Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 21, 1867 Page 3
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OrafHitloirF In (to* Hennto. Tho tarn)*poulimit of tho Baltimore Oa.rtte ha* tho following ou thi* above •object. Early this morning Mr. Dr-iko, the new Senator fro;u Mtatuarl, got bin comb rut by the little game cock (Conner), if ioJoe l bird of flint genu* ceil bn •aid to have a cotub to cut. Tho Mis souri 8-iwtor entered the national b iru yr.| with evident aspirations lor no lorUty, and nppvirml mightily pleased with the notice taken of him by Sum- ■ ner. tho old pibblor, of M.nrt.icliiuottft. ' miiJ Howard, the Michi ijamhr. On' this occasion Mr. Drake nucinod to con aider himnolf u lineal descendant of tho Irishman's game cock. "trhirlt tout*!n't , hr triplet'' oml felt himself personally 1 reflected upon by an allusion of the | California .Senator to (Innr i/nil.-m n who desire to protract the session } Mr. CttROOM assured the pmtlciinn hi he W.ia assured yesterday by another i Senator, in a like way.) that ho was • not within the compass of_lils thoughts, but that if ujmn entering the Senate : eluuiber the gentleman li id put a chip upon hi* head and d lily thus dared; Mention U> knock it off; or, if he W;i* : rrry desirous of Some body treading on • his tail, ho would before long Hud hU position in tint body nn exceedingly I uncomfortable one. Mr. Drake sub ' sid I- Tlac imw Sturm The snowstorm which prevailed Ii re ! .hiring Saturday, extended over a wide area. It Was heavy at New Vo.k mnl ' Philadelphia, and snow !l br -Uy :ii Sr. Louis all lls* iiiorniog id-.. At • Kirrisburg the railroad train- were d . Uyi*d somewhat by the storm. Special Notices. Bv. Rdmurk’s Pulmonic Si i up. Tl*l great medlcia" ruM-d Hr. J. II Soh. iic k. Ik* Proprietor, of I'uliaotiMrj C*<*nsuin|-i•■•m, kailDid imuidml it. fonniiiabl • a*- p#ct, and nli-n aprtdx death ap|>an.| |n he ia*Tiubli*. Ilia i>bviciani* pronowiicad hi* oa*e*. wh*n hu Cumin -need ill • u*>* ..f Uii* iiiapi- bul powerful ri'incilv. 11. •> h-alth wj* r(lorv<l in a very hurl thou, and u > relnrii of Ika diotaac ha* bern Apprehended, lor || || U * lnpl on* quickly diappeared. and hi* i.. t.t ri|*h i* more I vo hundred (..nii|.|>. Siae* hi* recovery, he hat devoted hi. al( n Eaa -trlud* .-iv to the care of ('oi.Miiinpti .it. >d ih * di*-a-4 which are uaaliv . d ilk it. and the cure* HT-cled hv hi* niedi. io- • uvv b.>ca rerr nuracrou* and Irnlr wonderful. 10. Schcnrk inakca profeiaional v'iduui ve ral'gthe larger cilie* xve< kl. wh~r* he ha* a Urf' conceal * • id pad Bin, and it i* trulx a** loauhiag t arc poor coaaumplu < - h it.- in lift'd uat of Uicir a ,„| |„ f,„ aoalha healthy, robailperaon <. I,t. ,S h.n. V* ’o'*if Hfio f. Ht inn. T •vie, and Mtv* •■ PiI.LS re <*<Micrfltl\- nil r quit ed in rur* •K t\MWßptloa. Full ili. ei iiou* arcompanv ach. m that ant on - can lake th-m aitho.ii c inj Hr. S< henck, hue ah. i it i* convenient ila br| |o er him. lie *in *d\ ire free, hut or a thorough examination with hi. It • t-r hi* fee i* thrrr dui2.ii *. Pl*ar oha.-re, alien p'lrcbsofair. that tin ■o like nf Me* of the Potto:- -one *.n ... il.e Ml ***ar of conaum|.li..B, ami tlj' .lii*i a. |i. low i*. in pell et hcal.h -4 e .01 th - (!•■•. m- Sold hr all l)ru(]i*h ami Ih-al-r*. I** **• I. •r h .til*, or J7,’.() ih • half do/ •. h ttorr for •vice should alurn* 1. t . p r . k*afk * Priaciual OHi •••, X .. Ii North dh tael, Phil d Iphia. I*4. (J'lirral Wh'|, aal- Ar*nh: Dona- Ih.-m* X. Y.; S. S. llwmv. Haiti in M.h. •ho l. |*aik. f’iuclnnali. Ohio ; Wall, t A rhr, Chisago. III.; ColUiu Hu....St. I^.ui*. <• Hr*-.•0.3*1 u lv Know Thy Ucsliny. '4. * K. I’. Tuosvn.v ih it I’l.-li.J. iWralojfi.t. CUit vovaat an I I***l....iietri"i in. he ha* a**hvtl th ■*< 1 ..u . el , *.l if, M Wo. |l. h* non-local Ih i* I: f II i 1.. .n. A. M It'ii * t'honil .u.-|| t\.,n •rful povrtn of *econd -i . ht. a t.< niahl ■ her • imparl ka iwl.-di'o nf the i i ..|.ortaue. 1 til* alagh* or iiMntcd >f •>h •, ■ v. While a UU of Iran.., h • h Ir.i ji - ih - very 1 .. rva of Ihu imtsoo yoa ai 11 ,. u>ui ry . ami |. v 1 raid *f an iti*frumrntol inl 'tiar power, know 1. tk* PfVrhotaolt oittf, jfa * aul-'ca to produe • 1 *-lik • pirtarc of the Iwtar.; hn.h.ind t*r wile 'k-apidir 4M. io-. ih r with it,.te ..1 nn • pOfition in lit -, l ading trail* of .hat.* h t% . Tbie i* uo huuihn -. a* thou-aml* ol uimoaUlacaii *hM. .Sh • will -1 I v, ; aired a certified *vrUH'-l •. .. r mitt u uuai - t , l*e, that th picture I* nhat it purpo. t t .h.. farloaiac 4 aiuall lock of Imir. .tatia* *“e of hi 1111, ■. di Hiailion ami ounph xion. # flitr e.-ut-and *t.iiuped *•*• lope SreaMtf 1.. joaraelf. \..u Mill m-ivr Ih to. 1 jf ana d*lrrd information l.v refu-u 104 I.— I com ism meat lona aacretliy couf.d -nil 1. \.| am in eontMcncr** Mumw. K. F. Tmomnom. . Uo* ?j3, llud.oo, X. V. feb7-l v •aT A Voc.Nii I.auv reJurn tig to J tenantry home, after 4 aojourn of 4 f. .* I *sih in the ntv, aa* hardly recognised hv 1 r frtemj.. j,, pj JC# n f a coai*-, ru-lir, face, ih had j *,ft ruby complexion of a! ‘ >*t marble amoothocßi*. nod init. ad fcc *h* really appeared hut eighteen. I'pm l ß ' r T •* to Iho canto of mi greut a * Uanje, • rjainly told them that alia u*-*d th • fVrutt. 