Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 3, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOOBATIC ADVOCATE, KBUSUKII BVKRT HYT'SHAY HY WM. H. AND CHARLES H. VANOERFORD, ornox, no. t. oahrou hau. TERMS.—4B p* r year In advance. Single co|ilea A cent*. No nulMTipiioiiUm‘oiitimu-il until all unvnt an* jmlil. unleM at the option of tht* publlahcM. ADVERTISING RATES.—One aquari* <H line*) will U* Inserted :time* or low for |l. aml2. r ivnt* fon-acli nulMoqucnt inwrtlon. One cquitri* a moo.. fcIAU; 0 mo*.. A; 12 noa., 18. Hmlnc Cani*. not exceeding H line*. tS per year. W hen the number of ln*ertlon* U not marked advertlm-ment* will be continued until forbid and chanced accordingly. .Yearly adverti*cn must cuntlno advert UmnenU to their own hualnem. Knle and Figure Work double price. lluilneM Lo oale 10 cento per line. Marriage* and Death* Inaertcd free. Oblluarlee said )M*raonal rommunleationH .* denu per line. Itemi of Hews. At Trenton, N. J. “the Brower branch j of the heir* to the Holland estate’’ held u meeting last week, which was attended by Strsons from all parts of the country, on. J. V. Brower, of Minnesota, was chosen President, and Dr. T. S. Vender beck, of Philadelphia, Secretary. State ments wen? made in reference to the pros pects of their coming into lirmnislnn of a fortune in Holland, as heirs of Annckc Jann, estimated at 940,000,000, and of the progress made in the matter. ‘‘The old committee of twenty-one” was contin ued. The “heirs” have been striving for years, and give employment to an agent in Holland, besides “any number of lawyers in this country and elsewhere.” They seem to regard the fortune as a certainty. | The Atlantic National Bank, of New j York city, suspended on Saturday. Its suspension was caused by the defalcation of its cashier, T. L. Taintor, who had speculated largely in stocks, especially in Pacific Mail. His depredations hud been going on since he became cashier, about five years ago. In the afternoon he called on Mr. Tappan, President of the Gallatin National Bank, and Chairman of the Clearing House Committee, confessed his guilt and promised to aid ar investigation. It was reported on .Saturday night that the defalcation would exceed $600,000. The father of the thief is reputed to he very wealthy. The hank is. expected to pay about fifty cents on the dollar to its j depositors. There was great animation in Raleigh. N. C. recently. Says a local paper :—“Con siderable excitement was created yester day morning by a whisper, which soon ac- * (piircd the imjHtrtanee of a roar, that an 1 immense amount of money hud been dis covered beneath the remains of an old Catholic Church in rear rif the Yarbrough I House, now in course of demolition.” It | proved true. Thirty-five hundred dollars. | one-half in Confederate notes, but the re- j nmindcr in old hunk bills, gold god silver, together with a gold and silver wateh. were j found wrapped in a Baleigh paper of 1 HGT>, and are supposed to have been the aban doned plunder of one of Sherman’s hum mers. A curious statement comes through the medium of a Herald special from Berlin, to the effect that the Jafiauese Ambassa dors* now in Europe have been seriously consulting as to the wisdom of introducing Christianity as the State religion of Japan. An eminent German endeavored to dis- ' suade them from it, using pretty much the same line of argument as in the United States, justifying the entire separation of Church and State. But there can he nothing hut congratulations that full re ligious liberty in the Empire will bo grant ed, and this is probably what will result i from the present agitation of the subject. I An extensive stock yard, to aecommo-1 date the great herds of Texas and Mexican ] cattle annually received there, is in course i of construction at St. Louis. The grounds I comprise 652 acres, laid out with suitable I avenues, which with the pen. are to be I paved. Then* are 137 pen* already con- i stmeted. and when the establishment is ’ completed there will be quarters for 35,- i 006 cattle, 20,000 hogs. 10,000 sheep, 10,- , 000 horses, with reserved space sufficient j to enlarge these accommodations. A hotel | and all modern improvements are inciadcd in the enterprise*, which is intended to equal the famous establishment at Chicago, j There was a severe frost in the Caroli na! and Tennessee on Friday night. A ! Nashville despatch reports the corn nipped ( and fruit and vegetables seriously damaged ! throughout Middle Tennessee. At Knox ville and in its vicinity the peaches were | killed and the wheat greatly injured. At | Columbia, H. C. ice was formed, and the i young cotton and vegetables wore killed. | In North Carolina all the young cotton is j regarded us ruined, and the damage to other crops is very great. This is the la test spring frost known on the South Car olina coast for 50 years. It is not uncommon fur a bride or groom to interrupt by foolish nervousness the even course of the ceremony. The latest case is that of a man in Cleveland who put the wedding-ring into his month when tin service began, that he might find it at the proper moment. That moment arrived. The minister winked fur the ring. The trembling bride-groom gave an obedient start, a sudden gulp—and the ring had disappeared down his unlucky throat! It is said that over 200 immigrants arrived in New York, Wednesday, who had been promised by agents in London that they should have work when they landed, and they found the promise false. It Is also said that ofsooo immigrants who have arrived at New V'ork since lust Fri day, about 4000 are destitute, they having spent all their money to get to this country on representations that they would find employment on landing. Id San Francisco, recently, a Chinese patient iu a delirious condition escaped from the small pox hospital, and without any clothing on rushed wildly through several streets, eventually taking refuge in a passing car. The other occupants of the car speedily vacated their seats, and left the Celestial in undisputed possession. He was finally lassoed and taken back to the hospital. Information has been received in Wash ington from Oregon to the effect that trouble with the Nex Forces Indians is •expected, involving another Indian war of large proportions. The Nex Peroes trouble js said to have been “long anticipated in army circles.” Advices from Arixonaand New Mexico also state that Cochise con tinues his depredations on the whites. in the Criminal Court of Anno Arundel county, at Annapolis, on Saturday, the case of the State against Elizabeth G. Wharton, for an attempt to murder Eugene Van Ness, was slotted, on motion of Prosecuting Attorney Revell, with the consent of Attorney General Sycstcr. which