tma woßomrL rkmkuy • discov ered ud introduce about twenty yean '• by Dr. 8. llitopeas, u eminent Egyptian phjwtliii Bt had long ms and fait (he want gf sonic medy which would strike s( the root of di* esse, sad o prevent msrii of the suffering which the hninsa family was then compelled to endure. The ffrest qnwtion w*n prcsrnte.l to his mind every oar in virid m|om so h* pi" d among the sick and riving, and observed (lie iucttu icn cy of ocsrlv all the then In aw*. Thus he was lead to think and experiment; and after ten rear* of study and labor, he presented to hi* fellow Hum (he wonderful Ziugsri Hitters. The effect of this preparstlua in the pretention and cure of disease, was so marvellous and as lonbhing. that the must flattering maiks of royal faior were bestowed upon biro who dii co’rered if. Hie name gras placed upou the Uoil of Ni hles, and a gold medal with the fol lowing incrlpti'-OJ—Dr. fheopsu*. the I'ubJic Uonefaotor—bwar presented to him by the Vice the preparation has been used in retcral epidemic* of cholera, both as a preventive and curative measure, and with such great success lust it has been iiittoducrd into nearly all the general ho.ndtab of the old world. The old saying that au ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, applies with marvel lous force to cholera, and therefore any remedy that will protect u* against this terrible disease hould bcfreelv and pcraistentlr used. All pathologist* now agree that the cholera poison act* on the system through the blood, and that any combination which acta on the excretory organs, and keeps (hem in working order, moat prevent a sufficient accumulation of the poison to exert its terrible clf-cu on the organism. This Is true not only of cholera, but of ncarl}- all other maladies, especially the dif ferent form* of fever*. The Zmgari Hitters is just such a remedy as the above conditions require. It acts on’ the organs of excrclien *od secretion, keeping up a perfect balance between them. Thi* Hitters it composed entirely of roots and herbs, so nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put in tone. Its taste’ I* pleasant and it* effect* prompt and lasting. Numerous cates of thu following dUeasrs hsrr been cured by |l: Cholera. Disrrhica. Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague. Ner vous Debility, Anaemia. Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Colic, Scrofula. Ac. Trice, one dollar per quart bottle. Piinripal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, Ilarrisbnrg, I’a. Sold by Druggists, Rolel-krepurs A Grocers. For Sale in Westminster Mo, bv Howta* & oa, Grocers, and A. H. Hiss*,'Druggist. F. HAHTKB. June 28, —lyr. Sole Proprietor. FULL AND WINTER OK ISO* AXU IS6T. E. K (iKKiMM),

WESTMINSTER, MR, WILL always be found a Urge and care fully selected stock of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Notions, Cabinet and Building Hardware. Quocnswate. Groceries, I BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, &r„ Floor aud Table Oii Cloths, Drop*, Gla?§, l Paint*, Oils, Ac., Ac.. Ac. The largest assortment of LAMPS, Shade*, Ac., in the Countv. The above stock lias Wen carefully selec ted and is replete, in Domestic Goods es pecially, with all the standard makes of the ' ; Country, and will be sold at ns low rales as I can be purchased for in the City. 1 i LrS-?sSti'sspjS;”- *r W. 1 Witner. I Has been in sticceasful practice fur a number 1 of years, with the experience of the different | hospital* in Europe, also a member of the An { alytical Medical Institute of New York, contin , nee to attend to all professional cases at his of : tic* No. 928 Filbert Street Philadelphia. I No patent Medicines are used or recom mended ; the remedies administered are those ; which will not break