Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, June 7, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated June 7, 1873 Page 4
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If he should chance to grnmble *n your .mXrTfootstem still. But will jro a little farther * To aom you know, And charge him with severity, And tell him when you’re done it You will go home with him to lire; But if he will not do it, Be revenged on him you will; Yon will do your beet to rain him, Get all and—get u bill. There is Livingstone and Heaton, To help you they're the men ; And Aaahel Peck eils waiting To wield the ready pen j While Heath will do the grinning, To give dignity to the scene, And then you’re sure of winning As all before have been. Now would it not be better To let such fashions be, And do the very best you can To live in peace and harmony T Let patience be a virtue. lit love yonr bosoms fill, And remember, in His own good time, God will give yon all a bill. And now I say to one and all. Don't follow inch a course. For ’tis a shame and a disgrace To sue for a divorce. There is a better fashion To follow, if yon will; Honor and respect your husbands, And nut sue them fur a bill. ®lur. Essay on Silence. One of the hardest things for a man to do, is to keep still. Everybody wants to be heard first, and this is jnst what fills the world with non- Evecybudy wants to talk, few want to think, and nobody wants to listen. The greatest talkers among the feather ed folks are the magpie and the guinea hen, and neither of them are of much ac count. If a man in not sure he is right the best curd he can play is a blank one. I have known many a man to beat in an argument by just nodding his bead once in a while and simply saying, jn*t to. just It takes a great many blows to drive in a nail, but one will clinch it. Some men talk just as a French pony trots, all day long in a half bushel measure. Silence never makes any blunders, and always gats os much credit as is due it, and ofttimes more. When I see a man listening to me close I always say to myself, “look out. Josh, that fellow is taking your measure.” I have heard men argue a point two hours and a half, and not get any further from where they started than a mule in a bark mill; they did a good deal of going round and round. I hare set on juries and had lawyen talk the law, facts and evidence of the case all out of me, besides starting the tape on my boots. I have been to church hungry for some gospel and come home so full of it that I couldn’t draw a long breath without start inga button. Brevity and silence are the two great cards, and next to saving nothing, saying a little is the strength of the game. One thing is certain, it is only the great thinkers who can afford to be brief, and there have been but few volumes yet pub lished which could not be cut down two thirds, and many of them could be cut clean back to the title page withou hurt ing them. ■ It is hard to find a man of good sense who can look back upon any occasion and wish he had said some more, but it is easy to find many who wish they had said | leas. A thing said is hard to recall, but unsaid it can be spoken any time. Brevity is the child of silence, hnd is a great credit to the old man. Cheer Him. "* A fireman waa once striving to save a person in danger of perishing in a burn ing house, but the flames leaped out of the windows and bent him back. “He'll nev er do it!” cried one “He'll have to come down 1 “Cheer him!" shouted another, and in a moment three stirring hurrahs went np from the crowd. It nerved the man's srni and strengthened his spirit. It quickened his movements, and in an other minute he bore the child down in safety to its mother's arms. What a power ia in that cheering! So it often is with those who are ready to give out by the way. They would have per ished hut for some stirring word of cheer. Uod pot it in the heart of some one to speak to them. Have you ever cheered a desponding heart thus? Or lave you let the opportunity slip by with the feel ing: “Am Imy brother's keeper?” We are all, in a sense, our brother’s keeper. Is there a poor, down-hearted man in your community whom sickness and misfortune have reduced ? Don’t give him the cold shoulder, os is the world's custom when a person is unfortunate. Cheer him. and sec if it will not infuse new life into his heart. Ho more: lend a helping hand. What weald you have done that day Tur wheel got stock in a rut, if a neigh bor bad not happened along who could tend yon a helping hand for five minutes ? It was very little for him to do, but it was worth a great den! to yon. A little after yon were rolling along prosperously, as if nothing hail happened. Jnst so a little cheer and a little help often pnt a neigh nor no the mod again. Surely it were worse than elrariish to refuse to give what e such a litUe effort, yet it U worth T* attended the State Fair at Rochester, Now York, and among other*, EUwangcr & Ban; exhibited a largo variety of fruit. I waa ao pleaded with the Pluius, that I selected from their collection one doieu tree*, one of each variety. The tree* were planted and seemed to be thrift; growers; but up to the fitll of 1872 I had not taken one bushel of fruit from the dosen trees. %as&s&AsaL i & sweet water, or corn cobs soaked in sweet water, in the trees it would prevent the insects from destroying the fruit. I or dered my colored man to coh and can all of the plum trees, and he did it well, as ever; tree had several cobs as well as cans. The result was, ever; tree