Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 21, 1867 Page 4
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.V £ 1* ! GOODS New (loads 11 MASS IE & CO., fOKKIOX AM) DOMESTIC owOOilH WE nro h.jw receiving jur large ami | varied nwortßKMit of FALL AM) WINTKU GOODS! Am> aiie Skiuso Tuch CHEAP. fer Give ** cu rlofore pwefciwinj, el.cwliciv as we feel euntiJentit will be to vour iutcrcit. Wahninttrr, (kl. 11, ’69 H. B. ,1. W. PEIiKINS. GRAMMER ft PERKINS, PHOTOGRAPHS, AMBROTYPES, MKLAI.NUTYPES, I’lCTUßjfe IX INDIA INK, COLORS, AND OIL COLORS. AC. Mil. CRAMMER, having associated I with him in hi* business Mr. J. W. | ;ivs. late of Baltimore, who Ilm had j uome eighteen years exporicucc in Photo- I Utophy. ami having removed to his XRW ROOMS, nearly opposite Odd Fellow*' ! Hall, which have been fitted up at Consider* 1 able expressly fur the business, would announce to his friends ot Westminster, and of Carroll County gen orally, that they now have the facilities for ' taking as good pictures, (in every style of the art.) as ran be procured else where. June 21 tf mm "vKV.'iVb RAIL R 0 AD. Change of Time. STMSIIB ARIUNGEEXTS. j On ami aft.T MONDAY, May 21t, liWO. I the Trains will run as follow* ; fcftticariL— Leave Union Bridge at 4.45 I A M., 9 A.M. and 2.10 P. M Leave WesUainster at 6; 10 A. M. and 1 9.45 A. M.. and *57 P. M. HV^icor./.—Leave Baltimore at 0.15 A. M . 3.4gP. 5r .aadA.SO P. M Arrirsat Westminster at 11.43 A. M.. 1 0.00 p. M. and 8.00 P. M. Arrive at Union Bridge at 12.27 P. M. t fi.56 P. M. and M 2 V. sf. Ir'flUFreight Trains daily each way, (es cej> Sunday.) ftaTAn Express Freight Car leave* Cal vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and i Sundays.) ui 5.50 P. M—out all good* for I llmt car mast he delivered before 3.00 P. >1 Fur any information in regard to Freights or Cars, apply to the undersigned at Weal- , minuter. ■* r. 11. IRWIN, nmy'JHf Sap’t. IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Important fu Iti‘cksmilh*. MuhinUtf farm',*, SWr.iaLns, Saddlers ui*d Corps timer* of J,-uu and Leather. K 3uWriters Inform the t ilisens of 1 Carroll and adjoining Counties, that they have just opened r! their new Ware house, near the Depot, at Westminster, Mil.. n full and nowplMe stock of iron, tiled, Leather, Hubs. Sjmko. Fellows, and everything belonging to the Carriage Business*, mi-l nil kinds of Blacksmith’s Tool* and heavy Hardware gciunJly; also a com plete stock of BHOE F I AD I 5 GS, all of whjgh arc vile red si fair prices. . fh* r.ttaSßU of cemsamers and dealers J arc invitfl to call and examine our stock, 1 tn qualify and price*. KEtFSXIDLR A CO. sept 13,1864—tf SHOESANDHATS Cheaper than Ever, I At John U. Bcaby'h, Opposite new Catfodie Church. r TTEKE you will find the largest and ▼ ▼ bc.*t assortment of the very late*i Pt}lc I-adu - aiul .Vlases fchoes and Bout., ever offered for Kale in this iforkcL Also A/**i is Boots and Shoe- of every distription ihit*! Jfat*!! Hat* !! ! Hats’. !! ! , of the very latest *t}lo always mi hand. AIT goods sold st the very lowest prices, WM. I*. Mtl-umr. CHU. B. HOSKSTf. MAULSBY ft ROBERTS, .wroHSKy*M-LAir ashshuc i rons rscuMjvmr. lla Ittga.-'lhllfr.t llir tnlot' CJ 111 ill. , rice of laiw fn Carroll county, tfiw vrnj at- I tend promptly hmH carefully in all Inisinc** to thoir charge. Mr. Maul*by i will viajt Westminster whenever businse- 1 : require-* ii. Office diuxlly opjM/silc Court | House. jail 4I y 1 Dr. F. Butler sml L. Evans,! Ob FLU to their friends and tin* public in general, oue of the l*cst Liniment* that Ims lately been presented for the cure of Ha’iuorrhoTaa or Piles. We offer this reme I • v with the Imm; that those persons who sru , A-ff lctwl with this fWase may girt* it n trial, ' as ! feci satisfied llicy will receive fhll remu* ■/ration Piuf r.iottrytsxpendod. For Salw-Kw A. Huber. Mo. 2; tfarroll ! Cal|, \Wsiiiii;i*ter, imd r.t t tw f K'jaUlencc, nt the We t Knd. •let J.;, If Meat rultcrc T Ftuffcn-, Ac. The aovivallci double cWfsfie# fihtter sad , BMngna Slufcr, for Vy ... , 1 ' V, /C, I \ l MON WORKS, Westminster Md. j WM. 11. U ARM AN 1 CO. (lONTINUE th. m.nutmeiurf of IRON 1 GEAUHPTHItBQggRHWth Mku’i I Imprtwod HORSE POWERS, PLOUGHS, i with Wrought and Cmt Iron Shares and | Point*. Spring Tooth UOHSE BAKES, for I Ilav mid (train. COHN SHKI.I.FBS. FEED | CUTI KItS, and 1 A'jeh'uhnrul lAi. hiu* rtf i/mera'/t/. Who CASTINGS of all kinds done to order. •All kind* of &EP AI It IX 0 done with proptness and on n mtetenn*. They are also sole Agents for the au) of McCOB Ml Civ’S Improved Self-Baking REAPER V\n MOWER. for Carroll couiilv, and in that part <f Fred erick county Nonli of Fwlerick City, and also m Umt port of Baltimore county North of Texas. With this Machine the Former save* money, time and labor, and ix, without controversy, xuucrior to any other now in the market, and fully warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, tangled or ’odeed Grain, where hand rakev or dropp* ra will fail. We oficr it on trial w-ith any otlier, the purchaser to keep ami pny lor the one prct’cmil. Also are Agiuits for Gear’s Catrnt Sef/- Regulating Grain I Separator, Ch arter aiul llaggcr. i At a time like the present, when labor is I very scarce, it is important tbut Farmers, I who are interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will (onridomhly reduce the of Thre.’Jiing Grain in I iho common way. This is now considered j the best Separator Wfbrt the public. H is . jwirticularly adapted to Farmers for their own use, and will apply to Lever or Raiiwav power, and will Thresh :tnd Clonu from IfKi to 150 Bushels per day. using four to six hor*'??