Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 22, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, ! rruUMIKI) EVERT RATVRPAV by m. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORD,! office. NO. |. OAH ROLL MALI. TEKMH.—W |K?r year' In advance. fttuglc roplos 4 font*. No HiiWrliKloiiiUm-uiiilmuHl until ulUro.t*i* rv taald. unl.-s at thu ..mion of the publblicr*. AiVKUTI.**IN( HATE'*.—OnviK|iMrv b lines will be inavrted a limn or lum lor sl, nail ‘i> miU for uaoh | ■ulm > (|iu > nt iiiw.-rtioii. one square 3 uu.. MJO', 6 I null.. *i: 12 mov, I*. lluslnevs Curds, nut exceeding limn. ** per year. When the iimuUr of lnwrtloin, I is not marked advertisement* will becontinued until forbid and ehumd accordingly. Yearly advertbers iuu*t c mttnc advi-rtisenieiits to their own buxlnet* Bull 1 end Figure Work double price. IliHncm la>- | tub 10 eenU pgr line. Marriages and Heaths inserted free, obUuarti* and personal eommunieations 4 [ cents ja r line. Items of News. The Journal of Commrrc* recently prin ted an anal vau of the returns of manufac turers in this country, which exhibited I the uniinazing progroiw of our people in the several branches of productive Industry. From this we learn that the value of iron and its annual products is $028,303,885; cotton worsted and woolen, $911,495,177 ; flouring and grist mills, $444,985,143; leather ami its products, 8315,439,731); lumber, 8252,339,029; sugar and mobsses, 8119,789,097; liquors, distilled, malt and vinous. 894.123,014; tobacco, cigars and snuff, 871.702.044; printing paper. 825,- 000.000; writing paper, 89,000,000 ; book binding. 814,000,000 ; agricultural imple ments, 852,000,875; jewelry, $22,104,932, and patent medicines 810,000,000. The total manufactured products of the Tinted Htutes for the last census year reach the amazing sum of 81,232,325,442. The twenty-five largest cities in Europe have, according to the last census, the fob lowing number of inhabitants; London, 3.800,000; Paris, 1,850,000; Constant! noplc, 1,075,000 ; Vienna, including sub urbs, 900,000; Berlin, 830,000; St. p e . tersburg, 070,000; Liverpool, 520,000; Manchester, including Salford, 500,000; Glasgow, 470,000 ; Naples. 440,000; Mcs; cow, 440,000; Biriningliani, 370,000- Lyons. 324,000; Dublin, 320,000, Ma drid, 318,000; Brussels, with suburbs, 318,000 , Marseilles, 312,000; Posl-Ofou (Buda), 280,000; Warsaw, 250,000; Hamburg. 230,000; Rowe, 226,000 ; Tu rin, 210,000. The export of apples has become an im portant branch of tlu? trade of Boston, over ten thousand barrels of eating apples hat ing b jen soot to Korop* by three steam *rs during the month of February. In the large cities of Kngland there is u steady demand for this fruit, which is sold at reasonable rates. It is not uncommon for Michigan fancy apples to he placed among other d oilies on the tables of the nobility, and even on that of the Queen. A Maine paja-r relates the following inci dent; “Wiiiis \N iliiatn*. of Islesboro was out ou tin* ice, hunting sea-gulls, when an accidental disebage of bis fowling-piece wounded him badly in the (high. He smeared his dog s face with blood and told him to go home, which the animal did. und the blood alarmed the family and they followed him to the place where the young man was lying. ’ At Syracuse. N. V. on Monday Albert Keeler, aged 21, killed Idi Spencer, aged 14. The murderer was first cousin to the girl. He lived in Canada, and was visiting his uncle, thu girls father. After the murder he hurried to the railroad depot to escape on a train just starting, but missing his hold as he was getting on the cars, he fell back on the duck and broke his neck. Twenty-two ladies and gentlemen in Newark, N. J., assembled in a hotel par lor two or three evenings ago, and funned a society for the promotion of marriage. An alarming condition of affairs was dis closed by the statement that there are in Newark three men to every woman. The competition which ntiturally ensues renders marriage improbable and puts a premium on flirtation. A noteworthy feature of the ocean freight market for the last few months is the large shipments ufcoa) to Cuba, B.*. Thomas, and other West India Is’ands. which had formerly drawn most oflbeir supplies from Kngland. The great rise in the price of coal on the other side of the Atlantic is the cause of this change In Baltimore on Friday lust, the Com mittee in the Conference of the M. K. Church South to whom was referred the charges of great immorality against Uev. Dr. Huston sustained the charges ami re commended his expulsion from the church. V*hc report was adopted without a dissent ing Voice. At Frederick City, Md., Saturday, the jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter in tile ease of Dr. Jacob D. Thomas, indicted for the murder of John Bit. Jr., eighteen months ago, by shooting him wi.h a pistol during an altercation. This was thu second trial, the jury in the first in stance disagreeing. The robbery from the Falls City Tobacco Bank of Louisville, Ky.. now foots up about 8350,090. The Bunk offers SSO,- j 000 reward for the return of the bonds, or I 25 per cent, of the ummouiit returned, “ and no questions askedalso, n reward of SSOO each for the capture of the burg lars. The ultra-ritualists in Kngland were greatly exercised over the late marriage of the Hon. Eliot York und a daughter of Baron K. Rothschild. The Rev. Mr. West denounced the union, und an endeavor was ! made to prevent the issuance of a license [ for it. At a recent examination for promotions * in the Internal Revenue Bureau, Miss •Seavey secured u fourth-class clerkship, at j u salary o(‘81800, and another lady secured ! a third-class clerkship at 81G00. Of ten , persons appointed to second-class clerkships, at SI4OO salary, six arc women. Commodore William K Latimer, United States Navy, died in Baltimore on Satur day. He was a native of Maryland, was appointed to the navy In 1809. became | Lieutenant in 1833, Captain in 1843, and j Commodore on the retired list in 1862. Five tons of worn out bank note plates were incited down at the Navy Yard in Washington, on Sunday. They were des troyed under the supervision of a commit tee appointed by the .Secretary of the Treasury. It is proposed to investigate the accusa tions of bribery of Pennsylvania legislators by the Honor-soiling interest, and the means used to secure the passage of the supplement to the Union passenger rail way company's charter. Home sixty head of cattle, belonging to Smith and Powle, of Lswrcocoburg, In diana. were poisoned at Cincinnati, last week, by seme person unknown. Forty nine head died. John Savage, Jr., late cashier of the Lechmcre National Bank of Kast Cam bridge, Mass., has been arrested on a .charge of stealing the funds of that bank, aud hold in 815,000 bail. 1) is now made known that (he mails loetiwecn St. Louis und (he Kast have been tubbed several times during (ho oast two .mouths The amount of loss is indefinitely .named at between 800,000 and $70,000. During the last year England spent in .round numbers 8390,000,000, being a ilarger amount titan any sum raised by the nation, eveu during her vital wars with -the First Napoleon. Night trains between Scdalla, Mo., und Ijcxlugtou. have been fired into a number of times recently by parties of men from along side the road. No cause is assigned for the outrage. James P. Wiliuer. lute Acting Revenue Collector of the Fifth Maryland District, charged with stealing public moneys, has been lodged in jail, his bondsmen declin ing to he