Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 28, 1867 Page 4
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bextos own:. j. t. oßxootrr. Produce Depot. vr tiii; k*il, H'FS TMIKS TE R , X />. HAVING leased the largo and comnio da* Warehouse, . formerly occupied j . T. Oeudoiff. > we arc now pivparvd u. 1 aakekaea EL OCR. wuks r, RYE, o.i rs, VORX, duj Country RROOCVE ' of oil 'Kmci-ipUmi*. Akto to irceifc anil | ftlnwJ Produce and Goods of all kind.'. Hu y ilUu k*H*p coustumlv un Laud a and full stock of GROCERIES ,1 AH a.\d Reran, Flour. Bacon, Fcod, Grain. Soil, Fish, Ac.. 1 together with Splm, Shot els, Hoe*. Rake*, and Farmers’ and Gardeners’ implement.' generally. Also Or ANO AND FKRTILIZKHS of all descriptions; ami in fn<*t ail article* in our Hue. With long experience, and hr strict atten nn to ln one**. wc hope to receive a liberal •hare of the public patronage. DKNTUN C.KHIL J. r. oundo;;it. jmiwdjr LATEST FASH!OXS DEMAND J. W, BRADLEY’S CELEBRATED PATENT DC FLEX KLUTOC I (OR DOUBLE PRIXO) SKIRT. THE Wuudigrful Flexibility and gnat cow-j ph**rCto *nr Lady wearing the DU- { I*LEX KLLIFTIC SKfilT w’ill be exuviu-nccd lartleufarly in all crowded assemblies, opc- r •*, carriage*, railroad ears, church pews, arm chairs, for promenade aad house dr***, as the Skirt can be folded when in o*3 to occupy a ■mall place as easily and conveniently as a silk *r mania diem, an Invaluable quality in crinu lino, not found in aay Single Spriag’Skirt A lad having enjoyed the pleasure, com- j fort, and great convenience of wearing (he Du |4ex klip tic Steel Soring Skirt for a tingle dar, ill never afterwards w illingly dopen*> with ibrlr sa. >’r Children, .Misses and Young l adies they are superior to all others. They will not Wud or break like the Slagle Spring, hat sill preserve ibeir perfect and ! craertul shape when three or four ordinary Skirts will have been throw n aside as useless. The RaUfW are covered with double and I* Ut**d thread. Mid the buitom rods are not only double i springs, hat Cafee tr double) covered: proven* ' ling ibeia from woaiii-g out when dragging l down stoops, stairs, Ac. The Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with ; all Ulle aad is universal! v 1 rco.iimended by I the Fashion JCagaiiot as the Standard Skirt ut the Fashionable World. To oajoy the follow ing ioestimable advantage* 1 in CriuoUne, vl. ; ujH*iiur qualitv, perfect i mtnsfwtsrt!, djlhli shape and finish, Hcxihili tv, durability. comfort and economy, enquire 1 for J. W. Hnxai.RY’s Ei ivtii ! < r Double ! Spring Skirt, and be sure ; <>u gel the genuine 1 aniefo. t-MUTIOX.—To guard against Imposition he ■ particular to notice that skirt* offered as ••Du- 1 rut" have the ml Ink stamp. vi., ‘-J. \V. I Ifraißvv’a hnii' i Elliptic Steel Springs,*' upon the wsisthaM- noac others are genuine. Also Notice (hat every Hoop will admit a pin being ! paased through the centre, thus revealing the i two (nr doabfo springe braided together there in, whlrh is the secret of their flexibility and , strength, aad a combination not to be found in anv other Skirt. Ft)(l SALE in all Stores where first class skirls an? sold throughout the United Sutcs and eUvwbere. Manufactured bt the Sole Owners of the WESW. BEAOLEY A CARY. *7 CftuidWrs A fil Ueade Sts., X. Y. juatl-tm,. . „■ AITtIOTEDI Suffer No More ! When by tbs use of DR. JOIN VILLK’S ELIXIR you can be cured permanently, and at a .trilling cost. The aatooiftbing saceesa which ha* attended this invaluable medicine for Physical and Ncr vams Weakaess. Genera! Debility and Prostra tion. Lon of Muscular Energy, Impotence, or aay of the consequences f yonihtul indiscre tion, renders it to? most toluable prcpaiation ever di-covered. It will rwwt ail nervous affection*, depres sion, oxclrtthent, incapacity to study or bnsi nesa. lon of memory, confusion, thought* of > If-dentraction, fears of iosaaitv, Ac. It will restoru the appetite, renew the health of those 1 who have destroyed it by sensual execs* or evil 1 practice*. Young Men, be humbugged no more by I “Quack Doctors” and ignorant practitioners. | bat send without delay for the fhxir, and be at ‘cv restored to health and happiness. A Per- ! foct Cure is Guaranteed in every instance. Price, |l t or four bottl- *to one addre**, 13. t One bottle Is sufficient to vfecl a cure in all ’ ordlaarv Uses. also; DR. JOIN VILLE*3 SPECIFIC PILLS, i for the speody and permanent cure of Oonnr- 1 rbas. Gleet, Urethral Discharge*. Gravel, I Htrietare, and all affection* of the Kidney* and I Bladder. Cures effected iu fi on one to five 1 days. They arc prepared from vegetable cx- • tracts that are harmless 00 the systsm, and nev er nauseate the stomach or impregnate the ( breath. No change of diet is necessary while using them, nor docs their action in any manner interfere with business pursuits. Price, fil per boa. Either of the above mentioned article* will be ■ •cut to any address, dowdy sealed, and post paid, by mail or ox pro*, on receipt of price.