Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 4, 1867 Page 1
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EH E DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. U.IIL *.—SCMUER IU. IHIIHIUTII ADVOCATE. . M. Ptasa, K'lihr Vmprii’hr, No. 3 Coamit l. Uai.u h AovoriTr. i published every IftSDAY MOHNISiJ, srd tarnished Seribor a-. Annum, In idtantf. 0 t paid in advance Two Dollars will ho pA Ke'paper will be discontinued until rrrarsi are paid, eieept i our uwu RATES OF ADVKBTDUNO. oars, t Insertions, S’!; each subsequent lion 26 cenU; 1 oquarn lhn** mouths | |, u months $. Bnohmaa Cnn\* of lUMAf or I***. pvr nnnum. %*. Mer ti And other bu.uuosi men, incfoUiug •per; la-fourth of a column, per yonr, sl* DO if column, ** 2-'i.oo ie column, “ HVNI) Ml AA. cth of n Sher*t, fur 2', S1."0. far 10<> .00. Mr Sheet, fir 2'.. s2.2'>. for loti, $2.7.'. Sheet- 14 S-V*. “ ■> 00 AS TB.OL O QY. The World AslonisJird AT TBC WOMDEAKLI. aKVKI.ATUIX* DE DV THE GREAT AHTROLOGI.ST. Asmic 11. 4. lERKiO tltveaU wcrci* no mortnl ov r k'<*w. j ■frcilo happiucm those wli<. from j 1 ul ercnU, MiAnirMilM'fi, rro*to* in love. I i ►frelui*n Ami friend*, loss of money, j i b.jcome despondent. She bring!. , her tbo*e l*of oepAmiod. ffivo* infor m concerning • I isent friend* 'r hirer a, ; re* loil or stolen property, tell* ron ' i ■mikm* you Are licit quniilicl to purine I n what you will In* must Mtcrwwifui. J j * speedy marriage* nod telU you the flav you will tarry, siyoa you the , ,** tod chArnclerUliciof the per flhe resit your very thoughts, Anil bv limu; supernatural power* unveiU tin- | and hidae:i uy*trie< of the future • tho *am wo sec in the firmament - tin- 1 ic ftars overcome or predomiu te > ion from the oqei-u and • j •on of the planet* und the lim’d tAr* , honreim at the time of birth, nhe dr i uwfuture dcaiiuy of man Fail nil; ifnlt tho greai. it Aatmbqpat on earth I I Uyon but a trifle, and yon may never ' • hare fovorwble an opportunity.—- j illation fee. with Uk<uiM and all lie informal! u, #l. Partin* livin'at a , iCe can consult the Madame hy mail Spud luafoty and an ti.i fact ion to them- ! * i, a* if in person. A full and explicit . 1 written out, with nil inquiries an 1 ■l aud tikcncM enclosed, tout by mail sttpl of price above mentioned. The 1 Wloccrevy will lie maintained. and all ■ tpondenm rvturnml or dttfttrtiyod.- •nee* of the highest order for*d desiring them. Write plainly tho day | ( month and year in which you acre • •nekton iu a small lock ul lour. i ' Address. Maim**: II A. PEUIUGO, I ! T. 0. 1).;*:a buffalo, V. V. j Mr H, BLIND, DOOR AND urniture Factory, nan. uasTEiut shakffbk, ' UN "tre-t. W,.t oftlip Railroad, 1.. ' ; *W hand and MnnMacluru to order ' . jjuxns. I ] I>oolts, , W-twirtc ucccseary to a Building. 1 , ALSO. , PI ii Ri;. In every .nyle and variety. ithu*l great experience in our lu*i ' | reTW sotiahed in tmyiug w e can . , to a greater advantucc then cun I elsewhere, (lire u a nafl. _ I M AXI) STRENGTH TO TMK SICE. ' • ‘cm heoured.' mplMa; BWAVXE-S ‘can l. run-d.’ ' •phnw* ‘can bo currd.’ 1 f*W COMPOUND e*o be cured. 1 BP*’ ‘can bo cured.’ 1 ■PNW BfRfP OK ‘can be cured.’ ' ‘can bo cured.* Wit CCkv ‘can b cured.’ • ‘can be ctiM-il/ 49ft**' jSt ' c *“ 4NbV. fMIOV. ‘can be cured.’ JttPfWW*. "d tbe great a 1 Sw parts ofMic world "Wrw'J M4rd reliable renicdv MrwaallTfia, Nermos Drbll NmtokUuf. Liver t’oraplaint, I’aina In *Mfßpil|aa|all dUoa.c Aof the Air I'a.- ■wTßrbj DR. BWAY.NE A Son., rlhl SiiOllUrwti, Philad' Ipbia, “ WM. HEESE. 'V We*iniin't<:r. '! Haniich 1 !! MJ'3 OWTVKXT e.r„ l„h I. from , J2 r - 0u.1w.1, •TETTKK vr, Sttmj** ■ Oi.fnt.Mt, 'TI;TTi. U L ■TKTTEH' •Tr.TTKM XEVEH KMOWX •* ‘TBVTfK’ TO FAIL •TKtTKIf •TKTTKk’ Ti cruiNo this •tetter ' TOnHETTIXO •TCTTCT" •TETTER' GOiIPLAINT. -TETTER* iMhi.R Pllei. Ml, Sold lied, RmJ., Hkim llUmif. •a Alflf fcf DB. SVVAYNE A HON, a*kU. 60U b, WM. REKHK, l**y Wcatralnatir. ■FIT" 1 • bowel roam A I„ hMu, or Biniiir l^,. NSmX2(: TWM. REESE. 4jT . Weatiainater. X ooaavoH, LK!tBD ItCTIWEER. BRS hu serricra to the puhlir, in tlie find willaUotntiirmnp'i In nil tun AddrcM, ■SC- p. Piuk.borg bistrict. Carroll *“y'l- Janl7*tf WESTMINSTER Ml). THURSDAY APRIL 4 1867. NEW COAL AND hrmn /; n ya 11 />. OKBEX STRKKT, AT THK DKPOT IT EXtMIXSTER, Ml). H\\ FNO perfected nrrangcMucuU for rftrrying on the Lumber mid Coal BunlnosH, on Oreen .treet. nl the Dnpol, Wortmimter, •Id . the underngned tnlten thi. method ul ill*. * t,,<- I ,atroo,i *e of the public. He will have on hand, and ha prepared to soil at all lime* at the loweat caah prices, a full •apply of seasoned 4-4. H-4, and 8-4 Boards and Plank, flooring, Mualhcrbotirding, Siding and Scantling, Shingles, Ulhs and Pickets, mid all other material kept in a Lumber Yard. Ifo will lso keep for >le Broken, Keg, Nut mu! Pen COAL, from the well known Bhnmokin Mine., at the lowe.t Market ttnte,. Hy prompt attention to 1....ine.