is the end of the famous Wharton trials. The trouble* at Madrid appear to con tinue without cessation. The Federalists held a great meeting on Sunday last, at which there was much violent talking. Meantime the ('artists continue their aggressions in the provinces. A club has boon formed in Lisbon having for its ob ject the union of the Portuguese Republi cans. A St. Louis despatch reports the arrest of six men, charged with robbing freight cars on railroads centering at Quincy, 111. The robberies have been going on for two years. One of the accused is a switchman of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Two switchmen have turned State’s evidence. The trial of Dr. J. 0. Wert, for the murder of Cooch Turner, at Dover. Del., on December 2d, has been postponed, by agreement of counsel, to the June term of the court. Telegrams received at the Office of the Signal Service Bureau, on Wednesday, reported heavy snow at Cheyenne, with ibe thermometer down to 23 degree*. The Alexaiulria Gazette nays:—We learn that tgo colored men were arrested in St. Mary’s county. Md., on Saturday night, and are now in the jail at Leonard town, who have since their commitment confessed being parties to the burning of Mr. Schofield, and of the store that belonged to that gentleman on the Three Notch road, in that county, about two weeks ago. One of them has also confessed being guilty of a murder committed in that county twelve years ago. A horrible outrage was perpetrated on Monday near the village of Haltsburg, some fourteen miles from Pittsburg, the victim : being a young girl, who was first violated j and then murdered. Two men, named | Pohle and Hyndomaii, who claim to hrfvc worked at Cumberland, in this State, have been arrested on suspicion. The damage to the fruit crops in Michi gan !s loss than was anticipated. The yield of peaches is estimated at ono-third of a full crop; the apples, pears, grapes, cherries and plums promise abundantly. A full crop of strawberries is also expected. At Boston, last week, Rev Mr. Hut chinson was convicted of swindling the sexton of St. Paul's Church out of $lB,- 000, through pretence of a business part nership. Hutchinson is an Episcopalian clergyman, and was formerly of the diocese of Nova Scotia. A cannon weighing 1950 pounds, cap lured at .Sedan, has arrived at New York • from Berlin. It is a present from the I Emgercr William to the Lutheran Church at Titusville, Pa., and will be cast into a hell for the church. The indications of hostility among the Indians in Oregon are increasing. They have stolen 1300 cattle from William Wells, of Yakima V'alley, and are acting so insolently that In some cases the settlers are removing to the towns for safety. General Schofield telegraphs from San Francisco that there is no doubt but that some of the Modocs have escaped, and there are evidences of on Indian outbreak in Oregon, which! if it occurs, will necessitate reinforcements. A street-car conductor iu Detroit picked up a navy revolver from the floor as several passengers were departing the other day. and a well-dressed woman claimed it, with , the remark, “That's the second time I’ve l lost that to-duy.” i A recent additional dividend ofthirtcen i pence in the pound in the bankrupt estate of Sir Morton Pete k Co., gives their j creditors the total of three shillings and I ninepcnce to the pound on the proved ( claims of $5,600,000. 1 The Michigan Legislature has passed a j law prohibiting the watering of milk and providing for the punishment of those who do. The law imposes a fine of from $lO to SIOO, or imprisonment of ninety, days in default of payment, for an offence. The Greencustle Pa. Echo says that the Messrs. Snively, of“ Fairview Stock Farm,” Md.. shipped from that place, for Lebanon county Pa. on Tuesday a week, a mam moth Durham Bull, that weighed 2,400 | pounds. A Portland despatch says the schooner Win. 11. Andrews, which foundered off Barnegat, had on hoard 6200 bushels of corn, 136 tons of bridge iron fur the Grand Trunk Bailway, and a quantity of staves. Alligator hunting is a profitable employ ment in Florida since the demand for the i hides has sprung up in Europe. One hunter has killed 900 of the reptiles since | December. I A Quebec despatch says the exodus of | French Canadians from that city ami the country districts to the United States is I greatly in excess of the emigration of ! former seasons. | J. K. Nichols. Deputy Collector of the First Maryland Revenue District, is alleged Itobe a defaulter to the Government. He j has resigned, and is believed to have gone to his home at Elkton. The miserable scandal concerning the Vienna Comroisbiuneni is furnishing food for comment by the European papers, such | comment being, of course, exceedingly j uncomplimentary to our Republic. | The Memphis Life and General In- I suranco Bank, of Memphis, Teuu , sus- I pended on Saturday. Its liabilities are I estimated at $25,000. and said to lie ■ covered by its assets. The suspension of the American Com missioners at Vienna has created a great I sensation in that city, and many rumors 1 are afloat as to the receipt of large sums of money by some of them. Advices from the Upper Lakes indicate a speedy opening of navigation. On j Saturday some propellers were slowly working through the ice in the Straits of i Muchinaw. The New Orleans Picayune of the 20th instant, publishes a denial of the statement that the negroes slain iu the riot at Colfnx were killed after they had surrendered. Joseph Miller, the oldest, mid one of the most respected, citixens of Coatesvillc, Fa., died on Thursday night, in the 100th year of his age. The quarryraen of Knghien, a district in Hainault, Belgium, to the number of two thousand, have struck for higher wages. The Very Rev. W. H. Gross was con secrated Bishop of Savannah, Gu., by Archbishop Bailey, at the Baltimore Cathedral, on Sunday. The New York ('anal Commissioners have designated the 15th of May as the time navigation on the canals will he resumed. % The Rev. W. H. Milburn, known to lecture audiences as the “blind preacher.” is reported to have obtained a divorce from his wife. Taintor, the defaulting Cashier of the Atlantic National Bank, New York, has been indicted by the Grand Jury in the United States District Court. Under the superstition of Voudou a negro woman at Hampstead, Long Island, is charged with murdering three illegiti mate children. Coal from the Maryland mines is ac knowledged to be the best in use for sea going steamers, and the cheapest. A Pittsburgh merchant knows of thirteen first-society ladies who steal his goods whenever they can get a chance. Kaiser William of Germany is now on a visit to his royal ally, Czar Alexander of Russia. Commodore