— 1 Address all orders to BERGER. RBUTTS A CO., Cbsmuts, febli-ly No. ***6 River St., Troy, S. Y. 1 Repara tor Oapilli. Thf tw^ roxa ***** your switches. Destructive of comfort and not worth a fir ; Coma aged, comm youthful, come ugly aad fair : Aad rrjoic* in your own Inaar iant hair. REP ABATOR CATILU. j For restoring hair upon bald beads (from whatever cause it way have fallen out ) aad forc ing a growth of hair upon tho face, it has 00 -qaal. It will force the board to grow upon the smoothest face ui from five to eight weeks, or hair upoabultl bauds in from two to three months. A few ignorant practitioners base assorted that therute nothing that will foree or hasten the growth of the hair or beard. Their assertions ara false, as thousands of living wil ****** ( fro " *b*ir own experience) can hear witaen. Out many will tar, how ars we to dbtingnbh the genuine IVow the spnrioos ? It certainlr is difficult, as nino-tfutha of the dif ferent Pi eparathins advcriiord for the hair and Ward are entirely worthies*, and you may have already thrown away Jarge amounts in their * pureharr. To each we would y. try the Rc i V , r " ,r UfHV'rt.tjMi.ol Vrep it, J.p.l tu me I .Inlltr Wfn Ifcrwju-d it, pMtpitid. uctk- I *r -I* • neetptfar til. monef, uilek till br j r*jrest* S(rt, g| v j WHISKERS *JUSTCHES ! TJH)RCKI> to *ro*. spot the emeotlMat; Jj face iu frrnn three to 6tc srekt l>t ucin*, fir. HKVUi.NK a ROhYAUKA l ElAffiC; HI.I.AIKE. the mod wouaerful diavomy I • kr KRWce, acting upon the Beard aad Heir iu an almuat atiraenkmn manner. It haa been wad the elite of Purit and l-onden )ih the wnd Hntleving nceeaa j Xanm nf .11 ,r.h ra er.ll b? regirtartd. CO.. i ' FEMALE COLLEGIATE 1 AMP MiLE IC iDEMICIXSTITIT E TB iCIIBRS. /. / ter aft r pa7*.i it r mis\ r. i Rev. John A- Mux mom. A. M. Nut M. Un Furlong, M. E. L. I Marv V. Vtitumig. M'mn Ada' HtilingHleii. MVS IV A L DKPAK TV AW r. ; Mrs. Fannie R. Munroc. rpHIS INSTITUTION will commence I I the 2nd SESSION of its SIXTH ‘ srholutic venr on MONDAY, FEB jttUAKY 4tk 1607. Pupils will bo re j reived at any time, and charged from liau ] 1 AS t DOARPIXG SCHOOL. 1 Tu nntnber of Boarding Pupils during the I juxsl year was S 6 female*, ami 15 uialua. — The Principal rwoWi only tix female.' I into hi* family: a number of others may j board with nppnfrd fiuniUw in the town, i Those wishing to occupy tho vaenneies not yetdiHod, wii> plensc make tarty appli cation. I Tho aceomraodntions for Boarders arc ftro separate buildings, built nf brick. That 4 forthe Male Do|mrtmout ! the tho Hcv. Joxwh.vx Muvitnt: (Father orHtc Principal), whose paternal enre will be over 1 bis boarkrn; tfont for the Female Depart- , ment U omipicu by the Princijnd. 'lhere will not bo any communication Indwcon lliOM de]aitimwU Each will Itecon.-idorcd a7<i//f%.a9bnlingnhome to iu boarders. . AS A DAT SCHOOL. Number of Day Pupil*, during the past year, i*, making a total of U>7 Puoil*. i Aoxoiuimndotious nro live commodious [ rooms, viz: The young men’s study room — j the boys study room—tltayoung liuima* study j room —the Primary room, and the Lecture f room. I l*npiutme*i,~~Vx\uvxry, Preparatory ami i Uro<? grade* of classes in each J Department—in Music, superior ud-'on -1 faze*. lin taught gratuitously. ! Stftcriul attention given to atl fietHCHiury i urineiplaa: also to Penmanship plain and fancy); to Book keeping; to Spelling, Ruud* 1112 and Elocution. Six grades of Tuition, from $1 up to sl*2 per quarter. For Circulars uddross REV. JOHN A. MEN ROE, jon'Jl Principal. A Lecture! To Yaun; Mra. ! J,.,l r*LLUJ. { m r.trrtnp*. j Pt ic* iu dWs j i I.EtTUKE un lh* Nature, Treatment, and . j /\ Radical Cure **f or .Sem- I : >oal WcakiuM, Inv<dnulary Ktniwioas, Sixual , ! Debility, and Imi>Hlinicnts' to Mmiisge truer- j ally. ‘NuM-ousncM, Consumption. Krßepay, | , anti Fits; Mental and Plivsical Incsnacttr. rc- I suiting from Self-Abuse, if'C. —Hr UOUtUT J. CUI.VKUWKLL, M. D., Author ofihe ‘‘Green ! Hook," Ar. I The vrorltl-renowucd author, in this admits J i bis Leetsrr, clearly proves from his j lienee that tho awful consequences of Self- ; ; Abase may b effectually removed without j , medicine, and without dangerous surgical opt- | ; rations, bungles, instruments, rings,or cordials, j pointing- out a mode of euro at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer no matter ; what his condition maybe may cure himsilf lb. aplr. private-lv. abd radiiallr. THIS LEt’- TURK’‘WILL PROVE A UOUN TO lIIOUS i Alf DM AND THOUSANDS. Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain 1 scaled envi lope, on the receipt of six emte, or two postage stamps. Alao Dr. CalverweU’i , “Man Guide, price tfi cents. Address thr publi-her*. CHAS J. C. KUNE A CO.. 1-7 Bowery. New Yoi k. jan 17 Post OfDce Dux list. CRISPER COMA. Oh nbe was beautiful and fair, With starry eyes, and radinut hair, Whose curling tendril* soft, entwined, Enchained the reiy heart and mind. CRISPKH ( OM l, Fur Catling the Uair of cith.'r fo*x into Wavy and GI-imv Riogleis or Heavy I 7/fslTeWu Dy uatny this article Ladies acd Orntleraen can beautify themselves a thousand fold. It is the only article In the wot id that will curl straight hair, and at th, 1 same time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance. The Crisper Coma not oulr carls the hair, bat invigorates, beauti fies and chasm it: is highly and .delightfully perfumed, and is the most eompbte article of the kind ever sflVred to the Amerieau public. The Crisper Coma will be sent to any address, sealed and post paid for sl. Address all order* to W. L. CLARK A CO., ChemUts. j N* 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, X, Y. | hmt J llreat Inducements OFFERED BY STOUFFER K HOFFMArI, | New Windsor. | r A DIES DRESS GOODS M Cud, U- J diea', Misses' ami Childrens’ Hoods at j hall price. Me have this dny commenced j closing out our large stock of Ladles’ DRESS GOODS lat Cost. Call and get some bargains. 1 , .. BTOUFFEU A HUFFMAN, i New Windsor, JnnlO-ly* ALEXANDER FRAZER,' Clock and Watch Maker. I T>EBPSCtfUu}f"in i lonas the Public that ,^r he has opened a Shop for WMfINOTHW | the transaction of business at Mr. Trumbo's, j lower ciid of VTestminster, in the room for -1 marly occupied by Dr. Bering as un office, j Being * old experienced Clock uud Welch j Maker, not a rtqMurer merely, he flatters j himself that he can gire every sell*.faction to his employer*. • Clocks, Watches, repaired at short notice, in the best uiamier, and on moat accommodating terms. June II tf There enmeth glad tidings of>r to all. To young and to old, to great end to small; The beauty which once was * precious and rare, U free for all, and all may be fair. By 16# use OfM CH ASTELLAS'S White Liquid ENAMEL, | For Impro.i' .ml Bnuttf;in{U>, coapkifaio. Ti c awl . .l.i.W. ud perfect,Uoe I* I for p>-l.p ih iklc . buwiiful ecuL-Uk* j lint, Ik.' i -riv fnend in roetk. It aeidilv : r.aov! T.u, Freckle.. Ilciill *Ut|H. 1 I Octk Petek . tteUmraeu, Eroptioo., end all I ItCMCiu. cf ike kiciir her Mpg ike tu* I the .km vkltc erd cleer elehet.r.~• I **• • reneot be Helectcd by the clewct eeraU } feTUSu; Tw^SeWSVS. I kind neu by ike French. ed u nnlde.l br i *ki I*l bdee n Mtfpeiuabla to e perfect toilet. IW *■ Of M.WO boteftec ware eab darter the 1 on rcc.’ipt of as order, bv nrfMHOt,BDI*M * CO., fVcbl., f.lild-ty JS6 Hirer St, Trey. . V. j wwnwsm* both, PKTEE H. HENBY, mrsiETo*. I S now open (at the ocemietodetion of the inweUio* Enhlic, and even- poeriblc at tention gieea to the comfort of cuert. uu U. B. CUAMiII.R. J. Vt. PERKINS. CRAMMER I PERKINS, raOTOGEAPiffi, AMDUOTYr^p MEL AIN OT Vl* EM, FU TURES IN INDIA INK, .WATKR COLORS, AND OIL COLORS, AC. Hfl. GIIAHME&i having n?soriu'i‘l with him in hia BusKicais Mr. J. W. Pkkvins, late cf who bus had jH'ifif e'g Iren TWW VfilSiWn in Photo* , and having removed to bis NKW IS, nearly opposite Odd Fellow’ Hall, which have been lilted up ai consider able expense expressly for the burinc?*. would respectfully announce U his frlonUa of Westminster, wud of I'armll County f**n 1 crnllr, that they now have tlft fwrililich fm | inking as good pictures, (in every style of the art. 1 a* can be procured elsewhere^ I June 21 tf u_~ J\uVSSt& *SMWB RAILJOAD. Change of Time. SUMMER ARRASGEEXTS. O', ami afu-r MOXDAY, Ma 21.1, 1300. tliv Trains will run folloirs: Ca.-ticnrd. —lecd'e Union Bridge at U‘ A. M. t 0 A- M. and 2.101*. M WHstininatcr at 6:40 A. M. and 9.45 A. M.. and 2.37 I*. M. irtthmnf. —leCaro Hidtimoru ut 9. lo A. Me, 3.30 p. M-, and 5.30 P. M. Arrive at Westminster at 11.13 A. M.. , 0.00 r. M. and 8.00 P. M. I Arrive at Union Bridge ut 12.27 P. M , 0.5<l P. M. and .42 P. M. . BQuFroighl Trains daily each way, (cx* j ceplSuiiday.) MST An Kxpio.'S Fn-ight Cur leaves Cul ' ert Station daily, (except Saturdays and j i Sundays,)at 3.3<t P. M —but all goods for! j thnt car must )>e delivered before S.OO P. M. i For any infornnuidu in regard to Freights | or Curs, apply to the undersigned ut West I minster. P. H. IBWIN. may 24 tf Sup’t House keeping ARTICLES. Bleached ami rnMem-iu-d Mu*Hn. j Bleached and ITnhleorhedSbcvling. 4 4. n-v, 0-4, 10-4 and 11 I. Bod Ticking and Bed Check, Table Diaper I and all kind* Tow!**ing, SILVER PLATED WADE, Carpeting and Straw Matting, lloor and Table Oil Cloths, Knives and Forks, Spoons, Candlo Sticks, Kettles. Brushes, A I-urge Stock of QUEENSWARE, Looking Glasses, with a full Stock of all o:her articles in this line. * For sale at Baltimore prices. JOHN L. UEIRSNIDRPh. feb2l*4t IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Important to li vhmiflu. Mat him'it* Farmer s, Saddle rt and Comm me rt of Iron and Leather, r pHK Subscribe:.' inform the citizens of I Carroll and a*)j>iuing Comities, that they have just oi>'*n*d at (Wr new Wore house, near the i)*pot, at Weatminsier, Md.. a full and complete stock of Iron. Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spokes. Fellow, and everything belonging to tho Carriage Business*, , and nil kinds of Black smith’* Tools ! and heavy Hardware generally; nUo acorn ! plete stock of snoi: nxDiXGR, j nil of which are offered at fair prices. The attention of comsumer* and dealer* are invited to call and examine onr atock. in quality and prices. HEIFSyJDEI! A CO. sept 13, 1800—tf SHOESANDHATS Cheaper than Ever, At John K. Bcsbt’b, Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE you will find the largest and best assortment of the very latest style Ladies and iTissex Shoes and Boots ever offered for sale in this Market. Also Jfens Boots and Shoes of every distription Halt! Ihu!! Haft!!! flat*!!!! of the very latest style always on hand. All goods sold at tho very lowest prices. w. P, NAUIXIV, tax*. B. ROBERT*. MAULSBY 4 ROBERTS, i TTOMSEYS-A TLA IV A SI) SOLIC irons iscuasckry. Ilatinjc MKMnatcil tliem.clrcti in thb prnc tic of Uw in Onrroll count,, Oicv HI t -wild promptly and carefully tu all’ Imair.eaa rnlraatiii to tlu ir dmr,i:. Mr. will WMtminner whenever Imuina.-a irquirca it Utticc directly appoiiU CW Uouk. • jantty hr. F. Butler and L Evans, OFFER to their friend, and the public IkMMMI, one of the beat Unnocnu ha. laid? been nrewntud for the cure of Honorrhoiil. or Pile., We offer thU reme dy with tha hope that Uiom penuma who are aflictod with Ulit di.eaae may give it a trial, and feel ntisded they will receive full remu neration (br tkair money expended. For Kale ky A. H. Hahn,, I so. 1, Carroll Hall, Meatmmetar, and at the Subecribera Keeidence. at the Weal Bad. dec lit, tf *. x. mm. t . au. FISHER XTSGHAEFFER, ATTORME V S -AT-MW. G#cr, eppoett. City UoM, HWatuhr. HAVING formed a oopartavrahip la the practice of Law, we will pramptly attend to all bnainae. catmetad bo onr earn. Can he oootnllcd in Ike German laannwa. _ao*o-ly __ Meat Cd'era, Btnffm, ie nurTR. X. JT. rnnd mm works, Westminster Mtf. mi, 11. HA It MAN A CO. , CONTINUE Ike manufacture of 1 RON GEARED THRESHERS with Felton's • improved HOUSE POWERS, \ PLOUGHS, with Wrought and Cant Iron Shan-s ami * Point*. Spring-Tooth HORSE KAKKB. for , Bar and Groin, CORN SUKW-KiW, FEED CUTTERS, and . AyriruUnntl Machinery generally. ] A I*< CASTINGS of all kinds done lo order. I All Linda of REPAIRING done with proptnoM and on moderate terms. 1 lUjr urc al.-u sole Agonta for the sale of 1 MCCORMICK'S (proved Bdf*KiUn| ] combined REAPER AAD MOWER, fur Curroll county, .tad in that part of Fred 1 erick comity North of Frederick City, and , also in that part of Baltimore county North , of Texas. With this Machine the Fanner .re* money, time ami labor, and is, without : controversy, superior to any other now in the market, and fall) warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, tangled or ’edged Grain, where hand rake* or aruppt r* will fail. We offer it on trial w itb any other, the purchnHer to keep and pay fur the one preferred. Also are Agents for ft> if r s &tf Regulating drain Separator, Cleaner and Bugger. At a time like the present, when labor very scare*, it is important that Fanners, who are interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain in rh. common way. Thia is now considered the best Separator l*cfnrc the public. It la particularly tula tried to Farmer* for their own use. and win apply to lri*vir or Railway jower. and will Thresh and Clean from 100 to IfiO Bushel* jw*r day, using four to nix horse* and a* many hand*. Also, for sale MoXTUOMKRV** “Dm BI.K-StREKNEU HOCIU WAT Wlir.AT Fix/* dccT-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORK JUffT OPENED I Westminster, j Between the Railroad ami IlcilitßiiierV Store, two doom west of i Mrs. Shriuor’s Millinery Store. } ffMIE undersigned has just returned from I J the citv of Philadelphia with the largest I and best selected slock of l,adic*' Misses' • Children's and Gentlemen's Room A Shoes ! ever brought to this nm ket. Mv stock con i ini* in part of I .tidies* nnl MiMK’H.tL. Cuatoin made Glove Rid Balmorals. #■! I Isstinc Gaiter*, Morocco Balmoral*.' VkL Poliah Boots, Oil Goat BAlniuraln. and Chil dren's Shoes ; also Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes, such as Men's Calf Custom-made Boots. Congress Gaiters. late* Boots. Bro gans. Kip and coarse Boots A Shoes of all kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer myself, I have had all the nUivc stock made i to order, and fur the express pur|to>e to I suit this market by a celebrated ami aeli known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura bility, comfort and elasticity to the feet, are superior to all others and are the best fitting patterns that can be found. I have taken great car* in the getting up of my stock, and can warrant every article to be what it ii represented or the loss will be upon me- I therefor* invite the especial attention of tbo Indies and Gentlemen of Westminster and Carrollcounty to rny stock of Goods which will lie sold nt much lower figures than the lame goods can be had elsewhere. Come one. come all, and examine fur yourselves. No charges mad* for showing Goods. uct 1,-tf T. S. ECKERT. DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS. DR. 81..4 X> 8 Improved Nitrous o\idc Apparatus.

