Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 4, 1867 Page 2
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THE KMHHLWC ADV9CAT*. Thursday, apSITTw ISHmTivnEEr" Cm. JOHN K. MfcGMKtt,, GEORGE M MANUO STERLING GALT, BENJAMIN W, BENN KTT, THOMAS f. COVER. EtiiKiu, W4mdjf April 10, 1807. tie nc&irr. VV'v Iwvr nuiltri- lime nor space this ' -ock Au any warh about uur Ticket tor i (he Conveutiuu Tliey are all among (lie best iucu uf the Count*. Let Our trieuds all make it i, point to go to (He polls, uutl vote for thffti k the Coat on tiou ' IV & MV loam thut Dr. Shower 0.1 c- j not sere. His place will be filled nest Sctcrtfcre. cwm to\V|o|rio\. The Conservative Convention for • 'stroll County, met at Westminster, Tuesday April 'iud, to nominate six I*ol*jrates (hr raid County to the State Constitutional Convention, Donnie May usvdPEaij,, wpaehoaenPresident. Messrs. Stephen (loraaeh and John i|. Jordan acted ait Tree rresidcnla/Capt. 0. M'. Shall and Dr.' J. MV Steele Secretaries, Meters, .T M. Parke, Uf S. 11. Maters, 0. MV Mauro, Thus. Smith ami I>. Stull were appointed a Con*, mutec ou Uesolntions. AAci proposing , names of candidates, adjourned to half past one o'clock On reisscmblicg the following Res olutions were reported and adoj.t d., That we regret greatly the ehort- Ueae Have tart (Or rrgietranoo of voters, and frepiratioa fcr the clactien ; yet all daleteaev may he Btade op by eaetgy aad concert f er whtch we enjoin a. the iudUneiuable date of all OewaervalivM oa thie oeeaefon. Kenieed, That wo are net to be Intimidated y Ue threat* of the KadicaU to appeal to Coo great tag the Negron, for aid. Oar dale ie to K° straight forward, rely lug oa the rectitude of i our cause, aad fear lew of ooiuwqaeoerj in the i maintenance of truth and of our right*. Thotwcwillettod by tee of the Catted State., the Governor of Mere land, the restoration aad ortfsenratioa of the I l aiua,i*dapport the call of a Convention, end the candidates nominated therefor. tf#*We*d. That the t>ajnation of candidates •hall be br ballot—each District giving one vote d the six candidate, having The MgW 1 7-1 *• Di - The balloting resulted ia the aomina lioti of the following persons, afterwards trade unanimous. Dr. J. Shower. John K. Long well. Goo. V Mauro, Benjamin W. Bennett, Sterling Gait, Thomas F. Covtr. It was than resolved that a Commit tee be appointed by the Chair to con sist of fire persons from Westminster district, ami one , from each of the oihtr District*. io meet at Westminster on Saturday neat at 10 o’clock, with toll power to-fill vacancies if any occur in the ticket nominated, and to perform 1 such other duties as may be by them I considered tor the benefit of the party I district giving ono vote. And the* said Committee constitute the Genteel Committee for the County, cheostwg one of the five from Westmin ster to serve thereon. The Chair named the following on said Committee-- No.- I—William Fisher, • —Hr. Bhaw. it—4L Cover, " 4—Z Bushy. ft —K. W. Shipley, “ ft—T. J. Gist. ** * —J- B. Boyle, R. Manning. ; vf Powder, W. N. Hayden! 1 P. H Mikes ell, i M i—Harrison Lamotte, M ft—Stephen Gorsuoh. W—l)r. M. A. Lnuver, “ 11—L. IV Sliogluff. Tfc Regialry In I'mrrwll. It w generally expected here (hat the Governor weald hare to appoint new Reglateni and that thuae who gave ' •*> much difficulty last year would be gotten rid of thie year. Great waa the aurpriee, however, when we learned, laat Friday, for the firat time, that all the old RegUtci a were continued by law for two years from their appointment j laat yea*. M'e had no represeaUtives \ to attend to this matter, but we thought every body had heard of the ahu-jc to ! which Gv. Swann had been subjected for tryigg to propitiate three of hi* ap puintees who had turned out to be hard Radicals. The uiusibor of registered men in the f'ouety me about 42W out of shoot S.OO voters iu the ooaoty. ia Maa obenter Kstriet sloue orcr 400 were disfranchised, owing to tbg monstrous eunstruetiou of tlw law made by the Register ; so that s district which would have given us 350'ioujority was made to give "A majority oa (he oth er side. Evca wliere mom wen regis tered the Judges of election, sll Radi ab, rejected many of (hew at the lot box. In thie manner ms Uwir Ma jority of £OO obtained. M e fear now that same of ear people, smarting under the outrages of post years, roa j refits* to appear Inferc some of these Register*. We think (his would be a mistake; for we think time Registers new fi.Br understand the* ohauge oCjjpumaisnces, and the pea- j allies they isight incur, and will h* s* i liberal this year, as they were illiberal lest year. They acted under advice i laet year,,that (hey bad eoofideooe in ; but wo ahfold think they eaeoet be mislead tow. At ail srenis, let (he disfrnncMted bothe forward and teal the matter li vj unties. We refer onr readers la the advertise meat of M m, R. Hill of Baltimore In this week’, paper, who vsukea the ob tninincnt of Bimatiw, and Claim* gene rfilly, so litp-jcial h muw. ami under- Lhhi of nfiDland. Wo publish, Ai* week, by utwit;,. throe very iu porta at lew* parsed at 1 the late sensiou of the Legislature, hav ing a psrtitfol ii hearing ou the approach* iug election The EufrsnulpKUuent Act rcstorea to Gio right of tairtgc all, who were deburnil by the fourth cc- 1 tiou of the first At tide of tho Conalitu I tiou, relating to the late rebelltuu, or the false coudtruotioii pul upon it and the hte Kegist/y law by the Hiidiuah. | I’hU