Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 10, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 10, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, Ft'II.IWIO tVIT SATURDAY RV WM. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORD, orno*. NO. MMMU. HAU.. TERMS.-*™ ye*r la advance. Hlnjle conlea A cento. No iiolMcripUundlacuntiiiui>! until hII Armirx IM. nnlMfat tbcopUou a#the publUJu-n., ADVERTISING UATKB —one aoiun> t M will be liwerted * Umcc or Kn f r ft. and * cento f*r each Mil>M-<iuvnt Insertion. Hue miuarc a uhm. at hi- 11 16:12 no*.. I*. Bu.huWrar.ln. not ozm-ain* h line*, m per year. When the number of liixcrtluna nrtnuM advertiaemento will teconUnuvd until turbid and charged accordingly. Yenrly advi-rtU-ra must confine advcrttoi-mciiu to their own biuiiii*w Hub* and Figure Work double price. Umilnem Lo .aU 10 cento per line. Marriageaand Death* Inm-rt.-d free. Obituaries and penonal eoinmuniealloiui ft rent* per line. Item* of Newt. Forty-three Congressmen, of the Slate* tif Alabama, Arkansas, lllinoia, Louitianu, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Nebraska. Ohio ami Pennsylvania, here promised to attend the Congressional Conferonoe to meet at St. Louis, on the 13th. Only si* of tlie Congressmen invited have thus far declined, and these only on account of business engagements. It has been de cided by the Committee of Arrangements that Mayor Brown, of St. Louis, shall preside at the conference, and a special committee has been appointed to report the wants of the Mississippi Valley must needing Congressional attention. From New Orleans, requests have been received that the Chandlers of Commerce, or simi lar organisations of the Mississippi Valley, be invited to send delegates to the meet ing. Out in the lava beds a lenj|sirarv peace hangs over the scene of the recent hostili ties. But it is only teiii|iorary, for the military authorities having become eon ringed by experience that it will require trooje in a greater proportion than ten lo one to rapture or kill the Modocs, they are now making ready to send reinforcements to the number of thousands, if necessary. This is Ueneral Sherman's plan ; five or sis hundred soldiers are now on their way lo the region of the war. and another regiment will sikiii ion the way. Indian scouts arc also to he employed to help along with the extermination policy.. The details of the great strike in .South M ales slmw it to hare been by fur the greatest that has ever occurred. The strike lasted eleven weeks. The wages lost arc estimated at four million dollars. Tlie amount of coal and manufactured products withheld from consumer! had a money value of ten million dollars. Twenty thousand men were idle nearly three months, and the average weekly product of the mines and collieries affected by the strike was 107,000 tons of coal, 11,000 tons of finished iron, 1,800 tons of finished steel, and 1,000 tons of raw pig-iron. Janies Cullen, or Collins, who murdered Deputy Sheriff Hayden and Tin ma* I Hubbard in a camp near Mu pie ton, Mc. a few night* since, was taken from the officers who arrested him, by a gang of masked men. and lynched. Cullen is said to have previously murdered a lawyer in New Brunswick. Before he was lynched he confessed hi* crime, and said he re gretted that he had not killed the two other men in the camp, and also hi* own wife and child. In St. Martina Parish, of Louisiana, another conflict ha* broken out between the people, who are resisting the collection of taxes by the Kellogg usurper and the Kellogg police who had gone up in that locality to compel payment. At last ac count* the police had been defeated and threatened with further violence. When and how will this miserable and prolonged civil war on a small scale end ? The Gettysburg Compiler says:—Asso ciate Judge Peter Alii died at York last Thursday, at an advanced age—H4. lie was elected only a few years ago, and had one-half his term to serve, lie partici pated in the defence of Baltimore at North Point. There were few more earnest and out spoken Democrats than Peter Aid, and few more generally respected citisens than he. Cloud county, Kansas, was visited by another terrible storm, which caused de struction of property and loss of life. The roof of the house of a farmer, named Sny der, was blown off, and Snyder, his wife, five children and farm laborers were buried in the snow, and perished within' a few miles of the house A family, named Phrlieher, was also frozen to death. Amo* Scott, aged 75, a wealthy and well known citizen of Chester county, died at hi* residence, on Friday evening, from eating meat which had been sprinkled with arsenic to poison rats. The meat lay on the kitchen table, and Mr. Scott, being hungry, ate it, thinking the white powder upon it was flour. A waterfall two thousand feet high has been discovered in British Guiana by the government surveyor of that colony. In 17H0 the great Kaicteus Fall, 3110 feet wide and 750 feet high, was discovered by the same gentleman, who has rendered many service* to geographical science. Arab horses, it appears, have become scarce in some portions of the Turkish Umpire. The Government has, therefore, forbidden their exportation for seven years from the 9lh of April last. It has also, on account of bud harvest*, prohibited the exportation of grain from several district*. The Pennsylvania, the pioneer steam ship of the Philadelphia and Liverpool line, went out to sea on Monday for a trial trip that will lust from four to six days. Soon she will be regularly running, the only passenger steamship crossing the Atlantic with the Star* and Stripes at her peak. The Troy Timrg now lirst mentions the fact that a handsome weening willow, in the Fifth Street Presbyterian church yard of that city, is the growth of a twig cut from the St. Helena tomb of Napoleon by Cora. Wilkes, and transplanted in the cemetory by the lady to whom ho sent it. Capt. George C. Stouffer, formerly master of the ship Antarctic, a native of Baltimore, died on Tuesday night in Brooklyn. X. V. The deceased distin guished himself by Wing prominent in the rescue of 250 soldiers at the wreck of the steamship San Francisco in 1854. Dr. Win. H. McGuffcy. Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Virginia, and author of the well known McGuffey's school books, died in Char lottesville on Monday after a lung illness. A freight car is being fitted up in San Francisco us a salt-water aquarium, with a view of importing from the New Hamp shire coast a load of live fish, to stock Californian waters. Homer I*me, of New V’ork, and John McMahon, of Rutland, Vermont, have signed articles to wrestle for $1,500 a side and the championship of America, on May 30, at Troy. The Smiths are triumphant in Philadel phia. They number 1,851, against 970 Browns and 722 Joneses. It has not irbeen a good year for the Smiths either. TWo boys in Hagerstown, Md., were re cently throwing stones at each other for fun, when one was struck on the head by . a stone. and killed. Reports of the peach crop from through •out Frederick county indicate .an almost itotal failure. The prospect for the apple •crop, however, is veiy good. A. 8. Abell, Ksq., proprietor of the lialtimore Sun, will leave for Kuropo on *he 24*A of the present month, with several uiembers of his family. Sheriff Kane of Baltimore, has concha ded Co withdraw his resignation and to continue 1 cAue fm the remainder of his term. The grain fields of T*Wr, Cab, are black with millions of crickets. Horses and cattle are dying from tang ! fever io Cecil county. Md. t The now building in New York city, which the Western Union Telegraph Coro , I m,, y *°on to *eeupy, is to bo nine stories high, and will be surmounted by a Mansard roof, making ten stories above h 1 “* s, dewalk. Above the roof will rsc a , ( ' ,oc,t tower* square at the base and oc , Ugoiml at the dials. The whale height of J * building and tawer will be feet, or J fllot Higher than Washington mono ■ ment. The balustrade over the portico to the main entrance is to be adorned with i statues of Franklin anil Morse. The '' building will cost about t 1.000,000. The trial of Hollohan and Nicholson for the murder of Mrs, Lampley, in Balti more, commenced at Annapolis on Wed . nesday. A jury was obtained, and the , evidence was mainly directed towards the . finding of the body and the tricing to , Hollohan s possession a chisel which had > j been found upon the premises after having : been used to secure the money which was p the object of the murder. A novel feature I' *be introduction of a deaf mute a* a witness. The testimony closed on Thurs- day. and conviction is inevitable. The proposed Convention of Governors I in Atlanta, Gn., on the 20th May, is likely I to be a success. The following Governors have signified their intention of being i present: Hendricks, of Indiana; Wood son. Missouri; Walker. Virginia; Jacobs, W est V irginia ; Brown, Tennessee ; Harris, Alabama; Moses, Sooth Carolina ; Noyes, Ohio; Carpenter, lowa ; Washburne, Wis consin ; Beveridge, Illinois;*Cook, District of Columbia, and others. All the mayors in the State will also ho there. A new Credit Mobilier has been dis covered in the Vermont Central Railroad. ' The corruptions of this corporation have i only been equalled by the Mobilier opera ■ lions at Washington. The managers of i the company kept a IU of the members of the Legislature and other leading Radicals • who hud been bribed to favor their plans. The company is bankrupt, and the logis • laturo is investigating its affairs. The Fanners’ Convention reassembled 1 in New \ ork on Wednesday, and affected a national organization. * Hon. Josiah i Quincy, of Massachusetts, was elected ' President. The platform of principles 1 adopted declares war upon the railroads until they reduce their freight charges. 1 The Convention was resectable in num i bers and character and will have impor tant results in ]>olitics. A large leak has just been discovered ii the financial affairs of Ohio. A mil lion and a half of dollars that should have been paid in the State treasury, to meet that amount of the debt, about to fall due, is found to be missing, with a deficit of $500,000 lust year on top of it. An hon est Republican Senator is exposing the rascalities of his party friends in the Buckeye State. The Supreme Court of New York on Wednesday, rendered its decision in the ease of Stokes, convicted of the willful murder of James Fisk. Jr., denying hi* application for a new trial. He appears to have received the news of the refusal with cool indifference, simply remarking that his ease would go now to the Court of Appeals. The )>eoplc of Newburg, New York, are much exercised now over the adoption v>f a report by the School Board recommend ing the closing of the colored public schools and the assignment of pupils among the schools now used exclusively for white children There are apprehensions of a general withdrawal of white children from the schools. The investigation into the mental condi tion of George Francis Train, in New York, resulted in a verdict that he ha* been and is sane. Being thus declared responsible for his act*, he will now be prosecuted for publishing an immoral paper in connection with the Woodhull and ('lafliii matter. Twelve years ago a farmer in Connecti cut committed suicide by planing the muz zle of a gun to bis breast and discharging the weapon with a poker. Joist week hi* son. also a farmer, killed himself precisely in the same manner, with the name gun. and in the same room. A Mississippi sheriff makes an uncom mon demand upon public credulity, assert ing that both he and his wife were chloroformed by burglars, and $7,000 carried off from hi* house. The money was public funds, of course. White law Reid, editor of the New York Tribune, gets a salary of SIO,OOO a year. Jennings has slo,oooon the Timet; Croly had $5,000 on the World; Hudson had $20,000 on the Herald, and was retired on a pension of SIO,OOO. Oakes Arne* was struck with paralysis at his residence in North Hanlon, Massa chusetts, on Monday evening, and remain ed unconscious with little or no prospect of his recovery. He died on Thursday afternoon, aged 69 years. The case of Cole and Carter, two ne groes, on trial at Annapolis for the murder of Waters, was terminated on Wednesday, by a verdict of murder in the second de gree, with u recommendation to the mercy of the Court. The rain full for twelve hours, at New Orleans, ending at 6 o’clock on the morn ing of the 6th instant, according to the account of L. Frigerio, was eight inches and a-sixteenth. .Judge W. E. Lcffingwell, of Lyons, Towa, the famous Western criminal lawyer, though he has not slain his thousands, has saved sixty-five murderers with hi* jaw bone. George B. Taliaferro, aged <ls, a com mission merchant of Baltimore, was run over by an express oar in that city on Tuesday morning, and so badly injured that he died the same day. A caustic correspondent of the London Newt ridicules the American Department of the Vienna Exposition by giving a list of the remarkable articles