Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 10, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 10, 1873 Page 4
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O |r . Out in the night, gfiSflg On to the light. To a>y mitt true, Wr-rktnf 04 eoknmnten Along the tine. Bnkemen and portew gUnood ahead. Merced through the shadows of Provideun*- .vhtw^^Ub 1, Only Guild calling his wife." they mid summer and winter, the old refrain Kan o r the billow* of ripening grain. Merced through the budding boughs o'erhead. Flew down the track whan the rod loaves burned Uke living eoals from the engine spurned; Sang as it dew: “To our trust true. First of ail Duty-Good night." it mid. And then, one night, it was hoard no more. Mom Stoolngton over Rhode I land shore. And the felk in Providence smiled and said, As they turned in their hods. "The engineer lias once forgotten his midnight cheer.** On* only knew To hh trust true Guild lay under bis engine, dead ’ ik farmer. Silk Culture, Wc noticed some tine ago the establish ment in Baltimore, of a silk manufactory, the operations of which were carried on in a large upper room of a warehouse owned by us; the great increase in the business requiring more room than was there to be had, accommodations were obtained else where. and we are gratified to learn that groat success is being attained by the gentlemen who have established so import ant a branch of manufacturing in our State: and we note in the daily papers advertisements for a large increase of the number of female operatives in the works. Tt is a beautiful business, paying well fot the female labor employed, and we always rejoice at witnessing increased facilities for its honorable employment. In various sections of our country the increase of the silk business is shown to be very great In one of the New Jersey cities we recent ly noticed that 3,000 operatives in the sill factories there were engaged in a strike that bane to all our business operations. The time will come, and this is what w. now wish to coll attention to, when the necessity will be upon us for the raising ol the mulberry- for the feeding of the worms in order to supply the raw material foi the manufacture of the silk, now so sac cessfiilly inaugurated, and which is al present imported from abroad; and wt would advise those planting out trees t, include in their selections some of the white mulberries, from which a rapid in crease by catlings can be obtained whet the time arrives to supply the demand foi the cocoons and the raw silk. It is very probable that some of the remains of the plantations which were made during the memorable Moms Multicanlis speculation some twenty or thirty years ago, may still exist in many places, and may hereaftei be brought into profitable play; then, everybody was for making a fortune off ot the cuttings and bads, whilst, no one seemed to make a move towards the preparation for the manufacture of the silk, hence the wiklness of the schemes of the speculators was only on a smaller scale with the cele brated South Sea bubble, and eventuated in the rain of a large number of them.— AmeriacH Farmtr. Con in Hills and Brills. At the Michigan Agricultural College, in 1868, two plots of Laud were set apart, substantially equal in character of soil, ■ each measuring forty-eight rods in width. The gronnd was plowed May 5, and ma nure waa spread evenly and worked in by cultivator and harrow. Yellow Dent corn was planted May 21, in rows fonr feet apart; one of the plots being planted in hills, the other in drills. The plots were cultivated and hoed June 15, and again July 7; the plants being thinned so as to leave the same number of stalks on each plot, including the equal distribution of plants throughout, the subdivision of the plots As near as possible each of the two plots received the same labor and cultiva tion. The stalks were cut September 17, and stacked in good order; three weeks afterword the com was husked and weigh ed. The stalks were then again carefully stacked, and hauled and weighed, in good condition, October 12. The com on the portion planted in hills was better in quali ty than on that planted in drills. Bat the drilled portion produced seventy-four and one-sixth bn-eels of shelled com, and three tons of stalks to the acre, against sixty-five and one-half bushels of shelled com, and two and two-thirds tons of stalks per sere produced by the portion in hills. —Rural World. Manuring ton Coax.—A com plan ter makes a very tree remark when be says that ‘ Nature is a great chemist, using up materials; bat not a creator, making something out of nothing. Whatever dressing is appliad merely in the hilt or pon the hill, for effect, depends upon the general condition of the soil outside of the hills. Good ground, in any season, or plenty of dressing upon it, is necessary to • large crop."—Americas Farmtr The Gunpowder Agricultural dub of Baltimore Co., held its meeting for April on the 12th sit., at the form of Mr. Tab hot t. Cmunch. The regular subject up for discussion was upon the breeds of cattle best suited for the dairy, with some subdivisions aa congenital points. An Interesting and pleasant incident of this last season. The host of the occasion had Wn awarded the first prixe for a yield of aMfc, and Mr M. Ooraucb Then mi j**rniancnt mire for wind w? to jrHnm to it again j The N. Y. Sconomut, the loading jour | | i>i>i of the financial and commercial jof the I T . 