Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 4, 1867 Page 4
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IMS W3WCRVTK ADVOCATE. COBSERWTIVe'TICKET Cot. jolm K. LONGIVKf-T., UIiUBGK W. UANUO STKRUN'Vi HALT, BK.Nj.VMIN W. BE.N.NKTT, THOMAS V. COVER KtceliwN, Wvdnd*y April 10, 13#*. ' tub TiiKtr.. VV> Iwvr ncuber lime nor space thin oek tu '■ .y much shout our Ticket for I the Conveution They are all among tltn best men of the Couuty. our ! friends all make it a point tu go to the polls, ami vote for lh>>m A the Unit on j lion. I*. 8. VV>- town that Dr Shower can-, not nerve. .His place wiH he fiHed next Sutnrday. court rorn’moT. The ('oMcrv-stlve Convention for Carroll County, unit at Westminster, Tuesday April 2nd, to uouinale six Delegate* for said County to the Slate Couseitttttounl Convention. Dennis May- UMnffißUg , wreehosenPresident Messrs. Stephen Gorsueli and John IJ, Jordan 1 acted as Vice Presidents ,’Capt. 0. TV. 1 Shull and Dr J. W Steele flfeoretarice. Meters 3 M Parke, W 8. 8., Maters, G W. Manro, Thus. Smith; and D. Stall were appointed a Com.! mittec on Resolutions After prupiamg names of candidate*, adjourned tu half past ope o’clock On reassembling the following Res olution were reported and ado; t d. /i'Kjvfl. That raw ret greatly tbs teort aaae of lilac Mi for rcftetratlon ofvoteni. and lireparauoß (Or tea etaeUea; Tel ail detriraer par he made up by eaerwr salt concert of ac ti.Mi. which wc enkvin u the iudUnvmffiblc dalr of all Oawacreativee aw thi. occ4n. K" oleed. That mi are out to So laUnodatcd by the threats of the Radical. to appeal to Coa greee and the Kegroea for aid. Oar dote U to go .troight forward, eel,log ea lb, rectitude of uur cauac, and fear IMe of ooasaqsesces la the lactnteaaacc of tratk and of oar righto. That we etU.taod by the President of the hailed State., tea Ooearawr of Mare, lead, the natoratioa aad preservation of the t Burn, aad aaoporl tea call of a CoovanUoa, aad Ibo es.dM.ts. nominated lb -refer, . That tec nomiaation of eaadidaUe •hall baby baltol— each District wiiiog one vote, ttoddham. Candida tea barlow The highest author ofvwtea toad a of ait tee Ilia. Wien teal! bo declared elected. The ballot lag resulted in the oomin* tio af ibo following persona, afterwards made unanimous. Dr. J. Shower. John K. Longwell, Qno. W. Manro, Benjamin W. Bennett. Sterling Gialt, Thomaa F. Cover It Was than rcaolved that a Commit tee be appointed by the Chair to con stat of live persons front Westminster District, ami one . from each of the ether Diatsiuts, So meet at Westminster on Saturday next at 10 o'clock, with 101 l power to IB vacancies if nay occur in the ticket nominated, ami to perform sneli other duties aa may be by them considered tor the benefit of the party —each district giving one vole. And that said Committee constitute the Centre! Committee tor the County, chesting one of the Are from Wes train atnrtn serve thereon The Chair named the following on **4 Committee— -Nw I—Wiilbai Fisher, “ 2 Dr. Shaw, 14—8. Cover, “ 4— l Bushy, M ‘ ft—K- W. Shipley, M ft—T. ft. Gist, *" ?—J. B. Boyle, R Manning, J. Dowilor, W. N. Hayden P. B. Miketcll, I “ S—Harrison Lemottv, ** ft—Stephen Ganneh, “ It)—Dr. M. A. Louver, “ U—L. I*. Slieglnff. V, 'he Registry Wa Carrmll. it was generally eapected here that the Governor weuld have to appoint 1 now Registers and that these who gave 1 no much difficulty last year would be gotten rid of this year. Great wan the surprise, however, whea we learned, Uat Friday, for the first time, that all the old Hegistcis were continued by law for two yaurs from their appointment last year. We had no representatives to attend to this mutter, but we thought every body had heard of the abuse to ■ which Gov. Swann had been subjected for trying t propitiate three of hia ap puinlee* who had turned out to be hard Radicals. The number of registered men in the County won about 4200 out of about S'lOO voters in the ooeoly, la Man ohester District slope over 400 wore disfranchised, owing to the monstrous emstraotioa of the law mde by the Register: no that a district, which would have given ns 330' majority was mode to give 75 majority on the oth er aide. Even whore mew were regis tered the Judge* of oteetion. all Radi ala, rejected man; of them at tho hal lot box. In this manner was their ma jority of *OO obtained. We few now that some of our people, smarting under tho outrage* of past yuan, may refuse tw appear before some of these Begirt era. We think this would he a at stoke: for we think there Register* nmr folly understand (he change df||rw t iu*Unee*, and the pea allies they might, iuenr, sntl will bn as liberal this year, sa they wore illiberal late year. They noted under advice last year, that they had confidence io; but we aluwld think they cannot be mislead mw. At all events, let the diafranefifcufi wise forward, and teal' &ic mailer. till unties. We refer pvir reader* to the advertise. •MtofWml li. Hill Esq. of Baltimore In thi* week*paper, who sk M the i>. tain went cf Bounties and Cia'in* gene * nJ al ‘ d * r Lawn of ftbrjland. We pabliah, An- weak, bj authority, three very important laws pasted at \ the late sciwkiu of the Legislature, hav-S i Inga partiouiai ltearlugnu the approaeh : iug election, Thu Eiifrsnuhfaemont Act resloros to ihe right of suffrage all j who were debarred by the fourth sec tiou of the first Article of ibo Cnustitu 1 lion, relating to the lute rebellion, or ' the false construction put upon it and , the late Registry law by the