Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 14, 1867 Page 4
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Jl* JE W* GOODS. New Howto!! MASSIE & CO., FOR WON AND DOMESTIC Dry flood* W 8 nro now receiving our large auj earied uaortaieot of FALL AND WINTER GOODS! All! am Sbluxu Tiikm CHEAP. MTtiivo ua a call victor* purchaaing elsewhere, as wc feel confident it will be to jour interest. Wntmmtlrr, Orl. 11, ’C9 H. B. G RAMMER. J. W. PERKINS, o'.’iyi'■■ IG g A-.> GRAMMER ft PERKINS, ruoTOOßArus, I—ITT I 111, MELA WOT YI’EH, PIrrCBES TT INDIA IXK, ] WATER COLORS, AND OIL COLOBS, AC. i SH. (IRAMMER, havinc nsnociatetl with him ill his Inisiness Mr. J. W. i iss. late of Hattiniure, who has hail some eigntana/eara experience in Photo rraphr. sod has me removed In hi NEW ROOMS, nrwrhr opposite Odd Fellow*' Hall, which have been fitted up at consider able expense expresslv for the Imsiness, would respeethUy auamtnee to his frienda of Westmm.totx and of Carr..(l Connie (ten erally, that they now haeo the fiscilitiee for taking aa yooil iiictnraa, (in every stele uf tie art,) aa can ha procured elsewhere. Jtina 21-tf Western ~ MtRIUkU R il IRQ A D. Change of Time. SUMMER AURA NO KENTS. On and after MONDAY, May 21st, 1886. the Trains will run aa follows: Kanhemrd, —Leave Union llrideo at 4.46 A. M., 9 A. M. and 2. to P. M Westminster at 6:40 A. M. and 9.46 A. M., and 'IJH P. M. H>stit,nil.--l.atvo Bnltiltivirr at 9iIJ A M., 3.30 P. M , andJ-iW P. M. 1113 A m gPEPreight Trains daily each wav, lex cept Sanday. t j •or An Express Freight Car teem Cal vert Station daily. lexer* Satardaes and 1 P. M—lnn all troods lor 1 thul earniuallic tWicored befiire d ull P. M. For any udunaatiuu til regard to Freights or Cam, apply to tie undcrsigne-l at Wmt minsttoX - . : - -JA, P. U. IRWIN. sairfiTM IRON, STEEL AND Ireatber Store I jmpnrtmt In ULirkam'th.., Skoruraiii% Xti.Ulln; ami CulHtinncrt of iron ami Ult&A I XIIE Suliscnhcrs ii.furin tic (ilianis of Carroll and ajioitin* Coanfnp. that Uvejustwhrtl at their hew Ware him*, r.oar the Depot, at Weatninalcr, Md., a lull and compute stock uf Iron, Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spekes. Fcltowi, and eronrlbing lieiouginpj to the Carriage Buaiucas., un.l all kinds of Ulnuksinith s Took, and heavy Hardware geuaralK, also aeuni I pMc stock of HHOE rißDnuk, all of which are offend at fiur prices. .nssssswsmtgi m '(uality aud.prices. | JISU'XMDJiH . CO. se|)t 13, IWB—tf | SHOES AND HATS Cheaper than Bver, At Jdux R. Hcsbv’s, Oppoaife new C'ntbolic Church. ASTHEIrejSS wilt find lie largest and If best aasortinent of the very lalesl style I adieu and Misses .Shoos and Rout t-ver offered for sale in this Market. Also Mens Roots and Shoes of every distription Hah,! JUHt.’l !*,*!•! ThH!! ’! of the very latest %le always on l>iid. All punk sold at the very lowest prices. wa. p. aaefsav. flits. a. bubkrts. MAULSBY I ROBERTS, -I TTOXIiJSI’H-A TLA ' A XI) SOLJC iWmUMX ' > wo* at entnitcd to .(Mr Mr. MtoAbv f win snot iMtnjuuiier whenever busineski isupnrea il Office ,/i, „ i/u opposite io„,/ "“*■ si.- j*n4-ly ir. F. Butler nd L Ean>. OFFER to their fcpmk and the pwlHk in acncial, one of the ln-.t Limnui.t. that has Intel} Urn presented fir the cure of (inimunioiikjjr Fifes. We offer Uiirf I fiOf. ( dy wdh The hope lint liose pors.n., who arc swaSsswsEa*^* neration lor their money VtMbJfiL horNdc brA g, Carroll Sub “ rib ' r * den Jiyiff*- CuttoW. Sluffcra, Ac The anrhrslled dentil* cylinder CVllcr tad Bolowwa Staffer, for mle bv . S. A*. 6'(rawed CHOLERA PREVENTIVE! i the VKI-.4*] wto.iUi This woniucrvui. kknku t nt^v. rrod Md liiwodaced nboat iwMty yemt* ago bt l)r. 8. ruo]n<iu, iu emiMßt ptlau phnHU. i fflo bd Iwuc And lull the want of m*w cdv ahlch touuld strife* at the nx*4 of 4|- cmm. and *o prove*! mack of th nuiNriiitr which the hamaa family waa thca roiitpfenett to todore. Th* arcat qu< uua waa ptraeatvd lo hi# miud •very dav iu *i\id color* aa hr mowed among th# tick and dying, and ohvOrrrd the iu efficien cy of u* a. ir all Lh* niwkliw (hen in aa*. Thaa j he was lead tu think md rxvuriaivnT; and altar I U*o year* of atadv and labor, he prrnentcd to bia follow uaa the womUrfal Zingari Uittriw. Tha affect of thia preparation in the prorcoiinu and cur* of dmaaac. waa ao aiai vvlloiw aiid **• tonleklng. that the moat flaUvrirg m.nk of royal Ifevtsr wll b--towrd upon him who iia oorarrd iV 11 u ama a* uUcod upon Ui Hull of Nahh I *. and a>. W mevkl with th* W -1 owing iacrijiiK...