Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 31, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 31, 1873 Page 3
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, ft'BI.IHHKU KVKltr MATL'RbAI RY WM. H. AND CHARLES H. VANDERFORO, OITI9E, NO. I. OARMLL HAIL. TKHMH.—f2 per year in advance. Single copies :> j VenU. Ni MitMcri|>(ioiilla<-<iitiniivil untiTall anx-nr* art* paid, uukm l tin* option of the publtahent. ADVKUTIHINU RATES.—One •quart- ( Urn*) will ; Ik- liiMfrttfd 8 times or \vm for 91, ami Jb cents foreaeh Milwequent iuwrtlon. One square 8 hum.. a now,. ff; Vi in on.. 9H. Huhliicwi Card", not t-xn-ediiiK H limn. h ix-r year. When the number of Insertion* In not marked Rdvertiwnunl* will MflONand until forbid and rhaiwod accordingly. Yearly advertisers mum routine advertisements to their own business. Rule and Figure Work double price. lluainoM Lo cala 10 centi per line. Marriage* and Death* Inserted free, obituaries and iienonal comm unit hUoiih 5 refill per line. Itemi of Howl. Eighteen hundred Chinese arrived in San Kranclaco last week. The I’ostmaster of Honnikvr. N. H., has held the position since 18011. The ccrcbro spinal ineningUis is prevail ing in the upper part of Talbot county, Md. Cholera has appeared in New Orleans and is advancing Northward along the Mississippi river. Mambrinu Temple, the famous stallion, died on Sunday at St. bonis. He was valued at 110,000. Horse stealing is prevailing to a con siderable extent along the border counties of Pennsylvania and Maryland. ■lames W. Wnllaek, the actor, of New York city, died on Saturday, in a sleeping car, while on his way home from South Carolina. He was ill of consumption. Advices from Montevideo say the yel low fever prevails there to such an extent that the people are flying from the city and business is suspended. A Buffalo miser died last week in the most abject squalor, and has since been found to have left an estate worth $250.- 000. Maryland has two million nine hundred and fourteen thousand and seven acres of improved land, and one million five hun dred and ninety-eight thousand, five hun dred and seventy-two acres unimproved. During the past year there have been shipped from Tuppuhannoek, Va,, to Hal timure and elsewhere, 120,000 worth of sumac, $15,000 eggs, $15,000 railroad tics, besides other articles regarded of lit tle value ns commercial products anterior to 1860. Levin 11. Delahav, Kstp, trustee, sold the John R. Hughlett farm, in Itoling brokc Neck, Talbot county, Md., on Tues day of last week, to Mr. Benjamin Out ram, of England, for $9,225. The farm contains 318 acres, and has on it a house which cost $15,000, besides extensive and new farm buildings. A gang of over 30 desperadoes last .Sat urday took possession of Cadds, a station on the Missouri and Texas Railroad in the Indian Territory, and defied the au thorities. The United States Marshal telegraphed to Port Gibson for help and troops were sent to his assistance. While on an excuraiun train an Sunday between Lexington, Ky.. and Winchester, an altercation occurred between two color ed passengers, named Jack Bradford and John Parsons. Bradford shot Parsons, after which he cut his head nearly off, and threw his dead Is sly from the train. Bradford was arrested. It is estimated that one-tenth of the entire population in the United States is dependent for support upon the pro duction and manufacture of iron.— The value of the metal annually manufac tured is $900,600,000, and 940,000 work men are employed in the industry, the aggregate of whose wages reaches $600,. 000,000. The Brownsville, Texas, Srniinrl esti mates the number of cattle stolen and I taken into Mexico from within a radius of sixty miles of that city, during the past month, at not less than 1000. Higher up the river a proportionate number of tattle has been stolen. Co). McKenzie's recent raid into Mexico gives great satisfaction to the people of Brownsville. A San Francisco despatch says the set tlers in Surprise Valley arc alarmed by the old chief Winnemaea having gone north on the war path, with sixty warriors. He was followed by a cavalry force, and asked where he was going. To this he replied that the officers hud better mind their own business, but if they wanted to fight ho was ready. After warning him to behave himself, they allowed him to proceed. Levin Palmer, colored, was convicted in Baltimore on Wednesday, for committing a rape on a while girl named Mary Sengcl, in August, 1870 On searching him on Tuesday before taking him to Court a large knife was found on his person, and he had previously stilted that if a certain girl testified against him there would be another Hollotian ease, ss he intended to kill her. Russia lias lung been seeking a connec tion with the Pacific. .Surveys have been made of the Amoor river, and trading posts established from Russia proper to the Japanese sen. Thu last project is a grand Transcontinental Railroad. It will go through Siberia, starting from Nijui- Novgorod, crossing the Ural Chain, and touching Lake Baikal, to the Pacific, near or on the Amoor river. The total distance will be over four thousand miles. The Jackson Hail block and the ad joining block, iu Detroit, were destroyed by fire on Monday morning. Isms $50,- <IOO. One of Friend & Fox’s paper mills, at Dockland, 0., was burned on Sunday morning. Loss $40,000. Two-thirds, 'of the business portion of Jarvis, Ontario, was burned on Saturday night. A fire at Cranston, K. 1., on Sunday night, destroy ed the barn of Win. Ellshrec, with 24 head of cattle and other property. France has passed through another revolution; happily there has been no bloodshed. The Republican party have ceased to have a majority in the National Assembly, and President Thiers has re signed. Marshal MacMahon, the new President has not yet indicated his policy, and has not said anything concerning the form of government which he prefers. With the assistance of the army he has promised to preserve /truer, which all the world will be glad to hear. In Baltimore, on Monday morning, Mrs. Email McKee having obtained a warrant fur the arrest of her uncle, Oswald Noack, for “abusive conduct," went with the officer to Noack's place of busincas, to identify him. The officer made the arrest, and as they were going down slain together Mrs. McKee suddenly drew a pistol and fired two shuts at her uncle, wounding him iu the leg and back. The wounds are not considered fatal. She was immediately arrested. It may be re membered that Mrs. McKee nude an