>, fnrol.h me Ihe Im- 1 article, in tho Market, and doing •11 m hi. power to nremninodale cuMomot., lie hope, to command n .hare of nubile patronage. j , EDWARD LYNCH. fcbl-ljr , Special Polices. Sclionrk’s St’avrMl Tonic. 1 Thismodirlne, Inront. U by Dr. J. 11. Srnßxcs, of I’bitsd.dphla. is intended to dissolve the food t sod make it into thyme, tli - first procits of * ; digestion. Hr do.using the stomach with ( ! Rehcnck’s Msndrako I’illi, th.- Tonic toon ros- t | tores tbu appetite, and food that c old not be I I oaten before uilng it will be easily digest d. (’oiuumpiion cannot be cared br Hrhonck’s I Pulmonic Syrup unless thustomach and liver is insd<- li' Mliiiy and the appetite I hemv the Tonic mid Fills are required in near- I ir every case of consumption. .\ half doten t bottles of the SEA WEED TONIC and ibieu or r four boxcp of the M ANDKAKK PILLS w ill cure I anr orhaarv eao of dv-ipepsla. v Dr. aSch. nek makes p ufos-dnoal vi.its in New <1 fork. 80-i .u, ud at his principal Offlrc Ju PhiUd -Iphia every w- <k. S-e daily paper* ..f a h place, ur bis pamphlet on consutnptioii for r hi* days for | PK-as - observe, when purchasing, that tho two likenesses of tlia Doctor, one nlien in the last Uge yf Coiisuiupltoa, and the other as he - n f*dd by all Di 'iggists and Dealers, price f 1.50 * per In.u(c, or #/ .0 th- hall dnaa. All lellsrs for advice should he addressed to li r . Scmsacr’i J I'rin* ipsi Office, Ko. li .North Oth Stnvt, Phil ; addphia. Pa. General Wholesale Agents: Demas Ilarue- 1 A To.. S. V.: 8. S. MslUwiorr. Md.. ' John 11. Parke, t ineinnati, Ohio; Wsik.-r A 1 , Taylor. Chicago, 111.; Collins liras., Ht. Unis, 11 Mo. dec. 6,1 yr. know fly Dt-xliny. MtntXfi E F. T*ina.\ro>-, the great Fngtfsh { A strolltgist. Clalrvovanl and PsychomrCrl' isn, • who hasNktonidied the sdi-ntilii- clause* of ih - i <>ld Wo; |,|. has n located herself at Ha.laon. N. \ M.i.l.mio-Thornton possesses such won- I di rful powers uf second sight, as In enable her to impart knovvl -tlgo of the greatest importance to th • single or maided of either te*. While ii. a slate Of trtnc-. she dvlim fos the verv fea 1 turf* of the person you arc to many, and by r Iheaid of an iiialruincntaf intense power, known n * the Psychomo|rop, guai antrwa t.. prodace i life-like pi-turc of the luluio hnaband or wife of the applicant, |.l>-ether with date of mar- i riugi-. position in lile. leading trails of chmac- Ivi . Ac. This is no huaihng. a thoasands of . lestimnablU can assert. She will send wb< 11 I I d. sired a . 1 titled cerUfl* ale. or written guar- ' 1 antec. that the picture Is what it purports lobe. J U v enrloiihg a small look *f hair, and stating place uf hi. Ui. age, disposition and cmaph-aion, and enclosing fltVv rent* and stamped envelope I addressed to yon’rsclf, you will receive the pic Intc smith-sired inforiiiatiaQ hy retain mail.— j All eouimuuicatious sam-dty confidential. Ad dress in confidence, Maoaus E. K. TuopXTOX, 1 P. u. Uox n*. Hudson, .V. y, febMy J '! W" A Vocxg Lady returning (0 J her counii v home, after a oj>aru of a few '' inonih* in lb-* City, was hardly recognised hy 2 her friend*. In piano of a cuaisc. rustic, flush- ' eu faco, sin- bad s soft ruby complexion of al- / most m.w hjfr sin.M.ihne*,- and instead of twentv thrve she resfty appeared hut eighteen. Upon inquiry as to tgie cause of so great a change. •dm piaiuiy t4d then that she a-cd the Oiirm* 1 •ww* Halm, and considered it an invaluable ao- h uaudlion b> any U|t*i toilet. Hy it* usi any * Lady or <lrntf>-man can improve their personal ■ appearance an huudi. d fold. It is simple in 4 iU combination, as .Nature herself is simple, ret " uOrarpaiMd in its elllcary la (hawing impuri- fl lies fit MU, is U healing, tleatuiug and bcatuify- * hg th- skin aud complexion, Ur its direct ac tion on the cuticle it draws fromD ail its impu- *• niies, kindly healing the same, and leaving the surface is Nature intended it should be, clear, smooth and beautiful. Price sl, sent by Mai) I or Express, on receipt of an order by * a v , V ;UAB * * OO LTscinlsts. s No. 3 West >ayalte Hi., Syracuse. N. Y. The only American AgouU for the aak- of the **mc. <4^.ly r T ~ i WONDKRFUL ULX TUUKI BADAME RKMINOION, world ! nowned Astrologlst and SonmambulisUc Clair voyant. while iu a clairvoyant state, delicuates the very features of the person you are U> mar ry, and hy Hie aid of an instrument of intense i jf*wer, known as (h PvyebouiotroM. gnaraa- . Jws to produce a peifuctoad lifo-like pteinreof ■afllart husband or with of iho aupUcwsat, with date of ma r rlage, occupation, foedinv trait, of character, t* ThU l- ‘„ ipm“"u m tc.tlmnni.l. without nambar can ...tit- Bv autlntr pl.w. ol blrrt., dbpo.ltloa, color . of CT„ U d hair, and .aolo.lkg Dfr. M.1., ,„d 1 SufC* .