Radical*. | This has Iwcu done by a two thirds vote : 1 of both branches of the Legislature, pursuant to express power granted by j ' the Constitution itself, it restored all | our oitiious to the condition before the j I war, and is a full pardon forany connec tion or sympathy with the rebellion, in {the very mode provided by the Connti \ tutiou for the purpose. It is too clear . fur doubt, though some may pretend tbit it requires each individual to be uau:ed iu the act. The Constilatiou didnot say so, and it is fully to contend, when a whole class was included, that individuals should be specified. The new Registry law is now a sim ple matter. The -kill faction. Ist Ar ticle, having ceased to operate hy its ‘ own limitation, all must be registered j who have the proper (|ualifioation of | age, residence, color, soundmiud, not j convicted of felony, or guilty of bribery ; at elections Ac Tho amendment to live election law . pats an cud to lire (tower claimed by , election Judges to reject registered vu-, ters. We hope all will study and ob serve three laws. The ctertlen. M'e are softy that to little time was given to attend to this important elec J tiou as the Convention question. It \ was delayed to long in the Senate to secure the two thirds vote that the time originally named should, by all means, have been extended. As it is, we la- 1 bar under great disadvantages Our I'rleads hare but a few days to be regia- | tered and can hardly be all informed of; it in time. Neither will all be inform ed of the election even, and if they are.' many will not have a chance to under j stand fully the merits of tbo question ; We fear, indeed, many will be induced to vote against tho Convention from I want of time to clear away their preju I dices All should be dune that is pos sible to induce our friends to register ! and to vote. Though the lime is short, 1 yet if tbo will was there, as be accomplished as if the longcß time' hud been given. Then let all who have \ an interest in this matter go to work, i or hereafter cease to complain. Person* who have removed to differ ent districts should get the certificates of the Registers where they came from , and get registered where they reside.— j All who are awaro of parties requiring j registry should not let them neglect it. Radical convention. | The Radical State Convention, which I reassembled at Baltimore, on the 27th. ! ult., resolved that they wo 11 not run I any Oondidutre at tho -’lection next j Wednesday, but go to the polls and I I vote against * Convention Should it ■ i be carried they will then proceed to ; ' elect by ballot, without distinction of j i color, delegates to a Convention of their j j own to meet iu Baltimore and adopt a i Constitution based on “universal man i hood suffrage.” A committee was ap ! painted who visited Washington to lay ; their case before Congress. The ultra members doubtless have assured them that they will get the aid of Congress. Tho Badieal members of the Legialuturo the Mayor 4 City Couoeil of Baltimore, as well as the Grand League, have also importuned Congress for the tamo pur pose. If urallliiltwg. j It is humiliating to see tho Radicals ' running and prostrating thcmwdvos, first before Congress, and then before the colored friends, imploring assistance to regain their lost power in tho State When the Conservatives seek to change the Constitution, in the very same way they did it in ISftl, in order to clear swsy all doubt of the constitutionality w' tbs restored rights of tit injured pnupie, they pretend to see n monstrous usurpation in it, tud invoke all the powers of darkness to their tid to pro vent it, although a mere change of the Constitution would not. more ensure Conservative success iu the Slate then at prevent. Again, we sre told that the Whiles and Blanks sre begining to intermingle iu the Unit* leagues: and that some j 21 Colored men were initialed atj Westminster lost week. ftak’The .Radical members of ore ' Legislature, in theft- application to Con gress fix protection end negro suffrage, teste that .Maryland sent SB)Mft soldiers to the rebel army, sad that those have nearly all returned. Now this is s whopper, ids their statements ua*efai- j ly. ffc d-nihi if 5000 ever joined the 1 rebel nnm flora this Slate, and a very Urge wrnpoivM ef them have no or re turned T ffti-i TU Wteti is trying its hot to gel rstee out of Cent, O- W Shrieer, being en tinually barking at hie hr els, whilst be lakes no more notice of it than the ina-tiff does of s whi&t—though, we i heard of a gnnd sutured mastiff once, ) who did get vexed enough at bin to take ;up Mr whiffet by the back of the neck and drop him into a mill race—after which the latter let him alone. L4MMRftWT FV fabehoods circulated about pay ing thirty million duller* for slave* enmir. ipsted. Our candidate* sre op- j ; posed to it and the Convention is pled-1 i gvd against it. Be not deceived ! Local btidliiiencc. fi C i vet A.—Thc C’lork of tho Oirtuii Court on thu Ist of aVj.i il Buootwti from ! truveruor, OoaauU ;.jii3 for the pitr;io4 iidiujij How.'- TiiiMU iutunstukl wtl! ttke iif!ico th it i th*v taft by ri|UfttoJ to b^- j fofi tbu Clerk of tho Cjiroml i’ourt. midi qualify within (SO) thirty i|i|n froui the la of iln* of hco will be doehirod vacant. .AjfftjVeft ii/ fhr —Hynry </Ault. | | William I'Uhor. J-jliii \V 11 -u sou T. Web’s Jo*hoa Chile. tovi Flc 1 *! i yU, Lvt V Join Aa* j j rhb Uuralor, V ilium SiocUh-I vlo. i I Nathan oor",i.h Cli Ucwitt 3t*, Cor. ! I Jeukiua J U. W.iJlovr. Uciu'v Mutter., i FrauoU Warner, Davul II Uoil-tokcr, j . John Henry Hoppo, Wm. J. Miucn. 