Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 29, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 29, 1873 Page 2
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SATURDAY, MARCH 29. 1873. v '** w ■ ■”■ '" s= i ■MWMjNfcvten , the .at of 1872, captor 339, makra it < ..> fiffaiyaa for ttBT offilCtfr VkHC dlltV i it fo to reventto, to withhold the I MM from the mm; of the county or | Stole, Jto ■ epeeffisd tiase. It is also ' Mlt the duty of the Coot, to |hre this i Saw ia charge to the Grand Jwi*. See- I tioa 2d of aid Is* is si follows; AmikeUeeterttei, Thai if mt Ctert, lUf istarrf Wife. Sheriff, Collector of Tx, No wry Public, or other officers, who." duty it ia to collect revenue da* the Stats of iisryiaad or ujr county thereof, shall, after the leceipt ofCtu2l£ hi*. wiUUlydetau. <Se M ia hi* possresinn mod neglect to t*y the mmt into the Treesurj of the State or to the Conwy Ci.mausswner,, or the proper officer aothoriaed to receive the taw, for sore then only dan idler the day apoa which it i> made hy law the daw to ray the aw, or if no per ticnUr day he appointed by law for mid pay meat, ana each officer rhell detain any rerenue dee to the State or to any county thereof, and which it it hia daty to collect. and which he than hare collected and ihall Deflect to pey the same into the Treaanry of toe State, or to toe County Commission,™. or the proper officer aothoriaed to receire the eame, for toe apace of ail months after he thall here to collected toe eeae, neh officer so offendin* mi rithwr cmc, shell be deemed to beedafeal ter, and noon indictment and conviction thereof thall in addition to other penalties already provided by law, be for each offence imprisoned in the State Penitentiary not leas than one year nor mote than Svo yean, an leu toe amount for which he is a dafoaher he sooner paid, and toe certificate of the Comp troller of the State of Maryland, or of the re spective Clerks of the County Commissioners, mowing toe accused to be a defaulter, shall in every prosecution under this section be re reived as priaao foci* evidence of such defol- XtvsPAm Bebviit.—Variety ia the •piec of life, newspaper life especially. Variety depends on brevity Without it there can be no variety in the column* of the newspaper. Ouukmm is the rule. Much ia little. The beat newspaper edi tors generally write the briefest editorial*. Prolix and discursive writers ere it only for toe mags tines. Terse, sententious ar ticles, an what is needed in toe newspa per. The public be* neither tune for. nor patience with, wordy eeeaya or column ed itorials. Reduce them down, to a highly concentrated double compound extract. Compress volumes into a sentence. Give the kernel without the shell; the enam without the shy-bhie lac; then will have been attained the highest excellence of journalistic composition. About the easi est thing an editor finds to do, ia to take hi* pen and string together an indefinite number of words, with an infinite deal of notfimy in them. These effusive gentle men, mostly found ia connection with the daily faces, an wont to sneer at ‘-paste and scissors, as things beneath their call ing ; whereas, their judicious use. in con nection with the pen. is much more ac ceptable than their own rapid diaenrsion, which proceeds upon the hypothesis that they are toe repositories of all wisdom, and the public, for whom they write, know nothing. This is n mistake, often fatal to journals afflicted with that kind of editorial mismanagement. Brevity, condensation, combination, variety, are the chief excel lencies of toe newspaper Tax Fajulv Qcauil in Baltixoux. —The Baltimore America* ia not pleased with the appointment of Washington Booth, as Collector of toe Port of Baltimore, rice John L. Thomas, removed, and thinks the rules of the civil service were violated in this ease. It ia gratifying to see that the American is independent enough to my this much Abject subserviency to the appointing power ia the prevailing rale, from which hot few pnrtitan journals have the nerve to depart. The majority of them obsequiously act upon the principle that “whatever ia, ia right.” Washington telegram* my the President has recognised the Cresvell wing, while the Americas wing has been moat decidedly snubbed Eddington Fulton, Surveyor, is not to be removed, however, on account of hia re calcitrant relative. This, at least, is com mendable in the "powers tost be." An exchange, in speaking of newspapers sod what ia expected of them, very forci bly remerks that “there is no business in all the wide world to subject to rpomjimg ee the art or trade of printing a newspaper. Public corporations, societies and assocta tome ia general, have peculiar idee* about papers. They think they ought to print, puff and publish, all for nothing, cards of thanks, tributes of respect, personal com munications. or anything rise that only in terests a few persons, and not the general reader. And tone one end another will sponge. They forget that it takes money to pay compositors—to buy ink, type and paper, and, lastly, they forget cant to thank fo tor gratuitously puffing their business or serving toe pabUc. “Oxx Mobe UproETCeATß."—Alex ander Caldwell, Republican, recently elected Senator from Kansas, resigned on Monday, to save himself from expulsion on the charge of bribery. A resignation under such circumstance* can bear no other in terpretation than a confession of guilt. It of course ended all farther proceedings •gainst him ia the Senate, which had no farther jurisdiction over him foam toe mo meirt his resignation was tendered to the Gorernor of his State. It is to he regret tedkhat this culprit has tons escaped toe ignominy of a formal expulsion, but he is ee effectually condemned and disgraced as if bis ease had terminated in a formal ejectment by a direct rote. The general railroad bill haring pared toe Naw Jersey Legislature, the National Railroad Company will proceed immediate ty, under this set, to finish their road, now wady for tie* and rails, from Bound Brook to Trenton. This is the road on which our townsman, P. H. Irwin, Ksq. has been engaged, and also A. B. McLaughlin. *■* , Ken-ox IAL Visit—Edward Reynolds. Esq. of toe Middletown. Del Tramecript. puld ua a visit, tots week, on his return from a trip to the beautiful Shenandoah 'l4jjkf, Virginia. Mr. Beynold* ia a ! h%Mtatod, honorable gentleman, sod so INMIfIrMI 4,, A/llfrtSMl üb— _ | i warn dxffeSl* ai , Nm Tad papers My there is an uu- IWag ia financial circle-, in that cby. ttistoM. ,1 Posthumous Praise The desire to pay tribute to ton worth sad excellence of departed friends and . i relatives it utmost universal, *ud_ toe newspapers, everywhere, teem frith these mementos of the deed. Even toe inf.M I of days is sometimes toe subject of a lengthy obitaary. as if toe public were as ; much interested in it as the sorrowing parents themselves These tributes are often to ludicrous as to provoke ridicule, in spite of toe gravity which belongs to | the subject. And, ia truth, they are fair I game. A few hackneyed, common place verses an generally appended to there mortuary aanoanoemeate, bat they seem to suffice. One of toe mast common of these we subjoin;. Dearest Eddie, thou hast left u. We toy lost most deeply fori. Bat, 'tea tied who hath bereft as He can all our sorrows heal. Another very common appendage to toe announcement of the death of a departed relative or friend, ■ this: "Ore*. hat not fartot’etC Did any one who ever need these words ia this connection, consider how absurd and foolish it seems, to announce that a deceased friend ia -‘not forgotten." only a few days after toot friend has been laid in the grave T What value could have been set upon the memory of each an one. if it were possible to forget him or her. within so brief a period after death ? Oth er hackneyed appendages to mortuary an u ounce meats may he recalled to the recol lection af the reader. We have only awntioaed the foregoing, as among some of the must common. The subject is fsiriy ridiculed, in an article entitled "Monu. rv 1 Madrigals.’’ on the first page, to which the attention of toe reader is directed. ABOTHKB Sxmatio*.—Ever and anon some mometnim horrrmJim start* up to . frighten the world from it* propriety, j. last year, our little planet was to hsve been knocked into nonentity by the mere whisk of a comet's tail, and thousands of poor credulous people believed it, and were con r aequently very unhappy. And now. a wonder-monger in Philadelphia has dis eorered that the inhabitants of the earth r are to perish in great numbers by mephit ic games, evolved by the approximation . of toe planets Jupiter. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune , Eva Coucacvws or PiAxrrs—Avaus rnxair Hiscaiss.—Dr. K. T. Trail, in toe * Philadelphia Star, is a very cheerful proph -5 at. He says that we are approaching the cli - ™sv of a pestilential period. From IWO to * IMS toe planets of Jspitev. Saturn. I'raoni - and Neptune, will approach toe earth nearer than they have been for !fo rear*. When e ever any one of toe four has come near s enough for ns to feet its iofloenee. pestilence. t famine and extremes, heat and cold, hate * been found toe result. Sow we are to have >- toe infinence of to* four combined, and be predicts that ia seven yean from bow all man aerofevil which grows out of atmospheric e changes will be upon us. To lessen toe ea- I laauty the world ia urged to use the strictest sanitary measures, and by health and efosali - nets counteract the effects of our unwelcome i. neighbors. The world ia so much better able to care for itself than it was two or three ban h died yean ago, that by care we may avert g much of the dancer. To toe following classes he gives very cold comfort: The dissipated. '- toe gtuUoa. toe debauchee, may calculate on C being among toe first victims. Young men who devitalise themselves by tobacco using. 0 young ladies who destroy one-half of their II breathing capacity by fosnioaahle dress aod tight lacing, will never survive toe perihelion ' of all toe large planets of toe solar system ; 1- sad perhaps it will be toe beet tost they should sol. An Admirable Retort j Senator Bayard of Delaware, one of the ( ablest, truest and must efficient members p of the U. 8. Senate, in a recent speech e upon the Louisians muddle, administered 3 the following weH-merited rebuke to the e Radicals: , “Your political party has had in these ten ’ yean unlimited control of every branch of toe 6 Federal government. Congress has made and I, unmade toe State governments in the South at will, and there is no element of misgovern e ment for which your party majority are not if responsible. The mingled web of ignorance aod fraud, of corruption and venality, of ra pacity and crime, in whose meshes those un a happy communities ere vainly struggling, was j woven by yoar bands alone. And when you cannot untia it, yon call in toe sword to cut it. a Such has been since toe war rioted toe hit -1 lory of your rule; such it will continue to be until the whole boait of your rule it changed. * aad yon cease to sustain ignorance and rice in their contest with the virtue and intelligence of those communities.” !• | Wbstkbx Mabtlaxd Uvll.Bu.Ui From what we have understood respecting 7 the procurement off the right of way from 1 Owinga’ Mill* to Baltimore, the road has “ been very badly pinched. If the case ? were thoroughly worked ap, hy some r shrewd newspaper correspondent, there ts 1 raid ta be abundant material fur a first ' class sensation. We commend the sob fc ’ ject to the JVrir Font Herahl. it '■ The adjournment of Congress left orders for only one hundred thousand volumes of ‘I public documents with the Government ® Printer, against over seven hundred thon- J send ordered last year. These were elec tioneering Radical documents, ordered to * be printed at the public expense, and dia * tribated broadcast under Congressional foaak. :- Fbahce.—On the sth of September, d next, the last of the war indemnity will be r i paid by France to Genuny, and the Oe e man army of occupation will be witbdrasrn v from France. While France lost her mill i- taiy prestige in her conflict with Prussia, t her rapid psymewt of her immense wsi * debt, equally excites our admiration and 0 wonder , Members of Congress and other m lucre . ants who prey upon the public, affect 1 a contempt for the press—that scorpion , with stings in is tail, that stings vise to , death. They don’t like the press, and | the press don’t like them; and what is more, the prcM will be the death of them, politically at least. | -w- I M. M. Pomeroy, of the New York Dem eenrt, hM undertaken to investigate so-called spiritualism and to winnow the wheat from the chaff We apprehend that be will find very little wheat, while the chaff will con tinue to accumulate. Those of our subscribers who change their residence this Spring will oblige us hy giving early notice of the name of (he 1 poatofficc to which their paper ru not, u ! well an the one to which they have re | moved. The letter of resignation of Mr, Lowe, oar Minister to China, has been received by the Secretary of.- tate The President will visit hia Missouri homestead fffßf tuns p*|| roemtih. Box. ta M. Merrick. The following description of *m-\ *>il appeamaee *otl speech of Hott. Wo j ] j M. Merri.-k, in ihv H, S Hotue f Huprv i I is fnm tho Washing u Rrptl* ! | ! Uem. S|r. Merrick v* one rt the sh\m j Dcniucmu ia He retimi un (he j [ j fuurth of March, sucueedfdbvaßepttbUcfon | j An ißlennuuiou of legislative business fol lowed, after which judge Merrick, of Mw? ; I land, got the floor. But few of thoec present j' | ever beard him speak, sud muny were di**p j j pointed st his personal eppeursncc. A black , (rock coni, closely buttoned nt the wniet. be- ' tmjring above n broad expense of ruffled shin | | front, long eras, bony lingers, clean shaven i fhee, narrow shoulders, end n slim swaying , I body completed n load eiuemUt that did not j strike nnv one flurombly. The debete bed . grown dull under the influence of Farnsworth a j pUtitaides, nod the interest in the proceedings visibly sleekened. People commenced to ‘ think thnttbe greet sensetioa of the seesiooweA not such s greet sensntioo efter ell. Bat Mr. Merrick bed not tkirly vermed into hie sub ject before the noct eager attention w* evinced. 1 here wes something new in hi* delivery, end, for e Congressmen, novel in the cogency of his thought. His speech pertook let* oi the modern forum end more of the bench, or more of the judicial end lessof the legislative, then the galleries ere eccustomed to beer His desenption of the "Setenic skill'* with which Oehee Ame- insidiously interested in nocent pertie* in his nethriuus schemes I trough i Mephistophelean pictures to the imagination, and his close analysis of Brooks' transactions, of Neilton s relations as e beneficiary and busiues* agent with hU speculative father-in , law, made such an abrupt comparison to the driveling stump speech of the preceding ! speaker that the audience was fairly -tartlet into renewed and more active interest. Peo ' pie then began to appreciate the attract ivene** which thorough knowledge of the subject and Sty to dsl with it can interpret into te gument. and enjoyed the enchant t of tracing link by link the chains o] r logic. Messrs. Eldridge, Lampson. Sheila bmger, and Farnsworth -.of courseattempted r j interruptions, which Mr. Merrick met with r ! such readiness and dignity that in the end be . was allowed to proceed without further inter } polanon. * A | can bear intemi|uiun, saki he, ‘ , “for iam an old lawyer.