down the constitution but j renovate the system from all injuries it has sns | tamed from mineral medicines and leave the 1 system in a healthy and perfectly cured con dition, DTsrcr&u that distressing disease and fell destroyer of health and happiness, undermin ing the constitution and yearly carrying thou eaads to untimely graves, can most emphatical ly be cured. Melancholy, Abberrstion that slate of Aliena tion and weakness of the mind which renders persons incapable of eojoring the pleasures or performing the duties of life. Kittensnsu, in any former condition, ebron nic or acute warranted curable. trtLsrsT. or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn cases of * FEMALE DISEASES, radically removed ; Balt Rheum and every description of ulcerations ; Pile* and scrofulous diseases which have baffled all previous medical I skill, can be enred by my treatment; and Ido say all diseases, (yes CoMOWrton) earn be cored l by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which is a protection to the lungs against all changes of weather in all cl imata. Having investigated for years the cause and character of intermittent* (fever and ague) in all part* of the United States will care permanently alt crook or acute caaes of ague A nervous diseases in a few days. CMj-r Cured millotU ike knife or JJrmwm§ j Tape Worm that dread to (he Human Family for years, can be removed with two or (lire* doMs of my newly discovered remedy, warran ted in all cares. Consultation in the English and German Languages free of charge. Will make visit# any distance if desired. May bo addreaaed by letter (confidentially) aad Medi ! cine aent with proper directions to any part of the country. OFFICE—So, *2B Filbert St. Phila. Jane 7,—ly. UNITED pTATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAMDEN, N. J. EEBTF.RBROOK k CO. Steel Pen • Manufacturers, Warehouse, 403 Arch >-, Philadelphia, 42 John Street, New York. These Celebrated* of Oenoiae American Manufacture, and comprise eves', leading style in the Market, and are equal in finish, elasticity and fineness of point to the beat imported. They are, therefore, sure to gain the confident!* of the American public. Samples andprices ou Application. Lots Made to Order, of any pattern or ft amp required. . m.Por gale to the Trade at the Menu factnrer’s Warehouse, at shore; and at retail by all Station*!*, Bookaallers and New. Dealers in that United Stale*. R. ESTERBROOK k CO. myl*-ly_ Mice tAj^ldiers £am now prepared to make out the papers, and collect the bounty for Soldiers, under late decision of the War Department, and the Act of Congress approved Jaly 28th 1. PVi • charge mada, nntil I col ect the mosey from the Government, andpay it ever to the SoVßar. I hare re ived a number of blank forma from the Ww Department, aad am now ready to Office Prteell A Manning, * BreWr#, Wtetminncr, %d, JCe Tf j tf • “18 year* published in K. Y. Cltv.” ‘‘Only infallible remedies known. ' I “Free from Poisons. *’ “Not dangerous to I lie Human Family. ’* i “RaU com* out of their holes lo die. “C’ostar'a” Rat, Roach. Ac., Extern)’* la a paste —used for hints, .lArc, hiowkes, Black ami hied Ants, <tr.. f-r. “JoalarV* Hud-Bug Exterminator Is a liquid or wash—used lo destroy, and also as a preventive for Bed-Hugs, dr. “CoaturV’ Electric Powder lor Insects Is for Moths, Mosquitoes, /7. as, lied Hugs, Instils on h*Umts . hutch. Animals, dx. ***kw 111 111 wxbe !I! of all worthless imitation*. Kft- See that “CostarV’ name is on each Box, Bottle, ami Mask, before vow buy. BsA- Ad dr osb m:\itv r.costui, 4H4 Broadway, N. Y. ffaT .Sold in WshrMivsTßit, Mn., HOT By A. 11. HUBER. And ull and Retailers every where ; “COSTAR’S” ' CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For Tuts, Bums Bruises, Wounds, Boils, 