Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 28, 1867 Page 1
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mi: iii:\iiH i(\Tn advocate. vom nr. ii.m iiiii: in. THE DEUMIUTIC ADVOCATE. j„. M. Piittr, Kilitor out Proprietor, No. M Caßwiu. 11 o.i- TV* h published every THURSDAY MOUSING, and furuDhod to Subscribers at fI.AO per Annum, In Atlvniur. pf not paid in advance Two Dollars will be charged. No paper will lw discontinued until all arrearages are paid, except at our own option. HATCH OF ADVKUTISINQ. 1 eqaare, $ Insertions, $I; each subsequent tmertion 2* cento; I *|dare three months $.1.60, aix mouths S'*. Dusiness Curds of taa lines, or less, per annum. Ah. Mer chant* and other bu miens men, including the paper: One* fourth of a column, per year, HIVK Half a column. ** Y*.n<l Oae column, HAND IIII.IA A sixth of a Sheet, fur lor !> $2.00. Quarter Sheet, for 2*. si.for l‘>', >~.7* Half Sheet. ** d-'o. A** ASTROLOGY. The World Astonished At THR wosmenm.l;;\ n ations MADE BY THE GREAT A.STUOI.OGIST, Madnme 11. A. FEUBIGU. Shereveal* secret no mortal ever knew Kha reetore.s to happinc.s those who. from doleful events. cat<trophy*, croo** in lov> Dm of relations and frimids. (him of monev Ac., have Imcome despoadcut. She bring long <*pantii*d, iufur nation concerning absent friends t lov *r-. restores lost or stolen proju-riv. ti ll* \.n the business ysu are le*l qualified to pur<n<* and in what yon will he mod •oiccvs*|'ul. rausr.s speedy marriages und t ils yon the i vary day you will marry. k’im*< v.ii tin? name, likeness and characteristic-, of the per* •on. She reads your very thoughts, mid l*v In r almost sutM-nialur.d powers hiimmls tin* • lark and hidden mysteries of the future From the stars wests* in the liriimuient -the tal*-li< stars (hat overeome or predoiuiimi*- ia the configuration—from tin* a peels and petition* of the planets nnd the |i\el slurs nthe heavens at the lime of birth, she de daea* tin? future destine of man. Fail not I'-mi-.ilt the grentes! A-drologHl on upth llcusta y>(( Dot a trille. and > u in > n-•• have so favorable tin opportunity.— ('onrnllation fee. with likeness nod all dc sired information, SI. Hurtle* Irilngat a dwtaney mn e insult tin; Miidainy by mail. Uh *pi a | Mtfety and Mli'.fuelion to them ••Ives, as If in person. A full ami explo it •hart, written out, with nil inquiries un **efrd and likeness enclosed, sent by mail os receipt of prut* above mentioned, 'flu* strictest aeere*v will be maintained. and ; !| e>'reapon<|eii<s> return oil nr destroyed.— '• ’ferancOß of the highest order furnish.*d those desiring them. Write plainly the dnv of the tnouih midyear in which v,.i were lurn. eiu losing a Mtiall loch of hair. Addre.*. Madam* II A. I'F.ItHICO, P. 0. l>lUW'l!ft I"':!, DiiOklo. V. V. febMy SASH. BLIND, DOOR AND Furniture Factory. SIfORB, I.KISTF.R S SII UU'FF.II, l | AIN SlrPi’t, West untie Roilroa'l, Imv. .ft, on hand and Manufacture to order r a.vies, it u x ns , ■ noons, 4 every article nermann to a Uuilding. illtwnilt experience in our hu>i si in saying we ran sell ter advantage then can n. tE.XGTH TO THE HICK. AYXE’S *en euri-d!* •can he cured.* I I POUND can be cared.* •cau h* cured.' ALT or ‘eaa be cured.’ j ’can he cured.' THE 'can be cured.* ‘can be cured.’ j iUEDV. ’can be cured.' rrieoce, and the great a iom all parts of the world dard and reliable remedy Iroocliitis, Nervous Debit - lover Complaint, Pains In ill diseases of the Air Pa- ÜB. MVAV.NE A Sou , .1, l-kila.MphU. WIT REESE. Westminster. ! Sur.tub ! Scratch I! IUE.NT cur hrh i„ from . 'TETTER' .. . Oi.tMi.t, ■TETTEH' ;tetteh; I KMOITN •TETTER. ■TBTTBR’ FAIL 'TETTER' •TETTER' ISO THIS •TETTER' •TETTER’ EATING 'TETTER' •TETTER' •LAINT. 'TETTER' H.U It brut., Scld U.d, Skin DR. HWAYNE A SON. bj H M. REESE, AA'rtminsf.*r. "s L CORDIAL, Uich, Vnmitinir, uud u)l . of lb. 80w.),, u* I without IhllUtd• ; wfll (ri* im lu* icli.f WR, REESE, Westminster. GO&8UOH, AVCTIOSIEEB, rvicß to the public in the yj and will attend urompt in all cases. .Addreus, nkaburg District, Carroll jnn!7-tf WESTMINSTER Ml). THURSDAY MARCH 28 1867. . NEW COAL AND i. rmn k n )■ .1 /.* n ÜBGEN STRKKT, VTTIIB DKI*O'I 1 WESTXIX.STKU, Ml). ,1 | rrCyis-f; u l.umlirr mill 4 o;il ItusliifiiM, I i ‘’I 1 / ,r0,111 nt the IhriMit. Wn.tininittnr, Mil.. Il"‘ nmlir-i,; llnkulhi* iiihluiil ul ' , “S‘‘! U "K Ihf ptttronege .if the imWii. 