*' At 4.30 hia time } expired, and the roost powerful argument oi j the afternoon session was ended. A few more of the same kind at that time would bare car , ried conviction to the hearts of the majority. * It is said that the President haa been j more annoyed, since the 4th of March, by _ applicant* for office, than be was at the outset of hi* administration. r Optician* declare that there is nothing 1 more hurtful to the. eyes than the constant u reading of flne print such a* i* used bn 1 must daily newspapers. it Charles Francis Adams. Jr ha* been h appointed from Masaachn setts to the Vienna Exposition, in place _ of Alexander H. Rice. dedin?d. t The Wheeling RtyUitr speaks of eer ) tain Cungrcmmeo a* * moteo -liare. * s_ 9 - f Mr. will uke another European r trip this summer. For the Ptmoeratic Advocate. Morsr Aur, March -'-tk. IS7S. t Bmimm : —Dr. Francis T. Davis. . formerly of oar county, departed this life on t the 19th instant, at Sl Joseph. Missouri. Hi* | j remains were met at this point on Sabba’h. ! . 3Sd instant, by a huge concourse of stricken ; s relatives and friend*, and conveyed o the rws- : . j idence of his brother. H. S- Dari*, Esq. Ap . I propriate religion* service* were conducted ; a ! oy the Her. C. P- Glover, after which hi* j . j body was committed to the earth ia the old | , ’ family burial ground. i Dr. Dari* was born and raised in thi* vicin- ■ rtf. He was greatly beloved, and his warm r genie] nature met a *ympat belie response'ia the j hearts of the people. A* a practitioner of : i, ; medicine he commanded the esteem of hi* . | profossional brethren ; aad to the younger j portion thereof he was ever willing and ready jto lend a helping hand. He vu ever ready ( ' to administer to the afflicted without regard to ' their condition in life, and many are the poor he has relieved that can raise up aod call him e | blessed. He formerly represented our county in both j 8 houae* of the General Assembly. 1) For the last fifteen year* be has been a res- J . idem of Mtaftouri. and a greater part of the J time in the city of St. Joseph. He occupied p a prominent position as a physician, and also as one of the public men of the State, haring < been a member of the Legislative Commission B in the Board of Public tv orks when h was e elective by the whole people of the State. ! j and Mayor of the city oi St. Joseph, in which b position he evinced great administrative cm . | parity. He wr > also proniineutly connected < with Ike Medical Sorietv of St. Joaeph ax one e time, being President of the association. r I Dr. Davis waa. trimly speaking, a self . . taught man : he did not enjoy the benefits of A a collegiate education in early life, but by x perseverance and indostnr in acquiring use . full knowledge under difficulties, be secured | an enviable position in hi* profession and a* 0 n public man. [. Hia remains were accompanied by Col. M e Morgan, of Sc Joseph, a truly polite and ur e j bane gentleman, whose kind attention will be ■ ever remembered by the Doctor's numerous i friend* in Maryland. W, Fur the l/vm'jcrntte Advocate. If: u Nsw Windsor. March U7S. B Within the past fortnight our somewhat in : animate village has been amused from its e lethargy by social evening gatherings or *‘sur e prise parties," where fun and gayery were the order of the hour. The last of these en a tertninments was on Friday, at Dielman * C Hotel. At an early hour in the evening the i family were surprised by the unexpected visit >• of over thirty of their friend*, old and voung. 1 of both sexes/the ladies bearing refreshments in their bands, and all face* beaming with merriment. A cordial welcome greeted them. * ; and while wrappings were being disposed of ,f the large parlor was wanned and lighted, the ! floor cleared, and in n few moment* every d j thing was in readiness for fun and frolic. The I.' violin and piano aoon invited all hand*, and feet too. to dance. Our Bank Teller waa | chosen floor manager, and the Cashier (who o by-tbe-by is quite proficient in fifrorest acted as game-keeper at the euchre table of the Old ** ■ Folks. Then the ladies who did not engage ll i in either dance or fame* were gallantly taken i in charge by an old gentleman with a' happy i face, joyfully beaming eyes, and a silvery head, like a sugared strawlierry. who did nit fj iia his power to arouse them. These arrange •e ! menu were scarcely completed when the hi | larity was brought to a stunning pitch hv the r * entrance of a venerable friend, whose happy n face seemed to challenge hi* “frosty pow,‘* . : and to defy ticdouloureux. sciatica, rheuma j tisro and lumbago, while swinging around the l, circle with a vivacious matron, ihe company I mired at a late hour at night, very much de lighted with the entertainment of the evening. * A Spectator. Lands to be Sold for Taxis.—We >. have before tia a copy of the Alabama t | Beacon, published at Greensboro, Alabama. j from which we take the following • —The n quantity of laud adferti&rd for sale in this o j Htatc for Due* ia m great, that it ia aston d j iahing that one man can be found who ad m vocatea an increase of the taxet. Yet theie ( are many such, chiefly, however, among ? j those who pay no tax. In the country of Perry alone, lbs I quantity of land advertised for taxes in ' j stated at near sixteen thousand seres la J ; some counties—. Shelby, for instance—the , ■ quantity, judging from the Tax Collector’* j advertisement, wus much greater than that. J Mach of the land sold for taxes has to be bought in by the State. The policy of I imposing very heavy burthens upon tax j payers, who are already suffering greatly : ' from pecuniary embarrassment, occasioned : i by the loss of ranch of their property by ! .: the war, and by subsequent short crops, i ,! especktly that of the last year,—is certainly j i bad. 1 An editor can ray s down hind things { *f some peop e, sad never receive * “thank ! yon” for it , but just let Kira step on their I toe* once, then he wUI hear from them. | Tbs United State* has become the lea ding cheese producing country of the world, 60.000,000 poondi of American cheese i ware exported in 1872. ■■■'" LOCAL AFFAIRS Tbs Wbstssx Mastuui* Railxoau Cob past.—in tto first br*rxb of tto BnilttDorr City Council, on Mowfev aficmoou, Mr. lowson. from the cowßßttec os wsj* tud mt*sriH. to whom tod too* referred UM me monsi of tto Fnwiiksut tmd Director* o*’ tto , Western Maryland Ruifrontl Company , mb* mined a report, with an ordi •-sauce, to invest tto nun of m the purchase of slitsauu of tto bonds of mh! , company of the •cries known as tbe second preferred mortgage U>uUk and of tae interest of the company in *2uo,vX*i ol other of iu bonds, secured by the cdy regwter as a sink mg fend, in their report the committee • y { The extent of the city • liability hr the 4rha m the Wv* iUxyuum u.jpai ttmpaay hm • iiwtaenby been the aufeect of dtouatton la to nwactl and of public mnema that Iha cumiauuv ieU h prvuliarly inciuabcnt opua tons. to cusakOtr varvtuny themed of tae kvuAatkei son be*** g.vias H thuir approval. Heuor to.r heiay to isahias Uu rvp.d As to the urlfm of the ac | ABMWiusea mistake by ahu b the cay has towtOK yu laipuy mnrfved. r a* to (hr tnw (mb use >■ urrw vv.juia.tuO by which the mol the road wa* aaTvaacu beyond the ant estimate, sv aa a u*. mas Stftuu lu When the ewuaeil wa uumm apuu ai |7V aaa ib IW*. a t.cue umv than uttv yxnr ■gw, lu rnrstab athbUonal aal tur thv o* tM wura. a ion •ism.Dstiui a> mask- u. uw s. s r> 01 (he company, aau it was irh 0e un'U I • be the pia.a mleteaC as weu as ane pulley ul the city ator having gone a* tar as it sm prevtuody dour, to ,-u VvU the puenbie mutumv ul the rvaul b) the Me etuauie ol prior mortgage*. U was asm Ck-rutra o-entiai to thb end that the work us cutMtructnm <>i the mdepetnlent line .mu owing* Milts to the city uadi* a* web a* u< the ex iciimmO tfom llagvistuwa l■> B'til.autsp-n should U-. without delay. In tbe case last re.enoi •mount nrqtttTvxi to swibpt utktb* purpose, xml it wa* conddenuy expeded ai the case. ta*h by lb .