Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 4, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 4, 1867 Page 5
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QUARTERLY REPOST “fflU, Fir* National Bank," Utw/- mlnMrr Md , M-jndaj/ morninj April \*\ mi ' n .... IMjeoonU, liMl.Wtt M rTliilW. 1,791 74 .proroaert oo Bed KiUt*. 7.016 40 , 1.077 30 >. r pltre and future, 136 00 .rrtnt Kapeafti*. 4*21 IS fiStum, 775 77 ftTatlalional, ll,ill SI u, i-tft Deft- to tecur, druu- IW),M no '3. lift an hand, In,non m tw. * lii.uoo on (Mind .Volet. 19.W7 00 fat, " 129 uo Mlt, 120 90 'rtdfOMl Cnfrunry, .4 00 ~U Tredr KaUt. < 010 00 SJlld lot, Nulot, 17.920 <0 *295.t3 00 (, !-tyi ■.,,iul Mwck. 100,000 no ■iVreUttou ooltunding, w!7J9 00 ■dtfMtol DcikmlM, , 97.200 14 l.dNMt X. < Unpaid, too 00 lit sdlnl Buka, U oo IMnnaU. Imhug, tod lot. 2.410 44 vNui Uf, 1,140 90 *293,401 09 3wo to on Ike l 4 dar of April, IM7. W. A. CUS.SINOMAM, pril4-2w Ca/M.r 1300 MEW! S3OO Maryland Bounty. fust Appropriated! IftaUicr' enlijted or drafted Ulo the t r . S. knice between the lat April ami 18ih L)c Liber. 1801, end penu*ua wh< fununhed Latitat**(between thorn* dates) who were Lrfercd Into the U. 8. .Service and credited I n the quota of this Stale are nun- eiilitKnl 15200. [For full iuformation M>nd Name of S.l -1.-, Cota pan r lleciiauat, end Hale of En Kieent, or Hale of Draft ; if the Soldier or Irty m dead, give the nearest of kin. ■Oft Additional 6100 I VOTED STATES BtUiVTY, lv*Uiierft af 1001 -J-J-lj who Kmeretban are entitled to an addi Iml WOO} and Kcirsnre entitled; foldleM who have but their discharge*. ■rt-'Mmrin.of nil kind* for V. S. It . u W\'*y, Peunion. Ac. promptly collected. I WM. n. HILL I Attouvkt at I,aw, I 70 W. Fayette St. ikdtimorc, Md. IV FARM. ■ VMT in Haluiauro. and jwrl in Carroll ■ c*iny, near the Western Maryland ■lmod, and near Fink thug Station. in Bruit aounty, containing 152 Acres, l>*d4 and 20 Perches of I.and. with the I Brevetuentrt. condoling of a good Frame Dwelling, El IIA UN. Stable Spring l(une. Meat l flop young frrluril. A.* . •'< .Vermin Id, the mil under cultivation. will h> ■at Public Auction, at the pmui.-ev on mm*rduy the 137* of Aprils 18ti7, ■ft 1 o’clock P. M. IVuift at Sale. • la ondialddy after the role of wud Farm, 1 property will be aolcl j h-wb HORSES, I, Heifer with Calf, Sow with Pig. Shout*, 1 I'trr, W %€JOS, H.igxjr, Wyttglu, Co!- . Inr, Ae .Ae. Tonne at Sb. |i’. AUUKU. HUOW.NE, Agent. i | at the ufliee of T Parkin I TO 6t. Paul Street, U ,Ula., r®. klu I Public Sale. PE ft tWrilmr* will roll at Public. Sale, ' ■•t the roddimte of Itohcrt S. Baria*. I Ttttt mj ,M•DMda /of \ I prV. IS6T I Allowing Personal Property, lately >t by u a (Vvjrn the nai l U. S. E irnct [ 2 GOOD HOUSES. pCk J M-.if.r, I So, Shout., I | I>W Pl„. J two hoft Plow, lut into CkftWM, shov..| I*low. (!ultiul6r. pr. I >tw horneWAOOS. 1 one hnrw and Double Trees, (land i BMettucks, lot of HUral*?. Boxc and F Two Him f Bers pn and Kuturea, I two horse Sled, *J . i ot of lot af PMp 1 wfittbi fVadla. dre. PBi* of Sale.—A credit of it month, on ’ lf *n ami upward,, with a|iprovo<l an ■ with interoit from dalr ; under S-> 1 I# tomaten.e at I o'clock P. M. I jouk c raizßU,, I, . M.VNSJNO. 81-ti K)AD NOTICE. RICE i hereby Riven that aptfjeation Phil be made to the County l.’ommis f Carroll county, at tbmr ueiti kg after thirty days from data hereof. I? P•p’P o ** of locating and opening a p aid county, coumtcnriiui at a ®oint Fhoro tb Pinny Fall* cro*e*llie conn f running Mtom Marriott*rillo to the B Branch of the Potapm.o Fall*, *aid ■0 be opened if ncoe*<*ftry, threugh the |w the lollowing peraenn. Via; Bftwb the land* of Micnjah I if Bccnwatw, Ihroepl. the Hand mow r Huroham. thence ihro’ Pl or Henry Devrief-. thence through pd of Kliaft Devrins, thoneo following N of an old road to the bridge near the fume Quarry, thence K pile to thn South Hide thereof and lb the -land* / Christian Dovrier. iif naeeemry, through Uuj hwi rif ißronro, thence through the lfhd of through ibo laud vd put Hdibhft, Ihcnw on the Hoc dinning In mid Hobbft and William (iorauch, t through the land of 8. T. C. Brown, I f through the land of Ctcorg* patier Jefteft 1. Lowe, as near the diviaiua IlDr.O. H. Owing., t immwuct the ■Ming from Sykcvillc to -Sprlnrlield R HEN'HY DEVIUES, | Ujpya BuowN', jt-fs isiOittcor no* to tertflrjl-rmi at mplicti.m ifilAo BJWde to ttu County Oomuiii- Hw Carroll county, ,t nul | niw thirty dnra from thn dUi to mrid uccording to lw for th, I of • Bridge on th Voth Kt.ud, it ooanly, orr branch of th< tic d*r Frik, bMwmm Warner’, Store r e Skf^.* llp * rti - iB,CT OEOROR K. FRANK I R and 5* others JURY LAW, EN TITLED no Act (o provide far the Selection, Drawing and Summoning of Juror* iu Washington, Frederick nt| Carroll Count!