Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 19, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 19, 1873 Page 3
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the democratic advocate, rOIUIMK EVER If SATI'SPAt V WM. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORO, ornon, HO. I. OARROLL HALL. TERMS.-*! P*r !' In advance. Bl,isl ooolc. ,t .a'iiu. No■utssTlirtloiidlwoiilfimud until alt tim uu ■n* iial'l unit** *t Die option of tht* |tulillßhi>n. I APVEKTIsINtI HAT*.-~A>nKinare .llnuai will I be Inserted 3 limes or less for II sad a ecus for ,-B,h I sutswaent ln , nlon. One a 111 arc a ansC, mj*>: 6 I li now. **. Bualnww Card., not atrwwdlua ; linn.l" V* IV * >.‘o uumlarr of insertion? u not martwl advaiUsataapts will !• continued until mrWd anil. hanttal accordingly. Yearly advertiser* mast .online, advcrtlaennnta to their own business. I Rule and Figure'Work double price Huaineea Lo -1 cala 10 rvnta rrline. Marrisgssand Death* Inserted ffeo. obltuane* and peraoiia] communlcationa i. ! jh-hU pt I""’ Itemi of Hews. A mysterious robbery hag taken place from the Safe Deposit Bank in Pittsburg, the fact* F which hare just been de veloped. It appears that on Saturdav night week the cashier of Ihe Odd Fellow’s Saving Bank de|Kited with the Stale Deposit Company a box, containing 86000 in cash anil paper representing 8300,000, Applying for the box, on Monday morn ing. the officers of the Safe Deposit con cern were unable to produce it or account for its disappearance. A detective was engaged, and after a thorough examination be stated as his opinion that the robbery was committed by some person connected - with the institution. Information was also given to the Mayor by a person who said he saw two men take a box out of the hank early on Monday morning, and that sn employee of the bank was looking out of the window at the time. No names of suspected persons have been given, and no arrests made The stolen luix was found on Saturday in the coal vault ,t a gro>.erv. All the money hud been taken from it, hut the bonds went left. The now Sloo| of War to he built for the Navy, that arc to lie constructed of iron, are eauh to carry six guns. There is to be one eleven Inch pivot gun on the: quarter deck and another pivot gun of smaller calibre on the forecastle. The four broadside guns arc to be of nine-inch bore. The plan of hull agreed upm is iron sheathed with wood, outside of which there is to he copper sheathing, as is ordinarily done with vessels sailing in warm latitudes. This plan is adopted to prevent fouling, which is the great trouble with iron hulls in 1 tropics. During the year 1873, there were 3674 marriages in Baltimore, and during the same time 131 petitions for divorce were; filed. llf these applications 45 were made ! by men and 85 by women. These figures prove that of nearly five per cent, of the couples married, one or oilier of the parlies had not properly considered the step they were about to lake, and had entered upon a life-long partnership with less can- than they would have exercised j in the purchase of a horse or a sewing machine. Tlie Supreme Lodge of the World. Knights of Pythias, met at Richmond. Va., on Tuesday, .Supreme Chancellor 11, C. Berry, of Illinois, presiding. Delegates were present from nearly all the Stales soil Canada. Clarence M. Barton, of Washington, offered his resignation as i Brand Scribe, and it was referred to a i committee. The re|sirt of the Supreme officers shows that the Order embraces about 13110 lodges and 100,000 members, j including Australia and the Sandwich 1 Islands. John McDermott murdered his wi e! Mary, in New York, Sunday by striking I her on the head with a sledge hammer. Jealousy was the cause: the crime was committed in the presence of their three . children. After McDermott was arrested he attempted to commit suicide, by beat-1 ing his head against the walls of his 1 prison cell, and inflicted injuries on himself | that may prove fatal. Mr. W. W. Corcoran has sold two hundred sen's of land near Washington city to the government, as an addition to the Soldiers Hume, for the sum of 8375,- tIIIII. He will devote the money to an endowment to the “lonise Home, a charity created by him for inqsiverishcd ladies who an* unable to support them selves. Mrs. Johnson, wife of the light house ! keeper at Cape Homan. S C., was found murdered last Tuesday, with her throat ■ cut A raior and a revolver lay by her side. A large sum of money which she had recently drawn from bank is missing, but it is not known whether she was murdered or committed suicide. The severest snow storm of lint season in the Northwest began at Cheyenne, ( Wyoming Territory, on Sunday morning, and slowly travelled eastward, reaching Brand Island, in Nebraska. Monday noon ing. Snow drills from four to five feet in depth are reported, mid life is said to Ik- 1 unsafe outside of shelter. Sheriff Kane, of Baltimore city, has sent a claim to the City Connells, asking to he paid $074.31 salary us Marshal ol Police, with interest from the 6th of September, 1861, to the present time, in all amounting to 81,003.31. It will he recollected Col. Kane was confined in the military prison during that time. The eityufSan Salvador, Central Amer ica. has been the scene of a dreadful earth quake, in which 800 |wisons perished, and $13,000,000 of pro|ierty destroyed. The earthquake was followed by a great fire which destroyed many buildings in the city. On Friday night part of a bridge on the Cairo and Fulton Railroad across White River, Arkansas, was swept away by a flood, the rker being fifty-six feet high The town of Jackaonporl. Ark., is under water, and the inhabitants going about in caiuwa. The schooner John Lancaster. Captain L Williams, from Tnekerton, N. J., For Philadelphia, with a cargo of guano sank six miles off Cape May. last week and is a total loss. Her crew landed at Cape May. The New York OeraJd't Cuban corres pondent O'Kelley is in a light place hav ing been taken prisoner by the Captain General of Cuba with letters From Rebels on his person One of the corpses picked up at the At lantic wreck hud on a quilled vest, and in every diamond of the quillting then' was, a sovereign, there lieing in all about eighty, equal to 8100, Mr. C 8. Mallby, well known proprietor of the Malthy House, Baltimore, had a .eg and an arm broken in a railroad acei di ot, which occurred near Bennington, Vei 'Bout, last week. Chr rles Schell, aged 43, had his throat cut fro.n ear Co ear by three unknown men. in a corner store in New V ork, on Saturday .right. . His murderers escaped. Some furriers in Dorchester county have ploughed ih sir wheat up to put other crops in the g, uurul. the wheat promising so small a yield. Hon. Judah I*. Benjamin, Confederate Secretary of State, and now one of Qu 'on Victorias counsellor* at law. will risit th. United Slates during the summer. The County Commission -rs ol ( ci. county Md., have agreed to levy 35 cents on the $1 li) for the u*> of the Pah.i Schools in that county. Th ■ Carlisis h ive been defeated boon the town of Puigeerd i, Spain, and reir ■ ted, leaving 3(H) dead and wound d 'in he field. Aa ol .red min Hum I s T 1 ’ “ Rd, allowed to h jlu.nt i“ > S • r * ° dial „,Yu -lb. Sees, in U.o.!’