Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 5, 1873 Page 3
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the democratic advocate, pi lI.INHRD IVKRT SATURDAY 111 W M. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORD, OFFICE. NO. 8. OARnOU HALL. TKKMH.-4lP*t y*-' M ‘P *'%!. Ml licit C •(>!) .% * u so nl<TljiilnnilW - oulnmH| uniutlltfiviini Mi 1.1 nnl* ni th* "pi ton of lhi MlbllsHtn. ■ MiVKKTIMISm HATES*.—Oncqimrc m lin> will \ iy.'iiim-ru**! atlmwor Ibrfl. unitll l r-.r h i.; r. "•. *B. Hiiainom Cards. not ••xcf.liii K , iiiun ?* i** r >■•■••r. " nen !* number of liiwtUuiin !■ not iiiMi-ktMt Htvi?riliwmvnin will beermtiimcd mull ,tn.l chanced aocordlngly. Yearly HilvertUcra •niiNt I'oiirtiH* •overttemem lu their own bunliumt. Khm'i Klfum Work double prl-p. Huhlik** r*l-10 rente per lino. Marriage* and Deaths I (inerted nbliuarlet and personal nmimuiiloatioiu 5 Items of News. V terrible accident occurri'd in Si, John * j Catholic Church, at Trenton. X. J., Mon- 1 ilay wornit'K. While the funeral services j of Rev. Father Mach in were proceeding, | (lie church bein'; densely crowded, a loud ; crackling noise was heard in the nailery, I caused by the breaking of a kneeling board. | The audience, supposing the gallery about | to fall, became panic-stricken, loud screams | arose from women and children, and a rush was made for the doom. Women and children fell and were trampled upon by a tuasa of people, who became wedged in in-, tween the door and the front gate. It was ten minutes before an opening waseffeeted for the crowd to puss into the street. [,, the meantime, strong men were engaged in pulling nut the women and children ; and. in the excitement, ladders were put up against the walls and females and chil dren taken out hy the windows. The j clergymen present appealed to the eon-1 gregation to be calm and remain in the j church, assuring them that there was no danger, but their appeals were unheeded. At last quiet was restored, and the services in the church resumed. About twenty persons were injured, three or four of them j dangerously. Frank Hahn, a drover, who resided at j \V is Mistook. Virginia, left Baltimore for [ Washingloi Friday by the 7:30 I*. M. train on the Baltimore and Potomac Kail road. He had sold a lot of sheep to Maiiniillian Dicta, and received payment in a draft, which is supposed to he all the money he carried with him. About 1 1 o'clock on Saturday morning he was found ( near the Baltimore and I’otoinae Depot in a dying condition, his head and face huv-1 ing been fearfully mutilated with a hatchet! or some similar implement. The impres sion prevails in Washington that the murderer followed his victim from Bulti more. A negro man has been arrested and confined in prison. A cheek hclnng iug to the murdered man and some papers were found on him. Two freight trains on the Xorthcrn Central Kail road ran into each other at Liverpool Station. 38 miles above Harris burg. Pa., on Friday night. The collision occurred at a punt where the raid nukes a sharp curve among the mountains. Doth engines were shattered and a number of the ears wrecked. The fire n the engine l furnace* conmiiinicatatl to tho wreck, ami twenty cam. with their content*, including spirit* and other combustible freight, were columned. It i reported that “a fireman belonging to Duneannon. IV, and another mad, name unknown, were burned. ' Contrary t what would naturally he fUppuMed. deep-sea telegraphs do not “p*y. v Out of more than fifty line*, only five pay dividends. The Anglo-American and French lino* pay twelve per cunt., while the Eastern. Tuba and Gluiiomc |ioy Ick* than five per rent. The most plausible theory for this state of affairs seems to be that the length and corresponding charge* of these linos preclude the transmission of social and other messages of minor import ance. from which so much money is made by ordinary telegraph companies. The Cleveland (Ohio) liar Assoeintion have before them u resolution that the testimony given by Judge C. T. Sherman before the committee in the recent inves tigation in Congress, and letters admitted by him to be genuine, evince suefy moral turpitude ns to destroy nil confidence in bis judicial administration, and require that he should at once resign. Action upon the resolution is p>*t)>oned to give Judge Sherman an opportunity to commu nicate with the association. I ten. Fremont has been condemned to five years imprisonment by the French tribunal which tried the case of the Memphis, Kl Pare and Pacific bond fraud, for contumacy. That is. if caught in France, the authorities projxisc to keep him there at the expense of the State, for nut when cited, defending hi* connection with this road and submitting to any decree that might he passed. General Fremont wisely kept out of the way. The marine disasters that have occurred since March 8. up to apd including tho 28th I of the same month, number 101, and in clude 9 steam vessels, 18 ships, 28 barks. 10 brigs, 27 schooners, and 9 the rig of which is not given. 23 of them? vessels were abandoned, 17 foundered or were *unk. 19 were wrecked, 21 run ashore, 7 were burned, four were sunk by collision, and ten are missing. 43 persons are re |Hrled to have lost their lives by these disasters. Another interview has been held between the Indian Commissioners and two of the j recalcitrant Modocs. As usual, nothing j was done looking to a settlement of the mutter of the Lavabeds. The Indians will not lay down their arms, nor move on to | the reservation, and the frimj* do not move on the red men to compel obedience. This half-way policy, will not do for such tribes as the Modocs. They need a pfisi live policy, vigorously administered and enforced. Richard Staples died in Washington, on ; Friday, of hydrophobia. He, had been at tacked on the street in Chicago, four j mouths previously, by a small dog. but ns no discernible wound was inflicted, lie paid no attention to the matter. The physi cians, accepting his statement, and being unable to find any wound, came to the con clusion that it was ‘*a spontaneous ease of hydrophobia." Cincinnati will send n very unique contribution to the Vienna Exhibition. It consists of three charcoal drawings, each thirty fact in length and five feet in height, illustrating the manner in which (hey kill hogs on the banka of the Ohio and prepare them for American kitchens. And,seeing, may the Viennese learn bow they do this sort of thing under a republican form of government. J. H. Holmes, of Manchester, Michigan, baa just sold five trees on his land in (Min ton county for S6OO. Four of these trees wore black walnut and the other was a I cherry. They wore bought for Detroit market and the same offered S6BO for eighteen walnut trees standing on the same land, being the price that Holmes paid for the eighty acres. The Maryland and Pennsylvania R. H. is now locating a connection with the North ern Cunt ml Railroad from near Towson town to a point near the Relay House. After thin work is finished, it is said that the engineer corns will be transferred |o the neighborhooa of Bel Air, and that the location of the road, so far as tho Susque hanna, will be vigorously pushed. Pickpockets in New York adopt the in j genious plan of wearing a false arm when , operating in street cars or in other places | where people sit closely packed. The j artificial limb is visible, resting quietly