11.. I h ill lure on hiiml. end lie ). f"]m r..- 1 to M .|| . • “II I ihe 10w,..1 ~,i.|i pH,.... a f„i; , • ipjil.v of. eaeoned M.tM, nn.l 8-4 i; Hoards and Hank. * I Kli’orji.j, \V.-ntl, ng, Si.lin- nn.l f, him in.-. Shin,dr,. Ijnh. nn.l I‘iekrtn. i ftiHi all oilier material kept in a Lumber Yard. I I III' ‘ll 1.1,0 I.OM, for talc llrok.-n. K , Nnl nn.l ICU Vl„ from ll .■ w.dl kliown I , shninokin Min.-,, m il,.- ~r M,j j pnwnpl ntfrntion to hu 11..-.., ' "i;.- >hr 1,-t 1,-, 1„ .hr Murk, i. ni.J .loin* j . i' 11 i "’ I 'ln'- i-ii.ioiner,, 1 . ho hopes iu command u share of public j * • patronage, EH’.YARD LYNCH. I * fiddly LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! m IIK n- I i(n..l 1.-.,i,., i.l i|,. lr * NK'V HU Minv a M U llln'k simps . urtr Ih- 11. 11. Sitfini,. in •- "'dll' inf il. public tb i1,,., Bow I., ri.iv,-., |i| . ..mill, T.i ■ lion.. 1 Il i.lci. 11,.11 ... V.... I. ,1,. ll*k. ""'VI ••n.l 11-u. Hi I'lul •. (Vll.r Win! d.,w <lit,<, 1'..1, I'ol 1i,.u., ..,,1 in and r 0., fornSl,. Urn. I 1..1'; Sjn. I.ilh b.*nrtl . .-.on. I. !.■ f.,. Hu- wmnl. ir. ■ lornc I'uivi-rn mill i'llr.1.11;; Kl;i<'llin<'U, <••• -••-. and riouirh. of dilf-rml kind- Inn would call purliruUi ,h,ir i Jnillr r-l.hml .1 T II I'l.n, -I, Ir "l-rir■■ |-|..„ / h," A1 o iln-lr ,II ui. -uII <■ It I I \ It It | I. |, for ... inj. nil ,„u„„,.r „f |n.-ln>e 0.1., 1 Mi, in* t'n . lu*- Mvchatiickt cmulovrJ, will cunrant. • atit < linn. WAdu.NKR A MATTHEWS. IWlli Extracted Witlioiit Pain. nv Tim csk of the M’l'itni n imiii; <:. m Wr. *II iiti.ns 111 1.1. l \ ).s|,;; t, i> h x r / .v r. ■XT Ills OKPK.'E, Adjoining lii Father's lleuidcnre, i XVoMmiunt.-r, Mil. \yilEllK l„.„,~l.ofn„„,l nl all rimes' ' r.o ~. Il.i 1.,,. I-, \V,.l,ir..luj- ~f nor, 1 month.—ri-nminino until SntimUv. * I il - it I w ediifndnr .■ month. - remaining until Snturdnv. < '-ir.l M r.) lav r.. rv n.milh, I „ iiniil I ridnv rt-rnine. 7unri/tnwn .;,| 1 li.hrv month,- r.i I until the WjeviiieiKlav followin'’ dcc7-Iy. up I t NOTICE. A Clocks, JEWELY,: SILVER PLATED WARE. SI’KI’TACI.KS, 3II.VKU, lil)I,I), I’I.ATKI) A STi-a-a, watch chains. : AT MOORE’S Jewelry Store, NVar Hail Rond, Westminster. i 1 WL-Wnlchwi, Clock., uiid Jewelry, enre- ! full}' Repaired and warranted, j unoH WILLIAM MOORE, j mHIS H. HUBER Kl Snm ssor to 11 1 tir.n A Rovkk.i Vl * Curroll Hull, Westminster, IiKILLK IX OH I OS, CHEMICAL*. I\{ TEST MKDICISKS, t'ASCY ARTICLES. PKHFi'MEIi )\ dr. 1 I rUYSICIANS’ PRESCRIPTIONS neatly ' un<l accurately compounded. Depot for the manufacture of , HKHIXC' S ComjxM.Hd Syntp of lUark berry /toot. noSO-tf BOOTS & SHOES. JC.ST receivp<| and for mlc a fresh and lrg) lot of Philudclpliia m | j ( murn Made ffl ; HO °TS AND SHOES, I coniaiin* i n rt of . I oluih Kid, Morocco, oil Goal, . Ac., Ac., all ot which will be sold at prentlv reduced prices, by * • T. S EC’KFRT ’ M^s ,wr - ,h v, I r'i w >t'oT Mm. Sbnner u Millenary store, Wortmin Ur - “ d J dncSO SIOO SIOO SIOO SOLDIERS EXTRA BOUNTIES COLLECTED BV A. D. SCHAEFFER, V/estminslcr, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO GEORGE W. SI'LLIVAI, Constnbcl, General Collector, and City RallllT, \iri Liu attend promntlv to all his official * T ( fon*tabl M nd liailiff, and to the ( ollection of all claims placed in hU e hands. He may be found at all limes, except when i, absent on business, at Cook’s National Uo -11 tel. atlho Railroad, Westminster Md. dcc27-3m In I'mirtliij Our I nlon, t lif (urrlUl to Preirnr ;ilo Onr dill Llbci-tir'. CLAD MEWS FOU Tin; Clf FORTH X ATE. BELL'S SPECIFIC REMEDIES I Are xviirranlet in ]] rn ie*. f„r the Speedy ind Permanent Cure of all diseases arising from sc tun I ixcfMi'n r Voi Tlin I. INDISCRETION, Som Ilia I Un, Nlehtlr Kmisilons and Sott'iul Dreauis: UlMlisl. Phy.lrsl a.. i Nervous Do biliiy. Impotence, IHect. .Sexual Dlso.ucs, Ar. \o ( tr.ingf* of l>l<'( Ik Vcrrstinry. Tht'v rsn le used without detection, snd never fail to cITitI a cure, if used secordlng to In ti uctioiir. Bell’s Specific '.Pills, I’lb.llar per Box : or Six Doxev for I In 1 bill ai h ; aim) Large lioxei, rontaiuing I Fonr Small. Price Three Dollar*. Kfom four to ix boxen are generally renuir ! ei) to enre urdinaM- ea*e of Seminal Weaknem •ml KiniiMion*. though b.