-umpany and toe eouueii. that the unt.usutx • was approved January 17th. IfCi would tum.di sxu ,4e prurutoa lor every pomUe lout.ugi-u. y. fMu the Staiement now U-iofe u. tofMMWf, it . evident mat the work at both ends ol the rxau lanmA I*- owtupfetod for the at the iMßiiwai ol tbe .-umpauy They would be able. uinixiiUedl) tput the UHlependsot line (loai owing*' Biluu. twium.n id running order, and thus mcuim w hat was the dm •mi ul the council, their rebel irwm the beaty lax ml embwmusmi iii incident to the tvnoeiHoii with tie Northern Central, and a dlivet ii.mmuniisi.uii • in ttsgefsb.wn. Hut the manifest adianiagta to ■ tie derived from the extension to B iUlaiuspun can J out be orertookvd. ami brmcnl the&seive* * ly upon the cumpwny that through their l*nwi.k-i.t toy have presented in a plain but fonvtbfe why the I lUrfuu ill which they had thrmselves. ami have j suggested what seemed to them, and what yourcotu m.ilee have adopted, ms the only measun. ol irlh-i | u .w within the p.wer ol the council to afford, and ; which. Ijry.mdall leanmabii .touU will beeOvctuai. ' That Uk present administration ol the nunpany Is t .u m> way rvaponsitle fcw the disappiduunent exj*e- \ r eared as to their ability to complete and equip i the entire line of mad w.thout thv assistance, your committee arc fully aatisJkd. They were* bligrd to rely iu ibeir calculations up.n cer tain statement! of tact as to the condition <i tl.eiou; tny whrn they awsumed the management fit its at tain. and In which errors have been discovered which rouki Di< have been foreseen by them, and which alonr explain the deficiency ol means. We are gratified, also, to be able to give as the result of our investigation, a ttAVKtkm that apuo'a very strtet estimate of the probable ncclptsu: the n>tnpMiiy when the work la completed as proposed, and when ndit-ved of tbe tax now paid to the Northern t Vnirsl. . Sr will be unable U> pay the interest on the bonds I prior to those codurwd .j the city, and so iv > lievot frvm any danger of sacrifice. They will also be plmesl in a position U> >lem< uMtratr a tart, which ts too Little appreciated as yet. that this road may not only do ms tons! service in the local development of t Uu state or Maryland, but as its line of tocatfcm is ' already indicated to thoughtful minds, that it may st no very distant day. become a pan of another great highway between the coal ngnn and the harbor of Baltimore Several line* fcr its extension aare been purveyed with result* so favorable as to warrant the belief that a most advantage*** coane* 4. km can I > made with the heart of the cul and oil j region* and a route to Pittsburg and the Nortbwe* be there-by obtained shorter than any now exhting | or prdectrd. Should sorh a cuttMuumatva be at tained your committee believe that the city will be amply refsitd by increase of trade toe all previous disappointments, even should there be longer time , to rtauixmga direct revenue fn.m in internment. The pruvhaoos *f tbe ordinan.-e w hk-h we herewith pevsetiL and the imsmge of which we earnestly recommend so fully explain thesnselrc* that we need only say in reward t them that they have bem examined by the city oounsrUiw ami apfwov ed *y , him aa within (he puwet* of the city and Legally • nlfirii lit rerthm one of Iheordinanc* authorian and direct* S&i.txu iutof any mesnry* >w in their hands or | which may bcma lrr come to their hareis. in the parrhasr *f of I he locxb of dw WnUern daryland Railroad tympany, ut the arruss known a* the secured pnrfrrml ucetgsage bonds, and also ol the r ghi tide and intereu of the mid company v of oaher mortgage bonds < d the said cvaapwtit now in tbe pumrmtonoi the regider of the fty at ! Bait-m re under and by virtue of the ptnvissasw of I the (rath scctjoo of an ordinance of the major and I city council ul apfr red January JL MO*, j euulled "An ordinance l- autnonst the cod u>ea.; or nuniitie by the msy<r and city cuttnctl of Balt, i tare *>f the mortgage bonds of (he Wesarni Maryland Railroad C aapany. and to jwotide a staking fundxa 1 e *iiertx>n therewith and o(* delivery to theta by j . the mid corafsuiy of the m.d > >•* and aa aa igi. I meat in wrting *f all the right, title and intrant e.f | | the mid rerntyuav m and to the md iL?** *■ i a pjasembm id the n-gaster. the mid ccmtiiiwumrrs ! j of ounce shall pay the mid sum of v> the 1 mid oaapany at such uxacs and in sssrh paymran } a may be arranged between tbe said cusuakdooers i ‘ and the mid c mpasy ! Need -a tw . tma that o-ghing contained In th ; uedinaare- -hall alter or change the pr .viskm made 1 by the tenth sectSuo of tbe itdinam before asm- , J b-me*! for a sinking fund, except w> Jar a* to ext'n cm-h the right t tie and littered of said company in the said Rl-f bad*, and its right io requ re a laneeUadua of the same, and to enable tbe mid : e wapany to auagn all in Interest in the mme to the ■ mid omunrtstooere of finance S .section three enacts that the ordinance shall tale ; 1 effort immediately. The ordinance was laid over to . j be pcistad. j ne ordinance autboriziag tbe commlsaion- ' er of finance of tbe chy to invent $33i,W | in tbe porebase of sl7B.fiO( of tbe bonds of j j tbe Western Maryland Railroad Company, j | of tbe series known as tbe second preferred | mortgage bonds, and of tbe interest of tbe I comj*any is SIMMIOO of other of its bond*. . secured by mortgage and held as a sinking i J fund, was railed op in tbe first branch of tbe Baltimore city council Wednesday afternoon. , and after some discussion rawed without amendmen'*. It was stated daring tbe dis cussion that the tom of would be i sufficient to complete both ends of tbe road, and that it voula le ready for tbe cars by tbe i first of Jnlr. That tbe passage of tbe ordi- j i nance would not necessitate an increase of; tbe fireseat levy. Id tbe purchase of tbe j bonds referred to only Vi.uOu would be re- 1 . j quired. but as against tbe road the debt ; | would amount to $240,000. There was not * one dollar of tbe roon# to be spent on the ■ Williamsport end of tbe rood anltl tbe Balti more end was completed. Tbe right of way ’ bad been secured, and the grading done on this end of tbe road. The ordinance now goes to tbe second branch for action. , Rkal Estate Saix*.—Messrs. John E. Smith. John H. Winemiller and Isaiah Haun, as trustees, sold on Saturday last a farm con taining 14*7 acres, rituated in Frederick county. ! and belonging to tbe estate of the late Joseph i Davis, deceased, to E. A. Clabaugb, of Balti more, for s4,lki. Mr. George W. Ports, administrator of i George Pom, late of Baltimore county, de ■ ceased, of tbe fifth district, sold the home farm of said deceased, containing 141 acre*. - improved with a good two-story weatherboard i ©d dwelling, a new bank bam and other out * buildings, to Wesiev Ports, at s#* per acre. I $3.06*. Jacob Erb has sold bis mill property, in i i Taneytown district, on Big Pipe (.’reek, with > I about 80acres of land, to Hennr T. Kck. for . SOJ4M). f . | Atotbe* Torn or W nrrgm.—W'ith the j fid vent of March came about ten days of very f j mild, spring-like weather, and ever since, up | to Wednesday, it has been quite seasonable, i On that day the fleecy mantle of W inter was , again spread over mother Earth, old Boreas 1 perhaps, remembering that “Spring would lie | but gloomy weather if we had nothing else but e *pricg." Daring the bright sunnjr days our , farmers began their farm work with a vim. y and our town folks commenced gardening. y forgetting that “If March comes in like a 1 lamb it will go out like a lion.” Something Steaxce.