** . wilifooelv o the pttor hv return mail, togeth er with desired inforausUnn. Address in confidence, M.vuaM* Gaamum • > 0 Uo *r, Wc.tT.oj, S. V. •ept. IA- 4ro. MONSY, FREE AH WATER. 10,000 Acr>. Local And T.tolling Agent.. Mil. or J ’’ ro.* 1 V 0 *’ * rr to tnlictl trade Vll |*• , BcdliU Work- ' shop and factory, throughout the entire wotM. { iZ. u? "A* 1 "i" ,b, ° aorelUc. crer k!,™J JSkiJt’l l C ‘i T ' P^ o,l ' * nd rale wkercrer offered II Smart men and women can make “*“• <I.T, nd .0 rhk of“„l A •mall raplut rr.|nirf of from JO to mo_,hr more moa.j tarrarad Ibr graaWr tin pro Ac .- airiSsiirt .CiTSIB MILNOK A CO., (From Psrti,) *; fcbt ly **° rfrwai * lf *- ,r York City. Free to Kurybod) . tilt giving infonna- K StSr impo ' iam " ! a,,yon,,g hran.*ifßi h^k 0 V ,, “ h T lcl - T ma ! r ■’Ooomo Wcn *“ ,WJ d ll >- l L , r.° r •*>< fall Atldreao, and rtcoivc a copy postpaid, by return mail. 1 3 Address P. 0. Dmwer, 2l f febll-6ia Troy, H. Y. lu PrtMrtlt; Oor lulun, | 4 | I. In Cart-ful to Prmrx also Our Civil Lll.rrlii's. FOR THE UNFORTUNATE. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted In all cases, for the Speedy and Pormnnnat Cure of all disease* arising from sexual pxreese* or YOUTHFUL ISDISCRETTOY, Seminal Nighthr Bmlraions, and Scnvoal Dreams; Oe.iital, Physical and Xt vous De bility. Impotence, Gleet, Sexual Diseases, Ac. Yo Change of Diet In Eftccsiffry. They can be a**-d without detection, nnd never fail t*i effect n cure, if need according to in structions. Bell’s Specific 'Pills, Price One Dollar per Box ; or Six Boxes for Five Dollars; also Large Boxes,containing Poor Small, Price Three Dollars. Prom four to six boxes ore general!r rcqolr ed to care ordinary cases of Seminal Weakness and Emissions, Though benefit is derived from using a single box. In Cbronlc eases, and particularly when Im potence or Genital Debility with Nervous Pros tration has affected tho system, Bell’s Tonic Pill* Are recommended as the most Efficacious, Re i>iv mating and fnvigorating Remedy in the A Package, Price Five Dollars, will last a month, and is gcnrrsUy sufficient. In extreme eases of Debility and Impotence BULL'S BXTKRNAL RKMEPV Price Two Dollars, sufficient for a month, can I*** used to good advantage. It gives Strength to the Organs, and. with the rills, will restore them to their norma) condition. A Pamphlet of 100 pages, on the KUROKS OF YOUTH, design, d s a Lecture aud Caution to Young Men, sent fret, Ten Cents required to pay postage. CAUTION! Tli** above Remedies have now been before the Public many years, aud greatsneccaa In the alleviation of human misery, has excited the rapidity of several parties, \ ho use the name •’Specific Pills,’ copy bit labels, circu lar* sod advertisements, sometimes word for word, and put np worthless compounds that disappoint the Just expectation* of the purchaser ' If you cannot pnrritase Bell's Specific Ran- i rmaa of your Druggist, take no other, but send the money direct to Da. JAMES BRYAY, Consulting Physician, H|fi lltosdway, New S’ork, I and you will rec-ivo Ui -m by return of mail. ) post paid, and free from observation. liure Valuable than liold! Bryan’s Life Pills n nirr rut: nr.oon, Remove Heada’-he, DlvrioMs. Giddinene, Drow siness. Unpleasaol Dreams, Dinun>* of Sight, ludigestiun, Uh-aime the Stum aeh and Bowel*. Insure NEW LIFE in the debilitated, and Fixture fht S!tk to l'cr/rrl Health. Purely Vegetable, Try them ! Ihey nnlr cost ?5 cents, and if yon rannot get them of vour Druggist, send the 1 money to D a. JAMES Bit Y AX , Con tillim- Physician, fll: Hiondnar, New York. And they will hn scut hy return mail, post paid. If you require a reliable remedy to restore you, I and remove in vgulsriti.w or Obstructions, j WHY NOT I*SK TUK UJfiSTr Every U4y knows the slightest irrernlarltv of nature is liable to bring on Headache. Gid diness. Low Spirits, Fainting, Hysterica, Ac.: then the bloom of health fades, the appetite fails, and other symptoms more distressing com menec, as—Weakness, Spinal Complaint, the Whiles, Prolapsus, Ac. Ac. A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY w ill be found in Dr. I/arcry't Female Fill*. The experience of thirty years has proved thev hare no rqwal for Removing Obstiactions and