unsuccessful attempt to shoot her uncle shout two weeks ago. Advices from the Spruce Mountain dis trict of Nevada report hostile demonstra tions on tile part of the Shoshone and Soshnt Indians, the Jailer having arrived from Utah. The citixens of Spruce Moun tain organised a guard fur protection, but found that all the powder iu town had been bought by the Indians a few days geviuus. A message was sent to Camp alleck, but the commander refused to supply them, and the lives of citizens are endangered, os Government assistance can nut reach them in time should they be at tacked. It is said there are only seven soldiers at Camp Hallcek available for its defence, the rest being in the Modoc country. loiter despatches confirm the above reports, and say that large numbers of Snakes, Shoshones and Soshots are holding a council in the vicinity. The herders of Governor Bradley's cattle have been notified by the Indians to leave the country on pain of death The Louisiana Shame. The progress of Grant'swusnrpatiou in lemisiaua, from the beginning till its eon summation in the late proclamation, has been followed and exposed with fidelity in i must of the Democratic journals of the j North, hut by none with a more intelli gent apprehension of all its legal and polit ical hearings than by the Albany Argun. W e commend its latest disoussionnpon the subject to the attention of onr readers: TIIK CONQUERED PROVINCE. W. I’. Kellogg, bayonet ruler of tiio province of Louisiana, having certified to I’rcsidenl Grant that ho is unable to pre serve the peace in the territory the gov ernment of which lie has usurped, His Imperial Highness him issued a proclama tion to all persons to obey the authorities con slitiitcd by the illegal midnight order issued by Durell. This is the first act taken by the President within the forms of law, so far ns the present trouble in liouisiana is concerned. Ho interfered first to establish a Government, and now re sponds to its request to be maintained. He illegally gave it existence, bnt it is unable to maintain itself In power without Federal aid, and so the bayonets which were unlawfully employed to install a Leg islature are now to i>e used to sustain it. Without the slightest authority in law the I ederal soldiery forced a Government into existence, and now are to be used to compel acquiescence in the despotic act. They cleared legislative halls, and now intend to clear the State, of all who have the man liness to deny the illegality of the Durell- Kollogg coup d'etat. And yet there is no more question that Kellogg was foisted into the chair by a “gross usurpation" than there is a doubt as to the occurence of an election in that State. Grant may consummate the tyrannical act he initiated. He held Kellogg in his scat, by unconstitutional means, long enough for him to make a formal call for Federal support. He used arbitrary power in defiance of the Constitution, in order that he might get into position to proceed constitutionally. He first uses the mili tary power unlawfully to disperse the law ful Government of the State and set up an usurpation, and then responds to the call of that usurping Government to main tain its power! The constitutionality of his course can not be tested by considering isolated facts. It must bo considered as a whole, and sustained orccnanrcd in its inception. The question is, how came the present Gov ernment in being? In his proclamation, the usurper who occupies the Presidential chair does not allude to that pivotal ques tion, but seeks to place himself upon local judicial decision. He cannot do this. No judicial decision can justify his course, or palliate in the slightest degree the worse than Napoleonic usurpation by which he destroyed free government iu a State. Senator Carpenter, in a recent' apeech in New Orleans, said that Kellogg was never elected Governor. And yet the usurper is to be maintained in a position to which he was not chosen by all the power of Federal authority! And this against the protest of the intelligence, the culture, the wealth and worth of the State, without exception! Warmoth, the lawful Governor of the State was driven from the Executive chair at the point of the Federal bayonet before his term expired, in order that a shrewd and unscrupulous mulatto might be placed in his seat. Had the forms of law been observed in the State, and no illegal inter ference been had. McEnery would have succeeded Warmoth at the close of the term of the latter, and the legally elected members of the legislature would have taken their scats. j The only act which prevented this result was the uuparalleled infamy perpetrated by Durell, to enforce which Grant had ordered troops from Florida days before! Durell, with the troops at his disposal, made Kellogg Governor, and gave him a legislature obedient to his will. And it is admitted that the result of the election was overturned by the act! The only justification for this infamy is the expressed belief that McEnery was elected by fraud. If he was, what had Durell to do with it? Can Federal offi cials Ik- justified in reversing the result of a State election merely by alleging fraud ? The suspicion of fraud justifies inquiry, but it docs not justify revolution. The State of Ismisiana was revolution ized by Federal power, and the Kellogg crow placed in possession. No one pre tends that there is a shadow of authority or warrant for this act. No one dares meet this question. The brigands who, led by the President, overturned the State Government as it existed on the Ist of December last, dare not meet the naked, issue as presented in this act of Durell. And yet it is the sole foundation of the Government. It has no other vitality nor validity than that given to it by Durell.' It could not have been brought into being in any other way. Every other State Government can point to the credentials of a (Hipular election, properly certified on the basis of bona-fide returns, as the evi dence of a right to exist. It is universally admitted that this Louisiana abortion cannot do this. It has no other credential than an unlawful chancery decree. When the thieves came before the courts of the State with the stolen insignia of authority, a judicial decision was ren dered that the judicial power could nut go behind the insignia in the case as presented to inquire into the manner of acquiring possession. But oven this decision did not relate to Kellogg. So that all the courts have ever decided is, that they could not inquire into the composition of a Leg