ha. been duo© by a two lliiuii vote jof both brandies of the Legislature, , pursuant to expreso power granted by the Constitution itself. U rostnred all our oitirous to the condition before the war, and is a full pardon for any connec tion or sympathy with the rebellion, iu the very mode provided by the Consti j tutiou for the purpose. It is too clear i for doubt, though sonic may pretend • that it require* each individual to be named iu the act. The Constitution diduoi say ho. and it ia folly to contend, when a whole class was included, that individuals should be apccifiod. The new Registry law is uow a aim* pie matter. The 4th Section. Ist Ar ticle, having ceased to operate by its own limitation, all must bo registered vhc have the proper qualification of age, residence, color, soundmiud. not convicted of felony, or guilty uf bribery at elections Ac. ( The amendment to tho election law pitta an end to the power claimed by election Judges to reject registered vo ters. We hope all will study and ob serve these laws. The Elvitlsii. We are .sofry thut so little time waa given to attend to this important elec tion on the Convention question. It ; was delayed so long in tho Senate to •eouro the two thirds vote that the time ! originally named should, by all meant, : have been extended. As it is, we la* I bor under great disadvantages. Our j friends bare but a few days to be regis j tered and can hardly be all informed of 'it in time. Neither will all be inform ed of the election even, and if they are, many will not have a chance to under stand fully the merits of (be question. We fear, indeed, many will be induced to vote against tho Convention from want of timet.) clear away their preju dices. All should be done that is pos sible to induce our friends to register j and to rote. Though the time is short, j yet if the will was there, as 1 be accomplished ns if the longoft time i had been given. Then let all who have lan interest in this matter go to work, or hereafter cease to complain. Persons who have removed to diff-c --ent districts should get the certificates of the Registers where they came from and get registered where they reside.— 1 ( AH who are awaro of parties ’requiring j ; registry should not let them neglect j Radical con ten I lon. The Radical Slate Convention, which , reassembled at Baltimore, on the l!7th. 1 ult., resolved that' they wo. II not run i any Condidates at the election next | Wednesday, but ge to the polls and I ! vote against a Convention, should it !be earned they will then proceed to [elect by ballot, without distinction of i color, delegates to a Convention of their j j own to meet iu Baltimore and adopt a j Constitution baaed on “universal man- ! ; hood suffrage.” A committee was ap • pointed who visited Washington to lay i 'heir ease before Congress. Thu ultra members doubtless have assured them tliat they will get the aid of Congress. The Radical members of tho Legislature the Mayor k City Council of Baltimore, | as well as the Grand league, have also I importuned Congress for tho same nur j poso. j Ilnßatllatlng. j It is humiliating to see the Radicals running and prostrating themselves, first before Congress, and then before the colored friends, imploring assistance to regain their lost power in the Stale When tiro Conservatives seek to change the Constitution, in the very same way they did it in 1864. io order to clear away all doubt of the constitutionality Qi the restored rights of an injured people, they pretend to see a monstrous usurpation in it, and invoke all the powers of dark newt to their aid te pre vent it, although a mere change of the Constitution would not- more ensure Conservative success iu the State than at present. Again, we are told that the Whites and Blanks arc bogining to intermingle iu the Ml lea goes; and that some 21 Colored men were initiated ai Weatmiaetejr lasi week. fteft-Tfio Radical monitor* of onr j .Legislature, is theft- application to Con. grow for proteotsua uui uo-jra suffrage, state that Maryland sent ai iUttr soldiers 10 tlie rebel army, and that three hare nearly sll returned. Nmt thus u a ' a tapper, like their Maleueots gare-ral. i j ly. Wc d.Mibt if 5000 erer joined the , j.rebel amii TVota this Slate, ami a rry j i largo pvojio. Gp* of them luire uci-u* re- Iluraod j The Srn/Jui is trying it# best to get aefoe m*-oe out of Cap*. 0. W. Slirirer, beta- o linually barking at hia hrels, whilst be takes ao more notice of it (has the mastiff does f a whiffet— though we haard of a good eatured mastiff eoce. who did get r*xcd enough at lam to lake ;Up Mr whiffet by the back of tbe neck and drop him into a mill race—after •kwh the latter let him alone. mhJiTSit For falsehoods ein-oliUd cheat pay iug < bitty million dollars for slater ema.i-.-ipatrd. Our candidate* w op posed to it and the Contention is pled ged against it. Be not deceived iilsv, J- LoiSf . ..,A Vb ’■ T Local Inlelllgencc. / (’itlL —The Clerk of ihe Circuit Court on Ihu Ist of April Vecetm from the Commit lioui fbr the' garlic* named b rluw Tho-vi interested will take '.>iioc th it • they ere by hi* reqvwHtcJ to eppxir bj i fur© tho Clerk o( the Circuit Coutt. tl quality within (w) thirty day* from the Ist of April, otherwise the of tico will be declared vacant. ./ luU'ce* o/ fh-i re.—Hymy Gault, j W illian Flalter. John W. douM, 11 "t sou T. TO*, Joshua Cane. Levi Iflc-1 gle. L<*vt Yingliug. John Mans©. \*a-) riah V illium (Siocks-l ilc. j Xafhan Eli Ucf lK Sr . Cor. Jenkins J. O. M'udlow, Henry Mutter, Francis Warner, David 11. lloftaoker, •luhu Henry Hoppe, Wiu. *l. Mitten, Abner Neal, John ii. Simtuous, John !