Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, April 19, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated April 19, 1873 Page 4
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U <ktn> am iraa kerne. *t II wmW' ApmKiKkAnaa.iikl MsMtoaaU; It ta foot. no. rMHft*.]aunKr Ii appeto* to ■-Wou to *a*i!..m, II baa moor ccuawiUon. a-1 wurlhf rvlathin>. It OQMit —reisa* iaoi> horv; It &&*-■U mxUXw* uWftW! It atMUte il our notion ~<Hrwcu W wn U U roeu it. U* u.or o l u# - f * brighter in uoon. It to Wd In tlio w. ttMMiab It Aiwa in tlw moon; It to tomii m the rainbow, likewise la U* snow; It wttl fellow mir footstep* wherever w go; U to shanned la the palace-beloved In the cot It to found la our bosom whatu'er be oar lot; It rules In aeoounU. whoa we balance our *.SH It ***** ere- y order whate er be our oflw*. It to sure to bo forwaost on every occasion; U will join any court—pr*ud to make an orailoii. It to part of our r****m and atoo oar hope, It does honor to God-tit a prop to the Pope, It will peep thro' each window, and half every door, U despises the rich, but to kind to the poor. It aids all our knowledge, our mortality too; It loads double service for lovers to woo; It it taught with our lessons In all we receive; It to mixed w<th our doctrine* in all we believe; It assists to make Joy—it abides in the foe; It dwells la the regions above and below; U to present in wo. and to absent in mirth; U was ne’er owned in heaven. In hell, nor in earth; It leagues with the coward as well as the bold; It combines with the hero, the young and the old; It embraces all points, yet it stands in the wrong; It to courteous to those who are robust and strong; It clings to the doctor, the parson, the patron: It fevon the bachelor, widow and matron; It to kept tons the flUher-bestowcd on the mother. It disowns every sister, and courts every brother It forms a companion In forming a quorum; It to heard In each council—to college and forum; It prevails in the flood, and It roams thro’ the wood; it was ne’er caught la evil, bat always In good; It soars with ambition, joins pupils In school: It boasteth of wisdom—through the bean of a fool; It was partial to Solomon—monarch of song; It to melody sweet to the musical throng; It to shut from our notice ten months In a year. It to only In two it presumes to appear. It clothes in with raiment, supplies ns with food; It to hoped this enigma to well understood; Ibf Jatmer. . Bees Swam mg. There are times when it seems that bees sre determined to forsake their hives after having hived, and go to the woods. When they are so inclined it is best to give them a flame of brood from some hive; then they are not apt to leave, and will not once in a thousand times—and it is a much better plan than to clip their wings, as they then have to be watched in swarming time, or yon will loose your queen. There arc several causes why bees leave their hive. The greatest of them all is, that when they are hived, and a large swarm, and the hive a"n ordinary one, there is so much heat that they caunot stay in and work their waa, and they are obliged to leave. Many, aa soon as their bee* sre in the hive, set it down where no air can strike it. The hive shaald be well venti lated, and let the bees puss in and out freely, and the trouble is over. There are a few instances where bees look np a home before swarming, but they are rare. When a swarm has left the parent hive and is clustered on a tree or else where, they have no doubt sent out ex plorers to find a home in some hollow tree. The swarm is very apt to stay on the same treo where they settled, if it is a good cool shady place; if nut, they will soon leave for another tree—perhaps at a dis tance. They fiy until they become weary, when they alight; if they don't succeed In finding u home, they again take flight for the west, or in a westerly direction, is is their custom. They have been known to repeat their flight seven! times before making a final location. This is the way they have extended so rapidly to the far west. Bees should not be allowed to bang on the tree any length of time. Hive them at once, and place where yon wish them to stand fur the season. If yon wish them to stay, see that they have plenty of air, or they will he apt, in aa unexpected time to you, to take np their line of march to ward the west. Is it at all surprising to see (be great numbers that have spread over the far vest, when we take into coo sidentiou the vast numbers that hare been multiplying for yean? They left the moth worm behind. Their principal ene mies were the red man and wild beasts of the forests. They went in advance of civ ilisation. Prolific Corn. The April mnnber of the American Farmer, gives an account of a very prolific corn raised on the farm of Wm. Porcher Miles, Nelson co. Va. It is called Hud son's Improved Dooble-Eared Corn. This corn, which Mr. Ed. W. Hudson has been carefully cultivating and improv ing for several yean, produced last year on some very rich bottom I .od on the Oak Ridge estate, in Nelson county, Va., on the Orange, Alexandria and Manassas Railroad, the enormous yield of 170 bash els per acre ! It was 28 barrels to the acre, and it shelled oat six bushels and three quarts to the barrel Most of the stalks had two ears, many three, some four, and one sulk had seven ears upon it—this stalk was exhibited at the Lynchburg fair, where the corn took a premium—and has been seen with admiration and astonishment by hnodreda of persons. Affidavits to the