islature, in considering the validity of its acts, so long ns the format. evidence of actual existence was presented. Fearful that a case would arise in which this inquiry could be made, the bayonet Legislature constituted a special court of its own minions, to which it committed exclusive jurisdiction in all cases involv ing title to office. But the political power exercised in this Lousiuna matter by the President is en tirely inde|>endcnt of the judicial power, and cannot be revieved by the courts. Congress only can sit in judgment upon the manner of its exercise. Hence all attempts to holster up the President by narrow judicial decisions are hut confes sions of the unparalleled audacity and un speakable infamy of his crime against pop ular government. President Grant was under no obliga tion to take the course he has pursued. It was his indisputable prerogative to decide for himself. Attempt to base a justification of usuiqulion occurring prior to action by the courts upon a uiiserprcsen tatiun of that judicial action is as weak as it is wicked. When Durell issued his midnight order Grant could have disowned it and preven ted its enforcement. Thu sole question in this case is, why did he not do it ? All the incidents of this crime against Louisi ana centre in the crime committed by Durell. Grant's connection with that in famy must he sustained, or the whole su perstructure built upon it topples to the ground. Grant first made an unlawful seizure of State powers, and then directed its sup port. It is to the illegal seizure we direct attention. And that seizure cannot be defended by any form of Federal or State action occurring subsequently. Kellogg is the creation of Durell and Grant, and not of the iicople of Louisiana. And he never has been decided otherwise. The tyrant of Louisiana is Grant, and Durell and Kellogg are but bis miserable minions. The conqueror of Louisiana is mighty. A Hartford man has left $20,000 for a lame horse hospital. Itemizing. 1 Who that regularly reads the newspa- I*" been struck with those many • j named columns into which the news of all i the world is compressed ? Variously styled ' i" various newspapers, they aim to grasp - and localize the news of everything and everybody, everywhere, and to present it . in as simill and telling a space as possible. • They carry the reader in a breath from Indus to the Pole, and hurry him along from sentence to sentence, to conduct him in u trice to antipodes of thought. The | ' reader never thinks, as his eyes take their ' | rapid journey down the columns, of the [ care, the pains, the taste, the skill, the' ; patience necessary to reduce those items to 1 attractive shape. The scissors and the ( j paste do a good deal otthe work, it is true, • i out the brain helps more tlian it is given i credit for. Fancy and imagination and j judgment have to play their part. The scissors dort instinctively at a “good" item, ‘ and the brains step in and decide whether its publication would bo judicious. Is the item old ? Has it ever appeared before ? Is it nice and fresh and crisp and spark • Hug? What position shall it hold with ’ regard to the other items ? Has another 1 one on the same subject been already clipped out? Might not the phraseology be changed, so as to bestow jioint and pith ? Could a piquant joke be tagged on ■ Again, when the work of selection is done, and the items—personal, miscel laneous, religious, theatrical and what not 1 —are all arranged in order, will they make a glittering and symmetric whole, over which the eye will delight to rove, like a 1 bin! from flower to flower? All these things have to be considered in attending 1 to tlie “item ’ department of a newspaper. 1 The tastes of every possible reader must bo anticipated. Since it takes all aorta of people to make a world—a truism of pro founder meaning than is generally appre i dated—it takes all sorts of items to make a newspaper. A Marvel op Siruerv.— The Haiti uiurc Sun, in reporting the proceedings of the Medical and Chirurgical Society, de scribes the subjoined ease: The patient who was exhibited to the 1 society had both the lids of the loft eye diseased for twenty-seven years with what had been culled cancer by many surgeons. To remove the entire disease, both lids as well as the skin from the side of the nose had to be removed, leaving the left eye ! (his only good one) exposed to a frightful gap. To protect the eye, and at the same time to remove the hideous conformity, Professor Chisolm undertook the delicate surgical operation of manufacturing two lids—the up|ier lid from the skin of the ’ forehead, and the lower lid from the skin of the check. So very successfully had \ this been accomplished that it required very close observation to detect the differ, cnee between the left side of the face with 1 the manufactured lids, and the right side [ with the lids that nature had made. The ‘ I case had been a very satisfactory one to | ; both surgeon and patient. ! Shad in California Waters.—Mr. Seth Green s experiment of transplanting shad from the Hudson River to Pacific , waters has proved successful, and fish of r the sort have been caught in the Bay of , San Francisco fit for the table. In June, I 1871, Mr. Green, by order of the Fish I Commissioners of California, look 10,000 ( young shad from the Hudson and deposi ted them in the upper waters of the Sac , ramento. They apent the first year in the \ hay and river, and now, when coming iu, 1 are caught by the fishermen. They arc . the first shad ever taken in California waters. The hank at Genevieve, Mo., was robbed Tuesday of $3,500 by two men who en | lered the bank, overpowered the eaahier and forced him to open the safe, and aftcr • wards accompany them to the outskirts of 1 the town. The country a few miles west of Cum burland, Md., was visited by a terrific rain storm on Monday, and the track of the i B. &, O. Railroad washed away, on the seventeen mile grade, for over one hun dred feet. Three bells liavc been sent to New York from Curthagcna to be re-cast into one bell. One of them bears the date of 1647. TRIBUTE OF RESPECT. At a meeting of the Preistland Sabbath School, held on Sunday, April 24th, 1878, a committee was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the deep regret felt in the School by the decease of our beloved and esteemed scholar, Lizzie Englar. The following resolutions were offered and adopted: \\ itKRKAK, It bus pleased Almighty Got], m His great wisdom and mysterious power, to lake from our midst