now in it. The Bunk of England has advanced the rate of discount onc-hnlf percent., and the rate now stands at 4j. The Bank of Berlin has done the same thing. We learn from the Cumberland AVars that on Saturday last a heavy snow storm occurred in the neighborhood of Frostburg, in Allegany county. Ex-Representative John A. Bingham, of Ohio, is being already urged by hi* friends as Mr. Orr’s successor at St. Pe tersburg. The widow of the late Major General Wool, died suddenly, in Troy, N. Y., on Wednesday morning, at the age of 80. An American in London write* that ho bus spent ten day* in the British Museum, and has not got beyond the first floor. General Jose Antonio Pans, ex-Presi dent of Venezuela, died in New York, on Tuesday, aged 84. Forty-seven vessels belonging to or bound to or from port* of the United States were lost during April. The jury in a recent English breach of promise suit had to listen to the reading of 744 letters between the parties. Hon. James L. Orr, of South Carolina. American Minister to Russia, died at Bt. Petersburg, on Monday. There was a heavy snow storm in por tions of New England and in Nova Scoria on Saturday. The California wheat crop will be larger | this year than it was last. Then it was enormous. Two Toronto papers are being prosecu ted for pfoUng gift enterprise advertise- ! moots. Arizona wheat was £ fret high on Jan u*o 25 ! It takes four barrels of Hour to covey l I Pittsburg with circus posters. ' THRILLING NEWS. i- I _ C Falling of a Bridge, Great Lois of Life. J Fires, Tornadoes, 6tc. &c. a Dixon, 111.. May 4.—A terrible aeci '* I dent, involving a fearful los* of life, oc * i eurred here this afternoon. The rite of r j of baptism was being administered at a ■ j point in Kook river, just below the True* " I dell iron bridge, and about two hundred 1 j persons, including many ladie* and an urn v I her of children, had gathered on the bridge j to witnes* the ceremony. r , Suddenly the bridge gave way and pre i- cipitated it* living freight into the .stream . | below. The scene which ensued wu* in D j deueribably terrible, as the struggling e j victims vainly endeavored to free them „ j selves from the ruins of the bridge and I j from each other. g I*rge crowd* of people on the bank* n rushed wildly to and fro, and many of 0 them were so distracted with terror as to ;i be unable to render any assistance. Oth . j ers more self-jM>BHeMed, speedily brought rojies, planks and bout*, and went nobly to I H work to rescue the living and recover the j dead. Some of those who were on the ; g bridge when it fell were so near the ends ' r that they were able to reach land without, asHistance. Up to six P. M., thirty-two dead bodies I bad been taken from the river and it is j ’ almost certain there are others still under , 1 | the wreck of the bridge. Of those saved j j twenty-four wore more or less injured. i some fatally. Midnight. —No other bodies of tho vic tims of the bridge disaster have been received at this point up to the present hour, but several bodies have been picked up at Sterling, six mile*.below here, mid ’ doubtless the swift current lias borne others still further down the stream. The general estimate of the loss is from ninety K to one hundred. As stated in a previous despatch, thirty two bodies were recovered before dark. , Five bodies floated past the men at work 1 i at the wreck, and have not been found. 1 ; It is supposed that at least fifty bodies > are still in the water. Most of them it is 1 supposed, are under the wreck of the 4 bridge. ’ The bridge, which was of iron, Trues * dell’s pattern, and of five spans, was eleva ted about twenty-five feet above the river, - which is from fifteen to twenty-five feet deep. Only the two end spans fell. The I three middle spans are standing, but in . such a condition that it is thought they i will full when the* wrecked spans are re t moved. It is now staled that there were three f hundred persons on the bridge at the time of the accident, and that a greater num i ber escaped than was at first supposed. L* Two horses attached to a buggy were on the middle span when the crash came , and remain there still, as there is no way L , of getting them off. 1 Chicago, May s.—The following ox s tracts from an ettru published this morn n ing by the Sterling Mills Gazette will give I a better idea of the manner ami direct , cause of tho Dixon disaster than anything J before received: The people were closely crowded on the e footway, and the immense weight all on j. one side was too much for the bridge. One of the. cap stringers snapped asunder 4 and allowed the north section to sag from the abutment, plunging into the river ' i with its living burden % , Between the ft sit and the wagon way* t , was a net-work of iron braces about nine 1 feet high, and this toppled over on the mass of humanity, who had been thrown into the river, aud by it men, women and r I children were pinioned beneath the water * j without power to help themselves, and too * j firmly bound by the weight of the iron to 3 be aided by their friends. J Special despatches received here to night are filled with incidents attending j the fearful calamity, but add little to the ■ | main facts already telegraphed. The mini - , ber still known to be missing, added to r {those whose bodies have been recovered, * | makes the list of killed 75, and wounded ’ | 32, of whom Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. * j Vann have since died. Dixon, 111., May G—The effort* to . raise the fallen spars of the bridge to-day, . | proved abortive, tho powerful machinery * breaking the rotten structure, but not > j raising it sufficiently to allow the bodiep * i supposed to be still under the ruins to I*; ; recovered. Only one body—that of Mrs. . I C. W. Kentncr—was recovered to-day. i There arc still missing the following: Miss f | Nixon, Frank Hamilton, Alice Peters- I berger, Lizzie Mackay, and a child of , i Mrs. Hendrick. This morning the body of an unknown woman was taken out of s j the river about two miles below here. | The city still wears the aspect of mourn -1 ing. Six funerals occurred to-day. I I Bridgeport, Conn., May s,— An : attempt was made last evening to wreck j 1 the express train from New York to | Boston, u short distance west of Southport 1 r Station, by placing a tie endwise in a j cattle-guard. W. 11. Johnson, of South ’ port, had partially removed the obatruc * tiou, and while trying to signal tho train Was assaulted and beaten by two ruffians. | The train, which consisted of fourteen ! f passenger curs, run over the remaining! obstructions without serious injury. The j ! citizens turned out and made two arrests, j 1 but the parties were subsequently released, j A despatch from Panama, April 24 | ’ | says, a great calamity has fallen on a town | j cnllad Piscobamba, caused by a land slide | from a neighboring mountain. Forty-four i | houses were destroyed and thirty-six pco | pic have perished. The great mass which j | destroyed the town also dammed up the ( ! river, and the destructive effect* of inun- j I i datioii were expected to be added toother i | misfortunes. Trenton, La., May 6.