further security for him. Ihi following li telegraph on Tuesday; At Jiahony City, | i 1 a., tho Anthracite and Merchants' Hotel* j old I. high Valley freight depot end a dwel j |“*if J l 20,0i)0. At Cincinnati, George ! .Vim oyer's carriage factory ; loss ? ft,non.I At Montr a \ Canada, Ht. James Hotel, p.triially; several servant girls escaped with some injuries by leaping from win dows upon untressos below, and onu wash rescued by firem *u while ban, lig to a > window. Near New Hon’mrg, N. Y., dye I works of tho Du 4)ess Point ComtMiiy ; loss 859,000, and 759 hands 'thrown out ! of work. At Macon. Georgia, 25 wooden buildings, including 15 stores; loss 815,- 000. At Brady Colliery, Shamokin, P tun-1 •sylvanla, tho coal breaker, causing heavy The N. Y. Ksprru ays: In answer to the frei|Uenl inquire! us to tho health of Mr. James Brooks, we regret to say that he is still confined to his roam in Washing ton, receiving no visitors, mid attended only by his family, nurse and physician, the las? ol whom has forbidden any attempt, even if possible, to leave his lied. He seems to fail in strength duly under tho ef fect* of the malaria braagh ui h him fro n :ho Kast Indies more than a year since. A serious riot between English and Irish miners occurred on Tuesday in Wolver hampton, a town of Staffordshire, twelve j miles from Birmingham. At least three !. thousand persons were engaged in the con- 1 ' Hiet. Firearms and knives were freely | ( us*d. and there was much bloodshed, , though no eases of fatal injury have yet been reported. The trouble bad boon , brewing for some days. The authorities have arrested over a hundred of the men wliomrticiputod in the riot. The steamship Petersburg, from Amoy, China, for New York, put into St. George, Bermuda, on the sth. having burned her H pare spars, bulkhead, boats, and lOf chests of tea for fuel, she being short of coal. After coaling she was wrecked outside tho harbor of St. George, and became a total loss. Her cargo wuh valued at over 82,- 509.000, and at last accounts about half of it was saved. Levi Harris and wife, from Detroit, Michigan left Harrisburg, Pa. a few days ago, for York, Pu. leaving under the mat tras where they lodged the night previous, at the U. S Hotel, their pocket book con taining 819,000, or 820,000. Mr. Harris telegraphed to the proprietor of the Hotel, and recovered his money next morning. Dispatches from London show that nei ther Mr. Disraeli nor the Earl of Derby will accept the responsibility of construct ing a Government. A genera! election is now made certain—and it will be fortu nate it that does not mean, us it often does, a general derangement of the business interests of the country. * Thomas Holloway, of Kngland. the pro prietor of the famous patent medicines I which boar bis name, is said to bo worth. ! 860.000. Ho has recently built an 1 insane asylum costing 8500,009, and has other charitable schemes on foot on an equally magnificent scale. Mrs. K 'verdy Johnson died in Balti more city on Wednesday morning, after u lingering and painful illness. She was the daughter of Gov. Robert Bowie, of Prince George s county, who filled the ex- ! ocutive chair of this State in 1811. President Grant has removed John L. Thomas and appointed Hun. Washington Booth collector of the Port of Baltimore. The President has also appointed General Adam K. King naval officer of the same port. The Bulls Head Bank, New York,sus pended payment Thursday, on account of defalcation among its officers. The amount is said to be 8209.009, which entirely ab sorbs the capital of* the bank. From Portland. Or., tomes the news of the loss of the United States mail steamer George S. Wright, while on her voyage from San Fruncfaco to Sitka. It is feared that all on board are lost. The President has pardoned John C. Robinson, of South Carolina, and W. C. Du priest, of North Carolina, serving terms j of imprisonment at Albany for Ku-Klux ; crimes. General Hawley, of Connecticut, adds his name to the list of tho Congressmen I who refuse to take the increase of back j pay. The Carlists, under Oandrals Oita, 1 Pernla, and Dorrog.iray, have been defeat- j ed by the Spanish Government forces, i under General Castrnno, near Fampaluiia. 1 The hank books of Henry Menuger, j “sawdust swindler." arrested in New York, ! show that he has done a business ofßlooo ! per week since January Ist. Ten thousand buffalo hides were shipped i by a finn in Lawrence, Kansas, lust mouth. ' These animals must soon be extinct at this i rate of consumption. The number of railroad accidents that occurred from Feburury Bth to March 1 Uh, j were 42 ; 29 lives were lost, and 97 persons I injured. A fire at Elyria, Ohio, on Saturday night, destroyed the finest business block in the town, containing ten stores. Loss, 8200.- 009. Commodore Vanderbilt has given 3500.- 000 to Bishop McTyerie, of the Southern Methodist Church, to establish a Univer sity in Tennessee. i George Francis Train bus been pro j iiouneed insane, und Judge Duly will short j ly decide about sending him to a lunatic ; asylum. j The urgan of the Western Congregation-1 : alisis, the Chicago Advocate, demands a ' i lull investigation of the Iteeehcr scandal. | The Legislature of Pennsylvania has (Hissed an net increasing the pay of Jurors to two dollars per day with mileage. Henry Carver, of Wuvcrlcy, Baltimore county, hung himself mi Wednesday mor ning. He was 73 years of age. I The late James .Savage donated 840,- I 000 to Harvard College and 810,00(1 to tho 1 Massaehnselts Historical Society. Mr. Sumner owns a Bible that was once tho property of John Biinyan, kntht r of the “Pilgrim's Progress.” , Poster, the earhook murderer, nt New York, was executed yesterday morning, between !! und 10 o'clock. Vermont forgets all the hardships of the past winter in jubilation over its maple sugar season The Baltimore Board of Helth report only sixteen deaths {Veil Small Pox in that city last week. The snow-fall in Maine during the past winter amounted to six feet ten und a half inches. Sing Sing prison isover-erowded, having at present 1,210 male convicts und lU3 . females. A heavy snow-storm prevailed on Satur day in Greene and Columbia counties. New York. The ice in the Hudson nt Poughkeepsie is ten inches thick, und teams cross daily wiih safety. Seventy non-resident pupils have been ejected from the public sehisils of Phila delphia. Olmsted County, Minn,, hos organised ' a vigilance committee to take charge of wheat thieves. The Stokes ease, ill the Supreme Court of New York, has been set down for trial on the 2(ith of April. Josh Billings has applied to the Dela ware Legislature for a divorce from his wife. ilartfurt, Conn., heralds the adveut of first mosquitoes of the season. Massachusetts has set apart tho 3d of April as a day of public humiliation. A Singular Adventure. An extraordinary story is told by one ; Captain McDaniels of Canonshurg, Pa.. ] ; who mysteriously disappeared from New ; kork in October last. While on his way j to the city, in the month mention 'd, the captain says he form'd the arqu rintanau of a a ranger. They left the ferry-boat to- I gather and started to walk up a street that ■ I runs at right angles wi.h the Hudson. | The name of the street tho captain does {tut know. A fair they had walked u block I the stranger Invited him to take a drink, and they went into a saloon for the pur- j (lose. Captain McDaniels took two eu( I of coffee, after drinking which nil con sciousness departed. When his senses returned he found