on the lap of the thief, while tho real hand is i busily employed in searching the pockets j of a neighbor. The Legislature of Michigan has resolved j to urge upon Congress the construction of a ship canal from the eastern shore ofj Lake Michigan to either Lake Erie or | Lake Huron. , An explosion of steam (toilers took place at Wilmington, N. C, Wc.Jne.da} morn- I W k ** ,lu B ““ d wounding aeveral negroes. Unc of the boilers was carried over a hundred yarda. killing a woman in its ! i con me ; another was hurled nearly halfway aenwa tho Ospe Fear river. The explo sion n ..up, to have been canoed by ; low water in the boilers. ; The Ungenburu la!ly of Wednesday 1 Tho railroad trains from this place were on Tuesday crowded with emigrants to i the W cat, and the train to-day will take off llniac who go under a special arrangement and by a special train, numbering, it is said, nearly, if not quite, one hundred persons. It is announced, from Richmond, that 1 .2 W , ncr * t * le Piedmont railroad were i notified, on Monday last, from Washington, I t * lat general Government has abandon cd the suit for the possession of the road a.* Confederate property. One million five | hundred thousand dollars was involved in i the suit. A number of farmers in Illinois who rc lused to pay more than the maximum legal tare of three cents a mile on the Chicago and Alton Railroad, and were put off the ears in censeqfieuee, have been sued by the railroad company under the fj. S. Ku- Klux law, for obstructing travel on the road. The Trumbull county Republican Con volition at Warren. Ohio, have adopted resolutions asking lion. James A. Gar field to resign his sent in the House of j Representatives, and declaring that by i voting for the retroactive salary bill he i bus forfeited the confidence of his eon | st it lien ts. It is understood that au order has been I issued from the Treasury Department directing the retention of the whole amount of earning of the Union Pacific llailronds for mail and transportation in order to carry out the recent law of Con gress on the subject. The total number of hogs and cattle ‘ packed at Chicago this season was 1.i25,- **7o, against 1.218,858 lust season; cattle 15,755, against 16,080 last season; total | number of barrels of mess pork packed I 88,385. other grades 14,601; tierces of lard 196.054. Ariiona advices say the reservation I Apaches are “uneasy and dissatisfied.’' j Sickness is prevalent among them. They j re reported to he bettor supplied with arms than ever before, and it is thought they obtain them from traders in New Mexico. D. S. Marsh was arraigned in the Police Court, at Charlestown, Mass.. Tuesday, flbr the murder of hi* infant child, by drown ing it, in 1871. He confessed the crime, and, in extenuation, told a sad story of domestic troubles. He was committed for sentence. W illiam Newman died in Denver. Colorado, a few days ago. and his wife and half-brother have since been arrested on the charge of )M>isoning him. The evi dence against them is said to be very strong. Deceased was “a man of proper ty." Secretary Richardson has directed the Assistant Treasurer at New York to pur- i chase half a million of bonds on Wcdnes- | day, April. 9th, and on Wednesday, April 23d, each, and to sell one mid a half millions of gold each Thursday during the month of April. A bill to establish freedom of the press in Pennsylvania is before the State Legis lature. It provides that in prosecution for libel the truth may be put in evidence and the facts explained; it also throws the burden of proof of malicious intent on the complainant. A little colored boy at Trappe. Talbot county. Md., while playing marbles a few days since, rolled one under an old, office, and in trying to rake it out with a stick discovered a valuable silver watch and chain, for which no owner can be found. Copper two-cent pieces will become pre cious keepsakes in the remote future. The new coinage act abolishes that coin, and no more will be put in circulation. A new silver dollar will be issued, but we are not advised as to the design. The case of Thomas llollihan and Joshua Nicholson, indicted for the murder of Mrs. Mary Ann Lampley, in Baltimore on the 2d of January, removed to Anne Arundel county and has been set for trial on Monday, March 31. The postal car trouble has beeu compro mised. The railroad companies have agreed to mn the postal cars until the special committee of tho U. S. Senate to investigate the subject shall have reported at the next session. A vast fortune, said to be worth $70,- 000,000, is stated to be waiting in Holland j for the American heirs of Wolfort Webber and Wintjie Sybrant linger, who died in Holland in the early part of the seven teenth century. Dr. Van. Deventer, of Wilmington, claims to be an heir of the Townley estate in Lancashire, England, valued at $200,- ; 000,000 three-fourths of which has been confirmed by the courts to belong to I American heirs. A colored limn named Richard Moon ' was killed by lightning during the storm ! on Friday, while driving a mule team on j (he Annapolis road, a short distance from Baltimore. Both mules were also killed. I Rochester's oldest citizen, August Pick ard, celebrated his lo6th birthday, Tues day. He Is in good health, takes daily excercisc, enjoys his tahaceo pipe with relish, and takes an occasional drink. A son and daughter of a farmer named | Shortgen, and a son of another named | Wadell. were surrounded hy a prairie tire near Read’s Lauding, Minn., on the 23d. { and burned to death. Jnseph A. Jackson, a wealthy pawnbrok er of New York, died on Friday night, from wounds inflicted hy robbers three years ago. His assailants are serving out their terms of imprisonment. It is stated that Henry Rambo. of Reading, Pa., a horse dealer, who went to New York nine weeks ago, and sold stock to the amount of $2500, has been missing since. The mooogamic brunch of the Mor mons, under the leadership of Jo Smith, will soon return, it is said, to the original settlement of the sect at Kirtland, Ohio. A black walnut tree was found in a vein of coal at Pekin, Illinois, the other day 500 feet below the surface and 250 from the mouth of the drift. At Sacramento, on Saturday, Charles | Martineau, convicted of tho murder of Mary Gibbon, was sentenced to bo hanged on May 15th. Charles Morlimor, convicted at Sacra mento of the murder of Mary Gibson, has been sentenced to bo hanged on the 15th of next May. The ice on Hudson River broke away at Low Point, Sunday, but at Rhincbeck and Saugerties loaded teams are still cross ing. Win. M. Tweed’s resignation as Senator from the Fourth New York District has boon filed in the Secretary of State’s De partment. | Texas complains of being overstocked ! with laborers, owing to tho immense im | migration from other States. ! Barnaul's grand combination of circus, menagerie and museum, will resume its I travels in about two weeks. Mr. Win, Boone, a near relation of the j famous Daniel, died recently in Lame Co. i Kentucky. j Out in Kansas butter is selling at eleven cents a pound and eggs at the same per I dozen. • • e ( Foreign Affairs. L l Spain. —Tho cable dispatches of och ~ succeeding day bring worse news fur tho , peace ami pr.tspciily of Spain. Up in the -’orth aat the Carlis:* have so completely overcome Catalonia that the whole dis t w * d he placed in a state of aiegc. They have fired the town of Bcrga, which