Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, March 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated March 29, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, rUBLISBKD ZVCIIV SATI'IDAT BT WM. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORO, ornei. no. i. oarroll haul. TERMS.—#2 per year in advance, single conic* A tent*. No übw-rip(lnn -llm-Miuiim,-.! mull all arrvara are iml'i. utilMw at the option of the publUluni. ADVEKTIHINU RATES.—One Miuniv m line* will be inaerteil a time* or low for 11. and Ax'i iiu for each •ulMeuueut inwrtlon. One M|uaro 3 tni., fSJMi; r, no*., §3>jW mo*., ft*. Htninvw ('anl*. not DirnMilni! a lino. W par year. When lU miniber of iiMcrtiou-* la not market! advertisements will be continued until forbid and chanted acconlingly. Yearly advertiser* snuat confine advertisements to their own bualncM Rule and Figure Work double price, litudnctt Lo | cal* 10 cent* per line. If atria*** and Deaths Inaertcd free. Obltuarlea and perv.nal communications 5 cents per line. Itemi of Hews. The portion of Boston which waa hurtl ed down ia to he rebuilt on a plan originally devised by Sir Christopher Wren for Lon don liter the great fire. The blank pacc. which covers some sixty odd aercH, bio be intersected by five streets, forming the radii of the segment of a circle, whose centre will be the post office, and whose circumference will pretty near correspond with the sea margin. The Intervening streets will form the chords of the circle, running at eoual distances from one another, in a word, the ground plan of the new town will be that of a cobweb or a cart wheel. Captain Jack, clearly, b not a person to be wooed to quiet ways by the gentle ooo ings of the reverend gentlemen who are doing, or trying to do. the work of the Peace Conmissioners. The latest intelli gence from the lava beds is of a character to warn our troops to gel their rifles ready. Captain Jack is not only making overtures to the Klamath Indians to join him, in a renewal of hostilities, but is no way back ward in giving notice that ns soon as the grass grow* he will leave the lava beds, burn the ranches and kill the settlers. A monster rock fish, weighing four hundred and fifty-five pounds, was captured hr Mr. John Boekele, at Yellow Bluff. Florida, a few days since. It was shipped north byway of Savannah, to a noted dealer in fish at the Fulton mi rket, New York. This monster specimen of the finny tribe, was captured in a shad net. and measured over seven feet in length. Heretofore, the largest member of this species of fish, was captured in the Poto mac. and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds. Mrs. Fanny Hvde. who killed Watson in Brooklyn, on the 2Glh of January, 1872, and has failed to appear on her second trial, was arrested by detectives in Washington, on Sunday, and taken to New York. Her first trial, it will be remembered, termina ted in the disagreement of the jury, and she was released on bail. On being arres ted she said she had no idea of avoiding a trial, that she had been ready for trial some time, but hud not been notified to ap|>cur. United States Treasurer Spinner on Mon day, received from Franklin. Pa., two large boxes containing the charred remains of SIOO,OOO in United Suites bonds and notes, national bank notes and Pacific Railroad bonds, which Thomas F. Ander son, the eraiy cashier of the Lamberton Bank, attempted to destroy by burning. The notes were sent to Washington for ; identification. On Monday morning Joseph Burton, negro, committed an outrage on the daugh ter of John loink, a respectable citizen I residing near Behoboth station, Sussex county, Del. The negro was captured and , lodged in jail. He is represented as a ( hardened wreteh and makes light of the crime. The girl was only fifteen years \ old. A colored man named Charles Briggs has been playing the detective among the i Worcester, Maas., liquor-sellers, in conse quence of which some half-dozen of them : have enriched the slate treasury, but the j informant is threatened with the "death ( of a spy ’ if he falls into the hands of the nervous dealers in ardent. The business failures in this country for 1872 sum up largely in advance of those of the previous year. The whole number in 1872 was 4,08 ft, and the amount of liabilities is 1121.056,000. In 1871 the* failures only reached 2,ft15, and (he Ha- j hilities $88,252,000. Commodore Vanderbilt has given an other five hundred thousand dollars for the : purpose of erecting a large seminary on j the grounds of the Moravian Church, at! New Dorp, Staten Island, to be built upon I the plan of the seminary at Bethlehem. Penn, also endowed by the Commodore. ‘ An account of the murder of an old lady and a little girl in Cole county, Illinois. 1 was published some days since. Wni. L. Langston, the son of the murdered woman, has confessed to the horrible deed. He gives as his excuse that “his wife )>ersuad cd him." A lady in New Haven who hud Wen dumb for several months, was violently startled by one of the members of the fam ily recently, and when she recovered from the shock found that her speech was com pletely restored. On Thursday evening of last week Jesse W. Uppercue. whose name has figured so prominently before the trials in the Crim inal Court of Baltimore city, and finally acquittal, was married to Miss Laura Mil debnmdt at her parent’s residence. The bark Emma C. Litchfield arrived at New York on Saturday from Rio Janeiro, with yellow fever on board, two of her crew having died of the disease. The schooner 11. Brewster, at New York from Bio, lost one man from yellow fever. An exemplary young man of Lowell. Mass.. Edwin Sluvin by name, tired of slavin’ at manual toil for u livelihood, knocked his father in the head with a bludgeon, the other night, and robbed him of $35. At Danvers, Mass., a boy of 14 “played hanging.'’ last Saturday, with fatal result. He used a wheelbarrow us a platform, and the barrow canting over left him suspen ded. He was discovered Boon afterwards, dead. Frederick W. Cooper, distributing clerk of the Boston Poetomee, has boon arrested for robbing the mails. He confesses that he stole $315, hut is supposed to have taken much more. Two hundred cases of horse influenza are reported in Lot Angelos. Cal., and the disease is spreading rapidly. The disease is raging throughout Southern California and Northern Arizona. According to the new directory of San Francisco, the imputation of that city is 183,323, being an increase of about 10,000 during the year. The total includes 11,- 000 Chinese and 1550 colored people. At Morristown, N. J., on Saturday, Judge Dairy tuple refused a new triad to Luigi Lusignani, an Italian wife murder er. and sentenced him to be banged on the lat of May. The cose of the State vs. John N. Fitzsimmons, indicted for assault with in tent to kill Walter Bosley, In Baltimore •county, terminated, last week, by his acquittal. A large majority of the Counties of Pennsylvania voted on Friday lust on the question of “License or No license" to sell liquors within their respective limits for throe years. Navigation has been resumed on the Hudson. The first steamer forced Us way through the ice on Tuesday, as fur as New burgh. The 100 was still firm at Albany. The English crisis Is at an end, Mr, Gladstone