himself lying on the flisir of uu apartment from six to eight feet square. No door or window was discover able, and the place was in total darkness. Searching for his personal effects, lie dis covered that his watch and chain, two drafts on New York and 87,000 in green backs, which had been tied ground hi waist jo It handkcrchi f. were gone. Tile situ ation flashed upon him; he had bo n drugged and robbed, and now, doubtless, was slowed away until he could he mur dered and disposed of. Heart-sick and wcik from poism, hi laps id agiin into insensibility, and when he next recovered ; his sens s he found himself in the hold of an outward bound vessel. After n sail of several days the c iptuin says he was brought jon deck and thrust into a small boat in company with two sallow, who. after a pull of about two hours'duration, reached the shore. The captain was then put ashore, and the boat returned to the vessel. This was in the night lime. About dawn the ; captain was discovered by three soldiers, who spoke a foreign language unknown to our hero. They treated him with great in ligulty.cliaiiiingbim in a stockade where n grocs were already confined. One of the negroes could speak a little English, ■ and ho gathered that the Spaniards of Cuba were his captors. Ho was released by a midnight attack of n-groguerillaaon tiie (sist. After wandering lor several days witli these partisans, ho effected his escape, and, guided by the sounds of the (tuns of Moro castle, reached Havana. He met a sailor who took him aboard of a vessel in the harbor, and after a day’s re cruiting he engaged us shipping clerk. He retained his position until he hud accumulated sufficient money to go to New Orleans, to which point his friends had forwarded money. He became ill after his arrival in tile Crescent city, and was prevented from returning home for several weeks. He only succeeded in reaching home about four days ago. Spain.—Notwithstanding the difficulties which beset the Spanish Republic, Senor Figueroa and his associates have made some important tc|w toward the formation I of n permanent gmermenl, founded upon 1 the will of the people, properly expressed. There will be an election for delegates to a constituent Cortes, and at that election all | Spaniards over twenty years will have the right to vote. L'ndcr the Prim system, all men under twenty-five were dis | franchised, mid thus the voting list most materially reduced. At the same time the ! young men of the nation were cut off from all participation in political affairs. This will be remedied under the Republican | programme. The friends of a Spanish i Republic are divided into two sections. One is known us the Federal section, the other us the Cnitariun section. The former take their ideas from the Ameri can system, favor cheap government, local laws on the fashion of our States. The unauthmitad interference of the United States authorities at Now Orleans bears fruit at Like City, in K.oridn. In fact, whenever two rival aspirants get into a squabble over office, the Government bids lair to he invoked us the big brother who ii to settle nil differences. In Lake City, the struggle is between tho Reed Repuh.i cans and tile Holt Republicans—one party wanting to gel in. and the other desiring i to keep them out and enjoy the sjioKs un molested. Bush, legislator and tax col -1 lector, presumably while, leads the revulu ’ tion, and the objects ol his animosity arc j Holt, Probate Judge ; Waldron, Clerk of i the Court; More. Postmaster, and Keene, i Assessor. The United Htutes Marshal h., | hastened to the scene, slid arrested Bush i and several ofliiseouipaniuns. The negro | militia arc drilling and uwaiiing events, I lint which side they are prepared to take I part wc do not know. Ho fur, it is a | family quarrel, and the hope-is that it will | he confined within that interesting circle. i Kxtravauant Livinci.—Last winter I Mrs. Senator Stewart from Nevada, j whose husband is very wealthy, furnished her parlor- with the moat splendid i and costly furniture, imjnrted from Ku mi*, surpassing anything in Washington, und rivaling in elegance and gorgeousness, (ho lin ni ure that embellishes the parlors of Queens and Empresses. To show oil her magnificent parlors Mrs. Stewart of course gave a party costing two or tiirce thousand dollars more. Mr. Alhcrt Starlings lost, by dogs, an en tire flock of Southdown sheep on Friday night. Within a few monthsuvora hund red sheep have been killed by curs within a circumference of three miles from Friend ship. The Aiwinmti* Qazf'te says, On out of every hundred dogs are only lit to be knocked on the head. As the owners I will not do this, however, tho next best | thing is to lax them. i The Si. Mary* lleiicun, in speaking of - 1 the impotent conclusion of the Credit Mo bilier affair in Congress, says:—We don't understand und never expect to. how forty millions of government money could have licon stolen without anybody stealing it, or how Arnes could have been guilty of bri bery without bribing somebody. This is what we don’t Understand und never ex-1 peel to. Washington Cointv.—The Public Schools of Washington county will ho closed on tin* Kith of April. Work husbecn resinned on the new four. House in Hagerstown. Tho wheel fieldes in Washington coun ty are looking well. Raymond's e imp ground has been so cured for euiiqi mooting purpos-s thu com ing season, by the friends of this circuit, in which York, Wrightsvillo, Colombia, Hanover and Baltimore will he invited to particif-itc,—- Yurie Gazelle. The Methodist Protestant Conference, Baltimore, adjourned on Thursday, after a session of eight days. James M. Klh.iiiy, of South End. Mass wrs executed yesterday, for the murder of Ids wife, in August lasi. New Jersey vaunts possession of 130 iron mines. Key West, Florida, turns out 472,000 cigars weekly. NOTICE. THK Slock holders of the Taylor Manufac turing Company of Westminster, arc hereby notified that un installment of S2O per share on the mock of said Company, wi)l he due and payable on the lth dav of April, A. D. SCHAEFFER, mar 15-81 Secretary ami Treasurer. AROAND & German Student Lamps, Glass and Marble Stand do., Porcelain, Glass and Paper Shades, improved Ba>avi and best Chimneys, at i*n 26 W. O. LIOJET’S. Horrible Butchery in Hew Yoik. | ' . Herald Males thnt on Mon- 1 i <ay afternoon, In that city, three IrUla labor- i j eni entered the lager beer saloon of Jacob I l Schmitt, on Seveiity-founh street, ami called { | for (Irinka. They were served. A second , round was demanded and received, when - | their leader announced to Mr. Schmitt that ! they did not propose to pay for it. Schmitt ! Mepood from benind the bor and seized ono i ul lucm by the collar, whereupon he was 1 instantly lei led to the Huor by the ringleader, who dealt him a murderous blow from behind 1 with a beer bottle, laying u|M!ii his scalp and 1 rendering him insensible for a lew seconds. W hile on the lloor the rnUians l-egan kicking him about the head and Imhlv, and would ! doubtless have mml< short work of him bad j not his wife hurried to his assistance. But her coming was unfortunate for herself; for no sooner did she attempt to push the scoundrels nway from the prostrate form of ■ her husband than one of them whipped out a i large sheath-knife and plunged it into her , back, just below the left shoulder blade Again uud again did the fiend ply his deadly weapon, Blabbing the poor woman in the left breast uud in the right arm near the elbow. , .She fell, ap|Hircntly