they recently captured, and In the import , ullt citv of Barcolona, only fifty milca die- Lint, the authority of tho government la , ,0 ° Wl ‘"lj to prevent aerioin) disorders t ■•“ong the people, with the prospect of civil war looming up in the immediate fn j i tnre. W hile the Northeast ia so disturb ed, the Ollier extremity of the Republic is 1 scarcely in better condition. The sumul- I dering fires of radicalism have been funned ! into flame in Malaga, and in that beauti . ful city of the Mediterranean the govern ■ ment is entirely overthrown and the eiti- I tens are administering their own affairs. - W itli all these troubles clustering around 1 its withway the latest born of the family of the Republics seems to be rather a puny infant, whoso lift: does not promise an cx- I istenee of many days. Rut still there are i men of patience, courage and indomitable ■ will at Madrid, and if they can once suc ceed iu administering a severe defeat to tile bigoted hordes who gather around the banners of Don ('arlos they would be very likely to crush out the remaining elements of insurrection. Open movements in favor of a Republi can form of government are becoming common in England. When the ballot was put into the hands of the people of England, the fate of the Monarchy was sealed. It is only a question of time. The edict abolish ng ('every in Porto Rico is favorably thought of though not publicly commented on iu Cuba. Prussia proposes to substitute for the jury system a mixed court, consisting of three judges and four laymen. Three detachments of native Cuban troops in .Spanish serivice have revolted and joined the insurgents. The J’rcfect of the Lower Pyrenees has been ordered by President Thiers to arrest Don Carlos wherever found. Don Curios has abdicated his claim to the throne of Spain in favor of his son. ! Aoknts vs. Editors. —Have the Kdi . tors of Maryland well considered the purport of tile call issued by Messrs. Howell & Co., of New York snd enthu siastically endorsed by numerous smaller firms, assembling a convention of Adver tising Agents in that city on the 14th of April ? Its avowed principal object is set forth to be the protection of publishers from irrcstionsilile agencies, a declaration , that smacks strongly to us of Ih6 tenets of the Pharisees, as its true and only purpose can In; naught else than the binding to gether closely the golden (!) chains wherewith we of the humble rural fraterni ty are already shackled. Such a conven tion can mean no good and bodes naught but ill to the whole country preas. In what form soever its objects are an nounced, (lie end sought to be attained ia too glaring to be concealed under any guise of Words. It means nothing else I than a closer union of these grasping mid. dlomen, a consolidation of their common interests, a reconciliation of their jarring jealousies, a more bitter prosecution of their warfare against editors and the sempiternal abasement of the whole pro fession. These be nice cuds to ruminate upon and may aid the digestion of the members of the Maryland Editorial Association as theygo gallivanting and cxcursioning in Pullman Palace Curs through the moun tains of Virginia this summer ut the i O. R. R. Co's, expense. —Ellioill City Tiniet. Tilt; pßiciui’S MKTAl.s.—Curious ta bles have recently been published in reference to the quantity of precious metals now in circulation. In 1848 there were iu circulation $2,853.1100,(1U0 of goal and $0,030,000,000 of silver, mak ing a total of $8,915,000,000. From 1849 to 1857 the production of gold was enormous, owing to the discoveries in Cali fornia and Australia, tho yield of gold during these nine yenra amounting to sl,- 200,0011,000 distributed as follows: Califor nia, $500,000,000 ; Australia. $340,000.- 000; Russia. $135,000,000 ; India, SIOO,- 000.000 ; Mexico and Peru, $911,000,000, and Gold Coast, $35,000,000. This brought up the entire total of gold to 84,- 085,(810,00(1. while the production of silver was only $135,000,000, making nn entire total of silver $0,403,000,18)0. From 1857 to 1871 the increase in gold was $1,940,000.(8)0, making a total of $0,025.- 000,000; the increase in silver during the same period amounted to $075,000,0(8), making a total of $7,140,0(8),000. The value of both gold and silver in circulation in 1871 amounted therefore to $13,105,- 000.000, the proportion between the metals being $0 gold to 87 silver. Thk Indians.—Colonel Boudinut, of the Cherokee nation of Indians, contends that the civilised red men of the country have reached a degree of enlightenment which fits and entitles them to become cit izens of the United States. He maintains the position that the Indian treaties of iB6O contemplated the organisation into a State of what are called the five civilised tribes, the Cherokoes, Choctaws. Chieka saws. Creeks and Scmitioles. and the ex tension to them of superior privileges. Thes* 1 arc entitled the civilised liihcs, be cause for the last generation they have not depended on tin* chase for subsistence, but have cultivated the ground. The gov ernment of the United States has already extended the revenue laws over them, compelling them to pay taxes, and the United States Courts have jurisdiction over them, though not allowing them ju ries of their own. Thus they have all the responsibilities of eilisens of the United States, and none of the privileges. As negroes have been invested with all tho , rights and privilegea of American citizens, the Indians think they should stand upon tho same platform MARRIED. At Grace Church Parsonage, on the 30th ultimo., by Rev. John A. Earnest, Mr. Eb A. Hull ami Miss Susanna I). Masnnheimer, both of this county. On the 271 h ultimo, near New Windsor,-by Elder Solomon Stoner, Win. H. Fowler and Emma Jane Sheen, all of this county. On the 2)ith ultimo, at the rcsidenoj of the bride's father, by Rev. B. S, Hurhley, Mr. J. W. Morris ami Miss Laura S. High'ley, both of this county. On the 30th ultimo, at the Lutheran Par ' sonage in Taneytown, by Rev. P. Bergstres ser, Mr. Mnrdeeai Frits and Miss Maggie Douour, both of this county. DIED. i On the Jtith ultimo, of consumption, Both, consort of John 11, Wisnor, aged 31 years, ‘i months and 12 days. On the 28th ultimo, near St. John's Church, in this county, Polly, consort of Mr. John Trine, nged 8 years, 10 months and 10 days. In Baltimore, on the 21st of March. John A. Barker, formerly of this city, in the With year of his aged. Near Woodbine, on the 31st ultimo, after a i brief illness. Mr. -Aqnilta Day, in the Blh year of his age On the 2*Bh ultimo, Anne Berret, daughter of Jam is and Mary E. George, aged 1 year, 4 months and 8 days. Near Silver Run, nn the 10th ultimo, Mra. Elisa Hahn, aged 01 years, 8 months nnd 14 days. At Aberdeen, Hnrford county, Md., on the i ISth ullimore, Mist Susie S. Michael, daugh ter of Mr. D. Gilbert Michael. On the 28th of March, 1878, at Avondale, tbit county, Anna, youngest child of James and Cordelia Eckela, aged II months and 20 daya. Baltimore .Sst please copy. w hsl we would fondly call our own, Belongs to Heaven's Great Lord; A blessing loaned as for a day, So soon to he restored. • WESTMINSTER MARKETS, l Ke)rtd by Grimm k Sumffer. Wllol.tHAlX IHICM, 0 _ Friday, April 4, 187*. e [ Hour—Extra *K.(KI A* 8.50 ir : 44 Hupqr 7.