above facto have been made by Mr. Hudson and sons—all of them hard-working and industrious farm ers, estimable and reliable men. They are tenants upon the Oak Ridge estate. The editors of the Farmer says:—Desir ous of seeing this remarkably productive variety of corn widely disseminated, for test in a variety of situations, we have obtained from Mr. Hudson a limited sup ply of it, and i ciU eend to each mkeeriber of the American Farmer, who will forward as a stamp to prepay return postage, a entail pocket of it free. This offer, of course, includes subscribers coming in after this dote as well aa those whose names are MW on oar books. In writing give us your name, port offiee, county and State plainly written. Bo sot suppose because yon are a subscriber we know all these, and do not forgot to enclose a stamp which is a condition of this offer. Elder leave* strewed among grain when it is pnt in the bin, will preserve it from 1 the ravages of the weevil. The same leaves scattered over cabbages, cucumbers, j aouasbes and other ntante will shield them 1 S' WVJWUOHW, sous* vwva jnisrir f a “ IKLrved in lbs same way. ? \ Success in Farming Success is this punait depends largely P* tawcutoand mental activity of the .represeatativM'nf C* adhl. class of the world’s workers. * The time was when the rich, fresh soil of the older states, backed by the grand old forests them selves, yielded an abundant harvest by fone of muscular effort on the pert of the husbandman, in'connection with favorable Isothermal and hygrometrical conditions, fo-day, over a vaat area, in the aggregate sS large as the largest of the Eastern | States, the surface soil, which has been harassed beyond endurance—yield* scarce enough to entitle the product to the name of a crop. Treading in the footsteps of iseir fathers, and farming in the time honored way of their grandfathers before them, the surface soil has become almost -Ihaunted of many essential elements of plant food. As may be inferred, this will be found to he the cose the most frequent ly in thooe communities where the least number of agricultural books and papers are read. As a rule, the successful farmer is the reading oae—for it ia only this way that be can keep himself sufficiently posted to keep up with the times, or to keep i abreast of the spirit of the age in which we live. An agricultural community without papers and hooka adapted to their varied interests, is like a ship st sea without , compass or redder. We find that oar reading community nuke more money, have better homes, richer lands, have at tained a better social condition and are better off in every conceivable wav, than those who do not read. Books and pa pers beget a spirit of progress. They are , the leaven which infuses life, into every farming community. They go before snd lead the way to farmers' clubs and fair associations. The farmers of to-day, as well as the coming one. should be educated in agricultural science, and then reduce 1 his knowledge to practice. It bts so long ' been customary to associate mental activity ■ with phvsical inactivity," that we are apt to 1 think that this must necessarily always be 8 so. I Our young men still look with longing 1 eyes towards our cities ; first because their r country homes are, in by far too many I Instances, as unattractive as it is possible r to make them ; secondly, because of a misunderstanding of the real difficulties l ' which are incident to a successful career ’ In our principal cities. This may continne ’ to be so for a long time, yet it is to be :i hoped that farmers and their families will 1 set about a thorough reform in making 0 their homes more pleasant and attractive; • by encouraging reading, the cultivation of " fruits and flowers, music snd sociability, ' tree planting for ornament and utility—in * fact, work a complete reform in what by far too many farmers consider unimportant ‘ and trivial matters, which nevertheless, 8 have a powerful influence in shaping the 1 future career of their children. In order to make farming a success, not ’ only muscle, hut brain and heart, must - each take part. Education in the line of 8 some chosen pursuit is now in order. 1 Happily form work now requires a greater ' range of mechanical ability than formerly, ' and we have reason to believe that many • other faculties which have heretofore 1 seemed out of place on the form, will soon r be called into requisition in order to enable 8 the farmer to achieve a foil measure of 1 success. Successful forming, sa we un -8 deretond it, implies not only constant f pecuniary gain, but constant increase in r the acquisition and introduction into our system of farming, of newer snd better ideas ' than we formerly possessed, coupled with an * increased desire for a special knowledge of 1 our pursuit and a higher perception of our ’ social relations to each other, and of our ’ true standing aa representatives of the 8 leading occupation of mankind. —Rural " World. > . I Sugar Beet*. No toot is more certain of a crop, and 1 none yields more food than these. They 3 are excellent keepers, nutritions, and great promoters of the flow of milk in cows and ewes. The seed should be sown as early aa practicable, in drills tdo to two and a half feet apart. About four pounds of seed will be sufficient for an acre, and it will germinate quicker if put ia boiling water before sowing, and afterwards rolled ' in plaster to dry. They are best sown by meana of one of the numerous seed drills now to be found at every