IrrcgulariUos, no matter from what cause they arise. Thev arc Safe and Sure in every case, upwards of 50.000 Boxes are sold aonuallv, and ao complaint of their nlllcatr is ever heard. loVo r what they aio represented B<4d in Boxes, eoulai*t„n Sixty I 1 Mi. Price One Dollar. Dr. Ilarcrjf’t Golden Fill* Isa remedy four degrees stronger than the toovo. and intended for special eases of tong funding. Price Five Dollar* per Box. A PRIVATE CTUCULA* to Indies, with fine Anatomical Engravings, sent free on receipt of dlr.ctm] rav.lop- an. mn.. Send for 1)K. HAKVKV'B I'IIIVATK MEDI CAL ADVISER, addrMAfd U, Femora—at p*—llt full infraction, tad loform.Uon, 10 OU Toqaired for If yea caaaol purclia,. lb. Pffl, of roar DrontiM, they win bo .rat hr nail, pol Uii, wear, fren eb.orrU„o. on rrcolpl uf the Dionoj, bj On. JAMES BUY AS. Con.alrtoit rbviiciin. Jalj 11-Ij. 810 Broadway, Sow York. Br. Bryan’s Medicines T Haro on hand for rale lh following val. I alilo Msdirinaa which are ilonoribad in l>r. J. JluvA-T'a advcrtioruicnt iu tha "Dom* Advocate,” Dr. BoH'a HpcciSc rifla, Dr. Harvey’, Female Pill., n L Dr Bryau'a Lit. Pill*. Lir. it . other medicines con alto Bo pro cured through the undersigned when roquir '• _ . AH. HUBKR. YToßminthßr, Md. nor 20,-iC excklslorTkxcjslsior i l CHASTELLARS MCair Exterminator 11 ro* kb mo ym a svreitrivous hair. i TtA* 10 wpedally, Ihl* juvaluahle depilatory roooraniondt itaolf u boin* an almoat iudwr.on.ihl* artiolv fo fomalr h.Hy, a. raunyapphod, dor* not bum *r iojere it, mitt, hnt acts diroctly on tho roots It is war van ted U> ruruovc suiK-rfliuuui hair from low foreheads, or fVomohy paHoYlhe body, eoniplcfotr, totally and radically oxtirp.ti:.. the same leaving the .kin soft- 'amoeih and RMortil. This u the only orticlc aaod by the French, and is tho only rrej effccUial dopila lory iu eaialcnco. Pnco 76 cento per pack aso, soot postpaid, to any addrou, oo receipt of an order, by WBROER, SHIT TIS* Co., Chemials, lebU-Iy ”86 Rivet St.. Troy, K. Y. I CIEDER 111 II VIOLETS. Her baaUs arc cold, her face is while. No more her pubes com* and go ; Her eyes arc shut to iifu and light: Fold the white vestures, snow uu snow, And lay her where the violets blow. But not ken oath u graven stone, To plead for tears with alien eyes; A slender cross of wood alone Shall say, that here a maiden lisa In peace beneath the uaare skies. For hot the morning choir will sing Its matinsfk-oin the brunches high, And every minstrel voice of spring, That "hrills beneath the April sky, Shall greet her with its earliest cry. When turning round that dial track, Eastward the lengthened shadows pass, Her little mourners elud in Muck, The erloket sliding through the grass, Shull pipe for her an evefifng muse. At lout the rootlet* of the tores Shall find the prison where she lies, And bear the buried dust they seise In leaves and blossoms to (he skies ; So may the soul that warmed it rise. If any, born of kindlier blood, Should ask what maiden lies below, Say only this: “A tender bud, That tried' • d blossom in the snow. Lies withered where the violets blow.” Till-. UKATHOI CI.EOPtTRA. FROM ABBOT’S ITALY. Octavios, now undisputed muster of the world, wan dreaming of the splendid triumph which awaited him in Rome and the prosenco of Cleopatra, the renowned auccu of Kgypt. to lead iu tho train of the captives, would be one of the moat cuoHpicuoux ornament* of the triumph. Ounßeioua of thu degradation which awaited her. aba watched for nn oppor tunity to commit suicide. Octavius with o<|U:il interest guarded hit captive that uho might not thus escape him.— j Her fetters were truly those of silk and I gold, lor rhe was treated with th-* niont I profound deference, surrounded with all her iiccuatomed luxuries mid all her wauta were abundantly supplied. | UcUiviua indulged himself with a tri | umphul entrance into Alexandria, eu | deaeoriiig by humanity and coadcecen | sion to secure thu favor of tho people. I Yet cruelly, it would seem ho caused 1 the eldest sou of Antony, and also Cm- i sarin, Ch opulrn’s son by Julius Caesar, to he put to death. Fearing nothing Iron any of tho oilier children of Oks pntr.i, ho treated them all as princes, provided them with ten-hots, that they

