Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, May 31, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated May 31, 1873 Page 4
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at St. the 13th mat, u wr is iK)t°reimbarKd n for tL actual cost of production, while the cost of Uviag to SretmusU, and mUnm<unless relief *°A system of canals aouth of the freeiing line would afford great relief, both is eon fmxlaetß decade occurred in the West, and that and ta la *Valley. He then entered into a oom pariaou of the cost of railroad, canal, sea, lake and river transportation, and riowed than canal, and nearly 500 percent, cheap er than railroad, and asked, “Doesnotthis feet suggest a a solution of the question under discussion? 7 ’ The value of sraln : W she producer is the price paid in Liver pool, tees the cost of transit. He then shewed that he laid down in Sew Orioans 16 cents cheaper per bushel than via New York, and tW if the ad vantages of river transit could be fully used the exports from the Mississippi Valley would soon turn the balance of trade in our favor, and gold would flow from the old to the new rather than as K now from the new to the old world. He then stated why the advantages of cheaper transit on the Mississippi river could not be fully realised, by expluning the ob structions at its mouth, the inadequacy of water on the bar, fee., and cited the feet that during March and April just passed nearly fifty vessels were obliged to anchor off the mouth of die river two Government dredging boat to cut a*chan nel through the bar before they could reach the deep water of the rivet Let this obstruction bo removed, and the Mis sissippi river will give the ocean a ton nage equal to that of the whole world be sides. Less than half the amount requi site to suheidito a single Pacific RaiWl, of water sufficient to allow vessels con structed for the purpose to sail direct from Liverpool to St Louis. If this were ac complished, wheat could be transported • from the Mississippi Valley to Liverpool eight cents per bushel cheaper than from the Baltic grain-raising regions, and 18 cents cheaper than from the Black Sea. ■ In numbers, the two sexes are nearly equal in the United States; Males 19,- 493,565, females, 19,064.806. But the distribution is not even. The greatest ex cess of males is found in Idaho. 12.184 to 2,815 females; Montana. 16.771 to 3,824, Wyoming, 7,229 to 1,899, and Nevada, 32,370 to 10,112. Females are in excess in Alabama. 504,560 to 482,470; District of Columbia, 61,287 to 54,129; Georgia, 600,856 to 572,126; Louisiana, 336.345 to 328,743 ; Maine. 390,600 to 380,434 ; “ 3Ne!?*Hrap sbire, 147,698 to 140,991, New Jersey, 363,668 to 353,486, snd New York 1,647,214 to 1,597,192. Virginis, Ver mont. Tennessee, both Csrolinss, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Mex ico show a like excess of female popula tion. In Utah there are more males than females—2B,994 to 27,090. Q, ,, ' 1 ♦ 1 European Crops and American Pkicks.—Though the accounts from Europe respecting the condition snd pros pects of the growing crops are, for the moat part, of an unsatisfactory character, yet the New York BJktin. after a re view of the whole field, comes to the con clusion that there is nothing in the situa tion to warrant any speculative combina tions here for an advance on present rates. Wheat, at the present quotations in Rag land, we are told, is higher than the average of a aerie* of years, snd the ut most that seems warranted is a continu ance of the current rates. The food deficiencies of England are very heavy, and are likely to be huger next harvest year than this; but it must be remembered that steam aad the telegraph render it possible to count snd to obtain every bushel of surplus grain in any pert of the world. .Land Blidk.—A dispatch from Pitts burg, May 34, says a heavy and serious land slide occurred on the Pittsburg and OonaelhrviDe Railroad in a deep cut near Southampton twenty-three milea west of Cumberland. The first fell of earth and rocks took place Saturday last, and the slide took place Tnesday, and the earth track the deptTof fifty feet and for s distance of ten or eleven been at work day and night, building a The Norwich, Connecticut, Lock Com pany makes 1,300 locks per day. One of their recent inventions isa lock so con the whole. tor's house to another American people do not exceed 1800 a W*m.iXU,U.,M V 23.- -Aterrifc tornado or whirlwind, accompanied by had and rain, panted over this county, about aix miles north of Washington, yeaterday aJt> n It* path was about half a mile in width, and it tore into fragments every thing in it# course. Houses, barns, fences, trees, cattle, and human beings were caught up and whirled through the air like more toys, and then dashed to the ground with each violence si to produce instant destruc tion. Houses and barns were torn into fragments and scattered in all directions, and for milas around the fields are dotted with large timbers driven into the ground at an angle of ninety degrees. The cattle were actually driven head-foremost into the ground. • One can scarcely conceived the devasta tion or realise the force of the tornado. Already we have heard of thirteen fnrm housee and many barns that were literally tom to pieces, and many others badly damaged. School was