1 Abuur Neal, John ii. .'■Mimuoti*. John j I.tUioUe, Jcusc Brown, Henry HanteurU, j Stephen Uontuch, .fvi&buii Sciuian. John j PMaphuie. DaviJ Otto, John tV’ .Mo- i AlUter, WiUiam J. * awyTnr. —Olhu Shipley, (juorga W. Shriaef,. Communion- r >j' Slav sSVt/u'/t a— j hid win M. Shipley. JcXHit. I’oWi'Ktt.—The recent np puiatmoul of thi-* £ontfemaa as a Jud jc /if our Orphans* Court girea tho mifk a chance to indulge iu nuoth r of its coatumary peratNia) attack* on him 1 .Mr. Bowder is untitled to much credit for the natural ability and indomitable energy with which ha Was won bit* w.y, under many disadvantages, in an honor able position iu tho public estimation j which should entitle him ;o marc r s pcciful treatment ovet from th > h oiui. The idea that lie sou-ht the of* ; only to anuay (be the other Judges ; is simply ridiculous. They will find I him not only a useful ssehuunl. Out an sgreoable associate. i i&*The ijunrtcrfv lloport Of the First j National Bank of New Windier was ro-! ' reived too late for insertion this week. U will be attended to with pleasure in t | our neat. | The Quarterly lleporTol The Union Nat. Bauk of Wesiiuiustor is crowded out. VICTORY I.\ CO.V%KCTICXT. , At the ejection in Connecticut, on \ , Monday, Sogiish (Democrat) was elec- 1 i ted Governor over Iluwiey (Uadical) by ( j from 000 to 800 majority* and tkrrr I Conservatives elected to Congress out . I uf/f tur —again of three members. AH | hail. Connecticut! j Bg Authority. A BILL. i hntitled an Act to repeal the Act of eighteen hundred and sixty-five, j chapter one hundred nud seventy i four, entitled an Act relating to the ‘ Registration of the voters of tho State, and to enact other provisions i relating to the R '.gistrat ion of Voters j in lieu thereof. i Section 1. Be it enarted by the (on- j ! oral Asacmbly of Maryland. That the , act of eighteen hundred and sixty five j chapter one hundred and seventy four, entitled an Act relating to the lk*,£s tration uf iho V r olers of the .Slate bo and the same is hereby repealed, and the following sections, to bo arranged in the Code el Public General Lavs under j an Article entitled Registration, be and t the same is hereby enacted in lieu . thereof : I I—The officers of registration in . j each ward of the city oi Baltin o.- • -nd : each of the conotiee of the .Slate, np poiuted by the Governor in the year | eighteen hundred and sixty six, under the provisions of the fourteenth section lof the Act of eighteen hundred and : sixty five, chapter one hundred and . seventy-four, arc hereby continue] in office for the period of two ycaiw from (he due of their iyau-tiuluiciii and an- ' til their auccciiSo.SLhail qu ilify, and j any vacancies now existing in an id . i officus. or which uwy occur hy death, resignation, refusal to actor other cuti.e. ; shall be tilled by tlw Governor, and af* I ter the expiration of a.iid two years. ' and every two years thereafter, the Governor shall appoint one officer of regia!ration for each ward of tbs city of j Baltimore and each election district the several eountles, reaijsuts of tsitl ; wsi'Js and districts respectively, and lisll fill all vacancies in said offices ; ‘ the said officers hereby continued to office and iu appointed as aforesaid, shall i be styled officers of registration, and i shall register ss qualified voters all; whits male persons claiming and entitled j tu the rights of the olscttvu franehiss, i in the manner preset A-a iu the follow log aeefion of this Articlo; the said ofieera shall recciv* fur tbsir services tho sum of three dollars for each day occupied io the discharge ot their du ties, to he paid hy the Mayor aad City Council of Bsliipiote, and the County Commissloaers of tho sovsral counties of this State, and suy vucsucie* shall be filled by the Governor, and all suck ot fiesre before entering upon the dis charge of their duties, shall take sad subscribe before the clocks of the Hn-1 perior Court al Baltimore city, sod tbu clerks of Ihe several Circuit Courts respectively, the oath presetibsd in the j seventh section of the first Article of ] the Constitution, or the oath prescribed j for office-holders in ti c first scotiun of ; the Act passed st tho preaunt suasion of ihe General Assembly, entitled so Ant to restore to full ciiixensiiip sad (he right to vole and hold officu, ali persona who n>y be doprivsd thereof by Ihe jirovisious contained in tho fourth ec tiou of the first Article at the Comti ■ tut ion of this State, generally known | sa the enfranchising Act. I 2—Th* said officers of registration shall receive from the Clerk of the Superior Court of Baltimore City, and th* clerks of the severs! Circuit Courts, fbs books of registration now io the of fices of said clerks respectively, and shall adopt nod use said books for the purpose of eScting the registration pro vjdcd ft* iu this article; and the said elerks shall immediately upon the ap pointments and anslificstiutt of said af finor*, deliver as id hooks to them, sod she' duly certified copies of the lints of qwalrfhd ♦otqrs now nn rer-otd in their respective r.fficct, “ s—lt shslFbc the dttty of xoi<i of-! fiofw of fegi*tmtioo upou recipt of ! MriJ books and lut If qnvlitinJ volw, ■ j to rwrect tK same Iy striking thorefrom ! M)m QamM of pencu* who may have r-1 . moved from tbo county Ptate, or ?tho ; may hair# •lied orkavu \wootno dimiouli- | tied unflffir tlm pratfciouf of th Mlird and