Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 28, 1867 Page 3
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JURY LAW, ENTITLED an Act to provide for the Selection; Drawing and Summoning of Juror* io Washington, Frederick nnd Carroll Counties, and prescribing their qualification. SECTION 1. fie it Enacted!* the Gen eral Assembly of Maryland, That it shall be the duty of the Clerk of the County Com missioners for cock of the counties of Wash ington, Carroll and Frederick to make out aod file with (ho Clerks of the Circuit Courts for said counties within ten days after the passage of this art and between the first of September and the first of October, in every second roar thereafter, a fair and complete list of ull tho whole mole taxable inhabitants or residents of said county, whose immca appear on the taxable books of said county, nnd who arc not known to said clerks to bo under the ago of twenty five years, nor above the age of seventy years; nnd to which said list, so to be made and filed, the said clerks respectively shall append a certificate that sain list is full and fairlv made; and for making such li t, tho said dorks shall re ceive such compensation as the County Com missioners may deem right and proper ; and for failure to perform the duty hereby im posed, the said clerks to the said Commis hioocrs shall forfeit and pay a fine to the Stale of not less than Five hundred dollars, nor moru than One thousand dollars, iu the discretion of the Court, to be recovered by indictment as lor a misdemeanor; and the party upon conviction shall bo committed to tbefuuuty Jail, there to remain until said line and all costs accrued shall be fully paid; and he shall be thenceforth w holly inca{ab!c of holding or exercising the duties of the said office of clerk to the County Commis sioners. SBCriOM l And he it farther enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that it shall in las duty of the Judges of the Circuit Courts for each of tho counties of Washington, Car roll and Frederick, within twenty days of. tad not levs than five days before the com laeuccincut of the sc vend • terms of tho Courts of said counties next succeeding the passage of this act in the year one thousand right hundred aod sixty seven, and within lie period of one mouth of. and not than twenty days before the commencement oleoch nnd every term in said Courts there after, nl which Juries arc required to attend [ in the presence ol such ot the practising i members of Ihc Bar of said Court* as ahull think proper to attend, notice of time and j place having been first given to said mem | her-of the liar, through ih Criers of said j Courts to proM?d to select from the lists j Unfurnished by thu clerks of ihe County I feta nissioaers, provided lor in Uic first See- ) lt..n of this Act and from the poll books of j 1 lac several election districts ol said counties 1 (list shall be returned to and filed in the 1 Clerks olfico of said Courts, after any gen rrsl alrcrioii tlnst may be last held previous I \ to sach election, a panel to oooaiat of the i , names of throe hundred persons, to Ik? fairly ! • and impartially selected by the said Judge’, I - with special reference to the intelligence, so briuty and integrity of such parlous, and ! I without the least reference to their political j ] opinions; and of tho names of such persons, ; | when so 4olccled*.a list shall be made, and • t a ccrtific tku (hereto ap|*mlud by tho said { Judge, that said list ol mimes has besm duly t * ►elect*’-! in conformity with, and according j to (be spirit and intent of this act; and : . which mud lists and evtlifiatHi .'•hall be filed I , w th the clerks of th*! said Courts, and by . , them praam rod as other proceedings of (hr •aid (.onrta are kept. SKCi’ION' st. Ami be it further enacted, , . by the aulhority aforesaid, that when said i lull of names seloctod as directed in tho pro • lig Section, is made uml certified as ttafirin provided for, immediately thereupon , the Mid Judges of the said resjiccuvt* Court*, is tho presence of the members of the Bar ; -i.irtfikid and such other persons as mnv | • to lie present, shall ~1l | the name* selected uod placed on the lisi J ■foreiaid to to? legibly written upon ballots, which shall be of equal six**, nnd of the- , time color and appearance and shall Im-, ctbsdy rolloil or folded and placed by ih Judge himself with his own bunds inimedi a;*ly before the drawing herein provided for, iuloacwbiroriii box w ith Hiding top, of the , ►|WB of eight inches, to be procured for t*ui jmr|*osc by the Clerk of said Court, un •i r the direction of the said Judge : and af t -r depositing *uid ballots, the said mix shall Im closed, and the said Judge shall then • awso Ine Clerk, or our of bin deputies whom the said Judge ahull designate, neither the , ~u* nor the other who may be so required to 'rt to be present ot the w riuug. roiling or 1 folding an I depositing said bufloi. into tho ! lox, as herein directed, to appear before ! him and then and there, hi the presence of | the said Judge, and such other persons as may choose to l*c present, after well and thoroughly shaking suit! box, so that the laU- i lulsho well mixed, to draw from said box, through such au opening or aperture mode "f moving the sliding ton thereof, os