Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, June 14, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated June 14, 1873 Page 4
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JR'•' * BY MAP-* QUESUMKR Dot funny tittle Wy. tTui heard der vmy dot rooster crows. ; 3?P I Uk I vaa graay. Uud "bon I heard the reel nice vay %£stzrs-i?£zr I v*o proud like blazes. Sometimes dhen come* a loetle eehquall, Dot's rhea der vindy Tied rill crawl, Righd in it* lectio stehomack ochuail, Dot’* too hard for dec baby. Dot mahee him ring at night to jchvovt, Uud gortybarrie he moat ead, Und I mart chnmb ihhry on my feet To help dot leetle babj. He bulla my iwee nod kicks my hair. Und crawls me over everywhere. I'nd ahlobben me—but mt 1 care 1 Dot vaa my amall young baby. Around my head dot leetle arm Vat achqueain me ao nice and varm— Oh! may dhrre never coom some harm To dot airmail leetle baby. *Dot vaa me himself. There in an aged colored woman iu a Western town who does not believe in social equality, judging from the way she talked to her boy: “ Eprebam, eonte byar to ycr mndder, boy. Whar yon bin ?" “ Playin' wid de white folkaea chillun.' “ You ia, eh! See hyar, chile you’ll broke yet old mudder'a heart, and brung her gray hail* in Borrow to de grave, wid yer reeklnmness an’ earrings on wid ebil asaaayayibnns. Habn't I raised you np in de way you should ought to go ?' “ Yeasum.” " Habn’t I been kiue an tender wid you, an' treated you like my own chile, which yon ia?" “ Yeasum. “ Habn't I teeaened wid you and prayed you and deplored de good Lord to wrap you in his boaznm T” “ Yesaum," ' Habn't I taught you to walk in de bread and narrow path, and to shun ebil." “Yeasum.” ■■ An’ isn't I yet aaterl detector and gardeen fo’ de law T” “ Yesaugi' “Well don, do you suppose be gwiae to hah yer morals ruptured by de white trash?" “No, sah? You git in de house dis instep, an’ if 1 eber crotch you muni cutin’ wid de white trash any mo, to' de bawd, nigga. I’ll brake yer black head wid a brick!’ Owned to it.—There was an amusing scone on board the Louisiana mail-boat the other day. There was the usual conglom eration of passengers in the cabin just before the boat landed; and amid the general hubbub of conversation a man re marked incidentally: “Now. in Jersey, where I live —” Instantly an old man, who sat moodily and silently pondering over the stove for some time, sprang to his feet and ex claimed : “ Stranger, arS you from Jersey ?” “ Yes." _ “And willin’ to acknowledge it ?" “ Yes, sir; proud on’t.” “ Hurrah ! Give us your hand !" cried the old roan, fairly dancing with exulta tion. “I’m from New Jersey, too; but I never felt like declaring itarore. Shake ! I'm an old man. I’ve travelled long and far. I've been in every city in the West; stoamboated on the Ohio and Mississippi, been to California, over the plains, and around the Horn; took a voyage once to Liverpool; —but, in all my travels, hong me if this ain't the first time I ever heard a man acknowledge that he kum from New Jersey." ItKORUANiZJNU him Wivx.—“l never attempted to reorganise my wife but once," confessed Artemus Ward/ “I shall never attempt to do it again. I'd been to a pub lic dinner, and had allowed myself to be betrayed into drinkin’ several people's healths; and wishin’ to make 'em as ro bust as possible. I continued to drink their healths until my own was affected. Con sekence was, I presented myself to Betsy 's bedside late at night with considerable linker concealed about my person. I had somehow got possession of a hoss-whip on my way home, and rememberin' some cranky observation of Mrs. Ward's in the i roomin', I snapper! the whip pretty lively, and in a very loud voice, I said : “Betsy. 1 yon need reorganisin'/' “ I have come, Betsy," I continued, crackin' the whip I over the bed, “I have come to reorganise . you." I dreamed that night that some body laid a hoes-whip aerosa me several I tiroes and when I woke up I found she i had. I hain't drank much of anything since : and if I ever have another reor ganizin' job on hand, I shall let it out." OwLIOTNn,—A traveler coming up from the Central depot, says the Detroit Free stopped fee a moment to examine a cont hanging in front of a clothing store. The proprietor rushed out and asked : “ Wouldn't you like to try on some coals ?” “ I dnnnu but I would," responded the traveler, consulting his time-killer, and he went in and began work. No matter how often he found his fit, he called for more coots, and after he had tried on about thirty, he looked at his watch, agairf re suming his own garment, and walked off, saying: “I won t charge a cent for what J'va done; hang a man who won't oblige another when he can do it! If I'm ever around this way again, and. you've got any more coots to try on, I’ll do all I can to help yon!" Home questions very naturally suggest themselves to sn inquiring mind. Ah amateur farmer wooden “why. on all this fair earth, the ground is spread bottomside up. so that it must be turned orer with a plough before crops con be raised." A young man who prided himself on hia mental qualifications, once speaking of the advantages of these, remarked: “What is better than a good education ?” “Com mon sense, you fool." quickly responded one of his hearers. In a late funeral discourse it was jmtheti cally remarked that the deceased “had gone to his rest, where the cares of this world couldn't follow him, and where he wouldii t rare and rant? about taxes any wore." The latest instance afforded by a "fond mother" of her son's cleverness is said son a correcting Iter for saying he was all I ever dirt. He said the dirt was all over • Wife, have you heard about neighbor i •lom* pettm nhot?