Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 22, 1873 Page 2
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|h ™‘ j —:— 1 Wax Cadmus • Myth? We have bwo aectistoiuttl to regard Cadmus aa a historical character, as much mi as any other personage mentioned iu history, bat doubt* an thrown over (ho existence of such a person by the savans || of the present day. Cadmus, we are told, rtaa not a man. but that the word i* de- ; rived from the Phoenician word Kadm 1 signifying: the Kant, from which direction the Alphabet waa iatrodneed into Greece; bat it has generally been supposed that Cadmus was a man and that be was the inventor of the Alphabet. Davenport's Dictionary of Biography," which lies before us. makes no mention of Mich a person, but many Malurions do mention him, sad we oak ourselves the question, whether it b passible that the world has been mistaken in this matter so long? Another question b suggested to our mind,'and it b this—ore not some men wise aborc what b written? We once hoard the existence of Gen. Francb Marion and Paul Jones, two well-known characters in American history, doubted by men assuming to be intelligent. May not the doubts respecting Cadmus arise from a similar muse ? Zell s Encyclopaedia speaks of Cadmus as follows: —‘-According to ancient Greek tradition, Cadmus was the leader of a col ony of Phoenicians, who settled at a very early date in Boot in, and founded the city Of Thebes, B. C. about 1450. The Greeks attributed to him the introduction into their country of the sixteen simple alpha betical characters; and the close analogy in form between the Greek and Phoeni cian alphabets tenders thb account ex tremely probable. Bb personal history b almost entirely fabulous. ’ In Harper's Magazine for March, in an article contributed by Rev. Wm. Hayes Ward, entitled ‘ Our Debt to Cadmus," occurs the following passage:—“Hence forth the East —or Cadmus, if yon please, for Cadmus b no historical character, only the Phtcnician word Katim , -East.'' per sonified —" * • • The Rev. Royal Rabbins, in hb “World Displayed, speaks of Cadmus: —“Cadmus was a Phoenician. He laid the foundation of Thebes. Thb fact b very much in vested with fable, which needs not to be detailed. If Thebes, according to some, sprang np at the sound of Ampbiou s lyre, i. e. by encouraging the workmen, still Cadmus built a citadel which he called Cadmet. and thus formed the commence ment of a city. Cadmus was the first to introduce the nso of letter* into Greece, though some maintain that the same al phabet waa in exittcncc among the native inhabitants. Thb alphabet consisted of only Id letters, to which 8 were afterwards added. The warship of several of the Egypt bn and Phoenician deities was also introduced by Cadmus. Hb era b reck oned to be 1519 years B. C.” Bribery—The New Jersey L-gbla turc, following the example of Congress, b investigating charges of bribery against its members, to vote for and against cer tain railroad bills. Legislators, both State and National, have shown themselves of such easy virtue, of late, as to he as mar ketable as any other commodity. Bribery ought to be made a felony, panbhable by heavy fine and imprisonment in the peni tentiary, of both giver and receiver. Any impudent, purse-proud railroad president, director, or other officer, who dares to ap proach a legislator for corrupt purposes, ought to be made to suffer the severest penalties. Any aspirant to the U. 8. Senate or Honse of Representalires. to any State Legislature, or to any office of profit or trust whatever, who shall, directly or indirectly, resort to bribery, should be rbited with condign punbhmtnt. Penal legislation of thb character, has become absolutely necessary, for bribery b now earned to the moat shameless and unblush ing extreme. The country must protect itself against ail such villainy, or swift de struction b sore to follow. Editorial Tot iwev.—The Fmkrick Vabat shivers a lance upon oar neighbor Scabrook, of the Smtu tef. for having “jus tified the late robbery of tbs United States Treasury of more than a million and a half of dollars by the late Radical Congress.’' The fnion thinks that -the good people of Carroll county had better never pat a man like thb in any of their publip offices, or they may “pay dear for their whistle.' Thb n a little hard upon our neighbor, at this particular juncture, whan, rumor has it, he is looking towards one of the fattest of our county offices. However, let the Knight of Frederick keep hb lance in poise, for be may expect to feci the Iran efaeon of the Kni .ht of Carroll, who cannot 6il to respond to thb challenge of hb ad versary. _ A Boll.—ln hb letter in reply to Sec retary Bontwell’s resignation. President Grant serves upon alt his Cabinet officers the following notice to quit: “Among joar new official associates I trust you will find the same warm friends snd co workers that you leave in the executive branch of the Government,'' The President trusts that Mr. Bontwcll will find the tamo warm friends in the Senate that he leaves in the Cabinet. That b wha! he says, but such is not hb meaning; he simply ini oded to say that be trusts Mr. Bontwcll will find as warm ! friends in the Senate * he leaves in the Cabinet. It used to bo raid—“give an Irishman twice to speak." Whether Irish or not, the President require* it, to be properly understood. The Liberal Republicans would not unite with the Democrats in the New | Hampshire election, hut setup a ticket of! their own The result was that in a rote ef 60,(100 in the S ate they cot', only 500. Last year in the Presidential election, the Democrats adopted tho Liberal Republican candidate and platform. Bwt the Liberal. Republican* evince no each liberality to- ; words the Democrats. Henceforth, let the Democrats trust them sa they would treat the Hathcab themselves. _ . I JV next Ptnte election comes off to ( r An Editor Loose. Now and then an Editor gels loose from ' bb sanctum, and. when he docs, -.40 on tho plunk or pike is hb delight. Ooc 1 | of the TV/. Field tiud Farm men got out 1 1 the otlr day. and thb U the wuy he puts 1 lit: C • - j' ! A Srsivo-lUr Hues.—Tbc balmy sir of a (I i Spring day, “so sweet ami bland, Hire the kiu r ot maiden love," allured ua oat to a drive: ,ti and, aa the afternoon drew towards it* jj duos, we were whirling along down the road t in the deep enjoyment of the poetry of mo- a tiou.* [•*o la, gals, yoo ought to're seen us kitin' j Two gay spokes on the road to Brighton," ) | The firmament above was one vast expanse of axure, with not n clood sweeping along its wide waste to catch the eye or arrest the at- 1 I tendon. The sun was gradually sinking in I the West in a glow of crimson, throwing vivid * rays from off its biasing lace and everything 1 looked bully, J Ay we gaud enchanted, a : . scope of woods came between ua, and the tall, ! naked members caught the direct rays of the 1 dying sun. tabling, redacting, mingling them 1 iu a conglomerate, but brilliant, disorder, into c “one boundless blaze of lea thousand trem J bling fires and dancing lustres," as if the fiery 1 sphere had let loose myriads of blaxiug ser- ! penis to destroy the iatereepters of its flood 1 of light (Hold, hold there I j A few moments more, and the departing sun J had left us with ihegloainiimloSll our visions. * Our imagination ran riot with our sober sense. 