Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 21, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 21, 1867 Page 2
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. 'THURSDAY'" M A RCH 21? ISCT. Thf Karri of Men. The eelcbruted naturalist, Prottesor AgaAlt, has bten delivering n course of lectures in New York on Natural ! ttialory. mainly devoted to hit recent explorations in Brasil, South America Id hit last lecture, entitled, “The Mon keys and the Native Inhabitants of South America,” which we find report cd in the New York Da# Book, he took up the subject of the origin of tfttcit*, both h relates to the inoukoy tribet and to mankind, lie combat* the theory of the transmute! ion ists who maintain that by some sort of natural law of progress one inferior specie.* of animal may turn into another, follow- 1 ing up the records, or fossil remain* exhibited in the various strata of (he earth's crust, he Infers that these were all independent creations of the Divine Mind, brought into existence after the old order of things bad fulfilled its des tiny, and physical changes had taken place suited to the txistcßcoof a higher order of being*. In like manner he maintains that the different specie* Of animal* existing at present on earth were distinct and independent creations, and never had the same origin—-Also that the same is true in regard to the various species of Men ; and that Ihe different colored races never .•‘prang from j the same source—except as common children of the same Creator. In this he seems to agree with the authors of ( that elaborate work, The Types of Mankind,'' who maintain that the whole 1 earth is divided iuto distinct por- , tioas, or basins, each having a dif ferent Fauna and Flora—that is dif- 1 fereut species of animals and vegetable* peculiar to itself. It is indeed remark- ( able, when we consider how peculiar | are the productions of various portions j of the earth, both as regards the animal and vegetable kingdoms. In almost everything they arc as different from each other as the several .-;>ecie* of; Men, who seem to have origin cd there. | and stand in every instance as the crowning head of the whole creation of | their several sections of the earth. This is a subject well worthy of the attention of inquiring minds ; and ono : of some political importance at the pres ent time. If it can be proven that the ' variou* races, or species, of men have | always been as distinct from each other ! as we now find them—that they wore created entirely different at the first then there is reason in the argument of 1 those who maintain that (here arc phy sical and moral differences which rc- ‘ quire a separation of distinct race* into distinct nations; and will bring to naught all the efforts of those who seek to amalgamate in this country, on equal terms, two of the most different races on the face of the earth. Intolerance. Wa regret exceedingly # thc want cf magnanimity which is shown by the North in its prescut treatment of the . South. The people there >. cm to be 1 totally oblivious of tbc fact that they • had ever done any thing to provoke the j South into rebellion. They should re- 1 member that the Northern people, con- , trary to the spirit of our government \ and the constitution, conspired to force i their peculiar views upon the people of the South, not satisfied to w it until, in the due course of nature, their idea* would be bound to prevail if right. No matter how wrong may have been the opinions entertained by the people of the South, or how great was their error iu resorting to arms when they did, wc must ever believe that the Radicals of the North, by their mixing improper questions in politic*, aud forming a Northern sectional party thereon, vir tually divided our people into two dis tinct nation*, and thus made the late civil war possible; in fact necessary, If they should thus succeed in perpetually 1 holding the reins of government. I The present coarse of the Radicals in asserting absolute dominion over the .South, contrary to both the constitution j and good fellowship, is proof of the ex istence of that intolerant grasping spirit! iu the North which thus South dreaded., which it rebelled to avoid, but only hastened and aggravated. The legiti mate effects of the formation of the . Northern soelional party wore undoubt-1 cdly alienation of fueling, rebellion, na tional debt £e., nnd all the wafer* of! liCtho can never wash out the rumeui- * brance of the fact, that, if ii> had not been for the intolerance of the Northern : Radicals. the Southern people would ' uever have been tempted to rebellion, ' nor our country cursed with all these evils. Iu viow of theifc thing* we can not but lament that the North should keep in power a party so blind to their own errors that they cannot forgive other*, aud are thus unfitted to raatorc the country Ball. Follee Appoint *n rut*. Tb* legislature on Friday bat. in ' Join! Convention, elected Mcssr* Lefe- j ver Jarrell. Jmucs R. Carr, and WH. B. Fusselbaugh, as Polite Comtrtisaiou ; art of BftUituor* city fur tho next four years. The selection* undo are geao-1 rally regarded ae eatrtjfnetwfy. Under the wew Uw the Mayor, will Uavo no j connection wish she hoard Tlie Legislature. ' Al 12 o'clock on the J3th. the Sen ate entered the House of Delegatee to f nit cud to tho election fl/U. S. Senator in place of Oov. Swann flecliuod. lion. Philip F. Thomas, of T’albot, #bo had | received a largo majority of the votes of; I the two Houses on tho duy before, was accordingly declared duly elected U. 8. Senator for the State of Maryland, in \ . i accordance with the act of Congress. ' A petition was presented by Mr. Gore, i from oil iron* of Carroll county against i . a law to authorise the County Cominis lienors to subscribe to the Stock of the , Western Man land Railroad Cotnjtany. j The railroad designed to pass from | Frederick through that county and part . of Carroll towards l.iiilustowu Pa., was . defeated in the House, which refused j to reconsider the bill by a vole of 25 1 to 4 I lu the Senate on the 12th. were passed the House bills to amend the act incorporating the town of New Windsor, and the uppleniont to the act to incor porate the New Windsor Library Com pany. In the House on the 13lh, the bill from the Senate to incorporate the Car roll Lumber Co., was passed. The Com mittee on Claims reported a bill to pay the claim of S. U. (lore. On same day Mr. Boswell, from a se lect committee reported the following bill iu tbo House, j Sec. 1. Be it enacted by tha General As ; scmbly of Maryland, That eight hours shall constitute a legal day's work in every de- J part meat of mechanical business iu this I •' State, except in cases where on agreement . ‘ shall Sc made to the contrary, in which case | a written contract shall be made between , | the employer and employee ; provided, that I this shall nut apply to the ordinary labor I npon farms, ami ahull not effect contracts, ! either verlal or written already made, i In the Senate on the 14th, Mr. Vick- 1 era’ Imbed* corpu* bill, which prevents I Judge Bond from dragging apprentices I , from all parts of tho State before him. was taken up, debated and pniscd, yeas 17 nays 4. I An order was introduced last week ! that the Commissioners for Carroll Co. ; , report the amount of bounty money re ceived and expended in said county. Resolutions were sent in by tho Gov-1 ; ernor, received from the Legislature of! ! North Carolina, addressed to the Cover nor* of the several Stales, in favor of a ' National C onvention of all the States as j | tho best mode of settling our national ; | difficulties. They were referred to the I Committee on Federal Relation*. The Registration or Voters. The General Assembly on Wednes- | day finally pissed the amended law fur j | registering the voters of the State. It j provides that the registers shall sit for I ten days next preceding the second day prior to any election, whether special ' [ ,>r general, .State, federal, or municipal, to discharge their duties. They arc tlun to make an alphabetical list of all i i registered voter*, clone the registry.and 1 make two fair copies, one for the clork : j of the court and tho other for the judge ( of election. The formality of publish ing lists of voter* in the newspaper* i* ' dispensed with, tho theory of tho law | being (lint the registers arc public of ; ficers sworn to do aud who wilt do their • July faithfully, and that it is every man I i business, entitled to vote, to sec that j his name i* duly recorded, j The fourteenth section af tho bill cuts ; up by the roots the most agitated ques- I lion at our la*i election, as to the pow- j or of the judge* of election to review I the work of the registers, by declaring 1 that they “shall receive the vote of cv-1 cry ouc whose name duly appears on the regie try, under a penalty of nut lens ! than SSOO nor more than SI,OOO for ! ' refusing, and to bo imprisonc 1 besides until the fnc and cost* are paid ; and j moreover shall be liable to the private suit of the injured party, a4 be dis- ! qualified from holding office in the ■ State. The penalty may appear very j severe, but it will not be so regarded ! when wc reflect that the securities anu j ; sanctity of the ballot i* tho only safe- 1 , guard of our liberties. And the gross j abases of power by judges of election ! heretofore, for the lowest party aims, ’ j require that (heir ill practices should be ter mi listed forever. The provision* of the registry law arc made to cover the ■ case of an election for* convention, and ' npon the adoption or rejection of the constitution, a* well as for the selection of officers.