—l>r. .-i. fbcapantt. Uic BoacAalor araa propenird to him by the Vice- Ilk* h*- bv'a lu d in Mjteral epidemics ol'cli lota *•% ai • |mtv*d||v* and curative m*Mure.*nd with witch great unccees that it has Im-cu intrudan-l into nearly all the general hospitals of the old world. Th* old aayinu that an nance of prevention ia worth n pound of cure, applies with man .•!- lona force to obolcr-i. and therefor* an* remedy that w ill protect ua again.i ihi- terrible diaea** ationld be frvelr and persifftcotlv used. All pathologiata now agree that the rholora poUon acta on the ay stem throuch tho blood, aad that aay eambTnatlon which aria on the excretory orgaus. and k*epa then in working order, must prevent a sufficient accuoialatioo of lb* pUoa to exert iu terrible cflbela on the urgauiam. Thia la true not only of cholera, but al nearly all olUv-r uuladioa, eapevially the dif ferent (brioa of fever*. | The Zingari Dittera ia jmt snrh a remedy aa th* above conditions require. It arts on’ the J organ* of •iccetiua aud accretion, keeping up a perfect babuico between l bet*. This iliuors ♦ la cofipoved cnffrly of rotna and herb*. *o i nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put id tone. H ta*te U pleaaant ond il* ! effect* prompt amt lasting j Numerous enac* af the following diaeaira have bee* cared by It; C.oleia, lliarrbira, j Typhoid and Typhus Fever. Fever, Ague, > cr . Ivooa Debility. Anaemia, hemal* IrrcguU> ilit-a, Dyspepsia, FUtuleu- v, t'dic, Bmjful*, *c. Trice, ouo abltajf per quart bottlf. Trincipal Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, | Uarruhurg. I’a. ; Sold by Druggist*, Howl-keepers 4 Grocers. I For Sole in Wvainiinsler Mo. bv Bc> sas .V j Cur, Grocer*, and A. 11. Ilrm, DnteriiL f. RAnnm, 1 June W,—lyr. Sole IVoprietor. j j FALL ftND WINTER OF ISC AND 1*67. K. k. (iERM\D. WESTMINSTER, 31D.. AT 7 ILL always ho fbiiml n largo nod cure \ V fully aelectutl stock of FOREKrt AMI I.OMESTIC DRY GOODS, N otion a. Cabinet and Building Hardware, Qacwiwarc, firocerie*. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac., Floor and Table Oil Cloth*, I>ntga, Glnna, Paint*, Oil*. £c., nlr.. Ic. Tho large*t GMOrtmcni of LAMPS, Shades, Ac., in tho County. Tho above stock ha* been mrefullv iudc lod and ia replffa, iu Uomcdic (iooda om jicciully, with all theatumlard make* of the j Country, nod will lie wild nt tts low ralcn ns T cun be purebnst’d for to the City. Orff* Call and examine before pnrrbasitig. E, K. GKKNAND. i oct 13 corner Mail: and Court atreds. j |ir. W 11. Mitmoi'. lias been In ttirciufnl Prarticc for a number } | of year*, with the experience of th* different I liutpitala in Kurope, *)> a member of (he An- 1 t alytical Medl- .d fnatitotc of New Yoik, eontin- • j ora lo attend lo all professional ruses at his of- ' , ho*.No. Filbes*SwiwaF’hila<|ci' ; d>Mi. , patent Medicines *n* used ur rimm . w biefe vHtl nof break doWn rhe institution bul ! ; renovate the system itom alltnjnrimi It ha< >un- I tamed froin uiinrral medicines aud lenve the i j *vi>t#hi In a healthy nod. pyrfccUy cured ecu I , ditioK. DCsrartHA that diwtrersing disease and fell I dfstiovcr ofiienlth and hapnincM. undt-rmlu- I iug Iho const I union and yearly carrying tbnu , sands tu untimely gravw, can umwl i*|.bauval i ly be cured. i Melancholy, Ahbcrralioh ilm( slate of Aliena-1 . ttef and w-eaknesi of thj mind which renders . Wun> lacapuhle of efjo; jng the plramrc; o: Informing the dunes of Hfr. i anarniTtau. In any form or condition, chi on uic r act<* warranted < nrabli. un, iw railing eickaes#, a!l ritrunie or stubborn cases of M-MAJ.K JMMMp; j| ! , radkallv rcogtrwd• Faff ntimm keff YfeTy • description of ulceration* i Plica and serofulou* , diseases w hit h have baffled alt previous teedfcaj ! i akHI, can he cured hy nvy toeatmont, and I do I j say all disease*. (r* CoKacnnria* t ran he x'ured ! bv wearing mv Medicated Jacket, which is a i | protection to the lungs ngainst all changes of I weatherin all climates. Having investigated for I years Ibo cause and character of intermittent* ! (f*v*rand ague) in all parts of the United | “tale* will cure permanently .all cruuio or acute cates of ague 4 Uerroue dtwisrs iu a few davs, (til iMrm/ ****** *** or Drmtttmrf Tape Worm that droad to the Iluiuau Family for roars, can be removed w ith two or three , domt of ray newly discovered remedy, warran- I lad mall cast-#. funaultaUan in ihc Englid. and German Language* free of charge. Y’ill aankc visits any distune* ff desired. Mar bo , address'd by latter I confidentially) and Sodb ont sen! with propet direction* to anv part of G(c country. OFFICE-Xo, 02b FUbort St. Thiia Jon*' I/—-ly. UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAHHEA, A. J. RESTTTtnHOOK I CO. Su-vi Pi-i. # Mavnfnctoigra, Wnruhoueo. 