our much loved ami esteemed scholar, Lizzie Englar, therefore lie it Itanlred, That we bow in humble submis sion to the will of Him who doeth all things well; feeling assured that in taking her from our midst, He has a treasure laid up for her in Heaven, a place more suitable for her than earth. Rttolmi, That we hold in the highest esti mation the integrity and exalted virtues of our departed scholar and clnssmnte. That we deeply feel the loss which we have sus tained by the death of one who promised to be a star of the first magnitude, Uaolctd, That while we mourn our loss in the School, we share the sorrow of her many friends, especially her bereaved parents, brothers and sisters, knowing that they have lost a precious treasure. That we admonish them to lean confidingly upon the strong arm of God's love and mercy for that comfort and strength which eoraeth alone from Him who is the Father of Mercies and the Ood of all our Comforts, Rrtoimt , That these resolutions be printed • in the several county papers, nnd u copy of them be sent to the parents of the deceased. THEO. H. ADAMS, Chairman. Clstov H. Exular, Secretary. MARRIKD. By Elder D. P. Sayler, at bin residence, Double Pipe Creek, on the morning of the 22nd instant, Mr. Samuel Muckley and Miss Virginia Whitmore, nil of Carroll county, Md. On the 24th of April, 1878, at St. Martin’s Church, by the llev. Father John Foley, I). D., Hubert H. Ward, of Washington, I). C., and Mary J. Warfield, daughter of the late Mareellus W. Warfield, of this county. In Littlestown. Pa., on the 20th of April, by Kev, 8. T. Williams, Mr. John F. Parke nnd Miss Alverta V. Grumbine, both of this city. On the 22d instant, at Grace Church Par sonage, by Kev. J. A. Earnest. Dr. Hiram W. LerVnre, of Adams county, Pa., and Miss Ida B. Harman, of this county. On the same day, at the same place, by the same, Mr. John T. Stansbury and Miss Abigail Stansbury, both of this county. DIED. In this county, May 6th, 1878, Howell Lee. i son of Francis Is. and Amanda Bering, aged 4 years, 0 months and 16 days. In this city, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Naomi Myers, aged 84 years, 10 months and 11 days. On the 16th instant, in this city, Mrs. Ann i Wagner, relict of George Wagner, Br., form erly of Schenectady, NT Y., in the Hist year of her age. Near Uniontown, on the 7th inst., Martha r V. Myers, wife of William Myers, aged 26 • years, 8 months and 20 days. Near Union Mills, on the 20th instant, Mrs. . Louisa Agnes, beloved wife of Aaron Bur goon, aged 2tt years, 8 mouths and 80 days. Entered into rest with a hope of a blissful 1 immortality, on May 12th. 1878. near Bird ■ Hill, Louisiana, beloved wife of John T. Bhz t **rd, aged 24 years, C months and 20 days. ? Farewell friends, lay me gently, 5 In my long, long silent grave; , Angela guard me while I slumber, In the arms of Him who gave. Farewell baby, how I loved you, j On my bed of sickness sore, • How thy name I called so often, Till my pain on earth was o’er. Weep not for me, ray husband dear, 1 am not dead but sleeping here ; Short was my stay, long is my rest. To take me hence God thought it best. a. Third Annual Statement °f The Fanners Mutual Fire Insurant Company of Dug Hilt, Carroll County, for ' | the year ending May JStk, 187 S. J j Policies in force May 15th, 1878.985. J | K“* force $2,699,146.00 1 | Premium Notes in force 174,150.07 f RM'EIPTx IMJRIMU TlfK TEAK. • j By cash balance May 18th, 1 1872. $508.60 j j By cash on Policies 657.21 i By cash on l*vy 1,978.00 . | By lulls due on levy 8,712.87 r Dislmrsmeuts during the year $6868.18 - To cash paid Directors and >’ Committee oer diem $79.00 ) To cash paid lor Books and . Printing.. 84.00 To cash paid for Revenue > r Stamps and Postage 10.00 I To cash paid Agents 288.02 | To cash paid President’s j , lary ... 70.00 fo cash paid Secretary’s ; iwy 112.00 MISS KM BY KIRK. ? To J. B. T. Sell man, Dis trict No. 9 206.00 - To P. F. Orendorff, Dis i trict No. 7 1850.00 r To Samuel Snyder, District , t No. 0 1680.00 To Jen miah Myers, Dis trict No. 3 400.00 I To Joseph McCauly, Dis- I trict No. 0 851.40 i $5096.92 ’ T balance $1760.26 WM. L. TRACY, Secretary and Treasurer. BF.PORT OK COMMITTER. ’ T<: the J "resident and JS rectors of the Far mers' Mutual Fire Insurance ComtHtny of I Dug Hill , Carroll County : The undersigned, Committee appointed to examine the affairs of said Company for the r past* year, respectfully report that we have examined the accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Company and find them to correspond with the statement made. The losses during the year have been heavy, which has made it necessary to resort to a levy to meet losses. P. H. L. MYERS, ) FRANCIS WARNER, V Committee. WILLIAM WALTERS, J may 24-8 t Republic Life Insurance IN CARROLL COUNTY. 1 BARNHART BROWN'S POLICY. , TITHILE nothing is more certain than the Tf average mortality of a large group of persons subjected to the same physical condi- at the same time nothing is more on , certain than the duration of any one life among the group. The Insurance Company bases its calculations, and makes its premium list upon the average, but each of its policy ' holders is forced to calculate that he may be i the first of the whole number to die. If he | lives he con afford to keep on paying the pre [ mium every year. If he dies his family reaps the benefit from his investment. Policy No. 8586 was issued by the Carroll 1 County Branch Republic Life insurance Co. 5 November Ist, 1872, on the life of Barnhart s Brown, farmer, near Westminster; the sum , insured was $2,000 ; be was a strong, healthy man, an industrious, moral and temperate person. In a word, when examined by the surgeon, Dr. Billingslea, upon his application for insurance, he was found and reported to r bej in every respect, a first-class risk, super ' ficially speaking, he needed insurance as little 5 as any man could, for his chances of dying I’ were not worth considering. But, ah I there’s the rub, —he hap|>ened to be the marked man that death was waiting for; and on the 6th of February, 1873, justS months and 6 days after ! hi* Policy was issued he was laid away in his grave. It came about in this way: An ■ °jd nd knurled oak tree, an eyesore to . him for several years, stood in full sight of bis , dwelling; he determined to cut it down and remove it. in the effort to do so it fell upon ’ and killed him. 5 Is any argument needed to point the moral i of this true story ? M. ROBERTS, Special Agent. 