in session at a school-house six miles north of here, and the tornado tore the building to pieces and carried the fourteen-year-old daughter of Henry Bothmcl about a quarter of a mile from the school. When found she was mashed to a jelly Miss Smith, the teach er, and six or eight scholars were injured, some of them severely. The wife of Henry Walters was killed. A Miss Gardner and the son of Abe Gibson lie at the point of death. Jacob Seek is seriously hurt- A Mr. Baker was hart in the back. The family of J. Campbell, near Keota, was injured. Mrs. McCoy was seriously hurt. A gentleman who was near the tornado reports that it was balloon-shaped, with the small end to the ground, and moved at the rate of twenty miles an hour. It begun ita fearful work at Keota, where it demol ished several houses. We next hear of it about six miles northwest, where it de stroyed two or three houses, and as it passed on northeast scattered to the four winds the fine residences and hires of Alexander Gibson, J. A. Babcock, and J. C. Calling ham. It also levelled to the ground (In dwellings of D. Caneer, F. and H. W alters, Mr. Carringer, and Mr. Kerr. The lives of many persons were saved by their hastily getting into the cellars of their houses. Sad havoc was made with all kinds of stock. From the description of an eye-witness it seems almost a mir acle that anything in the track escaped alive. He lays he could see large pieces of timber hurled from the clond as though shot from a cannon. Hall-stones fell that measured nine inches in diameter. Some were brought to this city, and four hours after they were picked up they were still as large as hen’s eggs. The roaring of the tornado was fearful, and could have been easily heard ten miles. At this place— six miles away —it was perfectly appalling, surpassing in terror anything ever heard, except war and the din of a terrific battle. A telegram from Keota last evening says that five persons were killed about three miles from that place. One child was torn to pieces. Many more lives were probably lost than those reported, and no estimate can be made of the stock killed. Nothing so terrible or violent has ever befallen this section of the country hereto fore, and it is considered a miracle that so few lives were lost. Phaikii City, Hi., May 23.—A fear ful tornado passed a mile and a half north of this place yeaterday about forty minutes past five. P. M. the extent of which is not yet known here, though it has been heard of from ten to fifteen miles cast and west. The storm travelled eastward, sweeping nearly everything before it for half a mile in width, blowing down houses, haras, out houses, fences, telegraph poles, and killing and injuring several persons. A number of hones and cattle were also killed and injured. The following are a few of the caaualities: Vanderver’s bouse was de stroyed and a boy fourteen yean old killed. Joel Nichol’s house and bare destroyed, and a child's leg broken so badly that it is not expected to live. Eight persons were in the house some of whom were more or less injured. A. J. Caytofl's house and bam destroyed, Cayton had an arm bro ken and one child killed. Charles Perry's house and barn were destroyed. Mrs. Perry was seriously, perhaps fatally injured. Andrew MullhoUand’s house destroyed, and he had a leg broken. Brendmeycr's house destroyed. He was alone in it, and was badly hurt. Some idea may he gain ed of the force of the storm from the fact that it carried heavy sills ten rods and even moved heavy stones some distance from the top* of cellar walls. ■ Keota, la., May 23.—The moat ter rific storm ever known in this part of the State passed over here about three o’clock p. M. It started, as far as heard from, ten miles southwest of here on Skunk Bottom, and traveled to within two or three miles of this city, sweeping everything be fore it. Up to the present time four per sona are reported killed, eight slightly hurt, and eight houses, three bums, one saw mill, and several granaries demolished Between 200 and 300 head of cattle were killed. Building material, agricultural implements, inehidiug thrashing machines, reapers, Ac., were strewn the entire length of the storm. The storm did not exceed in width from 100 to 400 yards. It is reported that the town of Lancas ter, fifteen miles southwest of here in this county, is in reins. Gaiko, May 23.—The heaviest storm of wind, rain, and bail that ha#been known here for year* began about three o'clock this afternoon The hail continued fall ing for nearly thirty minutes and the rain for nearly two hours. ADDITIONAL DETAILS OP THI STORM. Washington, la., May 23.—Addition al particulars of the tornado make the damage a great deal more than heretofore reported. Six more persons have died since the despatch of this morning was sent, making eight in all. The names of the victims not before reported are: La den House). Mr. Davison, Mr. Baker, a daughter of Jacob Seek, and two children of Henry Water*. There are many others who are very low and whose lives are despair ed of. These are all reported to us within six or eight miles on the line of the storm. To whst extent the storm raged in other parts of the country has not yet been learned. An enormous amount of prop erty has been destroyed. It is impossible to describe the scene after the alarm had passed. It resembled a long tract of conn hy that had been suddenly overflooded ofSte stonn wassueMhat nothing resisted. Heavy object! were carried over a quarter of a mile, and thrown to thejround with j juj(J iuplcfflcDts of II ■ I 1.1 ■*! 