-nctli ia derived from In Chronic ra>.. and partienlarlv w h<*n Im i polene. or (. niul D. bilitvwiih NervouiPrna nation boa afT.cted the ly-tom, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are turnmnirniK'd a. tin' itm.t Rfflcu<.|.in. < Rv inrln.lin- nu.l Imi-urUlnz in Ihe I world. A I'ut-k.c, Pil.-v Five D'.lUr., will u.i . m..nth, mid I. It'-ii'-i ally .utfivnout. In Wlrvinr CUM-, of Il.blUlr and Impolancc HKI.T/3 EXTKRXAI. UEMEDY, ! Cric-c Two Dollar,, .olhviont f..r a monlh, can I- ■ I advantage. j It sivcSl.-nirlli In the Organ., and, with! ihr I'illa, will rvatore tllcm lu thrir normal ■ \ I- vt.l- hid of 100 pa.m. „n (hr ERRORS * OF Ylli ru.dv.ikn. .1 a. a Urturcand (•u„ii.,n ' I" Young Men, mul free, Tin Omits re|iiiredto i CAUTION! TI.-ahma Rv-midlr, b.rrßinw bar I. bcf„rv 1 llo* I’uhlii ntanr years, and their great sueecs* I in the db t Mtion of human misery, has rxriled 1 the cupidity rf •erorai parlies, who use the i , name ‘'Speeiflc Pills,* copy mv labels, eircu- ' lar anti advertis4ments. sometimes word for | rxoi.l, and put up worthless compounds that j diapp<>iut the just expectations of the purchaser J If yon cannot purchase Hsi i.*s Srrnnr Hr*- I i nn s of your Diuggi-t, take no other, but send i the money direct to Da. J \ MES BRYAN, I ('•insulting Physician, Mf U.oadway, New York, and yon will receive them by return of mail, I post paid, and free from observation. More Valuable*. than Gold! Bryan’s Life Pills I‘rjuyy rut: hlood. Remote ||eadache,T>ixviness. Giddiness, Prow- } sines*. I npleaant Dm sms, Dimuesa of i alight, ludigestiun. Cleanse the Stotn srh and Howrls. Insure NEW LIKE in the debilitated, snd lit Suk In Ptr/tr! Ihahi. Purely Vegetable, Trv them ! they only coat W cents, and if rou ; cannot get them of your Druggist, send‘the money to Ds. J A >IES 11R VAN. | Consulting Physician, HU Broadway, New York. > And they wilt be sent by return moil, poatpaijL > If yon require a reliable remedy t- restore yon. and remove Irregularities or Obstructions, j i WHY NOT USE THE BEST? 1 Every Lady knows the slightest irregularity of nature i* liable to bring on Headache. Did- 1 dines*. Low .Spii its. Kainling, Hyaterios, Ac.; , then the bloom of health fades, the appetite tails, and other symptom* more distressing com- j ray nee. *•—Weakness, Spinal Complaint, the i Whiles, Prolapsus, Ac. Ac. | A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY will be found in I Dr. Harvey t Female Fills. j i The experience of thirty yean has proved they , have no equal for Rrmortng Obhtruelions and ' , lrrcgulai matter from what cause they ■ *yi.*e. They are Safe and Sure in every cast*. Upward* of rO.(NK) Boxes are sold annually, and | no complaint of Iheli effiraeT |* ever beard, i for they accomplish what they are represented Sold in Boxes, roHlaimiuy Sixly POtt. Price I One Dollar. Dr. Harvey's (toltlrn Fills I Is a remedy four dwgrees stronger than the : above, and intended for special cases of long i standing. Price Five Dollars per Box. A l’Rl\ ATE CIRCULAR to Ladies, with floe i Anatomical Engravings, sent free un receipt of directed envelope and stamp. Send for lIK. HARVEY'S PRIVATE MEDI CAL ADVISER, addressed to Females—-64 rages —giving full instructions and information, 10 cents required for postage. If you cannot purchase the Pills of vour Druggist, they will be sect by mail, pot wd, secure from observation, on receipt of the money, by Da. JAMES BRYAN, Consulting Physician, July 12-1 y. Hit Broadway, York. Dr. Bryan’s Medicines T Have on hand for sale the following val- I able Medicine* which arc described ill l>r. J. Bryan’s advertisement in the * - Dcin. Advocate,” Hr. Boll’s Specific Pills, Hr, Harvey’s Female Pills. . Hr. Bryan's Life Pills. 9 Hr. Bs. other medicine* can also be pro cured through the undersigned when reqair* A. H. HUBER, Druggist, Westminster, Md. nov 2lt, tf. EXCELSIOR! EXCELSIOR! I • CIIASTKLLAtt'S Bair Exterminator 11 ran keiio visa siverflvovsbaik. To the ladies eepeciallv, this inrulimble depilatory reoommeudj iuolf aa being an almoiil indispoHiiblearticli- to female beauty, t eaetlj applied, does not burn or injure the •kin, but arts direelly on Ihe roots. Uis I warranted to remove aupt-rfluoue hair from low foreheada, or fremanjr part of the bodv. oompletelr, toullv and radtoullv exiiroeunk the tame leavinj, the ekin .oft, '.moothand I natural. T hi. u the only article need be the i French, nnd 1. the only real effectual