1 Received, Westminster, May 20th, 1873, of . John L. Reifsnider, President Carroll County Branch Republic Life Insurance Company, Two Thousand Dollars for Policy No. 8586, on Life of Barnhart Brown, r DAVID CASSELL, may 24-3 t Administrator A (liymlian. H. HAINES. K. R> lUIXKS. J HAINEB & BRO., 5 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS! BEG leave to call attention to the large stock of Groceries, Liquors, Ac., which . they keep constantly on hand, at their store a few doors east of Railroad Depot. . Our facilities are such ns to enable us to offer great inducements in point of prices, as wc purchase strictly for Cash and sell at i short profits. i We nave on hand and are constantly re ceiving full supplies of CHOICE FAMILY FLOUR, FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, QUEENBWARE, STONEWARE, GLASSWARE, WILLOWWARE, woodenware, hardware, FISH, BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. • Wo have also a large quantity of Briggs A Bro’s. choice Fresh Garden ana Flower Seeds,

which'.are not surpassed by those of any other Seedsmen in the country. Also Dealers in Country Produce general ly. Very respectfully, may 24-tf HAINES A BRO. Estate of John Trine, dec rated. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Oimhaiis’ Court of Carroll county, letters of Adminis tration on the Personal Estate of ’ JOHN TRINE, late of Carroll county, deceaied. All persons • having claims the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the aubucriber, on or before the Ist day of DErraim. next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from l all benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 12th day of Mav, 1873. 3 JESSE L. LEISTER, 1 may 24-4 t Administrator. The Estate of Wm. IT. Dalian, deceased. THIS is to wive notice, that the subscriber, of Carroll county, nath obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, in Ms- I rvland, letters testamentary oh the Personal Estate of WILLIAM W. DALLAS, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons 1 having claims against the deceased are here- 1 by warned to exhibit the same with the | vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the , subscriber, on or before the first of December 1 next; they may otherwise by law he excluded ' from all benefit of said estate, t A 'insC* m;r &v ’ < LOUISA S. DALLAS, j may 24-4 t Executrix. * NO. m EQUITY. In the Circuit Court lor Carroll County. ( The Bank of Westminster vs. Amanda Shafer and others. ORDERED this 22d day of May, I*7B, that * the Audit filed in this cause be finally I ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 9th day ] of June next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper published in Carroll county, for two successive weeks be fore the last named day. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. t True copy,—Test: may 24-21 Jxo. B. Boyi.c, Clerk. xotYce. I ALL persons who have claims against . Mary Caple, will please notify the un- 1 j dersigued of them and call at the office of j Jaa. A. C. Bond, Attorney at Law. ELIAS BROTHERS, JAB. A. C. BOND, ( mar 29-if Trustees of Mary Caple. 1 ARGAND A German Student Lamps, Glass and Marble Stand do., Porcelain, | Glass and Paper Shades, improved Burners . ' and best Chimneys, at I inn 25 W. O. LIOGETS. IT IS COMING ! ■— v ■ SEE IT! SEE IT! The Largest on Earth ! WILL KXHIIIIT AT WESTMINSTER, MONDAY, JUNE 2d. HOWES’ GREAT LONDON CIRCUS Hippodrome and Caravan, WITH SANGER’S BRITISH MENAGERIE OF TRAINED ANIMALS. Throe Distinct Exhibition*! One Ticket to Sec All 1 THE attention of the public in called to the fart that there is no MUSEUM, (no called) or any of itn concomitant*, ad vertised in connection with Howe*' Great London Circus and Sanger'* Brili*h Menage rie. This establishment is known simply as the “legitimate" and only equestrian and zoological in.titution in America that can afford to stand upon its own merit* without having recourse to fictitious titles or other deceptive devices to bring it into notice. CIRCUS PERFORMANCES will commence with a magificenl full dress Cavalcade of Ladies, j mounted upon Twelve richly caparisoned horses, mid exhibiting, in their various evolu tions, a perfect school of elegant Saddle Ex ercise and skillful use of the bridle hand. Introduction to an American Audience of the stupendous Parisian artiste, H’LLE DOCKRILL, the Equestrian Wonder of Europe I Graphic Pantomimic Scenes on Horseback by MONS. DOCK KILL. Summersault Riding mid Dashing Feats by the juvenile MAITBB PIERRE. The diverting and eccentric Humorist, MONS. KENNEBEL. the Clown who never Speaks ! being the first of his school ever seen in America. Burlesque Manage Act by Mon*. Kennebel upon his Masquerade Basket Horse. WILLIAM H. MORGAN, the World-Challenging Hurdle Hider. The brilliant French Athletes, known through out Europe as the ROMELLI £RIAL GYMNASTS, consisting of M ile MARIE ROMELLI, Signor EUGENE ROMELLI, Master CARLOS ROMELLI, in their wonderful .Erisl Performance forty feet from the ground called Le Berceau de Fcr.or Iron Cradle New ami original arenic representation, Le Tournament des Brigands. Lofty and dangerous feats upon CHAISE PERCHE. Superb display of Ifigh breeding and thorough horse training by Mons. Dockrill, upon his famous French Manage Hpreo ELLINGTON. Tie Wonders of tie Menagerie; Wild Beasts representing the Four Quarters of the Globe! FIVE ELEPHANTS IN THE RING performed by the accomplished zoogrmpher. Mr. C. Roberts—the most wonderful exhibi tion of W ild Beast training und brute sagacity ever witnessed. MOLOCH, THE INVINCIBLE, Encounters 6 Royal Bengal Tigers in their den. A most terrific and thrilling performance—positively unequaled by any other trainer in existence. MONTANO, THE CANNIBAL, Wrestles with and overcomes a pack of 9 Ferocious Hyenas, or Grave Robbers. WILD ZEBRAS IN THE RING pat through u course of gymnastic hy their trainer. Sanger's Select Britisli Menagerie embraces all the Wild Beasts of any interest, among which arc The great African Hogopotamus, the graceful Bless Rock, the Eland Calf, the Red Stag from India, the Horned Horse, Jerusalem ! Donkeys, Hippo-Tigris, superb Asiatic Lion ft ] Lioness, Great White Bear of the Arctic Sea, i Six Striped and Three Spotted Hyenas, Si* < Royal Bengal Tigers, Spotted Leopards, the ' Caffarisn Impoon, South American Panthers, Cougars, Wild Cate, Catamounts, Ichneumons, Raccoons, Guinea Pigs, Monkeys, Apes, Bab- I boons, Chimpanzees, Birds of Paradise, gor geously plumed; magnificent Cassowary Bird, Macaws, Coca toes, Parrotts, Psrroquets, Carrier Doves, English Pheasants, Mexican " Poweea, American Bogles, African Ostriches, Crowned Cranes, together with a large nnm ber of minor animals of every description. , Entertainment Afternoon & Evening. ■ Doon open at t and 7 o’dark. One hour's time to see the Wild Beasts ia * their Dens. In order to give the audience an opportuni- f ty for inspecting the collection of wild nnimnls contained in the Menagerie department, the Circus performances will not begin until an hour after the opening of the doors. u For a more full and particular description of the Great London Show, see Pictorial Pos ter* snd Advertisements of Uowce’ ft Sanger's - Combined Companies—Circus, Hippodrome, Mensgerie, Pantomime, Caravan, 4c., 4c. ADMISSION 60 CENTS. Children under 10 year*, 26 Centa. may 24-2 t . z W. ' ' ORTVBK OP PUBLICATION. NO. im EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. 