1 tt4 coiuldarwl it an invaluihlo ac- Union in any l.ady‘a tod I. lit it* na unr v WOenllomon can improve their ucrannal paaraacc an bandied fold. It i* *iov,de In . 1 coaibinatioii, a* Nature horaelfit im*>!*•. vet ! 1 arpa*/"J in Its eißci.rv in drawinsr tmpiiri afrnai, alao healing, t-leanainff and b-aullfv. • sod romplexi 01. fir it* direct a’c. a on the euticle it di awa from it all it- impn- I ia, kindly healing tho name, and lent ing the I face 11 Nature intended it should be. rl*ar. ' lh and baauliful. Price sl. aent hv Mall Fiprcaa, nn receipt ol an order bv W. K Cl*\KK A I*o., n. ml.|a, '*• 3 W.vt Fa ret to Hi., Brracae, N. V. ”“l.' Awci, Ag. nu fur tho .ale of ihc _ | WtWpKRtTI. HWT THl’K' I ADAM R RKHIKorox. u„. w „. |.i rr . I 5m0.,a.0bu1,..i0 flair- i nne. While In cllt>j,„, , uu , t | ..rr wiirr.rf|„ r „„ v ,„ , r „ ,„ >r , • 11* by ilioul ul. lMlr CT rt,r I tar, knuan u inu laTchoinn*-np.>, iruaiau .10 pn-cluc p. rtcliml llfr lik piclitr.-oi future lnubiiiil or wife of ibe I :h flllr of onri iaf.p, orcupolinn, l-oitinr It* of character. Ac. Thi* i* no tmnosiiifin, teatimoniala without im-über can aeaorL~ 1 dating place of birth. ag-, dUpo.*lllou. rotor ' ayes Mid hair, nod endo-ing fifty c-nf*. and I •nped envelope addn moI to yoßraolf, you \ I receive th? picture br return'mail, tovctli with df'/ln d information, iddreaa in confidence. MuAuk OsurncuL : wrvnrov, P, 0. Uox 397, WerlTrov, N. V. O,- dot. j roxsr. riiE'i Vs watkii, ui.owi Am,j i, tf *l* Travelling Agent*. Male or j aalo, of all ages, are wanted b> a*lic it ti ado ! fuurn. Village Hami t. Wo.k I >and Factory, throughout the entire w.uld, JJe smel Mloobiu novdlloa ever km.., u - - *■*.. md resdy rale when ter i u4c 1"! • p J women can make • $540 ♦ per duy, „ D( | , l 0 rUk of . A •U caplUl rcquiretlof r fo , M 2U to SIOO the money inreatml tboirealor th*. profit. \ r fZ r 't “Vf i MlhNOft Jh WbTTFrom Paris.) 2HI di nod way, Ifr.w Turk City. Free to Eurybwdy. ® PP-Chrculftf, giving informa greatest importance to the young b juachw how the homely may become JjJjJJjJ’k PWp®rtcd, ami the Judy or gentlemnu ninmld fail ■•wi their Address, and receive a copy by' rutu rtt mail, r.. Address P. O. Dmwo r , 2|, ** Troy, N. Y. the aS th nr ov PUBLIC SALE I . j OK Horses, Cattle, Mt'I.KS, DOMKKVS, HOOH, ' j PuULTUV, AM) AfilllCCl.rmiAt, IMItEMKSTS. i ~M 'l*f*igtwd hitviitg r .nte.l ),U Fun,,. ■ | will *irter at Public Sale, on the premises, • eight mil** front Baltimore, on the Itvisier*- town Turnpike Booil> On Wetliipsduy and Thursdii), April Bra and Kli, IH(D, At I'tJ o'clock A. M., his entire stuck of FARMING IMPLEMENTS, TOOLS %\l .VI iC'll l.\ I'S, . and hlsn the greater portion of hta LIVE j : Sl'tlCK. including the Ylaoroiiglibml Stallion “MARS,” toil years old, hv Basil, ntit of Plat inn, hr I Beverly, A the I’KItCIIRKON STALLION THK LITTLE CORPORA L, eight year* old, by Imported Duke of Nor | irt.'indy, out ol Importeil Snowdrop. One or two Thoroughbred More*; Coll* of (Idler 1 out ages, sired hv one or the other of the j above named Stnlliona ; u number of Light | and Heavy Dmuglit Horae*; pure bred : Duron Oxen and S’eors ; someeln dec Hog*. | Poultry, Av. and from ten to twenty head of Alderney Cattle, i Phu Sale of Live Stock will take place on 1 j the lirvt day, and that of Implements oil the 1 *erond. 1 Calnlogrii., will i.l if.,ret,, gLlng of the more important nni , ; mnl*. and a general description of the others. • j ft,, J °l the Implcmonts. 'Hie rule of this 1 -;de will be that every article r animal *hall ■ odd to tho highest bidder, and should, in I , any exei.-ptional ease, thu owner desire to i bid upon a Il set up. lie will do so in per ! 1 son, but in- will u t bid upon the Stallions, i nor upon the Cattle. Persons unable, to at tend tin? sale, may send orders to the Aue tionecr, who will execute them to the first 1 j°l his judgment. Arnuigoiuonls will be j , to conduct the sale under shelter, s<* ■ 1 • but there will !♦• uo jioslp'inemeiit on ae ! , I'ount ol wcat *T. The undersigned will i , endeavor r means of transportation from and to Ih'lT* Swit h Station, on tin- ( ; Western Maryland Uailruad, three miles | Iroin Pikesville, and to secure comfortable . nccommn.lnliont. in the neighborhM>( for | , persons from a distance, who may wish to 1 r .main over night. 1 1 nos i* Svi k.—For sums of less than ; 'loo, ra-h ; for *ums of more than SIH, j , note* beuring interest at four or six mouths, ; with approved security. *r cash on which ’ J i disctiunl *if A per cent, will bv allowed J- 11. Mr HEX BY. Pikes, i lie. Ml. dolls S., Auctioneer. , mart l ot GUKAT SALE n|- FBI*IT, SHADE, KVKHUKEEN , AND OBNAMENTAL TREKS, PLANTS, VINKS Ac. t II I r i,'i.M will i.fTvr at Pnblie I - ale. at tie* <;nrrll Nurnerj, lj 1 Li.les W <'it uf t\*i at 111 in.>tor Md., on Thm-ntoff (hr |'/ duy of April. 1 Si7. F r n i t T r c cs, eon-i ling <d about Jtt.tMHt Apple. Inrjt* Si/.e J \enr> old : about 7<HN> iVaeli. 