lifeless, to the Hour, and , then the three assailants ugain turned their attention to her husuund, who hud by this liuir regained consciousness and staggered to his feet. One of them (aid hold of his left ear with his teeth, nor relinquished his hold ( till a portion of it was severed from his head. Another bit him on the hand and nearly lore a linger off, while a third pounded him on the head with beer glasses ami Imtlles. At this junesure a neighbor, Mr. ..acob Voung, attracted by the cries of Schmitt and his wile, ran to their assistance and received a deadly slab in the abdomen, the villain handling the knife still reeking with the blood of th un fortunate woman at his feet, plunging the blade in clean to the hilt, and then turning it round and round, us though he would make sure of finishing his victim, the men then i j left the saloon, and meeting Mr. uohn Lubins ' 1 on a bridge oil Seventy-fifth street, plunged u j knife into his Imck. Mr. Young's wounds | arc considered fatal ; Mrs. Schmitt s wounds | arc also serious; Mr. Schmitt b and Mr. Lubin'a wounds are not considered so serious, j ■ —~——l*- mi i Tribute of Respect. At the regular meeting of tho West End ' Debuting Society, held on Saturday evening, March loth, the President, John f. Diffen- | b.mgli, Esq., in his place, very feelingly and j i appropriately called attention to the demise i ol our must worthy and much esteemed broth- I er, Mr. A. It. Durbin. He said Members j ol the West End Debuting Society, it becomes ! my duly a* President of this Association, to j announce to you the painful news of lUv death I of our much esteemed and worthy member, j j A. It. Durbin. In his death our Association , sustains the loss of one of the first movers and lending spirits in connection with the or ganization of our Society; a loss that every member cannot fail to acknowledge us almost I if not entirely irreparrnblc. His absence from . the Association during his affliction has been t sorely felt by every member of the Society, i j I hat voice of wisdom and eloquence in the | i discussion of all questions with which he was ! i connected never tailed to command the great- i i | ® Bt Wfftti of respect and profound attention I i from the entire audience. That gentlemanly I ! deportment, that honesty and uprightness with ‘ j which he always conducted himself have en- I i i denied him to every member of this Associa- : I lion, and while there is no on? who regrets 1 j the loss of so valuable a member more than I i • do. yet to me the event was one that was , j mingled with feelings of pleasure as well as jof grief and sorrow. 1 have been a constant j > visitor at his bedside during his entire ufflic- i , j tion, endeavoring to administer to his every J want and comfort os well as the relief of his j j suffering*. 1 can truthfully say that I have; never witnessed such intense sufferings before j in any creature ol humanity, and God knows j i that I never desire again to witness the fame. I > N° longue can tell nor pen describe the amount I , *>l P uu ‘ tbui man endured, and when the mes- | senger of death announced his departure, it ! 1 was to me a pleasure of no ordinary degree; yen. I rejoiced to know that his suffering in j • this world had ended. Y'ct as intense as his sufleringi were he endured them with that | Christian fortitude and resignation, that none I . ~ut a martyr to his Country or his God, could have endured. He seemed to be endowed with the patience of a Job, and I have no doubt that he is now reaping the rich reward of bis labors in the bright mansions of eternal bliss and happiness. And now, gentlemen, I allow me to say in conclusion, that vices he had i none. Let us learn to imitate his virtues so , that when wo shall bo numbered with the pale ( nations of the dead, the pages of history may record for us the same god name as it will for our brother A. R. Durbin. Ah an expi es . sion of gratefulness to his memory and tribute • j of respect to his bereaved and sorrow-stricken family, 1 think the society should give that ex pression by the adoption of such preamble and reso|ution.H us will be appropriate to the solemnities of the occasion. Remarks were also made by a number of the members, all of whom spoke in the high ! esl terms ol the purity and excellence of his • ( character. Ihe regular business and discus- I sum for the evening wdre postponed through I I respect to his memory, ami on motion it was 1 j decided to publish resolutions expressive of i i the Society appreciation of the deceased, of I grief for his loss, and of condolence with his 1 sorrow-stricken family. A committee, consisting of Messrs. John I Matthews, Peter 11. Mikesell and Levi Evans, i was appointed by the President to draft a pre- I I amble and set of resolutions, win* after retir- j in* for a few moments, reported the following: I VN iikfcKA.H, it has pleased Almighty God m I His infinite wisdom to call from our midst our upright and estimable brother, Mr. A. K. Durbin, whom the Society regards as the prime, mover in its foundation and leading spirit in its continuance; who by his gentle manly conduct, and mild Christian deport- i men I, bud endeared himself to every member; ! w ho by his extensive know ledge and his read- I incss as a debater, had contributed much to j , our entertainment and instruction ; and who I by his remarkable candor and honorable fair- j ness won the roped and admiration of every • opponent, Ik* it therefore, Oesolred. 'I hat in the death of our brother, '■ we have lost a member w ho was deeply inter- I ested in the general welfare and favorable standing of our Society ; who labored more : than any other for the seenrement of the ob- j jecls aimed at by our organization, and whose I presence was always a sure guarantee of order 1 and decorum, and that our loss in bis death I is almost irreparable. hesolved, that the Society does most sin- i cerely sympathize, and most heartily condole j with the bereaved widow and daughter in this their great affliction. li tool red, 1 hat a copy of these proceedings j with a copy of the President’s remarks, be | sent to the grief-stricken family, j Henolred, 'i hat these proceedings and the* President's remarks be published in the city j papers. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, Pres’t. 1 U. B. Mikesell, Sec. MARRIED. On the 2Rlh of February, in Baltimore, bv ! Ucv. Dr. A. H. Ames, Mr. Wm. H. Shreeve, formerly of this city, and Miss U. K. Sands, ! I of Baltimore. | On Jan. 21st, by Key. W. C, Crerner, Mr. j Henry T. Troxel and Miss Maria Lippy, all of this county. On the 11th hist., at the residence of Jas. * W. Warner, in this city, by the same, Mr. | Joseph Scbwoigart, of Seneca Co., Ohio, and I Miss Frnncinu Weaver, both of this city. j On the 18th inst., at the Reformed Church Parsonage, by the same. Mr. Wm. M. Ward and Miss France! A. Martin, all of this county. On the Kith inst., at the same place, and by the same. Mr. Abraham J. Koont* and Miss Clem. Hahn, all of this county. On the 11th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Uev. G. Sell, Mr. George W. Long and Miss Caroline C. daugh ter of Henry Zimmerman, Esq. At the residence of the bride's father, on on the 11th uIL, by the Kev. E. W. Stoner, Ma. Lincoln W. Uinehart of Frederick county, and Miss Lizzie second daughter of Abraham Cassell, Esq , of this county. On the 11th instant, by Elder William H. Franklin, Joseph H. Nash and Moggie A. Simmons, all of this county. In Philadelphia, on the 18th inst.. bv Rev. M. A. Day, Mr. Geo. W. Davis, of Philadel phia, Pa., and Miss Maty* E. Wampler, of 1 this city. DIED. In this City, on the 17lh inst., Man- Jose- ! phine, second daughter of A. H., and Molly ] Huber, aped 4 years, 10 months, and 26 days. ’ On Wednesday afternoon, March loth, 1 instant, Mrs. Careline Hood, wife of Charles 1 W. Hood, of Carroll county, and daughter of 1 the late Col. Richard Doruev, a soldier and officer in the Revolutionary War. Near Houcksville, on the morning of 18th instant, Anna R., infant child of uane and Cant. Win. J. Houck, aged 8 months. On Sunday morning last, in this countv, Mrs. Louisa, wife cf 0. W. Q*U, and daugh ter of Abraham Kriso, of Gettysburg, aged 47 years, 4 months and 1 day. In St. Mary's county, on the 15th instant, Mbij Alice, beloved wife of E. Clarence i At his residence, near this City, on the 13fb instant. Andrew Reese Durbin. Med 60years. 