Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 28, 1867 Page 2
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tfiMawmwIPVMATE. THURSDAY, MABCU ~28?1867 Mass Convention. A Coorerrelure Mom Convention for Carroll County, will be held at the Court R<nue, Westminster, Md., at 11 o’clock A. M., on Tatidap the 2*f of April, 1807, for the purpose of nomina ting Six Oolrgotet to represent Carrol! County iu the proposed Slat* Conven tion to change the present Constitution of the State of Maryland; and to be Toted for at the KUction ordered by the Legislature to be held in this Stale ou WedmetJap tie 10M c lay of April 1867. A general attendance is earnestly de sired at the County Convention. At the time is short all friends of the cause are also urged to act promptly in ragard to Iho registration of voters, and their attendance at the polls. “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.’' THE PEOPLE. the lourntTiaxtl. to.v- TEirriox. We preferred to aee tho Coarentiun project paetponed for the present, only because wo believed we could afford to wait for more propitious times, and did not desire to tempt the Radicals to try tho dangerous schemes they are threat ening. The Legislature, however, ha| thought proper to paM the bill, and nothing remains for us to do but tx stand up to the cause, and put it through' if we can without respect to oonse •piuuoea. Whatever difference of opin ion any have existed among us as to tho policy of tho movement at this time,! we hold that there should be none any \ longer; but that all should sustain it, i not doubting that the Legislature was right. The court.- the Radicals may choose take in thia matter is uncertain. Their State Convention was summoned in hot haste to rwaasable at Baltimore on the 27th inst. What they intend to do we may know in a few days. It will soou be amen whether their threat, nude at tha first meeting of said Convention, to call the negroes of tho State, and Con groaa, to their aid, _was a mere throat to prevent the call of a Convention, or waa neant in sober earnest. We have no doubt the most frantic of their lead ers really desire to do so; and that, if tha leading radicals in Congress can assure them of Congressional interfer ence, they will attempt to carry out their pregnane Mean. F. Thomas. Stevens, Butler, and such like, will doubtless advise them to attempt it; yet there is still some respect fur consisten cy on the pert of many Radicals in Congreaa, which makes us doubt whether they will sgree to force their high hand ed measures on a State that never re belled- They may even doubt the sue- 1 cess of Congressional usurpation iu tho South, so much as nut to attempt the same on a State which they know has never been out of the Union, and could not have lent any rights by the war. Having put our hand to tin plough we cannot look back. We are bound to go forward, ao matter what other i may lay or do. Our people are entitled , to tha right of aalf government, as well as other rights, and are bound to main tain them when assailed. They have put op with the nrbUnry rule of a minority heretofore about as long as they arc willing to stand it; ami it may ha well enough far oar opponents in this State to take that iato considera tion. Wa know that many of them ex press a desire for ao opportunity to be : given to call in foreign aid to suppress : what they call the rebel rule in thia State and establish them once more in 1 power. Perhaps they have not eaten- ' lated tha danger of this move to the whole flouatry. They ehould remember , that tha whole land stands aghast with 1 honor at the monstrous military occn potion scheme of Congreaa which, at a j single blow, strikes down the right of self government in the Booth, and can not ranis silent apaetalon should vio lent means he need to dtprivt tho re flating people of Maryland of the rights which they have heretofore enjoyed.— They should know that Congress is not almighty; (hat it is but one of the branches of government; k that it it not tha source of power, but the were creature of the people, who own aay to it—“thus for abate thou go and ao farther.’’ Per haps that people, even yet, may have virtue rod independence enough left to nip three dangerous usurpations of power is the hud. - ■ If there is aay thing we abominate it ■ civil war, and we would do any thing ooosiateot with honor toavert it Should soother war break out in this fond it *UI ha totally ruined. The powv r of eobenoa willhe lust to the country.