404 A rub Street., Philudel)*hiu, 43 Johu Strctd, New Thta* Celchralcil Pun* are of Otr uine j American Manufacture, and cnuprUeovcry i ¥*'!•§ rt rUio tb* Mtwkct. and are equal in" ’ i nniali, cln-titily nud finenesy of |x>tiil to the j ixs*t iinjMi. tod. They U ro. lbref.r, sure to gain the t uli lmce of Liu Amudcan pnbiic. ltf'fjfrites UU Afpfatitirm. j T Mirdeto tFMwc, rf uhy jraftcru or stump remiyred. I i* JfaMV Sufc- to vtiv- Tmvk at tie | \ itfi’lUiiiM*, tur uljpve; uud tU Ikiokaelltra and t News >**w in the l iuted Status. d ■ f H. K.S J 1-MtJ.tH* K) K A CO. in I * ly Daily Passenger and /! MAIL LINE, trow tiwjvftn-j nml Unttoton. Con inv.K (vllßilffCart •t'WWtfelnvtrr 1 1 ; r( ir JQUN 11. lU'A I.DINli. t . i*. W EBSTEU. | Stale'* (Utornry. - A rfOUN KV-.U'-J.AW, fv-D .soLiaron /.v duAXcenr\ Blficn uvlf Friuli A Hanuine'i' 1 < r t Tr'>ors below lUirti.olo> Hot I. ' 'H* tinTi*Ttcr, Jtd. Jio" ly. i Peter B. likesell, Wnoi-mat k Rjctim. Ditunt r* BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CATS, CVocortV,. tijanra arid Lrathrr. r ’ aAMYCOfdst ri’lurued from Ib Cllic* M PhilaiU Ijkh'u *nl BulAiuOrc, with (gesl and Imt-L qaality of artiidea iu hi* liar erur !>fore nftVuwd for mdu in Cart!l (’ountr. respectf.Ur Inform* hia filetuU aud th* riti/oas of the County generally, that he i* still nt the OH Und. n Tew doors abov* the Utulroiul, ami will keep constautlv on ; hand, nt Wholtwale aud ilctaiL n weft a* ■ surttmatock of Men**, Boys’ aud ChiUteu'* BOOTS AXD XUOIit S'. - / .Men**, Boy* and Children'* Hat* and Cap*, of all .'*/.* and qhalitie* ; nt*o a select variety of lullin’ and MWt' Boot* and Shoe*, nil of which wilt he sold at the lowurt ca*l> prices. OBOCEnitS. A large Stock always kept on Iwiul. snub U Bio and Jam CoflW. Kxtract of Coflm, I’eas of all kiuda, Cru<U*wlaml Brown Sugar*, Syruns ami Sugar Hmmo MoUmmp, Bakiog do.. Baking Bnd%Sal Soda. Hico, Ihfpg, All"|iire,rtuiiamou f ('h>ven,Maftnrd, Gutgur. Mace. Indigo, Starch, Madder, Aluit-, feuai\ Cream of Tarter. Fuh, Bacqp, I mjL Q. A. Salt. Fins Salt, by the Cmil Oil aukl^mf*,Dried Fruit,Tobacco. Sugar*, FOREION AND DOMESTIC LIgUOKS, CondrtlngofPoTtnnd Malaga Wincn, FVearh Usandiev. Holland and Country (Jin. N. K. Hum. Old Rye, Monrmgnhcla and good Cop* per distilled Recdtsd Wfeltkevti (linger Hraody, kc.; alko't lofgv lot of Bottled Li nor*. ('On-nsdng of French Brandy, Bottled in 1851, (linger Brandy. Blackberry, Wild I Cherry and Knsphcrrr Brnndie*. Port Wine, ! I’fHK, intended f>r Medical purposes. LEATHER, SHOE I'IXDIXGS, IC. | A large stock of Leather always kept ou j h*nd. enibrtcing Sole and Upper lamther. ‘ Calf Skins, Tampico and MflMlra*. drained Morocco. loidita' Kreach Finest Morocco, , Pink Lining< Binding*, Ac.; alo a weli ae- j lectcd stock of Shoe Finding*, via: nil the ' differ numberi of Shoe Peg*, Shoo Thread, 1 Hho* Strings, BUi* knives, llnspn, Patent i Awls, Sewing AwU, Putent Pg j C'ng Awl Handle*, Lasting, Locks. Nail*, • Kristie*. Sand I*oicr, Hum*, Lnsts, Hooka, Hautmer*, Piuebens knippera, Peg Cutters, , Rubber*, Tyelets, Ac. CEli VR WARE, I Consistinf of Baskets, Tul.*, Broom*. Shoe I 1 Blacking ami Brushes, Wash Hoard*, kc. 1 B.—All Good* to be Wholesaled ! J or retailed to *uit purchaser*. I Hsff-He returns hi* thank* for the lil*crnl : ! patronage extended to him. and will do j everything in his power to merit it* contiu- 1 I uanec. J’KTKK B. MIKKSKUo. | docTly. ATTENTION ! "k-RUfTRE Largi't and most complete i 1&90I: selection of ri rniti; rr. in M CKtminnter, is now Iwing offered to the ; public, bv IRA B. CROUSE, at bis NEW ‘ AND COMMODIOUS W A R K HOOMS. locatml about one hundred jnrd* East of the Railroad Depot, and nearly onpoeitc th* * Catholic Church. His Stock has lieer. purchased in Philn- 1 delphia for the cash, and consists of the ! latent and most improved lvle*. viz; j PARLOR Sl'lts, Tote-a-tries. Sofas. Marble top Cluster mid Boaumiet Tables, Spring-sent Chairs ; nDo, • Chamber Sait*, consisting of splendidly fin Lin'd Round Cornered Hcdstrsds, Mnrble log Dressing Bareuas, Marble top Enefobcd Wfc*li Stands. CHAIR}*. HU selection of ('ane and Wood *e*.t Clmir* is large and oftlio most substantial nmke. lie will keep constantly on hand a Lnrgc and very superior Stock of Furniture of bis own manufacture. COFFtys, ■ BUmg iu noxsoosmn of a new and venr do j gant lIEA USE, he is pruput ed to furnwh j COFFINS and nIU nd FtmernUni the short* ; ost notice, at price* that will always give i satisfaction. ' il; keeps also a large r.nd well eulccled I lt of to I MOVES, | which he enn recommend to he nfßr^J the latest and most improved ten.