*aiuottu. ,lease Brown, Henry liun ird, •Stephen Gomueh, Joshua Selmao, Jobu n.'laplane David Otto, John W. Mfi* AlUter, William J. Smith. • , | Coron-rj. —OtUo Shiple\\iij|orijo W. 1 ShjiUfifci * W mSStSfiontT of Slave SftUiatni i Kdwiu M Shipley. Jfixii. Rowi>Btk.—Tho recent np j poiutaent of this gentleman as a Judge | ,of our Orphan*’ Cdurt given tho Srnti- i meff a chance to indulge in anoth.r of f it cnetonury personal attacks on him ' .Mr. Powder is entitled to much credit for the natural ability and indomitable energy with which he has won hi* way, under many disadvantage*, to uu honor able position in tho public estiipntjou ; which should entitle him to more r.t pectful treatment, oven from the ttncl. Tho idea that he sought tho of fice only to annoy tbe the other Judges is simply ridiculous They will find him not only a useful assistant, but an agreeable associate. S-The<i unrteriy Report of the Fir>t National Bunk of New Windsor was ro- | ceived too late for insertion this week. It will be attended to with pleasure in ! onr next. The Quarterly Report of the Union Not. Baokif Westminster i* crowded out. VICTORY ■* ToilLX JTtIT. i At the election in Connecticut, on i Monday. English (Democrat) waa elec-; ted Governor over Hawley ileal) by ■ from 000 to 800 majority, and thrre Conservatives elected Io Congress out o fftmr —a gain of three members. AH hail. Connecticut I Hu Authority. A BILL. Entitled un Act to repeal tho Act of eighteen hundred and sisty-f.vo, chapter one hundred and seventy- i four, entitled an Act relating to the ‘ Registration of the voters of the State, and to enact other provisions > relating to the R gislratiow of Voter* in lieu thereof. Section 1. Be it enabled by the Gen- 1 oral Assembly of Maryland. That the act ot eighteen hundred and sixty five chapter one hundred und seventy four, entitled an Act relating to the 1U •in tention of tho Voters of the State be and the same is hereby repealed, and i the following section*, to be arranged in tbe Code of Public General Law* under 1 an Article entitled Registration, be and , the same is hereby enacted in lieu j thereof : ' I—The officers of registration iw i . each ward of the city oJ B.dtiu O'; and ; each of the counties uf tbe Slate, ap pointed by the Governor in the year eighteen hundred and sixty six, under i the provisions of the fourteenth section iof the Act of eighteen hundred and | sixty-five, chapter one hundred und ; seventy-four, are hereby continued in office fir the period of two yearn from the date of their junmir); incut and u:i I til their succcsso>dli.ill qualify, ami any vacancies now existing in said officoa, or which way occur by death, resignation refusal to actor other cau.e, , shall be tilled by the Governor, and af ter the expiration of said two yearn. , ! nd every two years thereafter, iho i Governor shall appoint one officer of registration for each ward of tbs city of Baltimore and each election district of the several counties, residents of said wards and district* respectively, and mlinllfill all vacancies iu said offices; the said officers hereby continued in office and so appointed as aforesaid, shall be styled officers of registrar iou, and shall register os qualified voters sll while male persons claiming and entitled to the right* of the elective franchise, io the manner prescribed in tho lollow iog section of this Article; the said | officers shell receive fur their services the sum of three dollars for each day occupied io the discharge of tlieir du ties, to bo paid by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, and the County Com i nine lowers of the several counties of this State, and any vacancies shall he filled by the Governor, and such of ficers before entering upon the dis charge of their duties, shall tako and tuUcribc before the clerks of the 8u- j perior Court of Baltimore city, and tbe clerks of the several Circuit Court* respectively, the oath prescribed in the seventh section of the first Article of the Constitution, or the oath prescribed for office-holders in the first section of the Act passed at the present suasion of the General Assembly, entitled in Act tu restore tu full eiiuenship and the right to rote and hold office, all persons who may be deprived thereof by the provision* contained in the fourth sec ] *‘<*o of the first Article ot the Uonsti . lutimi of this State, generally known ! tho enfranchising Act. | 2—Tlie said officer* of registration j shall receive from the Clerk of the I Superior Court of Baltimore City, and ♦he clerks uf the several Circuit Courts, the bonks of registration now in tbe of fices of said clerks respectively, and shall adopt aad use said books lor the purport of ©Acting tho registration pro vided fol io this article; and the said clerk* shall immediately upon the ap- Co I mem* sad onalificatiun of *aid of vs, deliver said books to them, and else do It certified copies of the lists of q&alifted voters now on record in rfieir respective offices. * s—rlt shall be the dnty of aid of ficer* of registration upon receipt of said Hooks and list fr qualified voters, io correct the fame by striking therefrom ! the names of persons who mny hare re moved Horn the county or ?