-o*l ‘.V Md . on Tlui'.sday io*t. I* 'oomv’V oil o'S appropriat'd one mi- Ron of doll n* in aid of tin great ten- V(t,.l Krliih.tlon in Phii.dljkia >“ A Slate T mp irmci Oonv-'iirioti is to j<a ilaai iu Haiti mtti, -M->’ <• The deep mystery in which the sus pected murder of Frederick 0. Merrill, of Uufiatown, N H.. is Involved, Is not yet unravelled. His body was found floating in the Merrimack Kiver on Tuesday horribly mutilated, and in such a manner as to leave no doubt lliat he had been the victim of violence. The throat cut tii the bone, and there were several large wounds upon the scalp. The skull was badly fractured, and a look of hair was Found driven through the Wound to the brain. It is believed that the body of the murdered man was thrown into the I iseutaquug Kiver, near his residence, and tliat the thick ice which formed aoAn af terwards frustrated all the attempts to find [t. The murderer, whoever he was, evident ly lisik great pains to prevent the body's being identified, it having been stripped of ejothmg, and the hair and whiskers closely shaven No arrests have as yet been made, though suspicion is directed towards several parties, who are detained as witnmcß. The Grand Jtfry .System has recently , n t " e of* investigation by a £lcet eotmuittce of the Illinois Senate. 1 hia committee has unanimously reported a bill to aMish Krand juries, on the ground that under the present system an innocent person may be subjected to arrest and im prisonment, and that every accused person ih entitled to have both sides of his case heard before he is deprived even tem porarily of his liberty. The committee recommends that all persons accused of crime shall be examined by a Judge of a of record or by three Justices ofthe I who shall hear all the evidence, and who may discharge or commit the prisoner for trial. The State Department, at Washington, | has received information ofthe piyin >n. hy the ilaytien Government of an award often thousand dollars against that Gov ernment, for the illegal arrest of a Consu 'i' r V* ,e * htfed States, a Mr. leal, at Miragoune. The agent, it ap (H'ars. suffered indignity and imprisonment at the hands ofthe military authorities at that place, under a charge of having in his possession and circulating false money. Secretary Mali praises the diligence and jwtriotie spirit of the United States Min ister to llayti, through whose? exertions 'leal was not only proven guiltless of the i charge, but was consoled with the above I award. The Presbyterian Ministeral Association at Philadelphia recently "resolved’’ against the proposed religions amendment to the National and .State Constitutions, busing their opposition, among other reasons, upon the tact that it would be certain to create a "Christian ’ and “Anti-Christian” l>arty in polities, which they hold to be •one ofthe greatest calamities which could befall the Church.’’ In Cundia, N. H., Tuesday night, a boy up stairs in bed in a farm-house had his head and face terribly cut with an axe found lying on the floor of the room. It is supjKwcd to have been done by a boy who is a somnambulist. Another Indian war is imminent Tel ! ' grams from farther Kansas slate that the Kiowa. Cheyenne and Arrapahoe tribes are preparing to give battle to the govern ment. The Quaker jsilicy seems to boa j failure. The French residents of New York are [ prejMiring to celebrate the approach ing evacuation of France by the Germans, j The celebration will take place on Sept. sth. the anniversary of the birth of La | layette. In Matteawun, Dutchess county. Tues day. a chimney, the remnant of a burned ; residence, fell, burying five little girls, 1 killing three and so injuring the others I that they are not expected to recover. The Halifax divers charge the White j Star line agents as premiums for the re covery of bodies from the wrecked Atlan tic, Sol) for the body of a cabin and 820 for that of a steerage passenger. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county, at Denton, on Saturday, the trial of John I Barwiek for the murder of Thomas C. 1 Arringdale was ended, by a verdict of "Guilty of murder in the second degree.’ I Later despatches from Borne represent I that the Pope is in excellent spirits, that 1 his condition is not critical, nor his disease \ dangerous. George Bryan, a negro, was hanged by j a mob at Cbillieothe, Ohio, on Wednesday night of last week, for assaulting a white lady. The First National Bank of Toledo. Ohio, was robbed a few days ago of securi ties and money amounting to 825,000. It is announced that the Government is about to purchase another batch of archives i of th • d full t Confederacy. I A young lady has just received the de gree of doctor of dental surgery from the Baltimore dental college. The epixootic is prevailing in Washing ton, Dorchester and Caroline counties. Md., and Franklin county, Pa. Jamestown, Va., the oldest village in the United States, was, for the first time, honored with a {sistoffiec last week. A snug berth—the office of Sheriff of New York city, is worth $200,000 a year. Twenty fives were lost by the hurricane in .Mississippi, on the 28th ult. There are thirty thousand blind persons in Great Britain. Business Locals. TO 81-SINXSS MEN. Bill Heads, Letter Heads. Statements, velops, Small Bills, Posters, Shipping fags, Ac., printed at the Auvocate Office, in the beat manner, and at reasonable rates. New and fashionable materials from the largest and best establishments are being con stantly added to our jobbing department. Colored and bronze work executed when de sired. Business men and all desiring any thing in the priming line should give us a call. ryoer’s mokai. show Will exhibit ut Odd Fellows' Hall, Westmin ster, on Wednesday evening next, the 2ild in stant. This exhibition is highly endorsed by | the press everywhere as the best travelling. ! and consists of vocal and instrumental duetts, solos and choruses. Doors open at 7 o'clock | —conlerl at 8 ; admission 8* cents. John H. Tingling of the firm of J. Tingling ■ A Bro., left here on Thursday last for New York, to purchase their Spring Stock. Wail a few days and they will show you the largest ' stock of Dry Goods in the county. David E. Miller is now visiting Baltimore and 1 hiladelphia for the purpose of laying in a large stock of Spring Goods, which will arrive and be opened in a few days. Lain eh* lot ess GOODS In all the Newest Styles, and very cheap, at H. L. Norris & Co’s. ' Zepp & Bro. don’t sell Goo Is at 10 per cent, lower than any one else, but will sell as low as the lowest. Do not forget