*’ -Why. hie** my srtAw fno How did be get Hhot?" *‘He i A gentleman says that the, older hi daughters Income tin dearer 1 and trod fidhia* a-ending a ladder, get np t : 1 Sfe ~*T*r A American Sardine*. This beautiful little fish, now tha‘t it forms n staple article of trade, is engaging the attention of the savant* who were a long time at ftalt in arriving at even an approximate knowledge of so-called Ameri can sardines. Packed with olive oil iu tin cans, divested of their heads, and other wise disguised by the preserving process, it was difficult to trace correctly the genus and particular variety whence this delicate morceau comes. U often happens that where science ia at fault (he world is indebted to accident, or to crude ideas emanating from obscure sonnies for the ultimo tknie of its labors. In this instance, where the pisciculturists have been at fault, the comparatively obscure fisherman has stepped in with his homely knowledge and at once dispelled all existing doubts on the subject. It appears that the fish known as tho American sardine, put up for market in hermetically sealed cans, are a fish commonly designated by pro fessional fishermen, ocean trout. (7Vio Oceana.) belonging to the genus Salmi fonHnalit, very much resembling, and supposed to be identical with, the silver, or sea trout, \ trntta marina, j These fish are shaped like the brook trout, and are similar iu all facial peculiarities, except that a brownish black takes the place of the Vermillion dots peculiar to the latter. As all salt water trout come under the bead of “Trutta Marina," we cannot con ceive why the term “Oceana" is affixed, j except it b* to distinguish this particular variety from the silver or sea trout. It certainly is not a technical term, nor can it be found in any treatise on fishes. Large schools of these fish, varying from | 3 to 6 inches in length, migrate in the Spring of the year from the ocean to the estuaries of bays and rivers in the Canadian Dominions, and the Eastern and Northern States, as far South as Long Island, where they are taken in fine seines in large num bers from the latter part of April to the early part of November. The sardine proper is a species of the herring genus. They are said to abound in large schools on our coasts, are taken in considerable quantities on the coasts of Algarve in Portugal, Andalusia, and Granada in Spain, and also along the shores of Italy. The small sardines caught on the coast of Provence in France are esteemed the heat for preaerving. From one thousand to fifteen hundred fishing smacks are engaged in catching these on the coast of Brittany, from the middle of May to the middle of October. The vast proportions of this trade may be readily understood when it is known that the im portatiou of sardines into the United States alone in 1870 amounted to 133,000 kilogrammes. Actuated by the growing importance of this trade, and the value of the fish as a commodity, a few enterprising gentlemen of this city conceived the idea of canning our American fish fur market, preserved in the same manner as the French, and. by affording them at a less price, eventually l supercede the foreign article in our home ‘ markets. The first step toward this eud , was to erect a factory somewhere ou our line of coast, and commence the work of experimenting with various small fry. Accordingly in the early part of 1870 a suitable site was procured, and the nccea aary buildings erected, at Port Monmouth. N. J. Here, after some time consumed in testing their experiments, the Trittn Octana was selected as the most available for the purpose intended, and this was done at the instance of an experienced old fish- I erman, whose services have since been retained. It was at this period the com ; pany was formed now known as the | American Sardine Company. The busi | ness, at first conducted on a comparatively \ small scale, has quadrupled itself in the | short space of three years. The demand , for these fish has gradually become so extensive that the works of the company now cover an acre of ground, and give employment to over one hundred men. Thus has an important American industry . grown np in oar midst, with every promise of abundant success. The canned fish known as the American sardine affords a delicious fish for the table, anil is regarded by epicures as quite as good as and far more delicate than the imported sardine. Turf Field and Farm. Tide* of the Chesapeake. This subject is one of far greater import | anee than many lemons imagine. The average rise and tall of the tides is about I four feet Spring tides rise about five I feet and six inches above a dead low water. It is ebb tide at Cape Henry when the moon rises or sets, it is always high tide at York Spit, and Cherrystone Inlet, at that | time or within twenty minutes of it. It i is always low tide at Hooper Straits at I the same time rising or setting of the j moon. High tide at Sandy Point at the moon rising or setting, and low water at Chesapeake City fifteen minutes before the moon rise* or sets. The flood tide runs at a given point on the Chesapeake bay five hours and fifty-six minutes. The ebb tide runs at the same place about seven boom, and the slack tide is of about twenty-nine minates duration ; near the head of tide water however, where there ia little cur rent setting out, the flood tide runs lunger than the ebb. In the Wicomico, five miles from Salisbury, the flood tide runs nine minutes longer on an average than the ebb tide. There are always two ebb tides and two flood tides moving in tho Chesapeake Bay , at the same time, and sometimes three of ■ one or the other. The same flood tide i runs from the capes to the head of lide • water in every tributary of the bay. But ' no ebb tide runs farther than sixty miles > at the same time. sailing vessel entering tho Ches apeake bay at the beginning of flood tide 1 1 with a strong fair wind, will carry with her 1 ! the same tide to Baltimore. 