— AH the bleed abed, Sod all the debt in curred iu defence of the Union, will have here io rain. Wo value the fu ture fignperity and glory of thia united country too much to wish to see it jeop ardised; but WS heflesrty believe that it aannot endure tiptoes Radicalism and ‘hear extrema doctrines are ipnadily orertßMhi Xt the ballot box, 'WMMnII-rer people, then, to ■relgfctha reWM, and reffemt is L (W?or of the oull for Coovvation—ssr iuttW and honestly rwolved to do what B | may be nsncsMiry to sustain (heir heaven ! born rights. r The larminiatures { The State LogiaUUro adjourned on c ; Saturday afternoon. An unusual amount I| of business has boon transacted. Thu f enfranchisement bill, the constitutional . contention bill, and a new registration I bill, were passed, besides a largo num ber of bi!l> of groat intercut the bill to admit the testimony of ocuroa, the 1 same an white persons, was jtassed in ; the House by a decided majority, but • failed in the Semite on account of the i abseuec of members, some of them ra dicals. This meant re was earnestly ad vocated by some of tho ablest members of the Legislature, and it is much re -1 grot ted that it failed. * Tho amendment to the Constitution 1 of the United States waa rejected by the . House, but not acted ou the Senate. P The bill organising the militia of the State is now a law. Tho bill to submit to the voters of Baltimore tho question of permitting the city car* to run ou Sunday was passed by both House*. , The bill for holding a new municipal , election in Baltimore, passed the House , but was modified io the Senate so as to defeat that object. Tho-ViR to exempt Baltimore city pterion of the general school ; i dke House—the .Senate i MHBo" to the School system al . —so the old law remains uu "VMic bill modifying the stringent Sun day law, which had passed in the House, ( was not reached iu the Senate. (onfUcatlon. j least week Tbsddous Stevens deliver* jod c-written speech in favor of his bill to confiscate rebel lands in tho South, and parcel them out to the Freed men.; 40 acre* each, and to raise a fund of $500,000,000 to pay pensions and to reimburse citizen* for damage done by the confederates—including his Iron work* of course. It was lamentable to sec an old man trembling on the verge of the grave, and professing to bo too feeble to read his own speech, (having had its reading finished by tho Clerk,) advocating so horrible and vindictive a measure. It is said it is too strong a dose even for Congress to swallow— but wc shall see. Reglstratlou. As a new registration law has been passed, which requires to be attended to before tho Convention election of the 10th. of April, it behoves .all those who have not been heretofore registered to be ready to attend to it promptly. Wc presume the Governor will attend forth with to the appointment of Registers, who will doubtless be ready to act in a few days, and will notify the public aa soon as possible. V c hart uot seen the law yet —but believe it requires them to sit ten days to correct the Reg istry, and finish tho same three days , previous to tho election. Mo lists arc to be published. Another Veto. The President, last Saturday, vetoed the , supplementary bill, lately passed by Con- j grese to carry into effect their plan of mili ! tary reconstruction of tho Sooth. The J President considers the whole plan a mere mockery of free government, as it deprives j the people of those States of ail volition in j instituting the now governments—the whole object being to foroo negro suffrage upon 1 Stales which under the U. S. Constitution j have the right to determine the suffrage ! question for themselves. The Veto toes- j sage now stands only os another noble pro- j lt against Congrtwaivnal oppression, hav- ; ; ing been immediately overruled by more j than two thirds majority in both Houses. 1 Acre Hampshire Election. I The total vote of the late election in | this State stands for Governor: I Gen. Ifarrimau. Rad. 35,776 ! John G. Sinclair, Bern. 32,783 | Radical majority 2,99a I ; They had 1.656 majority in 1866 for i Governor, end 3,560 majority for Frcai j deal in 1864. The Radicals had 90 | majority in the late Awembly, IhU year 70. Though the Democrats had the majority io five of the tea Couutlee 1 of the State, end Dearly one half of tha eaUn.Mete,yet a is so districted that they 1 g-t neither of the three Congressman,! 1 who remain as before. I —m * A Mexican nxlcher. Eeoojiedo, a chief at present on the Republican side in Mexico recently had s oxe hundred red twenty-three French ’ ted German prisoner, that at Sen Ja cinto, two days after their capture, be cause they had enlisted in the cause of Maximilian after leaving the French service; and whilst the French are hon- J orally hr: ring the country under the agreement *uh onr government, Wc arc sorry to see the Liberal reuse cursed with such abominable cruelty. OrpUiM' Court. I Jac Powobb, Esq-, has been sp . j pointed and confirmed, me Associate J J odge of the Orphans' Court for Carroll i County, in the place of Thomas 8. I I Brown, Ea<f-, deceased. I IJCBI. tiUV SO* - ' 1 ’i Ue Committee of the - Senate, op pointed te investigate the charge* g’ n "t o j Lieut. Guv. Cox, have reported that ■ | they are without any foundation .