(atr, or who > Xte. v "' -if "* may have died or have become disquali fied under the provisions of the 111 ini sod fifth sections of thfc first article of the (’amu ifcdlion, and persons whose names :.pp. ir #l said books and lists as quali fied vu tors alter the same shall have ; hue'i corrected ss aforesaid, are hereby declared to bo legal and qualified voters, 1 and shall bo entitled to vole at every dee I ion hereafter held is this State ; ; the officers of registration shall thou : add to said lists of quilified voters, and j register as euob every white male per son shaft apply to them to b© reg istered, and fy them that he pos sesses or before the day of the next en suing clcotiou will possess the constitu tional qualification under the provisions iof the third and filth sections of the first article of the Constitution; provid ed however, that before registering as a qualified voter any person so applying, the said officer shall administer to him the oath prescribed in thu fourth sec tion of the first article of the Constitu -1 tiuu, or the voter'a oath prescribed in the first section of the said Bnfrsnchis ! ing act referred to in the first section of this article according as the person ap j plying shall elect to take one or the other of said oaths. and no person who refuses to take one or the other of said oaths shall be registered as a qualified voter. 4ln making the addition to said registry of qualified voters, the officers of registration shall first record the name of every person so applying, sud second, administer to him the oath as directed in the proceeding section of this article, uud enter in the proper column of said registration books the fact whether ho hassjr not been sworn, third, his ape; fourth the place of his birth; fifth, the time ho has resided in ! the city of Baltimore or county in which I he is to be regiMcred j sixth, if natural ized ; the date of his final papers or certificate of naturalization and the court, county and State whence issued ; seventh, if disqualified by means of non age, non residence, alienage, infamy. ' lunacy or noa compos mentis, or bribe- \ ry, as described in the fifth section of! the first article of the Constitution, the | cause of such disqualification ; and | eighth, the name of qualified voters, | omitting from said eighth column the 1 I unities of persons so as above disquali- I ' tied, and inserting in lieu thereof the names of the witnesses, or in case of | . infamy or bribery, a statement of the ' record proof th .roof and in what court 1 the conviction wan had. or other proof j by which such disqualification was cs- I tablished. slt shall be the doty of such offi cent of registration to sit at some place convenient to tho voters, in the several i wards of the city of Baltimore and the j several election districts of the counties for ten days immediately preceding the i third day prior to any election hereafter J 1 to beheld in this State, whether State,- j ' Federal or Municipal, and whether | ' general or special, from 9 o'clock. P. M. for the purpose of discharging the du I tins imposed on them by this article, and | they shall give notice of the lime and . place of meeting at least ton days bo- ' tore the day of their first meeting, by 1 publication in three newspapers in the city of Baltimore, one of which shall be | published iu the Cerium language, and to one newspaper in each county in which a newspaper u published, having the largest circulation, us msy appear j |by their subscription hooka, the editor or publisher to furnish tho same under oath l said officer of registration; and I also by haudbdls posted at such public J i places as they may select in the several prcHncts of the city of Baltimore and | election districts of the several couu ! lies; and in case of makings change in ho place of meeting, they shall at onoo i publish in said papers notice of such ' change, said notices and publications to he paid for by tho Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and tho County Commissioners of tho several counties 6As soon as they shall have clo sed their sitting on the third d.iy pro- | cad in/ any election, the said officers of regiatration shall immediately proceed to make or cause to be made, an alpha ■helical list of the qualified voters, and ! the said lists shall then be finally closed | for (hut election, snd two fair copies • thereof shall be made, one of which ! shall be lodged by the officers of regia i (ration with the clerk of the Circuit I Court of the county, and the clerk of j the Superior Court of Baltimore city, ! and the other delivered to the judges jof election at or before the opening of

< the polls on the morning of election; > and in the city of Baltimore the said | officers of registration for t the several wards shall separate the lists into pro cinets, ond prepare their lists of voters according to the sub divisions of their respective wards into precincts, desig nating the election precinct cf the ward in which the voters are or shall be res pectively entitled to vote, and shall deliver one copy of the list of voters for such precinct to the judges of elec tion for such preempt as hereinbefore provided. 