1 Cancers, Broken Breasts. Sore Nipples, i Bleeding, Blind and Painful Pile*; Scrofu ( lows, Putrid and 111 conditioned Sores; I*l- | cert, Glandular Swellings. Emotions, Cuta neous Affections. Ringworm, itch, Cornu, j Bunions, Chilblains. Ac.; Cnnp|wsl Hands, ' Lips. Ac.; Bites of Spiders, Insects, Ani- i j mala, Ac., Ac. Boxes, 2" eta., ’o cts., ami $1 size*. Sold by all l>n>Kgi<U everywhere. Hrtk- And Ly HENRY U. COSTAR*De i j pot IKI Broadway , New York. fcT* Aud bv A. U. UFBER, Wcatmia , *tei. Md. j “COSTAR’S” UNIVERSAL Oorn Solvent, For Conn, Bunions. Warts. Ac. ' Do)' Boxes, 2 j eta., oO eta., and $1 sizes. W- Sold hr all Druggists everywhere. .| . 4H4 Broadway, New York. ! totjjr And by A. 11. HI RElt, Westmin ster. Md. t l i t I 1 ;“c OS TAR’S” preparation of Bitter-Street and Orange Blossoms i ran aasunrTina ran comflixion. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. Ladies are now naing it in preference to all others. JttT Bottles, sl. SQu Sold by all Drnggibts everywhere. ! . And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De , pot 484 Broadway, New York. I 8&- And by A. H. HUBER, Westmin > ster, Md. } ’ “COSTAR’S” PECTORAL COVGU REMEDY, ForCourhf, Cold!, Howrwnc*., SorThrol, Croup. Whooping Cough, luilucn.u, Aatb mn, Camumption, Bronchial Affections, and ail Duown of Ihe Throat and Lungs. VST Bottles, 25 cu., SO cU., andsl sixes. W Bold by all Druggist* evemsbere. hSk- And by HENRY R. COSTAR, D pot 484 Broadway, New York. H. HUBER, Westmin iter/Md. “CO STAR’ V CUJSIUTXD BISHOP PILLS, a vxivnaai. nixtrut nix. For Narvone utd Sick Bewkche. Comive neee. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, BiKonsr.fts, Constipation, Diarrhea, OoKc, Chills, Ke vent, and general derangement of the Digce live Organs. *••••> • <*., 50 eU., and $1 sizes, by *ll Diu,gists everywhere. 484 A !^wfork C08TAR * Aad by A. H. HUBER. Weitroiarter, dec C. 3m Carroll Nursery. NEAR WESTMINSTER, VI). JOSEPH STOUT PROPRIETOR. m. r rnE SUBSCRIBER luu for Sale I al>out . 40,009 Apple Trees Of thr most approved varieties ki ’raid for next Spring planting. A large supply of Dwarf mid Sun laid PEAKS. A few PEACH TUBES, PLUM and U’RICOT. A supply of CIIKKUV and QUINCE TREES. A I.AROB SI'PPLY OF OItA V K VIX E S of all the Vailing varieties. CURRANTS. gooseberries, LAWTON’ BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, F. V E It 0 R E E X S , of large size; A large lot of DECIDUOUS TREES. Those who desire TREES a e think would do well to examine my slock before pur chasing elsewhere, ns my stock are all from tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT. dcc7-tf REAL ESTATE uml Collecting Agency. ; 1.1.V1 KV.iVM, Wk> rMixvrrit, Up., 1 Ojfu-t a t Mthr.irir j tore, from 9 .1. V. In 3 P. -V., H.\ VIVO made arrangements for the prosecution of the l-usiuo.vs of buying and selling Real Estate. offers his service* to the citizens of Carroll county who may any business trnnj-act.-d u bis line.— A Urge •mount of Real Estate- always on bund. Person* having property to dispose of will find him Ihe best meiliumTor its pale. Also, nil rollcctione promptly attended to. 4e< 7 tf. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. I t. r. CROIT. CUAS. T. BAIXXIUn. CROIT & - REiFSMDKR. A TTOItXKVSA TLA IT AXD SOIL 1 i 7 TONS JS CJJA XCEK V, , m Wlstmisstlk, Mu. \\TK have formed n copartnership in the yy practice of Uh in the Courts of ! Carroll ami Howard Counties, and will ( piotrplly attend to all business entrusted to I our out. Particular attention paid to Col h-vtiutyf IWmm fur th mU '"Also, Applications filed for Hack Pay ond Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers.' 1 Olfio** adjoining the residence of Cham. T. Rntmtim. ALEXANDER FRAZER, Clock ami Watch Maker. TIESPECTFULLY in- _ |\ forms