was load ed with plums—from one to two bushels upon each tree. I had no faith at the time in such a simple remedy, and made this trial merely from curiosity. Above you have results, or in other words, every one of the twelve trees were loaded down with nice, ripe plums. Bucks. There are no kinds of domestic poultry more easily kept than ducks. Their appe tite is such that almost anything which is naturally thrown to the pigs is acceptable, and on this account many object to them, saying “they eat too much." It is no doubt true that more food is required to rear young ducks than chicks, but this is overbalanced by their quick maturity, after which no more food is required for docks than hens. Disease seldom finds its way into the duck yard, unless caused by Sducklimts too much hard or un food. Keep the young ducks from water, save enough to drink, until about two weeks old, then let them have full range. Ducks can be successfully bred in dry yards, with only a pan of water; but no farmer having a pond or stream of water convenient for ducks should do without them, for in such cases very little food is required save what can bo found by them in and around such places. At early dawn they may be seen very active in “snatching up" the worms that find their way to the surface of the ground in pastures, thereby benefiting rather than injuring the soil.— Farmer ami Artisan. Cost or Fencing.—According to the Report of the Deportment of Agriculture, it appears that for each dollar invested in stock one is invested in fence to keep that stock within bounds, and that the amount expended in fence exceeds the national debt, and that one hundred million dollars are annually expended in their repairs. Wc cannot vouch for the correctness of the items, but take them from the report. Many of our farmers keep np more fenc ing than is needed for the land enclosed. Of all practicable forms that of a square will enclose the greatest area of land with the least- fence, and ns we increase the length and decrease the breadth, wc in crease the proportion of fence to the area enclosed. If strict economy cannot be observed, we should come as near it as possible. Farmers Comforts.—The Artisan ' says:—We haxard the assertion that no class of equal average means live so well as American farmers. One of these pos sessing a farm and buildings, worth, say, ten thousand dollars, will gather about him and enjoy more real comfort than could be obtained from the income of a hundred thousand dollars in New York He may live in a more commodious dwelling than a metropolitan citixcn having ten thousand dollars annual income. He may havo his carriage and horses. His table may be supplied with everything fresh in its sea son. His labor is less wearing than the toil of counting rooms and offices, and he has more leisure, more health, more con tentment. What Anne Ari ndel is Doing.— We learn trom the Annapolis Ornette that a farmer on the north of the Severn, in that county, has planted this season. 175,- 000 hills of watermelons and 100,000 hills of cantaloupes, on which he has used 18,- 000 worth of stable manure. With the most unfavorable season, short of total destruction, he must raise a million of melons and about the same amount of cantaloupes. The Gazette adds: As our melons are famous for thcirexcellenccand always command a good price, our enter prising fanner may reasonably calculate on harvesting a heavy crop of greenbacks, and, at the same time, set an example to his neighbors that must stimulate them to greater exertion in future years. The CfEcuno.—Roger H. Kirk of Pleasant Grove, Lancaster county, one of our most observant farmers, who has tried the experiment, says that the present time, while the plum trees are in blossom, is the proper season to apply fish oil to kill cur culio, the great enemy of the plum About a pint poured around the roots of each tree is sufficient. Mr. Kirk, by this prac tice has succeeded in raising abundant crops of this fine fruit. Let all who have plum trees try this experiment at once.— Or/ord Freer. To Pack Grapes.-—A California grape grower, it is said, keeps his grapes any desirable length of time by packing theni. when perfectly free from external moisture, in dry saw-dust, and then burying them in the ground, under a shed. He uses nail casks for packing, because they are easily and cheaply procured, but any cask or box would serve the same purpose. The saw-dust must be perfectly dried, either in the sun or in ao oven, and the place where the packages are buried must be secured against the possibility of any water setting around them. Longevity or First (,'ai.ves.—A farmer writes us that he has heard “that the first calf of a heifer seldom lives to be more than three or four years old. Is this so? I would like very ranch to know. I have had one or two die that were about that age. They were calves of young heifers." In reply, we may say that we have had first calves reach the age of twenty years, and know both bulls and cows, now, that were first calves, that are ten to fifteen years of age. Farmers in the vicinity of Smyrna, Del,, claim that the peach crop is nearly or quite ruined by the frosts of the past’ two weeks. Some growers say that the yield will be as large as they wish, while others say that they will have no crop at all. The injury varies in different localities. The largest wheat grower in the West always sells his crop as soon after it is thrashed as possible, and he says that this is the best plan for fanners one year with another. As