— Baft. ,Sn . V liat Itedicals Tlilnk. The di*cos*ion of the snpplouicutarv reconstruction bill in the donate on the fllltfc. inst. showed considerable differ- 1 cace of opinion among the Radicals as j j to the oft ct of these measure* on their j ' party. Gov. Morton, new Senator from J 1 Indiana nmofted positively that if the t ••coded States arc not bark in tho i Union L the presidential canvass j of t.S'Jti, iuo * voces• of tbc radical par ty Is very problematical Mr. Nyc, of • A v*l . wm equally ns ompbaite in the i u c lir t on that speedy reconstruction v. ti l l< the sure precursor of the down fall of their party, a* the tioutk would i cora In no with tho Northern Democrats. Mr. Wilson, of Mass , thought that the Radical* were growing so fust that they’ ' could not be beaten any where—even •iomth Carolina being in their fanor by | many thousands. They seem to be ! jp\ , g it blind. I Circuit Court for Howard I c-ju ty met last Monday Great flood*. The flood* in tbc West and South West, last week, were very destructive. Twenty *even person*, mo lly freedmeu, Were drowned at Helena, Arkansas. Al Chattanooga, Ki -t Tessic*een, tho wafer j | was from 12tu20 feet deep in the sired*, j and the suffering of the people at th it iroinl and at others along the curo of 1 the Tennessee river is represented ss 1 very great. Many people were house less end starving. To supply their I wants the Mayor and s posse of citizens j and soldiers had to forage upon the i i loaded cars for food. Twenty five dead i bodic* were seen fl wting dnw? the Ton- I ! noascc at Bridgeport iu Alabama. The | loss on that river i* estimated at two mil- 1 , lion of dollars. At Cincinnati there | j were 445 fcol of water in the channel,! 1 and at Mound city, mouth Ohio, breach had boon made lu | tho lovco. Many towns or. the lower Ohio arc overflowed. ( onuccllcut. An election for mcinbcrs of Uungress aud for Governor come* off, wc think, 1 on the l*t d.y of April next. It will | be holly contested, and the result looked , for with much interest. At the Ja*t Congressional election the Hmlic d "ar- 1 tied the whole four member* by about 11,000 majority. At the election for, Governor last year, which uan vigo.uus ly contested on both sides, they suc ceeded by only 041 majority in the State. At the last Spring elections the Radicals appeared to have from .'SOOO to 4000 majority, probably on u small vote. , A few year* ago the I'tato decided 1 against Negro Suffrage by 0000 majori , ty. We arc not without strong hopes of carrying the Slate this lime, or at afl* j event* some of the Congressmen. Time will soon show. Disturbances at Carlisle. , On the loth. inst. two soldicis came . iuto town from the Barrack*, at Carlisle | Pa., and got into a difficulty with two ' citizens. Afterward* about 30 aoldicrs I appeared near tho Court house and fired ; upon a crowd of citiicn* near tho poll*. j a municipal election * being hold. The citizens drew revolvers and fired, when J # ’ ( 1 a general riot ensued—the soldier* rc- I treating to the edge of the town. One I citizen was killed and several wounded. j A woman was shot in the fool standing at her door. Two soldier* were wound : cd, one of them mortally. \eu llumpNhlrc. j An election took place in New I lamp- I ' shire, last week, for Governor members |of Congress Ac. Tho Radicals succcdcd 1 ! in electing their Governor by a majority > of about o0t)0, out of 07,000 veto*, be | ing a loss of 1000 on their majority last 1 i year. They carry the three members of ! Congress,as heretofore—the Slate being , jo districted a* tocusuro it. The Dcm ( octaU, under wimse nu*piccs the battle was fought, have gained several cun- j lies and several members of the Lcgi-- , |lat urc. The vote was very full, and on , the whole indicates sume progress in ] i New Kngiand. Cnoiigli Snow. ' “Jain satis terris ni\L> atquo di;A* ; Grandiuis misit Pater — JLra.c Ot!c 11. j ; When wc looked out the other morn- ' ( iug on the ground deeply covered again : ■ with snow, which had come and di*ap- i 1 peared so often —each time hnpid to be the last—wo could well exclaim, us ( , the old Roman Poet bad dune near nine-1 i teen hundred year* ago, tl Jnm 1 I “Enough now of hhhc and diro half, hath father (Jupiter) sent to earth," — j I at least for this season. - Objec tion* (o Senator Thomas, j The credentials of the lion P, F. , Thomas, lately clouted Senator from I Maryland, were presented in (he U. 8 i Senate on Monday. Objections were i | made by some oi the Radical member*, j aud a motion was made by Mr. Howard j to refer hi* case to the Committee on I the Judiciary, which caused con*idcra | ble debate. It ww postponed until I Tuesday. IflrTlw Legislature is allowed by the Constitution to sit a* long a* the public interest may require, but not to receive more than S4OO each per scs ; aiou ; which at 85.00 per day give* 80 days which expire on Friday the 220 d. Wc think it likely tho soosion will be i closed al that time, or within a few days ‘ thereafter. flLjrThc disgraceful partisanship of , certain Senator.