implement store. The seed should be sown thick to save the necessity and trouble of transplanting to fill any vacancies, and afterwards thinned 1 so that the beet* may stand about Bto 10 inches apart. To grow the crop the land must be deep, rich and well cultivated. The soli best adapted to them ia a good strung loam, well manured and well drained. The manure beat suited to this crop is well rotted stable manure or compost, and there is no danger of patting too much an the laud. 1 The ground must be kept light and well 8 and deeply stirred. It ia Mid that what -1 ever the amount of the crop on the Ist of ' September, the yield at harvest will be just double that amount, and this bung ' the ease, it is of importance to push the crop forward that at the date named it may be as promising ms poMible. r ... Cora and Pork. From carefully conducted experiments 1 by different parties, it ia ascertained that one bushel of corn will make a little over 1 ten aud a half pounds of pork—groes. Taking this result as a basis, the following deductions are made which farmers would do well to lay by for convenient reference —that: When com sells for twelve and a half cents per bushel, pork costa one a half cents per pound. When con costs twenty-five cents per bushels, pork coats three per pound. When corn sells for thirty-three cents per bushel, pork coats four cento per pound. The following statement shows what the farmer realties on com when sold in the form of pork : When pork sella for three Beats per pound, it brings twenty-five cento per bashel in corn. When park sells for four cento per pound, it brings thirty-three cento per { bushel is earn. When pork* sells for five cents pm pound, it brings forty-five cento per bushel in corn ' I Wit uni Muwot. Go Tftj, Becky Miller. Qo V*y. BY OLD CJ-CLK BCHNIIOBB. Go vay, Becky Miller, fo ray? 1 don't lofe you now, von ahmll Wle bit. My dream v played oud. w pfeavefot up and aril, Mlt your febe-headed vay* I can't yet along m!t. Go vay. Becky Miller, go vay! Vaa all dec young voowaaa ao feUvhcad like you, Mlt a fece nice und bright, und a heart plack and ' plue. i nd all der vhile achvrarin you loafed me bo urn*. Go vay, Becky Miller, go vay! Vy vooce 1 doughi you vaa a athar vay up high, I liked you no better aa gugonuLbfe. But oh! Becky Miller, yon'ae now a big lie— Go vay. Becky Miller, go vay! You dook all der breaenta vat I did breeent. Yet. gobbled op eferydarned run vat 1 aeat- AU der vhile mil anoder young feller you vent— ! Go vay. Becky Miller, go vay! Vhen flraht 1 found oud yuu'ae auch a big lie, I don’t know redder to shmudder or die. 1 But uow. py der Chlngo! 1 don’t often gry. Go vay. Becky Miller, go vay I Don’t try lu make belief you Vaa aorry about, ; I don't beleef a dings vat cornea oud of your moud, ; I’nd betide* I don’t care—for yuu'ae blayed oud, Go vay, Becky Miller, go vay! 1 Second Marriage. A ministerial brother who married rather sooner after the death of his wife than some of the sisters thought proper and | becoming, excused himself us follows: — “My dear brethren aud sisters, my grief was greater than I could bear. I turned | every way fur peace and comfort, but none I ’ came. I searched the Scripture from ! (jiuiseo to Kiverlatiuns. and found plenty | of promises to the widder, but nary a one , to the widderar. And so I took it that the good Lord didn't waste sympathy on a man when it was in his power to comfort 1 | himself; and. having a first rate chanee to i marry in the Lord, I did so, and would do the same thing again. Besides, my I brethren, I considered that poor Patsey was just as dead as she would ever be." i s . ! A pious negro woman was once caught r by her master stealing a goose, and the ’ next Sunday she partook of the communion, I 3 after which her master accosted her us follows: ’ “Why. Hannah. 1 saw you to day at the communion table.” “Yes, thank de Lord, Massa. I waa lowed to be dar wid de rest oh his family. | ( “But. Hannah. 1 was surprised to sec i r you there," he mid, “How about that j ( goose?"—She looked a little surprised, as ; if she did nut understand the question, j but, ratching the meaning, exclaimed: I “Why, eah, do you link lee agoin' to let j an ole goose stand atween me an' my j. maker?” ■ ♦- j The bonnet of the period is a thing 1 fearfully and wonderfully made; no one can look at it without recalling Petruchiu's scornful description: Why, this was moulded on a porringer, ( A velvet dish I Why, 'tia a cockle or a walnut shell, A knack, a toy, a trick a baby's cap! Away with it I Come, let me have a bigger! ; But the fair wearers, one and all. reply with Katharine: I’ll have no bigger; this doth lit the time, ’ And gentlewomen wear such caps as these ; and who shall dare to dispute their taste ? ' It is, however, pleasant to observe that, in j ' the matter of ornamentation, delicacy und ' daintiness are taking the place of the 100 j prommceet modes of past seasons. 1 A nun whom Dr. Chalmers engaged to 1 manage a disorderly Sunday School, kept r bis eyes open during prayer, and when one 1 threat a pen into another he marched up 1 the aisle, still praying, and cuffed that boy s ears, and went back again, still pray- j ’ iug. After that he was master of the r situation for the buys thought that a man ' who could watch and prey like that could 1 not be pul down. Th* Effect.