*, consisting of Cooking. Parlor and i Olh-e Stoves. He invites all to examine his Stock Indore purvhasit.g elnewherc. | By a strict and faithful attention to I.nri- I nnas. h ho]tes to receive a share of public I patronage. I w . IRA K. CROUSM i N’. R.—Old Furniture aud Chairs, repair N ud painted un rcacOMRW terms, | dcc7*jy. ■Save Your. Roller, I IIV GETTI.NO VOl 7 ll GOODS AT A. M. WARNER’S NEW STORE, WSST EM., WESTMIJ 'VI, .Jwnj* vn Ittudn, fine ,!.■ion et A.VJJ qtarEMTfi..., DRY GOODS, uVutiam, Groceries, fa. ♦aF*Thankfu! for the increasing patron age, sad hopciul to merit a cuntimmnoo of the some. THE GUI MOTTO, Quick Solo ami Sfcort Profit.. a. m. Warner. .LUMBER & COAL. 11. W. Dell k fo. i Westminster, Md. \\ r : ■"•'■l s‘if.rm the eiti/.e ns - of West ▼ ▼ minster and Kiirroundin eoußßy, that wc sie prepared 16 furiilrh them fltpur While Pine, Ih mioek. . V „. t . Building Timber. Shingles, laths, • f lekete 4c. 4c., AM wleclMW “U eafenniffed Lambcrann, wSh wc arc itreiwefi to toll very low for <to(|. A I*o '!/. Tj TltXi>'l? *slZLk'i£i Ly the ' Coal by the ear. •QkrCall una exi(bie for voufswvfc*. )Ui6 tr 11 "* Dm,AUK mm works, MerimiaOer Hd. WM. H. HABMAS* GO. KTONTINUELhe manufacture ri UiUN PLOUGHS, with \\ rougbk foul CW iron Shun** and PftiuU, Sunag-Tooth llOßritt HAKRs. for Hbw aud Grabi, GOUN SlI LLLKHS. FLKI* CUTTEuS. mwl A’jrienhum/ Mrtrhiinry ijrnrrntty. AU CASTINGS of all kinds done lb order. All kinds of BI.pAIUINO done with mtyptw-m mid on nmdemte f rrm*. They an* also solo Afjeiif* fui (hr anfe of WcvGKMICK J>• 1 m|ir>>vud Self ifolQii£ "REAPER AAT) MOWER, for Oarroll county, am! in Unit |Mrt of Fml •rick North of Frederick City, aud *do in that part of Baltimore county North of Texas. Wiib this Machine tho farmer wvcs iiionc) , lime and labor, aud is, without S former-*). superior to any other now in 0 market, and folly warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, tangled or ’odgvd Grain, where hand ruke* or dmji>nw will hoi. Me offer it on trial with any fo her. the pnrehrieer to keep and my lor the one preferred, A Ut> arc Agenfa for (*#*Ws Pifcnt S--l/-R'y>d'stttt'j CVa** S*fHU\Uw\ VU*inef mU iioy jtv. At a time like th* ppeyenl, when Ittbor is very scarce, it is important that Forme;* who ore ii! tore*led, shoal'i gi|l| attention to this mj*rfo*erflrnt, w!ib-b reduce the expense of 1L re* hi tig Groin ins j thu i ommon way. This is new consider* i j the heat. Separator Udi rc the public. || ts [ particularly udaubxi to Famoia for tbunr I I own um, ami will apply to Later or Hail way power, and will Thresh ami Clean from It* to 160 Bnahela pur day. using lour U> six and as many Wei*. Also, for RuV , MoatopMUKt’* “Donaii-St uetmu* Roca* 1 way Wheat Fax,” j dot'ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STOKE JUST OPCNKt) I W cstmiustcr, ! Between the Uaiirnad and Reifsn’nJcrV Store, two doors west of | Mrs. Shrinti’a Millinery Store. 1 rpHK uudorhigued k*a juat returned from i J the city of Philadelphia with the largest; j ami b>t selected stock of Ladies' Misses' j i Children’s ami Gentlemen's Hoots A Shoe* j J aver brought to this iu kat. Mv slock con- I* in part of Ladies’ and Misses ! Custom made Glove Kid Halmmei*, PKI | I jesting Gaiters, Morocco Balmoral*." K. . I Polish Boots. Oil Goal Hultnerals, aud Chil dren's Shoo#; also Gentlemen’s Hoots ami | Shoes, such as Men’s Calf Cnslom-mnde j Bools. Congress flatters. Loco Boots, Bro j fOWi Kin and coarse Hoots A .Shoes of all j kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer j myhelf. 1 have had ai! the above stock ramie j to order, and for Um express purpose to suit this market by a celebrated and well J known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of j Philadelphia, which fbr style, liuish. dum i hilily, comfort and elasticity to the feet, are J superior to all others aud arc the Lest titling patterns that enn be found. I have taken areal care In the getting tip of my stock, and can warrant every article to be what it is represented or the loas will be upon me. I therefore invite the especial attention of the ladies and Gentlemen of ! Westminster and Carroll county to my mock 1 of Goods which will In? sold at mneh lower figures Ulan the same goods can In? hvl else where. Gome one. come nil, and examine for yourselves. No charges made for showing 1 Goods. ~ | ott 4, —tf T. S. ECKEKT. |

DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS. I> H. B . I X * S Impro.ed \lliou. o*ld Apparatus. hr. (.EO S. 101 kE, Dentist, Apparatus for the manofscturso/i-Qifcsiiy pare a\jtumm o r \ iim: | would sanswwee Iti Mb A Khrol I *1 .11 lim. . prepared to administer this popular Ai.iesthctic for thu Pxfihntion *,f Trntk te'hoHt fttin. t>a. FOI’KE wnuMfnvlte (IreattcTiMor of th(< i public tn his Int-.’lv Improved An-orfursie 1 Kmji’si fuTM nil. A*rmmi, Tmit. Pr ! metu#4>r an iinprorinl Air-rhamb<%, the pr*a- I snre of dkjgfonaenhaee tor hojdiinb ku iL lirmiy nnd aecdrely in the mouth, i* inotr crrl.ildly and t flscluaiU atUuoeii Uiaii J>v any style tn form of plats kiihui to wtd l.y fhe prufi *iioa fc { The value and exoclleucs Tu set of Ariiticial j Tfeibax mu-h t nhmu .i l.v i. w.i-.limh I. Unnl nth', for J). litjl ruf T'0..,.. he ir llio luegUr .lr(ei>e,,| fn the mnrufep.iire of. .enlh iivm rtie 1 .feneir., end 1. nr, I'.reH i to lupple Ihte Ptrlp of nwk at Terr mWerate I U '''J. 'me 7,-lf, I NEW STORE ANP j\ KWAH'o^KS \T OufT|ftenUsp u, politely ami nymo.-ifyll) ; pi ROlunled to my tviw stock * \ Of well selwacd GOODS now opening, t .u&oj.Qialj,*m*t >nq(t|rto#is) j,, _, . k such as _ Cloths. Casslmers, CasslneUs, TWBUft. , u , ,eer FnmrrMOUSUN’ES, OUWKtno,’., i j WfW ai.pacas. C.U.IUOKS, c.wftßtesj DKiI.U, ’ Blodcneil and Brown -VI ii.i-.1->. Bootx, Sbuen, Hal, u.i.l t'iipx. wwmZtUMii. MSer krtn.’wHcft nre Sffcidl pi a swajl Jvni*W above CVrf. J. J. BAUMGARTNER. Aitorncy at Law aud Ndllcltor *“ EkDDtUl^i^ WILL pmclicc law in like t'MMa is Oar t .mil ooun.r, will nkl n„rl eni.n.el A t'urmrrt ! ** T_T ICiiUte 1 PMtl puml poW fur tl by Ur.lnm.kriCv., *t,'l I*ei *■ near IVpoL t F OUTZ’B Horse mm Petto Th-empmarn. /I E a \ II MsuiMh tbd Into*- this nlMl, aiKh u UiSQ itv AB. ULSXDL&S, mi.ovf wa m HEAVU, ’i-yf vo run a, nia fWk TIRPKR, AC v uts, roi snr.ii ■HL I.OOS or i-Mi!"' *c. u. the Wind, limtmmo M m JfF lh i W HUIc gITM f M . -A • Moot h .A. w e!->■- •kin—bj ore/Ptf luatfiMw ta • ■ aliwrablo tkeUton laU a fiae loofcfog u>d spirited To koepws of Csws this prepay. Uoo la iarahuhie. U lucrsaest Ue quantity and laprT Um qnAltly Lay twen |<rovM by se f ¥Ms - ■ 1,, tu- 1 expsettnant to 'noTMt, tl.P^uan I er,*u. tem> |^i “i“l BMtkr Lr butter firm .ad W —swart. fntAiuuiina D TT If rstUa ll gtTM then " rTeVt, looaena BuilkC * then ihrirs much Outer, y.- ... . la all dfowcet of Swine, each Cwghs, TTkm In Via l.unr, Urcr, - - jIPwM > - ■.'■vsrakaß **> a lnri.-I.U pwillUm H W m *lk,* - .11 - .... e a 1 I win b cr.wiinitri •r entirely prevented. Tf tn time, a certain mwvetiUTQ and curs far the Hoc i.'hotara. rrles 86 Gants par Paper, or 6 Papers for tL PBUAAIO bt H. .V. FOUTZ & BRO., WHOLESALE DRIU AND MEDICINE DEPOT. Ho. 116 Franklin St, Baltimore, Md. for Sale hy PrusKtala and Btortkeepem ihroorh- I out the United Sales. d.rU.|, PATENT WIICII ROOFING. TUB Vow ToreM<p7ilei>?iTii t'>!.,ir, ft>. ÜbliMied 1854,1 ar** msnufSctnHnx ondrr !.-t --u>rs I’slvnl till* bw.t arrielr nf Itunpovitinn nv,f- Ipg ever >oir..>red to the psbli , it G adapted t every t\K- of Uv<A, stevp oi flat, sod cau be readily aablkd ly, any iu-. Tlio I’. S. On vent men?. *0 -r a llinrndkb to,| •'file ntilllv, haveaiUpU'd it a u~- m Um .Navy ’ Yards. au<> upon ruMic Ibiildiui;,. ! The UMNlng ii j.ui u* in mils, and luti wlr ! tn be nailed to |lio B mf t*. iaak<* a Dm aid • | Hitt AND #AtKIM*RoOF O<)VKBtVCJ. ! "*• partlmloelw fernmtnen ! !t nr ni nn I null din as. Stores, t’bareb.n, F.trtoiiea. Ma ehinm .'•Lop*, hUiiubußt D’ ck>*, Ac. i mici RoonvG pu\r, For cnatiuM Tin, Iron, ur Slangt - Ucsfa. It lorinx • b*Miy i |u*l to yuata c<urs t|f nsaiHAav I’aixt. No Hoof can ru.-i uuder it. aud old Honfa I may b made j*crmaiu-ntlv ival. i uruot sad du- i ratio b> Ur use. The f’slot requires ou laialng. but i . v *dy to * be S||died with the ordinary paint bi n n.