1- ' ..I, ■■.-£.■ LB J. MORTIMER HURLEY, FHOF. OF MUBU, ami Tkanugh Ban, at orbatit mcnrcKn *■ j ■ 1 , .i. | $8 rs tkhm, o S3O m scaot-Aimc ab. PIANO TUNING #*.*o. Also l|Ul tor Wh. Knabk t Co’. (KLEBUATKI) PIANOS K. P. Nebiiham A Sob's UarivaT" ' • ' ted ORGANS. Particular attention paid to the selection of Instruments. For particulars inquire at A. H. Huber s Drug Store, or Wheeler’s Hotel. feb 22 DENTAL T"'VR. GEO. S. FOUKE, Dentist, offers his JLJ services at his Office. Westminster—every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Emmutshurg —Fourth Wednesday After noon till Thuraday Afternoon. Mechanicstown—Fourth Thursday After noon and Friday. Kooky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon. Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. Middleburg—First Friday. Uniontown —Second Wednesday Afternoon. Taneytown—Second Thursday Afternoon and Friday- Union Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday Forenoon. New Windsor —Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. W> W CROUT & REIFBNIDER, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY, WESTMINSTER, Ml*. have formed a copartnership in the \T practice of Law in the Courts of Car roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications Filed for Rack Pay and Bounty dne heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Cmas. T. Rkifssidkr. no 80-tf R. B, NORMENT, A TTORNEY-A T LA H r , OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him, both before the Courts of this State and the Departments of the General Government at Washington, 1). C. Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy, jau 4, 1878. WM. M. MKRHICK. 4. 4. RAI'MO ARTSER. Merrick & Baumgartner, ATTORNEYS-AT-L AW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY. HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll county. Their Office is at the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will bo in Westminster during the Term of the Courts, and at such other times as business may require; he may also be con sulted at his Office. No. 17 St, Paul street, Baltimore Maryland. nov 28-tf ABNER NEAL, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND A TTORNEY-A TLA H”. Office at the Court House. HE will attejpd especially to obtaining De ■ crees for the settlement of estates oi deceased persons. 4c. Deeds, Wills and all Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge, moderate. dec 6-tf 40HX K. SMITH. WM. A. m’EELLIP. SMITH & McKELLIP, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO HCI TORS IN CHANCERY\ HAVING formed a partnership in the prac tice of Law, will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors cast of Court street. dec 5-ly A. K. STESTER. 4AS. A. C. ROND, STESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the nrac tice of Law in Carroll county and the several Courts of this State. Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when business requires it. Office corner Main and Court streets, ap 15 WM. p, MAULSRT. C. R. HUBERTS. MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY. Wkhtmimithh, Mn. Mr Office directly opposite the Court House. _ ISAAC K. rKARBON. a.. ISAAC K. eBABSOK, JB I. E. PEARSON & SON WILL promptly and carefully attend to all kind of Wines* in any of the Courts in this State. Office opposite Westminster Hotel, Main street, Westminster, Md. 9 DANIEL G. WRIGHT, A TTORNEY-A T LA W. kT Office 37 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md. nov 18, 18611 DR. W. K. FRINGER HAS removed his Office to the house op . posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Bering, Main Street, Westminster. ap 5-tf. DR. J. H. BILLINGSLEA IS still actively engaged in the practice of Medicine. iflT Office two doors eaat of the residence of John L. Keifsnider, Esq. aug 19-tf JOSEPHUS H. HOPPE, AGENT of the Farmers' Mutual Fire In surance Company of Dug Hill, Carroll county, Md. Mr Postoffice, Stonersville. mar 23-ly JOHN T. DIFPENBAUGH, AUCTIONEER, BVTMINSTER, Md.. will gin especial attention to the sale of Personal Pro perty and Real Estate. Engagements may be made at this office, feb ls-tf MUTUAL* FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER. MI). J. W. MERINO, President. RICHARD MANNING, * • Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, General Agent, Westminster, Md. J. Oliver Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car roll county, Md. jan 11-tf WILLIAM MOORE WKBTMINHTKK, MI)., DEALER in Watches, ar . Clocks and Jewelry. keeps constantly on hand ana HR for sale at lowest prices. Gold and Silver American and Swiss Watches. Solid Silver Ware, Silver Plated W r are for W'edding Pres ents, Rogers' Albata Forks, Spoons, 4c., Ice Pitchers, Casters. Cake Dishes, 4c., 4c. N. B.