Dr. GEO S. FOIKE, Dentist, ! Having furnished bis office, in Westminster, ’ Md., with one of Or. Bean's Patent Improved j Apparatus fur the manufacture of perfectly pure 1 NITUOCS OXIDE GAS, | would announce that be will will be at all limes ! prepared to administer this popular Antithetic | for the Extraction of Ttetk ic it limit Pain. 1 Ds. FOCK K would invite the attention of the public to his laltly Improved ATwosrHeaic PatMcaa Pi.atm roa AanricuL Tsarn. !)▼ means of an improved Air-Chamber, the prea j sure of the atmosphere for holding teeth firmly and securely in the mouth, Is more certainly aud effectually attained than by any stylo or form of plate hitherto used by the profession. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial Teeth are much enhanced by this new and Ii uly philosophical arrangement.’ Dr. F. continues Use Practice of Dentistry in ( all its Branches, and being a Pinsrr Worker i • Hard H-hUr for Dental purposes, he U tho- j roughly experienced in the manufacture of . teeth upon the Vulcanite Base, and is prepared I to supply thia style of work at very moderate rates. # June 7,—lf. NEW STORE AXP NEW STOCK. Xour attention is politely and respectfully solicited lo my new stock f well selected GOOD.S now opening. Imm* lin (r!y ojtpo*He CARROLL HALL Embracing a great variety of GOODS, such as Cloths, Cassimers, Casslnelts TWEEDS, PUin and Fm-v MOVSLINES, COUOHKGS, ALPACAS. flannels. 01SGUAUS, CAUCOES, CAM HR ICS, DRILLS. Blmclihl and Brown MOLSLINEB, Boon, Ikon, Hula and Caps, GLOVES. HOSE, Wool and Cotton, With a gnottwUnd nil aalcctcd GROCERIES and HAIDWARE. Aad othor artidoV usually kept, which an offered at a (mail advance above CM. JOSEPH WELLER. nohO-tf J. J. BAUMGARTNER, IKeraej at Law ••* Solicitor la Chaacerjr. VI TILL practice law in the Court* in Car TV roll count,, will aid and nonnaol thoae who are MMling attain in din Or phans’ Court, and draft Wills. Deeds Ac. .Can be aeon at the Onion National Bank of Weatminatcr, Dm f o'clock A. M., no til 1 o'clock P. M.,aad in Ike evening, a Ue realdenee oppoaito the Fanner. A Me ebanict’ National Bank of Westminster.,or Botch n and Farmer < sept It sear Depot CHOLERA rUEVEVIIYE! ■ x. i Mid. i,. ran a it ha t z uittkr* THIS WON'HEUFCt RKMKIIT u erod and introduced about twenty year* ago b> Dr. H. i*bcopus, an eminent Kgy'ptian pnysetaa. refit- had long seen and fell the want of sorat medy which would strike si ihd rout of dis ease. and so prevent miit-h of lha suffering which the haiusu funiily was liieu compelled to endure. The great question was presented In his mind every nay in vivid colors < he moved among the sick and dying, and observed the inefficien cy of ueailv all the remedies then in use. Thus ho was lean to think and experiment! and after ten years of study and labor, he presented to his follow man the wonderful Zingai i Billers. Thu effect of this preparation In the prevention and cure of disease, was so msirt lions and as tonishing, that the most flatlet iag marks ot royal favor were bestowed upon him who dis covered it. Ilia name was placed upon the •toll of .Nobles, and a gold medal with the fol low itijg incription—Dr. H. Choopanff. the Public Benefactor—.ws* presvatui to him by the Vicc- Thc rreparstlon ha* been ufc*! In severa epidt-mlcs of cholora, both n a preventive and curative measure, and with inch great surccas that it ho* been introduced into neatly all the general hospital* of the old world. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is w orth a pound of cure, applic* with marvel lous force to cholora, and therefore anv remedy that will protect us against ibis lenible ditcasV idiould be free!v and persistently used. All pathologists nowr agree that the cholera poison acts on the system through the blond, and that any combination which arts on the escretory organs, and keeps them in walking order, mwt prevent a sufficient accumulation of the pnihon lo exert its terrible efferls on the organism. This is true not only of cholera, hot of m arly all other maladies, especially the dif ferent forms of fevers. The Zingari Hitters U Juit swrh a remedy as thu above conditions require. It aci* on* the organs of excretion and secretion, keeping up a perfect balance between them. This Bitters is composed entirely of roots and hrih*. no nicely mucocted that every organ Is acted upon and put iu tone. It* taste is pleasant and its effect* prompt and lasting. Numerous cases of tn following disease* have been eared by It: Cholera, iManhcrs. Typhoid anti Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague, Ner vous Debility. Auaen>ia. Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia, rUtulenry. Colic. Scrofula, Ac. I*i Ire. one dollar per quart bottle. I'iincipal Depot at the Walnut street Whaif, Harriffbnrg, Pa. Sold by Drugcitts. 1101-I-keeprix A Grocer*. For Sale In Westminster lid. by Bow-ess A (itus. Grocer*, and A. 11. Hcbkh.' Druggist. F. UAIITBR, June W,—lyr. Hole Proprietor. FALL AND WINTER OF ISC UD ISC?. B. K. liK in A M), MI).. ’’ ' 11.1. always Imj found a large and care \ \ select* i slock of FOREIGN AND IOHESTK' DRY GOODS, Notions, C'ubiaet and Building Hardware. Queenssmre, Groceries, B<K)TS, SHOES, II ATS. &c.. Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Drugs, Glass, Faints, Oils, Ac., Ac., Ac. The largest assortment of LAMPS, Shades. Ac , in the Countv. The above slock lias been carefully aeloc ted and is renletc. in Domestic Goods es pecially. with all the standard makes of the Country, and will bo sold at as low rates as * can he purchased for in the City. Btsy - Call and examine l>efore purchasing. ! E. K. GERNAND. oct 18 corner Main and Court street*. Or. W. 11. Winner. Ha* been In ffnccoanfiil practice for a nnuibar ! fyears, with the eiperience of the different i hospitals in Kuropr, also a member of the An- I alrtical Medical institute of New York, matin- \ j net to attend to all professional ea>*s at hi* of fice No. 92 Filbert Street Philadelphia. No patent Medicines are used or rerom [ mended ; the remedies adniinia(ere<l are ihose which will not break down tho coast it ntiui) but j renovate the svstem fiom all injuitcs it has sns j tained from iniiu rsl iuclicines and leave the Srrtcm in a healthy and pcrfvctlv cured con lllon. 1 UisraratA that dUtrcs-ing dir rase and fell dchlroycr of brahh and happiness, uudermia ing the constitution sad yeaiiy carrying thuu- I sand* to nnttmcly graves, ran mint emphatical ly be cured. | Mr lanctioly, Abben ation that state of Aliena tion and weakness of the miud which renders persona incapable of enjoying the pleasures or perrorming the duties of life. auKCMxiisu, in any form or condition, ebron nlc or acute warranted curable. kPiLKeav. or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn case* of female diseases, radically removed; Salt Rheum and everv description of ulcerations ; IMlea and scrofulous disease* which have baffled all previous medical ■kill, can be cured by my treatment; and I do , say all disease*. (yes Coast hptios ) can bo cured I by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which ia a J protection to the lungs against all changes of weather in all climates. Having investigated for year* the cauae and character of intermittent* (fever and ague) in all parts of the United States will cate permanently ail cronic or acute rases of ague A nervous disease* in a few days. Canter Cured itUAout Ike knife r Vrautua Dfood. J Tape Worm that dread to the Human Family for years, can be removed with two or three doaea of my newly discovered remedy, w arran led in all caaea. Consultation in the English and German Languages free of charge. Will make visit* any distance If deeired. Max. be addressed by letter (confidentially) and Medi cine sent with proper direction* lo any part of the countrv. , OFFICE-Ko, M Filbert St. Phils. Jane 7,—ly. UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAMDEN, N. J. T) KBTERBROOK k CO. Steel Pm XV* Mnoufucturor*, Warehouse, 403 Arch Street., Fbiliulrlphm. 42 John Street, New York. These Celebrated Pena are of Oqnulae American Manufacture, and comprise every loading style in the Market, and are equal in finish, elaotidly and fineness of point to the beat imported- They are, therefore, sure to gain the confidence of the American public. SampL* and price i on Application. Lota Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp required. BAFor to the Trade at the Mann factnrer’a Warehouse, as above: end at retail by all Stationers, Booksellers and News Dealers in the United Steles, R. ESTERBROOK A CO. mylOly Dally Passenger and MAIL LINE, From Otttty.imrg and LittlMtovu. Con nect* with the Can nt WretminsUr. JOHN IL SPALDINO. dreld-tf C. W. WEBSTER, Hste’i Allnrinj, ATTORNEY AT-LAW, i AND SOLICITOR INCBAKCNttr, Office oner Frireil ft Manning'. Broker'. Officer, 8 door. Mow Buthofow'. Hotel, Woatmmslcr, Md. drcT 1,. W OUTX 1 8 Horst ijciti Powflors.. i ji H.F nHKmr asisi'-a r horSM. vW I all >'T (UrßilheaUg T W W fl and cleansing tbs | iJk-iL : &Sr rtuUf of all dls- i this antaal, meh M LI NO FKVICU. 0 LAN DEW, TuVlifiY KH. JfeL ! couans, ms tf ft^Hk TEMPER. fl vr.k.s, pounder 1.049 OP I u .