might receive un education suitable to their r.iiik At lehglli OctaviiH visited Cleopatra in person. Slio received him artistical ly languishing upon a couch, draped in g.iuze like robes which scarcely con cealed her voluptuous beauty; lor (hough the frcihni-fes ot youth had departed, she was still u woman of raru loveliness. 1 No ooe knew bettor than Cleopatra how to magnify her charm*, by tpnoN of soft dcm* and that artlcssuea* of maunor winch iu the highest nchiovmeut of aft. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, her checks Hushed with emotion, and rising from her couch, slm fell, half tainting, prostrate at the left of OctM | vius. i’lm young conqueror lifted the exquisitely moulded, drooping form and placed'her on the couch by hia side, supporting her agaiust his own bosom A queen whoa® renown filloo tho world, beautiful, graceful, pliant, had thrown herself into hia arms. How could he treat her cruelly. Had Cleopatra been nineteen instead of thirty nine, the de cision might have been different, ond. by facile divorce, the wiry might have beou made easy for Cleopatra to share tho throne of universal empire with Octavius. Hut as the circumstances were, ambition proved more powerful than love. Cleopatra exhausted all her magasinea of art—tears, smiles, repronche*. blan dishments, flattery, supplications, to win Octavius, but in vain, lie treated her with politeness, bat hia heart remained obdurate. The queen took from her bosom some letters, fUII of londoruewi, from Julius Ccesar, and with a trem bling voice and failing tears read them to Octaviua. Hut of what avail to me now, sho said, is all this kindness f Why did 1 uot die with him ? And yet in Octavius 1 eoc another Julius. You ere bit per loch image. He teems to have returned from the spirit land in you. All was in vain. Alter a long inter view Octavius left, and Cleopatra re* limed in despair that for the first time ixsr charms had failed her. She had surrendered hureelt to Octavius and he has coldly laid her aside. What wore could she do ? Nothing. There now remained for her but to die, or to be carried to Howe to grace the triumph of hor conqueror. There waa a young Homan iu the camp by the name of JJolabolla. Ho was much affected with the queen’s grief, and she with woman’s tabt, hud thrown around him all the meahes of her wilee. Dolabella kept her iu formed of all that iron transpiring.— I On* day bo brought to her couch tho fodinga, that in three d.ya nhe and her children were to be sent to Home. Tito crisi, had now com*, and, with singular atlmuen ami fortitude, Cleopa tra prepared to die Altar taking a ■kith aha attired harnelf la her mast sumptuous robe* and sst down with her friends to a truly regal feast. Appnr uly baDishing all oar* tha festive hours panned rapidly away. At the ulnae ef tha feast she dismissed all her attendants but two. Bhe then wrote a note to Oetarioa informing him of her intention to diu, and ic<|nesting that her body might be buried in the tomb with that of Antony. She had contri ved to have brought to her in n basket of Sowers, an sap, a reptil th* ooocen trated venom of whose bite cans e inevi table death, yet with bat little piin,— She dir*patched the letter to Octavius, and immediately placed the reptile upon her arm. The poisonous fangs pierced her flesh, stupor and insensibility soon ensued, and she sank back upon har conch and died. Octavius immediately upon receiving the letter from Cleopatra, dispatched messengers to prevent the fatal deed.— But they arrived too late. Upon enter ing the chamber they found Cleopatra already dead, still arrayed in her royal lobes. Her two waiting women were at her side. One of the messenger* uttered words of reproach, but the maid of honor replied— It is Well done. Such a death becomes a glorious queen, descended from u race of illustrious ancestors. 4 Touching Indlnn Incident. The Milwaukee Daily Miscouu'n re 'ales the following : The Kimball family, whose eighteen years of captivity among the Sioux and •Snake Indians has given ihcm a world wide notoriety, passed through this city on Saturday. Mrs. Kimball informed its that she was nearly wearied out in the search for their friends, and that the travel by railroad was more tedious to her than on Indian ponies or on foot. The eighteen years they hud spout among the Indians has, in a great de gree, unsettled them for quietness, but this they expect to overcome. Neither of them look to be within five years of | their age. While the party were at the depot on Saturday awaiting the departure of the train, an affecting incident occurred, which touched the hearts of all. A party of Indians who had been about the city peddling trinkets, passed along. They were decorated with their paints, and looked as uncouth as a savage only knows how to look. The little sou of Mrs. Kimball was the first to discover the party, and springing down from a chair on which he had been standing, looking out of the window, ran to the door Uc was not over lour years of ge, hut bright-eyed and quick-witted, and clapped his hands