Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 4, 1867 Page 3
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quarterly report Of "Tk* First National j ßank” W/- jninVrr Md , Monday jflorninj April W:;M67. DR. t ... lad Discount*, $86,506 80 OvSrfllMb 1,l W I alfJfW* ■ •* E*UU, 7.016 40 S*S. 1.W7 35 urnUuro tad F Ulurrv, 186 (Ml <VrMnt Expcuac*, AM 13 •!2iw, >• rltM Paid, 878 44 •'*•••* B*uki, 11,633 91 i S j-20'a Dap. to occur* circa lion. 100,000 00 i* g. i.3o‘ oo bind, 10,080 00 .( S 9 7 50** “ 1,000 (H) National Bank Note*, 19,807 00 •• “ lie oo SSL l*> w vfactional Crr*a*y, .4 04 Lnctl Trader Note*, O.OIQ u 0 .'jmjHMtad lat. \olo, 17,820 00 $391,463 00 raoMalMoobk 100.000 oo iSIB w ii '.rcnlfttlM *utaUinHng, *9.730 00 ■dividual Depot!*. 97,304 64 ,*Ucad Xo 4 L'n-.a.d, 600 00 >■ National Uanka. 54 00, Kachaagr and Int 3.410 64 •f alt and Lom, 1.360 00 imii oo Sworn to oa the lat da? of April, IW7. W. A. CUfSINOUAM. aprlU-lw Cashier. |3OO NEW! S3OO Maryland Bounty. Jmt Appropriated! Sohticrt oolutod or drafted into the IT. S. device between the Ut April and 18th Do ,,tuber, 1104, a id persons who furnished Bbtal*!*** (between th<Mr date*) who were uttered into tho IT. 8. Service aud credited , .n the quota of this State arc now entitled , MOO. For foil information wnd NVne of S,*l rr. Coiapaur, Ueeiiauat, ar.d Hate u/ Kit itiaent, *r I tale of Draft ; If the Soldi or or arty Is dead. give the nearcit of kin. i|oo Ad Jill mini SIOO UIUTED STATES Bl>i\TV. Sl4ier' of I*} I ’*! JS-I, who hove received it raaretkan Site) are entitle*! to an add! ■nil *100; Widow* and Heim ere entitled-, *o soldier* who hare lost their discharger. BMjL.'’l:um< of all kinds for IT. S. it ui . Par, Pension. Ac. promptly collected. E doi stamp for uply. WM H. UHL Arronsr.r at 70 W. Fayette St. Baltimore. Md. AFAR M. }VIIT in Baltimore. and part in Carrol) county, near the Western Maryland lilruad. and near Fiiiksbng Station, in irroii county, containing 52 Acres, U.hkD and 20 Perch c* of (.am), with the iprorement*. consisting of a go d Frame Dwelling, HJ WARM. Stable Spring H.n- . Meat *u*u. fine young Orchard. Ac . Acre* in 01, the nv,t uu>lor cnliivalion. *;il |„. id at Public Amnion, at the prsMn. on Saturday the 1 •!*/* uj April. ISO, u 1 o'clock P. M. Term* at Sale. • 1 n nodiatdy after the sale of an id Farm, 5 following ucrftona) properly will In; sold I o iame pUoo, vj*; TWO HORSES, , Htr withCulf. Snw with Pi> Sh-nt. nlj, ••>. *• • Twin. r r. AUKEI.I, UItuWNE. Agi-nt, at tk, office nf T Parkin I’J 61. Paul Sir*.,!, Ball! .mre. Public Salt 1 . ■HE • ihecrTlicra will M || ut p„|.|i, ot the n-idinwc f Robert S. r, I ■. i Tun My,IS- Otkifiiy IS.Jf i following IVr<onnl l’i,,rU. Im, I, Übyu. Irem the will li. ,S.' Ii 2 GOOD HOBSES. • 1 Heifw. 1 5., SI. irw> hoTM) fiw. 1 1,0 homo P1,,-.,, lot howfl U*n, sßov.l TMow, (*:iillvulir, 1 rtaw, 1n,,. 1 O no hoi... 1 ?on *,. -1.. d Oouldc Trees, (land j lot of Panels, Boxes and Twe Hives f Bees, °? m Fixture*, 1 two horse Sled. 2 ■tnoiiofJUlv.—A rrudit ofll month, on i. of p ami uwit|j approv..! ,c --y with inlerosl from dut..; umli r $5 1 * comm Mi. r at 1 o'clock P, M. JOHN 0. fIIIZELL,. S>4feyoTicE, OTOJB is hcrohy rlrcn that .n Wl * r to Csiunty Comtuis m Of Carroll coonty, at thir nest tag oftw IkirtT day, from date hereof, ■ BT* of locjJi “y ki tuning a jjd mooißg AoB, Morhoatsrlllo to the Ut tSranch of tho Fails, said lo . b f '’l'"';®' 1 if "CCMSSIJ, thrwnrh tho ■ of the lollowior prrean., Vis ; iroMh the Una. of Mia U h IVeg-jj, c* tf ncOMwuif, •Airorirt, fh tnml now f* i ly George Buroliam. thcnc.' thro' and of Henry Devries, ihnce Ihmugh ana of KHru Devries, thence following mm of au old road to the bridge near live lencfl . the H Sowfh aide thereof and Oo hind. *f Qhristkw Porta., "Hewwy, through tint Ung f *,frwwa, thcocc through the Isnd of H'ltapo, thooco through the hind of Buas wbouß, thence on the line ranning Hobb* and William Gorauch, CC & W of ?- T - • Brown. Oeortje Fatter M n ® r lo division sprMuLSi‘s: W. HENRY DEVKifef •rMgeJVolico. * ll ! ,< glron (hot apnlicstion wW A. made to the County Coinmia ■ nr Corral! county, at their neat tag >IWr thirty d.ra from th. dmu !■• *° provide according to low for the ■j* of a Bridge on th. York Rood, in *** °?* ol 3 r ' ow • brooch of the llic B*®** call., between Warner’a Store i wT^iikf p,rlie ’ i “' or . r QEORGR K. FRANK 151 and S 3 others. JURY LAW, I ENTITLED so Ahi to provide for the I Sefectfrtn, Drawing tud Summoning * | of Jurors iu Washington, Frederick ( and jCtilfoll Cotpilie.