„ ' & . Melhwdiil Episcopal t hsurh. , The East Baltimore Annual Confer , cnee of Iho Mcth. Episcopal Church met this year at Frederick, adjourned on tlw 19th last., to meet next year st Finter Station. BaitiuHirc. Thu fob 1 lowing are the appcdhtiucnU for Fred ' crick District; J'kn H O. Dm A, Drrtldhuj Sh/rr— I F.edoriek city. Jsmes Curtis; Buckeye i town, A B. Jliller.T J. t'roas; Liberty, J B. Akers, Thomas R Kliocr; West minster, J. Edwin Anne, C. O. Cook ; Walcr.viltu, C. D. Smith ; Hampstead, Hugh Linn, It. F. Clarkson; Kmuiius burg, J. Ducy Moore; Middletown and Joftursnn, A. M. Kretcr; Anticlam J. W. Buckley. L. 11. B. Rhodes; Hag erstown, J. F. Oekeruan; Wayuceboru’, Daniel SUeiTer; Merccraburg, John W. Smith. Wm A. Knouts; Grconcaetlc, O. M. Stuart; Hancock, 0. M.Savidgo; Cumberland, Edward Kinsey; Frost burg, George W. Coupe l- ; rtuslburg Circuit, Emory Bubrmsn, W. 11. Reed, Piedmont, Samuel Shannon, Wm. J. Cribb ; Allegany,.JUdlih Montgomery ; : -Tamale Collegiate Institute, Wealmiu slcr, Joliu A. Munioo. Rev. J. H. Marsh goes to X. Haiti, more Circuit, Rev. W. M. Mcmingerto West Harford; Rev. James Brads to Petersburg, Juniata District, Pa. Methodist Proicitant t'lioreh. The Annual Conforviicn of the Meth odist Protestant Church met this year iu Baltimore, at tho Church corner of Green and Lombard streets, mid ad journed on Thnrsdsy tho 2lst inst. Tho following are some of the ap pointments of Preachers fre this year. I’resident- —Julia J. Mumy, D. D. Stutium —East Baltimore. Daniel Bowers; West Baltimore, Edward J. Driukhonac, Theodore D. Valliant; .South Baltimore, William M. I'oisui, Han ?uq i*. Jordan supcruumcrury j i Wu&hiugtou street, Jesse Bhrcovc; Btiirr Churchy Jultu U. Nichols ; Georgetown, David A. 6lirnicr; Ninth street, Wash ington, I>. Kvmus linese. CircHiU —Auac Jkruadel, Charles 11. ; Littleton ; Belair, Janies K. NichoU, ; George D. Ed:ud*ton ; Clarksville, W. W. Hoese; Fioksburg, Chas. T. Goebel, ouc to be supplied ; Cecil. James .M. Klderdicc, Samuel T. Ferguson; Gam, bridge, John Kiderdice ; Frederick- John Roberts, John FI. Darby j How ard, David Wiboa. James 0. Stewast; \ Liberty. Daniel Webster Bates; Pipe Creek, R. Scott Norris, .h J . \\ ard supernumerary; Talbot, Lawrence W. Bales, Henry E. Misktmmau. Minium —Broadway, V. Light Wil son ; Newark, Frederick Swcutxell, M. D ; Williamsport and Berkeley, Wm. T. Crouse. A Strange Move. Ou Monday Mr. F. Thomas, in the House, presented the memorial of tho Radical minority of our ilegislature, asking Congress to take the State of Maryland into their tender keeping, guaranteeing to the State a republican government, and impartial suffrage without distinction of color, it Vas ordered to bo printed. It is signed by seven members of the Senate ami twelve members of the House, including Seua atur Biilriigsiea, and Messrs. Pool, Cris well and Gore of the House. Ou the same day Mr. Nyc io tho U. j S. Senate, presented the memorial of , the “Grand Union Leagueul Maryland" asking Congress to extend tho priuci i pics of tho military reconstruction law : to tills State, and aHo to secure to all ! I loyal citizens tho right of suffrage. It | was referred to the judiciary committee. Papers at Annapolis. The Uarphuul Dap Star is the name I of s new and neatly printed semi-weekly j paper just started at Annapolis Aid., by Elihu 8. Riley Jr. and Richard K. Ri | ley, Ejs, lately connected witli the Marplnutl IlrpuUiaf. It will sustain the Democratic and Conservative cause I witli mneh abilily-MPrice 83.00 per j year. The Maiyhml HepubUcae, a weekly paper of llie Democratic order contin ues under the able management of Geo. Colton Es<]. at Annapolis Md. Filly ('rippl'd Millers Rejec ted by the Senate. The Washington correspondent of the Cincinnati Cowtnercutl says that since the first of December (he United States Senate has rejected fur civil puoitions mure tlian fifty soldiers, wuunaed disa bled in the service at their country.— Add to these rejected, also, (be names of hundreds of soldier* who for gallant services were tendered positions by the President, and wc find how utterly in sincere are the professions ot love mud# for the soldicra by Radical leaders The "Grand Army of the Republic," should earnestly denounce tins treat ment of t heir former comrades by Radi cal Senators, Terrible Explosion. San Fraxcisco, Steel 20,—Ad vices from China slate that a terrible explosion occurred in the harbor of Hong Kong on January 17. The hall of the Zephyr, used as a ■ storage for powder,and containing 200,- 000 pounds, blew up destroying the sehwmtr Rhcmsis and killing between tjitrty sod forty persons. Font English gunboat* moored in the ricitrity barely escaped destruction. Hundreds of tho niggers who voted st Gtorgetown, D 0., Wind to vote xt Alexandria, Virginia, oo (he sth ioal. The Rad* at their doeany pods took ] 1.3*8 black ballot*—voting everything i of a smoke color without asking any 1 ryieationa, and over again as often as each nig could assume a froth name, WFCummittccs of the Conservative member* ol tho House xnd Senate of . Mary Usd h ere issued a brief address to t the People iu regard