8 months and 6 days. WESTMINSTER MARKETS, Reported by Grimes <k Stouffer. j WHOLESALE fHIrKS. _ Friday, March 21, 1878. Flour—Extra #B.OO 0< 8.60 ■ “ Super 7.00 (d, 7.00 Family 9.00 (a 10 00 ! „ Rj® 4.00 /a uOO Wheat—Red i.fio (gj 166 “ White 1.60 <" 390 Gats 85 (<', 40 Corn 46 ( 48 Rye 70- ft. 75 Corn Meal 1.25 0> 1.50 Clover Seed 5.00 (~ 0.00 i Timothy Seed 8.00 (a, 8.60 1 Flax Seed 1.25 ( 1.50 ; l-rd 7 (o 7 :

Bacon u(~ n Potatoes 50 (n 75 ' Fork 5.00 oj< 5.00 BALTIMORE MARKETS. Super $5.00 (& 6,26 | Common to fair Extra 6.50 (n 7.25 ! Good to Choice do 1.50 Or 8,00 j Family 8.25 (u 10.50 I PntupHco Family 12.00 Or 0.00 1 “ Extra 12.00 (n. 0.00 I Chesapeake d0... v 11.00 (*j 0.00 { Corn Meal 8.25 Of 8.80 1 Wheat—White 2.00 Of 1 ** Red 1.70 Of Loo Corn—W hite tg> 03 | “ Yellow 58 (. 59 Gats 47 48 ! ye 85 (k 90 i Reel Cuttle—best quality 6.00 (•• 7.25 j “ “ medium 4.50 4 6*25 ' “ 44 ordinary... 8.25 (") 4.60 Sheep—fair to good 4| cts. <£, 7 ‘ 4 extra 5 cts. Otj 8 | It “ ■took 2.25 r‘ 8.50 ; Hay and Straw—Hay 25 0&27 *p ton * l . r * w 29@81 V ton Hides -steer 121 cts. Of 18 44 c0w..... 12| ct*. (a. 13 leather—city slaughtered... 40 ct*.(ri 48 f* !b 44 country 40 cls.(n 48 44 “ Spanish Sole 88 4 ‘ rough skirting.... 86 44 Maryland & Penn. 87 ct*.ft 30 44 W 00l unwashed free of burrs 85 cts.(u 88 14 “ ** bury 25 cts. (a 80 44 I “ tub-washed 55 4 * | 44 pulled 85 cts.fu-40 44 1 Seeds—Clover 5 cts.(a,6 44 ( “ Timothy 88.75f)4,00 bushel. | ** Hx 2.00(a) 2.00 “ l Feathers—common to prime 25(0/76 y !f TRUSTEE'S SALE OK A DESIRABLE SMALL FARM. THE undersigned, by virtue of the Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, as a Court of Equity, passed in tho case of Elizabeth Kiler, by David Kiler her husband and next friend and others, against James A. Smith, will offer at Public Safe, tothehighoat bidder, on tho premises, on Wtdnadag, Hu nth day of, 1811, i at 1 o clock, P. M., a small Farm, situated ■ in Carroll county. Md., in the village of Burk i Hill, on public road leading from Union | town to Union Bridge, about 2} miles from ' the funner place, and about U miles from the I bitter place, and contains 37 Acres and 1 Eood of Land, | more or less. The improvements on this I . ££“*** ,°i a rtory W’oatherboarded DWELLING HOUSE, I log barn, smoke house, spring • bouse, hog house, and otheri ! necessary out-buildings, an ' j cellent apple orchard and other fmit hearing , trees; and there is also a never failing spring i of excellent water convenient to the dwelling; ; about 8 acres arc in Timber, and the residue* j is cleared land, in a good state of cultivation.. J and is enclosed with good fences. I r i e .TV". a "/ ■'W'fc are as foUowt .—The* | oiic-lmli of the purehuc raonpjr .hall b paid i by the purchaser or purchasers to theTrnstee on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof by the Circuit Court for Carroll comity i as a Court of Equity, and the other half hafl I be paid within one year from the day of sale, j with interest, and to be secured by the note- I of (he purchaser or purchasers with sccurilv to be approved of by the Trustee. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, Trustee. John T. rifftnhaugh. Auctioneer. mar 15-U EXAMINERS' NOTICE. BY virtue of a commission issued to us b y ihe County Commissioners for Cairo ll county, to examine and determine whetht r tbe public convenience requires the openin g of u public road in said county eommencin g and running on the bed of a road (or ns nea r thereto as practicable i now leading from th e Liberty Road to the county road near Robe* 1 Murray’s ; said road to pass between the land a of C. Devries, L. Older, Florence Patterson , J. B. Berret, John Mai rig and Robert Clark , and through the land of Robert Murray. This is therefore to notify all persons who n it may concern, that the undersigned will me- rt on the premises, on Tue*(Uijf, the loth day < tf April. M 73. at 10 o'clock, A. M., to execu l m , the trust reposed in ns by the said commi •; i sion. FREEBORN GARDNER. EDWIN M. SHIPLEY, JOSHUA BASEMAN, j mar 15-5 t Examiners. NO. 1171 EQUITY. | In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. John Ui, and Wife et. aid., v.. laiura 'if. Brown and Adam 11. Brown. OBDKUKU this 12th day of March. A. I>. IK7J, that the sale made and reporte d I by Joe! Unop and Anna E. Flattman, Tret. I tecs, for the sale of the Heal Estate in the ! proceeding, in this cause mentioned and de- i j creed to he sold be ratified and confirmed, I unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown I on or before the tenth day of April next; pro : ' ided a copy of this order be inserted in some ! newspaper printed in Carroll county, once in each of three successive weeks before the tenth day of April next. Ihe report states the amount of nle to bo S-JUW.OU. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. 1 rue copy,—Test: mnr 15-81 Jxo. B. limit, Clerk. NO. 125(1 EQUITY.- In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as ■ Court of Equity. | Joseph B. Deholf nnd John W. Deholf, ve. I Jacob N. Deholf nnd Samuel D. Deholf. ORDERED this I2lh dar of March. 187*. that the sale made ana reported by Job* 1 W. Deholf, Trustee, for the safe of the Real I Estate in the proceedings in this cause tnea ; tinned and decreed to be sold bo ratified aad I confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof j be shown on or before the 10th day of April | next; provided a copy of this order be insert ;-d in some newspa|>er printed in Carroll j county, once in each of three successive weeks i before Ihe said luth day of April next. I Ihe rejiort stales ihe amount of sale lo be Sikwo.uo. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. I me copy,—Teat: mar 15-8 t Jxo. B. Boris, Clerk. Ktlalr of Simoa IShill, deceatni. NOTICE ia hereby given that the subacri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters Tcstamentarv on the Personal Estate of SIMON BHILT, late of Carroll county, deceased. AII person, having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legsllv authenticated to the subscri ber, on or before the Ist dav of October, 1873; they may otherwise by Isw’be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. liiven under my band this 11th dsy of March, 1878. OERSHOM HUFF, mar 15-4 t Executor. NO. 1829 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Jesse F. Mslehorn et sis., vs. Isaac Belt. ORDERED this IBth day of March, A. D. 1873, that the account of the Auditor filed in this cause be finally ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the Slst day of March, instant; provided a copy of this order be in serted for two successive (seeks before the last named day in some newspaper published in Carroll county. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. Tme copy,—Test; mnr 15-2 t Jxo. B. Bow, Clerk. wanted’ AN energetic young man to act as Agent for the Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Ma chine Company, in Carroll county. Outfit furnished, and liberal inducements offered to an active man. Address with references WHEELER A WILSON Mxscpxcniai).'o Co,, 2U W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. mar 16-8 t r -L 1 . - - -•-- • - - J. E. Tatloii, A. D. SeifAfcrKK*, PrewdCJit. 'Wry. tuul Tmifl. IHE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER, MD. DIREOTOK* 5 j David Fowblc, H. Huineft, Edward Lynch, A. D. Srbacffer, J. E. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OF i M ill "M. n, c- li iiie vy, i REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS. ’ Car Wheels and Axles, Circular Saw j Hills, of all Sizes; HORSE POWEBS, ; From 1 to 12 Horse; HKPAII ATOIIS, From 2 lo 10 Horae; I*IX)W8 OF ALL SIZEH; ' ( WHEEL HOUSE RAKES, Ac., Ac., kc. | Dealera in ; Stationary, Portable and Agricultural Engines, From 2 to 260 Horcpourcr r | Hopain of all kindft promptly at j tended to. We are i*aying the HIGHEST PRICES for White Ouk, Hickory, Walnut and Ash | Timber, in the Leg delivered at Mill, or ou - the Ij>t, h partieH prefer. Peraons having any of the above will call I or ooinmunicaie with us by letter. JV- \uxy from t to 1| cents jmt pound for 1 old Castings according to qualify. ” ,ttr !*_!?. Carroll County Public Schools. Extract from the ProceediugM of the Hoard. SUMMER TERM. WHEREAS, the condition of ihe Treas ury will noOeliable the Board of County School Cornmissionera lo defray the whole expenses of continuing the Public Schools during tbe Summer Term: it is therefore O n licit ki>, That each Teacher bolding a certificate of qualification, may use the Public School House during the Summer Term, and receive from parents or guardians such sum per pupil as may be agreed upon by the par ties; and that each leather who shall keep open his or her Public School during forty School day* in the Summer Term, ending on the J9th day of June, J 873, (exclusive of holi days, ) showing an average attendance of not •tot than twenty pupils, shall in addition to the book fees paid to the Teacher during the term, receive from tbe School fund the sum of $26. provided that the Teacher, at the close of said term and before the 7th day of July, shall make and return to the Secretary of this Board an exact report duly sworn or affirmed to us heretofore. Children considered ** indiaent by the Teacher and the Trustees, shall be admitted free from all charges. A motion was nassed authorizing the Presi dent of tho Board and each member thereof to employ a physician to vaccinate the indi ■ (tent children in the Public Schools wherever said officers are satisfied that safely lo the health ; of the School requires, provided they can agree with the physician to vaccinate a number at a sura not *.o exceed half the regular price of the operation for each individual. Th© Board also ordered that the Public .School Term now in progress, may close on Thursday Evening, the loth of April, 1878. The Board will meet to settle with the ■ j• if hers on Monday, the 21*1 dav of April. Published by order of the Board. J. M. NEWSON, mar H-8t Secretary. Tit US TEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, Nttk Maxtiikkter, Carkuli. Co., Mu. BY virtue of a Deed of Trust from James D. Wbiteleather and wife, to the under gned, and of an order ot the Circuit Court 4wr Carroll county, in Equity, directing a re < sale at the risk of Stephen Elder, a former j purchaser. I will sell at Public Sale, on \ * Saturday, the 29th day of March, 1972, \ ■ at l o'clock. P. M., on the premises, about r mile* south of Manchester. Carroll county. I adjoining lands of Daniel Garrett, Thomas r and James Bosley, and others, that valuable , little property, containing ' 10 Acres, 3 Roods and 12 Perches of Land, more of less, formerly owned and [ occupied by James D. V\ hiteleathor. This 1 j Farm is convenient to churches, school houses * and mills, and has a good young Orchard on j f it, and is improved with a two I story frame Dwelling House, A/dJI I Stable and other necessary out ! 1 | buildings, all nearly new/ KjjffrlSffs * i Terms of Sate. One-fourth cash on the \ j day of **le, or on the ratification thereof by * | the Court, the balance in two equal payments : at 6 and 12 months, purchaser giving his note* with approved aecumy, bearing interest from the day of sale. Possession given on the Ist day of April, next. JACOB CAMPBELL, Trainee. Smith Jc McKelUp , Solicitors. mar 8-t* J. MORTIMER HURLEY, PROF, OF MUSIC, IS giving instruction on the PSann, Organ. ! Violin, Guitar, Clarinet, Elute. Cornet ] and Thorough Hass, at gubatly ukiii ecu ! RATE*. I $8 PER TERM, OR S3O PER SCHOLASTIC TEAR. | PIANO TUNING 92.50. Also agent for Wm. Khabe A Co’*. atturpm' I CELEBRATED PIANOS indRW K. P, Needham k Sosr'a Unrival- •■'Mil led ORGANS. Particular attention paid to tbe selection of Instruments. For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber’s Drug Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 22 Notice to Creditors. NO. 1849 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Edward Lynch nnd Francis 11. Orendorff, Trustees, vs. Jacob H. Edmondson k Wife. OTICE is hereby given to the creditors of JLw Jacob H. Edmondson who were such £rior to the 4th day of April, A. D. 1872, lo le their claims properly proven and authen ticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for i Carroll county, in Equity, on or before the 10th day of May, 1878, J. J. BAUMGARTNER, march 8, 1878-41 Auditor. Bank Dividend Notice. THE President and Directors of Carroll County Savings Bank of Uniontown, have declared a Dividend of EIGHT PER CENT, on penr.inent deposits, and FIVE PER CENT, on all other deposits, payable on or after the tenth instant, H. B. VARDEN, President. Wm. H. Stahr, Treasurer. mar 8-8 t Comniitmioners* Notice. THE County Commissioners of Carroll county, will meet at their Office, in V\ est tainster, on the First Monday or APRIL, 1878, for the transaction of business. By order, JABEZ A. BUSH, mar 8-4 t Clerk. Everything New. WE recently purchased a new assortment of Job Typo for use during the pres ent season. jan 4 GARDEN SEED. THE Bollock k Robinson’s Garden Seed, fresh ond new, of all kinds, just received by D. W. HOUCK, feb 22-5 C Houcksville, Md. WANTED IN exchange for a House and Lot in West minster, Aid., or to purchase, a small country place. Address P. O. Box No. 9, Westminster, Md. fob 22 8t Look Here! CARDS, Circular*. Programme., Shipping Tg, Bill Hroda, in fact everything re quired in Ike Printing line can be obtained at tkc Advocxtk Office. j„ n 4 GORN, THE xabscrifaer ha. on hand and for <ole, SUO butdteU of M bite Flint Corn, xoitabb lor Meal and Hominy. feb 22-ft ° HowttaSm^^d. HT tbe $1 TEAS^aT W. 0. UGGETS. TRUSTEES HALE ir Real and Personal Property, \ r PUE imdaraigi/ud, Tro**!, W \ {r tn of & j JL Demi of Trust cvecuw-fl m him hy AU’>* 1 under P. Adlewpurecr, daU‘d Aucu i 31, A. J D. 1872, will on * ' ] MOXiiJ y, the 24th day of MAHVII, A. D. I ! 