-, headed by Mr. Sum- j ncr, had another display yeslerd y in , the opposition made to the confirmation ; jof the distinguished ex Senator from . j Pennsylvania as Minister to Austria.— i ' There is no question as to Mr. CoWart’s | | eminent fitness for the post. A gentle- 1 i man o t commanding ability and rare j ■ atUiumcot*. of straight for ward ' ' ty and imposing presence, he would do 1 his country credit in any Court in ! ! Christendom. But because he ha* ! i been true to his principles, while Mr. 1 Summer has sacrificed his, Mr. Cowan ; is to be thrust oue side. Suck partisan malignity will, sooner or later, bring its ; own punishment.— Nut. Intel. Dcathafa menabrr or fh** Mm- 1 rylustM Lcitilaterh. Annapoliu. March 17—Knock It. Hultoo, a member of tho House of Del egates, from Montgomery county, died at the Cite Hotel Uiia afternoon, at 3j o'clock. He hod been suffering since yesterday, but his death was wholly unexpected within 16 sfnutea of tbo event. Ylic Public School Law . The plotting bill, providing for th y Dry, annually, of 15 cents in tho SIOO lor schools, and foi other purposes, has psased both houses of the General As tenthly, sud ia now a lan : Sec. I Be it enacted lu the Central Af*etnUy of Maryland, That section 4 vf chapter 3 of the act of 1805, chapter 100, entitled “school-homo* sites,” and section 1 of chapter 1, entitled “sources of Infome,” of the act of 1805, chapter I 160, be, and the same ars hereby re- | ; pealed, and re enacted to read ua follows; , I Sec. 2. Be n euartrtlf In idl cases > I where school-house site** nrc thus pur i chased or condemned, the cost thereof shall be paid by the school commission- ' erf, an other public school property is 1 paid for, and in eases where new school houses arc required to be creeled, and , where a public school fund existed prior j to January, ISGS, they way, at thoir ' discretion, pay out ot said luud, in whole or in part, the cost of such buil dings; on the condition, however, that the interest of the amount so laid over shall be charged to the annual account of the school or schools occupying the j building or school house erected in the j manner aforesaid. Sec. 3. And be it enacted. That a I Slate tax of fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars of taxable property ' throughout the Stale shall ho levied . annually for the support of (he free i | public schools, which tax shall be cub j 1 lecle'd a| the same lime and by the same ! agent as the general Slate levy, and 1 bhall be paid into the treasury of the i Stale, to be distributed by the treasurer ( to the boards of school commissioners of j 1 the city of Baltimore and the several 1 counties in proportion to their rospco- j live population between the ages of five l and twenty years; but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to 1 prevent the county commissioners of , the severa' counties of th • State from i 1 levying and collecting in the same man- ' tier any additional l*x or taxes for the • j building of choo!-liouc thit have been ' built since January. 1865, in any school ! | district or sab district within the State; j provided, a majority of the voters in ! J such district or sub district shall so de- ! ' terminc and require, by a majority of j their voles, at either a regular or a spec- 1 ial election held for the purpose, of which election a notice of at least fifteen i | days .shall bo given by the president of j the board of school commissioners, of ’ the county, or the president of the board , 1 of county commissioners, j See. I And he it That this J | act shall take effect from the date of its ! r aMa s c - Sou: Item Military iio\ ernmonl ' Washington, March 13—General orders No it*, from the headquarters of the army, just issued, publishes ilie ' act of Congress “to provide for the ' ; more efficient government of the rebel ! • States,” and promulgates the following I assignment by the President in pur-I ! nuance of said act : ( First district. Stale of Virginia, to ; be commanded by Brevet Major (leu. ! J. M Schofield. Headquarter*. Rich ; moud. Vs. Second district, consisting of North i Carolina and South Carolina, to U ■ commanded by Major General D F 1 Sickles. Headquarters Columbia, .South i , Carolina. i Third dUtrict. consisting of the | States of Georgia. Florida and Alabama. to he commanded by Major General G I 11. Thom is. Head juirter>. Montgotn i cry. Ala. Fourth district. consisting of the States of Mississippi and Arkansas, to I I be commanded by Brevet Major Gene • ral K. O C Ord. Headquarter*. Vicks burg, Mbs. ' Fifth district, co;.*Bting of the States | oi Louisiana a.. I Tex is. to h* command- ( cd by Major General P. 11. Sheridan. Headquarters. New Orleans, La. The States of West Virginia. Ten 1 nesseo and Kentucky to constitute tho I department of Cumberland, Brigadier ; ; and Brevet Major General J dm Pop# ; Ito command. Headquarters, Louisville,) j Kentucky.