**, and preserving thdh qalifi<*ition. SECfJOM I. lif it Kit acted by the Gen tral Assembly qf Maryland, Thai it shall be the duty of toe Uleck of thu County Com piisrioners for each of the counties of Wash* tugu>D, Carroll and Frederick to make out and file with, the Clerk*of On* Circuit Court* for Mid counties within ton days after the passage of this act and between tho firal of Baptomber and the find of Ostobar* in avery second rear thereafter. a fair and complete list of nil ilie whole mole taxable inhabitants • or reaidants of said county, whose names appear on the taxable books of said county, j and who are not known to aaid clerks to be j under the age of twenty live years, nor above the age of savant v veanM and to which mvid ■ list, to to be inane and filed, the said dorks J resneotirely shall append a certificate that ■ said list is full ami (Surly made; and fori making such li t, the said clerks shall ro- j Mire suck compensation aa the County Com mimoners may doom right and proper; and for failure u our form the duly hereby im ! poicd. the said clerks to the said Commis 1 sinners shall forfeit and pay a fine to the Stale of not less than Five hundred dollar*, nor more than One thousand dollars, in the ! discretion of the Court, to b recovered by i iadictfiM-ul as for a misdemeanor ; and the j party upon conviction shall be committed iu I the county Jail, there to remain uottt suit! j lino *u i all coala accrued shall be fully paid; j and he SII4II |m? thenceforth wholly incapable ! of holding or exercising the duties of the j aaid ufiice of clerk to (MrOoiifly Comm is* I ME OH ON 2. And he it further enacted, by Um authority aforesaid, that it shall be the duty of the Judge* of the Circuit Courts for e*RU <sf the counties of Washington, Oar• roll ami, Fiedcrick. within twenty da vs of, and not WHs than five days before tho'com meico*njhl of tlto several terms *if she Courts of toll counties next succeeding Ibe ' pas.iMgu l tins act in the year one thousand ; eight huudiud and sixty-seven, nod within the period of one m.m'.h of, and not less 1 Uiau twenty days before the commence in -ut ■ ol each uiul every term in said Courts there j after, ai which Juries are required to attend ! j in the preface of such of the practising ' j members of the liar of said Court.* as shall I think proper to attend, notice of lime and j place having been first given to said mem J bur, of the Bur, through the Criers of *aid Courts to proceed to select from the lists last furnished by the dorks of the County . Coin niasioners, provided lor in the first See* I j tion ol tins Act and from the poll-books of \ j the several dec lion districts oftaid Counties ' j that shall be returned to and filed in the j j Clerks office of said Courts, after any gen ’ era! election that may be last held previous I to such election, a mod to consist of the names of three hur.lrcd persons,!© he fairly J and impartially selected by the -aid Judge, • wi th special reference to the intelligence, go 1 ! briely and integrity of such persona, and without the least reference to ihdr political j ojuubm*; and of the names of such persons. ! | a.•• so selected, a li*l shall be made, and ! j n certificate thereto uppru*l>l by the said* 1 Judge, that mid list ol names has been duly I -elected in conformity with. an.l according J !to the spirit and intent of this act; mid 1 which said li-ls mid dutilkate* -hull la; filed . | with l!o clerks of llie said Courts, and by 1 them preserved as other proceedings of the said I (uirt* nr • kept. ; MKtTiuN a. Ait uit further earnt, I. ] by tin 1 authority aforesaid, that when said j , list of mum* aoleetcd as directed in the pm- i * ceiling Auction, i< made and certified as ; ; therein prorid-i for, immediately thereupon tile 1 Judg'*a of tie said respective Courts, . in tho presence ui' tbs members of the Bur af.>r->md and :-oeh other persons a* mav ! ' think proper to l>e present, shall cause all j I the names selected and placed on the list aforesaid to In* legibly written upon ballots, j which vlmll be ol' equal i*e, mid of the i same color nod npp-arance and shall I*• ; 1 Co*ely rolled or < .Ide I and placed by the Jttdpi* UluiMilf with hi* own hands imineoi- I atcly before the draw inu handn provided fur. . into % cubiform box wait sliding tup. ol the , ‘•quart* "f “iiiiil inches. to Ik> procured for j i iHut purpose by 11. • Link of said Court, un der the direction of the •‘'rid Judge ; and af J tor depositing said ballot*, the said box stiaii lim doted, and the said Jud ;e shall tb*;n | ' an*.! the Clerk, or one of his deputies whom j th* said Judge -hall designate, neither the , i one nor the other who may be so required to . ••? if, !,c; r? at at thu w rilin'. roiling or ‘ and • siting said ballots into the 1 j box. a* kerem directed, to MpjM’ur before 1 j him, aad then mid there, in tin- presence of i the .