to prices he thinks they will i be higher than they were last year. An lowa farmer, Mr. George Wells, of Grnudy county, raised, last year, Ml,ooo bushels of wheal; 65,000 bushels of corn; | and 12.000 of hurley. At Topeka, Kansas, com is worth twen- A. H. HUBER, No. . CARROLL H ALL, DEALER IS Foreign and Domestic Drugs, rAT&sr HKniaxKS, PERFUMERY, Sc C KEEPS constantly on hand a complete stock of the purest DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, besides the most popular PATENT MEDICINES IS THK MARKET. Parlies will find, on examination, a varied assortment of 'fancy articles AND PERFUMERY. j Especial attention paid to Physicians’ I Orders and Prescriptions, j april 22-ly TAXES FOR 1878, ARE heavy enough without paying high prices for everything you buy. Appre ciating this fact the undersigned is determined to prove that the “Cos* System" will justify “Quick Salts" and “Small Profits Ladies', Misses’ and Children’s Shoes. Men’s and Boy’s Boots, Shoes and Hats. Reduced 10 per cent, to suit hard times. China, Glass, Queens ware and Housekeeping Goods of every kind, the largest and best i stock in the city of Westminster. ; i Woodenware, Willowware, Tinware, Slone | ware, Fine Japanned Ware,Knives,Forks, ; Spoons, Clocks, Looking Glasses. Table Oil Cloths, Linen and Paper Window Shades and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Syrups, Teas, Roosted and Green , [ Coffees, sugars. Spices, Extracts, Es sences. Soaps, and everything in the Grocery Line. 1 1 Fine Silver Plated Ware, such os Castors. | j Cake Baskets, Card Receivers, Butter I ! Dishes, Napkin Rings, Butter i i Knives, Forks, Spoons. Ac., i guaranteed Triple Plated and at Baltimore prices. Especial attention is called to mv Sohe ! 1 Department, as I intend to sell everything in ; • j this line at prices that will defy competition. } So trouble to show goods and give prices , i whether you wish to purchase or not. An ! ; examination of mv stock is solicited. “j mar 27-tf W. 0. LIGGET. I | niANX K. lICBR. SAMUEL k. IIKRR. F.K.HERR&BRO., 1 USl’McmtM Of 1 Coaches, Carrijtjjfs, Biicplcs, .lag. i ger Wagons, Pha-tons, ALSO HOUSE SHOKItS i And Blacksmiths in General. 1 Special attention given to Repairing. All I i orders promptly filled and work of every ! [ kind warranted. Factory opposite Montour House, Main street, Westminster. Md. se 14-ly Westminster Hotel, CORNER Main and Court Streets, Westminster, Car- ! roll county, Md. The under signed having leased this wel 1 i | known Hotel, and the same having been thoroughly repaired with many improvements and refitted generally, takes this method of informing the citizens of Carroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that no effort on his part shall be wanting to make them that favor him with a call as comfortable as possible. The table shall be as good as this market affords. The bar stocked with pure and unadulterated Liquors; waiters at- | tentive and polite, and charges moderate. A I call is respectfully solicited. Good and reliable Ostlers a specialty. • mar 10-tf F. I. WHEELER, i HUGH DOYLE . TT AS just received from Baltimore the host I I JjL and finest selected Stock of Indies’, I ’ j Gentlemen's, Misses' and Children’s BOOTS AND SHOES | ever offered in this market. Also a large sup- j I ply of Overshoes. All of the nbove Stock j : will be sold at reasonable prices for cash, and ! I satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted ' I or repaired tree of charge. Also a lot of Boots and Shoes of my own , manufacture, of the best material, at RE- i DUCED PRICES. Remember the place, Main street, near the Catholic Church. MENS; WARE. “ SPRING STYLES FOR 1873. WE have iuat received from England, by our own importation, a j ’ j line of newest patterns of i Cloths, Cassimers and Vestings, : j consisting of 3S different stylo,, to which we i j call the attention of buyers of Fine Goods, as j . | we will sell them much lower than retailers ! I in the City. j mar 29 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle . COWS, HEIFERS. i ! AIJO i HEIFER AND BULL CALVES, , i SOOTH DOWN SHEEP, BERKSHIRE PKiS. r j For sale at Clover Hill Stock Farm, Finks- I burg, Carroll county, Md. feba-lf LEWIS H. COLE. Butchering Notice. 1 ; undersigned desires to state that he I i -A. still continues to butcher all kinds of' i Stock at bis Establishment in Westminster,' 1 and will continue so to do, hut that on and i after January Ist, 1873. will sell Meats for i 1 the CASH ONLY. JACOB M. MORELOCK. ’ Westminster, Jan. Ist, 1878, 1yr ft MA\SIO\ HOISE HOTEL, I Xurtknut corner Fayelle ami SI. Font Slj., opposite *r.xi's cirr um, BALTIMORE. Isaac Alborston, Proprietor. JUsC This is onp of the most pleasant and eentral location, in the city. Tkrms IJiO per dap. 1 m,> '"J/ NOTICE. npBE underpinned hereby fives notice that JL he has been appointed General Agent of the Carrol) County Fire Insurance Company. All persons desiring to insure property (either real or personal) in this Company, will please address the Agent at Westminster, Md. All . communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBACOH, ang 20-tf Agent. MONTOUR HOUSE THE undersigned, lately from Hanover, c Pennsylvania, respectfully informs the Bfijblic that he has opened the “Montour Honan” iii this city, and respectfully solicits ! a share of patronage. ( f. H. IN NELL. Westminster, dec. 9, 1871-ly rpo get nice Printing go to the Advocate j ( .1 flmce. i ' ' ORDER OF PUBLICATION. NO. 1880 EQUITY. j In the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Man* Isabella Sauble n. Edward 8. Sauble. Mat Tkkm, 1878. ; THE object of this suit i to procure a divorce a rtnealo matrimonii on the part ! 