I India a Tori lory is attached to the I I depart oi :ut of the Missouri. Cicn. ScliancMN Order for Vir ginia—lll* Policy AuituiinceU. Richmond, March 13.—Gc:. 8 h > I (field, today, issued an order taking) command of Virginia. He says th .t j all officers under the existing provi- 1 liooal government will continue to per ! I form the duties of thoir respective of-1 ficcs, according to law. and in Individ uni east's until successors are elected I • under the act of Congress. He says it j | is dittirablo that the military power bo I wtercihi-d only so far as is necessary to i to the accomplishment of the objects l for which it was conferred, and appeal.*. i to the people, especially civil officers. ! to render the necessity for its Ixcrcise * us slight us nn .ible. by n strict obedi ence to the laws and un impartial ad ministration of justice to nil elites. Aantrii of the Manager o;• the • Gift Fnteuhu*k hy tuk I'. S Mar- j 81IVL —Yesterday morning Deputy! United Slates Marshal Graver proceed- i ! cd to the business place of D. W. Clark, I manager of ihe late gift enterprise, on j : Baltimore street near Light, and took j him into custody by virtue of a warrant I issued by United Slates Commissioner j I Brook*. 'J ho warrant charges: Ist, (h it | J Clark has been doing a lottery business ( without paying the special revenue lax j or license; 2d, for not making mouthy I | returns to the assessor of internal reve- j j hoc ns n lottery dealer; and 3d, for not ‘ ; paying the duty or tax on sales ns a i . lottery dealer. Mr. Clark entered into ' security in the sum of $3,000 with | I Lcsih Clark, No. 194 W. Baltimore j street, lor hi* appearance t u further | hearing on Tuesday looming.— C turtle I j o f \ Hh inU. ! Sleep.- Uis stated that a portion I of a raw onion oaten just before retiring , , to rest will insure refreshing sleep to persons suffering with lonp overbur- I doned with oppressive and irritating ) manor. Judge Nelson has appointed Den ial H. Riser, Kscy , Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick county, in place of J. W. L. Oarty deceased. Oeitino Longer— tho day*. , Local Inteilignicr. Salih.—‘The m)v of stock, farming utonnita Ac., of Cap! H. Mysrly, near \Veliminator, takes place this (Thur* day) moaning. The extensive sale of Hotel Kami ' ture of Mr. Win. Dolpby. will uke place ut New Windsor, Wednesday, March 27th. The sale of the Real F Uto of Tho*. S. Brown, Esq., dec’J , is advertised to 1 corns off next Saturday 23d in si. I Mr : r oseph llelwig advertises to sell. ) I near FruciUburg, next Monday, the 1 25th, some fine stock and funning im j ptaftent*. i Kunawa* —On Mmday morning ; lost a horse attached to the milk wagon of Mr. Banker!, stao ing hitched before ; tho hotel of Mr. Henry, by some means J slipped bis bridle, and suddenly turning, 1 ! upset the wagon breaking the top oil completely, mid ran off with tho wheels. In Trout of our office he took to the ' pavement where the wheel* catching a 1 post, he was brought suddenly to a hall within a few feet of some children on ) the pavement who would have been run over had ho not been so providentially j ‘ stopped. Western Mart land Railroad.— The grading on the section of this road 1 from Union Bridge to the Monoca’y. a : distance of eight miles, tins been pro | | grossing satisfactorily. About three ' i fourth* of the work of this distance, in- j ' eluding difficult cuts of rocky material 1 9 ha* been done, nt :j cost of n**.irly one 1 ' hundred thousanddulLus, which amount ' i loss the percentage reserved under the j 1 I contract by the company. In* been paid ' to tho contractors.— /layerstvirn Mud. I A Ba i-i*i m(.h v. Co. Sale —Wc have received a few Catalogue* oT flic exten- ' | sivo sale of J Howard McHenry, Ksq. ■ advertised to take place April 3rd and ' 1 4th. ut Uikesvilh*. Balt. Cy , Md . on j < j the Roisters tow n turnpike, 8 miles from I i Baltimore. They describe particularly ‘ the valuable stuck, and articles for sale, * ! and should he consulted by parties in | want of such property. See also sd . vertisomont in this piper. , New Fium -Messrs Hood A Tliom i . as. lately of Baltimore, active and oner gctic business men. long experienced in < j *ho mercantile line, have recently pur- ! i chased tho well known establishment ol 1 Mosaic A Co. (lately Fritchcy A Uo.) in t ; Westminster, where they will do their i best to merit and receive a share of the i ! public patronage. See their advertise- I ! incut. j j , Lntehtainmknt—Soincof the young I ladies of Rev. John A. Mutinie s School j will give an eutainment. consisting chief ly ol vocal music, in the School Rooms * on Friday evening at 7 o'clock. Ad- ' . mission foradnlt* 2l cents, and children i lialt price. A liberal patronage from . ‘ j the public is solicited, ns the pi •feeds I re Jc.