to (ho ( DQvention I rail, which comas to re too late for pb liealion this went ' ' THE CONVENTION BILL Tfcf following it * correct copy of the h oiinvcution bill, which u now t law : 1 An act to provide fur calling a conren t lion to frame a new jonatilulioii and foran of corerdnent for the State of MASland. ” Section 1. Be it can cted by lie Oen -1 era l A trembly of Maryland, that on the - eeoood W edueadny of April neat, at the annie place where county and city elec . tiona are now, by bn, held for the elec tion of delegatee to the Gcneml Aaaem ; blr, every peraoe entitled to vote for . delegatee to the General Aaaembly a hall . role on the question of a call of a eon | motion to frame a now ounatitntioo and . form of gorernoMnt, with a dame there . in prohibiting the legislature from , making any law providing for payment . by title State for peraona heretofore , held aa alavea, by eapreaaiag in writing ; or by printed form, the words “For a Convention', or “Againat a Convention, , as the case may be; and in eaae there , ahull be any ballots without the dcaig -1 nation ao preaoribed, the aame a hall not ; be counted for or againat a convention, j but a aeparate return thereof ahall be nude by the judgea of election, j Sec. 2. Amt be tl enacted. That at the aaid election the registered voters ' of the State shall eloet,Dy ballot, dele ' gates to the aaid convention, whose qualification* shall be the same oa those ' uun required for members of the (louse - of Delegates, and each county and the city of Baltimore shall be entitled to - elect, respectively, the number of dele gates to aaid convention herein provi ded, namely: St. Mary's county, three delegates; Kent county, four dclugat s Calvert county, three dclcgslea: Charles . county, three delegates; Baltimore coun ty. seven delegates; Talbot county, four delegates; Somerset county, five dele- I gales; Dorchester county, four delegates Cecil county, five delegates; Prince ; (jcorqo’s county, four delegates: Queen ' Anne's county, four delegates; Word's | tor county, five delegates; Frederick ! county, seven delegalos; Harford coun ty. Hvc delegates; Catoline county, four delegates; Baltimore city, twenty-one delegates; Montgomery county, four delegates; Allegany county, six dele gates; Carroll county, six delegates; Howard county, four delegates; Anne Arundel county, four delegates, and Washington county, six delegates: and it is hereby provided that the sheriffs of ' the several counties and the sheriff of ! Baltimore city, shall give notice of the lime designated for holding said clec -1 1 tion for a call of a convention, and for ' members thereof, in the tame manner 1 ; and for the same time aa required for notice of the election of members of the i General Assembly. Sec. 3 And be it enacted, That it I shall be the duty of the several judges I of election of this State to receive, ac- I curately count and duly return the nuni- I ber of ballots so cast, to the severs) ' clerks of the Circuit Courts of this j Slate, and to the clerk of the .Superior Court of Baltimore city, aa the aame are I now required to be returned for the ’ { election of members to the Uonao of 1 Delegates; and the several clerks afore- I said shall return to the Governor, within I ten days after the aaid election, the number of ballots cast for and againat the call of a convention, and the mini her of blank ballots and the number of ballots cast for the several persons voted | for as delegates to the aaid convention Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That aa soon us the Governor ahall receive the j return of the number of ballots cast at { the said election for and against a eon - volition, and the blank ballots east, 1 and the ballots oast for delegates to said convention, it shall be the duty of the Governor to count andcaat up the same, and thereupon, if it appear to the Gov ernor that more votes have been cast in favor of the call of a convention than have been cast against the call of a con vention, it ahall be the duty of the Governor to issue his proclamation de claring the persons having the majority in the several counties and the city of Baltimore, respectively, to be elected to said convention, and for the assembling of the members thereof, at the time and place to be hereinafter appointed. • See. 5. And he it enacted. That before any member cluot or officer of said con vention shall enter upon bis duties, he shall take the oath to discharge said duties in the form preaoribed by law for members of the House of Delegates of this States, nudatit nuttandU, exoept the speaker or president elect of aaid convention, who shall take the same oath, in the presence of aaid conven tion, before some judge or justice ol the