* and as man) hand . Also, for vale klovraouc&T’ft “l)m olk Sv ukknld Kocxa wat Wheat Fan.” decT*ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORK JUST OPENED 1 Westminster, i Between the Railroad and Rcif*aider's Store, two doors west of j 31 re. Shriucr’s Millinery Star#. ffAIJE undcr*simKl has just returned from J the city of Philadelphia with the largest 1 and l*orl selected slock of iaidicx' Mines’ Chibiren's and Gentlemen's Boots A Shoes over brought to this ma kct. M v stock con jrist* in part of Ladies' and MisseSgjt* ! Custom made Glove Kid Balmorals. Rfll Lasting (iaiters. Morocco Balmorals,* IkL j Polish Bools, Oil Goat Balmorals, and Chil j dren’s Shoes ; abo Gentlemen’s Boots and Shoes, such as Men’s Calf Custom-made I Bools. Congress Gaiters. Lace Boots, Bro gans. Kin and coarse Boots k Shoos of all kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer j myself, 1 have had all the above stock made j to order, and fur the express purpose tn suit this market by a celebrated and well | known Boot and Slum Manufacturer of i Philadelphia, which forsiyle, finish, dura- ■ j bilily, comfort and elasticity to the fed. are superior to all others and are the best fitting j ! patterns that can bo found. I I have token great care in Iho getting up | I of my stock, and can warrant every article 1 ' to be what it is represented or the loss will | Ibe upon mo. I therefore invite the especial , ; attention of the and Gentlemen of I Westminster and Carroll county to my stock 1 of Goods which will lie sold at much lower : figures limn the same goods can lo had i j elsewhere. Conic one. come all. and examine for j yourselves. No charges made for showing ! Goods. ocH r 8. KCKBRT. DENTAL IIVIPROVEMENTS UR. Illi.lX’g Improved ,\lronv Oxide Apparatus. Dr. GEO S. FOIKE, Dentist, Having famished his oflier, in Weslminatcr, MU., a tin oue of Dr. Bean’s Patent Improved Appaiatusfor the u.auufacture ol pn fecily pure XITUOUS OXIDE GAS, would anuonnee lhal be w ill will lx* at all times prepared tn adminhter this popular Ainruthi lic 1 for (ho | K> t na tion of Teeth without Cain. Dr. FOCKK would iuiit the attoutlmiof iht public to hia lately Improved Aruovsnrsic I'SKMI'RS PLATes roa Aunnnu Trsrn. By nu-an of an improved Air-Chamber, the pres sure of the atmosphere for bidding teeth firmly and securely in the month, i morn certainly and effectually attained than bv any style or form of plate hither to used by the profession. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial Teotb arc mneh enhanced by this new and truly philosophical arrangement.' Dr. r. continues the Practice of Dcctistrv In all ita Branches, and being a flantur'er •* Mar** HuhUr for D ntal purposes, he is tho roughly experienced In tno manufacture of teeth upon the Vmlcnniie Haac, and is prepared to supply this si vie of work at very moderate 1 rate?. June 7,—lf. NEW STORE iS£. | NEW STOCK. 1 ~\T our attention u politely aud respectfully J aolicitod to my new atock I Of well .selected GOODS now opening. 1 Tmmoliatelg opposite CARROLL HALL Embracing a great variety of GOODS, auch ad Cloths, Cassimors, Cassinetts, , TV.KEO?, Plain ami Fancy MO I'SI. IN K-S, conoc mis, ALPACAS. ITANNKI.S, OTNOIfAMS. CAI.H'OKS, CAM nines, UHII.IA. Blcoclicd ami Riovn MOI’SUNF.3, HootN, Kbom, and Capa, 1 CI.OVKS, HOSE, Wool and Crtlon, tt nil a general and well scknlcd STOCK of GROCERIES and HARDWARE. Aud oth'T ftidicU** usually kept, which are ' oflfered ..* n Muall advance aimve f *sf. I t * JOSEPH MULLER, i | no tf • | J. i. BAUMGARTNER, j ! VHoracy at Law and SotlrKor ' in (hnnerry. W:! I. piaetica law iu the Conn, in Car i roll county, will -aid and roanarl I Uioaa r.'lio are .oOliu* 4pU in the Or- \ I pJmiii.' Coim, and draft Wliu Occl 4c. I Van i> wan nt SWl'nioitAmamui Bank ! : up;p l F jßud iJ^EL ,ra . t ! l has |p i.fcucc •ppoNiud.ihc Farmer* A Mo- j I Bonk of Westminster. Hatch r aud Farmers! ! HK.UBRT price paid for Hidctt, by Ucifsoider 1 Co., a*!’ l M near Dcth?L | FOUTI'B enlutTßi ‘ | Horse anfl Cattle Pottos. WS3 Dy strß(U>Mtac mi clsaaslng Um TuMC •ai. m uno vwl olanoim! TEL LOW WA TKK. II K A V KH, rormiH, ms- TEMPF.n. KE VKRH, KOUNHBR 1.0? S OF us*- F mm mm iucrMue.l M m tbo appetite -gives i M . Vm lanolh ami ‘ W. kl->.'v akiu —ju l irsiuft)rms the mi?