-ign for a benevolent Tuunfikk —-An earnest move B be- j I ittif made to build a Turnpike from 1 Liberty, in Frederick county to Ripe f Creek at Bitckcv's Mill. Subscriptions 1 are Liken by Francis Jones. Henry ‘ 1 Swope, Thomas J Render and Daniel Hockey, at Liberty, John-villc and Bucket * Mill. 1 ' : i FcRTILIXKKh.—IjnsI week we issued i a supplement advertising • Bauch’s R Bon# IMioaphate'' Ac. lor sale in thi* t’ounty by the agents fop Mr G.-.irgc :, 37 and IUS Siniih's Whirl. Baltiuiorc. It i< worthy the att. nt ion nl farmer* Aj. Sec also ndvcrtiaeinciit ! I 1 M VR'. i.and Außici ::\l C.l- 1 ; —We invite the 'jccial atU‘n:ion I j of our i -adors to the advert i-t incut of . -he Maryland Agricultural College. , which will be found in another column. * This institution U situated in Prince 1 ‘ i George's county, convenient to the i Washington branch of the B A (). 11. < R. and within a lew miles of Bl.idons * , burg. It i* a State institution, the j i chid design ol which i tho protiiction ! of the science of agriculture. WTo b c very serious or very sd |is incouniaten( with good bodily health 4 i —the natural state of good health B a r ( cheerful one. Sadness or low spirit*, t ! and melancholy of all kind* arc eviden- j ccs of the loss of vigor in the life of 1 glory within us-—and the deadening iJ 1 j causes of the gloom wo experience must ~ be driven out of the system, or tho life , I within is overwhelmed with gloom and n horrors. By nil mean* then, preserve a . cheerful lone of mind, and live long in J ' good health and spirits by the use ol T j Bryan * Life Pill*, for there is no purer 1 J ■ nor more useful Medicine, and none ' which, for good health, c m bo taken 1 with better effect. (Hoc advert Bo ! I incut.) politics. Mr. Sumner wou'd seem lu be a lioesil descendant ol the 1 Wandering Jew. With him nothing is 1 t * ever settled. He seems possessed of* 1 the spirit f unrest. Agitation has 1 been so long his habit that he B noth- , j ing unless un assailant. Latterly, in | ileoi he has become a sort of Senatorial ( j : 1.-lnnaclitc. His hand is mised against 1 | j every man, and every man’* hand i* 7 . | raised against him. Wc could not keep ' g the run of his Senatorial wrangles, but N i he htu drawn upon himself the sturdy 1 J j blows of tho present President of the 5 I Senate, vud the indignant phillipic of h hi* eloquent colleague, the keen on- j * | shiught of the Senator from Maine, and | b | the fierce rebnko ©*' him from Oalifor- j J ; nla, and even the sneora of the r pre- \, tentative of Michigan. Kveu the gn.d , j temper of his clever colleague has not 1 boon proof against bis overweening r -! rognnc-3, and tho Irßhinau's caustic * Idvscriulion of bis neighbor, who - had , [j winning ways to make people hafcliim ” 1 s B emliiiNitly applicable to tbo genllowan : from MassaehuueUs. The recent in li- ; [ ‘ tary bill Is not quite harsh enough for *' | his pmitunimil, exacting tcuqicT. It ia ‘ r •horribly defective,’' and so he pro[Kj*cs j to amend its undue lenience, aud uke j the lands of white men to parcel them out amongst negroes. But we do not care to pursue the iubject. It b suffi [ cieut that tho Sen to rebuked him by d laying his fine point*” on the table t 4od even of the ten who voted with I him, there were some who repudiated J J bis doctrines, while Hilling to give him a farther hearing.— Mat. Intel. NEW FIRM AND NEW GOODS, AT WESTMINSTER, MD. $ SAVE TOUR MONET BY PURCHASING TOUR GOO US AT FRITCHEY’S OLD STAND, From Hood & Thomas, 11,’"IIII Knvo on hand the lumn*und best lideolod Stock of DItY GOODS, Groceries, , , l.iquun,.QnceiMaro, Huts, Clin,, llmiU, Shorn, Ac, in thu Count? llavin* purcliucj the entire Stock of Good, rcccntlv owned 1 7 Mmm? ACo we ore now offering the Stock ut fro... 20 to SO per cent. lon, than orhrin.l price,., und hnvinu purchnneil nil our r * NEW GOODS, •Wico the recent heavy decline in pricei, we fed conff-lrtrf We ran offer srtrb indiirtoirliht. a* will dflf ciwrjujthiOTi. March 21, 1867- HOOD k THOMAS. following rlioWs (ho of dietuibailees likely to urine any day if llie intolerant spirit of U.idir.ili-m in not soon stopped. Trouble In Tcimesiee. Mnirnifl, March G—The .