1 1 A vessel beating up tho Bay with a ■ ; head wind will carry the flood tide nine 1 | hours if she is a good sailer, while one I beating down the bay will carry the ebb about four hoars and a half if she is a |. good sailer, the faster she works down the bay the shorter time she will have fair ■ tide. While going up the bay it is ' reversed. i A vessel going down the bay with a j fair wind from Baltimore will generally I meet three flood tides, and sometimes ; four. But if site is a good sailer with a | fair wind she can go all the way up with i one flood tide, and not encounter a single j head tide from the capes to Baltimore.— i Stdithm-j/ Adixrtiter. General John B. Gordon made a little | speech at a reception green him in Havan | nah, G.. a few days since, closing with ! the sentiment: The heroic dead of both armies, who fought for principle, and j backed their convictions with their lives. ! Let both he duly honored. -Vei bauiia.—Half a drachm of sal ammonia, in an ounce of camphor water, to ! I token a teaspoonfal at a dose, and the dose repeated several times, at intervals of fire ■ninnies if the pain be not relieved onee, is a most exocl'ent cure for neuralgia. Texas i*WH) miles in its greatest length, 7so in its greatest breadth, and contains an area of 3-17,504 miles. It would male thirty-four State* like Mansachusotts, and the distance across it exceed* that between : Boston and Cleveland. ■. - | It is a hard but good law of (ate. that as every evil, sn every excessive power) wears itself ont. ORDER OP IH B LIC AT ION. ■ NO. 1380 EQUITY. In l lie Circuit Court for Carroll Coualy. : Mary Isabella Suable va. Edward S. Stable. Mat Turn, IST*. THE abject of this auit is to procure a divorce a cincaUt matrimonii ou the part of the complainant from the defendant, and the care and caatody of their child. The bill states that the complainant Mary Isabella Suable, and the defendant Ed ward 8. Suable, were married by tho Reverend Reuben Weiaer a Minister of the Lutheran Church at Manchester, Carroll county, Mary land, on the Mb day of March. A. 1). 186 ft that the complainant's maiden name was Mary Isabella Gardner, that in the ntonth of July, A. U. 1870, a female child was bom whose name Is Ella U —that said child is now and ! has been since her birth supported by the complainant, that during said marriage the defendant has not contributed to the support of the complainant or their said child, that her said husband abandoned her in the month of February, A. D. 1870, and that said aban donment tins continued uninterruptedly for more than three years, and is delilwrate' and final, and beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation, that the defendant the said Edward 8. Saubie doth not reside within the limit* of the Stole of Maryland, and is beyond the jurisdiction of this Court, and when last informed he resided in the Stole of Kansas. The complainant then prays that she msy he divorced u rinenio matrimonii from the de fendant, and that she may he awarded the care and custody of their said child, and for general relief, and also prays for an order of publication against the non resident defen dant. •j It is thereupon this l&th day of May, A. D. 1878, adjudged and ordered that the complain ant by causing a copy of this order to tie in serted iu some newspaper published in Car roll county, Maryland, once a week for four ; successive weeks Wore the 21st day of June, , 1 A, I). 1873. give notice to the said-absent de- I fendaut of the object and substance of this | bill, and warn him to appear in tkia Court in 1 person or by solicitor, on or before the 23d , day of September, A. D. 1873, to answer the | premises and show cause, if any he has, why , a decree ought not to pass as prayed. JXO. B. BO VLB, Clerk. True copy,—Test: j may 17-5 t Jxo. B. Borns, Clerk. WESTERN MD. COLLEGE STUDENTS OP BOTH SEXES, IN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS. Inrurjtonifrtl by Act of General Assembly. March , 1808. THIS institution is eligibly located in the healthful and flourishing City of WesT mioster, in Carroll county, on the line of the Western Maryland Railroad, about midway between the cities of Baltimore and Hagers town. It in under the special patronage of the Maryland Annual Conference of the Metho dist Protestant Church, but i* strictly free from any sectarianism. either in it* course ot study or rules of discipline. Male and female students recite iu separate classes, but all have the advantage of instruc tion from every Professor having charge ot • the studies pursued. The Vice-Principal, (Rev. Dr. NichoU.l the Preceptress, (Mina several other members of the Faculty, reside in the College building, and have constant oversight ! of the Boarding Student*. The Course of Study ia thorough, under a full and competent corps of Instructors. The Tenth Semi-Annual Session, will begin on MONDAY, FcaarAßT d, and end on THURSDAY, J m 19th, 1878. KXFK.VMCS OF SESSION .* Board. Lodging, Washing. Fuel and Lifht.. $90.00 Tuition in Preparatory Department IT.fiO Tuition in Collegiate Department... 