8., publishes extracts from cir-j i eulais of eminent firms connected with the ji Wool bade in this uoantry and England, tending very positively to show that “good prices throughout the coming year may be anticipated.’ By the way, a short time since the Wool speculators from the East attempted to ; forestall the wool growers at the West, in ; the quiet purchase of all the stocks on I hand—the attempt was discovered in time | to prevent its success, and by a concerted action. which farmers can so seldom take, they determined to hold on to their fleece until such lime as a fair price could be ob tained from the agents of the manufac turers. and for once at least they were I successful. If in every neighborhood of ton miles square an agricultural club could be formed, as wc have so often urged, the farmers would be able in many eases to protect themselves from imposi i tion.—American Farmtr. Tux New Peach, —Col. Edward Wil kins, of Kent county, Md.. one of the most extensive peach growers in the coun ty, is planting out an orchard of 15,000 peach trees of the Eablv Beatrice variety. This is the new peach, of which wo gave an account in the Advocate, sumo months ago. It was originated by f Mr. Rivers, of Sawbridgcworth. England, and is very early, ripening in this latitude, about the 10th of July. This peach is of medium sise, light colored, with bright red cheek, juicy, and of delightful flavor. - There is a fortune in its production, for , Col. Wilkins. a • j Sap. —Professor Collins says the water ( of the sap comes from the ground, being e imbibed by the roots. A considerable i. quantity of starch is stored up in the wood t of the tree in the fall, and dissolved in e the water taken in by the roots. Why sap [, will flow at one time and not at another, ir according to the wind and weather, is not , well understood. Starch and sugar are e very nearly the same in composition. , Sugar only contains a little more water, ir chemically united, not simply mixed with it. rs * ’ ‘ They have a Fanners Club in the city of New Yotk, which meets at the Cooper [e Union, and here ia what they talked about t at their meeting, on Tuesday afternoon j last: —English sparrows and measuring worms, clearing soot from chimneys, sugar c smoke for wounds, cultivation of hedges. Brasilian agriculture, and the preparation re of dried fruits, were among the topics |e touched upon by the talkative savans as sembled. *> According to a newspaper paragraph >r the first cheese factory in the State of Ver o- mont and the second in the country was kt established in Chittenden eonnty, in 1858, '* by E. D. Mason, now president of the t 0 State Dairymen’s Association. At pres lc ent there are sixty-seven factories in the *■ State, twenty-two of which are in Chitten in den county. The town of Richmond. >r which is only four miles and three-quar y ters square, makes two hundred tons of le cheese a year. ic i, Stock Breeding, —lt is claimed that 11 the greatest nutrition and the highest >r vitality produce the female, while the i, want of these in the sire and dam gives if character to the male. The theory is d startling. If nutrition at a very early n stage of development decides thcqncstion ie of sex, it 1s well enough for onr breeders in to understand the fart. But will the thc s- ory hold water? a ——r*“ i At a late discussion by the Champlain Valley (Vt) Horticultural Society, it was stated that a few years ago the fruit of the orchard of Mr. Wright, of Cornwall, was invariably so wormy that the owner thought of abandoning the attempt to ’ grow fruit for profit. The orchard was converted into a hog pasture, and in two years the fruit was all fair. Colic tx Horses.—Either of the fol | lowing prescriptions will cure the colic : One onnoe snip, ether, one ounce lauda num. two tablespoonfulls bi-carb. soda; mix in one pint of warm water and drench. 1 2. Half an ounce of chloroform, one onnoe laudanum, in a pint of warm water; used g. also os a drench. If relief is not given in fifteen minutes, repeat the dose. The first dose is generally found to be sufficient. Nitrate of soda, a valuable artificial fer ’ tilizer, is brought from Pern. In one of ’ the Peruvian provinces is a deposit extend ing for hundreds of miles and several feet ' in thickness, so that the supply is pratical * ly inexhaustible. The rapid decrease of ! the guano deposits will soon tend to bring ' natural nitrogenous fertilisers into extended ! use. 1 I The editor of the Farmtr t Journal t says :—As soon as the cholera ia discovered I in yonr herd give at the rate of one ounce s of catabolic acid to twenty-five hogs, well . dissolved and mixed with swill, and repeat every two or three days. Remove every affected hog at once from the healthy ' ones, and bury all carcasses immediately. s t - 5 The Baltimore County Farmers’ Club, 5 on the 3d of April, appointed D. M. r Matthews, Esq. a representative to the r Agricultural Congress to be held at In - dinapolis, on the 24th of May. A com > mittee of three was also appointed to wait f on Got. Whyte to ask a reform of certain ) abuses in the management of the Hay Scales in Baltimore city. f The custom-house value of wool, goat I hair, Ac,, imported into this country during . the nine months ending September 30, 3 1872, is 821,619,895, according to C. B. f Eliott's monthly report of the bureau of , statistics. The same authority pnts the I value of eheese exported daring the same , time at *6,MO, 189. r *' s HOW TO IWCHEABB Mil.K AND Bt'T -3 tee. —An