\rnUtnche is out lodty io a leader defying Brown low and the Tenure sue Legislature, so far as concerm their announcement to suppress by arms the conservative ’.cm timunt of the fcjlato and their calling out an army of Hadivul rebels for a (hrce ycars' iiie feeling of ap prehension that exUts in (his section over the threatened military lurjftiirei against I'uion citiscns mid papers by the hordes whom Brow alow has called out is intense, ami it is fear ;d that, should pacific measures nut obtain that the Statu is uii the verge of an interne cine conflict, as a fixed determination prevails among all the conservative electors to defend themselves against the disunionists, headed by Brown low. i Free I'lrlil In h Legislature. The Omaha f Neb ) lh ruff, of the Hlth ult, gives the particulars of a free fight which oceured in the Nebraska House of Representatives on the pre ceding day. Somebody appealed from a decision of the Chair, and moved the sppoiuliiient of a new presiding ofli-er, / bni. The motion prevailed The new presiding officer fno fm attempted' to take the (’hair but was prevented by, the speaker. The sergeant at arms interfered, when the. spe iL r drew a revolver and threatened to blow out the brains of that unfortunate fi'u-er The sergeant struck at flie speaker with his iuae*, an | knocked down an innocent member. The innocent member km** k ed somebody else down, and the entire body gr nlii illy went Into ;m luruc.-t am! •pintg 1 contest The Hanover Si*r tutor sure “The i vaid to present a Very healthy and fiourwhing app •arance. anil the l.inncM. as a general thing, arc ju bilant over the fine piospccts Jir a go-nl crop in tliis vicinity. H VR!tli:i>. On the 2 r *lh ult.. by Re- . Jo. -ph Shcifv, Mr. M'om I. Ik wets, of Adams county, I’a., to Mi*> I.iinv F. daughter of Daniel Shadier, K-j , of this Count v. Onlh. -Jtll. ult.. at the Ev. I.uth. run Par ion - . Litll to I ;I i: ~ S 11. nrv, Mr. N’ii Gin'll s Him, of this count v, u> Miv* Avnv M. Icki>, of A la no- i i:,i'y, Fa. On tin- Mill ilist .at her paCi riiai home, hr Ihr Rev. V. M. Gild-. y\ r . tM. I'ui.t Mi Smut M. Fm wu.K, both of tln< < 'ountv. On the fit. ult. In ft,--. TT...;.., - WVo.of Haiti.mire oaniv, M. it to El.*.- son a Mi niut. both of Carroll tounti Md, On the 1 lib iusl., in t!ie I.nthcr>i Far [ sonage. W. -tminuter, by R. ■*. 11. C. 11..1 lowny, Mr. Jr.iirMMH Lort‘M, and Min* I): ! ■ or ui Haw. both of thi< Cou.iiv. A the same lime and place. Iv ih name, Mr. I'm ut Sw uir/.ii vrnn ml Mt-s ll?:ni: • \ Srn i •: i. both of this Conn tv. On the IHiUut the reside itTofthc bride's imre:it, near W. -tmiuster, hr tin? -nne, Mr. Ouui'i U. F. Mvthi-.h, of NVc'min stcr. and Mi-. Lvi.iv K. Waxii i Dill). S VISIT! M muni*, dWtyl hr■. fi b-i --residence in lici’khyax ills, Raltitnurc tomi ty. November 1880, aged at year. As the dark winged messenger. Death. hn< made Ida dart into this family and snatched ft way one of their loved ones] we most deep- 1 ly sympathise with the sorrowing parent*) and family, by whom her absence is most, keenly felt. She win a dutiful daughter, an affectionate sister and a devoted Christian. flio-c who knew her host loved her must. Her daily deportment was anetampfo to her voting companions. Her chief delight was to tn to the house ofOod, to learn d* Jesus and his way; nnd through him she. was enabled to raise her feeble voice, in her list momenta* in singing that beautiful hymn •‘Dicro is a fountain filled with h!ood, Drawn from Immanuel's veins ; And dinner* (dunged lament h that good, lywc all iheir guilty stains. M Near Wakefield, on the 11th insl., Mm.l M \h*eb, aged 10 y ar, I month nnd b days. lUI.TIMOUCMIKKm. iui.AU.W; March FJ, IBG*. '’U. Howard Btr*-.-i Saner and Cut Kxlia II uu**lioo, do. Extra tbipi lug It s*)s sl3 00. dt. high grades Unfit On, dn. Family l Ohio Sup. r and (*m| Kura 1* 1 jaflt : 75, d. Kx(|ra shipping none. d<>. retailing aonr I dn. Kamtlv 13 3 7 >nslo fi do. Kxtra Hait i 25; fit) Mill. Saprr 10$ll 00, do. tUmlaid Kxtra' Ho.i ; fli 00, do. skipfing brardu Kali a It i’>Ua#lti 00; - Haliimorr, Wrlck'o nnd Uiovalidd FamiTv sl7- ’ 50, and llallintore high grade Extra $lO 75 iwi 1 Wd. Itye Flour-new 7 00.i57 50 prr Wd - font Meal— i'My >1 ilia 4 7.'miss prr bid. (K.o.~Wlii|-|0 liuihfk bi(p and 13)01 btiflm i ifd ifceivrd; mat ket •it*s<h , w ith sales of 130 hiuhn fair Maryland red at $3 15, aud 300 bushi prime do. at $3 30. l orn -5750 Inifhs while and boon buafis yellow oflkrod ; dr oiand c, and pt j. . further ad * anced. with rale* of IHOU burb* while, part mixed, at 41 05; 3000 busht fiMMI and prime whin* at 1 07sil Os 1150 burlis Western mixed vHlow at If7 clr $!. 700 biiflu good rellaw at $1 04. and 6<M)O bnshs prime do. at 105 *sl UO. Oats—s4oo hu b- off-red; sales reported inrlllde 50 bo bs Mar * laud at Cl eta par bu-h<-|. I'worwHißa. —Baeou ia steady and quite ar- NOTICE. TUK uli.;rriW* fcuvtug .old tlirir stock to tlessn. Hood * Tbnmu an anxiont to eloaa oil ouMmndug dohia. Pcraona il>- dabtml lo t)tam will aattls the am boforo th 2J>lh, ol‘ April, next, am all accounts un |>aid at that lime will ti* placed in tha hands of an uii'-or lor settlement accordm* lo law. Call at the old aland. MASS IE A 00- rrmr*?l 4t PUBLIC SALE. I’hr Mib.tfrilwt intending to decline (arm "'f f<T •* pYit, wM rdfer nt Ihihlir S;rfe, at his residence, 2 mllei Fowl nf Friro-Hf. mirg. mi the new County rond Inkling fmw Devilhisd'* Mill In the Flank Ron*! at .Sheet** ninckuniih Shop hcla.v, on MONDAY, the 2Mh day of MARCH. nil hi- entire Stock nnd Farming I*|rOtl/t a- follows. FIVE HK.