•aid Judge, and such other persons mi • nay chon e t.i In* present, after well and : thoroughly shaking M\id box. so that the bul ‘ l‘tsW well mixed, to draw from said box, j lUiough Mich *o opening or aperture nwd by moving the sibling lop thereof, oa will i o l\’ conven. ally admit tin* hand, and with ' onf tu any nun net* looking into mid I><6. ■ f (mo by one. forty iof said ballots ; and | the names appearing on said ballots, a* | drawn, shall he dftiy recorded by the said : Judge, or by ih Clerk in his presence, and | under his direction, in the order in w hich ! they Khali ba drawn, art aforesaid, and thcr- I j upon forthwith the Judge shall order a Ve- ' j litre faciiU to i*=ue, directed to the Sheriff i ofshesnid couutr, coniiuonding huu to sum mon as Jurors, to attend at thu next ensuing term of said Court, fhe scvnral persons whose names may b drawn tu ulWsaid; and if any such persons whose names are so drawn and embraces! in said Venire facia* should bu dead, rick or otherwise unable to attend, or *huu!d im ulweut. and thurnforo not to lx found, it ahull be tnc duty of the Sheriff forthwith to return the fact of such death ; disability or absence, and the said Judge shall thorvupua'eaaso ie be drawn from said bx, iu the manner hereinbefore directed other names in the place and stead of the original drawing aho may be dead, disabled or absent, and shall cause the name ‘ or name* of such person or persoua Mi as last j aforoHud drawn to bo inserted msaid Venire 1 facia* y and make return therm Ito said j Ourt at the opening of its sewsioo. I SECTION I. Aim be il further enacted , | iy theautboritt afurcoaul, that immediately : MlXer each drawing tor Jurors as directed in the preceding section and ibr Uditmet t os hereinafter direcle*!, and without suffering the said loillotk remaining in aaid box to he taken out, or it any nmouer removed there from, arinspteted, orexiuaincd. or said box to be Inoked into, tsr rtaj ived from his pros j cnee by tov pMon whatever, the said Judge j.of the said respective CourU shall dose itisad box, and either lock or seal the Mine soonrcly, and kc*mng the key or seal thcru of himself siiali ilefM>sit the said box con toSoiug thu remaining ballots, with the Clerk ' ** *ke said Court, to be by him safely free from any handling or tnfurforence by any |>e£sau whotever, unless it be in the presence of the said Judge andiiy his direc tion, and then only in the manner herein directed ; and if for the trial of any cause or causes, whether civil or criminal iu the said Ohtot Court, a talisman or talismen bo re nuired, th® Judge of the said Court may or der Iho Sheriff to summon such talinan or talismen either from a list of names that shall be drawn from the said box containing the said ballots tn the mode and u. directed m the tiririt Section ol'ilii. Act, und furmahed to tha aai.l Bhaiiff, at from the V aa hcr.tofura iuncticcd. Ami be U- J'urt.Sgt enacted. b, the authority aforesaid, lhat-of ihe forte . i-ixbl Juroni drawn and .nmmoned in the . third aectinn of ihU set directed, the twenty l three names first occurring in the order n , which they were drawn, shall constitute and , be the Grand Jury tor the ensuing tana of . the said Court; and the ramoining twenty , five r.AQie* next in order in tha drawing shall constitute and tho Petit Jury of mk! ea suing term of said Court. SECTION S. And be it further enacted, by the authority thu name of no person dtsquoliHH or by e,x ™ rnr "1 *■*•■■■■ II ~y i "Jim mmM ■ g-1 istiug law, tha Sheriff is forbidden to sum <non as such, shall bo selected and placed ► | Ipon the panel or list from which t*:c draw f I u>g >to be mode ns directed by this Ad; nor Shull any person be drawn and sum moned to two Court* successively ; and the , mid Court shall hove full power and author ity to coerce the attendance of Jurors drawu summoned under this act and to puuish bjßiiiu or imprisonment, or both, fur uu> t default or contempt committed in diaregard ingxuch summons. fIBOTION 7. .4aJ bf it enacted, Tbnt no 1 , term* of jim rof the Courts nforCMid shall be ' ’ held until Juries therefor cun lie selected ' and sumiuoned io accordance with tha pro i r visions of this Act, and in case the times now fixed by law fur holding the regular | , ! terms of any of said Courts shall arrive be I ! } foro Juries may be summoned in accordance | i with the provision* if this Act. it shall lie I j tbc duly of thu Judges of said Courts to dia- | charge the Juries which may have been sum { moned hy tho Sheriffs of