—“ Humph!" said an Englishman to a Scotchman, as they were I walking over the fields, “ oats are all very ' well in their way; but in England we feed t I them to our bones, while here they are I food for men.” ' “ Ay, ay!" said the Scotchman, “an ” 1 just see what fine horses there are in r England, and what fine men we have in ’ Scotland!” I “Pretty bad under foot, to-day," said ' one citixen to another. “Yes. but it pro i mises to be fine over head by and by," re . spondid the other. "Perhaps so," said ' the firet, “but everybody is not going that i way.” 1 I “Cato, hab you read de papers lately ?" “What you mean, nigga? “I ax you in - dia ticklsy manner, kase I sec dey I adwerttse for a gemman ob color to work ; on a form." Go way. I is in de politic i line now nigga.” , The last fashionable kink ia pop-rorn parties. It ia claimed that they nut only keep young men from another kind of I corned parties, but they are very sugges tive of a question they ought to pop. r . Professor Agassis says that "trilobitcs ; are not more closely related to the phyllo i pods than to any other entomostrac'ue or , to the isopod." Of course not. If a man named William marry, why is he pretty certain to be henpecked ? 80, , cause his wife will always have a Will of her own. “What it the beat butter?” exclaimed an orator at a meeting of dairymen. “An old ram !” responded a sheep-raiser. Our school-boy remarks that when his . teacher undertakes to show him what it what, ho only finds out which is switch. Whom the gods would destroy they firet make mad. Yes, and when some men would dye, they first get madder. Sea captains should be good nalured ; it . would uot be Mfe to have a cau't-anchor ue man to command m ship. A lady calls the little memoranda her butcher sends in with the meat, “pencil ing* by the weigh.” , “Well, wife, yon can’t eay 1 ever con tracted bod habits.” “No, air; you generally 1 expand them.” j Be temperate in diet. Oar first parents ate themselves out of house and home i J- MORTIMER HURLEY, PROF. OF MUSIC, TH giving instruction on the Hano, Organ, I X I folia, Guitar, Clarinet, Flute. Cornet i ami Thorough Has*, nt uhsati.y kux iko RATES. $8 PER TERM, OR SBO PER SCHOLASTIC VRAM. I PIANO TUNING $2.50. Also agent for w. Kif are & Co’s. idSSSeto 1 CELEBRATED PIANOS HiidWW j E. P. Nkkuhim A Son's Unrival- • • ■ W • ; led ORGANS. Particular attention paid to | the selection of Instruments. For particulars inquire at A. 11. Huber's ' Drag Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 22 DENTAL notice. Dr. GKO. S. FOUKR, Dentist, oilers his services at his Office, j Westminster—evert Monday. Tuesday and Saturday. . I Knunttubnrg —Fourtn Wednesday After- I noon till Thursday Afternoon. J Mechanicstown—Fourth Thursday After i noon and Friday. Rocky Ridge —First Wednesday Afternoon. Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. Middleburg—First Friday, j Union town —Second Wednesday Afternoon. Taneytown—Second Thursday Afternoon I and Friday. Union Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon | and Thursday Forenoon. I New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon ! and Friday Forenoon. feb 28 GROUT & REIPSNIDER, .1 TTORSEYS-A TLA W AND SO UVfTORS IS CHANCERY, WESTMINSTER. MU. WE have formed a copartnership in the practice of in the Courts of Car roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications Hied for Back Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Char. T. RcirsMiica. no 80-tf R. B. NORMENT, ATTORNS Y- A T- L A IC, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that be will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts of this State and the Departments of the General Government at Washington, D. C. Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy, jan 4, 1873. WM. M. MKkRK'K. J. J. BAUMGARTNER. Herrick Sc Baumgartner, ATTORNEYS ATI AW A XI) SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY. HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll ■ countv. Their Office is at the residence of • Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will he in Westminster during the j Tern? of the Courts, and at such other limes •Wbisiness may require; he may also be con ' suited at his Office, No. 17 St. Paul street, I Baltimore Maryland. nov 28-tf ABNER NEAL, ! JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AXD A TTORXE Y-A TLA IT. Office at the Court House. HE will attend especially to obtaining De crees for the settlement of estates oi ' deceased persona. Ac. Deeds, Wills and nil | Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge. ! moderate. dec 5-tf JOHN E. SMITH. WM. A. m’KKI.I 11’. SMITH & McKELLIP, A TTORXEYS-A T-LA If AXD SO LI Cl TO US. IX CHANCERY, HAVING formed a partnership in the prac tice of Law, will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors east of Court street. dec 6*ly I A. K. SYESTER. JAW. A. C. BOND. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac tice of Law in Carroll county anu the i several Courts of this Stale. Mr. Syester visit Westminster when i business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, ap 15 WM. P. MAVLSBT. C. B. ROBERTS. MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTORXEYS-ATLAW AN‘D SO LICITORS IX CHANCERY. WnmixsTtß, Mx>. I W Office directly opposite the Court ) Houfc. ISAAC E. I'KARSUX, SR, ISAAC It. etXKXOX, JR I. E. PEARSON & SON A T TOR NETS-A TLA IF. WILL promptly and carefully attend to all kind of business in any of the Courts in this State. Office opposite Westminster Hotel, Main street, Westminster. Md. dec 12* ly V). W. DALLAS, A TTORXEY-A T-LA IT. OFFICE at his Residence, on Green street, Westminster Md. feb 24-ly* DANIEL G. WRIGHT, .1 TTORXEY-A T LA W. Office 37 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md. nov 18, 1809 DR. W. K. FRINGER HAS removed bis Office to the house op posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Hering, j Main Street. Westminster. ap s*if. DR. J. H. BILLINGSLEA IS still actively engaged in the practice of Medicine. gfcjT Office two doors east of the residence of John L. Reifsnider, Esq. aug 19*tf DR. LEONARD ZEPP, HAVING located at the East End of West minster, offers his professional services to the public. When not engaged may be found at bis office or residence, one door west of Stansbury’s Hotel. may 0-iim CHAN. BILLINGSLEA, l>. I>. 