-*. end preserfting ? thsh quallficutibn. i SRCfiO.N I. Ilf it Enacted by the Ocn I **<*( Asaemftly Maryland. Thai it thall bo i too duty of the Clock of the County Com- I tnUnon-rs for each of the counties of Waah iugt<)n. Carroll uud Frederick to make out ( end file with ik** Clerkiuf tho Circuit CourU j , for said counties within Urn days after lha | I passage of this not uud botweeu tho first of I l .September and the first of (L*lolmjt, in every j ) second year thereafter, n fair and complete j J list of nil the whole malu |hxab! inhabitant* ( Or r.didenU of said county, whose names ! •PP' tr on the taxable baoks of said county, and who are not known to said clerks to be i under the age of twenty live year*, nor above the age of seventy year*; und to which fluid list, lo to bn made and filed, tbfc said clerks 1 raannctivoly sWt append a certificate that i “hi list is full and fairly made; and for making such li t, the said clerks shall re i eei vo- such cnmpensntion as the County Com i missioners may doom right and proper • and for fuituru to perform the duly bn. e'>r im P° ♦d, the said clerks to the Mid Commit •toners shall forfeit and pay a fine to the Stale of not less tiinn Five hundred dollars, nor more than One thousand dollars, in the ( discretion of the Court, to be recovered by iudu Uncut us for a mi.’♦demeanor ; and the j party Opou conviction shall be committed to ' the county Jail, there to remain until said : Jim* mil all costa accrued ‘halt be filly paid: ! and he shall bn thenceforth wholly incMjuible ! of holding or exercising the duties of the ! said utlico of clerk to tbe ttawm v Comuiis iio.iersJ SKJfIOM l And be it /mihfr snarled, | by the authority aforesaid, that it .shall be j the ditty of tin* Judges of thn (?iresit Courts for etrli nf the counties of Washington, Cur ( roll and Frederick, within twenty davs of, ! I and rtftf IMS than five days before tho'coitt ' I meuconmHl vf the several terms of the I Courts of LtM counties next succeeding the ! paa.ingu i tilts net in tlie ytair one thousand : j eight lamdieu and sixty-seven, (ted within the period of one month of, and not less • J tbau twenty days before the coinnicncciTiunt | °l ®acb and every term in smd Courts there j after, at which .itirios are required lo attend in the prepuce of such ol tho practising ' . luiunbcrs of the Bur uf Coan s ns shall } j think propei to attend, notice of time and place having been first given to said mem I j her. of the Bar. through the Triers of said Courts to proceed to *( led from the lists J lost lurniKhcd by (he clerks of the County! J Cum nissioncr•*. provided furiu liie first Sec tlon ol this Act and from the poll-book* of; the several election districts ol said counties ! ! that shall be returned to and filed in the ; j Clerks office of said Courts, after any gen -4 *rul flection that may be last held previous Itu sack election, n nanel to consist of the names of three humired person.-i, to be fairly j and impartially selected by the said Judge, with Spinal reference lo the intelligence, so ■ briety and integrity of Much persons, and I without tho leu-i r. fercuco tollu ir political | opinion *; and of the names of nacb penman, • when M. selected. list shell b.- made, and n certificate thereto appended by the said ‘ ' Judge, that -aid list of name* bus been duly i fleeted in conformity with, and according ! l<* tho spirit and intent of this act; and i w!.icb said li-l- and certificates .shall be tiled i j with I'm rinks of the said Cou 1-. and hi , them preserved as other proceedings of t!< said t . arts ur • kept. ! SECTION a. Uit forth,-, mm-u-t. ! by the authority that when said list of names selected ms directed in lUa lire ■ ceding H-rl'on. is made and certified ns ’ therein pro. id i for, immediately thereupon ih.-.s J Jnd' • of tin-said respect in* Court., m lho presence of the members of the Bar ’ think proper to lm pr. sent, shall cause nil j the imm *s sei.Ht.-d and placed on the list aforesaid to he legibly written upon ballots. > which shall b of equal sue, uud of the Kim- color mid n J . | -raniv shall be ‘ i’oscJy rolled **r l.d lei and placed by the ! Jtnl hi neelf with In- nan hands iminedi -1 airly before l!.c drav.ii.gherein provide*!fur. , into Hciubil -tm bo.-, null sliding lop. ol the quurc of iohl inches, to lie procured fur i that imrpo.-.e ’•> tl.-** flcik of an Id Court. n <lur Inc direction ♦.:* l l*, .'♦id Judge: and af lor depositing said ballots, (he fa.dbot hlmll ! ' 1m- usd the suid Jnd •; shall then ! ••ume. the Clerk, or one ofhis doputies whom | :* ■ said Judge iihflSi designate, neither the ; •n n no. the olhor who may he so reouired to , .••• i Jk* ; t -ii at the writing, ruding nr I 10l k'.u ’d ituliots into the - box. a* kenbn dir*clr*l, lo np]>ear before ' him. and then and there, in thv presence of j ihe . b h! I J ; and such other persons m may chonc t> be pre.-ont, after well and 1 thoi oUghlv shaking said box, so (hut tho bal . 