will only conveniently admit the band, and with •ui in any manner looking into said box. I n:ic by one, forty eight of said ballots ; ami (he names appearing on said ballots, ns • drawn, shall io) duly recorded by the said i Judge, or by the Clerk in his presence, ami i under his direction, in tho order in w hich they shall be drawn, as aforesaid, ami there upon forthwith the Judge shall order a I’e wre facia* to issue, directed to the Sheriff of the said county, commanding him to sum moji at Jurors, to attend ol the next ensuing ' tmn of said Court, the several persons ho>e names may be drawn as aforesaid; xml ifany such persons whoso names are so ad embraced in said Vaut* facia* ( *hoalJ be dead, sick or otherwise unable to •tosod, or should bo absent, and therefore not to be found, it shall be tne duly of the Sheriff forthwith to return the fact of such death ; disability or obsence, and the said Judge shall thereupon eau*e to bn drawn Irotn mid box, in the manner beroinbefurc •“fccted other names in the place and steud original drawing who may be dead, •.cabled or abaant, ana shall cause the name ■•••• of such person or persons so as last vorwaiU draw’ll to be inserted m said Venire facia*, and make return thereof to said Co f*\ ff P wiil, of ito session. SECTION And h* UfnrOmr tnacied, 0 / tne authority aforesaid, that immediately •Her each drawing for Jurors as directed in fie preceding section and for taUsuun as hereinafter directed, and without Buffering the said ballots remaining in said box to be (iken out, or in any maoucr removed there f '*n, or inspected, or examined, or said box t be looked into, or removed from his pres •J* by any persou whatever, tbc said Judge ut tho gaij respective Courts shall close .ud box, end cither lock or seal the same *n rely, and keeping the key or seal there •t himself jhaH deposit the said box con tunmg the remaining baltots, with the Clerk of tho said Court, to be bv him safely kept, tree from any handling or interference by Person whatever, unless it be io the of the said Judge aod bp his direc- W ; *jk'd then only in vba manner heroin if (ot the trial of any cause or or ontoiMMl in the said 9? u T> WiwuMi or UWo bo rr 1 “S l, if* 0 ■?““*• "aid Court no, or- J ; r the Sheriff to sumnssMi ■■>( talisman or either from a list af uamea that ‘UU In drawn from tho said box nontaioinK <lx Hui bdlol. b, tho mode utd mmm rn in tho tbinl Section of Olio Act, and Whod to tho mid Sheriff, or from tho lyjho ofurooaid, that of tho Ibtlr •JPtJJarote droon and numntuned in the third Motion nfthU ol diroctod, thetwontv rtIUBC, firrt occurring in the ordor to •tich they wore drown, ■boll con.tiUto nnd '* t > (irnnd Jury for the onnting jorm of >M ud Court; and tho rctilaimng Twenty 2 n4ra tierl is ardor in thodnwin, ihnil •*?*htnio and bo tho Pnn Jury of mid on R yeanthorUy aforesaid, that the name of disqualified or exempted by ex isting law, the Sheriff is forbidden to sum iiumi as auch, shall be tolefitod and placed upon the panel cr list jfitdu whicli the draw ing is to be made ns dfHcied by this Act; uur kluUl any person be drawn and sum moned to two Courts Huoccaaively j nnd the said Conn shall have full power and author , ity to cocroo theattoiidunce of Jurors drain, and summoned under this act and te punish by fin** nr imprisonment or both, for any default or contempt committed in ingench siinmons. BKCriON 7. And be. i! enacted, Thai no terms of any of the Courts ufr*sMud shall U* 1 hold until Juries therefor cun bo selected ■ and summoned in accordance with the pro visions of this Act, and in case the times now fixed by law for holding the regular terms ot any of said Courts shall arrive be fore Juries may he summoned in accordant-)- wilh the provisions rf this Act. it shall be the duly of the Judir*B uf said Courts to dis charge the Juries which may have been sum moned by the Sheriffs of aid counties, or any of thorn, without reference to this .\cl aud to adjourn said term or terms fur such ■ time ax may be requisite to enable Juries to . be selected and summoned according to Ibe provisions of this Act and to direct a Venire jacim to issue for summoning the Jurors who may bo selected for auch adjourned term or terms according U> this Act’, and to , fix the day on which said Venire facias shall , bo returnable, ami thereupon to proofed to hold .-aid term or terms in the snnio manner and with the same tffbet as if the said term or terms had been held’on the days now * fixed by law, and tho (Jriuid nnd Petit Juries I so to be srleetoil and summoned shall he la ken to all inlenis and jmrposrs to ho the lh proper and lawful llran<l and Petit Ju riea as Inily ms if tin* Name had been selected r Mid summuued prior to the regular days of holding the term or term.s of auid Courts. SBC I*l OX 8. And be if enacted that this Act shall take effect and be iu fore; from l ' the dale of its passage. v SBCriON . And be ii enacted that nil “ laws mcoaxiatetit with the provisions of this [ Act. he an I ihc same an. hereby icpt-olcd. c *e certify that the aforegoing is n true t copy ol an act which passed (he hencral As- ! aea.’bly of Man land, baiiuary S.