—Agent for Spencer’s Diamond Spec tacles, best glass now in use. “•yll wen Stocked. rrtHK largest, best and Boat fashionable 1 Type, suitable for the most delicate Card or th. largest Porter, can be found nt the Ao- TOCAT* OWce. . jan 4 <J ARDENWEED. fTTHK Bollock k llolmwoa’s Garden Seed. A fresh and new, of all kinds, jnst received by D. W. HOUCK, feb 23-64 Honeksville, Md. j To get handsome printing of every descrip i Son. eoll at the Aovwatb Omrr. A. H. HUBER. No. 4. CAUUOLI. UAtU DEALER IN Fort'lßti mid Domestic Drugs, l‘.i TKJfT M&OICtNBS, PERFUMERY, Sc O KEEPS constantly on bund a complete* slock of the purest DEUOS AND CHEMICALS, besides the most popular PATENT MEDICINES IN THK MARKET. Parties wiU find, on examination, a varied assortment of FANCY ARTICLES iin> FKKFOMKKY. Especial attention paid to Physicians’ Orders and Prescriptions. april 22- ly TAXES FOR 1878. ARE heavy enough without {toying high prices for everything you buy. Appre ciating this feet the undersigned is determined to prove that the u Cash Suslem" vr ill justify ‘ 4 (fuick Sale*' ’ and "Small 1 Julies’, Misses* and Children's Shoes. Men's and Boy's Boots, Shoes ami Hats. Reduced 10 per cent, to suit haul times. China, Glass, Quecnsware and Housekeeping Goods of every kind, the largest nnd best stock in the city of Westminster. Wooden ware, Willowware, Tinware, .Stone ware, Fine Japanned Ware, Knives,Forks, Spoons, Clocks, Looking Glasses. Table Oil Cloths, Linen nnd Paper Window Shades nnd Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Teas, Roasted and Green Coffees. Sugars. Spices, Extracts. Es sences, Soaps, and everything in the Grocery line. Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castors. Cake Baskets, Card Receivers. Butter Dishes, Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, ForltSj Spoons, Ac., guaranteed Triple Plated and at Baltimore prices. Especial attention is called to my Sohc Department, as 1 intend to sell everything in this line at prices that will defy competition. No trouble to show goods nnd give prices whether you wish to purchase or not. An examination of my stock is solicited. mar 27-tf W. 0. LIGGET. FRANK K. HERR. SAMt RI. K. HERR. F. K.HERR &BRO., MAXt T IMCTCRERS OK Coavlivs, C arriiijfos, Busies, .big ger Wagons, Pluvious, A<‘. ALSO HOUSE SHOERS Anti Blacksmiths in General. Special attention given to Repairing. All orders promptly filled and work of every kind warranted. t&T Factory opposite Montour House, Main street, Westminster, Md. se 14-ly Westminster Hotel, CORNER Main and Court Streets, Westminster, Car roll county, Md. The under signed having leased this known Hotel, and the same having been thoroughly repaired with many improvements and refitted generally, takes this method of informing the citizens of Carroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that no effort on hia part shall be wanting to make them that favor him with a call as comfortable as possible. The table hall be as good as this market affords. The bar stocked with pure and unadulterated Liquors; waiters at tentive and polite, and charges moderate. A call is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a specialty, mar lft-tf F. I. WHEELER. HUGH DOYLE TT AS just received from Baltimore the best M and finest selected Stock of Ladies', Gentlemen's, Misses’ and Children’s BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in this market. Also a large sup ply of Overshoes. All of the above Stock will lie sold at reasonable prices for cash, and satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted nr repaired free of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the best material, at RE DUCED PRICES. Remember the place, Main street, near the Catholic Church. MENB’_W A1 IK. SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. WE have just received from London, i England, by our own importation, a line of newest patterns of Cloths, Oassimers and Vestings, consisting of 38 different styles, to which we call the attention of buyers of Fine Goods, as we will sell them much .lower than retailers in the City, mar 29 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle COWS, HEIFERS. Aijtn HEIFER AND BULL CALVES, SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, BERKSHIRE PIGS. For wile at Clover Hilt Slock Farm, Finks* burg, Carroll eonntv, Md. feb 8-tf LEWIS H. COLE. Butchering Notice. THE undersigned desires to state that he still continues to butcher all kinds of Stock at his Establishment in Westminster, and will continue so to do, but that on and after January lit, 1873, will sell Meats for the CASH ONLY. JACOB M. MORELOCK. Westminster, Jan. Ist, 1873, lyf*’ MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, Iforlheatl corner f'ugttU ami SI. /bid St*. . OTfOairt A*.rH rmr both,, BALTIMORE. Isaac Alberston, Proprietor. This is one of the most pleasant and central locations in the city. Terms ; $1.50 per day. may 7-ly NOTICE. THE undersigned hereby |rive notice that he has been appointed General Agent of I the Carroll County Fire Insurance Company. All persons desiring to insure property (either real or personal) in this Company, mH please address the Agent at Westminster, Md. All communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBAUGH, aag 25-tf # Agent. MONTOUR HOUSE THE uadanifDad, lately from Hanover, Pennsylvania, respectfully informs the public that he baa opened the “Montdur House" in thin city, and reapeetfully aolieita a share of patronage. J. R. DONNELL. Westminster, dec. , 187 My nine Printing g to the Aovikmt* TO FARMERS. 1873. “EXCELSIOR." 