1 i [Whoa I j The wildest thoughts of our secret 1 wishes seemed to be within the compass of 1 realisation. The veil that separated os from 1 . the alluring future was gently brushed to one 4 tide that we might venture, though it was but 1 in conceptive thought, to invade the sacred ' r precincts. (Don tdo anything rash. J Thus 1 , while the beauty of the gloaming stimulated 1 our vision, other senses were being steeped 1 ' in sa intoxicating draught; and we roamed ' [ through ethereal space (.Look out tor your ' wings, Icarus I j a creature of new sensations, as sensitively respondent to the magnetism of 1 . the moment as if we bad found a strangely ' fascinating plensure unknown before. IH-n-v-e yoo ever been in love.] We were a captive 1 i enchained in an ideal bower of bibs. But all pleasures will end, and delights 1 ■ grow cold: the dusky eve came thick and ' ■ last, warning us to retrace our way. We , turned, and, as the pall of night settled down over the face of mother earth, re-entered the ' r brilliantly lighted city, with a lightsome heart , filled with newer life and braced with deep ' resolves to win our future way.—Varick. > .. ♦Don't talk of the “poetry of motion ! in a baggy. Had yon been firmly seated - iu tho saddle, with an elastic back beneath j - you, going at a spanking canter, fAca yon v might have talfcrftl of the "poetry of mo- 1 lion.’’ Lovcm of the marvelous will find on the , first page an interesting article mi old su perstitions. omens, presentiments, and en chsntmcnLs. Mach has been written on ' these subjects, and yet they arc but itnper- I fectly understood. He who wants to in vestigate them further should read Scott's j Demonology, Comstock and kindred works. Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, Benjamin | Franklin, and many others, have treated of dreams, witchcraft, incantations, magic, jugglery, sorcery, alchemy, snd the occult sciences, which are hardly as well undef ’ stood now as they were in the days when j Aaron's budding rod swallowed np the j rods of the diviners and soothsayers. | Franklin, who philosophised about every- ' thing, erroneously contended that dreams | were but the results of our waking i ’ thoughts, and subject to car control; that: I hb osrn dreams were a source of infinite I amusement to him. A clergyman, here. | recently said that "good dreams were the ': result of good thoughts, and bad dreams of , | bad thoughts.” This may be partially 1 < | true, but there are m my dreams so strange j ] ; and grotesque as never to have entered i into the waking thoughts of any one. 1 .(“Virions,” and “dreams," so frequently : ! mentioned in the holy oracles, were often 1 . 1 the media tbr ugh which b aven commun . icated its will to men. an I may be so sti I. . The subject b one of much interest, and ' r is no doubt susceptible of being more fully i understood than it b now. r i * , j Delaware Atpairs—The tnebnt 11 j town of .'few Castle is jubilant at the fail- 1 , • are of the attempt to lake from her the j | honor of being the county scat. Bonfires ' j and rejoicings, salvos of trtillery nnd i i Ciceronian oratory, celebrated the result. ' Wilmington b jubilant over her new ] ; hotel, the “Clayton House," so called after ' ( 1 one of her dblingubhed citiiens, the late ; 1 J Hon. John M. Clayton. Now we object ■ . | to thb thing of associating the name of a , j great nun with that of a hotel. If they ! i I I wanted to build a monument to the men- ' ory of Clayton, why did they not do it of 1 . I marble ? There is no appositeness in aaso- I I ciating hb name with a hotel. He never kept a hotel; he waa never a toddy-mud dler or a mixer of brandy-smashes and gin '! cock-tails, but a statesman. Such, howev- j er. is Site. Byron said that military glory ; consisted in being wounded in battle and r having yonr name mispelled in the ga . | xette*. Ovic renown b even worse, when i a man's good name b to be handed down f to posterity through association with a ; ’ hotel. “To what bane uses may we . come nt last." The skull of Caesar may • i be nude a dtinking-cup. , Delaware College, Newark, asks assert ’ anoc from the Legislature, now in session : t •“ s i Tu* Salary Ixcrease Vote.—Our t ! respected contemporary, the Ror.hnttr * j Drmaerut am/ Chnmielr. say*: i ! “The press, without an exception that we I ! have seen, condemns the salary bill, ns to ’ which, by the way, there ia a party response t j biiity worth noting. On the vote for the in . ; crease, twenty-four Republicans iu the senate sod sixty-four in the house voted aye ; twelve j Democratic senators nnd thirty-nine Demo- j cralic representatives voted on the same side. | - i Of those who voted nay, in the senate twenty- I t one were Kepublicsns and six were Demo- I ends: in the honse fifty-nine were Bepubli s cans nnd thirty-five Democrats." Tbo above showing of the relative Re -1 publican and Democratic vote, on that oh- j , noxious measure, u true. Wo are sorry ! that any Democrat should have been be * smirched by it, bat, after all, it will not be J * denied, that the Republican party, having a ■ j large majority in Congress, is justly re -1 j sponsible for its acta. Besides, the Presi ■! dent having the veto power failed to cx j ere be it in thb case. The responsibility. , therefore, clearly rest* with the Republi i<*" PrtJ- The Illinois House of Representatives lux followed that of Ohio, and by an al most unanimous vote adopted a resolution 1 severely censuring the Congressmen from ! that State who voted to increase their sal- I aries at the end of the last session of Con I gross. V• t j, - - •"* ■—■ It is dated that fifteen bilb passed by i ! Congress arc lost by a pocket veto, that b, the Pros ideal declined to sign (hem; but -j i he didn't decline to sign the increased ! i salary bill. Net he. “As mr*n a* a Aiembe. of Congress, ' has passed Into a proverb, since (he Credit , MobUer expose and the late salary grab I into the Treasury. ' To-day is the anniveraary of tte murder j of hb wife, by Adam Horn, March 22d, , 1843, juat thirty yen* age. , (< LOCAL AFFAIRS C arrou. Farm cs' Clv*.— Westminster. ; Mmh mk ms,~ tjmi ctuh uu.i t \h* oftut of John Wtlllanuu jr., tbw eveetog, th#? FpwMoijl, h\ H. On inJorfl’. in thu dwtef. 1 llw SeerttHtj* cM ihe roll Mini read tbe nrocewliutpi of Itwl meeting. The Mines of • Orowl, SamodHooftWm. H. ? OreodorflT, W, L, W. Seabrook. Jno. william** ' jr., and Wm. H. V&nderfVml, were idded to the list of member*. A Utter from S. S. ! Fends, Esq., Meting thel owing to indisposi tion he wa.B unable to attend the mcoiiug, wes presented by the (.’owmirtee. The Commit- j tee on By-Lews reported the’following, which were adopted: hi;tea and ■ecilatiosr for tht GuctrnmtHl of the Carrvli former-* CIA Wi'rfmimtter, Md. I. This Club shell be celled and known is the Carroll Farmer*' Club. 'l. ihe object of this Club shell be the advancement of the interests of Farmers end the improvement of Agriculture. Jt. ihe officers of this Club shell lie a President, three Vice Presidents, e Record ing end e Corresponding Secretary, a treas urer, and a board of three Curators, to be chosen by ballot, or otherwise, at the annuel meeting, end to serve for one year, or until j their successors are appointed. 4. ihe President shall preside at ell ; meetings of the Club, determine points of | order, subject to appeal, appoint ell commit- 1 tecs, unless otherwise determined, end beve 1 the easting vote iu the event of e tie. One of j the Vice Presidents shall perform these duties iu the absence of the President. o. Ihe ilccordiug Secretary shall keep in a book, accurate minutes of the proceedings of the Club, and a lioll of its members iu the same, give notice of the meetings of the Club, when necessary, and perform such other du ties as the Club may require. Jhe Corres ponding Secretary shall conduct alt the cor- j respoudence of the Club, end perform the duties of the Ker-ordiug Secretary in his ab sence, unless the Club othet *vise determine. 0. fhe freaauper shell receive ell funds of the Club end keep an accurate account of the seme, and pay ell bills on the order of the Club, countersigned by the President. He rthall make an an mu I report of the condition of the funds of the Cluh ; at the annual meet- ! ing, or ofteuer, if required, ami shall hand over to hU successor ell funds, booh* or pa per* of the Club in his possession. 