Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 24, 1873 Page 4
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Wit Baker owned , Kshlinr do*. I in a eamnn niwalc; , Hill'* dog came down the strest on a Surinam That loan agaun awa l!iir dog purveyed dial strange canine, With sinister regard, A dog look quite o hard. The more ha gazed, the leas respect He felt iritmri him stir, . For that demoralixcd, cross-gnu nod K ■“"*<* That stranger dog returned Hill s dug s Insulting stare, in kind, Which tended to still more dirluris Hill's canine's place of mind ; With every bristling hair along H back, he fiercely frowned, And curled his tail until it raised His hind feet from the ground. And thawed his teeth and cocked his ears, And otherwise behaved Impertinently, as dogs do Whose instincts are depraved ; But all hia hostile sign* were met By signs as hostile, quite, And Bui's dog felt himself compelled To slink away, or fight. He flew into that looking-glass With all his might and main— FiUad with chagrin and Broken glass, He oon flew ont again. Rejection showed Bin’s dog that he Had got into a scrimmage, Through indignation at the sight Of his own odious image. The knowledge of his aspect quite Destroyed his self-esteem; For the hideous reality Surpassed his wildest dream. Life lost, at once, ail charm for him. So, mournfully, he steered Into a neighboring sausage-shop. And never re-appeared. like moral of this doggerel Is obvious, 1 trust; (For there is a moral lesson in BUI Baker s dog s disgust;) If some men knew how thev appear To others, they would hide Themselves within a sausage-shop— That is, they'd suicide. iHit and Humor. Obeying the Court Pst Muliooncy having been impaneled in a caac, was, with the rest of the jury, cautioned by the judge as they were about to adjourn for dinner, not to speak to any jiersou nor to allow any person to speak to them concerning the ease in progress. Pat was impressed with this warning. On turning the first corner he encountered Mike U , who wanted to speak to him about digging a well. Pat gave him a wild glance and passed on. Mike followed him, and selling him by the arm, said: “Man alive! what is the matter with you ? Are you craiy ?” Pat freed himself from Mike's vice-like grasp, and planting a terrible blow between Mike's eyes, hurried home to his frugal meal. His troubled look alarmed his wife, ‘■ln the name of all the saints. Patrick, dear, what's the matter with ye?” He made no reply, bnt, shaking bis head. looked more distressed than ever, and commenced eating in a harried and most voracious manner. She ran to a neighbor to have him come and see her husband. As they entered the back door Pat shot nut at the front. The neighbor followed. Pat started on a ran, reached the court-room fonr lengths ahead, and ensconced himself in the jury-box, greatly relieved. A moment after court was re opened in came poor Mike, both peepers closed, accompanied by Constable Hoag land with a writ for Pat. Not daring to serve process there, the officer called the attention of the sheriff to the matter. The sheriff, in tarn, notified the judge. The judge asked Pat to explain. Pat rose with trepidation, and said: •May it plase ycr honor, didn't you tell j os not to spake to any one. nor allow any one to sphake wid ns ? and rare Mike was Issiad to shpake to me. and the only way I could get ont of it was to give him a mild whack between the eyes—for wasnt I hound to obey the court 7” ()f course he was. The judge was sound and Pat was allowed to go his way. Tiukim a Mawued Woma.vThi.nks, —That she was very pretty at sixteen. That she had or would have had a great many good offers. That all her lady friends are five years older than they say they are. I That she has a very fine mind. That if her husband had acted on her advice, he would be a rich man to-day. j That people think too much oftbe looks of that Miss , who would not have been called handsome if she didn't make heneif up. That her mother-in-law is a very trying woman. That her sister-in-law takes airs, and i ought to be put down. That her girls are prettier than Mrs. fciSß'A’s girls. That she would like to know i there hor hnshandspends h>s evening* when he stays ont. That her eldest son lakes after him. That he is going to throw himself away That Miss Bcraggs set her cap for him, and. did ail the courting. Nat Willis, the poet, was at the grand soiree given by Mr. sad Mrs. Joseph fiales. at their residence in Washington city, to the Hon. John A. Campbell, then jaat returned as the Minister to Mexico ( now a prominent citixen of New Orleans ). Mr. Campbell was of course the distin guished guest of the evening, and received from Mis. Oates very great attention, But that lady observed that her niece, Miss Seaton, was even more attentive to Willis than she herself was to Mr. Campbell, and feared '' might he thought imprudent in one on jwmg, and wrote on a slip of pa per her fears, requesting her niece not to hr so (auricular in her attentions to the poet- This slip of paper was seen by Mr. Willis, who naked leave to reply to it, which he did as follows: “Why, my dear aual, wonld you me trammel ? Von Strain atn Not and swallow n Campbell.” A Boston trader called at a house in Maine, some time age te buy oheesc. but when he came to look at the lot he con cluded he wonld not lake it. it was so full of skippers As he was going off, the farmer said to him ; ‘ Look here, mister, hnw can I