1 of the complainant from the defendant, and ! the care and custody of their child. The bill states that the complainant Mary | Isabella Sauble, and the defendant Ed ward S, Sauble, were married by the Reverend Reuben Waiser a Minister of the Lutheran Church at Manchester, Carroll county, Mary land, on the (Uh day of March, A. D. 18(H); that the complainant's maiden name was Mary Isabella Gardner, that in the month of July, A. D. 1870, a female child was bom whose name is Ella M—that said child is now and has lieen since her birth supported by the complainant, that during said marriage the j defendant has not contributed to the support ! of the complainant, or their said child, that j her said husband abandoned her in the month of February. A. D. 1870, and that said aban j donraent has continued uninterruptedly for i more than three Tears, and is deliberate and final, and beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation, that the defendant the said Edward S. Sauble doth not reside within the limits of the State of Maryland, and is beyond the jurisdiction of this Court, and when last informed he resided in the Slate of Kansas. The complainant then prays that she may be divorced a vinculo matrimonii from the de fendant, and that she may Ik? awarded the care and custody of their said child, and for general relief, and also prays for an order of publication against the non resident defen dant. j It is thereupon this 15th day of May, A. D. i 1878, adjudged and ordered that the complain ant bv causing a copy of this order to be in serted in some newspaper published in Car roll county, Maryland, once a week for tour successive weeks before the 21st day of June. A. D. 1873, give notice to the said absent de fendant of the object and substance of this bill, and warn him to appear in this Court in person or by solicitor, on or liefore the 28d day of September, A. I). 1878, to answer the premises and show cause, if any he has. why I u decree ought not to pass as proved. JNO. B. BOYLE, Clerk. True copy,—Test: may 17-5 t Jso. B. Boyle, Clerk. i WESTERN MD. COLLEGE - roa STUDENTS OF BOTH SEXES, IN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. Incorporated by Act of General Assembly, j March, 1868. THIS Institution is eligibly located in the healthful and flourishing City of West minster, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore and Hagers town. It is under the special patronage of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Metho dist Protestant Church, but is strictly free from any sectarianism, either in its course ot study or rules of discipline. Male and female students recite in separate classes, but all have the advantage of instruc tion from every Professor having charge of the studies pursued. The Vice-Principal, (Rev. Dr. Nichols.) the Preceptress, (Miss Hancc,) and several other members of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight of the Boarding Students. Tub Cofmb of Study is thorough, under a ) full and competent corps of Instructors. The Tenth Semi-Annual Session, will begin \ on MONDAY, February Bd, and end on i THURSDAY, June 19th, 1878. EXPENSES OF SESSION ; Board, Lodging, Washing, Fuel and Light $90.00 Tuition in- Preparatory Department 17.50 Tuition in Collegiate Department... 80.00 Matriculation fee (payable on enter ing the Collegiate Department) 5.00 Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments) 25.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colors) 10.00 I No extra charges for any study in the Keg- j filar Course. PAYMENTS ; One-half at the beginning of the Session;! the other, April 14th, 1878. Books ana stationery purchased of the Col lege must be paid for on delivery. For Catalogue and Circular containing full ■ information, address J. T. WARD, Principal, dec2l-tf Westminster, Md. , K. O. GRIMES. E. S. STOUFFEK. GRIMES & STOUFFEB, (Successors to E. O. Grimes,) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Westminster, Md., ARE paying the highest prices in the market for ! Flour , Wheat, Com, Oats , Rye ana | Grain of aU kinds. j Also, keep constantly on hand a large supply | j of Liquors, Groceries, Flour, Feed, Bacon, j I ... Salt, ! Fish, Farmer's Utensils, Ac.. Ac., ; all of which they are selling wholesale and 1 ! retail at very low figures. They have on hand I I a large stock of the following Guanos, and j | are selling at manufacturers prices: | Pacific, Whit clock’s, Moro Phillip’s, j Baugh’s Raw-Bone. ; Hour ot Bone. Coes Bradley's, Berger & But*, Turner's Excelsior, i , Sen Fowl, j Woolston's Md. Powder of Bone, Ac., Ac! - I _ Also, 1 Oil Vitriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia and pure | Bone for making Fertilizers. I The public generally will do well to give 1 i them a call before purchasing, ns they intend ! J to sell low. j N. B.—Agents for the best Blasting Pow- 1 I der in the market, and the great Zingari Bit- I I ter - npril 27-ly. 1873. 