said counties, or j any of them, without reference to this Act and to adjourn said term or terms for such | time as may be requisite to enable Juries to j be selected and summoned according to tho : provisions of this Act and to direct a Venire {facia* to issue for summoning the Jurors who nmy be selected for such adjourned j term or terms according to this Act. and to | fix the duy on which said Venire facias riiall ! be returnable, and thereupon to proceed to | hold said term or terms in the same manner i and with the same effect as if the said term i or terms hud been held on the day* now j lix*l hy law, and Ibe Grand and Pent Juries j m> to be selected and summoned shall bo ta : ken to all intents and purposes to be the the proper and lawful Grand and Petit Ju j rics us fully as if the sumc had lieen selected und summoned prior to the regular days of I holding the Uirin or terms of suid Courts. SECTION h. And be it enacted that this Act shall take effect and be in force from the dale of its passage. SECTION 4*. And ie it enacted that all law# iuconsifcteni with the provisions of this Act, be au I the same arc hereby repealed. 1 Wh certify that the aforegoing is a true copy of an act which paved the General As -1 tembly of Maryland, Muuuary Session, 18tJ7. W. R. COLE, Chief Clerk of House of Delegates. AUGUSTUS GAMS A WAY, • I .Secretary to the Senate. mar2B fit j : WANTED. ‘ ,4 LADY desire# to obtain plain board in a private family, near Westminster, lor thu Summer, for herself, agrftwa dough ter and three children. Enquire at the office of JAS. A. C. BOND, Attorkky at Law, j Corner of Main und Court St’*., Weal j minster, Aid. apnU-Jt \e>v Spring Hoods, CASSIMERES, CLOTHS &C. 41fli HAVE just returned from the city , with a large a-.-ortuicnl of Spring Cassimeres suitimbln for the season ut very reduced pri- | . i-w,. Cull .mi ex.mme for .our*,-Ives Iw-i fore Al.o mi-a.' unJ bo,-.’ tbt- j ton mol i.ineti I’io.t Srolf. SroL'Ki-KU A IIOVKUAX, I n 1.1 Sen Windeor. Getiilemcn lake Suttee. rice who want Clothing. Look to your j own Interest A g'vul Fit, and Fashionable If d hi red, OnarnMtccd. If AVING yecurod the Services of Mr. 1 Aibort Thompson, an experienced t ’utlorand practiral TaUc.r; we would notify > 1 the public, that Iu? will always be found ! midy to wait upon them, give them a good | I and neat fit, have tin* work done uromplly, ‘ und Terms mod*rato Call and try him. * sro upper k Huffman, npril 4 New Windsor. FOR SALE, 4 0001) SETT OF m.ACKSMITU ! TOOLS. Bellow., Anvil, Tire Bonder, | Dulling Mni-bini., Stut-lm ttm) Dks, JhiA f screw, all of which are nearly new ; Mha j ring Tools. Vice, Heading Tools, Tong*, i Humaicm and Punches. Swmlgra, Pulleys Ac. Apply nt the shop I mile onst uf Finkbui j, \Vestiniitslcr pike, to aprillk't JOHN ALLMAN. RAILS & POSTS FOR SALE. 1 . ww , UAlliVmtaoo 1*03T3, *ll fira 1 M M f rule. sndofpriineChcstantTim* j her, fur aide nt the Railroad. WesUninsicr, ut GRHR A OHNDOUFF'S. i prill-3t ■ mTEW Invoice of DomeMtlc Good* jm.t ,! 1.1 received and still lower at ap4 Stouffer & Uuflnw'l Election Notice. Nona: is hereby given, That an Klcelion will be held sn the several Election Distriois of Carroll county an, WEDNESDAY, the tenth day of April, to the year lbt!7, at the places and between the hours proscribed by law, when every person entitled t® vote for Delegates to the General Assembly shall vote ou the question of a call of a Convention to frame a New Con stitution and form of government for the State by exnrewing in writing or printaag the words “For a Convention’”or '‘Against aCouvenliaa,’’ .and at the same time and place the tatu voter* jfinll elect SIX DEL EGATES for soul Carroll county, to said Convention, according to the provisions of •Jlhe net of the Geneml Assembly parsed at (’the Januun session thereof, to wit; on the 1 . 2oth day of March, m the rear 1807, entitled 1 “An act to provide for taking the scium of > the people of tho Slate on a call of a Con ! vention to frame a Now t’onslitulion and form of government, and for assembling the : members thereof.'' J. I). HOPPE, Sheriff of Carroll county. POSTPONED PUBLIC SALE. i • I fr H E FAUX AND‘wood LOTS adjoining 1 JL BaUTs Mill Properly, Saw's Creek, advar -5 I Used to be sold oa the Sind Inst., owing to tho ®f the weather, was not offered, , will be one offered at Public Sale, on r SATURDAY, th* Ur sxr or APRIL, IMJ, I Ar 1 o’clock, P. M., and positively sold without reserve. CHARLES 3L MURRAY, r mar?Ms Trustee, t — n [ Eidaltoj MiMbeih Onwyt. ,Uvavd. 