-viMu^^HDk Wind, Increases # M W the oppoUto- cIvM % M * • •■••ik nd>: wty y. > Klo.y skla-autl transform t b • ■Kmbk iksleloo hit* % flue looking tod spirited bom. * T* k*p*r* of Cows Ul* preparation U Invaluable. improve* iho quality SofUmnUk. It ha* , Iwn pnru by sc tnal experiment to i Increase Ike quan tity of milk and : [ batter firm tad I t !■ te|tewlag f Celtic, It eltm them on appetite, loosens . Miir bide, end * makes them thrive much outer. -—- la ell (Usraset of Swine, sacb as Cooght, Ulotrs in the Lugo, Lirer, UiU Jr at I--: |M|"T Mi a barrel of swill tI,o . : W. *•’ •h..e • m -jy. w ill be itredioatcd ' or entirely prevented. If given In time, n certain preventive and cure fur the Hef Cholera. fries 29 CstxU per Paper, or 5 Papers for |L PBEPARKD ST 8. A.. FOUTZ Al BUO., AT THBIR wholes ili Dim and medicine depot. Ko. 116 Franklin St, Baltimore, ltd. For Sale by Druggists and Storekeepers through out the I'ailed Stale*. dccU-ly PATENT MICA RDOFIHG. THE New York Mica Hoonvir < Ij- ÜbiUhcd 1t*.4,) are wanufncluHiig under Let lore Pah-nttb* best article *if rnmpitaitlun roof ing erer off’rod to ihe public. It is adapted to •eery style of Roof, llffp or Unt, auvUan be readily'apidied by any one. The IT. o. (Jorernntrnt, after a tb- nagh tost of ll* ntililT, baveadapted itsiuoiiilhj Navy Varda, and upon I’ublle Building*. The Roofing is pul up in rolls, and lias only to be nailed to the Hoof to make a Durable FlllE AM) WATER-PROOF COVERING. Wo particularly recommend its use upon llnildiuprs, Siore*, C'hnrelics. Faetork’O. Ms chlnc-Shoj-.,, steamboat Deck*. A>*. MICA ROOIIVG I’ll'.T, For coaling Tin. lion, or Shingle Roof*. It forms a body equal to TURK! COATS Of Oh DIMS' PaIXT. No Roof can rnst under it, and Old Iraki Hoofs may be made p<‘i mancutly water-proof and du rable bv its use. The I’aint requires no mixing, but is ready In be applied with the ordinary ; .tint brash, Price, SI,OO per gallon, which will nnvr l*o hundred square feet. Also mauufaclurei s of lllnrk V.usfre Vnniiqli. TARRED FELT AND ROOFINU IITCMI. S Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Pi Ice 1 l.iat furnish'd. Rights for counties void at low ' rates. Address THE MICA ROOFING CO.. 11*4 BroadtVß v. N. V. Flank flumphrcrs, r.l Rural St., K O. Sen field, William* A f'o.. August i. Ga. Baldwin 11. I Wood*. Montgomery, Ala.. Thomas S. Coates, ! ’ Raleigh. N. r.. K. A. Tucker., V ... I Hem v Wilson, IVUisbuig, Va., Agents. i I Aflcnlt AT t nit (I. nor 29 Iy REMINGTON'S _ gT O Fire Arms. i JH| Soli it) tian iJcalcrs ! And Hit* Trade Clrnernllp. Vest Pocke t Pistol, No. Ti Cartridge, Repeating Pit*l, l Elliot pt, > Vo. W Cartridge, : Repeating Pistol, (Elliot \ Xo. 31 ftttt.ldge, pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking.) New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading Lever,) Police Revolver. Navv Siac Calibre, Belt Revolver, Navy Rile Calibre. Belt Revolver. (St Vf Cocking, i Navy Calibre, i Navy Revolver, 80-100 in. Calibre, Army Revolver, 41-100 in. Calibre, (inn Cane, using No. S 3 Cartridge. Revolving Rifle. M A 44-100 in. Calibre, Breech Loading Rifle, No. 32 Cartridge. I Breech Loading Carbine. No. 4* Cartridge, I'. 8. Rifle. < Steel Darrel.) w ith Sabre Baronet, IT. 8. Rifled Basket. Springfield Pattern, i Single Barrel Shot Gun, E. BEMI.NQTO.Y S SONS, Ilios, Xeir Y.u k. AGENTS. U.H.rc A XicboU. New Votk. Palmers A Dacheldors. Boston, John P. Lovell, Jos. C. Grubb A Co., Philadelphia. Poultnev A Trimble, Baltimore. Henry Folsom k Co., N. Orleans Memphis. Barnard Bn*., Chicago. L. M. Ilumwv A Co., St. Louis. Albert E. Crane, hwu FraucUco. ■y>MPdbr U REAL ESTATE and Collecting Agency. LETT BY AMR, Wnnitfsm, Mo., Office at Mik'trirs torr, from 9A. M. to Si* Jf., SAVING mode armngcmentn for the proßecution of the bußiuetß of buying idling Keul Estate, olfera hit rervioca to the citizen* of Carroll comity who may wish any hasincaa tranMctod in lain line.— A large amount of Heal nlwnvs on band. Pernomt having to dispone of will find him (he heat milium for ila eulc. Alao, nil oylloctiouz promptly attended to. dcc?-tf. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. K, r. rBOCT, '*. T. KKIKIMDCR. CROIT &"HEIFS\IDER, ATTORS’KYS-A TLA IE ASK SOU CJTOHS IS VUAKVEBY, W E.STMIN.