1873. GRAND RUSH FOII MILLER’S! Wholesale and Retail Dealer WESTMINSTER, MD. I am now securing in j large mock of Spring j and Summer DRESS GOODS, i BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, CLOTHS AND CASSIMERS, WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS, I Ac., Ac.. Ac., Ac, i My Domestic Department ia always com | pletc and of the best brands the market af ; fords. I call particular attention of buyers 1 i from a distance to whom, lam confident,'my ! I "bwk and prices can t fail to give satisfaction. ! I I-lease Remember our Motto is "QUICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS.” i ! may 10-Jy WHITE DRESS GOODS. WE have just opened, from Philadelphia, j a Urge Assortment of White Dram | I Sp" A 1 * : riain and Plaid Nainsooks, ! I Ip ictona Lawns, Jaconets, French Muslins, Piquas,, Ac. also Edgings, Inserting,. Wes, Ac. h. L. Norris a pa may 8. COAL TAK FOR MALE. Apply to JOHN L. REIFSXIDEU, President Westminster oa* Light Co. mar l-tf Everything New. WS recently purchased a new assortment , i of Job Type Cor use during the pres- j < ent season. inn 4 1 AROAND A German Student lamps, ; i Glass and Marble Stand do., Porcelain, j t Glass and Paper Shades, improved Rumen : i and beat Chimneys, at I i JwW W.O. LIGGETT*. L3END your Orders for Printing for the ry Spring Trade to the Anrnrtr* Ofiine. ' — r j . TATUIU, A. 11. SClUSmi*. tt. V. IHIHOSIiV. President. Sec. A Treas. Supl. THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER. MD. directors; , David Fowhlc, 11. Hiu, Edward Lynch. A. I). Sahaeffer, J. E. Taylor. MANUFACTURERS OF Patent Hoisting Engines of all tdxe*, CIRCULAR SAW HILLS,

Mill Machinery, Boiler Maker's Punching Machines, PATENT TIRE BENDERS. Cpoiiw’h Put. Force Pump, STO VKS, (’AST IRON DOOR SILLS. HHPAHATORK. From 2 to 12 Horse; Westminster Triple-Geared Horse Powers, | From 1 to 12 Horae, Mounted on 2 or 4 I Wheel*, or Down, SELF-SHARPENING GRIST MILLS, 1 WHEEL HORSE RAKES. Taylor* 9 Patent Hay Tedder, PLOWS OF ALL SIZES, HOMINY MILLS, ScC. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, Including the Repairing or Rebuilding of' Railroad Locomotive Engines of any ki. 1. I DEAI.KKft IN Stationary , Haiable and Agricultural En gines, Reaptrs, Mowers, dr. We are paving the HIGHEST PRICES for White Oak, Hickory, Walnut am) Anh Timber, in the Log delivered at Mill, or on the Lot, uh parties prefer. Peraons having any of the above will call or communicate with* us by letter. We pay from 1 to lj cents per jam ml for old Castings according to quality, ap 19- ly ; H. HAINES. r. R. UJUNKS. | HAINES & BRO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS! BEG leave to call attention to the large 1 stock of Groceries, Liquors, Ac., which | they keep constantly on hand, at their store a few doors east of Railroad Depot. Our facilities are such as to enable us to offer great inducements in point of prices, as we purchase strictly for Cash and sell at short profits. We have on hand and are constantly re ceiving full kupplies of CHOICE FAMILY FLOUR, FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, QUEENSWARE, STONEWARE. GLASSWARE, WILLOWWARE, WOODENWARE, HARDWARE, FISH, BACON, LAUD, SALT, TAR. e have also a large quantity of Briggs A Bro’s. choice Fresh Garden and Flower Seeds, i which_are not surpassed by those of any other i Seedsmen in the country’. 1 Also Dealers in Country Produce general ly. Very respectfully, may 24-tf HAINES A BRO. 11. L. NORRIS. J. t. WAMPLER. GREAT BARGAINS i IN Foreign anfl Domestic Dry Ms!! H. L. NORRIS & CO. HAVING just opened the largest nnd beet stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS i i ever offered in this market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give satisfaction when compared with any others, np 19 H. L. NORRIS & CO. Central Drug Store, OPPOSITE CATHOLK* CHURCH, Main Street, Westminster, Md., DR. E. D. WELLS & BRO., PROPRIETORS. DU. W ELLS, having had net-oral vt-ars ntpvrif-uct in the practice of Medicine. I feels confident that he can meet the wants of I the community for MEDI CINE AND MEDICAL // i i PHEPA RATIONS. The Prescription Department, be ing under the ospeciul charge WJ of Dr. Wells, wifi receive his , careful attention. A full as ! sortraent of Toilet Articles, I Perfumery, Washes. Powders. Dyes, Tooth I I and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat j out Medicines. Je 22-ly ; HOME SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE!! PRICE ONLY ©37.00. j Simplest, Cheapest Lock StiUrh Sew- j | A. mg Machine in Market. Also The American Sewing Machine, very simple, almost noiseless, runs very light and look the premium in competition with a 1 large variety of Machines at our lost State ! j Fair. The feed and all its parts are very ; S. ttH, ! y *; e K u,aU * d - Cord, Herastich, Braid, I 1 fuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price SOO.OO. ! F. R. BUELL, Agent, Ottice next door to “Montour House.” j ap 26-tf |AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, WESTMINSTER, MD. THE High bred Young Trotting Stallion Hermit is a dark brown without I any white, fifteen hands three in< L j high; by Engineer, he by Revenue.{ out of Andrewetta by Andrew. Hermit's I dam was a high-bred Mambrino marc from I Kentucky. He will serve a limited number I of mares at $25 to insure. Particular attention riven to the Train -1 * n Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts. I ror further particulars address MARTIN QUINN, l oir Grounds, Westminster. Md. | ! ap 2T.-8m XOTK'K. I HA V E this day adopted a new rule in my i business. 