4000 of wlj’n h are b'itM <] Irom bearing tree* thnl are i , clear of tbe velbo* *: al/o .t ItitiA Dwarf and Standard P-ar : about'iiM Aprleota: n lew t ’...•ri .*• - : alNinl TFttHl Om|c Vines, of till the lending vmi, ie.; nUoil |tHi perpetual b* .ii'iv: B i plaTriea; hlminl ItNK) IlmivHion 1 'lling t**H*-. !*•-trie* thnt never blight i**r I •tllle-A ;Ih .i.t -Vt.rKNI St raw berries of-JO dif '• ' **l kinU - . ns the \*rrieiilturi*t. Bus , ou* Vttmnjr, I rlampbt deOrand, AL° >' l°t of large •i/.i-d Kxcrgrecn*, and I T*um- -All‘urns under *..(10 ea-h. A bovetSiituiiimint a ei,-dii uf*ix moiilhs will b * giieit *n note and approved sneu.-iiy U-aring interest liunt the sal*!. JOSEPH STOUT, I Duti. O.tkMH.niT, Auctioneer. I mat III* 1 MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL rOL LIUi E. ilnMe- of this Tntltuti*m will lu . I "u MONILVV. 2-‘.lh day of , MAllfll. lv;:. J j tthiie it u to make instruction 1 in tie h*,H*ty und practiee of Ag ion It ore the 1 jHTuliur fe.itiir*} ol the t'olleg**. provision i i tumle f.r a lull eovir.w of (Vflegi.ite in.-true lion, the 14*1 in. tire*'.,, I'Vcmh. (iornuu. Italia.t and Spanish languages, or any of them, a course of Mathematic*. Men tal and Moral Sei<*nee, History, and the stu dy nflhe I • /fish Liii.mi.i ••- and l.ifenitun*. Natural History mid Natural Philosophy iu their several branda-A will have sjM uial attention. Military tactics will lx taagbt. There will Ih no IVeparntory School, but a aeleetcd Knglii4h and Seietilibo course max lx l taken at the student's option. No one 1 received under 11 xnarn of age. For a circular and further infer nation, aJ N. B. WO!ITI IINC i TON, Jtc., | OlHee American Farmer, Baltimore. . a*o ots KQrtry. i /|* tlw r.A uU (••mrl f.,r Cnrn,U Ci.mifu ! m £r,uil,,. rEaitraav Tkum, 1 rt*l7. Anthony Jacknn, T ¥~)Y virtue of j , |(* rand fat her .V next friend of |) an onler , • ; Sa mill J. l oops A other*, ! of ths Uourl. i ; | , # f- f the Credilorsof 1 • , Sunuiul J. I oops iV others. J Ann H. Bruce, j 1 arc hereby notifie*! and warned to file tbeir j elalms projHwly autheuticalod with the Clerk ' • J ol the Circuit Court for Carroll County. o:i or hethre (he Hth day of April next, oilier wise they may b e debarred of tbu benefits of , the trust fund. A. D. SCHAEFFER/ ' Auditor. | NOTICE. WAN I LUr-A Si>erieiend*l or Keep- • ft, u> take charge of tbu Wrsiminttr . j Cemetery. I I’ropoiKils f'r such service and the nddi* | tioual labor required, will ho rcc:ivodhy the : j Sccretunr until the fttml instant. I The duties *c. of the pohilion can U 1 , leartied from the President or .Secretary, i who will furnish duplicate copies of Name if I required. By order of ihc Board, K. K. (JKfiNAND, i marl l-2t Secretary. NEW BOOK AND STATIO.\KRV STOKE. | r pHE nntkmkMd having juat opened J Ixisiuci**, taken pleasure ia tailing the ttjjwwoji of tho Public to hU well selected Books, Stationery, Sabbath School Books, Cards, Ac., which hu flatten* himself he can now .tell on a* fair terms ns can Ih* obtained elsewhere. All orders fur Books, Mooic, Jkc , promptly IIKNRY R ORAMMER. msrlltf West minster, Md, NO. 9Xi KQVITV. I 111 tho Circuit Court for Carroll county. i Maryland, fitting aa a Court of Equity March 2nd., WC7. Marx- H n hftrt 1 oWact of thi* and others. j | suit is to procure a r*. ) decree for tho sale of ■ Kinehart j the Beal Estate whereof I ami others. I a certain Joseph Bine- ! hart, I at*- of Cam,ll count?, in the Stole of' Maryland, dcceuited. diet! koised. for the purj.osc of distributing thu proceeds of sale among tha heirs at law of said decoosed. The Hill states, in sulwlance, that on or j about the 4tli day of October in the year , JB4H, Iho said Joseph Rinehart died, sei/.cd ■ in fire >i tuple of about One hundted and four j acres of Und. Niluaiod in Carroll count? j aforesaid, portinilurly tlencribed in the Bill | “d accwtpnnyiof Exhibiu, and leaving a : widow named Cu liariue Rinehart, of Oir I roll county, surviving him. and the follow ! 'ttjf children and grand children a* his only heirs at law to wit: hi- children. Mary Bine hurl, Klixiilwfh Buck wife of Solomon Buck. U illiam 11. Bim hurt. I .ouisa House- j lei wile of Andrew ILm-efd. (leorgo Bim? hurt, Catharine Miller wife of Hoorn Miller. ! who are all camplaimoiH in tho Hill, ami j hi* children Susanna Binehart, Kli Rinehart. I and Amelia Binehart. and two grand chib : dren. named George Knott and Jacob Ruofl’. Ih-* only children of Mary Buofl*. a daughter ( of said Joseph Rinehart deceased, who was th • wife of a certain Jacob RnofT. and de j parted this life before the d.-nih of her *nid lath.T : ahieh said Susanna Rinehart. Kli! Ulnohart, Amelia Rinehart, George Ruoffl and Jacob Buolf Jr, arc the defondan's in • j the Bill, are all minor*, under the ago of 1 ( twenty one years, and reside in Tamil! j * ?! mn ‘ v ■fotJwuWf except the said George j Buofl and Jacob Banff Jr., who reside out i of the State of Maryland, to wit . in Phila j d. h.liui in the- Stale of Pennsylvania. j 1 lie Bill further Kates that the *ni ! land I j cnanot b” livid, 1 aaiong lhc parties entitled • th. r. to .vuL. ii !o>.