—At 2 o’clock | this morning a fire broke out in Moore’s J drug store, and spreading rapidly in all ! ! directions, soon destroyed the entire busi-1 ness portion of the town except the estab lishments of S. Hirsch and Pa card iV * ! Spiro. Total loss $300,000; insurance $150,000, mostly in New Orleans offices. , Chicago, May C.—About seven o’clock j 1 | this evening, a boiler in the lard rendering ! I establishment of H. Schoenman, in the ’ extreme southwestern ]>nrt of the city, exploded with terrific force, tearing down a portion of the building, and killing or I I wounding fifteen men. Twelve house* in New Orleans were burned on Saturday afternoon. Loss $30.- 1 000. This fire caused the discovery of a den of counterfeiters. Several of them were arrested, and a large quantity of i counterfeit coin was seized. A tire at Tameries, Panada, on Tuesday destroyed the greater portion of tho town. Nearly one hundred families are rendered homeless. Tho Bar Association of Cleveland, Ohio, have passed a resolution declaring that w lhe usefulness of Judge Sherman had [• been seriously impaired by fact* and dis . closures in his evidence before the Con gressional Committee, and they cannot extend to him the confidence so necessary between the Bench and Bar in the proper administration of justice." Lyman Trumbull has returned to active practice at Chicago, and has been retained aa counsel for the fanners who are bring ing suits against the Illinois Central Rail road, for ejecting them from the cars and refusing to accept the rate of fit re provided by the Railroad act, I In Mssssnhusctts the Chief State Con- Nluhle tins issued orders to his subordinates I to enforce the new Prohibitory law | the sale of strong beer and lager, which | went into effect on the fith. Maryland State Temperance Convention This body assembled in Baltimore* 011 Wednesday. 3lr. Wm. Daniel, of Haiti-1 more city, wild, uh president of the City I j Temperance Convention and chairman of t i the executive committee, it became bis ; duty to call the convention to order. He congratulated those present on the eharae ter of the convention, and explained the j object for which the convention was called, j vix; The formation of a permanent State I organization. to be called ‘ The State Tern ■ peranee Alliance." He said that ‘ local option ’ would be the heat plan to adopt, i uh a prohibitory law could not be parsed I for yearn. He wan not in favor of starting a : third political party, but they would do their 1 duty in the respective parties and demand ; proper candidates; if the parties refuse to ! acknowledge them, then the Alliance could 11 act independently; ho an to secure a local ’ i option law and put a cheek to the deadly • | vice of intemperance. A committee on credentials was then ; appointed. .Mr. Hilbert moved that the convention I go into u committee of the whole during the absence of the committee. This motion 1 was adopted, and Hon. George A. Pearre, ! i of Allegany county, in answer to loud calls for him. made an earnest address on ! temperance, and endorsed the views of the j chairman, that they should act through i both of the existing parties. While legis lation could not reform the toper it could i remove temptation from the rising gener ation. The loss by revenue from license, if grog-shops were abolished, would be i compensated for, tenfold, by the diminu tion of crime and the consequent cost to the State—and his experience on the bench ■ showed him that nine out of ten crimes, committed could be traced directly to the 1 excessive use of liquors. The eloquent speaker was frequently applauded. Rev. I*. ('oombe, of Philadelphia, and Rev. T. L. Poulson next made addresses, i The (’hair then appointed a committee on permanent organization, which report . ed as follows ; President, Hon. George A. Pearre, of; Allegany county. Vice Presidents. Win. Daniel, of Bal timore city; Col. Win. H. Comegys, of , Caroline ; Walter H. Thompson, of Talbot; ■ R. B. Nbrmcnl, of Carroll ; John More , head, of Howard; B. F. Kendall, of Washington; Henry W. Drakelcy, of I Baltimore; Hun. Jus. Wallace, of Dor i Chester; Hon. George Vickers, of Kent; John McClenahan, of Cecil; Rev. John Shilling, of Somerset; Thomas Kelso, of Baltimore; Wm. H. Dorsey, of Anne Arundel; James B. Mannar, of Baltimore; i Capt. Henry Baker, of Frederick ; James R. Dill, of Queen Anne's; Geo. H. Rich-! unison, of Worcester ; Rev. Jno. H. Brice, of Baltimore ; 11. H. 11 art sock, of Alle gany; J. J. Perrigo, of Baltimore ; J. J. 1 Butler, of Baltimore; Rev. K. B. Finney, i of Harford, and William A. Kelsey, of Baltimore. i Secretaries. Prof. Ashton A. Krantz, of Baltimore ; Rev. T. E. Mart indale, of Ce l eil; Theodore Parsons, of Baltimore, and ; C. S. Mosher, of Baltimore. I Treasurer, Gen. E. B. Tyler, of Balti • more county. i The report was adopted. Judge Pearre assumed the ehair, and ■ returned thanks for the honor conferred i ii|sin him. On motion, the chair appointed the fol lowing committees' i Committee to Prepare Constitution for • the Alliance—Win. Daniels. Rev. Howard Meeks. Rev. Pennell Cuotnbe. Francis T. i King and B. F. Kendall. Committee on Business—Hon. John E. • Smith, Rev. Thomas L. Poulson. Robert j 11 T. Smith. Rev. B. F. B< ‘iiaoo, Geo. W. t Sumwalt, Col. Wm. H. Comegys, Dr. J. W. Hcring, Gen. E. B. Tyler, and Dr. If. McCulloh. ; 1 Dr. J. Carey Thomas and R. B. Nor- i . incut were appointed in place of Messrs. I Bering and John E. Smith. The Con- , 1 vcntlon then adjourned. The convention reassembled on Thurs -1 day morning, formed a State Temperance Alliance, elected permanent officers, with \N Daniel, of Baltimore, as President. , and adjourned *ine (/if. Opening of the Vienna Exhibition. The World's Exhibition was inaugura ted on Thursday afternoon, >juy Ist, by the Emperor of Austria, with imposing ceremonies, in the presence of a vast as i seinblage of people from all parts of the 1 