-aiun, 1K J7. i c W. U. COufcl, r Cliicf Clerk of Uouju of Dele 'atce. I f AHJCSTCS h \ ioAWAV, I { Special XotU-es, **r. St lti tu U". IlanJr;tUc l-Mli. 4 Suhslliulc- lor Tiitoinel. , Thesi Hills aro roin,tOie<l of various roots, : b** ing thd puwr t- rvhx tho sccretinaa of the I 1 iver proo>|i(]y and effectually as blue pill or j mercury, and n iihout producing any f ihose i ‘bsagrwable or dangeroas effect* w hich ofku j follow (he u.i of the IstU-,. In all bitliou- dUovders th *•• Hills may be • u*-l nidi confltb-nce, a* ih y prow.-u- the di : charge nf vitiated bile, ami re-.tove thoe ob- v Slruciinn* from the liver and biliary duel*, * s hieh aro the cause of bilious affect la*, in g. n- J -I.Htu., e.r. Sick 11...1 ache, and all disorders of tbs Liver, Indlealad by sallow akin, coal *1 touguo, rostivraess, 1 drowsincss. and a e< m-ml fcvTiiii; of weariness sod lasaitail". that tin- liver u iu 4 tor pid or übitru?*ed condition. lush rf. these Hill* mar bo a-.d with sdvan- | tsge in all cases when a purgative or altvraiive nicdicim- b reqaired. Hloas ak for “lr. Rchrnck’s Mandrake PilU," and o - .ve that th -two likeu-M* - of tbs l> Are on (Iu U >r-r nment slamp—ooe whan in (he la t C .n*u.uj.Uon, and the , (her in hit prrs.-nt health. Sold by all D ngguii and dealers, rricc ?’• eeatspcrlxs. P. im . ,il 0.f1p.-, No. i : : "Ulh Street. Hlilbidelphi i |*. tiv-neral Wh-dc?*!- Audits:* Harfles i n.. il Hark Uon, N w Vmk :S. S. JUnce. lot naltimo.-e St., lUltlmors. Md. ; John I). Park-. N. K. .or. of Pou.lh snd Walnut St.. , Cincinnati. Ohio; Walker A Tmlor. I • A Lie Wabash Avraue, Chkauo. 111. ; tk.lli..* ll.oth ers, southr( camel of Sccvml and Vm .- St., St. Louts, Mix d.-c. 37, th i A Sth w. I yr. i| Kisoh Thy Hostlny. jl Mi-mx- K. K. Tui'K' rox, ih- irc*t Km” 11. Is AstmlogOt, Clairrova-it and Hityr-hnineti loan, who ha* Astonished the *• i ulifle fls*sn of the Old World, has now tocau-d hordf at Hudson. • N. Y. Mads i>.-Thornton pojsc.ssc* such wu d.*rful powers of si-cuad sight, as to enable her (o iaapsrtkn > I -due of il,'- groatcal iutporlamv tn lb - cingle -r man i-l of idlh -. sex. While . in a rials of tiance, she dcllu aU - th • very fes- 1 tares of ihu person sou are to marry, and by j ' the aid of an instrument orbitf-nte power, known ! I V l k" Hsychoiaotropc. guarantor* to produce n 1 r lif.--lik pirturo of tho fuiars husbana or wife 1 . !of th 3 applicant, inij.ther with date of raai-j ; riag-. position in lii.-, L ading ralls of rhaitc , ,rr - *r. This it no hurr.htiu, a* thousand* of (•**Unionist* can a*cii. She will vend when l denired a tvuflrd ccrllficfei.-. or wriit'-n guar- • anice. (hat the piclur- i-what it purports lob*-. Hr snalo<iu; a small lock uf h iir. and *tating j J plan- of birth, ag-, dipo c ition and complexion, , , ; sod rncWlng fittv cent* sod stamped envelope addrr.*M*d to inulidf, you will receive the pic- * I tore and desired iaforrustb-n by return uiAil.~ All coianiuaicatiansMcrediv confidential. Ad- • ! dre** in confidence. Msoimk K. V. TunaxTow. I i*. O. Box U. 1 : v y. :*7 1) \ V > i:n< I.ATY returning to her country K' n-, after a .sojourn of a few months in tbr* Cil., sra* hnrdlv rctngaiovd by 1 fticiul*. I u place of a coarse, rustic, flush :cd fact, she had a *fl ruby mrn; Irxion of al- j ! , most mat bi - and itu>U-ad of twenty- 1 three she really appeared hut elehleen. Upon * inquiry as to the eauv of so great a change, 1 bt plainly toid them that *ho used the Viren* 1 •ion IJulim. and it an invaluable ac- * quisitmn u any latdr’s toilet. U.v its use any ! Lady or (iunlL-man can improve thoir personal 1 appearance n hundred fold. It is simplu in 1 it* combination, a* Nature herself is simple, yet 1 1 I unsurpassed In it* .-fflearr in drawing impuri ties from, also lualiug, cl. ansing and beautify- I , ing the skin and complexion, fiy it* direct ae- ' linn on the cttticU it draws from it all its impu rities, kindly healing tbu same, and leaving tho surfac- as Nature intended It should be. clear, smooth and beautiful. Hrioe fI, seat by Mail or Express. 011 receipt of an order by W. L. CL AUK A CO.. Chemists. No. 3 West Fsjutto Ut.,, .S’. V. The only American Agnots for the sale of the , same. fobT-Iy M’ONPKIIIT!. BUT Till I. : MADAME UEMINOTOX, the woild ro onw ued Astrolugist and Somnambulistic Clair voyant, while in 4 clairvoyant stale, delicnates tbs very features of the person you arc to mar ry, and by the all of an instrument of iulonse Kver, known as the Psychnmotrope, raarau • io produce * perfect end HiV-liko picture of lbs future byibaad or wife of the applicant, with date of maniacs, occupation, leading trails of character, Ac. This la no Imposition, as testimonials without number enn a.sci t. stating place of birth, age, disposition, color of eyesaud hair, and enclosing fifty cent*, and stomped envelope addressed to yountclf, yon * EPS" to rc by return mall, bigcth rr with desired information. Address iu confidence. Mtutus Utararos Rsutsotox, F. 0. Box 307, Want troy, . Y. sept 13,- Cm. *a ** Moser; Local and Travelllug Agents. Male or remain, of all ogas, are wanted U> eollcii trade iaevery City f.iwn. Village Haiolet. Work shop and Factory, throughout the entire wwrld, for the most saleable novelties evor known 500 H*a Ckmt. Fnonr and ready .ale wborefer offered!! Hmart men and women can make Dow $5 to SSO per day, and ao risk of lose t A anall capital required of from S2O to sloo—the more money inf ested the greater the profit.