get my cheese to Boston the cheapest ?” The trader took another look at the cheese, nod seeing more and more yon can drive it down !” V poetic Hibernian explains that love is i commonly spoken of as s “Marne,” because j it is a tinder sinUwent ' { l !' rtain to Is* laid tor— a Teaching Grammer. fj —— “1 hare been seedin' my darter Nancy to skool, and Inst Friday I went over to 1 the skool to see how she was gettin abag, ‘ and 1 seed things I didn't like bv no “ means. The akool-master was laruin her „ things entirely ont of the line of eddyca- , thin, and, as 1 think, improper. I set a | while in the skool-housc. an' beared one class say their lesson. The lesson that I * Nancy sod was nothin' hut the foolishest kind of talk; the redielist word she sed waa ‘1 love.’ 1 looked ot her for bein' so improper, but she went right on and sed, ] ■Thou lovest, and he loves.' And I reck- ( on yon never heered such rigmarole in . your life—-love, love, love and nothin hut love. She sed one time, ‘I did not love.’ Set I, ‘Who did you love?’ The skolara luffed, but I wasn’t to be put off, and aed, , ‘Who did you love, Nancy ?’ The skool- i master sed he would explain when Nancy hod finished the lesson. This sorter pacy fied me, and NancyOwent on with her aw ful bvo talk. It got was and wns every 1 word. She sod. ‘I might, could, or would love.' I stopped her again, and sed I reckon I would see about that, ami told her to walk out of that house. The skool master tried to interfere, but 1 would not let him say a word. He sed I was a foul, and I nokt him down, and made him hol ler in short order. I talkt the strata thing to him. I told him I’d show bow hede larn my darter grammar. I got the tu bers together, and we sent him off in a hurry, and I reckon thar'll be no more grammar teachin’ in these parts soon. Nkwspapebs.—lf a young lady wishes a gentleman to kiss her. what papers would she mention ? No Spectator, no Obsernr, but as many Times os you please. We add too that she would like it done with Dispatch , no Register or Journal kept of it, and lor him not to IlrraUl it, or mention it to a Recorder or Chronicle it abroad. Her lips should be the only Re pository, and the Sun should be excluded if passible. If a Messenger got it, the World would soon know it, for the Aides , is now carried by Telegraph where it was formeraly done by the Charters, who was always ready to Gazette it. In the act. 1 the Pres* upon the lips should be light and the Union perfect—assuring ourselves that no Ary us eye was upon os, and the only Reflector present the Mirror. Rerinc the case as you will, no Plain Dealer in fact could be more Independent in this fast Ay - . General Jackson was once making a | stump speech iu a country village ont West. Just as he was concluding, Amos j Kendall, who sat beside him. whispered : “Tip'em a little Latin. General; they won tbe satisfied without it." The -He ro of New Orleans” instantly thought of a few phrases he knew, and in a voice of thunder, wound up his speech by exclaim ing : “Ephtribus Cnnm .'' Sine <]>as no*.’" ‘‘ Xe plus ultra !” Multum in parro!" ’ The effect was tremendous, and the shouts could be heard for miles. ' ‘'Arrah, me darlint!” cried Jamie O'Flanogau to his loquacious sweetheart, i who had given him no opportunity of even ( answering her remarks during a two hours' , ride behind his little bay nags, iu his trot i ting wagon —“ore ye afhter knowin' why yer cheeks are just like my ponies there ? ' | Sure an’ it’s because they re red. is it quoth blushing Bridget. “Faith, an' a betthcr raison than that, mnrournreii. Be cause there is one uv thim each side of a woggin' (wagon) tongue!" "Cksst, I understand you believe every woman has seven devils. Now how can you prove it ?” ■ Well, sab. did yon neber read iu de j Bible how de sc ben dcbblcs was cast oaten Mary Magdelenc?" "Oh. yoe, I've read that.” “Did yon eber hear of ’em bein' cast out of any oder woman, sah ?” “No, I never did.” “Well, den, all de odders got 'em yit." The Rev. Dr. West, of New Bedford, once heard that his choir wonld refuse to sing on the next Sunday. When the day came he gave ant the hymn: “Come we who love the Lord.” After reading it j through he looked up very emphatically at ; the choir, and said: “Yon will begin at the second verse. Let those refuse to ! sing who never knew our God.' " The I choir song. | “Will yon lake this woman to be your wife?” "Well, Squire,” was the reply, “yon must be a green un to ax me sucii a question as that. Do you suppose I'd be such a plaguey fool as to go to the bar hunt and take this gal to the quilting fro- j lie, if I wam't sartin and determined to have her? Drive on with your business." “Did you present your account to the | defendant ?” inquired a lawyer of his j client. “I did, sir.” j “And what did he say ?” “He told me to go to the devil. , “And what did you do then?" “Why, then I came to you.” The following lines, entitled “Clerical Error,” appeared in an English paper apropos to the recent marriage of the | princess: “High Parsons would bare couples tarry ; When they proposed to wed in Lent— i 1 But why 7 The sooner people marry. The sooner, mostly, they repent.” Two Irishman traveling on the Balti i more and Ohio railroad track come to a mile peat, when one of them exclaimed : “Tread aisy. Pat; here lies a man who waa ! , 108 years old—his name was Miles from Baltimore.' A negro was put upon the stand as a witness, and the judge