Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 14, 1867 Page 3
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k 4 •: seders. tMiMtttu ('■raUi bj Ur Mk*k'l N*4llclßM. TOvOURi OMrasurriox. tw k.u ■id to pr.aar.d M tfcat A* lu(l MI b*aj. T. MMW tkk. ikv m 4 m..t to rl ■* --■* M *p)>>tlu enatad for good vbMMH faod, wtUHi. br Ifcaaa roadfelarr* will to dUrotad froftri/, aad ffnad biallh.r blood akad| Am baUdlug up Uia ■oaatiUiliuo. Htuufl Mi—MH riiW tIMUM lb. M-iwurli af allbUiaa. *f uwu< arcaiaalaUria., .ad, b r udaa lha flaa W-d toala la auauMtioa, lb- .aprtlu b rmUro*. Hraiaaa-. Ffldtfale rtraer U natririrro. la waH atandlataai. .d, b/ aTOroMb. ■*•■- *A repel *ll dloafisca If peN*ati will uke tks* ■eHriar lo direction*. Cnn • xiaaUo* Try frequently in iu l.t *Ug rialfii rn/kiv la 111 elf actfoo. t all* the pills frequent tr, (aelcaasa lha liver and •Imaavli. It duo* hot fullew tfct kraMM the bowel* are not cor tire tfMjr are eat required, for .omnimpt la dlerrlMMfee tfMy In Mecmrv. Tho itonirti Meet be kept V*lUt, end an appetite created to ntUw tke Pulmoale Sr raj. to act ou Ike ree •eemaaent ear# Is. to prevent (eking etdd. Rtereiee aboal Ibe room- u muck • povlble. •at ell tkrrlckeet food— fat west, game. end. u OH*t suylklof the appetite erttee 5 hut be partlewar AMI masticate well. [2nd r. re. mo. 1 yr knew fkjr Destiny. Maaaea K. F. Ta**T"*, the great KnglUh AetrulogUt, Clairvoyant amt PdyrhametrlrUn. wbe kie astonished the scientific rla*ee of Ikr Old World, baa new located herself at lludaoo. If. T. Madame Tberntoa noasoawi ech wun derfnl powers of second sight, aa to enable her to impAHknew!edge of the greeted important-.- U Ike single • r married of either aes. While lea slate ef traaee, ebe delineate* the very fee tares of the person yon arc to marry, and by ( the aid af aa lastrnment of Intense power, know a ns tke Faychemotpotte, gneranteea to nrodner a life-Uk# pleture ef the tularc or wife f of (be applicant, togethr with dale of mar- 1 nsge, petition la life. leading trails of charac ter, If. This Is •• humbug, as tKonaenda ol tmtlmeaials can aasevt. She will send when desired a certified certificate, or written gear aat-e, that Whe picture is what It purports U be. liy •••lower a small lock of hair, and Mating place efUrflk, age. dbnoaltioo and complexion, 1 and endosfoy, Any cents and ><amH envdojie addressed to yourself, you will receive the pic ture end derfred information by return mail.-- | All communications sacredly confidential. Ad dress la confidence. M tutus K- F. T Hnuvri.s, ! P. U. Box 211, Hudson, -V Y. fcM-Ir MT A YofiM Lady returning to | her reentry bnme, alter a sojourn of a few months iu (he CUy, was bsrdlv recognised l>v her friends, la jdar- of a coarse, rustic, fin-h --ad face, she had a soft ruby complexion of al ma* marble Smoothness, and ia t. ad of twentr tkree she really appeared but eighteen. Upon ! Inquiry as le the mute of so great a change. ! 4* plainly tuld them that she used the firou smm Bohn, and considered it an invsluable ar uataitian to any Udy*s toilet. Bv ill use anv r.*dy ur tSeudemau ran improve their personal appearance an bond red fold. It is i M p|r in iu combination, as Nature korscifii simple, vet unsurpassed in Its efficacy iu drauiag i.wpurl ties Dam, alts healing, elnansiug sad beaut if r. lag the akin ami complexion. By its direct ac tiu on (be cuticle it draws from It all iu impu- ! ritiee, kindly heal* ’ tke some, and I caving (be surface as Nature intended it should be, clear. • smooth and beautiful. Price fil. sent b> Mail •r Ksprets. oa receipt 0/ on order by W. L fiUH A TO., flsemiitj. 1 se. 1 West PaveUo Mb. H recuse. X. Y. ! Tbs only Ameeicsn Agent* for the sale of the same. f.-b7-ly 1 WOXDKRFri. BIT Till K : utnANi; RKMiNnro.v. <k- 1 •••ned AMrologlst and Shtmuaiubuli-iie (laii ••ynut, while in n clairvoyant state, tbrliouafos the very features of the person you are to mat y. nnu by (he aid of an lost* ament f inten.e P**er, known as the ihiflmwnirnpf. guarsn teee U prodare a j-rrlect ami Ufedike picture of lk > future huthuud ur wife of Ui- applusnl, with date of marriage., occupation, | -ading (rmu of character, fir. Thi* buo imposition. ■ • t-stimeninle nitbout number can asau.l.-- Hr staUng place of birth, ag*. disposition, color i of eyes and hair, and eftciojiag fifty eonU. amt •tamped envelope addressed tu fotiolf, y<o ; Will receive the picture bv return mail, togeth er with desired iaformaii.... Address fn confidence. Mmuvur Can ram; i Rsniaoroe, P. 0. Box M, West Troy. X. V. *pt. U,- 6m. MOXKyTfVkK AS W ATtU. IP.onO Ar rTrx ult nud Trawllinc Agent*. Male or i r **la, of all ages, are wauU d !• di.-it trade is every Oty, fawn, Village iUtuUl. Work •hep and rectory,throughout the entlie utrld. 1 for the most •alcalde novrltu-s ever known.