ihe reduction of 10 per cent, on my entire slock of Shoes, since April Ist, at W. 0. Ligget's. Call and see the finest stock of Cloths, Cas slmers and Coatings in the county of our own importation. H. L. Norris ft Co. 20 dozen Men's and Boys' Straw Hat* slightly damaged at from ’to I cents, at W. 0. Ligget's. Ladies’, Misses' and Children’s Shoes of H || kinds, and as low as the lowest. H. L. Norris ft Co. A Urge stock of Ladies'. Misses' and Chil ,lren’s Slippers, cheap, at Zepp ft Bro s. All the latest styles Wool and Straw Hats, at W. O. Ligget’s. \n excellent Knahe Piano for sale very ..firep- J - ‘ M H. Ri-RY. Vno will find t Zepp i Bro'n. ihe best Slock of Hot*, C*p, Boots and Nhoes. I'alkiselieaplmtprice.tcll I raoaohusin* snd amsuraloWl. so says IV. O. loßßet. Indies' I-a. ting (lailera a. low as $1.30, *l Zepp >V Bro s- Men's t’lf Hand Sewed Uniters, at Zepp * Bro s. I'fie Utest Styles Silk Hats at /.eppft Bro s, uamauian Of deceased relatives or friends handsomely printed at th* Anvofiia Office. ■ I Political Notei. f an t 3u e appropriations wade by 1 '“"t nosaioit of (jongnwa for the support of the Government during the next lineal r year, ending June 30, 1874, uniouut to 3 81p3,170,015, exetunivu of intorcst on the ( public debt. Thin in un innrtiir „f m„rt* 0 than twnnty-neven tui.liunn over the appro s ptiatloua for the current fiscal y ur ending , 1 June 30th next, ('tmgrenn ut the aetniun , ot 1873 wan forced to be eeomiuilenl by , the nocemltlee of the uppronehing Freni , dentin) election, and one effect of the | "nving in acen in the fact that at the acn , "ton of 1873 a “Deficiency" hill linn been 1 punned of over nine millions of dollar". . Comparing the current year with the next i J par > , ' ,e °"b' elnanen of uppropriationn that j f are decreased are the iteinn for the Indians, 1 r fall off about 8700,000, and for- i i tifications 8138,000. The pension lint re-1 , maim the name, 830,480,000, hut all the ! , rest are increased more or less, the chief increase being 8875,000 for the Leginla , Executive and Judicial service ; 81.- 000,000 for (he Navy ; 83,000.000 tor the Army; 84,000,000 for the Poet-office, and 113,000,1)01) for the “Sundry Civil" hill. I Enthusiastic.—A correspondent of the .l/f /My City Item from Washington, writes in the following enraptured manner , of the Postmaster General: The Postman , ter General has beaten the Railroad Mon-1 opoly, just un he heat high |"wtuge, the | , franking privilege, public docum nts, j ■ and other oppressions of his department, | and an he will heat the Telegraph Monnp-' . ly He in for the People, who will make •inn President one of these days, if he will 1 , consent to take the abuse ami vexation that accompany the office. Keep your eye on Oeswcll! He in coming all the time. What political i>cople talk about just now is the downfall of civil service reform. But how can there he a fall where there was never any rise ? Another topic o< re-1 mark is the sixteen millions appropriated ! in a session of three months more than the total appropriations for the preceding sea sion of seven months, with only an appro priation for the new men-of-wur out of the com an meat routine. This extravagance is 1 simply prodigality of public money. The withdrawal of Geo. W. Curtis, edi i tor of Ihir/u r\ Weekly, from the Civil ■ Service Board of which he was a member, because the President in making the ap pointment of General Sh irpe as naval of , licor of New York, instead of Mr, Bene dict to whom the position properly hc , longed, ignored the boasted civil service rules, has fallen like a bombshell into the Radical camp. When John Quincy Adams was Presi dent, all the expenses of the Goverment . were 813,000,HIM). Now it takes half of | this sum to support the Indian Depart ment, With a Department of the Interior comes a measure of expense wholly un i known under the old order of things, and much of it is dead waste of money* Mr. Booth, the new Collector of Cus toms for Baltimore, was besieged on the 11th Inst, hy five hundred applicants for office. Among the number were several . large delegations of colored men, headed , by Bishop Wayman. The Collector re . wived all courteously, and promised to i give their applications due consideration." Foil returns of tin* local cl cot inn in . Trenton. N. J . un Monday, show that the Democrats elected their ’ candidates for Mayor and other city officers and curried five of the seven wards. The new Coun cil will have 13 DcmAerals to 8 Republi cans. In the old Council there was a Re publican majority. The New Hampshire |pers slate that Hon. 8. N. Bell, the D imocratie candidate i for Congress in the second district of that State, is elected. It appears that a mis take was made in counting the congres sional vole in the town of ilopkinton. The Democratic Central Committee of Kent county, Md. has called a convention to meet on the 19th of April for the pur l"*se of choosing a plan fur the nomination j of candidates in the Fall election. | A colored man named Capier, who has ' | served nine years in the State Peni j tentiary. has been elected to Congress from Alabama, j Since the late Connecticut election the 1 Credit Mobilier party journals call it the j “Blue Light State," and the “Wooden | Nutmeg State." William A. Vickers, sou of ex-Senator Vickers, announces himself as a candidate For Clerk of the Court of Kent county. Hun. Thomas Swann, of Baltimore, h .s not taken the Congressional back pay, and don't intend to. Senator Alcorn, of Miss., in a recent speech at Jackson, wants G ut. Grant for a third term. Crashing Exactions of Monopoly. T!te question of increased facilities for j shipment of merchandise between the West and East, and lower ratoa for the transportation of freights, is still the ah-! sorbing topic, and all classes appear to j have come to the conclusion that the evil | complained of must be remedied. As il- j . lustrating the peculiar hardships resulting i from the unconscionable freight charges | of Ihe leading railroads, a Philadelphia merchant says that a car load of corn was shipped to him from the interior Af lowa, via Ihe Philadelphia and Erie Railroad and ita connections. The freight charges, commissions and oilier expenses, amounted to 8333.7 H, and the receipts 8333.711, leav ing a deficit of ten dollars to the shippers, in addition to the value of the corn ut the point of shipment. Another consignment to another merchant, from the same .Stale, netted there five cents per bushel, from which, however, must he deducted the price of the corn at the plvcc of produc tion Allowing this to bo twenty cents per bushel, the shipper was rewarded for his enterprise hy the loss of fifteen cent* i per bushel. With (lies,, facts confronting: us every day, need we be surprised that | the Western f.rmera should find it more j profitable U, hum their crops for fuel, and clamor so loudly for more railroads and less crushing exactions from those which already exiat ? RirtaucAN Europe.