the Public that he has opened a Shop lor ■MMSIRkk the transaction of business at Mr. Trumbos, lower end of Westminster, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. ilenng as on oflicc. Being ao ohl experienced Clock and Watch , Maker, not a repairer merely, he flutters ; himself that he can give every satisfaction to his employers. Clocks, W'alches. Jewelry, Ac., repaired at short notice, in the best manner, ami on ' most accommodating terms. Juno 14-lf ~XJ. BAUMGARTNER. ’ Attorney at Mw and fcollclfor In C'hanrery. I 1171 LL practice law in the Courts in Car ’ I M roll county, will aid and counsel j those who are fettling estates in the Or i pbans' Court, and draft Wills, Deeds Ac. j Can be seen at tbe Union National Bank j of Westminster, from 9 o’clock A. M.. un ■ til I o’clock P. M . and in the evenings at | his residence opposite the Farmers dr Me ; chanica’ National Bank of Wuotuiiiibter. | may24-ly. I JOS. M. PARKE, Attorney at Luw and Solicitor In Cbanrcry. HAVIVCr some spare time, not occupies by his Editorial duties, will devote the same to the Practice of Low in the various Courts of Carroll county. Will counsel ami assist imeh as have business before the Or phans' Court, and attend to the prepara tion of Deeds, \m Ac. Office in the rear of tbe Advocate Print ing Office. mar 8 joav r. ranatL. s. kam'*ino. FRIZELL t MANNING. BROKERS, WILL bur and sell Vailed States* and other j public Securities; also Land Warranto. . Will bay VegotiabU Piper, Bends and Jude tarots, and advance money on Collections. 1 Will pay (Arc* pr*r cent, for Bcpoaiiej, to be ■reared by Government Bonds, and redeemable on demand. Office tbroo doors below BarthoWs Hotel, Westminster, Md. marlS-tL Daily Passenger and MAIL LINE, From Geltyabnrg ond Uuletown. Con nccti with Ue Cara at WcatroinMer. JOHN H. SPALDING. declt-tf C. H . WEIITEm, Stale’, Attorney, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office over Friaell t Manning’, Broker'. Officer, 8 doora below Bartbotow'l Hot 1, Werttmimer, Md. dao7-ly. Attention Itulch rt and fannrn ! HIGHEST cah pmv paid for Hides, by Kcifsnider A Co,, **T* l3 ' near Depot. OALE BILLS ur-nted at the r.j'jriart r at lip ‘HU*. im\wotes tTediatsster Ml. \ WM. n. H A%M A N A tjol CONTIHC* the tmumfiieUire of UB OKA RED THRESHERS with Peh. Improved HOUSE POWERS. I PLOUGHS, with \\ roughi ml (’mu Iron Share* 4 Points, Spring-Tooth HOIIBK UAKKS. j Hay and Grain, CORK SHKLLF.HS, FF.I crTTKits, and AyrirnUnral Machinery fjene ratty. Ahn 0 ASTI NOS of all kind.' done (oord^ AU kind* of rr.pai n i n o ' done with nroptnc** and on im If rate U-rmi They arc biho ole Agents fbr the tale < HcCO KM 1 Civ'S Improved Self-Bakin combined HEARER AM) MOWER, for Pcrroll county, and in that part of Krek erick county North of Frederick Cay, and alfo in that pari of Baltimore county North of Teens. With this Machine the Farmer saves money, time and labor, and is, without controversy. superior to any other Dow in the market, and fully warranted to reap and mke heavy, light, tangled or ’odgod Grain, where hand rakea or uroppe m will fhil. We offer it on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep and pay for the one preferred. Also arc Agent* for (tcurr'g Patent Set/-Regulating Grain Separator. Cleaner and Rwjfjct. At a tlihe like the present, when labor ia vovy scarce, it i* important that Farmers, who tire interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain in xh cocimoh wai. fflus is *row aMudgri the Socamtor betore the public. Ula adapted to Farmer* for their own use, nnd will apply to or Railway power, and will Thresh and Clean from 100 to 130 Bushel* per day, using four to six horses and a* many hands. Alao, for aale MoNTOUMERT’s "DoilLK-ScROXn BoCKA way Wheat Fax,” decTly. LADIES' NkW