— Price, SI,OO per ration, Mcb vill cover two I f bomlrvd aqauie feet. Also marial'aetarrrs of Hindi l.tiiire Fnrnßli, : TARKEH KKI.T AND WfMIFINn flTflf. I UUcount U( the Thml. . fMrrulars and Prim Ut furai-iutL Ktgbu for umiiu* i -ia si low . i rates. Addi.w-i THE MU \ 71001 m; CO., 84 B -midway. V V. * Frank llumphrevs. | Korol St., N. O. He.* • | Md. William* X Co.. Angaria, (i*. K.ildwin B. 1 Montgomery, Aim. a- X. Coates, 1 IGlrigh. N. tk. P. A. Tuvkw . Dichiuuod. V. f H-tuy Wilqm,]PcU‘iiLurg, Vu, Agcpt*. i Ikcnlk Witiiica. j av79-1y REMINGTON’S ; Ajg"' -o. Firo Arms. ; Sold hy(i-iii Dealers | And flic Trade Generully. i ■ Vurt l*cck t-Vi-f I, Vn, 1J f*!-tndge. I IbgM atig I i M. . &li- t pi.. Xv. U lVuM** ! I’i.l.rf, Hti I i.J.I N... J.’liulK.', i Pocket■ Revolver, <fbdf t’rtekihg. I , New PoHM UirolWi', with bu itnr h ror.i stl ’•!c*c Kcv<J vi r, F .1V y hue Csl b*c> I Kiblt Men liar, Nsvy <iaLl %•, , Ai'r Itcvolr*Hv4Lll'> m. Cuiibre, ! <Dia CaiHL u-i ig so. 3- ('m li Wgv. , MotObhintf M|t.*fM fc rt !©0 in. 'Calibre, ( Bre. 1.1/Oatiin* Kise. N,. 8t (kartGdpc*. , I Oirtuar.* No. Sfl (^wuidgr, > I U. H. l.’ifle, t Sted iJarrul, Uli ttufoodiiM <>ui t. | H. x. Uirtod Mii.kVt, RifliigiNUt VWtvAii; | Single Barrel Shot (hw, ** 1 k. Remington a sons, A ( r. VTR. Mow' A Ki.-tmL,; NuvYoiL ' Palmers A upMnti, Md.n P.tptfll, fos. C.fffabb Philadelphia. f Hfenulincv A Trin We, ilaliimoro. Tlenry Polmmu A Ob., >. Oricon* Ih-nipUis. 1 ' I Mavuanl Bros., Gbitmgw. ( L. M. Kumsey ft VO., Mf. T,<tnl*. j Albert K. Cean. , Son KraniJ on. ) j >lMy..jv l-‘. iREAL ESTATE anti OuUeciiu# 1 ItEtr umi, • XVriiLVfir**, "Jin., j ; 9 .1. M. In /• M ■ kO •VV4>C iwLuii'Viatyifi ■ vm- I 1 Lro-,cun.lUy;ihc Lupnci '■*. *1*1)11.4 Kv( £,>*lll4l, i 'Uiit-i £, wut iv£. ci*i4J|ii* Uf mujj null n*i]t Iju-uun. uanuci'-ii in lun hue.— A torjjc uuiouul E*u*h ulnyn ou nn-hi j l . ih}::4 Uuu. DruiKit},tn d*r>c,'o ii*hl l.ini til*. Vc.l fur iu 4^. ■ MU-mtul 10. V LAW COPARTNERSHIP, j K. K. CROC! & UEIFSMDEB, J TTOUSK Vti-J T- lA.H r \ A Ail) BHLl tiro us jt cham uur, W iTn ,rcM, M ik (\ r E hi*vn foriuei it of i|i the rWtunf CMMII and Witpm rnnti! . >. aUauRJ out runted £. nUr-tnare. IWueMfo i jut id to <>k ffiUusi* ► A|plieath{m- Rled foi Bn kl‘ and j Bawdy due OUce atlji unln*' the veflmee of On (5. 'P: lUiUMpfot. ■yg* n WL M. PARKE, Him p.rt •ll.nw and daUcllor "Z J: to uio ftittlito of Law in Iho varirin* VWSwMI“ wan*}. Will tr>unlnJ , Mt M*k m low W'* ,Ufa *hc Or piuMtt * u)Ut, ana it o..ait> tne "prepara t on of Davao, Will* At. ' V)(Ti<a iu Um ncf iku AnviH in l*rki|- Olfim. > T'T! I k ' ; ’ i ift'ditiv gt tlab Ofliue, Carroll Misery. YEAR WKSTMiySTK/t, MP JOSEPH STOUT rnoPfUKTim. THB Bi?.BftOBlBKR bos for Sab ■• about 10,000 Apple' Trees Of tlw too— n|, provo,! vtirietii-i -m 'm ] rIT lust Spring jil.iwtng, 1 AloO, A lurite iu|.|>lj of Dwaii mill SiHiin.irl I’KARH. A tow REACH TREES, PLUM and AHUICOt. A tupply of CHERRY Qt'INCE Tty-;Ks. • a utims SLt*pi,T or (i UA r K VIK K S of n ilm ipniling Orittii'D. CniltAN’TS, COOSKBEBRIES, LAU ION’ BLACKBERRY', STBAWURHKIKS, RASCBERUTES, K V F, It a R E i: N 8, ofl.rgo.iu, A UIO, A Urgo lot of IIKCIDL'ODS TREES, i Tliou who ilo-iroTREKS rrc tfthtk would do well to examine iu>- toi-k ladurr pur flowing .duct*lo r,-. it. my .took urr all Rom IQttt d vnnotlu. JOSEPH STOI'T. docT-tf LATEST FASHIONS if EM A NR .1 W. BUAMJiV’t) CKLE.IR VTEI’ patent ihtlkx elliptic (Oil DOUBLE PRINO) SKIRT. ‘I 111, WiUmJ : fn| Flexibility and treat CMS (“f* ftl-sburata mnr Lilly nearing (li* fU’ I'I.KX kLMI’TIr SKIUT Will bo .Apvn- ufvU particular}/ In all ov-wd-d auooinhli*'. one. I rus, carriage*. (til. --ad car., churr■. aim clprlt*. fur promenade ami hntue drew. u # t|iv Skirt van be added h bon is aw in occupy a ucH place a* caail.t aud run vrnioollv an a ilk ** r tnustin drew. au invaluable quality in crloo liuo, nut found in any Single Spring Skirt. A la. I* having enjoyed the pi oo furl. and great convenience of nearing the |)n p!ox W.piir Steel Soring Skirl fur a Maple da*. will never afterward- willb.Hv dUp. no.* nilb Ihrh u... For fbMdren. S(iMo ami Vowng Ladte* th. v are *upcrir to *|| other*. . Tliot Will not bend er bi. ~k ilk- the Single Sj nnjr. but will Vrto’r* ifi.