1873. Comjwsed of SOO jtounds t f AV 1 Peruvian Guo no. and ISOOpoundt of Soluble Phos phate of lame, (bones dissolved in sulphuric add,) Pdash and Soda, Forming tho most concentrated, universal and durable fertilizer ever ottered to the farmer — combining all tho stimulating qualities of Pe ruvian Guano, and the over durable Fertilizing properties of Bone*. Excelsior is in fine dry powder, prepared expressly for drilling, and tan be applied in any quantity however small, per acre; ami it is the opinion of many close calculating Farmers, after Fourteen \ears ex perience in testing it side by side with other popular fertilizers, that an application of 100 pounds of Excelsior is equal to from 200 to IH pounds of any other fertilizer or guano offered for sale, therefore is fully 100 to 200 per cent. chea)>er. CfiX. Look out for imitations and counter feits. The jiopulnrity of Excelsior has in duced miscntjnilous parties in this and other cities to copy our trade mark, and resort to other dishonorable means to sell their iroWA less compounds. Jfcafcr P'armers should see that every Hog is brandeii ns abitve , trith the AXAIA SIS and OUR NAME in HKD LETT KBS, All others are counterfeits. PRICE S6O PER TON. J. J. TURNER 4 CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. rou sam: by Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster, Md.

Zimmerman A Shultz, Sykesvjlle, Md. W. H. 11. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. McComas A Bro., Hood's Mill, Md. E. A. Talbott, Ellicott citv, Md. Biggs A Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. Wm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Doable Pipe Creek, Md. mar 22-3 m WESTERN MD. COLLEGE STUDENTS OF BOTH SEXES, IN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. Incorporated by Act of General Assembly, March , 1868. THIS Institution is eligibly located in the healthful and flourishing City of West minster, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore and Hagers town. It is under the special patronage of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Metho dist Protestant Church, but is strictly free from any sectarianism, either in its course o! study or rules of discipline. Male and female students recite in separate classes, but all have the advantage of instruc tion from every Professor having charge ol the studies pursued. The Vice-Principal. (Rev. Dr. Nichols.) the Preceptress, (Miss Hance.) and several other members of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight of the Hoarding Students. The ConwE of Study is thorough, under a full and competent corps of Instructors. The Tenth Semi-Annual Session, will begin on MONDAY, February Bd, and end on THURSDAY, June 19th, 1878. EXPENSES OP SESSION : Board. Lodging, Washing, Fuel and Light $90.00 Tuition in Preparatory Department 17.50 Tuition in Collegiate Department... 80.00 Matriculation fee (payable on enter ing the Collegiate Department) 5.00 Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments) 25.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) 10.00 No extra charges for any study in the Reg ular Course. PAYMENTS; One-half at the beginning of the Session; the April 14th, 1878. Books and stationery purchased of the Col lege must be paid for on delivery. For Catalogue and Circular containing full information, address J. T. - WARD, Principal, dec2l-tf Westminster, Md. E. O. CRIMES. E. S. HTOUPPKH. GRIMES & STOUFFER, (Successors to E. O. Grimes,) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Westminster, Md., ARE paying the highest prices in the marxet for Flour , Wheat, Com, Oats, Rye amt Grain of all kinds. Also, keep constantly on hand a large supply of Liquors, Groceries, Flour, Feed, Bacon, Salt, Fish, Farmer's Utensils, Ac., Ac., all of which they are selling wholesale and retail at very low figures. They have on hand a large stock of the following Guanos, and are selling at manufacturers prices: Pacific, Whitclock’s, Moro Phillip’s, Baugh’s Raw-Bone, Hour ot Bone, Coes Bradley’s. Berger A Butz, Turner’s Excelsior, ♦ Sea Fowl, Woolston’s Md. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac. Also, Oil Vitriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia and pur* Bono for making Fertilizers. The public generally will do well to give them a call before purchasing, as they intend to sell low. N. B.—Agents for the best Blasting Pow dor in the market, and the great Zingari Bit tera. april 27-ly. 1873. 1873 GRAND RUSH FOR MILLER’S! Wholesale and Retail Dealei WESTMINSTER, Ml>. ■ T am now securing my large stock of Sprinj ! X. and Summer DRESS GOODS, i BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, | CLOTHS AND CASSIMERS, WRITE OOODS, NOTIONS Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac, 1 My Domestic Department is always com j pletc and of the lieat brands the market at j fords. I call particular attention of buyer . from a distance to whom, lam confident, mj i 1 stock and price* can’t fail to give satisfaction I Please Remember our Motto is “QUIUF | SALES AND SMALL PROFITS.” 