inquired if he un ( deratood the nature of an oath. “For , ccrting, boas,” said the citixen: “if I swear , to a lie I mast stick to him!” > Afi exchange tantalizes its readers with . this atrocity : “Have you heard of the - man who got shot?" “Got shot I No. i how did he get shot.” “He bought them.” t r 9 Tom Tit remarked that the Ohio River J had a remarkably long faoe. “How so?” * inquired one. “Why it is twelve hundred 1 miles from its head to its mouth." Connecticut editor, having been elect ed fence viewer, calk on all having fences to be viewed to bring them to his office 1 under penalty of the kw. Are blacksmiths who make a living by forging, or rarpenters who do a little counter-fitting, any worse than men who sell iron, and steel for a living. Among the conditions of sale hy an Irish auctioneer, was the following: “The highest >idder to be the purchaser unless I some gentleman bids more. If a toper and a gallon of whiskey were left together, which would he drunk first ? | An answer k requested. Jones say* ho always give* Mrs Jones her own way, because it* the only thing he has to give her. Why k the letter S iajuriou- to orch ard*? Beams® it make* our apple* sour apples. HOFFMAN & MoKINSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, TIAVE lost returned from Philadelphia JLX with the largest and best selected stock of Goods ever offered in New Windsor, con sisting of s general assortment of the new shades and styles of Dry Goods and Notions, Also HARDWARE, QUEENBWARE, BOOTS AND SHOES. We have nude it a specialty to select Fine Olotha and Fancy Oaaaimen, for Men's and Boys’ Wear, which cannot be surpassed in the county CARPETS AND MATTINGS, AT ALL PRICES. We shall sell only for CASH ; our profits will be small and we will try to give full satis faction in every respect. A. THOMPSON, whose refutation as a Tailor places him at the head of his profession, still continues TAIL ORING over onr Store Room. A good fit has long since ceased to be a question of doubt. Go to A. Thompson if you want a fashionable suit. Just opposite to us is MISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, where Hals and Bonnets of the latest styles can always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN ft McKINSTRV. ap 2i>- tt NOTICE. To my Friend*, Customer* and the Public Generally. AFTER mature reflection 1 have concluded that the only way to do business success fully is upon a CASH basis; consequently I will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. I buy for Cash and I know if X sell for Cash I will lose nothing, therefore, I can and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. Mv Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. Ac., consisting of COFFEE. SPGAR, TEA, STRIPS. Ac., BUTTER, EGGS, BACON. LARD, FISH, SALT, TAR, Ac. 1 also keep a full supply of the beat brands of FLOUR AND FEED. besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants. Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which I sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly, increased my stock of Queens ware, Cedar Ware, Willow Ware, ftc. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at rales which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted as represented. Come and see, and be convinced. N. B.—All orders not paid for when given, will be collected by the driver when the Goods are delivered, as mr terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb 1-lf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAR OI>D FELLOWS’ HALL, MAIN STREET, WESTMINSTER. THE undersigned, having just completed his large Provision House. begs leave to inform hi* patrons : and the. public generally, that he ___3d is prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Bee/, Bacon. I*ard, Chip Bee/ Bologna Sausage; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of bis business to keep the beet Meets the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keens Meat perfectly fresh and pure for any length of time desired, so that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. Will open on Monday next, the Tth day of April, 1873. ap 6-Bm* F. A. NORRIS. PRODUCE DEPOT, A J THE RAILROAD, WESTMIN STER. MARY LAMD THE undersigned. t lb, old itand of Gehr A Orndnrn, is prepared to purchase FLOPS, WHEAT ; RYE. OATS, CORN CO ENTRY PRODUCE of all description*. Also to receive and for ward PRODUCE AND GOODS of all kinds. He also keeps constantly on hand a large and full stock of GROCERIES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt, Fih. Ac., together with Spade., Shovel., Hoe., Rake, and Farmers* and Gardener.' Implement, generally. Also GUANO AND FERTILIZERS of all descriptions; and in fact all article, in a first class More. With long experience and by strict attention to business I hope to receive a liberal share of the pnblic patronage, may 8-ly DENTON GEHR. TO CORN GROWERS. J. J. TURNER & CO.’S AiDiiatei Bone Saper-Piosplate, ANALYSIS 1 Ammonia 2.83 | Soluble Phosphate of Lime - ..29.51 Bone Phosphate of Lime 10.67 I Composed of the most concentrated materials, it is richer in Ammonia and Soluble Pfaos- I phates than any other Fertilizer told, except i our EXCELSIOR, and is made with same 1 care and supervision, uniform quality gtxran i teed j fine and dry, in excellent order for ' | drilling. Packed in hags and barrels. PRICE S6O PER TON*. J, J. TURNER A CO., •12 Pratt Street, Baltimore. j roa mu av Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster. Md. Zimmerman A Shulti, Sykesville, Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grose, Ridgevillc. Md. McComas A Bro., Hood’s Mill, Md. > E. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. Biggs A Alhaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. Win. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. mar 22-3 m NEW GOODS II GREAT BARGAINS, XI j THE CABH STORE jj. YINGLING & BRO., Successors to J. Tingling A Hon, WHO have received from New York and Philadelphia, their usual large stock of Foreign&DometrtdcDry Goods, NOTIONS, CARPETS, | OIL CLOTHS, STRAW MATTINGS, RUGS, MATS, Ac., Ac., Ac. wc keep constantly on hand the largeat aad best assortment of Goods in the county, which we buy and sell exclusively for cash, at the very lowest rates. 1. YINGLING A BUG. Westminster. Md. may t J. MORTIMER HURLEY, FROP. OP MV SIC. IS giving instruction on the Plsao, Org an. | fVoJin, Guitar, Clarinet. Flute. Comet ; and Thorough Him, nt antiTLY ttgarran urn. $8 rw ruiv, on SBO ra kcbouiwiu iu>. ' PIANO TUNING 2.0. Also agent Iw Wp, Kxabe i Cn'. ; CELEBRATED PIANOS nndPn^n' K. P. Nkuihik k Son’s Unrival-® * 9 H led ORGANS. Particular attention paid lo the selection of Instrument*. For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber’s I Drug Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 23 DENTAL NOTICE. DR. GEO. S, FOCUS, Dentist, offers bis j services at bis Office. Westminster—every Monday, Tuesday and | Saturday. Emmittsburg—Fourth Wednesday After- j noon till Thursday Afternoon. Mecbanicstown—Fourth Thursday After noon and Friday. Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon. Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. Middleburg—First Friday. ITnionlown—Second Wednesday Afternoon. Tanevtown—Second Thursday Afternoon and Friday. Cnion Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday Forenoon. New Windsor—'Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. feb 28 GROUT & REIPSNIDER, A TTORNEYSA TLA IT AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY, WESTMINSTER, Ml). WE have formed a copartnership in the practice of I-aw in the Court* of Car roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications Filed for Back Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Chas. T. REirsxinn. no 80-tf R. B. NORMENT, .4 TTORNEY-A T LA If, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts of this State and the Departments of the General Government at Washington, D. C. Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy, jan 4, 1878. WM. M. MERRICK. J. J. BAI'MOABTNEK. Herrick A Baumgartner, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll , county. Their Office is at the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will be in Westminster during the Term of the Courts, and at such other times as business may require; he may also be con sulted at his Office. No. 17 St. Paul street, Baltimore Maryland. nov 38-tf ABNER NEAL, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Office at the Court House. XJTE will attend especially lo obtaining De XX crees for the settlement of estates oi deceased persons. Ac. Deeds, Wills and all Instruments of W riting prepared. Charge, moderate. dec G-rf JOHN K. SMITH. WM. A. M'eKU.II’. SMITH & HcKELLIF, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO- 1 LICITORS IN CHANCERY. HAVING formed a partnership in the prac tice of Law, will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors east of Court street. dec 5-ly , A. K. STESTER. JAS. A. C. BOND. 1 SYEBTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac- 1 tice of Law in Carroll county and the 1 several Courts of this State. Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, ap 16 WM. P. MAULSBT. C. B. ROBERTS. MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTORNETS-ATLAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY Westminster, Mi. WST Office directly opposite the Court House. ISAAC E. PEARSON, SR. ISAAC E. PEARSON, JR L E. PEARSON & SON A TTORNEYS-A TLA W. WILL promptly and carefully attend to all kind of nasiness in any of the Courts in this State. Office opposite Westminster Hotel, Main street, Westminster. Md. dec 12-ly DANIEL O. WRIGHT, A TTORNEY-A T LA W. •BT* Office 87 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md. nov 18, 1868 DR. W. K. PRINGER HAS removed his Office to the house op posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Hering, Main Street. Westminster. ap G-tf. DR. J. H. BILLINOSLEA IS still actively engaged in the practice of Medicine. Office two doors east of the residence of John L. Reifsnider, Esq. aug 19-tf JOSEPHUS H. HOPPE, AGENT of the Farmer.’ Mutual Fire In ■urance Company of Dug Hill. Carroll county. Md. sWPostoffice, Stoneriville. mar 28-ly JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, AUCTIONEER. WESTMINSTER. Md.. will give especial attention to the tale of Personal Pro perty and Real Estate. Engagements may be made at this office, feb -tf M [;tu a i. FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER, MV. 1. W. HERING. President. RICHARD MANNING. Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, General Agent, Westminster, Md. J. Oliver Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car rolUoonty, Md. jan 11-tf WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINSTER, MD., DEALER in Watches, -~m. Clocks and Jewelry, keep* constantly on kand and CShIMHB for sale at lowest prices. Gold and Surer American and Swiss Watches, Solid Silver Ware, Silver Plated Ware for Wedding Pres ents, Rogers' Albata Forks, Spoons, Ac., Carters, Cake S. B.—Agent for Spencer’s Diamond Spec tacles, ben glass now in use. r Well Stocked. THE largest, best and most fashionable Type, suitable for the most delicate Card