1 Mary Isabella Bauble v*. Edward 8. Bauble. May Tckm, 1878. THE object of thin suit is to procure u divorce a rincaln matrimonii on the part 1 of the complainant from the defendant, and | the care and custody of their child. I ; The bill states that the complainant Mary Isabella Bauble. and the defendant Ed ward 8. Saublo, were married by the Reverend Heiben Weiser a Minister of'the Lutheran Church at. Manchester, Carroll county, Mary land, on the 6th day of March, A. D. 1869; that the complainant’ll maiden name was Mary Isabella Gardner, that in the month of July, A. D. 1870. a female child was born whose , name is Ella M —that said child ia now and has been since her birth supported by the complainant, that during said marriage the defendant has not contributed to the support of the complainant or their said child, that her said husband abandoned her in the month of February, A. D. 1870, and that said aban donment has continued uninterruptedly for more than three years, and is deliberate and final, and beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation, that the defendant the said Edward 8. Bauble doth not reside within the limits of the State of Maryland, and is beyond the jurisdiction of this Court, and when last informed he resided in the State of Kansas. The complainant then prays that she may be divorced a vinculo matrimonii from the de fendant, and that she may lie awarded the [care aad custody of their said child, and for general relief, and also prays for an order of publication against the non resident defen dant. It is thereupon this 16th day of May, A. D. 1873, adjudged and ordered that the complain ant by causing a copy of this order to be in serted in some newspaper published in Car roll county, Maryland, once a week for four , successive weeks before the 21st day of June, , A. D. 1878, give notice to the said absent de fendant of the object aud substance of this bill, aud warn him to appear in this Court in person or hj solicitor, on or before the 28d day of September, A. D, 1878, to answer the premises and show cause, if any he has, why a decree ought not to pass as prayed. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test; n*y 17-ft Jko. B. Bo tlx, Clerk. MORTGAGEE’S SALE OK A Valuable Little Property Hear Westminster , Carroll Co., Md. THE undersigned, Mortgagee, by virtue of a power of sale contained in a deed of mortgage from Ann E. Smith aud Levi L. Smith her husband, bearing date January 9, 1871, and recorded among the Real Estate Mortgage Records of Carroll county, in Liber J. B. 8., No. Folio 278, will sell at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, near Mvers A llesson’s Mill, one mile South of Westminster, on MOSDA r, the 9ih day of JUNE, IS7S, at 2 o’clock, p. m., a valuable little property, containing 12 Acres of Land, more or less, and which is described in said Mortgage deed, and being the same land which Ann E. Smith, wife of Levi T. Smith, obtained from Magarct Greenwood and husband, by deed recorded in Liber J. B. 8., No. 89, Folio 189, Ac. - The improvements consist of a comfortable Dwelling House, a new Barn, with all other ne cessary out-buildings in condition. A never failing Spring of splendid water near the door. Also a running stream of water through the property. TTiere is one r of the best Young Orchards upon this tract to be found in the neighbofood, while the loca tion. so near to Westminster, so convenient to Churches, Schools. Ac., makes it a very desirable property and well worthy the atten tion of any person wishing a nice little home. Terms oj Sale. —One-hall cash on the day of sale or on the ratification by the Circuit Court for Carroll county sitting as Court of Equity, and the balance in six months from the day of sale, the credit payment to be se cured by the note of the purchaser or pur chasers with approved security, bearing inter est from the day of sale. THE PATAPSCO BUILDING ASSOCIA TION OF THE CITY OF WEBTMIN HTER, Mortgager. * .has. TltEinmnn, Solicitor for Mortgagee. TR VST EE'S SALE Or A VAU’ASLt HOUSE AND LOT, IN WESTMINSTER. BV virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, ns a Court of Eqnity, the undersigned, Trustee, will sell at Public Sale, on the premises, on THVHSDA y, Ike Ittk da # of JUNE, IS7S, at 2 o clock, P, M, that large and valuable three-story Brick House and Lot of Ground, , in Westminster, Md., formerly owned and occupied bv Jesse !'■ Dnrttin, adjoining tfit- reai ■WOßEldcnce of William Con, un Mam Street, and 4 door east of Bond Street, snd 8 doors west ofthe railroad depot. The Lot is 80 feet front by 19* feet deep. The House is three stories high, M feet front by 26 feet deep, with Passage through the main build ing; with Back Building 80x16 feet; two stoneS' with double Porch and Pantries. There is also a large aud well-arranged Store Boom in the Front Building : and a Well of excellent Water in the Yard. The improve ments are all new and built of the best mate rial and by skilled Mechanics. Altogether this ia a most desirable and valuable property. Terme of Sale, at Preeaibed 6y Ike Decree, ore at foUovt .