experienced dairyman informs } the Advocate that dairy cows should be f fed with bean meal, and also an occasional , feed of oil cake. The latter should be fed 1 Sparingly, as it has a tendency to loosen the bowel.. - A French farmer of three years’practice K, Wlievtw that a small quantity of old tan (1 hark tit each hill, applied when planting, is a preventive of the potato rot. and Humor. Browing an Inference A . “I liked your sermon very much to-day S * j with a single exception,” said a worthy j pdstor to a minister who had occupied his pulpit a portion of the Sabbath. I ■ Well, what waa the exception ?” ■'l think you used too many technical J phrases." I “Did I? I didn’t think of it." "You repeatedly spoke of drawing in-; | forenoes. Now, that was Greek to many hearers." | "0, no! Most every one, knows what wc mean by drawing inferences." “You are mistaken, brother, as sure ss | you live; Ido not believe one-half of my I i congregation would understand the phrase ' ) “You certainly cannot bo right." “I am. Now, there is Mr. Smith," | pointing out a man just turning the cor- 1 nor, "who is quite an intelligent farmer: | * we will overtake him, and I will ask him if he can draw an inference, and I do not I believe that he will understand me." Accordingly the ministers quickened j their pace, and as they came up to Mr. ! Smith, his pastor said to him : “ Brother Smith, can you draw an in- ■ ference 7" "Brother Smith, thus summarily in-1 terrogated. looked at hia pastor for some - fifteen seconds, quite surprised, and then | rather hesitatingly said: |, “Well I suppose I could. I've got ai ’ pair of steers that can draw anything to I which they are hitched, but 1 shouldn't 1 ' like to on Sunday.’’ !, A Little Puxxled ■ An old woman who traded in groceries ; ; got involved in a complicated business' , transaction, as follows: 1 A customer came in one day and said, , "Old woman, what do you ask for hcr i ring? , “Three cents a piece,” said the old ; lady. ■ i “I’ll take one,"said the customer; sod , j the aged vender proceeded to do it up. "What do you ask for beer?" said the | . customer, as the parcel was handed him. 1 “Three cents a glass." said she. r “On the whole," said he, “I’ll take a r glass of beer instead of the herring." So t he took the beer and started to go. i “Beg your pardon,” said the old lady, 5 “but you haven't paid for the beer." r j “Paid for it! Of course not. Didn't ,1 1 give you back tbe herring for it ?” j j i , “Well, but," persisted the old lady, you 11 s didn’t pay for the herring.” “Pay for the herring! Of course I did not, I didn’t take it, did I ?" ; 1 “Well, said the old woman, after a; 1 pause, in which she strove to master the mathematics of it, "I presume you’re | * correct, but I wish you wouldn’t trade here ' ' any more.” ! J Strange Rivals.—They tell a funny incident which happened lately at an auc tion sale of damaged goods. A pair of ‘ blankets were up which seemed to take the eye of the crowd ; the highest bid was ■ one dollar from a lady who was determined £ ito have them. "Dollar fifty,” cried a gentleman from the opposite side of the room. Two dollars, from the lady. “Two * fifty, nodded the man. “Three.” screamed 1 the lady, "Three fifty,” rejoined the ‘ man. "Three fifty I’m offered,” says the auctioneer. "Say four?” “Yea.” “Four fifty and that's all," added the gen tleman. "Sold,” cried the man with the hammer, bursting with laughter. "To * Captain Smith, four dollars and a half.” j "Captain Smith,” shouted the lady, “whatl my husband ?” and raising herself on tip toe to get a sight of him, “why, you good j for nothing man, you have been bidding f. against your own wife.” I A Story ok Henry Clay.—Sam f Long, a well-known circus clown, tells the 0 following story of Henry Clay: “I re- c member once we entered Lexington in | procession, and it just happened that • Henry Clay was driving in at the same time. I brought up the rear of tbe pro- i cession, riding a mule. Aa he was direct- I ly behind me, I turned my face to the ass' tail, and sang out, “Hero we are, fellow citixens, Wisdom led by folly.” The peo ple laughed and sbonted. and old Harry seemed greatly amused. The next day at the circus 1 made him a speech, in which I advised him to be President of the United States, and take me in his cabinet. That night he sent me a bottle of the finest wine r I ever tasted, with bis compliments, say ■ ing "from the poorest fool to the best t clown in the United States.” Ah! sir, - there was a great man for you.” f _ ! An old negro stretched upon a board, and I slumbering, with his feet pointing to a glimmering fire, opens one eye and gets a glimpse of them os they stand in the 1 obscurity. Mistakes them for two little * negroes, and cries: “Gif fnm ’fore me!" B and relapses into sleep. After a while ' opens the other eye, and still seeing the * intruders, says; “Gif fnm ’fore me, I 1 say! I kick you in de fire if you don't—l f will, shuah!" and again he snores. Mis - dreams not being pleasant be soon opens his eyes, and still seeing the little pests, ’> he draws up his foot for the threatened ' kick, but is alarmed to see the enemy B advance upon him; ‘ Wha-war you cornin' to, now? Humph, mj own feet, by ; joH,r 1 A young lady, at a dinne- party, f pestered Doctor Johnaon with a conun drum a thing which the bluff old phil t osopher abominated. “Why is the letter , J like tbe end of spring, doctor?” was I, the question, and, of course, the doctor couldn’t tell. "Because