or the largest Pouter, an be found at the An vocate Office. jan 4 I DARDEN HEED. I nnHE Hollock A Robinson's Garden Seed, A fresh and new, of all kinds, just received : by I). W. HOUCK, feb il-ai HooektviUe. Md. | To got handsome printing of erory descrip I Son. all at the AnTor-sTC Oerter. A. H. HUBER, No, 4. CARBOLIi HALL, I] DEALER IN Foreign mid Uoncstie Drugs, FATKST MBIiICIXBS, PERPUMEBY, <JeO KEEPS oonittautly on hand u complete . stot-k of the purest DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, besides the most populsr 1 <1 PATENT MEDICINES J IN THK MARKET. • . c Parties will find, on examination, n varied j assortment of c FANCY ARTICLES AM> PKBFI’MERY. J WOT Especial attention paid to Physician* j Orders and Prescriptions. c npril 22-ly J TAXES FOB 1873, | ABE heavy enough without paying high ( prices for everything you buy. Appro* 1 ciating this fact the undersigned is determined to prove that the “Cash System'' will justify “(Juick Safa'' ami “Small /Vqjttf.” Indies'. Misses' and Children's Shoes. Men's ami Hoy's Hoots, Shoes and Hats, Heduced 10 per cent, to suit hard times. China, Class, Qucensware and Housekeeping Goods of every kind, the largest and )>est stock in the city of Westminster. Wooden ware, Wiltawwaro, Tinware, Stone ware, Fine Japanned Ware, Knives, Forks, Spoons, (flocks, Looking Glasses, Table Oil Cloths, Linen and Paper Window Shades and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Teas, Boasted and Green Coffees, Sugars. Spices, Extracts, Es sences, Soap*, and everything in the Grocery line. Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castors, Cake Baskets, Card Receivers, Butter Dishes, Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Forks. Spoons, Ac., guaranteed 1 ripie Plated J and at Baltimore prices. Especial attention is called to niv Solic Department, as 1 intend ta sell everything in this line at prices that will defy competition, f No trouble to show goods and give prices whether you wish to purchase or not. An t examination of mv stock is solicited. } mar 27-(f W. O. LIGOET. I t FRANK K. HKUR. SAMUEL K. HKBB. ; MAMTAITI AKAA o.‘ , ConcheN. Carriage*, llui[Kle, Jug- j gor WugoiiN, PIIH-tOIIN, Ac. < ALSO ( HOKSK SHOCKS And Blacksmith* in General. * Special attention given to Repairing. All order* promptly tilled and work of every ] kind warranted. $0- Factory opposite Montour House, •] Main street, Westminster. Md. •e H-1y i Westminster Hotel, 1 CORNER Main and Court _ ] Streets, Westminster, Car roll county, Md. The under signet! having leased this t known Hotel, and the same having been thoroughly repaired with many improvements and refitted generally, takes this method of . informing the citizens of Carroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that no i effort on his part shall he wanting to make them that favor him with a call at comfortable as possible. The table shall be as good as . this market affords. The bar stocked with 1 pure and unadulterated liquors; waiters at tentive and polite, and charges moderate. A call is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a specialty, i mar 16-tf F. I. WHEELER. HUGH DOYLE TT AS just received from Bsltimore the bet XT end finest selected Stock of Lsdies', Gentlemen',, Misses' Md Children's BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in this market. Also a large sup ply of Overshoes. All of the above Stock will be sold at reasonable prices for cash, and satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted! or repaired free of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the best material, at RE DUCED PRICES. Remember the place, Main street, near the Catholic Church. MEXSMVAKE. SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. WE have just received from leondon, England, by our own importation, a line of newest patterns of Cloths, Cassimers and Vestings, consisting of 38 different styles, to which we call (he attention of buyers of Fine Goods, as we will sell them much lower than retailers in the City, mar 20 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle COWS, HEIFERS. ALSO HEIFER AND BI LL CALVES, SOUTH DOWN SHEEP. BERKSHIRE PIGS. hoc .ale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, Finks* bn re, Carroll conntv, Md, ten 8-tf LEWIS H. COLE. Butchering Notice. THE undersigned desires to state that he still continues to butcher all kinds of Stock at his Establishment in Westminster, and will continue so to do, but that on and after January Ist, 1878, will sell Meals for the CASH ONLY. JACOB M. MORELOCK. Westminster, Jan. Ist, 1878, lyr* MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, Horthtati corner Fayette ami SI. Pool Sit., orroniTE uasca's citt Horn,, BALTIMORE. Isaac Albers ton, Proprietor. 