(i0 („ 7,00 44 beat—Red 1.60 jgj • '' Whito 1.50 0, 190 • 35 0, 10 . < ,,r " 45 It 48 K “C* 70 0 75 Com Meal 1.25 („ 1.00 * Clover Seed , 5.00 (a 5.00 C Timothy Si-wl 3.00 (tj .1.50 Max Seed 1.25 ft 1,50 . i Imnl 7 fn 7 Ibmon oit II Potato™ 50 It 75 : I Pork 5.00 ft, 5.50 1 , HAI.TIMOKK MARKETS. ■ Klr *5.00 0: fi.OO . Common to fair Extra t 1.50 ft) 7.20 Good to Choice do 7.50 lm 8.00 Family 8.25 (, 10.00 Patapaco Family 11.50 It 0.00 I 44 Extra 11,00 0.00 f Chesapeake do 11.(81 00 0.(8) , Corn Meal i 1.25 0, 8.80 Wheat—While 2.(8) It 1.08 “ Rod 1.00 It 2.00 > Corn—White 05 It. 06 ' “ Yellow 01 02 Gals 45 40 , Rye 85 !K) , Beef Cattle—best quality..,., 0.25 (t 7.62 “ “ medium 5.00 (if 5.75 “ “ ordinary 4.Q0 On 6.00 l Sheep—fair to good 41 eta. ft 7 “ extra 5 cts. f.i 8 “ stoek 2.25 Or, 8.50 Hg 7.75 Or 8.25 I Hay and .Straw—Hav S0()85 Til ton Straw 27(0, 29>1 ton r Hides—steer 124 (<• IS It, , ,“ . eow 12j ft) 18 44 l.euthcr—city slaughtered... 40 (o) 4.1 “ “ country 40 048 “ i “ Spanish Sole 83 ft) 88 44 44 rough skirting 80 (o' 39 44 44 Maryland i Penn... 37 Or 80 44 Wqol-unwashed free of burnt 35 (q. 38 44 i i * 44 bury 25 O’ 30 44 ’ 44 tub-washed..! 56 (t 00 44 44 pulled 85 (it 40 44 Seeds—Clover 5 Or 0 44 14 Timothy *3 @s4 "Jy* bu. 1 I 44 Flax *2 Or *2 44 I Feathers—common to prime 25 (o', 76 V lb TAXES FOR 1878, ( A RE heavy enough without paying high :-4 A. prices for everything you buy. Appre j Hating this fact the undersigned in determined | to prove that the “CVmA System" will justify | “Quick Sales" and "Small Profits." , ‘ Ladies’, Misses’ and Children's .Shoes, j Men's and Hoy's Boots, Shoes and Hats, Reduced 10 per cent, to suit hard times. China, (Hass, Queensware and Housekeeping Ooods of every kind, the largest and best stock in the city of Westminster, t Woodenware, Willowwnre. Tinware. Stone [ i ware, Fine.lnj.unned Ware.Knives,Forks, , | Spoons, ( locks, Looking Glasses, Table Oil Cloths, Linen and 4 Paper Window Shades ond Fixtures, Ac. I Choice Syrups, Teas, Roasted and Green Coffees, Sugars. Spices, Extracts, Es * scnces, Soaps, and everything in the Grocery Line. . Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castors, Cake Baskets, Card Receivers. Butter Dishes, Nankin Rings, Butter Knives, Forks. Spoons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated ♦ and at Baltimore prices. Especial ottention is called to my Sob* , Department, as I intend to sell everything in this line at prices that will defy competition. * No trouble to show goods and give prices • whether you wish to purchase or not. An I examination of my stock is solicited. r __ lnßr - 7 " W. o. LIQOBT. Building Association Notice. Vl.l. Officer,. Directors and Stockholders (except female, and minors) of the 4 Pleasant Valley Building Association of Car -1 roll county, are rcquireif to attend the annual l meeting of the Association, under the penalty , of twenty-five cents, to he held at Pleasant Valley School House, on Halnning firming, Ike lith dag of April, 187. J, at (i o'clock, f. ' when the Treasurer's and Secretary’s Report will he read giving a statement of the affairs of the Association, and an Election will be held for President, Vice President, Treasurer, I Secretary and Directors, to sene for the en suring year. J. WM. EARHART, mar 29-31 Secretary. | Building Association Notice. THE annual meeting of the Louisville Building Association for an Election of [ Eleven Directors to manage the affairs of said Association for the ensuing year, will be held on KATUHDA I", Al’IIlL Ilk, 1.17.1, al 7 ■ | o'clock. P. M., at their regular place of meet ing, in Louisville. Each and every member is hereby notified In attend under a' penalty of twenty-live cents fine for neglecting to attend [ ""' 4 * meeting, and nl which time the Secretary will make the Annual Report of the financial condition of said Association for the year cu ■ ding March Bth, 1873. - By order. WM. H. CAMBER, i IIIRr 29-2 t Secretary. Notice to Creditor!*, NO. 1340 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. , John K. Longwell and Jno. E. Smith, Agents and Attorneys of the Union Works, vs. Jesse L. Warfield, David Geiman and otners. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors of Wm. H. Harman 4 Co. and the Union Works of Westminster, to file their claims . properly proven and authenticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, 1 in Equity, on or before the first day of Jnne, A. D. 1878. ’ J. 11. BAUMGARTNER, March 29, 1873-41 Auditor. - Estate of Ann Jtirhnrd s. tleceaeeil. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of ANN RICHARDS, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscribers, on or before the Ist day ofOcroaxß, next; they may otherwise by law lie excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 24th day of March, 1873. BENJAMIN CROFT, mar 29-4 t Executor. 1 Estate of Simon Shill , 'lterated. NO I ICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Flslate of SIMON SHILT. late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons ■ bavin* claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally anthenliented to the suhscri -1 her, on or belnre the Ist day of October. 1878; they may otherwise by law be excluded from 1 all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are rcoueslcd to make immediate payment. Given under my bund this 11th dav of I March. 1873. GERSHOM HUFF, mar 15-41 Executor. MENS’_WARE. SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. WE have just received from London, England, by our own importation, a line of newest patterns of Cloths f Cassimers and Vestings, consisting of 38 different styles, to which we call the attention of buyers of Fine Goods, os ’ we will sell them much lower than retailers in the Citv. mar 29 ' H. L. NORRIS ft CO. NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the County Commia • Honors at their next meeting, thirty days from the date hereof, to bnild a bridge over Beaver Run, on the county road leading from Sandy Mount School House to Deer Park Hoad via Bollinger's Mill, and near said mill. . ELIAS BOLLINGER, mar 29-Bl* and 21 others. NOTICE. i 4 LI, persons who have claims against • a V Mary Caple, will please notify the un dersigned of them and call at the office of Jas. A. C. Bond, Attorney at Law. ELIAS BROTHERS, JAS. A. C. BOND, mar 29-lf Trustees of Mary Caple. TKVHTUK’H HALE , “CALVERT'COLLEGE,” i Near New Windsor, Carroll county, Md. i BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed by A. H. Baker and Wife, dated the 2d day I of May, A. D. 1871, the subscribers, as Trus i lees, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, 1 On Thursday, the 17th day of April , 1873, ' at 1 o’clock, P. M., that valuable property known as Calvert College, situated near the village of New Windsor, in a retired, healthy, and romantic imrl of Carroll county. Md., im mediately on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, 43 miles by tail from Baltimore city. 1 he village of New Windsor—formerly known las the Sulphur Springs—has always been noted for its healthfulness, and is much re t "rted to on account of its mineral waters and the beautiful scenery of the surrounding conn | try. It is bicated in one of the most fertile ) and productive sections of Carroll county, and | is a thriving, prosjierous place. TTie College buildings consist of the main building, which is built of brick, 100 feet by 40 feet, with basement, three stor ies and attic. It contains uMJwk study room and three ries, each 40 feet by 40 feet, two halls"each | 10 feel wide, extend through the building at