depila tory in cxiulcnoe. Pnce 76 ceau par park i age, sent postpaid, to any address, on receipt of an order, by HEROER, SHITTS A Co., Cheimala. febll Jy ’ 285 River St., TroyTvTi. From the I 'iiyfuia Coim i-ruing th> HnlvJng of flic Ki onxe Maine nl ( hlrl JuvHcc Alisrstiull. We are glad to see you, John Marshall, toy boy, So Ircsh from the chisel of Bogt>rs! (Jo take your lUoil on the Monument there. Along with the other old codger-; With WnHiiugton, Jefferson. He* ury aiid such, ; Who sinned with a great tronsgi e-.don, In their old fa-'hioned notion* of Freedom and RlKht. And lliolr hatred of wrong aul oppressicn! You come rattier late toynar pedestal, John, For sooner you should hare htrn here ; for the volume you hold is bo longer the law. And this in n>> longer Virginia. The old Marhall-law, yon expounded of yore, Is row not at all to tbs purpose; And martial-law of tin bcw Brigadier Is strobg-r thau iubtat So keep y ..u the volnme shal with care, For the days of the law arc over ; Aud it needs all your brass to be holding it there With “Jfifirt" inscribed SB ibo cover. Could life awaken the limb of bronze And Maze in the burnished ejro, W hat would ye do w ilh yoor moment of life, j Yi* ;neu of the days gone by ? W iulJ ye chide us 01 pity n , blu>h or weep, V* men of lle days gone by ? Would Jefferson bar up the icroll he hold*. That time has proven a lief And Mar hall -but the volume of law, And luy it down with a sigh ? Would Mason roll up the Bill of Rights, Fi oio a i aee unworthy to seas* it ? j And IL ury dash down tht eloquent sword, And Uug a against the graaiu ? And W ashing to n. seated in massy strength On the charger that paws (he air, Could he see bis sons in therr deop disgrace, | - Would he ride so proudly there? IL 1 w ould get him dow n ft otu hi* big brass horse, And cover his face at our shame; I For the land of his birth Is now ‘District One' - i > irginia was once the name I • R A\ OLD VIRGINAL \\ bile Mr. llamfolph rarely, ii ever ! Ik-1 o(i racing, yet he waaalways a great 1 atiuiircr ot the spuria of the turf, as it | his custom to attend all races be ; tvvi cn huracH ol catablinhud or supposed celebrity. As a pistol shut, or on the f wing with a double barrel gun, he was ( unequalled. lie has bucii kn-.wu to ' (U'Minl niic ol hi* thorough bred horses , with dueling pistol iu his hand, aud itike a particular window pash at 1 ul. I speed. A 100 Ist stand with double bar | rcl gun iu baud, and hit av ordinary , sized marble thrown with the utmost I velocity in any direction. A* a horse- [ ! man and fox hunter he was no let* ccl j i brafcJ. He always roda with very I ! *hort ftrrrujxi, at a rapid trot ora sweep- ! jtug gallop. In person, Mr. Randolph 1 i vva* very feminine and duuinnjutivc iu j stature, lie was live feet eight inches j high, perfectly funned, und very erect; bis step quick and elastic ; weight uev- j er exceeding ninety pounds, complexion | j dark, with very black eyes—and each j I eyes mortal man never hud before or' | since. Ills hair was a lustrous black,

and parted in the middle, over u low ' forehead, and resembled u white baud ! round a black bat The rest of the fea | lures were in perfect accord with lire j whole lace, and w hile young he was re* { ; garded us nut only handsome, but al | most beautiful. lie hid not a sprig of, I beard, and us age auc. disease wore upon 1 j his fragile I tame, his whole appearance j was much changed. lie suffered from j j manhood to his death with gout, in the j inuet t-icruc-iiiliug I'onu. lu Iki-t hi. I plij.ical lufirniitiea, ibo yunwing ul | j ltst-ase, trade him a confirmed misuii- i j thro|H.-. and doubtless had much to do j with that eccentricity which was so no j table a feature of his character, i Before leaving Washington, he learned 1 that his friend Crawford intended vis- ! itiug Georgia during the Christmas hub j idays on important business, aud as he \ lived immediately on the route (be • Georgia Senator had lu travel, he made j him agree that he would call at Roan I oko and eat his Christmas dinner. To | this. Senator Crawford * agreed ; and I true to his promise, reached Roanoke, the home of Mr. Randolph, on Christ mas eve, the 241 h ol December, 1810. The u*ual custom of those days with gentlemen traveling, was iu the old fashioned two wheeled gig. Mr. Ran dolph, Wits of course much pleased to receive so distinguished u guest. Sen ator Craw ford says he found Mr. Ran dolph was greatly improved in health since he patted with him iu Wusbingtuu city, aud in a fine flow of spirits. They sat up until a late hour, discussing the political news of the day, aud meu as Matoainou, warriors. p*ets. philosophers. On retiring to bed. Mr. Randolph said tg his distinguished friend that he had been invited to take Christmas dinner with an old and Mteemed friend, and that, be did not know whether ho (Mr. Crawford) would consent logo, they would "tide over iu the morning.”