7. It shall be the dutv of the Curator* to present to the Club suih subjects of discus sion or inquiry, at each meeting, as they may deem proper, subject to the decision of the Club, which may alter, amend, or reject the same, and substitute other*, fhis duty of the Curators may be omitted when any subject under discussion shad be adjourned from one meeting to another. Ihey shall also have charge of the Uall, or place of meeting, and the supervision of the unitor, when the Club shall Dud it necessary to employ one. . This Club shall meet regularly on every Thursday evening at 7| o'clock, unless otber | wise ordered. On motion it was ordered that the next meeting be held on '1 hursday evening next at 7§ o clock. Mr. Mordecai Gist was appointed as au additional Vice President; Jno. v ' ilUaina. jr., was appointed Corresponding Secretary; Vvm. j L. \\. Seabrook, Recording Secretary ; l)r. 1 J. Kincbart, Um. A. Mcketlip, and 11. Vau derford. Curator*. The question for discussion, *‘What isthc : ll Method of Preparing and Fertilizing j Ground for the Cnltivatiou of Cornwas then taken up by the Club. The President, F. U. Orendorff. stated that several years ago he prepared a lot of i seven acres which foul been in clover mixed with blue grass and had been limed the year ’ before. Ploughed it in the Fall and stirred lit in the Spring- Planted by 4 feet, with two and three grain* in every other hill; used a compost made of 4 hen manure j rich earth and added 6U s. plaster to about lb or ‘M . barrels of this compost. dropped a handful to two hills, worked it us long os possible, the object being that the grouud might be kept • mellow and the dew* concentrated around the roots of the corn. Ihe yield was about 12 { barrels per acre. Mr. B. F. Shrivcr s experience was that I frequent ploughing was beneficial even in the | severest drought. Dr. J. ttinebart advocated Fall ploughing . as the better plan, as the frost then kills all - the insects in the ground. Mr. C. Schweigart preferred the plough to , the cultivator, as it gave nourishment to the corn; was iu favor of working corn as often as possible before the harvest. Corn should be dj feet apart in the row and 2 or 8 stalks in the hill, which would give large ear*. Great care should be observed in thinning corn, that the weakest sulks be removed and those remaining not be disturbed : the stalk* should not be close together, but placed so as to give a free circulation of air, by which it produced bet er. The land between the rows shdbid be kept level, so aa to prevent wash ing. Mr. A. D. Schaeffer inquired whether suck ering com waa beneficial. Mr. F. U- Orendorff thought not : the more tou pulled the faster they came. He thought his laud waa too heavy to grow sweet corn profitably. Dr. J. Kinchart preferred using a fork in 1 working corn the first time. The question adopted for discussion at the | next meeting is, ** w hat is the best Method of Producing Potatoes f ? There was no meeting of the Club on Thurs day evening, owing to the inclemency of the weather, the Club will meet at the usual place on Thursday evening next, when the question to have been discussed on Thursday evening last will occupy the attention of the | members. Proceeding■* or the Concrr Cowmaaiox- I esls. —Board met March 17th : special meet | ing: member* present. Jo*. H. Hoppe, Pres ! idem; Geo. H. Frank, Joseph Spurrier, and | Jnbez A. Busb, CVrk. Ordered that the ram of SK>.2O be refund | cd to Keuben Henry as taxes iroprojerly paid iin 1870 and 1871. Several transfers and al ; t. ration* were then made. I Mar. la. --Ordered that Joseph Spurrier be I allowed ths sum of Blb, being due him in the payment of eonaty expense*, prior lo the ap j pomtment of a t reasurer. 1 Ordered that Dr- Leonard Zepp be ap • pointed as physician to the almshouse for one ; year, from the Ist day of January 1878. Ordered that Granville Wilson be appointed { Steward lo the almshouse for one year ' from the first of March 1878. I Ordered that the Clerk lo tbi* Board give j notice through the Democratic Advocate i snd American .'cutincf to the tax payer* of Carroll county to meet the Board at stated j times for the purpose of making transfer*, j abatements, Ac., prior lo levy of 1878. j BtAi- Estate Sale*.— -The Carroll County ' Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, j mortgagee, sold on the 6th instant, a house ’ and lot of land, in the town of Manchester, to j Henry D. Miller, for $1256. 1 On the same day the same Association, i sold a bouse and lot in Manchester, lo Henry j Keugle, for $1155. j Andrew Snyder and John C. Denner. as i mortgagee*, sold on the 1:1th instant, a tun i nery containing 2 limes, 1 bait, 1 pool, 4 ; latches, 2 handlers, Uj laying away rat>, good ; running water, bark mill, and all* the neces sary appliances of a good country* tannery. . Also 1 j acres of land, improved with a good ■ dwelling and other outbuildings, the property j of F, A. Bau*s. in Hampstead district, near HoucksvOie, to Andrew Snyder, for SI2UO, i cash. { J. J. Baumgartner, as Trustee, he* sold at private sale, a tract of land containing 80 j acres, about one mile south of Manchester, to ■ George Shower, for sUW). ■ Rail*oad Accidett.—Quite a serious ac ciiient occurred on the Western Maryland Railroad on Monday last, near Patap*co Sla , tiou, seven miles east of Westminster. The ; gravel train, coming this way, when at that ! point, jumped the track. Several cars were precipitated down an embankment twenty j feet, and five persons more or less injured. I One of the cars coutained eighteen men, two ! of whom, Charles Babylon nnd Charles Hau } ver, were caught under the car and were re : riomdy hurt, the former in the hips and the latter in the back. Peter Diiendali, Martin j Doraey and John T. Bab} ion were also in ! ju red in the back, and John Hoover in the )g. The mail train was delayed two hours by the accident. Leo Bn ok e*. —Frederick Walking, living three and a half miles from this city, near Carrollton, had the misfortune to have bis leg broken on Wednesday afternoon last He was unloading cross-ties at the depot, in this i city, snd wfou nearly finished throwing off I his load, in lifting a tie his foot slipped through the wagon, and the tie foiling against him knocked him down, breaking hi* left leg just below the knee. His wound waa dressed by Dr. Wails, and the unfortunate man was taken home on a maitrass in the evening. lujm* or JrpoK Hayden.— Hon. Wna. N. Hayden, of this city, waa attacked on .Sat urday night laat, with acute gionxifis, or in flamation of the tongue. On Sunday night and Monday morning hi* symptom* became alarming : he was unable to apeak, and waa threatened with strangulation. The disease, i however, yielded to promjpt medical treat meat. and we graced to slate that bis condition Sa much improved. j Omni***’ CocßT.—Adam Shower. Km.. l 1 Chief Judge; Isaac C. Bail? and L. P. HUngluff, Kwjrs., Associate Judges; Joseph M. Parke, Register of Wills; George M. P*arke, Deputy Register. I Monday, March 17.(6, Letter* of. administration granted to l>. Calvin Warner. j lon the estate of John \\arner, deceas'd. The will of Andrew Rees* Durbin, de- • ceased, was admitted to probate, and letters j . testamentary granted to John T. Dtflenbaugh. , ’ executor. Isaac C. Haile, acting executor of Heury Haines, returned inventory of goods and chat tels, list of debts, bond- , slocks aitd money . . and obtained orders to dispose of personal | property, and to notify creditors. Ihe will of Ann Richards, deceased, was ' 1 admitted to probate aud letters testamentary 1 granted on her estate to Bvn\|amin Croft, ext- ! color. Letters of administration granted on the ! estate of Aaron Slocksdale, deceased, to 1 Elisabeth Stockadale. his widow. ! Letters of administration on the estate of j John P. Myers, deceased, granted to Perry ' . Huotler, on renunciation of the deceased's j mother. | I Mary A. Fitze and J. W. Karhart, ad minis j ltutors of Samuel Fitxe, returned list of I sales. Isaac Hat Heigh, guardian to George Yeakle, 1 , gave new bond approved by Court. Elisa U. Hooter, guardian, settled 4th and final account for James B. Hoover, ami 4th j | account each for Robert H. and David R. : 1 Hoover. i Sarah A. and John S. Swormstedt, execu- I 1 tors of Dr. S. L, Swonustedi, returned ap- ! < i praisement of personal property, list of debts • and inventory of money. Nicholas H. Jenkins, administrator. W. I j A., of Jacob Hihabndei. settled his l;t account of the estate. John 0. Byers, guardian to Absalom H. ] Boweraox. settled bis 2d account. Tuesday. March d#th. —.