having resumed the Premiership oa Thursday week. Ills return to jmwer was greeted with cheer*. There is hut one prisoner in the jull of Adams county, a woman, serving out a sentence for larceny, and hailing from Frederick county, Md. There Is a considerable stir at the post- \ office in New York city over the expected I withdrawal, by the railway companies, of I the postal curs from service after Ist prox. ; It is thought the force of clerks wifi be ] utterly unable to perfoim the labor which I the change would pour upon them. Four ; days, it Is estiniuttHl, will he required for the delivery of letters which now reach | their destination in fifteen hours. The J demand of the companies is for SBOO per | j instead of $375. which is now paid | them, it is rumored that the Postmaster General will seek to haven law passed that will give the Department special powers over railroads. Robin redbreast lias a hard time of it in the sunny South, according to the Mur treeshorough (Tenn.) New*, which says: ‘ Ever since last Christmas millions of robins have been roosting in the cedars on Puckett place, about four miles west of town. Hundreds of fieopie visit the roost nightly, and hug us many as they want. Up to this date thousands of these birds have been caught, hut there appears to be no diminution of their numbers. ’* Twenty-one steamers and one hundred and ten sailing vessels sailed from New foundland during the first week in March, for the seal fields, and returns have already l>een received, the steamer Eagle having arrived at St. John’s March, 17, with 33,- 000 young seals, and the steamer Walrus, March Ift. with 11,000. Seven other steamers are reported loaded. The Eagle was only fourteen days from lime of sail ing until her return with full cargo. 'Three children were burned to death nt Grace’s Point, near Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday. The parents were absent, a coal oil lamp exploded, the house took fire, the eldest child, a little girl of fourteen, made a heroic effort to save her three youugcr Bisters but failed, and made her own escape after being severely burned. These are the brief details of a most heartrending occurrence. There recently died, near Chatham. England, W illiam Stack, who lost an arm in the conflict between the Shannon and the Chcsa))euke. He was the captain’s coxswain for seven years. Stack hud attained the age of eighty-eight, and his relatives say he was the Inst survivor of the j Shannon's crew. Last week Mr. Frederick Z. Kaibfleisoh, a brother of the late Mayor of Brooklyn, arrived in Brooklyn from Holland. He had seen a notice of the Mayor's serious illness in Brooklyn in a German newspa per. This was the first intimation ho had of his whereabouts since Mr. Kalbfleiseh emigrated from Holland, fifty years ago. j A levy eu matte u|hii the adult male i population of Catalonia and the neighbor- | ing provinces, for troops to suppress the j Curlist insurrection, is believed at Madrid j to be probable. Many Republicans who ' have volunteered to tight the insurgents arc reported to be assembling at an ap {Munted rendezvous. A sad affair has lately occurred at Richmond, in Virginia. Two “highly respectable” young ladies have been sent to jail for seven days, for the offence of stealing from a hairdresser's shop “a quail i tity of human hair"—ten dollars' worth. ! in fact. Both houses of the Virginia Legislature have passed a resolution endorsing Oov ; ernur Walker's plan for the assumption by the General Government of the debts of i the States. A resolution passed the Senate i to amend the Constitution and to provide ! for biennial sessions of the Assembly. | The commissions of our present minis i ters to the Central American States will expire on the Ist of July. On that date. | by an act of Congress, all the missions will j he consolidated, and only one Minister j assigned lo those States. I The locomotive of a train on the Chicago I and Michigan Shore Railroad was thrown | from the track Monday by a broken jour nal. J., D. McCartney, fireman, and another man named Oscar Culver, were killed. A determined suicide nt Troy lately put; I his head through a hole in the ice. and ! held it there till he was drowned. The I I only reason assigned for the act was that j he couldn't keep his head above water. Madrid is again reported ns tranquil. • The army is. however, much dissatisfied, I especially in Tarragona and Barcelona, i | The Carlists are also reported as gaining ' j numbers in the former province. 1 It is announced in England that Mr. • Bradluugh. “the coming Cromwell." and i Wilkie Collins, the well-known novelist, are coming to this country on lecturing tours. An immense quarry of lithographic stone has recently been discovered in Russia. The supply is so large that it is expected it will cause au immediate fall in the cost of the article. Marshall Magrudcr, of New York for the shooting of Clarence J. Lockwood in a Madison street boarding-house a few weeks ago, has been sentenced to ten years in the State prison. The Methodist preachers In New York, at their weekly meeting, on Monday, dis cussed “How can the public press be m ide tributary to the prosperity of Evangelical Christianity ?" The hay roof of a dwelling near Pome roy Station. lowa, caught fire on Saturday night, and the biasing mass fell in, burning Amos Hulleck and two children lo death. The New York Star is assured by many prominent members of the trade organisa tions that no general strike of the working men is probable nr contemplated this spring. One of the American Powder Company’s mills, nt Acton, Mass., blew up Monday morning, killing two workmen and injuring three others. The New York Uendd expands on Span ish Emancipation in Porto Rico, us a grand event, and is certain that it will be Cuba's turn next. 1 The suit of the United States against i the Union Pacific Railroad Company, or-1 j dered by act of Congress, will probably he 1 1 : tried in Boston. A man named George McDonald lias ; been arrested at New York, on suspicion | of being implicated in the Bank of Eng- i , laud forgeries. Mr. Gladstone has funned a mew Gobi ■ net fur England, and has presented the names of the new ministers to the Qucou for her approval. i It is said that an Adams Comity farui i er will shortly liberate about 30ft Part rid-; ges which he has sheltered during the winter. The movement for a general strike of . working-men for the maintenance of the i Eight-hour law is daily gathering strength. The real estate of James Y eaten, near I Millington, on Saturday lost, consisting of 186 acres of bod, sold at sl2 per acre. Bethlehem, Penn., is about to have - soon in operation the largest rolling mill ■ in the world. 