earth. The weather was unfavorable, but the ; crowds of people from all parts of the world j who witnessed the splendid and imposing j ceremonies were immense, tilling the ro-1 I tunda and the transepts of the building, ' and portions of the grounds surrounding it. j At noon the Emperor Francis Joseph | entered the rotunda with the Crown Prin- j I cess Victoria of Germany on his arm. He 1 was followed by the German Crown Prince | Frederick William, who escorted the Em- I press Augusta. After these came the el j deal son of the Prince, accompanied by | the Prince Imperial of Austria, j The Emperor took his scut on the I , throne, when the combined bands, num ; boring several hundred musicians, perform- j cd the Austrian Hymn, which was sue -1 cceded by the Prussian Anthem, amid the ; cheers of the multitude. The Emperor and Empress, followed by j distinguished personages, then traversed I the western and eastern wings of the ex- j hihition building, being received every where with thunders of applause. Having completed the circuit of the exhibition, j ! they departed amid salvos of artillery and ! 1 the cheers of the immense crowds gath j ered outside of the building. WESTMINSTER MARKETS, Reported by orimes ft Stouflfer. WHOLESALE PRICKS. Friuay, May 9, 1873. Flour—Extra..... SB.OO (a 8.50 j *• Super 7.00 (n 7.00 j “ Family 0.00 (•• 10 00 j “ Rye 4.00 (a) 600 Wheat—Red 1.86 (> 186 , “ While 1.60 (n\ 190 i j Dots 40. Or 40 I ! Corn :o (~ 60 ! 1 Rye * 70 (n 76 i Corn Meal 1.26 (n 1.60, Clover Seed 6.00 (n 6.00; Timothy Seed 3.00 (n 3.60 Flax Seed 1.26 (n 1.60 ! Lard 7(' g i Bacon 0 (~ io Potatoes 75 (a 01 P“rk 6.00 5.60 | BALTIMORE MARKETS. Super $6.00 ($ 0.00 . Common to fair Extra 0.60 (n\ g. 70 (

Good to Choice do 7.26 (#; 7.76 i Family 8.00 (~ 9.60 1 Patapseo Family 11.60 (<• 0.00 “ Extra* 11.00 (a 0.00 ChesaiH*uke do 11.00 (n\ 0.00 Corn Meal 3.60 (tt. 3/60 Wheat—White 2.00 in, 1.16 “ Red 1.86 (n 1.85 I Corn-White 7 (•> 08 t “ Yellow 03 in 04 t Oats 60 (n 60 * Rye 00 (o 100 Beef Cattle—best quality..... 0.00 in 7.87 “ “ medium 4.60 (n 5.26 “ “ ordinary 4.60 (6 4.87 Sheep—fair to g00d............ 0 ct. w 74 ' “ extra ... 6 cts. (n 8 44 stock ... 2.26 ($, 3.60 ( Hogs 7.76 (u 8.26 i Hay and Straw—Hav “ft ton 1 Straw 28(j 30*p ton | Hides—steer 18 (o' ISI y* lb 44 eow 124 18 o leather—city slaughtered... HH (>•} 42 44 44 WQBtrjr..,.. 86 (n> 80 <♦ | 44 Spanish H01e.,...,.. 87 (a) 88 44 j 44 [Pugh skirting...,-.. 84 (*0 39 44 If 44 Maryland ft Penn... 87 &80 “ I r Wool-iiuwiisnedfrecof burrs 26 (n\ 80 “ , 44 44 Imry 20 fa 25 44 44 tub-washed -40( 46 44 44 nulled 80 (3) 87 44 Seeds—Clover 5 (3) 6 44 44 Timothy $3 (a. $4 bo. J 1 44 Max $2 <a] $2 44 j * Feathers—common to prime 26 fa 72 V lb the I I HOWE MACHINE COMPANY Are now able from their increased facilities j for manufacture to offer their IMPROraSJfIHG MACHINES, Ox rrtK Most Anvaxtacioi s Twins. I They are now manufacturing SIX HUNDRED DAILY. ! During the past six years they have mnuiifae- I tured and sold 400,000 1 which attests the great popularity of this une j quailed machine. Until the year 1806 ELIAS HOWE, Jr. THE ORIGINAL INVENTOR OF ( SEWING MACHINES, : Did not compete with Companies who were paying him royalty for the use of his patents. At that time he commenced manufacturing and put the genius which invented the Sewing Machine, the experience learned from the failures of other manufacturers, and the ex perience of n lung life as a practical mechanic into the HOWE MACHINE. It U n noticeable fuel that the Howe Machine Company HAS FOIK HINDREI) THOUSAND of their Machines in use, although having ex isted but SIX 6 LARS, while the Company ! which claims to have the most in use, has only about twice that number, though having ex isted for TWENTY YEARS. • B. W. BUCKINGHAM, ; . MAIN STREET, NEAR DEPOT, WESTMINSTER, HD., ! "iH *ll “i credit or lease on Monthly Pay ments, and offers such easy terms that even* one can afford to have a MOWE SEWING MACHINE. Ho will .pare neither pain. nor expense to sivi> hi. customers complete,satisfaction. ID *i ll* at -A etc } ink price* nnd ilon not charge fifteen Dollar* ailramer ! | "i some riral agent* nrr lining. ~ I JOHN W. HARDEN, AGENT AT LOUISVILLE , i For Woolerr, Freedom ft Franklin Districts, j may 8-tf I NEW GOODS!! GREAT BARGAINS, | THE CASH STORE J. YINGLING & BRO., Successors to J. Yingling ft .Son, WHO have received from New York and Philadelphia, their usual large stock of Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods, ! NOTION'S, CARPETS, Oil, OI.OTHS, STRAW MATTINGS, Ht'GS, MATS, ic„ Ac., 4c. I We keep constantly on hand the largest and I beat assortment of Goods in the county, which 1 we buy and sell exclusively Ibr cash, at the | very lowest rates. J. YINGLING 4 HRO. I ! Westminster, Md. may 8 Notice of Dissolution. THE firm of Gehr ft Orndorff was dissolv ed May Ist, 1873, by mutual consent. All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to the above firm are requested to settle the same without delay. The books will be at the old place. DENTON GEHR, JOHN T. ORNDORFF. Westminster, Md.. May Ist, 187.8. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends and the public that ho will continue the same business at the old stand. Thankful for the former patronage to the old firm, he solicits a continuance of the same. my DENTON GEHR. , WHITE DRESS GOODS. WE have jest opened, from Philadelphia, a large Aaaortmcnt of White Urea* Good., via; Plain and Plaid Nainsooks. Victoria Ijiwna, Jaoonela, French Muslin., Piquan, SwiMM, Ac. alao Kdginga. Inserting. I-aces, Ac. H. L. NORRIS A CO* may 3. , GLOVES. GLOVES. J I OUR Assortment of Dog Skin Gloves (hr Ladies and Gentlemen was bought di rectly from the manufacturera In ear otrn Udine, and will be sold aa low to. the lowest. . may 8. H. L. NORRIS A CO. 1 I JUNK Silver Plated Castora, Fruit Staeds, | Card Receivers. Napkin Rings, Butter Knivea, Spoons, Forks,Vnd a variety of small articles suitable for presents, at I j" f. . W. O. LIOOETS. TUI'OTKKtC NAJ.E or v .u'asu: REAL & PERSONAL PBOPIHTY. BY virtue of a Deed of Treat executed to I the undersigned, dated April 21 t, A. D. j ) 1878. by Josiah Babviou and Tabitba Is. hin | wife, w.- anil sell at Public Sale, on the prrm ! Ises, on SA TURD AF, Ih< .'.Uh of M.