> ames ad ministrator of Margaret Older, returned list , . of sales. , Eliza Ann Hughes, executrix of Singleton . Hughe i, returned list of sales of personal , property. Anna Mary Rudolph, administratrix of D. I ( H. Rudolph, returned list of additional sales, . and settled her first and final account. i —— J \ Doi U' Pick Check Ittaa.—A wn of Jo- ! 1 I siah Cluts. living two miles from here, while | 1 at school, a few days ago, by Mime means fell 1 and broke his arm and dislocated the elbow. 1 Dr. Dillor reduced the fracture and the Utile j 1 patient is doing well. A Hock of sixteen wild geese lit on the bot- i 1 tom lands of Elder Saylor, near his barn, a I few days ago, but not liking the surroundings i ! they left for a swim in the over a few hundred [ ! yards down the stream, where it was amusing j 1 to see our citizens, merchants and mechanic’s, j ; 1 with gun in band and hurried steps ready to 1 j take the goose, hut they didn't get any. Mr. Joseph Miller, one mile west of here, j 1 has caught with his dogs, since the thaw set ; lin. four red foxes. During the heavy blow on Sunday last quite ’ I a number of fences in this section were in j 1 j jured. j Some farmers have commenced plowing on i ' 1 ground. There is, however, a good deal ! 1 i of ice and snow on northern hillsides in this { * | vicinity, | ] ThbScilptor HissaAßT.—Tbe Baltimore: Sun of Wednesday, says:—Mr. Wn. U. ' Rinehart, the sculptor, left Baltimore last i 1 evening for New York, preparatory to sailing | ‘ for Europe on Saturday, the 22d instant, by 1 1 the French steamer. During his sojourn in ' ‘ I Baltimore Mr. Rinehart has been most { ' ! actively employed in pursuit of bis profession, * having received and executed in plastic seven- ! teen orders, four of them for life-size statuen ' of and the remainder for bu*U of prominent citizens here and elsewhere, in- 1 eluding that of Mr. W. W. Corcoran, of Wash- 1 ington city. The execution of this number of j 1 commissions during the comparatively brief j I term of his stay in :Se city is regarded as one 1 ' of the most notable occurrences in the pro- { 1 gross of art hero that has ever happened in ' Baltimore. His last work was the modeling of the bust of Mr. Corcoran. Mr. Rinehart ' carries back with him the best wishes of many 1 friends, and the well-deserved laurels of | 1 pre-eminence in hi* glorious art. Lixwood Items.—Of the heavy mass of j! snow, which but a short time since covered the ground, only remnants are now left, in , I places where it was drifted into large heaps. ! ! and only partially exposed to the rays of the i • sun. ' , The high wind which prevailed here through- 1 , j out the entire day, Sunday last, proved to be ; I quite effectual in blowing down old dilapidated j i fences, and in drying the mud upon our roads. I We have since had several days of mild, j , j spring like weather. Some of our fanners i ; have commenced plowing, but the ground is I | yet 100 wet in most places. I i-arge fiocks of wild geese have passed over j j during the week, wending their way to locali ties better suited to (heir purpose*?. Black- ! I birds, robins, pewits, Ac. have come among us, and are daily cheering us with their grate- j ful song*. Hoickstxlle Items.—Mr. Emanuel L Lcppo, last week sold at private sale, one 1 I mile south of this place, his (arm, containing j hi acres and 14 perches, improved with a good dwelling, barn and tenant honse. to Mr. j j Frank Green, of Baltimore city, for eItKAL I Our farmere are busily engaged in burning j { and hauling lime. Some have already com | rnenced plowing for corn and potatoes It is | larger area will be planted this seas on than formerly. The weather is delightful. ! (Mr. Daniel Seipp ha* already commenced : seeding oat*. Several farmers are making 1 ; preparations to plant an acre in prize corn. At the public sale of Mr. Henry Ruby, on the 10th instant, one young horse brought | #175; one do. SBO ; cows from jilt* to $22 -. she*p from #4 to $5 per head ; yellow com in the year $4.50 to $4.00 per bushel. ! Postal Ami*a.—Postmaster Gen. Cres well has ordered Westminster to be designs- I led as a separating office from the Ist of April next, wiih an allowance of S3OO for clerical assistance. The work of separating the local mails at this postoffice has become i very laborious, and we are glad in see that j l the Postoffice Department has determined ! to award our efficient Postmaster for his ar • duous duties. i The contract for carrying the mail between ! \ Westminster and Manchester, twice-a-week. | has been awarded to Jacob Sellers at *l5O per annum. Chiceex, Steauxg.—One of our prominent i citizens, residing in the very centre of the | city, found the door of hi* hen house open, } on Thursday morning, and very soon discov , ered that he owned seven less fine fat hens than he did the previous evening. Tbit case 1 of pinching necessity must have been over- ! ■; looked by toe Poor Relief Association. -I j AOocrj Saul—At the ule of D. Keener ; ’ > Shiriver, on 'llnirsday. a team of six horses r I brought $86.50, SIBB. $lB5, $lB. $187.60, ! j $206, *178; two colts, $156 aud $102; cows ' averaged $-50 each; sheep sold from $5 to j ' j slO.jej; one large wagon brought $185; one ! i two-horse plow, S2O; harness and farming ; impemenu sold at excellent prices. j i Fox Cbask.—The fox chase announced to r ; take place on Saturday last, came off uursu- i r aw to announcement. A large number of , person* was present. Two foxes were turned loose, one of which ran about a mile when it j l was caught by the hounds : the other run a ' I short distance only, aud was soon killed. ) ■ 1 Ccxtkxabv M. E. Curmc H.—Sundav, March I 23d- Morning Service 101, Sermon by the . Pastor, Rev. C. Herbert Richardson. Even- i I tog 71, Lecture and Concert Service, Sub- ! . joct of lAecture;—“Jeroboam. The Golden I i j Calves. The Death of the Prophet, Ac." \ I : All are invited. . j ■ r | Srentc Work.—The fanners are driving , I teams afield. Very little plowing was > done last fall, iu consequence of the epidemic . : among the horses, the farmers have conse . j fluently a heavier Spring work before them ! than usual. | Qncx Woul—Edwin L. Mitten assisted by f , Granville N. Brown, a boy, on Saturday last, * . MW and dressed a beef, which weighed 425 i lbs. in the short space of twentv minutes, i | * i quick work ; who can beat it ? rI 0 ! i( Goon ran the Barrckm.—Mr. Lewis Green, > . of Hampstead District, sold to J. M. .More- i t lock, of this city, two very fine weather*, that ' r dressed, respectively. Ivlii and 146 pounds. 1 Who can best them I 11 | A. B. Durbin, a well-known citizen of this 1 vicinity, died on Friday last. Ui remains 1 were interred in the Westminster Cemetery j on Sunday last. f B. P. Burgett, of Columbus, Ohio, formerly of Carroll emmty, has been appointed agent of the Hocking Valley Railroad, at Nelson ville, and has amumed the dutie* of the pod* 1 lion. i Not Ixicasu. -Mr, Joseph •koaf, nursery nQß - thi* city report* that nineteen out Of twenty buds in fit* psaeh orchard are un- I banned by the ne ere frosts of last winter. I > Mtxct; Locals. —“Yellow Neds" or ring j perch are plenty in Westminster, at tit) cent* • a bunch. These fish are rarely ever eaten in j the tide-water :-etkms of Maryland. Here. ! J where rock and white perch are seldom seen. 1 they are bought up with avidity. Herring are j I selling through our streets at 8U cents per j | dozen Tb* city was visited by a heavy wind storm |on Saturday night and Sunday last. The j lightning mhl on the house of Joan C. Fritell. ! bo., was (on off. and a plank walk in West Ena was blown from one side of the street to the other. The Urge black Newfoundland Dog, be [ longing to Dr. J. W. liering, was shot and I kilted by some unknown person on W edues- I day nigfiit last. He was a tplendid specimen * of his kind, and much valutsl by his owner. 1 The barber shop under Carroll Hall recent ly occupied by Join Lang, who has gone to parts unknown, has been re-opened by Mi chael Clung. Tuesday is “Moving Day," and quite n number of changes will take place in this citv. The street* of Westminster dark os Erebus, at night: taxes unpaid, and no money in the Treasury to pay for the gas. A gentleman of this city observed a snow