1 has h • cl! tiiixc.r. to draw from said box, j I ;g’i Mich an opening or aperture mode j j by moving tin* sliding top thereof, ns will | • i|y eonvciti .ally ndtntt tin* htnd, and with- j o in any nanm r looking into cnid btfx. 1 • one by one, forty cijl.l of tui.l ballots ; und j j the names upi.v.ii u’.g on said ballots, ns ■ j drawn, shulf 5-c ditty re . rdod by the sad! 1 Judge, or by the Clerk iu hi* pjescuoe, and | under his direction, in the order in which I I they aha!! b* drawn, tvs aforesaid, and there j ( upon forthwith tbe Judge shall order a IV 1 . nit t facia* to i-.-uo, directed lo the Sheriff j ofxhe said county, commanding him toaom* i j mon as Jurors, to attend at the next ensuing i term of said Court, the scviuul persons ; ! whose names may bo druvrn us nlbsesaid; and if any such persons whose names are so drawn and embraced in said Venire facia* should bo dead, fick or otherwise unable to attend, or idiould be altsouL and therefore not to bo found, it bttll be the duty of the Sheriff firth with to return tho fact of such death ; disability or absence, and the said Judge shall theroupuo eanso to be drawn from said box, in the manner hereinbefore . directed other names in the place and stead of the original drawing who rnuy be dead, disabled or absent, and shall causa the name or names of such person or parsons so as last aforesaid drawn lo be inserted in said I V;u>r I faeiai, and make return thereof to said j Court t tbe opening of its session. J SBCriOlii Aim be it further enacted , ly the authority aforesaid, that immediately ttiW each drawing for Jurors as directed in the preceding section and ibr Udume/i as j hereinafter directed, and without suffering i the said ballots remaining in said box to be j token out, or it ai\y man nor removal there j ft‘m, or invj'efU'd, or exwtaincd, or said box i to be looked into, or removed from his pres -1 *s*® kf peiwmi ndmievor, the Haiti Judge ;-<M the said respective Courts shall close l.MtidLox, and either lock or seal tho same keeping tho key or seal there- Qf himself dtaU tkpoail the said Ihjx con taming the remaining bailout, with tho Clerk ‘ 1 the said Court, to be by bun safely kept, : ri ft*** from any handling or ioturfnronco by j : any pooittn whatever, unless it be in the j presence of the said Judge andLy his direc j tion, and then only in the manner herein ! directed ; and if for the trial of any cause or ■ causes, whether civil or criminal in the said 1 Oacuit Court, a taliaroon or talitmen bo re i nutted, tbe Judge of the said Court may or i OCT the Sheriff lo summon such talisman or 1 talisman either from a list of names that •hall be drawn from the said box containing ; *ke said ballots in the mode and manner os directed in the third Section of this Act, and luruisbod to the Mid Sheriff, or from the r < B M heretofore practiced. JSECTI6N/, Had UU. fur Hut ametrd, by the authority aloreamd, ihofor’thc forty* 1 ntjurote drawn and summoned in tho . third section of this act directed, the twenty 1 •••“'"“? i" lilt- 0t.1.r ID > " l "' h *••. t *U conitiu.l* ,nd , bol'in Ormnd Jiiry loMko .inning „ rm „f , the said Court; and the remaining twenty , five ns at as next in order in thadrawinir shall . consulate and Imj tho Petit Jury of said en . suing term of said Court. SECTION 6. And be it further enacted, by th authority aforesaid v that tho name of no person disqualified or fxempted bv cx listing law, the Sheriff is forbidden to sure I won ait such, shall be selected and placed •pon the panel or list from which the draw- I ( ing is to be mode ns directed by this Act: I nor shall any person be drawn and sum- ■ ' monad to two Courts successively ; and the I j iftid Court shall have full power anil author- I ity lo coerce the attendance of Jurors drawn summoned under this act and in punish or iraprisomiMiit. or both, for any default or contempt committed in disregard ingsiich summons. SECTION 7. And bt it enacted. That no forms of mv of the Courts aforesaid shall be j held until Juritm therefor can be selected : j and summoned in accordance with the pro j vi-ions oft.ii.l Act, and in case the limes i now fixed by law for bolding the regular | terms of any of *aid Courts shall arrive be fore Juries may be summoned in accordance with the provisions if this Act. it shall be the duly of the Judges of said Courts to dis charge the Juries which may have been sum moned by tho Sheriffs of said counties, or any of them, without reference to this Act and to adjourn said term or terms such time us may be requisite to enable Jw.ies to bn selected and summoned according to the provisions of this Act and lo direct a Venire facia* to issue fur summoning the Juror* who may be selected for such adjourned term or terms according to thin Act, audio fix the day on which said Venire facias shall b* returnable, and thereupon to proceed to hold said term or terms in the same manner I and with the same effect os if the said term i or tornu had been held on the days now j fixed by law, and the Grand and Pent Juries I m> lo be selected and summoned shall lie ta : ken to all intents ami purposes to be the ■ the proper and law ful Grand and Petit Ju I t ics ns fully us if the same hod I wen seUelud j und sumpioned prior lo tho regular days of I holding the term or terms of said Courts, j SECTION 8, And Of it enacted that this . Act shall lake effect and be in force from the dale of its passage. ! SECTION l. Andie it enacted that all • laws inconsistent with tho provisions of this 1 Act, be an I the same arc hereby repealed. 