40- This is one of the most pleasant and central locations in the city. Trs SI.OO per day. may 7*ly NOTICE. THE undersigned hereby gives notice that be hat been appointed General Agent of | the Carroll County Fire Insurance Company. I All persons desiring to insure property (either 1 real or personal) in this Company, will please ! address the Agent at Westminster, Md. All I communication* will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBAUOH, ang 2ft-tf Agent MONTOUR HOUSE THE undersigned, lately from Hanover, Pennsylvania, respectfully informs the public that he has opened the ‘‘Montour House'' in this oity, ami respectfully solicits a share of jsUrunage. J. R. DONNELL. Westminster, dee. 11, 1871-ly T O X nice Printing go to the Anwm TO FARMERS. 1873. “EXOXLSIOR,” 1878. Composed of 800 pounds of No. 1 lAntrim h Can ho, and 1200 pounds of Soluble Phos phate of lAme , (bones dissolved in sulphuric acid, 1 IWtash and Soda, Forming the mot concentrated, universal and durable fertiliser ever offered to the fanner combining all the stimulating qualities of Pe- • ruvian Guano, and the ever durable Fertilizing t properties of Hones. Excelsior is in fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and can be applied in any quantity however small, per acre; and it is the opinion of many close calculating Farmers, after Fourteen years ex perience in testing it side by side with other popular fertilisers, that an application of 100 pounds of Excelsior is equal to from 200 to 800 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano offered for sale, therefore is fully 100 to 200 per cent, cheaper. BQuLook out for imitations and counter feits. The |K>pulsrity of Excelsior has in duced uMSi'rtipuluus parties in this and ether cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to other dishonorable means to sell their worth less comnouuds. iMT Farmers should see that every Bag is | brandeti as above , with the ANAL} SIS and OUR NAME in REP LETTERS. All others are counterfeits. PRICE 860 PER TON. J. J. TURNER A CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. FOR HAI.E BT Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman A Shultz, Sykesville, Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Ml Airy. Md. Samuel K. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. McComas A Bro., Hood's Mill. Md. B. A. Talbott, Kllicott city, Md. Biggs A Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. Win. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. t mar 22-3 m WESTERN MD. COLLEGE I KOR .STUDENTS OF BOTH HEXES, IN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. Incorporated by Act of General Assembly . March, 1868. THIS Institution is eligibly located in the healthful and nourishing City of West minster, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore and Hagers town. It ie under the special patronage of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Metho dist Protestant Church, but is strictly free from any sectarianism, either in its course ot study or roles of discipline. Male and female students recite in separate classes, but all have the advantage of instruc tion from every Professor having charge ot the studies pursued. The Vice-Principal, (Rev. Dr. Nichols,l the Preceptress, (Miss Hanee.) and several other membera of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight of the Boarding Students. The or Stcdt is thorough, under a full and competent corps of Instructors. The Tenth Semi-Annual Session, will begin on MONDAY, February Bd, and end on THURSDAY, June 19th, 1878. EXPENSES OF SESSION : Board, Lodging, Washing, Fuel and Light.. $90.00 Tuition in Preparatory Department 17,60 Tuition in Collegiate Department... 30.00 Matriculation fee (payable on enter ing the Collegiate Department) 6.00 Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments 26.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) 10.00 Ko extra charges for any study in the Reg ular Course. PAYMENTS: One-half at the lieginning of the Session ; the other, April 14th, 1878. Bpoks ami stationery purchased of the Col lege must be paid for on delivery. For Catalogue and Circular containing full information, address J. T. WARD, Principal, dec 21-tf Westminster, Md. E. O. GRIMES. E. S. BTOI'FFKR. GRIMES & STOUFFER. (Successor, to E. 0. Grimes,) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Westminster, Md., ARE paying the highest prices in the market for Flour, Wheat , (hrn, Oats , Rye ami Grain of all kinds. Also, keep constantly on hand a large supply of Liquors, Groceries, Flour, Feed, Bacon, _ t Salt, fish, Farmer’s Utensils, Ac., Ac., all of which they are rolling wholesale and retail at very low figures. They have on band a large stock of the following Guanos, and are selling at manufacturers prices: Pacific, Whitelock’s, Moro Phillip’s, Baugh'i* Raw-Bone, Flour ot Bone, Coca Bradley's, Berger A Buts, Turner's Excelsior, ***• Fowl, Woolston s Md. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac. Also, Oil Vitriol, Salt Cake. Ammonia and pure Bone for making Fertilizers. The public generally will do well to give them a call before purchasing, as they intend to sell low. N. B.