bin? perched upon the telegraph wire, fall U the ground dead, a few days since, and sup posed it resulted from the electric current. Seven shares of the Carroll Building Asso ciation. of this city, sold un Tuesday night ' last, at 25 per cent, premium, i The Eouiuox brought us another snow | storm. Toe ground was covered on Thnrs : day. For th* DrmttcnUie AJntcuU. Messrs. Euitoks Permit me the MM of | vour vabiablecolumnsfor ihe purpose of notic- t ing briefly a communication which appeare<l j in the Sentinel of the 18th instant, signed ! ••Carroll." and purporting to give information ! of a woif outrageous case, enacted at Pataps | co. Western Maryland Railroad, in regard to portal affairs. The outrageous case referred 1 to by•• Carroll" was, that over fifty male cit- ; izens of I‘alapsco and vicinity, enjoying their uten private, religious ami politietd opinions, j petitioned the Fostoffice Dejutrimeni aUut a , I year ago to grant them a posloffiee at Pataps j co. which fact and the result of which, “Sub- j ' scriber" has heretofore faithfully and truly j made public. Now if it be an outrage in a ! Jiej>**Uican Government that boasts of it* mag ! nanimitv. for any citizen or citizens to petition j their public servants, of whatever ptditical caste ! they may happen to be ; then the petitioners, j the'•‘.-age" aud former post master have been guilty of that outrage: for they did that and nothing more. “Carroll,” however, in his I i intended reply to “Subscriber." has gone into a long tedium about Carrollton Postoffice, | showing iu incipience, growih. oppressions and changes, all of which is not only irrelevant j to the true nature of the outrage as charged, i but also misrepresenting in its character. Ihe | accused did not, nor do they now. ask for any j interruption of the Carrollton Office, bat sim ply that they might obtain one for the accom modation of their isolated community with the assurance, also, that the Department should receive a revenue thereby. “Carroll" is mistaken iu the data and doings when hr says “ 1 hey lamded together to lesson the sal ary of Mr.'Chcw," Ac., “a* soon as the re trocession to Carrollton took place." The re- • troce—ion of the office took place in the early part of 188$. and they sustained the office as best they could under the circumstances, with out a innrmur. And not until they had bat ail hope of being recognized as citizens de siring any favor trom their government either iu consequence of having entertained their oitm political minds (as they and the old post roaster of that place always intend to do ; , or being by some outside manipu lation. did some of those same petitioners, living nearer to the “lioucksville" Office than any other, determine un the first of uan uary, 11*78, to change the destination of their papers, after which the accommodating mer chants then at Patapsco, arranged to have them furnished at their point of business once a week. The papers only were, therefore, at that time, and under (Lose circumstances, changed. And this is what constitutes the grand scheme about which “Carroll" whines so much, and into which he endeavors to i drag the illustrious aud innocent patriot of “Houck*ville," whose character for frankness I and freedom from .scheming, “Carroll" may Ido well to emulate. 1 don t wish to criticise “Carroll" too closely, but really some of his , remarks are quite amusing on account of their I inconsistency. For instance, he says that | Westminster is neither a first-class nor a dis i tributing postoffice. No one knows the class i of the office bettor than he doc* himself, 1 j presume, but it is certainly a distributing one. I Again, he says that so damaged was tin* • financial condition of Carrollton Office by the conduct of the Patapscuniaus, that the post | master thought seriously ul*out resigning, and ! then assurea us that the office nett* to the Gov ! ernment yearly, over S4O. “Carroll" also i makes a strange calculation when he compares j the business of a pootoffice with the number ; of men who choose to go to an election and j vote, and it would nut nave been surprising had be pul that number down to such only as j voted his own favored sentiments. He seems I to forget that men, women and children over a certain age, all require and should have jtostal facilities. Now, in this view of the j subject, let us see bow far wrong “Subscriber" wa* for he is a good calculator), when he ; put the number down at 4ou, as patrons to ! Patapsco Office. Suppose the number of such patrons in the Fourth District to be only 1600 {terson*. and suppose each office referred to ! by “Carroll" did an equal postal business, it would just be 4UU persons to each office, with ' out Patapsco doing all the the btuine.-s. Pa tapsco is a flourishing little village of recent 1 growth, and while her citizens should not give to her undue imjw*rtauce , they, and the com munity among whom >heis located, should*ee that it is to their interest to make her able by their patronage toviewith her*iter villages, that she may do a> least her share of business. In conclusion 1 would say with the prophetic language of “.Subscriber,” “I hope that an office will be established m early spring, and that the little town may again smile under the benign influence- of our new firm post office, and all complete, the ‘sage' not ex- I cepted." lours, respectfully, Dreamer. Business Locals. SALK or MILI.IKERT GOODS, On Thursday, March 27th, at V o'clock, A. M. will be sold the entire stock of first class Millinery Goods, contained in the Store House formerly occupied by Mrs. A. K. Arm strong, \N estminster. For particulars see handbills. J. F. Brinkerhoff is receiving his large and well selected stock of Spring Goods, Boots, Shoes. Hals, Caps, Ac., latest styles and low Ences, cab prices. Call and examine stock efore purchasing. No trouble to show Goods, j A choice seiectiou of the lesl Family I Groceries kept constantly on hand, and for sale at the very lowest Cash prices at Wm. : Reese A Son a. ! We have just received a new lot of Ladies' i and Children s Shoes, from Philadelphia. Call and see them : we arc selling them low. 1. Zepp A Bro. ] Bargains ! Brgin, ! ! In Qnecnswnre, ( and Housekeeping Hoods, ( every | i-md, at Vt . O. i.igget's. I Ho to \\ in. lieese A Son if you wnnl to buy I yoar Tobacco and Cigars, the cheapest, and best in town. ,j A full line of Shoe* from Westminster Shoe i Factory, at the very lowest prices, at W. 0. i DimtV | Men s and Boy's Sewed and Pegged Hail , er* at W. O. Ligget'a. j Another stock ofTronks.chenperlhnn ever, at J. K Brinkerhotfs, ! ? • iSepp 4 Bro., have received another lot j °f trunks, which they are selling very low. I McKay s New York homily Ale at $1.60 per Down Bottles at Wm. Iteese A Son's. I Spring Style of Hats, at T. Zepp A Bro s. Harden Seeds, all loads, at W. 0. Ligget t. Those of our subscribers who change their residence tbia spring will oblige us by giving early notice of the name of the pustuffiee to wbi.