— kt Pmt four. Puonr and ready ntlc wherever offered 1! Mmart men and Wuuira con make be to $M per day. and no risk of lom J A small capital required of frmn to fiiuo- ih more money iovestml the greater the profit. - •'* Bfoucf pefufean iu -/eiar*— m fir w Ifo •eefofoi ml rcosirs tkt ;mj n/Urirord* / If **•***? w l*h to make mimev rapidly and wr *te for full* and addn'*, Mll.xon A ML i From PatUt ... . • druadws.n* Sew York Htr. fckT-ly Hw to Et( rj boil y. • FP Circular, giving iif nna >lllt iiortaicc tu the voting the homely nwv Iminne 1 rCT|RH ' ,fJ> “ H ' l ,h ® . fwillrm.n ilioul.l fill! liwlM AaOiv.v .ml rewire a rnpr pr*,.!*, to ntan mail. A*4r.i - |*. 0. !>rawer, ?1. Trur. N. V. "■mopuws*s*mßK**-r-* ""r. row,. a. ii.iihi' FRHHL I MANNING, WEH TJttI.VS TKH. Ml) •NCt MB MIL BMKEitS.—.ion, .11 vv kiitonfir. s. Ban(ie, t OuM, Sil "Jj S**Bl Ac. Bank Stark Imhimlil and “*** tywihitta. t'olWtiouu made with Warmito Wanted* , "•IpjyWiwptfmi. (8) for Pevottow, ° n Colim^* (Irimrt, rlrcentril ITtOKi. Wraky ,jvto (hat Ike Sol. „ oktotoe* from The Urpliaii. WOmvU MM, bri)r. ofAduiiatru •*■.•* P**l tot. of Jour iMUM, late of (knell crotnty. fee d. All pm liM K01a... are kmby wml m ukihit Ike .iihin m math, from (M. dale. nUiw tW ■•7 V* raaMad Ann all kraail of uid htoitr. ITy> indcbtei arc request el to HENRY POOLE, mankl’U Admiuuirutor. I—Ptor Hays. • aad Afiuter Good. Or jeaiMSM, and time Ini than eol, for . *U*Jto 4m. I -ill tkcu hove tke ■gmWjW WSpriait Oooda I have erer uuS JoUS U HKirfiXIDKR. ~WY GOODS Coming Down, flwiil Asawmoau offered ill STOCK -iPWCISS.^ RKIVSNIDBH H °CWkU. MoUok As. Jaot Modrod and fur ke by uMr . Stooffor k lloffwao. ko. r.j is/nrr In tbo Circuit Court for Carrol) conntv, Maryland, aiuiag aa a Court affinity, a .. , Mnicu 2.\n.. 1867. . Man l( Biliart ] rjiiilO ol.joct ef tlu< J ouJ elkdl I anil —to pn.cnre a ’ *•; ( Jroc for tbit aaie of > Sti.anna lUnakrot | the Ileal Katale arkeraof I . "d mhaea. I , cortaio Joaeuh itiue ! , Jnfb lata of Carroll county, In the Slate of, , Maryland, docraaod. died ailhd. Ibr Ike , portion, of di.lrlkaltiui tha {irucuada of aale 'll* h V*™ at law of-iid deerouad Tko Bill -Mtw, la ukaUoa, ikatouarj abo il tko nil day of (Jclobur in tko year j Iduii, tke said JuiupK lOaukart died, roused . , la for a) tuple of about one llunilrud and four I . acrea of laud, aitunied in Carroll county I i nfurg*niti. purtirulnrlv dusoribod in the Ihfl - d nOQuaifmnyins hU hi bill, ami leaving a widow Muiuc-i Ctt'hurinr Rinehart. ofCsr • roll ttnotly, ftirviving (dm, and Uvn follow* [ inf children and grand children as his onlv i I iietrv al low to wit: hi* children. Mnrv IHne hart, Kii/abeth Buck wife of .Solomon I . J Buck, William If. flinuhnrl, I.ouia House I i ; M wile of Andn*w llouscfel. tieorgo Rine hart, (’atlwriao Miller wife of Ueorg.* Miller, j > vrho are li rumiilainaiits in ibe Bill, and j I h** children Susanna Rinnhart, Eli Rinclmrl, ! j *d Amelia Rinehart, and two grand chil- i dron. named (leorgt* Rnolfuiiii Jacob RuolT. 1 the only children ol Mrv Rnolf, a daughter * of said JoAoph Rinehart deceased, who was 1 the wife ofa certain Jacob RuolT, and dc* ■ I:irt**l this life Urfurc the death of her mud 1 j lather; which said Susanna Rinehart, Eli Rinehart, Amelia Rinehart, (ioor£.* Ruufl ; and Jacob Rnolf Jr., are the defendants in I the Bill, are nil minors, under the ago of! , j twenty one years, and reside in tWrroli county aforesaid, except the said (leorgc Ritoff and Jacob RuolT Jr., who reside mt j of (ho State of Maryland, to wit : in Pliila i in tho Statu of PcnnsTlvanin. i Th Rdl further states that the land , divided among the parties entitled i thereto without loan or injury ; it would I he to the advantage of all |mi (ins intcrimU*d ! that the Mime should be sold and the pro- I Cceds divided among them ncconlingl their I wpcclive intcrcAU thurviu ; uud pray* for | , mil lulc uudvru decree vf mi Court and 1 1 of anlnxpua gniusl-aid rostdenl ’ llctendanls, and for an order of puhliration i ogonut said absent Dufoadoats. i . ihenmpon a<ljudg<*d and ordered that the UiinplaiiiaiitA, bv causing a copy of this onlcr to he inserted in some newspaper pub i lulled in Carroll county, ooeo in each of , lour cin*j**ivt* weeks, before the 4lh day of April Ihi7, give notice to the said nh-ent Hekmhuit*. of the object and substance of • In* Mill, and warn them to appear in this | p> ,,r L Iu Person or bv Solicitor, on or be j * ure 'l* l / *d July next, to answer the i premise*. nn*t abonr cause, if any they have, whj a decree ought not o> lias* as praved. j ! WM. A. } True copy —Test: A. .Mi J\n.i.u . ci k. Trustee s Sale of |RKAL ESTATE. HY virtu** f n tforree of h* Circuit Oaurt lor Carroll county, Billing a a court of j reljdlv. the *nbseriher, a* Trustee, will sell | n( I üblic Sale, on tin* premises, on I Sot'in/iiy lh. Mil, ,!u t u f il,m 1,, HUT, ! 1,1 I o clmk, I*. M.. the following described Real Estate, to wit: one Tract coiituiulMg *>o Acres j Off I.AXII, mara nr 1. Tko irapruv.- : menls thereon coneisiiHg of a comfortable Dwelling HO SI AMi.l*. iiiml othur ntx*ossary IwikJings.— i Ibvr. u water convenient to thu House. Al so, on the premises, u valuable Voi'vo ()g. j A " ir i "t the Und is bemily cov.