—One-third port of the pur chase money shall be paid by the purchaser on the day of sole, or upon the ratification thereof by said Court; and the residue to be paid in equal payments, the one to be paid in 6 months and the other in 12 months Den the day of sale, with interest from the day of sale, and to be secured by the purchaser's notes, with security to he approved by the Trustee. WM. T. SMITH, Smith ft McKiluf, Solicitors. J. M. Yinglimj, Auctioneer. may 17-ts TRUSTEE’S SALE or a DESIRABLE LITTLE FAEM. BY virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court , for Carroll county sitting as a Court of Equity, passed in the cose of Michael M. Ar- ! ■oncost against Jacob K. Frank, I will sell at ' Public Sale, to the highest bidder, on SATURDAY, Ike 71k day of JUNE, tS73, , at 1 o'clock, P. M., at Worthington's Hotel, i Hampstead, all that lot or parcel of land, i situate in Hampstead District, Carroll county, t Maryland, containing 40 ACRES OF LAND, mon; or leu. The improvements thereon . consist of a comfortable 2-story I,og Dwelling House, Stable. A<I4L-'~L ftc,; there is nlso sn OrchardNmAid* of choice.fruit on the pi-cni,,. . water convenient to the building; a due pro- < portion is Wood and Meadow Land. • This property is about 1} miles from Grove Run Mills, and adjoining the land of George I Hare, George Alban and others. \ Terms qf Sale. —One-third cash on the day i oiaale or on the ratification thereof, one-third t in 12 months add the other one-third in 1* c months from the day of sole, the credit pay- t meat* to lie secured by the notes of the pur- I chaser with approved security, bearing inter- r eat from the day of sale. CHAB. T. HEIFSNIDER, i may 17-t* Trustee. SIGHT IS PRICELESS, anr this Diamond Perfected Spectacles WILL preserve it, and they can only be I found at the Jewelry Establishment of t WM. MOORE, I Sole Agent for Carroll county, who has also -. just opened the largest and'most complete assortment of LADIES’ GOLD WATCHES, Opera Chains, Gents’ Gold and Silver Amer- t icon Watches, Amethyst Finger Ring., ’ Sleeve Buttons, Studs, SOLID 18 Kt. PLAIN RINGS, * Gents’ Seal Rings, Silver Plated Ware. CLOCKS, Ac., <Cc., Jte. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired and - warranted. WM. MOORE, Main Street, Westminster, Ild. : 4 may 17-tf GLOVES, GLOVES. * OUR Assortment of Dog Skin Gloves for • Ladies snd Gentlemss was bought di- - rectly from the manufacturers in our own F name, and will be sold as low w the lowest. . ms, 8. H. L. NORRIS ft CO. ! '' —■■■■■■'' .... THE jHOWE MACHINE 1 COMPANY f I | I Are now nbie from their increarntd fdcilitien for manufacture to offer their t i IMPROVED SITING KiCHINES, t On the Mow Aim astagkol a Tenim. ; i ’ They are,now niauu&uturimr i • i SIX HUNDRED DAILY. I I During the past six years they have inanufnc lured and aold i r 400.000 which attests the great popularity of this une qualled machine. Until the year lsßs i ELIAS HOWE, Jr. 1 THE ORIGINAL INVENTOR OF ’ SEWING MACHINES, Did not compete with Companies who were , Win* him royalty for the use of his patents. At that time he commenced manufacturing and put the genius which invented the Sewing f Machine, the experience learned from the , failures of other manufacturers, and the ex* ' periencc of a long life as a practical mechanic * into the r HOWE MACHINE. I It is noticeable fact that the ‘ Howe Machine Company HAS ! FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND * > t of their Machines in use, although having ex* j isted but SIX YEARS, while the Company which claims to have the most in uae, has only about twice that number, though having ex* isted for TWENTY TEARS. B. W. BUCKINGHAM, HAIR STREET, HEAR DEPOT, WESTMINSTER, MD., Will sell on credit or lease on Monthly Pay ments, and offers inch easy terms that every one can afford to hare a HOWE SEWING MACHINE. He will spare neither pains nor expense to give hit customers complete satisfaction. W* Re of New York prim and dm not chary* Fifteen Dollars advance as some rival agents an doing. JOHN W. HARDEN, AGENT AT LOUISVILLE, For Woolery, Freedom * Franklin Diatricta. I may 8-tf FARMERS I TRY SMITH’S < Raw Bone Phosphate. | /"COMPOSED entirely of well known Ferti- * Users. Is warranted to compare favora bly in tu effects upon Crops generally, with the best Phosphates in use, and yet is sold at - the very low price of Forty Dollara, Cash, per Ton. • J Any and all perrons doubting Our ability to produce a first-class Phosphate, at this price, are cordially invited to viait our Factory and , not only examine the material used, but also ' witness the process of manufacture. FOWBLE A MATTHEWS, [ Near R. R, Station, Westminster, ap 26-8 m ' Estate of Solomon Myerlg, deceased. j "XTOTICK is hereby given that the subscriber ■“X has obtained from the Orphans' Court i of Carroll county, letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of SOLOMON MYERLY, late of Carroll county, deceased. All perrons having claims again* the deceased, are hereby ' warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the lit day of Dbcmber, next! they may otherwise by law be excluded from aii . benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are re- < quested to make immediate payment. I Given under my hand this Blh day of < May, 1871. SAMUEL SAUBLE, f may 10-fit Executor. t NO. 1300 EQUITY. . In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. a David Schwarts va. Jacob B. Lippy. ’ • rXKDERKD this Ist day of May, A. D. 1878, * VP that the sale made and reported in the ” above cause by Chas. T. Reifsmder, Trustee, appointed by the decree for the sale of the Hrol Estate in the proceedings deemed to be sold, be finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before * the 8d day of June next; provided a copy of j this order be inserted in some newspaper t SE'“ bed at Westminster, Carroll county, t and, once a week for three sncceanve previous to thefilstday of May, instant. . The Report states the amonnt of sale to be “ $660. ■ JNO. R BOYLE, Clerk. ’ Time copy.—Teatr *1 ■nay H-8t Jxo. B. Borut, Clerk, EUREKA SALVM A certain cute for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, , Barns and Skin Abrasions of all kinds; especially recommended to mothers with sore or lumpy breasts. This wive has been sue- i msTi u'miy rrn ' PERSONAL PROPERTY IS ('ilßlilrl, (‘mI’WV. Mv.KVl'i It Bi virtue of an order of the H,as- Wi11i.,., F. Giles, Judge of the Si * District Court for the District of Maryland the undersigned, as Assignees of (mires Gramnier, Bankrupt, will.dfer i,i Phlh to the highest bidder, on the premises, simale on the old Hampstead Road, on the Ea, Branch of the Patapaco, ti miles from ila, m , I, stead, and about 4 mile* from Gorsneh Kurin,, on the Western Maryland Railroad, on SATCRDAY, ike 7th ting of JVXE mi at 11 o’clock, A. M., a valuable F,inu ,on’ taming 58 ACRES OF LAND, more or lesa. one half of which is covered with choice Timber, chiefly While Oak; roa, tire whole enclosed with good Fcncim., and being the same