it’s the beginning f of June,” was the solution. "Now, miss, , will you tell roe why tbe letter K is like a pig’s tail ?" sternly asked the doctor. The yonng lady had to give it up. The doc tor was bothered with no more connn - drams. > " 1 ■ • . Mcinbenr von Duack attended at court J in New York to get excused from the I jury-box, “I can't nnsthand goot Eng , lesc,” quoth Meinhcrr. “What did he say?" asked the judge. “I can’t nnsthand i goot Englese, ” repeated the Dutchman. _■ | "Take yonr seal," cried the judge, "take I I yonr seat That's no excuse; you need | not be alarmed, as you are not likely to hear any here." J. K, T VYI/IM, A. I>. KCIIAITWt.It. 11. V. MOUOXKY, j I President. Sec. A Trcas. Supt. ' THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER, MO. j' I t IMIU.CTOUfs; ' David Fowblo. H. Haines. Kdward Lynch. A. I). Schaeffer, J. K. Taylor. j MANUFACTURERS OF Patent Hoisting Engines of all sizes. < CIRCULAR SAW HILLS, ; Mill Machinery, 1 Boiler Maker’s Punching Machines, PATENT TIRE BENDERS, , Crouse’s Put. Force I’limii, i STO I BS, CAST IRON POOR SILLS. SEP.i It -V TOHM. From 2 to 12 Hone; Westminster Triple-Geared Horse Power*, ; , From 1 to 12 Horse, Mounted on 2 or 4 | Wheels, or Down. SELF-SHARPENING GRIST MILLS, j WHEEL HORSE RAKES. Taylor'* Vntrnt Huy Trdtlrr. FLOWS OP ALL SIZES. HOMINY MILLS, OcC. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, Including the Repairing or Rebuilding of 1 Railroad Locomotive Engines of any kind. 1 DEALERS IX Stationary. Ihrtable and Agricultural En gines, Reapers. Mowers. (v. i Wo are paving the HIGHEST PRICES j ! for White Halt, Hickory, Walnut and Ash ! , J Timber, in the Log delivered at Mill, or on the Lot, as parties prefer. | Persons having any of the above will call j ! or communicate with us by letter. ! Wc pay from Ito 1V cents per pound for , old Castings according to quality, ap H I, CHANGE OF TIME. Western Maryland Railroad.j ON and after Wednesday the 20th of March. , 1873, the passenger trains on this road will run as follows: EASTWARD. Leave Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. and 1.46 P. M. Leave Mechanicstown at 4.25 A. M., 8.38 A. M., and 3.00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 5.10 A. M., 9.28 A. M.. and 8.45 P. M. 1 Leave Westminster at 5.54 A. M.. 10.09 A. M., and 4.28 P. M. WESTWARD. I Leave Baltimore at 8.30 A. M. and 3.30 I P. M. Leave Westminster at 10.32 A. M., and 5.12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, and 0.05 P. M. Local train for Mechanicstown. Leave Union Bridge at 11.08 A. M., 5.42 P. M. Express, and 6.45 P. M. Local train. Stages connect at Glen Morris Station for Hampstead and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 A. M. train from Baltimore. : An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, ; Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday,) at 8.30 P. M. Light Freight and Parcels cun come by this car if delivered before 3.00 P. M. JOHN T. RIONEY, mar 20 General Superintendent. 1 h. l. norkis. j. r. I GREAT BARGAINS Foreip and Domestic Dry Ms! l[' H. L. NORRIS & CO. HAVING just opened the largest and l>est ; stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS ever offered in this market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give y satisfaction when compared with any others, up 19 H. L. NORRIS 4 CO. Central Drug Store, OPPOSITE CATHOLIC crcwch, Mntu Street, Westminster, .Mil., DR. E. D. WELLS & BRO, I PROPRIETORS. ; DR. WELLS, having had several rears j experience in the practice of Medicine, j feels confident that he can meet the wants of; the community for MEDI CINE AND MEtwrai. Mr j PREPA RATIONS. The Prescription Department, be ing under the especial charge J* \ J ofDr. Wells, wifi receive his careful attention. A full as sort men t of Toilet Articles, j Perfumery. Washes, Powders, Dyes, Tooth I and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat- i ent Medicines. je 22-ly j FALL GOODS! FALL GOODS!! David XL Miller, HAS jurt relumed from Philadeldhin am. , Baltimore with a full line of FA LI AND WINTER DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Our nock ii complete. orahmoing a full assortment of Shawls, Drew Goods, Cloths, CM. sinter., Fancy Goods & Notions. A call is solicited, as we are confident that oar stock snd prices cannot fail to give satis faction. sept 28 I). E. MILLER. HEAD QUARTERS FOR PAINTS, OIL, GLASS, BRUSHES, AMD MIXED PAINTS OF ALL KINDS. HOUSE AND .SION PAINTING AND GRAINING 90* POKE AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE CAIX ON F. I). SANFORD, (Basement,) First National Bank, at the Depot, Westminster. Md. may 2My West End Jewelry Store. I* A. WAGONER RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of Carroll county and vicinity, that he is i constantly receiving now and beautiful goods . from New York, consisting --mfr of WATCHES, either Amer -jSK3r : man or Foreign; Sterling CiSKMBK Silver Ware, Plated Ware, I Spoons, Ac., Rings of all patterns. Watches i 1 repaired in the best manner and warranted, i Silver and Gold Plating done with promptness and dispatch. Sewing Machines of every i make on hand; also repairing done. Give me a call as I am determined to sell, jane 9 r*cm;cE. I HAVE this day adopted a new rale in my business. I will give strict personal at* tention to all work in my line intrusted to my , care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all mV ! work. I have a very fnll stock and assort 1 ment of WALL PAPER, i at very low cash prices; also OIL CLOTH I and LINEN WINDOW SHADES and FIX 1 TURKS, all low for aash. ' WILLIAM COOX, Wert mi lister. January U. 1878-lv LUMBER! LUMBER!!' I HAVE just returned from the Lumber i Regions—and am now receiving the lar- 4 gest selection of LUMBER ever offered at ’ inis place, at Reduced I‘rires, consisting of Yellow Pine, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND SCANTLING L I • of all length* and Kites, 4-4, 5-4. 