* rablc skelctoa iate a Ooe-loeklag aud spirited horse. . To keepers of Cevs this |*r< panyLog l invaluable. It the quAnlitjr aod flafrVvrs the quality p*'-U of the milk. U bos l -ven proven by ac laal experiment lo '■ ■ .AaA Increoso the qusn my of milk Ktgff Arm sod x Jp—sweet In tSUrnlog D VI cattle. It gives them ,n appetite, loosens makes them thrive much tkfler. . la ail diseases of Swine, imch as Coughs, Ulcers in Urrel the will read lilted or entirely preTenG>d. If given in time, certain preventive and cure ft*r tlio Hog Choiera Frio* 25 CcatJ per Paper, or 6 Paper* for $L PEKPABBD ST H. A. FOTTTZ A BRO., AT THEIJI WHOLESALE PRIG MEDICI KB BITOT, Ho. 116 Franklin Bt, Baltimore, Ud. For Sale by Druggists nod Storekeepers through out the Lulled Swift. dccl4-ly PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New York Mica Koonvn Company. (Es tablished arc nniiufitrlnriug under [.ot ters l’t*'Dtlhx> b.-at article if rompostilon roof ing ever offered t the public. III? adapted to every style of Roof, steep or flat, ami can be readily apidu d by any uur. The D. a. tJorornmcnt. after a thorough test of ita ptilitv, hatcadantcd it* use in the Navy A’ard*. sail upon Public Buildings. The Roofing { .•'ul up in rolls, ami has only to bo nailed to the hu** ,n wake a Durable KIKE ANT) AVATEK ric.'OF COVKRINU. We particularly recommend It* *>•<• urop Bnildings, Stores, dturcbee. Pufoili Ms chlne-Shops, Steamboat Decks, Ac. MICA ROOFING I* 41 NT, For coating Tin. Iron, or Shingle Roofs. It forms a body equal to Tiui.‘a coats or osuixakv Paixt. No Roof can ru*t under ir. and Old Leaky Roofs mav be made pcnuaneutlv water-proof and du rable bv its Um*. The Paint requires no mixing, but is ready to j bu appUml with (he nrdin.irv paint bru.-ll.— ; Pi le *.11.00 per gallon, w hich will cove, tw o ■ j hundred square feet. ; Also manufacturers of lllack i.iHtrc, j TARRED FELT AM) KUUFIXU PITCH. I DiiCi.uift to th>- Trade. Circulars and Price | List furnubed. Rights for counties sold nt low •ites. Afidi ■-? THE MICA ROOFING CO.. 1!T Bio-dwav. N. V. Fiank linn j>hrcTS, f*l Koval St., S’, (). Sco ! Held. Williams A IV, Angu-la. Oa. Baldwin 11. 1 Woods. Mimtgomerv, Ala.. Thomas S. Coates. ! Raleigh. V. C.. I . A. Tucker. Richmond, Va.. , Hem \ Wilss.s,. Petersburg Va., Agent . Ikmil* NY;iutC!. j novtn-ly REMINGTON’S Jf'Hi Fire Arms. [ Sabi bj Gun Denim ( And llio Trade CJeiu rally. ■ Vel Pocket Pi-lcl, No. ■/-* t 1 1 idye. i UejH-mlug . HI. I| L '*. VJ Ca.-ti idg •, j Repeating Pistol, ( pf. , No. Pocket lUvnlv.r, .Self Corking.) New Pocket Ucvalv. r. (with U.ading Levgr.) Police Revolver. Jfayv Sire Calibre, Brit Revolver, Naw Sin* Calibre. Belt Revolver, (Self Cocking, ) Nosy Calibre, Navv Revolver, 3-10 in. Calibre, Army lievolvcr, 41 !o in. Calibre, Gun Cane. Using No. J 2 Cartridge. Kerolvina Hit) .3dA 41 100 In. Calibre, Breech Uadlnc Ride. No. 32 Cartridge. ■ 4" (a I uC' . I*. S. Ilifl.-. Steel Barrel. ‘ with Sabre Bayonet, IT. S. Klf) d Musket. Springfield Pattern, Single Barrel Shot (inn, E. REMINGTON A SONS, luog, Kir Vmk. AGENTS. Moor** A Nichols. New York. Palmer* A Uncheldwia, Bostoo, John P. Lovell. Jos. C. tlrubb A Co., Philadelphia. Poulin*' v A TrlmfcK . Baltimore. Henry Folsom A Co., N. Orleans Memphis Mavnard Bros.. Chicago. L. M. Kumsey A Co., St. I.oui?. Albei t K. Crane. San Fitocisce. pylMjr, jy 12. REAL ESTATE aud lolieetlug Agency. LI’.VJ liV.iXS, WkSTMixartr., Mu., OJif'- at j tore, from D A. M. to 3 I* J/., TTAVING made nrrnngumcnta fr the XjL prowcttliou of trio Imsinesa of buying anoiclling Ril Estate, offers hit services to the citizens of Carroll county who may walt any busirikmi ttansacUal Hi Ms Mne A large amount of Real Estate always on hand. Fcraoas having property lo dispose of null Sind him the best medium for ita sale. Also, alj collections promptly attended to. 4rc7 1 1*. LAW COPARTNERSHIP^ F.. r. CROIT. i'll.VS. T. RKimMPEtI. (ROUT & KUIFSMDKR, ATTonyurs-jT i.aiv ash sou (irons is OHAScBur, WfiRTMIghTCD, MU. \LT L have formed a copat tnmhip.pi the ff practice of Ijiw in the Courts'of | Carroll and Howard Coufltiet, um! win I promptly attend to all bnainesd eifrruslcd to | imr wv, Furticuiar altculion paid U Cul* j lection* and procuring Decrees for the attic : of Beal Estate. ’ Also, Application* filed far Back Pay and | Bounty due heirs of dec,**,>! soldier*. J Office tlte residence of-l’iras. T. Hwfsmdkm. - fooFU-tf JOS. M. PARKE, (M,rno at law and Solicitor In Cbanrfr)’. i TTAfINC some siotrc time, not occupied j XJI by bi* Ediuprial dmioa, will devote Uo i MUifot to the Practice of Law in the various | ! Courts ofCarreU county. Will cion •eland I assist such an hnre hdhiuess bHbre ike Or phan'Xsiqrt.,->irtUl ailuud to the prepara tion oDDuwm, Wi!L Ac. i Office in the rear of the Advocate Print ing Office. marß . JfiPPule Bilh of*ll kinds printed it this I f flier. DENTON GEHP. J. T. ORNDORFF. I Produce Depot. AT THE Bill, ROAR, WESTMINSTER, MIK eAVI>i(! left.