-rcl with riMMKR. The Sec ! md 1 met contain* *2O Acres of Land, 1 mori- .w Itv— : a cmfortaWe lIWEU.INT* j 11(11 SK. Slnlila. ami nthar oat-InliliHtini ; >H Orphan!. S ring urar Ike Ilmira, ami a portion of dm !am.| ia covcrwl with Good Timber. Tim -bore pronerty i* ailoaltil on tin- ronil CV".* 1 ''**• 1 lo HUm.iii * Mill, alamt three-fi>urtk ofn mile fruin Bloom*. Mill, ami I. now in the imcu | pmmv Ilf It,limn S, llarm-r l lii* pruneni will In. r.,1.| „ nff ,„ lrw | or aokl a-nliore to rnit purrhariT.. i I rrrotH. ari-hiaj; to view the (iroini aa will I rail upon lUilmrt S. Iluna-a nniiliiiK llnnrili. 1.-rm- ~fSa'(, n. pro—-rilioil t.v 1 In' imm | nro—Om-lutlf rtmhmi the .lav of nil.-, or 1 urn fK.- nuifienlion thereof, not) the other one , half la twelve month, from Ike ilny of Sale, (lie purehao-r or piiifharera giving hi. or , their mile, with approve,) aneariiv, I-earing 1 lltte.-eat from the .lav of vale. JOHN VV. COCIIKAX, Tm*lee. Croat.l Beifeui.le. Sallrilvii. i E. WHITMAN & SONS, : %•. V-J mill -JI s. divert M„ Hulllmorr, SKI., Mam acti h;h ; or Axricnltural Impirmrnls j ANU NHHlinr. M l.olrrule ami Uotail Dealer, in BBKDS, KBUTIUZEUS AND AG-1 BICI I.TLIIAL IIAUDWAIIK. KOVTHEBS MIK\TS 101 l I ‘■lluekßjre" Mi.w'ag and Heaping Machine.. [ ’’ * Celebrated Grain and Guano Drill*. 1 llA' ,,rric *" ''“(far Mill, and Evnia.nvli.r.. I I Tb •'ri’ep.talie. M Threakei - ami Cleaner.. I (.rant r Grain Cradle*. Till- Celebrated -.Maryland” Wheel Horae ‘ Hale. Montgomery*. (lotWway Wheal I an*. H'O • ' Cider Mill.. Hulehrn.ou'a Family Wrne and Cider : i * feoeral U>ek of Imnleuienla ® ,,rt Mwhtiiarv, embracing nearly cmy v* in W4W ,. Iho above Maohine* have all of the latent itapro. omenta, , a d o„ .oi.Hdontlv rorudu.l ai the Got „f the hind h. the cue. KtfmMat part* of „j the ahoee Mo We hare i, .tor,, large and oarefnllv, SuSlrLlSk 1 rlald and Flower 1 Bd*, which we conidattlly recommend a* fttokand eenaino. SroHl for one „f OU r Seed Calalogaea. givjng praetreal direction, for pUntTOf all vartMiea of .Seed.. Harden und Flower Sotfin ft.rwordod Uy mar7 ly. Spring Goods! Spring Goods! ftTHd., farther ileclino in price, lil.*, hail Tut 11 . 111 w|Jo 18|. all other crude* ol Bloodied Mufllin at leaot iU por font low* •Mhwiifcay haic been Uaring ju*i rr* turned from tlieoity withufinaaraortmeiit of SPRING GOODS, (li?.* 1 f* -“‘d Unhleaoheil Mu.liu* (lingbaroa. Cbceka, Calicooa, I‘am,* ; Umm and Cotton 14e. All of which have hTlh,^°/‘ 1 | f ° r °“ I b * A J |, r c =“ k ' ** oerore panda.jug, l,y ao doing you will tore l ' STOCFFER i HOFFMAN, ® srl New M'imbor. I I 1-KRSONXI FROvinTT AT I PCBII£_ SALK. TUB roihacrilwr haviog aokl till Farm, 1 : will offer W. Par.omll l-toporty at Hobli* | Sale, at Vi. rwtdimee iu I'Won l near Duvilhm'i Mill, -r HuHOn'l Sloro, !t| mile, from FVieelhdeirg On tho toad leading to Silver Rn, on , | Friday the lirA day of Marik, ISffT, | < on.Utini In part a. I'uUowa to wit: : Til REK GOOD WORKING M ARKS, j (one with fool) 1 yearling Colt, 0 good I Milch Oowi, -a. froth with calviw. 1 Heifer, one young Devon Bull 8 prime full bred SMBfir. I cheater Sow jUuflfr* with I’ig*. •' Shoatt, 1 cood ‘A or 4 borVo " agon, nearly i 1 one or two home do.. Mona Bed with side ! board-*, Hay Carriage. Threshing Machine j nud llpnte rowor. I Winnowing Mill ! efiestet make) 1 Roller, Plough*. Harrow*. ; Rolling Screen. Single and Double Shovel I Ploughs. Double and Hlnglo Tract, .Tack j Scr.'w, Grain Uaku, Mattocks, crowbar, j Rnkt-t. Shovel*, Avon, I-ogchainri. 2 pair i Hind Gears, 2 u:ur Front do., lot of Hous- I ingx, Bridies. Halters. Butt chains. Grind -1 Ntone. Sett of i’nrjwntiT Tools, Meat Hon ‘ head, Whocdbwrrow, Grain cradle, Scythe. I Forks, Ac. Also 1 good Rockuvtuy IlanioKa, lot Timothy A i (Mover Hay. lot of Corn and Data, 1 Woopn Saddle* I Side do., Spinning 1 Wheels, Also lloii**< hold fo KIU li on l-'lirnltur<*. couaisting of Beds and li dding' Drttfr, Walnut Bunssn, Walnut Dining and Kitchen fable*, I Tin Safe, half doom now Split Inutom Choir*, 1 good Wu. Pen# Cooking Stove, 1 ten-plale Stove, 1 ; Muntie Clock. I large Iron Kettle and many 1 other articles 100 numerous to mention. Side l cniu<UMir at W o' clock A. M. ! Tbhvh.-A endit often Mionths will bo given mi all mim* almve So. oo, on note and approved security, bejiring interest from the . sale. Ail sums >t fia.(N)iuid under cab. . JACOB KAUFMAN’. William Brown Auctioneer, ' fcb2B-li 1 Personal Property at PUBUOSALB. Mubscrilicr intending to quit iamiing | and housekeeping, will offer at Fublic ) Stile, at his residence on the county road In-tween West minster and (h tmdoHT ■ Mill, | about a mile from Westiainslor, on Tk>tr*ttay the ‘ll ti of March, 1807, the following property. vi t j THREE GOOD DRAFT J* I houses, ff Six head uf.Nilrla fi owii,wfiMHwL ' • fresh) 1 Brood Sow, 7 Shoals, 1 Broad- i J tread "agon with bow* and cover, I JMan j lotion "agon, I Hubbard Mower, 1 Grain i Drill. Horse Rake, 1 Furrow Plough*. Shov- [ c| I'lmigh*. t’orn Fork, and Cultivator*. 