—Agents for the best Blasting Pow der in the market, and the great Zingari Bit april 27-ly. H. HAINES. r. a. HAINES. HAINES & BRO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS! BEG leave to call attention to the Itige stock of Groceries, Liquors, Ac., which they keep constantly on hand, at their new store a few doors east of Railroad Depot. Our facilities are such as to enable ns to offer great inducements in point of prices, as we purchase strictly for Cash and sell at short profits. We have just received a large lot of Fresh bruits, consisting of fine layer Raisins. White Seedless Raisons, Currents, Citron, and other Holiday Goods. Our general Stock embraces a complete line of CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, QUEENSWARE. STONEWARE, GLASSWARE, WILLOWWARE, WOODENWARE, HARDWARE, FISH, BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. Also Dealers in Country Produce general ly. Very respectfully, • ' HAINES A BRO. COAL TAB FOB HALE. Apply to „ .JOHN L. REIFBNIDRR, President Westminster Gas Light Co. mar l-tf Everything New. WK recently purchased a new assortment of Joh Type for use during the pres - ent season. fa 4 CSEND your Orders for Printing for the Spring Trade to the Adtocsts Offiee, k. ntijM, a. i>. w‘mu r n*f • v * it. 1 1 President. Sec. * Tim*. Supt. ' THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OK WESTMINSTER, MD. j liIRKI'TORSt i ’ 1 >hviil Fowhle. H. Haines, Edward Lynch. j A. P. Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. M A N UKACTUHKKS OK Patent Hoisting Engines ] of *ll siies, I < CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, J Mill Machinery, j' Boiler Maker’a Punching Machines, PATENT TIRE BENDERS, j, Ooiim’h Put. Force Pump, | < STOVES, CAST IRON IHM)U SILLS. i MKI’AHATORH. From 2 to 12 Home: Westminster Triple-6ered Home Powers, From I to 12 Home. Mounted on 2 or 4 Wheels, or Down, SELF-SHARPENING GRIST MILLS, WHEEL HORSE RAKES. Taylm''* Patent Hay Teilder . FLOWS OP ALL MIZKH, HOMINY MILLS, ScC. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, Including the Repairing or Rebuilding of Railroad Locomotive Engines of any kind. lIEAI.KES IK Stationary, hiriable ami Agricultural Kn (jinn, Ji tapert, Matters , dr. We are paying the HIGHEST PRICES for White Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Ash Timber, in the Ixig delivered at Mill, or on the liOt, as parties prefer. Persons having any of the above will call or communicate with us by letter. We pay from 1 to U cents per pound for old Castings according to quality, up 19-ly CHANGE Of TIME. Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday the 26th of Mnrch. 1878, the passenger trains on this road I will run as follows: EASTWARD. Leave Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. and 1.46 P. M. Leave Mechanicstown at 4.26 A. M., 8.88 A. M.. and 8.00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 5.10 A. M., 0.28 A. M., and 8.46 P. M. I<eave Westminster at 6.64 A. M., 10.09 A. M., and 4.23 P. M. WESTWARD. Leave Baltimore at 8.80 A. M. and 3.30 P. M. Leave Westminster at 10.82 A. M.. and 6.12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, and 6.06 P. M. Local train for Mechanicstown. Leave Union Bridge at 11.08 A. M., 6.42 P. M. Express, and 6.46 P. M. I/ocml train. Stages connect at Glen Morris Station for Hainnstcad and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 A. M. train from Baltimore. An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday.) at 8.80 P. M. Light Freight and Parcels can come by this car if delivered before 3.00 P. M. JOHN T. RIO NET, mar 29 General Superintendent. H. U NORRIS. J. T. WAWIM.ER. GREAT BARGAINS IX Foreip and Domestic Dry Goods!! H. L. NORRIS & CO. HAVING just opened the largest and best stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS ever offered in this market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give satisfaction when compared with any others, ap 19 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Central Drug Store, OPPOSITE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Main Street, We*tmln*trr, Md., DR. E. D. WELLS ft BRO., PROPRIETORS. DR. WELLS, having had several yearn experience in the practice of Medicine, feels confident that he can meet the wants of the community for MEDL Wk CINE AND MEDICAL " PRKPA RATI ON S. The ggnZSjfe Prescription Department, be ing under the especial charge of Dr. Wells, wifi receive his Hi careful attention. A full as sortmenl of Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Washes, Powders, Dyes, Tooth and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat ent Medicines. je 22-ly FALL GOODS! | ■ FALL GOODS !! David B. Miller, XI AS iust returned from Philadeldhia anu ' fsofes ~i,h * full lin " of FAU DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Our stock is complete, embracing a full assortment of Shawls, Dreg* Good, Cloth*, Cm- Mlmera, Fancy Qoodg & Notion*. | A call is solicited, as we are confident that I our stock and prices cannot fail to give satis faction. sept 28 D. K. MILLER. HEAD QUARTERS FOR PAINTS, OIL, GLASS, BRUSHES, AMD MIXED PAINTS OP ALE KINDS. HOUSE AND SION PAINTING ' AND GRAINING r WOT DOKK AT Tilt SHORTEST SOT UK “tgl ® CALL OX ‘ K. D. SANFORD. Ii (Basement,) First National Bank, r at the Depot, Westminster, Md. may 21-Iy e i. _JL > West End Jewelry Store. P* A. WAGONER RESPECTFULLY informs the citiaens of Carroll county and vicinity, that he is constantly receiving new and beautiful goods > jest. Spoons. Ac., Rings of all patterns. Watches repaired in the best manner and warranted. 