< or injury ; that it would I bo to the advantage of all parties iiitcreatod I i Ru>t (he “snio nhould be bold and the pro • j uee “ l * J;' • I**'l among them according to their ! resp.-ruxo uilciobls tlicrcii) ; and prays for i Much sale under a d .crec of said Uourt, and j 1 ,' r J lr ." r:? 0 * ' t ' l '’l KP, * n against raid resident , , D- 1; n.h.Mts. rji.l for onler offaMinMiM, gain*i said abboul Defendant*, j It i* thereupon adjudge*] and ordered that the ( oinplailimit.'., Lv . auring a copy of this i onler to !>*• himtlimlTh soma new-paper pub : lulled iti < .irroll county, once in each of i four successive week.*, before tiie Kb day of* i April LS.I7, give uotict* ty the said absent Dele.-id-inl.*, of theob;-vt a:ul .substance of j I tins Bill, and warn tin.-ui to appear in this. ( U, *L m pe; M .n or by Solicitor, on or be- ! I loro the >*tl day ol July next, to answer the , prsim**- . and show cause, if any they hove. ' why a decree ought not to icons ns prayed. U'M. A. MoKBLLIP, rl’k. J rue copy—Test: nnir,--|l iVil. A. MrKri.i.if, el’k. Trust pc’s Sale of BEAL KSTATK. I> X , iri -1.. ..f J, ikvrr* of tho Circuit Court ! ) (! comlr. oitlint; n a court of! h ootv. Iho .uWritar, a Triulco, will w-U j at I übli • Sale, on the premises, on thr ROM Joy March, 18fi7. ! i 1 P. M . lli" following desrriU'd ! Kg; I r.,tttte, ■ .'*.t; o I'ract containing j Acres OF LAND, mure or less. The imnrove mcnls thereon consisting of u ‘ i iiO USE, ST Ml'.:;. ouJ other non- lucre i xvnU-r eunvcubiit tothe lionse. Ai 'O. on the premises, n x.iluulfle Vr\n ()n --• iuf". A fair proportion of the j. hiuudx . ox, ref with ITNIJJKIL Thu Sec ’iO Acres of Land, 1 : I Cto.lfiu tahlo DXVEI I I Vi; ""'•si:. 5., 1M ,.. i0:,.0r ouib!:', " 1 s >!ns Ihc llou.c, • l "' 1 ■' I-" •■■•"* ••' ll'- lot'l li- wvureJ with Good Timber. TI'O ,'lmvo I.rcmorty is .Uiiiitct] no the ron.l' '"S 11.'.','"I I .'.','" V's " "shiniti.m Ihunl , n , l.loom ■ Mill, ntmut throe litiirlh, of it mile Irnm lUttnin*. Mill. I „ „„„ i„ ,1„. „,.cif pane* of Bid/ert S Ikirnca. I hi, |>rtitttTly ttiil ho mihl hi ouc parcel, I or mg 1 ;s abie. e to suit purciiasers. IVrsoii, wi hinK I" viotv tho promise, will ••all ~| ..t„ KohortS. Il.inio. ro-i.lin? Ihorooi,. l,Tnui,t>r i,. -riSo.,! hr ih. court nn-I 1n,..hu1l ra.l, o.t llut day of alc, or „,, H,o roiiliclmnlh-nnf. nn.l tho other ono h ill in I volre month, from iho Jay of Solo, , Iho pur, !,.,tor or pnrvhn , -iviiij his nr 1 tooir n 0!,.. ,||>!, appro,~l micurity, Itcariag ' inlet,-t Iron, Ihodov ofsnlo JOHN XT. CiiemtAN, Trn-ioc. I I’l.nil A Urifimidur, Si.liviturt. turn ,t, E. WHITMAN SONS. Xou. -i i llml aI s. Culver! St., BalUinorr, MU., MAM'P.VriTUKH 5 OF Aglliiiltural I ?np! enieiits i\l Xl*lll\l'ltV. hnlo.jtv and Itclail Dcmlorn in SKKDS, FEUTILIZiaiK AND A(J. UICII.TUKAI. 11A HI) XV ,V UK. sorn/Ki;\ AUKxrs rmt ■‘lhioVovo Mow’oo and I'oapiiif Machincc. ngoiicr s Celebrated Grain and (tuaoo Drill*. ‘•A no,ioan" Sugar Mill, ,„d Kvaiwrolora. The "Swoop..takes Thrchortand Tloauer,. j want 4 Grain Cradles. The Celebrated "Mnrvland'- Wheel Hone 1 tlllKO,. Mottl/oiaory'a Unchaway Wheat Fain Ihc "Keystone" "ider Jlill,, IjuKhinson'. Family W,„o nn.l Cider | Mi Ms, and a goiicral slmk of Implements ni* 1 Machinery, embracing nearly every va- I ho above Ma, hints have all of the latest improvements, and are confidently rccum mended n.v the best of the kind in the couu- i try. Repairing parts „/onunflhr alnrc Mo ! rJnU'-ry fnrmihel, anU MxcMnrt renured I at short nni nr. \\ c linvc in store a larffo and carufullv J selectfi*l slock of Garden, Field and Flower Seed*, which xve co ifidcnlly mrointuend ns Irciili and genuine. Semi fi. r one of our Se*d Catalogues, giving practical direction* lor planting all varieties of Seeds. Garden uml Flower Seeds fi.rwardod by raa ' l - uihtT ly. ’ MS. A. C. BOtD, ATTOBXJEY AT LiW, WEWMIXBTBK, MD. 4 LL budncf.4 shall have immediate and XX prompt MttoAtMm. turner of Court and Main marl I-1m Oil Cloth, Matting Ac., Just received and fir sale by nur( S ouffcr & llofTuino. I)UUCIIASEUS—> L*.)k 11 m *•. ThcpU,, to gel atl-yuu wuntat the lowest figure* *s nt John L. Ucifanider . Rills of all kinds printed at this Office. ; Personal Property at PUBLIOSALE. r PHE iub rilr intcnlinllo quit larminjj I ami hmuckecpitig. will offer at Public 1 Sue, ul his <>u the utuiniy roiui IwUeeu Westminster ami OrereUHTa Mill, about n mile* from Weatmi nsler, on Tharuloy the UN/ of March, 1807, the following property. viz; TIIREK GOOD DRAFT IKrisks, ms(r Six head of Mllrla < ouh. (•* frweh) 1 Brood Sow, 7 Shouts, 1 Brood trend Wagon with how* ami cover. I Plan (Hlion Wagon. I Hubbard Mower. I Grain Krill, Home Rake. Furrow Ploughs. Shov el Hough*. Corn Fork, and Cultivators, *J Harrows, single and double Trc*, \Vh#-t ban, ( Poll's make) Wheel Harrow. Horne (b urs. Forks, Hakes, Shovels and Farming I tonsils generally. Also. Ihdn lii-d/tlead- ami Bedding. Hu reau, Table.-*. Chuirn. IjOuking-Ghissa*, Ten plate Stove, Parlor Stove. Cook Stove, Pots. (. opner Kettle, large Iron Kettle. Tuba. Buckets, Quoenuimro, Crockery Ware. 