peace of this State. Sec. 6. And be it enacted. That in case a majority of the ballots cast for and against a convention shall bo in favor of the call of a convention, then the said convention shall meet at the city of Annapolis on the second Wed nesday of May, IMT, and aboil continue in session from day to day, until the ' duties for which the aaid convention was called shall bo folly discharged, and a new constitution and form of govern ment com 1 1'-toly framed; and the aaid convention ahall have foil power to de cide upon the validity of the election and upon the requisite qualification of its members, and the compensation of the members ahall be mileage and five dollars per day, end the said convention . shall have fall power to appoint lech ! clerks and other officers aa may bo r deemed necessary to focilitaie the trano action of the business of tbs convent ion, i and to determine the oempenaalion ol the p-vnideat ted other offices*; and the , president of said convention is hereby I authorized to order Aa payment nf the compensation above provided for the I members and offices* thereof, and the . treasurer required to per said eoaapen action, in conformity with said enter. I See. 7. And he it enacted. That if t any racany er ****• <*C*r by death, v resignation or other***, i toy dclego i tion hereinbefore provided for, cither I before or after the auliloaiioo of the f delegate* to the told wmvention, lift sheriff ofthe county or the sheriff of the city of Baltimore, io whoa* dob**, tfoi took vacancy nay ooear, shall, upon 9 information thereof by the delegation in f which *uch vacancy may occur, by th u |wroMilot of toid convention, or by the Governor of the State, give immediately public notice for QMoriol elaftiae lobo * held at the usual ptoee of boldine cfc* two io Mid odftoty or city. ootlMatiku Are nor more than too day* after Mid notice, for the purpose of supply! ngauch vacancy Bm. 8. Anti to it enacted, That the J eonrtilutioo and form of government L adopted by Mid convention shall be submitted to the legal and qualified vo ter* of the State for their adoption or rejection, el ench time, in Bitch manner, ’ end subject to *uch rule* end regala -1 lions ee the mid convention may pro scribe; and the provisions heroiubefure contained fur the qu ilifioution of voters and the holding of election* provided in | the previous section* of this act shall be applicable to the election to be held j under this section. Sec. 8. Ah I to it enacteel, That in euee of refusal or neglect of any judges | of election, or of any dork of the court, or of any sheriff of any county, or of the | sheriff of Baltimore city, to make any ’ of the returns or to perform any of the k duties required of them, respectively, * by the provision* of thin act, such judge, 1 clerk or sheriff so refusing or neglecting ‘ shall be liable to indictment fur such nffonse, and upon conviction thereof ’ ahall be deemed guilty of a misdemea : nor, and shall bo sentenced to pay u Ane of not lea* than one thousand dol lars, and to imprisonment in the jail of the county or oily where aucii oifouso may have been committed for a term of not less than six months. See. 10. And to it enacted. That n*i ’ clergyman, minister of the Gospel, or preacher of any denomination, no Sena * tor or Represents!, re in the Congress of tbo United Suites, nor any judge ol a Circuit Court, of the S ip.thur Court. 1 Court of Common Pleas, or Criminal Court of the city of Baltimore ; do clerk 1 of any court, no Stale’s attorney, no ' auditor, uo rogiatcr of wills, nor any sheriff shall be eligible to said conven tion. 1 Sec. 11. And be it enacted. That the * Governor shall receive the returns of 1 the nuiubor of votes cast in this State for the adoption or rejection of the con stitution submitted by the convention to the people of this State as aforesaid and if upon counting and coaling up the re ! turns made to him as hereinbefore pre scribed it shall appear thst a majority of the votes cast ut said electiuu have | been cast in favor of the adoption of the : *aid constitution, ho shall issue hi* | proclamation to the people of the Stale . declaring the fact, and shall take such . measure as shall be required by Maid constitution to carry the same into ef fect, and to supersede the existing con stitution. Sec. 12. And be it enacted. That in case of the death, resignation or omis sion of the Governor to issue tho proc lamation heretofore required by the fourth section of this act, the President j of the Senate, or in case of his death. 