and commenced . calling to the parly in his infantile In dian dialect, and expressing his joy in every conceivable way The poor moth er saw this, and the tears started to her eyes, as she felt how closely the boy clung to Ins Indian associations. She wont to the door, and taking the child 1 by the arm attempted to Iced him awuy but the latter resisted, and clung to the door, called to the Indians ngatft and again in lamenting tones, and would wot leave. The Indians heard the h<>y and walked with their measured tread to the depot entrance. One of the party, a delicate looking squaw, not over fiftcoi j years of age, wo sooner saw Mrs. Kim ball than she dropped her basket of head work upon the pnvcmcnl. and with a peculiar Indian try threw her self at the feet of Mrs Kimball, and grasping her clothes, kissed her dress, time a.ud lime again, muttering a song ol praise all the while. Her joy seem- j ed beyond description, and Mis. Kim- j ball in return exhibited nettle gratifl- j cation at meeting the squaw, ' while tho ether Indians stood looking' on with a characteristic nonchalance and indifference. Mrs. Kimball hud no little difficulty in satisfying the young squaw that she had fully expres sed her gratitude and in getting her to rise, when they commenced a converse tion in the Indian dialect. The aquaw asked questions earnestly, and upon re- 1 ceiviug the reply to one, went to the j men ol her tribe, took from them what money they had, and returning, placed • it in tho lap of Mrs. Kimball. It was ! nut a large sum. but when declined, the ! look of reproach and sincere sorrow on i the face of the squaw expressed her I feelings. In a few words Mrs. K. told 1 the history of this squaw. While she, was a captive among the Bionx, a war | Cy oue day : rough t in a number of! ajoos as prisoners—a party which i they had captured. Among them was a daughter of the chiof, a child ten years of ago. Great preparations were made to put tlm prisoners to the torture, sod the efforts of both Mr. and Mrs. Kimball could not save them. Mrs. K. ; determined that the child should not ‘ suffer, and at great risk to her own life [ slie entreated and insisted until she ob tained a promise that the child should he spared for some days. That uight ’ Mrs. K. supplied the young Indian 1 with a pony and provision, cheered her | young heart by Words of counsel, and j directing her how to proceed, set her ' on her way. The wrath of tho Sioux j when they found next day what had | been done knew no bounds, and it ro uoired no little effort to prevent them ! from wreaking their vengeance upon Mrs. Kimball. The position which her husband occupied as “medicine man" in the tribe saved ber, but did not pre vent them from separating her from her hush md for two long sod weary Crs. It was a terrible punishment to , and what she suffered would have killed hor, but for the hope of securing their liberty, which buoyed her up. She hod aevor seen or heard of the young Navajo*, until tbit meeting on Saturday. She had forgotten the young squaw, but the latter had not forgotten her, sor the aet of kiudooM which bad aavod her from a torture to death. Until the oars left tho young squaw elung to the garments of her protector, and when the train with Mrs. Kimball on board moved off sbe watched it with a keen eye until it disappeared lu the distance, and then turning away utter ed a note of lamentation. It was a scene which none who saw it will ever for go*- I tOVtTITI TIO* tl. COWTKn- HU*. iiUrfM to Use I'ooplr ul Nur> land. The undersigned. member* of one of the political organisation* of the Stefc, U the instance of many of their friend*, we induced to address a brief enll to the qualified uleotora of Maryland A kill to cull a Convention to frame a new ronetilntion hae recently become a law. It waa rrpnrtnt at ae early day after the meeting ofthoOeeeral Aaaom bly. to one of the braoehee. and waa finally enacted—a law. Theeubject ban therefore engaged the public attention foe an long a time, that not maeh ie re quited to bo eaid with a view to appro priate action. Nor ie it neeeenary to make any detailed recital of the evile of the existing Conatitution which require remedy. A trunaicut glance at ita pro visions. and a recurrence co the ioeou venijnee of ita operation upon a very largo number of the good people of the Stale, are sufficient to demonstrate how incompatible it ia both in dcaign and effect, with the recognized object of a free representative government. And it does 00l consist with the pur port of this cull, to allude to the eircam atuncca under which the Convention which framed it waa calludtogether—to the time