—We mentioned the f appearance of several snakes, during the in f tensely cold weather of last winter. Equally strange was the appearance of a butterfly which flew into tbe bouse of Mr. Isaac Men ? living near Uoacksville. on tbe 10th of V February last. Tbe butterfly lived fifteen ■ days, notwithstanding the wea'ther was cold • enough to freeze tbe water in the buckets and pitchers in tbe dwelling. t Change or Time.—The time table of the i Western Maryland Railroad was changed on Wednesday. Trains now leave Westminster ’ for Baltimore at 6.04 and 10. W, A. M., and s 4.2* P. M. For Hagerstown at 10.52, A. M i and 6.12 and ‘1.06, P. M. The corrected time . table aril Ibe found in this issue. i A Difference.—One gentleman says that , not one in twenty of bis peach buds has been injured by the frost j another says that not one in twenty has escaped injury. Here is a arid® difference between them. The way to I test the matter is, to cot the bud open with i a knife, and if a dark spot be found in tbe i centre of it the bnd ir dead and arill yield no fruit ——♦ Ccstevart M. E. Cm*urn. —Sunday, Mar. 30th. Morning service, 101. sermon by the Pkstor, Rev. C. Herbert Richardson. Sob iect: “Condition, the hnr of attainment." Evening, 7j. Leeture and concert service. Subject of lecture: “Jeroboam; the prophet from Judah. God’s object in the disruption of the kingdom.'' All nm invited. In the Circuit Court for Baltimore city, Inst week, Sarah J. Kaner asked for a divorce from Augustus, whom she married in Carroll connty, in 1366. She alleges that he treated her so cruelly that she had to leave him in “d has atace supported herself and two Tbe Last or t* Season,—A solifen sleigh passed through our streets on Wndnesd r nf ternoon last This was probably the last one

of the season. Tuesday nest, the Ist of April, is ‘•Flitting Day/* or Moving Day, m Carroll county. —* p|| r OaPßASfi* Corar —Adam fthower. ba, ‘ Chief Judge; Isaac C. Haile and L. P SUnghiff. Bsma.. Assoeiafe Judges: Joseph M. Parke. Register of Wills: George M. Parke. Deputy . i MegUcr. - Jfuaday. Murk ts> ISTJ.-UHbW of nd I , ministration on the estate of Samuel Oh*. | granud u Henry A. Une. on re nuaeuKKm Of widow and father of deceased. ! John f. Differ!baugh executor of A. Reese I Durhin. returned afipraiscment of good* and \ chattel*, and gut orders to *e uabeqaenthed ( propertv and imtifv creditors. Peter U. and Exra L Shriner. two of the executors of inac W. Shriner, returned sales j ' of part of personal property. Ifeajamm Croft, exeealor of Ann Richard*. , returned invenlories of goods aad chattels, money and debts, and obtained older to notify j ' letters of adaiinL*tration on the eatate of Andrew Hareer, deceased, granted to Andrew , ; Haraer. j;. Mj- VorrA Ai,—The first and final account of Mary A. Aldridge, admnustramx of Mancy Aldridge, aad distribution of bal ave thereon, stated and paused by the Reg ister of Wills in the receas ofthe Court, finally i passed by tbe Court. 1, Amended objection* to the account of Geo. , L. Stocksdale, fete executor of Aaron Stocks I 1 dale, filed. and order passed thereon for | Register lu notify said late executor per man ; 1 before the 'list instant, and fixing time to * i answer objection* by the 7th of Apnl. Death or * Citwso. i’h xtiax.—lkaaiel j lilaxier. Chief Fire Engineer td‘ Indtaoapohs. | was accidentally killed o the 11th instant. | at .he Woodburu Sarvna W heel Factory. The j iVo/dr, published at that city, say*:— Ike | alarm was given in the neighfewhood of 1 j 0 clock, aud the Chief was soon on the ground. ; It is charged that the water from the Holly water works failed and the stream could sot • be thrown higher than the second story ‘ Lite Chief with one or two others entered the second story for the purjx*e of getting the j water more immediately on the fire, aad while thus engaged one of the wails itk , i Glazier, killing him aimo4 outright. Mr Glazier was held in high esteem by the rtti tens of Indianapolis, and the highest honors ; were paid hi* remains. He was a aaare si • Cnioutown. Carroll county. Md. where to w> ; born ia IKSk His parents an •red to imkmm ; in IlfiW, and he became a respire* sc' Ikhim , a poll.' in 1&0. HorrxHTiu c Item*.—A *• <*f Mb Jo seph Miller, living one mile awetl rt’ dto place, aged 7 years, died with tae reworu- | spinal meningitis, on Sundar i*U til* cuatk He was taken ill on Saturday ereacag to been to school at Houcksville as wmai <m ' Friday, and was well and hearty ssd ?mcar | dav noon, when be died a* above rtated Hi . father called in a skillful doctor, but all ttoic efforts were ana vailing. Mr. Edward Kuontz. owner of the Pataps . co Farm, near Patapsco Station, has a tore \ ■ aldernev cow that had a calf lart %e*k that i weighed iMfi lb*, when a day oWL Mr. Henry Miller, bring at Mexico, said a: public sale, on the J ib instant, I horee for j 1 do j l ’*: 1 do. old. £23: 1 cow I ! £22 ; Ido £26 ; Ido £24. Con* by the bar ; rel from $S to £3.90. —■— SiLTEa Rrv Items.—Tbe weather is ven j ! unpleasant here, materially interfering with ' j public sales, of which there is a large number | j id this and the adjoining district*. Monng time is at hand, bat it is almost im- 1 possible for people to more as the roads are i almost imnafc-abie. • Wo. K P Lrt> P o. who had small pox. ha< ‘ j recovered, and tt .*ut attending to business a- ! usual: but his wife has a very severe attack ! of the same d'oease. aad is now in a critics! j ‘ condition. It is feared that the disease arill j spread to other famibea. These two are • the onlr cases in the ricanhv at iireaent. lent Hahn, sou of K Hahn, of this district, is daageroudy tIL His disease ! i pneumonia. He i* attended by Dr*. K. S ' 1 Seip. of littleftown. aad Birnie. of Tanev 1 town. _____ Di e Hux Items.—Oar neighborhood wa* , thrown into a little excitement, a few week* j i ago. on account of the small pox breaking , ' out in two families south of us near Baltimore ! i county. Two deaths resulted from t{. but the i others who were taken with tbe disease are ! nearly wdl again. The dimtase did not makr < any further progress, it wa* confined only to } two families. Messrs. A. R. Wentz k Son have bought a lot at Black Rock Station, on the Bachman * ! Valley Railroad, oa which they purpose build j ing a arareroom and storehouse the coming It begins to look like spring with a* : far ; mere are busily engaged ia plowing, and 1 j am told that owe has sown pan of his oat*. Ike unfinished portion of the Western Md. j ■j Railroad between Hapretuwn and William* ; ; port was on Thnreaay pat under contract j and work will be resumed in tbe course of a j week or ten days, and rigorously pushed to | 1 completion. An election was told at Hagerstown on Sat , urday night last, at the fair of the Western Enterprise Fire Company, for a handsome t saddle. Dr. Charles B. Hoyle, formerly of : this city, was the recipient, he haring received 1 213 vote*. j Fixe.—The aod-boue of the Western Md. * j Railroad, at Tnion Bridge, was destroyed by ; fire about 2 o'clock on Tuesday morning ' lamb SIOO. No farther damage was done : j owing to a heavy rain fisliing at the time, i} T ! ! Rat*.—Thirty-three rate were killed in a I stable ia tbe East End by several vouths on Monday. The colour haul taken shelter un [ j der some fodder, and fine sport wa§ had for a lime. About twenfv escaped. The new time table of the Western Mary- . ! land Railroad, seems to snit no one. as well ■ .j a> tbe preceding arrangement, it is the sub- I ■ . ject of loud complaint in Hagerstown, as well ; . ' as here. Tbe delay of the evening train on Tnesdav. was caused br the breaking down of a fre.gk: i f train on tbe Northern Central Railway, pui 1 . before it reached the depot ia Baltimore. The Board of Directors of the Frit Nation • i a] Bank of Hanover have elected Dr. C. W. 1 Forney Cashier of that institution, in place of ! • Stephen Keefer, resigned. 