\U in? HORSES, oho of them a fin. Bruinl Mare heavy with fuul ; -uni two of them three yearling COLTS, 4 fine MILCH CONN S. I Htimkl Sow nnl Figs, d Shunts, 1 finir h*we Sarrow-trca*! wagon, I nearly new Spring Wagon, with bed. Ik>wn and cover. I grain Drill, with Guano attachment toil, 1 pair of Hay Car riages, a lot of Horse (ieun*. 1 Spring tooth Hur*e Rake. 1 Threshing Machine A bone power, 1 Wheat Fan, Ploughs. Harrows, and Farming Implements generally. Abo almnt 30 basliel* of Rye, a lut of Coi n. Hat* ond Potatoes by the Ini-hel, a lot of Rad-on and lard by the pound, mid niaay articles not mentioned. Sale lo uommenee at 10 n'etovk. .K. M. Terms oj Sale —A credit of Ten months will br given on all sums aU>ve s•>, purchas ers giving their notes with approved securi ty. bearing interest from the day of tale." i All sums of $5 and under mh. JOSEPH HKLWIG. mnrtl It NVm. Uhown. Auul’r. EGYPTIAN CORN I Ah*/>u inm me/w n’t ten'. I*nun frit. 1‘ (Jutif jtrt dwei! fpilßsatwcribrr offers to farmer* Utmughoal 1 the Oiuntry the ft*€sil*TlAM COHN, ■ which, upon trial, m found to ripea. planted , he last of July. It U astfcaot-d. U<, m iu very pi..lift* qualities, to yield \M bn K krls per I ncre, and weigh*, by xai.-d no more. *i>tv-hvr> pollii*l ,to the ou-Ik-I. This corn was pn>ij<-. d by some proruied *iircet from Mr. June*, our romulai agent, dircrtly on bt* main from 1 Kgpt. | 1 1 nerd* no dill, rent culture from that of otb cr varieties, and in the South two csupi ran b# rai.*l iu one o a.on >o the *ame ground. It p own in the lot ro of a tree, and thirty-lour ear* ha<-g;t.n-n upon one <talk. aud will a*arngr fiom live to fifteen, for domeelir uc |( |, m. ■ parslK-led. NN h-n ground and properly bolted, | it i* equal in color and tinenr** to w beaten g*.ur. A a forage crop, by sow mg in drill* or brood cs?l. for aily Iwd, there I* no biod of corn *o 1 well 4*l spied to mil* h cow*, snd none that sill! yivld half the * aloe in Mailt or corn. It can b - tirrcsfallr gimvn in any State. I give the wort raii.Unory referee tea that • b • r.irn is, in every reap, cl, si bat I represent i* lobe; and furliier, 1 *ui ih# only pereoo tbi ougboul the coin Ii * w 10. baa tMa variety nf ; H-niiig wecnrcl a i|'oi. iiy, lam now 1 aide t till all ordrra f*ir lliu*,- *|> limiw *f lest mg it. Tr.KMS. - In order that all wav r-eriraseed, **•* base reduced lb- pi ire to m* dollar and Mrt c- nts a package. Any person who oil! get up a.lub of lie v. ill r.evdrr a paefiag gratis Kill I* package* flu, K.fts l-ackag,. i o ?0. One hundred p. k..g* for s*>. Dor j a- kage will . .mv.ii ,-m.ugh lo plant ike fob I'.rtlog *e..ou fiom twenty lo ikirtv oerra; also •'ire. ii.KU* for |i)auliug nnd ruhiraiiog. Nddre-., t . K. li. I.IMiSKY, 11. x 75, Along.,i,.a, m.ii?|-3i Waxbinglon < •>., Va. Aiicl i o d • BV 'Virtue of a Decree nf the ( irmii f mrt for Ritliiuivirv City in usx wherein Caroline t K Wyeth . I ant un.l lanimml Jarvis Kendall ati other* * are dufinilsnii.. the umlcrsignevl. Trustee, will sell nt Anuiinn. ut ho Court llouae in j NV, .wtmitiw|. r , Carn.ll evnanly, Md., un S'tur fy, the IL* /a f ynj 7. Iftu”,. At PJ o'clock. M. f All that vnluuMo tract r.f Ism] railed “Ro rhwtpr” and **Jlieh Meadow," Iwing th j.n.iMTty know n ae the ••Owing*" Farm, anl Mutely oceupiod hy Mrs. Elixubcth Owin^. , j decuasciL conUiininx 199 Acres, 2 Hoods A 19 Perches of Land, more or lens, part in 'J imlier and part under . cultivation, nnd is improved lit a DWELLING IIOCSE, K RTAIIUXO Ac. It >H.un.le <>n th*- NVnwhington 1 '".n.l.A i about H mil* s lin •aal from Westlmisvster. A pUt of tile pm ! p*:rty will be hkown at the sale, or mnr lw mi-h ulth. ntfireof the Tm-lf. Th tftle ; i* believed to be indi-putable, nnd fosse.*- "ion ci'eo itmnrdintely. The Ter him nf Sole at preserfbed bjf tkt i turret are, One-third m*h, one-third al sis i • month*, nnd omvthird at twelve months ■ from day of sale w ith interest on credit p*y | menis, to be secured by notes with approx cl endorsement. For further it.formation enquire of the l fniMHvMM. EDWARD OTIS HINKLEY. x- . Trustee. 44 North Charles St., Baltimore. Md. m.-iril-tt xo. ss:*, rQi irr. I Iu the Circuit Court lor CuirullCoiiu'y llrurj C. Mii'uiihtimer 1 /"kuutnru .faix and oilmt, | U Htk du? o< M. | fllwli. A. D.. Andrnw Rrv-nu | IMG. lint the Au uud utnrr. i oh ft ted in th? akfu r imu.b Ih. himllv rulilnul uud enuftrmni,’ uiilr-, ( .11,. In lh? mnlrnrr Ik kon on t I'fh'ri" (hr iilh dnv of Awx* : pnoidtil “‘o|’.v oflhw uoi.r ho horrtfd in , Q mt n. i.,|.upiT |>nuinl in OmMI bij, fi< t'vo mut.smvc wicks previous to tk> k* tiamcil *lay. . 'VM. A. , ,n^^ cory 'w Jl;jMUH*sa GEPIIART&BiUihiB, n*. m n. ifunuft mmm 'I j? x jEOtym*F*hS- J wbolxxjluc autni u . tyii BH0(iM8, BUCK STS, BASKETS, WOODKX W ki.*., Curdxgu, Twine, iku keu, Matcfcee, Blxekiog, A*., 40. Mrtllyr