\ V, 1873 , | Hi 10 o'clock, M., the following I teal Estate, i No. I, the Home Farm ooniaining 45 ACRES, i more or lean. The improvement re u two | story Ix>g Dwelling, new Bank Burn, Hpring House, Carriage i House, Smoke House, House, Hog House, WayMiiWLJWfSJBR Shed, Corn Crib, ftc*. The land is in fine eonditiou and under good fencing. There is i a superior Orchard of choice Apple, Pooch, j FMum, Cherry and other Fruit Trees, also • Grape VinPO in full bearing. There are two j Icnant Houses in excellent repair and a good small barn on the premises. This property is about one-quarter of a I mile from hrizzellsburg, on the road leading j . to Pleasant Valley, in the midst of a healthy j and improving part of the county, and is eon- • venient to churches, schools, jaist office and i I mills. Also two other tracts of Woodland contain* j ing about 8 Acre*. A survey of the property will be made and j a |lat of the same exhibited on the day of Temu oj Saif. —One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale or on the ratification of the same by the Cir cuit Court; one-third in 12 months, and the remaining one-third in 24 months from the day of sale; the credit payments to be secured I by the bonds or notes of the purchaser or pur- 1 chasers, with approved security, bearing in- I | terest from the day of sale. JEREMIAH BABYLON. REUBEN W. STEM, Trustees. I Also at the same time and place will be sold the following Personal Property : 1 fine Sorrel Mare. 2 Cows. will be fresh by the day o'ldpftkV*- 1 Oiler, one 8-horse Cultivator, one 3-honte Harrow, one 2-horsc Harrow, 8 Plows, double and single Shovel Plows, Threshing Machine und Horse Power, Combined Reaper and Mrtwcr, 1 Hockaway Carriage and Harness, 1 Gram Drill, 1 Corn Sheller, 1 Wind Mill, 2 gfone Beds. 1 Cutting Box, Sleigh ami Bells, !• odder Cutter, 2 sets of Broeohbands, set of hront (tears, Bridles, Collars, Lines,Housings, rorks. Hakes, Hoes, Shovels, Mattocks, Maul and Wedges, single and double Trees. 1 Cart and Gears, one 4 horse Broadtread Wagon, nearly new ; one 2-horse Spring Wagon, nearly j 1 Spring Wagon and Bed, a large Wagon Bed for 4 or 0 horses, 1 Sixth Chain and Spreader, 2 pair Hay Carriages, Grindstone, Grain Cradle, 2 Mowing Scythes, 2 Wheel barrows. 2 Axes, 2 Planes. Wood Saw and Buck, Corn by the barrel, S barrels of Vine gar, Potatoes by the bushel, Wheat and Oats growing, 66,000 Bricks, unbnrnt; 1600 feet of, Pine Boards. Alao Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting of Beds, Bedsteads and 1 Bedding, Stoves. Carpeting, Tables. Sink, Corner Cupboard. Tubs, Buckets, Barrels, | Hogsheads, ftc., ftc. TVniw of Sale. —All sums of $lO and under, j cash ; on sum* above $lO a credit of six | months will be given, purchasers to give their j notes with approved security, bearing interest I Iroin the day of sale. JEREMIAH BABYLON, REUBEN W. STEM, may 8-ts Trustees, j PRODUCE DEPOT, A1 TDK RAILROAD, WKSTMIS STER. MARYLAND. THE undersigned, at the old stand of Gehr A- Orndorfl’. i. prepared to purchase i FLOVR. WHEA T. RYE, OA T. S’, i CORA and COUATRY PRODUCE l of all descriptions. Also to receive and for ward PRODUCE AND GOODS of nil kinds. He also keeps constantly on hand a large and full stock of GROCERIES, WHOLESALE AAD RETAIL. Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Sail, Fish, Ac., together with Spades, Shovels, Hoes. Rakes and Farmers and Gardeners’ Implements generally. Also GUANO AND FERTILIZERS of all descriptions; and in fact all articles in a first class store. With long experience and hr strict attention to business I hope to receive a liberal share of the public patronage, may 3-ly DENTON GEHR. In the Orphan*' Court for Carroll Countg. 1 Aran. Tiun, 1873. | Estate of Geurgeanoa C. Steever, deceased, i ON application it is ordered this 28th dav j of April, 1873, that the sale of the Real I | Estate ot Georgeanna C. Steever, late of Carroll county, deceased, made hy James O. | Patterson, Administrator with the last will and testament of said deceased annexed, and ; this day to this Court by the said , Administrator, W. A., be ratified' and con j firmed, unless cause he shown to the contrary, , on or before the 4th Monday, 26th dav of May next; provided a copy of this Order he inserted for three successive weeks in some newspaper printed and published in Carroll county, before the said 4th Monday. 20th day of May next. The Administrator, W. A., re ports the sale of all the Real Estate of said deceased, consisting of 53 acres of land, more f- or less, with the improvements, situated at Sykeaville, Carroll connlv, sold, after an in effectual offer at public sale, for the sum of four thousand five hundred dollars. (84500.001 at private sale. True copy,—Test: JOg. M. PARKE. 1 n >.v 8-Bt* Register of Wills. | . NO. 1300 EQUITY, i In the Circuit Court for Carroll County, j David sSchwartz vg. Jacob H. Lippy. * ORDERED this Ist day of May, A. D. 1873, that the sale made and reported in the j above cause by Chaa. T. Heifsmder, Trustee, appointed bjr the decree for the sale of the Real Estate in the proceedings decreed to be sold, be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 3d day of June next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper miblished at Westminster, Carroll eftmty, Maryland, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 31st day of May, instant. | The Report states the amonnt of sale to be $650. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test; may 3-8 t Jxo. B. Hoyle, Clerk. Office Bachman Valley B. B. Go. Md. Columbia, Pa., April 21, 1873. THE regular annual meeting of the stock holders for the election of Directors, and i | the transaction of other husiness, will be held I at the office of the Comnany in Colombia, on the Second Tuesday of Mav next, (Mav 18th. 1873,) at 10 o'clock, A. M. R. F. STEIGER, •P 2fi-3t Secretary. NOTICE. ALL jicrsons’ who have claims against j Mary Cnple, will please notify the un dersigned of them and call at the office of 4 Jas. A. C. Bond, Attorney at Law. ELIAS BROTHERS. JAS. A. C. BOND, 1 mar 29-tf Trustees of Mary C&ple. j N OTIOE. Ihave placed tnv accounts in the hands of 1 J. A. C. Bond, Esq., for immediate col- 1 lection; all those indebted will please make prompt payment hy note or otherwise. Those to whom I am indebted, will present their claims for settlement. DANIEL S. COONAN, M. D. Westminster, April 24th, 1873. ap2G-3l EUREKA SALVE. A certain cure for Cat*. Bruises. Sores, ; Burns and Skin Abrasions of all kinds; ' especially recommended to mothers with sore ! or lumpy breasts. This galve has lieen suc cessfully used for over fifty years. For sale at Hnber’H Drug Store. mar 15-ly FOR REIS’t. ONE oftho bust Ravine*. Stand, in Wetrt minster, three door. West of the Depot, on Main Street. Store Room and Dwelling first-class. Applv to op 5-lf GRIMES A BTOUFFER. Try the $1 teas, " ~~ I W. O. LIGGETS, PUBLIC SALE REAL ESTATE. ''piiE subscriber, Executor of lb* Inti Jl will nmi of Elizabeth Crawford, late of Carroll county, deceased. will sell al ; Public Salt*, on SATVRDA y, the ink dag of 31 A I', lift, | at 1 o’clock, r. *.. the Heal Estate of Mid deceased, lying near the Liberty road leading lioiu \> cstminHier to Libertown, ipileafrom NVesfrainMtrr, 3 miles from New Windsor. 