1 'VTOTICE i terA y girrn th.t -.1), Suk > A’ “"J'®''l|obtainlrroiolhOrpkn’ Court ofLurroll untr, Irtlers ofAdmim.lru liun on tho ! Vr-nn.l KUit of Eliiuboth . , pvnou, navtur <ten tniftit wud wut. arc . horeliy warned to exhibit th, ua, within , i * ix “ un ** u f">“ ?W dato, otherwise the, j | m.v hy tow l eiclude.l lr, 10 , n U beneßt o. f a-vdeatut. I%otu indebted we reminded i to make tnpmudwte payment, .ll , w I’-iTlfe A, OWIN’CK, mar2d-<4 Admimatmtot, ! UU Cloth, Matting 40,, ,’f j J 'Wt received nnd for safe by ; | iiiorT -Stoußcr * Uoffumn . NEW FIRM AND NEW GOODS, at WEsTMtaansH, inn. SAVE TOUR MONEY BY rtncHA.SING voni OOOIW Vl' FRITCHEY’S OLD STAND, From .Hood & Thomas, VV?? , ‘“ vc 0,1 ll,c ' r ** sl 3,vJ selected Stock of DRY HOODS, (tJroccries, 1/ Quaeniiware, HaU, Cups. Soots, .Shoes. kc. in the County. Having jmrchnJMxl thu entire Stock of Goods recently owned by Maskie 1 Co., we ere i now otu-imu the Stock at from 20 to 30 per cent. lona than original price*, end having i purchased all our . NEW GOODS, 1 i *loc* the recent hoary decline in prices, we foul confident we can offer "such inducement*, as will defy competition. March 21, 1807 HOOD A THOMAS.

To Bridge Builders. r pnr: County Commiaaionfry of Carroll JL county Maryland, will receive acaled proposals anti) Mokdav, 2Mh of Anui., next, for building a bridge over Big Pipe Creek, on the road leading from Muidlehurg to Tvueytowu. The Abutment* are up and ' uny repairs to them that may be required ' will be paid for extra, or done' by the Com- ' uihuioocrs. The distance between the A- 1 hutments is sixty three feel. Thu bridge to | a single span. ■ > ~ Each party proposing must give their own ! plan, and send a drawing and description of brl.lge. Parties may propoe# for either a 1 Wooden or an Iroj bridge —and if for a 1 wooden bridge, for either with or without a j root. A woollen bridge without a roof, mu st ho of good white oak timber; all floor i lug must lie of good white oak, two and a • half inches thick. They will also receive proposals for build* ing a bridge oter West Branch of Patapsco, ' ' nl Sykoaville, fifty feet span—and one at • Woodbme, about 40 feel spun. The two la>t j named bridges are near the B. AO. R. K. i Abutments all up, each bridge to be guar* | i I untoed to boar tons, j The County Commissioners reserve the 1 • fight to reject all proposals, if none am sut* \ isfactory. Proposals to be scaled and direc- j j Usd, County Comini*tioners, Westminster' ! Carroll county Maryland, marked (Propo* I sals for Bridge.) 1 1 By order, i I LEVI VALENTINE, 1 Clerk, j j PIBLIC SALE, j' I > Y order of the Orphans' Coart for Carroll j j County, the Hukcrihr, as Administrator; 1 | of pisabeth Owing*, dae'd.. will offer at PwMfe Sale, at tin. late residence of ihe doc'd., on the J Washington Kd, about miles from Wist-j J on Hi ID A Y tk, id d. t „ •/ AI'RIL, 1 ' 18C7, the following properly of aaid doc’d., vw; I I i U.VK BROOD MIRE will, foal, ji COLTS, (one years old and one , TCpX. yearling,) I CO N, (two with Calves. byUieir sids.) 1 Yearling Heifer, 4 Sheep. 3, i ] Lambs, 3 Brood Sows, 7 Hhnats, hit of Poultry, i I j I Wagon. 1 Carriage. I Thee-bing Machine, 1 ; i | Wind Mill, I drain Drill, 1 I'loagn, 2 Harrow s, | ( j 3 dnublu ibnvi.4 IMoaghj. 1 Cultivator, Hav t Carriage, Giliidatoov. Grain Cradlo, 1 Scrthoaj ! and Other Fanning Luu.iU. Alan I Eight dr ; ! j Clock and Case, (largesine,) Mahogany Side 1 Board, 4 Mahogany Tables, Bureau and Book ' Case. 1 PIANO. 1 Ikd and Bedding, 3 Bed-j | steads, lot of good Bed Clothing, Looking 1 ] j (•lasses, Stands. 'I Hocking Chairs, 1 dosen j , Chairs, lot of Carpeting, Silver Spoons, Ten- j ' plate Stove. Parlor Stove, 2 Cooking .Stoves, j Corner Cupboard, Buckets and other House- j 1 hold and KiU'hru Furniture. Also 1 Electrify- ' ; ing Machine, Clover Seed, the half of 12 Acre* * i , of Wheat growing, lot of Bacon, largo lot ofi Books, and many other r title*. 1 to commence at k) o'clork, A. M. I j*. —All sums under 15.00 rash. A credit 1 j of Six months will be given 00 all sums of si.(Kf; j autl upwards, on note and approved scctmty , i bearing interest from Ihe day of Sale. ' i DAVID’ A. OWINDS. ', marlS-R . Admin iatra tor, j Jtotlcc to Mechanics, 1 ER6POBAI.I for the manufacture of not ' leaa than 200 of Sopor’s Patent School is, will bo received at the School Com mieaionera office, Westminster Mi,, n til Apari. 17th. imt., for furnishing Uio mate rial, and manufacturing of tbo wood part; which alull lof hard masoned lumber; al ao the wrought Iron Rod that supports the seat, and the across nocoaaary for nuttioc t)ie desks together. Alao, arapeeaU for the eastings meessaiy fer the Aaeiruetion of said deeke—a finished desk can he seen at the other, and ipeci ties Mods fcruiahed. Vil. A. WAMPLER. _ marM.Jt Secretary. Tn Loom of good Too. VIT*I have eahsnd a rare aousrlor let of V Oreaa, Black mad Japan IW, at Balia, prices. Stood A Thoaiaa. UUPERIOIt Java and mo Ode., at O tntarMj Hood A Thomas. VERy Floe tVhi,try, p* r i and Madeira "A**/.