1 may 10-ly | WHITE DRESS OOODS. t i ’IXTE have just opened, from Philadelphia |-| if a large Assortment of White Drcs j Goods, viz: Plain and Plaid Nainsooks .! Victoria {.awns, Jaconets. French Muslins I Piquas, Swisses, Ac. also Edgings, Inserting* 1 : Uce-s Ac. 11. L. NORRIS A (’() , may 3- COAL TAR FOU HALE. 1 4 PPLY to ’ J\ JOHN U REIEBNIDKR. President Westminster Gas Light Co. , mar HHf • . Everything New. I . TITE iwntly purrhrawd a new unortmcn ft of Job Type for raw during tli. pm, jan 4 i £3 END your Ordora for Printing for th, O Spring Trad, to thr Aomorr Offip.', , TITUII, *. ■>. KUBm . T. IHIHONBT, IWdenl. S*c. * Trea. Bopt THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OP WESTMISBTKR, Ml>. DinatTOU: David Knwlile, H. Hamm, KtUfcnl I.ynrh, A. l. SehMdfcr, J. K. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OP Patent Hoisting Engines of all >ls. CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, Mill Machinery, Boiler Maker’s Punching Machines, PATENT TIRE BENDERS. Oroune’K Pat. Force Pump. STOVES , CAST IRON POOR SILLS, SKPARATORH, From 2 to 12 Horse; Westminster Triple-Geared Horse Powers, From 1 to 12 Horse, Mounted on 2 or 4 Wheels, or Down, SELF SHARPENING GRIST MILKS, WHEEL HORSE BAKES, Tnylor'n Patent Hay Tedder, PLOWS OF ALL SIZES, HOMINY MILLS, <5cC. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, Including the Bepairing or Rebuilding of Railroad Locomotive Engines of any kind. DEALERS IV Stationary, ftiriablt and Agricultural En gine*, H taper a, Moirtr*, tr. We are paying the HIGHEST PRICES for White Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Ash TiraWr, in the Ix>g delivered at Mill, or on the Lot, as parties prefer. Persons having any of the almve will call or communicate with us by letter. We pay from Ito 1) cents per pound for old (’anting* according to quality, ap 19-ly CHANGE OF TIME. Western Maryland Railroad. ON and after Wednesday the 26th of March. 1878, the passenger trains on this rood will run as follows: EASTWARD. lieave Hagerstown at 7.20 A. M. and 1.45 P. M. Leave Mechanicstown at 4.25 A. M., 8.88 A. M., and 8 00 P. M. Leave Union Bridge at 5.10 A. M.. 0.28 A. M., and 3.45 P. M. Leave Westminster at 5.54 A. M., 10.00 A. M., and 4.28 P. M. WESTWARD. Baltimore at 8.80 A. M. and 8.80 P. M. Leave Westminster at 10.82 A. M., and 6.12 P. M. Express for Hagerstown, and 6.05 P. M. Local train for Mechanicstown. Leave Union Bridge aUll.oß A. M., 5.42 I‘. H. Bxpreaa, Mid A46 I*. M. Local train. Stages connect nl Glen Morris Station for Haiuustcad and Manchester on arrival of 8.80 A. M. train from Baltimore. An Express Car leaves Calvert Station, Baltimore, daily, (except Sunday,) at 3.80 P. M. Light Freight and Parcels can come by this car if delivered before 8.00 P. M. JOHN T. HIONKY, mar 20 General Superintendent. M. I- XORHIS. J. T. WAMPLER. GREAT BARGAINS Foreip and Domestic Dry Ms!! H. L. NORRIS & CO. HAVING just opened the largest and liest stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS ever offered in this market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give satisfaction when compared with any other*, ap 19 11. L. NORRIS & CO. Central Drug Store, OPPOSITE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Main Street, Westminster, Mrt., DR. E. D. WELLS & BRO., PROPRIETORS. DH. WELLS, having had several yearn experience in the practice of Medicine, feels confident that he can meet the want* ol the community for MGDI CINE AvnurninAT PREPA HATi 0N S. Th Prescription Department, be ing under the especial charge ofl)r. Wells, will receive his Vi careful attention. A full as sort men l of Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Washes,* Powders, Dyes, Tootl and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Fat ent Medicines. je22-lj FALL GOODS! FALL GOODS!! David E. Miller, HAS just returned from Philadeldhia mm Baltimore with a full line of FA LI AND WINTER DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Our stock is complete, embracing a ful! assortment of Hluiwlh, l)r*ss Goods, Cloths, C'hs sinters, Fancy Goods & Notions. A cal) is solicited, as we are confident tha our stock and prices cannot fail to give satis faction. sept 28 D. E. MILLER. ■West End Jewelry Store P* A. WAGONER RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens o Carroll county and vicinity, that he i constantly receiving new and beautiful good from New York, consisting of WATCHES, either Amer ican or Foreign; SterlingSMHlMHk Silver Ware, Plated Ware, Knives. Forks Spoons, Ac., Ring* of all patterns. Watche , repaired in the best manner and warranted Silver and Gold Plating done with promptnes and dispatch. Sewing Machines of ever; make on hand; also repairing done. Give me a call as I am determined to sell June 9 HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE!! • PKIOE OirLTr $37.00. ; Simplest, Cheapest Lock Stitch Sew k A ing Machine in Market. Also The American Sewing Machine very simple, almost noiseless, runs eery Ugh and took the premium in competition with i < large variety of Machines at our last Stat S Fair. The feed and all its parts are ver , easily regulated. Cord, Hemstich, Braid (, Tuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price SOO.OO i, F. 11. BUELL, Agent, Office next door to “Montour Hoae. , ‘ ap 26-tf NOTICE. I HAVE this day adopted a new rule in m; Imsinesa. I will give strict peraonal at j tention to all work in my line intrusted to m; I care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all m work. I have a very foil flock and assort ment of WALL PAPER, I ry low <wk pric: •!