—An Iberian Republic may be the result of the present movement iu Spain. The people of Portugal have no uttuehemeiit to the head of that Monarchy. They are Republicans, and sympathise with their brethren o' Spain in the struggles now going on in the latter country, to found a Republic upon the ruins of the corrupt Bourbon dynasty. If the Spanish Republic is established, no liwcr save that of the combined despots of Europe, can keep Portugal from throw ing off her chains and asking to be united in a grand Iberian It public. At the present lime, signs of discontent are to h aeon in II parts of Portugal, and h p - pie are preparing for a revolutionary movement at the proper moment. The King is anxious and alarmed, but powerless , M prevent the threatened outbreak. With France, Spain and Portugal a R publics. Italy would soon fall into the sam ■ family, md thus a combination he form d power ful enough to keep the Kings of Kunq him interfering with the rights of the p'ople who live under such a form of government. Pennsylvania Items.—The Qettys ourg Hotel is about to fall into the hands not ol the Bherifl, hut of the cx-Bheriff, Klunk. A mlas h, as good as a mile. The growing wheat amnnd Hanover, never made a better appearance at this season of tw year, than at thia time. Grape vims* in the vicinity of Hanover suffered severely during the past winter. Female domeaties are in great demand at Hanover, as well as everywhere else. WKHTMINNTEB markets. Reported by Grime. * Stoußor, vgoi.usu prices. ; Pmimt, April 18, 11)78. I Floor Kxtrm $8,(10 C,< 8.00 i ~ f, u P 7.00 <, too I Family 0.00 (Saif oo WL ',7', 4.00 '<, 600 W heat—UeO 1.50 („ 105 "no* 1.60 100 : X“* 40 <" /■> i V“™ 50 (it 50 i ffc"u"T 70 { " 74 I Corn Menl 1.25 („ 1.50 Clover Seed 5,00 („ 6.00 limothy Seed 3.00 (a, 8.50 Ha* Seed 1.26 Or 1.60 I J.'"” 1 75. 7 j Bacon (T/j, j| i J’otatoea Do (w 75 : Po 5.00 In 6.50 | BALTIMORE MARKETS. | Super..., $5.00 („ 0.00 | Common to fair Extra 11.50 In, ,70 I flood to Choice do 7.00 In 7.50 I Family 8.00 („ u. 60 I l atapnco Family 11.50 (a 0.00 Extra 11.00 (a) 0.00 Chesapeake do 11.(81 (,i 0.00 Corn .Meal 3.25 fa 3.30 Wheat—While 2.05 fa 1.15 “ Red 1,110 In 1.05 Corn—White 06 fa, 05 “ Yellow 02 fa; 03 ' Oat* 48 (n\ 50 Rye. a r . fir uo Beef Cattle—lest quality 6.25 (//; 7.87 44 44 medium 6.00 (a) 6.87 44 44 ordinary 4.00 Or 6.00 j Sheep—fair to good f, cts. (a) 7J * 4 extra 6 cts. (a\ 8 I “ stock 2.25 Or 8.601 ; Hogg 7.00 o, 7.75 j Hay and Straw-Hay 80@86 ip ton j ' 286/. 80p ton Hides—steer 18 C" 13J V i ! “ cow 12] Or 18 44 | leather—city slaughtered... 88 (wi 42 *‘ | I 44 country 40 048 4 * I 44 Spanish Sole 88 Or 88 “ ! 44 rough skirling 84 0>) 80 44 4 * Maryland & Penn... 87 (a) 30 44 1 Wool-unwashed free of burrs 86 Or 38 44 44 4 4 bury 25 6/ 80 44 44 tub-washed... 56 (n 00 44 44 pulled 86 <e) 40 44 | Seeds—Clover 60> 8 44 ! 4 ‘ Timothy $8 (m $4 *p bu. i 44 Flax $2 (a $2 44 | leathers—common to prime 26 (, 76 *s* lb | TRUSTEE’S SALE OK a VAi.raiu.i: Farm and Wood Land. fTMIL undersigned, by virtue of a Deed of! | X 1 nist from John Traify and wife, duly executed and recorded among the Land He* i : cords of Carroll county, will sell at Public j I Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, j one mile west of Hampstead, Carroll county, 1 i Maryland, 3 j I On Saturday, the. loth day of May, 1573, | at 2 o clock, P. M.. the folbiwing parcels of I land, to wit: Lot No. 1, containing 74 ACRES OP LAND. ,! more or less. Ihe improvements thereon , j consisting of a Log Dwelling 4 House, Tenant House, Log • ! Barn, Spring House, CornMßMfSfc House and other I water convenient to the buildings, Ac. there is also two apple orchards on the premises. 1 Lot No. 2, containing 22 Acres of Laud, more or less, about one-half of which is hcav -1 ] *'y covered with Timber, chiefly Chestnut. /! l ?’ contnini,, g Acres. 2 Hoods I and <l2 Perches of Land, more or less, about 20 Acre* is heavily covered with Timber, chief- I | ly Chestnut; there is also on this parcel a . | Dwelling House and Stable. , 1 Hit No. 4, contains 20} Acres of Land. . more or less, jiartly in Timber. ( A survey „| the above described land has l j been made and a plat of the same will be ex . bibbed on the day of sale. . 1 This property adjoins ihe land of Joseph ■ I Armscoat and others. | Terms of .Sole.—One-third cash on the day I of sale or on the ratiKealion thereof, and the | balance in one and two years, the credit pay ■ raents to be secured by the notes of the pur chasers with approved security, bearing in ! terest from the day of side. AMOB SHAEFKEK, Trustee. ■ I Cam r A ItiirsMiiEK, Solicitors. Up 12tM TRUSTEE'S SALE OK PERSONAL PROPERTY. I M In Wool cry'B District, Carroll Co., Md. i I B\ virtue of a Deed of Trust executed by j Mary Caple, and dated on the 12th day ot March, 1878, the subscriber!!, os Trustees, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on 1 SATURDAY, the 3d day of MAY, 1373, at 10 o’clock, A. M„ the following Personal 1 * roperty: One Horse, 6 yeura old ; A*k M 6 Cows and 8 Heifers, om lflBL. l-horse Wagon, 1 two-horse , . ... . , ' v gon, Cultivator, Wheelbarrow, .Shovel 1 low, Cook Stove, 2 barrels of Corn, i Harrows, Shovels, Spades, and other personal property used for agricultural purposes. term* of Sale. —All sums under S 5, cash ; on sums of $6 and upwards a credit of six months will be given, the purchasers to give their notes with approved security', bearing interest from day of sale. ELIAS BROTHERS. JAS. A. C. BOND, ap 12-8 t Trustees. Aiwlffiteett’ Notice of Appointment. ! United State• District Court for the j District of Marytaiui, in Bankruptcy , at , n estminster, in said District, on the 7th I day oj April , 1373. WE, the undersigned, hereby give notice of our appointment as Assignees of the i of Andmkw Gkamxek, of Westminster, j Carroll county, State of Maryland, within said I District, who has been adjudged a Bankrupt, 1 u f?° n . “‘f ? Wn ppßtion, by the District Court i of said District. JESSE L. LEISTER, WILLIAM H. REESE, j J*P r i“'3t Assignees. j NO. 1228 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. George W. Ijunoile vs. Sarah It. Blizzard and others. ORDERED this loth day of April, 1873, that the audit filed in this cause be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 28th day of April instant; provided a copy of this or der be inserted in some newspaper published m Carroll county, for two successive weeks before the lust named day. j JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk, i rue copy,—Test: apr 12-2 t Jko. B. Boyle, Clerk. 1.070. F. j OAI.EM LODGE having determined to bJ unite with Daniel and Jacob Lodge in celebrating the 54th Anniversary ofOddFel- I lowship, at Manchester, .latuniau, April itilk, i the members are hereby notified to meet at the Hall, \S estminster, at 7 o'clock, A. M. of that day, and proceed to Manchester in a body. By order, j ap 12-8 t H. L. NORRIS, H. S. Copartnership Notice. TO ALL WHOM fFmaY CONCERN.