-.fEK, Md. WE bare formed a copßAterthip in the practice of Iztw in the Court* of Carroll and Howard Counticn, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to Col lections and procuring Decrees for the aale of ileal Estate. Also, Applications filed for Hack Pay and Bounty doe heirs of dooeoned soldiers. Office adjoining the residence ot Cha*. T. Rkipsmdbr. noBO-tf JOS. M. PARKE, *l(r, at Law and solicitor la Chancery. Having m um., notoi>ieo b, hi. Kditorial dutirc, dll davoi. the uuue to the Practice of Lew in the ruiou Courts of Cerroll couuty. Will counsel uid essisl such ss have business before the Or phans' Court, sod intend to the nrensn lion of Deeds, Wills *c. Office in the row of the Autociti Print an Offien. _ mrH IW-Snle Bills of nil hiods printed nt this Office- iVicr . liikmllj Wholesale A IDrr.AH. Dcu rk im ROOTS, SHOES, HATH, CAPIM (/roccriet, Liquor* amt LmtkeH . HAVING just returned from the •I Philadelphia and Baltimore, vkH irgeat mid Lest quality of utiicles la kfl line ever before for sale in County, respectfully inlornif Lis friends the cituons of the Comity grnrrallv, that ia still at the old stand, a Tew doors the Knilnmd. and w ill keen conalanllv hand, at Wholesale and ItHail, a well sorted stock of Mi ns', Bov/ and Chihlreo^H HOOTS AXU SHOES, S Men’s. Boys and Children’s Hats and Cowl of all sisow ami finalities ; slho n eI, H t ofljuhe.a’ and Misses' Hoots and Shoes. tM H >\ w lilt it Alii sold at the luwe.-f rash iWlrw^H OROCFUIES. ® A large Stock ulwavskept on hand, such Hio and Java CoftW-, Extract of Tens of Jill kinds, Crnsludaml Hron Synipa and Sugar House Modsur*, llaihfl do., Milking Soda. Sul S<itla. Bice. A!Upice,Cinnnmon,Cloves,Mustard, Mace, Indigo, Standi, Malder. Alum, (’ream of Tarter, ITsh, Hacoii, Izird. (I. Afl Salt, Fine Sait, by the BiisliM or Sock. (>|H OH and I .niit| *. Dried Fi nit.Tulmcco, FOUKKiN AND DOMESTIC MQCOUbS ConsintingofPortnnd Malaga Winn*, Hrandien. lit>lland and Country Gin, N. Rfl Hum. Old l’\*o, Moiioiigaliela and giNal Cup^H Ssr-ditill*Ml i.’eetiiied Whinkors, Rhaiifl randy. Ac.: aDo a large lot of Ibitthnl ySfl non, of French iirnmly, Ho(tt4|l in 1861, Rinmt Brandv. Hiuckberry, WmH Cherry mid Uapbornr Uroudies, Port Wimr,® Pi n:. inteodefl for Me*lW-al purposes, Ws u.wrifHJ!, si/ok y/Muxas, *c. ■ A large stock of Leather aUuys k*jt Ml hand. cm!.racing Sole and Twer AwlhllJ Cull* Skins, Tampico and Madras. Gmitse<lfl Morocco, I Julies’ French Finest Morocco, ■ Pink Linings, Binding, Ac.; ul-ei a well ww,fl levied Nt<K:k of Shoe h Hidings, viz: all thel differ numLcnt of Slum Pegs. Shoe Shoc Striugs, Shoe Kaivus. HaqM, I'wmnl l egging Awls, Sewing AwU, Patent jjing Awl Handles, luiating, Locks. sSwifl Bristles, Sand Paper, Gums, lasts, iluniiners. Pinchers, Kniptiers. Peg CuttrvtkH Huhbcrs, Tyclets, At. CEDA U W AUK, ■ Consisting of Baskets, Tubs. Brooms, SlmflH Blaeking and Brushes. Wash Boanls, ,D. J WrN- B.—All Good* to hr w 1 * 1 M or retailinl to suit purchaser*. ■ returns his thanks for the Hl*vß|l patronnge extended to him. and will del erylhing in his power to merit Its roe tin* I iianee. PETKU 11. MIKES ELI.. ■ dvcTly. ■ ATTENTION I | •yfllK IJrgr*t and most cotnjjeiel JBst_. selection of I V IT Rif I T r HR I iii u estminster. i* now being offered to (be I public, hv IRA K. CKOI SK, at his NEW I AM) COMMODIor.S I •r a h k ii n o vs . I locatesl almnt one hundred yards East of (he I Ha.lrond Dej*ot, and op|iosito the I Catholic Hiiink. His Stock ha* leen pnndissrd in Pliila* delpkin for (he cash, ami ronsisU of the I latent nml inot improved lvle, vi*: srlrs, 1 IVle a I etc*, Sofas. MarLle top (')ns(er and j Ihnn.met 'rabies, Spring-seat (‘hairs; also, ; CiiamWr Suits, consisting of splendidljr iinishofl Bound C omered ih*>l<tend, Marble ) ton Blearing Bureaus, MarLle top Km (used I Wash Klands. r //j irs. j His solccfimt of Pane and Wood seat f’Kairfl . ■< large and of the moat suleUaiitia) make. He will keep constantly on hand a large , nml very snjierior Stock of Furniture of nil own manufacture. corns s. j Heine in po*eH.rion of a new and very eWe : viuil HKABSK, fek prejmred to turn ink COFFINS and Httend Funeralaat tk** short* ; o*t nolier, at pricett that will always glre , satU&etion. Upkeeps alao a largi* and well •elected - S T > IKK, J&U. -il’i- li Im-i nn mmeml to It 1 the hit eat mid monl improved j tents, consisting of Cooking, Patter and Office Stoves. 1 He invites nil to examine his Stuck heferr purchasing elsewhere. By a strict and faithful nttention to luh i ness, he hope* to receive a share of public | patronage. I , in a k. rnorsK. N. ll.—-Old Furniture and Chairs, repair i ! ed and |miuteil uu reasonable leruts. h j dec*- ly. Save Vonr Honey, BV OKITING TOUR GOODS AT A. M. WARNERS NEW STORE. ■4 WEST END, W ESTMINSTER, Who bos tin,-a on luml fine idectiaß ot EOIIEIGX and domestic DRY GOODS, .Vu(ium, Grocrritt , tr. t*iT Thuikful fur tb. inorauing p.tnm* ngp, .nil hnjieful fo merit . roatiuiuac. of the urn<-, THE OLD MOTTO, Quick 81. and Short Profit.. ' A. M. WARNER. LUMBER & COAL. 11. W. Ml k Ct. Westminster, MM. WE would inform the (Mum ofWmt mmstcr and ..rrpnndhm cnMrt, tb.t w.r prapwed to thniS ihimi Mow thiaplnc and Union Bridcp, with LI'JIDCSt ofnll kind., iatludin. While Pine, *!** - ;.'>J Shlagles, laths, nchetoteik. All Klncted by nn prrino*d ' iinluiWM which w. nre proporad to mD vnj low Of cwh. AUo Stow, tod 4, Owl i 1.75* ton. >nd M ■' j febUeif -. * •