John H. Auliok, United States Navy, died at Washington, on Sun day, at the ago of 84. A woman, in New York, has been sen tenced twenty-six times for different offen ce* within fourteen months. The German Conference of the Lutheran Synod of Maryland meets at Frortburg, Allegany county, on Monday. Farrell, the man accused of starving sixteen horses in Brooklyn, is to be arrested. Mr. Paul Morphy has been invited to exhibit his proficiency in chess at the Vienna Exposition. Seventy-nine new iron works were started in different parts of Pennsylvania last year. George Hart, Esq., of Barren Creek Springs, Caroline county, Md., has corn up and growing finely. The Atlantic cable companies arc to be consolidated and their interest* amalga mated. The trial of the Tichbornc claimant for peijury is now in progress in London. The safety of Sir Samuel Baker and wife is now assured. Twenty thousand coal-miners iu Leices tershire. England, are now on a strike. THE MODOC WAR. ANOTHKU II LOGO Y BATTLE. Lava Beds, April 26.—A reconnoiter- ing party, composed of Batteries K and 9 A, Fourth Artillery, and Company E, 8 Twelfth lii fun try. left camp at 7:30 o’clock 1 this morning, proceeding in u direction f known to lead to the present stronghold of 1 the Modoc*, Captain Evan Thomas, of the 1 Fourth Artillery, being in command. A * dozen or so Warm Spring Indian* were f expected to co-operate on Captain Thomas' Jj The troops having formed a line, *kir- f mishers advanced without molestation un- * til they arrived at the foot of the bluff 1 south of the lava beds, having meanwhile signalled the camp that no Indian* were c to be found. On reaching the bluff the Modocs open- * cd a severe fire, causing the troops to seek ! ! such shelter ns they could find in the orev- ices, chasms, kc. As usual, the foe was 8 unseen. The first position soon became untenu- 1 bio, owing to the fact that the Indians c were able to deliver both a cross fire and an enfilading fire, and the troops were so 1 exposed that up to the present writing (7 H P. M.) only two of the wounded could J reach the camp out of nine wounded. * Uicutcntaut Wright, of the Twelfth In fan- 1 try, had sought shelter in a crevice which was particularly open to the Modoc fire. 1 Grave doubts exist as to hi* ultimate 1 safety. ‘ As soon as information was received at 1 headquarters relative to the peril of the 1 party, troops were at once pushed forward f to their rescue. Four companies were 1 ordered out, two of cavalry, from this • camp, and two from Colonel Mason’s. r Stretchers for the conveyance of the woun- c ded were forwarded, but the latter are r now returning without having achieved fl the object for which they were intended. ' Poor fellows! a bitter cold night at 1 least is before them. It is barely possible that some of them no longer heed cold or 1 heat. Their comrade*, who from cause I arc now coming to camp show plainly by ( their demeanor the heartfelt sorrow they i feel for them, but arc powerless in the < matter. ( Later.— Another talo of horror comes ! from the lava beds, not less distressing |m than the murder of General Uanby, and i vastly more humiliating. Three compa- t nies of United States- troop* (probably I one hundred and fifty men in all) went out ( to look for the sixty Modoc warriors, who < still remain iu their inaccessible strong- < hold. They were attacked by the savages I with such fury that all who did not run away were killed. Twenty-four men were ( left dead among the rocks, and fourteen of , the wounded managed to escape and get back to camp. Five arc still missing. , The officers seem to have behaved with , great gallantry. Three of them died like j brave men, and a fourth was carried off , the field badly wounded. It is not known . that any of the Modocs were killed in this ; encounter, although the friendly Indians co-operating with the United Slate* troops are reported to have taken four scn/p$ in another skirmish. The Modocs are armed with repeating rifles, and, being expert marksmen, they lie quietly in ambush un til the soldiers come within range, and then shoot with ns much deliberation and safety as if they were stalking game. They in variably aim for the officers first, and gen erally bring them down. There is then a panic, and the surviving soldiers start for their camp* with all possible dispatch. • When they have gone the warriors oomc out from their concealment, scalp the dead and dying, and mutilate their bodies in > the traditional Indian style. The officers killed in the late massacre were Captain Thomas, of the Fourth United States Ar tillery, a son of General Lorenzo Thomas, formerly Adjutant General of the Army ; Lieutenant Howe, son of Major Marshal Howe, on the retired list, and a son-in-law of General Barry, the commandant at Fortress Monroe; Lieutenant Wright, of the Twelth Infantry, son of the late Major General George Wright, and nephew of the late General Sumner. Lieutenant Harris, reported wounded, is a nephew of the late Bishop Melivune. A despatch to the New Y T ork Herald says that the United States troops engaged only numbered six ty-nine, of whom forty-nine were killed and wounded. A. B. Mcachcm, chairman of the Mo , doc Peace Commission, is a thorough con i vert against the peace policy, and an ud • vocate for complete subjugation. Han Francisco, April 29.—A dcs patch from Yrcka to-night says that the people in that place and in Hcott's Valley are arming, under the apprehension that • there will be a general Indian war. The ladies of Yrcka have taken measures to send lint, bandages, fruit and other necessities to the sick and wounded. Mendenhall's troops, numbering one hundred and thirty men, were expected to join General GUlem last night. Settlers iu the valleys of Oregon, above the lakes and lava bods, are moving away with their cattle and other property, being afraid to remain longer. There i* no further news from the front. r Case of McVeigh Against Underwood. A dispatch from Richmond. Va. says that the Supreme Court of Appeals have , rendered a decision in the ease of Under wood vs. McVeigh, affirming the judgment of the Corporation Court of Alexandria, which directed writs to issue ejecting Judge Underwood, of the United States District Court, from the jiosscssion of a handsome residence in Alexandria, pur -1 chased by him at a confiscation sale order ed by himself in 1864. McVeigh, owner 1 of the property, and who went to Rich mond during tho war, introduced testimo ny to show that Oakes Ames, John A. Al i ley, Humucl Hooper and Underwood and ! son had organized to cause confiscation proceedings to be instituted. The Su premo Court, in giving it* decision, accord ing to the dispatch, declared that 'n its ; opinion Underwood’s conduct had been such as to shuck the moral sense of every honest man. < The sale of the McVeigh property in Alexandria, Vu. was made under an agree ment of the attachment creditors of Mc -1 Vcigh, who had obtained judgments sub sequent to the confiscation decree of Un- < derwood and Oakes Ames, Alley and 1 Hooper and Underwood, tho latter parties < having on tho day of sale purchased the interest of the attachment creditors. The i 1 house and let purchased by Underwood 1 for his wife for the sum of S7OO, was 1 worth between SIO,OOO and $12,000. — ' . Judge Underwood had confiscated, in fee, i that and other property of McVeigh of the i value of $70,000 or $75,000, the whole of ( which brought only SIB,OOO or $20,000. The Cable Monopoly.