80.00 Matriculation fee (payable on enter ing the Collegiate Department j 6.00 i Instruction in Music (with use of Instruments) 26.00 Instruction in Drawing and Painting (water colon) 10.00 ' No extra charges for any study in the Reg ular Course, i fitments : On#-half at the beginning of the Session; the other, April 14th, 1878. Books and stationery purchased of the Col lege must be paid for on delivery. For Catalogue and Circular containing full 1 information, address i J. T. WARD, Princifai dec2l-tf Westminster, Md. B. O. GRIMES. E. 8. STOITFER. GRIMES ft STOUFFEE, (SaocMitor* to E. O. Grimm.) AT THE PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Westminster. Mi*., ARE paying the highest prices in the market for Flour. Wheat. Font, Oat*. Rye amt Grain of all kinds. Also, keep constantly on hand a large supply ! of Liquors. Groceries, Flour, Feed. Bacon, 1 ... Salt, Fish, Farmer's I’teusils. Ac., Ac., all of which they are selling wholesale and retail at very low figures. Tney have on hand a large stock of the following Guanos, nnd are selling at manufacturers prices: Pacific, Whitclock'*, > Moro Phillip's, Baugh's Raw-Bone, , Flour ot Bone, Coes Bradley's, A Bote, ! J Turner's Excelsior, ' Sea Fowl, Wooliton's Md. Powder of Bone. Ac., Ac. . 1 Also, j Oil Vitriol, Salt Cake, Ammonia nnd pure 1 j Bone for making Fertilizers. i ■ The public generally will do well to give i : them a call before purchasing, as they intend ! to sell low. N. H. —Agents for the best Blasting Pow j der in the market, and the great Zingari Bit j. j ters. npril 27-Iy. : 1873. 1873. t GKAND iil HII * 1 KIS MILLER’S! r Wholesale and Retail Dealer WESTMINSTER. MD. a ',T> now securing my large atock of Spring e A ami Summer ’ DBESS GOODS, s | BLACK AND CDLORKD SILKS, r | t'LOTHS AND CABSIMEBS, 4 WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS, % I Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac, , I My Domestic Department in always com piste and of the best brand* the market af ford*. I- call particular attention of buyer* • from a distance to whom, lam confident, my t * *toek and prices can’t fail to give Mstiifaction. si Please Remember our Motto is “QUICK . I SALKS AND SMALL PROFITS." may 10- ly CO AI. TAR FOR SALE. ! A PPLV to ' JOHN L. REIFSNIDKR. President Westminster Gaa Light Co. > mar Ifl-tf Everything New. WE recently purchased a new assortment of Job Type for use during the pres* ! ent season. jan 4 ARGAND A German Student Lamp*. Glass aud Marble Stand do.. Porcelain, j Glass and Paper Shades, improved Burners and best Clmfhcvs, at I 26 ‘ W. 0. UOOtTS. NOTK'i:. VLL person* who have claim* against Mary t'aple, will please notify the im -1 dersigned of them and call at the office of I Jas. A. f. Bond. Attorney at I-aw. BLIAS 'BROTHERS. JAS. A. r. BOND, mar 2w-tf Trustees of Mary t'aple. 1 UKM: your Older* for Printing for the C* Hpriny Trade to the Anvorirr Office K. TAYLOR, A. I>. S( HA FIT AH. R. V. UOIIONLY. | President. Sec. A Treas. Bopt. THE TAYLOR Manufacturing Company OF WESTMINSTER, Ml). 1 i DIRKCTORH : ■ | Divkl Fowble, H. Haines. Edward Lynch, i A. I). Schaeffer, J. E. Taylor. I ' ,; MANUFACTURERS OF . Patent Hoisting Engines of all sixes, CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, i I Mill Mb chinory, ' {Boiler Maker’s Punching Machines, S PATENT TIRE BENDERS, I I Crons,*’* Pat. Fowe Pump, S TO I KS, 1 , CAST IKON DOOR SILLS, SKPARATOIia, From 2 to 12 Horse; t Westminster Triple-Geared Hone Powers, I From 1 to 12 Horse. Mounted on 2 or 4 1 Wheels, or Down, \ SELF SHARPENING GRIST MILKS, WHEEL HORSE RAKES, Taylor'* Patent Hay Tedder, PLOWS OF ALL SIZES, 1 HOMINY MILLS, <ScC. j REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, 1 1 Including the Re {miring or Rebuilding of ‘ Railroad Locomotive Engines of any kind. DEALERS IK Stationary. Portable ami Agricultural En gines, Keafftrs. Movers, dr. We are paying the HIGHEST PRICES I • i ** or White Otic, Hickory. Walnut mid Aah ! t Timber, in the Log delivered at Mill, or on j the Lot. as parties prefer, j Persons having any of the above will call { or communicate with us by letter. I We pay from Ito 1$ cents per |K>und for i old Castings according to quality, ap UMy j H. Mainer. r. a. Haines. * 11AINKS & BRO., ! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS! BEG leave to call attention to the large ; stock of Groceries, Liquor*. Ac., w hich 1 ; they keep constantly on hand, at their j . j store a few doors east of Railroad Depot. r Our facilities are such as to enable us to j . ■ offer great inducements in point of prices, as ! wo purchase strictly for (’ash and sell at 1 . ! short profits. . ; We have on hand and are constantly re . ceiviug full supplies of f CHOICE FAMILY FLOUR. FAMILY GROCERIES AND LIQUORS, ! ' QUEENSWABK, STONEWARE, GLASSWARE, i willow wake, • WOODENWARK, HARDWARE, | ! FISH, BACON, LARD, SALT, TAR. Wc have also a Urge quantity of Briggs 4 Bro s, choice Fresh Garden and Flower Seeds. ) which are not surpassed by those of any other ) Seedsmen in the country. > Also Dealers in Country Produce general i ly. Very respectfully, ) may 24-tf * HAINES A BEG. ) ; H. I- NORRIS. j, r. WAMPLER. GREAT BARGAINS IN Foreip aid Domestic Dry (Ms!! 1 H. L. NORRIS & CO. HAVING just opened the largest and best stock of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS ever offered in tills market, are prepared to accommodate Cash buyers with all classes of Goods, and guarantee the prices to give satisfaction when compared with any others. P 19 H. I* NORRIS 4 CO. Central Drug Store, t OPPOSITE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Mnlu Street, Westminster, MtL, DR. E. D. WELLS & BRO., PROPRIETORS. DH. WELLS, having had several years experience in the practice of Medicine, j feels confident that he can meet the wants of (the community for MEDI .CINE AND V Pnm i i // | PREPA RA TI ON S. The . Prescription Department, be -1 j ing under the especial charge of Dr. Wells, will receive his l&Gq careful attentiun. A full as sortment of Toilet Articles, j Perfumery, Washes, Powders. Dyes, Tooth j j and Nail Brushes. Also a full supply of Pat ; ent Medicines. je 2J-ly j HOME SHUTTLE :| SEWING MACHINE!! P I PRICE OISTHTST $37.00. e ! i | fPHE Simplest, Cheapest Lock Stitch Sew -1 -X. ing Machine in Market. Also The American Sewing Machine, j very simple, almost noiseless, runs very light I *nd took the premium in competition with a . j large variety pf Machines at onr last Stale Fair. The feed and all its parts are very I easily regulated. Cord, Hemstich, Braid, Tuck, Ac., all so easily done. Price sfio.