— Senator Crawford, thinking Mr. R.’s friend lived only iu the neighborhood, consented at once. At this Mr. R. bade him good night. The weather being clear but intensely cold, and Mr. Craw ford much fatigued from his ride from Washington city to Charlotte county, slept soundly. At half past throe o'clock, however. Senator Crawford was aroused from his Hlumbers by Mr. H. and a servant who informed him that he must “bo up, as it was ttiuo to atari on the road to dins." Mr. It approaobed the bod with a htrj:e bowl of strong coffee sod brandy, and said to his frieud; “Drink this, Crawford ; it will open your eyes, brace you for the rids, and give you an appe tite for your dinner." While the Sen ator wss dressing, and sipping the coffee and brandy, Johnny approached and adjusted n huge pair ©fold Enpleh spurs, of the purest metal, nd of great tje, aud artistic dchfru. The spurs on, the Senator was admonished I hail the homes were ready t the door by the ! piwing, und champing of the bn- ; at | the same time Mr K , in i>ce;ili:ir I voice lik • the mellifluous notes of a *i'- ' ver trumpet *;iid : —‘‘Crawford, all is! ready—let’s ride." The distinguished J Georgian approached the door, an 1 by the light of numerous pine torches, he saw three horses in readiness. Mr R. pointing to an immcne block stallion. • lumping, pawing, and snorting, bold J by two Stalwart uegro fellows, said •‘Crawford, mount ibst horse." Mr C. bointr a very large and corpulent ' umn. said : “Mr. Randolph, I can’t ride that horse." “Mount him, Crawford,! mount him," was tfle rfldy. Mr. C remonstrated by saying that he was nut | accustomed to horseback exercise, aud ho doubted his ability to ride that sni- j inal—pointing to the restless black stal lion. Mr. Randolph seemed irritated,' and replied sharply; “Mount sir: mount him I" Mr 0 saw that no ex cuse would J*>, and lie finally consented to mount, which he did. alter great cl- ; I forts, the stallion neighing, panting, pawing and rearing, but the negroes - h°ld him seed'dy till the ponderous Georgian got fairly and squarely in the saddle, well in the stirrups, aud the rein* well in hand. Mr 11. then mounted large bay stal liuti of high mottle, and then came forth Juba, the trusty body servant, dressed in full livery , with cocked hat aud trum | pet. Juba mounted the thoroughbred mire Trafic. Mr R. then said, iu u * dear and shrill voice: “All ready;" at ; that the negroes let loose the black stub | lion. Juba brought one long, loud blast | jon his trumpet, and the horses stood : for a moment as if poised iu mid air, 1 and then with a tremendous plunge, they started. Jilha led the way, follow j od next by Mr. 11. and the bay stallion, j then Mr. C last on the impetuous and ; hard mouthed black stud. The weather being c.J and dry, nnd the roads hard j frozen, the morning atmosphere smote 1 the face as with a shower of needles; ! and the clattering hoofs of those tho- ' roughbreds upon the hard and frozen 1 ground in the stillness of the winter. ' mmmi resounded thro' those old Virginia ! hills like the roar of a cavalry charge. I *^ r - C. being a man of great muscular power, made several efforts to slop the i headlong career of bis stalwart charger, | but the mere he pulled the faster he ran; he finally hallowed to Mr. R to 1 , slop—"slop, that he couldn't stiud it;" j j but to all of his entreaties he turned a deaf ear. and the only response he could get would be the bugle blast of Jubn J far in the van, mounted on the marc | i Trafic, who flew through the air like un j arrow. Every time Juba blowed the! j trumpet tlic black stud rati faster and • faster, until the corpulent Georgian fob j j that nil was lost. i But on they sped, until nearing the | I flat lands of tho Staunton river, when j (he cry