—No words . can sufficiently set forth the unscrupulous | management of this odious monoply. The directors, notwithstanding their huge divi- ■ dends, being greedy for more money, an ' nounced that on tne first of May they 1 would reduced their enormous rates 25 per cent., in the expectation of increasing ' their receipt* by this concession. After 1 drawing ever)' one they could into new 1 arrangement* to meet this reduction with : increased (ditronago of the lino, they now i reverse this action, and announce, instead of a reduction of 25 per cent, an absolute , increase of 50 per cent, in their extrava . gant exactions. We cannot offer a more fitting comment on this action.than lo say , that such an abuse/if the public confidence on their part is nothing new, and will oc . casion no surprise.— N. Y Journal of Commerce. The ioe iu the Ht. Lawrence river con tinue* firm beyond Quebec. Political Hot*. Those who ray our Government should take possession of the telegraph lines as sert that in England such action has re sulted in cheap rates to the public, while the earnings of the lines pay interest on the capital invested. A recent disclosure in the British Parliament uncovers the fact that telegraph managers have availed themselves of their connection with the post-office system to use a largo surplus belonging to the post-office, and have even disturbed sonic of the saving bank defies its to defray their current expenses, and that last year the report was made to order by transferring to the capital account £645,- 000, which should have been charged to current expenses. Vet Parliament made an additional “capital” appropriation of 81,000,000. The department uas already exhausted this sum, and will have incurred before the end of the financial year, it is stated, a liability of over £BOO,OOO. If this is the result of Government control of telegraphic lines in England, what may we expect if the experiment is tried here ? Many thousand dollars of the people's money are to be expended in printing a series of postage-stamps of all denomina tions, of special designs, and Injuring the inscription, “Executive,” for the exclusive use of the President, in order that His Excellency’s correspondence may be dis tinguished above the plebeian missives of j the comiAon herd. These stamps, with j other separately distinctive ones for each j department of the Government, are to cost I nearly 82,000,000 for the coming year, or. 1 to be more exact, enough to cover the ■ mailing 0f02,190,060 half-ounce packages. All of which goes to show how far our republican civilization is in advance of the I effete barbarism of Great Britian, where 1 royal personages must fain content them selves with licking and sticking the same | vulgar pattern of postage-stump used by ; the meanest subject. Kent County Democratic Conven tion. —The Democratic Convention of Kent county, met at the court-house in Chestertown recently, to determine the manner of making nominations for the fall election. The convention decided, after considerable discussion, by u vote of 14 to 11, to adhere to the old disftict system of candidates for office. The minority were in favor of running the can didates throughout the county, the highest for each office to be the nominee. A res olution was adopted requiring the Domo- j cratic State Central Committee of Kent ; county to issue a call making (he nomiim 1 tions not later than the first week in June. ; Secretary Belknap, who is in New ■ Orleans, will investigate the Louisiana ‘ difficulties. He will consult with General Emory, Governor Kellogg and members of I the Custom House party,” and even representatives of the opposition govern- | meut who may offer their views for his ! consideration.” On his judgment the j authorities at Washington will base their future action in the difficulty. New Jersey is to have her Constitution revised by a special commission appointed by (ho Governor. Governor Parker has nominated the fourteen gentlemen— two from each Congressional district—who are to perform the labor. The Commission is equally divided politically, and contains several prominent men. Of course, their work is to be submitted to a vote of the people. William M. Butler, the recently elected colored Alderman iu Annapolis, is a candi date for the next legislature. How the Money Goes. Internal Improvements by the General Government a Source op Unbounded Extravagance and Cor ruption.—Among the laws of the session of 1872-3 is the Stiver and Harbor bill, with its $0,082,900. At the close, as usual, is a clause directing the Secretary’ of War to cause surveys to bo made of new works and to report an estimate of each. These new works are added to the list of the next Congress, and iu this way the annual expenditure is enormous. Among the new works of this last act is a survey and estimate of Pine River, St. (’lair county, Monistigue harbor, and Se bawring River, Michigan; Red River, from Morehead to Pembina; the Youg hiogeny River, Pa.; an extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, from Cum berland, Md., to the Ohio River; also of a work to connect the inland waters from Donaldsouville, La., to the Rio Grande River, by cuts and canals, so as to avoid the Gulf of Mexico ; Great Pee Doe Riv er in S. C.; Forked Deep River in Tenn. Money is provided for just a dozen ancient harbors in Michigan, and 8100,000 to dredge out the Bay of Superior, to keep its entrances open ; 890,000 for Chicago -840.000 for Calumet harbor ; 8180,000 for Ohio harbors on Lake Eric. Vermont gets 840,000; the Upper Monongubola River, in West Virginia, 800,000, and 880.000 goes for removing Red River raft in Arkansas—a work forty years oh), upon which immense sums have been ex pended, and the raft now is worse than ever. The Capo Fear River, N. 0., gets 8100,000 —another 40-yea r-older—and then a number of less rivers and creeks in Virginia. The same is true of New Jer sey, Maryland, Tennessee, Missouri, New York and Delaware. Rhode Island gets 880,000; Connecticut, 8140,000; Boda Lake, Texas, $30,000; Maine, 8174.000 ; Cocheco River, N. 11., SIO,OO0 —and so on and so forth to the tune of six mil lions and more of appropriations. Two thirds of these jobs are unnecessary, and four-fifths of them, as with the 80,000,000 for new post-offices and court-houses, came from log rolling. When the debt of the country and the taxes of the people are remembered, such a misuse of the public money is absolutely without excuse.