2 1 Harrow*. .ingle and double Tree*. Wheal l fan. i Pott'x make) Wheel Harrow. Horae ; Gears, fork*, Rakon, Shovel* and Farming I I Cuwiaila geni-raily. ! Abo. Ib**l* Bedstead* and Bedding, Bu lean, Tables, ('hairs, Looking-Glasses, Ten- ! i I’hUe Stove, Parlor Stove, Cook Stove, Pols, < ’upper Kettle, large iron Kettle, Tabs, Buckets, tjnoen ware, (Mockery Ware, Tin " are. r.nd other Household and Kitchen Furniture. Also a )ktt of HLAOKS.MITH S tools, and a nmnlicr of Wagon-maker* Tool*, 80 , barrel* of Corn, (•* bnvhels Dai* 15 bushel* R>c. aUul 21) hudiela Potnlocs, about 1000 jM>mi.|ri Bacon, Lard, different kind* ufLuni- i 1 law. end many articles too Urdtous to men- j tion. Sale lo commence at 8 o'clock M. i Terms of Sale,—All sums under f.VOO cash, over that amount a credit ofsix month* ] w ill be given on note and good security bear -1 >ng inleiest from dnv of sale. SOLOMON MYERLY. feh'iSta J. Ilenrv Hoppe, .lur/V. f(musr SALE HV virtue of a Decree *f the Hon. John ; E Smith Judge of the ('irctiii Court! for Carroll county, hitting n* a Court of Lipiitr. the nnderigiiei. u* Tru*(co, will ■ **4*ll at I'iibhc Sale, on the premise *. on Friday. I hr day a/ Myrrh. 1867, i nt I o clock, P. M . the following described | ftcwel E:ie, being tho same of wnich Tbo- I urn* I*. Murray ami Catharine A. Murray hi* wife, died wired and i*>Micessed, via: A Tract of Lund C ontaining 1)1? ACRES OF LAM), more or lc*a, which will lie divided as ful . low*: I-ot No. I contain* nfomt 10 .kcres, inure or Icn*, und is improved with a large I SWIT ZK R HAII V , the balance laid off into 2 tracts, containing ! almul Itij Acre* eoi*h. This Jaond is in a very good state of culti vation. a part of which ha* been recently linn-d. and i* watered by Sam*' creek. Thu j IMroperly • situated on Sums* creek, on the liberty Hoad, and adjuin* NaiH’s Mill pru|eity v Peter Kugel and utherf*. Alsu, nt the sametiiat! win be sole TWO FISK WOOD LOTS , 1 containing llj Acres each, more or-leas, situated almuttwoand a half mile* South of , tlm above Farm, and immediately on the 1 Did Franklin Hoad, adjoining landn of 1 Washington Nail and others. Persons wishing lo view the Property will ‘ call on Hon. David W. Naill, residing near by. who will give all information. I Piit.session given imnttdialely ou the rati | licntion of the sale. 1 Kfi us.—'One-third of the purchase money hhall be paid by the purrhuser o: purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sale, or on the , ratification thereof, and the residue lo be j I*®!**} two etpia) payments, tlie one lo Imj | P*id in twelve months, and the other in two year* from the day of sale, with interest from j the day of sale, and (o be secured by the ' purchaser or purchaser* notes with security ; to be approved of by the Trustee. CHARLES M. MURRAY, fcbiM-U Trustee. UST~OF~LK r Tilts Remaining in the Post office at Westminster, on the Ist of March. Briaeo, Sarah Haiflicb. Mollie E Den)amin, Michael Hann t Francis 8 Bickifer, Frederick Hughes, Lydia Burwicar, Frederick Jonas, Moris Bsiiholow, R 0 Lant, Davy Baker, Saville toualy, Mrs Sally Blatter, Stephen WanWl, Elizabeth Christ, Daakal Mandet, T G Cron*', Martha L Mitten. Mr Coo nan. Dr Daniel Hash, Miss Ru-no I)a*t, Michael PifW, HI eh efts Ener, Mra Porker, Louie (2) Evan*. Jana Stanton, Lewis £orm*n, Dr E K Snydar, James J rabfisl,. Philip BnJhr, Michael Smith, MissClas* Gyubes J A Stoma, Wllham timber. Isaac W Anna Lisa Gray*on, Fannie A Walloon, Marcret liarhuk. Rtoke Wormsley. Georn reraon* calling for any of the named lot t*ra pleaaa say tlw-y ware odv.rtiaad N. I. OORRCCH, P. M. march *-2l PD KCllASaxS—Iroak Kara, Tfcerofoce lo gel all jrm ut \he InwwtSnm I - HeHtaiderV 4 VERY iMfol art Wafer f% Haro S*wa, jaal rMuirol .ml for role , bj Stonr 4 Hoffmaa. Hills of alt kind* primed at this I WSto. PUBLIC SALE Of Household Furniture and Effects uf the [ UHITtD STATES HOTEL, [ NKW WINDSOR. Carroll roooty AW fpHK having purchased tli Jl Svrtn Tarem. comer of Franklin and Kataw Streets. Baltimore, together with the • Rood will ami fixture* of tame, and haring no further uae for bin Furuitai'. will offer I ml Public Sole, on Wtihruhiy, Me 27 fh o/ March |G7. ' the entire stock of Hoaaehoty, Her-Room and Kitchen Furniture of the premises at preseat occupied by hits, viz : Parlor Furniture, ■ One Walnut Tele Tele, beat hair cloth, I latent at,l*, 4 Spring Sent Clmlra, do. 8 large I Arm Chain. 1 Vine Marhie Top Table, I Walnut Centra Table. I auporiorUilt French Hate Mirror, 4 Ant by KJ fret, uae Rosewood Caee Piano. Muaic Stand and Stool, fid yard. new Engliali llroaacli Carjieting, 8 new Venitian llßndt. SITTING ROOM, 1 excellent Hair Cloth Spring Sofa, 1 Mar* hie Slob Table. 1 Plain Mirror. 2o yards of [ 3 ply Woolen CnrpH, I Air Tight Cool Stove . and Fixtures. 4 Urge split-bottom Rocking [ Clours, I down cane bottom Choirs, 1 Rug : and Oil Cloth. Durnro room, 4 large Dining Tables and oil Corcr*. 