0-4 and 8-4 i 1 White Pine Boards and Plank. Yellow and I While Pine Flooring. Dressed and Undressed t Wealherboarding, White Pine Cypress and Chestnut Shingle*, Walnut and Asti Boards 1 and Plank, Plain and Headed Picketts, Shin gle and Plastering Laths, a prime lot of Chest nut Rails and Posts. Also all the different KIXDS or COAL, Thinking large sales with small profits bet ter than smalt sales with large prefits, I have S concluded to adopt the former as mv guide, and hope I shall be enabled to cam- it out by i persons in want of anything in my line giving me a call before purchaNing elsewhere. i EDWARD LYNCH, Near Depot, Westminster, Md. feb 20- if Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. FTIIIE undersigned, ; .JL bought oul J. J. Lei-ii■ r - JSmBSWK interest in the well known tablishment of Messrs. Shorb k leister. Main street, Westminster, West of the Railroad, will continue to keep on hand a full and com plete assortment of nil kinds and styles of FURNITURE, and a full assortment of Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, Hair and Husk Mat

trasses, Looking Gross Plates. Ac., which will 1h? sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Sent Chairs re-seated and Furniture repaired. UNDERTAKING. I Walnut and Metallic Coffins and Caskets ou hand. Funerals attended at all times, at I short notice. ' Also on hand Newel Posts. Balusters and | Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked j to order, of nil kinds of Lumber, and different j styles Brackets worked to order. AH kinds of Architectural Drawings fur -1 nished at short notice and at low figures, feb 24-tf J. J. SHORB A SON. j E. K. GERN AND, DEALER IX DRY GOODS, NOTIONS. QUKEKSWARK, HARDWARE, HATS, BOOTS & SHOES, Cedarwnre, Paints, Oils. Window Glass. AVER ILL CHEMICAL PAINT. Drugs, first-class Groceries, kc.. Ac. Corner Main and Court Streets, may 18 Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND | MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. No. 17 Sorm Street, Baltimore. This Company insures, on the mutual plan. Buildings and Personal Property against Loss i©r Damage by Fire, in nil parts‘of the State. The entire profit returned to the Tblicg holders. B. G. HARRIS, President. Board or Directors : Francis Neale, of Neale, Harris k Co. I S. H. Caughy, of Noah Walker A Co. C. McCnlly. of Pomerait A McCully. ( Philip T. George, of George A Jenkins. B. G. Harris, late of Neale, Harris A Co. Hon. George Brent, Court of Ap|K*als. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. George Combs, St. Mary's county! dec 23-ly ( WM. LAWYER. E. J. LAWYER. Wm. Lawyer & Son, Successors to Benner A Lawyer, WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS flB. P|l LADIES’, MISSES’, AND Children’s Shoes, PEN NBY LVANIA AVENUE WestniiiiNter, Md. nug 31-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. BUT failing to call before purchasing else where and examining tne Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, . "*f t t IRA E. CROUSE S, U - T n disregard of your own inter- ■jfeH-. ZSStZ est that is wholly inexcusable. Kg|l Having hnd a long experience in thenPfll business, he now llattcrs himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase any article in his line, a stock not excelled in variety and quality by ny other establishment in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore city, nr nnv other place in the State. y&- Don't mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main street, nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, W estminstcr. may 21 JOHN H. BOWERS KEEPS constantly on hand and for *ale, at his Store, ••CENTRAL HALL.” nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, n full atwortmeut of BUILDERS’ HARDWARE. Hardware Generally, Oils and Paints, Leather of all kinds, Groceries, Provisions. Willow and Ccdarware. All the above poods will he sold at low rates and will be delivered free of charge at the Railroad Depot, or any other point th* town of Westminster. JOHN H. BOWERS, nearly opposite the Catholic Church, mar 18 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! THE undersigned is prepared to famish Indies . Men’s and Children'm HOOTS AND SHOES 1 at the shortest notice, of the best material and at reduced prices. All work guaranteed. JOHN BERNSTEIN, ! Opposite the office of Crout 4 Reifsnider, , j Westminster, Md. 14. : | Littlestowfl Livery Me Salaried, j Htuwmtr SI., uni dutir to Melhodint Ch*rch, with FiwilitU*. WE will be pleased to accommodate the public. Hones bought, sold and cx ■ changed. Doily Passenger and Mail Une from Westminster to Gettysburg. For Beats, 4c., apply at Central Hotel, Westminster, or ■ Hams House. Oeltysburg. JOHN SPALDING, nov 30-tf Agent Look Here! •■'in alars. Programmes, Shipping lags, Bill Heads, in fact everything re quired in the Printing lino van be obtained at I the A nvoors Office, j,„ 4 J. MORTIMER HURLEY, . I’ltOF. OF MUSIC, 18 giving instruction on the Piano, Organ, ; Violin, Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Cornet and Thorough Rass, at orbvti.y ikimted HATER. $8 PER TERN, OR S3O PER SCKOI.AHTIi' YEAR, j PIANO TUNING $2.5n. A Ixo agent for Wn. Kxabk A Co s. CELEBRATED PIANOS niidPTßßn E. P. Needham k Sox'* Unrival-• J w * 1 led ORGANS. Particular attention paid to the selection of Instruments. ( For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber’s Drug Store, or Wheeler's Hotel. feb 22 I DENTAL NOTICE. DR. GEO. S. FOUKE. Dentist, offers his services at his Office. Westminster—every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Emmittshnrg—Fourth Wednesday After noon till Thursday Afternoon. Mechanicstown—Fourth Thursday After- ■ noon and Friday. Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon. | Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. ■ Middlehurg—First Friday. I’niontowii—Second Wednesday Afternoon. ; Taneytowu—Second Thursday Afternoon i and Friday. Union Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon ' and Thursday Forenoon. New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. feb 23 j CEOUT & REIFSNIDER, | ATTORNEYSATLAW AND SO i UCITORS IN CHANCERY, WESTMINSTER, MD. WE have formed a copartnership in the j practice of Law in the Courts of Car- | roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. ! Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications Filed for Hack Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Ciias. T. Heifmxider. no 3(Mf R. B. NORMENT, ATTO It NET-A TLA IF, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of I Court, Westminster, respectfully informs , the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts of this .State and the Departments of the I General Government at Washington. D. C. Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy, jan 4, 1873. WM, M. MERRICK. J. J. BAI’MO ARTSKA. | Merrick & Baumgartner, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AXD SO LICITORS IX CUAXCERY. HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll county. Their Office is at the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster. Md. Mr. Merrick will lie in Westminster during the Term of the Courts, and at such other times as business mat- require; ho may also be con sulted at his Office, No. 17 St, Paul street, Baltimore Maryland. nov 28-tf ABNER NEAL, JUSTICE OF Till: PEACE AXP A TTOItXEY-A T-LA IF. Office at the Court House. HE will attend especially to obtaining Dc crees for the settlement of estates oi deceased persons, kc. Deeds, Wills and all Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge, moderate. dec 5-tf JOHN E. SMITH. WM. A. M'SKLUP. SMITH & McKELLIP, .4 TTORXEVS-A TLA IF AXD SO LICITORS IX CUAXCERY. HAy ING formed a partnership in the prar- , ticc of Law, will give prompt attention I to ainnisiness entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors east of Court street. decs-ly X. K. SVESTKB. JAM. A. C. BOND. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associate] themselves in the prac tice of Ijyw in Carroll county ana the several Courts of this State. Mr. Syeater will visit Westminster when business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, np 15 WM. P. MACUJBY. C. B. ROBERTS. ! MAULSBY & ROBERTS, A TTORXEYS-A TLA IF AXD SO LICITORS IX CUAXCERY. WrjvrmxsfKit, Mn. Seif' Office; directly opposite the Court House. ISAAC K. CEAHSOX, SR. ISAAC E. CEARSOS, Jll I. E. PEARSON & SON .4 TTORXEYS-A T-LA IF WILL promptly and carefully attend to all kind of oasiness in any of the Courts in this State. Office opposite Westminster Hotel, Main street. Westminster, Md. dec 12-ly DANIEL G. WRIGHT, A TTORXEY-A T-LA IF 9atT Office 37 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md. nov 18, 1809 DR. W. K. FRINGER HAS removed his Office to the house op posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Bering, Main Street, Westminster. np fi-tf. DR. J. H. BILLINOSLEA IS still actively engaged in the practice of Medicine. S&- Office two doors east of the residence of John L. Reifsnider, Esq. sag 19-tf JOSEPHUS H. HOPPE, AGENT of the Farmers’ Mutual Fire lu surancc Company of Dug Hill, Carroll county, Md. ■SrPostoffice, Stanersvillc. mar 23-ly JOHN T. DIPPENBAUGH, AUCTIONEER, WESTMINSTER, Md., will give estiecial attention to the sale of Personal Pro perty and Heal Estate. Engagements may be made at this office, feb U tf MUTUAL ~ FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, &ESTMIXSTER, XI). i J- W. HERING, President. 1 RICHARD MANNING, Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUGH, General Agent, Westminster, Md. , J. Oliver Wad low, Agent, Freedom, Car roll county, Md. j an ],. ( f WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINSTER, MD„ DEALER in Watched, inA Clocks and Jewelry, 1 keeps constantly on hand and fSmUßttoh • for sale at lowest prices, Gold and Silver American and Swiss Watches, Solid Silver Ware, Silver Plated Ware for Wedding Prea ; onts, Rogers' Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., Ice Pitchers, Custers, Cake * j Dishes, Ac., Ac. N. B.