—A r . Y. Ex prise. Franck.—The election in Paris is over and resulted in one point differently from that at first telegraphed. The correct returns give M. Barodct (the radical candidate for the vacancy) 180,146 votes; Count de Uemusat (Thiers-conservative,) 135,406 ; and Baron Stoffel (Stoffel monarchist.) 27,058. The total poll was 342,600, and Barodet hes a clear majority over de Romosat and Stoffel of 17,682 votes. The straight republicans have not only to congratulate themselves on their victory in Paris on Sunday, for on the same day they carried the elections in the departments of Correze, Jura, and Marne. These elections are interesting as showing the decided bent of the French people to accept republicanism ns not only the best temporary expedient but also to attempt to found a permanent government on its basis. The obstacles to be surmounted are enormous, but enormous obstacles have been passed. Two weeks ago the Assistant Treasurer of the United States Mint at Philadelphia mailed a check for SIOO gold to the order of John M. Woodward, New York. The letter was sent to Middleboro, N. J., and was there given to a Mr. George Wood ward of that place. He forged the name of John M. Woodward, and presented it to the cashier of the Adams Express Company for payment. They sent it to Philadelphia for verification, and the for gery was detected. Woodward has been committed for trial on the charge of forgery. An old soldier is living in Loudon who fought with Sir John Moore at Corunna, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. Ex -Governor W. L. Sharkey, of Missis sippi , died in Washington on Tuesday,' aged 83. — ———- WEHTMINKTEK MABKETH, Keportad by Onnwit 4 Htouffitr. WIIOLCBAUt PftICBH. Fwbjh:, May 2, 1673.

Flour -Extra SB.OO ft, 8.40 “ Super 7.00 ® 7.00 “ Fami1y.......... 9.00 ft 10 00 “ Hye 1.00 ® 500 Wheat—Hud 1.50 ft 184 “ Whila..., 1.50 (S. 190 ! OaU 40 4O Cora 60 ft. 60 Hye 70 ft 75 Com Meal 1.26 (: 1,40 Clover 8eei1..,„ 5.00 0 > 5.00 Timothy Heed ; 3.00 fc 8.50 Flax Seed 1.25 (* 1.50 Lard 7 ft, 7 Bacon 9 ft; 11 Potatoes 76 ft. 90 Pork 6.00 ft 5.60 BALTIMORE MAHKETS. Sopor $6.00 Cos (i.OO Common to fair Extra t 1.50 fa; 0.70 Good to Choice do 7.25 w 7.76 Family ;... 8.00 (a, 9.50 Patapaeo Family 11.60 in, 0.00 “ Extra 11.00 (<u 0.00 Chesapeake do 11.00 ft. 0.00 Corn Meal 3.50 (§ 3.50 Wheal—White 2.00 H 1.10 “ Bed 2.00 fa; 1.05 Corn—White 07 fa- 68 “ Yellow ~ lit fa, Ot Gate ... 62 In, 6t Rye. 09 (a, 100 Beef Cattle—beat quality..— 0.26 ft 7.26 “ “ medium 6.00 ft) 6.25 “ “ ordinary 4.50 ft t. 87 Sheep—lair to good 0 eta. ft; 7) “ extra 6 eta. ft. 8 i “ aluck 2.25 ft 3.50 I Hugs 7.60 ® 8.26 ! Hay and Straw—Hay 30®. 85 V ton I Straw 28® ton I Hidea- -ateeg. 18 ®> 13J V lb 1 “ cow 12) fa, 18 “ ; Leather—city slaughtered... 88 ®t2 “ | “ country —BS in) 80 “ I “ Spanish Sole 37 fq) 38 “ j “ rough skirting...—.. 34 ft) 89 “ j “ Maryland k Penn— 87 fo, 30 “ Wool-unwashed free of burnt 25 ft 80 “ I “ “ bury 20 ft) 25 “ “ tub-washed 40 ft) 45 “ I “ pulled 30 fti 87 “ Seeds—Clover sft 0 “ | “ Timothy $8 ft $4 V bu. | “ Elax $2 fa> $2 “ Feathers—common to prime 25 ft) 72 ft 11, HOFFMAN & McKINSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, nAVE just returned from Philadelphia with the largest and best selected stock of Goods ever offered in New Windsor, con sisting of a general assortment of the new shades and styles of Dry Goods and Notions, 1 Also HARDWARE. QUEBNSWARE, BOOTS AND SHOES. | Wo have made it a specially to select Fine Cloths and Fancy Casaimers, y I f (,r Men’s and Boys’ Wear, which cannot he surpassed in the oonnty VABVKTS AN It MATT ISOS, AT ALL PRICES. , j .Wo shall sell only for CASH, our profits I ’ i will be small and we will try to give full satis- ■ ’ 1 faction in every respect. A. THOMPSON, I 1 whose reputation as a Tailor places him at the > head of his profession, still continues TAIL , OWING over our Store Room. A good fit , has long since ceased to he a question of . doubt. Go to A. Thompson if you want a fashionable suit. Just opposite to us is ■i MISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, , j where Flats and Bonnets of the latest styles ; can always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our | ' friends anti the public generally. Hoffman a McKlNstry. I ap 26-ti ELECTION NOTICE. • is hereby given, that on Election will he held in the City of Westminster, ’ on the First Monday, oth day of May, 1873, • between the hours of 12 o’clock, M., and 0 , o’clock, P. M. at MOHELOCK’S HALL, t Green Street, for the purpose of electing one v person for Mayor and five persons as members ot the Common Council, to serve the ensuing ' year, in accordance with the Act of Assembly I incorporating the said City of Westminster. * By order HENRY H. 11ERBAUGH, i A. M. Warner, Clerk. Mayor. ’ I up 26-te i : PRIZE CORN FOR SALE ■ j T HUE subscriber has on hand and for sale , -L 40 barrels Mammoth Yellow Corn, in i | the ear, suitable for seed. It ia the same that . j produced last season 28 barrels to the aero f I’rice SI.OO per bushel of 70 lbs. in the ear, j and the same kind that took the prize at the * j Agricultural Fair of Carroll County, lost sea ■ i son. 1). W. HOUCK, I 1 ap Ifl-tt Houcksvilte, Md. Office Bachman Valley B. B. 00. Md. Coi.cmbia, Pa., April 21, 1878. * T'MIE regular annual meeting of the stock ) _L holders for the election of Directors, and the transaction of other business, will he held ’ at the office of the Company in Columbia, on the Second Tuesday of May next, (Mav 13th -1 187.3,) at 10 o’clock, A. M. \ i B. P. STEIGER, I j ap 26-8 t Secretary. NOTICE. ALL persons who have claims against Mary Caple, will please notify the un- J denigned of them and call at the office of I Jai. A. C. Bond, Attorney at 1-aw. i ELIAS BROTHERS, JAS. A. C. BOND, mar 29-lf Trustees of Mary Caple. J NOTICR I have placed rav accounts in the hands of J. A. C. Bonn, Esq., for immediate col . lection; all those indebted will please make prompt payment by note or otherwise. Those . to whom 1 am indebted, will present their 1 claims for settlement. • DANIEL S. COONAN, M. D. i Westminster, April 2tlh, 1873, ap2-8t CAUTION. ITHE public are hereby cautioned against - harboring a Colored Boy named John Henry