when and manner in which j the member* of thet Convention were appointed, nor to the proceeding* taken when ita adoption in the name of the people waa proclaimed. To do ao Would accomplish no important present good, whilst it might nerve to revive embit tered recollection* and subsiding pas sions. Yet it suffices that a largo majority of the qualified electors of the State passed upon the subject of a change of the Constitution at Che late election and re quired of the membera of the la-gisla ture that the change should he- It waa in obedience to this expectation and re quirement that the act for calling a Convention was passed. Owing to de lay in ita passage through one branch of tlio (ieneral Assembly; (be time pro vided therein fur the choice of candi dates for the Convention in now brief. The undersigned therefore, recom mend the adoption of appropriate and immediate measure* in every county in the State and iu the city of Baltimore— in their sevfeai election precincts— to have the people assemble in peaceful primary meetings, with a view to the selection of candid.,tea to the Conven tion. The utmost care and consideration should be had iu the choice of suitable parson*. Cersutt*! and partiaan parti alities should be disregarded, and none should he chosen aa candidates tor tbu Convention but persona of experience, wisdom and vixtue, who challenge the res; cct aud confidence of all. These ire strange times. In public affairs, if there is not a tendency to dis ruption, there are in our midst men who hating no interest in the common weal, with little to lone and very much ; to gain hv the reault. arc engaged it. the effort Iu bring on general diaorganixa ! lion. Against the machinations of such, ' many whuhycircninatajres bare seemed i I eo operate would be glad to be made i secure. The selection of good men to 1 a Convention ordered by the Irfgisla ture, notified by the proper authorities I and conducted according to the forma I of law, would detach such from the for tunes of desperate leaders. The high I duty at this time devolves upon as who j may command the services of so many of the best men in the Slate to present ; for election to the Convention none but ; those whose characters will make socie . ty assured of peace, order and good gor- I srnau nt. | In thin connection it may be well to j consult the wisdom and experience of i the patriot statesmen of the belter daya lof the Kepublic Mr. Jefleraun in roe ! peel to the qualification for office, held | the test to be found ia the inquiry, “1* |he capable—ia he faithful ?" To an | *wcr -Ac is “coy to We," did not come np i to the measure, nor that be ia "/aitk //.” To say iMrmalivdg both, ia io | dispensable to full qualification When, j then, in every part of the Stefe and in ; the city of Baltimore, there are those to I be found equal to tbia high ataudard, | the undersigned take the liberty to ap peal earnestly that such may be sent W the Convention, awl only sncA. The highest duty which hsleog* to membera of the body politic it involved in their making and ordaining onr or* golc law. The pcaeo and welfare of society at large depends upon the seen rity with which the individual member* possess the tenure of established right*. For thi* security wo have been taught to look to the organic law. sad the sue ee* or failure to make a new Constitn ' lion, and a good one, depends on the manner in which the member* of the Conservative Bcmoc ratio party severally discharge their duly at the coming elec tion. o* asaatr or ia cea- o aSaair or m ros saavariVß uaaaaas aaavanva aaaaaaa or r*r sonars. or ana aocia or 04oa Bowie, nttMataa. Jamot T. Karla, B. B. CanoWW, gyorwr \ khan, !•<■ D. Joan, W. *. Stephen job, O. Millor E- J Haakle, Ju. c. Clark', Orrrgr B. Desalt. i.Ubon, , (furies P AnnapoKs, March 26th, 1867. “Ab, Nr. Simpkins, we have not oheira enough for onr company," said a gy wife to her IVngal husband --Plenty of choirs, my drur, but * little too much company.