1 resignation, removal or omission to to do, the Speaker of the House of Dele gates shall issue said proclamation, and in edae of the death', refusal, omission or reatgoation of any of the presiding officers, the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals shall issue said proclamation; . and the failure or omission to issue said proclamation shall ot prevent the as sembling of the convention. Sec. U. And be it enacted, Th\i this aoi shall take effect from the diy of its passage. The general election law, passed this session provides that if, from any cause, notice shall fail to be given of any elec tion, it shall not invalidate said elect ion ; Judges of election arc required to hold ao election without notice, and if they fail tqdoso, the people may hold said election. The provisions of the general •lection Uw are iu accordance with the decision* of the courts tint notice is n >t necessary to the validity of an erection. The House of Delegates, of the last ses- : aioo, in tbs case of Frankliu against j Spence, also decided that (he law rc- i quiring notice of election or rogistra- | tion woa merely directory, and nut to bo 1 regarded aa easentui to the validity of' the proceedings themselves, unless it be ■o declared in the statute. The remains of a young gu i named Bliaa Drummond, about eleven years of ; •Re. were recently found close by a den or black snakes, near West Mooroo, N. T. Nearly one hundred shakes wore killed io and around tho den. Tho child bad been missing since lust Au gust, and it is thought that she h.-id sen tod herself by the den and was attacked, killed and eaten by the reptiles. Natchox senda a saddle of Mississip pi leopard and rattlesnake skins to tho Paris K*position HARRIED. On the 19th inst- at her paternal home, by the Rev. K. E. Gilds, Ms huui.iv 8, CnoMia. of Adams county Pa., to Miss Mast E. .Sharkey*, of this county. On ths 13th Instant, at the residence of thebride'l parents, by Rev. R. W. Owen. J. E. Knows, of Baltimore, to Miss Lydia E. Nrtt, of this county. .BALTIMORE MARKETS. Tuesday, March 26, 1867. Floor.—Howard Slrwt Riper and Cot Es- JfBRRUR, do. Kztrs sbippio* 11 7& •13 *, do. high grades U 2ftffifl M). do. Fam Sf.'i 40 *I*s 1 * 5 n I bl °£ ,| p* r ‘“d Cot Bslnt 10 76 fl! U i.P* r - J l /* Floor- new 7 25t7 75 pr jjjj* W* Mal—City Mill. 6 20*$6 25 per pSAM.—Wheat--1370 bitdieli' choice Penn •vlvaaie, ool? lot offered today, n held Aera hayeft; quote at $3lO. Core-7200 hash* while Rod 6000 bath* yellow comprised me receipts) lactaded in the solos were 1050 heehs Westsnro while, alaad, at I 02a$l 06; f)M hoshs Kir to prune Maryland while ol I eutl 10, end nob bn.h* yellow at 1 07aII 09. Of Mel. ISM hoshs rccaivcdt sales reported were UMheohelea*Mela, ond 400 do. At 07 Ut Notinjr doing In Bye. Skkm-—Chtrer u steady and Arm; we wim a sole mi 00 bashs prime new at fa SO. and smell .as ijr I. f**M .t $3 75, aad F|aa j SSagjw. POSTPONED PDMLIO^SALE. iCed to fc. mM on if. IM luM., owlaa la Ikr i iaWsmsay at U>. w.aWnr, n> *ot , wifi to eem a§erei at Pabira Sal., iu> , SATURDAY, ras th Mr a* APRIL, IM7, At 1 o’ciooa, P. M., aa. yototlyriy nld wilkoai rawrr., CHARLES M. MURRAY, 1 atofto-t. Ttwtor. Local Intelligence. Mancmevikr Kkmai.i SrMix.vnva —Od llie luoraiug'iif tlio l3tli iust., - Prof. Bchoff, met with . very surprise, fomo of tho vounj holies, haring teen informed tint it trts his birth day, made him surernl very lunil some presents, accomjtinicd with short complimentary mMrotma. to whitdi thj Prof, responded in a few remark.*, by way of reluruinj; his sincurest thinks tho nice things, we might men* tion, a very l.ireo Pound Cake, with hi t initials inscribed upon tho ioine, a rich dolly Cake, a handsome easa of Perfu mery, and s bottle of .Sweet Wine, of the best quality. All eotubined to cre ate llio best of leelifio botwoen teacher and pupils. We wish some of our eth er teachers the same good fortune. On a former occasion, when Principal of .Manchester Academy, the young la dies presented hint a very handsome Bible. IV o believe bo in tends to pi VC tbo school a nice May Parly, K. Fuuix Treis.—A correspondent of the Scientific American says that fruit trees should bo allowed to shoot out ' their branches near the ground, pr tec ting the trunk and the soil from chan ' gos of temperature and the lews of mois ture. lie thinks it never was intended that fruit should grew out of reach It is stated that Intit Irene, csp.-eiilly apple tree*, bear belter when the lop branches arc cut away and the lie.V arc permitted to grow lower dow t oij the trunk. Postponed — l he musical entertain ment, designed to be held by the young Ladies of Hov. Jno. A. Munrne'n Sent inary at the School rooms .-a IV J v night last, was po.rpon.-d on aenamt of the weather until next PiiJ.v t.iglrt. . dtltb inst It will be in'cresting, and as it is designed for a benevolent pur pose a liberal encouragement is expected Tickets for aduits 2U cents, children half price More Snow —Last work we felt dls posed to complain with Iloraie the old Heathen, about having tnnwjh Snow bat. since thou, we have been visited with a snow storm lasting for seven) days, and perhaps the deepest Snow ..I the season, ft is r|uielly dissolving, and if it disappears without a flno.l like that of which Pyrrha (mentioned by Horace in Ode 2nd) eenipliined, we will say no more about it. Accession to the Hah.—lames A Bond Kst| a young lawyer, a native of Calvert county Aid.. who cnjniM well re omm. nded, lira la'oly located at Westminster, and taken the often lately occupied by W. N. Hayden Hsij where, as appears from bis publish 'd card, he inv.les a share of pnhtie patronage. Wheat l‘nnixosncvn n.