of hounds was heard. And to j 'he leil Mr. Crawford cast his eye, be- ; I held an immense pack streaming around the hills toward the Christmas riders j I Übi came the houndi, and o,i went the j horsemen. Soon the Staunton river I came in foil view, which for the mo { i meut. promised great relief to Mr. Craw- , j ford, of Georgia. Consequently he • ■ watched Juba and, considerably j in the advance, as they neared the tur bid und hnimiryg river. Rut as Juba I and the marc struck the river bank, to | the great mortification aud disgust of I Mr. Crawford, in they went; then fob I lowed Mr. Randolph on the mottled bay | I stallion; and finally, Mr. Crawford felt j that all hope was now gone, nnd with a . secret reservation to make one more | desperate effort to check the wild career of his mighty pulled with i j all the power of a giaut; but il was not i of the slightest consequence, for the j first plunge that the black stud made he j was in swimming water. | By this time Mr. Randolph's full I pack of hounds had caught the party, nnd wore swimming and yelping as though they were within fifty yards ot a wounded stag or a real fox The cur rent of the river was rapid, nnd the wa ter intensely cold, and while swimming aud drifting to the other bank, the thought and hope struck Mr. Crawford j that the ride for the balance of their trip would be at their leisure. Hence it was fhal Mr. Crawford w tched again witii no little anxiety, Juba und the mure, still nearing the opposite hank, when, to his horror, as the mare ascen ded the bank, Juba again brought n blast or two on his trumpet; the mare switched the water from her flaxen tail, and on she went—Mr. Randolph second, and Mr 0. aud the black atud third. — The bounds having an even start From the south side of the river, kept up with the Christinas party, aud iu full , cry us though they were on tho warm- I est trail. Soon a second pack joined j the first pack, and so on for every few i miles u new pack would join tho chor- j us. and on they went. Finally Juba | aud the mure quit tho road and struck | out through the fields, followed by Mr. ' U and Mr. C. across gullies, ditches, j over fences, through briars, poods. I crooks, aud every thing that obstructed a straight Hug. At last relief came, for the party reached Col. Barksdale's about one o’clock. Mr. C- Was greatly exhausted, and his panta having slipped above his kneee, his legs were scratched by the briars, bruised by fence rails and sap lings, and chafed no little by tho stir rup leathern. The premises were throng ed with half a dozen packs of hounds that had joined the Christmas party on the route. Tho distinguished guests wore received with much satisfaction and great consideration. The old-fesh ieeed Virginia gentry were present io full force. The first thing that greet- I t*d the visitors on their entrance info ; 'he tnuUMon, after the usual solutions and introductions wuh an immense sil ver bowl lull to interflowing with hot; 1 apple toddy. While Mr. Crawford en- j ! joyed the warm toddy, yet ho was auf- ) , for mg greatly from ilm terrible morning ride; still, neither Mr Randolph nor j | any uf the party made any allusion to ,it Dinner being announced. Mr. (’raw - ! ford found much d lßculty in getting tu , the table, still there was no allusion I jmidt*(olhe morning ride. After be-| t ing seated oaound the lablo for at least five hours, and having cat and drunk ; through a truly Chriatmna course, and j i undergoing the excitement of the rich 1 ■•Hid and viand.-, discussions and speech i , in‘king, iu addition to his corpoiosl { j suffering from the ride, suddenly the distinguished Georgian wished to be ex- 1 i cased, lie informed Col. Barke.-.dale | ! that he-would be glad to retire. Rut lit j lie sleeping done, as the phantom ;ul the black stud constantly aroa-icd J the great Georgian who awoke himself ; mure once by h Jluuing, ‘ wo—wo, | sir! and holding to the bed post. — ; A BOTH eleven o'clock on the next day, Mr. R went to the room ut his friend. I md -iid: “Crawford, if you go to Georgia next winter, call and sou me; ! good bye. old follow." No allu-Ir)B oral made to tlu ride. Senator Crawford never got away from Cul Barksdale's for ab ut six 1 ! week-. From Colonel Barksdale's to J Mr. Randolph's was forty two miles.