7 The officers of fcgistutiiou shall lodge with the clerks of the Circuit Courts, and the clerk of the Superior Court of Baltimore city, on or before the day of any election, one copy of the list oi qualified voters, made out as di rected iu the preceding section, which Met shall be recorded by the said elerk among the records of the said court, and they shall also deposit with said clerk the said books of registration, to be by him safely kept sod preserved among the records of said court, sub ject to the disposition* hereinafter pro vided Whilst discharging the duties imposed by this article, the said officers of regbt ration shall have sud exercise the powers of a justice of the peace for the preservation of order around the place of registrations; may compel the attendance of witeeawe for the purpose of ascertaining the qualifications of the persons applying to be registered; (hey shell have power to issues summons , attachincuta and commitments to soy Sheriff or constable, who shall serve such process as if issued by s judge of the Circa Court or o. jiutioo of (bo p*cr, am! hll receive the lantt for* | cod in the mine manner no allowed fcy ' low in ihe Stile bat the officer* of j regiotrotiou not charge any fcea for tho waiu of stub process, or receive any feta or eiuolutnonta for thia or any i' other service they may perform in the A-' >■■■ - .’.raft proper discharge of their duttca. exoopt that provided in the first section of this article. 9 For the purpose of correcting the lists of qualified voters slier any elec tion, sod as subsequent elections from time to time wear, by the addition of names of persons having coma of age, j acquired legal renistcucc, been natural ised or applying to be registered and ; by striking therefrom the names of such persons us may have removed from the county or state, or way (note died or be come disqualified under tho third snd fifth sections of tho first article of the Constitution ; it shall bo Ibo duty of (be said clerks to hand over said lists and books to the officers of registration, who ' shall proceed to correct the same by - the addition and corrections above mentioned, so tbst tho names of all persons entitled to vote shall sppear thereon: and they shall give notice and hold sessions for this purpose as direc ted iu sections five sud six of this arti cle and when they shall have completed their work, they shall dispose of said lists and books as prescribed in the pre ceding sections of this article. 10— If any person who bus been reg istered os a legal voter in one district or precinct shall remove iuto another he shall take from the officers of regis tration or the clerk of tho court in which said lists or books may be depos ited a certificate of the fact of his rog- ‘ istratiun in such district or precinct, •nd it shall be the duty of the officers of regiat ration to notify each other of such removals and certificates of regis tration, mid unless (he provisions of this section ore complied with, such person shall not be registered ns a legal : voter in the district or precinct to which ho may remove and such certificates shall be filed with the list* of voters or book of registration in ths office of said clerk. 11— In case any county or city shall he divided so as to form portions of dif ferent electoral districts for the clcc ! tiou of Congress man. Senator, Delegate ' <r other officer or officers a person to hi entitled to vote for such officer or offi 1 com. must have been a resident of that • part of the county or city in which he | offers to vote, for six mouths next pro -1 ceding the election therein as a quoit- , | fled voter, but a person who shall have | acquired a residence iu such county or I city, and boon registered as n qualified voter, shall bo entitled to vote in the j election district or precinct from which 1 ho has removed until he shall have ac- ' quired a residence in the purl of the county or city to which he has removed and the officer or officers of registration j shall not strike from the list of voters : the name of such person or transfer (he : j same until he is fully satisfied that the uatne of such person has been register 1 ed iu the district or precinct to which ■ he lias removed. 12— Th® Clerk of the Circuit Court of the several counties and of the Su pcriorXourt of Baltimore City, shall | permit examinations of the registers ol names and of tho books of registration ! i and the register of lists of voters, only . I in the manner herein prescribed or in ! the manner allowed in relation to the ' records of his office and in his presence [ : or iu the presence of his duputy. and if any clerk shall violate any of (be provi- 1 sioua of this article or make any alters ; lion in said books or lists, or suffer the j same t be done by others except ms hereinbefore provided for, or shall Ne glect or refuse to perform any of the I duties imposed ou him by any of the i sections of this article, he shall be deemed guilty of h misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof forfeit and nay a fine of not less than five hundred dol i lorn, nor wore than one thousand dol I lars for every such offence and be im prisoned until such fine and ousts of prosecution arc paid id—U shall be the duty of said offi cers of registration .before registering I any person as a qualified voter, to dili- , gently inquire and asccrtsiu that such i person possesses the requisite Coustitu j ttonnl qualifications of age, citizenship' and residence, and that he is not dis qualified under the provisions of tho third and fifth sections of the first arti- ! cle of the Cl nslitution ; and it any such officer shall knowingly, corruptly and fraudulently permit the name of suy \ person not possessing tho above qua!ill- | cations, or who is disqualified os above stated to be entered on the list or regis ter of qualified, or shall exclude