1 fine cherry Sideboard. 2 down nnd a half of Windsor Chair*. 1 Ten-plate Stove with pipe, latest pattern. 40 yards of Hug Carpeting, ’• | complete sell* of Dinner Service-. Glass Ware, kc. MALI. FURNITURE, ( Table and Chair, 20 yards Oil Cloth, Stair ( carpetiiiK, OU Wih and Hods, 1 Bracket 1 I Hall leomp. CHAMBER FURNITURE, j 1 Boom No. 1, a splendid Walnut French Bed-lead am!,Bed clothes, together with Mat- } trease*. Feather Beds, Sheets, Spreads and Blankets all complete, 1 Fine cherry Drc* j dug Bureau, 1 Marble Ton Wash Stand, , (Wash BowFand Pitcher, I Large Mirror, I I 1 90 yards of new Straw Malting. Room No. 2, Two Cottage Dedatead* , complete, same a* above. Room No. B, Two Full sett* of Cot logo Furniture. I Koom No. 4, one sett of do. complete. Boom No. ft, one sett “ *• J Boom No. 0. one sett 4 * 41

I Boom No. 7, one sett 14 44 Boom No- H. 4 large Bedstead.*, one large ' chest, I Wash Stand, Glass. Howland Pitch j or, 1 large Ward so be. No. 9, two Full Setts of Cottage Fumi- I i j lure. I Bureau, 1 Workstand, 2 Wash } I Ntands. 0 chairs, 26 yards of Carpeting, j Boom No. 10, 1 lledricad anti Bedding. Kitchen Furniture and Utensils j I Noble Cook Mate, with nil the fixtures to some, 1 cor ncr Cupboard, 1 Dresser, I Safe, ' Large Tables, new Dough Tray,nP®sl Washing Tubs, I large Meal Hog.-hrsd, 1 new Kroul Tub, 1 large Meat Dortch. 1 churn ! and Stand, 1 Doty'* clothes Washing Ma chine, 1 collar Cunbonrd, l-ardean*. a lot of Baton nnd laud, Potatoes by the bushel. < j The sabacriber will also offer for sale, a I fust CIIIKY ,n (HE H nsm A , old. ONE COW that will be rrsnxP ' frenh by day of sale, three fine | Shoots, I flasket Sleigh j ■ shod manors nnd string of Hells, 1 good veri I single I lame**. Bridle*, Saddles and Hal- , j tars, 1 Digging Iron, 1 Mattock, C curds i Hickory Wood, 1 Hive of Beat. Sale to commence at 9 o'clock A. M. pro- , cisoly, everything offered will be really sold j h* the subscriber roust take possession of his new Hotel on the Ist of April next, j Terms of Sole.—A credit of ;t months , J will he given on all sums of $lO dollar* ami , | upward , the purchaser giving his note with ' approved security, bearing interest from the : day of sale. | WIUJAM DELIMIT, Proprietor. Tiiouxm Cans, Auctioneer. ( Icb2B-U ALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. HV virtue of a decree of the Clrcoit Court . for Carroll eoaaly lillutr as s court of K y, passed ia rsusc !!. fflf Fquity, whorrin ' iushua Brows and nib-srs aro complainants, and Belinda brown sad other* ate defendant*, the , rubsoriber as Truster, will sell *t Public Sale, ou the promises, on Salonlnj Ike 2iW. Juf o/.Wi.rr*, 1807, at : it’rlock, A. M. >ll Ibe Ke.l bute of whieb Thomas 8. Brown, died seised and pos- 1 ■eased, confuting of two VALUABLK FARMS, altos led ou the Turnpik.- Road leading from Westraiustor to Baltimore, ?bi miles from two A lotions ob the Western Maryland Railroad, f tbe Turnpike running within a quarter of a mile of one of said stations v Finksbnrg,) and • twenty throe miles from tbo city of Baltimore. . ( Vint, (ho HOMK FARM comm ring | Acres of Laud more or lee*. Tbe improvements consist of u j , comfortable and large Two fiiwr Frame Dw.bln, r-Y HOUSE, Km l > newly belli BANK BARN, with Wagon Kbeds, i Graasiiea and Corn Cribs attached, Spring . , House, Hmoke House and other HeCeusarv oalld . ing*. There U a large qusaiity of excellent 1 TfMttFU on (be Fart J. there U ilso • l*igo ORCHARD on the* premises, \birh on acroent of iln prostmity t*’TORSRb market, renders it verv valuable'. i The Turnpike Road divides tha JBtm Faria equally. Second, A FARM adjoining (he | above consisting of Milf-Sb Acres of Land more or low. The Improvements aasdd of s ronvcniently arranged, and well imu iowfl. fl TTSwi pllflrt! ?5 iw mM nttr. If d. •trad, r ■ nvttam of Ik* Ini ihm* will ka M laehH tnitn mm I. If yrafan* A-olal ef Ik. pr—Uw win be ewMWted M Ike (Ur of •die. AI.SO, on tbo name itj mil plocn, A WCOU LOT, of laud more or Ices. ttF* Persona drulring ta view Mm prom bn *?. T< T^i. l r r XT’*? fvhWb Csocr A HffUasiagn. SdLitor# Paints, Pal. Dryer, PuUy, Okas, \ I Ac., receiv ed and for sale at Maliiinort prices, ler .Sfcojfcrd- I jan!7 XO 928 XQVITZ In the Circuit Court for Cnrjoll county, •ittiug as a Court of Equity. Penanaut Titan, IW7. George Borkcr. Thk ohjici of (Hi* %kwnn Banker, suit in u procure u and others, Jdcwe for a sale of f. the real estate whereof John Becker. a certain Michael Banker, late of CarroH county. Maryland, died sahwd. for the purpose of diMtriimting the prococas of sale among the hdrs at law of said deceased I The Bill state', In sub Urn*'•, ihat, ou or about the Nb du> of September in the year ( Ikfifl, the said MichScl HeckT depart'd ’ihn life, seised in fee simple of cerium real av tote (about eighty four at ms uf land.) aim mod in Carroll count) oibf *aiii, which in particularly describod in the bill and the nc compaiiy ing exhibits; and leaving, surviving ■ him, his widow, named FlizaU-tii Hcckcr, I nod the following rut mod children, to whom I Ue said mil cUite ban descended, as hi* I heirs at law, to wit: Deorge Becker, of 1 Porrvoonmy, Pennsylvania, Kphmim Beek er, Catharine Hrilhxrt, wife of Isaac Bril 1 hart, Abdol Becker, .Uremish Becker. I Emetine Kneller, wlfo of David Kneller. ! and Edmund Be*ker, all of whom are rmn- I phimnnt-, and nil feride f ex George) in Carroll cmmtv, Marvlnnd, and lire said ! John Becker, the defendant, who poride* 1 out of the State of Maryland. The Bill farther slates that (he said land j is not susceptible of division aosong the j parties entitled thereto without loan or injury | to them; ami that it would he to the mlvnn Ugeef all iotercstod thot the saron should | be sold; and ovnys for such sale under adc j cree of said Courtj and for an order of pub lication against md absent defeadaut. It is thorvUjMU adjudged and ordered that . the complainants, Ly cmwing a copy of this ' order to bo inserted in ,<orae newspaper 1 published in Carroll county, once in each of i fonr snecesoivs worJm, before the 21m day of March IM7. five m4icc to the said obaent ? ! defendant of the object and substance of j | this Bill: ami warn him to appear in this | Court, in person, or by Solicitor, on or be fore the 27th day of June next, to answer I the premises, anil show cause, if any he has. whv a ongbt not to pftffß fis pratno. WM. A. McKEU.IP, Hk. j Tnic copy.—Test: I feb2t-4t Wm. A., Clk. TRUSTEE’S SALE. I f) virtue of a decree of the Circuit C url j I) for Carroll county, h* n Court f Koui i tv. for the sole of the real estate of Pros lev ) Zepp, late of *aid county, decetowl. the suit j scribcr, ns Trustee will offer for Hale at pub lic auction, on the premises, on j Sohirt/ny the 1 G//s cAijr of March, ISG7. I at 1 o cloak, I’. M. a Fiu ui, eoutaioiiig 70 Acres of Land. I more or lets. This property is situate on I Parr's halls, or thy ilnhimoro A Ohio Hail road, one mile Weal of Woodbine, and liiw partly in Carroll nnd partly iu Howard couu J lies. It is improved with* TWO jpA Log Duelling Houses, fuTft [ Stable, Dairy, 4c. It is well ■ watered, about 20 Acre* are iu TIM BEK. a ; due proportion is natural Meadow, aud the j whole is in a good stale of cultivation. The Term* as prescribed by the decree . arf—One-third of th jmrcha*c money to !• paid n the day of sale or ou the rntifica ! thereof by tlu* said court, and the hul I ; •!><? *n two equal |*ayßieuU, at six and ; . | write mouths from the day of *sl, with 4 I interest, and to be seciired by the note* *f j the purchaser with Hccurity tube approvod . , by the Trustee. WM. K. HAYDEN, j fid2l U Trustee. . WARKB .727.fi0 per ilny. j AGENTS wanted. Itilti* ami g*n(lvtnnn. in ' everv toaaty in (he railed State*, to sell Ink j wwdrr* of the Amrrirgn Ink Company. The i powder *elh for foi tv cent* per [Mu-kajrr, nd ; will make ink en.iaoli to fl|| fifty bottle* of the ; *Ue liftiislly retailed (rn oent* per huttL\ A smart agent can sell a gru** of it s day, and j cl war $27.60. Tbe ink ran b iu*d. from tb powder in three ndnnb-* In r-mtnmn (xuling water. It i* • perfect black ink. the beat in ; the woild. It flow* ra-ily, doe* not rorrod - i the pen a particle, never gam* up. i* not injured i by freezing, and it* color will 1 Every family in America will but it. s a pa> k age will Ism family for year*, and Ink can . 1 made in imaliquautitio* a-uiitrd. With each 1 grow* we *end a (hmiatid rireiilart, with te,ti monial* from clergymen, lawrr*. Uwcher*. meerhant*. eosnm-t-rial college*, editor*. Ac., ami the agent'* name on fh- hi I la. Only one iwraon will W made agent for a eountv. The Ar*t one *wdiog Thirty Dollar* for a grim*. , will receive it by return expre**, together w ith I '<* thon-and rircnlam and the light to M -ll in 1 the county he nr fhedoidgßMtoe. If other* aend : f.w the Mine county, tbe money wi/f be return ed to them free of expense. To make m rc, one had IwtUr dioi .-uale severs/ counties, .the of i which hu or sbu w U take. Send for tradu /wt . , and circidara If yo dare rgn the ririt of wait- ! j or the m.Mier for a grow. Letters '■ addressed to the Mayor, I’oxtnia-ter. cashier f ’ the bank*, or the exprem agent* of thi* citv. , w Ut show that the busincs* is liouorab/y and sqnare/y conducted. An Ink Powder wIW bo i a** o * by malt to any address, free of charge, on I receipt of fortv cents. { Address. -7riling yoar name, town, count v , and State disiinet/v'. AMKXtrAN INK rOMI'AXT, ■WhhlStor, K. ||. THOMAS W. LANK, uhus, M **•" d - 4 e-<- GROCERY ANIT i Provision Store. CYRUS D.'stONESIFER. RESPBCTKMLLY informs his patron* nnd roffrai that ha has cotniiienced 1 racri vingFreah Fish of all kinds, mid will ( continue (hrough the Reason. Also Froth ] Meats of all kinds always on hand. Corn I Beef and smoked Beef, smoked and fresh i Sausage, newly cured Hama, Shoulders and : Side*. Potatoes, (torn and Buckwheat Meal, 1 Turnip*, lieot*, Beans, Hominy. Pickles. Cider Vinegar. Sweet Cider and Apples, I Dried Fruits. 