()o. F. H. BUELL, Agent, Office next door to “Montour House.'’ cp 2tt-tf r AT THE FAIR GROUNDS, WESTMINSTER, MD, R I r T I i. E Higb lired Young Trotting SUllion , .X. Hermit is a dark brown without , *ny white, fifteen hands three inrlit (QS&w, : high; by Engineer, he by Revenue, I out of Andrewetta by Andrew. Hermit's | dam was a high-bred Mambrino mare from ! ! Kentucky. He will serve a limitosl number I ’ ! of mares at $26 to insure, j Particular attention given to the Train- ! g of Trotting Horses and Breaking of Colts. r For further particulars address r i , MARTIN QUINN, j Fair Grounds, Westminster, Md. y j ap 26-8 m 1 NOTICE. IHAV E this day adopted a new rule in my business. I will give strict personal at i tention to all work in my line intrusted to my j care, and will guarantee satisfaction in all my j work - 1 have a very full stock and assort

' ment of WALL PAPER, t very low ranh price*; also OIL (’LOTH 1 and LINEN WINDOW SHADES nnd FIX- ! , TURKS, nil low fur cash. WILLIAM COON, WcnUninatcr, Janunry 11, 1878-ly Insolvent’a Notice. > i Judah Hntfirld vs. Hit Creditors ORDERED this Bth day of Mny, 187*. that Josish Hatfield give notice to his credi i lors, endorsers and sureties thst the 2d Hon- I of August next is fixed for the said j Josiah Hatfield to appear in the Circuit Court i for Carroll county to answer such interrogato- ■ , rics as hia creditors, endorsers and sureties : may propose or allege agninrt him : and that i a copy of this onler be published in some ; newspaper printed in Carroll county, once a week for three successive months prior to the ; raid 3<l Monday of August next, as such j notice. Tests JNO. B. BOYLE, may 10-8 m Clerk. I LUMBER! LUMBER!! I HAVE just returned from the I.umlxi Regions—and am now receiving the lar | gest selection of LUMBER ever offered at this place, at Reduced Prices, consisting of ! Yellow Pine, Spruce and Hemlock JOIST AND SCANTLING of all lengths and sixes, 4-4, 6-4, 0-4 and 8-4 ; White Pine Boards and Plank, Yellow and ■ White Pine Flooring, Dressed nnd Undressed ! Weatherboarding, White Pine Cypress and i Chestnut Shingles, Walnut and Asa Boards I and Plank, Plain and Headed Picketts, Shin gle and Plastering tenths, a prime lot of Chest nut Rails and Posts. Also all the different FINDS OF COAL , I Thinking large sales with small profits bet ter than small sales with large profits, 1 have concluded to adopt the former as my guide, I and hope 1 shall be enabled to carry it out by • persons in want of anything in my line giving I me a call before purchasing elsewhere. EDWARD LYNCH, Near Depot, Westminster. Md. | fob 20-tf Cabinet and Furniture ESTABLISHMENT. THE undersigned, bought out J. .1. LeUler'.gHOMS interest in the well known K- RS—"” 1 • tahlishmenl of Messrs. Short) k Leisler, Main street, Westminster, West of the Railroad, will continue to keep on hand u full and com plete assortment of ail kinds and stvles of r UHNITURE, and a full assortment of Cane and Wood Seat Chairs. Hair ami Husk Slut trasses, Looking Grass Plates, 4c., which will lie sold cheap for cash. Old Cane Seat (’hairs re-scaled and Furniture re pains]. undertaking. j Walnut and Metallic Collins and Cnakets |on hand. Funerals attended at all times, at j short notice. ■ Also on hand Newel Posts, Balusters and I Front Door Brackets. Hand Rails worked i to order, of ail kinds of Lumber, and different i styles Brackets worked to order. All kinds of Architectural Drawings fnr- I nishetl at short notice and at low figures, j feb 24-tf J. J. SHORB A SON. E. K. GERNAND, DEALER IN DRY GOODS, ; NOTIONS, QI'EENSWARE, HARDWARE, HATS BOOTS & SHOES, ' Cedanrtre. Paints, Oils. Window Glass. AVER ILL CHEMICAL PAINT. Drugs, first-class Groceries, Ac., Ac. Corner Main and (xmrt Streets, raa >’ I** Westminster, Md. THE STATE OF MARYLAND MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE. ■ No. 17 Soith Stbkkt, Haiti uokv. This Company insures, on the mutual plan, Buildings and Personal Property against Ixws or Damage by Fire, in all parts of the State. Tht entire profit returned to (fie I‘olio, fioMers B. Q. HARRIS, President. Boxbb ok Directors ; Francis Neale, of Neale. Harris 4 Co. S- H. Caughy. of Noah Walker 4 Co. c. McCnlly, of Pomerait 4 McCully. Philip T. George, of George 4 Jenkins. B. a. Harris, late of Neale. Harris 4 Co. Hon. George Brent, Court of Appeals. George P. Jenkins, Charles county. George Combs, St. Mary's rounty! dec 23- ly TO ERR IS HUMAN. BUT failing to call before purchasing else where and examining the Stock of FURNITURE AND STOVES, at IRA E. CROUSE'S, is s B a disregard of vonr own inter- fifelK that is Wholly inexcusable. Haying hail a long experience in business, he now flatterM himself that he can always exhibit to those wishing to purchase any article in his line, a stock not excelled in variety and quality by any other establishment in the county, and his prices are guaranteed not to exceed thoe of Baltimore city, or any other place in the State. W" Don’t mistake the place, one hundred yards east of the Railroad, on Main .