-ir ~cr f Wt and graceful ihapo when three or four ordinary Skirt* will have boon thrown a* tiaoloaa. . Tin- ll.Mips arc entered nub doablo and Iw I* ted thread, and (he bottom rod* are ant .nlv double I springe. but twice (#<l<>uMd cor r reditu tiDff tli cut Iroai Tfoar.i g mil When dragftiiK t down stoop*. *tnlrk, A . I The Duplex BHpHe h a mat favorite with all ladle* and u nMvnaallr rentmmended bv 1 the Fa*Jion Mags sine aa the .Standard Skirt if . ill.' Fa.buu.abU Wo. Id. To viijoy (lie folbnx lujc iuev tin: able adtautagn ; in Crinoline, Air. : superior quality, pfrirrl • manufacture, shape and lini.-h*. fl-tlblF, I ty. durability , coinf it and eeo®omv, enquire lor .1. W. Hnyni-a#'-* Hi Ki.reru ! or |>nnbL I Spring Skirt, and bt sure you k **t the genuine I at tine. 1C \l TION.- To guard aa-int Impi.diion he particular to oolitK tlmt ki.u olTeratt a* •*!> > '•n't" hare the red ink damp, yi., -J. \\\ llradlev’r Ihtjdex Elliptic St* { Spring..’* um.n , Uiv wolalband- iMm cum. are niw Aim N't"that ertrT Ronp a pin heW pafc. lb. tcnlrc, (buy rcrealinc lb.* two (nr dowbli j .:>rmg.LmijMli|gclir Uivrw j in. nhlrh m Ibexcref id th. tl tibilUv ami i Ntrmfth, and n < nmblnatinn not lu tv (bubd iu I nv olhar Skirt. CK SALE i. .11 so.™, .to re. ,-t am , .kut-. aru aold iiiroojcb'iat tbtf I oiled state* and ( tlnriv here. ■ Manufactured by du 3Jc Ooucra W the Patent, M’KSTS, UIIAm.MV k (V\UV. I *7 s \ . h,, y v . jai>3t*kio APPMOTED ! Suffer No More J i wi. f. i,y th.. i,e of DU, join vk.i.k’s hi,l Mil fun ran b ■ cured pcnnamiitD . ami at > a Hilling Kilt. Tt. adonisl.inj anrt-r. yyUchhai attended i KaiiiMia: I ■>., U, Mf :•*•> imiwti'.' f. er aay.of the coMeoqeuc*i of yf.itUHid nuJtM-rr -1 lion, render* it too r.dnaWe prrpniatiun ] f*rr diaeovered. It will i emorWlfll norvnin aAVrtlnbr. d^nre* . ouw' mWnc.ry, ‘ mjf u-‘ciku' t U,i." of M*|l-dctrurtlim. ft-aiVof iiuauity, \r. J t w ill restore the apptllle, rt aoMid htalll. M Mif ! "ho l ave destroyed itbir pt ujnal exces# or r?yU pnt#tlrcs. T ■ 1 YViung Men. be hntnbuggi-4 no more by •j •Hjua'-k fort Ara’ > Wi.d luonnt |nabtlthiien. , buiftitid uiiliuut (Itlav for the Uuir. au.l bo at j one# rtrlnred to bealih end happlne*.-. A IVr- J feet Cure ia (juarantced in every luaUuicc.- ’ PHcc, sl, or fbnr l.ottb-a P* on.- uddreea. 1 Oac bottle Uaflkuinl tpcivet a tun in all ordinarv case*. • ai-so. dr .lorvvihi.R'fc srEcirirriu.s, i for the aiwudy and permanent cure of Omp. fhea, Moot, Lroihral Dixlkryif Gravel. Stflclnre, and all aflc iiMa* of the Xadnev* and pleader. Cures effected In from oiHt in five day*. Tbej arg prepared from rcgeublu ra -1 tracts that are harmless on the ytein, and nev er twin. at,, tbo atoincb or impregnate the bruaili. No change of dirf i- BCcegsarv while u*iug Ibo&i. nor dm> their artioa in any mankier Interior* With bwaimta j.ursuiU, Price, $1 per box. I l l" c of the above mentioned ai Utica will U smt to any addrean, cloaclv, and port Kip: asaser l - u “ uf im •■-•r 1 Thkkubk. SRUTTS * m.. rhmhi>. J IILU-1, No. River St., Tror, S. V. Reparator Oapilli. TLrow awav your false friaxe*, your u iUlu *. Motive uf cvmfort, akd nvd.worth a ffif; S&ja r *‘ r (lEi’.v'nATou*2 r u,.nu hjW lrnf> (f.w whulm yr cauacit|ift| b*> eMu out) and jW ing a g.mwtb ofhalrVioum hire. It has no equal. It will force tnc beard to a row upon the amoothest fkce iu frow lice tu eight weak*, of hair U|k.ii bald keadf Iq frpmo to Lbttv jsss sJwm mis&MSi hasten the grow th of the hair or Tbeir , lJut *r HI U V bow are we Ui dktlb.ji uub tiujjp-uuiua from the spuiiuo. ? U vra r ‘‘tirtrrly vr.rlMm, tnd ,n Buy have Brv.dr *i own <w Urgv IMUtt In Ihrir Tm.cliM.. To .uch wo would nr, Irr th. Ro dnlUr and M win forw.Va it, er with a tccclpifhr the rnoeiA wkiidi will hr rulnrnod yon on a'-ph.-Mdoi.,. entire ptfUaraotiwn i* uet y eiu - Addrctt, CLAUK 4 IV-. Chemiatr. N r ‘ 1 weirv^iirt N. V. ' FEMALE COUEGUff akn l UU WAUUIK IMITInTIi ; TKA CII R WwfmSS^m kfTltlfAfir hKPAttTVKNT. uf, Jpi|.< -V. Mlncok. a. St. kit* & Lmi fttrluag, M.'E. i..-, Miaa klu. v V . M;.lining. '-wewMiMßai \d lliliint-leu. -WmFjßb Vf sk-al nwAnrvfirr klr*. I'anuia 11. Munroc. ** # y* rplllS iNHTi i I’TIO.S will commnet 1 the ihid skshh>n .r it# HiJmi' ucliiditaUv VtiflT on MOWATi *• HU ARY Dll. I *O7. rupils will l*e re reived at any .. 1 from mm a entrance. \■ asa noMftiiKn nr//noh In amubor uf Uourding VapiU during ihc past ywp wim % M\ t. malea, ami !•" aialw.—| .• The Wnfcial only rfe- ten.ales into hi* fantily • a m.oilier of otb.