~Tim farmers generally are in excellent spirit with regard to the wheat crop. It is believed that it has now taken such a hidi, under the protection of the >.m tint the ‘March freeioa," •‘rush." "weaver’ or the whole army of "croak ers ■ wi.l not he able to make it a fall, urc. We imt tint tin. may prow true. Tim pruspeot certainly wis nev er belter. Great Sai.k of Treks, Ac—Let none forget the great sale of Fruit trees and other tiers and Plants In come off at Mr. Stout's Nursery next Thur-dav, near Westminster on the New Wiad-or U-md. Mr. Stout is a very skilful and experienced hand at the business, mu! will have none but the best of nil kin.!- Ibr sale. Besides liia undertaking is a great desideratum in ibis county, and deserving ol the best encouragement. 1 Almost a Ftr.r. —On entering the i Commissioners’ office at the Court | House, a few mornings aco. the Clerk j discovered a considerable lode l.nrni through the floor—snppjsed In have I caught from a vigar thrown into a wood .| cn spittoon filled with sawdust. Tim I flic was not yet in n blase, owing to tiie clone a esc of the ruotu, and waa soon ex- I tinguished. j OoDtr's l.Allf'.! Book, i-r A pill lias a flue steel engraving entitled "Jn tho I Woods’ I —beautiful Pash ion I'lito-’t &cr Tho literary matter in abundant aiuj en tertaining Published by I, A.OjJ y. i’liiladulpbia Pa., S 3 0(1 jnr year The Olij Guard, fur April, rich, spicy and spunky aa ever. Published by Van Evrid Si Horton, New York, for fill.oo per ynar. A Call Aweptxi) —Tim £Uv. S. H. si. Gatlandot. of I ’nr isle, Pennnylveuia, has received and accepted a call from 1 St Paul’s Church, Minersvi le, Schuyl kill county. Pa. •hf-To be very serious or very nad is inconsisleut with good bodily health . —tho natural stat# of good health in a cheerlul one Siidnesn or low spirits, and melancholy of all kinds are eviden cea ol the loss of vigor in iho life of gloiy within us—and the deadening eatieea of the gloom ■ axpsrinsee must be driven out of the system, or the life within in overwhelmed with gloom and horrors. By all means then preserve a cheerful tone of mind, and live long in good health and spirits by the uao ol Bryan’s Life Pills, far there is no purer nor mote useful Medicine, and none Which* for good health, cun be taken with better effect. (See advertise ment.) What maje Bsrnuia rich t AUSSSt stay What aold onr government bonds’ Jay Cooke’s adrertifing. What made Bonner a ledger! AilvrrtUing kVhut made A. T. Ktcwart’s fortune ? Adver lumj What sold 210.000 tichets for tho Crooby Opera House scheme!'— A(h<rt !ÜB<J. The-Hade of the Wisconsin I.egisla turn and thoele of the bogus Tennessee Legislature have passed a bill lo pay themselves in gold. Those "ley:.I" faf. lowa don’t seem to fancy greenbacks on a par basis - L a. Vf Irtf Among the changes made by thi ne* Stamp Law, is tho following—Tha ne stamp is now required on and none on administer on-, where Iba estate is leas then <IOOO. Notice of Personal Discharge. V"\N application by pelltion in writing ot ixif Cuafltiw of Carroll county, to I the Circuit court fbr Curroll county, for the benefit of ibe 48th Article uf the code of - Public General Im wo of the State of Mary. i I land, entitled insolvents, a schedule of hu - 1 property and a list *f the debts due him. with ■ I the names ol hit debtors, and also a lUt of the debts due from him with the names of ; bis creditors, verified by affidavit, being an* nexed to his said petition, mid being aatii lied that the said Charles Mourer, has at no - I time within two years previous to said appli. , ration boon discharged under any Insolvent l.awofthis State; and the said petitioner having taken the oath prescribed by law, „ and having ulto executed to a Trustee by > said Court appointed a good and sufficient Deed for bin uroperty and estate of every . description (the necessary wearing apparel and bedding of himself and family excepted,) and delivered the name to said Trustee—and the naitl Trustee having also executed a bond ' to the stale of Maryland by said court ap - proved, for the faithful discharge of Kistnut. 5 —lt is therefore ordered and directed that the Strum! Mondeg of Aorem/ter, next, be fixed as the day for tho appearance of said ! (’has. Mourer, in the circuit court (or Cur* roll county, to answer such interrogatories or allegations as his creditors, cudor>crs, or f sureties may propose or allege against him, and that tho said petitioner cause notice ol L -M day to be given to his creditor* by pub lication in some ncwHpnpcr printed in carroll couuljf for three successive mouths prior lo ■ the said second Monday of November. ISOs;. Given under my hand tlm’Joth day of | Match, 1807. WM. A. MtKKLLIP, clerk True copy,—Test: r j murSS 8m ’ Wm AMc Kxt.ur, cTh > I . : To Bridge Builders. r PHK Comity Cotnmissiuuers of Carroll | county Maryland, will rmrive sealed * proposals until Mosmy, Jtl of