-treet, nearly opposite the new Catholic Church, N estminster. may 21 JOHN H. BOWERS KEEPS conatanlly on hnnd nnd for rale, at his Store, “CENTRAL HALL.” I ' ,er b opposite the new Catholic Church, n full assortment of BUILDERS' HARDWARE, j Hardware Generally, Oils and Paints, leather of all kinds, Groceries, Provisions. Willow nnd Cedarware. All the above goods will be sold at low rates and will be delivered free of charge t the Railroad Depot, or any other point the town of Westminster. JOHN H. BOWERS, nearly opposite the Catholic Church, mar IK BOOT AND SHOE MAKING! THE undesigned is prepared to fitntwh I Indies , Men s and Children's HOOTS AND SHOES at the nhorteat notice, of the l>cl material and at reduced prices. All work guaranteed. „ JOHN BERNSTEIN, Oppoatle the office of Croat 4 Reifraider. I w etmiii.tcr, Md. „ C p t i Littlestown Stable Enlarpl ! Banottr St., n at dim to Mclkalul Ckun-k, Hth Increased Facilities. W K to arcommodate the ▼ Y public. Horses bought, sold and ex change. Daily Paraenger and Mail Line Irnm eatmmater to Getlyaburg. For Seata 4e., apply at Central Hotel, IVealminaler, or Ham* House, Gettysburg. JOHN SPALDING, noTW-tf Agent, JNO. WILLIAMS, Jr MAIN Street, oppoaite Court, Weatmin ater, Md., General Wholeaoie Agent for ttie aale of 1 Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Segars, PBBVriAS OUAKO, around Boiikh, Super Fhowplmta.*, ADD 111. STANDARD FERTILIZERS roar TV Gin Look Here! CIARDS, Cirenlara, Progrnmmea, Shipping I ag, Bill Heada. in fact everything re | mured m the I riming line cmi be obtained at i *hr Advocate Office. j ßn 4 BLJLDIXO and Cabinet Hardware, large xtofi k. at iowewt city prices, at I r * ,, * H. K. GERNAN’D’S. TRY the 1 TEAS, at ~ W, O. LIOGET’S. HOFFMAN h McKINSTRY, NEW WINDSOR, HAVE mat returned from Philadelphia with the largest and best selected stock of Goods ever offered in New Windsor, con sisting of a general assortment of the new shades and styles of Dry Goods and Notions, Alao HARDWARE, QUEENSWABK, BOOTS AND SHOES. We have made it a apeeiaity to .elect Fine Cloths and Fancy Cassimers, for Men's and Boys' Wear, which cannot be surpassed in the county CAE PETS AND MATT I SOS, AT ALL PRICES. W’e shall sell only for CASH, our profits will bo small and we will try to give full satis faction in every respect. A. THOMPSON, whose reputation as a Tailor places him at the ! head of his profession, still continues TAIL ORING over our Store Room. A good fit has long since ceased to be a question of doubt. Go to A. Thompson if you want a fashionable suit. Just opposite to us is MISS SUE CLAY’S MILLINERY STORE, where Hats and Bonnets of the latest styles cun always be obtained. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our friends and the public generally. HOFFMAN A McKINSTRY. ap 2G-ti NOTICE. To my Frinuls, Ciistoiiicrs nnd the Public Generally. AFTER mature reflection I have concluded that the only way to do business success fully is upon a CASH basis; consequently I will sell Goods ONLY For Cash, from April Ist, 1873. I buy for Cash and I know if I sell for Cash 1 will lose nothing, therefore, I cm? and will sell Goods considerably lower than those who sell on credit. Cash buyers are invited to give me a call. Money Saved is Money Made. My Stock embraces CHOICE FRESH GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac., consisting of COFFEE. SUGAR, TEA, SYRUPS. Ac., I BUTTER, EGGS, BACON, LARD, FISH, SALT, TAR, Ac. I also keep a full supply of the best brands of FLOUR AND FEED, besides a splendid line of Fruits, such as Raisins, Currants, Citron, Ac., and am in constant receipt of fine fresh OYSTERS, which 1 sell by the pint, quart and gallon. I have great ly increased my stock of Queens ware, Cedar Ware. Willow Ware, Ac. My facilities enable me to offer my stock at rates which for cheapness cannot be surpassed. All articles warranted us represented. Come and see, and be convinced. N. B.—All orders not naid for when given, will lie collected by the driver when the Goods are delivered, as my terms will be positively Cash. JOSEPH WOODS, feb I-tf West End, Westminster. PROVISION HOUSE, NKAU ODD FELLOWS’ HALL, MAIN STREET. WESTMINSTER, THE untivraigiivd, having juat completed hia large Proviaiou Legs leave to inform hia ami the public generally, that he iWf ts prepared to furniah all kinds of FRESH MEATS, in season, at any time in the day. Also keeps constantly on hand Corned Bee/\ Bacon . Dird, Chip Bof. Bologna Sausage; in fact everything required to supply a first class table. He intends to make it n special part of his business to keep the best Meats the market will afford. He has in his establish ment a large Baltimore Patent Refrigerator, which keens Meat perfectly fresh and pare for any length of time desired, so that choice Meats can be obtained at any time without risk of getting a soured article. After several years experience he finds that the only safe method to conduct business is upon a cash principle ; he will therefore sell "i nC .- y ? n<l ° n,y for cn * h - With thanks for the kind patronage heretofore extended he solicits a continuance of the same. 'V ill open on Monday next, the 7th dav of April, 1878. 3 ap 6-Bm* F. a. NORRIS. PRODUCE DEPOT, A 7 THE RA HR OA D. WEE TMIN EVER. MARY LAUD. TUB undersigned, at the old aland of (lehr i 4 Orndom, is prepared to purchase FLOUR, WHEA T, RYE, OA TE, j CORE mu I COUNTRY PRODUCE i of all descriptions. Alao to receive and for- i ward PRODUCE AND GOODS | of all kinda. He also keeps constanUr on hand a large ami full atock of GROCERIES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Flour, Bacon, Feed, Grain, Salt, Fish, Ac., together with Spades, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes G,,r,len " r “' GUANO AND FERTILIZERS ofall descriptions; nod in fact all articles in a first class store. With long experience and by strict attention to business 1 hope to receive a liberal share of the public pßtrnnoge. jnnj 8-ly DENTON GEHR. TO CORN GROWERS J. J. TURNER & CO.’S | AiDiiated Bone Snper-Pliosphate. ANALYSIS • Ammonia .. 