-i iili( - in the town. vacandk* not yrl tilled, will , lmo*o make tarty ojtpJi cw lion. Xhu aceoromodititona for llowrdera are tico srj*nttlr ImtWinpti, hnlll of brick*. TKnt fur the Male Depart men I ia the renldedrrr of the Rqv. Jonathan Mi'Jfm.K (Kaiher of tho Principal), wUimo iKOurn.d care wiU be over Uia bourdei h: thnt for l is cKvupicl bv the Tncre will not be any cunummlcotion bctwHim thwe drpaituivnta. Lmh w ill bvconxidorM aa a /nmly,m Hording a bomu to lU boarders, 4* A * * HVffOOjj S'umber of Day I’upii*. daring Um pad rear. M, making m total of lu7 i’upiU. Accomnv.daliona are five eomiaodtosM n)obj tixf The jount men’* siodr room— the buy* study room—tlicyounu lames’ study room—the iMmsry room, uucl ibe Lecture room. / )eparimt* f. —l •riinary. Prcpa mtory and l nib- inter throe grades of elaw*a m aweti f>ejurtim*nt—ln IfuiiO, superior advan t ayes. I .nt ill taughtgralnitoosly. m given to all tlfmrutarg prificiplei aUo to I’uiu.uiuluj* (jph)U and l.mcy)i to JiooU-kcvpuigi to Spelling, Haad* in? and Klocution. • jHfSHttnn __ Sit t:rmicn of Tntiivn, from $4 up to $ 1 J per quarter. w^wau* For (ifculnrs mMrens ■ RKV. JOHN A. JlTTfmbi. ja24 l*rind|Mit. A Leotura 1 To Voang Mon. I J. ■I a ,WI /Vicc ix rant*, i I.ECTI UK an ike Natan*. Trealmrat.aad , \ Itadiral Cure of speriaalorrhira, or too*. • naT Wcakaeas, Invlantary Kaitslaas. U I—| i I'. bility. and IwpedituruU Sn Marriage MMC* ally Nervrnime**. C.iMuaprtw, Kpilrpay, | and Fit* ? MphUl and I’hyatcal Ineapactly. r I "ultinc from Self-Abo*.•, KOUKUT J. . I UUI.VKHWKW, M. D., Aatkor of tlm *<ir*ea , I Hock." 4r. The world rraownnl antkor, la ibla adfcira i | bio l.t-cturc, Hearty provr* from kU mmm nw* ; Hence that the awM • <>n* qaepre* of Self* S ~ . j Abur may b eCectaally removed Shout m* diciuc. and witlioot dangcra— sargtsalaie . I ration*, boh|(ic*. iimti uwcaia, iln|f*,or ear dill*. I pohilii.jf out a mode of core alcwrr cr.uln aid cflVctnal, bv wbieb every vugervr ■ matter ; a bat In* C<mditiu may be mar rare bimw-li' . cheaply. prlvatHv. and radb ali; THIS I.ltC ’ . TCHK Vi II,L I'UoVt \ DW/S' TO THOtt*. , ANDS AM) THOFBANDO. I 1 Scut under seal. In any addirue, la a '■'* •ealed envelope, on the receipt of.iiceWW, or two po-lagi* niaaif*. Abe l>r. CalverarS’s 1 , • Man lege Guide, prior *5 ceil*. Adder*# (to , . publisher*. • i#T,ir.wr; v CHAR- J. €. KI.IRK 4 CO., • I lt7 ftowrrv, Ifrw Yrlr. '"•¥*' * jasi 17 I*o*t IHRer Box CRISPER COIIIA. , Ob ? .In* was beautiful and Bdr. " r { AVltfc Dlarrv ryr*. and radiant hulr. TVUom' curling tendril* toft, rutwiard, i 1 v heart and mind. CRIMPER COM 4, Foi Carling the Haii f either Sea tala Wave •ndGloaey lltogl,-.. ~r J1 aw Muwirc Curb. f > ,-J ID ...injr (bis artJcL and Oratlemta 1 can beautify ihriw** Ivy* a (hnn.inirt fbld. || i, , lb-only article In tho Solid u ill rati , •traigl.t hair, and at the *aqe time give H a brnaUftll. plnsey ar*t* arnnev. UvfiArftlJ . . niily cutl tin- hair, f.nt lavlffawiHLS^alt j fle- and cleanses Hr I* highly and drHgliffalty ' perfumml. and U the lhr>i.,d rvrr nflV rrd b> ths , < The t'rlajwrt rums will h* rent to any add res*. I ai-l v-t paid for s|. 4 , Adder** all order*m awmto #MIP MPtoOgtpt w I. t lank 4CO .rl. wM*. * V... 3 Wr*f tt.* Sired, SvrunML 5. T. feM-ly • Cirfiit iHilHcenetei oirnnKo dv ; ; STOUFFER & HOFFMAN, New Windsor. 1. I AIBtS Jdtass BOOBS mtCoxt. u* • I i tlii-s*. Mnwe, n,l Clulißxu. iivod, M Ill'll pricw-- U V Irn', lllia ,h' .umMnccd 1 **"ig mi) our lurgn -loci' orlAtlie.’ DKFSS XitKWBT' i0 Cu> ' I Now Wiodior, JolU-l,* y , 1 UEOIIOER mSE, * ' (lurk nn.l W.lcb I I) Ksri;mri.iA- £*!' 2 \ forms the PuMtc fliat [ be lino cpciifl a Shop foi Hit Iran Midi.hi of bultnoanut Sr. Tntmbo*!, . tower oml of West miaktrr. In Ihr room fcf* au-rly occiyiod by Dr. Dering as an office. | nM a*' Ftaek and WnteW, Maker, not a repairer merely, lie fmtiert himself that be can tirt every uatwCabtet . to bin employer*. sgi todUg jr . Chicks, Wteito. Jowelrr, 4e., reprilii : { at short notice, in the Lest manner. Jm oto M’ci.mniminting terma. M Jnim 14-tf m**aaeA I •<! tiding* eCJnytoi To young and to eld. iv great mi Hto>l| 4 The beamy which uv at* *upfrcirmanpdr>ru all. and all uia> he la*r. By (lie aie of C HAS irfe*L LAE'S* ****.- White Liquid n*c, for giving the *kfn n le w tint, that i. oaly I mad iu vuathu JlfliHlv remove* Tan, Ficcklis, riwplcu. fttotcihae. J j|£r^T^tt^iSßS3SE...' uflt. rnoPMre^n , |S now open for (be accomm^lalioaof t#f f r ‘ *’ m **rn f M Q