Ann., next, for building u bridge over Hie IHpe j Creek, on the road loading from Middletarg . *o Twneytowu. The Abutments are up and I unv repairs to them that may be required will Jhs paid for extra, or done by the Com ; j missionors. Tho distunen between tha A* 1 Imt meats U sixty three feci. The bridge t 1 bo n single spun. I I’.nch party nrojjosing ium>t give ihetrown MH dan, and send a drawing and description of •ridge Parties may propose for either a Wooden or an Iron bridge— and if for n wooden bridge, for cither with or without a 1 roof. A wooden bridge without a roof, mu a bo of gooi white oak Umber; all floor ■ i ing amnt be of good while oak, two and n half inches thick. They will nlso receive projowils for build* 1 ing a bridge over West Hrutich of Hntapeco, at Sykesvillc, fifty feet span- and one at . Woodbine, about 40 fact span. The twula,*i , named bridge are near the 11. k O. K. M. I Abutments all up, each bridge to be guar anteed to bear ejglit tons. Tbo County Cntiirafasionrrs reserve the right to reject all proposals, if none are aat* . j ulaetory. I*roposals to In* Svnlnl and dirnr* tel. County (’rnnmissionera, Westminst*r I , CniToll county Maryland, marked (l*roj>o ■ds for Hndge. ) liy order. LEVI VAI.KNTINK. nmr2H U Clerk. PI MIC SALE. KV order of th* Orphan*' CHirl far Carmll County, lb- Siif.ciih.-f, ■* AiliuiafatrstAr ' 1 Of Must) lb Owiniffi. drr’d., will offer et Cnblir Sab*, at ths I tie rt*aidi,ee • b dec’ll., a Iks adiiiiglon IfnaJ, about 4| t tuifas from W M |. mincer, .. n HUIA T lA* dmw / A PHIL. Ih7, the follow ing property of said 4ae*d., b: ; ONE HOOD MARK with foal, % (SSkWA lope fpnr war. old and aae jflCjiiyearUnr,) 4 VOW, (two with Calves t bvthrir side,) I Vearling llclfar. 4 Shsrp, ) I.swlm, J Brorxl Sun *, 7 Sh<>M*. fat of Poultry. 1 Wagon. 1 Carriage, 1 Marhlor, I Wind Mill. 1 Grain Drill, 1 IMougk. 1 Harrow*. 3 d.'ubl• ahovcl (‘touch*. I CnltUatnr, llsy Can Mgr, Grimbtone. Grain Cradle. J Herein and olhtT rtDiing LleuniU. ADo I Kir hi da t ( . Clock an.l Ckee, (large wise, i Mabngaar Sif lloartl. 1 M ibogauy Tables, bureau sou Bo**k Ca* . 1 IM A NO, I lied and Heddlng, f (tod* Steads, I**l of good Bed Clothing, Dm|lr( i Glan.vt*. Stands, 2 UocKiog Chsirs, 1 dotca Chair*, let of Carpeting, Silrnr Spnous, Tea* • ;■!• Stov,-. parlor Sn*v,., 2 Cooking Hiovss, # *oinor Cuphosrd, UuckcG and other House hJ I am! Kitchen rirnitupe. Also I Kteemffi injf Mnchine. Clarer Seed, the half of 1) Acre* 1 of Wheal growing, lot uf Baron, large lot of I Books, and many other article-*. FVIMt t ©uiuoienc** at IfloVWk. A. V. Teens.—-All -ums under s.'.> rush. A credil of Sj months Witt h • git* i, on all unu of •&. . and upwa-Js. on notn and approved set sriir L i itri’vst from tlie da v of Sale, DAVID A. DWIN’GH. t I nui;2 !?t AdualnUtrator. Election Notice. NronnE h lIHHEHY oirasi, nt an fitocMini will In* hehl in the several j Hluction hi.-Ui i.-i* of (,‘arroll eonuly ou [ \VLI>N ICSDAV, the tenth day of April, iu t , Dm year 1867. ot tin* p!acr*a and between the I hoiir-i prcNCjibc*! by law. when every person entitled to vote for he legates to the General j Afeombly nhnii vote on the question of a • J call of a Convention to frame a Now Con* , 1 stitutiui) and form of government ftr tho 1 State by oxprearing i n writing or printiag I the words ‘M or a Conventioa” or 4, A(ria i Conventv-vi," and at the same time and place tho !*aiq voters shall elect SIX DEL i bGATKS for aaid Carrpli county, to eald , CoMverUi*.i, according to tho provisloftl of tho U4*i of the ( Assembly poaaed Ol the January seaai.m thereof, to w|t: on Ufa 20th day of March, in (he year IM7, enUUad “An net to provide for taking the lanse of the people of the Stale u a oafl of a Con* ventlun to fruiou a Now C-unstUntUm form of governiueut, und foravaembtiug tha member* thereof.’' .1. D. HOPPE, ! rtiar2S*te SheriJf *f Cursoll aouQty. i Notice to Heebsrin. T)ROPOSAUI (W the maiinfaeluro of not j I less than Jffat of Sopor's Patent Scbonl , Decks, Will be racrived at the School Com* misAiuoar* office, Wi.vfminsMir Md., until Amu, ITru. istr.,for funilahlng the mate* rial, and manufacturing of lha wood port | . which shall be of iuud M asoned lual^r; ri* I so the wroifaghl Iron Uod that snpporta tho seat, and Inc screws necessary (or Milling 1 the deafen logcllicr. Also, proposals fur the castings neceasary I for the contitructiun of said desks—a finished desk can be sem at tho office, and specifics . Huns furnished. WM. A. WAMPLER. mur2B *t Kccrciury. fSitate Qj Elizabeth Owing*, drrnurd, f \TOTICK is hereby given that the Sob (’j 11 scrilier hux obtniuod from the Orphan*’ Loan ol Carroll cuuut|, pfA 4mwifaljr> Owing*, lute of Catroll county, dee d. AH pcr>.m> having cj.ijms aKguast silM affiaOoarc hereby waiued to UglHml tha ftTpf wkhjo months fana dgtc, othanriaa tb/ mar2B- it* To fjoecri of good feu, gllPElllOß J... v3aaniS* * Oil Clotl), Matt... j > J tnt reoeirad ami far tab Iff “m-7 Otoaflar S Hifiu.