1 \N t* certify that the aforegoing is a true 1 copy of an act w hich passed the General As sembly of Mary land, Jiuuaury Session, lfto7. W. H. COLE, Chief Clerk of House of Delegates. Auoc.nrs aas.^a^vay, Secretary to tho Senate. mar-* 3t ~\\A.vri:i). i LADY desire# to olitnin plain board I J\_ in a private family, near Westminster, : lor the Summer, fur herM-lf, a grown dough i ! ter and three children. Enquire at the office of JAS. A. C. BOND, Attomkky at Law. Corner of Main und Court St’s., West Ha. •*. ’ New Nprisg (Joods, C&SSIMERES, CLOTHS &C. II TE HAVE just returned from the city \ V with u lrg- M'Morimcul of Spring C’assimeres, suitiuiblo for the sca&nn at very rcducod pri- j •>•. Cull and examine for vourselvcs be- • tore purchasing. Also mens’ ’and boy,’ Col- j ion mid i.inen Pant Stuff. .STUCK;*EII A HOFFMAN, a; I New Wind.or. 1 Geiiileincii lake \ollce. See who want Clothing Look lo your own I merest A g<vd Fit. and Fashionable if d Hired. Guar.intccd. II A VINO fectirod the services of Mr. I AlUi-t I’ltompson, nu experienced C utler tied practical Tnd<>r. we would nnllfy | the public, that he will always be found r.-u lv t<> wait upon them, give them a good \ ! and neat fit, Imvelhv work done oroiiiptly, and Terms mod-rate Cull and trr him. ’ ! STO'TTKIt A lIUFFNfAN, opril 4 New Windsor. FOR SALK, VflOOI) SETT OF DLACKSMITU TOOLS. Bellows. Anvil,Tire Bender, Dulling Machine, Stocks and Dies, .lack- I screw, all of which are nearly new : Sim- J ving Tools. \ ice. Ilcvlitig 'l’oolh, Tongs, U llumui rs and Shnlgca. Punches. 8w edges, Pulley l * Ac. Apply nt tbe nliop 1 mile c;ut , ! nf Finksbuig, \\ ostinin.Hter pike, to : April 1 -i JOHN ALLMAN. RAILS & POSTS ! FOR SALE. t W k UAILSandJWO POSTS, all first J j f)\ M M I rule. andofnriuioChcstmitTiiA* j t her, for aide at the Railroad. Westminster, ? jut OEiKT A OUNDOUFF’S. j ! j 1.1 received and still lower at api Stouffcr A Huffman’s. < Election Notice. | TWTOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN. That t ~ N an Election will he kwid in the several y Election Di.triot> of ('arndl emmtt on ¥ WEDNESDAY, the tenth day of April, in * the year 1067, at the places und between the * hours prcscj-ihed by law, when every person n entitled to vote for Dolegutes to th GcascsJ is Assembly rdiall cote on tho question of a call of a Convention to frame a New Con* (dilution and form of government for the 1 Stale by exnroftring in writing or printing 4 the words “Fora Convention’”or **Against a Convention'’ .and at the Kunu- tim* ami ~ place tin* said voters iftiall elect SIX DEL- I BO ATEN for said Carroll county, to said r Convimtion. according to the provisions of j 1 Hhc act of tho General Assembly passed at J| 'ihc January session thcreof, lo wit: on the ' Uuth day ot March, in the vear!H67, entitled ; “An act to provide for toeing tho scnac at ; the jveoplc of the State on a call of a-Con- ' vention to frame a New ('onstitntion and < form of government, and for assembling the members thereof." J. J). HOPPE, iuar2B-te Sheriff of Carroll county. POSTPONED PUBLIC^SALE. TP FARM AND WOOD LOTS adjoining 1 X Mill Property, Sam’s Creek, adver -1 ud to b sold on the 2vnd Inrt., owing to the j inclemency of the weather, was not nffured, i will be aow offered at Public Sale, on SATURDAY, thb 6th par or APRIL, mi, At I o'clock, P. M., and poaitivaly gold without rc^rve. CHARLES St MURRAY. jnar2*ta Troatee. Ednfr of Elizabeth Owing*, iU erased. HO TICE Is hereby given that the Sub scriber has obtained from Ihs Orphan' rt ofCorroll oountv. letters of Administra tion on tho Person a) Estate of fllizabelh | Owmgs, late of Carrol) county, dec’4. Adi I Ki 1 * having ednims faia ir Md estate arc ‘ y warned to exhibit the same within 1 six months from this date, otherwise they j may by law be excluded (Vcai nU, benefit ot ’ ' said estate. Those indebted aie requested W make injmediata parment. DAVID A. OWINGS, nir36-li* Administrator. Oil Cloth, Sic., f Just received and for safe by uwr7 Stouffcr Uoffmnu. NEW FIRM AN AT WE ST Ml SAVE TOE uv J'WUCU.Vsijs'G FRITCHEY’S From Hood \VriIO have on hand the lineal and West ▼ T Liquor*, Queen aware, lI*U, Caps. B Having purchased the entire Slock Goot now offering the Slock at from 20 to 10 i<nr t purchased all our . > E W G since the recent heavy decline in prices, we f< ii will defy competition. March 21, 1807- To Bridge Builders. I Connt> ('ummissioncni of Carroll j county M and, will receive