><> Oil. CLOTB ■ an.l I.INKN WINDOW SHADKS .ml FIX j TI HKS, .1) low for rank. , j WIM.IAM COON. I WKninrtr. Immrf 11, ISTH-lv LUMBER! LUMBER!! L*Ht election of LUMBER ever offered at 83? ***** /*i r Yellow Pine, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND BCANTLINO of all lengths and sixes. H &-4, <Maad *■* White l*inc Board* and Plank, YeUowand White Pine Flooring, Dressed mid I ndressed Weatherboarding, White Pine Cheatnut Shingles, WJnut and Ah and Plank, Plain and Headed Pickctti. Bhin gle and Plastering I Jdh*. a prime lot (d Uimit nut Hails and Post*. Also all the different KIXDS OF COAL, Thinking large sales with small profit* bet ter than small sale* with large profits, 1 have concluded to adopt the former ns my guide, and hope I ahall be enabled to carry it out by persons in want of anything in my line giving me a call before P^^LYtICH, Near Depot, Westminster, Md. feb 20-tf Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. rpHE undersigned, having JL bought out J. J. Leister* interest in the well known Jr tablishiaent of Messrs. Shorb A Leister, Main street, Westminster, West of the lUilroad, will continue to keep on hand a full and com plete assortment of nil kinds and styles °f FURNITURE, and full assortment of Lane and Wood Scat Chairs, Hair and Husk Mat trasses, Looking (trass Plates, Ac., which will be sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Sent Chairs re seated and Furniture repaired. UNDERTAKING. Walnut and Metallic Coffins and Casket* on hand. Funerals attended at all limes, at short notice. Also on hand Newel Posts, Balusters ami Front Door Brackets. Hand Hails worked to order, of all kinds of Lumber, and different styles Brackets worked to order. All kinds of Architectural Drawings fur nished at short notice and at low figures, feb 24-tf J. J. SHORB A SON. E. K. GERNAND, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, QUEENSWARE, HARDWARE, HATS BOOTS & SHOES, Cedarwnre, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, AVERILL CHEMICAL PAINT. Drugs, first-class Groceries, Ac., Ac. Corner Main and Court Streets, may 18 Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND M IIT UA L FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. No. 17 South Struct, Baltimore. I This Company insures, on the mutual plan, j Buildings and Personal Property against Loss I or Damage by Fire, in all parts of the State. I The entire profit returned to the holders. B. G. HARRIS, President. Board or Directors : | Francis Neale, of Neale. Harris A Co. I S. H. Coughy, of Noah Walker A Co. C. McCullv, of Poraerait A McCully. Philip T. George, of George A Jenkins. B. G. Harris, late of Neale, Harris A Co. Hon. George Brent, Court of Appeals. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. . George Combs, St. Mary’s county, dec 28-ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. BUT failing to call before purchasing else where and examining tne Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, jam at IRA E. CROUSE’S, is * Pi a disregard of your oWn inter- KSKSest that is wholly inexcusable. Haying had a long experience in business, he now flatters himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase any article in his line, a stock not excelled in variety and quality by any other establishment in the county, and his prices arc guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore city, or any other place in the State. W Don't mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main street, nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, Westminster, may 21 JOHN H. BOWERS KEEPS constantly on hand and for sale, at his Store, “CENTRAL HALL.** nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, a full assortment of BUILDERS’ HARDWARE, Hardware Generally, Oils and Paints, Leather of all kinds, Groceries, Provisions. Willow kud Cedarware. All the above goods will be sold at low rates and will be delivered free of charge at the Railroad Depot, or any other point the town of Westminster. JOHN H. BOWERS, nearly opposite the Catholic Church, mar 18 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! THE undersigned in prepared lo furnish i.adieu', Men’s and L'hildrfn's f BOOTS AND SHOES i *1 the shortest notice, of the beat material at reduced prices. All work guaranteed. JOHN BERNSTEIN. Opposite the office of Crout 4 Keifsnider, i Westminster, Md. sept 14. ; Littlextown Livery Stable Martel y Hanover St. , next door to Methodist Chunk, with Increased Facilities. T¥TE will be pleased to accommodate the Tv public. Horses bought, sold and ex changed. Daily Passenger and Mail Line from Westminster to Gettysburg. For Seats, Ac., apply at Central Hotel, Westminster, or Harris 1 louse Gettysburg. JOHN SPALDING, nov 80-tf Agent. JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr. AIN Street, opposite Court, Westmin * -AvA. ster. Md., General Wholesale Agent for t the sale or ' j Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, ' PERUVIAN OVANO, Ground Bones, Super PlioaphuteN, AMD ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS. mar 16-Om v Look Here! Cl A EDS, Circulars, Programmes, Shipping I / Tags, Bill Heads, in tact everything re rred in the Printing line can be obtained at Advocate Office. jau 4 1| MMJIUnkQ Had Clllit Hardware. Itfgl -JL> stock, at lowest cky prices, at