'Fin \V are. and other Household and Kitchen Furniture. Also a Sell of BLACKSMITHS TOOLS, nud a number of Wagon-makers Tools. 550 barrels of Corn, •. * bushels Outs I d bushels Rvo. about 20 bushel* Potatoes, about 1000 pounds Hueoi: l.ard, different kinds of Lum ber, ami * my articles 100 tedious to men lion. • Sale to commence nt 8 o’clock A. M Terms of Sale.—All iniiis under s‘>.Do cash, overthat amount n credit ofmix months will lie given on note and good security bear ing interest from dav of sale. SOLOMON MVKULY. fel)2 a ts J. Henry Hoppe, Aurt'r. PIJBLRT SALE. 1) V virtue of a Decree of the lion. Julm ! > K Smith Judge of the Circuit Conn for Carroll county, bitting ns a Court of: Kmiiiv. the undersigned, as Trustee, will ! s*fl at Public Sale, on the premises, on Friday, (he 22nd day of Afore A. 1807. nt I o’clock. P. M . the following described ■ Heal K'tate. being of winch Tho inns B. Murray nnd Catharine A. Murray bis wife, died seized and possessed, viz: X Trad ol l.uiid (oiit.iiiiliiix Oil ACHFS OF LAXI), more or loss, which will be divided as fol 1

lows: Lot No. I contains about 40 Acres. • more nr leas, nnd improved with a large 1 BWI T Z I*: K li Alt N . I tin* balance laid off into 3 tracts, containing about If,| Acres each. I his I-md is in a very good stale of culli- ; ration, a part of which has been recently | limed, and i, watered by Sants’ creek. This property is situated on Sams’ creek, on the i Liberty iloud. and adjoins Naill’s Mill I propci tv, Peter Lngel and others. Also, at the same limo will le sole TWO FISK WOOD LOTS, containing Acres each, more or less, ! situated ah jut two and a half miles South of { the alm- Farm, and immediately on the j Kbl 1‘ •ukliu Rood, adjoining lands of NVashmgton Nail and others Pi-r.-ons w i lling to view the Property will 1 call on Hon. KaviJ V . Vaill, residing near 1 by. who will give all information. Po-t-es-don given immedialelr on the rati , nention of the sale. I Kitus.-—One third oft he purchase money ( nmmll 1m paid by the purchaser or purchasers ! to the I runlets on the tiny of sale, or on the ratification thereof, and the residue to be paid in two equal payments, the one to Ik? , paid in twelve months, nnd the other in two years from the day of**, with interest from ihe day of Sale, and to Ik? omtmi Iry the purchaser or purchaaers notea with recant v lo he approved of bv the Trustee. (’HAKLKS M. MURRAY, febUF-ls Trustee. Spring floods! Spring Goods! j S’*l ILL further decline in prices. Hlcacbed 1 / Mo>lin yd. wide 18,. nl! oluer grades •i Hleaehcd Muslin at least - J' percent low- i •r than they have been Having just ro* i lurn**d from the city w Ith a lin<* assortment of SPRING GOODS, •ueh ns Blenched and Unbleached Muslins 7 I liinghains. Cheeks, Calico***, Pants Stuff, j [ Linen and Cotton) Ac. All of which have ben, bought for m*l,. All We ask. is loculi 1 Itcfoie purchasing, by so doing you will save ! money. STOn-TEH A HOFFMAN’, | "ir7 New Wimlnor. lOH. r. IBUILL. FRIZELL & MANNING, II A'.S' TMIS'S TF.U MD STOCK AM) BILL BROKERS. \\J ILL buy ami soil on Commission, all > V ibSuea of IT. S. Securities, Gold, Sil ver. Bonds, Ac Bank Slock Itonght and old on Commission. Collections made with onvmpt returns. L-md Warrants Wanted. Mill pay Three per rrnt. (3) for Depot, ties, to be drawn ©til on demand. niareliT-tf hutntc of John Or linen. drrruneit VTOTICL is hereby given that the Sub i x icriber has obtained from the (Irphans’ l ourt of (’urroll-county, letters of Admistra non on the Personal Katato of .Infix (luiMKs, late ©I Carroll county. dec'll. All persons having claim •> against Raid Estate. arc hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they nxay be excluded from oil Ixmefit of xniil KitUite.. I hose indebted arc requested to make immediate pavment. HKNRY POOLK. march < --It Administrator. I A C UFA T ( 7/ A V( 'Ffor .I GEX TSI NO SOAP 1 NO WATER I! NO SLOP 111 ÜBOWJTB GLASS CLEANING POLISH. Patented Oct. 10, 1865. For cleaning and polishing windows, mir rors, gold, silver, jdaled-ware. brass, copper, tin. Ac. A now invention of tho greatest nraeiical worth, conveninnco. and economy Indispensable nil housekeepers, hotel keepers, storekeepers, Ac. Address 0. M. Brown. No, 74 Hleccker Street, Now York. Liberal discount to the, trade. Pri.-c SO ct. jwl7-8m Sacrifice fo:* Forty Days. G1 (JODS at cost, and l*w< than cost. Ma- I king room for Spring Stock my entire slock of Fall mid Winter Good* for sale at co**!, and *omc less than coat, for todays from date. I will then have the largest Stock of Spring Goods I hare ever offered for ealn. mar? JOHN L. UFJFSXIDEH. DRY GOODS Coming Do wn, Great Indnccmcnfe offered in STOCK ■nd PRTCKS. .t mar? J. L RKIPSNIDKR’S, (lARCETS, CARPETS, Olf, CLOVIIB, J Oil Cloths, for sale nt Bahimorepru'es. u,{ t*Y John L. HcifonMcr. j ■| PUBLIC SALE Of Household FiiruitHn* an Effects of the UNITED STATES HOTEL, NKU WINDSOR, Carroll county M< j fTMIK uuUcreigned. having pureha ed tl i I Bvian Tuvcrn. corner of Franklin un Fuiaw SU*e fs. ballimore, f..gvth*-r with tl ; good will and fifur> of Mm*. and havii no Curtln-r uw for his Fur-iiturc, will off | at l*ubiie Sab*, on , HtJw/uy, the Tlth of Mun h 18(j‘ the entire Hock of Hon*diold, Bar Hooi and l\ii lien Furnituro of tin* jrvuiist*i- i . present oocnpiod by him. viz ; Parlor Fiinillim 1 1 f, n‘- Mai mu* Tcl. I.ct liair iloil Iftto.t rtrl. i Spring Sent Chairs, do. 3 hr. A rmChaira. I Fine Marble Top ’I hi.