— i : Such was an old Virginia steeplechase, more than fifty years ago. The Slndinih farmer. None are so likely to adapt thoircroj s I to the quality of the soil us he who has I made the nature of that soil a study; and none so apt to apply the proper 1 manure at the proper time nnd iu the proper manner, as he who has made i himself familiar with the composition j of fertilizers und their effects upon dif- j ferent plants. No man is so likely to ! make a really valuable improvement iu l an agricultural machine as tho farmer who, while using it, sees its defect, nnd j possesses the mechanical skill aud train- j ing to originate and construct. It is, in fait, from the efforts of men like this i that fir.* real advancement of agriculture * must be derived; and by further im- 1 proveinents in tin* management of crops j und of stock, in machinery and in inan -1 ure, fanning will be brought to claim its true dignity, and become in name ns it is already in fact—a noble science.— 4 Novel IViTornitinrc. Near the city of St Joseph. Missouri, a few years since, the rite of baptism ! was performed on several women by im- i j mersion in the river. As it was winter it was necessary to cut a hole in the ice. ’ 1 and the novelty of the scene attracted , 1 a large crowd, among whum were sever 1 ;il Indians, who looked on in wondering , silence. They retired without uuder- j ■ standing tho nature or the object of the I ; ceremony they had seen ; but observ- j ing that the subjects of immersion were ; i females, and getting a vague idea that I it was to make them good, the Indians : came hack a few days afterward, bring ing their sqmw* with thorn Cutting another hole iu the ice. near the same place, they immersed each and all of them, in spite of th ir remonstrance*. Measuring Potatoes In the Kliu. The following rule for ascertaining the uumber ol bu*hel* of apples, puta -1 toes, Sic., in bins aud boxes, is recom mended as simple und accurate by a correspondent of the Mirror >n<l Far mrr : for the number of "even” bushels, j multiply the number of cubic foot in the bin by 8 and point off one decimal. For “heaped" bushels, multiply by 8 twice and point off two. Clover II a j an a Cough Medi cine. I wish to call attention again to an infusion o. red clover, as one among the best remedies wo have in treating persistent cough iu children. Make a strong infusion, strain and sweeten, aud let the child take u teaspooafal every oue or two hours. It is one of the best remedies for hooping cough, standing next to belladonna and stramonium. Craning Hax-Kciunn. Tallow, rosiu and beeswax mixed in equal parts, or with a little more tallow to make the wax softer, are the ingre dients of grafting wax Molt them to gether aud then work it with the hands Scions may be cul at any time in the W d or ; they slmuUl be cut I cfore the sap starts in the least. Keep them in fisc soil iu the cellar till wanted for uc A chap who was fold by tho oolpor | tcur to “remember Lot's wife," replied ! that he had trouble enough with his own I wife, without remembering other men's wives. I A sharp old gentleman out Wost got j a scat beside his wife iu a crowded rail > road car by tolling a young man who | oaf next to her tu “Watch that womm 1 while he went into another oar. as she had fits." True.—An exchange says that it is just as sensible a move to undertake to get married without courting, as to at tempt any busiuoss without advertising; both often prove abortive. ‘Do you know what | am thinking about!" said a customer to his barber. “No, sir, not exactly, but 1 can see what is nuMiusg iu your head /" * A Western editor in speaking of a concert singer, lays her voice is delici ous—pure as moon light, and as tender os a three shilling shirt. TI.IOI* IX ADVAU K. Tin* I m pea e hiiienfl. The following remarks made by Mr Spalding of Ohio, iu reply to bin cul league. Mr Ashley, on the inpoacUmciit ' question show that some of the Kadi cals at least can be touchol with hori , ornble feeling, and tell their associates • the truth occasionally. Mr. Spalding, to whom Mr Ashley i yielded five minutes of bin time, said ; “Mr. Speaker—l do not boast of posses* • sing any extraordinary degree ol cour* age, either moral or physical, but 1 j thank my Creator that he has so con* I stituted me that I can rise on the floor | of this iioiirte yet and declare my con victions. although they differ with tire majority of