— Wo ifensy rtquirtd in oJmkm-im jLret mad tk* article* m,,d receive lie pay n/unrurde 1 If yon actually wish to make money rapidly and anally, write for full particulars aud addreaa MILXOK A 00., (From Farts.) j 310 Broadway, New Vwk fffty. Free to Evt rybody. A pji. Cirrul... giving inform*- tton 01 Uin gronteut itnportntiee to Ihe voting J of both Mixon, It tiche hon the homrt, m y ben-me benuiifol. the deipiaed ronpwtetl. tod the ronutkeu loved. No voting Indy nr gentleman *cdd (Ktl to Mad their Address, nnd revet re > copy ■ postpaid, Ity return mail Addrces P. O. Drawer, 21. **W m Troy, N. Y. NEW FIRM AN AT WEST Ml SAVE YOU by runciiAsrso FRITCHEY’S ( Fro>i Hood \ITUO have on hand the largest and best tV Liquora, Q-j<u*nswaro, Ifau, Cap*, Bex Having purdiOM-tl the entire Stock ot (iood now offering the Slock at from ’JO to fiO jmjt ot purchased all onr NEW G linco the recent heavy decline in prises, we lot n* will defy competition. March 21, 1817- EGYPTIAN COEN I J A aspicium m*linri* mu. Bonn fide, (fin'il pro (pio ! fPllF.subscriber offers to farmers throughout X ibo country flic ‘ , BCIIPTHX CORN, which, nuon trial, was found to ripen, planted c even the la*t of July. It is estimatml, from its f very prolific qualities, to yield 150 bu.hi-U per ( acre, and w> igbs. by scaled uiossurs, sixty-live pound* to tbc oush“l. This corn was produced j by some procured direct from Mr. June*, uur cousulai agent, directly un hi* return Lo;:j v Egypt. ( It nenl uo dirfcrciitculture from that of olh- ( cr (aricUes, aud in the South two crops can bj j railed in one acason on lb* aamu giound. It | grows iu the farm of a tiro, and thii tr-fuur ears , have grow n upon o u < stalk, and will average from Tvc to fin.( it. Hor domestic usv- it is un pai all'.led. Wh.-u ground and propeily bolu-d, il 'A equal in culo, and tmrnes* to wneatru Hour. As * iorag ‘ crop, by sow in-; in di ills or Jiroad- j east, for early ford, there is no kind of corn so | well adapted to tnilih cows, and none that will yield half the value iu statk or c£ro. it can be tucccssfally grown iu any State, i give the tonal satisfactory references that th • corn is, in rvory r-sj> -ct, what i rupn-srnt T it (obr; and fuitli< r, i am the uuly person Unougbout the couutrv who has thii variety of J V-'rn. IU, ii-g • ,|awlil/, 1 'U ••■>'* ablo to hit all orders for (hose drsiroulof tc*l- j * u £ il - . t TKKAIS. -In o dor that all may receive seed, • we haver reduced the price (a one dollm at. I ' utty ernt* a parkag Any person wb-i vtill 1 gel up a club of live will receive a package ( gcati- Killeen packag - SK, Fifty package* t iu. 10, One hundred paokag-s for One t pa kagu w ill contain enough to plant the fol- , lowing season f*om twenty to thirty acres; also direction* for planting and cultivating. Addivas, i. E. U. LINDSEY, 1 Hus 75, Abingdon, ’ iuar?l-nt AV **hlng ton Co., 'a. Auction. !> V virtu*’ tf : 1 )*• reo >f the Circuit ) Court f*r Baltimore City in vanae wh'-relu (’aroli 1 (I. K. Wveth i tnplnin-' nut nnd Leonard Jarvis Kendill and of Kara IT. . ■! Truou-e. ■ I , Westminster, Carroll county, Md., o-. j | S tlunl.iy, the 13 h day of Apr.l. iSOT, ( At Id o'clock, M., j 1 All that valuable tract <*f Un I called ‘‘Ko j vliCrtter'* and * ilirlt Mm.low.' boing thn, ! pro IMr (5 known u* tho ‘•Livings’’ Farm, and ■ ’ lately occupied by Mrs. FUxaUlb Owinga, < | deceased, containing -j I 199 Acres, 2 Hoods & 19 Perches of Land, t:*rrc orleas. jrt in 'll .•her ami part under cultivation, and U improved by a DNVKM.jIN IDUSi:, I Load.A ix uUmt ,HI miles dis tanl from Westminster. A plat of the pro- j party will be shown at tho sale.* or may Lu **->n nl the office of the Tru*toa. The title 1 i> U litived to be indisputable, aud posses- 1 •ion given immcdiaUdy. The Term* uf Sale a* prescribed by Ihe 1 decree arc, ()ne thirdcaMi. one-third at -.ix months, and one third ht twelve months from day of rah? with interest on credit pay ments, to he secured by notes with approv ed endorsement. * For further information empire of thu | undersigned. KDVVAUD OTfS 11IXKLKV. Trusts. | l 4fi North Charles Su, Buliimorn, *Md. inari 1-41 N( jlu the Circuit Court fur Carroll County. ■ 1 Henry C. Mnsonhciiucr \ /\i;i*rr;ti thi.s and’others, | V/ 14th day of rs. f Maroh. A. D., , Andrew Bryson | 1 **o7, that the Ao and others. I (lit filed in the 1 above cause he finally ratified and confirmed, 1 unless cause to the contrary be shown on or 1 htlorc the *ih day of April next; provided I u copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed in Carroll county, for! (wo successive weeks previous to tho last named dav. WM. A. McKELLIP, Clk. True copy, —Test: mar2L2t Wm. A. McKeu ip, Clk- Gephart & Barbee, \ o . 