1 Wm. A. Boyd has been appointed a direc ! 1 tor on the part of Baltimore ia the Western r Maryland Railroad, vice Col. Frederick Rainc. resigned. . M'm. 0. Gorman has been appointed post- 1 , master at Ftnksbnrg, vice George W. Horner. ! * Basinets Locals. t J. F. Brinkerhoff. sole Agent for Westmin- | i ster. for Wm. T. Dixon k Bro s. Ladies : r Misses' and Children's Shoes. These Goods are made of tbe best material and by first . class workmen. Before purchasing elsewhere i call and examine stock and be convinced tbe goods are good and prices low. No trouble to show goods. ! making Shoe* at the Wetminster - Shoe Factory that for handsome finish and r anpnrior quality will compare with any made r in Baltimore or Philadelphia, at lower prices. Call and see them, at W. 0. Ligget's. f Call and see those beautiful Cloths, Caasi- mars and Vesting* of our own importation. H. U Kom. 4 Co. 1 Silk Hui, Brood way style, fur Sprint 1878. just received, at J. F. BrinkcrhofTa. , i>ve the only stock of Cloths, Cawi , nd Veitintrs ever iaporled ioto this r county. H. L, Norris 4 Co. 1 Linen Faced Piper Collar*, very sride, cheap, at J. K. BrinkerhafTa t Good oesrs for all ia W. 0. Ligget’s adver tisement in another cot a inn. The Siiehandoah Vallev Bail- J koad.—TheShephcrdstosrn Hegiwler think. , chat the work on this road between Uut > town and Hagerstown will be comuienced ■ at an early day. The work oflinisliiugup ; padiog of tbe fina eight miles of the roed, oommeocing at that lown and run ning South, will he completed ia a very short tine. - ** In the Criminal Cotut of Baltimore city, on Wedneaday, before Judge Gilmore, the trial of John Nicholas, colored, for the 1 murder of Eva Gcie. a white child, on the 17lh of last September, was concluded, the , ) ar y rendering a verdict of manslaughter. Richard Mason, the well-known cracker baker of Baltimore, died in that city on Tuesday in tbe 90th fear of hia age. Fenian meetings are coming up with the other green things in the neighborhood of Beaton, a* spring wts la. Hon, *lei. ' , S ephena baa Bold ont his iatarett a Jm ..tlaaU sm. Political Affairs The Cavtcit Mouilics Patt —Thai two VKV-iV-.wi.nm, throe .Scnutors. and six or Ki B iwea-'nijiivaa, cluirason of the leading committee, in th • Hma-. wen ‘ d tiled with the Ikv-dit M-hUi r v.nalttv t That the pe-e ut V!c --Prid nt pb -lUh.-J .ad caaA-d to b • | n'didK-J a false- I h .nl in e o’m nt of bb r adkl- awl i thd lk> late Vt. '-I'r ei.l n hep d faiee :h .J np.,u td*.-lso>d ao I h n pMjnrv I u;> a p 'tju v ia .osscc.iUa. ul of hia vjsejU !■ v, uu.i ih.l the three S-oaten and the . ■ vu iu m' r- with but on 1 or two excep i .Lias were dkewiae gouty of venality and i of falsehood : That the Uoaav refused to impeach the ( guilty uSccr of the tsovcnimeot, that the Senate refad toexp.l ita bribed Scoalor*. usd that the Ha* refused to censure it* ' bribed m.-mbera: That the party orgmiration. State or na ; liuaal. has Jon.- nothing to repudiate and ■ vast oat briber or bribe**. faUißcrs or j perssjrer I That th ■ party press hr* supported, dr fended, b.-.iltk d, and codon d ' the ottetsee of its iend rs. utterly e-odcmn j mg am one of them all except Svhayler Odtii j That the re-elected IN.-aid.-nt. the head • .IB i twice ch*'S chieftain of the party j -h -aid stretch forth hi* hand, pick up I r\m the Bind their one outcast, this same i -\Jfax. aad pledge him a lifetime of I intimacy and ilfflsn : Will change the name of the Republican party U> the Credit t doitLsrrparty. PECsirntr (iiutT's C.snixn—lVsi dessl Gran: aa Monday. ITth insi . sent to i tie Se*Sc the nines of the genllemea who j wS tsapw his Cabinet of Ministers for 1 .he eoasi'k; fair yean. It will be seen ; hey are the ssare a* those who eompised w Oshuaet heßwe. except Hon. War \ KWhardsoa. who h beca |om<eed to Secretary of the Treasury, viev tseo ikaacsrctl. whs ka K-co elected Cnited Sraotar *m A ii..-aa.-dtc.!. re-,Tatar,oflhe Treasury, '.warps H- VisUams. Attorney General. Sut M rS. Secretary af Stale, ta W. Bets.nap. Secncary of War an 4. 8. trees we ii. hseiwarr tsenend ■ Sreeetary of the Interior, .itecye X. guk rrn> reeretary of the Navy. *AI the tiwiM ia Vuek boron.h. Ha.. iJt frih; sf hat week J M Ihri ch. j haKOI. was chosca chief Hardens, and J Jr. Zoeger. demxmt. high csmetahle—l hr funner hy Asti aad the taller by Ju3 ms ' jotlty. CettaedaKe aad other oficers were elected. <ne democrats aad some ■ repohitraaa On tbe license, or -local j 'iptioa ■ -jßcCitt the role was 1,037 for I i are and 1.161 aca'wst it; majority iscaiast license ia the b nm.-h lid In air- roomy the majority lor lus-nsc is el ' peeled to he about 1 juu wh-n fully re tonsed At Hanover L F. M dsbrimrr i aaa elected bnraem by til aujority. j The Murdf. in eomcaenting upon th splendid and soq-risiu.* gains recently nude . -y the Democracy in the Empire State, says they encourage the belief that New | tort will be easily redeemed next fall I AH the people need is Fight, and Demo crats cannot do a better sen ice to their cure than to | ash and extend the cin-nls I I <n of their ova journals. A colored man. named Bell, who ran I br rvmstabic in the Ul warrl of Clumbers i >org. Pa. Was defeat d. th mgh th.- warl j 'a strongly Bel uh ican. The Brpabd : can- arc wiiliug that the blacks shall rot-- th Kepub lean lick t 1 a wbite IL pnb’d ' cans wid nut rote for black B tpabticans. { Further returns of tbe local option elce- I ti ms show that A teghcoy. Berks. Bocks. ; Carhon. Lebanon. Moatgomery and North ampton non ire hate ruled fur license by \ large m joritir* Cheater. DeLwar • and Montour cou.itirs h. \ r voted against license. An Indiana paper has this ticket at its met-bead for 1870: Oliver I*. Morton j fur Presid at, and Benjamin F. Uulier j Ibr Vice-President. The indications are that Robert K Lee. I Jr., son of the Ul ■ General Lte. will be nominated for Governor of Virginia by tbe j D mortals An extra session of tbe Legislature of Nebraaka has been called by the Governor to correct errors and ominsiott. in tbe laws passed daring tbe last semioa Tbe -St. Louis Republican remarks the enrioos fact that none nf the nnbrihed members of ( ongreas have public re-cep- G ns from their remstituents Samuel X. Bell. Democratic candidate for Congress iu the Second New Hamp shire District, has been re-eleeted by a majority of four rotes. Hereafter a Congressman's wages will average 132 per day Pretty good for the character of the service ]>erf,rm.d. Southern papers are beginning to urge I the removal of Jefferson Davis’s disabili ties. so that be may be scot to Congress. In the New Jersey House of Deleg. I a. the Leal Option bil'l ha* been defeated by : an indefinite postponement. 29 to 25. A Gimii Cosoeem —Ten bands of - Gypaeys are uow concentrated at Crystal Springs, north of this city, five of whom ’ made this District their winter quarter* . I They are now wailing for other bauds to join them in a kind of annual convention i before separating for tbe coming reason. ! They live in small t-nta or robin*, which they erect whenever night overtakes them, and some of the bands have a sort of an I ambulance wagon in which they sleep. 1 Their acknowledged means of livelihood | re peddling and hone-trading for the men, and furtnn.-telling by lire women ; but the policemen think’ that much of the , #n “ *Lal'nff tarried on in Maryland and i Virginia luriug the (ast few ruoutlm. has i been dune by the members of some of these g.ngi. riomilines they have many fine horses, and at other lime* only a few. but , always ready to trade. The Chief ia an old man, known only by the name of Crabtree, who seem- to be respected aud obeyed by I *ll the bands. On the arrival ofsome few marc ban Is. which arc expected from the South and Wont, they will separate again and ha teat e u( all over the country.