1 will give strict personal at- I j tention to all work in my line intrusted to my care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all my i work. I have a very full stock and assort ! ment of WALL PAPER, •nl very low cash prices; also OIL CLOTH j ! and LINEN WINDOW SHADES and FIX I TURKS, all low for cash. WILLIAM COON, Westminster, January 11, 1878-ly liiNolveiit** Notice. Josish Hatfield vs. His Creditors. ORDERED this Bth day of May, 1873, that Jiisiah Hatfield give notice to his credi- I tors, endorsers and sureties that the 2d Mon i day of August next is fixed for the said Josinh Hatfield to apf*eur in the Circuit Court j for Carroll county to answer such interrogato ries os his creditors, endorser* and sureties < may propose or allege against him ; and that ' o copy of this order be published in some newspaper printed in Carroll county, once a week for three successive mouths prior to the - said 2d Monday of August next, as such notice. Tt: JNO. B. BOYLE, f may 10-te Clerk. I LUMBER! LUMBER!! I HAVE just returned from the Lumber Regions—-and am now receiving the lar gest selection of LUMBER ever offered at I tnis place, at Reduced frices, consisting of 1 Yellow Pine, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND SCANTLING j of all length* and sixes, 4-4, 5-4, (1-4 and 8-4 1 White l*ine Boards and Plank, Yellow and White Pine Flooring, Dressed and Undressed Weatherboarding, White Pine Cypress and Chestnut Shingles, Walnut and Asti Hoards and Plank, Plain and Headed Picketts, Shin gle and Plastering Laths, a prime lot of Chest nut Rails and Posts. Also all the different KINDS OF COAL , Thinking sales with small profits bet ter than small sales with large profits. I have i concluded to adopt the former as my guide, I nnd hope I shall ne enabled to carry it out by i persons in want of anything in my line giving ; me a call before purchasing elsewhere. EDWARD LYNCH, Near Depot, Westminster, Md. | feb 20-lf Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. * riIHE undersigned, j -I- bought out J. J. Leister' , interest in the well known I tublishmeut of Messrs. Shorb A Leister, Main I street, Westminster, West of the Railroad, j will continue to keep on hand a full and com plete assortment of all kinds nnd styles of FURNITURE, and a full assortment of Cam* and Wood Seat Chairs, Hair and Husk Mat - trasses. Looking Grass Plates. Ac., which I will lie sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Seat Chairs re-seated and Furniture repaired. UNDERTAKING. Walnut and Metallic Coffins and Casket** on hand. Funerals attended at all times, at short notice. Also on hand Newel Posts, Balusters and Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked to order, of all kinds of Lumber, and different styles Brackets worked to order. All kinds of Architectural Drawings fur nished at short notice and at low figures. . feb 24-tf J. J. SHORB A SON. E. K. GERNAND, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, j NOTIONS, QUEENSWARF,, HARDWARE, HATS BOOTS & SHOES, Cedarware, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, AVEUILL CHEMICAL PAINT. Drugs, first-class Groceries, Ac., Ac. Corner Main and Court Streets, may 18 Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND M ITT UAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. No. 17 Sovtii Struct, H.utiuoiii:. This Company intmn'n, on the mutual plan, Building* and I‘rsnnal Property again*! Lon* or Damage hj Fin-, in all part* of thr- Slat,-. Thf entirr protit rtlurnnl to thr /Wi.-y holder). B, 0. UAUKIS, President. Boann m- Direi-torr : Iruncla Neale, of Neale, Harris A Co. S. H. Caughy. of Noah Walker A Co. *'• McCulhr, of Pomerail A MeCully. Philip T. George, of George A Jenkins. B. O. Harris, late of Neale, Harris A Co. I Hon. George Brent, Court of Appeal*. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. I George Combs. Ht. Mary's county. dec2B-1y TO ERR IS HUMAN. 81. T failing to call before purchasing else where and examining the Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, at IRA E. CROUSE'S, is - a disregard of your own inter- t est that is wholly inexcusable. Having had a long experience in thenPm business, he now flatters himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase | any nrticle in his line, a stock not excelled in I variety and quality by any other establishment in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed those of Baltimore citv, or any other place in the State. tfaP Don’t mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main street nearly opposite the new Catholic Church. Westminster, may 21 JOHN H. BOWERS KEEPS constantly on hand and for sale, at his Store, “CENTRAL HALL.’* I nearly opposite the new Catholic Church a , full assortment of BUILDERS' HARDWARE, i Hardware Generally, Oils and Paints, Leather of all kinds, Groceries, Provisions. W illow and Cedarware. ; All the above goods will be sold at low rate | J™, W,, J delivered free of charge t the ' RAdrood Depot, or any other point th town of \\ estminster. JOHN H. BOWERS, nearly opposite the Catholic Church, mar 18 BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! THE undersigned is prepared to furnish Indies , Men s nnd Children’s HOOTS AMD SHOES at the shortest notice, of the l>est material and at reduced prices. All work guaranteed JOHN BERNSTEIN, | Opposite the office of Croat A Reiftnider. j Westminster, Md. n j Littlestmra LiTurj Slable Eilatpt ' Sm. St, ...