-h their paper teas sea/ ss well as the one to which they have re moved. j £tlale of Urn rp //at net, decetued. | XTOTICE is hereby given that the subset!- ; -i-v ber has obtained from the Orphans' ; Court of Carroll county, letters Testameutnrv an the Personal Eetste of HKN'.tV HAINES, late of Carroll county, deceased. All per rons having claims against said estate, are I MV**! warned to exhibit the same within six months from this dale, otherwise they may he excluded from all benefit of said estate I hose indebted arc reonesled to make imme diately payment, which ran lw dune at the Kinu National Bank of New \ iudsor. where a credit wul be guen by order of the Execu ‘of- ISAAC C. BAILE, mnr 22-<t Acting Executor. saa.Too Xs'Oß Loan on Mortgage on cojntry prop -- erty, in aims to suit. B. W. I'EMPLKMAN A CO,, *7 l exiogt j,i .-t,net, Bultimon city, mar at-lm TKTTSTEB’S SALE or rai.i su.l | Ileal Esta t e Tin: umbusugnad, Trurta® appointed lit the Ibycrec f the Circuit Fouri fiv : Carroll cotmly a* a I'ourt of Equity. |*sol j in ike ease of Elisal*eth Bkck*Uk aud others, against NVimni Stockhdalc aud other*, will offer the Real Estate iu said cause > to W *o!d a; Public Slc, to the higbert 14*1 dvr. on tho premise**, ou Saturday, the <\f .Ipri/, .1. I). li7S. | at 10 o'clock, aV. M This prrmerty is situated in Hampstead ' Diairict, Carroll county, Maryland, on the public road leading from Houcks ville to Si, I Paul's Church, on the Baltimore aud Han over Turnpike, *bout two miles distant from the former and one mile from the latter pises. and is also situated un the public road leading from Richards Mill lo smd Turnpike road, and is the property of which Aaron Stocks dale, late deceased, died seised, and will he offered in the following Lots: Lot No. I, containing 100 Acres of I .and, more or less, of which about 22 Acres is cov ered with excellent Timber, the residue is , cleared land in a good slate of cultivation, i The building* on this lot consist of a two-story ; Log Wealherboarded and partly Slone Dwelling Hon *e Ram A Wealherboarded, with (runary attached, new Grain and Hay My “a-ir Shed, two Wagon Sheds, two Com tUwww, Carriage House, Smoke House, Wash House. Spring House and a never-failing well of \Naler with Pump; two Apple Orchard* of excellent Fruit, and a great variety of other Fruit Trees. • Lot No. 2, containing DO Acres of I-a ml, j more or less, of which 18 Acres is in excellent Timber; the residue i cleared j land in a productive stale of cultivation. JSZ 1 j The improvements on this Lot consist ot a . i ’ two-story Log Weatherlxmrdcd ' i 'X, Dwelling Hou>e, Smoke House j Jand smtul Stable; two thriving | , ™,Vi™,jgß? young Apple Orchard*, und a ' i great number of Peach and other Fruit bear j Inc trees. Lot No. 8. contains #*J Acres, of which 17 i Acre* is Wood Ijmd of excellent quality, and j j the residue is cleared land and very pnnluc- j I live; the improvements on this Ixu are a Log \ | Dwelling House part of which !is Weatherboardetl. new Log i \\ Kan), Wealherboarded, wkn B | Wagon Shed aud other Sheds, I j and Corn Crib aitHcht*d; Smoke House. Car- 1 ’ riage and Soring llohse with a superior spring j j of water; also a Peach Orchard and other i j Fruit Trees. Lot No. 4. contains 10 Acres of laad f more . j or less, of which 5 Acre* is covered with ex • cellent Timber. The buildings on’this Lot Ay<J|L consist of a new two-ston* ■fnlMa Frame Wealherboarded Dwell- Mling House, wiih Kitchen at w ' tacked. Smoke House aud Dairy, and well with pomp. Lot No. 5, conraiiang t Acres, more or lc*>, covered with thriyiug Timber. loot No. 6, containing 7 Acre* of Land, more or less, covered with good l'im**er. Lot No. 7, containing 14 Acres of Land, more or less, of which Acre* are iu excel- , lent Timber. ; No. 8, containing 11 Acres of Land, more or less, covered with excellent Timber. Ixt No. 0, containing 25 Acre* of more or less, of which 4 Acres is cleared, and the residue is covered with excellent Limber. Ix*t No. 10, containing 11 Acres of more or Ic**, of which 2 Acres is in Timber. Lot No. 11, containing 1* Acre* of Ijuid, more or less, all of which is cleared Land. Lot No. 12. containing 27 Acres of Land, more or leas, of which A Acres i*covered with Timber, mostly White Oak. The fences on the aforesaid Lot* of I .and are all in good condition and repair. Prior to the day of sale, the Trustee will cause an accurate survey to be made of the aforesaid lots, a plat of which will be >hown on the day of sale, when said lots will be of fered for sale, separately, or two or more of fered together, lo suit purchasers. The Terms of ale prescribed by the le eree. are as follows: —One-third part of the , purchase money shall Ik* paid by the pur * chaser or purchasers lo the Trustee on the day of safe, or upon the ratification thereof hy the Court aforesaid: and the residue shall be paid in two equal {layments, the one to be , paid in one year, ami the other in two year* . from the day of sale, with interest, ami to bo secured by the notes of the purchaser or jmr chascrs with security to be approved of by the i Trustee. GEORGE L. BTOCKBDALE. Trustee. J. J. Bai Mcxr.TNER, Solicitor. John T. hiffenbaugh, Auctioneer. N. B.—Persons desirous of purchasing any* I of the above lands will please call ou the . Trustee, who reside* there*.n, or address him , l L’pperco Post Office, Baltimore county, i Maryland, or J. J. Baumgartner. Solicitor, . residing in Westminster. Md. 0. L. S. 1 mar 22-u Trustee, | EXAMINERS’ NOTICE. BY virtue of a commission issued to us bv the County Comin’uwiouors for • Carroll county, to examine and determine whether the public convenience require* the opening ‘ of a public toad in said county, commencing * at a point on a public road known by the 1 name of Trump's Road, near Samuel Goeth * ing’s tenant house; then c on the bed of au o d ' nad on or near wild bed, lo the Pennsylvania 1 Line where the old road crosses said line near Jacob Hess* house. This is therefore to notify all persons whom it may concern, that the undersigned will meet ‘ on the'premises, on Wednesday, the Svth day of April, IS7S, at U o'clock, a. m., to execute f the trust reposed in u* hr said Commission. f DAVID K. KARHART, ' JESSE MVEILS, JOHN JONES, mar 22-5 t Examiners. [j Transfers and Abatements. THE County Commissioners for Carroll county, will meet at limit office iu the Court House, at Westminster, on Thursday and Friday , the tlth aud tf/h of •March, instant, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Ah and tfth, the 14th and Idb, the Sl*l and Sid of April, I*7.f, to make transfers and abatements. j AU persons interested are requested to at . tend, a* no abatement* or transfer* will be ; made alter that time lo affect the levy of 1878. Persons making application for transfers of property, will be required to comply s-ith I sections 18 aud 19 of Article 81 of the Co<!e of Public General Ijws. ’ By order of the Hoard, JABEZ A. BUSH, mar 22 of Clerk. J NO. H'.i'j EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. , The Bank of Westminster vs. Amanda Shaf fer et. als. ORDERED this J th d-y of March, A. D. In7B, that the made and reported ? tki* day by John J. Baumgartner, Trustee of f ao m “ch of the Real Estgte in this cause, which was heretofore purchased by Emanuel Rums, y deceased, be finally ratified and confirmed, 1 unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 2ith day of April, next; e provided a copy of this order be inserted once a week for each of three successive weeks be fore the 21s day of April, next, in some news ■ Polished in Ca -roll county. The report state* the amount of sale to lo SIOOO.OO. ’ „ JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. , t True copy,—Test: roar 22 3t Jx. B. Boyle, Clerk. 3 Notice to Trespassers. 