either end, with rooms at the front, up stairs, ' each 20 feet by 20 feet. Then' are also two , parlors and eight rooms for the use of the Professors and classes, each 20 feet by 20 ft. I . About fifty feet distant from the main build ing, on the east side, stands a substantial i Rpck Building, appropriated to the puriKise of an infirmary, refectory, kitchen, Ac. The main structure is 60 feet by 26 feet with cellar, and three stories high, 'i he wing 40 feet by 1 26 feet with basement, and two stories high. ' There is distant about forty feet from the main building, on the west side, a Catholic Church, which is 60 feet by 80 feet, with sanctuary and sacristy 42 feet by 14 feet. There are also on the premises good stabling, an ice house, wash house, the usual out-buildings, and two excellent wells of water, with a fine bathing apparatus. All the buildings are in good repair. i'he play grounds are extensive, affording great facilities for exercise and amusement, there being about six acres of land immediate b- a [ ou,u l tha college ami belonging thereto, tv ithin a short distance of, and only separated from the college by a public road, there are , 1,01 'ess than thirty acres of most productive and valuable land which will be sold with the college, if desired. The main building of the college was creel ed in 1850; the others are of more recent con -1 struetion ; hut they arc all large and comma- I |l| ™ L , I "uffietent for one hundred students. I 1 "> Institution was incorporated and in vested with the powers and privileges of a College, by the legislature of Maryland, in May 1852. Terms made known on din’ of sale. Catalogues for the past few years can be , had. as well ss any information that may he desired, hy application to CHARLES B. ROBERTS. Attorney at Law, Westminster, Md. JOSEPH A. STOUFFER. Cashier First Nat. Bank, New Windor. Md mar 29-ts Trustees. CHANGE OK TIME ■ Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday the 29th of March, 1873. the passenger trains on this road will run as follows: EASTWARD. p Y f ‘ ave Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. and 1.46 ■ Leave .Meehauicsluwn at 4.25 A, M., 8.38 ! A. M., and 3,00 I*. M. 1 Leave Union Bridge at 5.10 A. M., 9.28 A. M., and 3.45 P. M. 4 Leave Westminster at 5.54 A. M.. 10.09 A 1 M., and 4.23 P. M. WXSTWXRII. PM " B “ lt ‘ more “* S A. M. and 8.30 . Leave Westminster at 10.32 A. M.. and 5-!2 PM. Express for Hagerstown,and .05 , I. M. I meal train for Meehnnicstown. Leave Union Bridge nt 11.08 A. M., 5.42 P* M. Express, and 0.46 P. M. Local train. 1 Mages connect at Glen Morris Station for r Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 I A. M. train from Baltimore. , An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, , Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday.) at 8.80 P. l Light Freight and Parcels can come by , this car if delivered before 8.00 P. M. JOHN T. UIGNEV. mar 20 General Superintendent. District Court of the United States far the iHstrid of Maryland, in bankruptcy,—ln the matter of Andrew Grammer. bankrupt. District ok Maryland, as: ' ffpillS is to give notice, that on the 20th day •A- of Marrb, 1878, a Warrant of Bankrupt ’ cy was issued out of the District Court of the Lmted States ft.r the District of Maryland, against the estate of Andrew Grammer, of ! W estminster, in the countv of Carroll in said District, adjudged a Bankrupt, on his own )K>tition; 1 hat the payment of any debts and ‘ the delivery of any property belonging to said Bankrupt, to him or for his use, and the trails | fer of any properly by him, are forbidden by I ■ .V 8 " 11 of (he creditors of ■aid Bankrupt, to prove their debts and to choose one or more Assignees of his estate, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the city of Westminster', before Richard B. Norroent. Esq., Register in Bank ruptcy for said District, on the 7th dav of April, A. D., 1878, at 10 o'clock, A. M.' EDWARD Y. OOLDSBOROUGH. U. 8. Marshal for said District. mar 29-2 t t . . ; NO. 1201 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity, i W’illiam Tiwry and Amos Shaffer, Trustees, I fJT. . David F. Shaffer and Mary Shaffer his Wife. ORDERED this 22d day of March, A. D. 1878, that the sale of Real Estate made and reported by William L. Tracy and Amos Shaffer, Trustees, by virtue of a Deed execu ted by David F. Shaffer and wife to them be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before 28th dav of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper publish ed in Carroll county, once in each of three successive weeks before the 21st day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to bo $6000.00. , JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test; mar 20-8 t Jko. B. Botlk, Clerk. NO. 1860 EQUITY.” In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. David P. Smclser vs. George Wilhelm and Mary Wilhelm and wife. ORDKRKii this 22d day of March, A. D. 1873. that the sale made and reported by David P. Smelser, Mortgagee, hy virtue of the power of sale contained in the Mortgage mentioned in the proceeding* in this cause, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary there of be shown on or before the 28lh day of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Car roll county, once in each of three successive we4ks before the said 2Hth day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to be $682.00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 20-8 t J no. B. Botlk, Clerk. Notice to Creditors. NO. 1368 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Charlea T. Reifsnider, Trustee, vs. Margaret C. Bordley. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors of Margaret C. Bordley who were such prior the 22d day of October, A. D., 1872, to file their claims properly proven and au thenticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county in Equity, on or before the first day of June, A. D., 1878. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, March 29, 1878-41 Auditor. Estate of Henry Haines, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of HENRY HAINES, late of Carroll county, deceased. All per sons having claims against said estate, are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise ibev may be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are reanested to make imme diately payment, which can be done at the First National Bank of New Windsor, where a credit will be given by order of the Execu tor. ISAAC C. BAILB, mar 22-41 * Acting Executor. $33,700 FOR Loan on Mortgage on country prop. ertr, in sum. to >uit R. W. TEMPLEMAN k CO.. 87 Lexington Strart, Baltimore city mar 22-lm TUBTEB‘S SALE OF VAll ABU! ■ Real Estate THE undersigned, Trustee appointed by the Decree of the Circuit Court for j Carroll county a* a Court of Equity, passed 1 in the case of Elizabeth Stoihsdalt and others, against Nelson Stocksdalc and others. 1 • ! will offer the Real Entate in said cati*e decreed , to be sold at Public Sale, to the highest bid r j dcr, on the premises, on ; | Saturday, the JSlh day of April, A. J). 