21 q. Howard street, DALTIMOUE, MO., wuoi-Cxsi.B im BROOMS, BUCKETS, BASKETS, WOODKS WAHU 0/ nU kind*, Cordage, Twine, liriuhcs, Matches, Blacking. &c , Ac. mar2l lyp NOTICE. THE subscribers having sold their stork to Moesra. Hood 4 Thomas are auxiona to close all outstanding debts. Persons in debted to th*m will settle the samq before the 25th. of April, next, us all accounts nn: |uud at that time will hu placed in the baud* of an officer for settlement according to laV. Coll u the old stand. MASS IE & CO. mr2l 4t County ( omiiklNxloiirrs' Police. County CotamjssioDfrs for CarroU ■ County will meet at their Office, in Westminster, ou tbs Fta.vr NLifmay of March, 1864, for the truaaaetion lof huainsss. By order, LEM VAEEXTINK, \ fob6 -*‘ Clerk. JAS, A. C. WAD, ATTOBVEV *T L(W, WRBTMII*BTBR, kin. ALL Uuiiien "trail lutv inmiodite end atumtlon. i Corner of Court and Main Btrwix. turU-lm | SVI.K BILLS printed at the thorieaT notice at thu Ullice, 1 i.iiWU-Ti- li JjiiTT —r~ D NEW GOODS 1 , JNSTER , MD, ra money VO UK 0001)8 AT OLD STAND, & Thomas, .Mi'lealod Stock of DRY GOODS, Groceries, >ots, Shoos, Ac. in tho County, d'j recently owned by Massif. A Co., we are L'enU leni than original pncos, and having IOODS, del confi lent we can offer such inducements. HOOD k THOMA.S. Spring Goods! Spring Goods! S I I LL further decline in prices. Bleached Maxim yd. wide 18J, all other grades of BI ached Muslin at least 36 per cent low er than they have been. Having jual re turned from the city with a fine assortment of SPRING GOODS, vuch a< Bleached and Unbleached Muslins, Ginghams. Chocks, Caliouaa, Fant* Stuff, (Linen and Colton} Ac. All of which have been bought for cash. All we ask, is to cull before purchasing, by so doing you will gave STOUFFER A HOFFMAN’, ranr7 New Windsor. MARY UNO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. r IUI E dutlrif of this Institution will bo ro I An mod on MONDAY, 26th day of MARCH. IW7. While it is designed to make instruction in the theory and practice of Agriculture the peculiar feature ol the College, provision is made for a full cn*.rse ofCollcgiote instruc

tion, embracing the Latin, Greek, French, Carman, Italian and Spanish languages, or any of them, a course of Mathematics, Mon tul and Moral Science, History, and tho stu dy of the English I Jinguajt" and Literature. Natural History and Natural Philosophy in their several branches will have specif attention. Military tactics will be taught. There will be no Preparatory School, but u selected English and Scientific course may be taken at the student*• option. No one r reived under 11 years of age. For a circular and further information al! dress N. 11. WORTH IN(TTOX. Register. Ac., Office American Farmer, Baltimore. mm 11- It rfOrts c. raiiKLL. a. uassish FRIZELL & MANNING, WES TMIXS TER, MD. STOCK A\D BILL BROKERS. Wl LL buy and MH on Commission, all issues of U. 8. Secnriti.-a, Gold, Sil ver* Bonds, Ac. Dank Ktoefc benight and sold on I onimission. Collections made with l prompt return*. I .and Warrants Wanted. Will pay Three per cent. (8) for Depositee, to be drawn out on demand. march?-If L*(ate of John Grimes , defeated. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scriber bus obtained from the Orphans' ' Court of Carroll county, letter* of Adnmtra lion on the Personal Haute of John (iuimk.m, late of Carroll county, deed. All persons having claim a against said lu talc .arc ' hereby warned to exhibit the some within nix months from this date, otherwise Ibev may he excluded from all benefit of saiil Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. HENRY POOLE, march?-4t Admin iat rotor. XO. 912 EQUITY. 1* the (hrcutl Court for Carroll County in Equity. I 1 CBUUARY TI'.UV, 1807. Anthony Jackson, II) V virtue of ( irandfnthcr Si next friend of i JL3 *n order { Manual J. loops A others, lot the Court, ; w* • I the Crcditorsof Samuel J. 'l oops k others, j Ann E. Drncc, are hereby notified and warned to file their claims properly authenticated with the Clark of the Circuit Court for Carroll County, on or before the iHth day of April next, other wise they may bo debarred of the benefits of the trust fund. A. D. SCHAEFFER, marl Ml Auditor. NEW BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE. f|MIE undersigned having juat opened 1 business, takes pleasure in calling the attention of the Public to bis well selected stock of Books, Stationery, Sablmth School Rooks, Cards, Ac.. which , he Haller* himself he can now sell on a a (Kir terra* as can be obtained elsewhere. AH orders for Books, Music, Ac., promptly | filled. HENRY B ORAMMER. * marU-tf Westminster, Md. I Sacrifice for Forty Bays. 1 /~i OODS at cost, and less than cost. Ma ,VI k in g room for Spring Stock, my entire i stock of Fall aud Winter Goods ! f.w anltt at cost, and aunt leu than coat, for i4O dy from data. I mil Ikon hare the i largest Stock of Spring i.oods 1 have ever j offered for sale mar 1 JOHN U RtaWKIDER. A GREAT CBAXCB/or AG EXTBI XOSOiPI NO WATKRtI N#BLOP 111 shown-* glass cleaning polish. Patented Oct. 10, IMS. For cleaning sad polishing windows, mir rors, gold, silver, plated wars, brass, copper, tin, ie. A new invention of the greatest oractical worth, convenience, and erouomy j Indispensable to all bonatkaaMra. hotel , keeper*, • torei.separs. Ac Address C. X. j Brown. ,Vo. 74 Bloeckar Street, N'aw York. ; Utm! discount to tha trade. IVic* 80 eta. par bo*. jaun-gnt DRY GOODS Coming Down, I Great IndnecmeDta offered (a STOCK and PRICKS, at | mar? JI, UKIFHNIDKR’B. I C A SPK NT RBS~TOOLS. Jt'ST rrcaived from the Btctoriaa a Ml stm-k, Sir sole at Baltimore price*. I mar? , John L. Keifsaidcr. PUBLIC SALE OF j Houses, Cattle,, ItORKEYH, hogs, POULTRY, AMD AGRICULTURAL IUPLKS4RSTS. Tho undersigned having rented bit Farm, "ID offer at Public slo, un the premises, ' -ght mitcufrum IL’.tha rc, on tho Reuters town Turnpike I loud, * On WcdncMlay nnd Thursday, j April :ird tint! 41b, ISBT, At Ifij o'clock A. M., hi* entire stock of J FARMING IMPLEMENTS, TOOLH 4!