'IITE hereby forewarn all persons from ‘ v v Gunning, Trapping, Fishing or Tres passing in any way on our premises, ns the law will be strictly enforced against all ier * sons so offending. David \\i antz, Jacob Zachariu*, Josiab Growl, Jeremiah Shacfler. s Samuel Wine, Jee Growl, Jacob I) Ixeister, Abraham S. Leister, Samuel Fuhrman, Amo* Little, Charles H. Cole, John Lucnlmugb, Jacob Bankert, William 11. Reese, hrancis Reese, Amos Kbuugh, John C, Hyle, John H. Bowers, wm. J. Bcggs, Lewis Shafer. .Simon Schaeffer, , nttr 22-Bt* Kettttc nf Michael Marktc. deertoted, AT OTICE i hereb, given Hint tho luhtcri • ber bu obtained from the Orpbnn,' s tmirt of Carroll coumjr, leticra of Acfmini,- t trntion on the Heraonal Eatnto of • MICHAEL MAUKLE, . !• of Cxmill county, ilmunl, Allpvrronx • bnvoix clxiraa ujjnin?, the deovnsed are hereby - fo exhibit the Mine with the rouchera I thereof legally anthcntirateil to ihv aaliacriber, ■ on or before the lit liny of Octuxkb, next i Ihev mar olherwiae hy law be excluded from all lienoiit of aanl ealate. ITioae Indebted are requealed to make iimuediate payment. Hiven under m hand ihiitii dnv of March. 17. A Bit AHAM W. WOLE, mar 2'J-dt Adwlniatralor, JAUII.PINO and CahinM Hardvurr, l J ock, at (pweai city prieea, at <V>> W K. K. UEItNAMI'S. TO FARMERS. I 1873. ••SXOBLBIOE.’’ 1873. '] i of*'- I*™ 1 ’ of S 'o- 1 ' I C, o*J 1 1 fthiUt of Lime, {bones dimolmi •* 1 mlfkmnt atiJ, ) Ados* anr> Svda ’ j | ! Farming the mart concentrated- universal and I, i Jumble fertilizer ever offered 1 the l.rmer , ! combining all the stimulating qualities ?• • c ravitaOwm. and tie ever durable t rrtilmng , ! property, of Bom-.. Kxl.| hnearv ™der, prepared expremdy for drilling, an 1 I ran he applied in ant quantity however small, i per acre ; and it is the .ipinion of many close I calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex- I penrnce in testing it side be side with other popular fertilisers, that an application of 100 luiuuds of Excelsior is equal to from -’DU to suo pounds of any oilier fertilucr or piano offered fur sale, therefore is fully lUd to .00 per cent, cheaper. ... . B&* Look out for imitations and counter feits. The popularity of Excelsior bw in duced UMsrntpulons partict in this and other citica to copy our trade mark, and resort to other dUkunoroUt means to wll their forth- Ires compounds. & /l nmen should cr that erery tutg u hrißHilni as abort, trilh the .lA ALIBIS una j OCH SAME in RKI> LETTERS. All j I others are r onuter/rih. PRICE S6O PER TON. J. J. TURNER A CO., H Trait Street, Baltimore. , rou SAI.C by J Grimes A Stouffcr. Westminster, Md. Zimmerman A Shultx. Sykesville, .Md. I W. H. B. Dorsey, Ml. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove. Hidgeville. Md. Mct’omas A Bro.. Hood’s Mill. Md. K. A. Talbott, Ell icon city, Md. Biggs A Albi.ugh. Rockv tlidce, Md. Wm. H. Todd. Clica Milk Md. Thus. T. Cover, Double Pipe Crock, Md. j mar 22-Sni Notice to Teachers. (Irrut Hoard Co. School Commimioxbr** > 1 March I7lh, 1878. I j ON or before the 4th day of July, each • Public School J eacborof Carroll county, j will return to the Secretarv an exact descrip- j fire Catalogue of the Books, Stationery, Ac., • and other School Property on hand belonging | ! to the County, taking care to show by a full ! : report of whai has become “rinr rB t'RK,*' that the credit l ) for lunik*, Ac., returned t* ' this office. added to thoae **on Hand.'' will I I balance IMM diwyd in this office against | j the School reported. I his, as a receipt to J I the Teacher, will be signed by the Trustees, j in whose care the Hooks and School Property, | with a duplicate of the Catalogue, will be left. 1 J. M. NKWSUN, I mar 22-td Secretary, Ac, Teachers’ Institute. j is hereby given that the Teach- Tv ers' Institute of Carroll county, will : meet in the City of Wthttininiter, on II mmo j dap. Thursday and Friday, the iCth, 17th ana iMh days of April, next. J. M. NEWSON. Secretary and Treasurer B. C. 8. C. Teachers’ Association. fPHE Carroll County Teachers' Association , _A. will meet in the East End School House, Westminster, on Friday. April ii>th, 1*73. , A full attendance of the Teachers is requested, f ISAAC WEIGH l\ [ mar 22-td President. [ TBV8TB&8 VI y / f OK VALUABLE ■ PERSONAL PROPERTY. THE undersigned, by virtue of a Deed of ■ Trust from John Tracy and wife, will ' •*!! t Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on ! the premises now occupied by the said John - J Iracy, about one-half mile from Westminster, * J on the mad leading to Manchester, on i I Thursday, the loth day of April, A, IK 1*73, ' | at 1 o clock. P. M., all the Stock, Fanning * j Implements. Ac., consisting in part of four | superior Work Horses, two of which Jfk ' 3KFT) arc Stallions, and all workrtlfily • either in the lead or in sin w=iteAgle harness; 2 Milch Cows, lot of ' Shout.*), I Broadiread Wagon, good as new ; r 1 Bed. I Top Buggy uud Harney, 2 sets ! of Broechbands, 2 sets Lead Gears. Collar). . : Bridles. Hallers. Ac., 4 Plows, 2 double r I shovel Plows, 2 single shore! Plows, 2 Hat , rows, triple, double and single Trees, Butt . 1 Trace*, .spreader*. Breast Chains, and a va . ' riely of other articles too numerous to mention, | terms oj ,>aie. —All sums of uud under i wh ;on all sums above 5110 a credit of . six months will be given, purchasers to give their notes, with approved security, Iwartng , from dav of sale. AMOS BIIAEFFER, r 1 n _ Trustee. Udh t A llEinmncit, Solicitors. | mar 22-ts PU BLIC ©A LE~ f PHE .nlwcriber, ax Executor of llcnrv 1 Haines, late of Carroll county, deceaseii. w, 11 .* 1 eublic Szlc. at the laic residence of mho ucceaaed, 2 tnilc. from New Windsor I "no the nine distance from Wakefield, on .Snlunlay, Ihr j:tth d,iy of .V.irr*. 1x73. i | 0 A. M.. the following Personal I roperty, to wit: \\ agonx, Bngpv and liar ’ nL ‘V’ ,I ‘ rr,,wa end Cullivatoni, Wamn ’ ?. n,J ■>" <>". Also Household and 1 Kitchen Furniture, con.irting of ;1 Beds and Bedding. ;i Bureaus, Clitirn, Maudx; l.ookine .lasses, t[ Hocks, one of them an eight-da" ■ )- -•Stlrer Uateh, 1 Comer Cupboard, •'ll yards Carpeting, Homemade Linen by the f yard; i-mea Sheeu, Table Cloths, Blanket., Coverlets, Spread., Quills, 4c., a Stoves -J Kettles, a lot of Queenswnre, Washing Tu’l.w, and many other article, not enumerated. rei mt n/ -Salt.—All sum. of (X siui under, cash ; on ail sums above $5 u credit of eight , months will be given, purchasers giving their notes, with appro; pet security, I,oaring in i J erMt from the day of sale. N\i property to I be removed until terms are complied with ISAAC C. HAILE, ' i " mr22u _ Executor. ■ NO. im EQUITY. In the Circuit C’ourl for Carroll County as a f Court of Equity. 1 I 9"' llll . v Building’Association No. , I 1, of Maiicheajcr, vs. Ja,l, Aibaugh and , | Alice \. Albangli his wife. 1 OH.u?0 H .u?. Bl i D ‘V m -', lh d JT of March. A. I). . '■ fc l made and reported ■ by IheUm.ll County Building Association Ao. 1, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained in the mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, be ratified and i continued, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown tin or before the aist day of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some ncwsjiaper published in Carroll enmi ty, once in encu of three suc-eessite weeks “Bid 2Ut day of April next, IFSJ T n " tll,< ’ s l *‘ e ttraoullt f ssle to be i T JN ’ 0 ' U - BOYLE, Clerk. I rue copy,—lest i , mar ---Ot Jso. B, Bovce, Clerk. ' . no. ins EQorryr In the Circuit Court for Curroll Connlv a, a Court of Eouily, Thu Carroll Connlv Building Association N„. 