* 1 __ Hned * Thiimas Camaty CWBoaiiahaurrH’ MUte! | rnilK County Caiaaiieewtiers for Carroll) I County iU meet at their (Mice, in ■ ffwUmnstcr, on tha F.aar Mo son or Jltr, IS7, for the transaction of; NWM By or4*r ( Uiivi valentine. „ k l' nU JA Clark. I A PRIMS lot of Frederick make" Buck Olorea, for ale by I Jnl7 Hoofer J- Hofm,,, J EGYPTIAN CORN I Au*ju\iuin mrlioru teri. Bonn fide. Quid pro quo ! ffMIK subscriber offers to farmers tbronghoul 1 X the country the r.GTIM'I 4 V CORN, which, upon trial, was found tu ripen, planted | even the last of July. It is estimated, from its | vary prolific qualities, to yield IMi bushels uer acre, and weighs, by sealed measure, sixty-five pounds to ihu busb-1. This corn was produced by some procured direct from Mr. Jones, uur consular agent, directly on bis return from Egypt. It needs no different culture from that of utli er varieties, and in th South two crops can be raised in on season on the same ground. It Kuws in the form of a tree, and (bit tv-four oars vu grow n upon one stalk, and will average fioua live to fifteen. For domestic use it ia un paralleled. When ground and properly bolted, it ia equal lu color and fineness to wbeaten floor, i As a forage crop, by sowing in drills or broad cast, fur early feed, there is no kind of corn so well adapted' to milch cows, and none that will yield half the value in sulk or corn. It can be successfully grown in say State. 1 give the moat satisfactory references that the corn la, in every respect,'what 1 represent it tube: and furtlier. I am the only person | throughout the country who has (bis variety of corn. Having secured a quantity', I am now able to (Ui all orders for those desirous of test ing It. TERMS.—Ia order that all may receive teed, I we hnvo reduced the price to one dollar sod fifty cents a package. Any person who will get up a club of fire will 'receive a package I grade- Fifteen packages $lO, Fifty packages for 20. One hundred packages for S3O. One package will contain enough tu plant the fol- I loving season from twenty to thirty acres; also directions fur planting and cultivating. Address, T. E. U. UIfDSKY, Box TS, Abingdon. DjarJl.'U W ashington Cot, Va. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL CO LLEGE. FIIIIE duties of this Institution will bo re | I nmwd cm. MONDAY, 25th day of UAKCH. 1807. | W bile it is designed to mnkn instruction 1 I # the theory and i.rocticn of Agriculture the I ! peculiar feature of the College, provision U \ made for a full comae of Collegiate i net rue [ Uon, embracing tho Latin, Creek, French. I German, Italian and SpnoUh languages, or ! any of them, a course of Mathematics. Men J j sal and Moral Science, History, and the atu ) Idy of!be English Language and Literature | j Natural History and Natural Philosophy lin their several branches will have special attention. Military tactics will he taught. 'Phere wiil Ik; no Preparatory Scho<d, bait | a selected English and Scientific course auty |be taken at ti.c student’s option. No one received nnJcr 11 years of age. [ For a circular aud further information, ad ! I lire... :N. U. WORTHI.VOTON, 4c., I Office American Fanner, Baltimore. ! tnarll 4l MMMw . KUMtN FRIZELL & MANNING, i WKSTU/NST/SR. Ml) \ STOl’k A\D MILL IfROKEHS. I\T 7 ILL boy and sell on Commission, nil I V V iaStHW of U. S. Securities, Gold, Sal* per, Bonds, 4c Bank St<H*k (.ought and Isold on Co.umiftston. Collections made with Inrompt returns. lotnd Warrants Wanted |>Vll pay Three per u nt. (8) for Depositee, |o be drawn out on demand. I march? U* I NV f mt SqVITY. 1/(1 the Cifcmit Omrl far Carroll County I inKquily. I .EMtFABTTIUI, IM7. I Anthony Jackson, virtue of Brandfather A next friend of Ij on order Bamuel J. Toopa 1 others, ofthe Court, I , Jf*' theCraditorsof Kamuol J. 1 oops A others. Ann E. Bruce, pre hereby notified and warned to file their ■claims properly authenticated with the Clerk ■of tho Circuit Court for Carroll Countv. on lor bftfosf the 10th day of April next, other prise they may be debarred of Inc benefit* of Rite trust fund. I A. D. SCHAEFFER, HgrlM Auditor. MEW BOOK AND I STATIONERY STORE. fI’IIE imdersipied having ju/.t opened IJ husiuen. Ukoe pleveure in oalling liu ■nUentniD of the Pubuti to hi, well .elected rstock of Books, Stationery, f.Saiibnti, School Bookt. Cuds, Ac., which I he Betters himself he can now sell on u Bur Icnus ns enu be obtained elsewhere. All orders fur Uooks, Music, Ac , prowinth filled. HENRY D. 01IAMMKII. wai lMf Westminster, Md. A GftKA T CHAX Cl'far AG EXT&I NOSOAP! SOWATRIt NOSiOPItI nttotv.vs CLASS CLEANING POLISH. Putonled Ont, 10, ISM. For cleaning and |X>Bshig