1. Bilver and Gold Plating done with promptness and dispatch. Sewing Machines of every make on band; also repairing done. Give me a call as I am determined to sell. June ft NOTICE. I HAVE this day adopted a new rule in mv business. I will give strict personal at tention to all work in my line intrusted to my care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all my work. 1 have a very ftill stock and assort ment of WALL PAPER, ‘ lE J> J>rici also OIL CLOTH •ad Links WINDOW SHADES tad FIX TURES, all low for cadi, e WILLIAM COON, Wastminder. January 11. IftW-ly LUMBER! LUMBER!! I HAVE just returned from ihe Regions—mill am now read vine , gest selection of LUMBER eve, this place, at Seduced Print. l oniiiiS, Yellow Pine. Spruce and llenilork * JOIST AND SCANTLING of all lengths and sites, -M, 6.4 1, White Pine Hoards and Plank, Yellow .'LI While Pine Flooring, Dressed and Undrenllj Weatherboarding, While Pine Cynreu Chestnut Shingles, Walnut ami Ash Bo.Tj and Plank, Plain and Headed Picketts ShhT glv and Plastering I Jttiis. a prime lot of Ckeo nut Rails and Posta. Also all Ihe different KINDS OF COAL. Thinking large sales with small profits bet ter than small sales with large profits, I her I concluded to adopt the former as mv nit! and hope I shall be enabled to carry it m!t fc persons in want of anything in m, fin, rrini me a call before purchasing elsewhere 8 EDWARD LYNCH Near Depot, Westminster, Mil feh 2CMf Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. THE undersigned, bought out J. J. Leister’ interest in Ihe well known E* tablishment of Mesars. Shorb A Leister, Main street, Westminster, West of the Railroad will continue to keep on hand a full and roin '. plcte assortment of aIP kinds and itvl of FURNITURE, and a full assortment (if Cane and Wood Seat Chaim, Hair and Hunk Mat trasses, Looking Grans Plates, Ac., which will le sold cheap for cosh. Old Cane Scat ('hairs re seated and Furniture repaired. UNDERTAKING. Walnut and Metallic Coffins and Caskets on hand. Funerals attended at all times, at short notice. Also on hand Newel Posts. Balusters and Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked to order, of all kinds of Lumber, and different styles Brackets worked to order. All kinds of Architectural Drawings fur nished at short notice and at low figures fob 24-tf J. J. SHORB | RON. E. K. GERNAND, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, (JUEEXSWARE, HARDWARE, HATS BOOTS A, SHOES, Ccdarware, Paints. Oils, Window Gloss, AVERILL CHEMICAL FAINT. Drugs, first-class Groceries. Ac.. Ac. Corner Main and Court Streets, n*y 18 Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND M UTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. No. 17 Soith Struct, Baltiuors. This Company insure*, on the mutuul phm. Building* and Personal Property against Loss or Damage by Fire, in all part* of the State. Thr entire profit returned to the Policy holder,. . O. HARRIS, President. Boarii ov Dirrctorr : Francis Neale, of Neale, Harris A Co. S. H. C'aughy. of Noah Walker k Co. C. McCnllv, of Pomerail k McCnlly, I Philip T. George, of George k Jenkins. I B. G. Harris, late of Neale, Harris k Co. lion. George Brent, Court of Appeals. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. , George Combs, St. Mary's county, dec 23-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. BUT foiling to call before purchasing else where and examining the Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, JSKP * IRA E. CROUSE’S, is disregard of your own inter- ■fc&v □RlCieit that is wholly inexcuiuible. Kstti Haying had a lone experience in theism business, he now flatter* himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase 1 any article in his line, a stock not excelled io , variety and quality by any other establishment f in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore city, or any otherplace in the State. tUt* Don't mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on .Main street, nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, Westminster, may 21 JOHN H. BOWERS r T7' EE PS constantly on hand and for sale, IV at his Store, “CENTRAL HALL.” nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, ft I full assortment of BUILDERS HARDWARE. Hardware Generally, Oils and Paints, Leather of all kinds, Groceries, Provision*. Willow and Cedarware. All the above goods will be sold at low rate* and will be delivered free of charge at the Railroad Depot, or any other point the town of Westminster. t JOHN H. ROWERS, 1 nearly op|iorite the Catholic Church, mar 18 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING* I THE undersigned is prepared to furnish IsadiiV, Men's and Children's HOOTS ASH SHOES '■ at the shortest notice, of the best material and at reduced prices. All work guaranteed. JOHN BERNSTEIN, Opposite the office of Crout A Reifsnider, Westminster, .Md. pe jt 14. Littlestoii Livery Stable Enlamed. Hanortr St. y next door to MethotlUt Church, teith Increased Facilities. WE will be pleased to accommodate the public. Horses bought, sold and ex changed. Daily Passenger and Mail Line from W estminstcr to Gettysburg. For Seats, * n ’ fPPjj Central Hotel, Westminster, or Hams House, Gettysburg. „ JOHN SPALDING, °* W-'f Ageut. J JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr.. XJTAIN Street, opposite Court, Westmin a Whukies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, I. PERUVIAN OVANO, y Ground Iluum, Super Plioßphntet*. I. ARD ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS, mar 16-6 m I Look Here! I GIARDS, Circulars. Programmes, Shipping I Tv*’ ®HI Hoads, in Bsct overything re quired in the Printing line can be obtained at the Advos-atk Office. jao 4 { XJUILDINO and Cabinet Hardware, large AJ stack, at lowest city-prices, at fob 16 K. K. OBRNAND’B. rpRY the $1 TEAS, at X W. O. MGGKT'S.

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