\U IMUliniiN, and also the greater (torliuii uf bit; LIVE : STOCK, including the Tlioronirtihrrd Stallion “MARS,” ten years old, by Dual, out of Flstina, bv Dtvocly, A the I'EUCHEHON STALLION THE LITTLE CORPORAL , eight year* old. by Imported Duke of Nor mandy, oat of Imported Snowdrop. One or two Thoroughbred Mare*; Coll* of differ ent ages, aired by one or the other of the above named .Stallion* ; a number of light and Heavy Draught Horses; pure bred Devon Oxen and Steen ; some choice Hog*. Poultry, k c.. and from tun to twenty hciuTof Alderney Cattle, Tho Sale of Live Slock w ill take place on the first day, and that of Implements on the second. Catalogues will be published early in March, giving pedigree* of the more important ani mala, mid a general description of the others, and of the implement*. Tho rale of this j Kale will be that every article or annual shall be sold to the highest bidder, and should, in nnr exceptional case, the owner detito to bid upon a lot set up. he will do so in per son, but he will not bid upon the Stallions,* nor upon the Cattle. Persons unable to ul tend the sale, may scud orders to the Auc tioneer, who will execute them to the best of hi* judgment. Arrangement* will be made to conduct the sale under shelter, so that there will be no postponement on ac count of weather. The undersigned wil! . endeavor to provide mean* of transportation ! from and to Hell's Switch Station, on the; Western Maryland Railroad, three miles from Pikcsville. and to secure comfortable ; accommodations in tho neighborhood for \ j persons from a distance, who may wish to . remain over night. Tkhm* or Sauk.—For suras of less than ' SIOO, cash; for sum* of more than SIOO, 1 notes bearing interest at four or six months, with approved security, or cash ou which a ] discount of 6 per cent w ill be allowed J. H. Mr HEN' RY, Pikesvilla, VJ. John 8. Nu uola*, Auctioneer, marl 1-Ut GREAT SALE OF FRUIT, SHARK, KVEItGREKX ! AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, j PLANTS, VINES 4c, '"pilF Undersigned will offer at Public 1 Sale, at tin* 4an oil \ursrr) ,1^ miles Weal of Westminster Md., on TJi urufoy the Ath doy of April, 1867, An extensive and choice assortment of Fruit Trees, consisting of about 10,000 Apple, largo aize 4 years old : about 7000 Peach. 4000 of which ore budded from bearing trees that are clear of the yellows; about MOO Dwarf and Standard Fears ; about 2UU AprlcoU ; a tew Cherries ; about 2000 Grape \ incs, of all the leading varieties; aboat 1 fKO p>rpetual bearing UHSpberries; ai>out 1000 Huughtim .Scetlling Goosebemaa that never blight nor mildew: alout'>o,oot.Slruwberriß*of JO dif ferent kind*, aueb im the Agriculturist, Rus pell’s, Wil on’s, Albany,TriomphedcGrand, Also a lot of Urge sized Evergreens, and I Ornamental True a. Sale to commence at 10o’clock A. M. Tutus.—Ail sums under $.>.00 cash. A- \ bovc thataiuount a credit of six months will bn given on note nnd approved security bearing interest from the wife. JOSEPH STOUT, D.vvin OucxpoKtr, Auctioneer, marl 4-lx FARMEIIS PREPARE FOR YOUR SPRING CROPS. rr*HE Sub.soriWr offers the fulluring ap- I J prove,! Fertiliser. Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate I A highly popular aud dependable Fertilizer of twelve years -lauding and of which many thousand tons are annual!)’ sold. KARYLAXD POWDER OF DOME I Guaranteed free from adulteration and analysing M per cent, of Phosphate of Lime and over 8| per cent, of Amimoniauniformly made, and, fine enough to drill! CR 0 S TER 1 A very superior article, manufactured at Red Beach MilU. XO 1 PERUVIAN GCAXO, Of direct importation, which I deliver from Government's Agent's Warehouse. All there art Urn will he furuithed at hucpgf rate*. LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. for a Circular. Oder* received by J. H. Bowers, and by Gohr k Orndorff, at Woatiuinater, Md. GEORGE DUGDALE, Nos. 97 and 106 Smith s Wharf. jaaJl-Sra Baltimore, Md. GROCERY AND Provision Store. CYRUS D.~sTONESIFER, T) ESPECtFULLY iaferm Us prtroa. - |V and friends that he baa commenced receiving Freak Fish of all kiuda. and will oonlinue through tha season. Also Freak Menu of all kind, always on hand. Corn Beef and amoked Beef amoknd and fraah Sansafa. newly cured llama. Shonldera and Sides, Potatoes, Corn aud Buckwheat Meal, Turnips. Beats, Beans, Hominy, Pieklos. : Cider Vinegar. Sweat Oder aid Apples, Dried Fruits, Ac., U racer la aud Fro, Isleei of all kinds, Tohareo and CW Canned I Fruits and Vlablaa of the purest and freshen the mamia out affted, * Oysters, QyQ either by targe or email quantity. -SBr Kainilies aappliad and deSvered at the door I at Ike shortest nottae. Come and see for yoaraetvaa. I will sell the above goods at tha lowam and moat acemmodatinr terms. Ooporit. Pm* UagwWter, HoteC (form arty thaaa a.) Westminster. Md. CYRUS 0. STONESIFKR, fcfcl*•*.. I A PRIMS lot of Ftaderick moke Buck /\ Olovaa, fcr sal. hy jal7 .SToe/fer <f Huffman . NO. 938 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll county, Maryland, sitting uft a Court of Equity. M*Kni 2nu., IRQ”. Mmjt It'n-jWt I 'pill! object of thU and Other.