1 hie Phosphate of Lime 2b!61 !,, "° ne Phosphate of Lime 10.147 ‘i! ‘ h . e n ‘°" t ?°"‘”‘"'ratl materials, *t t "eher in Ammon* and Soluble Phos “M. except nX a " nd “ ")de with tame teed -“"fi„cT r !'T n ’ . Uniform ’l-lityguaran teed, fine nod dry, in excellent order for drilling. Packed in hags and barrel™ 1 PRICE SSO PER TON - . I J. L TURNER 4 CO., ( j a I ratt Street, Baltimore. 1 . FOR HALK BY Grimes A Stouffer, Westminster, Md ! j /.miroerroan 4 Mlmltx, Sykeaville, Md. ”■ H. B. Dorsey, Mt. Airv, Md. hamuel L. Grove, Ridgevifle, Md. McComas A Bro Hood's Mill, Md. L. A. 1 albott, Ellicott city, Md. gj*** * Albaugh, Rocky Ridge, Md. H. Todd, Utica Mills, tfd. ihos. r. Cover, Double Pipe Creek Md mar 22-8 m NEW GOODS !! GREAT BARGAINS, [THE CASH STORE| |J. YINGLING & BRO., Snceeasors to J. Yingling k Son, 1 W£?-. h V r ? reoeiyed from New York and . Foreign <Sc Domestic Dry Goods, NOTIONS. CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, STRAW MATTINGS. RUGS, MATS, 4c., 4e., * c . We keep conatanlly on hand the largest and lieal assortment of floods in the county, which ]** *’"7 rail exelnaively for cash, at the I very lowest rates. i. YINGLING 4 BRO. Westminster, Md. m>v j. MORTIMER HURLEY, PROF. OF MUBIC, TS giving mstnicuonon thr /W, Organ, I I tok'a. Ouilar. Clanml, Flute, (urnet uUrkZmgh Tta, at uut.v.r xxorcan MTU. I $8 I'Klt TKRM. OB S3O ru *CIIOU*TIC TXH. ' PIANO TUNING $2.30. AUo agent f r Wu. Exist 4 Co'*. odSUWB, CELEBRATED PIANOS sml- J B 1 I : E. P. Ntuoua * Sox'* Unrival-* ", led OROANS. Prticulr attention paid to the selection of Instrument*. , For particulars inquire at A. H. lluhCT • Drug Store, or Wheeler's Hotel. fch 22 DENTAL NOTICE. Dll. GEO. S. FOUKE, Dentist, offers his ] services at his Office. , Westminster —every Monday, Tuesday and " Emmlttaburg- -Fourth Wednesday After noon till Thursday Afternoon. . I Mechanicstown —Fourth Thursday After- i j noon and Friday. i Rocky Ridge—First Wednesday Afternoon. Double Pipe Creek—First Thursday. Middle burg—First Friday. i Uniontown—Second Wednesday Afternoon. Taneytown—Second Thursday Afternoon and Friday. Union Bridge—Third Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday Forenoon. New Windsor—Third Thursday Afternoon and Friday Forenoon. W GROUT & REIPSNIDER, A TTORNEYS-A TLA B’ AND SO LICITORS IN CHANCERY, I, WESTMINSTER, ED. WK have formed a copartnership in the practice of Law in the Courts of Car roll and Howard counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to Collections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also. Applications Filed for Back Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Chah. T. Hkipnxidkii. no 80-tf R. B. NORMENT, A T TOR XE Y A TLA IF, OFFICE on Main street, two doors west of Court, Westminster, respectfully informs j the citixens of Carroll and adjoining counties that he will give prompt attention to all busi ness intrusted to him. both before the Courts I of this State and the Departments of the 1 General Government at Washington, D. C. Practices in the Courts of Bankruptcy. ! jan 4, 1871). WM. M. MERRICK. J. J. BAUMGARTNER. Merrick & Baumgartner, I A TTORNEYS-A TEA If A SI) SO- 1 LICITORS IS CHANCERY HAVE associated to practice their profes sion in the several Courts in Carroll county. Their Office is at the residence of Mr. Baumgartner, in Westminster, Md. Mr. Merrick will be in Westminster during the Term of the Courts, and at such other times j ns business may require; he may also le con sulted at his Office, No. 17 St! Paul street, I Baltimore Maryland. nov 28-if J ABNER NEAL, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND\ A T TOR NEVA TLA W. Office at the Court House. HE will attend especially to obtaining De crecs for the settlement of estates oi deceased |*nons. Ac. Deeds, Wills and all Instruments of Writing prepared. Charge, moderate. dec f*tr JOHN E. SMITH. WM. A. M'KEI.MP. SMITH & McKELLIP, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW ASD SO LICITORS IS CHANCERY ; HAVING formed a partnership in the prac ■ ties of La*, will give prompt attention to all business entrusted to their care. Office on Main street a few door, east of Court street. do,,| *. s. mam. jam. a. c. ao.vt*. | SYESTER & BOND HAVE associated themselves in the prac- | lice of I-uw in Carroll county and the several Courts of this State. Mr. Syester will visit Westminster when business requires it Office corner Main and Court strecla. up 15 wn. r. UAi tsiv. c. a. Boasars. j MAULSBY & ROBERTS, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW ASD SO LICITORS IS CHANCERY Wt.TWixs-mi, Mu. Office directly opposite the Court House. is.iac k. nuaatw,sa. iixxca. raAusov, j, I. E. PEARSON & SON 1 -I TTORNEYS-A TLA If. , TAT ILL promptly and carefully attend to all TV kind of business in any of the Courts u I i u“ te ' °PPtte Westminster j Hotel, Mam street, Westminster, Md ! dec 12-ly DANIEL G. WRIGHT, A TTORNEY-A T-I.A W. InT Office 87 Lexington street, Baltimore, 1 *“• nov 18, 1809 | DR. W. K. PRINGER T-T AS'removed his Office to the house op w E 081 "' the residence of Dr. J. W. Henna, .Main .Street, W cstminster. ap 6-tf. DR. J. H. BILLINGBLEA I S Medicine”'* eng “ gcd in the P™ct‘ce of „ f T, .'