1 i Twenty-eight snows, making an aggre gate depth of 5 feet 11 inches, is the snow " figuring for the post winter, j A full grown dog, weighing one pound and eleven ounces is among the novelties of Lancaster. Eighteen hundred barrels of eggs were ’ shipped east from the packing-houses of liidianH|Hilis last week. It Is reported that a son of Joe Smith is about to start an anti-polygamy Mormon ( cstablisbtn nt in Ohio. A family naimd Robb in Missouri have I fallen heirs to an estate in Scotland worth two millions. , ' A man in Bowling Green, Ky.,nu react-1 i ting an old gute-|tost, found a jar under it I lonuaiilng s.,ftvti in gold. A Tiger Python Killed. | About 9 o’clock yesterday morning, at ! Harry Colbert whs walking along the shore ■■ of the Delaware Kaighn's Point, he saw 1 * a monsier snake lying within about three j foot of the water. In appearance and size ; | it was defferent from anything of the ! serpent kind he had ever seen in this set | lion of country. He succeeded in killing j it, by striking its head with a, and j then broke its back in two places. On measuring it, it was nine feet and two ; inches in length. It was conveyed to the j house of Mr. A. It. Ogborn, Second and ! Bridge avenue, where it attracted hun dreds of citizens to look at such a monster. On close examination this huge snake proved to he a tiger python, and how it got astray here is a mystery. This species of reptile is found in Africa and India, and grows to an enormous size. It kills its prey by constriction, like the boa. Its teeth are about half an inch long, slender and very sharp. It is quite eviderft that this specimen is u young one, as it is not near the size to which they usually grow. There are aoveril different species of the python found in Africa, some of them variegated with beautiful colors. This one is spotted, like a tiger, hence its name. It is thought that it must have cseajied from some showman, or vessel as it was being brought up the Delaware.— Philadelphia Age, of Tnetday. National Park. A year ago, Congress set apart the magnificent region of the Yellowstone river as a National Park. This prevented at once the title of settlers accruing, and checked speculators in making a show of this most extraordinary scenery fur private i gain. The National Park of the Yellow- : stone can, therefore, never be made a noth- j er Niagara, where haekmen are ever ini- ! portunatc. and every little thing has a money value, ranging from fifty cents to fifty dollars. The first report of the su perintendent of the National Park has just been published. At present, access to the | Park is only possible through Montana. | The first effort will be to render the up- j proaeh leas difficult by constructing car j riage roads instead of the present bridle i i paths. In the meanwhile a thorough ex ' ploration of the whole tract will be made. ; At present part of the land Monging to the Government is entirely unknown. What has been seen, however, is strange and novel beyond conception. Great Gey sera. to which those of Iceland are pig mies ; mud volcanoes, crystal springs, and I ; medicinal waters of all descriptions and ; | temperatures; falls of nearly four hundred i i feet*in height, making it appear us If na j turc had concentrated her wonders there. | 1 A Murderer's Sentence Com mu- i ted.—Quite a sensation was occasioned in \ Washington, on the Iftth instant, by the j President changing to imprisonment for j life the death sentence of O’Brien, who. , last summer, murdered Police Officer Cun- 1 nlngham. The Judge who tried the case : pronounced it “an atrocious murder. ' The United States District Attorney, in his report upon the ease for the Attorney- i j General, upon the application for a com mutation, states that, in reviewing the evidence, ho came to the conclusion that j | "this is one of the worst of a scries of j homicides that have been committed in i this District since 1 have held the office of Prosecuting Attorney.” It appears that O’Brien hud a quarrel with Cunningham, and then knocked him 1 down with his baton. Some twenty minutes after, Cunningham, having re- I covered somewhat from the blow, was leaving Green Spring, with his wife, for home, when O'Brien again rushed upon | him. revolver in hand, and shot him through i the head, killing him on the spot, and then tired another shot at him after ho had fallen to the ground. Cunningham, it should lx* added, was a slender, feeble man, while O’Brien is of larger and powerful build. The commutation Is said to be due to his attorney, General Butler, who went into the case after he hud been sentenced to death. Within the last eighteen months I there have been fourteen murders in the first degree in the District. Agricultural Society Selling Out. —The Chambcrshurg Public Opinion, J Bya: At a meeting of the members of the Society, held on Friday evening lost, it was determined to dispose of the build* ings. grounds, Ac. A committee appointed at this meeting will report the manner of disposition at another which will be held on Friday evening of this week. A re commendation of a division of the property into town lots will be most probably made and adopted, in order to relieve the Society of the debt it Is individually responsible for. This is a step which has been reluc tantly made. The society, owing to an utter lack on the part of our citizens and the citizens of the county, to give it that aid and countenance it hud a right to ex pect, bus not jiutiently borne the burdens of its liabilities, but as patiently the abuse and fault-finding of dissatisfy d exhibitors and others with whom it had to deal. Carroll County, 0., registers a voter named Deford who is hale and hearty at the age of 103. Governor Jewell has appointed Friday, April 11, as fust day in the State of Con necticut. MARRIED. In this city, on the 20th instant, at the resi- ’ denee of the bride’s parents, by Rev. W. 8. j Hammond. Mr. Chas. P. Stout, of the Carroll Nursery, and Miss Rachel, youngest daughter of John Smith, Esq., of this city. On the 2oth instant, by Rev. Dr. Hauer, Mr. Philip K. Wentz and Mrs. Eliza A. Bish, both of this county. DIED. In Bt. Joseph, Missouri, oh the 10th inst., i Dr. Francis I . Davis, formerly of this county, aged 50 years. On Monday last, in Finksbure District, Mrs. ] Jane Sweet man, wife of Mr. Robert Sweet j man, in the 78lh year of her age. Suddenly, on Sunday the 23d of March, near . ' Haueksvilfe, Henry E., oldest son of Margaret I and Joseph Miller, aged 7 years. In this city, on the 25th instant, after a lin gering and (minful illness, David Zentz, aged ; 30 years, 2 months and 28 days. Sear Green Spring, Baltimore county, on j the 22d instant, John Shaffer, formerly of this J county, aged 87 years. Id St. Louis, Mo., on (he 24th of February, I Mrs. Amelia E., wife of Andrew J. .lonian. : in the 21st year of her age. In Bachman's Valley, on the lth instant. 1 Eftie Lurenu, only child of Elias and Ellenore j Matthias, aged 1 year, 5 months and 23 days, i Near Warfieldsourg, on the loth instant,'of I diptheria, Richard E. Orpert, aged 18 years, 1 11 months and 25 days. At Sam’s Greek, on the 12th instant, Ar thur Wilson, youngest son of Wm. Wallace uml Ann Main, aged 4 months and 8 days. Near Union Mills, on the nth inst., Luther Ellsworth, son of Jesse and Maggie Myers, aged 8 years, 2 months and 22 days. Near this city, on Monday evening instant, Emma Beil, youngest daughter of John and Elizabeth Royer, aged 11 months and 3 days. On December 7th, 1872, near Ml. Union Church, this county, James N. G., youngest son of John C. and Harriet G. Coker, aged 2 years, 4 months and 17 days. Our little Jimmy sleeps camly now, Adorned with sweetest flowers ; But death is on his snowy brow, And he’s no longer ours. The Savior called him to his home, In the bright realms above. That he might ever with angels roam, In purity and love. Those little eyes will beam no more, That angelic mouth is still; His Rule feel arc off the floor, j And smile he never will. v I * To earth we must thy form convey, Though hard the parting be ? Our comfort is that heaven ii thine, j AnJ * may go to thee. Mother, j WESTMINSTER MARKETS. Reported by Grimes A Stouffer. WHOLESALE FKK'IS. Fkidav, March 28, 1878. ! Hour—Extra *h.uo fa 8.50 I “ Super 7.00 fa> 7.00 I 44 Family 9.00 fa. 10 00 “ Hjre .. 