*, 1 ■ iak i . to procure a I rt. ] decree for the Male of I StiAonna Rinehart j the Real Estate whereof) ud other*. J a certain Joseph Kinc- j hart, late of Carroll comity, in the State of I Mu ry land, ilocsosod. di. d acizod. for the j I of distributing the proceed* uf sale j among the be in at la of uid docoased. j Thu Bill Mutes, tn substance. that on or ! about the 4tb day of October in the tear! j the wild Joseph lUnehart ufod, seized J in (be simple of about one buwdicd and fonr arrea of land, situated in (\trro|| county ! afore said, particularly described in the Bill ; | and amnuparytng Exhibits. and leaving n I I* widow named (Vliariur Rinehart, oft or r)i county, surviving him. aud the follow- j iof children and grand tluhlreu us his only | heir* at law to wit; his children. Mary Kmc- ■ I hart, Elizabeth Buck wife of So! mi on I Buck, William IT. Rinehart, fo>ui*a House j fel wife of Andrew Housefel. (taorgtt Bine hurt, Catharine Miller wife of George Miller, wlio nre all coinpliuoaiitu in the Bill, and his children Btuouua Rinehart, Kli Rinehart, und Amelia Rinehart, nnd two grand chil dren, iturned George Ruuffuud Jacob RuufV, the only children ol Mary UoMT, adaughter of said Joseph Uineliurt d.-censed. who wa the wife of a certain Jacob Ituoff. and do parted this life before the deatli of her said father; which said Susanna Rinehart, Eli Rinehart, Amelia Rinehart, George Ruuft and Jacob Bool! Jr., arc the defendant in the Bill, are all minor*. under the age of twenty one yeaii, and reside in Carroll county aforesaid, except the said George Knott and Jacob Ruotl Jr., who reside out of thei State of Maryland, to wit : in Phila delphia in the Stale of Pennsylvania. '1 he Bill farther states that the said land * cannot be divided among the jauties entitled thereto without loss or injury : that it would be to the advantage ol sil parties interested that the same should ho sold and the pro ceeds divided among them uucunliogto their respective interests therein : and prats for Much sale under a decree of said Court, nnd for the writ of subporns against “aid resident Defendants, and for an order of publication against said absent Defendants. It is thereupon adjudged and ordered that the Complainant*, by causing a copv of this j order tube inserted in some new*|wp<-r nub ; li shed i.t Carroll county, once in eocb of ; four sucueaoive weeks, before the 4th day rtf I I i x '' 7 ’ S‘ v notice to t!ie said absent i ■ DelundaatM, of the object and substance of; ! this Bill, and warn them to appear in (falsi j Court, in person or by Solicitor, on or be • j fore the Bth day of July next, to answer the i I premises, and *how cause, if any they have, I vby a decree ought uot to pa.-s \s j raved I i r HM. A. McKELI.IP, d’k. i True copy—Test: W*. a m Kci ur, j j Trustees Sale of I | REAL JEST ATE. ■ | I) Y virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court I I) fur Carroll county, silling as a court of • I Equity, the subscriber, ns Traxloe. will <*!) ! J at Public Sole, on the premises on , Salanhy tkr 30 fh day of' Aft fir A, 1867. at 1 o’clock, P. M., the following described ! I Real Estate. to wit: one Tract containing * 50 Acres iOK LAND, more or less. The improve- 1 ; munis thereon consisting of a : comfortable Dwelling AariSAL-, If OUSE ,CKfe BTABLE. and other necessary buildings.— ! There is water convenient to the House.. Al- ! so, on the premise*, a valuable Yoi Ko On chamd. A fair proportion of the fjnd is ! heavily covered with TIMBER. The St-o- ! J ond Tract contains 20 Acres of Land, | more or less: a comfortable DWELLING ! HOUSE. Stable, and other out building* ; I a good Orchard, 8 ring near the House, i ami a portion uf the lriid is covered with Good Timber. j The above property I* situated on the rood lending from the Washington Road to i | Bloom - * Mill, alxmt three fourths of a mile ; from Bloom a Mill, and ia now in the oecn- I puncy of Robert S. Barnes. 1 his property will be sold in one parcel, i I or otld os above to suit purchaser*. Persons wishing to view the premise* will call upon Robert S. Barnes residing thereon, j j 1 emu of Sale a* prv.wiKbed by the court I are—Due-Half cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof, and the other one- ! half in twelve mouths from the dny of Bala, the purchaser or purchaser* giving hi* or lliclr notes with approved sonority, bearing interest from the dv of sals. dOHN W. COCHRAN, Trustee. Crosit L Httf. ukb v, SttlMivrs. marl Is E. WHITMAN & SONS, *o. -i and -i4 S. Calvert M., Baltimore, MO., M**cPAcrtsns or Agrirnitural Implements CXD M M IIIM.IIV. ludesale and Retail Dealer* in SEEDS, FERTILIZERS AND AG -lUCULTUHAL HARDWARE. SOUTH URN AGENT# FOR •‘Buckeye” Mo : a; and Rouping Machines, vt agonvr a Celebrated Grain and Guano ImUs. ‘‘American” Sugar Mills mid Evaikorator*. Tlie “Sweepstake*” Throghcrs aud Cleaners. Grant's Grain Cradle*. The Celebrated “Maryland -1 Wheel Horse Hakdfe. Montgomery's Rockaway Wheat Fan.*. The “Keystone” flder Mill*. Huuhiiison * Family Wine and Cider Mills, and a genera) slock of Unpimoents and Machinery, embracing nearly every va riety in use. Taa above Machines hare all of the latest improvements, and are confidently rccoit mended as tbo best of the kind in the cenn try. if< quitnug ttartoqf anta/U* alw M<t chincry /kralsketL a a.I nujut/xd at tkoii notice. We bare in store a largo and careful!