I lilth actflottl of tiki first artifjl# of the i OoiH*iilsion, and persons wUtiec names appear o| aaid books and lists as qiuli- ] tied votUfs utter the hmioo shall have .1 l*wn corrected as aforesaid, are hereby < declared to l>o legal and qualified voters, j I aWd ha!l be anllllcd to vote at every [ i ♦ Icdiou hereafter held is this Stale ; | i tho officers of regiatratiou shall thou 1 1 add to said lists of qu diked voters, and I { as sutih every wliiu uialo per- < .'ou Who shall apply to them to bo reg- < isle rod, and satisfy them that he pos- 1 scsse* or before the day of the next ou- ' suing election dill possess Iho coustitu i ion a I quaUttcatiott under the provisions I lof the third and filth sections of the i | first article of the Constitution; provid i |ml however, that before registering as a < 1 qualified voter any person so applying. | the said officer shall administer to him ■ the oath prescribed in the fourth aoe | lion of the first article of tho Ouostitu ' lion, or the voter's oath prescribed in t the first section of the said Enfranchise i ingact referred to in the first section of • this article according as the person ap plying shall elect to take one or tho : other of said oaths, and no person who ' refuses to take one or the olhor of said oaths shall be registered as a qualified voter. 4 In making the addition to said registry of qualified voters, the officers of registration shall first record the name of every person so applying, and Mound, administer to him the oath as directed in the proceeding section of this article, and enter in the proper column of said registration books the fact whether ho haemr not been sworn, third, his :ige; fourth the place of his 1 birth ; fifth, the time he has resided in j the city of Baltimore or county in which ! he is to be registered ; sixth, if natural ised ; the date of his final papers or certificate of naturalisation and the court, county and State whence issued ; seventh, if disqualified by means of non age. non residence, alienage, infamy, lunacy or non compos mentis, or bribe ry, as described in the fifth section of| the first article of tho Constitution, the ! cause cf such disqualification ; and eighth, the name of qualified voters, i omitting from said eighth column the 1 names of persons so as above disquali- | ' tied, and inserting in lieu thereof the names of the witnesses, or in cate of' | infamy or bribery, a statement of the j j record proof (h.ruof and in what court J • the conviction was had. or other proof t by which such disqualification was os j üblished. 5 U shall be the doty of such offi ‘ | eers of registration to sit at some place j convenient to tho voters, in the several ! wards of the city of Baltimore sad the several election districts of the counties 1 j for ten days immediately preceding the ; third day prior to any emotion hereafter j to beheld in this State, whether Stale/ i Federal or Municipal, and whether 1 general or special, from 0 o'clock, P. M for the purpose of discharging the du I ties imposed on tliem by this article, and j they shall give notice of the time and J place of meeting at least ten days be | fofe tho day of their first meeting, by | publication in thr£e newspaper* in the city of BaUinprre, one of which shall bu published in the German language, and to one newspaper in each county in which a newspaper is published, h iving ' the largest circulation, as msy appear by their subscription books, the editor or publisher to furnish the aaaie under oath to said officer of registration; and : also by handbills posted st such public i places as (hoy may select in the several precincts of the city of Baltimore and j | election districts of the several conn-| ( ties; and in ease of making a change in 1 tho place of meeting, they shall at once 1 , publish in said {tapers notice of such ' change, said notices and publications to be paid for by tho .Mayor and City I Council of Baltimore and the County { Commissioners of tho several counties i 6 As soon as they shall hare do- 1 sed their sitting on the third d.iy pro- : coding any election, the said officers of registration shall immediately proceed | to make or cause to be made, an alpha-1 i beticid list of the qualified voters, and 1 the said lints shall then bu finally closed j for that election, and two fair copies thereof shall be made, one of which shall be Judged by the officers of regis tration w'th the derk of the Circuit Court of tho county, and tho clerk of ! the Superior Court of Baltimore city, ! and the other delivered to the judges |of election at or before the opening of • the polls ou (he morning ot election; and in the city of Baltimore the said

officers of registration for # the several wards shall separate the lists into pre cincts, and prepare their lists of voters according to thi sub-divisions of their respective wards into precincts, design noting the election pieeinct r f the ward in which the voters are or shall be res pectively entitled to vote, and skull deliver one copy of the 15*1 of voters for such preeinct to the judges of elec tion fir such precinct as hereinbefore ( provided. 