4.90 (> 600 I Wheat—lied 1.60 fa 186 j , 44 White.... 1.50 fa; 190 1 Oats .. 85 fa. 40 j j Corn 45 fa> 4# 1 i Rye ........ 70 fa, 75 Corn Meal .'. 1.26 fa 1.50 [ i Clover Seed 6.00 fa 6.00 J i Timothy Seed 8.00 fa 8.60 j Fla* Heed 1.25 fa 1.60 ! lAird 7fa 7 ! Bacon Ufa. 11 * I Potatoes 60 fa 76 j ! Pork 6.00 fa; 6.60 BALTIMORE MABKETS. | Super $6.00 fa 0.26 | Common to fair Extra 0.60 fa;, 7.26 Good to Choice do 7.60 fa 8.00 Family 8.25 failo.6o i Pntapsco Family 12.00 fa 0.00 z ‘* Extra 12.00 fa 0.00 Chesapeake do 11.00 fa) 0.00 Corn Meal 8.26 fa 8.80 Wheat—White 2.00 fa, 1.10 44 Red 1.70 fa; 1.90 Coro—White 00 fa. 03 Yellow 68 fa 69 j Oats 47 fa 49 Rye 86 fa 90 Beef Cattle— best quality... - 0.12 fa) 7.37 44 44 medium 4.76 fa 6.50 44 44 ordinary 3.26 fa 4.60 | Sheep—fair to good 4j cts. fa 7 44 extra ... 6 ct*. fa 8 44 stock 2.26 fa; 3.60 i Hogs .. 7.25 fa) 7.76 j i Hay and Straw—Hay 25fa',80‘$l ton' I Straw ;... 27fa) 29 p ton I Hides—steer 121 fa) 18 "p lb j 44 cow 12] fa 13 44 I I.father —city slaughtered... 40 fa, 43 * 4 44 country 40 fa) 43 44 ! 4 * Spanish Sole 38 fa 38 44 44 rough skirting 30 fa) 39 44 4 * Maryland & Penn... 87 fa 30 4 * Wool-unwashed free of burrs 36 fa) 38 44 4 4 44 burj- 25 fa 30 44 44 tub-washed 55 fa; 00 44 j 44 pulled 35 fa 40 44 i Seeds —Clover 8 fa) 9 44 44 Timothy $3 fa $4 bn. I “ Flax $2 fa' $2 44 I Feathers—common to prime 25 fa) 75 lb Sheriff’s License Notice. notice to Merchants, TRADERS, AND OTHERS. i A LL persons and bodies corporate or po- | ■ XjL Uric, in Carroll county, who are or shall 1 be exercising or pursuing any business, or I shall be doing anv act or thing, or shali be in | j the occupation of* any house or place for any | purpose for which a license is made necessary ! by the laws of Maryland, are hereby warned I I to obtain a License, or renew the same on or ! I before the FIRST DAY OF MAY, 1873, under the penalty prescribed by said laws for I the infraction thereof. Those interested are notified of the follow- ! ing requirements of the License l-aws : 1 RADERS' LICENSES.—The amount to ! be paid by traders for a license, tthc amount I j of stock at the principal season of sale to be ! given under oath,) is as follows : If the applicant's stock in trade docs not | exceed Sf,UUO sl2 (iO Over $ 1,000 and not over $1,600 15 00 44 1,600 44 2,600 18 00 44 2,600 44 4,000 22 00 1 4 ‘ 4,000 44 O,OJO 30 00 “ 6,000 44 B,OtS) 40 60 “ 8,000 44 10,000 60 00 44 10.000 44 15,000 05 00 44 15,000 44 20.000 HO 00 “ 20,000 44 30,000 100 00 . 44 30,000 44 40,000 126 00 ♦ “ 40,000 150 60 , The applicant must either make oath, ns heretofore, before the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county where he is enraged in business, of the amount of good* Kept on hand at the principal season of sale; or the oath may lx- administered by a Justice of the Peace, when the persons wanting a license applies through an agent. If the latter course be adopted the following form will be deemed a sufficient compliance with the act: Carroll county , to trit: On this day of , 1873, before the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace of the State of Maryland, in and for said county, person ally apj*eured and declared that he in tends to apply for a trader’s license, under the second section of the Act of January Ses sion, 1858, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, and made oath that the amount of the stock of goods generally kept on hand by him [or by the concern in which he is engaged, in case it be a partnership,] at the principal season of sale, [or it the appli- | cant has not previously engaged in such trade] that the amount of goods which he intends to keep, Ac., does not [or will not] exceed $ Sworn before i If the oath be administered before a Justice of the Peace out of the county in which the application is made, there must be attached the certificate of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county in which the Justice resides. Persons may sell salt to cure fish in March. April and May, without license. Venders of ca\es and venders of beer and cider, who are the makers of such beer and cider, [lager beer j excepted, j are not required to pay license. ! LICENSES TO ORDINARIES AND I TA V ERN KEEPERS.—The license to ordi- ] naries and tavern keepers to sell spirituous | and fermented liquors, or lager l>eer, in quan- | tities less than a pint, at any one lime, are as 1 follows: Provided that the applicant shall first be recommended to the Clerk by two re- j spectable freeholders of his immediate vicini- i ty, and shall make oath before said Clerk that he has bona fide [and without intending to evade the requirements of this article,. provi- j ded and expects to maintain six good beds, ( with sufficient covering therefor—and three I rooms more than sufficient for the private use of i said ordinary keeper, with stabling and pro- | vender for five horses at least; and if said ap- Elicant resides in the city of Baltimore, that he i us provided and expects to maintain twelve good beds with covering as aforesaid, and six I rooms. The said applicant is also to make oath before the Clerk as to the rale of rent or an* i nunl value of the house at or in which the ; business to be authorized by the license may be done or inteuded to be done. It the rental or annual value is not Over $ lUO $ 25 60 44 100 and not over S2OO 40 60 41 200 44 300 55 60 “ 300 44 400 60 60 ! ‘‘ 400 44 500 70 60 j “ 500 44 750 90 60 ' “ "50 44 Loot) 100 60 44 1,000 44 2,000 150 60 1 44 2,000 44 3,(MX) 180 60 “ 8,000 44 6,000 260 60 I 44 5,000 44 10,000 400 60 44 10,0(H) 450 60 LICENSES TO RETAILERS OF SPIR -1 ITUOUS OR FERMENTED LIQUORS, .OR LAGER BEER.—The amounts of license to be paid by retailers of spirituous and fer ; mented liquors and lager, are as follows: ] If the value of the stock in trade be SSOO or $ 18 60 , Over $ 500 35 60 From 1,000 to $2,000 50 60 1 44 2,(XX) to 4,(XX) 75 60 “ 4,000 to 6.000 .. 100 60 4 * 6,(XX) to 10,000 120 60 44 10.000 to 20,000 130 60 I 4 * 20,000 to 30,000 140 60 ■ Over 80,000 160 60 j No license shall be granted to sell spirit- I uous or fermented liquors or lager beer, in j quantities not less than a pint, for the sum of ! *IB.OO. unless the person applying therefor , shall also obtain a license to sell goods, chat -1 lels, wares and merchandize, paying therefor j the sum hereinbefore prescribed, according { to the amount of the stock in trade. 1 OYSTER AND EATING HOUSES.- The license to be paid by the keepers of oys- I ter and oating Houses is $50.60 throughout the State. Females vending millinery and other small articles, whose stock is not over SSOO pay a license of $6.60 only; but if over that amount, they are required to pay the same license as other persons —oath to be made as to the amount of stock at the principal season of the year. GEORGE N. FRINGER, [ Sheriff of Carroll county. N. B.—By instructions received from the Treasury Department at the Clerk's office all persons applying for a license of anv kind, (except marriage licenses, which are the same ; us heretofore,) will hereafter have to pay the | fee of fifty cents for issuing the same, making ! ; a total or sixty cents, as stated above. * The fee of fifty cents has heretofore been : ( charged to the State. GEORGE N. FRINGER, mar 22*td Sheriff of Carroll county. Everything New. ' | WE recently pnrrhsaed new assortment of Job Type for ok during the pres ent ft*.son, j n i i BEND8 END your Order, for Printing for the Spring Trade to the Anrocsn Offiee. HY tin $1 TEAS, at