*] l h" lrgo mi 4 cormnn diou. Warvhon.Htf. (formerly liy J. T. Ot’iuioH!.) wp are now prejonm to E no in, wnr.s t, RYE, 0.1 TS, C'OKX, mil Country KHOttiCK of all description.. AI.o to receive ami forward Produce and Goods of alt kind*. They bl*o keep constantly on bund a large and full stock of 1 CR OC ERIE S , . WIIOI.CSAE ASD I! l.'TAtl., r • Hour. Huron, Lead. (Irnin, Salt. Fiab. At., together with Spade*. Shovel*. Hors. Hake*, and f armer./ and GardoueiV Implements generally. Also GUANO AND FKHmiZKKS of all description*; and in fuel nil articles in our line. With long experience, and by strict atten inn to business, wo hope to receive % liberal share of the public patronage. 1 * DKNToN OKIIU, J. T. OUNDOHFF. jtnSMj LATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J.w. HUADLKV’B CKLKHHATBI * r.VTKNT DITLKX KI.U I’TIC (OK DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRT. TIIK Wonderful Floxlbllitj and great cun forl and jdeaniro to anr Ladv wearing the DU FLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT Will be experienced • particularly in til cron dctl a-uacmblies. upe * roa, carriage*, railroad car*, church pew*, arm chairs, for promenade and house dress, a* the Skirt can be foltkrd when in an* to occupy a _ snail place as easily aud conveniently as a silk or musiin dress, or invaiualfte quality in crino line. not found in any Single Spring Skirt. A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, com- Tort, and great convenience of nearing the Du plex Kliptic Steel Soring Skirl for a single day. r. will never afterwara* willingly dupctin- with rt their uic. For Oilldrrn, .Misses and Vomig c Ladies lb -v arc superior to all others. They will not bend or break like the Single , Spring, but will preserve their perfect and .. graceful shape when three or •four ordinary Skirts will hara bean thrown aside a* useless. The Hoops arc covered with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods are not only double spi ing*. but twice (nr double) covered; preven ting them from worn ing out w hen dragging r down *toop. stairs. Ac. Th.- Du,dex Elliptic is a great favorite with all ladies und is universally recommended by the Fashion .Magafine a* the Standaid Skill of llib ,”s*bionabl World. To orjo> the following inestimable advantages in Crinoline, vD- : superior quality, perfect manufacture, sivlisn .h*P® and finish, flexibili ty. durability, comfort economy, enquire i fin .1. W. HkAOLST’s Durtsx LufTic, or Double Spring Skirt, and be sore you get tu" genuine article. ’ CAUTION.—To guard against Imposition bv I particular to notice that skirts offered as “Dr > n.Kv" have the red ink stamp. iir>, "J. W. ! Bradley’s Duplex Klliplic Steel Springs.” upon j the waistband—none otbir are genuine. Also Notice that every Hoop w ill admit a pin being passed through the centre, thus revealing the two tor double ' springs braided together there • in, which is the secret of their flexibility and strength, and a combination not to be found in I anr other Skii I. I FOR SALT, in all Stores whore fust class skirts are sold throughout the Uuitcd States and elsewhere. Manufactured by the Solo Owners of the WESTS, BRADLEY A CARY, Chambers A hi Rrado Sts., .V Y. jan3l-3m AFFLICTED I Suffer No More ! j When by lb- „f DIL JOINVJLLL’S [ FLIMK you can be cured permauently. and at : a trifling cost, i The astonishing success which has* attended this invaluable medicine for Phvica| and Net - | j vous Weakness. General Debility and Drnstia- 1 j lion, Loss of Muscular Energy. Ini potency, or I any of the consequence* of youthful indiscre tion, renders it tno most valuable preparation 1 ever discovered. It will loiuotr all nervous sflVetiuns, dourer- . •ion, • vehement, incapacity to study or bad 1 : tie#*. |os> of memory, confusi<*n, thoughts of , sclf-destractlon, fears of imanitr. Ac. It will I restore the appetite, renew the health of those 1 j who have destroyed it by sensual excess or evil practices. Young Men. **e humbugged no more by , j ‘ Quack Doctors” and ignorant practitioner;, ' , but send without delay for the Elixir, sod at I

I oucc restored io health and happiness. A Per | feci Cure is Guaranteed in every instance. - 1 . Price, fl. or four bottles to one addic**, $3. 1 i One bottle is sufficient to effect a cure in all j ordinary cast*. ) ALSO, DB. JOINT I LLE’PSPECI Fir PILLS. I , j for the speedy and permanent core of Conor- I I rhea, Gleet. Urethral Disi barges, Gravel, | Stricture, and all affections of the Kldo. y* nod I j Bladder. Corea effected In from one to fix e I days. They are prepared from vegetable ex tracts that arc harmless on the system, and nev er nauseate tht stomach or impregnate the , breath. No change of diet is necessary while j using them, nor docs their action in any'manner interfere a Ith business pursuit*. Price, $1 per ] box. I Either of the above mentioned articles w ill be , sent to any address, closely sealed, and post paid, by mall or express, on receipt of price.