there- ' from or refuse to register any person as ' s qualified voter in compliance with the provision of the severs! sections of this article, he shall upon conviction thereof forfeit and pay u fine of not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars for each offence snd be imprisoned until such fine and costs of prosecution are paid 14— The judges of eleetiou shall not receive or deposit the ballot of any per son offering to vote until they shall have found his name on the list or register of qualified voters sod have checked it thereon, and they shall receive and de posit the ballot of every person offering to vote whose name appears on said list or register of qualified voters; and if any judge of eleetiou shall refuse to re ceivj and deposit the ballot of any such person, he shall on conviction thereof forfeit sod nay a fine of not Icm than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars fur each offence, and he imprisoned dotii such fine and coats of prosecution are paid, and shall also be liable in damages at the suit of the perty aggrieved. 15— The provisions of this article shell extend to all special elections, whether municipal or otherwise, and to the votes upon amendment* to the Constitution, sod for or egaiust a poo ventioa to frame s new OonetUaifou whenever such question ho® been or mey be iulimitteif to the people by the Lcgiefeture, end {fit shaft be found be fore a*} such election that the Urn days notiee of Die sittings of the register can not be given os required in the pro vines seeiteos of this article they shall nevertheless proceed to the disc huge ef their duties, giving aueh notice there of no the time will admit or an in (heir judgment they may deem proper, and i the registration so mads, sad the lists of qslifi#d voters handed by them to r the Judges of eleetiou shall bo taken by i mid judges as the lists of persons en titled to vote at such clettion. Iff—Tho Governor shall appoint three perfioos os officers of registration, whose datt it shall l>a tu rc-iabr the aoldien „ ofthia State in tlio military aervieu of tho United and sucti prions in tho naval survico of the lulled Suits as may be stationed at convenient and afcesiib)* pint* who are absent. from their regular places of voting on ai-connl of such scrvico. and it shall bo (ho duty of such officer* of rugiatruktoii to vwit | the different regiments. camps and hu*- pital* or other |***t where said soldier* uuv be. for the purpose of ascertaining and resist criuj; all *uch as shall or may he qu.ililifd to vote, ami said officer* of rental ration hhult perform said duty in like maiiucf a* is required in other soo iimiK of this article, and shall return i their hooka or Hats of legist rut ion for the ditl'ercoi eounties and the city i f Baltimore to mu h officers of registra tion iu said city and counties as the Governor shall designate twenty days before any election, and ib shall be the duty of the officers of registration, to whom such returns she 1 ! l*c made, to cause (be names so returned to he rog istered in the several election districts or precincts of their rc.-poo ive counties or wards id the oily of Baltimore in which said soldiers reside or vro en titled to vote, a d in addition to the per diem allowed by this article to offi oers of roghtrntiou, they shall bo al lowed their necessary traveling expen ses for the discharge of the duties im posed by this section. 17— U ahull bo the duty of naid off ccra of registration after having re ceived the register of said soldiers, to furnish a certified cony of (he duly j qualified voters in such I’laU to flic County Commissioners of the several | counties and the Mayor of the city of Baltimore ten dijs before any election, 1 to b • by them transmitted to the judg .•# 1 appointed to lake the votes of said *ol j diem as directed by law. 18— If oy person shill deem him self aggrieved by the refusal of the offi cers of registration to register him as a qualified voter by reason of tho decision of said officer that he has not the re quisite qualification* of age, citizenship or residence, or is disqualified under the provisions of tho third and fifth sections of the first article of the Con stitution or by the refusal (o register him ns n qualified voter fur any other , i cause, or of the atrikingof; from • the list of qualified voters fur any cause, | he shall have the right to appeal from | such decision or action to the Judge of ' the Circuit Court for the county in • which he resides or applies for registru j ■ lion, or to the Judge of the Oourt of j Common IMcas or Judge of the Circuit Court of Baltimore city iu case the par ty reside* or applies for registration iu ; tho city of Baltimore, and said Judge t | shall forthwith hear and determine said ; appeal, and in case ho shall determine | I' that tho party so appealing is entitled • to be registered or restored to the list | as a qualified voter, he shall so certify to the officer of registration from wii *e ■ j decision the appeal was taken, and the said officer slisll thereupon register the I said pirty a* qualified voter, j .Section 2. And b* it enacted, That ! this a-t sh ill take offset from (he date ■ of its pas ago. [ V’ certify tint the aforegoing is a I true cony of an act which passed the | General Assembly **f M iryhml Jan- j ! uary session, ISU7 W. II FOLK. Child Clul of IMgales. AI’GISTI S GAS.d'VAV, , apriU Ht .Secretary of the Sen.ifc. . Ry . I ufhority. A BILL 1 Entitled an Act to rcoturu