1873, > { at 10 o'clock, A. M. j This property is situated in Hampstead District, Carroll county, Maryland, on the ’ public rood leading from Houcksville to Bt. Paul s Church, on the Baltimore and Han -1 over Turnpike, about two miles distant from I the former and one mile from the latter place; and is also situated on the public road leading from Richards' Mill to naid Turnpike road, i *nd * the property of which Aaron Htocks dale, late deceased, died seized, and will be offered in the following laAs : Lot No. 1, containing 100 Acres of more or less, of which about 22 Acres is cov ered with excellent Timber, the residue is cleared laud in a good slate of cultivation. The buildings on this lot consist of a two-story [ Log Weatherboarded and partly . ' Stone Dwelling House Log Barn WeathcrlMiarded, with Granary ’ attached, new Grain and Shed, two Wagon Sheds, two Corn Houses, Carriage House, Smoke House. Wash House, , Spring House and a never-failing well of VN uter with Pump; two Apple Orchards of excellent Fruit, and a great variety of other Fruit Trees. Lot No. 2, containing 90 Acres of Land, more or less, of which 18 Acres is in excellent Timber; the residue is cleared Smr 1 jand in a productive state of cultivation, j The improvements on this Lot consist ofa a ™ two-story Log Weatherboarded Dwelling House, Smoke House 1 IStd. anJ Muall Stable; two thriving young Apple Orchards, and a Breat8 reat number of Peach and other Fruit bear -1 mg trees. Lot No. 8, contains 0(1 Acres, of which 17 > Acres is Wood Land of excellent quality, and the residue is cleared land and very produc tive ; the improvements on this are a Log . Dwelling House part of which 1 is Weatherboarded. new lx>g “ Barn. Weatherboarded. withMJjAw Wagon Shed and other Sheds. and Corn Crib attached; Smoke House, Car riage and Spring House with a superior spring of water; also a Peach Orchard and other Fruit Trees. Lot No. 4, contains 10 Acres of Land, more or less, of which 6 Acres is covered with ex cellent Timber. The buildings on this ‘ insist of a new two-story m'Xmrb ! ?raine Weatherboarded Dwelf *ng House, with Kitchen at tached, Smoke House and Dairy, and well with pump. J Ixit No. 6, containing 0 Acre*, more or less, covered with thriving Timber. Lot No. 6, containing 7 Acres of more or less, covered with good Timber. It No. 7, containing 14 Acres of lamd, more or less, of which 8 Acres are in excel • lent Timber. Lot No. 8, containing 11 Acres of Land, more or less, covered with excellent Timber. I*ot No. 9, containing 26 Acres of land, * more or less, of which 4 Acres is cleared, and the residue is covered with excellent Timber. Lot No. 10, containing 11 Acres of Land, t more or less, of which 2 Acres is in Timber. 1 Lot No. 11, containing 10 Acres of Land, more or less, alt of which is cleared I^and. Lot No. 12, containing 27 Acres of land, 5 more or less, of which 6 Acres is covered with Timber, mostly White Oak. 8 The fences on the aforesaid Lois of land are all in good condition and repair. 8 Prior to the clay of sale, the Trustee will cause an accurate survey to be made of the aforesaid lots, a plat of which will be shown on the day of sale, when said lots will be of fered for sale, separately, or two or more of -0 fered together, to suit purchasers. The Terms of Sale prescribed by the Ih ,1 cree, are as follows .—One-third part of the 5 purchase money shall be paid by the pur chaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the 2 day of safe, or upon the ratification thereof hy the Court aforesaid: and the residue shall , r be paid in two equal payments, the one to le 0 paid in one year, and tlie other in two years from the day of sale, with interest, and to be , t secured by the notes of the purchaser or pur # chasers with security to be approved of hy the v Trustee. J GEORGE L. STOCKSDALE, Trustee. J. J. Bai mlartnkh, Solicitor. John T. hiffenbauyh , Auctioneer. e N. B.—Persons desirous of purchasing any of the above lands will please call on the 8 Trustee, who resides thereon, or address him at Upperco Post Office, Baltimore county, Maryland, or J. J. Baumgartner, Solicitor, v residing in Westminster, Md. O. L. S. mar 22-ts Trustee. ° EXAMINERS’ NOTICE. t T>V virtue of a commission issued to ns by j -i-X the County Commissioners for Carroll j county, to examine and determine whether the public convenience requires the opening of a public road in said county, commencing at a point on a public road known by the name of Trump's Road, near Samuel Goeth ing'a tenant bouse; thence on the lied of an old p road on or near said bed, to the Pennsylvania Line where the old road crosses said Hue near Jacob Hess' house, f This is therefore to notify all persons whom it may concern, that the undersigned will meet on the premises, on Wednesday, the 30th day of April , 1873, at 9 o’clock, a. m., to execute the trust reposed in us by said Commission. DAVID B. EARHART. JESSE MYERS. JOHN JONES, s ■ mar 22-6 t Examiners. ■ Transfers and Abatements. THE County Commissioners for Carroll c county, will meet at their office in the H Court House, at Westminster, on Thursday and Friday, the t7lh and SSth of March, instant, and on Mondays and Tuesdays , the I 7th and 81k, the 14th and loth , the 21st and “ 23d of April, 1873, to make transfers and s abatements. All persons interested are requested to at- B tend, as no abatements or transfers will be j made after that time to affect the levy of 1873. Persons making application for transfers of property, will be required to comply with sections 18 and 19 of Article 8! of the Code of Public General laws. Bv order of the Board, JABEZ A. BUSH, mar 22-5 t Clerk. t Na 899 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. I The Bank of Westminster vs. Amanda Shaft J fer et. als. ORDERED this 20th dy of March, A. D. 1873, that the sale made and reported * this day by John J. Baumgartner, Trustee of j so much of the Real Estate in this cause, which j was heretofore purchased by Emanuel Burns. . deceased, be finally ratified and confirmed, f unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 20th day of April, next; . provided a copy of this order be inserted once , a week for each of three successive weeks be fore the 21stday of April, next, in some news i paper published in Carroll county. The report states the amount of sale to be SIOOO.OO. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 22-3 t Jno. B. Uovu:, Clerk. Notice to Trespassers. WE hereby fdrewarn all persons from Gunning, Trapping, Fishing or Tres passing in any way on our premises, as the , '* w will be strictly enforced against all per sons so offending. David Wants, Jacob Zocharias, Josiah Crow], Jeremiah Shaeffer. Samuel Wine, Jesae Crowl, Jacob D. Leister, Abraham S. Leister, Samuel Fuhrman. Amos Little, Charlea H. Cole, John Lurabaugh, Jacob Bankert, William H. Reese. Francis Reese. Amos Ebaugh, John C. Hyle, John H. Bowers, Wm. J. Beggs, Lewis Shafer. Simon Schaeffer, mar 22-Bt* Estate of Michael Markle , deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county, letters of Aominis tration on the Personal Estate of MICHAEL MARKLE, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons baring claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of October, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 8d dav of March, 1878. ABRAHAM W, \\OliF, mar 22-4 t Administrator. BUILDING and Cabinet Hardware, lone •tock, at lowest city nrices. at fcb 16 E. 1C GERNAND'S. Sheriff’s License Notice. I NOTICE TO MERCHANTS, I TRADERS. AND OTHERS. II 4 LL )h'.teuOA sad Ijodic* coriiorul* o\ }o -11 A.jL title, jn Carroll count), who are or shall I be exercising or pursuing any business, or j shall be doing any act or thing, or Khali be in j the occupation of any home or place for any | purpose lor which a license is made necessary I by the lawn of Maryland, are hereby warned ■ I to obtain a License, or renew the same on or before the I FIRST DAY OF MAY, 187*. under the penalty prescribed by said laws for the infraction thereof. Those interested ere notified of the follow i ing requirements of the License law* : ; TRADERS* LICENSES.