SIIOK STOKE J t'fiT OPENED I Westminster, Between the Railroad and Keif*uider’f Store, two door* west of Mrs. Shriner*H Millinery Store. riMiK nndendened ha* just returned from ; J. the city of Philadelphia with the largest and best selected Hock of lowlics' Misses' I Children's and Gentlemen's Bools A Shoes % ever brought to this maikst. My stock coo* ' list* tnpart of laidies' and [ i Custom made (Jlove Kid Balmorals, VWI luting (iuiters. Morocco Balmorals,* flu Polish Boots, Oil Goat HaltcoraL, aud Chib ’ dren’s Shoe*; also Gentlemen's Bools and Shoes, such os Mca’s Calf Custom-made Boots. Congress Gaiters, Lace Boots, Bro* ran*, Kip aud coarse Boots dr Shoes of all kind?. Being an experienced Manufacturer myself, I have bad all the above stock made to order, and for the express purpose to *uil this market by a celebrated and well known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of ■ Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura bility. cuipfort and elasticity to the feet, are superior to all others nnd are the best fitting patterns that can be found. 1 have taken great cart in the getting up • , of my slock, onn con warrant every artiel > to be what it is ropresemed or the loo* will *! ho upon me- 1 therefore invite the especial J i attention ol the l.adiiis am) Gentlemen of • 1 Westminster and Carrol I county to my stock " J of Good* which will be sold nt much lower | figures iban the same good* can be had ; Come one, come all, and mmiue far yourselves. No Jiarge* made for showing J Goods. • ' on 4, tf T. fc. ECKERT. DENTAL IMPpEIHTST UR. II I. A\ > 8 linproted Kit roue Oxide AppHTHtU*. Dr. GEO S. FolkE, Dentist, Having furniahed bis office, ia U’rttiahulor. Md., with one of Dr. Bein’* Palest Improved , Apparalaa for the manufacture of (K-rfecUy pars NITROUS OXIDK OAB, would annonare that he will will be stall Übm j prepared In administer this popular Anaesthetic 1 Extraction of Teeth icithout /'air. Db. FOUKE triHild invite the attention of the public to his lately Improved Araosmaaie • sassess I*tares rua Auntiotai. Tests. By means of an implored Ail Chamber, the pres • sure of the atmosphere for bolding teeth firmly and securely in the- mouth. is wore certainly and effectually attained thin by any style or form of plate hitherto used by (be profession. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial I | Teeth are much enhanced by tbia new and Irwly philosophical arrangemML Hr. F. continues (he Pracli.-e of Dentistry in ail ita Branches, and being n Ptoeetr Worker E in Hard Kubhr for Dental purpose*, hft ia tbo roughly experienced in tha maaufaetnre of L leeth upon the I a/oasita Base, and is prepared lo supply this style of work at very moderate Jess T,—tf. Hew stom AXD NEW STOCK. Voar attention is politely and reraectfolfy I solicited to my u,w .took Of well .elected GOODS now omub*, ' InuudKtdy oppatlle C.UtROLt UALL j K-nbracin(B,rutvtriety of GOODS, Cloths, Cass!mens, Gasslnetto, TWEEDS, ™c&^ B f )uaUm ALPACAS. FLANNELS, GINGHAMS, CALICOES, CAMIIUICS, DRILLS. Hleiuiunl and Brown MOCSUSES, Bonin, SUors, llaU and Caps, GLOVES, HOSE, ttool and Cotton, With a general and well Minted STOCK of GROCERIES and HARDWARE. And other article* usually kept, which ire offered at a small advance above CM JOSEPH WELLER. noSOtf NEW BOOK AND SltTlomn STORE 11HE undersigned having just Opened busioeiu*, take pleasure in calltiig the attention of the Public to their well Rota ted stock of Books, Stationery, Cards, fto., which tby flatter themselves coir he mid on u fair tern, u can be obtained .)h --where. All order, for Book,, Uneic, !., promptly filled. Wo .re tho Acenu for the Kilo of the "Lift of Stonewall Joclum.” uid Headly'e History of tho Hebe Hum." H. B. ORAMMBK, . wtiiusy c. DAHiOUI w* 5,-lf .