— • Address all orders to I BKKOER. SSHUTTS k GO., C hemists, fibU-Jy No. 28i River St, Troy, N. Y. Separator Oapilli. Throw away your false Irina. jour switch**, your wig— i Destructive of comfort, and not w orth a fig ; ; Come aged, come youthful, c >me ugly and fair i And rejoice in your own luxuriant hair. RLPAUATOB CAPJtU. For restoring hair upon bald beads (front i whatever cause it may have fallen out) and fore • ing a grow th of hair nnnn the face, it has no equal. It will force Inr beard to grow upon [ the smoothest face In from five to eight w eeks, I or hair upon bald heads in from two to three ! months. A few ignorant practitioners have | asserted that there is nothing that will force or I hasten the growth of the fetii or beard. Their j assertion# arc false, as thousand* of living wlt ! newe* (from their ow n experience) ran bear witness. But many will say, how are we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious ? It certainly is ditficalt, ss nine-tenths of the dif ferent Preparations advertised for the hair and beard arc entirely worthless, and you may have already thrown away Urge amounts in their purchase. To such we would say, try the llc parator Cappilli; It will coal yog nothing un . lesv it fully cornel up to our representation*.— If vour Druggi-l does not keep It, send us one dollar and we will forward it, postpaid, togeth er with a receipt for the money, which w ill be returned you on application, providing entire satisfaction U not given* Address. W. L. CLARK k CO., Chemists, No. 1 West Fayette Street, Hyracuse, X. V. feb-7ly WHISKERS & JUST ACHES! JyORCED to grow upon the xmoothwt ? fooa in from thro*to five weeks by using r. *EVTf*NE*a HHrrATOATEUiI CA PILL.MHE. tho most jryuunrful dlscovt?;' in nedern artihg upon |hti and Hair in up almost mitatulcMiH met mar. , It hen been mtffd If the elite ot Pnris nod London with tlm moj, fiuttering aueceait. — I Names oftl poruhMenj will be reginlorod, and if entfre juittsfiwiion is net given in ; every ineUoeiL the moucy will be thecrfully j refunded. Price by mail, seeled and poat jmid. sl. Inscriptive circulars end testi ! moniuls meil**{ Addnn**; UKHGKK, ! SBITTTS A VO., (’hemists, No. River ! Street, Troy, S. Y., Hole agents for the j Tnited Siale, felil l-ly | FEMALE CULLED I ATE AND I nu.c AC AIILMM UTiT IXTE. TRAC II K II H . liteii .i n r d i:i'a it rv;.v r. Hov. Joha A. Ml NHOK. A M. Mis M. Un Futbt.g, M- K L. Miss Marv V. Manning. Mis* Ada Hiilingden. MVS IV AI. l> VP A U TMtS T. Mrs. Fannie K. Munte. mills IMsm UTfoN Will commence I the Yotl SESSION of it-. SIXTH Bcbolostio vein* on MONDAY. KKU RUAKV 4tli. is7. Pupils will be re ( ceived u nty timr, und charged from time 1 of entrance. AS A UO Alt DISC *('110 OL. It* nnml.or of Hoarding Pupil* dm ing the jiast year wa* U* fenmloa. and D nndea.— 1 Hie Principal receive* vn/f ux lemalcs into Kin family : a number ol other* may board with families in the town. Those wishing to occupy the vacancies not yet filled, wul please make rui /y appli ration. The ncootnmoilatton.t for Ronnlere ero hco teparale buildings, built of brick. That 1 for the Male Department is tin* residence of the Uev. .1 ON ATMAN M NKOE (Futlief Of* the Principnl t, whose paternal wire u ill be over hut boarders; that for the Female Depart i merit is occupied by Ue I’rineipul. lh* re will not be any uotniuuuiealioii between these departments. Kacb will ;i* a yu/nWjr.tttlbruiugahome to iu boarders. A .S’ .4 I>A y SCHOOL. Number of Day Pupils, during the pit*l year, fill, making a total of 107 PupiU. Accommodation* are fixe corn mo. houa rooms, vix: The young men's study room--- thuboysstudy room tiicyotingTadic*'study room—the Primary room, and the I eeture room. Department Primary. Pi.-jairutory and Collegiate: three grades of rla>sr in each Department—ln Music, superior admit* luges. Latin taught gratuitously. Ktjteciol attention given to nft (trinenlar# principles: also to Pcnmansltip (plain and 1 fancy): to Hook keeping; to Spelling. Head ing ami F.locution. ’ Six grades >f Tuition, from $4 up to k ’ sl2 per quarter. , For Circular* address KBV. JOHN A. MCNUOK, jan24 Principal. A Lecture ! To loimg Men. , Just PuU*k*J, im <i Stoltd Kmrtlopr. I i LE< TURK oo the Nature. Treatment, and ,*\ Radical Lure of Spermatorrho-a. or Sem inal W. akn>-, luvoluuUi v EtnUrion*. Sexual 1 Debility, and Impeditueiitii to Matting*' irmr ally .Servo uni cat, (kuisumptinn, I. e depay, 1 anrl Fit* ; M.nlal and I’hv deal Incapantv. fr f Milling from Self Abu.e, dr.-Bv UURt'RT J. >' CULYKRWELL, M. 1., Authoi of iho • Ureeu Book, *r. • The world-renowned author, in tld* adndra 1 Me Lev tare, clearly prove* from hu own expe rience that the awful ronneqaeruvH of Seif- Abuse may be effectually removed without | medicine, and w Ithont dange*on vnrgiral ope -1 rations, bongies, instruments, ring*, or rordiole. I pointing out a mode of cure stouce Certain and > ' effectual, by which every sufferer no matter : vR k * hi* condition may be may cure hirntelf 1 chraplv, nrivalelv. and radically. THIS I.EC i , TIKI \YIuL PROVE A BOGS TO TUOt& • i ANDS AM) THOUSANDS. : j Sunt uudur c*L lo anr addre**. in a plam , scab d euv. lope, on tit** rveelpt of nit ceof. or two j.