—The amount to f h® P*sid by traders for m license, (the amount , of stock at the principal season of sale to be given under oath, ) is as follows : > If the applicant's stock in trade does not exceed SI,OOO sl2 tiO , Over $ 1,000 and not over SI,OOO 16 00 “ L6OO “ 2,600 18 60 i “ 2fMO “ 4,000 28 60 4 ‘ 4,000 “ 6,000 30 60 - “ 6,000 “ 8,000 40 60 ** 6,000 “ 10,000 60 60 44 10,000 “ 16,000 66 60 * 4 16.000 “ 2(1,000 80 60 ** 20,000 “ 30,000 100 60 44 30,000 “ 40,000 126 60 44 40,(100 160 60 The applicant must either make oath, hs r heretofore, before the Clerk of the Circuit • Court of the county where he is engaged in business, of the amount of goods kept on hand at the principal season of sale; or the oath may be administered by a Justice of the Peace, when the persons wanting a license I applies through an agent. If the Utter course j be adopted the following form will be deemed j a sufficient compliance with the act: Carroil county, to wit: On this day of , 1878, before the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace of the State ot Maryland, in and for said county, person ally upjtcared and declared that he in tends to apply for a trader’s license, under 1 the second section of the Act of January Ses sion. 1868. to the Clerk of the Circuit Court ; for Carroll county, and made oath that the amount of the stock of goods generally kept on hand by him [or by the concern in which he is engaged, in case it be a partnership,] at the principal season of sale, [or it the appli cant has not previously engaged in such trade] ; that the amount of goods which he intends to • keep. Ac.. docs not [or will not 1 exceed $ Sworn before - If the oath be administered before a Justice of the Peace out of the county in which the i application is made, there must be attached r the certificate of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county in which the Justice reside*. Persons may sell salt to cure fish in March, 1 April and May, without license. Venders of cakes and venders of beer and cider, who are r the makers of such beer and cider, [lager beer excepted,] are not required to pay license. • LICENSES TO ORDINARIES AND TAVERN KEEPERS.— The license to ordi • nanes and tavern keepers to sell spirituous aud fermented liquors, or lager beer, in quan tities less than a pint, at any one time, are as • follows: Provided that the applicant shall • hrst be recommended to the Clerk by two re | spectable freeholders of his immediate vicini -1 ty, And shall make oath before said Clerk that he has bona fide [and without intending to evade the requirements of this article,] provi ded and expects to maintain? six good beds, ’ with sufficient covering therefor—and three rooms more than sufficient for the private use of ! **'* ordinary keeper, with stabling and pro vender for five horses at least: and if said sp pi leant resides in the city of Baltimore, that he has provided and expects to maintain twelve good beds with covering as aforesaid, and six 1 rooms. n . P 1 * ?“ d Abo to make oath . before the Clerk as to the rate of rent or an . nual value of the house at or in which the business to be authorized by the license may be clone or intended to be done, e * l t * lc renta l o* annual value is not Over $ 100 $ 35 p *‘ 100 and not over S2OO 40 60 f “ •• 300 66 60 1 * 800 *’ 400 60 Cg) p ' f°° “ 600 70 60 • tM) 760 00 60 L . ** , ** LOOO 100 60 * JfWO “ 2,000 160 60 p ** 2,000 14 3.000 180 60 • 8,000 “ 6,000 260 GO “ 44 10.000 400 60 ** 10,000 450 6(1 LICENSES TO RETAILERS OF SPIR ITLOLB OR FERMENTED LIQUORS, v L)R LAGER BEER.—The amounts of license B to be paid by retailers of spirituous and fer -1 minted liquors and lager, are as follows If the value of the stock in trade be SSOO or ’ 1ew.... *lB 60 Over $ 000 35 60 From 1,000 to $2,000 60 GO 44 2,000 to 4,000 76 60 4,000 to 6.000 100 60 4i 6.000 to 10.000 120 60 44 10,000 to 20,000 180 60 f 44 20,000 to 30,000 .. 140 GO I Over 30,000.... „ 160 60 r hcense shall be granted to sell spirit -5 00,18 or . fermented liquors or lager beer, in j quantities not less than a pint, for the sum of s *lB-60. unless the person applying therefor shall also obtain a license to sell goods, chat -1 tcls, wares and merchandize, paying therefor t the sum hereinbefore prescribed, according r to the amount of the stock in trade. OYSTER AND EATING HOUSES 1 The license to be paid by the keepers of oys t ter and eating houses is $60.60 throughout I the State. 8 • Females vending millinery and other small articles, whose stock is not over S6OO pay a license of SG.GO only; but if over that amount, they are required to pay the same license as other persons—oath to be made as to the amount of tock at the principal season of the year. GEORGE N. FRINOER, Sheriff of Carroll county. N. B.—By instructions received from the Treasury Department at the Clerk's office all 1 persons applying for a license of any kind, • (except marriage licenses, which are the same f 118 heretofore,) will hereafter have to pay the • fee of fifty cents for issuing the same, making ' a total of sixty cents, as stated above. The fee of fifty cents has heretofore been 1 charged to the State. GEORGE N. FRINGER, mar 22-td Sheriff of Carroll county. j. TRUSTEE 9 S SALE OF VALUABLE fj PERSONALJ’ROPERTY. THE undersigned, by virtue of a Deed of J Trust from John Tracy and wife, will sell at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises now occupied by the said John Tracy, about one-half mile from Westminster, on the road leading to Manchester, on Thursday, the tOth day of April, A. D. IB7S, at 1 o'clock, P. M., all the Stock, Farming ■ Implements, Ac., consisting in part of four . superior Work Horses, two of which 3HNEA arp Stallions, and all worktfHk*v 1 either in the lead or in sin- .flcpSw ' mm - m gle harness; 2 Milch Cows, lot of - Shoal*. I Broadtread Wagon, good as new ; 1 Stone Bed, 1 Top Buggy and Harness, 2 sets ; of Breechbands, 2 sets Lead Gears, Collars, > Bridles. Halters. Ac,, 4 Plows, 2 double shovel Plows, 2 single shovel Plows, 2 Har rows. triple, doable and single Trees, Butt Traces. Spreaders, Breast Chains, and a va riety of other articles too numerous to mention, Terms of Sale. —All sums of and under $lO, cash ; on all sums above $lO a credit of six months will be given, purchasers to give their notes, with approved security, bearing interest from day of sale. AMOS SHAEFFKR, Trustee. Grout A Hfifskidcb, Solicitors, mar 22-ts NO. T 166 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, vs. James W. Shaffer. ORDERED this 20th day of March, A. D. 1878, that the sale made and reported bv The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained in the Mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, be ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of April next: provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, in each of three successive weeks before the