*’ A western writer recommend* Ben. Butler a* a suitable person for lorn) ed itor f some rity ptnwr, on the ground that be would be MAamfe at picking np I Kingt about (own. TliHdii—Sl. so i!b (DYtU c. The Sundat law. Thu bill to repeal the ant of 186<q uhapler CS, (known as tire Sunday law j and to re-enact the same with amead menta, was taken up. A large number of amendment* were offered, many of which were rejected and other* adop ted. A motion to strike out the enac ting clause was lost— yeas 20, nays 41. The bill, which repeals the act of 186 f, and takes effect from ita passage, was finally amended ao ns to read as follow : Soot ion 1. No housekeeper or other person or persons, whether licensed to tell spirituous or fermented liquor* or not. sball sell, dispose of or barter any spirituous or fermented liquors or cor dial* of any kind, on the Sabbath day, commonly called Sundey, or any intox icating liquors on Sunday, exsept when Sreecnbcd by a physician in good Maa ing, or suffer any drnnkenue**, gaming or unlawful aporta during Sunday in bis. her or llqfir houses, on pain ti for feiting twenty fire dollars, one-half to the use of the public school* of tb* county or oily in which aueh offense ■hall be committed, and the other half to the inebriate aayKim of the Start, to be recovered as other fines and forfei ture* are collected; and if ny party It censed to sell spirituous or fermented liquors sbtll bo eonviertd a second time fur a like offense, hit or her license shall be declared null and void by tb* court in which such conviction i* had; provided, however, tbu nothing herein contained shall prohibit hotel kaeparx from furnishing liquors, etc., to their guest*. Sc*. 2. If any person within this State shall be found intoxicated on Sun day, be shall, on conviction thereof be fore justice of the peace, forfeit **d pay fine of two doftara, one-half of which shall go to the use of tb* public school* of the oouuty or eity in which such offence ahull be cnmmrtrtd, and the other half to the use of the Inebri ate Asylum of the State; tad if the same person shall be eonviertd of a sec ond offense he shell pay a fine of fiv* dollars for that and each *nbaqnent of fense. to be disposed of u hereinbefore provided. The bill wa* then ordered to a third reading and afterwards de feated. MTMrs. Partington sometimes gets things mixed up. but in regard to mar riage her ideas are tolerably clear, and he it, wo are happy to aoe, ‘sensible to the last.” “If ever I’m married,” said Iks, looking up from the bosk he was reading, and kicking the atove door cnerecttcally—“lf ever I'm married”— “I'un't speak of marriage, laaoe, till you arc old enough to understand the bond that bind* congenial souls People must'nt speak of marriage with impuri ty. It is the first thing children think of now a days, and young boy* ia piano fore*. and young girla with heads frio*. seed into spittoon corl, and full of love sick stories, are talking c.f marriage be fore they get into their teens Think of such one* getting married! T*t there's Mr. lipoid, when heaven look hi* wife away, went right to a young lady* cemetery snd got another, no more fit to bo the head of a family that? I am to be the Board of Mayor and Al dermen. She tapped the new box that her friend, the cohmal, bed give* bee, with her eye* reeling upon the gold heart inlaid in the centre of the lid, os if heart* were trump in her mind at the time, while Ike, without tiuisbing hi* sentence, kept uu with bis reading, ac companying himself wilh a pedal per formance on the stove door, and a clat ter upon the round of his cbkir with ths handle of s fork in bis hand. ••■An enthusiastic old follow sod hi* wife recently visited Niagara Falls. They worshipped the Kalla all day, from the piasxa iu front of their room, and retired talking over its wonders At am early hour next morning, the old gen tleman waa on the ywi vine, and, aa aoem aa ho taw the Kail* again, be snfitg offf ; “Wife, wife I'll be darmti#if th* water ain't still going over that dam I” A rural pastor prayed fervently for rain daring a severe drought, which be gan to foil in torrents just a* bit sermon eluted, when two farmers, walking heme together, were getting awfully wet, sad one remarked to the other: “Tka par son doe* pfoy with a good unction. “***,’’ replied the other, “but he looks judgment.” Quick Tbavxi.—The time between Omaha mad Salt Bake City now ia only eight days. Three of them are occu pied in th* trip from Omaha to Dearer, and the remaining five from Denver to Salt Lake City, lu this eight day*’ tra vel there are three hundred mil** of railroading and nine hundred ofstagiag —total 1,200 mil**. In aomc parts of England farm la borers get *2,76 per week sod two quarts of eider daily In tbo Wnotern States farm bands get from MJfl to $3 per day, and don’t live much hotter, cither. It is not so numb what s man gat* for hi* work tbs* forma tbo impor tant consideration It in what bis wa ge* will buy. ingly adds: “l her dtcaaie tb* (ink lotas* invaluable Weed, feta* ab* stem to stand at thair badaida, ** ah* was wool, with the balm ofsoanafas tinu in one band and a cap of rhubarb in tb* other." A Man in Poughkeepsie recently gat • neighbor into the lunatic aayhoa, ' then married tb* neighbor's vtfo. A wife's husband on hi. going ota~Buy, buy.