scaled proposals until Mommy, of Awul, I next, for building a bridge over Big Pipe Creek, on the road leading from Middlebarg jto Tuneytowu. The Abutment* are up and j any repairs to them that may be required j will be paid fur extra, or done by the Com j missioucrH. The distance between the A bultuentx is lixty lhrcc feet. Thu bridge to j be a single pnn. j Each party ropo.iin<j must give their own JUn. and semi a drawing and deacription of bridge. Parties may propose for either a j Wooden or an Iron bridge—and it’for a I wooden bridge, for either with or without a • roof. A wooden bridge without a roof, I must bo of good while oak limiter; all floor ing must be of good white oak, two and a half inches thick. I They will aUo receive proposal* for build-, j inga bridge over West Branch of Patapico, ot Sykeaviilc, fifty feet span—and one at Woodbine, about 40 feet spun. The two last | named bridges arc near the B, A O. R. H. Abutments all up, each bridge to be guar- , j anteed to boar eight tons, j The County Commissioners reserve the

right to reject all proposals, if none are sat ,is factory. Proposals to he scaled and dim tod, County Cummissioanra, Westminster’ I Carroll county Mary land, marked (I‘ropo salrt for Bridge.) By order. LEM VALENTINE, marJS- It Clerk. pi blk; kali;. ni order of the Orpbau' Court for Carroll t'oualr, the Subnet ih>r, ai Aduiiniatralur ] l Klualxth Owing*, dec’d., will offer at Fubliv Sale, at tint late residence of the deu’d., on the Washing (on Road, about mi Ira from W*.t --j nitnMvr, on /HI DA Y ikt ilk Jus •/ AVHIL, ' the following property of said'dec'd., vii; ! XK BROOD MAKE with foal. 2 rfQjin COLTS, (one four veara old aud one UZJJyearllng,) I C(J WS, (two with Calve* byUieir side,) 1 Yearling Hdlcr, 4 Shorn, 3 l.ambs, 3 Brood Sown, 7 Shout*, lot of Poultry. I Wagon. I Carriage, I TTirejthing Machine, 1 Wind Mill, I drain Drill, 1 Plough, 2Harrows, 3 double 'hovel Plough*. | Cultivator, Bay Carriage, Grindstone, Grain Cradle, 2 Scythes and other Farming ttcuiils. AUo 1 Eight dar Clock and C'aac. (large size, i Mahoganr Side Board, 4 Mahogany Tabh-a, iiuioau aud Book (We. I PIANO. 1 ikd and Bedding, 2 Bod •Ua.U, lot of good Bed Clothing, linking Glasses, Stand*. 2 Hocking Chair*. I dozen Chair*. lu| of Carpeting, Silver Spoon*, Ten plam Store, Parlor Stove, 2 ( .Hiking Stoves, Corner Cupboard, Bucket* aud other House hold and Kitchen Furniture. Alao 1 RWlrifr mg Machine, Clover Seed, the half of 12 Arris of Wheat growing, lot of Bacon, large lot of . Book*, and many other articles. r^l‘Sale to commence at It) o’clock, A. M. Tkhu*. All sum* under S.VOO ca*h. A credit of Six month* will be given on all euma of $6.00 aud upwa. d, on note and approved security bearing interest from the day of Sale. : I) AVID A. 0 WINGS, 1 nur2H-2t Administrator. j in pectively entitled to voU, and sr deliver one copy of the lift of vet lou lor ach precinct to the judge* of el< Bu* lion fur auch precinct as horeinbeft iml provided. nn, I—The1 —The officer* of registration sli ‘of- lodge with the clerk* of the Giro md Court*, aud the clerk of (he Super 4e Court of Baltimore city, on or bet co t^ c d*y of any election, one copy of I lid list ei qualified voters, made out as gp. reefed in (he preceding rection, wh jbf. list ahali be recorded by the said eh 4 nd among the records of the said cot lof and they shall also deposit with s ibir clerk the aaid books of regiatratiou be by him safely kept and preset’ of. among the records of said court, s ! .©f ject to the dispositions hereinafter j er S| vided jom B—Whilst discharging (ho du re- imposed by this article, the aaid offit *ho of registration shall hare and caen (ali- the powers of a justice of the peace and the preservation of order around the place of registrations; may compel lues attendance of witnesses fur the pur; uIU of ascertaining the ounifications of uve persons applying to be regtsierMl; t ®by shall hare power to issues sommo isrs, attach me nts and commitments to ery Sheriff or constable, who shall si tte ; such process as if issued by a jadg l*en the Circuit Court or a justice of And peace, and ah *ll receive the same >cr- and in the name manner as allowed , eg- law iu the State but the officer ins- registration shall not charge any Xollcc to Mechanics. T)ROPOBALS for the manufacture of not I less than 200 of Soper’s Patent School Desks, will be received at the School Com- ■ missioncr* office, Westminster Md., until April ITtu. ixrr., for fumiahing the mate rial, and manufacturing of thu wood purl; which (.hall ho of hard reasoned lumber; al so the wroimht Iron Bud that supports the wat. and the kotows occosaary (or putting the desks together. AUo, arepofals for the coatings necessary for the i&iistnu'tion of said desks—a finished desk can L seen at the office, and specifica tions famished. WM. A. WAMPLER, mar2B-8t Secretary. To Lovett