-uge Mam ns. Alan Dr. (,’iilvi rwoll’* 1 “Man i.igc Gmd./’ prise 85 ceiib. Addrca# the 1 : pub!i.lipr*, CHAS J. T. KLINE A CO., 127 Bowavv. Nfw Ymk. I I jail 17 post tofflee n.tx i^C. CRISPER COMA. j Oh! *!•• wax beautiful ami fair. > uh ftarrv ever, and radiant Lair. Whosa curling Uudril* *oft, entwined, j Knekaiiied the very heart and uii|id. <lll NFI it COM 4, i For ( tilling the Han of either Sex into AVarr and (10,,y Kinglet, nr 11. av v Maasive Curb. By using this article Ladies and G nIU-nien can t'caullfv Ih mselves a tbonnand fold. It i. the only article iu the world that will car) , 1 straight hair, and at the same lime give it a J beautiful, glossy appearance. The Crisper Coma ! not only rails the hair, but iuvign. at#**. I. ant. I lies and cleanses in is highly and Ji )ightfu)lr I peifumed, and i lha most complete article of I the kind uvn offered to (he American pablie, i The C t*per C’ouia will he scut to any addrtss, I sealed and post paid for £l. i Address *ll orders |o W. b. CLARK I CO., f’ I No. 3 Wet Fan* lie Street, Svracese, N, fvliTly (treat liulueeiuents OFFERED BY STOUFFER I HOFFMAN, New Windsor. j I ADIBS I)HESS GOODS ol C.ial, La 'I J die*’, Masm* and Childrens' Hoods at half price. Wc have this dv commonced closing out our large stock of liee 1 DRESS GOODS at Cost. Call and got some luirguln*. STOI'FFKH A HOFFMAN. New Windsor, JanlO-ly* ALEXANDER FRAZER, Uoek and Match Maker. I IV; forms the Public that fie has oponed a Shop for the transaction of busingas at Mr. Trumb * r a, lowpr end of Waatmitifitor, In the room for merly occupied by Dr. Ilering ax an office. Being un old experienced Clock and Watch Maker, not a repoirir meroiy. ho flatters himself that he can give every satufacTJoa to hi* employers. Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Ac.,. repaired at short notice, in the best itiaimcr, and on most accommodating terms. June 11-lf ThiMp rometh glad tidiugs of joy to all, To young and to old, to great .md to mull ; The beauty which once was ao precious and iarr. Is free fur all, and all may be fair. Ily flic liar of CIIABTK h L A K ’ 8 White Liquid ENAMEL, F® Improving aud Beautifying the complexion. Tec most valuable and perfect preparation to use, for giving tbe *kin a beautiful pearl-like lint, that ip only found in voulh. It quickly removes Tan, Freckle*, Pimples, Blotches, Moth Patches, Sall.wo***s, Eruptions, aud alt imparities of the sklu, kindle healing (hr <*olo leaving (he skin white and eieoi a* al.ibaatcr.— Its use cannot bp detected by lltc elos.-r i ecrati ny, *nd being a vegetable nrepacflhiu is per fectly harmlcar. It •• the nly srticlp of the kind used by lb* Freneb, and is oossidetsJ b y ars. fast year, a ufficuntffuar*nu*eof its eiffcacy. 'Pt lcc only 75 ctnts. Rent by mail, putp^aM, on receipt of an order, bv BKUdEfb HfICTTH k (V., (’Ucmbts. fcbli-ly 2R5 River Ht., fray, N. V. MESTMDSTKU HOTEL, I‘ETEU 11. HENRY, i*koi*hii;tor. 18 now open for the accommodation i*f the travelli.ig Public, and every poasible at tention given to the comfort ol guest. o*n if. —6m Peter It likesell. Wholesale ft KrTAll. Dbalkh in boots, apvjb,) hats, cap? Croctriti. uiouturt mu! JjttUher. ¥_T A VING jnst returned from the Cities f| d Philadelphia and Bdntnore. with tho UvigcMt and beat quality of articles in bin lino over before offered for onl* in Carroll Cuuiilv, rvnpeetfullv informs his friend# and tho citizens of the County generally, that hr is still al the uldaUud, a few doors above * the Railroad, and alii keep constantly on I hand, ni WhoUfiflim and Retail, a writ us sorti*d Mock of Mens', Hoys' and Children's ; 00079 .1 M> Men's. Roys and Children'* lint* and Caps, of all size# and anslitle# ; also n select variety of fjnlirs' and Mi-ves’ Roots and Shoes, afl J of which a ill I** sold at the lowest cosh prices. ‘ OROCKRIKS . r A large Stock alwnvakept on liaml. such as Rio and data C dfrrs. Extract of Coffee, H Teas of all kind#, Crn.died and Brown Sugars, . Syruna and Sugar House Molaaaes. (hiking do . Baking Soda, Sal So*la. Rice, Pepper, ~ Allspice,Cinnamon,Cloves,Mostard, Ginger. , Mace, Indigo, Starch. Madder. Alum, Soap, f Cream of Tarter. Kish. Bacon, Lard. (}, A u Salt, Fine Salt, hr the Bushel or Sock. Coal r Oil and I.amps, Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Scgara. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQCORH, p Consisting ofßortand Malaga Wines, French ! Brandies, Holland and Country Gin, N. E. Rum. Old Rye. Monongnhela ami good Cop ner-di-tillod Rectified Whiskeys, (Unger Brandy. Ac.; also a large lot of Boilied Liq . nor#, consisting of French Brandy. Bottled in l/hAI, (Unger Urnndv, Blackberry, Wild Cherry and Roaphenv Brandies, Pori Wine, v LEATHER, Silo'S JHXMXG.S, dt\ A large stock of luntlher always Kepi on hand, embracing Sole and I 'pncr I .eat her. I Calfskins, Tampico and Madras. Grained h Morocco, I Julies' french Finest Morocco. - Pink Linings, Bindings. Ac.; also a well sc hflcd stock of Shoe Findings, viz: all the y differ tmtnlmrs of Shoe Pegs. Shoe Thread, d Shoe Strings, Shoo Knives, Rasps, Patent 1 Pegging Awls, Sowing Awls. Patent Peg ring Awl Handles, Lasting, Locks, Nails, o Bristles. Sand Paper. Guns, Lasts. Hooks. I lam mars. Pinchers. Knippers. Peg Cutters, Rubbers, Tyelets, Ac. C E n A R W A R E , Consisting of Baskets, Tuba. Broom#, Shoe ( Blacking and Brushes, Wash Hoards, Ac. / PJ*N*. B. All Goods In Im‘ \\ hulcuded lor retailed to suit purchasers. •eaT'llc returns his thanks for the liberal patronage extended to him, and will do I everything in his power to merit its coiitiu I nance. PETER R. MIKESELL. 1 dcc“ly. ATTENTION ! I HE Larges! and most cutupb t< of . rrit!\i rru i: in Westminster, is now being offen d l<* the 1 public, hv IKA E CIIOCSE. at his NEW ; AMKO.MMODIOC.s ; ir A R K ROOM N , located about one hundred yards Ea.-l of th Railroad Depot, and nn.,*! opjM**iie tin J j Catholic Church. r . His Stock has been pn retain'd in Pbila 1 dclphia for the eaab, and consists of the ' i latest and most improved M\le., six: PARLOR SUITS, n fete a !•♦(*>. S<<fa. Marble top Cluster at? I i Be iiim i Table*. Spring-son! ( hair*; li>. • Cbairiirr Suits, consisting of spleiididb *■ fiui-lu-d 18. Mid Cornered Bedstead*, Marble top Dressing Bureaus, Marble top Euelo- ! Wash Stands. r IIA Ills. Ilia selection of Cane and Wood #cal Chair# I it ini p. • and of the most lulfatanthd make > : Hu will a.cp constantly o:i band a large , and very superior Slock of Furniture of his own manufacture. ('(>/’/’/ XB. i Being in nosae&Mon ol n new ami very eh pant IILAUSK. ;.e in prepared i<i lurnish COFFINS and attend Funerals st the short 1 | aat notice, ul prices that will always give I satiafuctioii. I!** keeps also a large and well ebif.d • lot of v , 1 N TOT KB, Jf.’ * which In* can recommend to be nfWy^aJ the latent and most improvi d |.tii r 1 terns, eoiubting of Cooklag. Parh.j and r : office Stove*. He Invites all C.\anii:ui Id. Slock before , i purcluosiiig l*ew here. By a etrurt und luitliful aUeulion In bn#i ness, he hopes to reoeßc n slum* of publie patronage. IK \ E. Cdwtrsi:. N. B. Old Eninliuru tmd Chairs, repair , cd and paintid on reasonable imia, | decT-ly. Navo Your Wonrv. * ■ : IIV (JKTTISO YOl'll eon Its AT A. M. WARNEJgMS NEW STOKK, WEST END, WKSTMINSTEU, , \\ tx. h.i. (ilwiijs on hand u fine Moctiou ol I lOKEItiX AND DOMESTIC DRY DODDS, , yitm #, Groceries dr. PUT PliankCul for the increasing (uitron* I age, and hopeful to merit a continuance of i the same, THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Salt* and Short Profits. . A. M. WARNER. ! upfi LUMBER & COAL. H. W. Dell k (o. Westminster, Md. WE would inform the citizens of West minster and anrronuding country, that we ore prepared to furnish them at our vards at this place and I’nlmi Bridge, with lit'>l III: It of All kind#, iiu4n4iiig While I'lnr, Hemlock, Building Huber, iShimtles, laths. Pickets 4c, 4c., All selected by an experienced Lumberninn, which wc art? to sell very low for cash. Also Stove and Blacksmith's Coal by the ton, and I.imebiirnor's Coal I'V the car. and examine for vouraclve* a.W.Dki., i cb. ! CHOI,ERA PREVENTIVE! \. IN. 1.. 1 nn: amu r xisgari iiittmis. Tins woNiiKurn. kkmkdt ... etotl wad iatmdocod about twenty y r ar I by hr, s. Chfupou, an eimnent Kgypii^,, | i ffia had long seea and fell the want of Mine j uu*dr which would an ike at llic root of 4i.. rase, and * prawn! much of the safe ring i which the human family was then rerupolled tv endure. The great question was presented (obis ai| , every day in vivid colors as be moved among the sick ami dvnig, and observed the ineffieim cy of oeai I v all the remedies then la use. Thus he was lead to think and experiment; and after leu year* of study snd labor, he presented to hi* fellow man the wonderful Zingarl Hitlers. The eßert of this preparation iu the prevention and earn of disease, was so marvellous and as [ lonishing. that the most flattering marks of royal favor were bestowed upon him who di covered It. His uaiue was placed upon the Uoll of N'obh-s, and a gold modal with tho f„|. lowing iacription—Dr. M. t'henpsus. the I’nblir Henefactor—.was piceented to him by the Yle- The preparation has beet Sard In severs epidemics of rhulora, both as a preventive sad curative measure, aud with such great that it has been iutrmiaeed into ncailv ail the . general hosuitals of the old world. The obi sa\ing that an ounce of prevention J ia worth a pound of cure applies with marvel lout force to cholera, and therefore anv remedy that will protect us egaiasl this terrible disease should be Creelv and pereislciitlv used. , All pathologists uow agree that the cholera poi-on acta on the svstelu (litoogh the blood, ! and that any combination which acts on tb' | excretory organs, and keep* them in working r order, must prevent n sulllcieiit acrunielalion | of the |tnion to exert its terrible .