W. 0. LIOOET'B. | TRUSTEE'S BALE or rau.AiLE Real Estate THE undersigned, Trustee appointed by the Decree of the Circuit Court for ! Carroll county as a Court of Equity, passed 1 in the case of Elizabeth Stocksdule and. | others, against Nelson Stocksdule and others, i will offer the Real Estate in said cause decreed | to be sold at Public Sale, to the highest bid ! der. on the premises, on \ Saturday, ike 18th day of April, A. I). 187$, | at 10 o'clock, A. M. This property is situated in Hampstead ! District, Carroll county, Maryland, on the ! public road leading from Uoucksville to St. j ( j Paul's Church, 011 the Baltimore and Han over Turnpike. about two miles distant from ! the former and one mile from the latter place: j and is also situated on the public road leading from Richards' Mill to said Turnpike road, 1 and is (he property of which Aaron Stocks- < dale, late deceased, died seized, and will he * offered in the following lx>ts: 1 Lot No. 1, containing 100 Acres of I.und, 1 more or leas, of which about 22 Acres is cov- I ered with excellent Timber, the residue is 4 cleared land in a good state of cultivation. 1 The buildings on this lot consist of n two-story 4 Log Weatherboarded and portly | Stone Dwelling House lxg Barn A/tffAL-l Weatherboarded, with Granary, I attached, new Grain and Hay Shed, two Wagon Sheds, two Corn Houses, * Carriage House, Smoke House, Wash House, I Spring House and a never-failing well of Water with Pump: two Apple Orchards of : excellent Fruit, and a great variety of other 1 Fruit Trees. ' 1 lx)t No. 2, containing 90 Acres of ' l more or less, of which 18 Acres is in jsf j excellent Timber; the residue is cleared SMh j J*nd in a productive state of cultivation. ,!XT 1 | The improvements on this Lot consist or a . v two-story Ixig Weatherboarded ' A Dwelling House, Smoke House nd small Stable; two thriving young Apple Orchards, and a great number of Peach and other Fruit bear ing trees. Lot No. 3, contains 66 Acres, of which 17 Acres is Wood Land of excellent quality, and the residue is cleared land and very produc tive; the improvements on this Lot are a I,og Dwelling House part of which is Weatherboarded, new Log A- 3|j|L- \ ~ Barn, Weatherboarded. with Wagon Shed and other Sheds, B/1 rn&Ayb and Corn Crib attached; Smoko House, Car riage and Spring House with a superior spring of water; also a Peach Orchard and other Fruit Trees, i Lot No. 4, contains 10 Acres of Land, more ! or less, of which 6 Acres is covered with ex j cellent Timber. The buildings on this Ixrt, consist of a new two-story ■nilLK Frame Weatherboarded Dwelf *nK House, with Kitchen at | tached, Smoke House and 1 Dairy, and well with pump. Lot No. 5, containing 6 Acres, more or i less, covered with thriving Timber. ; Ixt No. 6, containing 7 Acres of Laud, ! more or less, covered with good Timber. I Lot No. 7, containing 14 Acres of i more or less, of which 3 Acres are in excel - j lent Timber. 1 I*ot No. 8, containing 11 Acres of I>and, I more or less, covered with excellent Timber. , Lot No. 9, containing 25 Acres of land, more or less, of which 4 Acres is cleared, and j the residue is covered with excellent Timber. ; Lot No. 10, containing 11 Acres of I.and, ! more or less, of which 2 Acres is in Timber. 1 I Lot No. 11, containing 10 Acres of Land, i 11 more or less, all of which is cleared Land. • j Lot No. 12, containing 27 Acres of Land, \ 1 more or less, of which 6 Acres is covered with ) j Timber, mostly White Oak. r The fences on the aforesaid Lots of Land ) , are all in good condition and repair. Prior to the day of sale, the Trustee will i , cause an accurate survey to be made of the aforesaid lots, a plat of which will be shown > : on the day of sale, when said lots will be of ) | fered for sale, separately, or two or more of- ! 1 | fered together, to suit purchasers. 1 j The Terms of Sale prescribed by the l>e- j t ; tree , are as folUncs: —One-third nail of the j 1 j purchase money shall he paid ny the pur- 1 1 ( chaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the 1 • day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof s j by the Court aforesaid; and the residue shall ! 1 be paid in two equal payments, the one to be j • j paid in one year, and the other in two years , 1 i from the day of sale, with interest, and to be j j secured by the notes of the purchaser or pur- j ! chasers with security to be approved of by the ■ ‘ Trustee. | GEORGE L. STOCKSDALE. T rustee. J. J. Bal’Moartxer, Solicitor, j John T. IHffenttauqh, Auctioneer. 1 N. B.—Persons desirous of purchasing any 1 of the above lands will please call on the Trustee, who resides thereon, or address him j at Upperco Post Office, Baltimore county, i Maryland, or J. J. Baumgartner. Solicitor, i residing in Westminster, Md. 0. L. 8. | mar 22-ta Trustee. EXAMINERS’ NOTICE BY virtue of a commission issued to us by the County Commissioners for Carroll county, to examine and determine whether the public convenience requires the opening of a public road in said county, commencing at a point on a public road known bv the ■ name of Trump's Road, near Samuel (ioeth- ■ ing’s tenant house; thence on the bed of an old ! : road on or near said bed, to the Pennsylvania j 1 Line where the old road crosses said line near | | Jacob Hess’ house. I This is therefore to notify all persons whom , it may concern, that the undersigned will meet | j on the premises, on Wednesday, the 80th day : 1 °f Jprtl, 1873, at 9 o'clock, a. m., to execute \ i the trust reposed in us by said Commission. ' DAVID k EARHART, JESSE MYERS, | JOHN JONES, mar 22-5 t Examiners. Transfers and Abatements. j nPHE County Commissioners for Carroll 1 j JL county, will meet at their office in the ; I Court House, at Westminster, on Thursday ; , anti Friday, the 87ik and SSth of March . ; instant, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, the 1 • 7th and Bth, the Uth and 18th, the 81st and I 83d of April, 1873, to make transfers and I abatements. | All persons interested are requested to at- | j tend, as no abatements or transfers will be I made after that time to affect the levy of 1878. Persons making application for transfers of property, will be required to comply with sections 18 and 19 of Article 81 of the Code of Public General l^aws. By order of the Board. JABEZ A. BUSH, | mar 22-6 t Clerk. NO. 899 EQUITY. 