windows, mir ror, nold. .ilver, plnlnd wnm, hnss, nipper, tin, 4c. A new mvenkon of thn (minst prnceirnl worth, coneeninnen, nnd aconnmr indispensable to nil hoasakeraers. hotel krepeis, storekeepers, Ac. Address <’. M. Brown, No. 71 Bleecker Street, Sew Yerh. Liberal discount to the Irak. Price to n. ; P Vox. jnsl7-3e, I 3AS. A. C. BWD, ' / ATTOHVtV *T X.AWT, WESTMINSIBA. MC. { X*prom^ ,^ |,,? * 1 ' h *' < ssd 1 Comer of Court nnd Main ; Streeto. rowU-lm i CABPKNTKSS TOOLS. T tTST^ ,iT1 •Yon thn Fnctorinn a full I O stock, fcr sale at Baltimore p,ic. I John L Rei(boliter. A VERY nifoi articleforHosirekeeprni. A Ham Saw., just rewired and for IP Btou(fi)r k Hoffman. GREAT SALE OF FRUIT, SHADE. EVEHOREKX AND ORN'a.MEVTAI, TREES, H. \NT3, VINES if. ffHlfi Undersigned will.offer at Public i 1 Sale, ii the Carroll Vurifi), 1) I nili W#*t of VVvitiuiiisWr Md.. on ThiirtJuy the 4 th thy of April, 18G.7. I Au extensive and ebuice isiurkment uf Fruit Trees, i on*iriing of about jr..(W Apple. large ' iiw4 year* old : about 7 WOO Fooeli, 4WWO of j which are budded from inriuf tr*e* that are clour of the yellow*; about HAW Dwarf ud j Siuuliht Pear*: about 2UO Apricot* : u lew ; Clterriaa ; alxHtt 2taX) 0 raj/e V inc*, of all the j loading vothAmm ; uhout 190# perpetual I hearing Itaxpberrir*; uhout 1000 Houghton SeedHng OocaeUrriuc that never blight nor mildew ; about 110,000 Strawherrienot W dif ferent kind*, ouch a* the Ayrii-ulturiil. ftu*- VV’U on'it; Albany,TnotnpbcdeGrand, Sir. Abo a lot oflurgo nized Evergreen*, and Ornamental Tree*. Hole to comuteaov at 10o’clock A. M. Ti;h**.—-All Hums uadvr s'>,oo eo*h. A• , hove that amount a credit of \ix month* will be given on note and approved ooctirity bearing iulcreat from the Rule. JOSEPH STOUT, luvip Onixuoßtr. Auctumarr. mar 14-la FARMERS PItEPVBEHW VOIR SPRING CROPS. I ; fPIIF. Snbacriber offers the following ap* j 1 proved Fertilizer*. Baugh’s Raw Bono Phosphate 1 A highly popular am] dopeiuhtble Fertiliser of twelve years standing and of which many thousand torn arc annually sold. MARYLAND POWDER OF hone: Guaranteed free from adulteration and analysing 64 per cent, of Phosphate of I l.ime and over HJ per rent, of i Amimonia uniformly made, and, . fine enough to drill! GROUND PLASTER! A very superior article. muiafoctured at lied Bench MUU. NO. 1 PERUVLiN GUANO , Of direct importation, which I deliver from Government's Agent’s Warehouse. Ad tiuse articles will he furm'Jied at hwnf rnten. LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEALERS. ! IQuSend for a Circular* Oilers received by J. H. Bower*, and by Gehr A Orndorff, at Westminster. Md. GEORGE DUG DALE, No*. 97 and 106 Smith ■ Wharf, jan3l-Bin Baltimore, Md. GROCERY AND Provision Store. CYRUS D, STOHESIFER, Respectfully inform* kk patron* j I and friend* that he him commenced I receiving Freak Fink of all kind*, and will j continue through the sensei. Also Fresh | Meat* of all kind* always on hand. Com j j Beef and smoked Reel’, smoked and fresh I i Sansage. newly cured Ham*. Shmildem and ! Side*. Potatoes, (Wn and Buckwheat Meal, ! Turnips. Beets, Bonn*, Hominy. Pickles, j Cider Vinegar. Sweet Cider and Apples, Dried Fruits, Ac., t-roc cries and Pros Ulone of all hind*. Tobacco and Cigars, Canned I Fruits and Vegetable* of the parent and j fre&htvt the markets can afford, Oysters, cither by large or small quantity, Families snpplied and delivered at the door | at the shortest notice. Come and nee for ! yooraelves. I will sell the above goods at I the lowest and most accommodatiii;; tennn. I Opposite Peter Lingonfelter's Hotel, (form- ! erly Grass's,) Wnctminslir. Md. CYRUS D. liTONESIFEn. ; fob 14-8 m Auction. TYV virtue of a Decree of the Ciivuil I g Court for linhimore City in rouse whernn Caroline C. K. Wyeth 4* cuniplmn ant and Leonard Jarvis Kendall and others are defendants, the understgnnl. Trustee, will sell at Auction. t the Court Mouse in Wertioianler, Carroll county. Md.,uu Saturday, the 13.A day of April, 18G7, At 17 o'clock, M., All that valuable tract of land called “Ro chester" and ’‘Rich Meadow," being the property known as the “Owlon” Farm, and lately occupied by Mrs, EUxakth Owing*, j deceased, containing 1 199 Acres, 2 Roods A 19 Perches of Land, more or lass, pan in i unbar nud port usdtc cultivation, and in improved by a DWELLING HOUSE, STABLING tv. AySU.