4 c., iirecfrlctt sind Prevlslans | of all kind.-, Tobacco and figoni, Canned 1 Fruit* and Vegetables of the purust uad I freshest the roaikct* can afford, ! Oysters, j either by largi- or small quantity, j Fw>ilM> ami (HivmM >t iW door •t llif wiortent noboiv C„m. >nd mm f„r ymirtflvM. I .ill vl| ,h,. Bon* u the lowest and most armnimodatin' terms. ; 2P’r i, fW (form o*rOrM-|,) VMwin.u-r. Md. . CYBCB D. STOXtaunKR, (win* PttVATK SILK THE ondorßgnod off,,, M p ri „,, New Biick House, in which he now mnira. at the VT, xt mmUrmnnioM 04 ih hwh Mm, Alley. FJr further p.rtieol.r enquire of W>2ll CHRUTIAX AWALT. SUGAR! SUGAR!! AnXE lot of Brawo nd Whtta Jut received at julj S A. M. Warner ~ CARPEXTKR-fi TOOLS. TUBT raeeieed from the Facto rim a foil atoeh, for sal* at llaliininre pricer. J morT John 1.. Keifroider. DtXTON GERM. .1. T. ORNDORFF Produce depot. AT fMi: RAH. ROAD, 1 n r BS TMtNSTEJt, MV. f _ [l FTA VINO le#r*>M the large ai<l comm > .■mJL ®\° Waroiiuu.4<;, (formerly occupied | **y *• * • Oendorff,) me ore uov ij*)*u-vd U> FLUVU, l> "" u “" nv//;.i y, A')7;;, . t y rttODUK of all description*. Also to receive and , | forward Produce and Goods 'j of all Linda. Thar also keep constantly on hand u large and lull stock of CROCERIE S , Wmn.R*ar. a*d Retail, Flout. Hu con. IVod. Crain, Salt, Fiah, d.c., togft|i*r with Spades. Slioveis. llom. Hakes, and Farmers' and Oanh-nwi’ implements generally. Alio GUANO AND FERTILISERS ofnll ilciK.-rijuimi.- . and in feet all article* in our Hoe. | W|ih long experience, nod by strict atten iou to buelueaa, hope to receive n liberal share of the public pnti unaae. ! DKNTON GKHft, J.T. OUNDURFF. janfll-ly FARM ERS PREPAREFOR TOIR SPRING CROPS. j rpilK Subscriber offers the following p* • JL jirovcJ Fertilizer*. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate! A highly popular and dependable Fertilizer oflsfolvo years standing and >f which ninny thousand lows aro annually sold. I MA/nr.AX/) powder or ! HOKK: Guaranteed free from adulteration and j unalv/.ing <4 per cent, of Dhwphate of | Lime and *vur 4j per cent, of tine enough to drill ! nnvrxf) vlastkii: A verv sj>enor article, manafnetured at Red Reach Mills. NO. 1 VEKI'ViAN GVANO., Uf direct importation, which I deliver from Govt rumunt’ri ; ft Wnrehonae. ; AH tlu*c article* wifi t* fnrnisJtnf ot i Isnr* */ rntr*. LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. BF*L.Send for a Circular [ Odor* received liy J. 11. Rowers, and !■; 1 (lehr A OrndorfT. at Westminster, Md. (IKORCSU DUG DALE. No*. 07 and lOi Smith's Wharf, Uellhnere, Md. .WHISKERS & MUSTACHES! 17H5UCKI) to prow upon the smoothest I fare in from three to five weeks bv using Dr. SKVIGNK s RESTAURATEUR CA riLLAIRE. the imwl wounerful discovery ; i • mcderii Ktenco. nrtmg upon the Heard j j and Hair in nn nlmost iniraonlou* uiatiner. It tins been iimhl by the ettle of J’ari* and I London with the most flattering enceeas I Names of all purchasers will be registered, j and it entire suMsfaeli<*n is not piren in I I every instance, the money will Is- cheerfully ! j rcfamled. I*mu by mail. Milled ami jwwt- \ paid, sl. De-rriplive c irculars aivl teati- ! uioninD mailed free. Address BF.RCKR. SIIU ITS L CO., Chemists. No. 28.'. Hirer j • Street, Troy, N. V., Sole agent, for tbc I United State*. f.-bU Ir ! BEAUTY! huburn. (Joldrn. I’lilirn and xllkrn Carla, Df (‘ED bv the use of Prof. UK HHKUV FItISEU I.K CHKVKt X. i One application warranted to curl iJm* moat | 'lraight and Multlmi ii hair of either aex into ! wavy ringlet*, or heavy nia-cue curls. I Ah> I , *** n by the (avhionable* of Paris and Umdon, with the Mad gratifying results. D*oa no injury to the hair. Brice by mail, lealcd and poatpaid, $L Descriptive Cir • cubin' mailed free. Address liKIIOEK, | Silt H'.Sd CO., Chemista, Ko. liner -1 Street. Troy, X. V., Sole Agent* for the United States. fcbl4-1 v REMEMBER. 4 ’ Felt me, yc wtngiHl winds, T Imt round my (mthwav roar,” I* there place on mrth ’ That lienUlhc New Shoe Store? I T ell me, yc ladies fair, R ho so iicntgnly smile, Ihytß wish goods chimp and rare. Ot rtty attract ice tylr f There are Boots, both coarse and he, And Shoos of the latest style: purchase “on that Hna.‘* i cw II dfad there till the. vrhUt. j Nojr, Busby is n truthful man, i ! Re sells bo flimsy tnwh; I j Ui/n please you well, / km* he earn ; I hn plan of belliag is cash. JOHN R. BUSBY, i Opposite New Catholic Church, j fel<R tl Main Street Weslminater. \ E*t i *t r •*/ (fattier, ftrream\l. N’OTICK u bunb. girtm tluit the Sb •cnlwr touiolrtniuiyi (rum the Orphans' ’ L'aart "ftW>il inunlT, loner- bfAdmlaham I •*'* ' i ' l ' •Vf’onal E.ialc f Klizabeth 1 tiettier. Ifte of Carrull county, dee d. All hm in? rlutm. ratalo arr ; li'w.'hv wunvo.l a. r\-tilth, the rami' khin •u\ month!, from thi, dnlr. ntheri ther ; mv hr law I. Mclmiort from all hcneSl dt J w > ■••. lair. Thor iafehti.l arr rcrornted to make immoiliatr iiarmrnt. JOHN* K. (IKTTIKR, i Atimiui.rrati.r, /wrfn/r