7 The officers of fegiatvaiiou shall lodge with the clerks of the Circuit Courts, ami the clerk of the Superior Court of Baltimore city, on or before the day of any election, one copy of the list ol qualified voters, uiado out as di rected in the preceding aeetioo, which list shall be recorded by the said clerk among tho records of the said court, and they shall also deposit with said clerk (he said books of registration, to be by him safely kept tod preserved among the records of said court, sub ject to the dispositions hereinafter pro vided ... - 8— Whilst discharging tho duties imposed by this article, the said officers Of registration shall have and exercise the powers of a justice of the peace for tho preservation of order around the place of rogUirations; msy compel the attendance of witeeaees Ibr the purpose nf ascertaining the qualifications of tbs persona applying to be registered; they ifbail have power to issues ttuBMOM, attachments ami commitments to any Sheriff or cuaitable, who shall serrs such procem ns if issued by a judge of lha Circuit Court or a justice of (be peace, and fchall receive the mom fore sod in the panic manner ss allowed by | law In tho Ciste but the officers of registration shell not charge any few i! for the issue of suk process, or receive j uy f* or emoluments for this Or any 1 other f ervid they msy perform in the proper discharge of their duties, except . that provided in the first section of ibU , article. i o—For tho purpose of correcting the i lists ofqualifiud voters after any elec- ; tion, and as subsequent elections from i time to time occur, by tho addition -of { uhU)<m of persons having cotuo of age, < acquired legal resilience, been natural- < ised or applying to be registered and \ by striking therefrom the names of such 1 ] ! persons u may have removed from the i county or stale, or may hate died or be j conic disqualified under tho third and j fifth auctions of the first artioio of the \ Constitution ,it shall bo (be duty of the | said clerks to hand over said lists and i books to the officers of rugUtration, who ! i shall proceed to correct the same by i making the addition and corrections üb>ve mentioned, so that the names of I all persona entitled to vote ahull appear < thereon: and they shall give notice and 1 hold sessions fur this purpose as dlrec- < ted in sections five and six of ibis arti cle and when they shall have completed < their work, they shall dispose of said i lists and books as prescribed in the pro- < ceding sections of this article i 10— If soy person who bus been reg istered as a legal voter in one district i or precinct shall remove into another he shall take from the officers of regie- < tratioo or the elork of tho court in whieh said Hats or books may be dope*- i ited a certificate of tho fact of bia rog ibtratiou in such district or precinct, snd it shall be the duty of tho officers of registration to notify each other of such removals and certificates of rogis tritioo, and unless tho provisions of this section are complied with, such person shall not be registered ns a legal voter in the district or precinct to which he may remove and such certificates shall be filed with the lists of voters or book of registration in th| office of said clerk. 11— In case any county or city shall be divided so as to form portions of dif ferent electoral districts fur the elec tion of Congress man. Senator, Delegate or olhor officer or officers a person tob-2 ! entitled to vote for suc h officer or offi I com. must have been a resident of that | part of the county or city in which be i offers to vote, for six mouths next pro ; ceding tho election therein as a qunii- j (led voter, but a person who shall have , | acquired a residence is such county or city, and been registered as a qualified I voter, shall be entitled to vote in the i { election district or precinct from which * he has removed until he shall hare ac quired a residence in the part of the 1 | county or city to which he has removed \ and the officer or officers of registration j j shah nut strike from the list of voters < the name of such person or transfer the ! same until he is fully satisfied that the ! ■ name of such person has been register ed in the district or precinct to which j ' he has removed. \ | j 1 A'Ue Clerk of the Circuit Court i of ihe.Wvcrat counties ami of tlio Bu-1 penor vourt of Baltimore City, shell! | permit examinations nf the registers of names uuj of the books of registration j j snd the register of lints of voters, only j in the manner b:rein prescribed or in { the manner allowed in relation to the | record, of his office and in his presence | or in the presence of bis duputy, and if any eleik shall violate any ofthe provi* •loon of this article or make any altera J lion in said books or lists, or suffer the • I same to be done by others except as j hereinbefore provided for, or alisil He- ; gleet or refuse to perform any of the | : duties imposed ou him by any of the : sections of this article, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and : | on conviction thereof forfeit and nay a I tine of mot leas than live hundred do) i Urn. nor more than one thousand dol ! lars fur every such offence and bo im i prisoned until such fine nud costs of ' prosecution are mid I 13—It shall be the duly of said offi. | cots of registration .before registering 1 any pgrsun as a qualified voter, la dili gently inquire and ascertain that milt : person possesses the requisite Ceuatitu ■ lional qualifications of age, eitixonabip I and residence, and that he is not dit ! qualified under the provisions of the third and fifth sections of the first at ti de of the Ct nstilutian ; and it any such officer shall knowingly, corruptly and fraudulently permit the name of any person not possessing tho above q mil ti cs t ions, or who is disqualified as above stated to be entered on