feb 16 K. K. GERMAND’S. TR\~ the I|l TEAS, at W. O. LIGGRTH. HOFFMAN & McKXkSwI NEW WINDSOR, ’ I HAVE just returned from Vhiladrink with tne largest and bast elected iSS 1 of Goods ever offered in Now Windsor"!? I silling of a general assortment of the' J shades and styles of # Dry Goods and Notions. Al. hardware, QUEENBWARE, HOOTS ANDsHOB), 1 We have made il a ipwialty to teitet ‘ Fine Cloths and Fancy Oassifflm | fur Men'. ami Boya’ Wear, whieh cannot bn nurpanaed in the county CARPETS AMU MATTIMdS, \ at am. niu-aa. We shall sell only for CASH, onr profa, will lo small and wo will try to give f u || w |. faction in every respect, A. THOMPSON, whose reputation as a Tailor places him sttbr head of his profession, still continues TAB. OHING over our Store Koora. A good fit has long since ceased to be a question of doubt Go to A. Thompson if you ant i fashionable suit. Just opposite to ns is MISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, where Hats and Bonnets of the latest styles can always be obtained. Wo respectfully solicit the patronage of oar friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN k M KINSTRY. lip NOTICE. To my Friends CiwtoiuerH and the Public Generally. A ITER mature reflection I have concluded A V that the only way to do business success fully is upon a CASH baris; c .nmsiuenllv 1 will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. I l.u v for Cash and 1 know if I sell for Cadi I will lose nothing, therefore, 1 can and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made, My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., cnn.ivtmg of COFFEE, SCO All. TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., BUTTER, EOCS, BACON, HARD, KISH, SAI.T, TAR. Ac. I I aim keep u full supply of the lu st brsudi of ' FLOUR AND PEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants. Citron, Ar.. and am in constant icceipt of flue fresh OYSTKHB. which 1 sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly increased my stock of Queens wan*. Cedar Ware. Willow Ware, Ac. My facilities enable mo to offer my stock at rale* which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted as represented. Cotas * and see, and be convinced. N. B. —All orders not paid for when given, will !• collected by the driver when the Goods an* delivered, as mv terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOOIhS, feb 1-tf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAR !>!> FELLOWS' HALL, MAIN STKKET, WKSTMINHTKK. THE undersigned, .having just completed his large Provision House, begs leave to inform his patrons and the public generally, that he id is prepared to furnish ail kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Berf ‘ Bacon. Lardy Chip Rttf, Bologna Santage; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keeps Meal perfectly fresh and pure for any length of time desired, so that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle ; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. Will open on Monday next, the 7th day of April, 1878. api P. A. NQEEH. PRODUCE DEPOT, AT 77/A; RAILROAD, WESTMIS- S TER. MARYLAND. THK undemirned, at the old atand of < lehr k Orndorif, i. prepared to purehue FLOUR, WUKA T, RYE, OATS, CORX and COUNTRY PRODUCE of all description*. Alao to receive and for ward PRODUCE AND GOODS of all kinds'. He also keeps constantly on hand a large and full stock of GROCERIES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt, Fish. Ac., together with Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Bakes and Farmers’ and Gardeners' Implement! generally. Also GUANO AND FERTILIZERS of all descriptions; and in fact all articles in a lint class store. With long experience and by strict attention Jo business'l hope to receive a liberal share of the public |>atronage. may 8 ly DENTON OEHR. tO CORN GROWERS. J. J. TURNER & CO.’S Ammoniated Bone Soper-Fliosphate. ANALYSIS Ammonia .. 2.88 Soluble Phosphate of Lime 29.61 Bone Phosphate of Lime 10.67 Composed of the most concentrated materials, it is richer in Ammonia and Soluble Phos phates than any other Fertiliser sold, except our EXCELSIOR, and is made with same care and supervision, uniform quality guaran teed ; fine and dry, in excellent order (of drilling. Packed in bags and barrels. PRICE SOO PER TON. J. J. TURNER k CO., 42 Pratt Street, Baltimore. FOR MALE BY Grimes k Stouffer, Westminster, Md. Zimmerman k Shultz, Sykesviile. Md. W. H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airy, Md. Samuel B. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. McCoraas k Bro., Hood’s Mill. Md. K. A. Talbott, Ellicott city, Md. Biggs k Albaugh. Rocky Uidge, Md. Wm. H. Todd, Utica Mills, Md. Thos. F. Cover, Double Pipe Creek, Md. uiar 22-8 m new goods!! ORB AT BARGAINS, AT THE CASH STORE J. YINGLING & BRO., Successors to J. Yingling k Son, WHO have received from New York and Philadelphia, their usual large stock of Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods, NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, STRAW MATTINOB, RUGS, HATS, Ac., Ac., Ac. We keep constantly on Kami the largest and beat AMortment of Good, in the comity, which wo hoy and aell exclnaivoly for cnah, at the very lowoat rate*. J. TINGLING A BRO. Westminster, Md. may ■

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