2 j miles from Wartie Ids burg, and J of a mile from the Stone Chapel, adjoining lauds of Isaac C. Baile, David C. Baile, David Kiler, Susanna Baile, David Baile and cithers. \am j No. 1 contains 14 1-4 ACRES. ThU IdOt is improved with a good Chestnut Log Dwelling 26x18 fet, two stories high and basement, run ning water within 12feet of bouse, two never-failing of nure wafer, one of them near the dwelling, and could be brought to the door in pipes at a small expense ; there is a good Log Stable sufficient for 51 or 4 horses ; good Shedding in | Irout and at one end ; there are numerous ; Pear. Apple and other Emit Trees of fine I quality. Six Acres of this Lot is covered ' with superior Chestnut and Oak Timlier. No. 2. a Wood Ixit, containing 5| Acres i and IB Perches. This Lot is covered with , \ aluable Timber, for rails, posts, shingles, •saw logs, lark, fuel, 4c.; a portion is covered j with thriving young Chestnut, which in a few i years will he valurble. No. 4, c ontains 5A Acres and 8) Perches, title half of this Lot is well Timbered and ’ beautifully located. Ko. contains 7| Acres and 12 Perches, i This Lot is nicely situated, 8 Acres splendidly ' Wooded, and the balance interspersed with I valuable Timber for fuel, Ac. j here could be 2000 rails of prime quality made from the Chestnut on it. No. 6, contains 3 6-16 Acres. This is cleared land without any improvements, but j eligibly located. Persons wishing to purchase , would do well to view these lots before the I ‘lay of sale. A rare chance for those who wish to secure snug little homes, and evade big taxes for rent, fuel, Ac. Term*. —One-half the purchase money to be paid in hand, the balance at the end oi one year, the purchasers giving note with approv ed security, bearing interest from dav of sale. CHARLES DENNING, Executor. , I Samuel Ckawfoko. Auctioneer. | up 26-ta HOFFMAN & McKINSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, HAVE jut returned from Philadelphia with the largest and best selected stock i ’ of Good* ever offered in New Windsor, con I sisting of a general assortment of the new i I shades and style* of Dry Goods and Notions, I Also HARDWARE. QUEENSWAKE, BOOTS AND SHOES. I ( We have made it a specialty to select Fine Cloths and Fancy Cassimers, ) for Men's and Boys’ Wear, which cannot lie ] surpassed in the county CARPETS AND MATTINGS , AT ALL PRICES. W* “hall sell only for CASH, our profits I mil be small and we will try to give full satis faction in every respect. A. THOMPSON, whose reputation as a Tailor places him at the head of his profession, still continues TAIL . OKING over onr Store Room. A good fit has long since ceased to be a question of doubt. Go to A. Thompson if you want a j fashionable suit. Just opposite to us is HISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, where Hats and Bonnets of the latest stvles can always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN A McKINSTRY. ap 2f-ti HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE!! PRICE ONLY $87.00. THE Simplest. Cheapest Lock Stitch fit-w --in* Machine in Market. Alo The American Sewing Machine, Peru simple, almost noiseless, runs rerg light and look the premium in competition with a go* variety of Machines at our last State j Fair. The feed and all its parts are veiw j easily regulated. Cord, Hemstich, Braid, Tuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price SOO.OO. I F. H. BUELL, Agent, I Office next door to “Montour House.” ap 26- tf FARMERS I TRY SMITH’S Raw Bone Phosphate. f COMPOSED entirely of well known Ferti- j lizcrs. Is warranted to compare favora bly in its effects upon Crops generally, with j the best Phosphates in use, ana vet is sold at the very low price of Forty Dollars. Cash, | • per Ton. Any and all persons doubting our ability to produce a first-class Phosphate, at this pnee, are cordially invited to visit our Factory and not only examine the material used, but also witness the process of manufacture. , FOWBLE A MATTHEWS, Near R. R. Station, Westminster. | ap 26-8 n AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, WESTMINSTER, MD. THE High bred Young Trotting Stallion Hermit is a dark brown without AWk. any white, fifteen hands three inches^pfl^ high; by Engineer, be by p UQ out of Andrewetta by Andrew. Hermit's i dam was a high-bred Mambrino mare from Kentucky. He will serve a limited number j of mares at $25 to insure. •iff*’ Particular attention given to the Train ing of Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts. For further particulars address MARTIN QUINN. Fair Grounds, Westminster, Md. ap 26-3 m Estate of Rebecca Brown, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ j Court of Carroll countv, letters of Adminia -1 lration on the Personal Estate of REBECCA BROWN, ' late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscribers, on or before the Bth da? of November, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Those indebted arc requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 22d day of April, 1873. ALFRED ZOLUCKOFFER, ap 26-4 t Administrator. Estate, of Peter Henry , deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of PETER HENRY, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Bth day of November. 