—Agent for Spencer's Diamond Spec , j tacles, best glass now in uso. I may 11 • , Well Stocked. ; bent and most fashionable , -*-• oitable for the most delicate Card r or the largest Poster, can be found at the Ad vocate Office. j an 4 GARDEN HEED. Tllh Bollock k Robinson's Garden Seed, fresh and new, of all kinds, just received r by , k , l) - w * HOUCK, f feb J2-5t Houeksville, kid. I To get handsome printing of every descrip tion. eall at the Aovotatk Omre. A. H. HUBEE, No. , OABBOIX IIALLi 1 DEALER IN i Foreign and Oomosllc Drugs. f.l TK\r'tKKS. PE BFU ME It "V, <seO-l KEEPS coiutantljf on hand n complete " stock of the purest DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, liesides the most popular d PATENT MEDICINES J IS THE MARKET. C Parlies will liml. on examination, n varied , j assortment of i FANCY ARTICLES **n PERFUMERY. J gfcjr Especial ottention paid to Physicians’ j Order* and Prescription*. **^c* | april 22-ly ( U i I TAXES FOR 1878, , A 1 RE heavy enough without joying high j prices for everything you buy. Appre ciating this fact the undersigned is determined to prove that the ''(ViWi .System" will justify “tjuick Saifs'* and “Small J'rqfilt. Ladle*’, Misses' and Children’s Shoes. I Men’s and Boy’s Bods, Shoes and Hats, I Reduced 10 per cent, to suit hard times. | China, Glass, Queensware and Housekeeping 1 Goods of every kind, the largest and best stock in the city of Westminster. ; Wooden ware, Willowware, Tinware. Stone- I ware, Fine Japanned Ware. Knives, Forks, Spoons, Clocks, looking Glasses, Table Oil Cloths,-I.inen and Paper Window Shades I and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Tens, Roasted and Green Coffees, Sugars, Spices, Extracts, Ks i senccs. Soups, and everything in the Grocery Line, j Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castors, i Cake Baskets, Card Receivers. Butter • Dishes, Nankin Rings, Butter Knives, horks. Simons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated and at Baltimore ©rices. KsjH'ciul attention is called to uiv Sohe Department, ns 1 intend to sell everything in this lino nt prices that will defy competition. I No trouble to show goods and give prices whether you wish to purchase or not. An , examination of my stock is solicited. mar 27-tf W. O. UOOET. 1 | FRANK K. HEKH. SAMVEL K. HERR. F.K.HERR& BRO., UAM rU TI RVUs Of I Coaches, Carriage*, Itnggics, .lug. gnr IVugiillii, Clin-lulls, Jtc. ALSO iiousi: shocks Aik) DlnckMiiitliK hi (li>iiitul. [ Special attention given to Repairing. All orders promptly tilled and work of every kind warranted. 00?" Factory opposite Montour House. Main street, Westminster, Md. se 14-ly- Westminster Hotel, CIORNER Main and Court * Streets. Westminster, Car- A- .V roll county, Md. The under signed having leased this known Hotel, and the same having been thoroughly repaired with many improvements and refitted generally, takes this method of informing the citizens of Carroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that no effort on his part shall be wanting to make them that favor him with a call as comfortable jas possible. The table shall be as good as this market affords. The bar stocked with i pure and unadulterated Liquors; waiters at j lentive and polite, and charges moderate. A I call is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a specially, j mar l-tf F. I. WHEELER. | HUGH DOYLE i TT AS ju.t received frum Baltimore the bed 11 ami (incut winded Slock of Indies', Gentlemen'*, Misses' and Children', BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in thin market. Also a large sup ply of Overshoes. Alt of the above Stock i will be sold nt reasonable prices for cash, and , satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted - or repaired free of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the best material, at HE DUCEII PRICES. lb-member the place. Main street, near the Catholic Church. , j MENSMV A m-:. SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. i A\T*l. have /* Kt from Isondon, * " ▼ England, by our own importation, a j line of newest patterns of Cloths, Casaimers and Vestings, f consisting of 38 different styles, to which we I call the attention of buyers of Fine Goods, os c wc will acll them much lower than retailers in the City, mar 39 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle 5 COWS, IIEIFKRS. 1 ALSO HEIFER AND BULL CALVES, j ■ | SOUTH DOWN' SHEEP, BERKSHIRE PIOS. i For sale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, links I burg, Carroll county, Md. j too ß lf LEWIS 11. COLE. , , Butchering Notice. ! undersigned desires to state that he I -A- "till continues to butcher all kinds of t. j Stock at his Establishment in Westminster, and will continue so to do, but that on and tcfe'iV"” 1 wiU "" for JACOB M. MORKEOCK. nestmmster, Jan. Ist, 1878, lyr* MANSION BOISE HOTEL, AVrtteoat comer FayrtU anit HI. Pkul SU., orroaiTK b.rxiu's errr Horn., ? BALTIMORE. Isaac Alberston, Proprietor. War This ia one of the moat pleasant and central locations in the city. T® ll *** SL&O per day. may 7-ly , r NOTICE. THE undersigned hereby gives notice that he has been appointed General Agent of uio Carroll County Fire Insurance Company. > All person* desiring to insure property (either real or personal) in this Company, will please addresH the Agent at Westminster, Md. All - communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBAUOH, ft,, 25-tf Agent. I MONTOUR HOUSE THE undersized, lately from Hanover, 1 ennsylyama, respectfully informs the P“ hl| c that he has opened the “Montour I. House" in this city, and respectfully solicits d a share of patronage. , . J. B. DOKNELL Westminster, doe. 9, 1871-ly ► nice Printing go to the Anroiirs TO FARMERS! 