in full citi Xcnsltip, and ilia ri>;hi in vote nmi hold office. all persons irliu may be deprived thereof by ilto prutisiiiii, I lunt.unrd in the tourtli Kiel ink of the tii>t article of the Coii-litatioii of thin Stale. j Whereas. By ilir provisions of the fourth 1 j section of the first article of the ' -onstil ution : ; of this Scale a large portion of it. cittxen*. i oilierww! entitled t„ vole at.d hold uAiea, , have liren ile|irivetl of those privilege., ; whibi they leniuin lintilr to taxation, to the ! porforinanee of military rialy. amt in |1 nth- 1 j er respects sulijrr-t to law, in whore enact ; went they raaliave no particijailien, all of! ! whieh i contrary to ihe principle* on which i republican government* are eelahli.heU i | ami w hercas, there ia every reason to lee l j Hove that tho perron* ao donrii ed ofthe right ’ of voting and of holding office ore now (kith [ Ail to die State ami the Government of the ! roiled Slate*; And wherena, Uicae raetrietiun- were tie tignetl to lar temporury. na ia evident from 1 the fact that power ia wisely given to the General Aaae-.ablv, in the very section nfthe Constitution imposes inch raatrie j liuua, to remove them in all man hy an act paaaerl by a vole of two-thirds of all tae 1 members elected to each House; And whereas, The reanoue fur tech res- 1 triclinni have, by the return of peace, now happily ceased to ciat. and it is. therefore, right and proper by a speedy exercise of the power ao reserved by the General Atseml.ii to re csuhUsh and reaffirm the right of lha neoolo to participate in the Legislature, just ly declared in lb* Iteclaration ofUighlsto ha the ••security of liberty and Ihe founda tion of alt free government j" therefore Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Aaeeiiihly of Mary land, two-thirds of all the member* elected to each Home concurring, That all person* otherwise entitled to vote and hold office, who may be deprived of those privileges hy reason of any of the pro viajpns of the fourth eaetion of the tint artieio of the Constitution of this State, bo , and tlicy are hereby raetorod to their full rights of ettiaeaship, and each ami all of then.shall be entitled to be registered as (qualified totem, and to vote in the same manner as if the mid fourth section of the Hr*t article of tho Constitution had nut licn adopted, 11)100 taking and subscribing hef.ire any Justice of the Peace, or any nllicer au thorised to administer an oath, nr before the proper officor or offiams of registration, the Idllowieg oath or adirmatinn t “I, ■ do swear (or affirm) that I am a citiscn of the United Stales, and that 1 will hair tree Ikilh and allegiance to the Lotted Slates, nod Support the Constila uon and laws thereof at the anprrtne lad of the land, any law or ordinance ufnny Slate to the contrary notwithstanding ( that I will, in nil respects, demean myveifV* loyal oit tun of the United States, and 1 matte this iWh or affirmation without any reservation or evasion, and believe it to be binding on etc." Aad shall he entitled to hold office oath or effißMiMt '‘l-—, da swear for ■(. as the ease autybay that J will, to the bast of my thill and judgment, diligently and Wtbfolly. Without partiality or pmgudioe, execute the office of , according to the (Amslttution and laws of this Slate 1 and that, since the fourth day of July, la the year eightrea hundred end fifty-one, 1 hare aol in auy manner violated lbs provisions of tho present or the late Oon*litnlio>i in re lation to the bribery of voters, or preventing legal voles or procuring illegal votes to be given, (and if a Governor, Senator, member •f the Hoots of Delegate* or judge, j that I .m not directly or imliraotly receivedlhl profit* or any psrlofthe profits of any other otiire doting die term of nty acting u sod I do further swear (or xffirmjthat f wit boar true allegiance to the State of Martian, si d support IbvCunilifutlon and iawa&or. of. and they I will boar trueellegieneoWth United State*, nnd support, protect and th find the Constitution, lew* and govornMmi thereof as the supreme law of the land, aci lew or ordinance of this or anr Slate to tk contrary notwithstanding 1 anil I do forth*, nwear (or affirm) that rill to the best of my ability, protect end defend Ihe Union of die United States and not allow the same w be broken up end dissolved, or the Govern ment thereof to be destroyed under any or rrra f t:,irr d L!SSLsi *nd 0pp0.40 nil political combination* lumif for thoir object Much dibso'.miun or 4e*lrnc lion.” Section 2. Aud bo it en*ct*d. that the Mcveral officer* of rvgtiHratioii shall rofift*r. uh n qualified voter, every person who tboll apply for nqp*tnUioo and claim the bcoafit of this act. upon his taking the oath (or af firmation 1 hereinbefore first set not in (ha first section thereof, provided be is in other rwpects entitled to vote, by haring the ra quuite qualifications of agei cititeiuKip and residence, and h not disqualified under tha third ami fifth sections of ihe first article of tho Constitution, and if any officer of regis tration shall refuse to register, ns a qualified voter, any pemon so os aforesaid applying to be rogislered, er if eny judge of election slmll refuse to receive Ihe vole of such per son when reriitcred, he shell upon convic tion thereof. Won eny court heving crimi nal jurisdiction. forfeit end pay a floe of not lose then one hundred, and not more than five liundrvsl dutlerx foreech offintm, mid be imprisoned unlit will fine and the coete of prosecution be fully paid end satisfied, and shell also W liable in au action for damages ! at tho *il of the party aggrieved. 