— IFiisA. S ur. Wauiihutou County. — A fanner, club was recently organised at Wi lianx-. port. \ Jolin c - WU* to liavc lectured in Hagerstown, y cole relay evening. The Ch .-oaepeokc and Ohio Cum) is in good navigable order. M m. Is*gun, fcai., has been reappointed and confirmed by the Senate as Post mas ter at Hagintowu, Md. Hagerstown paper* state that the Balti , mure and Ohio Railroad Co., think of ( erecting a Car Shop in that town. | On Sunday night, iu Hagerstown, a , frame stable was burnt by an incendiary, • * smoke-house robbed of suudry hum* . and shoulder* last week, r ° Thursday morning the sheriff con veyed to the Maryland Penitentiary tbe following parties convicted at the recent term of the Cire-uit Court for this county ; —John Adams for robbery sentenced fur _ six years. . George W. Cook, colored, convicted of larceny, for four year*. Hesekinh Holta man, for larceny, for five years. John Sadraek, for forgery, for five years. i ~ on James Dixon, who renresen e, Cuniie.ii. ut in the U. 6. riena’, f.,,m 1857 to 1H39, died at llartlurd m Thu iday. I . \ IWtimore judge baa ruled that death by thhrutm trrmriu many invalidate a life inaaranee policy. ‘ . PbtaniivlUe Pa. baa a shoot iron brass bead. A Bofiii Prophet end Apoetle. AroCCTA, Oa, March T. , Uunj, the- .Milled prophet ...d e,--tlc of the new dimeunit ion. hae been tried t Annlhk Cohoihli county, Judne tjiheon, prliiJiv Curry, who i- with J adulter? and fornication, came from Mae- ! J a. ebiucii* With a eohwy of abowt onehun- ,lr J peraoM, m n awl women, over a year Th y bought land, nettled in ( olum l,ia county, lived in tenia and held |>W'- tv in common; Curry called himself &'•-. v jih and the prophet Vabcvah, supreme in , ! ihin j spiriiual and temporal. ... 7 The colour went along ewimmm K ly for ; t a brief lime.’Mil the prophet took to hint- ; # self too many wives. Jealousy and inaub- n ordination followed, and many returned j , home, haring to be provided with tree ,tl passage to the nearest seaport, either | b Charleston or Savannah. Finally the col- ; onv became no demoralised. and Curry "o ! h licentiou*. that the Grand Jury indicted |i, him and hia queen paramour 1 (Wry. nbe<l in white linen, with head ' and feel hare, in imitation of the Saviour. ) r appeared before the court. Hi* Queen *P 1 peared in the name attire, with while c stocking on her feet and a while bow ( ■ upon her head. ? 1 J Speaking in hia own defense. Curry maintained that men and women could j live together an man and wife without co- | habiting, and that by mortification and c prayer they eould become perfect. He ■ repelled the charge of insanity. displaying * much erudition ami familiarity with the , -| Scripture*. j I Garry claimed that he hud revelation i after revelation that a new era had , J dawned, when men and women should y oie out in the natural order of thing* to j , a higher state of purity. After snseebe* * from the pnmeoulion and defense the jury i retired, and after a half hour s absence re- j turned with a verdict of guilty, with a j recommendation to mercy. Sentence will j be deferred for a few weeks It is thought ; ' (hat the prophet and hia followers will be 1 given an opportunity to find another Ca- 1 naan, far away from here, in which to j pitch their tents. < A min in Kentucky ha* discovered a • method of transplanting hair, so (bat now 1 hair may be planted on bald places, as , soon as they appear < The Amtnp'Ji* Goarfte says you can rest a sack of flour on the humps worn by | the ladies of that city. A ghost story is attached to the second •lory of the official residence of the Gov ernor of Missouri. TAXES FOR IK7R, i KE heavy enough without paying high a a prices for everything you buy. Appre ciating this fact the undersigned is determined to prove that the **(’iaA Systtm" will justify '• ijuirL Salts" and “Small /Viitf/jr.” Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes. Men's and Boy s Boots, Shoes and Hats, Reduced 10 per cent, to sait bard times. China. Glass. Queensware and Housekeeping Goods of every kind, the largest and best slock in the city of Westminster. Woodenware. Willuwware. Tinware. Slone ware. Fine Japanned Ware.Knivcs, Forks, 1 Spoons, ( locks. I.ooking Glass*-*. Table Oil Cloths. Linen and Pajcr Window Shades and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Teas. Roasted and Green Coffees, Sugars, Spices. Extracts. Es sences. Saps. and everything in the Grocery line. Fine Sißer Plated Ware, such as Castors, Cake Baskets, Card Receivers. Butter Dishes. Napkin Kings. Butter Knives, horks, Spoons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated and at Baltimore prices. Especial attention is called to rav Shoe Department, as I intend to sell everything in , this line at price. tht will defy competition. No trouble to ,how food, arid giir price! ahether von with to pore has*, or not. An examination of mv stock ia solicited. mar-'T tf W. 0. UGGET. Building Association Notice. V I-!- Officers. Directors and Stockholders ■aX except females and minors i of the r l J leasiant Valle, Building Association of Tar ■ roll count,, are required to attend ike annual i meeting of the Association, under the penalt, of twenty-five cents, to be held at Pleasant I Valle, School Home, on Satin,l„y Krenina. j tht litk dag of April. U 73. at (o'clock, r. m.. | when the Treasurer's and Secretary * Report 1 . will be read giving a statement of the affairs ! o f the Assotiaiton. and an Election will be | held for President. Vice President, Treasurer. ‘ • Secretary and Directors, to serve for the en- 1 , euring rear. , J. WM. K.UtIIART. J“ r Secretary. \ Building Association Notice. T “*•} nteetinf of the Louisville I Buildtn* Association for an Klrction nf 1 hlevett Directors to manage the affairs of said A,social ion for the ensuing rear, will be held A PHIL :,tk. !573. at o clock, I*. M. at their regular place of meet r !"?• ln 1-ouisrillr. Each and erery member is brrfbv notified to attend under a peualtv of twenty-five cents fine for neglecting to attend said meeting, and at which time the Secretary ■ will make the Annual Report of the financial 1 ’ co°diton of said Association for the year en ding March *th. 1873. * By order, WM. H. CAMBER, j! Secretary. i Motive to Creditor*. , NO. laio EQUITY. |.' *“ Circuit Court for Curroll County. ■ John K. Longwell and Jno. E. Smith, Agent, i and Attorneys of the Union Works, va 1 Jesse L. Barfield, David Ueimao I and others. ' X°llo E i ‘ b ?T b T T™ " the creditor, i l , of M H - Hetman A Co. and the Union ! Work, of Westminster, to tile their claim. - Properly proven and authenticated with the 1 I Clerk of the Circuit Court for Curroll county 1 “ or before the first day of June, ) : ' '*• J- B. BAUMGARTNER, t Mnroh 2, IS7B-U Auditor. hitale "j' Ann Jiickar,ls, i/rmiml. > XTOTICE i. hereby given that the .ü itn-^/.