1878. at 1 o’clock, i*. m., offer at Public nk‘, 1 on the jM-omihCh. lu ibe highest ImUlor, a i Farm cuntainiog j 102 ACRES OF LAND, j more or lea*. TLh property i* K-iimlu in J Tooeytows Dintric*. Carroll coimtv, M<!., about 8 roller. east from Taneytown, j j miles i from Weint’ Mill, and I mil*. H outh from , Shu***’ Station on toe Frederick and Peuusyl- j vonia Line Kail road, and adjoins lands of Joßiftb Baumgartner, Edward Spaulding and 1 others; about 40 acres of this farm i covered ; with heavy and thriving Timber, and the resi , due is cleared laud in a good state of cultiva j lion and enclosed with good fences. The improvements on this property consist of a two story Brick DWELLING i HOUSE, Log Tenant House, ißank Burn. Carriage House.iyM| j Smoke House, Wash House ! Hog House, two wells of never failing water 1 r the dwelling, and a thriving young Apple ' Orchard and other Fruit Trees. | The Ta ms of Sale are as follows, viz : j One-third part of the purchase money shall be ' paid by the purchaser or purchasers to the j t rustee on the day of sale, or on the rutifica j tion thereof by the Circuit Court for Carroll ) county as a Court of Equity, and the residue ! shall be paid in two equal payments, the one j to be paid in one year, and the other in two | yean* from the day of sale, with interest, and to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or I purchasers with security to be approved by . the Trustee. JAMES E. DODUEU, I w t it Trustee, i J. J. Jiuu is partner, Solicitor, | Also on the day aforesaid, at 9 o’clock, A. i M.. the t.udersigncd, Trustee, by virtue of I the aforesaid Deed of Trust, will sell the fol- I lowing Personal Property, viz; 2 /ffu. work mare*, 1 colt two years old; 1 jWVs 1M do. one year old ; 5 milch jpß cows, 2 fresh by the day of sale; 5 i mUm, head of young cattle, two of which are ouus; 1 Chester sow, will have pigs by April Ist.; G shoals, 1 threshing machine, new, tripled geared; rockaway wheal lan. one 8 or 4 horse wagon as good as new ; 1 one-horse do., cart and gears, one 8-horse plow, one 2- horse plow, 8-liorse harrow, and do. cultiva tor, single and double shovel plows, corn forks, rakes, hoes, 2 sets of new brcechbands, 2 sets front gears, 2 sets single harness, rock away buggy, abide, double and triple trees, log, baiter and cow chains, one 3-borse stretcher, grain bags, barrels, boxes; 13acres of rye growing, 12 acres of wheat growing. Also household and kitchen furniture, con- ! listing of 3 beds and bedsteads, cook stove and fixtures, parlor stove, sink, corner cup board, tables, chairs, lot ol cider barrels, meat tubs, chum, crocks, Ac. Work bench, lot of emoiitar's tools, Ac.. Ac. Terms of Salt of Personal I*mpertyi —All sums of and under, cash: on sums above *3 a credit of six months will be given, pur chasers to give their notes with approved se curity, bearing interest from day o! sale. No property to be removed until settled for. JAMES E. DODHEtt, mar 8-t Trustee. Valuable Farm lx F.koebkx Cocirrr, AT TRUSTEES' SALE. BY virtue of a Decree of the Cirenit Court for Carroll count,, in Equity, the under rißniHl. Jrustees, will Hell at Public Sale, on SATURDAY, th, gsi of MARCH. 1573. at Mi.idVntrg Station, on the Western Marc land Kailroad. at 1 o’clock, P. M-. the Karin now occupied by Lycurgus Miller, and which wa* purchased in hi, life time by Joseph Davis, containing 146 ACRES OF LAND, : more or Icm. The improvements consistofa ; largo STUNG HOUSE, Stone jau Barn, new Wagon Shed and Corn House, end other neces-01?pWlBM sary outbuildings, with a failing spring of water between the bouse and wirn. 1 here is also a new Tenant House on the farm, not finished, hut which can he com pitted with little expense. About IS acres ot this land is covered with good Timber, and there is an excellent nj*V)rchiird of choice Fruit on the plucc. .JutTThere is also a Ume Kiln on Ibe prem ises and Lime Stone convenient. 1 This property is situated in Frederick coun ty, about huff o mile from Lndiesburg, and i within one quarter of a mile from the Freder i tek and Pennsylvania Line Railroad. ’This land b in excellent condition, having been heavily limed and is as productive as any land in the neighborhood, and it is well water ed, having running water on the farm. T eras <>/ Silk am prescribed by the Ik, re: One-third of the purchaac money cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof by i the Court; one-third "ill one year and the bal ance in two years from the day of sale, the purchasers to give their notes or bonds, with security to be approved by the Trustees, for I the credit payments, bearing interest from the , dav ol sale. JOHN E. SMITH. JOHN H. WINEMILLER. ISAIAH HANK, I , . Trustees. John A. Smith, Solicitor. j Samuel Shunk, Auctioneer. mar Ms TRUSTEE’S SALE or s i HOUSE ATsTD LOT IN TANEYTOWN, THE undersigned, Trustee, appointed in the case of.oseph Gartner, husband and next friend to Elizabeth Gartner, his wife, against John W. Cornell, and others, in the Circuit Court for Carroll county, in Equity, will offer the property in said cause decreed to lie sold, at Public Sale, to the highest bid der, on the premises, on Saturday, the did day of March , 1173, at one o'clock, P. M. This property is situaie in Taneytown, Car roll connty, Md.. and consists of Building 1-ot. being Lot No. kg, on the pat of said town, and is improved with a Urge two story Weutherboarded DWELLING HOUSE, with pavement in A-dOL.-y front. Stable. Carriage House, well of excellent and nevei failing water, and is enclosed with coon fences, i and bounds on a public alley on the one side, i and in the rear. The Term . of Salt prescribed by the Decree are, as follow . ; —One-third part of the pur chase money shall be (add by thepurebaseror purchasers to the trustee on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof hy the Court aforesaid, and the residue shall be paid in two equal payments, the one to be paid in one year, and the other in two years from the day of sale, with interest, and to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers with security, to lie approved of by the trustee. JOSIAH AOLEfiPEKGEK, Trustee. J. J. Bacwm itveu, Solicitor. mar Ms Estate of Barnhart Brown, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given thsl the subscriber bus obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letter* of Administration on the Personal Estate of UAKNHABT BROWN, late ofCarroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereoflcgally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of Ocrnmn, next; they may otherwise by law be exclnded from ell benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are re quested to mahe immediate payment. Given under my band this 25th day of February, 1878. DAVID CASSELL, mar 1 -tt Administrator. Estate of Daniel Jciaer, deceased. ■VTOTICE is hereby given that the subscri i-x hers have obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary ou the Personal Estate of DANIEL YEIBEU, late of Carroll county, deceaned. All persons haring claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the voucher* thereof legally authenticated to the subscribers, on or before the tel day of Scrrotsui, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of aaid estate. Those indebted are requsted to make immediate payment. Given under our hands this I th day of Feb ruary. 1878. GEO, M. KH.BEUNAGLE, JACOB A. HUMBERT, EMANUEL YEISEB, feh 22-4t* Executors WANTED. LABORING MEN wanted on the Mines of Chestnut Hill Iren Ore Company, near Manchester, Maryland. Beady work for good men. Apply at the Mines. jan 26-km PUBLIC SALE |>V v.rtuoof anuir of llr ft flat* of" said cc-fictv, Mecy.l - i Public Sak, ou the premises of the law Au | custut filmier, deceased, ou the county rood I WJrog from Westminster to New Windsor Hire- mih., from the former and four from 1 tire Inner place, on Tneatay, the doth day of March, Jt'.'