-," V\ ulnut ( entre I abb*. | superior Gill Frenc Kioto Mirror, 4 feet by 2J A ct, on** Kosewood <’asc Piuliu, Music Stand and Stool, ynnls new Fmglisb Hrus.-e CnrjKjting, 3 new VViiitinn Blindji. SITTING ROOM, I excellent Hair Cloth Spring Srfa, 1 Mai ble Slab I able. 1 Plain Mirror, 2-” yards i •I ply Woolen Carpet, I Air Tight Coal Stov and Fixtures. 4 largo split-hottom Botkin Chaii**. 1 dozen cane Imltorn Chairs, 1 Bu and Oil Cloth. DINING ROOM, largo Dining Tablet and oil Covers. I fin ‘ cherry Sideboard. 2 dorm and u half '\ indtor Chairs, i Ten-plate Stove witlj pipe | latent pattern, 10 yards of Bag Carpeting, ! complete M*tU of Dinner Service-*, o’Tua ) Ware, Ac. HALL FURNITURE, j Table and Chair, 20 yards Oil Cloth. Slai : carpeting, Oil cloth and Bods, 1 Brackf ! Hail Ijimp. CHAMBER FURNITURE, I Room No. 1. a ipleiidid Walnut Frencl | Bedstead and IL-*1 clothes, together with Mat tresses, heather Beds, Sheets, Spreuda am Blanket! all complete, 1 Fine cherry Dres sing Bureau, 1 Marble Top Wash Stand Wash Bowl and Pitcher, 1 Large Mirror j '.*< yards of new Straw Matting, j Room No 2, Two Collage Bedstead , complete, same as above ! Boom No. B, Two Full aotU of Co ' lage Furniture. Boom No. 4. one sett of do. complete. . Boom No. one sett “ *• ■ Room No. 0, one sett “ “ , Room No. 7. one sett “ “ j Room No* 8. 4 largo Bedstead*, one !org chest. 1 Wash Stand. Glass. Howland Kitch 1 er, I large Wardrobe. .No. u. two Full Se*u of (’-ituige Furni j tnre, 1 Bureau, 1 Workstand, 2 Wash j stands, 'i chair*, '!•> yards of (’rnoting, j Room No. !•). I Bedsti'ud ana Bedding. Kitchen Furniture and Utensils. I \ohle ( ouli Slave*, ■ with nil the fixtures to same, 1 coi rfiTLv ner Cupboard, 1 Dresser, I Safe, ‘*ffi ij'gl Urge Tallies, new Dough Tra* . nf&A WuNhinf Tubs, 1 largo Ment I log*bend, new Krout Tub, I large Meat Bench. I chun and Stand. I Doty's clothes Washing Mu j chine, 1 cellar Cupboard, latrdcan*. aloto i Hu con and lavrd, Foudoes by the Imslw-I. ! The subscrilHT w ill also offer for sale, i fast I- 1C i:i 4 If i: H venrs /; old. ONL C*)\V that will he jT 1 fresh by dav ofsnb*, three fine \ Shouts, 1 Basket Sleigh "j, shod runners and string of Bells, I good set single Harness. Bridles, Saddles and Hal •<*’. I Digging Iron. 1 .Matlock, t) cord Hickory Wood, 1 Hive of Hoc*. Sal- to commence at '.•o’clock A. M. pre ! eiscly, everything; offered will be really soh i ns the snbseri>K*r must take |M'*session ofhi 1 now Hot.*! on the Ist of April next. 'Terms of Sale —A credit of 3 month w ill be given on all umi of $lO dollars am upward . the purchaser giving his note will p|Mo\cd security, bearing interest from th< duv of sale. WILLIAM DELPIIV, Proprietor. Tium\s Cahr, Auctioneer. aua u, TUUSTEE’SiSALIi OF VAI.UAHI.K RKAL ESTATK nY virtue of s decree of lie; Circuit C<ur for Carroll conntj sittiug * • court f K nullr, paafd in csiim: No. 9'J" Equity, whercii ; Jo.lma 11. ow*> *ndothers are coaiplahiants, nm Hclinds liionn am] others arc drb th •üb*f rib.-r a* T. u. U-e, will kill at Public Safi on the (htDilicj, ou Sotm Juy (hi 2-iJ. Jny of March, 18t7 at 10 o'clock, M. all th • Real Eatsle o which Thomas S. Krowu. di-d sciti-A ami p a sussed, cunsiatiag of ur<* VALUABLE FAKMS, situated on the Turnpike Road l<*adiog fror WcsUalnalcr to Haltiuaore, 7\i miles from tw Stations on tho Western Maryland Railroad iht- Turnpike running within a quarter *f i mile of ono of *uid stations ( Kinksburg. i an twenty three miles fi urn the city of Baltimore First, the HOMK FARM couuinin^ 200 Acres of Laiul more or less. The Improvements consul of romfortahlc and large Two "house, newly built BANK BARN, with Wagon Sheds Granarica and Cora Crib* sttarbvd, Sprini Bouse. Smoke House sad other necessary build inn. There Is a large quantity of cxcellen Till BEK on the Farm, there is also a laigc OUCH\KI) on the premia*. which on aeeouat of ita proximity market, renders it very valuable*. The Turnpike Koail divides the Farm equally. Second. A FARM adjoining the above conniating of Slvty-Slv Acres f liiu'i more or lw. The Improvements enuaist of j conveniently arranged, and well built Two-Story Dwelling HOUSE, JJiM. BARN, and other nqgasaary oaibuilding*. ai excellent Orchard on the ppotuUcs. VVaU conreuient to both pro|rtiev. The above property will ho sold entire if d ' sired, or a portion or the Hr*l named will b at Inched to the second, if onferred. A plat • the prombea will hu exhibited on the day o rale. ALSO, on the same day aud place, A WOOD fcOT, about one and a half mils* from the farm.. coa sistiag of M ACHES, 3 Hood- and IS I’orclt* of load more or lew. Parsons desiring to view the pram foe will call on Mrs. Brown, residing thereon, oi Joshua Smith at Westminster Md. Terms of Sole—One-third cosh on the day o sale, or on tho rrlifleatkm thereof, one third li twelve months end the other one third in w< yeare from the day of solo: Ihe purchaser o: purchasers giving hfoor their notes with ap proved scent iu. bearing interestfi om sale. BELINDA BROWN, Trustee. JOKHIiA BMITR, Agent. fcbStts Csovt A Raipsninas, Solicitors. Points, Pat. Dryer. Putty, Glass, 4c., received and for aaie at Baltimore pnecn. by 9h**Jftr & Hof man. jam 17 FAKMEIW PKEPAKEF OB YOUI I SPRING CROPS. Subtn fiber offers the following ap 1, prov* d Fertilizer*. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate I i. 1 A highly popular and dependable Fertilizer ! I \ of twelve years standing and of which >• 1 many thousand tonaarv annually sold. ' MAR VLAS!) VOWDKIi OF JIOXE! Guaranteed free from adulteration and 1 r* t |*cr cent, of PlMMnhatc of 1 ; I.line and ofr per cent, of A mi mount uniformly made, and, fine enough to drill! ' GUO CM) PLASTER! . A veiy snpenor article, nnum fact tired at i lCel Buach Mills. ■j VO. I PERLAJAX GIAXO, ) ■ Of direct importation, which I deliver from ' Government's Agent’s Warehouse. | .1// ihcAr art it If i rill U /uruislml at hr, ryf rater. ’ 1 LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. for a Circular, f Oder* received hy J. H. Bowers, and hy ■ j Lehr & Orndorff, at Westminster, M<l. CEOUOi: DULDALIC, Nos. 97 and 105 Smith s Wharf, ! janSl :tm Baltimore, Md. | GROCERY AND Provision Store. CYRUS D. STONESIFER, I kKSI'ECTFCI.I.Y informs hi, patron.! 1 \ n.l friend. tl.ut lin Hal commenced | receiving Fresh Fish of all kind. and will , Mnliuue through (he season. Ala.. Fresh j | Meats of all kiiula always on hand, Corn 1 Href and arnoked H' fT smoked and freak 1 Sniia.ixf. newly cured llama. Shoulder, and Si.iea. Potatoes. Corn and Buckwheat Mewl, i rnnuiM. 11 U, Desna. H .miin Pickles.! Cider \ tnegar. Sweet Cider nml Apples. ' I Dried Fruits, Ac., hiroterlen aud I’rotKioti* f!> hind*. Fobucco and Gigars, fannod j emits and Vegetables of’ the purest and frpidie*t the markets can afford. Oysters, wilier by large or (mull quantity, xifeZ Families aa|.plied and delivered at the door al the shortest notice. Come and sea for vourselvM. 1 win sell tbe above goods al ! tin* lowct and most accommodatin' term*, opposite I'.'ter Ungenfeller - . Iloleh (form erly I .rasa a.) Westminster. Md. f. blt ’m CYULS D - KTO.VESIFER. BEAUTY! Auburn, Goldin, f laxen and Silken Curl*, IV’.ODI CEDhvlhe n.e of Prof f>F ! lIUFC.V FUISKR l.r, CHKVECX. ! One application warranted to curl the most straight and stubborn hair of either vet into ; wavy ringlets, or heavy massive earls. Has | been nw.l hy the (hsliiimahhs of Pari, amt i latndon, with the most gratifying results. > , li.ii.i iio injury 1., the hair. Pncn by mail. : -id. I and tatslpnid. Al. Descriptive Cir | eukrs mailn.l free. Address BEKHEtt, . sill risi I lb. Chemists, Vo. OK", |{i,er | 1 /")'■ V., Sole Agents for the Ifiiileo Slate*. REMEMBER. ! ‘•Tell me, ye winged wind., Hint round mv pmhwsv roar. ’ I, there a pi ice on earth ‘ i lint laaitathe New Shoe Store? ) Tell me. ye ladies fair, II ho so benignly smile. ' I' • veil wish gnials eheap and rare, ' Of mj aUi w tire alyl* f | I her, are Boots, both coarse and fine, . -\nii Sim o.H of the latoxt Diyle ; ! “ V'lr" l >,,ri huf*<* “on that line,” , i ou II deal there all Ike tchiU. y.ow. RntbyU n truthful man, ! Ho sviU uo flimsy trnah; j lie'll please you well, I ! A, i Ihr plan of *cl)h) 1., cash. •i oHv u. nr sky, ! , °l*poi'e New Catholie Church, j fulc’Mf Main Street Westminster. | r-l.i,- iZWif.l/t (SvUirr, ilevratnl. J V'TICK is hereby given Halt Urn Sub ' j si senher lin.solitnio. il from the Orphans’ 1 Court ofCarndl county, letters of ; I lion on the Per,oiu.l K.tato .A Elii.dmth ! I .elticr. hue of Carroll county. deed. All I liersous having ehiiins m .dust sanl estate are - | hereby wanusl 1., the -ane- within I ' Six months from Ibis date, otherwise liter ( may hr law he eteluded from nil benefit 01 “Old estate. Those are requested i to make tminediale iiayment jou.n k. (iicrriEii. foh2o- It Atlministralor. , hntatr ttf Ji -iymnni T'lft/, tfrrrnecif, N'DTICE b hereby giren that 1 hare oh I taiced h tiers of Adumn.tjalii.n oa tire rarsoasl bsutc of Uenjamiu Todd, Ute of Car rol couaty deceased. All per.oaa hartag claim, against said d, eea-ed, are warurd to ex lnoil ih© fame, in tho aubacriber, ou or before iik flial day of Brpt,rwber next, they nay. oihci uc. be cicladed f. ~m all Ifcnofii of uld eataie. \|| pereona kn.twiog thcmwlret to be ■udebU'd lo aaid dect*aed b\ not©, ntoi Icaff - or other* iso. are notified U.