- 1 his is to give notice that the undersigned have this 2d day of April, lb7B, funned a partnership, trading under the name and stvle of Fowbi e A Matthews, for the purpose' of manufacturing and dealing in Phosphates and Fertilizers. DAVID FOWBLE, P PJ-St* GEO. W. MATTHEWS. NOTICE. TWO white boys aged respectively six and eleven years, will be apprenticed to farm labor. One white girl, twelve years old, and one colored, four years old, will'be put to ser vice to learn general house work, it early ap plication be made to the undersigned. GRANVILLE WILSON, . Steward Carroll County Alms House, ap 12-8 t ConiiniNNioners’ Notice. THE County Commissioners of Carroll county, will meet at their Office, in West minster, on the First Monday or MAY, 1878, for the transaction of business. By order, JABEZ A. BUSH, ap 12-4 t Clerk. FOB HKN'iT ONE of the bet Business Stand, in West minaler, three door. West of the Depot, on Main Stmt. Store Room and Dwelling fim-cla,,. Apply to ap 5-tf GRIMES k STOUFFER.

©88,700 TTIOR Loan on Mortgage on country prop- A arty, in sums to sail. K. W. TEMPLEMAN k CO., 7 Lexington Street, Baltimore city. TRUSTEES’ SALE or a Valuable Hotel Property, In the Village cf Mexico* Carroll Co. Md. BY virtue of a Dped of Trust Executed by Charles A. Zemz uwd wife, dated the 2Hh day of March, 1878, the subscribers, as | Trustees, will offer at Public Sale, on the j premises, on ! SATURDAY, the mh of APRIL, 1873, at I o’clock, P. M. that valuable property, . , known as Essig’s Hotel, situa- A ted in the village of Mexico, in ■ •*s3Byu3fc. " <rv,m * nH,4,r District, (,'arroli county, Md., and lying on the road leading from Westminster to the town of Manchester, about four miles from the city of Westminster, and six miles from the town of Manchester, being tho same Hotel Property which Charles A. Zentx purchased from the heirs of the late Adam Essig. There are SIX ACRES OF LAND, more or less, attached to this Hotel. The house has recently been refitted and repaired and in every way improved; there ia aluo good Sta bling and other necessary outbuildings. Teruu nf Salt.— One-third cash on the day of sale, or on ratification thereof; one-third in 12 months, and one-third in 18 months, secured by notes of purchaser or purchasers, with security, bearing interest from day of sale. JAS. A. C. BOND, JOHN BENTZ, apr 5-ts Trustees. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A | HOUSE AND LOT At Silver Run, Carroll County. THE undersigned, by virtue of a Decree of ( . the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sit ting as a Court of Equity, passed in cause No. 1300, wherein Davul Schwartz is complainant and -acob R. Lipny is defendant, will sell at Public .Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, on TUBS DA Y, the SUth day of APRIL, 1373, at 2 o clock, P. M., a I*ot of consisting of 22 Square Perches, more or less. The improvements thereon consist of u two story Brick Dwelling House 20 by 22 feel, with Brick Basement. Ac. The building has been recently I erected ami is now occupied j *be said Jacob R, Lippv. 'This property is I desirably located at Silver Hun. and well j adapted to a country store, or any business of ! a public character. | Terms oj Sale. —One-half cash on the day . i of sale or on the ratification thereof, and the i other one-hall in six months from the day of j mIo, the credit payment to be secured by the ; note of the purchaser or purchasers with ap- I proved security, bearing interest from Ihe day of sale. CHAS. T. REIFBNIDER, ' a P Trustee. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAR ODD FELLOWS’ HALL, MAIN STREET, WESTMINSTER. T HK W’df’ndgned, having just completed | -X. his large Provision House begs leave to inform bis patrons and the public generally, that he iWI j prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Beef Bacon, Lard, Chip Beef, Bologna Sausage ; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He Ims in his establish ment a large Baltimore Put. nt Refrigerator, which keeps Meat perfectly fresh and pure for any length of time desired, so that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle ; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. Will open on Monday next, the 7th dav of April, 1878. P ft-8m # F. A. NORRIS. TRUSTEE’S SALE OK 1 HOUSE AND LOT OF LIND. THE undersigned, as Trustee of John N. Fritz, in Insolvency, will sell at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, On Sat unity, the 26th of April . 1873, at 1 o’clock, p. m., a I*ot of Land, consisting of ?siue Acres of Land, * more or less. The improve- AjzSLlO merits thereon consist of s JsljMKa log dwelling house, one mid a half stories high ; there is also a thriving YOUNG ORCHARD of PEACH and APPLE TREES on iheprem scs. I bis property is one-quarter of a mile north of Taylorsville, adjoins the land of John \ oung and others, and was in the occupancy of the said John N. Fritz, until recently. Terms of Sale. —One-half cash and the bal ance in one year from the day of sale, the purchaser or purchasers giving his, her or their notes, with approved security, bearing interest from the dav of sale. CHAS. T. HEIFBNIDER, apr 6t Trustee. NO. 1801 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. George Slater vs. Caroline Meisell and others. ORDERED this 8d day of April, A. D. 1878, that the sale made and this day rejmrted in this cause by George W. Lamotte, Trustee, to sell the Real Estate of George Meisell, deceased, be finally ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the Bth dav of May, next; provided a copy of this order be in serted once a week for each of three succes sive weeks, before the 8d day of May next, in some newspaper published in Carroll co. The report states the amount of sale to be $570.00. JNO. B. BOYLE. Clerk. True copy,—Test: P 6-81 J no. B. Boyi.k, Clerk. Lstate of John W/irwer, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters of Administration on the Personal Estate of JOHN WARNER, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Ist day of November, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are re quested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 31st day of March, 1873. 