8. AND J. M Kill KEN WELLER, DENTISTS. Orncr. Westminster, Md., 2d door Wert or Farmers’ and Mechanics' Bank, pleasure in informing their friends 1. and the public generally that having in creased their facilities for business, they are at all limes prepared to perform any opera tions in operative or mechanical Dentistry. Bure Nit. Ox. Gas, on band at all times. Dr. C. Billingslea will continue to visit the following places: • Lnivn Hridge. —Ist Wednesday in every month, remaining until Friday afternoon. S™ Wind*or.~ 2d Wednesday, remaining until Friday afternoon. L niontoicn. —Bd W ednesday, remaining un til Friday afternoon. Taueytown.—Ti d Friday in every month, re maining until the following Tuesday evening, nov 2* ly MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER, MU. i. W. HERING, President. RICHARD MANNING, Secretary end Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, General Agent, Westminiter, Md. ■ J. Olieer Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car roll county, Md. jan 11- f OABOBSf SEE D FTIHE Hotlock A Robinson's Garda Seed, A fresh and new, of ell kind., lost received by D. W. HOUCK, lebK-r.t Honcksville, Md. . To get handsome printing of every desertp- SESS: ; J LUMBER! LUMBER!!; X HAVE just returned from the Lumber j X Regions—and am now receiving the lar*

’ j net selection of LUMBER ever offered at j this plac'd, at K educed /Vires, consisting of I Yellow Fine, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND SCANTLING of all lengths and sites, 4-4, 5-4, ft-4 and 8-4 > White Fine Boards and Flunk, Yellow and j White Fine Flooring. Dressed and Undressed i Wealherhoardmg, \\ kite Fine Cypress and Chestnut Shingles, Walnut and Ash Boards and Flank, Flam and Headed Pickett*. Shin gle and Plastering i,aths. a prime lot of Chest nut Kails and Posts. Also ail the different s | KINDS OF COAL , I Thinking large miles with small profits bet ter than small sales with large profits, I have • concluded to adopt the former as my guide, and hope I shall ue enabled to carry it out by - persons in want of anything in my line giving mo a cull before purchasing elsewhere. EDWARD LYNCH, Near Depot, Westminster, Md. feb 20-tf 1 Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. 1 npHE undersigned, having X bought out •>. J. Leistei sJjpnKfnaßU interest in the well known his- ■ 1 tublishmenl of Messrs. Shorb A Leister. Main u street, Westminster, West of the Railroad, will continue to keep on hand a full and com plete assortment of all kinds and styles of FURNITURE, and a full assortment of Cane and W ood v ’eat Chairs, Hair and Husk Mat e trusses, Looking Grass Flutes. Ac., which • will be sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Scat v Chairs re seated and Furniture repaired. j . UNDERTAKING. Walnut and Metallic Coflins and Caskets il on hand. Funerals attended at all times, at short notice. Also on hand Newel Posts. Balusters and Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked to order, of all kinds of LuinWr. and different styles Brackets worked to order. All kinds of Architectural Drawings fur nished at short notice and at low figures. f feb 24-if J. J. SHORB i SON. s H Jos Hi'a TIROL! NO. JNO. U. YINCLINO. . YINGLING & BRO., e # 1 Successors to J. Yingling & Son, “West End,” Westminster, CASH DEALERS DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS, ALSO Carpets of all Descriptions, [j from Honie-mile Rag In the finest \ BRUSSELS, . Oil ClodiN, Mattings, &e., Keep constantly tbe largest ami bent assort incut of : GOODS IN THE COUNTY. ALL CHEAP FOR CASH AT J. TINGLING 4 BBO.S. ■) E. K. GERNAND, DEALER IN • DRY GOODS, ' NOTIONS, QUEHNSWARE. hardware, HATS, BOOTS & SHOES, n C edarware. , f |>,iinis - Oils, , Window Glass, AVER I LI. CHEMICAL PAINT. Drugs, firat-clnss Groceries, Ac.. Ac. • Corner Main and Court Streets, n may 18 Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND M L’ T U A L FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY I. OF BALTIMORE. No. 1" Socth Stuckt, Haiti work. This Company insures, on tbe nintunl plan, 1 Buildings and I’ersonnl Property ngninst Loss or Damage Ly Fire, in nil parts of the State. Tkt entire profit returned lu the lUin huUlera. U. 0. HARRIS, President. Boarii ok DtKKCTOItS ; Francis Nenle, of Neale, Harris A Co. It . 11. Caugby, of Noah Walker A Co. a 0. McCully. of Pomerait A McCully. r Philip T. George, of George A Jenkins. B. 0. Harris, late of Neale. Harris A Co. Hon. George Brent, Court of Appeals. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. George Combs, St. Man 's colntv. dec 23-ly Wit. UIVIL E. J. UWVEB. Wm. Lawyer & Son, Successors to Benner A Lawyer, WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS HB. ~r HB. LADIES’, MISSES’, AND f e Children’s Shoes, - PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Westminster, Md. e aug Hl-lv it : WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINSTER, MIL, DEALER in Watches, . t. Clocks and Jewelry, keeps constantly on band mid ! for nalc at lowest prices. * Gold and Stiver American and Swim* Watches, Solid Silver Ware, Silver s ~ Plated Ware for Wedding Pres . en, - Buffers Albata Forks, Spoons, b Ac - Pilchers, Casters. Cake v . Wishes, Ac., Ac. . ’ Spencer’s Diamond Spec tacles, best glass now in use. e may 11 MONTOUR HOUSE 5 r P H i E la'ely from Hanover, • "I ll >> 1 respectfully informs the public that he has opened the “Montour House in this city, and reapectfally solicit, a share of patronage. . . , J- R- DONNELL Westminster, dec. , 187 My JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, \ A UCTIONEER, , : WESTMINSTER, Md., will gire especial | M •“entioi. to the sale of Personal Pro j perty and Real Estate. ! Engagements may be made at ibis office. , j feb J-tf M REWARD For any caae of Blind or Bleeding | • Piles. Itching or Ulcerated Piles that DE BING'S PILE REMEDY Ails to cure. It si prepared expressly to cure the | Piles and nothing else. Sold by all Druggists. Price sl. Can be obtained of A. H. Huber, Westminster. apr 27-ly Look Here! tIARDS, Circulars, Programmes, Shinning ! Tags, Bill Heads, in fact everything re- I aired in tbe Printing line can be obtained at the Advocate Office. jan * to Ibo Autocats j j J. E. Tatlor, A. D. ScmaeiWt President. Sec’ry. and Trcas. 1 THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER, MD. DIRECTORS! David Fowble, H. Hainen, Kdward Lynch, A. D. Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OF i Mill Mnohi uor y, REPAIRING OK ALL KINDS, Gar Wheels and Axles, Circular Saw Hills, of oil Sizes; HOBSE POWERS, From 1 to 12 Horse; SKI* A II A T OR H, From 2 to 10 Horse; PLOWS OF ALL SIZES; WHEEL HORSE RAKES, Ac., Ac.. Ac. Dealers in Stationary, Portable and Agricultural Engines, From 2 to 200 Horsepower. RMJu Repairs of all kinds promptly at tended to. We are paying the HIGHEST PRICES 1 for White Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Ash Timber, in the Log delivered at Mill, or on the Lot, as parties prefer. I’ Persons haring any of the above will call 1 or communicate with as by letter. We pay from 1 to 1| cents |er pound for 1 old Castings according to quality, mar My Central Drug Store, Oi’lTlftm: CATHOLIC CHURCH, ( Main Street, Westminster, Mil., DR. £. D. WELLS & BRO., PROPRIETORS. DR. WELLS, having had several years experience in the practice of Medicine, fuels confident that he can meet the wants of 1 the community for MEDI- ■ riNF. vNP MEDICA 1 —** : PREPA j( A T IONS. The Prescription Department, be ing under the especial charge of Dr. Wells, will receive his , careful attention. A full as sortment of Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Washes. Powders. Dyes, Tooth and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat ent Medicines. • je 22-Iy FALL GOODS! FALL GOODS!! David E. Miller, HASiuat relumed from Philadeldhia ano Baltimore with a full line of KALI ■ AN INTER DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Our stock is complete, embracing a full assortment of Slm\vl* Dross Goods, Cloths, Cus simers. Fancy Ghhls & Notions. A call is solicited, as we are confident that our stock and prices cannot fail to give satis- J faction. sept 28 I). E. MILLER. HEAD QUARTERS PAINTS, OIL, GLASS, BRUSHES, VXD MIXED I’AIXTS OF ALL KIXDS HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTING AND GRAINING Bor DOXE AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE '"feAl \ CALL ON F. D. SANFORD, (Bnxemcul.) First National Bank. at the Depot, Westminster, Md. may 21-ly HUGH DOYLE HAS just received from Baltimore the best and finest selected Stock of l-adies, Gentlemen's, Misses' and Children s BOOTS AND SHOES - ever offered in this market. Also a large sup ' ply of Overshoes. All of the above Stock win be sold at reasonable prices for cash, and ■ satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted or repaired free of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the best material, at RE DUCED PRICES. Remember tbc place, Main street, near tbe Catholic Church. West End Jewelry Store. F* A. WAGONER Respectfully informs th© citizens of Carroll county and vicinity, that he is constantly receiving new and be’autilul goods 1 from New 1 ork, .consisting of WATCHES, either A.ner JSS&-W icon or Foreign; Sterling .Silver Ware, Plated Ware. Knives. Forks, Spoons, Ac.. Rings of all patterns. Watches repaired in the best manner and warranted. Silver and Gold Plating done with promptness and dispatch. Sewing Machines of every make dn hand : also repairing done. Give me a call as I am determined to sell. June 9 SHIRTS. Finest Ready-Made ; | SHIRTS $2.26. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. I Mad. a YOU want them, of Richardson's I Best Linen and WamauUa of New York Mills \ Muslin, and A Satisfactory Fit Guaranteed for $2.50, r AT NO. (kj W. FAYETTE STREET, Near Burnum's, near tbe Carrollton, and Between the Eutaw House and St. Clair Hotel. C. 0. MEG INN 188, Agent. april 20-ly NOTICE. IHA\ E this day adopted a new rule in my business. 