* selected stock of Garden. Field and Flower Seeds, which we confidently recommend as [rink gtnnino. Send for one of oar Seed Catalogues, giving practical directions tor planting ail variolic* uf Seeds. Garden and Hewer Seeds fi>rwanlcd liy ra *l- mar? ly. BEAUTY! Avbarii, Finxvn u* SlUvcb Carls, EUODPCRK hr the nm r,f Pn.k DE HUErX’ FIiIBEK I.E CHEFEI X. Application nwrrauUd to curl tbn wool anight and rtnhh.— fcjjr „r cither tex into war, rinleu, or hear, manure curie. Hat neen aacd hr Uw fcahtouaWa, „f Ihh, and lamdun. wnh *e mtai gratifying resnha. Duet ao injnry to the hair. Prim hy mail, sm-rrs *• co., cw.i.. n O . s hn; y " "* 4 VERY uiafal artiole&r Houtekeepars. A Ham sa*t, jiutt raonired and for >ala fi? Shmfcr A Hoftmaa, TAVERN STAND FOR SALE. THE subicriter desirous to retire from | public bufaintws, will offer at Private Sale, a I large aud commodious TAVERN STAND, ! dtasb-d in (lie Town of Manchester. Carroll j ' uunty, Md . on tlic Baltimore and Hanover ( T urnpik ; There is also ultuchcd to the | proj-crly <•. TENANT UOUKE, , b •- IlwUkC, now flld vit]i Ice ; also a large j GafUtHi, and two IriHs of cround, containing nearly 2 ACRES OF LAND, upon which is I en ctod u STABLE suited for a Livery. | ITiore i*a mail miming dußy from Meiufhes j tor bv tbo Bulibitore Tornpike to Gleu Morns StulH.ii, to inlei sect the Western Md. j Railroad. *Th Stand b> the same which was j fiirincrlyr kept by Wu. frowriiie, Esq.— : Woncfacslcr is liandHomoly looniod, and lis ( sonic line iuiprovemoiit*. and is generally j vary healthy, Imving f*ur or live Churcbe* of l different detiominations, uCollegcood Academy. fhc property will be wild on reasonable Term*, and if uot sold before the 9th day of April next ut Private Sate, it will bo offered an raid dny at public Sale. i'osse&iwu will be given on the 10th day of May IHffT. For uiiurmaliou muaire uf BEN.NET GREEN fcbUlti Mum better, Md. Pit IV ATE SALE! A Bargain Offered. * HOCSE AND LOT. fronting on Halo i V Si reef., utid Union Street, at the West iLi id of We*m infer. The most eligible situation for a Bhu k.mith Shop in the coun ty. A good Two Story LOO iUTLIHNG Siljjt upon the premises, with u back building at tached. ,i (ii>t <fete \S ell of water and a new Pump in L..;a Well at u cost of *OO. ’] crius will mat:*- to suit the pnrekorer, s the uioticy is not desired. A LSO A 110 l and One ACRE of Land j lying ujion tlie Gorsucr* l!oud, 1 mile from I Wimtmmotor, suitable for two tenant*—one | ut thii time ntuling &r the other for | SB/ per Mntiiim. 1 urm* to 9UH the purchaser. josni'A smIW. i J-.yi if PRtv.m: sale T a! privau ta!, a FARM of 115 ACRES OF im more or le**. Mounted it CntroP county, od 'jmninc.L \V. Lmubuugh’s M : .H property nnd the Inndn of Jucob Bankerd ana Andrew 1 R*•*, and witiiia half a mile of Cranberry , Station. Wcktcru Md. iUulrood. A large i tsrwnorttou of it U fir-t rote TIMBEIt j LAND, and m well watered and under good j fencing. It is improved with Dwelling House und Bad; Ruildiitg, Stabling le. It w2l bo ( sold in pr.reels to suit |>urchu*er, if desired, j ths pared including iLc ImUdings to have GO • or tit) acres. imwiarutc. MOHAKD MANNING, ! docL’l-tf Westautieier Md. FOR RENT, ' Rockdale Woollen FACTORY. fpHE undersigned wB Bent, or Loose. I tlia above Factpty from the first *>r April next, ntufit6d itr Carroll county, on ; the Patapsce Ulb-. nevea (atling stream, i J 4 miles ■South ol :U;npitead,aad \ mile N. |*v of Houc k’s Store This Piunorv ha been thoroughly repaired and the M tell incry ( is new and in now m a* good oonditlon ai any oilier Factory in the Couney. AUo, 60 Acres of Land attached to Iho same in m gf>od state of cul . livattou, to !*• tentod thwewkli. j Any person wv*hmg t# rent the some wii l . pb‘os apply o ait Hit of the underwiciHHl, vir ( udJrcMt, Houcksvtbu, Md. n. w, iku-ck, v. n. K-tiJ.lf dwm Owners of Hater Peter Khouirf u.e Hit- rclibtafwl LKKKKb THKULNK WATER WUEEI., | ManjUactul-cif by POOLE A Ill'.VT. Ha’tiuiore, MJ. j Send for a cinruhtr. j deco-6m. REMEMBER. j 4, Tt1l me, re wiwged winds, 1 That round my fstlbway roar,” i Is there a place on earth That Wat* tfao New Shoe Stare? j TcM mo, ye ladies fair. • Who so benignly smile, 1 Do yea wish gootla cheap an* imrr, j Of very aUraelite ityle f are Boots, both ntarae and fine. And Sheet of the Uleet ttyle; If < roil pupdiaao -on that line.-’ You'll deal thoro uB the trhiU. i *®, Bnri), i a tiuhful mao, He sell* no flimsy trash; Ifi-'ll plaato J.m wall, I know he turn; : | Hit plan of telling it cash. •10H.V R. BUSBY, } >Hw>tite New I'athoitc (’bnrt h. lelc’Mf Main Street-Wattmiml ■. PRIVATE SALK i THE undersigned offer* at Private Sale, lie Jew Bitot M—a, if l>>fh HOB"' reridet, titnato at the Wttt End of ToVa, adjoining Francit Shrivel , with the Lot fronting M feet on Main timet, . and running IU teat hack to urn Alin. For further particular* enquire of Mdl-t.l CHRISTIAN AWALT. Hdtec Keeping Article*, I >"*■*&■> 1 Ludto*' Goods. | Mtriao't, (bhnr. Alnacat, poajMai, D -1 Uiam, *o.,liwmy&w,el ™ ■ FS^"^S?|mghn Jr l.’si rooaived a No. 1 arlicteeA iSHmt •oh. (!"•/ **<&*■ * mjSSi _ jaslT Sct WWtiBqTlL ALLMnda bf Job Wort —-V mi 1 at tke“DaoaTic AbrscaM”SSca