the parly with which I act. | Sir. I differ totocedo with my colleague, Mr. Ashley, and I stand here, io this very place, from which more than two mouths ago the Executive of this tm l tion was charged with high orimjs and misdemeanors, to denounce tho whole scheme as one of consummate lolly (N^te —Mr. Spalding now occupies the skat which Mr. Ashley occupied last station.) Imy that no one act amount ing to a crime or misdemeanor has aa yet been proved against the Executive of this nation, and cbaßgngo any man „ M reply to me when I make this aver* meut; and I say more—l say that it is nut required by some of those who 1 charged the Executive with high crimes and misdemeanors, that proof shall be obtained ; it is only necessary, as has been said in high places, within (be past week or ton days, that it should be known that the i'resident was an obstruction in the way of what gentle men called • progress,” and that there , fore the Radical majority of tb coun try must remove him. Sir, I claim to hold to no such doctrine, and I say to ; my associates of the great Union petty, that they must look wed to their ways, i if they suppose the intelligent people • of the L uited States aio going to up | hold them in the promulgation and i practice of any such principles I have the utmost confidence in the Ju diciary Committee, as constituted in ! the Thirty-ninth Congress; I doubt not that I shall repose an equal degree lof confidence io any committee that -ball be constituted by our present Speaker. 1 luve no objection to this investigation being pursued through the ; channel of that Judiciary Committee; but, at the same time, to be consistent. 1 must say that 1 do oppose and shall oppose it until 1 have soim evidence pre sented to my mind to t how that wc can moke an appeal to the come euceof this great nation wc seek to deprive it of its Executive head. We are bringing to the I test onr republican principles, our pop ular form of goverumeut—a test suclr ' as uo mi tion has ever yet been brought to. 1 trust wc have not yet arrived at ; the sumo slate of feeling as that which existed during the revolution of Oliver j Cromwell, or that which lived itr the 1 days of Robespierre and Marat iu France, when those who one day advo cated the most extreme measure's wore the next day brought to the scaffold 1 , ! because they wore not far enough in the advance. Is that to he our posi tion in this country ? Sir, I hare voted for every Radical measure of Recon struction proposed in this House, ami yet wc have nut adopted Kadi oat meas ures enough to suit tho purposes of of some of the gentlemen around' me. They now cry for the head of the Exe cutive. “They want more blood! 1 ' nVggeated Mr. Wood, iu his seat. For what good purpose? Is it to make way lor some other man oi set of men ? Is this whole nation to be con vulsed ? is our public credit to bo tri fled w ith ? are our stocks to be brought dow.i io 3U. 2U, or 10 per cent., simply to gratify this anxiety to remove the Executive head of the nation ? Sir, I cannot go for that proposition. pressed her gentle form to me, and whispered in her car; if, when 1 was far sway, for me she would drop u tear ; I paused for some cheering wo# da, my throbbing heart to coo', and with her rusey lips she said : “Oh, Ike, you’re such a fool.” H9uA boiler recently exploded in Memphis blowing the Engineer on* of sight. He will receive sls a day from an accident insurance company until he comes down. The same man was blown up by his wife and got nothing for H.’* <l Vca you’re a married man, Sammy, you’ll understand a great many things aa you don't understand now ; but veth cr it’s vorth vhile to go through so much to loam so little, aa the charity boy said when be got to the end of the alphabet, is a mutter of taste." If a woman were to change her sox, of what religion would she be? A hc^ then. Why is your nose in tho middle of your face? Because it is the teenier. Why ie a doctor like e fhoe 1 do not wish to soe? Because he is a phis I shun. If I should kiss yon by mistake, whet warlike iusirumunt would 1 make. A blunderbuss. Why can persons occupied in can ning f ruit, stow away more ol U than any body else ? Because they oan. Whet lover-like speech would an emp ty pom make if it could speak ? You will And no change in me. New Axiom.—A (horn in the buth ta worth two io the hand.