1 Section H. And be it enacted, that all j conrts, and State*, county,township and mu nirinal officora of thi.. Stale *hall lake notice I of h* pruviiduitH f this act, without requlr ■ ing it to be specially plnidcd. .net up or rt lid on, and hHaII gne the full effect and : benefit thereof to any person embraced with in thy general dmoflptipo of the first nevtioa • of ibiu act, in the hhiuc manner and to the *am- extent as if the* name of ouch person had been expressed und act out sjK*riaHy in the #uiil forestnection. Section 4. And be it ennetod. that this act shall take effect from the date of it* pA sage. i* certify that the nfon'cuinc i* a trua copy uf on Ad which piuMvl the (Icnend AtsembU of Maryland, (two-third* of all the mcnilwr.-t elected to each 1 (ounc voting in tho affirmative. March 20th. Al’(Jl ST VA 0A SBA \V AV. Secretary of the Senate. - u. com. I iuef Clerk Bouse of Urlcgati>s. .! urf to f-prui' mWi'on *U (0)o/' mi. c/c :<5 of tkr Coflr Of HUir r ml j Lain. rdat.Hj to the "ftem/ane* of Jiol./r* t,f AVf, t!nn, aa if trrlion nine (0) of auiti Uftirk, jur* rthirty the Oilfh of Juthjrt of Mrvtooi; on,/ *r tiuit ftre/ve (12) of M h/ u.ti' fe j,rr. trribim/ notirr */cAWnn to I* t/irm hy the SU riff* of the ter- r „l ,u, u** ' HHtl to runct >i for fttcA of ( uW trrhoo/t. ■* ii' H rHtfdnt U the (irotrul Af •nil My of umyhiml. Thai sect ion nine, (V) si\ (At and iwt-lvo (12) of arth-lc thirtv-fire J ‘J* •lie Code of Public t iciicial ( aw*. • ,, H Bicy hic hereby rc|>oul il. and tlat lollowiiig * ctiuiis be and arc hereby md’siH '•tod for thniii rcepeotivclv : Mccikfii 0. At oil election, State. Fed oral or n.inirap rt l. lo lc henwdurr held in B S‘u*. if none l the JifdgH* of FJwnioo upimmted acoonling to Uw whnll att.-nd at tlu- f.lm-f of election ft.r tho |<u hit'ir after the prcMcrilicd by law (br uiwuiiiig I election, ir shall ho lawful for the justice j oflhnperte for *ach county or city, thra present at the place* sf election, or a 'major Hy ot t'u rii. or lor one jiidthiu of the hi th** event Id i u on* being pruusi, U ar t , jdiuefor of election : or. if no ju>- ti. c "I the ps.-.o i* bopresant. it sHaM ho U- I lid for tho voters then present, ur a majori ty of thin), to choose U hall oil three pci ■ nonv H*ing voter*, to tafrdgr*of moo! elec tion, and lh: wid jitdlico* or Jtirticu of the peace, or pATMiUI clmscn hy ballot mi ofor* - ffiui<l to I*; j of and wh*> ahall j acl in that rapacity for that • b *ti.*n, ahull |m vested with the snuii power* and author ity n ii I hoy hud bc-n appoiut.-.l hy tins tiwmiy comniurtuimrs or other la# fu!)v ; aulhon/.cd upponiiug Fur ovetioa Kvcrv judge of i-lc<diou, : every wlrction to f*y her ;li.*r brld in pursuance of kwr, before proccerl, to tak* 1 or receive any vote, take tig; foiknyLi ; ontq or affirmhlhm: 1, A. II ,do affirm) (hit I will permit all p#r-on* to rote j wlm atiafl offer lo \iu* at th* clwciion tw*v U> lie held for county or—— Atf, whom *• ah„n appear on the rvjristrvW IU of voters furuihlu-l to me iwco.iirng to law, os qualified rotor* under the Conatitciion and i !*• ufthis Sutu ; nnd that I will not permit miy person to vote i the came election . whose nnme shall not i*e found upon the ! **“*l Ifj(alry or lisa uf qualified voters; ami j I will ii ail thing* execute the office of | i u '*fC *k suui election aoeorctng to the ■ beat of my knowledge, without favor or poi■ I tiality, so help me Givi." For sreliun IA Thu Sheriff, of the sev . "rui cniinlivs, umlur tin- penally of fifty do I , *a™. >kall, at least three week. pre> ion* lo | every election reunited by law to be bald, j cause public notice to be given within their i respective plaera within each election dts uict of the county, and sho by adv ertise mem iu the ticw*)iepersWscuera] rixetila- Uon in tee count}', of the tun* and place of holding tho reveral cleelionsi but Jf from auy cause said notice shall tail lo ha given, ■mid thilure shall not affect the validity of any election; hnt it shall be the duty of the judges of election to bold the election in their several election distriets, at the time prescribed by law and at tho usual place of bolding elections in ihe several districts or at the place in the severel elec tron districts wore the last preceding election ■ we, held, under Ihe penality of five hub dred <ipollan for each judge refusing or neglecting to hold such election. This suc tion mb to apply lo the city of Baltimore. Sec. 2. And be it nwcted.Thal this act shall lake eOeot from the dale of its passage. \V e certify tlmt the aforegoing la a tree coppyofan act which passed tho General Assembly of Mart land, Janitor* Session. isur. Aucumruri gassaway, aprtif Clerk oftho House of Dotegates. w S3OO MAIYLAKDSTATE BM.ITY. |i Y *" Act off tho last Legislature all nor Jp sons drafted, and afl pemoM Oho fur wished Snbstitutanbolweon the lot of April ISM and 18th of Daombor UM, tied to TUKKK HUNDItED DOUsARB State Bounty, if they were credited upon the guoia of this Stale, aud luce never received any Slate Bounty heretofore. - The Widows M. iri r V ffl l ** "•.tf <- A intltffdtifwi Wa mil IntgMtim) aWimU ha Arrnsvrr tv La*. •frii“f Weuminner Md. Xotlee to IsdrnriUniK TStteiaeta&m that they wars appointed for one year, il i* tberefnre Ibsir duly lo site ait at all Hecdwas, during tbs yer. LEVI TAIE.VTLVE, •pifl < Clark