.V, the following personal property, to wit • 5 superior work horses, one jfe ’Ma&yridss and drives well n ftaHiSiinte Or double harness ; 1 uCTX , a mood mure with font;) yearling con, S milch cows, one very fine - 2 jnr old boll, I brood sows, one cheater and tin- other berk” ' shire hived. Iroth will haste tags by the day of sale, or shortly thereafter; i. fine shoals, i fat bog, 1 brondlread wagon, nearly new; 1 mrr rowtrrwd wagon, in giwd order; I Jrracy wagon, partly,new; i hay earrioges, 2 stone , beds. I with sideboards, 1 4-bgrae sled, 1 im , proved McCormick reaper. 1 Buckeye mower I springlooth horse rake, 1 wheal drill,' I threshing machine and home power, triple geared; I winnowing mill, I cutting boxf 4 throe-horse plows, two of them Hagerstown make; 1 two-horse do., 1 two-horse cultivator. I three horse do. t a superior article; 1 larg* three-horse harrow, 2 two-borsc do., 1 single and 2 double above! plow*, 2 com forks, lot of double and triple trues, single trees and , jockey wicks, J large ground roller, grain and eloverseod cradles, mowing acvlbe, i new iron i vice and screwplate, 2 sets of hind gears, 4 . sets of front gears, 2 sets of single harness, . wagon saddle, collars, bridle, halters, Kne , and whip, riding bridles, 1 good riding saddle, o good leather Hynct*. feed trough, bolster, . grindstone, jackscrew, ice cutter, sixth chain and stretcher, butt and breast chains, 4 stretchers, cow chain*, lot of other chains, forks, rakert, hoes, shovels, mattocks, maul and wedge*, blacksmith's hammers and coal, lot of old iron, axes, wood saw, augers, chis els and drawing knife, 2 good salting tubs, set of quarrying tools, barrel and vinegar, cider • barrels and tubs, saddler’s bench, shoema ker bench and tools, lard and can, fish net, grain bags, wheat, barley aud oats by tin oushel, corn by the barrel, lot of potatoes, a quantity of wheat, rye and lau-ley ilhe ground. Household Furniture, consisting of bed steads, small feather lick, 2 caaes of drawers, kitchen table, wood box, cooking stove and fixtures, tenplaie stove, pipe and drum, and many other articles too tedious to mention. 1 emu oj oaU. —All sums of and under, cash; on sums above $6, a credit ol 9 months will be given, purchasers giving their notes with approved security, bearing interest from day of sale. No property to bo removed until settled for. ■flMhdf to commence at p o'clock, A. M. DAVID CASSELL, , , Administrator. John 1. Difftnbaugh . Auctioneer. j mar 8-ts TRUSTEE'S SALE or lieal Estate TH HE undersigned, by virtue of the Decree H °f the Circuit Court for Carroll county, tut a Court of Equity, passed in the case of George Slater against Caroline Meissel and others, will offer the Real Estate in said case decreed to be sold, at I‘ublic Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, on HONDA r, the SUI day of MARCH, Jd7l, at 1 o clock, P. M. Said Beal Estate contains 16 Acres, 2 Roods and 17 Perches of Land, more or less, and is situate in Wool cry s District, Carroll county, Maryland, near ihe Deer Park Church, and adjoins lands of John Frick and others. This laud is in a good state of cultivation and enclosed with good fence*, and is improved with a comfor table Dwelling House und other necessary buildings, has a never 1 tailing spring of water and aIMM. great number of fruit benring^^^^***® 1 trees, Ac., Ac. Terms of Sale are: —One-third port of the purchase money shall lie paid hy the purchaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sale or upon toe ratification thereof by the Court aforesaid,.and the residue shall be paid in two equal payments, the one to be pnid in one year, and the other in two year* from the day of sale, with interest, and to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers with security to lie approved of by the Trustee. GEOkGE W. LA'MOTTE. J. J. BaxoAßTxeii, Solicitor, march 8, 1878-ts TRUSTEE’S SALE or x Valuable Little Property, on the Washington Hoad, near Westminster, Md. THE undersigned, Trustee of Edward Dcchan and wife, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, rituafed on the Wash ington Hood, about one and a half miles from VN estmmstcr, on 1 ' ■ HATUROA K, the 29fh day of MARCH, 1878. at 2 o’clock, P. a. Fim—A Lot of Laud, containing Acres, more or le*s. im proved with a good 2-story Brick Dwelling House, but recently creeled, con lining eight rooms. MSSBSfiI The Lot is further improved with a good Bteble, Smoke House, Wood Shed, Hog and Chicken tiouae and never failing well of water, while the land is in a high state of cultivation. Second. Also at the same lime a Lot of \ of an Acre, more or lea*, adjoining Lot No. 1, upon which the foundation basement story,) of a house is built, and a Log Stable rained but not finished. For further particulars call upon Edward Geehan, residing on the premises, or ibe undersigned. Terms of Sale. Onc-third cash on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof by the Court; balance in two equal payment* at six and twelve months, purchasers giving notes, with security, bearing interest from the day of sale. WM. A. McKELLIP, Trustee. John M. Yingling, Auctioneer. mar 8-u CHANGE OF TIME. Western Maryland Railroad. J]£lagsaß3P^a3 TO take effect November 11, 1872. Calvert ■ Rial inn. Corner Franklin and Calvert Streets, Trains leave 8.80 A. M., nnd 8.80 P- M.. for Owings' Mills, Keisterstown, Finks bnrg, Westminster, New Windsor, Union Bridge, Middlebnrg, Double Pipe Creek, Me chamestown, and Hagerstown. LXXVK Union Bridge at 6.10 and 7. 12 A. M. and 8.46 P. M. Westminster at 5.64 end 7.60 A. M. and 4.23 P. M. RETVRMNC, Leave Hagerstown at 6.10 A. M. and L 46 P, M. Stages connect at Glen Morris Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrive! of KUO A. M. train from Baltimore. An Expreae Car leaves Calvert Station, Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday.) at 8.80 f. M. Light freight and I’areels can come by this car if delivered before 8.00 P. M. Passbxokk Station.— The Depot of N. C. 1 B. W. Freight Station Corner Central and North Streets. N. B—A Ticket Office has been opened at No. o North Calvert street, opposite Kamura's Hotel. Tickets can be procured at any time during the day at all points on line of Hoad. Baggage called for, checked and delivered upon application at this office. JOHN T. B’ONBY, mar 8 General Superintendent. ROAD NOTIOeT ~ —— NOTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the County Commis sioners of Carroll county, thirty days from the dale hereof, to open a public road in raid county. Commencing on the county road lead ing from Winner's mill to the Pennsylvania Line, generally knows as Rinehart's Rood, at a point on said road opposite the new county rood running pass John Stricklin's ; then on or near a Kne between Joshua Winner aw) John Steward to the land of Leander Mathias; then on the line between said Steward and Mathias to the meadow of said Mathias; then across the lead of said Mathias along the cast side of the meadow to Pipe Crook; then along the east side of aaid creek In the iand of.) etr miah Myers; then to a hickory tree, being a corner of said Minkins nl Myers and Peter J. Frock ; then or. Ibeiineof sold Mynreand Frock said FroeVs wapn Mt then bc?^cn'raid Wetlm”nS^Seo^Tu^K'^^ tul?Sla‘ii!r.Wt^.ff)l'u*u ,r

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