*t' their liabilitir* arc I hclil a* part of Mid dfccaaod’a etato, wwtwitb sUnd.n* any pretended gift or poMcwion of other p*.ues. UlTlf TODD, _ A(, I PRIVATE SALE. ’ THE undersignod offers at Private Sale, the s\cw Ui ick I ■“ which he now resides, sitoate at Ute M'ral i '\“d of I own. adpij n ieg Francis Shn verr, . | whl ' 'he hot fronting og lent on Main atrect. and running 1 it feet buck to an Aliev. For further particulars enquire of fehllMal CiIKISjI.VX AWALT. fouuly oinmlsxloiicrn’ Xotiir. fPIIE Couaty Comminaiourr.s for Carroll j I County will meet at their Other, in Westminster, on the Fmtr M.ivfMv nt . dan on, Ittijfi, for (he Imnsuction ol ' ••u.siiUf.Hn. i By older, _ LEV! VALENTINE. fchO-lt • Clerk. j A Bill .MB lot of Frederick tnukc Buck ' ijL Glovca, for >|c bv | 1 7 Shnrtf 'l'J- IJqfntan. | "suGAur arJarT; j A IXE lot of Brewo an I Whftr j received at A. M. Warner’s, j CAKPESTERS TOOLS. JrST rccwT#d fi*m the Factories • foil .■dock, for anle mi Baltimore price*. inarT John L Keifenider. AVERY useful article (or House keeper, l -. Ham Soww, juirt received and for m4c by Stoußcr A Hoffman. SALE RILLS printed at the (shortest _ notice nt Oda Office. I l| TAVERN STAND forsale. . 1 TUE autncHh(T dcairoiiA \n potire from i public biiriucaa, will offer nt I'rivtrte .SaV a laigi and eommodiou.s TAVERN STAND, | Mthafr-d hi the Town f Mancho- tcr. Farroll I JJ'tti* I .'** -Md ,on the Bu Ui more and Ilanorir 1 lurnpllr i7Rr* !v nltarficd to die I jwop. rty n TENANT UOCSI!, lee Utilise, now filled with Ice ; alst a large Durden, and two l ots "f ground, e„taTni,,g nearly g ACHES OF I.Art!), upon which £ erected a largehlAKEK suited fornLivory. here 1 - a mail running daily from Manehe, ter by tin; Hall,more Tnrenike lo (lien - Jorns station, to inlerseet Ute Western Md. Hailroml. fhe bland la the same which wat ; fornierljr kept hy Win. Cmmrinc. Esn, - I Manehealcr ta Itandaomely located, am) has i some line improvements, and is generally I very healthy, hat lug four or live Chorche., ol tlir (iiffercritdeuoniiuatiooK, a College and i r iw property will he sold on reasonable I J'Tiih, and fnot hold before the IHh day of April next al Private Sale, it will ho offered on fund any at public .Sah. I/o.scs i.,ii will fie given on the 10th day Fur mloriuftlion inonirc of BK.NNKT (iREF.N*. HmduMar, ,Mii. PRIVATE a ATT! I A Bargain Offered. \ TOT. fronting tm Main f*l e lr S?' “ . street, at ihe West i End of 11 cs-mins er. The mot eligihl* , -itnataon for a Blacksmith Shop in the conn j If- .1 goo-l Two Story LOU BFILDIXO i " 1K ?" }'** ir*****’'. with a 1.,-k l.ailding at laebeil. a first-rat.. Welt of water and a ucw ! 1 "Jf>P *n md 11 ell at a cost of *OO. I erms will he mm!., to suit the purchaser, , Its Hie money is not desired. ALSO A Hor.SE and One .ACRE of Land I Mag 1,,.-... the Orimtch Hoad. 1 mile from I " -stnilnster, suiulilc lT,r t.„ tensnu -ons ! ill this lime renting (hr S2;"r, the other for . * |cr annum . j Jeruu to gun the punhaser. d.vf tr JOSHUA SMITH. I PRIVATE SALE. I OFFER tit private sale, o FARM of 115 ACRES OF LAND i !"? r f w i°*D titnated in Carroll eoontv, ,?. jjutmng.l. \\. Imeobangh s Mill property nml the inniaNof Jacob ikinkcrd and Andrew I.cere, and within Inlfn mile of Cranlterrv Slain,,,. Western Md. lUilroa.l, A large I.rooortmn of it ia firet rale TIMnETi LAND, and ta well sarered and under good i fencing. Ii i h iniproved with Itwollins? House . mid line!. P.eildmg, Stabling ,Vr. It will lie * ***** 111 I* nr * p ‘ H lo suit purchaser*, if the pm. , ! ti.eludinjr the brnWing* tobfirt GO IM>. I'oriu mode rate. BICH.VKI) MANNING. Westminster Md. FOR RENf; Rockdale Woollen factory. r pilK undmdjnird will U ( . n t. nr;r, I A alovfi* Kaetory from the firat of l n in Carroll counlv, on V? !n n npv CT fuilin" Htrcnm, - ii mil*A Smith of Mainpkitmd, and I mile X. U. of Houck’s Store. Thw Factorv hm been ihoroujchly repaired and the Maefiinon 1 i new and ’in now m pmxl condition as uny other factory in Um County. Al*o, 50 Acres of Land attached to Ihe same in it goo d kulu of cul ii ration, io U* rented therewith. .\ny |HT9im ishing to rent the aame will . plyast- apply V. cither of the nmlcntirm-d. *r . juldrass. lluucksvtllc, M<L h W. IIWCK, I . I’- B. HOFFMAN. Owncri- Rouse keeping ARTICLES. BLEACHED and Unbleached Muslin,. Bltwehetl and rnhleaehwlShcotmg. I t. | fi t. !) 4. 10-1 and 11 1. Bed Ticking and Bed Cheek, Table Diaper and all kinds Towleing, ,S7i VER VLATKD WAKE, Carpeting and Straw Malting, j Fhmr and Table Oil Clot h-, Knives and Forks, Sphons, Candle Stick*, Kettle*. Hrushca, A laugc Stock of QUEENSWARE, ! Looking (Jlat-scs. with a fall Stock of til other articled in Una line. For sole at Baltimore price*. JOHN L. UFIFSXIDEIL feVil-At | Owners of Maier Power i u**c the ccK’bniti tl IJvFFKL TLRHINE WATER WIIKEt, hy " I*OOLE k HUNT. Baltimore, Md. Send for a circular. dcct>-Gm. , ‘♦ M. \. I IMKKR. A. D. hC’ll AliTKl . i FISHER * SCHAEFFER, yTTORfiEI fi-AT-LAW. f OjJirr, oryx'** c City J Intel, Hr.U*u hitler. HJ > IN< 5 formed a copartnership in tbe proeliec of law, we will promptly : attei\d to nil buinc>i entrusted to oar carv. 1 lain he ovnmlt"il in the German liimiuc. * no ly I House Kotiing .\uiulc, IN crcal vorktr, at John L. HcifDßidrr'*. Ladic' I)ru*fl Good*. I taiaoe. kti., for mU law, at | • £. JT. Gtenwnf,. FUR CAPS, For Men, cheap et docl i Job** * •* l(etf*nider's. JUBT roccrred a Xo, 1 article of Keroxt rie Oil, (part, j SiffWftr A llojTmnn. J a| Gl New Windsor. Md. ALL kind* of Job Work neatly al tbe “DrMocKAm Anvocatr ’ uQka.