1878; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all be nent of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. (liven under my hand this 21st dav of April, 1878. GEORGE L. HENRY, ap 26-4t* Executor. - To Geo. W. Robb or hie Legal Repretentatwee. THE Auditor appointed to make distribu tion of the balance on the account* of Daniel Breneman and William Robb, Admin istrators with the willannexed of George Robb, late of York count,, Pennsylvania, deceased, will attend at bis office in the Borough of York, for the purpoaea of his appointment, on Saturday, Ike 3d dag of Mag, 1373, when said report will be presented to the Court on the da, last mentioned and confirmed, if no ex ceptions be filed on the 241 h dav of May, IB7S. C. B. WALLACE, ap 10-4 t Auditor, ARGAND A German Student Lamps, Glass and Marble Stand do., PorceMn, Glass and Paper Shades, improved Berners and best Chimneys, at jan Sft W. 0. LIGOET'S. > Ait 1 . jSaH Farm and Wood Land. 1 lw? , 1 executed aud recorded auioiig the 1 ,„.J p.' ; eurds of Carroll county, will sell at Public ; Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premise* ■ S one mile west of llaiupHiead Carroll count ! MwrvJm,,d. ; 0,1 Hu jutk dag of Mag 1873 , at 2 o'clock, P. M.. ke following pa-cels of . laud, to wit: Lot No. 1. ‘-outaimiig r 74 ACRES OF LAND, i more or less. The inipruvemooU thereon consisting of a Log Dwelling * Houhp, Tenant Honc, Barn. Spring Ilunse, T’nrnfljSHMS I House and other •■Hicr convenient to the hu'dotua, Ac there is also two apple orchards on the premises. No, 2, containing 22 Acres of Land, ; more or less, about one-half of which is hear . - il.v covered with Timber, chiefly Choatnnt ' r ... n ?’ tu “ , ‘“™g ‘3* Acres, 2 Roods ' - it, . " ‘ *rohes of Land, more or less, about 1 I 20 Acres is heavily covered with Timber, chief * i 'X ' hostnut; there is also on this parcel a • | Dwelling House und .Stable. 1 Lot No. 4, contains 20) Acres of Und, more or leas, nartly in Timber. 'I. A survey of the above described Und has i been made and a pUt of the same will be ex . ; hibited on the day ofaale. 1 J Thin property adjoins the Und of Joseph f * Armacost and others. Term., of Sale.— One-third cash on the day . of sale or on the ratification thereof, and the I balance in one and two years, the credit pay ments to be secured by the notes of the pur cbaseir with approved security, bearing in ■ • 1 tercet from the day of sale. II AMOS SHAEFFER, Trustee. I t ROIT A Rr.irsxiDea, Solicitors. ap 12-ts ; noticeT ; To m > Friend*, Customer* and the Public Generally. AFTER mature reflection I have concluded jbat the only wav to do business success ' lu - l | l 7 ls „ u P,°" ? ***'" : consequently I , will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. I buv for Cash and I know if! sell for Cash 1 I will lose nothing, therefore, I can nmi will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give roe a call. Money Saved is Money Made, My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., consisting of 1 1 COFFEE. SUGAR. TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., BITTER, EGGS, BACON, LARD, FISH SALT. TAR, Ac. 1 also keep a full supply of the best brands of 1 PLOUE AND PEED. besides a splendid line of Fruits, such us Romms, Currants, Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which I scli by the pint, quart and gallon. 1 hav S mcre aaed mv stock of Queens l . Cedar Mars, Willow Ware, Ac. My • —enable me to offer my stock at rates which for cheapness cannot be surpassed All articles warranted as represented. Come and sec, and be convinced. J ,fj'- ‘ J -~;All orders not paid for when given, . wdl be collected by the driver when the Good. . : are delivered, as my terms will be positirely ! Cl -, JOSEPH WOODS, S fob l-ti West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAK ODD FELLOWS’ HALL, j. MAIN STREET, ESTMISRTgR. 1 •rodersigned, haviim just completed -A- his large Provision House, begs leave to inform his patrons , ? nil tllc public generally, that he lE* K is prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the dav. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Href Bacon. Lard, Chip Beef Bologna Sa image ; | in fact everything required to supply a first | class table. He intends to make it a special | part of his business to keep the best Meats the ( market will afford. He has in his establish - meat a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, j which keens Meat perfectly fresh and pure for i jjy length of time desired, so that choice i Meats can be obtained at any lime without risk of getting a soured article. I After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle ; he will therefore aell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for , tlu ’ km “ patronage heretofore extended he ! respectfully sobcitsa continuance of the same. ’ j . " jJ* °pe on Monday next, the 7th day of April, 1873, ap 5-Bm* F. A. NORRIS. TO CORN GROWERS. J. J. TUENEB & CO.’S Ammoniated Bone Soper-Pluspliate. ANALYSIS 1 ! Ammonia 2.83 •Soluble Phosphate of Lime 29.61 Bone Phosphate of Lime 10.07 Composed of the most concentrated materials, it is richer in Ammonia and Soluble Pbos ft’afeaas/ssß’Srtr care and supervision, uniform quality guaran **!.! fine nd dry, in excellent order for drilling. Packed in bags and barrels. PRICE 850 PER TON, J- J. TURNER A CO., *2 Pratt Street, Baltimore. roa sale a; Grimes A O-ouffer, Westminster, Md ''-'““erf-n t Shultz, Sykesville, Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. McComaa A Bro.. Hood’s Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. Bjggs * Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. VVm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. mar 22-8 m Etfatr of Mary Decker, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court ot Carroll county, letters of Adminis tration on .he Personal Estate of MARY DECKER, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persona having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the Bth dav of November, next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from ail benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediategiayment. Given nnder my hand this 14th day of April, 1878. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, ap 19-4 t Administrator W. A. Insolvent'* Notice. Upton Kelley vs. His Creditors. ORDERED this 12th day of Februaty, 1878, that Upton Kelley give notice to his creditors, endorser- .r.d sureties thet the 2d Monday of Ang>.ii next is fixed for the said Upton Kelley I-. appear in the Circuit Court for Carroll cc-nty to answer such in terrogatories as his creditors, endorsers and sureties may propose or allege ogaioat him ; and that a copy of this order he published in some newspaper printed in Carroll county once a week for three successive months prior to the said 2d Monday of August next, as such notice. Test: JNO. B. BOYLE, feb 16-8 - Clerk. JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr.. MAIN Street, opnorite Court, Weatmln ater, Md., GenraU Wholesale Agent for the sale of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Began, run in a x ova so. Ground Bone*. Super Phosphate*. Avn *u, STANDARD FERTILIZES* mar 16-6 m CAUTION. r PHK public are herebr cantioned ugauut i harboring a Colored Boy named John about? 1 TbeUw IYsU^rigidfyW^

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