1873. “KXOELBIOR," 1878. Composed of 800 pounds of Aa. / /Vwr ion flnano, ami 13fH>ftoundsqf Solulde Phos phate of hi me, [ltont* dissolredin sulphuric acid,) I'Mush and Soda Forming the most concentrated, universal anl durable fertiliser ever offered to the farmer— combining all the stimulating qualities of p p . ruvian Guano, and the ever durable Fertilizioi properties of llones. Excelsior is in fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and can le applied in any quantity however smU per acre; mid it is tin* opinion of many dose calculating Farmers, after Fourteen vears ex perienco in testing if side by side with otk* r popular fertilisers, that an application of 100 jxiunds of Excelsior ia equal to from 200 to 900 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano offered for sale, therefore is fully luu to 200 per cent, cheaper. out for imitations and counter feits. The jtopularity of Excelsior has in * dneed unscrupulous parties in this and other cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to other dishonorable means to sell their Kotik less compounds. We&" Farmers should see that retry Han j, branded as almre. trilh the AX Ah ISIS ami OVH SAME in HKD LETTERS. All others are counterfeits. PRICE S6O PER TON. J. J. TURNER & CO., 42 Pratt .Street, Baltimore. FOR SALE BY (j rimes A Stouffer. Westminster. Md. Zimmerman A Shultz, Sykesviile, Md. W. 11. B. Dorsey, Mt. Ain’, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville. Md. McComas A Bro., Hood's Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellieott city, Md. Biggs A Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. Wm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. ntttr 22 3m WESTERN MD. COLLEGE FOR STUDENTS OF BOTH BEXKB, IN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. Incorporated by Act of General Assembly, March, IHtiS. FJ’MIIS Institution is eligibly located in the Jl. healthful and flourishing City of Wejt minster, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore and Hagers town. It ia under the special patronage of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Metho dist Protestant Church, but is strictly free from any sectarianism, either in iu course ot study or rules of discipline. Male and female students recite in separate classes, but all have the advantage of instruc tion from every Professor having charge ol the studios pursued. The Vice-Principal. (Rev. Dr. Nichols,i the PreccDlrcss, (Miss Hanue,) and several other members of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight of the Hoarding Students. The Course of Sttut is thorough, under a full and competent corps of Instructors. The. Tenth Semi-Annual Session, will begin on MONDAY. February ad, and end on THURSDAY, June Huh, 1873. EXCESSES or SESSION ; Board. Lodging. Washing, Fuel and Light SW,OO Tuition in Preparatory Depart mem 17.60 Tuition in Collegiate Department... 80.00 Matriculation fee (payable on enter ing the Collegiate Department) 6.00 Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments) 26.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) 10.00 No extra charges for any study in the Reg ular Course. PAYMENTS J One-half at the beginning of the Session; the other, Anril 14th, 1878. Books ami stationery purchased of the Col lege must he paid for on cWircry. For Catalogue and Circular containing full information, address J. T. WARD, Principal, dec 21-lf BVsimtVisfcr, Md. K. O. (AIMES. E. 8. STOrrm. GRIMES & STOUFFER, (Snecesaors to E. O. Grimes.) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Westminster, Mu., ARE paying the highest prices in the market for Flour, Wheat , Com, Oats. Ky* and Grain of all kinds. Also, keep constantly on hand a large supply of Liquors, Groceries, . Flour, Feed, Bacon, Salt, Fish, Farmer's Utensils, Ac., Ac., all of which they are selling wholesale and retail at very low figures. They have on hand a large stock of the following Guanos, and arc selling at manufacturers price*; Pacific, Whitolock’s, Moro Phillip’s, Baugh’s Raw-Bone, Flour ot Bone, Coes Bradley’s, BcrjKT A Butz, Turner's Excelsior, . Sea Fowl, Woolston's Md. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac. Also. Oil \ itriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia and pure Bone for making Fertilizers. Ihe public generally will do well to give them a call before purchasing, as they intend to sell low. T I N. B.—Agents for the best Blasting Pow der in the market, and the great Zingari Bit **• april 27-ly. H. HAINES. r. H. HAINES. HAINES & BRO., WHOLESALE AMI RETAIL GROCERS! Ivavc to call attention to the lar** ntock of Groceries, Liquors, Ac., which they keep constantly on hand, at their new j .tore a few dour* east of Kailroad Depot. Our facihtie* are such a* to enable ua to offer great inducement, in point of price*, a* e purchase strictly for t'a*h and tell at •non profit*. We have just received n large lot of Freh FruiU, consisting of fine layer Itaisins, While Seedles* Unisons, Currants, Citron, and other Hobday Ooods. 1 „ I^ ur general Slock embraces a complete line of CHOICE FAMILY OROCKBIES AND LIQUORS, . QUEENSWARE, 1 STONEWARE, glassware, willowware, WOODENWARE, HARDWARE, r FISH, BACON, LA HD, SALT, TAR. [ Healers in Country Produce general j ly. Very respectfully. ■I ' HAINES A BRO. COAL TAU FOB BALK. 1 A PPLY to 1 XX. JOHN L. REIFBNIDER, President Westminster Gas Light Co. , mar IC-tf Everything New. WE recently purchased a new assortment of Job Type for use during the pres ent season. j ßn 4 your Orders for Printing for the ►sJ Spring Trade to the A fiVorate Ofßwe,

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