land which conveyed to said Andrew Grummer by KT Reese, by deed dnly acknowledged and re ■ corded. The improvement* consist of a com aro f<,rt *>; k W Dwelling House, . b excellent Stable, and nil other MssmK. J necessary outbinldiuga. There has been recently erected on ru I ,“ n<l ““•"odions DIS TILLERY, with all the necessary appliance* for manufacturing Apple Brandy tad other Liquors. Thare is a splendid Young Orchard in thriving condition, while the cleared land is in the highest state of cultivation, and the property eligibly located with reference to churches, stores and schools, and is well nsss tm“ ten,,on ° fanj "* tmm iu ° f . BkW~ The Title will be beyond question. At the same time and place will be sold the following Personal Property : I Bay Horse, lone-hone Wagon, 1 Falling-top Buggy ami Harness, Thresher and Horse Power, 2 Carts, lot of Wagon Gears, Cider Press, of the latest and most improved pattern; 2 Hogsheads of , pure Cider Vinegar, 2 Furrow Flows, Corn Fork, 2 Copper Still*, the larg est and without doubt the best in the county • . a large lot of Cord Wood, 80 Hogsheads, a great many Barrel., Kegs, Tabs, Measures, ’ ? C . for To‘ n 2?* nW r'J r ® n Apple Grinder ! L AI VV ? ro tfV e ’ 2 a Shovels, lot of Forks, Bakes, Ac., 2 Beds and Bed ! s***>. 2 Stowii }ot of Chains, Log Chains, > Hetndatone, Maul and Wedges, and a great variety of other articles too numerous to men • tion. ■ (if not previously disposed of at Private Sale,) between 7 1000 & 1200 Gate of Prime Apple My, of the vintage of 1872. Thia Brandy can In commended as a pare article, and of the very beat quality. Ur. now in Bond and sauafac- Uiiy arrangements will be made before the •lay of sale to accommodate purchasers. Term, of Sals,/ the Held Mate-One fourth cash, balance in three equal payment* at atx, twelve and eighteen months, purchas ers giving notes for the credit payments, with security to be approved of by the Assignees, I ieanug interest from the day of aale. T <rms for the Personal Property.— All Bams of $lO and under cash: over $lO a credit of throe months will be given, upon notes with approved security, bearing interest from the day of sale, except in regard to the Brandy, the terms of which will be announced on the dav of aale. ■Persons wishing to riew the property enn call on Andrew Gismmer, residing thereon. “ d _ f °r birthet information address Smith A McKelnp, Attorneys at Law, Westminster. Md.,orthe undersigned, JKBBE L. LEISTER. . . WM. H. REESE. Assign tic* of Andrew Grammer, Bankrupt, Auctioneer. Smith tt McKatip, Attorneys. may 17*t ORDER OF PUBLICATION. NO. 1877 EQUITY. In the Ci-cuit Court for Carroll County. Alice M. Parker by Rebecca Black her mother and next friend, vs. James H. Parker. THE object of this salt is to procure a divorce a vinculo matrimonii of the complainant from the defendant, and the custody of their infant child. The bill slate* that the complainant and defendant were married in Carroll county, Maryland, in the month of March, 1868. That they lived some time together a* man and wife, during which time two were boro to them, one of whom only, ji girl about four years of age, is now living with the complainant in said coun ty ; that shortly after the birth of their second child, the defendant commenced to ill treat and abuse the complainant and to associate with lewd sad lascivious women, and com mitted adultery with them, and that about two years ago he abandoned and deserted the complainant, which abandonment and deser tion still continues, and that since said time he has failed entirely to provide for the com plainant and her said child, and that the said James H. Parker resides onl of the State of Maryland. It is thereupon this 6th day of May, 1878, adjudged and ordered that the complainant by causing a copy of thia order to be inserted in some newspaper published in said Carroll county, once in each of four successive weeks before the 6th day of June next, give notice to the said absent defendant of the object and substance of Urn bill, and warn him to appear m thia Court, in pegeon or by solicitor, on or before the 10th day of September next, to an swer the premises and show cause, if any he has. why a decree ongbt not topasi as prayed. JNO. B. BOYLE, deit True copy,—Teat: may I 0 4t Jxo. B. Borut, Clerk. Building Association Notice. ALL the Officers, Directors and Stockhold ers, (except females and minors) of J >at *P ßCO Building Association of the City of Westminster are required to attend the Annual Meeting of the Association, under a Ceta -t° be held'at CENTRAL HALL, over J. H. Bowers 1 Store in Westminster, on Tuesday Evening, the 3d of June next, at 8 o'clock, when the Treasurer and Secretary’s Reports will be read giving a detailed statement of the affairs of the Asro elation, and an Election will be hold for a President, Vine President, Treasurer, Seere tary and Seven Directors to serve for the ensuing yeah. A. D. SCHAEFFER, Sec y. of Patapsco Building Association, may 17-td AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, WESTMINSTER, MD. THE High-bred Young Trotting Stallion Hermit is a dark brown without Jgh any white, fifteen hands three inchosMßEn high; by Engineer, he by Revenue. SesM> out of Andrewetta by Andrew. Hermit’s dam was a high bred Mambrino mare from Kentucky. He will serve a limited number of mares at $26 to insure. 8W - Particular attention given to the Train ing of Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts. For further particulars address MARTIN QUINN, Fair Grounds, Westminster, Md. ’ . Insolvent's Notice. Josiah Hatfield vs. HU Creditors. /"hRDERED this. Bth day of May, 1878, that U Josiah Hatfield girc notice U, his crodi tors, endorsers and sureties that the 2d Mon day of August next is fixed for the said Josiah Hatfield to appear in the Circuit Court for Carroll county to answer such interrogato ries as his creditors, endorsers and sureties may propose or allege against him ; sod that a copy of tins order he published in some newspaper printed in Carroll county, once a week for three successive month* prior to (he srlid Sd Monday of August next, as such notice. Teat: JNO. B. BOYLE, may 10-8 m Clerk. Estate of Ijgdxa Triad, deceased. NTCSsSateASS: Court of Cetroll county, letters of Atlmimi. tration on the Personal Estate of late of Carroll county, deceased. ’ Ail persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers on or before tho (ith day of December, next 1 *r >*<•* 4S®yr-J ,: I

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