* ,W („ Kith Increased FariUtin. WE will he pleased to accommodate the ptihljo Horses bought, sold and *■ j cnanged. Dully Passenger and Mail Line . I rout H estminster to Gettysburg. For Sants' ' •< W'y Central Hotel. Westminster, or j Harris House, Gettysburg. JOHN SPALDING, | nnv 30 ; ,f Agent. JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr i Yf ALV Streep opposite Court, Westmin -A.TK. ster, Md., General Wholesale Agent for ! the sale of Whiakiee, Brandies, Wines, Segars, PBItWiAN OVA MO, j j Oround Bones, Bii|x>r Phosphateu, AXU ALL STANDARD FERTILIZERS. mar 15-Gm Look Here! CIARDS- Circnlurs, Programmes, Shipping / fi*ll Heads, in Tact everything re quired m the Printing line can be obtained at the Advoc ate Office. j Mn BUILDING and Cabinet Hardware, large slock, at lowest city prices, at feb 1 K. K. GKkNAVD’B. TRY the SITEAB, at W, O. LIGOKT'S. | HOFFMAN & McKINSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, HAVE Just returned from Philadelphia with the largest and best kelected stock of Goods ever offered in New n indsor, con sisting of h general assortment of the new shades and style* of Dry Goods and Notions, Alsu HARDWARE. QUEEXBWABE, BOOTS AND SHOES. We have made it a specialty to select Fine Cloths and Fancy Oassimers, for Men's and Boys' Wear, whicli cannot 1 xurpassed in the county VAH PETS AND MATTINGS. AT ALL FRICKS. We Khali sell only for CASH, our profits will he small and we will try to give full salt* faction in every respect. A. THOMPSON, whose reputation as a Tailor places him at the head of his profession, still continues TAIL ORING over our Store Room. A good fit has long since ceased to be a question of douht. Go to A. Thompson if you want n fashionable suit. Just opposite to us is MISS SUE CLAY'S MILLINERY STORE, where Hats and Bonnets of the latest styles can always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN A McKINSTRY. ap 20-tt A’OTKK. To my Friends, Ciintonier* and tin* Public Generally. 4 FTER mature reflection I have concluded X V that the only way to do business success fully is upon a CASH* basis ; consequently I will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. 1 buy for Cash and I know if I sell for Cash J I will lose nothing, therefore, 1 can and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. My Slock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac..'ing of COFFEE, SCO A It. TEA, SYRUPS, Ac., BUTTER. EGOS, BACON, LAUD, FISH, SALT, TAB, Ac. I nlro Jiecp a full rupply of the best brand, of | FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants. Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which 1 sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have greatly increased my stock of (Jneens ware, Ced%r Ware, Willow Ware, Ac. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at rates which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted ns represented. Come and see, and be convinced. N. B. —All orders not paid for when given, will be collected by the driver when the Goods are delivered, as my terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb 1 -tf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NEAR ODD FELLOWS’ HALL. MAIN STREET, WESTMINSTER. TIME undersigned, having just completed -4. his large Provision I louse, begs leave to inform his patrons WjfMSJR# and the public generally, that he is prepared to furnish all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keep* constantly on hand Corned Her/, Bacon , Lard , Chip Beef\ Bologna Sausage; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it a special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keens Meat perfectly fresh and pure for any length of time desired, ho that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle; he will therefore sell strictly and only for cash. With thanks for! the kind patronage heretofore extended he | rcsj.ertfully solicits a continuance of the same. I " ill open on Monday next, the 7th day of April, 1871. ap , r -3m* P. A. NORRIS. PRODUCE DEPOTT A 7 THE RAILROAD , WESTMIN STER, MARYLAND. Fpil E undi-ndgned, t the old .lend of Cebr A Orndorff, is prepared to purchase FLOUR , WHEA T. RYE. OA 7’. S', CORN und COUNTRY PRODUCE of nil descriptions. Also to receive and fur ward PRODUCE AND GOODS of nil kinds. lie algo keeps constantly on hand a large and fall stock of groceries, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt, Fish. Ac logcther With Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Hakes “ueSr"Al.r i O’" 1 '—' '-U~j GUANO AND FERTILIZERS nf all descriptions; and in fact all articles in a first class store. With long experience and by strict attention n business 1 hope to receive a liberal share o' 'he public patronage, may -Iy DENTON OEUK. 1 TO CORNJ3ROWERB. J. J. TURNER & CO.’S Aiffloniated Bone Saper-Pliosplale, analysis Ammonia o go Soluble Phosphate of Ume'.'.'.'.'.V.'.'l29.Bl Bone Phosphate of Lime 10 07 k!?S* " f lh A < ‘ mofl * concentrated materials, 1 IS richer ", Ammonia and Soluble Phos our BAOKLSIOII, and is made with same " l, l r ™!“n, uniform quality guaran in excellent oriler for 1 rilling. Packed m hags and barrels. S6O PER TON. ■L J. TURNER A CO., 42 JW Street, Bnltimore. run sale nr Grimes A Stauffer, Westminster, Md Zimmerman A Shnlu. Sytanvilli, Md. u Ml. Airy, Md, Samuel E. Grove, Ridgeville, Md. 0 0 *."",', Br -. Hood's Mill. Md. A - 'ejhott, fclhcolt city, Md. All ’! l “t! 1 ‘i Hooky Ridge, Md. Mm. H. lodd, Utica Mills, fld. lar'22 im° Ver ’ D '’ U ' ,lr *** Cre * k - Md - j NEW (ioons !: great bargains, I the cash store or J. YINGLING & BRO., Succesaors to J. Yingling A Son, WphillXUTir l fmm , V ' W York nd V T Philadelphia, their usual large stock of Foreign Dry Goods, NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS. STRAW MATTINGS, HU OS MATS, Ac.. Ac., Ac. We keep constantly 01. hand the largest aad best assortment of Gooda in the eonnly, which we buy and sell exrlnsivety for cash, at the very lowest rales. J. YINGLING A BHO Westminster, Md. j J. MORTIMER HURLEY I*KOF. OF MUtM;, ’ I S giving inslnirlion on the /V,,.,, . Tiolii (.'ni/or, VlariHd, iuu ami Tkumigk ll,iu, at umt* T i.T sm?!!j HATES. KW #8 eta nan, oa 180 i aa avaauatw PIANO TUNING $2.80. Also agent for Wh. Kuii: A Co’b. CELEBRATED PIANOS andHKPMi K. P. Nkkuhsm A Son's Unrival. V • 9 Tf led ORGAN'S. Particular attention paid m the selection of Instruments. Fur particulars inquire at A. 11. Huber’ Drug Store, or Wheeler's Hotel. f e h 33 * DENTAL NOTICE. DU. GEO. B.FOOKK, Dentist, offer, hi. services at his Office. Westminster—evnry Monday, Tuesday ami Saturday. Enimittsburg--Fourth Wednesday After noon till Thursday Afternoon. Mechnnicst own—Fourth Thursday After noon and Friday. Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon Double Pipe (’reek—First Thursday. Middlehurg—First Friday. Uniontowu—Second Wednesday Afternoon Taneytown-Second Thursday Afternoon and Friday. Union Bridge-Third Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday Forenoon. New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. • frq, GROUT & REIPSNIDER, ATTORNEYS ATLA\V AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY; WF.MTMI NSTKH, Ml). YITK have formed a copartnership i„ th# ▼ v practice of in the Uonrts of Car roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our cart. Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications Filed for Back Pay and I Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers, j Office adjoining the residence of Cham. T. j RnmviDKE. no 80-tf ’ U. B. NORMENT, A TTORNE I'-.l T LA IF, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west uf Court, Westminster, respectfully informs the citizens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all hnsi* ness intnisted to him. both before the Courts of this State and the Department* of the General Government at Washington, I). C. i Practices in the Courts of Bank renter, jan 4, IH7B. WM. M. MERRICK. 4. 4. BAIMOAftTSH. Merrick & Baumgartner, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY. HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll county. Their Office is nt the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will he in Westminster during the Terra of the Courts, and at such other times as business may require; he may also he con sulted at his Office. No. 17 St* Paul street, Baltimore Maryland. nov 2H-tf ABNER NEAL, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND A TTORNEY-X T-LA IV. Office at the Court House. HE will attend especially to obtaining De crees for the settlenient of estates oi deceased persons. Ac. Deeds, Wills and all Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge, moderate. dec 6-t? JOHN- K. SMITH. WM. A. M KKIJ.If. SMITH & McKELLIP, ATTORNEYS-A TLA H’ AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY, HA VINO formed a partnership in the prac* tice of law, will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few doors cost of Court street. dec r,-ly A. K. HYKSTKH. JAH. A. C*. BOND. SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac tice of I .aw in Carroll county and the several Courts of this State, j Mr. Byesler will visit Westminster when . business requires it. | Office corner Main and Court streets. a,.T, WM. P. MACMET. C. B. ROHEKT.v MAULSBY & ROBERTS, A TTORNEYS-A TLA IK AND SO LI Cl TORS IN CHANCERY Wkhtmixstke, Md, todf* Office directly opposite the Court House. I ISAAC K. PEARSON, SH. ISAAC K. PKARSON, JR I. E. PEARSON A SOM .( TTORNE YS-A T-LA W \\TIL.L promptly and carefully attend to alt |. " Y bind of basinass in any of the Court* m this State. Office opposite Westminster Hotel, Mum street, Westminster. Md. dec 12-ly DANIEL G. WRIGHT, A TTORNEY-A T LA W. toff* Office .17 Lexington street, Baltimore, M ' nov 18, 1869 DR W. K. FRINOER HAS removed his Office to the house op posite the residence of Dr. J. W. Hering, ( Street, Westminster. tt p f,-tf. DR J. H. BILLINOSLEA J vngmcil in the pntclict of Jpff- Office two joor* eut of the nsidcnrv j John L. Reds ruder, Esq. aug 19-tf JOSEPHUS H. HOPPE, \ GENT of the F.rmere' Mutual Fire lo urucc (.’umpHiiy of Dug Hill, Cerroll I county, Md. Wri’ortofficc, Stuncr.villc. m.r 23- ly JOHN T. DIFFENBAUOH, AUCTIONEER, WESTMINSTER, Md., .ill give en*cil T T attention to tbv Mir of Prrwnaf Pro [Wrtv ami Heal Eatate. Engagemcnu may be made at tbia office, feh 9-tf mutual FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, WESTMINSTER, HP. J. ". lIEUING, President. RICHARD MANNING, Secretary and Trenaurer. JOHN T. DIFFKNBAUOH, Genend Agent, WcKtminater, Md. J. Oliver Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car i roll county, Md. j n 11-if WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINBTEH, MD., Dealer in watches, ~. ,-^jk Clocks and Jewelry, keeps constantly on hand and SSBllflHt. for sale at lowest prices, Gold and Silver American and Swiss Watebos. Solid Silver Ware, Silver Platou W r aro for Wedding Pres ents, Rogers’ Albata F’crks, Spoons, Ac., ice Pitchers, Casters. Cake Dishes, Ac., Ac. N. 8.-—Agent for Spencer's Diamond Spec tacles, Imst glass now in use. may 11 Well Stocked. TilK largest, best and most CaahiunahW Type, suitable for the most delicate Chrtt or the largi st Poster, can bo found at Ac Ad vocate Office. jan 4 garden hi:ki>. npilK Bollock t Robinson’s Garden Seed fresh and new, of all kinds, just received V . D. W r . HOUCK, feb 22-dt HoucksviUe, Md. . To get handsome printing of every descrip -1 tmn. call at the Anvorvnc OmrK.

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