nf Orujamm TnJil, • Urntmn/. \ T IITICh u tioiki ,Itm that I h.' c .1. , A aw „ tT. Puronl E>U of Baalamin Timlil, Utu nf Tar ,s* maatr .locramaT All prrmiui harlw ( !WatJtS f >"'l aail, art aamrd In oT ! ••h.cilhrr, on or before | Ih flr.l d.r ol SriiUmhor ran, llinr a,v. ikhrrwkr, h. txalmfa f' all b,Mt of ; t ! >hl Ihrtr lUhilluS ,ro liiiUHlMltacn' Setter. r |WIE Coanly Ceamitirioner, (hr Carroll I Coanly will meat >t ihrir Offirt, in Woriinmator, on tka Fuurr Muxn.r or ”*' "■ 18*®. for (he trannactioh Of Mom. Hr tinier, LEVI VAI.ENTIKE. feb6-lt Clerk. \ PRIME lot of Frodoridt make Bock fllorra, (hr '.la hr lab!" Stn'iJffrA Ifn/Tman* TAVEriN stand FOR^SALE. THE nWiilMr de'Crntra to rodre fn>%Jl pablir bustnear, will offer Bair, lar*c and e oromoditra i . TAVERN SfAND/ I sHuuUn! in (b* Town of Carroll i count\. Md., on thi Utltirrore uod Hlhmusu Turnjnk#. jTicrc i< also iKiAdwd to^fbe pTr-js-rty u . >*■ , TENANT HUUM. h.f Dum-c. now filled w'nh Ice ; fdaofl tmgti . Gawten, nod two Ixits of ground, rtwitainli.g nearly J ACRES OF upon which U crncted a large STABLE suited for a Livery, I There im a mail running daily from Munches l by lbe Baltimore Tanijdke V) Glen Morn*. Station, to iuler*ect the Western Md Bnilpoud. 'flu* Stand ik-Gw nhm which iw; lonwcrly kept by Wm. Crunriue, Km. --- , Manchester is )u*ndM>iNoly located, and no* Aome fine nnprovemsnts. nod is UMkeraiii ><rv haolthy. hwrin K four or foa Otorchu of (hr ,liffcrmu JaaMaiimiaM, .(MSecaM 1 Aomlemr. The properly will be add nn reasonable Terra., and if out oold before the !kh day of April next at I'rivate Sale, It will he offered , 00 raid day at public Sale. I’oeae.uou will Ini slivcu on the 10th liar of May 1807. ' !’• information inonin! of BEN NET URCEV. ftWlt* Manchester, Md. PRIVATE SALE! A Bargain Offered. i house and lot, frontio, „ m A “ d Colon Slroet, m'ihe Stoi KoJ of. B cr'.mioi ,t. The moat clieible '“‘“on for a Blaekamhh Shop in the roan -- ■' Sood Two Story 1.00 BriLDTNO upon it), premiaer, wiih a hack hmldtae at tachod. a firstmte Well rtf water anoanew Tump in said M aUatacoik offafo Terms wOI made to suit the penffia-er, as the money is not desired. ALSO A HOUSE and One AUBE of I-and i iK"* "P° u ll '* Got'oak Hoad, 1 mile from • \N oaUiunßtur, uuiiuM*; for two tenants—uns at ibis trine renting fur $55, the other for j s&* per annum . j Tcr*n.i to suit the iHirclmscr. JOSHUA SMITH. i deefi-tf PSUV4TE SAUS'. I OFFER lit piivntc *ale, a FARM of ; 115 ACRES OF LARD ( am re or !.•#, sknatad in Carroll eotnfrr, ad joii inid. V. I.ncabangh's Mill phMntr , ami the l.r.drof Jaeoh Hankerd and Andrew 111 i -r. and i khin half a mile of I'raahen-v Station. WC-’.iTa Md. lUilraml. A laere ; nnniOrUon f it is first rate TIMUtlt LAN 11. and j, well waforad end under good' fon. mf. 1; i> niipri.Ted with . - n lar"e I.fKl IhiolliHg House jHaJjgik , aiv! Mark Building, RfebKngAc. It will \m *ohl in j-rin Is U milt purchaser*, if desired; the j sired including the bnildhig* to have GO , or W acre a. nodmlf. RICHARD MANNING. theL" If Wesuuinater M* 1 ' IOR HEXT Rockdale Woollen FACTORY. fJHIE umh-rmn<nl will Kent, nr Leoue'. • I Iho above haetnar from the Ural oT April neat, situated in t'orroll ctranlv, oir the I’atapren falls, a nnaor faßina atrenm, miles Smith of HampMeud, and I mile N. I U. nf Houck's Store. This Fart on has ! (wen Ihorouidth repaind and the Marhinerv 1 is new and i. now m ns good cnmtkion aa liny oilier Factory in ilia County. Also, 60 Acres of Land I aUm bed to the nunc in a good state of cal ' . Illation, to lie rented therewith. • Any person t-kio to nut the aaMff util please apply to either of the undersigned, or address, XluuekstiUe, Md. I>. W. HOUCK. U. HOFFMAN, ianlT-tf . Uarkorl House Reeprii ARTICLES. Bleached and UabiemM UwU: Bleached and U nbleached Wheeling, V-4,' * M Ticking and lied Check, Tabic l>uu*cr and all kina.A TowTcing, •V/L VER PLATED WAKE, Carpeting and Straw Malting, Floor and Table Oil Cloth*. A large Slock of QUEENSWARE, ImoldngClasses, with a full StMk of off other article, in tlas the. For tale at Baltimore prices. l JOHN t HI'.IFSXIItEB. feh2l-4t \ . fi Ihimtpv nf ifolAto* HHinn til tfitirr 191R| Should tuc'Ute celehratink leffrK rcttbl.^ i water wheel, 1 ■■ • Man .rocttired he M ; POOL* * ur.vr. li.iliiaiorc, Md. .Send for a cirf a'lar. docliflti. *. a. > isnen. *. . m aAirms. ; fisher I SCHIEFFEB. ITTffIIET I.AT.LBW. 11 Offer, oppiwife Of, HM, H'rafoHiMfrr. HAVING formed a eopajtwajup in ilia prattiea of taw, wa win promptly i I attend to all hnwnew entrusted to oar care. I too ho eon salted in the German laagoan. , I iy _ . t 3 ,Tfl |( JL lloaeo Kaepia;: AitMea. IX glint variety, tl _ ClMt) Jobn L. Rcifsaldar's. Ladies' Drew Goods. i ySIX *"**• p mor‘ 29* JL X. Gee*u iuT. FUR CAPS, For Meo. cheap at declJ Job" >s iM&aidar a. JL'ST received a No. 1 article of Kerosene 0.1, (pare.) Sb,nf" -f' Moyfiaaa. _J*l? New Windsor, MJ. ALL kinds of Job Work neatly naeafad at thc'‘l>i:aiM u.vnr Aptotati "Offioat