-O'erts on the I | organism. This is tru- ot only of cholera, but | of nearly all other miladies, especially the dif ferent forms of fevers. The Xingari Hillers is ju sneb a remady as (he above conditions require. U acts on th organs of excretion and secretion, keeping up j a perfect balance between them. This Hitters is composed entirely of lieu and hetbs, m : nicely concocted that etery oigan is acted ap. u J ami pal in lone. It* taste b pleaaant ami its ell* i is prompt and lasting. Numrrouv cans of the following diaeaaaa e have cured by It: Cholera, l)iarrhu. Typhoid and Typhus Fever. Fever. Ague, Xar j vous Dcbilitv. Anaemia, Female Irregularities, Dyspopala. Fialulencr, Colic. Kcmfuia. Ac. Brice, one d<dlar per quart bottle. Brinrlpal Depot al the Walnut street Wharf, Ifarri'burg, |*a. S< Id by Driigelsts, Motel-keeprrs A Grocers. J For Sale in W> stuiios(rr Md. bv Uowaka A I Gkiih. Grocer:, ami A. 11, litwx*.’ Druggist, P. ft AHTER, June 2*,—lyr. , a ohi I*rprictor. <! FALL AND WINTER 1 | OF ISCU (Ml 1 fi. h. (lEItVVVD. WESTMINSTER, MD. ,\ \ ’ 11.1. wlwaj % l foil ml a large anil core* \ \ fully aelntti**! stock of FORLKi.V AMI liOHESTTC DRY GOODS, • Notion#, , Culilnot nml RuiMing Hardworti, Quern h ware, Hnvceriffs- UMTS. SHOES. HATS, if., Floor Ami Inlslc Oil Gloth.*, j . 1 Glii-.s, 1 rnlntf, Diia, Ac., &r .If I'he http—I a-oorioa-itt of LAMPS, Shade*, , Ac . in the Ginnty. lb id ,nr >.*ck Imm loet) mre fully aele terl nn.i js replete, in Domestic fiuorla rs . jM-eLvIIy. wll ii nil the vino, turd makt-a of the ( •.tiutiy, ,*Htl will I.f •ohJ ni * knr rntrs g# (PU !• I DM liHeetl fi r in the City, • - ‘ Cull nml examine lrti*r.- iMireliAaing H. K (IKRNAND. . corner Muir. amlCiHirt streeta. Dr. 11. D itmor, Hji be.-n In sneecssful nraetie*- for a nnmbsr id years, tv Hll the ol the dittcrrnr I. -spit ils in Kutone, tilvn a member of the An jI ■ li* at M.-lifal InvtHule of N-vr \ ok, etwitln . II s|o aitr-nd to all •:*if* —ionil Caers al bb f. ; (See No. VflN Filbert Street Vhllsd. Ipbia. 1 No patent Medicfwr* are used ~r rrenm mended ; the remedies administered are ibit.. uhirb will nut break h*wa the e*tiMi(uiS>n bet M novate III*- sv*|em f.ou* all injuries it has s*t blgVf front mineral medli lues and leave the . * stem iu a heiilthy at d perfertlv cr.;erl con 1 I dilion. eiscrrwtv that distressing iHstait and fill destroy or of health and linpiiiness, vindermia iug tin roust Hut ion ami yearly rarrving thvn :*i to untimely grates, t au moel e'tnfhatical- Mrlauehoip, Ahb*rration that flUl* ofAUeaft. tion and m-Bhues. wf tl-e p jnd whi. b renders pi-raon* iioaput-t.- .d en i,.g the pleasures r pci forming tin- duties ei Iffe, 1 rttri, in any fntmor roi.uitiua, chrtm nic or acute wan ant* d eiu able. ten t mv, or faljjng tick lies, all rhroali; ur stubborn c**- of t KM.U.i; IUSK.VSKi*. , radically rcmov.di Salt Phcum and e#rr description of u|rralioMai I'llc* and irrofulous , diseasi*s which have balib d all previous ■o-dieal skill, can be cured bv toy treatinetit; and I do ! I fF all • liar mm, (tvs Cuxxiupriua ) caabe cured by wearing my lledle(eii Jacket, which is a j ptolvelioii to tli. lungs agaioat all changes nf ! weather in all climatce. Having investigated f* ' years the cause and character *( iiiienuitlewta i i fever and ague) in all parts if the fslalrs ill cure |,amncntlv oil cronie or acute j cose* of ague A airvuos diseases in a few dav.* | t'nxctr Cured wi/Aeaf lk< tm/e or t lil'.od. y Tape Worm (bat dread to the Human FatuUv 1 for y ears, can bo removed with two or threw <lose of my nev. t> di-*u>*id ruoslv, warraa t* din all cases. ('on.uH*ii..r, | n the Knfli-i, ' and German Languages free of charge. WHI 1 any iU#Mtgc if dexired. Mav he : addressed by letter (cne.jidenlUtly) and Mrdt. < j cine sent with |>rupcr dirrcUtuu iu anv part of ■ the cuuntrv. j June 7,—ly. UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory. CAtIUET, \ J. RESTEHRfinoK A CO. Steel Pm ‘ • Mantifoclurcr#, Won Uoum*. 4ud Arch . Mi iet., Bhlloililphio, 12 John Strn-t, New Tl.e-o fVlel,ruled Bona nr#i of fkmuiiu American Manufacture, nnd enmprioe evetb leading style in the Market, and are equal u fimrli. elasticity ond fHt(*ne> rtf ivdnl to tho best imported. Thcr arc, tKcre|rc. sure to gain tliecuulidcuco of the American public, J Sampfrt and j>rtrct on } Made to Order, nf any paKeni ag at Amp rtntiirod. • 11 % m, For SO* loUia Trad* a i* ■ t.icturar # vt archousc. a flhnv'a j at retail by alt Statiuiteni, Bookaullara arul News Dealer# iu the Uoitad SMSm u. ESTEUOUOOK * CO. ni) It) ly Daily Passenger aal MAIL LlllE, Irom ficltjrslmrg and I.ittluMo.n. Co*. nccA* with the Com at W<n|qy^||^t#p doc.Mf Jm,N "• * • VV . WEBITiav Slut*’* AKurni }, ATTORNEY-ATEAW, j.vd solicitor is cyAsantr, Office over Ftizdl i M.vnniol't Brokw'v Officer, d doors below HartboloVg h I Md. 4ec7-lyv