of good Tea. on hand a very saner lor lat of V | Green, Black and Japan Toas, at Ball*, price#. Hood A Tboua#. SUPERIOR Java and Rio Cnffre, at (aiar3£) Hood A Thome t. ■\rERT Fine Whiskey, Fort end Madeira y Wine, at Hood A Tlmma*. County l'*junalSMlourrn' \wtlcr. fIIHK Cuuaty ComauasMueraiw Carroll 1 County wiH meat at tW Ulhcc, in iVesUmnatar, on ti> First Movnav or Ma x , IW7, for the tnui^action <if bcsiaess. Bj order, liL’VI VALENTINE. _Chk. A PRIME lot of Frederick make Buck CHovoif for sale by Jnl7 Sfovfrr S' H'>tYm<in \ —iaM nt*M rt m ir •-aaattaaß^ffitegi ;d new goods, 1 INSTEH, MO. JR MONEY i vtit.’ii conns w OLD STAND, ► & Thomas, t selected Slock of IHtV tiOOD.S, Gr iccriae, | foots. Shoes, Ac. in the County. wJh recently owned by Massie A Co., wp ore cent, loss than original prices, and having zOODS, foul confident we uan offer such inducement*. HOOD A THOMAS. EGYPTIAN CORN: Auijticlum trri Bona fide. Quid pro if no ! * Y|MlK*ub*criber oflk-ra to farmer* thronghoul ’ J| the country the RIiYFTMX CORY, [ which, upon trial, we* found to ripen, blanted [ evea Uic\a*tt,f July. It I* put united, from iu very prolific quaiitle*, to yipld L*obu*h<d per acre, and weigh*, by waled nieaeare, sixty fi* v poaiid* to the bu*b< l. Till* corn w* produced * by *otnr procured direct from Mr. Jouu*, our couauU.- ageat, directly on hi* return fiom ■ Er,*p<- f It need* no different culture from that of olh t er varieties, and iu tbe South two crop* eau be raiaud la nv *ca*on on the asm# ground. It grow* in the form of a tree, and tUirtr-four cars 1 bare grown upon one rtalk, and will average ■ from live u> liftueu. For domestic use it i* un paralleled. When ground and properly boiled, * it i* equal in color and linene** to wbeaten flour. ! ( A* a toiagc crop, by sowing in drill* or broad cast, for earlv Iced.’ there I* no kind of corn so [ Well aiUpli'd'tii milch cows, and none that will ; ’ yield bnlT the value in stalk or corn. 1 It can be suoceaafully grown iu any State. ] i' I g\u Uie most satisfactory references that j tb<-coin U, in every respect,'w list 1 represent! , it to be; and further, I am the only person I throughout the country who lias this variety of | . corn. Ilaviug aecared a quantity, I am now] able to fill all urdora for chose desirous of test- i iug it. TERMS.—In or dor that all may receive seed, : " 1 wp have reduced the price to ono dollar and , fifty cents a package. Any person who will get up a club of five will ‘receive a package i gratis—Fifteen packages $lO, Fifty package* i tor 20, Ono bumlrod packages for S3O. One , package will contain enough to plant the ful- > lowing season from twenty to thirty acres; also f direction* fur plantiug and cultivating. ; Add res*, FT E. G. LINDS aV. Box Abingdon. iuar?l 3t Washington Co., Va. 1 MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. ; FIIIIE duties of this Institution will bo rc i [ I stinted on MONDAY, 2oth day of . MAIK’H. 1807. 1 ! i M hilt; it is to mako instruction 1 I in the theory and urectioc of Agriculture the j , pficuliar feature of the f-'ollege, provision is ■ I made fur a full course of Collegiate inatruc- j • lion, embracing tire I .atin. Greek, French. I ' Gorman, Iluliau and Spanish languages, or j any of them, a course of Mathematic*. Men , to! and Moml Scionee, History, ami the tu I t dy of the English and I iteruturo | Natural History and Natural Philosophy i I in their several branches will have spi-cial 1 | attention. Military tactic* will le taught. There will le no Preworatorv Hchoal, hut ! a selected English and Srionliric course ntny . be taken at the student's option. No ouu i received nnder 1 1 years of age. f For a circular and further information, nd ; N. U. WORTHINGTON, Register, Ac., , Office Amur icon Farmer, Baltimore, mar 14 4l s. Sumac J FBIZELL & WARNING, '** Ti'A' .S’ TMI.VS TEH. MO. ft STOCK V\D BILL BROKERS. , \T 7 It.f. Voy nnd ill on ComiwMion, .H 1,1 VV _ issues of U. S. Sci'urilie-,. Gobi, Sil tJtver, Bond*, Ac Bank Stock bought anti on ( ummission. Collections made with prompt returns. (Band Warrants Wanted • t Will pay Three per cent. (8J fur Depusites, .io bo drawn out o demand. * nmrchT-if hi !,e \O. #l2 EQUITY. CiVv mil Omrt/nr Carnll Cnn„lj u lnf: r ,:ty. t ' y rMKi a\ Tkbk, 18C7. Autliony Jackson, ) 1)Y virtu, of "-TrwuAYalher* nxt fnffndof J |j su order pKu.iiuel J. Toope S other., }o? tlm Court, . . . I l * ,e Cditorof jipomuul J. I oops Jt others, j An* K. Bruce, • "ore hereby nutilied nd werued to file their I<F chums properly nulhenttoued with the ClcrV YZof the Circuit Court for Oerroll Count,, on or bct'o.f iho lOUi d.y of April next, other twi- the, resy he Jeliarrcd of the benefits of she tru.t thud. rl> A. D. SCHAEFFER, f, wH-lt Auditor. "NEW BOOK AND t ATLTIeVMt STORE. Be nitderKigned having just opened i 1 basin cm, ukes nlumn in oaUlnp the iiittentiuo of the Public to his well serecUHl istock of n Books, Stationery, Sabbath School Bonks, Card*, Ac., which hr flatters himself he can now soli on an fair i terms ns can be obtained elsewhere. All orders for Books, Music, Ac , promptly t filled. 