3 D. CALVIN WARNER, ap 5-4t* Administrator. hstate of Samuel Case, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroll countv, letters of Amninis- 1 t ration on the Personal Estate of SAMUEL CASE, . late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to tho subscriber, on or before the Ist day of NovcMßca, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 81st day of March, 1878. HENRY A. CASE, •P 4i ‘R Administrator. MEN B'WARE. SPRING STYLES FOE 1873. WE have jut received from lamdon, Knglana, by oar own importation, a line of newest patterns of C.othg, Oassimers and Vestings, consisting of 88 different styles, to which we call the attention of buyers of Fine Goods, as we will sell them much lower than retailers in the City, mar 21) H. L. NORRIS * CO. BLACKSMITH WANTED. A FIRST-CLASS BLACKSMITH to take charge of a country shop. Ihe Shop ia supplied with n complete set of Tools. A single man wanted, and must have good rec ommendations. Apply to JOHN T. HILL, apr 6 St* Near Bird Hill, Carroll 00. Md. rpKV Uw 1 TEAS, at A W. O. UOGKT'B. A. H. HUBER, No. a, cabiioli, hall, j DEALER IN Foreign and ihimeslic Drugs. PATENT MEIUCtXES, PERFUMERY, &C. t j i . EEPS constantly on band a complete , IX htock of the purest ; DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, besides the most popular ’! PATENT MEDICINES ! IN THE MARKET, j Parlies will find, on examination, a varied , assortment of f j FANCY ARTICLE. 4 * AND PERFUMERY. ttip Especial attention paid to Physicians’ Orders and Prescriptions. i april 22-ly TAXES FOR 1878, ft n ARE heavy enough without paying high prices for everything you buy. Appre t ciating this fact the undersigned is determined t “Cosh System" will justify p Quirk Sales and 44 Small l*roflts." 1 xadies’. Misses’ and Children's Shoes. Men h and Boy’s Boots, Shoes and Hats, ’ Reduced 10 per cent, to suit hard times. i> China, Glass, Queensware and Housekeeping y Goods of every kind, the largest and best stock in the city of Westminster. Woodenware, Willowware, Tinware, Stone ware, Fine Japanned Ware, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Clocks, Looking Glasses, I Table Oil Cloths, Linen and 1 Paper Window Shades f and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Teas, Roasted mid Green )• t offees, Suprs, Spices, Extracts, Es >* sences. Soaps, and everything in the Grocery Line. l * Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Cantors, v i Baskets, Card Receivers. Butter y ! Dishes, Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Turks, Spoons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated I , and at Baltimore prices. ; Especial attention is called to mv Sohe : Department, as I intend to sell everything in this lino at prices that will defv competition * j No trouble to show goods and give prices ; whether y;ou wish to purchase or not. An | examination of my stock is solicited. J mar 27-tf W. 0. LIOGET. [ to corn growers J. J. TURNER & CO.’S Bone Snper-Piiospliate. ANALYSIS Ammonia. 2.88 t- Soluble Phosphate of Lime 2.61 ‘1 Bone Phosphate of Lime 10.67 e Composed of the most concentrated materials, >- it is richer in Ammonia and Soluble Phos- r ’ pnates than any other Fertilizer sold, except t , our EXCELSfOH. and is made with same e care and supervision, uniform quality guaran >t . teed; fine and dry, in excellent order for 1 drilling. Packed in bags and barrels. | PRICE S6O PER TON. 11 I J. J. TURNER k CO,, , 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore, e j FOB SALK BY >f I Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman A .Shultz, Sykesville, Md. H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgevillc. Md. j McUomaa A Bro., Hood’s Mill, .Md. ! E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. 1 Biggs A Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. , i H- I odd, Utica Mills, Md. , Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. f. mar 22-8 m c i, ORDER OP PUBLICATION. | M In the Circuit Court for Carroll County as a P 1 Court of Equity. February Term, 1873. j Amanda E. Owing* vs. John H. Owings. 9 ! object of the bill of complaint filed in >• A this cause, is to obtain a divorce a n’ncw -110 matrimonii against the defendant. The I, bill states that complainant and defendant ; were intermarried several years since, that ) they have lived together as man and wife for - several years in Carroll county, that during e that lime the defendant has re|>atedly been 11 guilty of the crime of adultry. and that he has y finally deserted the pLintiff and left her with out means for her sunport, and. is now resid ■ >g beyond the jurisdiction of this Court, e It is thereupon adjudged and ordered this r 3d day of April, 18/8, that the complainant g by causing a copy of this order to be inserted in some newspaper published at the city of Westminster, once a week for four successive weeks three months before the 4th day of August next, give notice to the said absent defendant of the object and substance of this bill and warn him to appear in this Court in person or by solicitor, on or before the 11th day of August next, to answer the i premises and show cause if any he has, why a ’ decree should not pass as prayed. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. ’ ! True copy.—Test: : j ' JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk, f 1. E. Pkarhon, Solicitor. ap 5-6 t Insolvent Notice. , Upton Kelley vs. His Creditors. / \RDERKD this 12th day of February, i j V-/ 1873, that Upton Kelley give notice to I his creditors, endorsers and sureties that the j 2d Monday of August next is fixed for th£ said Upton Kelley lo appear in the Circuit Court for Carroll county to answer such in terrogatories as his creditors, endorsers and sureties may propose or allege against him ; ! *nd that a copy of this order be published in t some newspaper printed in Carroll county 1 once • week for three successive months prior to the said 2d Monday of August next, as such notice. 1 Test: JNO. B. BOYLE, ( feb 15-Bra* Clerk. r - - ( 5 As/0 V of Ann Richards, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of f ANN RICHARDS, late of Carrol] county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated lo the subscribers, on or befnre.the Ist day of October, next; thev may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are I requested to make immediate payment Given under my hand this *24th dav of March, 1873. BENJAMIN CROFT, mar 29-4 t • Executor. Notice 4 to Creditors. NO. 1840 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. John K. Longwell and Jno. E. Smith, Agents and Attorneys of the Union Works, vs. Jesse L. Warfield, David Oeiman and others. N°™E is hereby given to the creditors of w m. H. Harman A Co. and the Union W orks of Westminster, to file their claims properl, proven and authenticated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll count,, in Equity, on or before the first da, of June. A. D. 1878. ’ . J- B. BAUMGARTNER, March 20, 1878-4 t Auditor. Notice to Creditors. NO. 1858 EQUITY, In the Circuit Coart for Carroll Count,. Charles T. Keifsnider, Trustee, vs. Margaret C. Bordley. NOTICE is hereby given to the creditors of Margaret C. Bordley who were such prior the 22d day of October, A. D., 1872, i to file their claims properly proven and an , thentieated with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Curtail eonnty in Equity, on or before the first day of June, A. D., 1878. „ , J- J- BAUMGARTNER, March 28, 187S-4t Auditor. — —i— X Goods and lowfrices,at ’’ j W, 0, LIOOET’S j Sheriff’s Licenss Notice. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS, T RADERS. AND OTHER* A l-LjpruM and bodies corporate or no ■CM. line, m Carroll county, who are or jhall i ** exerojaing or pursuing any business, or i ahull be doing any net or thing, or shall be in the occupation of any house or place for any purpose tor which a license ia made neceaatry by the laws of Maryland, are hereby warned to obtain a License, or renew the same on or before the KJUST DAY OK MAY, 1873, under the penalty prescribed by said laws for the infraction thereof. | Those interested are notified of the fullow- I nit requirements of the License laws: 1 TRADERS' LICENSES.—The amount to 1 be (raid by traders for a license, (the amount i ol stock at the principal season of sale to be : given under oath,) is as follows: 1 If the applicant's stock in trade does not j exceed SI,UUU sl2 go ! Over $ 1,000 and not over $1,606 16 60 “ L6OO *• 2,500 t 60 “ 2,560 “ 4.000 22 60 “ -*IOOO “ 6,066 30 60 6,000 “ 8,000 40 60 '• 6,000 “ 10,000 60 60 10,000 11 15,000 66 60 “ 15.000 “ 20,000 DO 60 “ 20,000 •• so,ooo 100 00 “ 80,000 “ 40,000 123 00 " >, 160 60 Ihe applicant must either make oath, as heretofore, before the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county where he is engaged in business, of the amount of goods Kept on : hand at the principal season of sale; or the I i oath may be administered by a Justice of the ! I I'eace, when the persons wanting a license i I applies through an agent, if the latter course i be adopted the following form will be deemed ! a sufficient compliance with the act; Carroll count//, la mil. On this day of , 1878, before the subscriber, a J ustice of the Peace of the State of Maryland, in and for said county, person ally appeared and declared that he in tends to apply for a trader’s license, under the second section of the Act ofdauuary Ses sion. 1868, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, and made oath that the amount of the stock of goods generally kept on hand by him [or by the concern in which he is engaged, in case it he a partnership,] at the principal season of sale, (or il the appli cant baa not previously engaged in such trade] [hat the amount of goods which he intends to keep, Ac., does not [or will not] exceed $ Sworn before .If 'k* otk be administered before a Justice of the Peace out of the county in which the application is made, there must lie attached the certificate of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county in which the Justice resides. Persons may sell salt to cure fish in March, April and May, without license. Venders of cakes and venders of beer and cider, who are the makers of such brer and cider, [lager beer excepted,] are not required to pay license. LICENSES TO ORDINARIES AND TA_\ ERN KEEPERS.—The license to ordi naries and tavern keepers to sell spirituous ana fermented liquors, or lager beer, in quan tities less than a pint, at any one’time, are as follows; Provided that the applicant shall first be recommended to the Clerk by two re spectable freeholders of his immediate vieini , 'y, utl skull make oatk before said Clerk that he has bona fide [and without intending to evade the requirements of this article, I provi ded and expects do maintain six good beds, with sufficient covering therefor—and three rooms more than sufficient for the private use of ’ said ordinary keeper, with stabling and pro vender for five Ijorses at least; and if said ap plicant residet in the city of Baltimore, that be has provided and expects to maintain twelve good beds with covering is aforesaid, and six rooms. i The stid applicant is also to make oath i before the Clerk as to the rate of rent or an t nual value of the house at or in which the ■ business to lie authorised by the license may ■ be done or intended to be done. It the rental or annual value is not Over* 100 „....$ 26 00: “ 100 and not over S2OO 40 60 “ 200 “ 800 66 60 ‘•300 “ 400 60 60 “ 400 “ 600 70 60 “ 500 “ 750 90 60 “ 760 “ 1,000 100 60 “ 1,000 “ 2,000 160 60 “ 2,000 “ 3,000 180 60 “ 3,000 “ 6,000 260 60 “ 5,000 “ 10,600 400 80 “ 10,000 460 60 LICENSES TO RETAILERS OF BPIH IT COL'S OR FERMENTED LIQUORS, OR LAGER BEER. —The amounts of license to he paid by retailers of spirituous and fer mented liquors and lager, are as follows: If the value of the stock in trade be SSOO or ' !“-•••■ 118 80 Over $ 600 34 60 ‘ From 1,000 to $2.000 50 60 “ 2,000 to 4,000 76 60 “ 4.000 to 6,000 100 80 “ 6,000 to 10,000 120 80 1 “ 10,000 to 20,000 180 60 “ 20.000 to 80.000 140 60 Over 80,000 160 60 No license shall be granted to sell spirit uous or fermented liquors or lager beer, in quantities not less than a pint, for the sum of 818.60, unless the person applying therefor shall also obtain a license to sell goods, chat tels, wares and merchandise, paying therefor the sum hereinbefore prescribed, accordiry to the Amount of the stock in trade. OYSTER AND EATING HODBEB.- fhe license to be paid by the keepers of oy* ter and eating houses ia $60.60 through, at - the State. Females vending millinery and other small ■ articles, whose stock is not over S6OO pay a license of $6. 80 only: hot if over that amount, they are required to pay the same license as other persons—oath to be made as to the amount of stock at the principal season of the year. GEORGE N. FRINGES, ■ Sheriff of Carroll county. N. B.—By instructions received from the Treasury Department at the Clerk's office all persons applying for a license of any kind, (except mtrriage licenses, which are the seme as heretofore,) will hereafter have to pey the fee of fifty cents for issuing the same, making a total of sixty cents, as stated above. The fee of fifty cents has heretofore been charged to the State. GEORGE N. FRINOER, mar 22-td Sheriff of Carroll county. X. O. CRIMES. *. a. STOCVTER. GRIMES ft STOUFFER, (Successors to E. O. Grimes,) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, WKHTMINBTCR, Md., joying the highest price* in the Flour, Wheat, Com , Oats, Rye ana Grain of all kinds. Algo, keep constantly on hnnd a. large snpplv of Liquor*. Groceries, Flour, Feed, Bacon, Salt, Fish, Farmer’s Utemuls, Ac., Ac., all of which they are telling wholesale and retail at very low figure*. They have on band a Urge stock of the following Guanos, and are selling at manufacturers prices: Pacific, Whitelock’s, Moro Phillip’*, _ Baugh s Raw-Bone, Flour ot Bone, Coes Bradley's, Berger A Bata, Turner's Excelsior, , .... Sea Fowl, woolston * ltd. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac. . . Also, Oil Vitriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia and pure Bone for making Fertilizers. The public generally will do well to give them a call before purchasing, as they intend to sell low. N. B.