-h^l? bU “* a , from the Th.n.' C T °f ,™ttitj, letter, Te.l.mrnt.rv . ; on the 1 eraonal Ksiatc of , ANN RICHARDS. ate of Carroll county, deceased. All person, baring: claims against the deceased are hereby ; . W ~ he with *he vouchers thereof legally autheni.caled to thesubscribers, , ' on or before the Ist day ofOcroaru, next : • Sfi “‘herwire by law be excluded frooi nil beuetil of uid estate. I’ho.e indebted are I requested to make immediate payment. | March,“• b,U ' l ,b “ 2Uh <* i! J BENJAMIN CHOtT, j — r *. Executor, 1 MENB’ WARE. . SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. f WVVV; 1 r * c *' T * d f rom Inindon, uIJ m** 0 * I ™' by oor own importation, a • Rna of newest patterns of •. Cloths, Ousimere and Vestings, consisting of S 8 different .tyles, to which we we wm SIT™ ° r of in Goods, us eta tie CHy th * m m ” b ° wer thln rotniler. t mtr M HL. NORRIS A CO. NOTICE. " Mttt i- Jtonw. next meeting thirty Any. fri,m „ the .fade Ureof, u. build u Bridge over lie.,?. Run, on the county road Inttlkna u * Mount School Bollinger s Mill, and near said mill. , mar “ UAH WCUNOKR, 1 nJ 21 others. NOTICE, v A'inrTOV^fc^- mv Xhtt Trustee. u | Uuf Cagle TMVSTKIPI, “CALVERT "COLLEGE" Nr New Windeur, Carroll coo*,, BY virtue of U Deed of Trust . A. H. Buker end Wife d.,^ T* V of Mejr. A. I>. IrtTl, lee*, will offer at Public Sale, on the 0 T hurling, the I7tk due of i..,., a. 1 o'clock. P. M.. that koo." a* Calvert College, village of New \\ .ndsor.ln . retired, and romantic oart of Carroll county Ui W mediately on the lineofthe Weyi, r f’u"*'’, I *' llailroad, 4.1 mile, by rail fr bLub™?I** 1 ** The village of New *ind,r~f™ a* the Sulphur Springe—ha* alw.i v* noted for it. he.llhfalVeoi, Md ”£> sorted to on account of it* mineral watT' the beautiful .cenery of ,be , urr ,„„ ldi „ I try. It t. located in one of the in, hi* ft. and productive nection* of Carroll country •• ft thriving. prosperous place. Tht (V.},** 1 buildings consist of the main hull dins 29 is built of brick, 1110 feet by 40 *' feet, with basement, three *lor- Add ie* and attic. It contain* aftNAjda study room and three rie. each 40 feel bv 40 feet, 10 feet wide, extend through the buildi.?? either end, with rooms at the fom* nr* 3 11 each 20 feet hr 90 feet. There are parlor* and ei*ht rooms for the use of Professors and clauses, each 'A) f„,. About fifty feet distant from thenn!mUils W.°* !jjs *., Stands , .„h,ta4i Bnck Building, appropriated to the pu J~ of an infirmary, refectory, kitchen. Ac Tv mam structure is fill feel hr AT feet aiih e.ii end three .lories high. The Z ttl A5 (eel with basement, and two sn.ries kj? lliert is distant about forty fret f, om ike building, on the west side, a Catholic ftl? which is fio feet by SO feet, with sanctaan2i saensty 42 feel by 14 feel. There arc s|L“? the premises good stabling, an ice koo wash house, the usual out buildings, and i. excellent well, of water, with a fine Un,;, apparatus. All the buildings are in repair. fhe grounds am extensive, afT ortJiif great facilities for exercise and snmwmpni there being about six acres of land immednu Iv around the college and belonging U*Z: " ‘thin u short distance of, and onlv septrnbd from the college hya public road’ there not less than thirty arms of most products and valuable land which will be sold with it, college, if desired. The main building of the college si tna . ed in I Hill; the others are of more recent cun ■‘ruction; but they are all Urge and comm* dious, sufficient for one hundred students This Institution was incorporated and i„. vested with the powers and privileges of > College, by the Isegislatnre of Martland m Mar IHo2. Terms made known on day of sale. Catalogues for the past few vears ran be had, as well as any information that msr be desired, by application to CHAKI.ES B. HO BE RTS, Attorney at law, Westminster. Md JOSEPH A. STOCKKEK. Cashier First Nat Bank. New Winder. Md mar 2U-ts Trastai*. CHANGE OF TIME Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday the 2nth of Msrcfc. _J K*"H. the passenger trains on this road will run oa follows; eastward. I Lc*v Hagerstown at 7.20 A. If. and 1.4 b Mechanicstown at 4.26 A. M., #.*• A. M.. and 3.00 P M Union Bridge at 6.UA. M., Wfr A M.. and 3.46 P. M l ca\e Westminster at 6.64 A. M.. 10 69 A M , and 4.23 P. M. westward. Leave Baltimore at 8.30 A. M. and 3.39 Leave Westminster at 10.32 A. If., and 6.12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, ana 6.05 P. M. Local train for Mechanicstown. l.eave Union Bridge at 11.08 A. M., .V 42 P. M. Express, and 8.46 P. M. train. Stages connect at Glen Morris Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 8.30 j A. M- train from Baltimore. An Express Car leaves Calvert .Sution. Baltiroore v daily, (except .Snnday,) at 3.30 F. M. Light Freight and Parcels can come by thia car if delivered before 51.00 P. M. JOHN T. HIGNEY, mr ft Geoerrl Superintendent. lUHrici Court of thf Vnited Stain for Mr IHatrirt of Maryland, in liankruptcy,—U the matter of Amirett G rammer, Hnnknpl District or Martlaxo, as: is to give notice, that on the 20th day .A. of March, I*7B, a Warrant of Bankrupt cy wks issued out of the District Court of the I nited States for the District of Marylaad. against the estate of Andrew (irammer, of n estminster, in the county of Camdl in said District, adjudged a Bankrupt, on bis own petition : 1 bat the payment of any debts and the delivery of any property belonging to said Bankrupt, to him or for hit use. and the trans fer of any property by him, are forbidden by law ; and that a meeting of the creditors of said Bankrupt, to prove their debts and to choose one or more Assignees of his estate, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the city of Westminster, l>efore Kichard B. Nurment. Esq., Register in Bank ruptcy for said District, on the 7th dar of April, A. D., 1873, at 10 o’clock, A 51. EDWARD Y. GOLDS BOROUGH, U. S. Marshal for said District. mar 20-21 NO. 12111 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll Couaty as a Court of Equity. William Tracy and Amoa Shaffer. Trustees, David F. Shaffer and Mary Shaffer his Wife. ORDERED this 22d day of March, A. I>. 1873, that the sale of Real Estate rnsde •*d reported ky William L. Tracy and Amos Shaffer, Trustees, by virtue of a Deed execu ted by David F. .Shaffer and wife to them be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof he shown on or before 28tk dav of April next: provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper publish ed in Carroll county, once in each of ibrse successive weeks before the 21st day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to be $6000.00. JSO. B. BOYLE. Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 2*31 Jxo. B. Boyle, Clerk. NO. UM EQUITY. In the Circuit Coart for Carroll County si s Court of Equity. Daniel P. Hmelser vs. George Wilhelm and Mary Wilhelm. Ordered this 2-id day of March. A. D. 1878. > khat the sale made and reported by David P. Smelter. Mortgagee, by virtue the power of sale contained in the Mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, he ratified and conformed, unless cause to the contrary there of he shown cm or before the* 28th day of April next; provided a copy of this order he inserted in some news|>aper published iu Car roll county, once in each of three successive i h*l° r * the said 28th day of April next. I he report states the amount of sale to be $682.00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 2*Bt Jaio. B. Botlx, Clerk. Notice to Creditor!*. NO. 1868 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll Couaty. Charles T. Reifsnider, Trustee, vs. Margaret C. Bordiey. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors of Margnret C. Bordiey who were such prior the 92d day of October, A. D. f 1872, to file their claims properly proven and au thenticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county in Equity, on or before the first day of June, A. D.. 1878. .. . J. J- BAUMGARTNER. March 2V, |S7;S--H Auditor. Loiate of Henry Ha inn, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the eubscri her has obtained from the Orphan*’ Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of HENRY UAINEB, late of Carroll county, deceased. All per sons having churns ugmiust said estate, ure hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said estate, those indebted ate nmuested to make insoic dimrly jtuynieul. which can be done at the first National Bank of New Windsor, where eredu will he given by order of the Execu- ISAAC C. BAILE, ■“ *2-4t Acting Executor. ;*3,T00 ' on Mortgage on country prof- A erty, in sums to suit. it. W. TKSU'I.KMAN A CO.. ■ar W-l * "l ,on •blitjaioro city.

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