1 HEXRY b. ohammkr. j marl Itf Westminster, MU. ; A VHEATCMAXCBfirAGKNTS! xosoapi xowATsr,:! xostop;:! D.TOWX'S CLASS CLEAXIXU POI.ISU. Putenled Oet. 10, 186 u. 5 For clcßnin- end |li.Wu windows, mir rors, cold, .ilver, pUled wßre, Wbm. copper, tm, 4c. A new uirentioa of the fiwtest prwcticsl worth, conveoieooe. and economy Indi'pensislde to nil housekeepers, hotel Beejiers. storekeepers, ftc. Atidreet ft M. Brown. No. 7A Btcerker Street. New Terit. Lihcnd the Irmke. IVim *0 <*. f per hot. josir Uen ”~m A. C. BO\D, , *TTOUH at mw, WKSTNISarKR, lift. AI.L bttitpjMi chuli here immediate end prompt nUeution -111 MeOffiK, Corner of Coart nnd Main i,; Street., rault lm f| t AiLPfc.V'fEßtj TOOLS. ~ JCSTtrawircd from the Fsctoriee n fnll I A VERY useful article fev SSmSSS Ham Baw, just received and for aUr "J Stouffcr A Huffman 1 GREAT SALE I 1 OF FRUIT, SHADE, EVIttIOMEX | AND nR.N'AMEXTAI. TREES, i KLVXT3, VINES 4c. qniiß l wiii uow i puijiu -1 Sal*, at III* tan nil Attract-) ,1) miles West of Wt-,Ui..i] iter MJ,. on Thurtiluy the \th fluy nf April, ISUJ, Ah ntnaivt and choice assortment of Fruit Trees, t onoiilinf of ahytu K'.Wtb Apple, larfc ; izo 4 yo*r- old : about TtWO IWJi, 4'o of i which are budded from Umriuf trees lhaf are eler of the yailuM's; uhut IvOO Dwarf -.mi 1 Standard fewt: about 200 Apricot* ; a lew ; Cherriaa ; ihat 2000 Grape Vines, of all the leading van. lies; about i'.Kk* i.eryetuul bearing lCapherricfl; about 1000 Houghton SeodUng Moose)h rrie* tbnt never blight nor mildew ; about 60,000 Strawberries of 20 dif ferent kinds, such us the AgricuiturHt. Hus <oli’r, Wil-oatf, Albany. Tnomphcde Gram), Ac. Also a hit of largo sired Fvergrcenr, and Ornamental frees. Sole to comuieuiv at 10 o'clock A. M. Tck*.—All sums under #<4.011 ea-h. A • hove that amuint a credit of nix months will be Hired on note and up two red security nearing internal from the sale. JOSEPH STOUT. Ttvvm Oarxiioßir, Anctiutw. maiU-ts I'AIMEBS PREFABE FOB YOIK SPRING CROPS. r PHR Subscriber offers the following ap I jroml Fertilizers. Baugh’s Raw Bono Phosphate I A highly popular am) dependable Fertiluar of twelve years standing and of which many thousand tonsure annually sold. MARYLAND POWDER OF hose: Guaranteed free from adulteration and analysing 64 per cent, of Phosphate of | l.iine and over 3} per cent, of A miinonia uniformly made, and, ft no enough to drill! cnovxv PLASTER: A very superior article, manufactured at ' lied Beach Mi.lft. SO. 1 PERVVIAS GLAXO, j Of direct importation, which I deliver from ; Governinent'i Agent’s Warehouse. 1A& (fiete articles will be /urnidied at I loicrtf rate*. ! LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS.{ ! IQuHentl for a Circular• i Oder* received by J. H, Bowers, and by i ; Gehr A Orndorff, at Westminster. Md. GEORGE DUO DALE, No*. 97 and 106 Smith a Wharf, \ i jun-Jl am Baltimore, Aid. i i GROCERY AND Provision Store. CYRUS D. STONESIFER, I RESPKCTFU LLY informs his patrons 1 I and friends that he Hum coronn'iiceJ I receiving Fresh Kish of all kind*, and will j continue through the setiKOU. Also Fresh . Meats of all kind* always an baud. Horn I I Beef and smoked Beef, smoked and fresh Sanmge. newly cured Hams. .Nhimkierii and I Sides, Poiul<ie.<, Corn and Buckwheat Meal, , Turnips. Keels, Beun*. H>miny. Pick lea, ( Cider Vinegar. Sweet Cider and Apples, Dried Fruits, Ac., Grorericx ami Provisions of all kind*. Tobacco ami Uigurs, Canned Fruits and Vegetables of the purest and . freshest the markets cun afford, Oysters, Ctfv> either by large or small quantity, wijjr ] ! Families supplied and delivered at the door ’ lal the shortcut notice. Come and see for 1 yourselves. I will sell the aliov* goods ul | the lowest mnd most ucroni modal in * terms. Onposite Peter Lingeufcller s Hotel, (fam i erly Grass's,) \Vu#tinin*tur. Md. CYRUS D. STONESIFER. I j fehl4-3m Auction. BV virttt.of a Doco-c nf the rii-mil j Court for [htliimore Cit* hi can sc i alicnatt Caroline C. K. Wyeth is complatn .til unit 1-eounrd Jarvis Kv-udnil t, d other* •IV defendants, the undersigned, Trustor, will toll at Auctniu. Hi the Court Houhc iu j r Weatarinstor, Carroll county. Md.. on Xulunluy, tire lo.A fifty of April, 13G7, j At 12 o'clock, M., All that valuable tract of land called "Ro Chester” and ’‘Rich Meadow,” being the \ property known ns the “Owinga" Fnnn, and I lately occupied b, Mn. Elixabcth Owinja, I . I deceased. containing 199 Acres, 2 Roods <c 19 Perches of Land, more or less, part in '] imber and part under 1 cultivation, and is Improved by a DWELLING HOUSE, ' STABLING As*iL~'\ It bounds on the Washington : Road.A is alw>ut 3) miles ♦snl from Westminster. A plat of the pro i party will be shown at the sale, or may be seen at the office of the Trustee. The title is believed to be indisputable, aad posses sion given immediately. The Term* nf Sale as prescribed by the decree are, One-third cash, one-ihM at six I months, and one-third at twelve months 1 from day of sale with interest on credit pay ments, to be secured by nutoa with appro' - d endorsement. For further inferi.miiuu enquire of the ! nndvriagned. i EDWARD OTIS UINKLEV. Trustee. 