the list or regis ter of qualified, or shall exclude there from or refus to register any person as ■ qualified voter in compliance with the provision of the several sections of this article, he shall upon cuuvietion thereof forfeit and pay a fins of oat less than fivo hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars far each offence and be imprisoned until such fine and coals of prosecution art paid 14—The judges of election shall ant receive or deposit the ballot of any per son offering to row until they shaft have found his name on the list or register of qualified voters and have checked it thereon, and they shall reeeire and de posit the ballot of every person offering to vote whose name appears ou said list or register of qualified voters; and if any judge of election shell refuse to re ceive end deposit the ballot of any such Crson, he shall ou conviction thereof deit sad pay a fine of uot less than five hundred dollars uor more than one thousand dollars for each offence, and be imprisoned until aueh fine and costs of prosecution are paid, uad shall also bo liable in damages at the tail of the party aggrieved. 14— The provisions of this article shell extend to all special eleetioua, whether munieipel or otherwise, and to the rotes upon amendments to the Coualitutiou, and lor or against a Coo veniiou to frame u new ConatUaiiou whenever such question bu been or may be submitted to the people by the Legislature, snd if it shell be found be fore any such election that the tea days unties of the sittings aI the register can not be given as required is the pre vious Mataum of this artiste they shall proceed to the discharge of their duties, giving suh notice there of se the time will admit arm io their judgment they may deem proper, aed the registration ea made, aed the lieu of qualified voters headed by them to the judges of election shall be taken by •aid judges as the hole of persons en titled to vets at aueh efottiua. lU—Tho Governor shall appoint three perrons u officers of registration, whore Jut? it shall lo to rotifer lliu foidieit of fcftia Sute in Uic military .oortißu of the United Sutoa, and iuc l ! persona in thf furviuo of the lulled Suit* as uia_y be stationed at funvettiant and A9Ctf*ibU p mil* who alfo übactu from tlieir rtjnlfar place* of voting on account of auch aorviois uud it shall bt the duty of such officer* of registration to visit the different regiments, cutups aud hos pital* or other p*is where said soldiers uiav bo, for the purpose of aaooruining and regiMi riug all *ueh ms shall or may be qualified to Vote, aud said utliccu of riqristratiuu shall pertbnn said duly in like manlier a* is required In other 00- iious of this article, and shall return their books or lists of legist ration for the different comities and the city if Haltiiiiuru to such' officers of registra tion iu said cily aud counties ns the Governor shall designate twenty days before any election, and it shall be the duty of the officer* of registration, to whom such returns shplt be made, to cause the names so returned to bo reg iatered in the several election districts or precincts of their re* pec ito cuuulics or wards the city of Baltimore in which said soldiers reside or re on tilled to vole, a d in addition to the per diem allowed by (iua article to oth cm of roghtratiuti, they shall be al lowed choir necessary traveling expen ses for tho discharge of the duties Im posed by this section. 17— it ahuU be the duty of add off ccrs of registration alter having re ceived the register of said soldier*, Co furnish a certified cony of the duly qualified voters in such list* to tho County Comtuiswiouur* of the several I counties and the Mayor of the city of Baltimore ten days before any election, to b • by them transmitted to the judg - appointed to take the votes of said >ol diem as directed by law 18— If uy person shill J.em bin. self aggrieved bv the refusal of tha olfi oers of registration to register him a* s i ju :i lifted voter hy reason of the decision j of ssid officer that he ha* nut the re } quisite qualification* of age, citizenship i or residence, or is disqualified under j tho provisions of tho third and tltlh j sections of the first article of the Con , Htitmiou cwr by the refusal to register i him as a qualified voter for any oilier ( j cause, or of tho striking id his num ,• from j the list of qualified voters for any cause. | lie shall have tho right to appeal fium ( such decision or action t the Judge of ! the Circuit Court for tho cou.ity in I which he resides or applies for rogistru ' • lion, or to the Judge of the t'min of • Common Pleas or Judge of the Circuit ('ourt of Baltimore city in ease the par ty rc-ridea or applies for registration in ! the city of Baltimore, and said - Judge ! | shall forthwith hear and determine said ' | appeal, and in case he shall determine ’ , that the party so appealing is entitled I jto be regiatcroJ or restored to Iho list Ist a qualified voter, he shall so certify to the officer of registration from wh wo • decision the appeal was taken, and the said officer shall thereupon register the | said pirty as qualified voter, j .Section 2. And b* it enacted, Thai i this aetshall take effect fr-iiu the date ; of its pas ngc. j V certify that the aforegoing is :i true enpy ufmu act which passed the. I General Assembly of Maryland Jan- | nary session. 