said 21st day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to be $1266.00. w JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: mar 22-8 t Jko. B. Bovlk, Clerk. EUREXAJ3ALVE. Acwtain car* for Onto, Braise, Boras. Burns ami Skin Abrasions of til kinds; especially recommended to mothers with tore or lumpy breasts. This stive baa been sue ceeafiilly need for over 6fty yrars. For sale at Huber’s Drag Store. mar 16-1, jan 26 W. O. UGOETS . TO FARMERS. , 1873. "EXCELSIOR,’' 1873. ■MW' I a BRgS imr jfow mum ■ r Computed if 800 pound* of No. I Frrarian Ouum. and ItOOpound* of Soluble Pkoe phot* of Lime, { bone* diuohed in | mlpkuricaeid,) Ftttatk and Soda, t Forming the most concentrated, universal nnd durable fertilizer ever offered to the farmer— t combining all the stimulating qualities of Po [l ruvian (iusno, and the ever durable Fertilizing J properties of Bones. Ezcclsior it in fine dry [ powder, prepared ezpressly for drilling, and It can be applied in any quantity however small, > lier acre; and it is the opinion of many close a calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex -3 perience in testing it side by side with other ) popular fertilizers, that an application of 100 ) pounds of Excelsior is equal to from 200 to ) 800 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano ) offered for sale, therefore is fully 100 to 200 j per cent, cheaper. i MHa-Look out for imitations and counter -1 fells. The popularity of Excelsior has in , duced unscrupulous parties in this and other , cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to . other duhonorable means to sell their wort A ; -Kuscompounds. ! Ataf- Farmer* thuuld tee that every Baa ie ‘ ■** lkt ANALYSIS and I OVR NAMK in RED LETTERS. All others are counterfeits. PRICE S6O PER TON. J. J. TURNER k CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. FOB SALK BY Grimes A Siouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman A Shultz, Sykesville, Md. ! y* H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Ain-, Md. I Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. i McComas A Bro., Hood’s Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. Biggs A AlbaugL Rocky Ridve. Md. 1 Hm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. mar 22-8 m TRUSTEE 9 S SALE or a DESIRABLE SMALL FARM. THE undersigned, by virtue of the Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, as a Court of Equity paued in the case of . Elizabeth Kiler, by David Kiler her husband and next friend and others, against James A. I ?55*> wlll ? ffer 11 Pul,lic S!e, to the highest bidder, on the premises, on , Wednaday, Hu Sik day of April, 1813, dl clock, P. M., a small Farm, situated 1 S-S*" 0 ” ““Ti Mtl -in the village of Bark 1 Hill, on the public road leading from Union town to Union Bridge, about 2j miles from the former place, and shout 1J miles from the t latter place, and contains 37 Acre* and 1 Rood of Land, , more or less. The improvements on this s land consist of a two story Weatherboarded f DWELLING HOUSE, • jog barn, smoke house, spring - house, hog house, and olherßf*|!i^pA 3 necessary out-buildings, an ex-SfeL'iiffiijßi 5 fellent apple orchard and t trees; and there is also a never failing spring of excellent water convenient to the dwelling i about 3 acres re in Timber, and the residue is cleared land, in a good state of cultivation. ■ and is enclosed with good fences. r °f Sob ore a* follow* The one-half of the purchase money shall be paid by the purchaser or purchasers to the Trustee I on the day of sale, or upon the ratification I thereof by the Circuit Court for Carroll county I as s Court of Equity, and the other half shall I be paid within one year from the day of sale, , with interest, and to be secured by the note i of the purchaser or purchasers with security i to be approved of by the Trustee. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, 1 , • ... . Trustee, i John I. Jhffenbauyh, Auctioneer, i mar 15*ts I 1— 1 ' ■ NOTICE. To my Friend*, Customer* and the Public Generally. ! A FTkR mature reflection I have concluded Al. that the only way to do business snccess i .V.y "“P OO CASH basis; consequently I ; mil sell Goods ONLY ; For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. . I buy for Cash and I know if I sell for Cash i 1 will lose nothing, therefore, I can and will i sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., consisting of COFFEE, SUGAR, TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., BUTTER, EGGS, BACON, LARD, FISH, SALT, TAR, Ac. 1 also keep a full supply of the bet brands of FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants, Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which 1 sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly increased my stock of Queens ware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware, Ac. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at rates which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted as represented. Come see, and be convinced. .?■ ® orders not paid for when given, will be collected by the driver when the Goods are delivered, as my terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb l*tf West End, Westminster. Notice to Teachers. Office Board Co. School CoMMissioirms, \ March 17th, 1878. / ON or before the 4th day of July, each Public School Teacher of Carroll county, will return to the Secretary an exact descrip tive Catalogue of the Books, Stationery, Ac., and o(hcr School Property on hand belonging to the County, taking care to show by a fun report of what has become “unfit for esc,” that the credits for books, Ac., returned to this office, added to those “oh bako,” will balance those charged in this office against , tk* School reported. This, as a receipt to ; the Teacher, will be signed by the Trustees, in whose care the Books and School Property, with a duplicate of the Catalogue, will be left. J. M. NEWSON. mar 22-td Secretary, Ac. Teachers’ Institute. NOTICE m hereby given that the Teach era’ Institute of Carroll county, will meet in the City of Westminster, on Wtdmet day, Tkurtday and Friday, the 16lh, 17th and 18th days of April, next. J. M. NEWSON, Secretary and Treaianr B. C. 8. C. Teachers’ Association. THE Carroll County Teachers’ Aesoctattou will meet in the East End School House, Westminster, on Friday, April IStk, 1873. A full attendance of the Teachers it requested. ISAAC WEIGHT, mar 22-td President. NO. 1 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a Court of Equity. The Carroll County Building Association No. 1, of Manchester, vs. Jacob Albangh and Alice V. Albangh his wife. ORDERED this 20lh day of Mart*, A. D. 1873, that the tale made and reported t)T The Carroll County Building Association No. I, of Manchester, by virtue of a power of sale contained in the mortgage mentioned in the proceedings in this cause, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21tt day of April next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroil coun ty, once in each of three successive weeks before the said 21st day of April next. The report states the amount of sale to be SUM. 00. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Teel: mar 22-8 t r Jxo. B. Bqtlx, Clerk. Commiiwlonera' Hotteo. minster, on the Fixut Mosu.v or APRIL, 1873, for the transaction of business, mßdt • A Ciek-

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