4i North Chariex St., Baltimore, Md. ar2l It Gepiiakt & Bakdge, *•. 94 K. Il*uaril Mrcet, lULTIMOHE, MO.. I nui.m is ; 1 BROOMS, BUCKETS, BASKETS, I vroooe.y irjw./ m nmd., j Cordage, Trtae, BrnK*a, Matches, j ,'i INaekiag. 4c,, 4c. | ***• > l' T ___ _ . NOTICE. TUK ankaeribers having aold their slock > to Meaars. Hood A Thomaa, ere anxioaa to - th.26thnf April, next, ja nil Kvonnt* nv Cell at the oH MASSIE k CO. ■ mar2l-it r , J®* 55 " 1 * Bill, of ail kinds printod M this Olßct I TAVERN STAND FOR SALE 1 fiF*snbveribur desirous to retire from public busious*. will offer at Private Sale, a Grfo futnutudioue . TAVERN STAND. lUlusted iu the Town oi‘ Manclmstur. Carroll <sui>fy, Md . >n tle Baitimure and Henuvev furnpikr. l luuc is nliu atkr.'rlud the property n ; T£N.\N i HOUSE j iAi Ho.i-'r. now.hUed with I(H; airoa large '-’Hi Jen. and two I At* -t ground, contain, rig ovarii 2 ACRES (if LASH, upon which , 1 erected a large STABLE nitand fur * Uri i I ben- is a mail niuning daily from Handles*- ter by thi Baltimore 1 urupike u> Glen Morris SCation, lointerscm the WeaHern Md. iusiirond. The Stand is the same alifch u formerly kept by Wm ‘ rnmrioe, Munch ester u huudnomelv located, and hMu ume fine improvement*, and is general if very healthy, having four or-live Cbarrches <*f thn different dcnomiiiulUxr!, u College ar.J Aetadmiiy. The pmpmy u 11l lie mdd on r*-aoaal>tf Term!, and it not sold bofore the Uth day of April next at Private Sale, it will be offered on ink! day at puldic Sale. . , IWcmU will U- given on the linh day of May lbti7. 1 or iiifonnutli);i inquire of BEN NET GREEN. h*b2lta Manchester, Ud. PBIVATE SAXE 2 A Bargain Offered. 4 IIOL SE AND LOT, fronting o* Main 1 A V S >'?- “ (1 uio, ‘ “ tha i Lud of \\ es*mioa‘er. Tlw moat aligiLle .dilution for a Blacksmith Shop iu the com,- t>. A good Two Story upon the premises, with a (jack LuiWinr at tachod, a ti rat-rale Well ofwrtor mw I’urap in said WUat a coal of BU. J onus will ho uuuic to tail the purc-hasar as the money is nut desired. ALSO A HOUSE end One ACRE of Land I 'vi'ttf upon the Oorsueh Road, I mile from ; astuUMMt, suitable for two teuanla—ou. ! at this time rooting for 526, the other for I $S.‘, |ier aniiom • i Term, to suit the purchaser. . , , JOSHUA SMITH. 1 dscO If PRIVATE SALE 1 OFFER at private aalo, a FARM of IIS ACRES OF LAND 1 ?'?*"* Iw*’ ailnatcd iu Carroll county, ad | joining J. W. Lncabengh'a Mill propane and the lauds nf Jacob Baiikerd and Aadjaw and wiihm half* mil* of Crauharry ! Station, Western Md. Railraad. A Urge j pmuortiun of it is first.rate TIMBER I LAND, and Is well watered and under good i fencing. It Is improved with a large LOG dawl^L^ Dwelling Dense M&Qpk i ’tud Back Building, Stabling Ac. It will be auhi in piurela tn suit purchaser*, if deinrcd: i } the parcel including the buildings to have 60 or GO acres. 1 BSuTcrma nuvuerate. t • ItJCHAKD MANNING. ff'rC.lD-tf Westminster Md FOR ‘RENT, ~ Rockdale Wtoltar FACTORY; frOEuHpat will Rent, or laws. I the allot o Factory from the fir,l of April next, situated in'Carroll county on j the Ptatap*’o fulls, a never falling stream I2J miles .South of, and 1 mile X. W. of Ho.tnk s Sloth. This Facto™ has i bec'ii thoroughly n*j*ired and llw MmUmi?* I ii* new and in now in UM good condition m , an r ther Factory ia the Uonoty. AUo. 60 Acres of T -r** ! attui-lied to the same in a good stele of cut liration, to ha rented therewith. I , An f person wishing to n-nt the same will please apply to cither of the undersigned, or a-hlrea*, Bouekaviila. Md. . • l. W, HOUCK, KB. HOFFMAX, jWuK-tf Owners -oviners of Water Power Should or the oolcljrated ; I.EFKKi, TUIUH.Vk WATER AT HEEL, Manufactured If VOOli: k HUNT, Raltittorp, SH. Send for a circular. dcc6 Cm. REMEMBER. '■'Asassafu-- • J* there a place on earth That beam the Xew Shoe StoraT Tell me, ye ladies fair, who so benignly and)*. Do you wish gnmla cheap and rare. Of c try uttt actice th/U I lhara • Bools, both ooana and hua. And Skotti of the 1 steal atyl, ; ! Ifoiw .0.1 purahgsc “oo thnt Ham.” You’ll deal there oU the wkUe. Now. Busby ia a trulkfiU mn, He sell, no &naay trash, i 1,e .' 11 P 4 **" ou *a. /haeir he tmi i Hut plan of adhri); n cash. „ JOHN B. BUSBY, PRIVATE SALK. THE niidcnigood offersaf Brawl* Sals, thn New Slick Home, c-” tl .!? I ’o--t.° ,r rHr*’ f***. >* w ? with the Lot fr -nting -iAeeton Main straet! and J ,4 font back to an Afcy.