Lewis, an indentured apprentice, aged about 11 years. The law will be rigidly en . forced against all ao offending. A reward of SI.OO will be paid for his return. IGNATIUS GORE, I ap2o-3t* Freedom, Carroll o-uitty, Md. EUREKA SALVE. A certain cure for Cuts, Bruises, Sores. Burns and Skin Abrasions of all kinds; , especially recommended to mothers with sore , or lumpy breasts. This salve has been auc -1 ce*fiilly uaed for over fifty years. For sale at Huber's Drug Store. mar 16-ly ('oniinissloiiom’ Notice. THE County Commissioner! of Carroll county, will meet at their Office, in West : minster, on the Fibrt Mospav or MAY', 18<3, for the transaction of business. By order, JABEZ A. BUSH, R PI2-4t Clerk. FOR RENT. ONE of the beat Business Stands in West minster, three doors West of the Depot, on Main Street. Store Room and Dwelling first-class. Apply to ap 5-tf Grimes t stouffer. FOR SALE. A superior lot of genuine Peerless Potatoes, a V for planting. Very productive. Worth a trial. Seed from Troy, New York. ALFRED ZOLLICKOFFER, ap lU-31 Uniontown, hid. GARDENING AND other work promptly attended to. Orders mav he left at the Aotocati Office. p 19-81 W. F. NOEL. AKGAND A German Student Lamps, Glass and Marble Stand do., Porcelain, ’ Glass and Paper Shades, improved Burners ■ and beat Chimney:, at Jan 25 W. O. LIGGET'S. BUILDING and Cabinet Hardware, Urge stock, at lowest citypriees, at feb 16 E. K OERNAND'S. PUBLIC SALE or REAL ESTATE. THE subscriber, as Executor of the last 1 will fluid testament of Elizabeth Crawford, * late of Carroll county. diu-eared. will sell at Public Sale, on SATURDAY, the 17th day of MAY , 187 S, \ at 1 o'clock, v. a., the Real Estate of raid I deceased, lying near the Liberty road leading from Westminster to Libertown, 6 miles from Westminster, 3 miles from New- Windsor, 2 1 miles from Warfieldsburg, and i( of a mile ! from the Htone Chapel, adjoining lands of 1 Isaac C. Haile, David C. Bade, David Kilor, ! Hosanna Bade, David Bade at. 4 others. Lot ( No. 1 contains • 14 1-4 ACRES. j This Lot is improved with a good Chestnut Isog Dwelling 2.\18 feet, two stories high and basement, run- i ning water within 12 feet ufth house, two never-failing Spring ot pure water, one of went near the dwelling, i and could be brought to the door in pipes at ] a small expense ; there is a good Ix>g Stable | sufficient for 8 or 4 horses; good Shedding in front and at one end ; there are numerous Pear, Apple and other Fruit Trees of fine quality. Six Acres of this Lot is covered with superior Chestnut and Oak Timber. No. 2, a Wood Ixit, containing 6} Acres and 18 Perches. This l*ot is covered with Valuable Timber, for rails, posts, shingles, saw logs, bark, fuel, Ac.; a portion is covered with thriving young Chestnut, which in a few years will be valurble. No. 4, contains Acres and 8| Perches, j One hall of this Lot is well Timbered and beautifully located. No. 5, contains 7j Acres and 12 Perches. ! this Lot is nicely situated, 3 Acres splendidly Wooded, and the balance interspersed with valuable Timber for fuel, Ac. There could be 2000 rails of prime quality made from the Chestnut on it. No. , contains 3 6-16 Acres. This is cleared land without any improvements, but eligibly located. Persons winning to purchase would do well to view these lots before the day of sale. A rare chance for those who wish to secure i snug little homes, and evade big taxes for rent, fuel, Ac. I Ferine, —One-half the purchase money to be paid in hand, the balance at the end of one year, the purchasers giving note with approv ed security, bearing interest from dav of sale. CHARLES DENNING, Executor. Samuel Crawford, Auctioneer, np 20-ts HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE!! i FRICE ONLY 937.00. THE Simplest, Cheapest I,ock Stitch Sew ing Machine in Market. Also The American Sewing Machine, very simple, almost noiseless, runs very light and took the premium in competition with a * r o e '^ et y of Machines at our last xState rair. The feed and all its parts arc very easily regulated. Cord, Hemstich, Rraid, Tuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price $60.00. F. R. BUELL, Agent, Office next door to “Montour House.’’ j ap 26-tf FAEMEBSI TEY SMITH’S Raw Bone Phosphate. CIOM POSED entirely of well known Ferti le. liters. Is warranted to compare favoru bly in its effects upon Crops generally, with the best Phosphates in use, and yet is sold at the very low price of Forty Dollars. Cash, per Ton. Any and all persons doubting our ability to produce a first-class Phosphate, at this price, are cordially invited to visit our Factory and not only examine the material used, hut also witness the process of manufacture. FOWBLK A MATTHEWaS, Near R. R. Station. Westminster, ap 26- 3m AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, WESTMENSTEE, MD. THE High bred Young Trotting Stallion Hermit is a dark brown without any white, fifteen hands three inche (flßr high; by Engineer, he by Revenue, out of Andrewetta by Andrew. Hermit’s dam was a high-bred Mambrino mare from Kentucky. He will sene a limited number of mares at $25 to insure. tOT Particular attention riven to the Train ing of Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts, ror further particulars address MARTIN QUINN, Fair Grounds, Westminster, Md. ap 26-3 m Estate of Rebecca Hrmcn , deceased. NOTICE is hereby riven that the subscri ber has obtained from the Onihans’ Court of Carroll county, letters of Adminis tration on the Personal Estate of REBECCA BROWN, late of Carroll county, deceased. AH persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally the subscribers, on or before the Bth day of November, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of sfltid estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 22d dav of April, 1878. ALFRED ZOLLICKOFFEH, ap 26-4 t Administrator. Estate of Peter Henry , deceased. NOTICE is hereby riven that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of PETER HENRY, late of Cairoll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased arc hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Bth day of November. 1873; they may otherwise by law lie excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 21st day of April, 1873. GEORGE L. HENRY, ap 20-4t* Executor. NO. 1243 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. John Matthews vs. Johnzee Selby. ORDERED this 22d day of April, 1878, that the Audit filed in this cause be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 12th day of May next ; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, for two successive weeks be fore the last named dav. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: ap 26-2 t Jxo. B. Boyle, Clerk. NO. W 46 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Emma Brown vs. Jennie Brown et. aim. ORDERED this 22d day of April, A. D. 1878 j that the account of the Auditor filed in this cause be finally ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown or or before the 12th day of May, next; provided a copy of this order be insert ed for two successive weeks before the last named day, in some newspaper published in Carroll county. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: ap 26-2 t ’ Jxo. B. Boyle, Clerk. NO. 970 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Samuel Feeser and others vs. Paul Reinecker and others. ORDERED this 24th day of April, 1878, that the Audit filed in this cause be final ly ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 12th day of May next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, for two successive weeks be fore the last named day. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: ap 26-2 t Jxo. B. Boyle, Clerk. NO. 1280 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Daniel Bush vs. Daniel Frazier and wife. ORDERED this 28d day of April, 1878, that the audit filed in this cause be final ly ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 12th day of May next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, for two successive weeks, be fore the last named day. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. Tree copy.—Test: ap 26-2 t Jxo. B. Boyle. Clerk. J. K. TAVI-OR, A. I*. . V. UOHOXIT, j President. Sec. & Trees. Supt. j THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER. Ml). • LIKICIUK-: l>avid Pol>ie. H. Heines, Edward Lynch. A. L>. Schaeffer, J, K. Taylor. NANVPA4WKRRB OF Patent Hoisting Engines of ail sizes, : CIRCULAR SAW KILLS, Mill Machinery, ] j Boiler Maker’s Panelling Machines, PATENT TIRE BENDERS, Crouae’n Put. Force Pump, HTO van , CAST IKON DOOK BILLS, HKI-ABATOHH, From 2 to 12 Horse ; | Westminster Triple-Geared Horae Powers, I From I U) 12 Horae, Mounted ob 2 or 4 Wheels, or Down, j SELF-SKARPENING GRIST MILLS, j WHEEL HOEBE HAKES, Taylor's Patent Hay Tedder, PLOWS OF ALL SIZES, HOMINY MILLS, AcO. repairing of all kinds, I the Repairing or Rebuilding of Kail road Locomotive Engines of any kind. I OKA LEM IS stationary, Portable and Agricultural En■ (fines. Reapers, Mowers, See. , W • paying the HIGHEST PRICES for White Oak. Hickory, Walnut nnd A.h Timber, in the Log delivered >t Mill, or on the Lot, as parties prefer. Persons having any of the above will call or communicate with us by letter. ro ® 1 U cents per pound for old Castings according to quality, ap 19*ly TRUSTEE’S SALE or a i house and lot IN FRIZELLSBURO, MD. THE undersigned, by virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, ait | ting an a Court of Equity, will sell at Public i Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, On Saturday, the 3d day of Kay , 187 S, \ at 2 o'clock, P. M.aparcclorlotof land,con sisting of2B SQUARE PERCHES of LAND, | more or less. The improvements thereou i consist of n conveniently arranged Two Story I LOO DWELLING, s I partly Weatherboarded; Frame j Stable. Hog House, Well i Water within the yard, Garden, Ac. Building, and fences in good repair, | This property in in Fruellsburg, in the cor | , of l *>c road leading to Onmnlown, and I adjoins the lands of Jeremiah Kinehart and | others. I T, erm '. ff, iWe prescribed by Ike Decree are: ■ —One-third cash on the day of sale, or on ratification thereof, nnd the balance in nine and eighteen months, to be secured by the I notes of the purchaser or purchasers, with approved security, bearing interest from the dsv of sale. CHAB. T. REIFBMDEH. i Trustee. J M. 1 IXOI.IXO, Auctioneer. ap 12-ts ■■ I. mams. j. t. wawrum. GREAT BARGAINS IX Foreip aid Domestic Dry Goods!! H. L. NORRIS A CO. JJAVIMO |ut opened the largest and best SPRING & SUMMER GOODS ever offered in this market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give I satisfaction when compared with any others, ap 19 H. L. NORRIS k CO. NO. 1285 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Elizabeth Stocksdalc et. als. vs. Nelson Stoeksdale et als. this 17th day of April, A. D. v—. 1873, that the sales made and reported by George L. Stoeksdale, trustee, appointed in this cause to sell the real estate of Aaron Stoeksdale, deceased, be ratified and con firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of May next; provided a copy of this order be insert ed once a week for each of three successive weeks before the 19th day of May next, in some newspaper published in Carroll county. The report states the amount of sales to be $9433.26. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: ap I9*Bt Jso. B. Horn, Clerk. Eetate of Mary Decker, deceased. NOTICE is hereby riven that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Carroltaounty, letters of Adminis tration on the Personal Estate of MARY DECKER, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Bth day of November, next j they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. IK'S*'* 11 an( ** r m - v day of April, JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, •P 19-4 t Administrator W. A. liiMilveut a Notice. Upton Kelley vs. His Creditors. ORDERED this 12th day of February, 1873, that Upton Kelley give notice to his creditors, endorsers and sureties that the 2d Monday of August next is fixed for the Mid Upton Kelley to appear ia the Circuit Court for Carroll county to answer such in terrogatories as his creditors, endorsers and sureties may propose or allege against him ; and that a copy of this order be published in some newspaper printed in Carroll county once a week for three successive months prior to the raid 2d Mondsy of August next, as such notice. Test: JNO. B. BOYLE, ; feb 16 3m* Clerk. JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr. MAIN Street, opposite Court, Westmin ster. Md., General Wholesale Agent for the sale or Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, PERUVIAN GUANO, Ground Bonce, Super Phosphates, AKD SIX STANDARD FERTILIZERS. mar 15-fim To Gs. W. Robb or kil Legal Representative*. THE Auditor appointed to make distribu tion of the balance on the accounts of Daniel Brcnemnn nnd William Robb, Admin istrators with the will annexed ofGeoraeHobb, late pf York county, Pennsylvania, deceased, will attend at bis office in the Borough of York, for the purposes of his appointment, oo Saturday, the 3d day of Kay, U 73, when raid report will be presented to the Court oo the day last mentioned and comfirmed. if no ex ception, be filed on the 241 h •P >■* ' " Auditor. NO. 1272 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. John E. Smith and Charles T. Reifsnider, Trustees, ve. Wm. Williams and wife. /"VRDERED this 18th day of April, A, D. vj 1878, that the ecconnt of the Auditor filed in this cause be finally ratified and con firmed, unices cause to the contrary thereof be shown oo or before the 12th dey of Moy next; provided a copy of this order be insert ed for two successive weeks before the hist named day, in some newspaper publish ad in Cerroll county. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test i „ I JVC. n. Bovna Clerk, j TiRXTSXEE’a SALE Farm and Wood Land, ••Vvcuted uud recorded auiouo the Lend Re cord. of Cnrroli counlv. will sell at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on ,b, premiss ; one mile west, of Hampstead. Catron imimv Maryland, On Saturday, the loth day of May at 2 o'clock, P. M., the following parcel, of land, to wit i Lot No. 1, containing 74 ACRES OF LAND, j ore or less. The improvements thereon 9 j consisting of a Log Dwelling a- House, Tenant House, 1..,,. gKK Hum. Spring House, House and other outbuildings, I KKdUfc' water convenient to the buildings, kc. there i. also two apple orchards on the premises. ‘ Lot No. 2, containing 22 Acres of Land, inure or less, about one-half of which is hear il.v covered with Timber, chiefly Chestnut. Lot No. 8, containing 24 Acres, 2 Roods and 32 Perches of Land, more or less, about 20 Acres is heavily covered with Timber, chief < there is also on this parcel a Dwelling House and Stable. Lot Nil. 4. contains 20} Acres of Land, more or less, partly in Timber. A survey of the above described land has been made and a plat of the same will be ex hunted on the day of (tale. Tills property adjoins the land of Joseph A rniaeost and others. Terms of Sale. —One-third cash on the day of sale or on the ratification thereof, and the balance in one nnd two years, the credit pay ments to be secured by the notes of the pur chasers with approved seenrity, bearing ia tereut from the day of sale. AMOS BHAEFFER, Trustee. Crout k Rkikaxioer, Solicitors, ap 12-ta NOTICK To my Friends, Customers and the Public Generally. Ah TLR mature reflection I have concluded that the only way to do business success -1 For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. I. buy for Cash and I know if I sell for Cash 1 will lose nothing, therefore, I can and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Monev Made. My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., consisting of COFFEE, SUGAR, TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., BUTTER, EGOS, BACON, LARD, FISH. SALT, TAB, Ac. I also keep a foil supply of the best brands of FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, t urrante, Citron, Ac., and am in ““•‘“J* receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which 1 sell by tie pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly increased my slock of Queens ware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware, Ac. My fiscilitics enable me to oiler my stuck at rates wfocb for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted as represented. Come and see, and be convinced. B ~* ll ordw * no( pa>d for when given, will be collected by the driver when the Goods are delivered, as my terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb 1-tf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAR ODD FELLOWS’ HALL. MAIN STREET, WESTMINSTER. THE underaigned, having just completed | his large Provision House, begs leave to Inform hi* patrons • < and the public generally, that he ia prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Href, Bacon, Lard, Chip Beef, Bologna Sausage; in fan everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keeps Meat perfectly fresh and pure for any length of time desired, so that choice Meat* can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience be finds that the only fafe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. Will open on Mondav next, the 7th day of April, 1878. ap 6-Bm* F. A. NORRIS. CHANGE OF TIME. Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday the 26th of March, 1873, the passenger train* on this road will run aa follow!: URViU. P Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. nnd 1.46 Leave Mechanicstown at 4.25 A. M., 8.88 A. M.. and 3.00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 6.10 A. M., 9.28 A. M„ and 8.46 P. M. Leave Westminster at 6.64 A. M., 10.0* A. M., and 4.28 P. H. WESTWARD. P Leava Baltimore at 8.30 A. M. and 3.80 Leave Westminster at 10.82 A. M , and 6.12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, nnd 6.06 P. M. Local train for Mechanicstown. Leave Union Bridge at 11.08 A. M., 6.42 P. M. Express, and 8.46 P. M. Local train. Stages connect at Gian Morris Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 A. M. train from Baltimore. An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday,) at 3.M P. M. Light Freight and Parcels can corns by this car if delivered before 8.00 P. M. JOHN T. RIGNEY, mar 29 General Superintendent. ORDER OF PUBLICATION. In the Circuit Court for Carroll Courfty a* a Court of Equity. February Term, 187#. Amanda E. Owing* vb. John H. Owing*. THE object of the bill of complaint filed in this cause, is to obtain a divorce a rincu to matrimonii against the defendant The rail states that complainant and defendant were intermarried several yean since, that they have lived together as man and wife for several yean in Carroll county, that during that time the defendant has repeatedly been guiltv of the crime of aduhnr, and that he has finally deserted the plaintiff and left her with out means for her support, and is now resid ing beyond the jurisdiction of thja Court It is thereupon adjudged and ordered this 8d day of Apnl, 1878, real the complainant by earning a copy of this order to be inerted m some newapaper published at the dty of Westminster, once a week for four successive weeks three months before the 4th day of August next, give notice to the said absent defendant of the object and substance of this bill and warn him to appear in this Court in person or by solicitor, on or before the 11th day of August next, to answer the premises and showcase if any he has, why a decree should not pass as prayed. JNOT B. WYLE, Clerk. True copy,— I Tsati . „ „ JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. 1. E. Pasaaox, Solicitor. ap 6-6 t TRUSTEE'S SALE PERBONALPEOPERTY, la Woolery's District, Carroll Co., Md. TJY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed by aSS5r3s-S5 SATUHDAY, Ike 3d day of MAY, IS7S, at 10 o’clock, A. M., the following Personal aSSe CowsanTa' Brnfo" tudCv Shorel Plowfcook Stovef^m^^^^OT^ p ™^'o.r^ • on same of $6 and upwards a credit of six %J bng

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