* odoor "„”‘ f the residence of John L. Hi'ifsnider, Esq, aug I‘J-tf JOHN T. DIPPENBAUGH, A VCTIONEER , WESTMINSTER, Md„ will give especial T T attention to the sale of Personal Pro perty and Real Estate. Engagements may lie made at this office, feb U-tf mutual FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF CARROLL COUNTY. OFFICE, IYESTinxsTF.It. VI). i J. W. HERING, President RICHARD MANNING, Secretary and Treasurer. I JOHN T. DIKEENBAUGH, General Agent, Westminster, Md. I J. Oliver Wadlow, Agent, Freedom, Car I roll county, Md, jan 11 If ! WILLIAM MOORE WESTMINSTER, M|>., Dealer in watches, Clocks and Jewelry, keeps constantly on hand and for sale at lowest prices. Gold and Sdver American and Swiss Wutehea, Solid SiDer Ware, Silver > , i ri are for Wedding Pres ents, Ungers Albuta Forks, Spoons, Ac., Ice Pitchers, Casters, Cake i v D, , ah . *c., Ac. | Krwc ' ' may 11 Well Stocked. T H t K *r d mo *‘ fashionable I ,u '^ bl ' for ,he most delicate Card Po " er ’ c,n bc f oll ' lll St the An tout* Office. jan 4 GARDEN NEED, j fTIHE Hollock A Robinson's Garden Seed, i j rre *“ an “ new of Mil kinds, just received \ 1 oo .. D w HOUCK, feb 22 51 HoueksviUe, Md. GLOVES, GLOVES. O'Mt Assortment of Dog Skin Gloves for i Isadies and Gentlemen was bought di fwtly from the manufacturers in our owu i name, and will be sold as low as the lowest. 1 . H. Id. NORRIS * CO. I A. H. HUBER, M. U. I AIIHOLL i UI , DEALER IN Foreign and Uomniir Dr Ugs VA text medicines, JP E R F X7 M £ R K K L%:°rZ;tr h * nd ■ DRUGS AND CHEMICALS, beside, the most popular PATENT MEDICINES IN THE MARKET. Punier will find, on ,xamin„i un , , Y|ri , assortment of FANCY ARTICLES AND J’KRPUMERV, •w Especial attention paid to JUU*' ( Inlets and Proscriptions. april 22* ly TAXES FOR 1878, A 11 L heavy enough without payiu kiri, . V prices for everything you buy eialing this fuel the undersigned to prove that the “Ciuh .Wra," mil SIS “kick Sate. " an,l Usdies'iMissot' and Childrens Shoe, Men s and Boy a Boots, Shoes and Hats Reduced 10 per cent, to suit hard tin*. China, .Glass, Queenswars and Housekrepiu (mods of every kind, the largest and l,i stork in the city of M estmimter. | Woodenware, Willowware, Tinware, Stone ware, hme Jaiianned Ware.Knires,Fork, S| T'n’ ' 1 able Oil Cloths, Linen and Paper Window Shades and Fixtures, Ac. Choice Svrut.,, Teas, Roasted and Green t ullees, Sugars, Spires, Extracts, F.- sences. Snaps, and everything in the Grocery Line. Fine Silver Plated Ware, such as Castor* < ahe Baskets, Card Receivers. Bolter ' Dinhes, Napkin Ringn, Butter Knives, Forks, Spoons, kc„ guaranteed Triple Plated j and at Baltimore prices. I Especial attention is called to my Sohe Deportment, as I intend to sell ererytliing in this line at prices that will defv competition No trouble to show goods and give prices whether you wish to purchase or not. An examination of my slock is solicited, mar 27-tf W. O. LIOOET • k- umn. Bautin. t , Hm , F, K.HERR 6l BRO., Mam PAITt-RKRM OP Cimk Im h, Carriages, Buggies, .lag. ger Wagons, Phaetons, AI„SO HORSE SHOERS Anil Bliieksinitlis in fjeneni, Sjiecial attention given to Repairing. All orders promptly filled and work of every kind warranted. aefic Factory opposite Montour House, ■'lam street, Westminster. Md. se 14 ly Westminster Hotel, CIORNER Main and Court f Street#, Wetminßter, Car- AyOk : ciinty, Md. The under signed having leased thin weIIUBSK I known Hotel, and the name having l>een thoroughly repaired with many improvement* and refitted generally, take# this methtnl of informing the cititen# of Carroll and adjoin ing counties and the traveling public, that no effort on hi# part #hall be wanting to make them that favor him with a call aa comfortable im possible. The tabic tthall 1> a good a* thi# market affords. The bar Blocked with I pure and unadulterated Liquors: waiter* at | tentive and polite, and eharges moderate. A call ia reßpectfullv solicited. Good and relumle Ostler# a specialty, HUGH DOYLE TJ AS just received from Baltimore the best and linent selected Stock of l.adie', Gentlemen's, Missea' and Children's BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in this market. A Iso a large sup ply of Overshoe#. All of the above Slock will le sold at reasonable prices for cash, and satisfaction guaranteed. All work warranted or repaired frtv of charge, i Also a lot of Boot# and Shoes of my own manufacture, of the lesl material, ai RE DUCED PRICES. | Remember the place, Main street, near the j Catholic Church. | -MEXS’WARE, SPRING STYLES FOE 1873. WE have iust received from London, England, by our own importation, a line of newest patterns of Cloths, Cassimers and Vestings, consisting of 88 different style#, to which we call the attention of buyers of Fine Good*, a# we will nel) them much lower than retailers m the City, mar 20 H. L. NORRIS A CO. Thoroughbred Alderney Cattle COWS, HEIFERS. Xiao HEIFER AND BULL CALVF-S, SOUTH DOWN SHEEP; BERKSHIRE PIGS. j For .ale at Clover Hill Slock Farm, Finki | liurg, Carroll county, Md. frb 'f LEWIS H. COLE. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, | Northtad rumer Fayette and SI. /W 51... OmwITC BXRM’u'a CITY UOTII., BALTIMORE. Isaac Alberston, Proprietor. j This is one of the moat pleasant and i central locations in the city. ! SI.oO per day. may 7-ly NOTICE. THE undersigned hereby gives notice that he has been appointed General Agent of am CwTO ** Ctm . n *y P‘ re Insurance Company, All persons deairing to insure property (either real or personal) in this Company, will please address the Agent at Westminster, Mu. All : communications will receive prompt attention. JOHN. T. DIFFENBAUOH, a “g 25-tf Agent. MONTOUR HOUSE fTMUi undersigned, lately frvnn Hanover, , ”* , * n *yl v an , a, respectfully informs the fiabllC'fhnt he has oi>ened the “Montour louse J in this city, nnu respectfully solicits a share of patronage. w J. R. DONNELL. estminster, dec. 0,187 My EUREKA SALVE. A certain cure for Cota, Bniiaea, Soret, Burn, and Hkin Abraaions of all kinds; ! eapecially reeomtnended to mothers with lore ,or lumpy breast*. Thia salve has been soc “-folly used for over Sftr years. For sale j at Hub r a Drug Htore. mar 15-ly j T'o'Si* nic * *° ,0 tb ® Auvocxt*

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