1 In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. I The Bank of Westminster vs. Amanda Shaf fer et. als. * ORDERED this 2mh d-y of March, A. D. 1873, that the sale nade and reported this day by John J. Bauu jartner, Trustee of so much of the Real Estate in this cause, which was heretofore purchased by Emanuel Burns, deceased, be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 26th day of April, next; provided a copy of this order be inserted once a week for each of three successive weeks be fore the 21st day of April, next, in some news paper published in Carroll county. The report states the amount of sale to be SIOOO.OO. „ JNO. B. True copy,—Teat: roar 22-8 l Jxo. B. Boyle, Clerk. Notice to Trespassers. WE hereby forewarn all persons from ' Gunning. Trapping. Kiihing or Tr*- i passing in anjr waj on our premises, us the low will be strictly enforced against all per sons so offending. David Wants. Jacob Zacharias. Josiah Crowl, Jeremiah Shaeffer, Samuel Wine, Jesse Crowl, Jacob I). Leister, Abraham S. Leister. Samuel Kuhrman, Amos Little, Charles H. Cole, John Lucabangh, Jacob Banltert. William H. Keeae, Francis Keese, Amos Kbaugh, John C. Hjrle, John H. Bowers, Wm. J. Beggs, Shafer. Simon Schaeffer, mar 22-31* Krtate of Mxehnri Mar kit, deeeatd. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphan.' | Court of Carroll county, letters of Adminis i tration on the Personal Estate of MICHAEL MARKLE, i late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons ! having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers i ; thereof legally authenticated to the subarriber, j j oa or before the Ist day of Ocroaca, next; j ; they may otherwise by law be excluded from ' all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are 1 requested to make immediate uavment. , Given under my hand this 3d day of March. 1 I*7B. ABRAHAM W. WOLF, (\ mar 22-4 t Administrator. !, BUILDING and Cabinet Hardware, large stock, at lowest city prices, at I fch 16 E. K. OERNAI-D’B. | TO FARMERS. 1873. “EXCELSIOR,” 1878. Composed of 800 poumts of No. 1 /’crucian 1 (iuanv, and 1800poutidt of Soluble Phos- j phate of Lime, {bones dissolved in sulphuric acid,) Potash and Soda, Forming the most concentrated, uni vernal and durable fertilizer ever offered to the farmer— combining all the Rtiinulatioff qualities of Pe- j ruvian Guano, and the ever.auruble Fertilizing properties of Bones. Excelsior is in fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and can be applied in any quantity however small, per acre; and it is the opinion of many close calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex perience in testing it side by side with other popular fertilizers, that an application of 100 I pounds of Excelsior is equal to from 209 to 800 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano offered for sale, therefore is fully 109 to 2(X) ]>er cent, cheaper. .■GiuLook out for imitations and counter feits. I'he popularity of Excelsior has in duced unscrupulous parties in this and other cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to other dishonorable means to sell their worth less compounds. Fanners should see that erery Bag is brawled as abort, with the ANAL ISIS and OCH NAME in ItKl) LETTERS. All others are counterfeits. PRICE S6O PER TON. J. J. TURNER & CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. roR SALK BY Grimes k Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman k Shultz, Sykesville. Md. W. 11. B. Dorsey. Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgevillc. Md. McComas k Bro.. Howl’s Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. Biggs k Albnugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. Wm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. fhos. F, Cover, Double Pipe (’reek. Md. roar 22-3 m Notice to Teachers. Office Hoard Co. SchoolCommiskiokchs, I March 17th, 1878. f IN or before the 4th day of July, each Public School Teacher of Carroll county, will return to the Secretary an exact descrip tive Catalogue of the Books, Stationery, 4c., and other School Property on hand belonging to the County, taking care to show by a full report of what has l>eeome 44 rsnr Foil cub," that the credits for books. Ac., returner! to this office, added to those “ok hand,’’ will balance those charged in this office against the School reported. This, as a receipt to the Teacher, will he signed bv the Trustees, in whose care the Books and School Property, with a duplicate of the Catalogue, will be left. J. M. NEWSUN, mar 22-td Secretary, Ac. Teachers’ Institute. "OrOTICE b hereby givn that the Teach -i-W er' Institute of Carroll county, will meet in the City of Westminster, on ll'etlnet day, Thursday and Friday, the loth, 17th mid Ibth days of April, next. J. M. NEWSON, Secretary and Treasurer B. C. S. 0. Teachers’ Association. THHE Carroll County Teachers’ Association ■ will meet in the East End School House, | Westminster, on Friday. April 8 dh, 1878. A full attendance of the Teachers is requested. • ISAAC WRIGHT, ! mar 22*President. 7'RVSTBE?S HALE or TALt ABLE PERSONALJ’ROPERTY. TWIF undersigned, by virtue of a Deed of H Trust from .iohn Tracy and wife, will sell at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises now occupied by the said John Tracy, about one-half mile from Westminster, on the road leading to Manchester, on Thursday, the UHh day of April, A. 1). 1873, at 1 o’clock, P. M., all the Stock,' Farming Implements, Ac., consisting in part of four superior Work Horses, two of which ft™ Stallions, and all either in the lead or in sin i m m glc harness; 2 Milch Cows, lot of Sbomts, 1 Broad tread Wagon, good as new ; Stone Bed, 1 Top Buggy and Harness, 2 sets of Breech bands, 2 sets Lead Gears, Collars, Bridles. Halters, Ac., 4 Plows, 2 double shovel Plows, 2 single shovel Plows, 2 Har rows, triple, double and single Trees, Butt Traces. Spreaders, Breast Chains, and a va ; riety of other articles too numerous to mention, ! Terms of SaU. —All sunn of and under I $lO, cash ; on all sums above sl9 a credit of : six months will be given, purchasers to give j their notes, with approved security, bearing interest From day of sale. AMOS SHAEFFER, Trustee. | Cuorr A Reifsmder, Solicitors, j mar 22-ta PUBLIC SALE E subscriber, as Executor of Henrv I Haines, late of Carroll county, deceased, , W *H ll at Public Sale, at the late residence j of said deceased, 2 miles from New Windsor and the same distance from Wakefield, on I Saturday, the 39th day of March, 1873, ! at 10 o'clock, A. M., the fo lowing Personal • i Property, to wit; Wagons, Buggy and Har | ness. Plows, Harrows and Cultivators, Wagon and Plow Gears, Ac. Also Household and | Kitchen Furniture, consisting of 3 Beds and i Bedding, 8 Bureaus, Chairs, Stands. Looking Glasses, 2 Clocks, one of them an eight-day Clock, 1 Silver Watch, 1 Corner Cupboard, 50 yards Carpeting, Homemade Linen bv the yard; Linen Sheets, Table Cloths, BlanTkets, Coverlets, Spreads, Quilts, Ac., 3 Stoves, 2 Kettles, a lot of Queensware, Washing Tubs, and many other articles not enumerated. Terms of Sale. —All sums of $5 and under, cash: on all suras above $5 a credit of eight months will be given, purchasers giving their notes, with approved secoritv, bearing in terest from the day of sale. No property to be removed until terms are complied with. ISAAC C. HAILE, roar 22-ts Executor. NO. 1356 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, vs. Jacob Albaugb and Alice V. Albaugh his wife. ORDERED this 20th day of March, A. D. 1873, that the sale made and reported by The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained in the mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, lie ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll coun ty, once in each or three successive weeks before the said 21ft day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to be $1466.09. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 22-31 ’ J so. B. Boyle, Clerk. I , NO. 1166 EQUITY. { In the Circuit Court ftr Carroll County as a Court of Equity, i The Carroll County Building Association No. 1 of Manchester, vs. James W, Shaffer. ORDERED this 20th day of March, A. D. 1873, that the sale made and reported by The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained in the Mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, be ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, in each of three successive weeks before the said 21st day of April next The report states the amount of sale to be $1256.00. m JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Teal: mar 22-8 t Jxo. B. Boylf., Clerk. EUREKA SALVE. A certain cun for Outs, Bruises, Sores, Borns nnd Skin Abrasion, of all kinds; 1 especially recommended to mothers with sore or lumpy breasts. This salve has been soc oeMfulty used for over fifty yean. For sale at Huber's Drug Store. mu iM y 1 W. 0. LIGGET’S J. E. Tati /iR, A. D. Scmiirren. I President. Soc'ry. and Treas. j THE TATLOa Manufacturing Company OK WESTMINSTER, MD i UlnXcrmiS: ] Duvid Fowble, H. Maim*?, Edward Lynch, ! A. D. SchUeffer, J. E. Taylor. ( MAN UFACTUUEUfi OF \I ill Mnchi n t r y,: KEI’AIKINO OK ALL KINDS. Gar Wheels and Axles, Circular Saw Hills, of all Sizes; HORSE TOWERS, From 1 to 12 Horst; HKP AH ATOIIH. From 2 to 10 Home; PLOWS OF ALL SIZES; WHEEL HOUSE RAKES. Ac., Ac., Ac. Dealers in Stationary, Portable and Agricultural Engines, From 2 to 200 Horsepower, •9u Repairs of all kinds promptly at tended to. , "’?„•" W' 11 * the HIGHEST PRICES for W bite Oak, Hickory, \\ alnut and Aah Timber, in the Log delivered at Mill, or on the Lot, as panties prefer. Persons having any of the above will call or communicate with us by letter. We pay from 1 to 1| cents per pound for old Castings according to quality, mar 1 ■ ly TRUSTEE'S SALE DESIRABLE SMALL FARM. THE undersigned, by virtue of the Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, as a Court of Equity, passed in the case of Elizabeth Kiler, by David Kiler her husband and next friend and others, against James A. hmith, will offer at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, on Wednesday, the 9th day of April , IB7S, at 1 o clock, P. M., a small Farm, situated in Carroll county, Md.. in the village of Bark Hill, on the public road leading from Union town to Union Bridge, about 2* miles from the former place, and about 1| miles from the latter place, and contains 37 Acres and 1 Bood of Land, more or lew. The improvement, on thi, *" dwi'llJno mml u ' Mthrr^rded log born, .moke house, spring AySM.-’ V. house, hog house, and oilier necessary out-buildings, an cellent apnlc orchard and other fruit hiring trees; and there it also a never failing spring of excellent water convenient to the dwelling about 8 acres are in Timber, and the residue is cleared land, in a good state of cultivation, and IS enclosed with good fences. TV "S , ’ <aU art • follow, .—The one-half of the purchase money shall be .mid by the purchaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof by the Circuit Court for Carroll county as a Court of Equity, and the other half shall he pud within one year from the dav of sale with interest, and to be secured hv the note of the purchaser or purchasers with security to be approved of by the Trustee. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, Juk T. lAffeulwigk. Auction*™***’ ! mar 16-ts TO CORN GROWERS. J. J. TURNER & CO.’S Ammoniatefl Saper-Pucspliate. ANALYSIS Ammonia 2 88 Soluble Phosphate of Lime ....... .’129.51 Bone Phosphate of Lime Composed of the most concentrated materials it ta richer in Ammonia and .Soluble Phos • phat l"v n ber >ld, except our EXCLLsfOR, and is made with same care and supervision, uniform quality guaran- J* fine n on , d , d fy* excellent order for drilling. Packed in bags and barrels. PRICE SCO PER TON. J. J- TURNER A CO., Pratt Street, Baltimore. FOB MU BY Grimes k Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman k Shultz, Sykesville, Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Mi. Airv, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville. Md. McComas k Bro., Hood’s Mill. Md. E. A. Talbott. Ellicott city, Md. Biggs k Albnugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. \S m. H. Todd, Utica lifills, Md. Ibos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. mar 22-8 m Estate of Si in on Shift , deceased. NOTICE i* hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of SIMON SHILT. late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned o exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscri ber, on or before the Ist day of October. 1878: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all bent-lit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 11th day of March. 1878. OERSHOM HUFF, mar 15-4 t Executor. Notice to Creditor*. NO. 1849 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Edward Lynch and Francis H. Orendorff, Trustees, vs. Jacob H. Edmondson k Wife. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors of Jacob H. Edmondson who were such prior to the 4th day of April, A. D. 1872, to file their claims properly proven and authen ticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, in Equity, on or before the 10th day of May, 1873. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, march 8,1878-4 t Auditor. JNO. WILL T AMB, Jr7 MAIN Street, opposite. Court. Westmin-. Rter. Md.. General Wholesale Agent for j the sale of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, j * PERUVIAN GVANO, | (Jromul Houck, Super Phosphate*, AXD ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS. j mar 15-flm WANTED. AN energetic young man to act as Agent for the Wheeler k Wilson Sewing Ma chine Company, in Carroll county. Outfit furnished, and liberal inducements offered to an active man. Address with references WHEELER k WILSON Max FACTUaiKO Co., 214 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. j mar lfi-8t NOTICE. THE Stockholders of the Taylor Manufac turing Company of Westminster, are hereby notified that an installment of ,20 per share on the stock of said Company, will be due and imyablc on the lltlh dav of April, next. A. D. SCHAEFFER, roar 15-81 Secretary and Treasurer. WANTED. LABORING MEN wanted on the Mines of Chestnut Hill Iron Ore Company, near Manchester. Maryland. Ready work tor good men. Apply at tha Mines, jan 16-2 m ConimlMtionem’ Notice. THE County Commissioners of Carroll County, will meet nt their Office, in West minster, on the Fiasr Movnsv or APRIL, 1818, tor the transaction of butisens. By order, JABEZ A. BUSH, mar 8-tt Clerk. BGAND A German Suidem”Umpe, Glus and Marble Stand do.. Porcelain, Glass nnd Paper Shades, improved Burners and best Chimneys, at jan 85 W. O. LIGGET’S. T gat handsome printing of every deocrip- i tion, nil nt the Aptocats Omi t. j Real Estate r PHE nnderaignod, by virus, nt