1807 W. K ('(ILK. ! Chief CUri Uoue of IMgalm. Al/Gl’HTt’B ‘iASSAW.W. i npt ii lHt Suorotary of the Svtwlo.. By .lusAon'ty. A BILL ! Kntitlcd an Act to restore tu full citi zeuship, and Gu right to vote and hold office, all persons who may be deprived thereof by the provisions) ‘ contained in the fourth soeiion of the first article of the Constitution of | this State. Whymns. By the pmvi*i<vu of the fourth | section of the first article of ihc 8 'ont-t iiutiou of thi* Btatea portion of its citizens, ! other* i*e i .ittfM to vote si.d hold office, j have I won dqnvol of thow* privilege'., whilst they lemuiu liuUr to taxation, in iU ' purfurinsni.-e of military duly, ami in nil oth | er ntspods suWin't to ’law* in wlmmc imuuv : rnent they ra liuxc no participation, till of I which is contiary to the principles on wkieh | rspubiican govenunmi* a nr tn.lahlUh'-U; and whereas, there is every rrason to I*- j hevo that the pertMins so deprived of Ihe right of voting Hiid of bolding office arc now faith ftil to Uio Slate and tbu Government of the j Tailed States ; And whereas, these restrictions were de signed to be temporary, as U evident from the fact ibut power is wisely given to tho General Assembly, in the vy section of the Constitution wh.cb imposes such restrit lions, to remove them in nil mm by an net passed by a vote of two-thirds of ail the membci s elected to each House; Anil whereas, The reasons for such res trictions have, by the return of peso*, now happily reused to exist, and it is, therefore, right mid proper hy a *peedy exercise of the powor so reserved by ihs General Assviohl) to re establish and reaffirm the right of the people to participate in the LmiUtiirc, just ly declared in the Declaration of Right* to be the "••ouvUy of liberty and the founda tion of all free government j * therefore- Section I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Mary land, two thirds of all the members elected to each House concurring. 1 hat all persons otherwise entitled to vote and hold office, who may be deprived of those privileges hy reason of any of the pro viaipiis of the fourth section of the first artiHo of the Constitution of this State, be and they ore hereby restored to their full rights of ettneftship, end each and all of them shall be entitled to be registered os qualified voters, end to vote in llw same manner at if the eaiii fourth section of tho first article of tb Constitution hail out beeo adopted, upon taking and aubaenbing hcf.ire an. Justice of the Peace, or any oliicer so thotisstd to administer an oath, or before the proper officer or ofiioani of registration, the following oath or affirmation; “J, —* — , ilo swear (or affirm) (hat I am n citiaea of the UnitedSufee, and that I wilt hear true faith and allegianoo to lha United Slates, and sapportthe Conatito lion and law, thereof at the supreme law of tba land, any law or ordinance of an. Stale to the contrary notwithstanding; that I will, ra ail respects, demean my.elf as a loyal cil eo of the United Suits, and I mate this oe-K or affirmation without aay reservation nr oration, and believe it to be binding oe uw." And shall he entitled In hold office 3±t£SSßtttXSt oafoeriffig—deni ‘'l-—. doa-eer (or J •m, fo the bon of my skill end judgment, diligently and faithfully, without carnality or eieyudice, exocuto the office of , eccurdiug lo the (hoatitatiun and laws of this State; end lint, since the fourth day of July, in the yeer eighteen hundred and fifty-one, 1 here 00l in any manner violated the previsions of the present or the late Constitution iu re laiion to the bribery of voters, or preventing legel vuiee or proeuring illegal voioa to be (eed if a Governor, Smmtor, member •I the Noose of Delegates or judge.) that I 'lt not directly or indirect, reccire th. profits or any partoftke profits of anruhv. office during the term ufmr acting mZZ sn.l I do farther swear (or IffirinTthat I sril bear true allegiance to the State of Henien ard support the Constitution and lawafttr* of. and that I will heat trat allegiance Id Us United States, snd support, protect asd £ fond thu Constitution, laws end govern men thereof aa the supreme law of the land, as, law or ordinance of this or anr Stale to ® contrary notwithstanding ; and I do fuilfie, swear (or affirm) that I will to the beet ef my ability, protect and defend the Union ef the United Stales and nut allow the same hi be broken np and dissolved, or the Govern incut thoreol to be destroyed under any cit. oumatancea, if in my power to prevent k. and that I will at all times diseountaiMnet and oppose all politieal combmaliona having for their object such dissolutiun or dcstrwc lion." ■ Section 3. And be it enacted, the* the several officers of registration shall register, us a qualified voter, every person who shell apple for registration and claim the benefit ol ibis act, upon his taking the oath (or af. Brmationi hereinls-fore first sat out in the first section thereof, provided be is in other respects entitled lo vote, by having there qil isite qualifications of age, t ilisenship and residence, and be not disqualified under the third nod fifth sections of the first article ef the Constitution, end if any officer of regia, (ration shall refuse to register, ae a qualified voter, any person so as aforesaid applying to be registered, or if any judge of election shall refuse hi receive the vole of each per son when registered, he shall upon comic lion thereof, Iwl'ore any court having erfosi. i tal jurisdiction, forfeit and pay a fine of not less than one hundred, and not move than five hundred dollars for each offence, aud he imprisoned until said fine