1, of Munehetlor, vs, James W. Shaffer. ( du T of March, A. I). PiT r ,B ’n ,? ,he “••"K* ud reported by 1 he Carroll County Budding AssoeiaUan No. I, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained m the Mortgage mcniioned in the proceedings t.i tins cause, be ratified and ... finned, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the {list day of April next provided a copy of this order be inserted iu eome ncwriwiper publ shed in Carroll county •“reessive weeks before the aaiU 2Ut day ol April next. The report tlalca the amount of tale to be ? ... JNO- - BOYLE, Clerk, fme copy,—Tost i mar 2J-31 Jxn, JL ifiivu:, Clerk, EUREKA SALVE. A certain core (hr Cat. Braise* Fores, Burnt and Bkln A bra* lon* of all kind* N|w‘OiAily recommended to mothera with tore or lumpy breast., i bis salve ba. Ison aoe cewluiiy used for over fifty year.. For tale .1 Jluber ■ Hriig Store. m.r 1C- ly TMCNKS, Vaiire. IJmbrellns, *p„ good Hoods and lew Ibices, at *" * w. o. uoaara P'. ‘-5 k Sheriff's License*!^ NOTICE TO MERCRA** TRADERS, AND OTHEaj I, iII | .-an.lUvla.,^ iV lm<', in tarndl county, hni- “J 8, I,n exercising r punuiau any |„„;® r, £ nhull Ik 1 doing any act or thing, llr ,iJi / * the occupation ol any bou.e U r |-l (L* * nuriHMo tor which a liccnar ia mad* !,y me law. of .Maryland, . hetM.T"*'? 1 to obtain a License, or renew the L™. bclbrtr the ■'"■< FIRST DAY OF MAY, inn. under the iienalty preacribed by „ij i„ . the infract too thereof. 1 ht ■ Thoac inlcrcalcd are notified of the f, ing reqniremeula of the License Un. **' fit A UKttS' LICKSSES.-ri.rrio.nt be paid hy trader, for a licctiac, (the .j,' 10 of atock at tho principal tmuon of mdeirj given tinder oath,) in aa fullotri; ° ■* If the applicant a alack in trade d>*, „ exceed Si,ODD _,, M Over # 1,000 and not over Sl,'Vat ",1 * '• LOO “ 2,6 J* " 2,600 •* 4,0u0 "2 “ Looo “ tt.ojo 52 “ .*' " s.uoo * ? *>,ooo “ 10,000 Se. •• 10,000 •• 16,000 ZZ •• 15.000 •• 20,000 •• 20,000 “ SO.OOO |2 ! " 50,tXtO “ 40,IXHJ Ik : “ ".“W lS* I The applicant mutt either make ottk *. | heretofore, before the Clerk of the Cm *! I Court of the county where he U i ! business. of the amount of goo*!* |[J )t * i hand at the princi|ial mason of *); ()r I oath may be administered ly a Justice of U 1 I Van*, when the jicnwms wanting a , applies through an agent. If the lallercoar* I be adopted the following form will bedeck a sufficient compliance with the act: Carroll county, to trit j On this day of , 1a73, before ih* , subscriber, a Justice of tbe Peace of the Siai e of Maryland, in and for said county, Artoa ally appeared and declared thatbe m j lends to aoply for a trader'a license, under | the second section of the Act of January Bt*. ; Mon, loot*, to the Clerk of the Circuit Cm tor Carroll county, and made oath that tkf amount of the stock of goods generally kepi on hand hy him [Or by the concern in vhicb j he i* engaged, in case it be a partnership.! at the principal season of sale, it the appli i cant has not previously engaged in such trade] | that the omounl of goods which hi- intends ij j keep, Ac., does not tr will not j exceed $ Sworn before —. i If the oath be administered before aJiitice , of the IVace out of tbe county in which the ' application is made, there must be attacked | the certificate of the Clerk of the Circuit Coon i of tbe county in which the Justice resides. I'ersons may sell salt to cure fish in March, j April and May. without license. Venders of cases and venders of beer and eider, who srt J the makers of such beer and cider, [lager beer ! excepted,j are not requires! to pay license. UCKNSKS 10 OuIHNAHiLaS AND jTA Vfcl*lN KEEBEKS ihe license to ordi naries and tavern keepers to sell spirituous and fermented liquors, or lager beer, in quan tities less than a pint, el any one time, are u {follows: Provided that the applicant shall j first be recoin mended to the Clerk by two it *pectable trecluddcrs of bis immediate vicini ' iv, and shall make oath before laid Clerk that he bus bona tide [and without intending lu evade the requirements of this article,. prori i ded and expects to maintain six good bed , with sufficient covering therefor—and three rooms more than sufficient for the private use cf ; ?aid ordinary keeper, with stabling and jme vender for live hones at least; and ifsaii/ap piicaiil resides in the city of Baltimore, thatbe has provided and expects to maintain twelve goiHl beds with covering as aforesaid, and six I rooms. I 'I he said applicant is also to make oath before the Clenc ns to the rate of rent or an j nuol value of tbe house at ur in which the i business to be authorized bv the license nay be done or intended to be June, it the rcntol or annual value is not Over $ lUO ........... $ 60 I “ 100 and not over S2OO 40 w ! “ 200 *• 800 60 00 | “ 300 ** 400 f)0 60 “ 400 ” 600 70 60 | ** 600 “ * 750 00 60 ! “ 7.70 ** 1,000 100 60 ! “ 1,000 “ 2,000 150 00 ] “ 2,000 •* .1,000 IK) CO r ‘ “ 8,000 “ 5,000 260 00 j 6,000 M 10,000 400 60 1 ** 10,000 450 60 LIC ENSES TO 14ETAILER8 OF SPIH -1 ITUOUB OK FEUMKNTED LIQUORB, 014 LAGEK BKEK.—The amounts of license j to !>e paid hy retailers of spirituous and fex - mm ted liquors and lager, arc as follows: - If the value of the stock in trade be SSOO or l*M $ 18 60 Over $ 500 30 00 From 1.000 to $2.000 ...... 50 >1 “ 2,000 to 4.000 .. 75 (JO n “ 4.000 U> C.OOO - IUO 60 “ >,OOO to 10.000 „ I*3' 80 1 i ** 10,000 to 20,000 , 130 CO 44 20,000 to 80,000 U 0 60 * Over 80,000 150 60 I ! S ° license shall be granted to sell spirit* uouh or Icrmented liquors or lager beer, in quantities not less than a pint, for the sum of ; i >IIMM>. unless the person applying therefor C ■l ,a H n ‘ :W obtain a license to *ell goods, chat lels, wares and merchandize, paying therefor the sum hereinbefore prescribed, according to the amount of the stock in trade. I OVSIKK AND EATING HOUSES.- . I he licciim; t he paid by the keepers of ovs ter and eating houses is $50.00 throughout j the Slat-. j females vending millinery and other small 1 articles, whose stock is not over SSOO jay a | license of 9*1.00 only; but if over that amount, they arc required to j*ay tbe same liconw® a . other persons—oath to !c made as to tho ! au>ounl °! stock at tbe principal season of the r year. GKO.iGK N. FKINGKK, . s heriff of Carroll county. N. I!.-—By instructions received from the treasury Department at tho Clerk’s office all I persons applying for a license of anv kind. * (except marriage licence*, which are the same 1 as heretofore, i will hereafter have to pay the 1 fee ofnfty cents for issuing the name, making 1 a ! ,"! aI ol •wfy staled above. * Ihe lee of fifty cents has heretofore been charged to the Stale. GEOHOE N. PRINOEK, > mar ’-- Id Sheriff of Cnrroll county. TO COEN GROWERS. . J. J- TURNER & CO.’S ' Ammouiated Boie Siper-Pctspliate. analysis Ammonia..,.,, 2 Kl Kolubl.Plio.phat, of Lime _S.M Hone I ho.plmte of Lime 10.67 Ciim|K)e<l of ihe most concentrated mleriK , 11 1* richer In Ammonia urn] Soluble l‘ho.- I pirates .Iran a,,. other Ferlili r old, our LXCKLSIOII, , n ,i j, Mm j e ,; t!) I l1 "' 1 •“PcrjiaiOß, uniform qunlilr pioran S. : * IDtJ ttn d dry, in excellent order for unlluijj. 1 neked m Imj-, , m | harreU. i pmce seo per ton. ]■ J - J. turneb * co., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. f . . rots UU v ' Orimex & Slouffer, Wealrain.ler, Md. I 4 %kevill, MJ. o■ U , B - ';?rv, Ml. Airv, Md. , h - o>, Hidgevifle, Md. McComaa t Hro.. Hoo.l k Mill. Md. A. JalUitt, Klßeott city. Md. “W* Al'mugh. Rocky Hidge, Md. "■ U- I'nld, Utica Mill,. Md. TOym^° V "’ Uoublc I>i i* Cre * k > MJ JNO. WILLIAMS. Jr..”" VfAIN Street, oppeite Court, Wclrnin the rale of M< ■' WVoletal, Agent for Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, I'Kii uriAX arjyo. Oronud Honrs. Sti|.or Phosphate*, ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS. mar 15-tfm I i.a ... Xo ,! s - 5 Kguiry. In the t ircn.l Court for Curroll County. | Frederick Mering, Tnmt TWma. U _ _ • Allumn ami Wife. : of Mi-th. A. I). ; tiled L.LT 1 V tt f T,,ul " of the Auditor J*"* b *. end con- I " ,hr eottlrarrthercfle Mown on or Ulmetho ttlatdayof M.rrb imu I g^ > - > T fy° f | ll 7 “j* '>e interted for <lav in KmiP n t^t * I® Bl named I equity, |, * P ® r H'lifhed in Carroll l "* r 1 B Botix, Clerk. 1 , “.“ r ~ ,rd* r * loTlwiTfw the Hprtng trade to tha AbxocaTK Uttiee.

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