1 will give strict personal at ; tention to all work in my line intrusted to mv care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all mv work. I have a very full stock and assort ment of WALL PAPER, at very low cash prices: also OIL CLOTH ' Sintra S , WI ? UO ' V SHADES and FIX TURKS, ail low for cash. WILLIAM COON, Westminster, January 11, 1878-ly JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr.7 MAIN Street, opposite Court, Weatroin ster, Md., General \\ holesale Agent for tbe sale of Whiakies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, PERU FI AN OVANO, Ground Bouea, Super IMioxphatcK, AXD ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS. mar 15-ftm Well Stocked. THE largest, best and most fashionable In*, suitable for the most delicate Card or tbe largest Poster, can be found at the Ad vocate Office. jtm 4 WESTERN MD. COLLEGE nm 1 STUDENTS OF DOTH HEXES, IN' DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. hcorinmlrd by Act of ticncrrti Aurmbly, March, 1868' rpHIS Institution in eUflWy Jj* 1 healthful ond flourishing Cty of West m j nt ter, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryloiul Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore nnd Hagers 'Ti. under the special I*'™** 0 ,?* £* Maryland Annual Conference iif Ihe Methu di.T IVotealanl Church, hut slnctly me from any aecuhaniut. either in tU course ol study or rule* of diicipiim-, ' , Male and female aludents recite in separate etaaaea. hut all have the advantage of in.lruc lion from every Professor having ( harps t the studies pursued. , , , The Vice-Principal. (Hev. Dr. Nichols,) the Preceptress. (Miss llance.) and several other members of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight of Ihe Boarding Students.' Tut Coi uhk of .Sn ot is thorough, under a full and competent corps of Instructors. The Truth Semi-Auunul Settbm, will begin on MONDAY, Kkbbimkv .'ld, and end on THUKSDAY, JI'KS llh, 1878. ixpxx.t* or agaatna; Board, Lodging. Washing, Fuel and Light **.oo Tuition in l’rc|ruiry Department Tuition in Collegiate Department... au.oo Matriculation fee (payable on enter- Ing the Collegiate Deportment; 0.00 Instruction in Music twith use o-. Instrumental . ‘.>.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) I”’ 00 No extra charges for any study in the Keg ular Course. payments: One-half at the beginning of the Session: the other, April Ulh, IH7R. Kooks anil stationer)- purchased of the Col lege must bo paid for on delivery. For Catalogue nnd Circular containing full information, address J. T. WARD, Pkintipau dec 21-lf W'fttntinsUr, Md, NOTIC’i:! To Our Friends, Customers, and the Public Generally. 4 FT Ell mature reflection we have con -dCV. eluded that the only wav to do business successfully is upon a CASH basis, conse quently we will sell Hoods ONLY FOR CASH. ! FROM JANUARY I.t, 1 873. [ Wo buy for Cash and wo know if we sell for , ; Cash we will lose nothing, therefore, we can and will aell Goods considerably lower than ! those who sell on credit. ! Cash buyers arc invited to give us a call. Money Saved in Money Made. | We will at all times have n hand a full Stock of Goods in our line which will l>e sold ; at the lowv* net Cash prices. I Thankful for past mvors we solicit a con tinuance of the same, believing the change we have made will be advantageous to our cus [ turners as well as ourselves. | Very Respectfully. GRIMEs A STOUFFEU. ) N. B.—All orders not paid for when given, ! will be collected! by our driver when the Goods are delivered, ns our terms will be positively I Cash. ! dec H-tf G. AS. j 11. BAIXKfI. i*. k. iuivcm. 1 IIAINES&BRO, WHOI.EiALK AXI RETAIL GROCERS! HEG leave to call attention to the large stock of Groceries, Lii|nor>, Ac,, which Ihcy keep constantly on hand, at their now .tore u few door, east of Railroad Dejiot. Our facilities are .itch a. to enable u. to offer great inducement, in point of price., a. we purchase .trictly for Cah and .ell at short profit.. We hove just receiveil a large lot of Fre.h Fruit., consisting of line layer Raisin., White Seedless Raison., Currant*! Citron, and other Holiday Good*. Our general Slock embrace, a complete line uf CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, QUEENSWARE, STONEWARE, GLASSWARE, willowware, woodenware, hardware, FISH, BACON. LARD. SALT, TAR. Also Dealer, in Country Produce general ly. Very respectfully, HAINES A RRO. JOHN H. BOWERS KEEPS constantly on hand and for sale, at his Store, “CENTRAL HALL.” nearly oppo.ile the new Catholic Church, a full assortment of BUILDERS* HARDWARE, Hard wore Generally, Oils and Paints, Leather of all kinds. Groceries, Provisions. Willow and Ccdarware. Aii the above good, will be wld at low rate, and will he delivered free of charge t the Railroad Depot, or any other point the town of ,\ e.tmin.ter. JOHN H. BOWERS, mi r 'j' 8 ‘ rl 7 °Ppolc the Catholic Church. TO tRR IS HUMAN. Bl T failing to call before purchasing else where and examining the .Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES. I at IRA E. CROUSE'S, is | J. disregard of your own inter-dEN est that i. wholly inexcusable. W J Haying hud a long experience in thi W®S| bu.ineis, he now flatter, him.elf that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase any article in hi* line, a stock not excelled in variety and quality by any ether establishment in the county, nnd Ins price* are gtmrunleed not to exceed those of Baltimore city, or anr other place in the Slate. ' , ' •Bir Don't mistake the place, one hundred yanls east of the Railroad, on Main street nearly opposite the new Catholic Church’ " estminHter. may 21 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! ®d"t l , ° fii ™ uh BOOTS AX It SHOES at the shortest notice, of the best material and at redneed price. All work guaranteed. JOHN BERNSTEIN, wtei%r° fCrMi * Linlestoin Liveryjiable Eularpd. Uanorer St., next door to Method!