- 'V It hounds un tire Road. A in about ' I miles turn fn.m Vwaintw. A plutnftCpro party will be shown t the rule, or may be een at the office of the Trustee. Tbe title i. believed to be indispii nod puaaes iion given immediately. r* ferns, nf Salt'at power. id 6. Ilk dtcnt are, One-third tMh, one third at >ix luonthi, end one third at twelve muntfai fn.m Jey of Mle with intereet un credit pay ments, to be imeteed by with uppruv ed cndorsmnwit. For further ii.formuivii enquire of the undersignej. EIiWARI) OTIS HIS KMCY, Trustee. North CKsrles St., Bultimuro, Md. ■narttllt Gephakt & Barbee, M I, llwvturd Street. SALTIMORE, MO., wiMutuLC mute*s IX BROOMS, BUCKETS, BASKET'S, troooe.v I rAMCt/tU Had,. Cordugn, Twine, Brnshoa MeUl.cs, RlueVu.", Ac., Ac. merJl Ijrr NOTICE. ™ THE mkeuribnn buvin* sold their stock In Messrs. Hood * Thornes ere anxious to el ill cratnxodiu* debts. IVnon. in debted to them will snub, the lew before the RMh. ef April, next, es ell socouuts nn pwd et tbst Ume will he pieced in the heads cLT^, 1 f r.ri om "' u ‘“ orJin * (ou "- r osr*" Bi,, * ° f kin,s rr '" ,p| ’ •* **• TAVERN STAND FOR SALE TIUO-mbstriUr dusiraut In retire from public business, will idfer ul I’rivule Sule, e ' lurfc sod cumutudivns . TAVERN STAND, uiusteJ i-i tlie T'SWU of Meacliestur, Cerrull | lU'Unly. Md , un the (lultimure eed llsnuvc. I furnpibr. Tbciv is itleu stkacUid tu the J proj-erty e . TtXAXr miustf, , 1.-u li.m-c. now.hlled with Ice . *l.oe isr.e i.urdcii. end tw-j Ides of ground, cunteininx neurit 2 ACRES OF LAND, upon which is j wetted s lurjpj STABIvE suited for s Ueert I here u i mail runuin* daily from Mencb.-j --j ter by the Hultiuiure 1 urn pike to Glee i Morns Stoiion, to inicrscct tlw Waatern Md. Itmiroud. fhe Stand i* ih aame whifth *m formerly kept by Wm frnmriw, Ofa.e- Mancliester is henjeoserh l„, sled, and hts some line improvements,, sod is (tnornisy very 10-alihy, l.uvinp four noise Cbwrrhev of the different Jcuuiniuuuoi., u (.'oUesrend Armtoeiv. Thu property u ill be sold on rrssonulJs Terns, end it nut sold held re the mb dev ef April next Ul Private Sale, it will be uffsie,: on said der el publu; Sal,-. Posw-ssiou will be given on thv Wlh dee of May latiT. For information inouim of , , If i. NX FT tiHEEN". •will Manchester, Md. PRIVATE BALE I I A Bargain Offered. A HOT SE AND LOT, fronting on Mein I A V "" 1 Street, at the West l.ud of \\ Crtmins er. The most eligitic situation fur n Iflecksmitl, Shop in the coun ty. A good Two Story LOO Ht’ILDIXG ISM upon the premises. itb s beck building et luebed, , first -rate Wall of water undekew Pamp in mid Well el e coet of $(. Term* will Ui nuuic to toit the purchaaar fea the muncy it act ileotred. A LSO 1 A HOUSE end One ACRE of Land I Ivin* upon the Conn* Uod, J mile from' | >' (’ntmiuolor, suitable for two tenant*—on* | at this lime mating for $26, the other for SBA per aauuiu • Tenuti to suit the purchaser neuCA ssira. PKIVATK SALS. I OFFER at private ante, a FARM of IIS ACRES OF LARD more or lees, situated in Carroll county, ad joining J. M. Lucuhaugh's Mill property and the Inode nf .laeob Uaokerd and Andrew Reese, and within half, mile of Cranberry Station. Western Md. Railroad A large omnortion of it i, firrt reu TIMBER I. AND, and is wall wsterad end under good fracing. It is improved with a Urge LOG DwHHug House EtaEak void Back liuiliiiuf, Stabling Ac. It will be j *vld in parrrU to *uit purchasera, tf deeired; 1 the parcel including tku buildings to have 60 , or Ort acms. muTcrui moaerat. i • lUCHAKD Max VINO. f. •ecU tf WimtauaMer lid. FOR RENT, ’ Rockdale Wooller FACTORY.* r pilE ua.ltmugned will Rent, or | 1 the üboyc Factory from the first of April next, *ituated in Carroll county, oa j the Patap*oo fell*, a never failing stream I if l 'nil©* South of liampslead, aM 1 mile KL W. of Houck’s Bit*. This Factofw Ka* j been thoroughly and <ba Haehii.rii I * new and, u now in aa wood ooodhien na j 01 her factory in the County*. A 100, 60 Acres of tr.m^ | uilacbcd to Ihc aame in e cued state of col i ovation, to U rented therewith j Any person to rent the ewoe wiil please apply to either of the uadetsigned. or sdilrese, Houcksville. Md. . U W. HOUCK, . , ’ B. HOFTMAX. I _ Owners Owners of Water Psw^T Should tea; tkc odlctiratcd lkffkl turbine WATER WHEEti, Man efacturod by rOOLE A HUNT, Baltimore, .Md .Send for a circular. dccG Cm. REMEMBKX. Tbet^^^T^foSr'r*, l ’ U there a place- on earth That beets the Xw Shoe Store? Trfl me, ye ledies flur, TVbo so bcuignlw ooule. Do yon wmb pooa; cheep eed nn, Of eery aßieattee sSpie > Tb .™ • S®**. *• ooertn end fine. And Shoes nf the latest style; •So* Bw.” I ou ii deal there aR Mr wkftr. Now. Busby is e Indiful gun. He tells no fo msy Ireeb j lUH please yon well. I knr It cm: His plan of aching it cash. JOHN B, BUSBY, Opposite New Catholic Cknrck, feli-l tf Main Street WeMansHar. PIIVATK SIL*. THE un'^gne^rffasssf Info, On in which he now TModoa, sit ust at the Wom End of Town, adjoining w ith the L*>t fn-’iiting f<V feet on Main alraat T .piugA.Uofo., m. , S, g; ffirinirfii 1 OB dlB Jek. >!s3mWlb ' • 1 US’! - A UdtMi of Job Wttrk tiiiljr eelßßi