the Decree X of the Circuit Conn tor Carroll cmntv ns II Court of Equitv, passed in the ease xf George Staler against Caroline Meisset and : others, will Offer the Meal Estate in said rear decreed to lie sold, at Public Sale, to the highest ladder. on the premises, on ROM,A Y, Ike SI,I day of MARCH, IS7S, at 1 o'clock, P. M. Said Real Estate contains 16 Acreg, 2 Roods and 17 Perche* of Land, more or lets, and it situate in Wool cry s District. Carroll county, Maryland, near the Deer Part Church, and'ttdjoln lands of John Frick and others. This land is in a good state of cultivation and enclosed with good fences, and is improved with a com for table Dwelling House nnd other | ets e, necessary buildings, hit u neverftMLal lulling Spring of water and uWImSmM. j great number of fruit i trees, Ac., Ac. Terms of Sale are . —One-third pert of the . purchase money aball be paid by the purchaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sole or upon tne ratification thereof by the Court aforesaid, and the residue shall be paid in two equal payments, the one to be paid in , one year, and the other in two years from the ■ doy of tale, with interest, and to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers with security to be approved of br the Trustee GEORGE W. LA 7 MOTT™ i < „ Trustee, i J. J. Bacmuartnch. Solicitor, i march 8, 1878-la 1 TRUSTEE’S SALE or a Valuable Little Property, ..... 011 Bte Washington Road, near Westminster, Md. THE undersigned, Trustee of Edward Geohan and wife, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, situated on the Wash . ington Hoad, about one and a half miles from estnnnster, on f SATURDAY, the SDtk day of MARCH, 1 1818, at 2 o'clock, r. a. First—A Lot of 1-and, containing IJ Acres, more or leas, im : proved with a good i story Brick Dwelling House, but recently AydU.-'V erected, containing eight rooms. 1 * j>* Lot is further improvid^yJHSMmi ; n g°°d Stable, Smoke House. Wood Shed, Hog and Chicken Honte and never , f" 1 !"* of water, while the land U in a high state of cultivation. Second. Also at the tame time a Lot of j ol an Acre, more or leas, adjoining Lot No. I, upon which the foundation. basement story,) of a house is built, aud a Log Stable raised [ but not finished. For further particulars call upon Edward veeban, residing on the premises, or the undersigned. Terms of Salt.— One-third cash on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof by the * Court; balance in two equal payments at six 5 anl twelve months, purchasers giving notes, ; * lt J i u j^ curity ’ ***""* ****** from the day WM. A. McKELLIP, \ John M. Vixclixc, Auctioneer. [ mar 8-ts J TRUSTEE'S SALE I OF : VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, r Nt*a Mxscucsvst, Caaauu. Co., Md. BM Y virtue of a Deed ofTrust from James P D. Whiteleather and wife, to the under signed, and of an order of the Cireoit Court for Carroll county, in Equity, directing a re - sale at the risk of Stephen Elder, a former purchaser, I will sell tt Public Sale, on Saturday, Ike t9tk day of March, ISIS, at l o clock, P. M-, oa the premises, about 2 miles south of Manchester, Carroll county, adjoining land* of Daniel Garrett, Thomas , and James Bosley, and other*, that valuable little property, containing 10 Acres, 3 Roods and 12 Perches of Land, more of leas, formerly owned and occupied by Jomea D. Wbiteleather. Thia harm is convenient to churches, school houses end mills, and has a good young Orchard on it, and is improved with a two . story frame Dwelling House. AyfAL-'Y Stable and other necessary out buildings, all nearly new. QaSsSSds Term * of Hale. One-fourth cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof by the Court, the balance in two equal paymentß at ♦) and 12 months, purchaser giving his notes with approved security, bearing interest from the day of sale. Possession given on the Ist day of April, next. JACOB CAMPBELL, „ „ Trustee. Smith A MrKdlip , Solicitors. mar 8-ts BO AD NOTICE Nm OTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the County Commia siooers of Carroll county, thirty days from the date hereof, to open a public road in said county, commencing on the county road lead ing from WUner’ii mill to the Pennnlvania Line, generally known is Kinehavt’s Road, at a point on said rood opposite tke new county road running pass John Stricklin's; than on or near a line between Joshua Wisaer and John Steward to the land of Leander Mathias; then on the line between said Steward and Mathias to the meadow of said Mathias; then across the land of said Mathias along the east side of the meadow to Pipe Creek ; then along the cast side of said creek to the land of Jere miah Myers; then to a hickory tree, being a corner of said Mlabia* and Myere and Peter J. Frock ; then on the line ofiaidMyen and Frock and across Pipe Creek at thcolcf fording place; then on the bed of the old road until above said Frock’s wagon shed; then between said wagon shed and a pair of bars across the lands of said Peter J. Frock, Isaac Bankert and Andrew K. Shriver until it intersects the M estminstcr and Littlestown Tumkpike Road, near an apple tree standing insioe of said Shriver's field, near a pair of bans. JEREMIAH MYSRS, roar 8-5 t and others. examinebXnotioe . BY virtue of a commission iaaned to us br ■ the County Commissioners for Carroll county, to examine nud determine whether the public convenience requires the opening of a public rood in said county commencing aud running on tbe bed of a rood (or as near thereto s* practicable; now leading from the Liberty Uoud to the county road near Robert Murray's; said road to pass between the landa of C. Devries, L. Ohler, Florence Patterson, J. B. Berret. John Harris and Robert dark, and through the land of Kobert Murray. This is therefore to notify allpersoiis whom it may concern, that the undersigned will meet on the premises, on Tun Jay. the JStk day of April , IS7S, at In o'clock, A. M.. to execute the trust reposed in us by the said commis sion. FREEBORN GARDNER, EDWIN M. SHIPLEY, JOSHUA BASEMAN, mar 15-51 Examiners. NO. 1171 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. John Utx and Wife et ala., va. Lavra V. Brown and Adam H. Bran. ORDERED thia 12lh day of March, A. D. , 1873, that tbe sale made and reported by Joel Hoop and Anns E. Fla tt man, Trus tees, (br tbe sale of the Real Estate in the proceedings in this cause mentioned and de creed to be Bold be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the tenth day of April next! pro vided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed in Carroll county, once in each of three successive weeks before the tenth day of April next. The report atatat the amount of sale to bs $2000.00, JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test; mnr 15-at Jao. B. Botijc, Clerk. NO. 1268 EQUITY. In tbe Circuit Court for Carroll County aa a Court of Equity. Joseph R Dehoff and John W. Dehuff, vt, Jacob N. Dehoff and Samuel D. Dehoff. S 3 connnnea, unless cause lo the contrary tMCtfft - sKrtmn /xus k -fxum *L , A.I * a* A "t *uown on or oerore the iGUi qsy qi Aflei next; prov ided a copy of ibis order Uwm* ed in nome newspaper printed wOftmdl * i The report states the amount ef sals to be- 7 ! $3000.09. i ;

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