* Ckureh, trilh Increased Facilities. W E w c‘e bc R I . e “ cd 10 accommodate the T v public. Horae, bought, .old und ex changed. Daily Passenger and Mail Line Irom e.tmin.ter to Gettysburg. F’or Seal. Ac., apply at Central Hotel, We.tmin.ter, or Harris House, Gettysburg. JOH*i SPALDING, _ Agent. COAL TAR FOR HALE. Apply to JOHN L. HEIFSNIDER, I resident We.tminler Ga. Light Co. ma r BUILDING and Cabinet Hardware, large stock, at lowest city prices, at leb lB E. If GKRNAND’S. ! IS r P” I '™ r ° r Priming for the Spring Trade to the Adtsciti other. HKKTOK OKttR. . T „ PRODUCE DEPOT" At THE KAILHOAb, WESTHi* STEK , MAR)’LA MO. U AV, NO the largo M(1 M ou \\n-huuui (Ibnacrlr !?!*' J. T. Orendorff), wr aru now purcliusp ' ™ I* FLOVR, W/IEA T, HTE, OA Ts CORN vi/ COVNTHY HRobOlt of H 'lnscription*. Al to recniv* , ward "" PRODUCE AND GOODS SSXJfB.&'y- GROCERIES, WHOLESALE ANO RETAIL. Floor. Rncon, Fowl, Grain, Salt, Kiah A together with Splc, Shovels, Hoe. b? - ami Farmers’ and tiardenwa’ generally. Also ' * u (if ANO AM) FERTILIZERS of all description*; and in fact all snide, our line. ,B With lor,u experience and hv strict attend,,,, to bnainess we hope to receive a liberal ,C of the puhlir patronage. DENTON GRHR i : " 'r -i. T. uMKNimiipf It. 1. 50.....,, J. T. ~r uj A LARGE STOCK OF DRY GOODS. H. L. NORRIS & CO. a large and beautiful assortment of Foreign and llunrostic DRY GOODS, leUtiieM' Dress Goods in every style apj van ety. French, English ami American CI.OTIIS AM) (ASM itKES of best tpialily and latest sides. Xbo FANCY GOOD*. NOTIONS, GLOVES, hosiery, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, &c. We an- determined to sell Goods as hmu they can be bought in Westminster or Halt,, more. „. p a, ntAMi K. UCKR. SOII CI. X. | U acsriscrcxKKs ~, Conches, C'urrluireH, Uiikklch. Jng. Ifcr Wagona, IMiictonx, Ate. ALSO IIORBK HIIOKK.H | And Itlacksiiiithx In Urnrral. Special attention given to Repairing. All ’ onlers promptly tilled and wort of even kind warranted. W - Factory opposite Montour House. Main street, Westminster. Md. sr U lr HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE. PRICK ONLY $117.00. THH Simplest, Chcaje-.t Let Stitch Sea ‘ -I. ing Machine in Market. ! ALSO The American Button Hole Over I Seaming and Complete Sewing Machine, The fart mu) only Button Hole ami Sowing Machine combined has made its advent in this or any other country. Work* a beautiful eyelet* hole. Very sim , pie and runs very light and almost noiselm ToOK PuKMH'M AT OfR LAST StATF FaIE, j IW Office next door to “Montour House." Westminster, Md. F. R. BUELL, jan 4-ly Agent for Uarroll county. Westminster Hotel, CTORNEH Main and Court J Streets, Westminster, Car- A -ML-'X. roll county, Md. The under signed having leased this known Hotel, and the same having beet* thoroughly repaired with many iin pro'emeriti and refitted generally, takes this method of informieg the citizens of Uarroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that wo effort on his part shall lie Hunting to make them that favor him with a call as comfortable as possible. The table shall be us good as > this market affords. The bar mocked with pun* and unadulterated Liquors; waiters at , tentive and polite, and charges moderate. A cub is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a srieeialtv. nmr 10-tf F. I. \N HEELER. HOUSE AND LOT AT PRIVATE SALE The undersigned offers at Private Sale * HOUSE ANUI.OT situated in Snvdersburgh. 2j miles west i • 2^* Iftmpsteusl. Uarroll county. A The Lot contains one-fourth an Acre, and is improvetl by a good \S ealher* s boarded l.og House, with a Spring of w.te L , near the door. It would make a fine stand.’i * n a M heelwright, Hlucksmith, Saddler. Tinnei, Shoemaker, or laboring man. Enquire at the \N idow Shaffer’s, in Snyderslmrg, or to the undersigned, at Richards’ mill. HEN BY M. FU HUMAN, Oct 12-Ul, 1K731. • I Thoroughbred Aldefney Cattle m COWS, HEIFERS. Aiao I heifer and bull calves. f SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, “ BERKSHIRE FIGS, it lor sale at Clover Hill Stuck Farm, Finks burg, Carroll counlv, Mil. V rvl. btf LEWIS H. COLE. J i4nns mouse HttiL || Northeast comer Eagtlle uaJ SI. Thai St*., OPPOSITE BARXPU'a CITY HOTKL, BALTIMORE. : Isaac Alberston, Proprietor. tedT Thin is one of the moat pleasant and central locations in the city. TitiiMN sLftO per day. h may 7-ly Butchering Notice. 'T'HE undersigned desires to state that he *till continues to butcher all kind* of Stock at his Establishment in Westminster, ’ and will continue so to do, but that on and after January Ist, 1873, will sell Meat* for L the CASH ONLY. u . JACOB M. MOUELOUK. Westminster, Jan. im, jh7, lyr* '* NOTICE. HP*!*' un dersigncd hereby givea notice that e * >ceu a l*i>oh>ied General Agent of in Uounty Kire Insurance Company, e All persons desiring to insure property i either i, real or personal, in this Company, will please r address the Agent at Westminster, Mu. All communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBAUOH, aug V* if Agent. JOSEPHUS H. HOPPE, A CENT of the Farmers' Mutual Fire In* Kuranee Company of Dug Hill, Uarroll county, Md. MrPostofßce, Stoncrsville. mar2B*ly T7MNE Silver Plated Castort, Fruit Stands. -I- Can! Heceivcnt, Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Spoons, Forks, ami a variety of small e articles suitable for present!, at jan 2ft r W OTLIGOET’S.

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