and the costa of prosecution be fully paid and satisfied, and shall also be liable in an action for damages at the suit of liie party aggrieved. Section a. And be it enacted, that all courts, and State, county, township and as tdeipal officers of thin Stair shall take notice of thg provisions f this act. withoot reqair iog it lo ba siicrially pleaded, set np or re bed oa, and shall goo the foil efieci mad benefit thereof to any person embraced with, in the general description of the first aectioa I of lliii* act, iu lha Mitut matinor anj to Ihr same extent ae if the name of such ixrsou | had I expressed and set out spcenUy is the said foregoing section. Section t And he it enacted, that thtsaet j shall lake effect from the dale of iu px-sage. W c certify that the aforegoing is a trna ropy of an Act which |mssnl the Ueoeral I Assembly uf Maryland, (two thirds uf all 1 ihe members clecicd lo each Mouse voting ia tho atfiroiali.e.i March 3tkh. I*;. AUGUSTUS OASSAWAV. Secretary of the Seuale. W. |(. COUP, chief Clerk Mouse of Delegatee, april t .‘lt Am ml i" r jtml arrri'mi, < ti, „iii. ck 513 of tkr Doth of Urn'ml i Allies. ceAi/.'ny I.J tkr nUrmlaor' of ,/ nj AfeiftoMs, n mil Hr lion mint (U i of snd uyh'i k, jims rihintj tin iMith of J"J AVecr/oa; nut/ ear, f.Vsii iKtlcr (IS) "/ ouil a.lo/t /ir ,. I trribinj nofiVe of okrtirmr lob, ,/irrn hy thr Sit rtjf, of/he sar./vlf eo, aoq j UHil lo root/ .1 enhtlifMlr. for roe A of Slliif 9'i ttOOt. Hef. I. Me it lamdai ’JmUkt <Carrol As traMf of .WorffnmL That aeerino nine, (*1 , six Id' and iwvdvn (13) of ,„i,.|e ihlttv five CT'I ol the Crete of Pal,lie General laws, b" and they am hereby re,mat,si, and tba |J bowing s ebons be amt are hoiehy >nlii- Mtcu it tliHin rM]KMti#h ; K..r section 11. At an gfoctiim, Statu. Fed eral or moilieapal. In lie hereafter lield in lln.s StuU', it in mu 1.1 i)it- •Ifnlgi-i' uf Mludioa apinmitcd according to Uw -halt attend at Ihe plm-e of sleet ion fo.e Ihe Sjxwe of one , hour alter the prescribed by law for oimning i the efectum, it di.dl U- Uwfiii for the justice jof tho peree for such county or city, lima - present at the place sfelection, or a ’maior ity ol them, nr tor one jn-tioe of tho Jour-, m th.-event of nit one being pn-sant, to MV as J.idgef or (mlge of election j „ r . if m, i,,. | 11. e id .110 pool e Is* present, it shall he Ua. i tul for the votew then<**ut, ar a major!- y of them, U* chioMM In ImlliHt tbron mk of ...1 •■t* t tioq, aiiM the *al jiiirico* or jutivM f tho or iftviiu lui-toii 4ty Kdh.t a* afoo .'kui<l to Uu joqgcd of d*)<K-tion, mid wku *Ka)I I IM?I in ihttl raj K*iiy fdr Unit ul. t-tiou. nImU Iwj vunietl with llc (•.mu * jhou.Ts mid au'boi !* f . Y if tkfr Kail Knit uppMubd hy Um irmmly ooiiiniissisnnrs or Other las fully ’ auUioruci aiqinmiiug |nvar. For (iccliuii U, Kverv ja tjfa nf .-lr. tiou. iu tm !rtilon lo U* bur. ufi.-r Ur Id iu imrauanoe **f ww . huf.*** )roeur<U to Uhu 1 *>r receive any v u :c, *HaJ) tji. :!• foUt.wiotf ,, * M I •'■■ -**!i m.tfi.m :I, A. B.,d' ’** rtflirmi tlirt I will i rini; t il to voiu i )• nhatl offer l \oW at tho el.-mion now Ufi Imi Uehl fr roomy or*"—— rity, whon* f; appear on the rvirfuiryVif lUt of voter* Inrtiiffilunl to me to law, a* : •pmliH.d wotr uadar the ('un*iltutk)n and ; law* of tilt* Sute: and that 1 will uot permit , ouy per;ion to vole ui tho noint) election i whoso riiunc shall not lo tound upon the , ( yi‘\ nglrtry or list of qualified voter*; and j I wilt in all tiding* execute the office of | judge of the *uid election aceorring to th# rcl of w; knowledge, without favor or imi ( iiulity, no help me God.’’ anotfon 13. Thu Sheriffs of tbn anv* I j eral counties, undue tho penalty of fifty dob tura, shall, at least three weeks prm ioas ta | every elaotioa roquireil by Uw to be haM. ! can so piddle notice to be given within their I respective places within ok election die , Uiet of the county, and aUo by advertier merit in tlie newspapert W general nrcola t*on *a tee county. of tho lime and placa of holding the several eloetions; bat U from . any cansc said nolicn shall tall lo be given, said failure shall not affect the validSy af , any rlertiim; but it shall be the defy ef the indges nf Median to bold tho efeetioß In their uvcrel election districts, at the I time prescribed by taw and at tIM aoaal , place of bolding election, in the several districts or at the idaro in tho several ele , (foe district j were the last preceding clcetkin I* was held, under the penality of five hub deed dcollars for each judge refuing nr ( ncgletUngto hold such ejection. This see , Hon uot lo apply to the city of tlaliimoro. I Sec. 3. Am/ be it nucfed.TKat this set [ .hail take -fleet from the date of its passage. I We certify that tho aforegssing is a tone i wppy afan act wbioh passdl the General Assembly lif Maryland, Jan nan Hansioa, Khi7. AUOUHTUtt OAS.SAWAY, ISecrntanr of llw Heoate. , W. U. COUK. i apnlt Clerk of tho Uouso of Delegates. 1 S3OO New #BOO MABYLA.TD STATE BOI’TTY. : I JM4 and Iffik of Deasmber IWU an soti i tied to TURKS HU.XUHED I Stele Bounty, if they wen credited upon the I quota of ibis State, and hafo atrver firatred . any State Bounty heretofore.'- lit Widows I ddllrsofdeesosed eotdienv m risen i i sv t*w, 1 aprdl tf Wcitininttcr Md. ; Police to Judges KeetfaM. T H * Wsctfes, at ffie Miss*), . I to tbs severs) districts, are aerifira' ; test they wers appointed for oae year, it Is therefore their doty to attend at all Rsctfeav ! daring tb* year. LEVI VAtESTIhE, I aprtl i Clerk,