—Agents for the best Blasting Pow der m the market, and the great Zingari Bit* terß ‘ - _____ april fcfoj. NOTICR A L i P on > *ko have claims against Mary Lapis, will phase notify the un dersigned of them and call at the office of Jas. A. C. Bond, Attorney at Law. EUAS’BROTHERS, „ , JAB- A. C. BOND, mar 2tf Trustees of Mary Cxplc. EUREKA SALVE. especially recommended to mothers with Core or lumpy breasts. This salve has been sue- TE recently anew ai*^ent| , to Farmers! , 1873. “EXOELSIOE," 1878. JR AML g r ..i: 1 ‘"taptaed of HOU pound, of No. J Permian | Ouano, and ItOO pound, of Soluble Phot phaU of Lime, (boat, dimulted in mdpkurie arid,) Potcuk and Hoda, ■ Forming the moat concentrated, universal and durable fertiliser ever offered to the farmer— t combining all the stimulating qualities of Pe- I ruvtan Guano, and the ever durable Fertilizing I properties of Bones. Excelsior is in fine dry I powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and l can be applied in any quantity however# nail, 1 P® 1 * ■® r ®i and t i the opinion of many dose ) calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex -1 penence in testing it side by aide with other popular fertilizers, that an application of 100 [ j of Excelsior ia equal to from 200 to ► I wo pounds of any other fertilizer or guano 1 J offered for sale, therefore ia fully 100 to 200 I j per rent, cheaper. : , 00t fiw imitations and counter ■ 1 j’bt. The popularity of Excelsior has in duced unsrruputou, parties in this and other I cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to | other honorable means to sell their mttih i lee, compounds. j . farmer, thould see that eeeru Baa i, ! w H h „ thc A *Ul'i SlSdad I OVR SAME in RED LETTERS. All ! others are counterfeits, PRICE #BO PER TON. J. J. TURNER k CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. for ssut IT Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman k Shultz, Sykesville, Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. MeComas k Bro.. Hood’s Mill, Md, E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. &"•* A'baugh, Rocky Ridge. Md. H. Todd, Ltica Mills, Md. Thoa. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. j mar 22*3m NOTICK To my FrlendK, CiiMtomers and the Public Generally. AFTER mature reflection I have concluded I only wav to do business success- I fully is upon a CASHf basis; consequent}? I will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. 1 . 1 hay for Cash snd I know if I sell for Gash 1 will lose nothing, therefore. J can and will i ie J Goods considerably lower than those who i sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call Money Saved is Money Made. My Stock embraces ; CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., consisting of , I COFFEE, SUGAR, | TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., 11 BUTTER, EGGS, BACON,’ LARD, FISH, SALT, TAR, Ac. . | I also keep a full supply of the best brands of FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as i i Baisms, Currants, Citron, Ac., and am in I constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, i which 1 sell bv the pint, quart andsgallon. ■ | 1 have greatly increased my stock of Queens ! ware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware, Ac. My I facilities enable, me to offer my stock at rates , | which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. , All articles warranted as represented. Come i and see, and be convinced. ' -n V °rl® r 8 not paid for when given, will be collected by the dnver when the Goods are delivered, as my terms will be poriuvelv Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb 1-tf West End, Westminster. CHANGE TIME. Western Maryland O x , After "’ednesdAy the 26th of Mitch, 18i3. the passenger trains on this road will run us follows: KASTWAEB. p *^ ave Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. and 1.46 Usve Mechanicstown at 4.26 A. M., 8.88 A. M., and 8.00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 6.10 A. M.. 9.28 A. M., and 8.45 P. M. Leave Westminster at 6.64 A. M., 10.09 A. M., and 4.28 P. M. wxarwxan. v P Baltimore at 8.80 A. M. and 8.30 Leave Westminster at 10,82 A. M., and 5-12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, and 6.05 1 • M. Local train for Mechanicstown. Leave Union Bridge at 11.08 A. M., 5.42 P. M. Expresa, and 6.46 P. M. Local train. Stages connect at Glen Morris Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 A. M. train from Baltimore. An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday,) at 8.80 P. M; Light Freight and Parcels can come by this car if delivered before 3.00 P. M. JOHN T. RIGNEY, mar 29 Genera) Superintendent. RECONSTRUCTION! CASH BUTS CHEAP I I WOULD most respectfully inform my old patrons and the public generally, that I have adopted the CASH SYSTEM, to go into effect on the 14th day of October, 1872, at which time t will have on hand a splendid assortment of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Notions, Furs, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Groceries, Oil and Paints, Glass, Drugs, Leather, Iron, Coal and Lnm ber and in short a general variety of Goods, mil of which have been purchased for Cash, and as I shall buy and sell only for Cask, my margin of profits will be small, and I feel as sured that 1 can give perfect satiefisclion in every particular. All I ask is to call and see me and be convinced that you can save money hy paving cash, ever rememberieg that “money saved ie money made. 1 ’ GEO. EVERHART. Manchester, Carroll county, lid. sept 28, 1872-dm E XAMDfKEfiN OTIOE. BY virtue of a commission issued to ns by the County Commissioners for Carroll county, to examine and determine whether the public convenience requires the opening of a public rood in said county, commencing at a point on n public road known hr the name of Trump’s Road, near Samuel Goeth ing's tenant house: thence on the bed of wold road on or near said bed. to the Pennsylvania Line where the old road crosses said line near Jacob Hess’ house. This is therefore to notify all persons whom It nwy concern, that the undersigned will meet on the premises, on Wednesday, the SOth dap of April. IS7S, at 9 o'clock, s. to execute the trust reposed in us by seid Commission. DAVID B. EAHHART, JESSE MYERS, JOHN JONES, mer 22-6 t Examiners, Transfers and Abatements. THE County Commissioners for Carrol! county, will meet at their office in the Court House, at Westminster, on Thurwiag and Friday, the *7tk and mk ef Marik, itutanl, and on Randan, and Tumi aye, the 7lh and *, Ike IRk and !Mk, Ik, til and !fd qf April, 1873, to make transfers and abatements. All persons interested are requested to at tend, at no abatements or transfers wilt he made after that time to affect the levy of 1878. Persons making application for transfer* of property, will be required to comply with sections 18 nod 19 of Article 81 of the Cod* of Public Un mar 22-fit ' ‘ ' Clek. SEED OATH. ~~

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